Life in Florida


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Life in Florida
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Life in Florida Newspaper
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Lake Helen, Florida
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )


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Issue front page states that this volume represents the second year of the newspaper: "Volume one is ended. - Life in Florida is one year old to-day."
General Note:
Issue front page states: "Published weekly."
The digitized files for this items are being shared by the Lake Helen Historical Society. The Lake Helen Historical Society in Lake Helen, Florida, holds the original item. Websites for more information about Lake Helen, Florida include: and

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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QaE IS --_ F:


1rilfnuber of IFE IN FLORIDA is
kro hundred.- of ,,,,,' ,,,rh a,.d i l .
S w ho ar, n ,,t .t .. -il. r. l ,,,, .r ,
u horn ;i... i.. .....11 J F' t rr

LIFE ill ke vou ed tl to wh t, ,
ing On nni.,n tle oratnic roves of
hern Flo:lria. Ir you want this
I sent to, you r.1gtla;rTy by fiail, write I?
.name ani P. O. address sn'a sheet rorl A'4
nd. enclo-se it in an envelope
I two dtollrs for oneyear's sub- s.
ton or one dollar fi.r .-ix months -

LIFE IN Fi.'tuIA.,
Lake 1, ln, Fla.
Stwo adlll.'r n,:t'' tinay at tie s and smaller suin.M tlthainon-e 1
Iul be in t w,-cent |':,t.1 e i .ta iiS.


'- -I- o -a- wfAmt-

~'r *i~~-< T _____





Amidii i,:tl It-,LIA.NGo VINE LANs
on thlle hIinnk- of


_" -a The liou efrr.: IT 9 IP l l(e-t a'ollllnilaf-
= tinllB at firolnl

$7 TO $10 P-ER WEEK
And for the pricee is the lest in the State,


ror further partiiulars address


** '. '',-^s

I. A. scheme wbir hia. e,,:r l ei ",'rknId lre THE COUNTY SEAT.
in i nimm ig rati., ,ii, h '. l v it t et ca n b i n :, .r... .
ED A investors and penriiut:it ..trer int I.. A Base Bal LLle-iul Galore-Denth
ED AND ft-reini rr part 4f A nieri,a tt one c.t i r r tlulttox -eu tor Call heardd
RK. miile. I can't e? \ou th,. iletail% vet, o w o ntor all Heardl
'. L ii an few ,hit s hall Ia-iin al aal,:.i.tit. froMIlltnmore Rclail-e to lle- -lll4.p
A a .o tr e ,' g1tf1 ,f'T-
lap~id t einent orf tbu t Itl, I,- i. hth ,.f l.i' t .ni- ltlk...lI of ,I.n 'l- .Ja n ill
That Sn all Appropri- ure ill iik, it a l n i n:,t tt,-,if, r .t I'- ll t at.:lt n a Lral n.l l i..::. T1,- ,, i,
Hleapos (Good. [t, -i'- i.t.;,a., i,, il'.n,paniitii, |ihad Ileen n1i1, |h.o
iap, recen t a oineI MOTHER. L'Ie the ", sit,:r a '..,,1 tili,.
nunlp, recenOt appointe.d n as a n
orida Bureau f m- The ttir." sin I .ke. A Q i.L.-\\W run,i our t.-vn, arn how.
S'n'la B urea f ninl- tin th. ,K1. irt' .''c,.,' An,, '1 lie k l~.
-,n Makes him ex-otlicio \ he, t ,l I, .1 -n q J,.ff Kurt.' is ktept ,,r tlie go, jnst now r,'rv-
rd, has arrivil in .Jack- .ri 1n, -ili ur, u tf i 11 j i e j
beginn the aciijr.' work *tf j.-".. r.I -t ri t tn I, '. & fe'0 n ." I, r. t jini i n..o
Si t at Ti F...llht uul,.-r it- -iilipl h l hin M.,n ,l:y ,.iihi g n..xt PIrof. nilt [ Mrs.
into..I.) j ta e. T he But ,ae. r, : n,:,. d Lihl.v, a.-,-,.,l I, Il M li- l.illau G i ,li..Ii % ill
au as pasl-s,_? liv tiny. \\'. ,, In\ 'i na llt it; :i S S "
tfe fo-urthi \t .-ek of the W e thi..u'hilt Int "t ;i. i .. ie the :it a of otr t.. 11 l rarInlo .-ale.
edJ the G(ierr ig- "'. I ell 1 hi- il rare triat and Ivs of xtr
"lh [rn rit ihi i|>:tli-.giu ,i t in ll "":., lil -e m .i h.,nl, liLt'at aLt i i ee the grrat
it, provi-ioiis, the G,:iv- Se ne,, ch n_...,I a i atr, .
ate, and Colnniosshner \V de.r hllin fr.n '1. n W e h ave it I,',n O. l anthoirvity that .\+-
titute the bohrd, th- -.r Hut. la _...i ., \" iiit -jrittht A ll
President. Mr. \'an- Ani .ti ,l,.i I .- ,:rt W', t I .t11il p t.nk,-s at th-. latter place anrl hbere-
poiiitiiiciie t under that i,., iu 1ain i _- lit t-. a llt.' I, ui ei',f [ .
ifh sayis tlit **the That bunrt in n to..l Savtdus-t hli- t..n prinikl.-J on N..-w Y,-rk
shall a,1 .int a lr Ssllal p, a ]-"it u -nt that hO,ea. e l%, ..'e. r ,.,, it %.,o,.ll'l-t a ,:a" o, r .-,.
a a., ( hief t.' k \-, wat, h,:.,i for ihs, .'i' M. DaOti-%, I%1,. has i eeln in Newv York thi'
n,. %'hoire luti-es W e kiinL-. t- Ii-" -.h, t If ttl : i t -, t .. k rt,.nriiil .l ;ihi n I la re.... t...t

hall be nlixd b, tlhe

id who shall act as it,- secretary
ec-ord of its proceedingg. 'Ihe
0Mr. Van Deinan for thlii i-i-
uiVere regarded as a ni:ajt excetl-
fanmilIarity tith tlec tork ;e-
telly qualifying him for the dt-
daore him. 'he new Secretary \\;
y a representative of the Tutnisa-Ulii. t
lay, and asked to uufold the plan-. .f
\rau if any had been ftrmnulateLd.
>" just got fairly orginizcd, re-
Jr. 'an l)uDman; "hut te hope to-
he nachiinery'nll in running order in a
yvs. e board hba anthori,:di me to
and n office here iu Ja-k- ftiL-
uill my headlquartcrs. I eil!ti '
a'. nm 'et, but hall inu a

TItat -iuest lt ii a r ig u -t ';
Fo 'r he nni riuti' -Miloth .
\Waving and , k i F -
Telriii r lii sft 'w In
Thait v]hen thie ti'iiliWll'r'm '
F ilsh ied it oi-iLt thil[ .-'i
We1. knev. that ,oie ii
When the -torm a .ke, '
That ll eered uI ,'.
IN li.;-n our It[a2"/ '?
We knew th:t t ,
Ain.I lh,t hIh lther,
W e nc-,urii', t'-i t l.^ v,
And to hear( tor-ianotlier.
WVe knoiw n" fz "!
That orr his hpart
W e ft ti. a t'a.
THe ,:a n\u htart.

Stallni an id tin -er u -.. e a early iii tIe wv -'k.
Mr. C. P. \Vil,.--; i ,.hail. W ith his ,ld -
S im-.o, lu' ii I 'on011 y 1 .1 0 a r.p n :1taltv.-
r citi.'en, Inis a'uiaiiitti neetie-' l 'iiarm lhearte.l
r Ii ,.'-l.1 fih.[lv li f llili IL I) il lda iid ll niut htl-cl .ajlt
nli.a h, fa il an i l.

t, l. '.A- pol:.u-t lr u i ithi Demoni rairgts an.t d 'l -
- il.l. fIn-, alik-. ni his inli.nn:-, as a le-

ine'-s iU| p u a. '.u.-k i,.-a %. tlt.-un lie 'ais- corili i'il
i bi .' up tou it' i t tun. rf hi-s d-ith, 'which
,,_nih'rd Muioday i.t ,rnhiug la-t.
J. Eeg ja irg fare to becomnie the
nit po 1Ksr J'Si4 .,ii town. lHe hias
rI.tiilti-'I -1' lltiutLa nu nilue-r of cas-i,. and has
Sn th-it til .:t' G o.t I .'I .
The tui.r t iturkv Ir,'is till aetiveli
angit tin.,4 the uili-h.- mind. l.eta late tlim--
., lt-t didn't lit.'e the-,-ni--oni or the o liher.
At la-st. i\ork is to be,- ire-iilied on the
C ,.irt ,Hot-. lt. ail.,itu t tim ,-. toio. ,. i
S.ite Aie--ilturi- thiiao.k uti1c-lish '
B .i"g l.uc-si '". iltr'fs a.f_0 th.,,
. .aa,. ~ ~i rto i 1 ,

..-t 7---s%,.r-, ,-....-.-,-- .- ,

AROUMD LiAKE. ., THRE SLAND LAKE. on Weduesday evening last. The attendance
Whtw *o. rt n was quite large, and made up of the be-t F FA" IR .''. .L1R S
What I olug y Town- One of Naure's Garden, Spoit-- Vritten Cit The eIctions ren- C TUR PANT TC Pr
Local. 1:-e. dp l- our Beula p Correspondent- ,Jerrd by Mr. Li-hb were received itll ad- TE R_ PLANT" 1l tdS
Mis. J. R. II_ o* -n ,- -- '. i',.i Liltbv's leture on music, 'TATIVE OFTHE AGAVEi AlLY
S- 1 re la bq 1t\ from (ur li-kesi are much li vr -i fl l un .s. A Mntte or'r*
At lia-t e h ..,t-lat 4 hereto- fore, and consequently tire,lheantifhl] look lihAfi'Gidtini.iW came in for her amaie-of lil
here "o : Lii .- ,., B. e-Iltn, ho up:in. The stranger who 'gets thie f vi 'Applause at the hfin., of the anu'icn'e. Urs
f,.-re l,.en 'raved fr- is title to a rent view of our surroundin-'s is at once ent.rilnct-. -- l. -t limier i atvrc 7 '' '' '-
%%ill rIunm t i'-e n. i ll ritios .- A birdseoe vietv from Sunniv Portal n worthPGOSSIP. fI'e- '17 een kno.n 4 al
dlLal 'f lAr 'lt fit ane in his going miles to see. It is on.i a qnestion of Chicago will be pleased to learn that Brown- atale f ourse a f
Will SlI' st 4. r ser ic- e, a year or so -, 'eir Three Island Lake a ill Ing derives an income of $5,000 froMq his litr b,- ge o as, rt c f t aseme. take ine place of some of our neighl.oring erary work. in -agings and bale coven fo c
t, rnt -t an tons as a healthy and beauteous winter re- The Earl of Zetland, the new viceroy of kinds of cord4ige and for Iackin
S-lo i.i h: ie f ,m Corona- sort. Ireland. eujoys an income, salary included. of etc., is to be.found in nearly all tb heP
il.v, or J P. Ma. Dr. Zanders 1,a' been very sick for the pa t about :.i,000 a year. the agate family, of hichl the entry p
no e-li o Mu week, but is ( I.K again. The Rev Drs. Phillilp Brook., of Boston. so called, is the representative most fariwxIlf
B R lt,-. IU Coronadlo We are glad to announce that Mrs. Hymen and William MeVickar, of Philadelphia, are to Americans in thles latitudes. The 1%a#.
S"H.B* I t/te S. B. is once ignore getting arumind after her long traveling together in California. .
IhA..ah. nud hile .! Chnrlie's illness. Lord Charles Beresford Is about to reA; cans ixtli is alri-ady knottn to commerce' i i
rightglt co trge d possession. Mr. R. E. Nix is breaking the piece of his sent In parliament and take command of its long and beallttful itbre, which has found-.
I 'ni'y ag 1)r t 1 A d think roind back of his house to set out more one of the- large English battle ships. its way into this market; h-nn-quin, .tA
\V,. arc ,i, T tree.s. Miss C. W. Bruce, of Now York, has given palmas, the Spanish it.ayunet, and the niagngfS
.: are a f JanI ..l Miss Maria Barrett wa-s the guest of Mrs. $50.0U)0 to Barvard university for a photo- are other varieties of the snme family. ThI,(
,t Tr't largest rattle- Nix last Wednesday. graphic telescope to be used in the observa- all grow wild in Spanish America; all hb ,
iHobert Tkli ni> L.5 ki It I.acked The water in our lakes is verv lirh tory .. . .
D.iga tr. PeroteCiaomlinie

sn,.ke e nreen Iteet in length.
,,itt' an i,,I iar s.,-f Oinguti b Ms-
Its ii:te is I, fg ued by Mas-

t,-r Thonips.': .n in the little
There is io s..*."V.els. Mr. II.
pInd ju-t west ,if failed to draw a
}iss secn it, t au ,i, ip.
11,_' c.-nlI eI 'nhip.
tacce-.-sftl luea k. Master Gny
Mrs. Mack. li- called on Mrs.
Mack and ML ,ek. Come
F. L). ('..on ':'e E .
tyiih anl oft',. -i I..oW ir
The Laki, H0 ,1-led i -,d anded'
alley Ia. bhet i .tIllai't roommn
and is one of tl
be found t a.-nyi-it ied a large rat-
Mrs. Hesekia t had ten rattles
th..-nake the 0 ri
and a butt. n. been h ere for tb
Mr. 1). W. Bi 'J"

are ai- tvppy%

I.dgar S. Lake is preparing the -kin of an
alligator gar fi-h to send to his sister in
Mr. Barrett and .1. Nix went li.-hing ves.-
terdlay and returned with a fair eatch of the
tinny tribe.
One of our boys went out on the lake and
lost his onar and had to I-he rescued.
C.'-nilnmbl. MeKenzie haI traded his roan
billy goat to F. D. ('oon for the latter's
There is going to be a dance at the resi-
dlene of Mrs. R. E. Nix, Saturday night, 14. We und,.er.tand that S.
Shepard, ('. McKenzie. .1. Iau,-herty and
several of the most proiinient yohntg men of
our neigh worliood are the chief movers in the
Mrs. Zanders and Freddie Kinder are put-
ring out a large patch of pineapples.
May Hurst an'I her cousin arrived home

Last Saturday night.

Mr. Granville is8 We are sorry to say Mrs. Hurst has been
u .verysick. We hope %ho "ill sooni recover.-
cy umuch hb f'
IrarA i

4Ws1 / *h'r -~ ta ely-t mUnakers t -'- tn- th lauit in eu rt we macnd of land adjoi i a
r.. ,,suchiy.... 'a-- ... .." "+r+ expect to ,Toon e, ,t
ly ie"l uks blossom g'like'a roses.
v JL dv throt r- p llini.n-bas_ starte it on hr
Ii t 1ra w\it2 ,ir. Litbbe-v s
Sfro .,,,,"v. I e )ldu range City entranced i
toa-t We k ot' tocahtt.t eT:-, uit'it Th t.- tic. last Wednesday night. t
SAnd read-as tI.a Zl'Indti tt rut u htc. hi Ia i... t i, c 1I tii re n tic. i iti Mr-,l.- F. Mrs. C. F. ZalMi-ers is still working at Mr. J. K.
.Se c t io n 4 'll A n d i l i,: Ii_. 11 -1,1 ,,. t,-L it t h I t t h. e hitll ia d \iil, t , t o -da -n t.
I tSitaioniut. Tf *- cit.- nctuztlluii s u ill 'Ii''' tut Itt'Ltu ]' diy laTt. iiazel's,' zau-leuing. s
collectprepare. ... H th, ght W, l l-- th r., e ,:...I t,. 1C. B. P, It,., ,O tennis running, Dr. Zanders' bnnana trees are comingsalc .
sach i irmation co it,-n -,,Iv '... .. -I l.-n, .l ul 3-1 lra e the 1,et- ,t-n a leres ilti to, n the last in fine -shalpe andarewell laden it ll banalnas.
ctit tate, iitdu llAe hesl nr his lifan f-.n t. i -,. Li ., r.t ,, a nl n l the l ract'e gile? lIe s da Smne son of a gnu got into Fd. Lake's r

