Letter from Austin Cary, Logging Engineer, Lockhart, Alabama, to the Stephens Lumber Company, Jacksonville, July 2, 1923...


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Letter from Austin Cary, Logging Engineer, Lockhart, Alabama, to the Stephens Lumber Company, Jacksonville, July 2, 1923 (9 pages)
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Mixed Material
Cary, Austin, 1865-1936
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Box: 3
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North America -- United States of America -- Alabama -- Lockhart

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University of Florida
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/2~~ 7A/~2
1*khX AU*.

a j, tit 1900

Youet. w-ds te urI vrpr. of- u

property to. wrtte you xy Impresslns106,t1akI3 Usp at tAO
so W a posibe watI w~dd with It it 01 baozi04
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 00fTi nwitnA ulf*ment at o that wg'aosto
it ocalzf 9n81hio Wi~bO lk mytt SPW*W*ut S*ZO
folat ion WX 1 4OW"w, =1ia4 iA the first A&". oorAG1400 me
six* of the propertV. over' 800,000 aores well bl**A**~ ftat
Is abig holdiaSnotap6M00A0 a yM
041303 10 the weeORM o simiie snvo fte taoi to a
big evadwtagv In ions way ob m*ak the proposition bie em
wow~h whi V bu orrospondirm reoponibiUltS MnaA 0XV606
AM izwov to as It Usa to bo rmalwbro Viat not mxs

2hm 1 WOU&Qqx of thit over my own CAVOi M-.
stw os and tho aou1dtions unMr which I holl Wen SAM he
mai qastian to be Rattled being wk inthe i 1 4 l Me lwt
IOU* to heMN.e ec aW s ofen'torpriso $wlue a In Its 64ew2-
fmen* "VI 7w904 11n W"A 4S 9 IfTO I'xou
ig douit :Or'scCrs e~6ports of the Pvopewty Whonsev .B4-
v5xMW5 us opportunity arone, 'but I bellove I would eonoluade
thas %te wy real y to got out was Ubough sao aR a *too k
aM tlbor-grovigS proposition and that I woulA areoom it for
Utha, not irrlou4y bretking Its solidsity An 1"03 make-+
elearatex, d aIn this Usr e oeem to me to be*
working In your dlr~otion sa UM mhtrther rapilay, Malt'
qu4te a rn=bor of ynwvs might be Involve& In bwingi:W ouh
4Usposal about*
On the other haOd, i I W it on easy teome, ooul
fare. Icome fVMo Is tfOr Aw YeArS, felt kresonabe on0-
fUideno In the staxt. d xy neihbors, bed the liking, as
orn.* NS Ba ha for developing a thmi, that io big and prois-
isin, wSM felt In mpolf the ability to do that* I belie"e

