Memo on Drainage by Austin Cary, January 5, 1934 (11 pages)


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Memo on Drainage by Austin Cary, January 5, 1934 (11 pages)
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Folder 3
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Mixed Material
Cary, Austin, 1865-1936
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Box: 1
Folder: Folder 3


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North America -- United States of America

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University of Florida
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XItBm tse S* tme tlettnag fmtelny Into the Mamxet tributary of
the lake systa baetio amseft"e I hw" a .i p fxMt to
beI I e w ara tm the graIltiw An4 te*4imat it has bee0 aMppanat-
bA t~y goed 4e of Xatrwa 4ihtla in pi e the .or done
naturaly afe ted the type lA rate of growth of the tlabe
MiA rifomatlie, as mw easUW Itad~ awi d 44tes tram fiftea
yeoru goP. ittla the last taf de I hare ben over to 8St1 e,
aebetl over some thlags 4 Maemd tiapWrstol I don't sae that
I aead rwrLe anyaie. I b l tha in A18 m Iat sti of alAh uI e
(emsLate ste as 4a aptOM Sowle rwat usually sMtLWaS) va'e
etide out mhItly on staUirs ith the oftgia aeaote ibeO enAd At
ap aMa nowO that sOe ra thatZ I de"s ford rOepeat oBbervat1on
other with one chosas &0"0 yeanr latW for a ttol of manegaetsI,
ame Ull in the cad maelsmtlatlon ArUouvat aptnr Late thUe bocawr
Itet between e noay sioaun ft s and the lead o~utUae Us aeatl
aouh by the type of mMU t vetration a4 the pes"ao"e or &eme" ot

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Ista a Un *Ait a arm *hr*m an obMos *tL Ust obe W X Ir walt
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htsetf t *u I.ed on btis U 190S ftse O'st date yeane ho rs bo
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with atwuts arit aet onage in bhAtf as"l sao batk of ts e fatagm
wazk IATVUA was aa IS )1X469X at =4 WSaA 0ay oMapletd AA
M19* IX M e ton" V~ "asmrt the bsn wt ar4 at gd at owa
etats to" *am"*w things

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Mixed iA it c I sawr one ar-all atr of olr w goand hardod* s hflb the
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iuatBh an St AblXe abou t a th t of the tract bai nothing on it wrMt
tM&Aig OaLut of
Of o0riltlSoa today X 431 sqatin to fitLt pla that the har&L
wood bay seen o to hwv doha Ae l"lubty I u ll not spealate on ate
reason Wotw the paNS&mMAstly spres leaa It mea aetlrt4 Alftragt
That was date gitraUe y overed ovwe with asmb pinet, no y eNMati
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I t*t#d t1% Xt Is a nouAdtX aibt* ono of the seat notmsnthy
os e at ef aL re Ppanotio eX ea se O RW Mr Anold is lttmsIn atle
about It Si eamts to bay the trat- He hae thiased wae of the pogW
rt f mr the ow ner, If pslteotlie it too, an eatIsalte that ISt tM
of enaothtdl of the tract Taew t of tlaberwa it was at the begiabnng
tbere are noa only ftuY hiteod aoes of that d4,a pti s aw
rlatl~ta oat the laeih to the wate I Zoh~ kd up In another way tooI
amBKg theb mase of yousaa t thw I aer n o saloniona tw ol3arwly
Ol140 but Int muah older bhvy aom Ied& aI thrifty Ut#l4fmlytfa
as I notaled be tires were pahldI up on o4 -eprw.s xoo-sa
'hat eosta s SMat ses worth whirt on the po at at toass. es4o
or a Utt3e dwt v4 tfea yew O 9a feweorl It sarrted to me that
the roads yo" have put In au4 ht hiW hMa obierhale ota0t Cf tlift
Idad bat pebably as yoau Se the rk to l t M reMtM I haW h wante
a"m evldeaoe on the psont aldervea Za other adsxeea

.4t a sio ~s *~wh bafi itse -agAtiUta pan, X e 4da
SlMatt e ea amy the ftt pOwaly sees ta balut
wn ar ~ t ste sa tttel A Wam rwNt *f tfh Uft hMa bW
te aettaine t f at h eto e va oa at. pnoats tati m, oEf *a
oas pet, t a a nwr t llt "aft IX w t eat ts a a rtie ia

0ear M lr sw N ir s ltto is fla r*lYls teaUS t wlelsm

ast 0t0* forte 5 hwe N*nii ""SoP l at vo fi tom Ua ev
6t4 evo, n 0mm "sO 1ts ste i fools a t a ow 0" vet.
,a##t towe loean Is *o mt ow w1 n eo ti t 4 Some
*at sitf. teatew u te", hsuw6 Souos to "I st *U IaP
tn ats Eahi tas rset ase eee a gs s pate or beglt surme
Ms eteVnd te us at oest a ewpeso ,ok bat 0 am a. e*m oe
sitmatta attei the t1*, t ee thr ise e. ta e ewast om a

th Min Of mst a AX Ia I tAl tmiat it sA t be a eo thiea* XI M
astr Mime9 pnflS It as t& 41 "b *b meft. *niy as *e rueAM *
hae as fat iwupemi ow ltaA t a eifttse art e weJeste a th
tfletat tiBaet. If taes Ae I Uwlt isa t *lag tea tbiwe aS t toI

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an 1wo0g. -m Iseuallas StaOe tre uswek 9 te 04 a w ae
W as. t MS be at gsat4 els at 8s het bee matuetatW Saie"m
lAb01 to 0 eats re0e iSf brtetie "$thef. Ct e oMR#
pDooe we" a tf .W ix a"*

s9 asM a hmtitet bIy, aot 9Wie sS 4 Aji xtod It atls UmN
Zt as WW sm 4msei*m**, Xae "p "hgo *t I beU $Nasomd 8fto

Sa tomw usmaIg I S W ltoat a aert tEe t ieLM
uam a grt sr0th st em impeowd to "e ObduA Shn It lXSue axset Mtln
ast be mI"me 'ila h faulnd ari ese to -maet m ,g at au hera
eors of buwbei 0r..lmlt, Wm a, D NaaMIttem IenS, trs
hWes Cttaly ut rGl bek A ma alUsW Is ptoar c s a ftotso
*utm WsAany wAr thlam u Ih*p nw e oUe WkX amttsi o
pme~t ea So* Mt se4ny as uhil" tesmt s*%*** anae Fonui
IONtartst o a ut mar ow lft *a A PA be wer I hmI Ita
e" 1he Sepis t A "U"44 o a gas s stavt be aWSetie I
mant belae t *te to ow ne wi tR m qWWAsSes as West % o
vaerW as ta4e a M *ase a an am *A-a CWJbW *e IW ** Noi
Voku aist sbmu a" mas et soe aimQea wIas Ialss, S tMe b2t0
at 6w 0I4e"sr ntsu 1e r s 6* 1- sat Yat Vat atsaim by at &lswnt

ta mi e tse I s be wnas a St lb. wpe"s usa a a
inMwtls St tes son vr*0A t0w3a? s ts ienst teat
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Ial4 t "k an yar *wet srt a st telus t w* ovoe "eAe alt
uwtte sute p79We Ax* of go eassms St **sot ommes sms uses* I
aWMt walyr be4is tWISs a co son s W it VI 1 i talt t leWS

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I hews latmp asost skli Ue* AlSo usatg ast.. pl04 steIA Slt

a&Ma1ut. by 1o.0 m fo VUlOaWI nPA*U1 )l us, Dot OUUbmt ow eVpSamIS*,"
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