be most effective in -ran elofor te Mostl M.. r rr n ,a, ,,.ntli.n tthe S,.nt od ea cerred he d e
% r Th Ie a4 if tih, St'ri a ..-I Stirs, to ,-.-i te Pii all I 'ltiurs-.hl; lrat. If th e' I tle o Ne 7 on t oge er
tto money ,e falet th'di too t,;. ,ln-thu. t ,e- tl'i, It I. ou- huiib e tI.y ln- ti..,ite. Hre-:ttut. El -a. .ays if bn e had baof Phe ar uintl he nthl
S [prope i nt the A ie Ituti : the i t I- ti t i, i s i-ar. 1 I the l--_k. l|.o nitl mith.e t,.tn. IF. i ). (- i o i- u t hlus IKe n t zio he na e aiye steis o f tbdeir pinh aith ihenC
of m 'i -c -ei t i e r'ai,.i tr th i:, i, ,i.1 Kutt.. vtat takli-n ind.-enl and vi,. lent- tiraled nitiku-tun tit .during the past a ue size shot.
bttl .fe e ,n,! .it ,It- I 'Pt.l, ,iir ind ettl,.,r ly illcit t. ti,, oI rnus. [ tll gi,,n'it thels Telet' .v, ',e,.k. ... "fD A mUGH TE O Fu iVE.
ore, antI as I1. fa.n .Ii I liI:..,II t. -, hi I- i..t 1 i l'-. I.ti -, t, c u, nute- t ti-. ,J. I IKI. I haz,- i eln ibav-I e a nd planted wi lt l lt DAUGHTERS OF EVE.b
.en-liture .-Thall t, Bulnt t his -: thl_- !-i- i, I ,,ti,' -rt .,0tf Sta,| I:,i ol o w ,-,,,r t,, i -t.: ua e k in.. :i, v::.,ta er. It is a sure thin Quee ur Victoriais stle o solved 7 tlt parliae-
excepti bl esoh tion -. o.L i, E. 1ha t ..i- me shall e t t alandsome allowances to al
oIating th t a r adereof, a ud en- Lake e len, Fan Jun.I,. i -:t, lI-,' l a.. i .' t ri. e o o tr t e ie iSol nh ah hr g ra. She ad ea ner do
ue tiOra ,-,tr:iti.on, ,ut lheT -til-L3" la t tp.-, ..-itne--- thhe f,:,r .hrme till,,:., ll ".h,.thievl.r, on the ini- ha ge oa nde hre A he f and e a a o-
h funa d remaining at the noi An Orange Grove for the i ost l oney liv.utin e, l.., hiaiK I:_aii-:. the -Jak- citueuatt ri. Ruie oleh hter ede f
p e t,1t h an -.a. no a. h Rutgers college has conferred the degreof
i" shall e carried to the ere lit of Pl,:,f. We .-,oae l .iA d a y (oi T e on thr i y ou o e ,tht o f al in
reau for the succee.hing ear,-adi t av I iull st believe or inlauti- r are n-in: taot tai itle ,lnI, and -i"r I,:, Ina fartr thle P.'f. 'We- lake or the B. A. on three young women, that of B-L A.
pendt-d Aith the ainlouta appropriated many very btich t, io i'an tnaie- "i,- a lar,.': il-.., of st ranger n i eOt "- N-erth. He t, fi ~he 'tat: t Texa on one, and thatof Ph. D. on one. Several
'h hcceeding year.'" "isif ficn-tilizfe rs i i.nrn I t rult. iftie 'it h ,-ailil- ,ntu nhe lhe learnllar Sliilory Lin' tne, t-i -Yoyk ; thence to the other eastern academies bare also given
osill recall'." he continue, the. acn- thitt coe atn.'' itslf. his ". ti rte itat State "Norail c ," Mier- il,, Pa., women graduates high degrees.
tlae L is ire air.i regard t, imni- hunnhredof- of different v u-riet e thac t are sent I,a-: hull :t h ll'I Ie a s cet-- here, it we hal where his famtil1y ar i preS He twill ber t
on in al appropriation bill. The out by our uurs-erynen, there aare soine that iielu-:,-sed g ounts, a lseut tor aiouit ftu. ea, Mr. Mace ill Court circles are talking about the cto ver-
As if the measure made a -trong light are better than others. Diidle the plot and IM. C. P. Wil.eox's funeral was larngelv at- 1,.o-k a ter the itotottount s iol in his ah- son of theo mpreshAuguta Victoriafesson th
liberal approphai tion, but when the bill one half 'ill be more profitable thtln ti teindled there bhtine al..-.ut 'tent. vehicles in sence. faith before Abbe Radljewski, who is ait-
ly passed it set aside an assessment 1of o i. Thin e e servi, es were held at the family The Orange GroW'" s Union and the Vege- tahed to the household of Prince RadwtlL
one-eighth of a mill for supporting the other half hold o that half it we rei e e. agina it** le Badsly came up ale Grwer' -- Li eld a meeting ons eole ofi c li
tisu in*- t. v-ork. This is small, but it is shall have the same nrestlts. frini the oran,_rae ,lti rnail ay a d supein- Saturdiy evening. thing of inport- The finest private ollect. on of pearls in
.tletler4a nationn to make every cent of it There are certain seasonis of cthe yaaru that t,-.t,.i tche fun-ral curetotanie- of his old. and ant-ce transpired. rFt-ran te belongs to Mile. Done, sister-in-law
t nthe first place I ant going to in- ,rof Trtt t L' i e ,, ate i t \ ltiend, ir. Vh -Vo Y n e of ahier It is valued a t 1,500,000 francs.
tr.-all the counties, cle leading tes and ranges bring better price in ket iend, r. Wil rx. P " Vne.liV killed a five-foot Mine. Thiers, her sister, shortly before ter
ns, and all the live, pt-ogresinte men .f than at other tine.s. We- have found% what Sixteen coul- reprev ntepd the.hGae n l ac" .in n.inn -, death, gave to the s tat a pearl necklace
State in the cause. They have o'nl ot time oof the year that seas-oin e.:es, ift- let i hall ,as held tet at th arrollonla Thurs- liss May Hur rned to her .ome worth t00 ,000 francs.
ish printed descriptive matter, auil th -s plani our reve' ,, -eu b va ri -tis as ill ,lay eteniog. Had the Jack- ille base just south aft he understand her Princess ophla, of Prussia', who is to be
i t will distrilutie it judiieshi synm- itteec it. Again. sote kin. are more pro- in b college i married to the parta
-iNand effectively. T his will not -e ductive than others: iant there is a great dif- lit,-lir tine :.nuld have Ieeon the result. Their -l a e lo "anionsni ts ld. married to the Duke of Sparta, will have
y dthroaf the aipblets and i fe-ence noto only in .Iks ht in L quality iy would hate beenon on handle nnly th,.v l'hat a piy t %ttn k'truth did not $350,00 from the private fortune of her fa-
, .. lu r the streets, into aoad ars, ,l the fruit, And the time is coming alihe our r W1n" rned tof lthe intended snnub. select t Lake Rel I i u. Ire, instead thor, the late Emperor Frederick and $75.000
S-h the mails, liere not one oranges-let themi go tI market hen they .la.:ks.uvile orchestra .is.cour.ed- .oe the t2O in gold t yve.- ne.r. -pa'h-,-- ad, e._. r oth lfer dly undls.
rf t- may- -they trill I-e il on their merits. anu ie at the "-kids" ball on Thursdayl even- ofela.ndA La ke.-La rt -iclturiist. Poor Carlotta, ex-empre of Mexrio, lives
. 'pla..nti a' eodi mtin -r -- --We- simply co a -the r.tlltm of In the Castle of Bousbout, in Belglum, In
,.li.' t- --.' ant anthinic that, afterer reiubJ nt-tot
-...n ailnothi huta Nt Aerd. letter reeeivsd by J. E. Axadtro The Yankee T eter adapted to triet lsion Once a year, for a day-the
SI thalurl ni-h I had n llauted hit fri'nI Senator Call. says: ll be in nsic T tie Sea," and day of Fete Dieu-the castle grounds are
-- n l ruI s t-Ir "an n, aI-m it d puill hardly andr lit l n t ,jhh wn in ro few a tai." T he Sen f i u tic k th-k rt Sou lent of th(- opened to the public, and a form al procession
d i eisoaitnirint that k wuldE plaMn t, a,-r will h urely me.t with a warm recep'tiou,. Arntrit to .- % nitithstand- "-pf rstsand citizens passes through.

i ,,v.i l l .r iln i r ato f a S n lfr's I li l l n 'a r g l aOT T .ee sIo t hcigU a s. P 1 1 l l e v e r l i v e t o A c c r d i n g t o J o e o w a r d w h o o u g h t t o
d- "Th ihRecordoteibein. he Bainn -. iSan" set to a gooi know something about it, many publishing
able/ ,Ion. Inquiries e con- d. "_tme : in appearanIe Lby agang of carpenters. -irring niti"nraLa w hat we are houses find that wmen make the best read-
r..- "NEtMO.- tialkln, abltl, alt ~-. it slip your ersof manuscript, and that the ame quall-
le a r atll".- a A e r a n _____ ties that make feminine talent available
inute a ay agent' yet t. It nill be riienenlereiel that the LIFE Berry-Grointig. Editor ("ok f th .and Record paid there, together with some tact and business
Ian i as decided unp on l i p ut ih an airtiule hithe iluet ,ti t Mu- Thei groter of such perihtible artiqcls as eur sian tum a 3 Pihsen ll in Frideringay ntrn- m e
I have been doing sioe Scaminell had. sinrel the control of Henry erries iT subj it ti a icontant ner-,is strain ing. oate agiiv n. l Christine Nilsson ma y never sing In public
Smeanuthile. I iwas dowan Bra'su mill nt Nett Sn irna, arnd l that hie while the season la-ts, and should, in the (ote now, a lP.l v-la you pen r i- again. During recent illness in Pais o she
.4 othe r'day, and induceudl itasodn ""---' -- ^~ --- ,.theRll o d of" peninsu- was troubled with deafmness and loss of moem-
ones to aropriate was exe, tii soo-: tig ,irdr ftron Nrthern .,tire at things, lie I.etter reinnnerated sic in pAtting a.'. insist on changing ory, from which she has not yet recovered.
tsion a I .hep ;at pt ie u e ?a Andh oI- The furniture of her house in London has
the tiork in that section. .r:. La t ce-k Mr. an:11 rat e,,i r than the stoid la Tin.eter .r hule r BIelar c l.ahr?, elen i correspondent been removed to Paris, where she and her
iv ,ihit slt. in des.cripative ttatter, and an u o ne r frm n Baltimore frin l tor I s d t n i .hs. ritre Agrie ltnri-t. ,&,-+.e husb and wil i n futu r e make there r evidence
jal dm give Florid an o-er t-lin ,aeve a. Hr t1 the end thr wa n g so about e haae Covi
ur a t lt. ti 'ihu ll re t f tief or ro. I-cie tit ha vea n ot i .u i lt e up tn o fiturit b e rI o et a So ot fr i t r a ti s -g '' A "r e t a
agents p w tutatiitg all partsof the u .t of i 'og inntl e.1t.he eit' Lake -s.:phappily siuarr thua t they-cantha enu employ We tic' not a I en r at the end There was nothing slow about the Coving-
Thens p 'i- t be awakeinei."r tepleun T bhis oakEs Isin, siuas tar all hands, n.:noen as pik'rs and then there is noa need of the word rni* 'a. We spelled ton, Ky., young lady who found, when her
Van L nan .CplAiuei further that and 'e prekit that Mr. Seatmnell till keep of f,-reman i .r tikts. a each piiker can the aijectite, .'p'enin;la ," correctly, and, friends and relatives had assembled at home
encis ,ouih etheMStater wurtmldlet tluoe ut I hat for sale haistli er aecoutts, and k-pin separate alhouh iwe 1ier what article it, to see her married, that her husband-elect
-ed j usib etmhs ad a't'I pld, to kepIim slltied withogs. Ir. m- 3 -are farm ad purposely disappeared. She telegraphed
g thstee lec r ,ntti F ,rIait, m 'en'i cnter, rise an .I g.1. -alie dativtness' is entes, a- j.e,-t to inspe.-tion at n-n or night. appeared i. %e ur to a former suitor, offering him her hand
ait 4trcan be hLoked after'byof. eitleI to the enco.ragement tf all the in- 'bhe t'onluble sith thilren is enrally lacnk that te used it s to th "Hazle and heart (A and the next evening the latter
'-said the ianamb tnitd S-er,- habitants around aIiiut here. of mature jiulgnient, a&l siome are tricky -:tr "Hazel"' cri 'isn 'a rat's iri Name,' 'led her to the altar.
R'.anit g i peiraniet etlirs.. and di-hon:--t. llnt er extensive fruit- anyway? Princess Clementine has made- a good
w.bave a etis in f eign. "Jim Crote '" Merchutsr. ru wt-r is sul ,--t 49 strikes .en the ikin Harry Girater cin)nd Niss lMack, match for her granddaughter, the daughter
rn ny, Fran-etc.. -.VThepeople on.(,,ronado Beach have trILied g-t.i, and I hsve found it best 'to I.)hae f Wicnnet--e lf -ad called on of Archduke Joseph. Prince Thurn and
..m-yehere.-nacta- attract with their parents. -ubijeei to pen- Mrs. iC.i Pcito 'l i.. on last. Taxis has a yearly rent roll of $1,'0,000,
d'Iuro .?' to get the-mierchants from Sitvna to send a altr if token, .i, is ctfeed by ai- Berln ul: to put and is the nephew of the empress. StiUl the
fe F'ioridla man over t the t.aclt twice a v.eek ao d lake holding pay until the close the 'ea-on, berlin park at watch is regarded p s a mesallianmce at the
eh"here.tre r for groceries, but have not been able with iforfeitkure of a iot'tiIr io,:tra.t is Lil an elegant -1'p large Austrian couh-t, and the emperor warned the
Ap h t6,m gn ornt er- v for b(e a e.en. "Ieete tr,-r ir "paviliohs, young archducbess of the fact. She replied
dwdo are t, o get any, one as get. C'. c. t L ak the en. .ne visited a large berry-roin fi. i at a i. o for that she did not care; she intended to marry
S lier borders. "..nterriing m ch t frci l.! H -.len ur Philadietphia. vho hal erected a eheap a large adRodxtioi *klg ooi form n p the prince, anyway.
i to work her to ttesah to s-end S tifi storIy burr aek of4ee r where players t l .t nosned
.h'ile cheuro tmi,',k. ~rs for $31ii-mo'th of v-tm hout s.d tbqir sixty pickers.. They ji it tat -ien nes
at..more ivbi.h I have i. nh t p tir i e mtokedb t eys l jul tovein the I er does Orange Oity'a usi Zr -
VanDeni t, as the 'Times- Lake Hli T ittWs living at opt air, an tie ep. ft tbe hot city to anyr"' 'i" -*
a-to least e n 'atd tha-t I ais ,rl 'Q -4,et ,g odzIs frI;-.,hbint'at joinlar I ItIe n, tile s i4 ir.r. hAFA...t#.r &o
,-i n -It da W e'rt' got- ptii L*;- "'. t- eId gm -t N-.. .l3-.t t

D. K. Pearson, the Chicago millionaire,
bas. during the Inast few years, g ven away
nearly $N00,000 to educational institutions In
the west.
People with theories about hands, eyes or
noses can deduce their own conclusions from
the fact that Gen. Boulanger's ears stand out
at an angle of 4.5 degrees.
Robert Louis Stevenson's mother, who was
with her son In the South seas, reports him
as in, greatly Improved health and about
starting on another year's cruise.
Simon Cameron, in recently speaking of
his son, the present senator, said: "Yes, Don
had many advantages, but I had one which
overbalanced them all-poverty."
Walt Whitman writes to a friend In New
York: "I am easier and rather better these
days, and am wheeled out in a strong willow
chair every day. But I am a bad old wreek."
In a recent letter Professor F. Max Muller
states that hardly a month passes that be
does not receive so_ new proposal for a uni-
oeral language e says y s.a H.t a mS"e
-Pr leas lsgentous. ,.'

pulty, fle.h ing and imbedding tires which are u rdpgj
often iMX to eight feet in length and q
much lustre aud beauty "h-.u properly tr
ed. The ditti-tnly attending the prepare
of these fibres for the market has beetF
no machinery "as available for the'derd
lion of the lilires. the proioess o)E
them tby hand from their accomrpan"
being -.low, laborious and expensive ei
country like Mexico. 'where labor is
We allude to the subject here i
haie received from Mr. Win. 1). Kr~e
Washington, i-onie samples bof magnet -
of reinakable beauty, forwarded to 'hh
Mr. 1). P. Burnion, of '-anuford, F1. i
latter is a machinist of Northern birthb,
lihas gone to Florida in search of health,
has addressed his attention first, to the 1
tivation of agi~We fibre-producing plants .a
second.'to the c.fst ruction of machinery f(
deco:rticating the filee. In both enterprise
.he appears to have fa ieved success. Th'i'
fire' produced by%, hin -iqe clean, .stronng.
white apd I~uuif[ul, i rd. q t ' foa r a'.- .

