The guide to Latin American paperback literature


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The guide to Latin American paperback literature
Latin American paperback literature
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Fleener, Charles J ( Charles Joseph ), 1938-2005
Seckinger, Ron
University of Florida -- Center for Latin American Studies
Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida
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Statement of Responsibility:
by Charles J. Fleener and Ron L. Seckinger.
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Includes indexes.

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Charles j. Fleener
Ron L. Sechinger


November, 1966






Charles 1. Fleener
Ron L. Sechinger

-I-I-I-I I-I


November, 1966

LArImN C#f.M

Copyright 1966
by the Center for Latin American Studies
at the University of Florida,

The Guide to Latin American Paperback Literature is distributed
gratis by the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of
Florida. The sale of this publication is prohibited.

Cover design by Ron L. Seckinger

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION ............................................................. 6


I. GENERAL ......................................................................... 15

A. Latin America ............................................................. 18
SB. Spain and Portugal ..................................................... 23

A. Latin America ............................................................. 23
B. Spain and Portugal ..................................................... 24
A. Latin America ............................................................. 27

A. Latin America ............................................................. 30
SB. Spain and Portugal ..................................................... 30

A. Latin America ............................................................. 30
1. General ........................................................... .... 30
2. Colonial Period ..................................................... 34
a. Aboriginal Background ..................................... 34
b. Exploration and Conquest ............................... 35
c. The Colonial Experience ................................... 38
3. National Period ..................................................... 41
a. Independence ...................................................... 41

b. Nineteenth Century .......................................... 42
c. Twentieth Century .............................................. 43
d. Travel Accounts ..........................................--... 44
e. Inter-American Relations ...................................... 47
4. Contemporary Period ........................................... 50
a. General .............................................................. 50
b. The Cuban Revolution ....-................-................... ---------------- 52
B. Spain and Portugal .-...-.......................-...............................------------------- 56
1. General .................................................................. 56
2. The Empires .......----------------.........-----........................................... 57
3. The Spanish Civil War and Franco's Spain .-............... 59
4. Travel Accounts ...................................................... 60

A. Cultural Interpretations .---.................-.....-..-.........--.---------.........--.. 60
1. Latin America .......................................................... 60
2. Spain and Portugal .....................-.......................--------------...-... 61
B. Drama ..............---..-------.............--..........-----.....................----------------------.............. 61
1. Latin America ...--.......------------..........--------...................................... 61
2. Spain and Portugal .................................................. --------------------------62
C. Fiction ------------------.....................--.....--........................................... 63
1. Latin America ..........--....------------..------...........----------.............................. 63
2. Spain and Portugal ..........-...-.................................... --------------------65
D. Literary Criticism .......................................................... 70
1. Latin America ...........--........--------------.............................-.......... 70
2. Spain and Portugal .................................................. 71
E. Poetry ..............---------------------------------------.............................................................. 73
1. Latin America .-.....-------....................-------------------............................ 73
2. Spain and Portugal --------------------.................---------------...................... 74

A. Latin America .....-...-..........-----------------------------............................................. 75
B. Spain and Portugal -.....................................---------------------------.............. 76

A. Latin America .............................................................. 76
B. Spain and Portugal ...................................................... 76

A. Latin America .............................................................. 79
B. Spain and Portugal ....................................................... 83

A. Latin America ............................................................ 83

A. Latin America .............................................................. 84
B. Spain and Portugal ...................................................... 85

A. Latin America .............................................................. 86
B. Latin American Immigrants ................... ....................... 87
C. Spain and Portugal ........................................................ 87

A. Cookbooks ...................................................................... 87
1. Latin America ...................................................... .... 87
B. Language .................... ........ .... ...................---................ 87
1. Spanish .................................................................... 87
2. Portuguese ............................................................. 90
C. Travel Guides ........................................................... 90
1. Latin America ......................................................... 90
2. Spain and Portugal ............................................. 91
D. Others ............................................................ --............. 91

ADDENDA ..................................................................... 92

Index of Publishers ...................................................................... 96

Index of Authors, Compilers, Editors, and Translators .......................101


The bibliography that follows is a successor to 1965's Preliminary
Guide to Latin American Paperback Literature, which also was published by
the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. The re-
sponse to the original publication was, to use a term that is favored in intro-
ductions, "most gratifying." This edition retains the intent of the original
publication that is, to be a popular, annotated guide to conveniently-priced
books on Latin America.
Each item is listed with all the bibliographic information obtainable
from the book itself. Most entries include an annotation, and here the com-
pilers have been faced with a dilemma. The Guide is intended for use by a
diversified audience ranging from the high-school pupil to the university re-
searcher. It has been assumed that the latter is generally aware of the content
and value of the volume for which he is looking. The high-school or college
student, on the other hand, might need an indication of the contents and
relative merits of an item; thus the very brief annotations attempt to guide the
novice rather than the specialist.
The volumes included have met the following criteria: Physically they
are softbound volumes; their subject matter concerns some aspect of Latin
America and/or the Iberian Peninsula; they must be published in English or
at least in a bilingual edition.
The original intent of this Guide was to include only what might be
termed "commercial" items, primarily from trade publishers. However, many
pamphlets, monographs and tracts have come to the attention of the com-
pilers and have been included when they meet the criteria listed in the pre-
ceding paragraph. The Guide can make no claim to be exhaustive concerning
the many excellent monographs and papers published by pressure groups,
universities and governmental agencies.
Since a bibliography must be of assistance to the user and should also
be convenient to handle, the following aids have been included in the Guide:
The topical format is followed to assist those researching a particular subject.
Cross-references are included at the end of each section to facilitate the loca-
tion of items which overlap different topics or disciplines. In most cases, the
original title and publication date of foreign language items are listed.
This year the scope of the Guide has been expanded, as mentioned
above, to include the Iberian Peninsula. A lateral expansion has also taken
place: The humanities, especially literature and the graphic arts, are now

represented by a large number of entries. The authors of the annotations,
historians by trade, apologize in advance to scholars in other disciplines for
omissions and perhaps uncritical comments on volumes in their fields.
The section labeled "Problems of Development" deserves some expla-
nation. Here will be found, for the most part, volumes of a general and non-
scholarly nature which deal with the economic and social ills of Latin Amer-
ica. Items dealing with the Alliance for Progress predominate. The titles under
the heading of "Miscellaneous" do not fall within the scope of the Guide, but
have been listed (without annotations) as a service to students and instructors.
The category of literature encompasses the writing of Hispanic authors
in English translation. Many fictional works by non-Latin writers are set in
the lands to the south, but these have been excluded. Thus Graham Greene is
represented by his non-fictional travel account (Another Mexico), but his
novels which have Latin American locales (The Power and the Glory, Our
Man in Havana and The Comedians) are not included. It should also be
noted that publishers in the United States are issuing a number of classics
in the original language; these are not included even when they contain exten-
sive introductions in English.
The necessity of a yearly revision of the Guide becomes apparent when
considering the ease with which paperbacks slip into and out of print. Be-
tween the manuscript and final work a number of items will be introduced in
publishers' catalogues while others will disappear into the limbo of "out of
print." An effort has been made to provide for last-minute publications in a
listing of addenda; the reader should be sure to check these addenda, since
they have not been cross-referenced or listed in the index.
The compilers wish to take this inadequate paragraph to thank the
many generous persons who aided in the preparation of this bibliography.
The various publishers were indispensable, and their cooperation has placed
us deeply in their debt. The staff members of the Center for Latin American
Studies at the University of Florida, in their efforts on behalf of the Guide,
serve as the cornerstone upon which its publication rests. Finally, Dr. L.
N. McAlister, Director of the Center, by his generous financial assistance and
even more lavish moral encouragement deserves and hereby receives heart-
felt appreciation.
The many errors which will be discovered and what may appear to be
partisan opinions expressed in the annotations are, of course, the faults of the
two compilers. They will be only too happy to blame each other.

Latin American Paperbachsk

An Oueruiew

Whatever their ideological commitments, Latin Americanists in the
United States can all acknowledge the aid to their profession lent unwittingly
by Fidel Castro. To the government of the United States, the spectre of Com-
munism in the Western Hemisphere poses a threat to national security; to
U. S. businessmen, it poses a threat to their investments in Latin America.
Thus, Castro's rise to power has produced a tremendous concern with this
country's Latin neighbors for the first time since the Second World War-
when the spectre of Nazism was responsible for a similar (though less intense)
interest in the region. Brusquely reminded of the social, economic and politi-
cal ills of Latin America, public and private organizations have responded
with characteristic vigor. The same scholar who before 1959 found it next
to impossible to secure a modest travel grant for a summer research project in
Mexico or Colombia can now choose among many attractive financial-assist-
ance programs from various sources. Governmental agencies and philan-
thropic foundations do not confine themselves to subsidizing research, but also
finance graduate education and sponsor scholarly conferences, councils and
colloquia. And while the scholar may have reservations about the assumption
that a certain amount of money and a certain number of man-hours can pro-
duce the solutions to Latin America's social, economic and political problems,
he may still be thankful that the market for his services is bullish and that
badly-needed funds are at last available.
The publishing industry has quite naturally felt the impact of the new
interest in the lands to the south, as the tremendous number of Latin Ameri-
can titles published in paperback during the past ten years testify. The growth
of Latin American studies at colleges and universities has created a demand
for inexpensive editions of important studies, and most of the titles in this
Guide are aimed at the college audience. In a field where much of the mono-
graphic spade-work remains to be done, general syntheses are often superficial
and spotty; therefore many professors prefer to assign several paperbacks on
selected topics, areas or time periods rather than rely on a textbook. Until only
recently, this was impossible.
A decade ago, books on Latin America played a very minor role in
what has been called "the paperback revolution." History was represented
almost exclusively by accounts of the Spanish Conquest, notably the works of

William Hickling Prescott and the eye-witness report of Bernal Diaz del Cas-
tillo; while these items are of great value and certainly merit paperbound
editions, it may still be noted that the subsequent four centuries of Latin
American history are equally worthy of attention. The fascination for the
Conquest has persisted, due no doubt to the adventure and splendid pageantry
of that era. Now the tales of Prescott and Diaz del Castillo have good company
in paperback editions of the letters of Cortes and Francisco L6pez de G6mara's
biography of the conqueror of Mexico, as well as admirable syntheses like
F. A. Kirkpatrick's The Spanish Conquistadores. More important, the later
history of Latin America is also receiving its due. The colonial period may be
studied via C. H. Haring's brilliant institutional history of Spain's American
empire, Mariano Pic6n-Salas' A Cultural History of Spanish America, and
monographs such as Baroque Times in Old Mexico by Irving A. Leonard and
The Spanish Struggle for Justice in the Conquest of America by Lewis Hanke.
Paperbacks also survey the years since independence. The social documents of
Sarmiento and Euclides da Cunha are now available, and Rex Crawford's
notable A Century of Latin American Thought has recently been published
in an inexpensive edition. General histories include Lesley Byrd Simpson's
Many Mexicos and James R. Scobie's Argentina; A City and a Nation. Lewis
Hanke has edited a two-volume collection of articles from the Hispanic Amer-
ican Historical Review, ranging from the Iberian and aboriginal backgrounds
to the contemporary period.
In literature, the pattern is similar. While translations of Don Quixote
and many of the plays from Spain's "Golden Age" early made the transition
from hard-cover to softbound, the works of Latin American writers were long
neglected. Occasional titles by Machado de Assis, Mariano Azuela and Juan
Rulfo appeared during the late 1950's, and the process was speeded by the
success of Jorge Amado's best-seller, Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon, published
in 1962 and reissued in paperback two years later. Since 1962 the Latin
American prose stylists claiming softbound editions of their works include
the Argentines Jorge Luis Borges and Ricardo Giiiraldes, the Peruvian Ciro
Alegria, and the Mexican Martin Luis GuzmAn; Azuela's The Underdogs is
among the many important novels released in recent years. Poetry has attracted
less attention, but volumes by Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda are avail-
able, and Octavio Paz has edited an anthology of Mexican verse. Drama is
also scarce, Ariano Suassuna's The Rogues' Trial and a volume of plays by
Florencio SAnchez being the only offerings known to the compilers.
One indication of the increasing importance of Latin American litera-
ture is the appearance of paperback volumes of literary criticism and history.
New York University Press has issued critical studies of Gabriela Mistral and
Jorge Luis Borges; the latter, Ana Maria Barrenechea's Borges the Labyrinth
Maker, has been acclaimed as the finest critique of Borges' work yet written.
The publication of these items, along with Arturo Torres-Rioseco's general

survey of the field and a reference volume edited by John E. Englekirk, show
that the creative writings of Latin Americans are enjoying the respectful at-
tention of scholars and students.
The social sciences have not scored such triumphs in the "paperback
revolution" as have history and literature, but the situation has improved
considerably, particularly in anthropology and political science. Within an-
thropology, interest runs largely to archaeology-the aboriginal civilizations
of the New World retain the fascination for modern readers that they had for
those of sixteenth-century Europe. In addition to many popular treatments,
paperbound titles include some of the finest archaeological works in print,
such as the studies of J. Alden Mason and George C. Vaillant, as well as John
Lloyd Stephens' incomparable Incidents of Travel in Yucatdn. Despite this
preoccupation with ancient civilizations, books treating present-day societies
are also available in paperback. Dramatic accounts such as Oscar Lewis' The
Children of Sdnchez and Ricardo Pozas Arciniegas' Juan the Chamula, clas-
sics such as Claude LUvi-Strauss' Tristes Tropiques and Jules Henry's Jungle
People, and the scholarly works of Robert Redfield, Charles Wagley, Eric
Wolf and Marvin Harris-all these are welcome additions to the libraries of
Latin Americanists.
A large number of titles are available for the political scientist. In addi-
tion to the general works which survey the entire field, several national treat-
ments-two on Mexico and one on Chile-have been published in recent
years, and it seems likely that others will follow. The Institute for the
Comparative Study of Political Systems (ICOPS) has issued a number of
booklets of interest to the student of Latin American politics. Since 1963,
a series of "factbooks" has offered background information on upcoming
elections in various countries; these remain valuable guides long after the
elections, because each capsulizes the political history of the nation involved,
and gives a run down on parties, key figures, campaign issues and election
laws. ICOPS also publishes detailed analyses of specific elections, and supple-
ments them with copious statistics. Important interpretive works and
occasional monographs are now in print, making available to students the
writings of John J. Johnson, Edwin Lieuwen, Theodore Draper and others.
But perhaps the biggest cause for optimism regarding Latin American political
science titles in paperback is the appearance of Daniel Goldrich's Sons of the
Establishment: Elite Youth in Panama and Costa Rica, released this year by
Rand McNally. One may hope that this work will be followed by others of
equal depth and based on methodology equally modern.
The other social sciences are not so well represented in this Guide,
but here too the situation seems to be improving. Economics claims studies
by Albert 0. Hirschman and Victor L. Urquidi, Celso Furtado's The Eco-
nomic Growth of Brazil, and volumes on Venezuela and Mexico in the

"National Planning Series" of Syracuse University Press. Sociology also re-
ceives attention in several books, including New Patterns in Old Mexico;
A Study of Town and Metropolis by Norman S. Hayner.
Non-scholarly, polemical works abound in paperback and pamphlet
form. These are generally of two kinds, political and religious. From opposite
ends of the political spectrum authors rush into print, supporting or con-
demning different sectors of Latin American society. Robert Welch, Inc.,
the publishing arm of the John Birch Society, has issued two relevant pam-
phlets by U. S. writers, one on the Panama Canal and another on the "con-
temporary history" of Latin America. In addition, two polemics by disaffected
Latins-The Tragedy of Bolivia; A People Crucified by Alberto Ostria Gutidr-
rez and Proof of the Communist Domination of Venezuela by the "Anti-Com-
munist Liberation Movement" of that country-bear the Welch imprint.
Other publishers turn out the conservative denunciations of the Castro re-
gime which are so familiar to those who scan the drugstore's shelves of paper-
backs. Nathaniel Weyl's Red Star Over Cuba, Philip Alexander Ray's South
Wind Red, and James Bayard's The Real Story on Cuba are examples of this
genre. At the opposite pole are the "leftist" publishers whose books support
social revolution in general and the Cuban version in particular: Monthly
Review Press and Pioneer Publishers are the most notable. Pioneer special-
izes in short pamphlets which defend the Cuban Revolution and propagandize
for the regime. While these are of little value for the serious student-except
for the student of propaganda-Pioneer does perform a valuable service in
providing translations of Castro's speeches.
Polemical literature is also produced by publishing houses connected
with religious organizations. For the most part, these are Protestant evangel-
ical sects with missionary interests in Latin America. Their publications are
usually devoted to proselytization or to disputing the assumption that Latin
America is irrevocably committed to Catholicism.
For Latin Americanists, the most exciting development in the paper-
back field is without a doubt the "Borzoi Books on Latin America" series,
edited by Lewis Hanke and published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. When the
series originated in 1964, the early titles included reprints of three im-
portant works-The Masters and the Slaves by Gilberto Freyre, Amazon
Town by Charles Wagley, and A Voyage to South America by Jorge Juan
and Antonio de Ulloa. Since then, however, all of the books have followed
the same format: each consists of a collection of articles or excerpts dealing
with a particular topic, and is edited by a well-known scholar who intro-
duces the selections and contributes a general essay which ties them together.
Thus, the Borzoi series is similar to others on the United States or Europe
published by D. C. Heath and Company and by Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
There are two important differences, however. Many of the selections in the

Borzoi books are translated into English for the first time, making available
portions of works otherwise denied to the student who does not read Spanish
or Portuguese; also, the books contain many original source materials and
not merely the conclusions of secondary studies. Topics are not restricted to
any single discipline, but run to history and political science. Volumes al-
ready published survey such subjects as the Mexican Revolution, dictatorship,
foreign investment, agrarian reform, the Monroe Doctrine, and church-state
relations. One of the best is The Origins of the Latin American Revolutions,
1808-1826, edited by R. A. Humphreys and John Lynch. Forthcoming
works will treat nationalism, liberalism, Marxism, intervention, colonial labor
systems, Negro slavery, university reform, the Iberian background, Bolivar,
Per6n, the Spanish "black legend," and Brazil since 1870. The list of future
topics and editors indicates that the series will continue to be as valuable and
as reliable as it has been in the past.
An important stimulus to the publication of Latin American titles in
paperback-if not in number, then at least in quality-is the Latin American
Translation Program of the Association of American University Presses
(AAUP). From 1961 to this year, the AAUP used a substantial grant from
the Rockefeller Foundation to defray the costs of translating major works by
Latin writers, which are then published in hardcover by the various university
presses. Many have subsequently been issued in softbound editions. These
include a number of the works already cited in this essay-those by Celso
Furtado, Francisco L6pez de G6mara, Mariano Pic6n-Salas, Ricardo Pozas
Arciniegas, Ariano Suassuna, and Ana Maria Barrenechea-and two others:
Samuel Ramos' Profile of Man and Culture in Mexico and Machado de Assis'
The Psychiatrist and Other Stories. Latin Americanists may hope that other
works which have become available in English translation through this pro-
gram will also be published in paperback. Some of the excellent titles which
have not yet received such treatment are Selected Poems of Octavio Paz,
Leopoldo Zea's The Latin-American Mind, Jos6 Luis Romero's A History of
Argentine Political Thought, and Enrique Anderson Imbert's History of
Spanish-American Literature. Hopefully, other works scheduled for publica-
tion under the auspices of the program will eventually find their way to the
paperback shelves. Two which certainly merit this fate are El llano en llamas
by Juan Rulfo and Amdrique latine; structures sociales et institutions poli-
tiques by Jacques Lambert. The Rockefeller Foundation and the AAUP
deserve the many accolades they have received for this joint effort.
These few pages have attempted to assay the current situation regarding
Latin American paperbacks. Several imbalances can readily be pointed out:
(1) Some fields, such as sociology, education and philosophy, claim very
few softbound editions; (2) within some fields certain topics or time periods
receive a disproportionate amount of attention; and (3) Mexico is the subject

of a great many works, while other nations are neglected. It should be noted
that the paperback situation parallels that of scholarship in general. That is,
these imbalances are not due so much to the whims of publishers and readers
as to the current state of research. Few sociological titles are in paperback be-
cause relatively little research is being accomplished in that field; the Spanish
Conquest is represented by an abundance of books because it continues to be
examined and reexamined by historians; and a plethora of paperbacks investi-
gate Mexican topics because Mexico is the Latin American nation most
studied by scholars in the United States. As researchers turn to new areas of
study, the imbalances mentioned above should gradually be corrected. In gen-
eral, the signs are most encouraging for the continued expansion of paperback
titles. As long as the spectre of Communism draws apprehensive eyes to the
south, and as long as Latin American studies flourish in the universities,
publishers will continue to provide inexpensive editions for the perusal of
scholar, student and layman.