I WOWbI hold onto this propv ert eM put %W14a"bo-4 thought
Into thoe pzojoat, of -al&4- It 'wow tiabor. Of Oa"rOe aM
amn **Oad only do tat with the exootation thot In tils t
would pay gnoroudre
To %akt up the QPpoesition at th oh *Ads- e$:4
regin in wh@)h this p]roprtt L aced is mo In which ftm*
As is nrot lsxalre devolop*d at present a*, if %ookm tO me
" if, owbing to so3l sa d aituAtio-, no pressure of that '
natwe would be exPerienced for mnu* my yeo By this I mean
roal, lg'etgLtio PWOSrOr us taXiBl getting a U1llnB out of
srtook = on, other mnoua Ia2n& is a 4iUfferen% thig, ofno
baefilt to the AlNa owner to say the Is"$ of Mt. The soil
wo tatod at various points finding hanwjpan qvwtlin
Thee wore on the other ha Areas of aihly s~oi L W
nothing raz'kablo aboulst it, hower s to the #o t aIt my b*40*
ho*ts, aMd location not as favorable as miiht be, oo t NO 9.
putUW +#h posesbiUlt wA your PWi410r of Prmtn A1".
ftoultax l settlement on ports of that ,mo seM thallt ioirw
mi ghtfificanS1 Winset carrying obam B, X would
votigts 9exect tbat to worf Out "g60lP While
I awposo, this to be trus on the others heaw -What uthe o WO
In a Woodwray would b bettor oftif U woA settlowem were
bepto0t ezoept as fau as it M10% wow$* and harmonuie with
uae of tho tervttorv for stock amt UFlnbew wgimg,
for then* last purposes I rats the territory as fair
to good w d ianotyl good for timber, eonsideziring tbo olso of
It+* The sort of barIpan wo found I think Interflreso Utul
It azai with the powth of trosoo am tUe"e are orewe of sod
that Wiu shoo two up as t94 an say* nho nsom areas you
mev are on the tvrat I dMin't s"as caon" enof~ntl7 oan't I Stg
of their producing power, at4wally or as it be affected
by oaotioable dar&Aag TPh#at last idea?2 should tfhnk o=
V V+A OZOMIALUS Into 9haW 7Ou V$t to it. Mlm Wat I DW I
should juie loznglet pine th Uree oihO*#mtor*1tlo of towb
UtrdS of the ftxv&$ slash pine his04y to be tUs main element
SA seoom growtA on te w"t the wswmps with their onpreso
wA hrBdwoods not tahen into sco .on%* Of the revaining oluf
growth timber on the $rat.$ its amount* qweit wilabhity.
wa*t can be got ouat of it yo0u iow ter nore %APmg"1d1WAM 14a xre
bettor Judges. Wh^at% Imhtsda of so=* bodis s ot Prott"
volh'dovslopV young gawk, Z think you understand pIrtty we
already or will gather as I go along. Of oamra I reviso
to i wporteane of thess resources to you finecalalfay, whalt.'.
plums you Way atapt for the treot as a whole. 3h raspeot to
yo0ng second growth 12ie57 otaxtt# ard 0o01*g onsg, $the tru
wags a disappontmatnt to mo. I hoPe to fimd suoh growth -g6neral
a" It is on some neighboving territory, but it ISA nmt prove to
be so; of the I=a&d we s ol a minor& portionW

!he 8,0 .bW* 04.

me0ab41y well rt0901:04, I tyou to wam1#0know fat I bh
to Und kimp yoaw ey ouat sometie% wbhe trowo ing b9e1wee
&*sper and Rwyow I mention thAt Aewvitory beawe* I kaw
tWe ouditonn 900AW In U~lU ViivMLm bSok 9wMV10 th MUVOM
.1* booar'u a gooA timber uam I know, who Use 1magtoo
arealU4aW With Ip tulls me tnt 40 por e pIt w"e so nearly
bows he wotaft'l t hae tak~a it aI a But#1
MWIt makes the di4it noe to the Amh rtportm, qu~otIon,
WAu in rospeot to that then 1* ht ais inn11 nw 4o Acu !hat your
~Caar2~toV~ft e W o64 M MOr tl aY t t0an tb4 other is j, Of 9MVOo6 a
tatal, "ta 700oM ttant stfeot In tath itoupot way
NW plan 7oU.May rMeJ ftor Sowig Umber Is tho matter of
fire. J tM MMgoWin"t anQZZ MoS tt ;;tau I*Eyon a
not *ad; Xvi2Ae* W a ot iateng bfllove miyoot here te a
UNreWeO of twu*t*& in thoiw 34040 %t%%4tire fi* z at' 4oertn seasons
aM it aertatI oonditifons may bW7t.m ot prottma fto tiUaber
alrolo astartel Of UhiSA on the oter han, d I fool *qizstl
* Sur that growth of youmn tUmber to obsokeg a"A tht nuw
gi'owah oans=o0 t a start guor conditkisOn of ropeStOl mud wA-
ut$ely first 8oaehow or othar the OCUnltZ7 that I mexltiou*4
lyIlftnowthW0st Of yon d ft get so muoh, firei t %Yt o"ooam
t oa thrrr mbob nds t-1#1 the groters paut of yo1zr own
tewvitoryt "a tar at least as we s 4, 1 hoeas beena treale to to
3a2wh fLr** tIh i os d itioU semod sspeotaJAU wolUl rustrate
In the neISghQbozoo of %eb oottl rew ano Te we thjauht of at
the tart a" a probable aoma of po tetion for neighboring
toritm*ta, but It wrovol Vtht its ocouprazat had oter Id.aso
Mwe xI'ehNof a wa on propertyto wiqh bhe holds
*0110 SWaL hon W hegb Usa taxes or$ an l"Whioh 1 0aw
Ialihtejo14 Foul talso 4iiietlerat u deinvxp4=0 nvo*:vv Ain
Main AIInthlaa rigihtf in giaVn oU lOditions and the 1abLUty
to ohange in testing *oMdt ions rosuXUtisAg frcm dut4S=tilo abEnge
in hab;rt, or legislation*, awr Mattro on which you will wish to
finally pme'ot yomwelvess, On Us forestry mll thnerh out i
I think, be n a qestion about genws"= westookl:W I tU e lUn
with oo -AL %or a Ao.z of yoors, firs *ore k"et out* A
8tsowme t,0"kSupply IsB of oQtuS essential to "utmral roe
#toakUgo, but vOWW few tmeeao and se&W w of Udterior Oheraotor
as Ziube*% sUtfpqio it wel haltnibvirv l TeVos. are VOWll=
present in abnMlanos on your traoti I noled only one area wv'.aT
Mood that 4vat ouIt oert, wher. for any oonsidroilo telrvtorc
Upiiev V wS* *moded to be serious Ieok. In this, I = op:&0k%
pootioaJly and wish to be talen so& I he" not lin mWin the
I1dely 00oospletso own stookifLzt WWhI s men disousins the
t)pto Mam- 4IsMA On the other hanl, 1 will note that Aese