* -- ""- Bore-mportatit urpos es
t h e s e u io r ."'.'t K. , ented his father's paper at the'"e oo NpLo* t 1 o. 1p, "..1,.'1 X 1ti!
massac,," in 1S10, and' is probablythe oldest decortication,-be hap d'net.',.. < e't -
r-vivor of that scene. fe is now mordlthan indi es,' and .to his f-iow-awmt e de
years old --- -, -t___of--- s
Cardinal Newman's health basconsiderably its operation, we kL-,w notbi
improved and be has returned from Malvern But Mr. Burdon has per1
o Birmingham. His mind is as clear and of hardly inferior., if not ind
vigorousas ever, but his eyes have become valtie in dentonstratbig the p
somewhat weakened aftd he uses his hands ity of the climate and the -;i
with great difficulty, the growth of the agavte plan
results of his experrui ents
The Hon. John I. Blair, the millionairerail- ,raordinarv. The nmagues
road owner, publishes a card In his official trown b him in t'he poorest
paper stating that he will henceforth treat ded it produces a better poorib
with silent refusal all appeals made to him where the p rowtdu ices mre r
by letter for gifts or contributions to public firstear the plants ield Ii
n-private charities. lper acre every year, a l
"Bagdad" Leyland, who Is to marry Miss twelve tous of fibre nia
Chamberlain, the famous American beauty, fertilization is required. 'I
got his queer name from "bagging" his fa- king sandy waste is adntl
other in the hunting field in Leicestershire. plantation. 'llie plants
He mistook the paternal legs fora hare and ond or third %year, having
filled them with shot. four to live feet long. 'l'B m
The Duke of Portland hasdeckled to devote continues In grow at the r t
all his past and future winnings on the turf to a beighl of thirty feet. ob
to the erection and endowmentof almshouses out nmyriad- of shoots ,i l it-' n ,
for poor people at Welbeook; the scheme was vitality, while tlic original tem detcar. .- -
originated and suggested by theduchess, who single plant. lturing it-. igor, ill *vltyir
has it much at heart. hun.iredl l.c. ith i nibire. ir. Bnr'l
George Kennan, the noted Siborian tray- gan ith mfifteen-it hpulp- titit inie plc ii .
eler, will pass the summer at Cape Breton, in eighteen limited, he has no2,
N. S. His wife will be all the company he lisi tncans ,nL' limited, h has no
desires, and much of his time will fe dovoti ahe t exten hie o cf the sas to
to editing a large amount of naltter not yet r chilide stv.ral arietie- of tI have no diit, *'
published relative to hiAt 8berian journey. ire confideing backer o on as ve ublicltf
The death of ex-Senator Simnu Cameron, been given to the consequences which tI
of Pennsylvania, leaves James W. Bradbury attended his operations.
of Maine, Alpheus Felch of Michigan, and The matter seems to us to he of grea'i.
Jefferson Davis of Misalssippi, the oldest ex- tional ilnportance. I e have been
United States senators now living, all three tomed to regard these filbro as .hardly vw
of whom entered the senate in December. able for indnibrial Uses becalt e of the w.l
1847. mechanical appliances for their prepare'
The belief that Henry M. Stanley will re- and because they ierr- fo be found nnlvy ht-
turn from Africa in September has led an hide of our own country ini .itiV'illt',t -,
English lecture manager to book dates for curit. f l, tc4"4t i -t- 1 '"
the explorer in -ntkS ,of the -English cities nteaAnim l 1-em u, t nuo^ HT
Mr. Stanley, If baeqts baik, can makv w aise alhdtiblhotoit mbd leit
400to $5500 a ig llrbye.recoal-tf..hg'.aht-;. ti-te .t-e-te.i ntbA .
ventures. i0. l, .-, -,.- ;.
David A. Weaspivrbois re4kdued4.1Wmrned. t .u re
man and has just lpee jLsD'd11 Harva4,r ola at lin ni&e^'i r.oni ii it
says that, he would d6spalr :of gq~tfing. .. "ursutir of a new infust.-y--hat -'xi
college nowadays were he required to pass' supply a substitute for .jute i'_.
the examinations that young men are called make us independent of the foreign ouun
upon to pass before they receive their eu- producing that article. We 'arc' uol0 -5
trance papers. to assert that the igtive fibres are.,dtih
At a dinner party given to the emperor to jute, or that e ,ao ll .
and empress of Germany lately the hostess, lace, bidu of suchat akiny mea not u 'hikiv
Countess of Waldersee, formerly Miss Mary ndustr of such to industrial indopet "
Lee, of New York, performed the difficult near dierapproacih to industrial indmpevi:
feat of walking backward the whole length ut dtiersilicatiou of the enplyntienl
.of a high staircase, managing her train with the peoplee. retntion here o at roft.B
nage-, utilization of soil that might othi
great dexterity. awise be used les, and increase of the
Marshal. MacMahon's main employment at of the nation. We have probably nelf
present is the completlon of the memoirs he with the gnoeral neglect of the. possib
Is putting together for tho information of his dustries of the South, the possihilities oa.
children. It is sail to be a very frank state- cultivation thc&e of the suli-r< p..:al prt.
meant, for the downright soldier hab really &1 the earth. Even orange culturoii
nothing to conceal. One of the main feat- ,ida is of only very recent origin; and f
uresof his character has always been his are aIlmo'st indepeudi.nt of Southern E
straightforwarduess. for our supply of oranges. The pr:of -
Alexander Graham Bell is going to enjoy in FlInida-of vast -walth'in the sb -A
his suminor in a house boat in and near Nova course fibres ij afppatfictly equally l' p
Scotia. A Baltimore boat builder has built an, ,"e believeit may eLn made inore-firohi
for him the most singular looking craft that"- Even now the Southern planters 'rTe M
has ever been put afloat. It is an immense to find- for their cotton bales a 'oetigf
catamaran, housed over with a cottage that teridal which will relieve Lhem of tI,.
contains double parlors, dining-room, billiard tons of jute trusts; and here, in a a.W -
room and spacious sleeping apartmUenrs, State, seetis to be-their opportuuity..'.T.
besides kitchen, bathrooms and -rvanta' agate fibres assuredly are.titled f'or-tkztb
quarter. pose both in regard ito strength ana t,.i
_u-_rt__r___-__"" low cost.
Only One Thing I Can't Raise. *- .' .,,
There isoue thing that the invincible west- Rat on the Slack l6i9'.
ern cycloud has never yet succeeded in rais- -. A ngt or-two since' as 'a pol
Inag, and that is a mortgage. -Burliugtou Atrolling hls eat he happened tIp 'l ol9
Free Press. atteption'wasattract.d by he
*I tt .-'., .' ,, jb,. ,l watcbhied W nt re'
I. WA s

L E Bl'an Wll
Clerk Fl
9i. w h i 'p o s'iti
' ry of 'ic Boa


iurpansit i s
bpeniati.on sch

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-- _A)ETIN-V_________E -_" "

A weekly newspaper puiblihed every
SSaturday aat Lake. Hplen, Fai.
7 Subeription Rates: Two tollars a I
Year; One Dollar t7or Six Months. 5
rae on 1'lns Notinpi, per lini c fl'-n euloi in- '
sprtion In bliac k type or npitl- u 1 .-it5
a 'e_ t ,- t
One Inch I kll'i ay -lol nIvei-rtk"' rp nt,. one E
-t1im 11; one nioit .?3; tw' miointli-, i
three montli t gii: si-x niritnliA r10.
'Displave.l hi't.ri'i' n -ll,,'i il ivaryCi'l con i
trar(ts, $1 p-rinch, per annum, for one or
mor- Imies. N-Xp rluction on accolint tof
sOpice tikeli. .
L..'gal mii ''rtsiiinoiitl nt thi raitr fl uil by
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VE IN Fl.O1 rD.A aln "'11' i r', im'iii'4 1 vL-fP
twto ^C. e in Violis-in caninrv.
'ne< il tnt'-!1 'l I lnh I nok n in:t y 1? riileiii r t
our.--_k__ d r-_ -.1 .111.21 -- thal n > l-ollur ,
Oflcfe, L -keie- ,Ie ncne. Hurlin lnik.

Y dulatdto
en on )to a comil.ineid clif.rt in so-
;. rapid- prores f:or lie state and
opic: but there are other eoridi-
i..-h depression, discouraigin
ost disanstr'iuzs in thlieir effei:ts.
.I..n imperf'r,":t survey of the? ntral
tflges oif Florida inli a eornprehcn-
nof the panicky condition of her pup-
ron must inevitably load to the celi-
plon that. imniinrati,:in is hr one great
i --tlit in it, in filt, lies the .fot.-
nf" herdlestiny. An 'yeta n ma-
o.f her chosen repri'-?intative-
S 0thte lower house of thie Ile--
0 -t1iose hho are -.-uppigiiI t-, i have
lfair,' ofrthe etu onintw'iilthli anu! i:t'
OpIle aluiost npp',?rli,,t in inilid--
uterly to grasp the itil'iti,,n. A
'i_ ir'r)r'rialii,' n of onie--ie ilt of
0. ^ ^ e n s, : valuation ,.,i thi_
.ithin the state was all toiat
be indliceetl to devote to I he
ntiiimitration -the one erat
fhieh'1i Flrida's nnillinn ,f uili-
is are daily (nrving. The lres-
ht.ure prosperity of the st:te i.3
ended in ltis c'e world.I, but it
e .Fd for the law makers of lI.': t
B tir ees bfor the ,it wirt g pri.,Rs-
hich a liberal apprnproi-tin would

ut "half.i aloaf is,etfcr than nro
d." TlIe cnet'Miureau ofl'innim;rri-

Iati:- made by the fi'hn'I:ls eof i mnii-
-lo h cii4Thi rpiee4 om c< .-
we Leking'iwitvat-t'hi1 item in
l f' "ti1 bti i
Ht'irr the urteaan fairly
% every dollar will put
(i. i1 the lust goot-
--s iure that gi-id re-
ten under the disad-
Bi'oni front, the bureau at

t n,-twi
)"q -ile
Itl hat n
Stro i.l<
uon-el id
L. got o
i. atolen
in-the c

i'was d
1. towar
tel onl

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L, i ae ri

a,3a thi
,re sense

bu iltl

iibnii, 1)

0trupv t t


'y and a .,sack of e.'-.s
on a Capitol avenue
rsiay. lHe liadcl ben
1y eg,'N, andl was on
ihe little negro was
hlhli, searce-ly large
on ;t car when stand.ingi
ithstanding his size he
lroiiilenminii e to the car
leihb.lirho-Iod. TThe car
iw up wh.-n rear him,
ed to tr3 his l.-ik hfr a
n all ri"lit, and was en-
rne to its. fullk-st ex-
driver enauIht a Lnlimpsie
ad as. lie kept petp inei to
iscovered. Thle driver
hii lines arid slipped
rd the rear platform, but
y about half way when
i6- Ca4nu1A _a. glimnps' ofmf

-an j"i', as. "e a. ..
id of the bit of rlliek'
e unoegi' iarave une back-'
then made a heal. He.
"im1 way, however, and
trhe grind he was Iv-
stomincih, with li ii c
tas "i s.r.mufbled eg;ms
had his reveiinge.

iret:-'fouLrte cAt that dciU
than n,.,.t ftliin s ps-
Iail ciiuil:,enienit it claw-
lelt' onle ot'f it-4 fur., t eet
yard SOile iyearl's dglor, as
:ler that it ii'l ai.tde a
it,:re-trng ill i.,:i;g.ition
erein eice.iiu.eal. This
J'., Irind ;P'es be
liap up tihe drippJingrs.
,ast it hlo.i been watch-
rs very inieitt'ly e l i7
would take a eraCker
counter and nibbl.- it
their beer, Ye-ter,.t. I
it juiml'e.l up (.1 thii
pie e uf. rake. r ofi'n t ,f ,
diwnA-andL ran b,'liiii
try't0n, jtin-thai eatelics
.,'- dl 'nvl."l,, by it 11 nulr )
;ti.',. i'rt a _.. J

lin' dc'wn line, lihavent I?" It then t
c.sunni nperation with the nonc-hal- w
alhce of an; .ld linl," St

Did Grahdiuji everI,:. mer Nia:ara falls w
n a l.:,rr,.l? He sA'|, that he did,, andl t
% Viir. 'f 111- friin,.] s:yV ttliat they t(OOk nl
inl -ut ,f the !.,irrel in a ilialt-dead A
.ouditio.n, at. it is bcin; very .str',,nly sA
iilu ited.l that (irahbiLi and i is friends w
i:I': beiiWn frying to deceive thlih publie. 2t
Buffiln i 'newaper uian states that ,t
ihe barrel was nallwedi t) go :ove'r the o(
Ulls, and that G;ilt:iu then swam out
-0 t and ,ot in it, when his friends,
ih:i were j..-.t:1 ':.iteriiil; the scheme,
rescued" him. It' iral: in reallywent
ver, it seems that he will have to make
he trip again bef'.,re he can got. the
public to tbeli ee that he ididl.

In an alter.nti.n W.-.ln.eslayv between
fori'fe Iuc'k,,,irth andi A. J..hinso.n,
roth t'arUir. or.f ila.-":k eUinty, their
,rnier wa-;s .s'vur'l'l.y i t with a p,.'ket
nife in thel'' li.indl f the I4:itt'r. Thn_
i.-plUte was ablut a tI.Ax hl-Ihjiig'ing
r, oni .- ['the *.,r il< n:n. whi,.-h led to,
l,.,ws anid ,ril.4.Ad a p'-oc'ketknife te-
nw plune,:'l into the ne L of' Mr. Du.M-
'orth aidl 'Ira:wn liane ..n:lly arn ,-s hii
ea-t, i.Milit inL a very pa l iii'l"ant? trI -

.~ .1 7 ~ triflfrt~ ~ .. ~ *1

.., ds tir, -- ,-,,
be' would not thLink 'of oing c.--
rhere for th,: linear claie.
Other nierehiant. spenk in n. .iniilnr
ta'n. In all lines theoi.tlook is re-
ar'.led as ,i,:.. .S'.e .' L uti.'r iinr-
ill pr'-baubly add a draiirin.'r or two to
leir tlher ind II:, ,l W r I t...
lore iI IJ I-I i"' ,: I'', I i' in ,i 'iu. t.ilt-.
ks a r'e ult there is a t iir I'r l.ail.ilit
hlat ni-.xt sprin..' thO e w -i:ial r,|..,rt u il
how that their trade .f' tihe F..r-t .'i
ith tIhe Penii iuI-iila State i better th iin
any Il're\i''u' iiin. One tlin'. in
trtieulir ih:,t will aid in aconipli.dihini
hi. is tlie larCe _r:ni gte er,.'I,. slhii lueliit
which ill SII :in 7ein.

Let us rest ourselvesia bit.
Worry? wave your-hand to it-
Kiss you[ fle''-rItipr-. and smile .
St farewell a [ittle, while,
Weary ofbth: weary way
We have come froCn yesterday,
L''t us fret iis not. instead,
Of thoe ntary way ahead *
Let us pause and catcb our bre.a-h
On the hither EiJ. of datb,.
While we seo the tender b-hoota
Of uie 'rasses-not ibe r,:' dA
Whlilei we yet l.:.) do'wn-not up-
T"' ,.' k r, i[ t i ij.un-'rcjp
D ILiei ,i1ij I'. I hero wan.3
O't-rI ti gre'u honm ',-Re grave.
Lt us laun,1 h u. smer,::ly on
L.irlesr Iil:.,iw on t3' a lawii
And irnft ojiacr.o-, ith,- rna
Of our chbldLA-.lteara mho.a.
. *:-. Vn.ya -''Bf'. hbiieath the i'--.


Pure Bak '6r a Specialty.


Cleaning, and


or n.rthy 1i't or' .I .

n, ..,s1 I I ill i-. tr a q -. k- / -
,'e. -I I de sterm shailbeat eVat d t
Mrs .Caroline lBeav.:r, ai s:lhon l'as- Than the wind irt wave ihIo ti eat, "' L" .
senger on th. ('lvyde line stianmer Se.i- And no tempests burst -,rve .
6Te old laugh% we u Tows lore. un /
inole, died nt s.-a ofnr:mittent fevel duir- C. t'E'
TLose ni- trouLien-gain rra'e 1-N&
ing tlie steamer' last ,vo-.aen, from Jack- Languor and excer-.n-Tu.ace.,
.,nvmille t6 Nw Yo,:rk. Her husband, Cruising idly o'er tor va.<, .,'
William B-aver, came to Florida two Calm ceaon of Clb wltA CW& ...
i Niltlta itcd ann (iraniL'P ri ltis rest ourfre' l s a iabit, I '-- ,j
eart a-.and ..tarted itn orange rov'r W.rry?-wtavo your haL to it- ESTIC, H
at 'haIt.hoo.-hoo. About two yo-ars Kis. your finger tipsa'desod HUE( *HE1[
a -,:, ]i,= d i, : .) ,,f 1 ,l|,,,i [ever. T I. fLrarewell a lltl ,,bi, o. T UR'-'W' t' ,
o h ded iof bllis fever. Th -a Wi b Ri y Ii N. o. Pln e. FURNITURE WA
widow andl her only child, a boy of es Riley In N. 0. Picayune. RNIR, PA
y,.'irs, to,..k p. ge for Now York cilv Daguerreotypes. DL4Oml, -
She was taken sick the second dyv out. Daguerreotypes were co-tly thing~ at -"'"',' "*
L rst. In England, where lthe pn'-oces JOHN E
fHr hiody w:.s. sent to Bro:kl n u' had been patented by an enterprising
the arriail 'o thie steamshilp in New person who stole it from France, the Real Eti
York, Ml..nday. charge was 2 guineas i0l12.(li for a da-
gurreotype only 4x-Hin., andl 4 guineas OR .4 4', EI' 11 'I
A hen at B-irtnevill' has lnidl an i $'0.lf ,)fior one twi:ca that big. In this
:avi-l'i~.e '1 all .";: a ,.13 -inlie .Jaiinirly country the prii-? s for the two -izes ywere i S ... .1l :i',ni iu :
I. Thi... r,-mniendu is nunil,-rI, h ;,, I .eI, at first $5 and- $10, ibut eCNv ntiJnlvy, when i,*,v 1-..I TlI 'll u n
didi not atify.v h,.r, an' Fi nd Sa t- ot r poc -'es inva e i eIJ lr- .
Sretv s came down to andI 5. eiitas.
"r.ay "he lai hive cL .'S e ch ay. at which there iurelv ,.o-uld have b,.n ".n --
A-'lain sIh. "wis n.,r sati-fied. n d iSunliay, no profit in lhei. T1he lia,._errttyp IN ALL
in-'ti.:d of k -.ini the S.iibbath l day had to. be 'ery caLrefull protl'te,..l rom u IN ALL B
lhiol, she laid seven ,-'wi, nakiun: sv.ien- thet nLtosplh:-re, and even the-n wias pop- "
teien in tihri'e i .', o'r t,.r tcle '1- days ularlI beliove.l to Ifn c out ere long. It
ri. .li r-h, h:i'. I 2-,* er i. sh is however allrnir-d b Lv Mr. A 'Dog:JrJd L
,.*) Ilie'! b h Jlit .-and surely n'i.o:ivdy has a I.:tt:r right LIF'
is iie by J.,hn V an. to pic authoritatively-th-ti a prop- T
erly made d(lrcuerre:otyple would not "PEOMPT -I.,* .
At-lanta was slirr-?.l tr.,in er'-nter 1to fad ocut. It w~ ull becoru.-i covered by a -- T'-I :-
t:ir'-u.iinierance theI other iliNv by a tele- filui of tarni.h that would rider the n 111
gr,.iphi.' or..,r tr,,ni 'J:iks,,i l,.r ithirtet-n picturI e quit( invi-ible, L.iut that could .l iM 8Ad
,finn.n. W ild rilnurs ,.,f r:ilr,,, wr.-k., i beI)y cheinical imeais cl:-a-ne.I olfT lhat
n .. thie picture would stand out as clearly -1PR I
is, siill pox epidei ad m y as when first m ae. Thin h ad ef-
'it erI :1' eirulIatior, in ...n the streets. fected in pictures that had vanislihed r:- LL WORK[ t' _
No tidin's c'.iul be I--ten- fri' Jai.-k- fu gt ifltf-n years before they were MtED, i f
h s iha-h. .. -'- put i in. landi for t nroatm .e .
.._. in _tIt-, P ri. -'l Rr s,,I "'t