An Explanation of the

Bibliographic Entries

Bibliographic information is always gathered from the volume itself.
The absence of any detail indicates that it is not available in the book.
Within topical divisions the alphabetical listing of authors and editors
is followed.
The complete title, as indicated in the volume's title page, is included.
If the edition under consideration is revised, this will be noted.
When appropriate, the translator, editor or compiler is listed.
The publisher is indicated by a key word or abbreviation which can
be deciphered by reference to the list of publishers. The book's trade number
The first publication date of the paperback edition is listed, and is fol-
lowed by the copyright date (in parentheses) when the two differ.
The number of pages is indicated in Arabic numerals.
The price. In British editions the sterling value is indicated in shil-
lings (/) and pence (d).
If the volume is part of a publisher's series, this will be indicated in
The scholarly accoutrements used in the volume will be listed in the
following order: Notes, illustrations, bibliography, tables, charts, glossary,
index, maps, appendices and vocabulary.
The following abbreviations have been used throughout:
app.-appendix d. -pence pseud. -pseudonym
b.-born ed.-edition, editor pub.-publishing
bibl. -bibliography gloss. -glossary rev. -revised.
c. -copyright illus. -illustrations trans.-translator
ca.-circa n. d.-no date vocab.-vocabulary
co.-company no.-number vol.-volume
comp.-compiler p.-page


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Essays by six scholars, with specific studies of Peru, Bolivia, Brazil,
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From the historical presence in Florida and the Southwest through
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compendium is an encyclopedic reference work. Printed and badly bound
in Spain, its illustrations are lavish.
10. Forbes, Jack D., ed. The Indian in America's Past. Spectrum.
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Some 10 per cent of the quotations are from Spanish or Mexican sources.
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Lizards. Searchlight 6. 1962. 128p. $1.45. Notes, bibl., tables, index, maps.
A simplistic survey of a complex region. The author accumulates facts,
legends, maps, graphs and statistics, but fails to create even an introduction
to his subject.


16. Kingsbury, Robert C., and Ronald M. Schneider. An Atlas of
Latin American Affairs. Praeger P-124. 1965. 136p. $1.75. Maps, index.
60 maps by Kingsbury; accompanying texts, of an introductory nature,
by Schneider. Handy reference volume of current affairs for the college
17. Lamb, Ruth S. Latin America: Sites and Insights. Creative.
1963. 67p. $2.25. Bibl.
21 vignettes on Latin American subjects, past and present.
18. McGann, Thomas F. Argentina: The Divided Land. Searchlight
28. 1966. 127p. $1.45. Bibl., tables, index, maps.
An historical survey of Argentina's society, politics and economy. Not-
ing the demoralization of the nation, the author comments, "whatever Argen-
tina's destiny, it is no longer manifest."
19. Maier, Joseph, and Richard W. Weatherhead, eds. Politics of
Change in Latin America. Praeger U-568. 1964. 258p. $2.25. Notes, gloss.
13 essays by well-known scholars in several fields. Most concern Latin
America in general, but several deal specifically with Mexico and Brazil. An
excellent collection, of interest to students of various disciplines.
20. Pearcy, G. Etzel. The West Indian Scene. Searchlight 26. 1965.
136p. $1.45. Bibl., tables, index, maps.
An introductory survey of a vast and multi-faceted topic. The pre-
liminary chapters attempt an over-all, regional view; sketches follow, describ-
ing the nine political entities of the area.
21. Roberts, Edwin A., Jr. Latin America. National Observer. 1964.
202p. $2.00. ("Newsbook," no. 3.) Illus., charts, maps.
16 Latin nations and certain common topics are surveyed in this
"journalistic cross between a magazine and a book." Easily dated. More than
200 photos and charts.
22. Sanchez, George I. Mexico. Ginn. 1966. 112p. ('Today's
World in Focus" series.) Illus., bibl., maps.
For the high-school student, this is one of the better introductory sur-
veys. Excellent illustrations.
23. Schurz, William Lytle. Latin America. A Descriptive Survey.
Rev. ed. Dutton D147. 1964 (c. 1963). 373p. $1.55. Notes, bibl., gloss.,
index, maps.
Surveys the geography, history, people, economy, customs and politics
of Latin America. Revised through 1963, this is a popular introduction to
the region.
24. This New World. The Civilization of Latin
America. Dutton D137. 1964 (c. 1954). 429p. $1.75. Notes, illus., index,

An historically-oriented study of the elements that have influenced the
cultures and character of Latin America. An excellent, humanistic treatment.
25. Steinberg, Samuel. Latin America. Past, Present, Future. Oxford
Book Co. 1964. 214p. Notes, illus., bibl., tables, charts, gloss., index, maps.
Illustrated high-school text. Includes problem and activity suggestions.
26. Szulc, Tad. The Winds of Revolution. Latin America Today-
and Tomorrow. Rev. ed. Praeger PPS-70. 1965. 323p. $2.25. Index.
A summary of Latin American politics and social conditions (as of
November 1964) by a respected New York Times correspondent. A good
journalistic treatment.
27. Tannenbaum, Frank. Ten Keys to Latin America. Vintage V-
312. 237p. $1.65. Index.
An interpretive study which applies the past to the problems of the
present. An outstanding historian, the author brings to his task a long and
intimate knowledge of Latin America and a fondness for its cultures and its
peoples. This work is far more valuable than the books of overnight "experts"
who try to explain modern-day Latin America with a few simplistic slogans.
28. Wagley, Charles. An Introduction to Brazil. Columbia 60. 1965
(c. 1963). 322p. $2.25. Notes, illus., bibl., index.
An excellent interpretation of contemporary Brazil, emphasizing na-
tional unity and regional diversity. After discussing social classes, types of
communities, family, education, religion and government, the author a
noted anthropologist deals with current problems in a provocative chapter
entitled "If I Were a Brazilian." Valuable reading for laymen and scholars
29. Webb, Kempton E. Brazil. Ginn. 1964. 122p. ("Today's World
in Focus" series.) Illus., bibl., tables, gloss., maps.
Very general discussion of Brazil's history, geography, economy and
culture. Useful introduction for the high-school student.

30. Beals, Carleton. Nomads and Empire Builders. Native Peoples
and Cultures of South America. Citadel C-195. 1965 (c. 1961). 322p.
$2.25. Illus., bibl., gloss., index, maps.
Historical-anthropological study of the major Indian groups of South
America. A cogent and readable treatment.
31. Bennett, Wendell C., and Junius B. Bird. Andean Culture His-
tory. 2nd rev. ed. Anchor B9. 1964 (c. 1960). 257p. $1.95. ("Natural
History Library" series.) Illus., bibl., tables, charts, index, maps.
An excellent summary of the current anthropological knowledge of the
Central Andean civilizations from early man through the Incas. The descrip-

tions of the development of civilizations make excellent reading for scholar
and layman alike. The details of cultural developments, however, are of
primary interest to the student of anthropology.
32. Bernal, Ignacio. Mexico before Cortez: Art, History and
Legend. Willis Barnstone, trans. Dolphin C422. 1963. 135p. $.95. Illus.,
gloss., maps.
History of the Indian civilizations on the highlands of Mexico, focus-
ing on the Toltec city of Tula and the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. Highly
recommended. (Tenochtitldn en una isla, 1959.)
33. Bingham, Hiram. Lost City of the Incas. The Story of Machu
Picchu and Its Builders. Atheneum 33. 1963 (c. 1948). 240p. $1.45.
Illus., bibl., index.
Story of the unearthing of Machu Picchu and other Inca cities, 1911-
1915, written by their archaeologist-discoverer. Also summarizes the history
of Inca civilization.
34. Bushnell, G. H. S. Peru. Rev. ed. Praeger P-127. 1963. 216p.
$2.95. ("Ancient Peoples and Places" series.) Notes, illus., bibl., charts,
index, map.
In a field that is rapidly expanding its horizons, this work summarized
the specialist's understanding of ancient Peru as of the early 1960's. It is
lavishly illustrated, and the plates are handily referenced in the text.
35. Carter, William E. Aymara Communities and the Bolivian
Agrarian Reform. Florida. Fall 1964. 90p. ("University of Florida Mono-
graphs, Social Sciences," series, no. 24.) Notes, illus., bibl., tables, charts,
A study of the effects of Bolivia's agrarian-reform program on the
Aymara-speaking Indians. The focus is on the family and social structure of
the Aymara communities as contrasted with that of the landed estates.
36. Gallenkamp, Charles. Maya. The Riddle and Rediscovery of a
Lost Civilization. Pyramid. 1962 (c. 1959). 192p. $.75. ("The Worlds of
Science" series, no. 2.) Illus., bible index.
Summary of archaeological knowledge about the Mayas. A good treat-
ment, tracing the history of archaeology and exploration in Yucatan.
37. Harris, Marvin. Patterns of Race in the Americas. Walker W-10.
1964. 154p. $1.95. Notes, illus., bibl., charts, gloss., index, maps.
Historically-oriented study of race relations in the Western Hemi-
sphere. Attractive maps and charts in color. A valuable, general treatment.
38. Henry, Jules. Jungle People. A Kaingdng Tribe of the High-
lands of Brazil. Vintage V-521. 1964 (c. 1941). 215p. $1.95. Notes,
illus., index.
A classic study of an Indian tribe in the state of Santa Catarina. An
excellent work by a noted anthropologist.

39. Huxley, Francis. Affable Savages. An Anthropologist Among the
Urubu Indians of Brazil. Capricorn 129. 1966 (c. 1956). 285p. $1.75.
Chart, gloss., map.
Interesting study of a tribe in the state of Maranhdo.
40. Kidder, Alfred V. The Artifacts of Uaxactun, Guatemala. Car-
negie 576. 1947. 76p. $2.15. Notes, illus., bibl.
A study of shell, bone and stone objects from the ruins of Uaxactun.
87 photographs and drawings.
41. Landy, David. Tropical Childhood. Cultural Transmission and
Learning in a Puerto Rican Village. Harper TB/1235L. 1965 (c. 1959).
29 1p. $1.95. Notes, tables, index, app.
The author applies the techniques and concepts of cultural anthro-
pology to the learning process in a rural village of Puerto Rico, and compares
his findings to similar studies of New England towns.
42. Levi-Strauss, Claude. Tristes Tropiques. John Russell, trans.
Atheneum 48. 1964 (c. 1961). 404p. $2.45. Illus., bibl., index.
An anthropological study of primitive societies in Brazil by a noted
French scholar-philosopher. The author's breadth of vision sets these tribes
in a world context, giving this work an importance that transcends the
special field. (Tristes tropiques, 1955.)
43. Lewis, Oscar. The Children of Sdnchez. Autobiography of a
Mexican Family. Vintage VG-1. 1961. 499p. $2.95. Chart.
One of the few bona fide best sellers in this Guide. A stunning account
of life among the poor of urban Mexico. The author has captured the history
of one of his Five Families (items 44 and 45) through tape-recorded inter-
views. These are reproduced in a dramatic autobiographical form.
44. _. Five Families. Mexican Case Studies in the Culture
of Poverty. Mentor MQ658. N. d. (c. 1959). 319p. $.95. Illus., bibl.
[44, 45] The scene is Mexico, but these studies of the "culture of
poverty" are valid for much of Latin America. An inspired and original work,
made fascinating reading by Lewis' "ethnographic realism."
45. _. Five Families. Mexican Case Studies in the Culture
of Poverty. Science Editions 425-S. 1962 (c. 1959). 351p. $1.95. Illus.,
46. Life in a Mexican Village: Tepoztldn Restudied.
Illini IB-9. 1963 (c. 1951). 512p. $2.95. Notes, illus., bibl., tables, index,
maps, app.
A magnificent second-look at a village studied 20 years previously by
Robert Redfield. This detailed analysis of the culture and personality of the
people in this Mexican village is a landmark in community restudies.
47. -. Tepoztldn, Village in Mexico. Holt. 1964 (c.
1960). 104p. $.75. ("Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology" series.) Notes,
illus., bibl., map.

Everyday life in a typical village in the state of Morelos. The last chap-
ter presents a vivid account of rural change.
48. Macgowan, Kenneth, and Joseph A. Hester, Jr. Early Man in the
New World. Rev. ed. Anchor N22. 1962. 333p. $1.45. ("Natural History
Library" series.) Notes, illus., bible tables, index, maps.
An anthropological study of prehistoric man in the Americas.
49. Mason, J. Alden. The Ancient Civilizations of Peru. Rev. ed.
Pelican A395. 1964. 332p. $1.45. Notes, illus., bibl., gloss., index, maps.
One of the best studies of aboriginal Peru from primitive times to the
50. Morgan, Lewis H. Houses and House-Life of the American
Aborigines. Phoenix P211. 1965 (c. 1881). 319p. $2.95. ("Classics in
Anthropology" series.) Notes, illus., index.
An explanation of the house architecture of the indigenous peoples of
Central and North America and its relation to family form. Many illustra-
tions and ground plans add to the value of this classic study. (Originally
published as Vol. IV of Contributions to North American Ethnology, 1881.)
51. Peterson, Frederick. Ancient Mexico. An Introduction to the
Pre-Hispanic Cultures. Capricorn Giant 221. 1962 (c. 1959). 313p. $1.95.
Illus., bibl., index, maps, app.
A topical, archaeological approach to the history of the Indian civiliza-
tions of Mexico from its earliest inhabitants to the conquest. The illustrations
are mainly reproductions of art motifs.
52. Pozas Arciniegas, Ricardo. Juan the Chamula. An Ethnological
Recreation of the Life of a Mexican Indian. Lysander Kemp, trans. California
69. 1962. 115p. $1.50. Notes, illus., gloss.
Fictionalized autobiography of an Indian in 20th-century Mexico,
showing his reactions to the social, economic and cultural changes being
wrought in his village. The author is a prominent Mexican anthropologist.
(Juan Pdrez Jolote: Biografia de un tzotzil, 1952.)
53. Redfield, Robert. A Village That Chose Progress. Chan Kom
Revisited. Phoenix P87. 1962 (c. 1950). 187p. $1.50. Notes, illus., gloss.,
index., maps.
A readable review of the economic and social developments of a
Yucatan village from the early 1930's to 1948. Less technical than the
original study (item 54), and thus of more interest to non-anthropologists.
54. and Alfonso Villa Rojas. Chan Kom. A Maya Village.
Phoenix P86. 1962 (c. 1934). 236p. $1.75. Notes, illus., tables, charts,
index, maps.
Abridged version of a detailed anthropological study of folk culture in
a village of YucatAn, Mexico. Outstanding in its field.

55. Ruppert, Karl. Chichdn Itzd. Architectural Notes and Plans.
Carnegie 595. 1952. 169p. $4.25. Illus., bibl., map.
151 illustrations accompany this very technical study.
56. Shepard, Anna 0. Plumbate. A Mesoamerican Trade Ware.
Carnegie 573. 1948. 176p. $3.00. Notes, illus., bibl., tables, maps, app.
Archaeological study of Plumbate pottery.
57. Smith, A. Ledyard. Uaxactun, Guatemala: Excavations of 1931-
1937. Carnegie 588. 1950. 108p. $9.00. Notes, illus., bibl., maps.
A scholarly report on the architecture, burials and caches studied at
these ruins in the province of Pet6n. Excellent illustrations and drawings.
58. and Alfred V. Kidder. Excavations at Nebaj,
Guatemala. Carnegie 594. 1951. 90p. $5.25. Notes, illus., bibl., app.
Scholarly account of the results of surveys in a little-studied region in
the Guatemalan highlands. The notes on the skeletal material are by T. D.
59. Soustelle, Jacques. The Daily Life of the Aztecs on the Eve of the
Spanish Conquest. Patrick O'Brian, trans. Penguin A678. 1964 (c. 1961).
302p. 7/6d. Notes, illus., index, maps, app.
A reconstruction of the life of the Mexica at the height of the Aztec
Empire in 1507. Society, the state and the city are vividly described, as are an
individual, an ordinary day and an average life. Very valuable. (La vie quoti-
dienne des Azteques h la veille de la conquote espagnole, 1955.)
60. Stephens, John L. Incidents of Travel in Yucatdn. 2 vols. Dover
T926, T927. 1963 (c. 1843). 303p., 336p. $2.00 each. Illus., tables,
maps, app.
Classic narrative by the famed American traveler who discovered the
ruins of 44 Mayan cities in the late 1830's. Also includes valuable observa-
tions on Central American politics of the period. Illustrated with 127 beautiful
61. Vaillant, George C. Aztecs of Mexico. Origin, Rise, and Fall of
the Aztec Nation. Rev. ed. by Suzannah B. Vaillant. Pelican A200. 1965 (c.
1962.) 363p. $2.95. Notes, illus., bibl., tables, index, maps.
A superb account of the development and swift fall of an extraordinary
civilization. Capturing the spirit of the age, the author discusses the basic
beliefs of its society in relation to government, education and law. Generally
considered the best study of the Aztecs.
62. Wagley, Charles. Amazon Town. A Study of Man in the Tropics.
Knopf. 1964 (c. 1953). 315p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books on Latin America"
series.) Notes, illus., bibl., index, map.
Well-known study of a town in Brazil's Amazon region. The epilogue
supplements the original edition, carrying the narrative up to 1962.
63. -, ed. Race and Class in Rural Brazil. Columbia. 1952.
158p. $2.00. Notes, illus., bibl., tables, charts, map.

ART 23
An excellent collection of studies dealing with the relation of race to
social structure in four rural towns. The contributors include H. W. Hutchin-
son, Marvin Harris, Ben Zimmerman and the editor.
64. White, Raymond C. Luisefio Social Organization. California.
1963. 194p. $2.50. ("University of California Publications in American
Archaeology and Ethnology," vol. 48.) Illus., bibl., tables, gloss., index, map,
Study of an Indian tribe in southern California at the time of contact
with Spanish Franciscan missions in the late 18th century.
65. Willey, Gordon R., and Philip Phillips. Method and Theory in
American Archaeology. Phoenix P88. 1962 (c. 1958). 270p. $1.75. Notes,
bibl., index.
Summary of archaeological methodology and of theories concerning the
pre-history of the New World.
66. Wolf, Eric R. Sons of the Shaking Earth. Phoenix P90. 1962
(c. 1959). 303p. $1.50. Illus., bibl., index, maps.
Anthropological study of Mexico and Guatemala, with much historical
and geographical material. An excellent work, with dozens of photographs
and drawings and a 34-page annotated bibliography.
See also items 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 229.