T!'Aw BeB Lbre Co,

tookifng, ahuh as show Up getrikingly when the troee are mnal
io not essential i to do~at ent rather. e tter than with
closer SapaoUg. a :an 4n kthis srt of ttaber should be satiea
tid itf yows treee staad 8 to 20 feet apart.
wo sets of measures are available for in in the ea*
doavor to restook land through fir control, one extenoaive
he other of a more detailed orts XI you oaold se your way
to fenme that area w A put took on it yourseltve (whieh in
itself would bWing9 a rftain aMonow of patrollong), that would
be the sost natural and sweeping, anM, Z think promising, moasn
of control Failing that's the people about ean perhaps be
worked with to soe ex tent, whJa it ought to be teasible to
battle mme at Ai feroet poj6ts on the trot with the tIas: o
ceeptIn firs off reas adialtely areasa. an arrangsaent
tht would have to be maintarinst only while the young iwes
waU being eostabliahea That will look elsboatke snA burea
,'eoe at first glance ansIn faot we haw very little oxpero
lenoe on that heba IoZ aow, however of one south
era I1aber oompenya ralora sh aen on its properV get-
ts rent for their services, think mnyelf the sohe ouht
to be woIrkable, au further, that some elaboration of 0t, lke
maintenanoe of fire bresas, and the plowing of futrrows noe,
ay, 10 teat apart, for pine to seed into and as a aesa also
of oheokein fire, ought to work out* axporieWoe ian't th
only guide to be looked to in business of this kind. Olear
thinking and trial, having in minA the takes in the game,
have also their part*
Of aorsae the main question i whether adequate re-
taie can b expected from suoh measures X bve already ~ .
diested the bellf that the on, geneoua ones, bU g, of
course, want yourselves a1 the 8ght yo an get .Pn teAnt
and reoognisig that, it sees r noubent on sm to go oer the
factors n the situation broadly. X shall be brief, however.
I will begin with the remark that it seems to m4 one thing con-
stituting opportunity is the fat that so few are, or think
theselves, in a poe tion to undertake enterpri e of this
na re. elfher their means are not aautoiln or their vAew i
too short.
so egt the right background, we have to go obak to the
statist oal position of Umber fa this oountlzry population in-
oreasing while atook is disappearingl tiaber out muoh faster
than it it growlag an the oontry as a whql*l a big maI atMy
of mills in th% sauthen pine bolt to be out ut =anC ab nde
within 10 yeareai second owth n your own region being rapidly
depleted through unlnatelgent operation for naval stores
These fets seer to proaal markets for tiaber in tl2 South at
no diastnt date esch as we have had no experience of, bt whioh