('.' ,.,nti', r-d i' t goiit w f: "b. c,.m clit of Lon UT t ._
-. 'flo g' 'l tha f tor .tc,-n i that '.,fnL

ne.Af.yratf thl irm plat fio tp, Da nr-r,-.--J H Connell' ..
ad,-pc, rlp byv'f'ta e ei;i- tii'',:n ', slF,, 'T:t -----.--- :-'-'- -..: _...'-"
".- een -' A most remarkable case' :rl t .'
:ilv iriuniph, for i6 is thdi cause of the to light by the coroner recently during ^ sSn
Ieol'le. an inquest on the body of an 1.5yvar-olh.. f'
Girl w ho died Thlurslay night iu a onme'
The 14 .box.-.s ,, leon.,, ,ent t.. New i room shanty whiilich srved,. as a home for P ,r '
Y.irk fro.nm Jac.ks,-nville Thur -day on a widowand her six clhilren. Josephine (',./1', l -.."2t;.
the steanis ip Clir.,rkee were thlr i-st (3ral-sLi. ili dead girl, w li4 was the eld- /,r,'l ;'"I,,
Sthe new p nt of the family, had never walked a ./,,,,B.'. /
'if the. crew eu',i i-u nrth. Th,:.y ar' step in hier life, iho had ever seen the ,.,'ih Fr i h,,[l.,
fri i,, te celebrated DeB-ry r,:,re at. 1ih of day, never heard the sound of ',:',r /o/f
.' l: inord. voices., never uttered anl intelligiblesylla- Tii, II ,",-, ,,. I
bile sinco theday of her birth and waa i,,i. ; ./,I 0 t1
Sine two ,r three weeks ar,Ig a lady never known to smile. T,.,.,I.,,,/ in /ilA
living in tlhre northern part of Bak'.r She ate "vhai was givron her, rejecting .q.,-.,t1 ,,, /'.,1 ,,
county., '.iave birth to on,i,? child, and nothing., and never making a sign tlhat A/i'.tim. '!'. ,a.
',onie twentt-.six to twent\.-e;iht lho.urs she deire'd more. The only feeling that h1,s 1 !''3 tw i /1"''
later, to another. These children, thi semi-inaniwate creature evor be- F',r ffi,'-al,,
Iat(r, to n iher i h r- strayed was when a flower would be @write, J. C.
th,,uth twin.s. will celebrate different placed in her hand. At the trmo of her
l"irth]ilay,. death her body was no larger than that
==='-" of an ordinary 10-year-old child. All
Savannah's Florida Business. her liml:s were in proportion, but her VALUABLE
A writer in the Savannah Times, hla knees were drawn up so tLat. she linad
never been able to walk. W\'hat sur- NWE]NTY ii.
the f l.,i ,ine t,, say ,,i,' l 1iiness oui- prised the family and the neiigh! m.,u- s n-' t. t -
I..k in Flrida in the Jutilr?. was the smile on the face of the d,:ad Hel.-n, it
A year :%aii thii, i i,,nt ih business in gi-rl. Her countenance looked like that -':ai.ltiftul I',,.t l, i
Floriil-, wn- in a iIIn I-.wlin ti diu or lio/.ed iof a beautiful angel in sweet, repose, and ;ii "rli.'. tr,:., Ill
,ii,,i ,ii-pI',rbl, i.'onlitiiins. Yellow fever the lips were parted inn iheaveenl smile w\il! 1:.. .,].1 at Wia
l Il driven thi.- pi:-.pi 1'' th, I ,iio.und- tliough she haI never sW iled in her life.n' 'r l.v to J 'C.
:awy t'rom i their hoilnes. l1 ny iner- -Chicago Herald.
oli:iirs hail r.rinpUrarily ,li.-',on tinned P. S. Thre-,ii1i
Ibu-iiii...c ,.s their s..tirie' and ..,u- bell CErgs by w teig-iht. li. ,f lak>i 1
North witl, their t:,inIlies, p,:eferring to Here is a scene in a grocery: Two fii-h .and c:ine ,ri. I
],,s,- i.,,li.,v rather hlan i ll t iri lik,-.. O(th- farmers brought in some egg's to seol. vi.i' it. tlhau io ain
-rs hld cea-ed buying, merely pushiI The one was evidently proudti of his eggs. State. -. in the siall,:-t t,,,k os.i- atnd proui of the Ild.Is that la id them.
Isle, ini the hpe that the epilniic would He'had a flock of fine Plymouth Rocks. F R
i,.,ss their ,,n by, ul co.n. enf-,l, ee
ie.s the-i -(or'ed- bymid Mnerical lihe andth.e eggs they laid were beaulties. A New Brewsti i-,
w r .~",'i-e~ "ni .rii ....0 -, a l .'. -.ei m we ghed thirty-niseb b1e old at 'twi-t-O
1 "atr.. ofth.ih ]asit-r have Irj,'e. ounces, an averageof t treeanil d quart r-t "'
tpach ,irida' pr'sluerityh r,.- ounces each. Thie other farmer brought -
iee-.a 4 -i t t' l ,w, f7: t., pi-t ir,: rogress, in his eggs without, saying a word, had
htl~~t6ila rniml- .itiitned,-, a sn,,,ld.:-n ,hi,:.ek, nothing to say -of them or the fow ls thla For. S e- ~
ail. is nearly, if not fully, as laid them. A dih.zen .of his eg- weighed L..t- 1:i n. 14. ii
ii'-] ...minlition as before the fever. twenty-one ounce, an average of onne ..prri:, i'n E ir.,i -'i
S.-i\.nniah'.s trad,- with the state d nem- and three-,ijuarter oimnces each. B li ..trI 1i n ..- id oth-'r in '
,..n tran ,.s this. L-it Ailinii-t imierc.hants lots of egg' were carrie.-I to tho..Fear of it ain '.1'.ir fp r
ir.,-'n' flt iun.n'wha:t 1In.-I aid w.-re. ju.i ti- the store Iby a clerk. cc, .e'anidl each prl. t, '.
i,.,I in doing, .n. Their reb-rionc with man got a Crnt apiece ur his eg~e. As '
Fl,-rid.r n w-re extensive iand' l'"r.iative. tie of the suablLegn. nasi-.ed a I ytarnder
Thle it-'-r ine.,nt ti; thieui, they th.,uchil, in going outw hi win ked knowvigly anid A $60O00 Se
Sh a.':y finan -ial i'Fs, nirt only ftr the- sait-. Tlhat man withi tihe big e i-.' is a '
inni' b.-:ine, lbut fir s..:vi.:ral yi-ars il.i ro1-l, his heh.ns eat a heap more thban
,.'hine. Eu.ii th,. ire I, n -,' nidei-it I.- ked mine, make no miure e'gs-thinug-li they ,
for a gne'l'tnr '.h':r.-'asi in the Fi h e of ii' ,. are bigger-hu li ie pets no n..,ror for gei
lbii-iie-s with tliiat t,:riti'4.y, and tl tihem."-New York Mail ani Exiprens. ,l pt
.',ir-e .' ea ,*,'i'iriiini.h t.lliii oIf in o ___________ ny _
pli-fir.t-. -TLe ire .,eine ilh.ii.inly l'dis- A Remniedy forP- Prickly I-ean, r
al...,inied ]i.,w..ier, and t ii w l, ..k ,r- I have just, discovered that if iny pe..r- d
wo- IS toa ii I...d business s ,s.n tiirIn son subject to I',rihkl l ie.f in su norp
f:Ull aili winner as in thle sa.i .i I ,,ri'd o'f will hathe the plaos ill a we k sl ,iuion ialed achme ots and a
INS7. Wln,-' .v,-l'wuu .Inek. ita', tn uikb!,., ri of saleratus water tl dry i-.- j with a binsand tools. Baveother
.int'hl ]n11 Fl,,ri la liht.* and one wihouI drawers b i-
-'Tli,.ie i. n rt tile simle vluniime of silt cloth, ald a'rn -.lwarlds :,iwiu., r nany other useful anicltsY
uisiniss wit I Florida in heavy ..... i, with a po der :'de otf e .du.J p[.rts of y,: to6ipercent.
suK'h fl,.,Ul' ao, bh,,'ln e~tc.., n,,w as ftdlel's eart'h-, and ric, floor, t.hie% will '., T &rO.,l.
lic re iti'. lever," s:il' d Mr. Ferst, 'f 1have perfect e:ase. it should ble ,oineo
F..r,st (' ,.. ur the uantityv of liner nightly and morning in the hot weather,
-'..s 'if'tanir,'aln i-ood-', ar,.eprii?. ,ioan,-- and if a musquito lites you, don't try The Grea6 t Si ,
( e',, e, ., tliat 'we :ire shi ,pping there i- arty heroic rem edy. but sim ply apply a -IS -{ ..
:- Wr. liilt ini bulk they are io t .soi little cold crieaiim, vi lichi sotiihii.w over- I 4 I i
-*'at. in viiie 'ind prilit tlihey sirp,:i'. comes the p|,ois.,n and irritation when 9)5 .\ i
thi otheidrline o.f mo.,d .. W ,- bn .l h .t nothiing ed .s- w ill. I have seen c-ildren \. \'it 'i M
w..-i.'.isinan in that f'lh,. i .,efa re th,- tilat were nearly wiild with their irritation iii.,t,'. 4,- n. I't'i-ibntf i
'':vi-r. buit nw hli-'e tliree, and the Ir,.-- of many nLusquito, bites c:ilined in a mto- ,-,un, 'i tin F'. i4. 3
pi:,-t t,,r the (, mly opini,,r, i. ment biy tl,.W alpplieuti,.,not cold 'cream.- 14 'w, :,:,
try eni,-_'.iLrirning;. -'.Jc'aksin illei will live l1arper. ,,- ,. .r n1 r 'n inS "

- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 AM-~-~:'~: ~ -~- ,-
m a im uu j.nj tti'i i'~'L Ji '-.u.

- ger Model"
mIa sin~er-
I d)..gua
I tip.rior Io
well made.
ra, (signed
anty). Su-
tn tiop and
3 drawers.
,-ivrfAet of nickel
a: .?edlep, bob-
d 6 drawers
2.75. Also
ve can ?sue
ies at uijus-

.'l,, t. F.h ,
S krel tldint
i,, Ire, fi n,-l

ll rr .1 0
rtr ..t,- ;.o ... ,
_ -' 'r' _-,L .-


Tho instititi,,n is fuill or,-'anihi/Pl, ip--s_ in. fine bi.ilillh s--i ll.,ly the
.,l ,it, new idorniit,,rv, St.,ls.n Hr -ll- aliiiirabll.y furni hed :tnd. su9ipplied
with appil:lrntUs a lnd illui-trtivet niat..rial t :ill kind.-, eul. l, and in man cases
p.i,,'rior, t, that Is-es.-eFd b M1\ .1e i.t inh;siil tions ( ,fa iniilar crade in the north,
Si _u et .A ', <:L teachers of l il.,ral culture, wide
Send for Catalogue, giving full information, to
J. F. FORRHES, PresidIent, DeLand, Fin.
% w v wv wYisv M r TTI TYT I /Y7 Tl IV [ T InrmV

HA. TS A. D N '.1-',


t'entral Room. Haven"' Block. Boulevard




Stbne Building,
DE L IND ai 1i.11 YTOX.A., Fh'ridi.

AUl l, 1.. nf -'lir k \< '-. i d-, Fi .llnz. Fil
(Tl '.[ip -n,1 %%,- 1, iv r i.-rt Of T. T lli I I l' If Iit.
ila 'ti Oi "'1 'l'Alilr -]. ll 1 1, .o l P Ille
m -.'k. -P I f., -!-nte rnfn ll,..

Tin p1rmprt iermn'.:nt of ;ill ,1i:ht n.irt..,
, 11. -ill ii aT.-e *- 1- y
mc.. -ieinl." g ' [.-4'-- ,' ,,-

I,. G'. KcnrC .%iA i. Nv':-vSAYRN.A, FLA~

P~. N. BRYA-Nq




'A f'ill Osui i uct' oo h,' B' -o/s (itnic Shoe's.,
Un) d V 'r ./uu- f q -

,VF 11' l~lRY


Iarg-iugo (w Ted r ,, Fn~~y I-ru i'cn th, -Y'Rur
fim r yesisri 'd". InquireI tti' t lre, o Aofthe

I Nn t u r m-l' I l I r Y : f i.( r i i ~ "
flil -ktI'lIjlin~c-r j ni- e ta


T r
No-..3. annl 7 connect with '441 t J
Thie r"i;oad is inow omrnplete1
s I-r I. Iins l.eeiin put on, (1 1.
tr'tii ur.-r the J.. T. & H.W,
J,l) i r RIvt rr tt mers. Toinl
Jluil tr, inke i trip over thins io
it does,,. directly. cross t .le,, ii
Ridgi (,I fl Vl'.Jn'.iti con ullty, att'- t
iiniot arinctl4ve point, thi-r'igr j
irne. g1 "roi", pn!It rbeat fu-i If
u-ir',r hion'es--ovor i well
lhe,, bri, ,Il gig,, heav'y mto. .
Pullilrman, l'r. contrtroi-i enml- em
tliit c-ilinls to nmakea u pileasu
Tihii r,,nt., slating at Blue.
t.M Jii ni liv-in-r. n rea' tihe ve.e1
I*rIing rh oilli name- i-n Lthe 't'
ic-i1 iinxii'ruincc ot a iriyb'itipa ff -
Jn- ., .. A. R.'v TK Ri%--
[li i ice to Orange City,~'e ro'
trwr, sur'oi.iuiiinle.i exteh't 'uirh- e -
niIo i.j 1iso -li l4oc- 1 (ilc-of rhte' Alt(A 9
Il'e. t ri Floriia; Uiebqu tn 4Lokwi Ll
I'tS tirlirgh a i Rr'A4b-e piint fot is
l, iint rl witrh'hi L es, line or'n-i
anid hi-nter ho pistllae pt r t a TlUih bilul) lt-iniumocl at (1
miyrni, on t1re Conmt, whet,
litiiV atrattrAtions to- please. ;
IAnat)nig, fishing and surf.
.2,J',ifi pltie on the e ,
'o'J wuin lr aunndllr qsnIMP-I
trh' ail -to make 11"

L. 1,n.Pi .'

Good ,:
4',' Also sime-A 'ni*.
)ply.(i f .- .
.O e Lih

77 '77? 7


.if *^,.f- Jil.^ A !f.-d, L 1. a

p "I


IDeLjeaXl-d, E'1crida.4

E,,taJIkised t( "L- 9 ill Me ( .lirn 1lte of Floida, as.
I iootghrii iI'ei~aIi aledlicaftioil :a., Call be Souevut.vulin f113.N


Theii tir~tt i''h~~c''uititutt' a hflull poarafltii turu ~tli1r ti'' e'lvei,v-' '''rst.In St
[11...iud Ul~iiivr~ity n iotiiher e'ullc-" o'f a lii'h.bridc. 'The nuame- f Iitv'otil iher
co'urse.,inlivare t hvir ir''.
(,(j)LL E u F l'El'-1I RTMEN r: Ts' ur~~'f~t rl*d'Iiv iii r" A 1'k1."Iir the 'Iurut M' B. : ., andI the' stri'Ii ts wil h 1 a.1t 1IIiiicte .. c'eitliiri' cl
Fre'-Auimaiior*Si i*uijr la-''esin either' orso

Ton Stat" mid a ni 'in-a'li nd 12 i' i t ie- *d the tSt:nte mof Flo'ridahave b'ceen ]
'l'presenit,?' amonig tre .st udentis of rAad ULiniI ivt'r-i y the reiiresont '.r.