67. Kenny, Michael. A Spanish Tapestry. Town and Country in
Castile. Harper CN78K. 1966 (c. 1961). 243p. $1.75. Notes, illus., bibl.,
An excellent study of two parishes one urban, one rural in mod-
ern Spain. Giving a detailed account of the different types of society in the
two parishes, the author emphasizes their interdependence.
68. Pitt-Rivers, J. A. The People of the Sierra. Phoenix P55. 1961.
232p. $1.75. Notes, illus., gloss., index, app.
An outstanding study of a rural town in Andalucfa. Applying the
principles of social anthropology, the author relates the values of the town
to the social structure of the nation.

69. Ancient Maya Paintings of Bonampak, Mexico. Carnegie. 1955.
36p. $1.75. ("Supplementary Publication" no. 46.) Illus., map.
Discusses the discovery, artistic aspects and probable meaning of the
Maya murals at Bonampak. Antonia Tejeda's color reproductions of the
murals accompany the brief text.

24 ART
70. Bushnell, G. H. S. Ancient Arts of the Americas. Praeger P-
197. 1965. 287p. $3.95. ("World of Art" series.) Notes, illus., bibl., chart,
index, maps.
An English archaeologist traces the history of ancient American art
from 2500 B. C. to the 16th-century Spanish conquest. 252 superb illustra-
tions, many of them in color.
71. Enciso, Jorge. Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico. Dover T84.
1953 (c. 1947). 153p. $1.85. Illus.
766 primitive designs offered copyright free to artists and commercial
72. Mexican Wall Paintings of the Maya and Aztec Periods. Mentor
MQ526. 1963 (c. 1958). 24p. $.95. ("Mentor-Unesco Art Books" series.)
Illus., map.
28 beautiful color reproductions, along with Ignacio Bernal's introduc-
tion and several photographs, make this a handy and attractive volume.
73. Powell, Jane P. Ancient Art of the Americas. Brooklyn Museum.
1959. 68p. Illus., map.
39 excellent photographs illustrate the text.
74. Sculpture from Mexico in the Museum of Primitive Art. Museum
of Primitive Art. 1964. 28p. $.75. Illus., chart.
28 photographs of pre-Columbian Mexican art, with a brief introduc-
75. Sculpture from Peru in the Museum of Primitive Art. Museum
of Primitive Art. 1964. 27p. $.75. Illus., chart, map.
27 beautiful reproductions and an introductory note.
76. Westheim, Paul. The Art of Ancient Mexico. Ursula Bernard,
trans. Anchor A416. 1965. 260p. Notes, illus., index.
Excellent treatment, with 152 illustrations. (Arte antiguo de Mixico,
77. _. The Sculpture of Ancient Mexico. Ursula Bernard
and Mariana Frank, trans. Anchor A335. 1963. 69p. $1.45. Notes, illus.
Bilingual text with 96 illustrations. (La escultura del Mexico antiguo,
See also items 32, 240, 246.

78. Daix, Pierre. Picasso. Praeger P-188. 1965 (c. 1964). 271p.
$3.95. Illus., index.
A wealth of beautiful color and black-and-white illustrations are con-
veniently integrated in this study of the artist's personality, techniques and
the major events of his life.

ART 25
79. Damase, Jacques. Pablo Picasso. Haydn Barnes, trans. Barnes
and Noble 622. 1965. 90p. $.75. ("Art Series.") Illus.
72 illustrations, 24 of which are color reproductions. The introduction
gives a concise survey of the life and work of the artist.
80. Degand, L6on. Gonzalez. Universe. 1959. $1.95. ("Universe
Sculpture Series.") Illus., bibl.
The text outlines the career of Julio Gonzilez (1876-1942). However,
the 32 stunning black-and-white illustrations are the principal attractions of
this volume printed in the Netherlands.
81. Elgar, Frank. Picasso. Blue and Pink Periods. Tudor 3. 1956.
("Petite Encyclop6die de l'Art" series.) Illus.
Picasso's paintings from his 1900 arrival in Paris to 1905. A brief
introductory text is included.
82. _. Picasso. Cubist Period. Tudor 11. 1957. ("Petite
Encyclop6die de 1'Art" series.) Illus.
A brief introduction and 15 color prints trace the young genius of
Picasso at work from 1906 to 1925.
83. Gilot, Francoise, and Carlton Lake. Life with Picasso. Signet
Q2772. 1965 (c. 1964). 350p. $.95. Illus., index.
One of the many young women in Picasso's life relates her ten-year
relationship with the artist.
84. Gudiol, Jos6. The Arts of Spain. Thames. 1964. 318p. 18/.
("The World of Art Library" series.) Illus., index.
The narrative runs from prehistoric art to Picasso. Illustrated with
162 plates, 62 in color.
85. Lafuente Ferrari, Enrique. Veldsquez. Infantes and Infantas.
Tudor 33. 1961. ("Petite Encyclop6die de l'Art" series.) Illus.
Close-ups of Spanish royalty in 15 color plates by the 15th-century
court painter. A brief introduction is included.
86. La Souchere, Dor de. Picasso. Antibes. Tudor 47. 1962. ("Petite
Encyclop6die de 1'Art" series.) Illus.
A personal reminiscence of the author is included in the brief intro-
duction to these 15 color reproductions from the Picasso Museum in Antibes.
87. Lieberman, William S. Picasso. Abrams PL-20. 1954. 80p.
88. Matthews, John F. (Domenicos Theotocopoulos.) El Greco.
(1541-1614). Abrams A2. 1953. 82p. $.95. Illus., bibl.
More than 50 illustrations, many in color, with accompanying text and
commentary which survey El Greco's career.
89. Penrose, Roland. Picasso. Universe. 1961. $1.95. ("Universe
Sculpture Series.") Illus., bibl.

26 ART
The brief text analyzes Pablo Picasso's sculptures. The 32 vivid black-
and-white illustrations offer graphic proof of the master's domination of
sculpting techniques.
90. Picasso: His Life and Work. 2nd ed. Schocken SB31.
1962 (c. 1958). 410p. $2.45. Notes, illus., index.
A detailed biography of Pablo Picasso (1881- ) by a close
acquaintance. Includes several photographs of the painter and over 200
black-and-white reproductions of his work.
91. _. Picasso. Sculptures. Tudor 72. 1965. ("Petite
Encyclop6die de l'Art" series.) Illus.
The brief text serves as an introduction to the 24 black-and-white re-
productions. Chronologically ordered, they range from 1905 to 1963.
92. Picasso, Pablo. A Suite of 180 Drawings. Vintage V-161. N. d.
(c. 1954). 30p. $1.95. Illus.
The drawings plus "Picasso and the Human Comedy" by Michel Leiris.
Rebecca West contributes an "appreciation." ("Suite de 180 dessins de
Picasso," Verve, nos. 29-30, 1954.)
93. Rami6, Georges. Picasso. Pottery. Tudor 48. 1962. ("Petite
Encyclop6die de 1'Art" series.) Illus.
The brief text introduces the 15 ektachrome reproductions which
illustrate yet another aspect of the artist's genius.
94. Salas, Xavier de. Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes. Barnes and
Noble 603. 1963 (c. 1961). 89p. $.75. Illus.
24 of the more than 50 illustrations are beautiful color reproductions.
The 23 pages of text sketch Goya's life, influences and work.
95. Salinger, Margarita. Veldsquez. Abrams PL-19. 1959. 70p.
96. Sanchez Canton, F. J. The Prado. 3rd rev. ed. Thames. 1966.
317p. 21/. ("The World of Art Library" series.) Illus., index.
A history of Spain's greatest museum, followed by 96 superb color
plates with a description of each painting plus more than 200 black-and-
white reproductions. A very attractive volume.
97. Serullaz, Maurice. Goya. Portraits. Tudor 25. 1959. ("Petite
Encyclop6die de l'Art" series.) Illus.
A brief text and 15 color plates comprise this small collection of a
certain aspect of the work of the artist.
98. Spanish Frescoes of the Romanesque Period. Mentor MQ456.
1962 (c. 1957). 24p. $.95. ("Mentor-Unesco Art Books" series.) Illus.
Jean Ainaud's introduction discusses the artistic accomplishments of
the Romanesque period (11th-13th centuries). 8 photographs and 28 color

99. Stein, Gertrude. Picasso. Beacon BP-90. 1959. 50p. $1.25.
Illus., index.
54 plates of the master's paintings nicely compliment the author's
treatment of the least predictable of modern painters.
100. Weelen, Guy. Mir6. 1924-1940. Tudor 31. 1960. ("Petite
Encyclopedie de l'Art" series.) Illus.
15 color prints and a brief introduction to the works of the Catalonian
artist during his early years.
101. Wescher, Herta. Picasso. Papiers Collds. Tudor 30. 1960.
("Petite Encyclop6die de l'Art" series.) Illus.
15 color plates and an introduction survey the master's collages.
102. Wight, Frederick. Goya. Abrams PL-22. 1954. 78p. $.95.
See also items 370, 486.

103. Bernstein, Marvin D., ed. Foreign Investment in Latin America.
Cases and Attitudes. Knopf. 1966. 305p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books on Latin
America" series.) Notes, bibl.
19 articles in three categories: "Facts and Figures," "Case Studies," and
"Attitudes." The variety of opinions expressed make this book more valuable
than the one-sided tracts which denounce or justify the dominance of U. S.
capital in Latin America. Introduction by the editor.
104. Brandenburg, Frank. The Development of Latin American
Private Enterprise. NPA. 1964. 131p. $2.50. ("Planning Pamphlet" series,
no. 121.) Notes, tables, charts, app.
A survey of the role of private enterprise in Latin America and a rec-
ommendation for more of the same.
105. Cooperation for Progress in Latin America. CED. April 1961.
56p. $1.00. Notes, tables, charts, maps, app.
A discussion of policies aimed at social and economic progress.
106. Delwart, Louis 0. The Future of Latin American Exports to the
United States: 1965 and 1970. NPA. 1960. 130p. $2.00. Notes, tables,
A survey of expected developments in the economically vital field of
107. Economic Development of Central America. CED. November
1964. 123p. $1.25. Notes, tables, charts, map, app.
A bilingual statement by the Research and Policy Committee of the
Committee for Economic Development. Nearly half of the volume consists of

108. Friedmann, John. Venezuela. From Doctrine to Dialogue.
Syracuse. 1965. 87p. $2.95. ("National Planning Series," no. 1.) Notes,
bibl., index.
This volume explores the work of CORDIPLAN, Venezuela's national
planning organization and one of the most successful in Latin America. The
author also presents a number of unusual theoretical propositions about
109. Furtado, Celso. The Economic Growth of Brazil. A Survey
from Colonial to Modern Times. Ricardo W. de Aguiar and Eric Charles
Drysdale, trans. California 116. 1965 (c. 1963). 285p. $1.95. Notes, index.
An excellent, brief treatment of Brazilian economic history. Analogies
with U. S. history are sometimes erroneous. (Formagao Economica do
Brasil, 1959.)
110. Geiger, Theodore. The General Electric Company in Brazil.
NPA. 1961. 106p. $1.00. ("United States Business Performance Abroad"
series, no. 9.) Illus., map, app.
Another study in a series that stresses the positive aspects of U. S. in-
vestment in Latin America. GE's contributions to Brazil are emphasized.
111. Hirschman, Albert 0. Journeys toward Progress. Studies of
Economic Policy-Making in Latin America. Anchor A448. 1965 (c. 1963).
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Commissioned by the Twentieth Century Fund, this volume offers
two general articles on the relations between economics and politics in Latin
America, plus three others: "Brazil's Northeast," "Land Use and Land Reform
in Colombia," and "Inflation in Chile."
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Essays, papers and reviews from a study group which met during
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their economic problems. Includes general essays as well as more specific dis-
cussions of inflation, price stability and regional trading groups.
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United Fruit isn't really as bad as all that, according to this study. In
fact, it's a positive factor in at least six Latin American nations.
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A valuable study, approaching labor organization from national and
international angles. The only treatment of this important subject available
in paperback.

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Study of the roles of a Brazilian agency (SUDENE) and the Alliance
for Progress in the economic development of a chronically-depressed region.

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A favorable report on one of the largest and most important U. S.
corporations in Latin America.

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Notes, tables, index, app.
A cogent treatment of the 20th-century political economy of Latin
America, written by a leading authority. Lengthy statistical appendix. One
of the finest general discussions in English. (Viabilidad econ6mica de Amdrica
latina, 1962.)

120. _.. Free Trade and Economic Integration in Latin
America. The Evolution of a Common Market Policy. Marjory M. Urquidi,
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Somewhat technical study dealing with the evolution of the concept of
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and current problems. (Trayectoria del mercado comun latinoamericano,

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ance Abroad" series, no. 1.) Illus., bibl., table, map, app.
A favorable study of Sears in Mexico.
See also items 200, 292.

122. Brameld, Theodore. The Remaking of a Culture. Life and Edu-
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Notes, index, app.
An excellent study of the impact of cultural change upon education,
as experienced by Puerto Rico in its transition from a rural to an urban
123. Lyons, Raymond F., ed. Problems and Strategies of Educa-
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Notes, tables, app.
The results of a 1954 seminar concerned with the nature and relation-
ship of the educational planning process and the provision of instruction for
those who will be engaged in it. 13 articles are included.

See item 491.

124. Bernstein, Harry. Venezuela and Colombia. Spectrum S-605.
1964. 152p. $1.95. ("The Modem Nations in Historical Perspective"
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Due to space limitations the author has to encompass the colonial and
national periods in some 80 pages per country, resulting in two superficial
and often erroneous essays.
125. Bums, E. Bradford, ed. A Documentary History of Brazil.
Knopf. 1966. 398p. $2.95. ("Borzoi Books on Latin America" series.) Notes,
70 documents chronicle the major events of Brazilian history, 1494-
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ditions during various periods, and make interesting reading. A valuable book.
126. Crawford, William Rex. A Century of Latin-American
Thought. Rev. ed. Praeger U-606. 1966 (c. 1961). 322p. $2.50. Notes,
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An introduction to the writings of 35 of Latin America's leading intel-
lectuals since Independence. One of the very few works on Latin American
intellectual history, this is worth careful study.

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A masterpiece of social history. Examines Portuguese, Indian and
Negro contributions to Brazilian culture, and the influence of patriarchal,
plantation society of the colonial period in shaping that culture. Also valuable
for its interpretation of the colonization of Brazil. Abridged from the 2nd
English-language edition, 1956. (Casa-Grande e Senzala, 1933.)
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Notes, bibl., index, map.
[130, 131] Each volume consists of a general historical introduction
comprising about half the book. 30 or more readings are appended, some
documentary and some from secondary sources. Useful as supplementary
reading. (Revised edition to appear in January 1967.)
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index, map.
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on Latin America" series.) Notes, bibl.
After an excellent exposition of the questions involved in H. E. Bol-
ton's "Epic of Greater America," the editor introduces the far-ranging essays
of 14 historians who support or oppose the title question and produce some
interesting variations of their own.
133. ed. Readings in Latin American History. 2 vols.
Crowell. 1966. 311p., 334p. $3.50 each. Bibl.
22 significant articles from the Hispanic American Historical Review
treat selected topics of Latin American history up till 1810 in vol. I; another
18 articles in vol. II extend to the present. Each essay appears minus foot-
notes, but with a preface to suggest its importance to the study of its topic.
Aimed at the undergraduate, but a valuable addition to the library of all Latin

134. Horgan, Paul. The Centuries of Santa Fe. Dutton D-165.
1965 (c. 1956). 363p. $1.75. Illus., bibl., index, map.
The Hispanic note quite naturally predominates in this well-written
history of the northern-most capital of Spain in America, covering 1620-
1956. The author pegs each chapter on the portrait of a typical inhabitant of
the period, thus calling his work "a sequence of historical sketches."
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Athlone. 1965. 20p. 5/. Notes.
A brief, interpretive essay originally presented as a lecture in
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Although Bolton was the only one of these historians to concentrate on
the Spanish in the U. S., Turner and Webb also contributed to the study of
the clash of the Anglo-American and Spanish-Mexican frontiers in the South-
west. Each of the authors examines the work of one of the three great histor-
ians in a separate essay. The bibliographies list writings by and about the
137. Keen, Benjamin, ed. Americans All: The Story of Our Latin
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41 selections, mainly from the editor's massive Readings in Latin
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138. -, ed. Readings in Latin-American Civilization, 1492 to
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Excellent selection of readings, primarily contemporary sources with
a few secondary selections. Vital for history, serviceable for other disciplines.
139. McHenry, J. Patrick. A Short History of Mexico. Dolphin
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A superficial history written for the arm-chair tourist. At times inac-
curate, but has the advantage of being inexpensive.
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Quick summary of Latin American history. Good treatment, but rather
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1962. 192p. $1.95. Bibl., index.
A stimulating interpretive treatment, focusing on literature. Pro-
vides an excellent supplement to political and institutional studies. (De la
conquista a la independencia. Tres siglos de historic cultural hispanoameri-
cana, 2nd rev. ed., 1950.)

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ican History. North Carolina. 1927. 134p. $1.25. ("The James Sprunt
Historical Studies" series, XIX, no. 2.) Notes.
A collection of four scholarly articles by J. Fred Rippy, G. G. Johnson,
the editor and James A. Robertson. The latter's "Some Notes on the Transfer
by Spain of Plants and Animals to its Colonies Overseas" is especially notable.
143. Pike, Frederick B., ed. The Conflict Between Church and
State in Latin America. Knopf. 1964. 239p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books on Latin
America" series.) Notes, bibl.
Considering the vastness of the subject, the lack of cohesiveness in
this volume is quite understandable. The 20 wide-ranging selections are di-
vided into colonial, national and contemporary periods. In the latter sections,
conservative and liberal Latin American Catholic philosophies are expressed.
All of these important attitudes are knowledgeably introduced by the editor.
144. Rippy, J. Fred. Latin America. A Modern History. Michigan.
1958. 579p. $5.25. ("The University of Michigan History of the Modem
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A college-level textbook. One-third is devoted to the colonial period.
Economic and international relations are stressed in the national era, which
is covered in topical and regional chapters.
145. Rodriguez, Mario. Central America. Spectrum S-609. 1965.
178p. $1.95. ("The Modem Nations in Historical Perspective" series.)
Notes, bibl., index, maps.
Focusing on the theme of disunity, this brief work traces the history
of the five Central American nations and Panama since independence.
146. Scobie, James R. Argentina. A City and a Nation. Oxford U.
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Excellent interpretive history, emphasizing social and economic factors.
Highly recommended, but the organization is somewhat difficult for the
novice. Good bibliography.
147. Simpson, Lesley Byrd. Many Mexicos. 3rd rev. ed. California
28. 1961 (c. 1952). 349p. $1.95. Notes, bibl., index, maps.
A stimulating, interpretive history of Mexico from pre-historic days
to the 1950's. This sympathetic treatment deserves the acclaim it has re-
ceived through various editions over the last 25 years.
148. Tannenbaum, Frank. Slave and Citizen. The Negro in the
Americas. Vintage V-231. 1963 (c. 1946). 128p. $1.45. Notes, index.
In this essay the author insists "that the definition of man as a moral
being proved the most important influence both in the treatment of the slave
and in the final abolition of slavery." Contrasting Latin with Anglo-American
attitudes, the former (especially in the case of Brazil) is deemed superior.
Studded with interesting historical references, this is an instructive introduc-
tion to the problem of Negro slavery and gives a background to current civil
rights problems.

