GFM Archive : Mailing list of the Gay Freedom Movement


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GFM Archive : Mailing list of the Gay Freedom Movement
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Caribbean Area   ( lcsh )
GFM - Correspondence


This is the mailing list of the Gay Freedom Movement which was kept in their archives.
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Caribbean IRN
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Caribbean IRN
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Jamaica Daily News
58 Half Way Tree Road,
Kingston 10.

Agency for Public Information
58a Half Way Tree Road,
Kingston 10.

Gleaner Company Ltd.
7 North Street,

Public Opinion
5 Downer Avenue,
Kingston 5.

The Rev. Samuel Carter S.J.
Archbishop of Kingston
The Chancery,
21 Hopefield Avenue,
Kingston 6.

Education Secretariat
2 Emerald Road,
Kingston 4.

St. Michael's Seminary
Golding Avenue,
Kingston 7.

,Catholic Charismatic Renewal
6 Lindsay Terrace,
Kingston 8.

Mr. A/. DeSouza
Anglican Bishop of Jamaica
2 Caledonia Avenue,
Kingston 5.

Christian Action for Dev. in the
14 South Avenue,
Kingston 10.

/Methodist Churches

University College of the W.I.
Mona, Kingston 7.

Jamaica Teachers Assoc.
97 Church Street,

Media Advisory & Research Services
(MARS) Ltd.
97 Windward Road,
Kingston 2.

Medical Association of Jamaica
19 Ruthven Road,
Kingston 10.

Jamaica Labour Party
20 Belmont Road,
Kingston 5.

Jamaica Broadcasting Corp.
5 South Odeon Avenue,
Kingston 10.

Radio Jamaica Ltd.
32 Lyndhurst Road,
Kingston 5.

Bureau of Regional Affairs
18 Belmont Road,
Kingston 5.

Mrs. Carmen MacGregor
Minister of Social Security in
Charge of Womens Affairs
14 National Heroes Circle,
Kingston 4.

Jamaica National Commission forUNESCO
6 Leinster Road,
Kingston 5.

2B Braemer Avenue, Ministry of Education
Kingston 10. 2 National Heroes Circle,
_Kingston 4.
Seventh Day Adventist Churches of W.I.Unionj
74 Constant Spring Road, Mr. Arnold Bertram
Kingston 10. Minister of Information &


Offices of the Prime Minister
College of Arts, Science & Technologyl 1 Bevon Road,
Hope Road, Kingston 10.
Kingston 6.

Unity of Jamaica
87 Old Hope Road,
Kingston 6.

Jamaica Baptist Union HQ.
6 Hope Road,
Kingston 10.

West Indian Digest
4 Ripon Road,
Kingston 5.


1. The Research Officer, 89 Old Hope Road (6)

2. Government Serials Section, UWI Library, Mona (7)

3. Embassiesetc.

Trinidad and Tobago High Commission, 3rd floor, Imperial Life Bldg., New Kgn.

Canadian High Commission,Royal Bank Bldg., 30 Knutsford Blvd, (5)

Israeli Embassy, 60 Knutsford Blvd. (5)

Chinese Ambassador, 8 Seaview Avenue (5)

3apanese Embassy, Belvedere, Beverly Drive (6)

Australian High Commissioner, 3rd fl., National Life Bldg., 64 Knutsford Blvd.

British Information Officer, Br. Inf.Service, Trafalgar Road

Panamanian Ambassador, 6 Blaise Avenue, (B)

Embassy of USSR, 22 Norbrook Drive (B)

Guyana High Commission, 27 Seymour Avenue (6)

Embassy of Belgium, 6 Oxford Road (5)

Emb. of Venezuela, Royal Bank Bldg., 5th floor

French Embassy, 3xdxxR1xxmxyxxxxAm 13 Hillcrest Ave. (6)

Netherlands Embassy, 3rd floor, Br. Am. Bldg.

Argentinian Emb., Br. Am. Bldg.

Spanish Emb.,Knutsford Blvd.