-aI 1 f10,' Id -rJ.P -3 ''-4oiie/
(i~n~fm'w..Eeirnatcs fur-
Iit i'1' 1d cand ie i'ti
tea-u fti'r the
er'ectioLn o
(for towns or individuals -

Evr f 111

"so SOutH LIN-i OF 9 ECT/ON 36


.,, +,, ciza id-ler rcli 't rnf hig an,] death ,:rcd ,ninri mfth ,. l~i-tyear :i l nm ? rld ll,'tirr .trp.-t, op p,,,site the G ranlnv~ ? 8 9
-rt tte ro,,,,m are ple,,,..nt, ni.,:ly inr IIrl.n w r. nt do.troy. d lv GI r,, ,f M rs. C,1 r r l t of .. th-red -l urin thopoat year a ri.. l :m d Min treet, oppissite the r,..n i-. 1889. .'
n -h..., and n l, ne '0:1, e,-itrtle in t M r. _'. P. h ,.. ell, ]h.,.,t M ichi,.in ,. ..r .iII,-- lh-th ia1' ll :":? ,, ,t tom ,u,,,, fol,,w.-d by turnips H o,,..e It is an elf.alnHt and t.isteful .TILld ON.WeCh. a **
the ,,,l,,t wo.ther. The south wil is a .v.y e.,npltse .l -h,.,p at his He- ide- t .he-e ," -hl are in v ..r ient -ndl sweet p-t,,,t" t,,i yieldit! in the a'1- tr(I ture in what ma. be termed a mod- Lake H-l-n is a progressive tow, li
,.of tl- .u]in._ was : e i l i., an, hte .,t of Main street, on the shore in what m.vv be ,.. .- I t tre.ate about Hi ,bu-helf to the acre. ruiized 1,,thie -tyle. It wIt s deXsiri,.,O.n lik,-- ;,]i lvi,' thin,',, is constaoin i.. +'
rh,. ni rth wiln- n 1 7. The builIdm-n.' .,I'f the lak,:. .ie town, lli ln r t,. AeME, I Etr ,.,d ereil-cted by Mr. J. P. Ma e. und r ii The ollowin a o e;
is ;up lid. with runnii, water, el:enic M r. J. P. M -,,-., tr hite,-t rL, -, i ,il,] er, Like el. -n 11I :. ,- +. Amateur -f the r d and find t e i rc n of the Boar t Tru t.-s, the recent chances: .'
ell-' an1 .:k.ry m n,,,. mn c,,.nvn,.n, -, hI -In L',.,. t hi"- 'r1.0i],.l,,. -ind 'I l,, ow ,i r, area t 'Iu R i. M M r. hr, ,x- ll,-.t :,,, rt. Sm all c .h ,'.n titut,.ll a l.l,,w-: J. W illis W ,st- In the s Iriue o- 1 P% Mr. J. Q --
.ind the t j,?,, is a l.ind. with fe-b ,,n <- irI,.n -tret. M .t ,,f the fin,. ,,,-,.t :les in ,. tr,,n tl,. htl ..,ltta are the ,rodu:.t ,, hi. skill ansl P r W .. r; i rt L k *, r .i, Gl o ?i r *- nry 1 T.lurer; F. E N e rl n B P-l ,,n ,nn .er the fmrm dt
.arden n,l ,I .t m illh-' eI I h t. t. LI-t.e. ),,1,. D H ,. 1.wltf turkI. ,' ,.,.r t, 1 l hle r r t J. R. H urst, J P. Mace. It will hav .. P lt n .u ht a fi ted
-,_rd T ~ r r E NI t w t II el o ,, ,_, ) b u v h t a n t i t t e
.. rI The ill, r,,pie,,,'c are 3 .'_,:L.n i ,",rT. iES .ANrD ",'rTTA.r ERS. T wit an .. ,nl il t r t en ,m| tel funih.1 t 'n tore, anr ," 1o-Icupif -
:,ul M r i (. ;,.-trJ t, ,and,:]r N I th,? h., ,, L.,k,.v, :w ne,, S, :.-.v; M r.I. Re l. t i" rit ,n e t n h. The ..enin, rvic w < be it i ali .Se to.k o oda TheSo. .11

,1,,I. tr, r N tr .+ A (l' 'n ,:,rb. :u t an.n the h.. i .r^ *Mt ,, \ ,, l M r. N ix l :v n .tl ,. .r wh ,.,n .l-:3het,:,l,,n it in A april l't b\i D r. Z w E a hl,: l it wit- l r hr a se t,"ke h,, e been s. old, halfe
"1 1 ...,n wih;tt" '- M F entireitre ha e ben-odhrf
:1, Mr IC *r t ,:, / t, t andti. t ir tim n.-t t-i ,h Pe tu n A. n th h,,rth .. ... %i'. .r, Red 4,t'e ,,* v t 1, I-' ,,_ e ,:,u h ti ],,,.,k t, it in r, r1il lastIIy Dr. Z. E,.i,:ls. oet- "Mr ^- ha v been

water silk;> r ^ 'a t*t l i it **t n::u e -lt i. 1 lki^ ih .1111 a,, .:.til, **f thb l l enu elue ar" re :, nla ,,thu- 1 ti 9 /.1~ th e i- .i ], **, l g i e ii eF.l to G i~h th. nn I tnhe r ander of I\sin hR m ll n ;.
| i l k >* t j t ,t 1 -f ] .,I v nt v r ... ir ,. r in 11 1 r. Nhdn Itle i Lr ,j I' I t .I Pn h!,P0 l i -1 t .,(- ho ha alr n .srir. '"' a u m ell w as uat .for.unaeF G le. s t
,:,tht I'! The.rst..i .l : ; t,. lrs$ B k,: J thne.r anl .:toNwr.Ra,. 1 rid There i a en odio, an n for- a r.t

Hr "11 "f I, t. A .ir ',-wi, th r -,,-, di ,,i t e rlin II **** 1ws and costiln f t..t rt :,t n ,. r- to 1 l the Ie t fi -hin r ta- l S' dl sctb l i .ni "t H ri htattIe- thiz t ..t I h .i titIh. *r*v l.T s. the eo .n th -alos. Lire .1 1 -1 \ >it- nt..n d d mri t Irv iral t l,_Rn he e b t p
is kel^t, a n,!et M -,r ,. i .,.in t, ro n (-I nu,.,ie, ,u tth e, ,_h x tA.- .. .. ., .ih ,l ,,th. s .e .h..1,d tn'r.i ,11-,,s. o int ,, n the r Ie o bt e c

Ien n o nt n All rt B k rs et i Three h].rl it i:,? .. ". t .-c n n te"., ," ,, ther eu t l, v the wat-, n the n by Miss Med Lioh- m r o n td J Chandl

? .n.l r bf lMr '. ^ 8 v.1.e'-^ t rom ;t pr'e'-e o.:. iiipierl lb J. .G. Sh..ldun air..nd~ Lake Dli. Abls Dr."y1 load, ,,nel tho.e that are arnititious c. m nond of Ohio, a teachpr oferent abilityv. Ilr. C t is.ii ll th r ,nd tlmil The \ e or.n\ -torv nf Shel. Lvonis, ,o Win.' ai tL Dr. Zan- try there hand at Iltndinr a shark. i n.ITATION Ho nsE. Th p i h o o

tpr i tw nded not .aion n .dler sc,^ inlatI adrs fIslandB ^ I IX cItEi,- ill., heEI tk,, a .-rily 16 i Jt. ),d i llr 18 < i o. Wtv M l i t-Il veIMg.n.-.11s i t r. ace:a t ad y c -ust o ria b ed J5. I et -lit l me ll was uni
i s k ( -p ldt- A If s Vc u ll i p l t _ill l .t -O r a n "I 11ste vlltu eM c x i a n ~ ~ a y m 1 b u a r ir o h f w t i n vw s d i u nt r in ifte d -bu"r u.A N E O M
ol'intf at the corner of Lake.sview rand l-tS 1- t,, -ci'ra nd ,, tn .-p.r.. o .. l.. in, is on of the l ,,.ris eni- i el1 n:Land and, other li heral citizen and Inu the r r reidents h av ee ed

rhfiran avenu~es, and do a general. mer- p~o@ i.. .^al ,-gi, ^,*nt, By actual enutr^ 0o, t er are? over >, th,,,e who are here during 'the a m"vement i~s on foot amone th.-.ladies boom in r e", e0t1T set in. Mr.^
-f7t rj 0 t 1 titil(m lchailb

,li lid lliner d ait; ft i t tn 1 n, Irn *e it :- tlre h ingd e .l.I'-uf dt"ltn II."' ni> r. the town. to ra e a d b ify the m e h lk t a

r,,,eri l., r ootI andl -hoe el,,1thin-, tr.ct. e T h, ti -t dw'. Ilin .. on E iielt. within a iil c.1 re ?the ["^e lE.LTn. iiarou n cent t., it. W hen this is l t a m n of he very highest coA
hr iw ire, pi intsa and -,, ete Th venue (n i t t f E. Keen me o te t a Owin to it lir rr e loca rl- Lake Helen will ptheethe rclan l stand the p e.
l ,rri..,rt ar,- Mr. .1 .-i. rh'--on tnd n t -t hi ,,h- oIi t. ein. .st t,,,t or u.,re e. Ti Pr,- th.n th,- ha..ItIh ILit,, .ke H,.l1-n i, Ir-e,. etti.h: t ,ation hout. in South Florida. whJer repe he., lnht M r. DeL th'bo g

Mr. W illiam O);den, tform clv of New .*o,m to. tlhe ir. ttv hio,,,. nv.pd' I,. F.1 v,.tt -rove< yi..rt ofi ol" *:**' ,'' !. M : ti"nall.v co,,d1, ev,,n f..,r Florida. M,,l,- RAILROAD C.>NNE.-TIr.N.' ",1t T; I "l' Frebut"l rove, and the B^
york. E. : atPthe ,.,rnrl t Ew a 11;. .rth t ol i a 1 RDeL ul l. t r. ^ -tl1k ) -iS el,; are 1 srel, ,Iy known, and The Blue Spring Oran 'e dit n and wr Jn N. Riee hv. f b urhnth eapt

In the s..mmier of l ssi S. H. Ol'yd & tlie ,^me lo:t. The-n ,.:.,m.: *- !. W R'.w- *inc n @ -..ii l n,. f thi.- -)"; *^***e are o.tlhr di- ,, ;,,r ot a nmild: tvpe, and Atl.,ntie R. R. wa< completeded from the al ;cF !ria and subsequent ad'^ <
Co., ni.-ned a .qt,r in th>-6e lle I.ui.ldin*,' ni,-ln1. 0s.oth r.i then1 M r. Liaioi.]!1' P... in t e.,m li]- into iiyt Alin: _indl n ain, re adil yi.],l to tr^.ital.-nt. M..nv per. ^ J,.hns river to New Smnyrna, on the the 1r ,rve M r E Ne1' llso IS \ ~^
ast the corner of Likeriew avenue .amd in- the a;r-i>,.ill,- li,,u-, we ..,i -.n h -'*^ newl, pil.uit .1d h sih l 1,'s w.:: I ",. s e.-t.dl wirii pulninnary disease.<, throur.h LakL. Heli n, in the win- ). *T la a d vweathy citize" of C"Q~
"irden .tre, The buiine s wa tr n t he b autif. l r ( id ll-n ,f J. P. t.: rad |ttd t- .or:iie o te in a n 'd.:l re i rv vdiate reli-f, but n cli- rer of l. .;7W and the name wa, sb.. E i w a esof ov on
V, , in th ln '.rin ,?tof 1 l to B P.t1- e.rne-r Ert i. l t i M ii" ..n aMnr. Ir. 1-:u1-tt in t':"nie IS Thr e'h i:il sI nate will ,Iire i :,:.I. A who eI..e here in *lofently 0han ,ea to the Ai lanticss W ea- srt i B o wnsed lkde andl lea r

toan, w ho i oine a l.r^e lhnines in T. (:. C'ourtri.-hr own- a un.ini.m .-rtaw., ,.s n i.t.n fro A -.'r ^ ,"- ot ali;1 th.- last ..taL :.f eof(oisu,,].tio:n. tern." Thi.-road 2ive< close eronnection tW ^ le'* side"' and^" asn w itngu
Ir. ,...rie l, fruits ; .p-tables, boots, :rhoen: on New ,,rk : In o.. |,i,.d at pr-- co l. Evn.n i h t lr I REauI.,ENT .I two d aily trained h i with the boataon th. r han. ,rw iele t o t toigtthed
t 3 n etc. ealit by t he ditor of t. i, t ty Int,-,.,d-,n -r1,:,lt sl i. h,, n .m ea r an-ry wh o own aotta ln here a w t, ar s iv-rat BINe Spring and with n la s t e t faawll i ia"
,,,ropriinL, and H lenjysa l a :,Lnd Thel .ott o i e ,nn 'fn Th e,-.I E. T. d.h L lFn r n.stbl r1 w I, pe br it t iy J --nt the same t i ^ nd l r to

Latke II.I-n lporriin o,.,,ipies the e.-st John,.t,,n h,:1 a h,,.,-e ,,, Main .treet 01..I=.:oe,,..,..ode"^ *1-' '-"' .^ "H r I .1 1 -v e's aees. to the Atlantie hich, Mplr""^ t ~AJ*' S
S.nk f the north end of L ake H elen, n ,:,rth of H ,.l, .tr ,.t,< I M ,,,.e a the ear ,f th a n ninent to : ,, .Tll'h r oa f ?nd t ,ne o^.. vf ; t ht Ne w S m yrna. A railroad lhas at wi er.of 'musi c, wh o uW ,
anl to isontain ud ant ;ommodation.i tre nD new e.'sstre is oc. tie an tare-, It.e t d0S MWe a rfp1e slamnder o tf The. i t fher fin el nk lid, n r e fn he s tien iraelsd tor e D e ire, which will be coMe. .lbpo s e .. ooad

1,, m. m .M .nvther frit andl orn.un. .tal E. .eli., r rnni, n l W L. W.elr. a n"w ,, tl.e lke, 'there }da t' i ms b : he in the world s1n. : ahtatiein ,1n'" th e at'***ti"'-- nearly dyiv. ltdo ro u waht a .e'Tb o "s-
r: ... L as. -ear about .s OO >w er e .old. h :u se ,,n P.-,. l nia a.,.-n e l.. w *, a there avenl t't r nmt-i h* a rh,.l, wh ic th a e r IN? l<.eP,,R\ TIO.awr".* Pr i i teach er
. so e ot t~l, l itsnd ..t a.-- a a .P- by.M .in1 ,:, ,.. E st of the .,ke L a

tue on the Grit. The pr,,prietors are .. ...mei. ; pretty new,-, n un,.d aho.ut .1 n le in lee ,a br-in pr,,b. ee M l l; 'r .. ^ m i le '- a"' lin-meetin.-of the voters- was hb i Irl tu! an< au o, f enSyl
M....r. Alb.ert Baker and Chas. B. B,.llevue." owned ha J. Willis West- ablv a hundred a^ Beid. o n n ^; ^ n aru ^" Mun' r." .1 andl th.e town ,,f L ,L. Helen; within the soug t agrv adjomn ne t. These 'a
I- i- lakehai,,,,a-yd-nPrort.oef bEn li5dh Lit .r- treed thou.l-d, eir iWitt h vrv t r Io nn] dr tie l dwas in th em :bvl y h m an h noe 'S

Pr. Mills ha a ne- t d s store nature in thl M, a P.I. State Nor. truee har e r f.tlWea t.._-_P' .. -B, S :,. nt, n "-,,ratel byanalmost unanimous \ tun .h
well supplied with dru-z.. nmedl.:imn-, il S hool, -,nd K.s lite frhr g .t.eti lw y.vrs L.,k Hl \ uina ,, t a^ r a,: widl :B :,ni ; at .\ V;t-. An electicnw:. held the same taineJ -e A: 1 beeTb^
anil line~v rrticels. Thle dwii lor i.:.also .x e*.:.itt.T- <. irloi.n inr to MIr. Clinee\, ot p...rm ir .haipinBg-< n i J '. ,,,-,, i~nc o i,,, t. Pr. W \\' '.12a resultin'- na- ftn ows- l, win are th o^, ,ffi ( th-- a
*u M r.I. eW Davi carrie. on the livery end of the vill,,I in w n ; r.iv be .lled r,\ n an, .tfnn r. t ma- ,, t, to n t,, arOOh H. Mn.iarin ndn, B. H W right, a E. Tie John- n on th c e ry hP
J-.hi ine lss!,a' i h:it..some ine tur no t. rt .,? ,,.n of Addnriti ,n, are th. I,:o, e nf toes, pou Mio a o p le pr.t e is Reliinus ..rvie are held orvery Sun son. (lerk and. Treasurer n John W P k n Tr'. .Iusse i