149. Whitaker, Arthur P. Argentina. Spectrum S-601. 1964. 184p.
$1.95. Notes, bibl., index, map.
Two chapters on the 19th century serve as an introduction to this
basically political survey of Argentina since 1880.
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5th ed. Barnes and Noble. 1963. 466p. $2.50. ("College Outline Series,"
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This book suffers from the usual limitations of condensation and out-
lining; yet it remains a good guide, certainly better than most. Much of its
value is derived from its 118 maps and charts.
151. Williams, Eric. History of the People of Trinidad and Tobago.
Deutsch. 1964 (c. 1962). 292p. Bibl., index, maps.
An admittedly partisan history produced in one month to celebrate the
independence of Trinidad and Tobago in 1962. Prime Minister Williams has
to quote many lengthy sources verbatim, but he is too good an historian not to
evoke the colorful past of the islands and place it within the context of Carib-
bean history.
See also items 34, 109, 114, 353, 354, 505, 515, 520, 542.
a. Aboriginal Background
152. Driver, Harold E., ed. The Americas on the Eve of Discovery.
Spectrum S-93. 1964. 179p. $1.95. ("The Global History Series.") Bibl.
11 selections by anthropologists, historians and contemporary observ-
ers. They examine various aspects of three types of Indian societies: hunting-
and-gathering, intermediate-farming, and advanced-farming cultures.
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bibl., gloss., index, map.
This edition of the classic Royal Commentaries of the Incas is trans-
lated from the annotated French edition. Garcilaso's narrative runs from the
origins of the Incas to the death of Atahualpa. The notes correlate Garcilaso's
account with the latest archaeological and historical research. The illustrations
are by Guamin Poma. (Comentarios reales de los incas, 1609, 1617.)
154. Von Hagen, Victor W. The Aztec: Man and Tribe. Rev. ed.
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[154-156] Popular treatments of the three major aboriginal civiliza-
tions. Each volume includes an abundance of good illustrations.
155. _. Realm of the Incas. Rev. ed. Mentor MT636.
1961. 223p. $.75. Notes, illus., bibl., index, maps.
156. World of the Maya. Mentor MT603. 1960. 224p.
$.75. Notes, illus., index, maps.
See also items 8, 10, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 49, 51, 59, 61, 235, 247.

b. Exploration and Conquest
157. Armitage, Merle. Pagans, Conquistadores, Heroes and Martyrs:
The Spiritual Conquest of America. Manzanita. 1960. 99p. $2.75. Bibl.,
Dealing with the Spanish conquest and colonization of the present U. S.
Southwest, this volume could be termed a leyenda blanca account. Rather
than a comprehensive history, the author searches for teleological significance
in individual events.
158. Bakeless, John. The Eyes of Discovery. The Pageant of North
America as Seen by the First Explorers. Dover T761. 1961 (c. 1950). 439p.
$2.00. Notes, illus., index.
An excellent reconstruction of the geography, flora and fauna of North
America as reported by the first Europeans who roamed the virgin land. The
focus is on European reaction to the New World, rather than on reviewing the
history of exploration. Beautifully illustrated with drawings and photographs.
159. Bannon, John Francis, ed. The Spanish Conquistadores. Men
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The problem is focused in the able introduction. Ranging from Bernal
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quistadores are presented.
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mabook M-7509. 1963 (c. 1961). 430p. $.75. Illus., bibl., index, maps,
Story of early visitors to America from the first Indians (35,000 B.C.)
to Columbus. Anthropologists will not accept all of the author's assertions,
but it makes for interesting reading.
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Plains. New Mexico. 1964 (c. 1949). 491p. $2.50. Notes, bibl., index,
A history of the discovery and exploration of the present southwest of
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ship, stylishly written.
162. Bourne, Edward Gaylord. Spain in America, 1450-1580.
Barnes and Noble UP-38. 1962 (c. 1904). 366p. $2.25. Notes, bibl., index,
A standard source for the early colonial period. A new introduction
and a supplementary bibliography are provided by Benjamin Keen. A read-
able, still reliable narrative.
163. Brebner, John Bartlet. The Explorers of North America, 1492-
1806. Meridian M183. 1964 (c. 1933). 431p. $2.45. Notes, bibl., index,

Mexico dominates the first chapters as the author draws together as a
related whole the explorations which revealed the general character of the
North American continent. A standard treatment.
164. Collis, Maurice. Cortds and Montezuma. Faber. 1963. 251p.
7/6d. Table, index.
An interpretive account of the conquest of Mexico. Although not an
orthodox history, the book is well-researched and offers interesting reading.
165. Columbus, Christopher. Four Voyages to the New World. Let-
ters and Selected Documents. R. H. Major, ed. and trans. Corinth AE-5.
1961 (c. 1847). 240p. $1.75. ("The American Experience Series.") Notes,
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translation and in the original Spanish and Latin. A new introduction by
John E. Fagg and valuable editorial notes are included. (Reprint of the Hak-
luyt Society edition, 1847.)
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Slightly-abridged letters from Cort6s to Charles V, relating the con-
quest of Mexico and Guatemala. Irwin R. Blacker wrote the brief introduc-
tions to the principals.
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Letters from Cort6s to Charles V, relating the conquest of Mexico and
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A somewhat dramatic, but well-researched and reliable, biography of
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.
169. Diaz del Castillo, Bernal. The Conquest of New Spain. J. M.
Cohen, trans. Penguin L-123. 1963. 413p. $1.45. Notes, maps.
Diaz' work is the finest first-hand account of the conquest of Mexico
and is a coherent and exciting narrative. Brief introduction by the translator.
(Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva Espafia, 1632.)
170. The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico, 1517-1521.
A. P. Maudslay, trans. Noonday N267. 1965 (c. 1956). 478p. $2.95.
Illus., app.
This handsome edition of Diaz' classic narrative was edited from the
original manuscript by Genaro Garcia. Irving Leonard supplies an excellent
introduction. (Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva Espania, 1632.)
171. Gardiner, C. Harvey. Naval Power in the Conquest of Mexico.
Texas. 1956. 253p. $1.75. Notes, illus., bibl., gloss., index, maps.

In the critical moment of the Spanish-Aztec clash, Cortes, a master
military strategist, used naval power. This historical revision of the conquest
is as colorful as it is authoritative.
172. Hanke, Lewis. The Spanish Struggle for Justice in the Conquest
of America. Little, Brown. 1965 (c. 1949). 217p. ("History Reprint" se-
ries.) Notes, illus., bibl., index.
A scholarly and highly-regarded study of the 16th-century Spaniards
who sought to have the conquest follow Christian principles. Bartolom6 de
las Casas is the center of attention.
173. Horgan, Paul. Conquistadors in North American History.
Premier R256. 1965 (c. 1963). 240p. $.60. Bibl., index.
The discovery serves as an introduction; Cortes in Mexico sets the pat-
tern. Then the movement is northward with Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado.
The story ends in 1704 in Santa F6. Vividly written.
174. Kirkpatrick, F. A. The Spanish Conquistadores. Meridian M-
146. 1962 (c. 1934). 366p. $1.95. Notes, index, maps, app.
This admirable synthesis traces Spanish conquests from Columbus to
Juan de Garay's founding of Buenos Aires in 1580. The author bases his
account on secondary sources. Probably the best general treatment of the
conquest available in paperback.
175. L6pez de G6mara, Francisco. Cortds. The Life of the Con-
queror by His Secretary. Lesley Byrd Simpson, ed. and trans. California 126.
1966 (c. 1964). 425p. $2.45. Notes, illus., bibl., gloss., index, maps.
Although G6mara was not a participant in the events he describes, and
never even traveled to the New World, his book is a basic source for the con-
quest of Mexico. This is a readable, dramatic account, highly favorable to
Cortes. The translator provides an able introduction. (Istoria de la conquista
de Mdxico, 1552.)
176. Morison, Samuel Eliot. Christopher Columbus, Mariner.
Mentor MP439. 1956 (c. 1955). 160p. $.60. Notes, maps, app.
Abridgement of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Admiral of the Ocean Sea.
Appendix contains translation of a letter by Columbus describing his first
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Colonial Empires. Cornell. 1954. 150p. $1.50. ("The Development of West-
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An admirable summary of the age of discovery. The backgrounds,
national experiences and early colonial empires are well described.
178. Nuifiez Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar. Adventures in the Unknown
Interior of America. Cyclone Covey, ed. and trans. Collier AS117. 1961.
152p. $.95. Index.
Chronicles of the explorer who wandered from Florida to the Pacific

coast of Mexico during 1528-1536. The translator provides a brief intro-
duction to this fascinating account. (Relaci6n, 1542.)
179. Prescott, William H. The Conquest of Peru. Victor W. von
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index, maps.
Abridged version of the classic narrative. Introduction and notes by
the editor. Good drawings and maps.
180. __ The Conquest of Peru. Dolphin C166. N. d. (c.
1847). 559p. $1.45.
The standard account, carefully researched and beautifully written by
the foremost U. S. historian of the 19th century.
181. History of the Conquest of Mexico. Bantam RM1014.
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The classic account. Introduction by Henry Bamford Parkes.
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$1.85. Bibl., maps.
Selections from Ferdinand and Isabella, The Conquest of Mexico,
The Conquest of Peru and Philip II cover, with vivid detail and in a highly
readable fashion, the rise and incipient decline of the Spanish empire. A
chronology of the author's life is included. (Originally entitled Prescott's
Histories: The Rise and Decline of the Spanish Empire, 1963.)
183. Prescott. The Conquest of Mexico, the Conquest of
Peru, and Other Selections. Roger Howell, ed. WSP W-1414. 406p. $1.45.
("The Great Histories" series.) Notes, bibl., index, maps.
Abridged selections from Prescott's volumes on the conquest and from
his histories of the reigns of Ferdinand and Isabella and Philip II. The editor
provides a serviceable introduction in which he assesses the work of the great
184. Sundel, Alfred. Christopher Columbus. A Concise Biography.
Study Master 903. 1965. 67p. $1.00. Bibl., maps.
Brief account of Columbus' efforts to secure support and of his four
voyages to America. Written for the high-school student.
c. The Colonial Experience
185. Crane, Verner W. The Southern Frontier, 1670-1732. Ann
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The standard account of the Anglo-Spanish contest, 1670-1732, for
control of the lands which now comprise the southeastern U. S.
186. Davidson, Basil. The African Slave Trade. Precolonial His-
tory, 1450-1850. Little, Brown 56. N. d. (c. 1961). 311p. $2.45. Notes,
bibl., index, maps.

Primarily a history of Black Africa from 1450 to 1850, this book also
treats African-American contacts through the slave trade. (Originally entitled
Black Mother, 1961.)
187. FernAndez de Oviedo, Gonzalo. Natural History of the West
Indies. Sterling A. Stoudemire, ed. and trans. North Carolina. 1959. 140p.
$2.50. ("University of North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages
and Literatures," no. 32.) Notes, illus., bibl., gloss., index, map.
An early description of animal, plant and Indian life in the Caribbean
area. Notes give the scientific names of the flora and fauna described, when
these can be determined. A brief introduction by the editor traces Oviedo's
career. Of interest to the zoologist and botanist, as well as to the historian.
(De la natural hysteria de las Indias, 1526.)
188. Haring, Clarence H. The Spanish Empire in America. Har-
binger H-028. 1963 (c. 1947). 371p. $2.95. Notes, bibl., index.
The standard institutional history of the colonial period. Especially
valuable for its treatment of colonial political and economic administration.
Somewhat detailed for general reading, but well worth the effort.
189. Hart, Betty Turner. Conquistador, Inca Princess, and City
Fathers. The Ampuero Family of Lima, Peru, in the Sixteenth Century.
Miami. N. d. 30p. ("University of Miami Hispanic American Studies," no.
18.) Notes, bibl.
Monograph concerning a conquistador and his aristocratic heirs.
190. Juan, Jorge, and Antonio de Ulloa. A Voyage to South
America. John Adams, trans. Knopf. 1964. 245p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books
on Latin America" series.) Bibl.
A valuable description of seven South American cities as viewed dur-
ing 1735-1744 by two discerning Spanish cadets while on a scientific mis-
sion. This excellent narrative is abridged from the John Adams' translation
of 1758. Irving Leonard's knowledgeable introduction stresses the historical
importance of this work. (Relaci6n hist6rica del Viage a la Amdrica merid-
ional, 1748.)
191. Leonard, Irving A. Baroque Times in Old Mexico. Seven-
teenth-Century Persons, Places, and Practices. Ann Arbor AA110. 1966
(c. 1959). 260p. $1.95. Notes, illus., bibl., index.
A superb account of New Spain during the 17th century. The topical
chapters deal with cultural, literary and intellectual aspects of this neglected
period of colonial history.
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A history of the years preceding the independence movement, from
the Spanish point of view. Emphasizes racial factors. Stimulating, but not
entirely reliable, interpretation.

193. The Rise of the Spanish American Empire. Free
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This well-known history seeks to prove that Spain's rule in America
was not the era of darkness and brutality painted by the anti-Spanish "black
194. Mannix, Daniel P., in collaboration with Malcolm Cowley.
Black Cargoes. A History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1518-1865. Compass
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Good narrative, based largely on contemporary descriptions.
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series.) Notes, bible app.
The 18 selections trace the 200 years of Jesuit activities in Iberian
America through their expulsion from Brazil (1759) and Spanish America
(1767). The editor's introduction, bibliographic essay, background sketches
and clarifications of each article make this a most valuable guide to a vital
aspect of the colonial experience.
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of the Brazilian Pathfinders. Knopf. 1965. 215p. $2.50. (Borzoi Books on
Latin America" series.) Notes, bibl., gloss., map.
An excellent collection of documents and essays dealing with the ex-
ploration of and expansion into the interior of Brazil, accomplished by bands
of adventurers in search of Indian slaves and precious metals. The editor's
able introduction distinguishes the different types of expeditions and advances
a tentative concept of the Brazilian frontier.
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A definitive history of the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade during 1565-
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gation of the Pacific, and the relation of the American empire to the Spanish
Philippines. Notes are mercifully omitted, but the bibliography is detailed
and excellent.
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ment. 2nd ed. Cornell. 1961 (c. 1958). 156p. $1.75. Bibl., index.
Six eminent Latin Americanists deal with various aspects of the En-
lightenment in Latin America. A new essay by Charles Griffin relating the
Enlightenment to the independence movements, and a revised bibliography,
are useful additions to this edition. Highly sophisticated essays. Some back-
ground knowledge of the siglo de luces is recommended.

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A classic, Marxist account of Negro slavery and its abolition in the
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tribution of slavery and the slave trade to English capitalism and the In-
dustrial Revolution. The author is now prime minister of Trinidad and
201. Zavala, Silvio. The Defence of Human Rights in Latin Amer-
ica. (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries.) Unesco. 1964. 65p. $.70. Bibl.
A study of the Spanish at grips with the problems of the conquest and
their eventual recognition of the natural (human) rights of the conquered.
(Based on La filosofia political en la conquista, 1947.)
a. Independence
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Eight factors influencing the independence movements are discussed
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excellent anthology.
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$1.95. Notes, index, maps, app.
Flamboyant (but generally reliable) history of the independence
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the West Indies "from Toussaint L'Ouverture to Fidel Castro."
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Well-written biography of the Haitian slave who became the leader of
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and a general history of the struggle for independence from France.
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A standard work on the independence movements, approached in a
biographical manner. A reliable work cast in an exciting narrative.
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Well-written biography, fictionalized but accurate. May be enjoyed by
all audiences, but especially by teenagers, at whom this edition is aimed.
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Two separate studies by the popular biographer combined into one
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$2.95. Notes, bibl., index.
Based on official records, document collections, contemporary sources
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couraging the independence movement in Latin America. An excellent work.
209. Worcester, Donald E. Sea Power and Chilean Independence.
Florida. Summer 1962. 87p. ("University of Florida Monographs, Social
Sciences" series, no. 15.) Notes.
Emphasizes the importance of naval power in Chile's struggle for
independence, 1810-1826.
See also item 192.

b. Nineteenth Century
210. Cunha, Euclides da. Rebellion in the Backlands. Samuel Put-
nam, trans. Phoenix P22. 1964 (c 1944). 532p. $2.95. Notes, bibl., gloss.,
index, maps.
A classic of Brazilian history and literature, vividly narrating a social
revolt led by a religious fanatic in northeastern Brazil in 1896-1897. Good
introduction by the translator. Essential for the student of Brazilian history
and literature. (Os SertOes, 1902.)

211. Freidel, Frank. The Splendid Little War. Dell 8200. 1962
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A good history of the Spanish-American War, based largely on primary
sources. Unfortunately, the excellent illustrations of the hard-cover edition
have been omitted.
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series.) Notes, maps, app.
Experiences of a fur trader among the Comanches and Mexicans along
the Santa Fe Trail, 1809-1810 and 1821-1824. Interesting account of life
in, and U. S. expansion into, frontier areas of old Mexico. Introduced by
A. P. Nasatir.

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Spain. Compass C186. 1965 (c. 1931). 427p. $1.85. Bibl., index, maps.
A classic account of the Spanish-American War, covering the years
1895-1899. The author contends that U. S. involvement in the Cuban
struggle for independence was due to the belligerent mood of the U. S. public,
fanned by the sensationalist press and by political leaders like Roosevelt.

214. Morgan, H. Wayne. America's Road to Empire: The War with
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Study of the diplomatic side of the Spanish-American War, based
largely on primary sources. A good treatment.
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Hawaii and the Spanish Islands. Quadrangle QP15. 1964 (c. 1936). 393p.
$2.25. Notes, bibl., index.
A study of U. S. expansion in the Pacific and the Caribbean, em-
phasizing the influence of business interests on diplomacy. Based on primary
216. Rappaport, Armin, ed. The War with Mexico: Why Did It
Happen? Rand McNally 6333. 1964. 60p. ("The Berkeley Series in Amer-
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The editor introduces selections from contemporary sources and later
studies which seek to blame (or to exonerate) President Polk, the slave inter-
ests, and manifest destiny.
217. Rodrigues, Carlos Rafael. Jose Marti and Cuban Liberation.
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Written by a Cuban Marxist, this pamphlet paints Martf as a socialist
and foe of "U. S. imperialism." It was written prior to Castro's revolution and
cannot be classified as official propaganda.
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215p. $.50. Illus., bibl., app.
Roosevelt's first-hand account of the Rough Riders' participation in
the Spanish-American War.
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Hubert Bancroft and Justo Sierra present Mexican viewpoints, but
they are outnumbered by U. S. historians discussing national problems. The
editor ably directs the questions.
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1960. 181p. $1.75. ("The Chicago History of American Civilization"
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Succinct treatment from the U. S. point of view.
See also items 60, 232, 238, 241, 355, 356.
c. Twentieth Century
221. Aitken, Thomas, Jr. Poet in the Fortress. The Story of Luis
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A brief and sympathetic biography of Puerto Rico's first elected gov-
ernor. Includes 28 photographs.
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Excellent treatment, including social, economic, political, racial and
international aspects. A valuable, multi-disciplinary approach, issued under
the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
223. The United States and Mexico. Rev. ed. Atheneum
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A reliable, well-written study. Despite the title, most of the book is
devoted to Mexico in the post-1910 era.
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31. 1960. 369p. $1.95. Notes, illus., bibl., index.
Biography of a controversial U. S. ambassador to Mexico (1933-1941)
who had played an important role in the 1914 occupation of Vera Cruz.
Based on manuscript sources.
225. Harding, Earl. The Untold Story of Panama. American Opin-
ion. 1964. 101p. $1.00. Illus., bibl., index, maps.
History of the Republic of Panama by a U. S. conservative who fears
that Panamanian "radicals" will force the U. S. to cede its rights to the Canal
Zone. Hardly an objective treatment.
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$2.25. Notes, index.
Excellent study of a crucial period of the Mexican Revolution. Read-
able and reliable.
227. Ross, Stanley R., ed. Is the Mexican Revolution Dead? Knopf.
1966. 255p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books on Latin America" series.) Notes, bibl.
22 authorities chart the course of the Mexican Revolution and evaluate
its effects. The editor contributes one of the articles and ties together the
disparate threads of argument in an excellent introduction.
228. Tannenbaum, Frank. Peace by Revolution: Mexico after 1910.
Columbia 68. 1966 (c. 1933). 317p. $2.45. Illus., bibl., tables, index,
An excellent, sympathetic appraisal of the Mexican Revolution. Al-
though the emphasis falls on 1910-1933, much background material is in-
cluded. Drawings by Miguel Covarrubias. (Originally entitled Peace by Revo-
lution: An Interpretation of Mexico, 1933.)
See also items 233, 240, 246, 261, 263, 265, 308, 314, 499, 516, 518, 531.
d. Travel Accounts
229. Bates, Henry Walter. The Naturalist on the River Amazons.
2nd ed. California 55. 1962 (c. 1864). 465p. $2.45. Illus., index, maps.