nh 8, Zobw. 00*

Z forW me0 canb vinslaus.e V0Ia6411 bfvrflx uVe4 thrO&I 4"t
iO~h pwie40 ha tIn Nw # VM Otat*s Man 14 VA116
ticatvvi"h 1ry M1~h tOSw %bh "a" ag they had h" an moo.
1*apt 146 of Amt was am O s I belie ve Ian not in WM*
=~ WWI"~ tbAt 0=0 i4AS Of $UbUV AoW bPI# =Moeh to Mq
pnorSm profits on ptOO*uRti)1n If Soot jia peaeit ts =* a40
8U.RoSntlas Whis bwsas 0" ts 140 .uesion where
1010tinbaX that Uhe oomtwjy Mst, hova 0o4 be va a ost *A.
,eaimtram thwE p oiux oynm regin *moo Out sttows.
T" a sns OWWI$ IbW 30wb t a dd UZo ators$ i t 4Ida
e~varataesip' T' 64 by a *all ve iapaca xwativ y~i utiample
=to of Srowth your StiOa ta equal to nesal1 my a xt 4"
Shead oa taMot

bbs, Tb iot M nI t to refer to Ue0 lib~kO ood of UeW S&aw.
toA ford s=An tim er o"0anly Aevosoi In your. Sqotiona.
A Sgod sharso of thopaper I$Adltry $sesn onU# point *Z ",*_.
= ftg 40uVW"WB& UV SUoM, pulpwoo4d MA lubeI' wcua3
Ilursa r grert c 0:9.. PwodUQ04 fOr a forces WMWr ti "43
OUR ThXLASin$S 51one fraom Vw sixe of rofh oR on act
I0 bearing ocadition Wout1s 1M big paper
!uev. itso Mh etall behind this, of o.pxs. 14
ama*t gaoer it all 0A4 Sa f0s1 o*=' t Pxofas to Malearet"4 Ib
tvall at this ww iting, bUa4 wau A* nQ g pe ot thbe% I an mg
04 ~~f th*r* i ,3Wo reason to think %tat rolat Ions botwoeo
ve are st an eM,* Next I wl3. proseet to Sive what; I ovmpgooo
yo u ar e otoainly Qoointi a1n fro 46# an ida of hcRwlong It
U 1a9 to gwow trbeO Wf brent dAtalmaio e 7103.at
be oveote* wato e. o dso that to vto besto s&1vsutpag I iiiO-
haye to put bi Jamh uor time on your property, but we or#
In r#""session of a lnar, body of In-atSMUC &atSVWXV on 0*0
or Uis amili~w laM.o
BSush Pine beato longbeat by 3 y"" or so In otawto
UW off$ and maintains so" fasterrp~r vowto~h an1 sui~fab~l o ] rndo
No#e $trsee art suh lam rowa good twpontiniig six* In 23
faisu4tat 00 there a-to a sood many t1o th. ae*" unlss the* sta
ee OUGUstOor h00 hift SM tat Bps, 30 ea.rVs f tom te 600d,
I tU1n* a fair &P any 4 o st for tho bqlnimig of "eVon"
,prodUatiga by thiLSe 0 I020 XIndiflarb-inw" work ingst t0 US
soe to no%# ow'vot the P01oi7 Wold thin bI 4U s look
fOward too Wt haveIn an s suitable for me In Mhe
cultion of iatS#YS willo be ma4o *Bat latrot A tre Uthat
Iftable for tUrpent; m Ie if markexi at transportation
conditions sut%* will also make good pulpwood
An respeots sw timbet, a biach of seoomd-growth
Slash on sotlion 13 of 1-46 that w ran asomms tho evening of