There is a s,,w rnd pl-iquin- ill Mis:,,,.t "nh, Mr I l e,1,.lh.rt T, t...- w e- sh.tft n.rth ,dilrt.e ,,t Ei," w*t1in A e hur,:h las been Davis Mar..hal, Alaen Mil'lh e ( "- iM ad s ,, .-I sheal don.i" n
known as the Excel.,air M ill i-, ,: T I, n .a..,ntteo M r J P. c'o.reh, and .kevinieew .mi.r t ',, t-er and e wls, t,:, e, l. kn .,wn ;s th- Firs.t (on:rea- lector, Laant. w rs H th Br an

the nv rthwpit portion h ot tdr n. ngnd i J.s It-a n in. Mr.rS tu .I h iin. t wo e tir-(.I ropse an the ..nme tionI Clur. h ,f LFoke Helen, and a The Town Council wan the f rA l n* n. H. Pelton. J.
rrl.ow ned yi, M r. G J.. etlyii el. Mi.e -i ,.I,. ... r w.l n,-.r% 1. i ill. t it l II in ,ear. ] i o the Hi rlan imId..ITHe ehi,,.,h L di0e hb .1 ,?d w jxth.P ro J. ,it 'W h l' ,tris i t he r.eatm, afe v esh E
..& Boardm.'s line rill ut) ot L.-i : furi.l .,ut .,.w .! l>, th -a-de for ai le re. Th, .]u r .-,.tt* -Il t., hrn r n ,,;t F.
li,,t*- .v t fi.m i;-l,, aq I- 'L I,,." .t I I ,, r iu .... -^ .
"' 1",.* t tn, ] I ,nal I v.n f a r FI,',hehe.,hl r-e.idLes- ADou'tNNEtT MN.
Y,,rk~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~e Tit ?,n t t'l .,tv__ ,irt. I.-.t- ._aes:.r:,.k n,,n, nd The Bles l-,raion ISlz,(rneity loiand .k tlePr
h v" 11. t .IlaI N Hala ,Vard sl hs~t leriteyan#i
In the summer ,-Ae,t" ls nitir .. if. N'-,] -O& l ?s -i ,t lepro ,. ,tI. \.t,,\v.n, r- v.' ', .,,-t ,,r .-..- 'r, ,' .. ,,",:r -i-J, ,fo a re ,t Flujid ty ea tI Aln ti RA LR O A D CON N E,,~ e rIc :, tNth e r.E eso I<

ir,, ., ne d a Rt,frtt i llt h re ,:.ta :l oo s h :?.., ,nN1 \ ,r 1i iio, ,,.,.ll" ,-.,1A (ItP I ~i,- .-,il ]-t n I R E.IIEMTS.
l,,t ln~z. ?t,?. ,,lit ~y t], -_,li ,:,i': ,:,f i-.)!.tl,,: tint t Ill,- il'" t. M per. S t1 J t.-tit W aS all S t t,, Ns riw'SrmtrB na,"oninthena w i h N o -. 1. 1r ] .aE ,w.a .. esveoh of N
'iti t i nll- k ..H ,Iv ,n l -i, m ,. T e, ,,it ,.,i ', i._ b it ._ ,, i,,, .r-t,.,F,,r
i:,k,. tI,. .n T I.,,r I,, ,.,:, i e st .IIn- ,, 1,, a t, ',. .., 1n t 11etl'" ,v o,-",,. ,~' y a : ,- .:n I ,, ,.,t \ I,,rh l,,Ir n _.wth o In I S '-4. 7.v av ..tndthe na m e as nih e atsi d e o h la e n
it 1 V I I I T -iti~llin S-Ali v (.I lljo,,a -twi l c 1.1.wv 11iI-,rnea.uA rervinriuent,:Ph ahLs a ne0attile:At antic.&.h e wr. --sid eond 6 no
rh,:,b o s s o -,F Ii N i- r; : v fi la w v .! .:I r e vo,'" f t 1 l e l ll3 ltn( t" ,, t ,r ,,n n ,& ,e ,t 31rew o,_.,ly'tra in, witht,. ,L ad"\h ie b ) t h w l e 1er, la e nd-a
The.,l,. ,1.,nu,-ther l--ruitn, l ,, ii-srnesaro ,t:I<+ ,l, :,,. ,~ V .\..\:rn,,w,.,t_ t I, l"i''.hr- -_ 'i" ~l"2'".'.t'.i ?, "hi,.W, _l)' S.nil~ii.t,,(ilthIe "T.&K"IN'IiR.,t'-,estor,:h-,f ltakeHratn is.
,r)." ,, .T i rs timi1,..", w e:s-,fiP 11 i .,I .ih:.. Im i nal t;,rour or: a d th t,,irn., ,0 IIlvwihntthe Ora l y fw ort e aInln i "
in a.:.. ll., ert B i, ke a 1' ha. 1 T h u i-_u -te ,wn e, l Wit E T a. 1l a_'n.tn1 r' -:1 t,,\ n in P ,t ti.t,? sa:,.nicC,,ilrtr .'h t t:,,u n,.anie Iriel o,,\p il tlt ,,ethIm a
L .k l d n I o i il i s .r e e ilh l ,,111v lt e h anl e rles. I
L ink :X t~ lshe no ,rth nd of :L at t -lrti i,, e a tr e th ,C )-I 111, .'-, I .. t. M m ". it,: N r. ... mn t ,f t rein A 0-01 iv-nI 'l a.. .. -A il va iv t co t ge r. Il(
octl',i"n n tvnr,', 0 1,11110I ... n.," "" lni-n Pot. j,1r.ot.i-in-r.'o.h.i_-Wit nf'irl'rkter I-yan P" .Ilt't tlili_,,ra-t--d ttrw t ,,verllnent, h s bwillt lie
iualq_'l.h,-,-,I,. il,:l .i ttl,- ..T bi':" l le i .t o, l Ii i-t'.11-- S v,-,l-ll il 1h e i l (t ,,: ~ h M t e m a n d s l e iiz .,' ti "q'
n I lot h o. l ti :.~iles T e .I,,-ntI _I w ir as- ,ltalta-.'L I .k i, l,- ,. oir, t,, $ I ( .oi L n:n,:, :,-,. rt~tl -]lil~lnLijw'. rod "ahI ,? ,,,:. ,,,,-i t. ]-f r'r,:,t. \Vlct.,.e, diter IS te
mt ,nv la ,1 rr n dI h I,-,Th a e r s ..a n te t, n IIi< A it: lr h :r lil'!in 1) 1 1__ r .Il. r-1 ,,,t. I t, 1t1, It!...s-I Ie.U.lak,,e n t.Iurri, rant ,,." oi of"ent
"" vr. i.\V.{l i-nri,,5irwt ,- iir.inel,: and hbo\ll ._-. il wpttni v_,,..,1, iet nI-nLnviblli-- PInout.'1!i? I, n: iif. _'the ,Ivou.ND '-tr-.. .aHs riild, H \V ie t,_ E T ,an- _.rovrr,,ad]. ,'iet, v-- it..
i].nies aIhi>sne[letuntt.,e at v li,.h --wtln, 11%eth.1 I,-i. ,ibrt .o ,,a ..... .... t l-, 3 ~ 7/.lrlPii'tn lr"i~ t, n R,.i.,t- ;.\l e lt e \ev 1.1:1 i- U1,t.X 1,rk o:-d Telsuen, wJohin the... "(alrfewr(- k _ao \.l'e'th") ,.le man.y{ P hu~ing'
... .L v s t a d .I S' t t i t .t s o -, lT H O P O A P M
1)w I r. th- C 31 e11 .lIm ,.,In a r u M !zt,.r,:t,l i ttll .... i t:,l,,'.l ,IIIJ~ In, atr.h, anri iMI Ql 11i-,?r ;.'-m.ra.,'. ; ft,,It?,,t .11,111i Ct,..Fi'; t(_,,rtre a- eItr, ac nt..iide'.:nI iai6s
". ... .. i~~~wri 6 tlir. n e llti, -,u IIh rh,,tPa. M ., B. Hei n W rild a t T heTn n. frni-NYw. l ha-orsa. .b]'iP~ on
the plif Wi., thw t1,,1'1,1,1 ,, n sli'iJ S 'n-Il 1 it tl.-,ILt'i] r l-r ptW iz fw\',?h l.-itit- and. %vidaf.' ;.... ' iee-ii ~q edterm a i.-
I I .~~~~~~rt, f t l-Lfrulz and,,11 1111:rda re.utiLa ug .q mh1a
-w ,,111. 1 i v 1 r,v -l (I-. .. T h .'1" n tn l ir. | 1,S, I .,,it. X,'.,.v :r w t o-, n," .' 1, 110. :UI t. Ai, l n Ii n ,r i,? 1 -14 ag 1 hdltI ,We,-l~ i r is I .\a t a re" .h, e ;. f:i, ... f thl~ ni. '
a< ;.k ill'ifd ti ot c i] ra l ivr, :-Ill] haq[ t a k onL i r [ ''= [~in 1: 1 N Y T I ill''[ ,- v a I I n t .-. w 1") t 1r V 0 Z ...t J In I [ J Pn. M a(:,; A ld, .I i [+ -li- rn ii ilen A H .'I I i 'i

/* iROWTH The wrow'h :.of L.e pl-,aee sin.e, its 1..
-ining in 1SS4 has been rapid and ui:b-
Antial. ShPldon & Co.'s store was-
arted .dwrixel tht. vyear. arfd a''tlst-olli mA

r-r ne -ipi w lW s U Iilei.. W Ii .t1" -
i '-L 0'" ,t.. Diurin" the next
1Jnd impro,\ii went on
j.f in :ptus, and in LI; -il it
'n / llline boom, and nrll l
1 i.N I was exptin'ded in buildings
ei.nrt ,
rcilial stres run north and,
.ss streets at. right : i 'els
-,e .s stre,:t is L.,k,?-
running; n-ar the w,.st
Ssk la.k land further west arc
HiAht stre,, o and ,,th,.r. .
e are o ran on ',. Pr vatI:
aes, jn o i,,rth a nd -.uth, in,.
"n ave Francl-s street ;nld
ru.inn aId we.t. The C'";t i Mt in s tre tre,
er ', .VieW aVhl,? ri.e:ll
ets h ,-,rher ,ii,
r st, |romlh i stre ts are
SlMichi;ailts Lvamia aven-
ta r e t ~ v o.. l" t he.
ar v. t h,'v im andl
v~ifle. The nor Is sill tcld
view avenue, n larae ,pinet
ark, wbille b ,I the street.
i t.-and the lake ;another lar-e
several aeres. J.Ilarn is a
two-,tory but bout, IT11
if lt.and 75 feet, '1with wih
...-Oii three aid I "
'lbi rge and c ti I


IAry-V T ;. 7
.1 fv-


'O ewS^
Offfars V

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I _;__4-- -- --AL

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_______1--------------------------W-------- *--*X

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Seate 76ai/ t oona-x'/tch
et rats.ey, Civil Engineer .


A. L, SM--, M*,U.t 6 ili

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. .--.. _--- 1- I

Ap- 1
"- < HELEN,

-! .... _- ..-ICTS OR.THE GITY. "

ts Parks,. Ukes, O-ange Grovea, Hotel,
SU.Ino_" houses, Cottages, CluU'ches,
of ols a 'flailroads-Homes of Health

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up.-It hiI is ch-rmliwr s-, ,t--, urin.
S e llen in its willl -- --IIl,:d w..,%v that it
postee, :d adva ita;e ,:f sit t in. ,:,il
0 ." :'-.nd eliruate, whi,;h inUst, by the .i .'-vi-
_m /- .Iw.c^.^
a i center n popult. in .i T ,ce .i.,ul
\ industry.

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Its situition, removed alike from the
too seLvere 'tr.,t itt hle Imore northern
portions t fthe State, and the extremei
' rl'alu.+ Lb'r 0 undesirable naturee. ,t
the m.ire sutlihern pl rtion.i; on ii,;h
"iti' land whi'u iualatri'.us dk,:i..:.-
.il, n-ver',t, e; withlI benutilul fr.-h
ter lakl s, desirable I.,ith tor ple..m.iure
toai'- witth- ithr ricii mat.inial
.W'7 e k-k lar.; only about

;.aterA It t Johnlto Lacape its
ilarious intlu e-renderel it. a d.eir-
'ce spot both tfor a winter resort and a
ce of permanent settlement.
nRue of# prleir cip:l I11i' iI ll thli-n,.i-'hl-
A, O. .was J ,e Prevatt, whi,- ] ...z
ise rv.ith i ,.ts.- ln v i ,y ely and 1, ti ks,
still stanldinv ', the .ast.ern rid ...t
Spritwipal lake. H1 -r e ho .1 .l il
tid el, here kr,-ptili .-,, ntry .tor., Ie-r,.-.
Ii. s -blai:-k'.im itl sii,,', her- irr, nu .1-
.. hlue w ith ,'raniUl e tree. ,i]' il-
i4erape myrtle, fi :s, etc., anld ear
9qg< r [hg business f rniiir-ri ., rni.iin
'i out the .-e ,.,t artiefi:i. l tertiliz,?r-
ii 'h a:s f.orty h.b .hels o c.i' rni til t. ie'
Sm._,, i No:rthern pl Ol had fni.1l
-k l tW litre ni,' anw le,. M r.lridii.
..r.(,t b. I -, ,1 taken tip h,,rine~t,:. ,d-.
l^ y tlllt ,ion,'s ,oi flihe loake nw kiiow,,
- ke andl.,y, ,n.m ev. Mr M i" y- I .I
H it tljsettled :,n it he .le,.,re ,.it thIe IIlnk
Sbear his iname. IOn the ,,de.th6
JidCe Pre-att, in 1 M::, Mr. I1-,
Swas ble to e.irry out. rt-.
l(e had ftlr.:iine ttufel-a -ltihi'-if",. t,-,
1 lar.-'e dI-. e l eo o nti..iiis I m d:
,,lores-o.rtwo of tlie finest lake. .
-o t and develop a in.1,lel townt,
ut slio ll :be, as hlie pihras ld it
,e .,1Prettiest and

I[lilNi il F THE T 1w N.
B V ed his purcha.e and hlad the,
,> 0i .4.. The town limit.
,it. i3le. 'Ail, te itl ill

t faIir t 110
nta.,a b w it th e i.. ti ,..-
LiAwi.nter visitor?' \hielr-m~as
for an n. t.', att- r i" i ll ".
IJefcrn. ,he lIk," Ii n s,,.th
"",ar in, av,,F; JrJli.S
I^^HB-'11^' ai.r ...Jui--
[' idge re, cived the sAllu:

'w as th e 'iiw l t, n, nid w ,:ll
an",.,r { te, ol er towl. anI
lTnat <." e ie t. -)11 B1,."
... ,I I *- ...... I,,,;l nl,,n th "

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4' CL
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M1 4 ". "I'

eerd /EA eer
"I"; gW'.cu 4.9vl h~
"1 .9..9 1K ,C .
.D i *. .A i' '* -aJ E ,)- -,? .I ) IrW-- s o u r H 4 a '

I 60 i 51 of a , 6WO VE r 4 Zia0Rrorkp

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.A a" "r- j
-- k 3 '.w 22 "^ -" ----.---

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Sh -.J. ffo. 6,
rN RoVE7 22 a

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L 14

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- .. 7__ N v.--"-- l .... ,_ yi ^-- -_ ..... z
-- ^ ^ ^ft^" ^ 44.^ ; 1 | B
^-~~~ 4^^e-;1^ ^ '-.5[i? ^ /-T"4
\w~~wi.{,R^rc i>z" 0.*^ *^ ^ar ^^^ ; ^ y ^v

k<--L- on i'R ^*62 *- --. ,
'' ~ ~ ~ S S4 .7L ^ -.. -B-- -\ ^ -'" D";;: a'" ge 1 r ^ .rh____. **

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^'". ... t**" j g1 i 1 .i e e **** ***
'Ld- i 1,a. But ake Helen wa in ,'e
order; not arb ri ril Ind c.:: ti'r'y
tyatuiral la .iws, i. ni-ee7 n ithI
laws. si o far,f w e _,e them, tIt
vero the sr',o hlt ,, ..,iiuniunities.
Vera h
A.\, jr- -, THE PINES.
S en is it,':, in.m, : tI .
." 'T e pr,'ri:e i s, at ,le?. t 1n tlIe
t ale of the Iake, to ,?te the tr' .-.
u-ingt ,t, exeeipt where the gr,.iundl i- re-
1..-l."l :,r streets and -iiildiiin:s. Thi
es .-h.e town a park-like appearance,
-. i lfil,-. the h,.at in Iummer, ad, is a
.. .. te i~i n av t 'i-inet li-'htnini. M r.I
Land wl' fIo\'. tortilnate. ,at thl e be,.nnllpi _*.,
>- Ij eiuterpris, t n.i list ir, it ,,i,,p i n <:-.
^ B~i^K N[g6' mertis, suelh as C''d. S'.d.:iiio.
il s C',1
d F. E. N,-ttlto: ,tf Srn-lit,r,,
l..rt :akelr of Ili., N. Y., B.
Prid"ctra .Pim .nY .N. Y.. and



AJ. Ralty

5. LNE S lc f-H

. tN'l'F 07,1 ,? .# 1i 7

.F -K ^ ^f... .,.-. ... .. ^..,,,-. "- -'- ;' --' --- .' .'T R'N, -' ...-'.... ....... r-r::' .- ._. O CITY C.E -I .- 1 S E .
j p ^ I I V t l V ^ ^ T"rt l ~ n ^ ,;,- ,, ,,,I ..... .. .Y ^ k n i -. ^ m a l r -l."a l... I .I. : -- .1 ..,<-7 2; '< l .
.... I .'-61 p,- ...",; .... -- ,4.- : ,: ::r ^: .. -- V"f 17 A,--. ,--- .- ..... G o' '-
AKI. I. 1 S .|,,t ..' ;-*p.S.'7.:.! ly- "' ^ |,. ll.... : ,. l, -, --r.: r. ,,J.. ., .- ..p i'.. .. p hour -, E I.,~ ,, -- l a ., I L ;. '
^ ];ll.1: l. l .- ". ..... ,1 "....I~..[ .,-.- .l. ..n'l l ; lt .. '. ., 1 il. i -1 (...' 'V
l.: ,, ,. *,. .. ,, I .^ ,;.....4 _. ..'.., 1 S .-.., ... ..
.i ; i- l % i .,''" .l .'.." .'l "l -' li -r ltli.. 4i' I i;.: wRolt i.i .. .. -'. pa -.- 7: 40.r
ri~ ', .,. ., '-l wic -h n', ,r:14 t t le s t r ,l--l.,.-dI-k

--- \\,,|wfi;' ,i1n .- |f, '. .1 -, i.. | o nl .I.r.. y..'a ,n| ti. i ,:, (.. .," ,,, 5 -
In 1 ,,1:' 7; ,, I, W ht ,,fP' ,-3 9. ..,*l,.,I Ilr !, "nl,.l ". ; ." ],,- ..r .- \ I ,w iTO I
S l ,.,,, ] i iIII l ,., n I ,l B. T,,rY4 57 |l,. ,;.r. ,_I" ,,|l,, ,.r l a ,l.. -,i. ..l- hi.,t. ll* ..:. I .,_ 1 '. I

-5 to-ay, nl"! M .'hcs r--.-ir- .1;it tif .*.11- '| TiiMi~i..,r 11 ni.i ,i.'.-,~i ., iin.',\\1>1l" .',,r>11,1 ui,.,ilii i.,il-iiv.' ,,t .',.,n i **t~lllil N \I i'l M.I7r.I> 11 'ilI I" ** w" :w \l
O t a l ti,, -_. i l _,,: h .tth ,,n 1f, .4 i ,-.' :, v.'r.