Concerns the findings of two explorers who sought the "origin of the
species" on the Amazon River. Deals almost exclusively with flora, fauna, and
climate but has observations on Indians of interest to anthropologists.
230. Bedford, Sybille. The Sudden View. A Traveller's Tale from
Mexico. Rev. ed. Atheneum 18. 1963 (c. 1960). 288p. $1.45. Map.
An Englishwoman's delightful view of contemporary Mexico. She
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as A Visit to Don Otavio, 1960.)
231. Belfrage, Cedric. Explosion over Latin America: The Man at
the Door with the Gun. Monthly Review. 1963. 253p. $2.75. Illus.
Account of travels to observe the awakening proletariat in Latin Amer-
ica during 1962. The author, a socialist residing in Cuba, is vehemently
anti-U. S.
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ed. Anchor N16. 1962. 524p. $1.45. ("The Natural History Library"
series.) Notes, illus., bibl., index, maps.
Journal of the round-the-world voyage (1831-1836) during which
Darwin collected much of the data on which he based his theories of evolu-
tion. In addition to scientific observations, the author relates his experiences
in South America and comments upon its society.
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An incomparable description of rural Mexico under Porfirio Dfaz,
written by an American humorist. Introduction by the editor. A delightful
and rewarding book.
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The British novelist's impressions of Mexico, based on a trip through
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An exciting account of a 4300-mile trip by raft to demonstrate that
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"reader's supplement" for grade- and high-school students is included in this
edition. (Kon-Tiki ekspedisjonen, 1947.)
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The famous British novelist records his travel experiences in Central
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Some personal yet penetrating observations of Mexico in the late
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series.) Notes, illus., bibl., index, map.
Account of travels to El Paso and Chihuahua at the time of the Mexican
War. A personal view of manifest destiny. Interesting reading and a valuable
239. Matthiessen, Peter. The Cloud Forest. A Chronicle of the South
American Wilderness. Pyramid T-1470. 1966 (c. 1961). 288p. $.75.
("Worlds of Discovery" series.) Illus., index, maps.
A U. S. naturalist and novelist relates his travels through the jungles
and mountains of South America during the late 1950's.
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quered. Southern Illinois AB22. 1965 (c. 1958). 298p. $2.45. Bibl., index.
The journal of a trip to Mexico during 1956-1957, with emphasis on
ancient ruins and contemporary painters. The author records conversations
with some of Mexico's most prominent figures, including Jose Vasconcelos,
Jos6 Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, Carlos Fuentes, and David Siqueiros.
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Mufioz, trans. PAU 061.9-E-6272. 1963. 297p. $1.50. Notes.
Sarmiento traveled extensively during 1845-1848 as a representative
of the Chilean government. This selection from the original three-volume work
deals with the United States, which he came to regard as a model for Argen-
tina, and with his trip from Valparaiso to Paris. (Selections from Viajes en
Europa, Africa i America, 3 vols., 1849-1851.)
242. Spratling, William. A Small Mexican World. Little, Brown 52.
1964 (c. 1932). 198p. $1.95. Illus.
A moody account of travels in rural Mexico. Although basing the book
on a single mule-back journey of 1931, the author is a long-time resident of
the country. The common people of Mexico are portrayed with genuine
fondness and a slight tinge of pessimism. Charcoal sketches and line drawings
by the author. (Originally entitled Little Mexico, 1932.)
243. Tomlinson, H. M. The Sea and the Jungle. Penguin 898. 1953
(c. 1912). 287p. 2/6d. Map.
[243-245] A classic travel account of a 1910 trek 2,000 miles up the
Amazon and Madeira Rivers to deliver coal, offering an interesting view of
the early 20th-century rubber boom.
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N. d. (c. 1912). 332p. $.95.

245. _. The Sea and the Jungle. Signet CP83. 1961.
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Impressions of Mexico by a noted Brazilian author travelling in the
early 1950's. Part travel guide, part history. Conversations with Mexican in-
tellectuals, including Jos6 Vasconcelos and David Siqueiros. Makes for thought-
ful and leisurely reading. (Mexico. Hist6ria duma Viagem, 1957.)
247. Woodcock, George. Incas and Other Men. Travels in the
Andes. Faber. 1959. 268p. 10/6d.' Illus., index.
Account of a trip through Peru in 1956. The author, interested in
Inca ruins and art, relates much pre-Columbian history during the course of
the narrative.
See also items 60, 212.

e. Inter-American Relations
248. Berle, Adolf A. Latin America Diplomacy and Reality.
Harper PB-2. 1962. 144p. $1.45. Notes, index.
A study of U. S.-Latin American relations from a North American
point of view. Primarily an analysis of various factors. The final chapter
presents an "outline of the future."
249. Bilateral Treaty Developments in Latin America, 1938-1948.
PAU 341-E-4483. 1950. 154p. ("Law and Treaty Series," no. 32.) Notes,
A listing of bilateral treaties, conventions and agreements entered into
by the twenty Latin American republics, 1938-1948 inclusive. A reference
250. Bilateral Treaty Developments in Latin America, 1942-1952.
PAU 327-E-5071. 1953. 243p. $1.50. ("Law and Treaty Series," no. 38.)
Bibl., index.
A continuation of the previous item. The listings are not complete, but
include only those actions which have come to the attention of the Pan
American Union's Division of Law and Treaties.
251. Bilateral Treaty Developments in Latin America, 1953-1955.
PAU 327-E-5504. 1956. 158p. $1.00. ("Treaty Series," no. 2.) Bibl., index.
This is a continuation of the previous items, though the series title has
been changed.
252. Claude, Inis L., Jr. The OAS, the UN, and the United States.
CEIP. March 1964. 67p. $.50. (International Conciliation, no. 547.) Notes,
Studying the examples of crisis in Cuba, the Dominican Republic,
Guatemala, Haiti and Panama, the author concludes that regional organiza-

tions such as the OAS hinder the peace-keeping functions of the United
253. Dozer, Donald Marquand, ed. The Monroe Doctrine. Its Mod-
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The editor's excellent introduction traces the historical background of
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essential element in U. S. foreign policy and inter-American relations in the
twentieth century." Chronology of major events relating to the Doctrine.
254. Dreier, John C. The Organization of American States and the
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An analysis of the OAS: its history, achievements, problems and
shortcomings. Suggests certain guidelines for future OAS action.
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Notes, index.
A conference-by-conference survey of the development of "the inter-
American system," ably highlighting the points of conflict and agreement
among the nations of the Americas. Much of the book consists of the author's
personal contacts with hemispheric leaders.
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A brief interpretive survey of U. S. policy towards Latin America from
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placed on the 20th century.
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Four interpretive essays on the general heritage of Latin America, its
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by the American Assembly of Columbia University.
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An appraisal of varying North American opinions regarding U. S. ex-
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did not share the goals of imperialism and continentalism. He focuses on both
Mexican and Caribbean examples of "manifest destiny."

260. Perkins, Dexter. A History of the Monroe Doctrine. Little,
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The standard authority on the historical development of the Monroe
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261. Quirk, Robert E. An Affair of Honor. Woodrow Wilson and the
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$2.25. Notes, bibl., index.
Well-researched, prize-winning study of an important diplomatic and
military event of the Mexican Revolution.
262. Rappaport, Armin, ed. The Monroe Doctrine. Holt. 1964.
122p. $1.50. ("American Problems Studies" series.) Notes, bibl.
13 examples of the divergent views of this controversial subject. Rail
Diaz de Medina and Luis Quintanilla present Latin American evaluations.
263. Smith, Robert F. The United States and Cuba. Business and
Diplomacy, 1917-1960. CUP H-2. 1960. 256p. $1.95. Notes, bibl., index.
A scholarly treatment of U. S. relations with Cuba, as determined by
business interests. The author is critical of U. S. policy and says little about
Castro's revolution. Based largely on U. S. State Department archives.
264. Stoetzer, 0. Carlos. The Organization of American States. An
Introduction. Praeger U-582. 1965. 213p. $1.95. Notes, bibl., tables, charts.
An introductory work, concise and comprehensive in its coverage of
the structure and activities of the OAS. Geared to students. (Slightly revised
edition of Panamerika: Indee und Wirklichkeit, Die Organisation der Ameri-
kanischen Staaten, 1964.)
265. Tondel, Lyman, Jr., ed. The Panama Canal. Oceana. 1965.
118p. $1.75. ("Case Studies on the Role of Law in the Settlement of Inter-
national Disputes" series.) Notes, bibl., maps, app.
Richard Baxter and Doris Carroll are the authors of the working paper
which served as the focus for the 1964 Hammarskjbld Forum dealing with
the Panama Canal from a legal viewpoint. A summary of the forum proceed-
ings is included, as well as an extensive bibliography.
266. Tuchman, Barbara W. The Zimmermann Telegram. Dell 9895.
1965 (c. 1958). 224p. $.60. Notes, bibl., index, app.
Mexico plays a vital, if passive, role in this vivid reconstruction of the
1917 incident that was a major factor in the United States' decision to enter
the First World War.
267. Weinberg, Albert K. Manifest Destiny. A Study of Nationalist
Expansionism in American History. Quadrangle QP3. 1963 (c. 1935).
559p. $2.65. Notes, index.
An excellent study based on public records, newspapers and diplomatic
correspondence. Valuable for U. S. relations with Mexico, the Spanish-Ameri-
can War, the Panama Crisis, and "dollar diplomacy."

268. Whitaker, Arthur P. The Western Hemisphere Idea: Its Rise
and Decline. Cornell CP-1. 1965 (c. 1954). 194p. $1.95. Notes, bibl.,
To the author the "Western Hemisphere Idea" is a politico-geographical
concept. In eight essays he traces "the shifting and imperfect forms in which
it has been given political expression" in both North and South America, from
the 18th century to the 1950's.
269. Wilbur, W. Allan. The Monroe Doctrine. Heath. 1965. 180p.
("New Dimensions in American History" series.) Bibl., app.
65 selections from documents and secondary sources trace the evolu-
tion of the principles embodied in the Monroe Doctrine, 1796-1962. Chro-
nology of major events relating to the Doctrine.
See also items 1, 103, 208, 211, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 224,
225, 238, 241, 316, 520, 532, 535, 537.
a. General
270. Anti-Communist Liberation Movement of Venezuela. Proof of
the Communist Domination of Venezuela. American Opinion. 1959. 81p.
Polemic which asserts that the Democratic Action party of President
R6mulo Betancourt is a Communist organization.
271. Fuentes, Carlos, et al. Whither Latin America? Monthly Re-
view 8. 1963. 144p. $1.75.
The answer to the question posed by the title is "towards revolution."
11 contributors, mainly North Americans, explain how and why.
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Collier 07341. 1965. 478p. $1.50. Notes, bibl., tables, index, app.
A former Time correspondent charges U. S. policy with supporting
"medievalists" in Latin America, thereby blocking badly-needed reforms. He
urges a reorientation of policy which will permit Latin American nationalists,
rather than Communists, to lead the social revolution which he considers in-
evitable. (First edition entitled The Great Fear. The Reconquest of Latin
America by Latin Americans, 1963.)
273. Jesus, Carolina Maria de. Child of the Dark. The Diary of
Carolina Maria de Jesus. David St. Clair, trans. Signet P2350. N. d. (c.
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A compelling, first-hand account of life in the slums of Sao Paulo,
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Hurried journalistic defense of U. S. policy in the Dominican Crisis of
1965. Commissioned by the U. S. Information Agency to be used as propa-
ganda overseas.


275. Norris, Katrin. Jamaica. The Search for an Identity. Oxford
U. 1962. 103p. Notes, app.
A journalist's account of Jamaica's advance toward independence. The
author calls for a social revolution so that the island's wealth can be shared
more equitably. Issued under the auspices of the Institute of Race Relations.
276. Oliver, Revilo P. An Introduction to the Contemporary History
of Latin America. Welch. May 1961. 67p. $.50. (American Opinion, IV,
no. 5.)
Explains how U. S. policy is cooperating with the Soviet Union in the
socialization of Latin America. A plea for U. S. support of ultra-conservative
forces in the region.
277. Ostria Guti6rrez, Alberto. The Tragedy of Bolivia. A People
Crucified. American Opinion. 1961 (c. 1958). 88p. $1.00.
A discontented Bolivian chronicles the history of his nation since 1943.
He is quite upset by the expropriation of land and nationalization of the tin
mines following the Revolution of 1952. (Un pueblo en la cruz, 1956.)
278. Reno, Philip. The Ordeal of British Guiana. Monthly Review.
1964. 132p. $1.45. Bibl., map.
The author favors a socialist solution to Guyana's political and eco-
nomic problems. Strongly written.
279. Sigmund, Paul E., Jr., ed. The Ideologies of the Developing
Nations. Praeger U-529. 1963. 326p. $2.25. Notes, bibl.
Although only a quarter of this book is devoted to Latin America, it is
included because it makes available English translations of writings and
speeches by leading figures of the region. Haya de la Torre, Latendorf, Betan-
court, Frei, Kubitschek and Castro express their political theories. Most in-
teresting for comparative studies.
280. Szulc, Tad. Dominican Diary. Dell 2097. 1965. 319p. $.75.
A day-by-day account of the Dominican Crisis of 1965 by a New York
Times reporter who covered the events. Quite critical of certain aspects of
U. S. policy.
281. _. Latin America. Atheneum. 1966 (c. 1965).
185p. $1.65. ("New York Times Byline Books" series.) Index, map.
A well-written introduction to the changing Latin American scene by
the New York Times' Latin American specialist.
282. _. New Trends in Latin America. FPA. March-April
1960. 62p. $.75. (Headline Series, no. 140.) Illus., bibl., map.
Introductory survey of Latin American political, economic and social
problems. Now out of date.
283. Vatuk, Ved Prakash. British Guiana. Monthly Review. 1963.
36p. $.50. ("Monthly Review Pamphlet Series," no. 21.)

Written after a month's visit in 1962. The author states the case for
Guyana's independence, preferably under Cheddi Jagan.
284. Wagley, Charles. Brazil: Crisis and Change. FPA. October
1964. 63p. $.75. (Headline Series, no. 167.) Illus., bibl., map.
Brief treatment of social, economic and political problems by a well-
known anthropologist. Discusses the revolution of 1964 and Brazil-U. S. re-
See also items 231, 521, 525.

b. The Cuban Revolution
285. Baran, Paul A. Reflections on the Cuban Revolution. 2nd ed.
Monthly Review. June 1961. 45p. $.50. ("Monthly Review Pamphlet Series,"
no. 18.)
An explanation of how the hostility of the "American ruling class" to-
wards socialism led it to assault Cuba (the 1961 invasion) and thereby con-
solidated socialism on the island. Very favorable view of the Revolution.
286. Bayard, James. The Real Story on Cuba. Monarch MS14. 1963.
159p. $.50.
This tract purports to reveal the designs of the Soviet Union and Cuba
on the Western Hemisphere. The author takes the U. S. to task for its "weak-
kneed" toleration of Castro's regime and its failure to provide aid to the Cuban
287. Burks, David D. Cuba under Castro. FPA. June 1964. 64p.
$.75. (Headline Series, no. 165.) Illus., bibl., map.
Based on secondary sources, this is a straight-forward description of
how Castro came to power and what has happened in Cuba (1959-1964).
The revolution's impact on U. S. policy is assessed.
288. Castro, Fidel. The Revolution Must Be a School of Unfettered
Thought. Pioneer. March 1965. 14p. $.20.
Speech given at the University of Havana, March 13, 1962.
289. The Road to Revolution in Latin America. Pioneer.
N. d. 32p. $.50.
Speech given July 26, 1963.
290. The Second Declaration of Havana. Pioneer.
March 1962. 23p. $.25.
February 4, 1962 speech in reply to the Punta del Este decision to
exclude the Castro regime from the OAS.
291. The Cuban Crisis: A Documentary Record. FPA. January-Feb-
ruary 1963. 84p. $.75. (Headline Series, no. 157.) Notes, illus.
36 communiques, messages, statements and other documents running
from September 2 through October 28, 1962.

292. Cuban Economic Research Project. Labor Conditions in Com-
munist Cuba. Miami. 1963. 158p. $2.95. Notes, tables, charts.
A study of the Communist impact on the working class of Cuba, and
an evaluation of the present situation in comparison with that existing prior
to 1959.
293. Draper, Theodore. Castroism. Theory and Practice. Praeger
P-190. 1965. 263p. $1.95. Notes, index, app.
A study of the nature of "Castroism" and its relationship to the Com-
munist movement, as well as an analysis of the social implications of the
revolution and its effects on Cuban economics. This work is an effective affir-
mation of the author's belief that, regarding the revolution, "it is not too soon
to make the transition from journalism to history." One of the best works
294. Castro's Revolution. Myths and Realities. Praeger
PPS-84. 1962. 211p. $1.75. Notes, app.
Three essays written in 1960-1961 and published in Encounter and
The New Leader. The essays, and the three appendices, are interpretive and
should be used with caution. Better than most works on Castro, this book has
been at least partially outdated by the author's Castroism. Theory and Practice
(item 293).
295. Editors of Facts on File and News Year. Cuba, the U. S. and
Russia, 1960-63. A Journalistic Narrative of Events in Cuba and of Cuban
Relations with the U. S. and the Soviet Union. Facts on File. 1964. 138p.
Notes, index.
This material comes from the pages of the four volumes of News Year
that cover the period involved.
296. Fidel Castro Denounces Bureaucracy and Sectarianism. Pion-
eer. May 1962. 40p. $.35.
A television interview of March 26, 1962.
297. Frank, Waldo. Cuba: Prophetic Island. Marzani. 1961. 191p.
$1.95. Bibl., app.
A sympathetic portrait of the revolution which attempts to place events
in historical perspective. The author suggests that U. S. policy forced Cuba to
seek the friendship of the Soviet Union. Believing that Cuba stands for all
of "America Hispana," he argues that in the long range it was fortunate that
the 1961 invasion was a fiasco.
298. Freeman, Thomas, pseud. The Crisis in Cuba. Monarch MS16.
1963. 159p. $.50.
A free-lance writer gives his interpretation of the rise of Castro and
urges the U. S. to intervene and stamp out Communism in Cuba.
299. Gilly, Adolfo. Inside the Cuban Revolution. Felix Gutidrrez,
trans. Monthly Review. 1964. 88p. $1.00. (Monthly Review, XVI, no. 6.)
Map, app.