our 444d oitb gdae y OutlWon app$Astas Ibe M" ituf was
tool~f~agt in total 1"I Opon tou"a oao p.ttsiAo
whohs in almosor bwseet huhlg 4 or to**at oC M .m& Imber
to %ho sor goialI havo boen Cut off pi Qi66 of #V ONoAws2a
well Stok*e. the age of thIs svoo~ was $ it 40l10Mr$Ad waiow.
twoa1yo IMt; wv a u to be betwem 28 44l 30 psoru. l r
30 50YOU 14 V SLOW VnqUI4 for' 8W tolabe produatiozz
in slash as near *as I M OaW nWWI vb ariat= Ur tuo g oing
wLUh soil ohea s teV to seat zont, am# *crgt# but wvvrt a
ion the wna6men#rt asoa later) tat mya be appsc U WIV8470
hwmwr tZhat I m **awhat ooIs Xtool;tothe &or*
of e;&jaallAsjon lim#r.* with $00 ui4tiw*OntU t80061, In
slas ris8 ear of e The bee ar" s0 I sam now 811. of
Laoep2.W%4ah aths te? ota* to Say
votLtwmU waft about W0 RQW4 years to to tA* mm5 thlngs
Aa~ovw. vtsldo pw acoW of Bsoo*A-rwfth timber at any
saU. vary peatfllp a I tuftl youl would .opeoto bftlotsns on
Slash 604 loZ4gloa pin, tht I have Wad oft' you ftax our Offlos
vlU give you Wdas on thee. points, but lu absoblx,wbAt they
61 TU IUnso" atO ~AbiadLg# to uniaroaMs that tobaIM6
fo~rom ally7 0447 falf~s igrowv& in the Idea conditions$
When it Mlo Uutilt *I* ethe aX1D $*=a*d tukl n is andye
not tee thi That to 6a useiu 40oortioson tot seft puwnoss n
tor~ lnt4W**, to Mto tho vqO4UOUW po of on.espe 41.56 of
tree against anotbar or to got 40 N Of the possib Utio at$v
M. toz'eet La mny seaw Uimber as I't wius laa difteron%
matsort however oftamt not be AIooolv4 by Us othor thing.
Thess, %h"Owtt4 tigurs roduaosdby J*Lamr*n aew the
betthingwo hell, to'go by Vow howmvrt one m tey sow
amp to $10A $.* a r mmA pId* aor*s of w oo
per so" or Wn 9446% 1J.U" to lonIgleat an 691l ot fair quality.
SoUt MP5 so& Itusa. I2tus 4"iis of oou"40 00400eRv tiMve
MMMUMMOWt ft. WOUU1 ism h*alaqIo "ta 0' 0 hat Is
in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~02 I0 I12 na3* Os iotONaso amW into tUe
msah ntbloa o"ae.. PIB IAI a It ""te, not Muansd further
Vtan to soonr 9a"00r1 "+Iwl ropodumi ou I Ovases vo,
ahoull do as well as say voy to out dowlntha %be W fiegures by
as$ how*"*r Ioves~ fistae that are I r p saIfs1
oft-9 whoMaivpaod to irga ioll trot. You W1l3, vantl ofgure 14
that ar se but :Inl a* so to etolr $avtl iaotioa %.pr .
Salywit out further btp o ihhree oa ~AL&"Ma
tf thin s In WthS bwo d that I thu ladQIa be i1
help Iv ou V415 Melshw big the possibi101ms are wtift Whiah we,

Last winter X 1bught one of tho loading muo In Uth
I~f r~y~ar ar~b,~Pll*5.apptn,0 o~~a omlst2v
mranawn a~~Xr 03J~XoaI sb~b ro~ucr ~ srcj3