",, a ,"T 1" h ,.,. ill I'i. I. -r,. ,I ,- l !e t .. l. i,.l ,.. .I. 4 .,l.; 1 T -- ,, : | *l I
S or.a.t.a.- ,r,., r,.r..'.. ,_. ,i i t _, ii n l ,, ,, u Ai,,lt. K ,, A . - 1 4*1 ,, ,- ,
aI r;lil h.. ll., ,)ml r. i ,i l., ll' h ,] ,-i,,.t ,, ,,t ti,,i,,l, | ,r I ... ` .. '. I -.. _> ti, i l, r.. .
t y, o ,^t -lull- s',,.-.. r ,. uui tl ,.n,, i- ,. h, ,,,-, .ii ... _. r ,, .- \ r, l i.
..-*- r -. 8'-li'i....l'lr.-,:- -n ',' ,u -,.?e_ ,,,,eo e

[ h nt" hf,. ii. Vu .nt.. l ,i-, f -l ,-ii.>ti,..r,.,n i ll ; r ih. ..,I,,, awli.i... ." I ,:rl l _,_ i i.. :.> n ii ,..I tl, .- 1 1 M
Xcyri l in ( l.he h4,l P..I I i n ,.- T',i t,, hr %. -_. h,., ", ,,.r ,, -. i- -- . .. .-. .. t i- .. l -v .. t
..t II du ll |., a:.i ,,l il. I | i .... I,-, i. ,1 i ,- l,, il._ h r -.;I,: fi. :, got,.. ;r. l. : ,
g <)r h ; l,..,, ,,r ,,:.. i, 1,,z,., ,1 ,,1,,,-....,. ,,,ll,, -- o ? l,. ,y,.1 r,: lk,:.". a, .
1- 1,- I -I -.I. lir-, ,..1 ,, p.:r .,jil.r '.1. 1,' r.. ul ,:I ,r t.. I.. r n... v,. IT ,.,: I .. 4 1 ; I .. . I 't I 1 ..
.. _i
e r l h I : l d : l ,' i i , ,.,, ,,'-- -.. i t :I .'. H E l 5 [ l. ., I IE ,h, ,.

jlor her et ihr. anI ,,ll ,J. n,.,v ]-." >,,r( i ,ll.. ,: ,;,h i -,u ill 1,,.I I,,u,-,. ,,, t,.], si,-,w 'h., iu[,I r.. ..tum., b nnd iu a,, ,-,u,. ...t, nli l'l*l** v*lh ~~ **' *' I -11,^ t l *iv ,,/', .,. <,/, ,/ -
'_:- -1 4 .. .. ", F ..r --,I -.1 --*]; ,, -... I-- '.'-- .'r' .",,lt.." to l -a, ,.

1 .1 ", --. I -*--it r *- l. I ,,-rI.- .- -" r**n ,l .'%-,Olnhll-'" ,.l .rr nint ,] l ,1-1] ; 1 ],* I11 itl.ll'-,l -1.... 1 .
'- l i. .,I.. ., t.. h .,-,-, ;, -_ .*... ..a 'tI-Ill .;n -. ~ v l,-..- i, :ll Iit ,' -_..., .h. I,. I,-l.[l a v e..
Ti,,:,_.-,',r ,. rhr...ilr, u int ,--, I ,.t- .,.r,?,--..,i,. -'v.,.,_,;-,,..
i i:(t lil i ; o i ig., ll.- lil, n \v .,llil~ rl a w l .n 1.l _u I r l..Ih. '- '. -r l ia : th : t l h -. .. -,. .I I ,,I, ..- ,-n ., _-y v

...lIr,,l,-- ere -.,.in. f,r h, l i. j A c t e i I A ,' -- -- ,*.. 1 ` & -^ Z ^ ;,g -.- .= -r-l, u,,l. t,_s ]|s F,";n1.' Z i- r n.:., .'.'.r,_ n .- ..
'a n sp ,...rla ti,,n w a .. li fi ,.'u lt a l, -,,l ilu ,.,-.t ; u' ig l a^ c ,,ll ?c t ..I 1. tl f m n l H i, f ,,ro n : v' ^ --,, ^ ^ t 1 ,m e b n : t n n 1 ^ A 1 ,. t,-.r.- ,..r .u_- t ,_. _-J ./,..:,,nt //i.d t ,s_.,/ ': ren i ,h i~ ti . a ., .-| i, f tll,: wt,- I*-] h,-;,p ..i"'],r,>v.rl 1,ut'-t t.. _., '" ** '**.. r 1 .n l., in, t.:, h I.I d,?tei" u-l /,t Js1, ,',i../"_ $_. ../'
1:.i. Ii ~,rrl,. i-!.1: t .:i,.r 4vII .-_h,. __ _i, __ ____ __
T Y ',. ....'. "
c o u0 ,n Y 'lt h t1 1,n we t e I h e i nt -,,ht (. hi wadr,-, l.L1 1,:nl'lst lv O-la rtii lnh ,-r,:,rtb wro ..._t_ _t

e 14.h,,.kl-i,,u th,.irIh,.l...,,at.l,: u t i,,,he i,l,.' c.,i e,, ar-.l g la n^ i ul ..-,rtheinl' h s.,ther rr,,.,,,.e | .i Vn,,:,|',,, ,r,,,l,, n,,,,,,,, :.:, ,,,, : S w a I ^ ^ -.1 I I f
=: l]---- -u-ht- _-__ __t-fti1,t re, in\ th. t day. ,all Illel:,-vIwill s,:).,n r:..i I..._,"o.

__a.thir' m a |.fr ,',t 1.1.iIill ;.i [imIr," rIiut \ .. o'0 0h1, l i" tlltl (',:,l--,.r l 'lli rn(-rL .- ..Jil,.h! i lu"q r' ,," ^ 'v-I la .."., thl..lhl; T
I.not o, Ik I ',, % -t--a,?.u',-t,l. \ t. I',:: En li.->h ltt, n,.,t c?,',l l.,lli-tiu..-ta ,.y- to ..,,. i:.," .,rm n-,, ah,...' nkhn', lt a ] tile ah.'.',-,... ,, ,,..,ln'. % p., oi.- I .t r :- -l--k- W ei%' I]' h,.T.rt. .1 l. : tln A t ,: I', S
I i- hO llH' ,l .. tl r,.-- Fi,,ri^ {lll,- ,ie I^ ht II il -h,_.. ,,r,.,erl., .- r1 "'v h, I ,:.n F,.t ,-^ &. *. .
. -- ,- Ir I -.1 I-,. t ,..' tl <.-. .-IIt -it ,\ .._]," ,,.-,, Iv f. ,-.-,,'
1 ."I -.- .:', .],:._'. :pir I t mi-io a ru t I?.aln, ii- e r I to I. -1 I niit All .| ." t
. e l-,.* I,:. I ,,I l. .r L ,^ 1 -, I L-c -t i l ,,-, ....,, .;r, n .h t l..t- m i Il.0..-s r a l I a t t l ( | ,
.. ...r t ly,. ,r r. nelIrnIn t *\--" "i 1 -- ".1 no t nal i El i I a I --I* 11 t S p
th a nthe-e:,,u'. .,,u,,d il, a ,1a l tll. I lI. ht s a wi.,, t't n_.. r?.. ->. ..... .. lt t., ,', 10.1,,, .-r ". ,r., rev to *huB-,' ;i tiii t h i t A
-1: I A le" _:. .% r ,, i t d i r. .. .,-u l I hT h ., t -. n d s I % I ,rl] lt,.- n r .. l l n u t t i .,5 r ,.- .l-. ,I I I f .1 ; l c ll
w ,,." |n a, l*. ,:,n l ." l T : I i' i ,'-ar ,.1 :.. t .> n. l.a r t, L,,,r- -. i .l-, l P I
-,i ["I ...k '% ll- 1:1 I-' 1"( 6 ,, : (- I n B.- .,"t erl I r,I., -~ %,-n -0t ), -. 1,u ( 1' tth.5 -II'itnh1]:Jrltl-h rule, and "l.- i, up iiill at'lui, I-...- .
,~r A dif a it ,n \'. 4h, ui,(.h_T ay : "A ,v ,nI,', SIi:-,iI Il-o ny i i. 1,1. l o .-h ,-.I- i n ;,.-i,] -,, ot ..,t ,th, n ,v r- I ad o r v r..ra il t I -i. _-t i d .,lpIc,.Il,. V I I l %--1 Y S ,If F III:I i_ -
v" tit' ii t e r 1, ,? O I ,U ,ur ,. t%% r ,t -ts I_, f -. I, I" .1 ... I ,h i l l,, E l, t a h o 'l'

1 .1 .,Noa un,^i. ,"*""-f' I' .lr, 1i t t,*',;lt V 1 K,- ;. I A"" ,f -. ILI s6% th st i1 i-",' Ill /" J- '* 'A* ht 1
p l-.." a hlit-t o.i. pt4 i II l_,- lInn i u 1 ,-1 _li ii h *. i th I- ,.' 1 -. r h "Fl a 7' "' l. wi .. qK ui,-t. "[, t i ,,; ;imi ,, l | 4'. % -i i ."'pr im t .i.. t .i
.i t ,,,,, ,r. t rillr o n a g ,,~,,I-nIl "- T h ,l l : i .. l lt .. .. n r l .a nl. uI r 7. w h o h a(t
i ,,, I t, r | d.. till<- f. .:-rof.1aIl ., t:3.|i ll ; 1 n It -. I -. a ., I .. 1., |,it..a ,, I. lq A, l:iri -:, t...,l ,,t' ], r., i. Ali--, I
. i toh its ac t.._h ,ll, ,,.:, t ,li .> | nly o n,_, ,aJ l tin.e I. ,tlt ev.Ir n- li us- Erantlr l i l l ..n, m -I ,::'.t > r .h
- s L'] ;^t ( I tI I lia~ i s I I : a t bu,i ,, t jl, t ,-t, mB i -I I lln d 11 1, d ;. I I .^ l ,. I r a |f-. i ll,l r AY..!.n-r \11 I1 i ti L r.-.rl -u li, i .-.lT UI to Sur ,,.g -t wi,.^ ,,, rt h ilu -:.-.T -, 1 i11 ...1 P L U MSI A Til 't .I I I II _: l t

,..r. [Ian,. -, -l .. ...- h ,- Th i ll ,, ;a: ^ 1>^;^ ^ ^ ^ ,1 .;;; r ^ '' ''- T^ 1'*- C 1 1 t l ------ | fl U S T
;- ahn the;. lirt -or l,,,, .]l t. l, l,,,,r ar** .%Ili,, [ill." 11 to 1111" Lc~,..l :i .n ,I,_ __., n.ulr, L n. -Ilw ~i one;^ of,,, tk 1-01^,'1-- u cn I -.n P.11, % I. .Ili:, hIi,.I.I- t I .,.,. patR tillI *-

V, -:,r dI it in.l fi,.'- ^il [,.1 ol.d. .1 ;]ri'-.n. ,, \'.J. "I tl. rourli..... i n ? i ,:r ;.ti" tt_, It .: .) I_, I b, .l ,..- t,-,,n,. a, ,, I ,-> 4 i,:, ll ^ i rli t .iili t...._ l ; h i
;uit ill I Il ,,. ,, ,,w,,.. I- 11 ,,, p I ,, ^ of I ; -2 ., 11 ill. I I1, I'"I'1/,LI1ti -,<1 -, ,,...1!- i-.,.,h,.I *l I, .-XY .
-1, E E.;' -.4 .'wr'[[1llltb.Tf.11l1,-111_%-1, it.'Il- ,_.,t:".: ; q .111l[I.,-il.'.I]..%

-. ,r L, ..| t i..a l ..-.vl, ,,fill] ... |ld_ "''ih L n ,.-I i ,t _,v' I 1.,,l tif,., t t l,.ur.1.. t, .t ih :u :,,,it 8 which tr,,:, ;,..i,.lltl.. Th,?e i,.feI-a.ilingall nsth,..1 I-x, S,,.'or hir,'v !,-i. I.,...;l c,,. ] Pt: ,,pn _,1th-- .- u, -to

^ *" t.iinee.' But~ s.ti n'lti;1 |,,. ,,j ,i T l, U i .. .v lat |, r..,l,,, .. h ra L-...-,- ""-'.1. ^ ,1 il,"'..g ,, e ud j ~ ,^ ., l ,,, ,,... .| r ., r ^'H l< l~ l ~ l l r '
F irl ,! 1 ". al : a h, l h o. to u -,1 1 _, l .r -,, ; 1" -.!. I I ;I ',: ,_ i.,n l ,: d .. -n Ai o r c o t ,% CR I
nr with a ,li., .I,l,ln ..'-tl r oL'.IrI_., '.r llit l and I"ilka- to, I. l ha I '.-,i lu In ia t -.L % n t e I- 4; -If".La ,-.i ,| f i ,,bt I,.n.- .ndi I li.v.l .1. 1l :A. E 1 .1c B it I I

K aeti n t,.orLt. in.,,1___,Jri,_ -ith,,.'l.,tf'~.'-^ruir ii1^i.ilitllcl -helh.ti,.rl],-,j ,-l, -il' ';t-,'_,.,lL iiirI,,i >'.itlIr'i:ir,.i'l.l.1,,' *,l.,r>,i-.,l' .,,t,, Trun.. ,.
bo,-tst. It I, %,.l. (t).11, tl,,.,_ .r\. v I, I l. i .i)h 1, _l IIih I I,, i-:-r..iv l.,,.Sl, .ul .i ,'," .',tl, .,u. A

^ l n r ,r~~~~ n ,, ,, ^ .. .,l :, ^T,, ,'5 ,l i-r t e r ._"' ;.,, a : v .l i ,r y jnt h [ ,.',.' .-I .,.'.f t l -, u g to p. r ,_ n "e t h. -- ___^ i h r WT R V i eA ^ ^. !t-
: rle ,- t ill-.',.>t (f .k A~ l ....d..t,:u.c an.;, ," ItIl the- tot- eant ; ."tl..r I

.. itruet o. ithr,.. .,l. ,,t !',,u 1ty |rm.n..r. 't vIni. 1he| "'A w,-an.'.- :tx'eng t,. .., u,-,:,, an. I : ^ ,; ^ ^ ^r r it JIN ES & It~r-G. % I 11" -
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B i u V, fl'l,--'l r,-,,..l thrlh,-,-ur I tI Ivir -l r -iTt.r.fp.: .l vvert? th Lb im 1 if] al.,o the otlh,1..r. tl M-t-1 1t, .,.-'ILOW I \ lLl Tl I I1,.; I.- 'rs. fr S(l
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nd -Im h ,rll -ad a t ti p-lt .-1.1 Iif' i "carv an ilv-1"-1 l- inIP?-1^,:Itr, l -1 ii-iiti ^"'l; wloy I-n'g ---o^ It. ''* rt :,I-' I' "ll., r first sl aught r, a.-L.] at ittpoi nt thatda 'e 41te k *eS o l ils ^3 8: --P- *"* ''^____*

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fat tf h l l g \tl, : \ ri~ll ~ t U v l '..: 1 1 1 (. I oidh .; 1.l lq v | t b qtth, : -1 1 1 a rb i l ) ,-.d i l't. .I t n d i

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m ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~e t.! -.i..l1l to nl. -I,^n., 1,, tie r inii.?] o r l and itle : fld--P; ,-3 I..L. l,ii, h .r ^q.I F, r./Ji .-~ h!~ r ,^-xb- ^ 'i-h o ~ fl ela an ol!6vi M, blo-som 1n! c -o e --1 1** *** ***; **lii lo r~
nto .1l,,:',..t l,.-VU .:.-.!. .:Et,;.lr,.,i air.... -_ ,I. 1. i, t [r ,:.,...1'lI!.t,,ci l ,-lin u1-..11u1
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ll t ho 11,il ,.ti,,l l h,: :, i, I l itt'-eCI)la~ ,8_i l it r-- er l.,3 he) .ier aI,_a ?Iv-o ori,.ik 1 I PIr, Lh Iv -,:.IAII ,,% Li(hu TI --id t,..t 1 t-r.t br t.1Vth-,:1"-''f._-. w1_I-,.:

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bre lia-u", k t l 1,e,- -.' ., .1,. ,1 ,i",, -*^ "I M a shal a.d m any t. SV. I G. J e P. A.
''. C _1 ".],.-i %'It .,.'.l"]- Ia'lli'l. i fI. ,,\,'u ar,.]'rdqr "11,o h--rn e.l' %''i l ,rui I,:IL '*11 t n r>> i ,.1 -- n d I ., J emw- t ..... I i- 1' il I
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to' e.,, l',I i .,r.U t i -n h,.ir h r r l iri h s. T h :e I h p D a, r -_.. or r, "A bi-? .,utr' I--.r. ,r lh ,,hsa ,,, M.? t- 1 b o W rite foi pr1ce tist. ( P R P -
[],[ _4 _1r i.., ,uI'h di_,.r C~r no iht