A leftist Argentine journalist, a partisan of the revolution, writes of his
impressions of a year (1962-1963) in Cuba. He discusses many of the prob-
lems, internal and external, faced by the revolution.
300. Hansen, Joseph. In Defense of the Cuban Revolution. An
Answer to the State Department and Theodore Draper. Pioneer. May 1961.
30p. $.25. Notes.
In addition to the title article, this pamphlet contains a statement by
the Political Committee of the U. S. Socialist Workers Party in favor of Cuba
and a speech protesting the Bay of Pigs invasion, delivered by Cuba's Foreign
Minister Raul Roa to the United Nations General Assembly in April 1961.
301. _. The Theory of the Cuban Revolution. Pioneer.
February 1962. 30p. $.25.
A Trotskyite interpretation of the Cuban Revolution. The author also
reviews other publications on this subject.
302. __ Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution An An-
swer to Hoy. Pioneer. October 1962. 14p. $.15. Note.
Response to a series of articles in the Havana newspaper Hoy which
"slandered" Trotskyism and its relation to the Cuban revolution.
303. _. The Truth about Cuba. Pioneer. N. d. 48p. $.25.
A series of articles written in defense of the Cuban Revolution. (Orig-
inally appeared in The Militant from May 9 to August 22, 1960.)
304. Huberman, Leo, and Paul M. Sweezy. Cuba. Anatomy of a
Revolution. Rev. ed. Monthly Review. 1961. 208p. $1.75. Notes, illus.,
tables, map.
An enthusiastic endorsement of the socialist trends of the Cuban
Revolution as seen in 1960. A third of the volume deals with the historical
antecedents of the movement.
305. James, Daniel. Cuba. The First Soviet Satellite in the Americas.
Avon V-2039. 1961. 319p. $.75. Notes.
From rather emotional interviews with Cuban exiles the author at-
tempts to interpret the take-over of the Castro revolution by socialist elements.
306. Johnson, Haynes. The Bay of Pigs. The Leaders' Story ot
Brigade 2506. Dell 4710. 1964. 352p. $.75. Notes, bibl., index, maps.
An account of the 1961 invasion of Cuba, written with the assistance
of four commanders who fought, were captured and finally freed from prison.
The center of attention, however, focuses on the role of the CIA.
307. Larson, David L., ed. The "Cuban Crisis" of 1962. Houghton
Mifflin. 1963. 333p. $2.95. App.
Provides an excellent, non-classified documentary background to the
1962 missile crisis. 104 statements, interviews, letters, communiques, etc.
Also a 60-page chronology of Cuban history from 1686 to 1963.

308. MacGaffey, Wyatt, and Clifford R. Barnett. Twentieth-
Century Cuba. The Background of the Castro Revolution. Anchor A433.
1965 (c. 1962). 462p. $1.95. Bibl., tables, index, maps.
Tries to place Castro's revolution in historical perspective by tracing
Cuba's political, economic and cultural evolution from colonization to the
present, emphasizing the situation of the early 1950's. A good place to begin
the study of Cuba under Castro. (Originally entitled Cuba, 1962.)
309. Mallin, Jay. Fortress Cuba. Russia's American Base. Regnery
7R004. 1965. 192p. $.75.
Time's expelled-from-Cuba correspondent details how Castro "took
over" Cuba and describes his plans to export revolution to the rest of the
310. North, Joseph. Cuba: Hope of a Hemisphere. International
Publishers. 1961. 95p. $.95.
Written after two visits to Cuba in 1961, this polemic attempts "to
alert Americans" to the threat and world-wide consequences of U.S. interven-
tion in the island. Favorable to the Castro regime.
311. Pachter, Henry M. Collision Course. The Cuban Missile Crisis
and Coexistence. Praeger P-134. 1963. 261p. $1.95. Notes, index, app.
A 60-page chronicle of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Includes biog-
raphies and explanatory notes of the principal participants, conclusions of a
general nature concerning great power confrontations in a nuclear age, and a
100-page collection of relevant documents.
312. Ray, Philip Alexander. South Wind Red. Our Hemispheric
Crisis. Regnery. 1962. 242p. $2.00. ("Great Debate Books" series.) Notes,
index, app.
The author concludes that U. S. policy in Latin America is helping to
drive these countries into "the Red orbit." He suggests more private enterprise
and less interest in agrarian and similar type reforms.
313. Ring, Henry. How Cuba Uprooted Race Discrimination. Pio-
neer. June 1961. 15p. $.15.
An emotional, favorable report on the Cuban attempt to abolish racial
314. Smith, Robert Freeman, ed. Background to Revolution. The
Development of Modern Cuba. Knopf. 1966. 224p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books
on Latin America" series.) Notes, bibl., gloss.
25 articles, including both primary and secondary sources, on Cuban
ideas, attitudes, society, culture and economy, from the mid-19th century
to the 1950's. An excellent manner in which to approach the study of Castro's
315. Stein, Edwin C. Cuba, Castro, and Communism. Macfadden
50-144. 1962. 175p. $.50.

Despite the author's good intentions, this is neither a complete nor a
revealing portrait of Fidel Castro and his rise to power.
316. Tondel, Lyman M., Jr., ed. The Inter-American Security
System and the Cuban Crisis. Oceana. 1963. 96p. $1.75. ("Case Studies on
the Role of Law in the Settlement of International Disputes" series.) Notes,
bibl., app.
Covey Oliver is the author of the working paper which served as the
focus for the participants of the 1964 Hammarskj6ld Forum dealing with
the Cuban crisis and the OAS from a legal viewpoint. A summary of the forum
proceedings is included.
317. Weyl, Nathaniel. Red Star over Cuba. The Russian Assault on
the Western Hemisphere. Rev. ed. Hillman 50-104. 1961. 224p. $.50.
Advances the thesis that Castro was a Soviet agent from 1949 on and
that he delivered Cuba to his Russian masters. Another application of the
conspiracy theory of history to the Cuban Revolution.
318. Wilkerson, Loree A. R. Fidel Castro's Political Programs from
Reformism to "Marxism-Leninism". Florida. 1965. 100p. ("Latin American
Monographs," 2nd series, no. 1.) Notes, bibl.
The author describes Castro's rise to power as the story of a demo-
cratically-inclined idealist who succumbed to an intense desire to reign rather
than lead.
319. Zeitlein, Maurice, and Robert Scheer. Cuba. Tragedy in Our
Hemisphere. Black Cat BD-55. 1963. 316p. $.95. Notes, tables, app.
An account of Castro's revolution by a scholar and a writer. Based on
available public documents and news sources. The four documentary ap-
pendices are quite helpful.
See also items 263, 279, 536.

320. Atkinson, William C. A History of Spain and Portugal. Peli-
can A464. 1960. 382p. $1.45. Bibl., index.
A general history from the Iberians to 1956. Useful as an outline.
321. Birmingham, David. The Portuguese Conquest of Angola.
Oxford U. 1965. 51p. 6/. Bibl., maps.
Brief history of the establishment of Portuguese hegemony in Angola,
from 1483 to the late 18th century.
322. Chapman, Charles E. A History of Spain. Free Press 90533.
1965 (c. 1918). 559p. $2.95. Notes, index.
Excellent general history from the beginnings to 1917, emphasizing

Spain in America, 1492-1808. (Based on the Historia de Espana y de la
civilizaci6n espaiiola of Rafael Altamira, 1900-1911.)
323. Duffy, James. Portugal in Africa. Penguin AP3. 1963 (c.
1962). 240p. $.95. ("Penguin African Library" series.) Bibl., tables, index,
For the general reader, this book surveys Portuguese Africa from the
explorations of the 15th century to the growing colonial problems of the
Salazar regime.
See also item 358.

324. Bemis, Samuel Flagg. Pinckney's Treaty. America's Advantage
from Europe's Distress, 1783-1800. Rev. ed. Yale Y-24. 1960. 372p. $1.75.
Notes, bibl., index, app.
The diplomatic winning of the American west explained in terms of
Great Britain and Spain's need for American neutrality during the wars of
the French Revolution. A Pulitzer-Prize winner.
325. Davies, R. Trevor. The Golden Century of Spain, 1501-1621.
Harper TB/1194. 1965 (c. 1937). 325p. $1.95. Notes, illus., bibl., index,
maps, app.
History of 16th-century Spain, especially valuable for economic aspects.
326. Diffie, Bailey W. Prelude to Empire: Portugal Overseas before
Henry the Navigator. Bison BB-108. 1960. 127p. $1.40. Notes, bibl., index,
Demonstration of the importance of Portuguese overseas experience
prior to 1415 and during the subsequent period of the great discoveries. Brief,
scholarly and interesting treatment.
327. Elliott, J. H. Imperial Spain, 1469-1716. Mentor MQ664.
1966 (c. 1963). 406p. $.95. Notes, illus., bibl., index, maps.
A good treatment of two-and-a-half centuries of Spanish history, en-
compassing the period of Spain's greatest ascendancy in European and world
328. Mattingly, Garrett. The Armada. Sentry SE-17. 1962 (c.
1959). 443p. $2.45. Notes, bibl., index, maps.
Superb account of the 1588 Spanish attempt to subdue England. Philip
II and the towering figures of the era are vividly sketched by this great his-
torian. Universally acclaimed.
329. _. Catherine of Aragon. Vintage V-92. 1960 (c.
1941). 415p. $1.45. Charts, index.
A superb biography of the Spanish princess who married Henry VIII
of England. The author is a master stylist.

330. _. The "Invincible" Armada and Elizabethan Eng-
land. Cornell. 1963. 54p. ("Folger Booklets on Tudor and Stuart Civilization"
series.) Illus., bibl.
Interpretations of the defeat of the Spanish Armada have been sub-
stantially revised by the last two generations of historians. This work is a
general account of the corrections that have resulted.
331. Miller, Townsend. The Castles and the Crown. Spain: 1451-
1555. Capricorn 104. 1964 (c. 1963). 379p. $1.85. Notes, bibl., index,
A somewhat dramatized account of the reigns of Ferdinand and Isa-
bella, and Juana and Philip the Handsome, written in biographical form.
332. Parry, J. H. The Age of Reconnaissance. Mentor MQ597.
1964 (c. 1963). 383p. $.95. Notes, illus., bibl., index, maps.
Excellent study of European expansion, 1450-1650, by a maritime-
history expert.
333. _. The Establishment of the European Hegemony,
1415-1715. Trade and Exploration in the Age of the Renaissance. Harper
TB/1045. 1961 (c. 1949) $1.35. Bibl., index.
Succinct history of European expansion, emphasizing economic moti-
vations. An excellent short treatment.
334. Penrose, Boies. Travel and Discovery in the Renaissance, 1420-
1620. Atheneum 10. 1962 (c. 1952). 463p. $1.95. Notes, bibl., index,
One of the finest treatments of European expansion in Asia, Africa
and America. Focus is on actual exploration, but two chapters deal with car-
tography and geographical literature.
335. Roth, Cecil. A History of the Marranos. Harper TB/812P.
1966 (c. 1932). 422p. $2.75. Notes, illus., bibl., index.
An account of the origin and fate of those Spanish Jews who, terrorized
by the massacre of 1391 and by the Inquisition, professed Christianity in
order to escape persecution.
336. _. The Spanish Inquisition. Norton N255. 1964
(c. 1937). 316p. $1.75. Illus., bibl., index, app.
Extremely biased treatment, written out of indignation at Nazi per-
secution of the Jews. Appendices provide the transcript of a trial for heresy
and the program of a heretic-burning.
337. Williamson, James A. The Age of Drake. Meridian M-184.
1965. 400p. $2.25. Notes, index, maps.
An account of maritime England in the sixteenth century. The author
details English slave-trading activities along the Spanish Main, piratical raids
in the West Indies, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The Iberian em-
pires viewed from an English angle.
See also items 211, 213, 214, 215, 218.


338. Borkenau, Franz. The Spanish Cockpit. An Eye-Witness Ac-
count of the Political and Social Conflicts of the Spanish Civil War. Ann
Arbor AA77. 1963 (c. 1937). 303p. $2.25. Gloss.
Account of the first year of the Civil War, written by a German sociol-
ogist and former Communist. Although pro-Republican, the book is critical
of the role of the Communists in the Republican cause.
339. Bradford, Sax. Spain in the World. Searchlight 3. 1962. 121p.
$1.45. Bibl., index, maps.
The peninsula's geography is described as a backdrop upon which her
history, politics, economy and culture are viewed.
340. Brenan, Gerald. The Spanish Labyrinth. An Account of the
Social and Political Background of the Civil War. Cambridge. 1960 (c.
1943). 384p. $1.95. Notes, bibl., index, maps.
A history of Spain, 1874-1936, written during and immediately after
the Civil War. An excellent work.
341. Feis, Herbert. The Spanish Story. Franco and the Nations at
War. Norton N339. 1966 (c. 1948). 282p. $1.85. Notes, index.
A history of Spain's diplomatic and economic relations with the Allied
and Axis powers during the Second World War. Written by a Pulitzer Prize-
winning historian.
342. Orwell, George. Homage to Catalonia. Beacon BP5. 1955
(c. 1938). 232p. $1.75.
[342, 343] Account of the British novelist's experiences as a journalist
and soldier in the Spanish Civil War. It is also a record of the author's dis-
illusionment with Communism. One of the best books on the war.
343. _. Homage to Catalonia. Penguin 1699. 1962 (c.
1938). 221p. 3/.
344. Payne, Robert, ed. The Civil War in Spain, 1936-1939. Pre-
mier t251. 1964 (c. 1962). 336p. $.75. Bibl., tables, index, maps.
Eye-witness accounts by participants, including George Orwell, John
Dos Passos and Arthur Koestler. A valuable addition to the literature of the
Civil War.
345. Payne, Stanley G. Falange. A History of Spanish Fascism.
Stanford SP17. 1966 (c. 1961). 316p. $2.95. Notes, bibl., index.
Excellent history of the Spanish brand of Fascism from 1931 to 1959,
with emphasis on 1936-1945.
346. Sandoval, Jos6, and Manuel AzcArate. Spain, 1936-1939. Nan
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A pro-Republican history of "certain moments and aspects" of the Civil
War. Undocumented.

347. Thomas, Hugh. The Spanish Civil War. Harper CN12Q. 1963
(c. 1961). 720p. $2.95. Notes, illus., bibl., tables, index, maps, app.
A scholarly, comprehensive account, with a good summary of the
historical antecedents of the war. The most objective study to date, this work
is amply illustrated with maps and photographs.
348. Whitaker, Arthur P. Spain and Defense of the West. Ally and
Liability. Praeger PPS-71. 1962 (c. 1961). 408p. $2.25. Notes, bibl.,
This study stresses modern Spain's developing role in international
politics. Analyzes Spain's relations with the United States, Europe, Latin
America and the Moslem world.
See also items 357, 482.
349. Brenan, Gerald. South from Granada. Penguin 1915. 1963
(c. 1957). 320p. $.95. Map.
Account of the author's residence in a small village in the Alpujarra
region of Andalucia, 1919-1924 and 1929-1934.
350. Pritchett, V. S. The Spanish Temper. Harper CN55. 1965
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An examination of Spain, based on the author's intimate acquaintance
with the land and the people during various trips between 1924 and 1952.
351. Starlde, Walter. Spanish Raggle-Taggle. Adventures with a
Fiddle in North Spain. Penguin 1197. 1961 (c. 1934). 318p. 4/. Notes,
bibl., gloss., index, map.
An Irish scholar's account of a summer journey on foot from Madrid
to Bilbao in the early 1930's.

352. Freyre, Gilberto. New World in the Tropics. The Culture of
Modern Brazil. Vintage V-224. 1963 (c. 1959). 286p. $1.65. Notes, index.
This interpretive survey by a leading social historian is an excellent
introduction to Brazilian society and culture. Valuable for all social science
disciplines. (Rev. ed. of Brazil: An Interpretation, 1945.)
353. Paz, Octavio. The Labyrinth of Solitude. Life and Thought in
Mexico. Lysander Kemp, trans. Evergreen E-359. 1961. 212p. $1.95. Notes.
An excellent interpretation of Mexican history and national character
by one of Mexico's outstanding contemporary poets. The interpretations may
be disputable, but they are always thought-provoking. (El laberinto de la
soledad, 1950.)

354. Ramos, Samuel. Profile of Man and Culture in Mexico. 3rd
ed. Peter G. Earle, trans. McGraw-Hill 51167. 1963 (c. 1962). 198p.
$2.45. Bibl., index.
One of the finest attempts to determine the nature of the Mexican
character. Excellent interpretation, valuable for all disciplines. (El perfil del
hombre y la cultural en Mdxico, 1934; 3rd ed., 1951.)
355. Sarmiento, Domingo Faustino. Life in the Argentine Republic
in the Days of the Tyrants; or Civilization and Barbarism. Mrs. Horace Mann,
trans. Collier BS48. 1961 (c. 1868). 288p. $1.50.
[355, 356] A great classic of Latin American literature, valuable not
only for its sociological insight but also for its historical account of Argentina
during the first decades after independence. Somewhat confusing for the
novice, but a must for the advanced student. Mrs. Mann's translation has
long been considered a superior accomplishment; she contributes a lengthy
biographical sketch of Sarmiento. (Civilizaci6n i barbarie; Vida de Juan
Facundo Quiroga, 1845.)
356. _. Life in the Argentine Republic in the Days of the
Tyrants; or, Civilization and -Barbarism. Mrs. Horace Mann, trans. Hafner
21. N. d. (c. 1868). 400p. $2.45. Notes, app.
See also item 210.

357. La Souchere, Eldna de. An Explanation of Spain. Eleanor Ross
Levieux, trans. Vintage V-287. 1965 (c. 1964). 373p. $2.45. Notes, tables,
The authoress is not at all reconciled to the Franco regime of modem
Spain. Her views and interpretations are stimulating. (Explication de
l'Espagne, 1962.)
358. Menendez Pidal, Ram6n. The Spaniards in their History.
Walter Starkie, trans. Norton N353. 1966 (c. 1950). 147p. $1.45. Notes,
bibl., maps.
A description of the Spanish character by Spain's leading humanist.
The valuable introduction by the translator places this work in perspective.
See also item 490.

359. SAnchez, Florencio. Representative Plays of Florencio Sdnchez.
Willis Knapp Jones, trans. PAU 928-E-6266. 1961. 326p. $2.50.
Sanchez (1875-1910), Spanish America's greatest dramatist, wrote
these 11 plays between 1903 and 1909. Includes "My Son the Lawyer,"
"The Immigrant Girl," "Down the Gully," and "Our Children."

360. Suassuna, Ariano. The Rogues' Trial. Dillwyn F. Ratcliff,
trans. California 80. 1963. 107p. $1.50.
A hilarious, prize-winning play based on folk legends of the Brazilian
northeast. This is a masterpiece of social satire, and its message achieves
universality. (Auto da Compadecida, 1959.)