The S* Zr* bot coo

southern pine industry ~J in o h s to seSouth to a 40,000-
aore second growth prope" w not far fropm yo that was for a*le
Tho a ia$Chxa grWvaw now, or as ha ood reason to
think that property would be his today, sa weastion in
testeda me treoendouas, forL-n oome wU a he saw the poen
uibilities bigger than X d.* 40,000 s0aor wasn't his i4ea
at ll rather, with that a a a anle to d* to it ustil
8-0,000 or 00 000 had been acquired, &tx when the fowlaA*
tion had been Iam through soomsulastd growth of a ]pyoanent
laber oporatsono of 40 4illione* HR knew what LthSat aie
operation meant, having establisheOA Sn run rone possibility
of fondling another asoh, and permanent, seeo&d parf.otl
oloea to him; of its praotioabit7 too X jI~ 4 that I got
hie IAea when hoe o a er* aor aillions in Ito" How you
people, if you hwaen t the advantage of a well-stated seooMt
proIwt ffdofde by the other traot, at least hea the 800,000
The other atIUmuat idng A I hall brief fram a for*
eign country, Ton Mation that this property in one partsi
oular ear, either 1906 or '7 fturnisheu 4,000 barr. of
epirits of turpentine .roem it origima stand o tflbr, of:
ouwse. What reviA4nEy seemed a big ybi to you. The
Pruoh however, who have eole 4,000,000 or of managed for*
*ot o aobh the seam tpe in southweoterm Iranaoe, erivo a
ialdt equal to that aetioned fra 64,000 aores and not only
that but they masntaal it* At the same tSam they get aP
lUqbe that would be proportional to 50 million feet for you
total area a t large qantitieA of round produotr equialant
to pulpwood* Thei soil and taber too, to th best of my
knowledp, Sar inerior to ouns this it tr however, that
they rea7 y manage their woodse
That bring me to a topio I have been foreohadowing
along baokt You afy think that a forester X would be in
favor of the management of forest anpyay; I am not emnept as
it worCs out somehow as a paying thing Whe it dooe pay I
aM tor it, however, and 80so, of ooun, are you*
to make it pay, valuee have got to be high enough
for one thing I've gone into that n a broad way already, but
will add now that I ooarsier value sufficient to Justify some
management features are already here Seeooe, it is more
worth while, because it brings qtuiker and larger results At
the aase of rapAily growing timaber there as against moats or
at in the Sorth, for instance, is where you oeae in. h2rx
of the points want to aake in the oonnaction is the enoImous
itfferenoe In yield a little good management say effloot
Ordinary experience in the yi3el of tlaber san naval stores ia
nothing to go by at aU.

The a0 LZSft aO.

let. a"e tUO frtoturs of md"s.03a2to t t ft t it
iop. be Doiltab3.e to apply to yoift t.Oe as 11 gwurow$ To m

rivato m the younl~g Ibeer a"e beyon dseious Lire
sL~t y n8aot so largew, lt tAst on* or 0t most tV blows
of an ex "' U Ml thm-f~rbn, Oulbamog to a apsolm- of a or 10s ji

"Ot and with rosults thiat IL" V017 gPleri ptaitwo

8ep4A, wton the trees habe3d in %Us way hea"in
*'aohea asl2 lnrsntouking $s*$s. I to 10 Imbos Inee w(1 1 brat rs"
6tew aUtoer Ubtmiingwill Ube ca.lled oEw to toeep them mpidy
POW6; smn tut, axe amovioraa money retoim aoul4 to is-s-I
able throm~h turye~ptina-m no st of ellthe trees I ndisortFiminate-~D~
ly Woo4d Wu of b t 1aro maiwbr 3.eY1*iIJ pE010g trees m-
tonbe4 stswimiag# =* 20 toot Op"a RiOA Undia win
Oheokltbs grovff oi ;6 %1404 trees. lesung the otherom Ahea.
am($+,# sersd h~ ow OIG be taken out for pad;w a.o& amrethiug

Thiv4,# tho b.dro4 or 3.... trees loft U Vto more
Xa&VEt dVae to SWr tUnber dtxnsionslo Also, imdglav )q the
frencUeh r*06440t amM oweevIm on our own ti bzow It iS
oaro;4 d4Qe they *a be w owo4 for nAav. stores While *i67
evre dolng it b ith o maoll obsok of their nowth rate*, t
looks raw# In faot, an ift W mIgt Work tVWree srnuo~ueiv taosei
on then before a arthey o ta, at 315 to 8l Inohou In breast iasm-
Oter yez'rhbepso I sgsSt %bat at this point j figure a iow
slauteso pa ulau 47l* on Mhe amuber of faces *t mr be had
from an mare of land that Gonoe$up fu lltytodA Vi Yow=g plst
anA is hanal4a aaoordini to their mothd, an4 see to what Idce
oif probable re8m It I.Ast ce
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