_-. i~h .: ni. T e \ a. I.m tl >. r r, .,un l.i,, ut- e r t w. r -,,tt, l -l :i ^ t- r ,- ,,..,ft .-,. it. ..- a lo m a g tl,,i t ,b, ,, ,l,,r^ t-..y O t h e S oft,'v~ P< a + r n sT A V e? mm1 1 1 X I^j
_.a.% ir -l. l u -f-. ,- /Hr ,rt l- t p , r.aS
.e. i1' I,, 7,,,th. V, | l. -h,, ll ,, y i,, ',:, ,tl,, k,,v of tl > ,1 co r, th," .,..r..' hp ,- ..... i lt .1,r, a lc Ate a ce an E i a t
th t q eu'(.'w ud;'t l. 1 'il L_- M, '[---. % r_ .*n hi- 'v -r -tit. t, -J

:i:" ,l, t,-,,,.-, ,i .... ,. ..... l d.eo t ,m v,;.,r ,. t i nio ih, c o I -- t. Il e t- r n. .. 3. -A

...I" il,, ft 't mos il, -iltlr of nnl nipt ,i |%.n e oui, r .r...l i K u o \ S ^ r nJtil,____h_________ J b -i tN he A g esie Re ulia ounloof T
t tt... n .,, I .:I a' l o th6 l ]lllhr of 1 .1..... y i,,|1,: ,|- ,,,.-t '.y ; oa g ve n[ up. |
.'" t ) ,l ( i I, r ia- ") i f ._ -i,. y1 ai t tn l j-? t l .-1,t!1t..,"=1 t t, f t~ ho B ri~ t h ., ". riIu ,II I I x i ,-,-

,, i _- -- --i--- ---- .,.t-.r I ,.-.ltl Ii, :n-,d tftt l t ,im,. ] l ,,: m't,hngn bn'da d A., .i .t ,...,. ruli, and ... u ill i ,

J [ 1.. I i." *'lt [ i i .. ....I, ..i> --- \ul'trd .r "-i':iri lfi-'i i,aa pi r ,:,ni I 1" .^"- ti "t vtt v l l A E ^ ^ l 1 e r r n r rfa t / l-?*>
.I%%--it-- 't file l1% Ii wi 1 1 .i. r ,n Nn '...... It IIa1,.:.rt,- l ,:.nh,-:o,=i t o-i li,,ble. bo ,h. i,i,,houo.-Me-.: with>
I : "- .. '-.;I,., i- ,,, -th t ,.,, lo A ,1,,-.r tT,, ,
1 r i ,,I ,, o u t e e l~l. ar ou .'ta I l ", :` l1, s.e, l lulli
a rL i f,,'t l -Ia t_ .v oI.-1,1' ,, 7 .,,- /i ,t" t heq u Vt & 1 ,gI .: It rvI .ogxth -._'_I
Il~ i ll('.;" a ..hadW ~ltl. 1" I I, cl,- t,. iii.u-q I ..dt4 e ourny duing I ein IlnonwIll. ."
f el.":o. I Ii l t'l if \1 fa I" h, I pr.. it-].istiwas he1' v ery we)r e Illa t i-I ,-t h .v, l~ a
!ll -it-11"11 grou 1nds 1-.'Th .m "Rer on 1- Lirof th imn- I en.1 ti- rely sat_-, ..fe an plas t -'v :re pased any"%, ,, I. .I; 1' iIItl1 -i h i I~ h ,A1 1t
Ei th toa '11,.r ar p]r,,il. ] tIoaei~m d i l.:fodcnu e aI ves, all headed fororet-pore, most of :..7,I".'. ,| i--I
...-V-) ,L / aL i I I. I". I1'.'a111 tot .-Lit., .A ( -
1 -' ... I- ... ..I n 11l, ,-n -,I,.ik911o0 -u .: u < ,4-,u. ,L ti ", a (1 ,1 v
i n tgi e .. ..-,l il 1]t .lr/Ii I wrliumn." I"Ti, e 'a I t 4 _..Ir -l :u0~pI.1.... Vh" a 1 Io- qt iion-1 "M he*a "L- I J Il li, i i,.,L ot .--t
7 d l~~i: P bir t r Dlc l t? E .' I I 3 1 t( : i I l i .. i. ... ., t t l .I l ..:I J LW 'I 1 I .
i~~li l"I~i-' ~. l. l i I i ."l,| l] P '' f I .. I ; .-. .- ....1.-,.il r.ilL IS 11-.l ,

N ot' %V ,I "I.t" I'. tL d l' f t ,"- 'LI-'l0 I -.r tr,:'a -.Ei' aL, It,l rf- .-, i" t .J%'l/ flli. ,111-li-
{Jf.-]', ,/, 1ll| I'I" l"1%' Inn "I tll[oi -fawn lrj ,.:!. 11 lit, -,.tel :ll.'llq C-1.)an] al .... %-.:-- t IIhil
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-1 (a t il g I 1I- .) .1 \ I.. I' LIA I .1 L 1 I Ithl' J 1 Il 4 [Ji D ti k ,f I t I~,I1 % L| J h L d ] h ) II-- w r t % i I 1 D ,- i p il l! ,,- e l S -1S _, -, S I
I ,Ii -.;e II w h ie h t --,rrlII I 1 It I t -tl i i- 1 i -'-t-a" l"llZ I a ql i : i 'i- I r 1- --Z' X '" 1' tIII~' ".nI ,-
.- "-- (l. I.. -- [ t l'l ~ ~ l ,I .a t ;5"._ i-L I, :,r rl v. ,-., II-, _,l..:l .1.11 t i,,:, lt I -11,:,r,'
: b l lt. i t v i , T i t .. ...r t r i i ,- r i l I I l V I 'I- lt w i V 'L f ', n& ,. I t [,f-It r l ,' l. r ..u,; ,,: r it:) ,l-S 1 1 1 n : % .I I ; I I i 1 i l 1 1 t 1
_;b t r t. t. -. r -i- 1. ,i,, t i ; .. .. : ':' "-" .. "
.. P e i t."tt-i t -i i llL e l'~ g l i t,, e i o ] h l : q l e 1 @ l [, { r -IJ. rh gtird %A r atI r u i ii .. i t l 4'.tELL.'. trt r i n % i c I- -- l t
J nit win th ante | r" l e li"tl't I, ? l,. (?, In V h h o d o l r f 6 \''-h-,,,I,-I i-iar -,itr.".
i Ti l ",. .1_,, .,r,- I -in c h 'Iu l a t e r g't iE l,.,t ,..r I t-li ., t_.I5ft&. ;" ia,: u ill l l .,it I .','
... e n t .l : I t i '.-_..I. 'i. t ne,,:t N '_w"u l '- rvh ':l t i" ',i'4 i 'n I- _'

P,. f Ar tlblrt 1r, ,wh,, w I.-In,,t.tri,,u.-- uutihority thut the two -0 ,4 dullar.4now llar now -At,,t t n iwas Lail,, d,vi-,,d@, to drive ou 1. eu o,, I anw 1
",ie t ld withthI MII l., ri'k .,_'lA in existence. while having ben made a-,.,ut wvo n and th,-.ri ta." i e r,, s road rL I./o... I ,, f r ,,D F ar. FERTILIZE-
& n i Eian,. iiJ l ar,.,i in from the original die, w(-ro i realtIy kn,..l ,i_. t, d t h1 nuk IL,- Role at r i r, fie,* Fl/ ,./, ., PRICES AT CA AT LA., Hhu- h 'TIk I th,.Uto:oroa
" ,,iH d '. ,.,,,It It.It l,, ,t,,n not cm ined for m any v ears after that ered t.,r uor 'd,-"tr,.I ,...' 1.,. It Ia. ,lark _t worn "s,,htitpr uh l
<>Mo n.<,,:.. K4 111it? i :. h 4 -o..t IL .it l... year,. wheu lt eyv were sirrepttho ly ,v 't l hf o th.) L,.al...... .and v,.a lr. .h Ht oaH .M H. -" 1 Y
A ,-h i e l, :,n e o ua wnd io p h g e il
) Montl irlt-. n Itro .li,.li <-il,,,uaf t hu -\ il l .s trick., and It i icrsL L-:[,i-,, <-l-ued to Fi A,. Ro,- Slp,,n n Tt raure.
.., .--; O rl ea n I ., p ,:r ,,,I hillI a i a th r v fru in w ho rn U p thi, rI 'ad l''rT t u111 .10 :.r t%%'n 'ei ''' sl h) ',,Ff r1 If e ct
. t .v u ,t..^ ti passed in,. t ;,i \.Gil-, Io, A I",.; ;, : ,,il ,;"l:,l_^,';,rtu:it, ru ..,i^ ,H| ,, i F p im i p p p n .. ,1 ? ,; * "^--BB
to i, l Sej : .g .,In. L ut %%c ,i'' 1" 1 rn1 h : ,CO1, --I ."- N sw- ca d l !me7W
Pe)ii ,r:llt.. i ,' ei.. rH.)' u- tli,- ,, t referred to. Tit half t d llar of ----t-... l .. [ i,,,- ,,ahatf h ,h P.' ^ <-iri' ,-,h,.,
i, of ,v, n,.-n,,:.r. .. P : lv- -roun, tvn o.IsA bn I.t.lUV n Ofni eu y' i. ...... ",i", ..... i. .--...4 I
The', -it =, urttl,.. ,p, i.. ,ou d. T ere ere over .,i.ll i o1". f
I, ,h .' a t hIu h O ln," f ,l i 'll If ,.',o r
i".t hese coi(n -A t tl ,ts n het n ,,t ]% 0on eJ n Ili f i will fie tl-e Iere. ,i,,t ,.. i. ,,'' t. r,:.,> 11,t un
.,Pl e ,llt1, 1,' 11t" -i_ l )li ,. 'l'lil ha eve --r klh)%% i ,: to |l ,i nr aiculati,,n. Oi Ih li -.,., t > r,, I llt,: r %Virh i Ing i our
W ... ,i ri).:-t | M l. ,ni,,lt ,,lhSr tll her h an p l t 7,4,q, A ri er f dC -al ,, w,:,,,l ,. but .,i ,_.b t1 1 r,,ln t a ,*.l, after h -, t) l i ,..M -,-, ,,, ,.i
"). .6 u l a.,. : t' 11. T u,.ttaluaL5 it, le:I "
".!i ., t Sayvs t ha t thV J. 11. 11 uh lc, : liued in th at a''. 'n ,d ,rpec iuic ni of ,l ., ,, i .-.l f ,r t .,,u t ,,. ii i, .I tl o a u ll
''~~N litiil, _h'illll !1:\ i," ht.,v arrt-, inlever\ ,-o ocriiin tewaLI,]I ASE it 1
"; ^ e r : i l tiai ,t lo "-- P hllm a di l hi.'-. ill, P l t he.S b t,,o l t i -. 1, ai tt h l .l ,111. \raf i .:.IIC..,ul, 0I 1 ,t .-,6th.*", ,,..- o .,rn..yi a]
If nill l Ui' lla : i ,,ian Ii,,.r a \v 1- 3r,_',.1 thifa'u'i on fot II. I- .!r"'.y t 4.111..1cu- ,.u
ltStT ht- i. ti n I,; i iw. ptry A ir from" ol w-,;i a ln l;'. ti,.I tI, I'd.ui'i t Iq,. L;l"h.1'iv *V>
M.|we w^t L I..n "Il aIIl :I 1h,,11- Ill j,,II ...I LI l r,1.%.,1._1 ifiI
144 h'CL-fi c r vt',l ih t I \" t h~ij,. r I ,h : I l-t- In "irll,.' 'r du h17er i .. b u.1 ,11,,i... |:,<#,: l"-In,.. .In ,t .-,..
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^. ,i, .. c oa~:,, .i v l .. T hler p |'o e s i, "e r r.n ain~ l lle > u :>i ,h ,,.- ,,ot.., : -- ...' t i, ,,tla n ,n r ,:, Am. .r ; ,-it ,o r, |' ri~ l| .. : hl.:": .; .t ,'l* ..F XF I SD ^i tf Wl i l ^r >~
i'";""& ''"Ue ll l, ll.. oiI* 1r..- A-,3

-- .jE oa t nr K'i\K \ t *l" l L- ':l wh lh i l i"| ,,a i'o nlin, r l.' r oti 'ru<'r -, .. .. t il, lhav o u t lFr-n .-a per- i J. .- ..t M I j u i U ~ l v l ; i ., m i ., i ~ ~ y r < ^ ^ y r
- : \. ( -li.v I,> ... .t..if. "..U l,,-,n th in t C :,> up p ll >. L.\ 1 c \,nir- ofi a: r -' l. d h, a *r ,,V L I. m i li,, t .I .l "l.' .':i n '. -.r .a,.t ^ ^ *" -1 th t r a t ,? o f I* -n .. l, t m ^ t |Luli' w .U ,. < n -.^
....k.- l i.l t r f i
L 'wr e dr ll l e r a. i i Ye1,(If ,a ,1 ..-1r .10 -1, .OfIIt i : .. ..f, .ig h .=- ; h. tr MB,. S. ,." A .], T
l!.tli',dhl-cinairheru-i thei,,si1,u of
.u l ie p o e V 1YS ~ le ili M I .!,'if Il.-..I

d~ o h,. w l.,rl|n ,,,, ,..,., t ,,l .le I,,*s^ :; ^.^ ,' *l't lex -'tu ;t l:u ^,,I I.,IV ;..a .. .,,l.. ? ..- ,o > ^ ist ,,nfan., l.^ u,^ ; l,:;' ;!^ -! r o { A E
b h'l,,, .. U I II, A I Q I,, l y t i ll lg s r l c it- ,,? h l:l t ,e n I c ,n l.,A t, o t i,,- ,. ,,_-,. ,,i ,.,t u Ai. ,.l r ...- a o f r M 111 1 111 0 1 .L S
\ lu,, !,\. thie,:i|,(..h,..s. .ia br rd -t q .a1 i r-.f .,- ,1, 111t:-i.lat1.. .li til. r, a t i,,J L ,d .... .t ,Itr. I1". ',l ',I. | ....i ,, t-al ^ ^ ^ W ;,o

I^;' -r, M i ,, lr,' a.l.r^ k .^ ^ "l!,t :, tnh|,. hrlg ,vtl i,- fr i, ,r ^ ,,^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^,, ,; ,, ^ ,. ^ o n ? ,
,. ,., brick|, hat t eI, ae k. anb ,l a han' x u tg k i .~r f %,%Ia-Lw. h v .- i ],lh'.Ithat o n,i, Ul to
-.'Riali. d in R AIit.' ,t w.1i, 1,,? 1 i wh,, the,,_ .r A Ion1fedt th--ir):,-f- ,It -tl1. th -h.1-%,r -a I, I 1wietAAh L i ero lhr, L':ip l 11 il- 1r-,MI tl -r,
mi .(.ic il.t In 15111 i' u,; tir., Ae I'2il',ne111 1 f io 1-~r
"11"1.1v.q. v"I I tI l v t ., u _,. _

,^ I'J ^ l *l ,1 *! f. -,-- r-i i,.' .I,,r .,,-. .r f, :-,' p.''" ,Iot. .:tin |.. j ...nru p ...i i i**"!*r.:, it ,,*-.u'5 '".'[I 'rn..- li"'^-e u *ll,." ~ ~" 1'1lr ,.inl l, ,.. t lirv a r t ml^
e* er-i l t' 11 l l ,' h i I ,_ ;Nh ,r- ifr, .Ia"&-i it,. .f i .:r. l t b ..
ttp-Q"IlkI1!. 11
:lll-Q.-i i tii 1 il:I, L,.111-,(lIdlr 'IM'i',-Ilu a1-% i iiIu-h o E X C E L S IO R-lt
i f ti ll'O eOI J I'-l-'1li,,l'1
.., g ridu om la .tose,iu
i .- "'- ''l'%%'il.. .. ,5 1 F~ri rtion' s ,it t e rn, t TaIi'. ," .,o| ,,. t ,, ,,.,.' A,,,t r wau,.ttr r, rubr L a ndu
.i O I 1,' I~ .1{,,l ,h I.I i l d I l.: -ll r. | "1" "" I "i I t v,-,vvolI t l',.,, 't,'
tl i l~ t \ r t i_, l' .l : f.. .1 1 i l -i t u p y t i ,- t x c u n i y f a rb L 7 t.- .ur .I' t h e N E S M Y R N A w o u% _lI
I 1 "1% l l st1i' -et t l t l ', I
fa r i-i,-:'l._, I..-it ,_llh Ill ~1,1 .,:1 i,,f t.-r. d. G E.. .. . t' E Lu h
'+ -+.' 1a--1 -,," e.i Lhl.--sew 1.iw T'foor if,,?, ..%-...
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L I "fJv h 1. 1): -|gar
'ii ,Ii -t.A n e 1 i t ie .I K I .
: 1 w .. .. I-. -it. V- : :" ifu-.:.." : : f a l l- it : -l t t. 'i-4' h... ., -a
"': : -.I "1,-.1 1:,' : -. f ; : ", .- r1 11-:.0 ,"-.--"1... .. A.t",, t,.'.". '. _., fi, t. i r i" je- "_ ...=.ti e p r c n A. tg ., :. : '.. .' ,.. ..'. .'. : -. v .. .:" e .'' -..