361. Alpern, Hymen, ed. Three Classic Spanish Plays. WSP W-660.
1963. 229p. $.60. ("The ANTA Series of Distinguished Plays.")
Three dramas from Spain's siglo de oro: "The Sheep Well," by Lope
de Vega; "None beneath the King," by Rojas Zorrilla; "Life is a Dream," by
Calder6n de la Barca.
362. Calder6n de la Barca, Pedro. Four Plays. Edwin Honig, trans.
Mermaid MD-21. 1961. 319p. $1.95. Bibl., app.
The translator introduces Secret Vengeance for Secret Insult, Devotion
to the Cross, The Mayor of Zalamea and The Phantom Lady.
363. _. Life is a Dream. William E. Colford, trans. Bar-
ron's. 1958. 101p. $1.25. Notes.
The philosophical drama which is the author's masterpiece. Introduc-
tion by the translator discusses Spanish drama during the Golden Age, as well
as Calder6n's life and work. (La vida es suenfo, 1635.)
364. _. The Mayor of Zalamea. William E. Colford, trans.
Barron's. 1959. 128p. $.75. Notes.
One of Calder6n's finest plays, this drama revolves around the code of
honor of the 17th-century Spanish peasantry. (El alcalde de Zalamea, 1651.)
365. _. The Surgeon of His Honour. Roy Campbell, trans.
Wisconsin. 1960. 82p. $1.00. Note, bibl.
A blank-verse translation of one of Calder6n's finer "honor plays."
The introduction is by Everett W. Hesse. (El mddico de su honra, 1635.)
366. Fernandez de Moratin, Leandro. The Maiden's Consent. Har-
riet de Onis, trans. Barron's. 1962. 106p. $1.25. ("Library of Literary
Masterpieces" series.) Notes.
A prose comedy after the manner of Molibre by one of Spain's greatest
dramatists. (El si de las nifias, 1806.)
367. Flores, Angel, ed. Spanish Drama. Bantam SC113. 1962.
471 p. $. 75. ("Library of World Drama" series.) Notes.
Ten playwrights ranging from Cervantes to Lorca are represented by
their characteristically-Spanish dramas. The editor provides an introduction
to the various plays.
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[368, 369] Contains Blood Wedding, Yerma and The House of Ber-
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See also items 417, 428, 429, 430.

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The real protagonist of this Peruvian novel is the Marafi6n River, the
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A humorous, fascinating novel of love and politics in the Brazilian
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enchanting Gabriela and the Arab restaurateur Nacib, the author portrays a
small-town society rent by a struggle between the forces of progress and those
of tradition. The first Brazilian novel to become a best-seller in the U. S.
(Gabriela, Cravo e Canela, 1958.)
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The first and most famous of the "novels of the revolution," and one
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Illustrated by Jos6 Clemente Orozco. Brief introduction by Harriet de Onis.
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Identical in content, if not title, to the preceding entry.
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The greatest of the gauchesque novels, this work concerns a young
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(Don Segundo Sombra, 1926.)
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A famous novelesque account of the Mexican Revolution. The author
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which chronicles the experiences of a young intellectual during the upheaval.
(El dguila y la serpiente, 1928.)

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A fascinating, introspective novel by the great Brazilian writer. Brief
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Machado's psychological perception and remarkable sense of humor
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A highly-acclaimed novel of a boy's search for his father in a village
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finest modern writers. (Pedro Pdramo, 1955.)
See also items 416, 418, 421.
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[391, 392] An amusing and famous novelette based on an old Spanish
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an extensive introduction to "the world of Pio Baroja" by Anthony Kerrigan.
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Six very short and quite enjoyable stories.
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The first major novel of one of Spain's greatest modem writers. An
extremely violent tale, it concerns a peasant victimized by his environment.
Afterword by the translator. (La familiar de Pascual Duarte, 1st ed., 1942.)
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An extraordinary novel of life in Madrid after the Civil War, by Spain's
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(La colmena, 1951.)

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The other "novels" are "The Little Gypsy," "Rinconete and Cortadillo,"
"The Man of Glass," "The Illustrious Kitchen Maid," and "The Dog's
Colloquy." The translator's foreword provides a valuable discussion of Cer-
vantes' work.
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The best-known work in Spanish literature. The translator's brief
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The translator provides a brief introduction to this "abridged version
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and his Squire." (El ingenioso hidalgo, don Quijote de la Mancha, 1605,
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Contains "The Generous Lover," "The Little Gipsy," and "The Jealous
410. _. The Ingenious Gentleman. Don Quixote de la
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Introduction by Henry Grattan Doyle. (El ingenioso hidalgo, don
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This well-known translation includes both parts of Don Quixote, sub-
stantially complete, with all omitted passages covered by editorial summaries.
Also included are two of the "exemplary novels" and "Foot in the Stirrup."
The translator provides an extensive introduction.
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One of the "exemplary novels," this story delightfully sketches 16th-
century Spanish low-life.

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Contains "The Dialogue of the Dogs," "Master Glass," "The Gipsy
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trious Kitchen Maid." The translator provides an introduction.
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A 19th-century novel of social protest, revolving around the seduction
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naturalism to Portuguese fiction, is considered the greatest novelist of Portu-
gal. (0 Crime do Padre Amaro, 1874.)
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introduction by the editor.
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hart 93. 1957. 395p. $1.45. Notes, bibl.
The editor introduces El Abencerraje and Lazarillo de Tormes as well
as representative works by Quevedo, Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina and
Calder6n de la Barca.
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339p. $.95. Notes, vocab.
Bilingual edition of stories by 13 masters of the Spanish language, from
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Cela and Goytisolo. Brief introduction by the editor.
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128p. $.60. Illus.
"Tender" best describes this modern classic by a Nobel Prize-winner.
This selection, especially approved by the author, is a translation of the com-
plete text of the original edition, with forty-three additional chapters from a
later edition. The translator has written an introduction entitled "Juan Ram6n
and Platero." (Platero y yo, 1914, 1917.)
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$1.50. Notes, bibl.
A collection of observations of the follies of mankind, constituting the

earliest prototype of the novel of roguery. (El Arcipreste de Talavera, also
known as Corbacho, o reprobaci6n del amor mundano, 1438.)
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24 tales ranging from don Juan Manuel's "The Man Who Married an
Ill-Tempered Wife" to R6mulo Gallegos' account of "A Man of Character."
Half of the stories flow from Latin American pens.
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A tender and humorous account of the lives of the inhabitants of a
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lator. (Jose, 1885.)
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A powerful novel of intolerance and fanaticism in a small town of
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A sentimental novel of life and love in the mining region of northern
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A novel of a young girl's struggle against social convention in Madrid
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raphy. (La celestina, 1499.)
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The first European novel and a 15th-century Spanish masterpiece.
(La celestina, 1499.)
430. _. The Spanish Bawd. La Celestina. Being the Tragi-
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248p. $1.25.

The traditional English title is used in this modern translation. (La
celestina, 1499.)
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A novel of Spain under a dictatorship and the revolutionary figures
that fight to destroy it. In the 1930's, the Aragonese author chose exile over
life in Franco's Spain. (Siete domingos rojos, 1932.)
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"Nothing Less than a Man." Introduction by Angel del Rio.
434. Valera, Juan. Pepita Jimdnez. Harriet de Onis, trans. Barron's.
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Probably the greatest novel of a great prose artist. This love story is
elemental, but the language and style are classic. (Pepita Jimenez, 1874.)
See also item 451.

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Notes, bibl., index.
A biography and critical study of the poetry of the Chilean poetess, the
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The most important critical study of Borges' work yet published, this
book is an examination of "the driving trend behind the symbols" in the fiction
of the great Argentine author. A biographical sketch is also included. Borges
claims he learned much about himself from this study. (An expanded version
of La expresi6n de la irrealidad en la obra de Jorge Luis Borges, 1957.)
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Bibl., index.
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troduction to the genre.
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Sketches the lives and work of the major literary figures of Spanish
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summaries chart historical developments in poetry, prose and drama. A handy
reference tool, far superior to other outlines.
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Notes, bibl., app.
The author undertakes to describe the personal and literary relations
between the two great poets. 40 letters between them, written from 1900 to
1911, are offered in the original Spanish. Eight pages of the letters them-
selves are reproduced.
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See also items 7, 141, 191.

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William's discussion of Lorca the man.
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This critical guidebook surveys Lorca's life and work, including both
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For the scholar studying the exemplum, the medieval Spanish moralis-
tic tale.
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$2.50. ("University of North Carolina Studies in Comparative Literature"
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An extensive introduction by the translators is followed by a bilingual
text of this first and best of the novelas moriscas, which described the way of
life on Spain's Moorish frontier during the 15th century. The Spanish text
is that of Antonio de Villegas, 1565. (El Abencerraje, ca. 1550.)
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An attempt to provide a thorough interpretation of one of the most
complex novels of Azorin (Jos6 Martinez Ruiz). The author also explains the
work's total significance and aesthetic structure.
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An interpretation of "Don Quixote in his true greatness. the great-
ness that he has attained today."

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Dictionary of authors, works and terms from Spanish literature. A
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A good history of Spanish literature.
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Notes, bibl.
11 essays dealing with various aspects of the work of Pedro Calder6n
de la Barca (1600-1681). Some provide close readings of his major plays;
others deal with persistent themes especially that of honor. An excellent
guide to the great dramatist and his plays.
See also items 440, 486, 490.

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ed. and trans. Evergreen E-364. 1961. 320p. $2.95. Bibl.
A bilingual edition containing more than 60 poems by Latin America's
poet laureate. This volume includes an illuminating biographical essay by Luis
Mongui6, a translator's foreword and a note by the master himself.
461. Paz, Octavio, ed. An Anthology of Mexican Poetry. Samuel
Beckett, trans. Indiana PPB-29. 1965. (c. 1958). 213p. $1.95. Notes.
Included are 100 poems by 35 poets, ranging from the 16th to the
20th centuries. Octavio Paz presents an introduction to the history of Mexican
poetry. The notes consist of biographical sketches of the poets.
462. Zorrilla de San Martin, Juan. Tabard. An Indian Legend of

Uruguay. Walter Owen, trans. PAU 861-ES-5493. 1956. 366p. $2.75.
Notes, gloss.
Written by a Romantic poet of Uruguay, this lyric poem concerns the
extinction of the Charruia Indians by the Spanish conquerors. Though he
views the conquest as divinely conceived, Zorrilla (1855-1931) displays
great compassion for the doomed natives. This edition is bilingual. (Tabard,
See also items 13, 466, 467.
463. Anonymous. The Epic of the Cid. J. Gerald Markley, trans.
Bobbs-Merrill. 1961. 132p. $.80. ("The Library of Liberal Arts" series, no.
77.) Notes, index.
A brief introduction is provided by the translator.
464. Anonymous. The Poem of the Cid. Lesley Byrd Simpson, trans.
California 10. 1957. 139p. $1.25. Bibl., map.
An exciting translation of the classic epic which details the legendary
exploits of the soldier-adventurer Ruy Dias de Bivar, the Cid. (El cantar de
mio Cid, ca. 1140.)
465. Anonymous. Poem of the Cid. W. S. Merwin, trans. Mentor
MT402. 1962 (c. 1959). 301p. $.75.
A bilingual edition containing an English verse translation of the great
Spanish national epic with the Spanish text of Ram6n Men6ndez Pidal. The
translator provides an introduction. (El cantar de mio Cid, ca. 1140.)
466. Cohen, J. M., ed. The Penguin Book of Spanish Verse. Rev. ed.
Penguin D30. 1960. 472p. $1.65. Notes, index.
Ranging from El Cid to Claudio Rodriguez (b. 1934), more than 100
poets are represented in this anthology. Many Latin American poems are in-
cluded. Each poem is presented in the original Spanish and is followed by a
prose translation.
467. Flores, Angel, ed. An Anthology of Spanish Poetry from Gar-
cilaso to Garcia Lorca in English Translation with Spanish Originals. Anchor
A268. 1961. 516p. $1.45.
Poems of 17 poets of Spain and Spanish America. Biographical sketch
of each poet included.
468. Florit, Eugenio, ed. and trans. Invitation to Spanish Poetry.
Dover T1396. 1965. 143p. $4.95. Illus.
30 Spanish poets in the original and in English translation, ranging
from the 12th to the 20th century. Portraits or photographs of many of the
poets are included. The poems are read in Spanish by Eugenio Florit and
Amelia Agostini de del Rio on an accompanying record.
469. Garcia Lorca, Federico. The Gypsy Ballads of Garcia Lorca.
Rolfe Humphries, trans. Indiana PPB-2. 1963 (c. 1953). 64p. $1.45.

15 "gypsy ballads" and three "historical ballads" by the great Spanish
poet. Introduction by L. R. Lind.
470. ____ Lorca. J. L. Gili, ed. Penguin D-51. 1960. 144p.
Lorca (1898-1936) was one of Spain's most compelling 20th-century
poets. J. R. Gili provides a brief introduction and most of the prose translations
that accompany each of the 70 poems.
471. _. Poet in New York. Ben Belitt, trans. Grove E-54.
1955. 192p. $1.75. App.
A bilingual edition of the poet's reaction to the impact of a dizzying
megapolis. With an extensive introduction by Angel del Rio. (Poeta en Nueva
York, 1940.)
472. _. The Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca.
Francisco Garcia Lorca and Donald M. Allen, eds. New Directions 114. 1961
(c. 1955). 180p. $1.35.
This bilingual volume contains some 70 poems published between
1921 and 1936. A brief chronology of the poet's life is included. (Spanish
texts from Poeta en Nueva York, 1940.)
473. G6ngora y Argote, Luis de. Poems of G6ngora. R. 0. Jones,
ed. Cambridge 381. 1966. 162p. $2.25. Notes, bibl., index.
A third of this work serves as an introduction to the life and work of
the baroque poet Luis de G6ngora (1561-1627). There follows 100 pages
of his poems in the original Spanish, extensively annotated in English.
474. Otero, Bias de. Twenty Poems. Hardie St. Martin, trans. Sixties.
1964. 63p. $1.00.
Bilingual edition, with an introduction by the translator. A very attrac-
tive volume of verse by one of Spain's leading contemporary poets.
475. Rivers, Elias L., ed. Renaissance and Baroque Poetry of Spain
with English Prose Translations. Dell 7357. 1966. 351p. $.95. Notes, bibl.
Bilingual edition of Spanish poetry of the 15th and 16th centuries.
Introduction by the editor.
See also item 484.

476. Cohn, Arthur. The Collector's Twentieth-Century Music in the
Western Hemisphere. Lippincott KB-23. 1961. 256p. $1.95.
This survey of contemporary music in the Americas leans towards
the U. S. However, the works of Carlos Chavez, Alberto Ginastera, Silvestre
Revueltas and Heitor Villa-Lobos are also discussed. Long-playing records
of the composers' music are listed.

477. Lloyd, A. L., and Isabel Aretz de Ram6n y Rivera, eds. Folk
Songs of the Americas. Oak. 1966 (c. 1965). 276p. $2.95. Notes, index.
Words and music of 150 folk songs. Those in Spanish and Creole
French are accompanied by English translations.
478. Milne, Jean. Fiesta Time in Latin America. Ritchie. 1965.
236p. $2.95. Illus., app.
Descriptions of Latin American religious festivals, in a month-by-month
organization. The appendix offers a chronology of festivals for each country.
Illustrated with decorative drawings. A very handy reference for travelers.
479. Paz, Elena, comp. and ed. Favorite Spanish Folksongs. Tradi-
tional Songs from Spain and Latin America. Oak CJ-2033. 1965. 96p.
$2.45. Illus.
49 Spanish songs with English translations and music for voice. Beauti-
fully illustrated with paintings, drawings and woodcuts by prominent Latin
American and Spanish artists.
480. Robb, John Donald. Hispanic Folk Songs of New Mexico. With
Selected Songs Collected, Transcribed and Arranged for Voice and Piano.
New Mexico. 1954. 83p. $2.00. ("University of New Mexico Publications
in the Fine Arts," no. 1.) Notes.
Religious and secular songs, with English translations. Includes also
a general discussion of Hispanic folk songs and more-detailed examinations
of a few specific tunes.

481. Chase, Gilbert. The Music of Spain. Rev. ed. Dover T549.
1959. 383p. $2.00. Notes, illus., bibl., index.
Historical and analytical treatment of Spanish music from the Middle
Ages to the present day.
482. Corredor, Jos6 Maria. Conversations with Casals. Andr6
Mangeot, trans. Dutton D26. 1956. 240p. $1.35. Notes, illus., index.
The great Spanish musician gives his opinions of music, politics and
a variety of subjects. He emerges as a simple, intelligent, direct and warm
human being. (Conversations avec Pablo Casals, 1954.)
See also item 479.

See items 126, 127.

483. Ferrater Mora, Jos6. Unamuno. A Philosophy of Tragedy.
Philip Silver, trans. California 57. 1962. 136p. $1.50. Notes, bibl.

This work is a presentation of Unamuno's philosophic thought.
(Unamuno: Bosquejo de una filosofia, 2nd ed., 1957.)
484. Machado, Antonio. Juan de Mairena. Epigrams, Maxims, Mem-
oranda, and Memoirs of an Apocryphal Professor. Ben Belitt, ed. and trans.
California 89. 1963. 135p. $1.50. Notes, app.
These prose selections, which Machado attributes to a fictitious pro-
fessor, are a distillation of the essential thought of the noted poet-philosopher
of modern Spain. The appendix consists of poems from The Apocryphal
Songbooks in the original Spanish and in English translation.
485. Ortega y Gasset, Jos6. Concord and Liberty. Helene Weyl,
trans. Norton N124. 1963 (c. 1946). 182p. $1.35. Notes.
Four essays by the renowned philosopher (1883-1955): Concord
and Liberty, Notes on Thinking Its Creation of the World and Its Creation
of God, Prologue to a History of Philosophy, and A Chapter from the History
of Ideas Wilhelm Dilthey and the Idea of Life. (Del imperio romano,
1940; Apuntes sobre el pensamiento su demiurgia y su teurgia, 1941;
Pr6logo a una filosofia, 1944; Guillermo Dilthey y la idea de la vida, 1933-
486. _. The Dehumanization of Art and Other Writings
on Art and Culture. Anchor A72. 1956. 187p. $1.25. Notes.
Five essays which present the author's very lucid and original views
on the present situation in the visual arts and literature.
487. _. History as a System and Other Essays toward a
Philosophy of History. Helene Weyl, trans. Norton N122. 1962 (c. 1941).
269p. $1.55. Notes.
Four essays: "The Sportive Origin of the State," "Unity and Diversity
of Europe," "Man the Technician," and "History as a System." (Originally
entitled Toward a Philosophy of History, 1941.)
488. _. Man and Crisis. Mildred Adams, trans. Norton
N121. 1962 (c. 1958). 217p. $1.55.
The author examines two major crises of Western civilization-Rome's
change from paganism to Christianity and the transition from the Middle
Ages to the Renaissance-in order to understand better the crises of the
20th century. (En torno a Galileo, 1956.)
489. _. Man and People. Willard R. Trask, trans. Norton
N123. 1963 (c. 1957). 272p. $1.65. Notes.
A philosophical approach to sociology. This work, like many of the
items listed here, was published after the author's death. (El hombre y la
gente, 1957.)
490. _. Meditations on Quixote. Evelyn Rugg and Diego
Marin, trans. Norton N125. 1963 (c. 1961). 192p. $1.55. Notes.
Ortega y Gasset's first literary effort, this book searches for an under-

standing of the Spanish character by reflecting upon the greatest work of
Spanish literature. (Meditaciones del Quijote, 1914.)
491. __. Mission of the University. Howard Lee Nostrand,
ed. and trans. Norton N127. 1966 (c. 1944). 94p. $.95. Notes, index.
A call for far-reaching reforms in the form and function of the uni-
versity in order to meet the needs of the 20th century. (Misidn de la universi-
dad, 1930.)
492. _. The Modern Theme. James Cleugh, trans. Harper
TB/1038H. 1961 (c. 1931). 152p. $1.45. Notes.
The philosopher's concepts are woven together to serve as guide-posts
for an understanding of the condition of man in modern times. (El tema de
nuestro tiempo, El ocaso de las revoluciones, El sentido hist6rico de la teoria
de Einstein, 1923.)
493. _. On Love. Aspects of a Single Theme. Toby Talbot,
trans. Meridian M84. 1960 (c. 1957). 190p. $1.45. Notes.
A humanistic examination of the varied phases of love. (Estudios sobre
el amor, 1939.)
494. _. The Revolt of the Masses. Norton. 1957 (c.
1932). 190p. $1.25. Notes.
[494, 495] One of the most famous books of the 20th century, this
work is a pessimistic account of the dangers of mass society. (La rebeli6n de las
masas, 1930.)
495. _. The Revolt of the Masses. Unwin. 1961 (c.
1932). 144p. 6/. Notes.
496. _. What is Philosophy? Mildred Adams, trans. Norton
N126. 1964 (c. 1960). 252p. $1.65. Notes.
A probing discussion of the major aims and forms of philosophy,
delivered as a series of lectures in 1928. (Qui es filosofia, 1958.)
497. Unamuno y Jugo, Miguel de. The Agony of Christianity. Kurt
F. Reinhardt, trans. Ungar 510. 1960. 155p. $1.45.
The spiritual reflections of an ageing philosopher, who protests that
20th-century Christianity has not fulfilled Christ's promise. (La agonia del
cristianismo, 1925.)
498. _. Tragic Sense of Life. J. E. Crawford Flitch, trans.
Dover T257. 1953 (c. 1921). 332p. $2.00. Notes, index.
From an inner deadlock of faith and reason, the author builds this
theory of life. Salvador de Madariaga provides the preface. (Del sentimiento
trdgico de la vida, 1913.)
See also item 457.