Embassy of BrAzil, 64 Knutsford Blvd, 2nd floor

Cuban Embassy, 9 Trafalgar Road (10)

Emb. of the Democratic Republic of Korea, 3 Caramel Ave. (8)

Emb. of the Federal Republic of Germany, RxBxx& 10 Waterloo Road,(10)

American Embassy, 2 Oxford Road (5)

Colombian Embassy, Br. Am. Bldg.

Embassy of Costa Rica, 8 Canberra Cres. (6)

Emb. Of the Dominican Republic, 7 Upper Mark Way (8)

Mexican Embassy, Br. An. Bldg.

4. Dr. Aggrey BRown, Extra Mural Dept.

5. c/o JBC, any of the announcers there eg. Elaine Wint, Ronnie Thwaites

6. c/o R3R, any of the announcers there eg. Peter Abrahams,Neville Willoughby

7. c/o API, the Executive Director, Director of Pub&ic Relations, Chief Librarian, eti

8. Newsroom RJR, 38C

9. The Egitor Daily News, Daily Gleaner, Star,

(Addresses of these places:

Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, 5 South Odean Avenue (10)

Radio Jamaica, 32 Lundhurst Road (5)

Agency for Public Information, 58a Half Way Taee Road, Kgn. 10

Jamaica Daily News, 58 Half Way Tree Road (10)
The Daily Gleaner / The Star, 7 North Street, Kingston

Public Opinion,c/o PNP Headquarters, Old Hope Road(5), ph. 70454

Caribbean Journal, P.O. Box ZBBBX49 1079 (8)

Vest Indian Digest, 4 Ripon Road (5)

The Fighter, 2 Wildman Street, Kingston

Workers Time, 9 Central Avenue, Kgn. 10

Struggle, 50 Lady Musgrave Road (6), ph.74027

Jamaica Courier, 80 Half Way Tree Road (10)
Jamaica Intercom, 20 Osbourne Rd. (10)
The Beacon, 7 Strand Street, Montego Bay

Ms. Suzanne Francis, CANA c/o Jamaica Daily News

Mr. Godefried Tchamlesco, Prensa Latina, ph.90497

Fitzroy Nation, Interpress Service c/e Daily news

Labour c/o JLP Headquarters, 20 Belmont Road (5)

ID. The Librarian, Jamaica House, Hope Road (6)

11. Women's Bureau, Life of Jamaica Bldg., 1I Half Way Tree Road (10)

12. C.E.R.I., Box 99 (2)

13. C.U.S.O., 25 Waterloo Avenue (10)

14. International Bauxite Association 67 Knutsford Blvd., New Kingston

18. Regional Manager, 4H Club, P.O. Box 403, Montego Bay

v19. Jamaica Council of Churches, 6 Hape Road (10) c I

20. Advertising and Public Relations Firms

Fred Wilmot Associates, 14 Hope Road (10)

Paul Chen Ygung and Ass. 23 Barbados Avenue, New Kingstn

Rutk Public Relations Associates, 8 Waterloo Avenue (10)

Jamaica Tourist Board, New Kingston Hotel, Neuw Kingston (Hartley Neita)

Jamaica Agricultural Society, Information Service, 71 Church Street

Feastifal Office, Waterloo Road (10)

21, Pan African Secretariat,

22. Jamaica Chamber of Commerce 7 East Parade. Kingston

23. Secretary, Jamaica Teachers Association, 97 Church Street, Kgo.

24. Jamaica Civil Service Association, 10 Caledonia Avenue (5)

25. Principal Jamaica School of Music

n Dance

Drama, Arthur Wint Drive (5)

26.Joyce Robinson, JAMAL, South Camp Road

27. Leila Thomas, Director, Jamaica Library Service, Tom Redcam Avenue (5)

28. African Caribbean Institute, Institute of Jamaica, East Street

29. Olive Lewin, Social Developdent Commission, Central Avenue (5)

30. European Economic Committee, 2nd fl.., Mutual Life Bldg., 2 Oxford Rd. (5)

31. Resident Representatives, UNDP, 1-3 Lady Mustrave Road (5)

32. Director of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Knutsford Blvd.(5)

33. Carl Stone c/o Daily leaner

34. Rex Nettleford c/o JBC re >cLI0kf t
V. 0, .. -

S. \

3ij ~$

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