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This is a brochure of the organisation Parents of Gays in the USA
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We are
of gay
New windows of understanding have
opened to us. We are committed to help
other parents learn what we have
learned, and to help change attitudes
and create an environment of
understanding so that our gay children
can live with dignity and respect.
We invite you to share our knowledge,
to be free from fear, and to reach out,
search, and discover more about being

As parents of

gays meeting

with other

parents. ..

we have learned
Our gay daughters and sons come from
-"model" families, single-parent, those
with dominant or submissive mothers,
weak or strong fathers-all kinds. There
is no pattern.

we have learned
Our gay sons and daughters are the only
child, the youngest/middle/oldest, one of
twins. In some families one child is gay,
in others two or more. There is no

we have learned
To be free from the burden of guilt for our
children's natural, normal, sexual

we have learned
To recognize our children's expression of
love as honest and moral.

"We love our gay children."

Gay people are everywhere
Lesbians and gay men come from families fr om
all corners of the earth, from every culture,
religious, ethnic group and in every occupation.
Kinsey estimated that about 101h of the |
population is homosexual; gay people and thdiir
families represent over one third of the people
in this country.

Gay people are healthy
Both the American Psychiatric Association a nd
the American Psychological Association havy
recognized that homosexuality is not a mental
or emotional disorder. Gay men and women
share the same amount of interest in sexual
activity as heterosexual persons. neither mor
nor less. Lifestyles of gay persons can not be
lumped into one category any more than
heterosexual lifestyles. Gay persons establistl
stable, long lasting relationships, work for a
living, shop. watch TV. vote, and pay taxes.

Gay people are naturally homosexual
Homosexuality is not chosen, like selecting
clothes or a line of work. No one knows how
human sexual orientation is determined. In

discussions covering nearly a decade with
hundreds of families with gay children, we have
found that:
The gay child is most often aware of his/her
sexual orientation at a very early age.
None of the children was influenced or taught to
be gay by any person.
In homes where gay children try to become
heterosexual, all attempts fail. Being gay is not
just a stage youngsters go through.
Family fears of "catching" homosexuality, or
of being "recruited" at school or elsewhere are
unreasonable and, ". utterly without
scientific foundation." (Statement of J.
Weinstein, M.D., President, American
Psychiatric Association, 10/6/78).

Gay people are part of the family
One of every four families has a gay member.
Our gay sons and daughters have parents,
grandparents, sisters and brothers, cousins,
aunts and uncles, and nieces and nephews
whom they love and care for. Rejection of a gay
person by his/her family is a tragedy for each
person in the immediate and extended family

About our children



of purpose
We want to help other parents
We know how they felt, because we felt the
same. We want to help them see their children,
as we see ours.
We must change attitudes
While society has imbued all of us with
misinformed attitudes about homosexuality, we
must not allow these distorted attitudes to go
unchallenged and to continue to interfere with
the happiness of parent and child or their
relationship to each other.
Society must recognize that our daughters and
sons as gay people are healthy, normal,
productive and loving human beings.
The problem of silence
In America today, there are millions of parents
with gay daughters and sons who are victims of
social, political and economic oppression. Gay
people in many communities are still obstructed
by prejudice in their pursuit of happiness and in
striving to live their lives with openness and
dignity. But homosexuals are not the only
victims of this oppression; it also touches their
friends and families. We as Parents of Lesbians
and Gay Men feel that the time is right to join
together to appeal to the public conscience in
order to achieve equal opportunities for our
daughters and sons. We challenge society's
status quo attitudes. We have a commitment to
actively help our gay daughters and sons by
working for the same basic human rights,
liberties and opportunities for them that are

enjoyed by others. As proud parents of gay
people, new windows of understanding have
been opened to us which have enriched our
lives. We want to bring this understanding to
the community.

Silence no longer!
Parents of gays say: We "Speak out! Our
lesbian daughters and gay sons are healthy,
normal, responsible and caring human beings.
We love them and are proud of them."
Won't you join us?

Write or call for further information.

PARENTS HOTLINE 215/461-8197
4 parent-to-parent conversations
4 information about professional
services and programs
4- recommended literature for parents

4 monthly meetings in Center City
Philadelphial usually the third
Sunday afternoon of the month
4+ accurate information provided by
professional speakers
4 time to talk with other parents
who understand your feelings

4* published monthly by subscriptions
46 per year

Parents of Gays
P. 0. Box 15711
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Many organizations

Lutheran Church in America; United Church of
Christ; Christian Church (Disciples of Christ);
National Federation of Priests' Councils;
Commonweal, Christianity and Crisis; National
Council of Catholic Bishops; Catholic
Theological Society of America; The Protestant
Episcopal Church; American Friends Service
Committce, Unitarian-Universalist
Asocii aon. United Methodist Church; United
Presbyierian Church; Union of American
fiebrew Congregations; Commission on Social
Action of Reform Judaism; United Methodist

merican Public Health Association; American
Psychological Association; American
Psychiatric Association; American Medical
Students' Association; American Personnel and
Guidance Association; American Association
for the Advancement of Science; American
Anihropoligical Association; American Library
AssoL nation. American Association of
LUni ermay Prolessors; American Federation of
1 teachers (AFL-CIO)

American Cij il Liberties Union; National
Organizaiion for Women (NOW); National
A'-ocialiIon for the Advancement of Colored
People iNAACP); Young Women's Christian
Associal ion of the United States (YWCA);
.ihertarian Party; National Women's
Conference (lWY) National Plan of Action


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*Titles deal with the question from the religious
point of view.

)/ 1/

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