499. Alexander, Robert J. The Bolivian National Revolution. Savile.
N. d. (c. 1958). 302p. $5.00. Notes, illus., bibl., tables, index, map.
A detailed account of the revolution of 1952. The subsequent weak-
nesses and triumphs of the Bolivian Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario
are chronicled.
500. Busey, James L. Latin America. Political Institutions and
Processes. Random House PS44. 1964. 184p. $1.95. Notes, bibl., index.
After surveying "the environments of Latin American politics," the
author discusses political life in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and
Central America.
501. Gil, Federico G. The Political System of Chile. Houghton
Mifflin. 1966. 323p. $2.95. Notes, bibl., tables, charts, index, maps.
A study providing a comprehensive description and analysis of the
operation of the Chilean political system, while relating it to physical, eco-
nomic, cultural, and social contextual elements.
502. and Charles J. Parrish. The Chilean Presidential
Election of September 4, 1964. Part I: An Analysis. Part II: 1964 Presi-
dential Election Returns, Broken Down by Sex, Province, and Region, Along
with Presidential Election Returns of 1952 and 1958. ICOPS. 1965. 51p.,
30p. $2.00, $1.00. ("Election Analysis Series," no. 3.) Tables, maps.
A brief outline of the Chilean governmental structure followed by an
analysis of the election of 1964. Part II provides the scholar with reference
503. Goldrich, Daniel. Sons of the Establishment: Elite Youth in
Panama and Costa Rica. Rand McNally. 1966. 139p. ("Studies in Political
Change" series.) Notes, tables, index, map, app.
A comparative study of the young men who stand to inherit the politi-
cal establishments of the two nations, and thus an attempt to chart the direc-
tion of future political change. This work analyzes the attitudes of the "elite
youth" towards the existing political system; their support of, acquiesence in,
or opposition to, the system; their conception of what needs to be changed
and how best to implement such changes. A valuable work.
504. G6mez, R. A. Government and Politics in Latin America. Rev.
ed. Random House PS32. 1963. 128p. $.95. Notes, bibl., index.
Concise, clear and objective, this is an excellent short introduction to
a vast and complicated subject. Recommended for the layman and for the
Latin Americanist outside the political field.
505. Hamill, Hugh M., Jr., ed. Dictatorship in Spanish America.
Knopf. 1965. 242p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books on Latin America" series.) Notes,

Theories and discussions of 19th- and 20th-century caudillismo by 18
distinguished contributors. The editor's introduction attempts to define dicta-
torship in its Spanish American form.
506. Institute for the Comparative Study of Political Systems. Argen-
tine Election Factbook. July 7, 1963. ICOPS. 1963. 32p. $2.50. Tables,
chart, map.
[506-514] Each reference volume in this series attempts to provide all
the background information on the election in question. Included are a sta-
tistical profile of the nation, the main trends of its political history, the names
and orientations of its parties and political leaders, an analysis of previous
elections and a summary of election laws, as well as information on the elec-
torate, the campaign issues and other items of interest.
507. _. Bolivia Election Factbook. July 3, 1966. ICOPS.
1966. 44p. $2.00. Tables, maps.
508. _. Brazil Election Factbook. Number 2. September
1965. ICOPS. 1965. 92p. $3.00. Notes, tables, charts, maps.
509. _. Chile Election Factbook. September 4, 1964.
ICOPS. 1963. 48p. $2.50. Tables, charts, maps.
510. _. Colombia Election Factbook. March-May, 1966.
ICOPS. 1966. 40p. $2.00. Tables, maps.
511. _. Costa Rica Election Factbook. February 6, 1966.
ICOPS. 1966. 44p. $2.00. Tables, charts, maps, app.
512. _. Dominican Republic Election Factbook. June 1,
1966. ICOPS. 1966. 55p. $2.00. Tables, maps.
513. _. Guatemala Election Factbook. March 6, 1966.
ICOPS. 1966. 43p. $2.00. Tables, charts, maps.
514. Venezuela Election Factbook. Elections: Decem-
ber, 1963. ICOPS. 1963. 37p. $2.00. Tables, charts, maps.
515. Johnson, John J. The Military and Society in Latin America.
Stanford SP13. 1964. 308p. $2.95. Notes, bibl., index.
An excellent analytical and interpretive study of the military in Latin
America, past, present and future. The role of the military in the defense of
the hemisphere is not discussed, the author considering this to be a myth.
516. _. Political Change in Latin America. The Emergence
of the Middle Sectors. Stanford SP4. 1965 (c. 1958). 272p. $2.95. Notes,
bibl., index.
An important, interpretive study of the impact of the "urban middle
sectors" on Latin American politics since 1920. Brief introductory chapters
survey the historical background (1810-1915), and subsequent chapters
assess political change in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.
The 67-page bibliography is excellent.

517. _, ed. Continuity and Change in Latin America. Stan-
ford. 1967 (c. 1964). 282p. $2.95. Notes, index.
Nine articles by distinguished contributors on a variety of topics: the
peasant, rural labor, the writer, the artist, the military, the industrialist, the
urban worker, the university student, and "Latin America and Japan Com-
pared." The editor's introduction attempts to tie the articles together. (To
be published in February 1967.)
518. Kantor, Harry. The Ideology and Program of the Peruvian
Aprista Movement. 2nd ed. Savile. 1966 (c. 1953). 175p. $4.95. Notes,
illus., bibl., index, app.
A study of one of the most powerful ideological movements of the
Western Hemisphere the Peruvian-based Alianza Popular Revolucionaria
Americana (Aprismo), founded in 1924 by Victor Raul Haya de la Torre.
To the complete text of the 1953 edition the author has added an epilogue
which brings the story up to the mid-1960's.
519. Kriesberg, Martin, ed. Public Administration in Developing
Countries. Brookings. 1965. 198p. Notes, app.
Despite the general title, Latin America is the focus of this collection
of papers delivered at a 1963 conference in BogotA. The articles and com-
ments fall into four categories: "Factors Affecting Public Administration in
Developing Countries," "The Organization of Government for Development,"
"Establishment of a Civil Service and a Career Service," and "Education,
Training, and Research in Public Administration."
520. Lieuwen, Edwin. Arms and Politics in Latin America. Rev.
ed. Praeger PPS-65. 1961. 335p. $2.50. Notes, bibl., index, app.
An historical approach to militarism in Latin America, sponsored by
the Council on Foreign Relations. Half of the text deals with military aspects
of the Latin American policy of the U. S.
521. _. Generals vs. Presidents. Neomilitarism in Latin
America. Praeger P-191. 1965 (c. 1964). 160p. $1.95. Notes, bibl., index.
The apparent resurgence of Latin American military coups in the
1960's is discussed. This development and its relation to the socio-political
crises in the hemisphere are analyzed along with official U. S. reactions.
522. Martz, John D. The Venezuelan Elections of December 1,
1963. Part I: An Analysis. Part II: Candidate Biographies and Party Plat-
forms. Part III: Final Provincial Election Returns, Broken Down by Region
and State. ICOPS. 1964. 46p., 64p., 26p. $2.00, $1.00, $1.00. ("Election
Analysis Series," no. 2.) Notes, map.
Part I provides an excellent analytical survey of the 1963 election.
Parts II and III are reference volumes.
523. Methods of Electing National Executives and National Legis-
latures in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. ICOPS. 1963. 18p.
$1.50. Bibl.

A reference volume outlining the methods by which Mexico, Central
America and some of the Caribbean nations elect their national officials.
(Cuba and Trinidad-Tobago are omitted.)
524. Methods of Electing National Executives and National Legis-
latures in South America. ICOPS. 1963. 33p. $1.50. Bibl., tables.
A reference volume outlining the methods by which the Latin South
American countries elect national officials.
525. Needler, Martin C. Anatomy of a Coup d'Etat: Ecuador 1963.
ICOPS. 1964. 54p. $2.50. Notes, app.
A detailed study of the military coup which overthrew the constitu-
tional government of Ecuador in 1963.
526. ______ .. Latin American Politics in Perspective. Van
Nostrand. 1963. 192p. $1.75. Notes, bibl., index.
Has both the advantages and disadvantages of a general treatment.
Reduces the confusion of Latin American politics to general statements, but
notes differences in various countries. For the beginner.
527. Padgett, L. Vincent. The Mexican Political System. Houghton
Mifflin. 1966. 244p. $2.75. Notes, bibl., index, map.
This is a topical study of general aspects of the political nature of
Mexico. Elections, pressure groups, the presidency and various official policies
are among the factors analyzed.
528. Peru Election Memoranda. ICOPS. 1963. 38p. $2.50. Tables,
chart, maps.
This reference volume includes electoral laws and procedures, electoral
representation, and a description of governmental structure as defined by the
529. Rowe, James W. The Argentine Elections of 1963: An
Analysis. ICOPS. N. d. 37p. $2.00. ("Election Analysis Series," no. 1.)
Notes, tables.
Brief treatment, with much statistical data.
530. Schmitt, Karl M., and David D. Burks. Evolution or Chaos.
Dynamics of Latin American Government and Politics. Praeger PPS-69.
1963. 308p. $2.50. Bibl., index.
Solid analysis of Latin American political systems and the conditions
under which they operate. Introduction by Ronald M. Schneider. A valuable
531. Scott, Robert E. Mexican Government in Transition. Rev. ed.
Illini IB-20. 1964. 345p. $2.25. Notes, bibl., index.
A study of the changing pattern of government in Mexico over the
past 50 years. The epilogue updates the text to 1964.
532. Slater, Jerome. A Revaluation of Collective Security. The OAS

in Action. Ohio State. 1965. 56p. $1.50. ("Mershon National Security
Program, Pamphlet Series," no. 1.) Notes.
The author attempts "to demonstrate that collective security under
certain circumstances is in fact workable; and ... to suggest some appropriate
revisions in the theory of collective security." The OAS provides examples for
the discussion.
533. Tomasek, Robert D., ed. Latin American Politics. Studies of
the Contemporary Scene. Anchor A498. 1966. 585p. $1.95. Notes, tables.
24 articles written by noted authorities. The selections are divided
between topical and country-by-country approaches, and move the reader
from generalities to specifics. An excellent collection.
See also items 19, 26, 111, 143, 540.

See items 345, 348.

534. Adams, Mildred, ed. Latin America: Evolution or Explosion?
Dodd. 1963. 277p. $1.95. Notes, tables, app.
A series of stimulating papers read at a Council on World Tensions
conference on Latin America. Galo Plaza, David Rockefeller, Chester Bowles,
German Arciniegas, Felipe Herrera and Daniel Cosio Villegas are among the
19 contributors. They cover a multitude of subjects.
535. Aguilar, Alonso. Latin America and the Alliance for Progress.
Ursula Wasserman, trans. Monthly Review. 1963. 36p. $.50. ("Monthly
Review Pamphlet Series," no. 24.)
This Mexican economist allows that the Alianza can attain limited
successes. By its very nature, however, it cannot solve Latin America's basic
economic problem, which he views as its dependence on foreign markets and
536. Burkhart, Ford, ed. A New Look at Latin America. Arizona.
1962. 56p.
Four speeches given in 1962: Edwin Lieuwen on Castro's hemispheric
diplomacy; J. Howard Craven on the Alliance for Progress; William Schurz
on social and political change; and Senator Morse on "Problems and Prospects
in Latin Ameria." Of general interest.
537. Nystrom, J. Warren, and Nathan A. Haverstock. The Alliance
for Progress. Key to Latin America's Development. Searchlight 27. 1966.
126p. $1.45. Notes, bibl., chart, index, maps.
Rather florid and optimistic analysis and interpretation of the major
Latin American development program.

538. Rycroft, W. Stanley, and Myrtle M. Clemmer. A Factual
Study of Latin America. CEMR. 1963. 246p. $1.50. Notes, bibl., tables,
Description of the change in demographic, political, economic, social
and religious patterns of Latin American life, based primarily on secondary
sources. Aspires to a synthesis of current planning on the area.
539. _. A Study of Urbanization in Latin America. Rev.
ed. CEMR. 1963. 150p. $1.00. Notes, bibl., tables.
Description and analysis of urbanization in relation to the social and
economic development of Latin America.
540. Smith, T. Lynn, ed. Agrarian Reform in Latin America. Knopf.
1965. 206p. $2.50. ("Borzoi Books on Latin America" series.) Notes, bibl.
The editor's introduction is a most useful survey of the development
and ramifications of Latin American agrarian reform programs. Also praise-
worthy is the fact that, of the 19 selections, 17 appear for the first time in
English translation. The emphasis is on Brazil and Colombia.
541. Stycos, J. Mayone, and Jorge Arias. Population Dilemma in
Latin America. Potomac. 1966. 249p. $2.45. Notes, tables, charts, maps,
11 contributors explore the facts of, and suggested solutions to, Latin
America's demographic problem. These papers were designed as background
reading for the 1965 Pan-American Assembly on Population. Commissioned
by the American Assembly of Columbia University.
See also items 19, 104, 105, 115, 519, 544, 555.

542. Barbieri, Sante Uberto. Land of Eldorado. Friendship. 1961.
161p. $1.50. Notes, bibl., map.
The Methodist bishop of Buenos Aires interprets the Spanish conquest,
then describes the coming of Protestant Latin America. At the end he
"glimpses a future in which Latin America's evangelical church will carry its
full measure of world Christianity's holy trust."
543. Considine, John J., ed. The Church in the New Latin America.
Fides PBT-6. 1964. 240p. $2.45. Index.
A general introduction to the present and future of Latin America
as viewed by the Catholic Inter-American Cooperation Program. The 20 Latin
American nations are surveyed individually as to social and economic factors,
population and religious problems.
544. ______ ., ed. Social Revolution in the New Latin America.
A Catholic Appraisal. Fides PBT-21. 1965. 245p. $2.95. Index, app.
Nearly half of the 18 papers deal with religio-social problems con-

fronting the Catholic Church in Latin America. The revolution called for by
most of the religious and lay essayists is to be non-violent, but still drastic
and thoroughgoing.
545. Converse, Hyla Stuntz, comp. Raise a Signal. God's Action
and the Church's Task in Latin America Today. Friendship. 1961. 126p.
$1.75. Notes.
Seven Protestants in Latin America, natives and North American mis-
sionaries, discuss their thoughts and experiences in the continent.
546. Haselden, Kyle. Death of a Myth. New Locus for Spanish
American Faith. Friendship. 1964. 175p. $1.75. Notes, bibl.
The author disputes the idea that Protestantism and the Spanish Ameri-
can spirit are mutually alien. He believes that spirit to be as receptive to Prot-
estantism as to Catholicism.
547. McGavran, Donald, John Huegel, and Jack Taylor. Church
Growth in Mexico. Eerdmans. 1963. 136p. $1.95. Tables, charts, index,
An interpretation of the causes of the expansion of the Protestant
movement in Latin America. Discusses the factors that tend to stimulate
church growth, as well as those that indicate church stagnation.
548. Martinez, Rafael V. My House is Your House. Fellowship.
1964. 127p. $1.95. Notes, illus., gloss.
A sympathetic and introductory survey of the cultural background and
influence on U. S. culture of the five million North Americans of Hispanic
descent. Non-scholarly.
549. Read, William R. New Patterns of Church Growth in Brazil.
Eerdmans. 1965. 240p. $2.45. Bibl., tables, charts, index, maps.
Study of the growth of Protestant denominations in Brazil, written by
a United Presbyterian evangelical missionary.
550. Rembao, Alberto. Horseman of the Lord. Alfred Clarence
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An idealized biography of an evangelical missionary to Mexico from
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[See item 200 for annotation.]

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ICOPS-Institute for the Comparative
Study of Political Systems, Suite 505
-4000 Albemarle St. N. W., Wash-
ington, D. C. 20016
Illini-University of Illinois Press, Ur-
bana, Ill. 61801
Image-See Doubleday.
Indiana-Indiana University Press, P. O.
Box 367, Bloomington, Ind. 47401
International Publishers-International
Publishers, 381 Park Ave. S., New
York, N. Y. 10016

IPL-Bruce Humphries, Publishers, 48-
50 Melrose St., Boston, Mass. 02116
Johns Hopkins The Johns Hopkins
Press, Baltimore, Md. 21218
Jupiter-See Calder.
King-Dale Stuart King, Six-Shooter
Gulch, Route 4, Box 865, Tucson,
Knapp-Robert R. Knapp, Box 7234,
San Diego, Calif. 92107
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Madison Ave., New York, N. Y.
LAIP-Latin American Institute Press,
200 Park Ave. S., New York, N. Y.
Lane-Lane Books Co. (Ward-Ritchie
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46 Bedford Row, London, W. C. 1,
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Washington Sq., Philadelphia, Penna.
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Macfadden-Macfadden Books, Macfad-
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New York, N. Y. 10017
McGraw-Hill-McGraw-Hill Paperback
Series, McGraw-Hill Book Co., 300
W. 42nd St., New York, N. Y. 10036
Made Simple-See Doubleday.
Manzanita-Manzanita Press, Box 157,
Yucca Valley, Calif.
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100 W. 23rd St., New York, N. Y.
Mentor-See New American Library.
Meridian-Meridian Books, World Pub-
lishing Co., 2231 W. 110th St.,
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
Mermaid-See Hill and Wang.
Miami-University of Miami Press,
Coral Gables, Fla. 33146
Michigan University of Michigan

Press, 615 E. University Rd., Ann
Arbor, Mich. 48106
Modern Library-See Random House.
Monarch-Monarch Books, Inc., 529
Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10017
Monthly Review Monthly Review
Press, 333 Sixth Ave., New York,
N. Y. 10014
Museum of Primitive Art The Mu-
seum of Primitive Art, 15 W. 54th
St., New York, N. Y. 10019
National Observer-The National Ob-
server, 11501 Columbia Ave., Silver
Springs, Md.
New American Library, Inc., 1301 Ave-
nue of the Americas, New York, N. Y.
New Directions-333 Sixth Ave., New
York, N. Y.
New Mexico-University of New Mex-
ico Press, Albuquerque, N. M. 87106
New York U.-New York University
Press, 32 Washington Place, New
York, N. Y. 10003
Noonday-The Noonday Press, Farrar,
Straus and Giroux, 19 Union Sq. W.,
New York, N. Y. 10003
North Carolina-University of North
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55 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10003
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New Hampshire Ave. N. W., Wash-
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U. S.: 417 Fifth Avenue, New York,
N. Y. 10016. In Great Britain: Amen
House, Warwick Sq., London, E. C. 4,