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GFM Archive : Brochure for National Coalition of Black Gays (NCBG)
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The organizational purpose of the Nalional Coali-
tion of Black Gays is as follows:
a. to actively work against racism, sexism,
ageism, classism, homophobia, and any
other forms of discrimination within the
Black community and the gay community
b. to create positive attitudes between and
among Black non-gays and Black gays
c. to improve the working and social relation-
ships between and among Black lesbians
and Black gay men -
d. to raise the consciousness of Black lesbians
and Black gay men on major local, national,
and international issues
e. to stimulate wholesome and soulful socio-
political atmospheres for Black lesbians and
Black gay men
f. to work cooperatively with other national
and local lesbian'gay organizations in the
pursuit of lesbian.'gay civil rights
g, to work cooperatively with other national
and local Black organizations in the pursuit
of human/civil rights
h. to support the struggles for human and civil
rights forall including but not limited to -
women, youth, physically challenged.
senior citizens, prisoners. Native Amerin-
cans, Asians. Latin Amencans, et al
i. to promote coalition building and unity
among and between Black lesbians and
Black gay men
j. to pursue political powerand recognition in
non-partisan, non-violent, but aggressive
ways for the survival and growth accep-
tance of ourselves as Black lesbians and
Black gay men
k. to maintain and stress the beauty of Black
culture and culture, thereby
projecting our motlo. "As Proud Of Our
Gayness As We Are of our Blackness"

NCBG was founded by A. Billy S. Jones and
other members of the D.C. and Baltimore lesbian/
gay community in 1978.
The organization's name at that time was the
D.C.-Baltimore Black Gays.
In the early part of 1979, the two cities split into
two separate organizations; the D.C. Black Gays
and the Baltimore Black Coalition
It was at this time that the idea of a Black gay
coalition first took its shape, since at this time
other cities were asking to join with Washington
and Baltimore.
As the new combined name went at that time,
the National Coalitions of Black Gays was the first
root of the organization as a national one. The
founding chapters were: Washington, D.C.; Balti-
more, Maryland: and Detroit. Michigan.
In October of 1979, NCBG and other Third
World Lesbian/Gay organizations held the First
National 3rd World Lesbian Gay Conference in
Washington, D.C.
By early 1980. NCBG had grown to includeNew
York and Philadelphia as chapters of NCBG.
At the mid-year conference, held in Detroit.
NCBG began the ground work for a national
structure to the organization.
By November 1980, NCBG had grown to in-
clude cities such as Chicago, Norfolk, Atlanta,
Denver. Richmond (Virginia), Portland, Minne-
olis, and St. Louis. At our Philadelphia Conven-
tion, an organized Bylaws structure was adopted
and a Board of Directors was elected to oversee
the affairs of NCBG.
In March of 1981, NCBG held its first full board
meeting in Norfolk, and at that time NCBG/
Chicago was given the go-ahead to host the 2nd
National 3rd World Lesbian Gay Conference and
the 2nd National NCBG General Convention
By this time the National Coalition of Black
Gays was in full control of coordinated operations
across the country.
In July of 1981, NCBG held itssecond full board
meeting in Minneapolis
In November 1981. the 2nd National 3rd World
Lesbian/Gay Conference and 2nd National
NCBG General Convention were held in Chicago.
The theme of that conference was, "A Unified
Rainbow of Strength."
In July 1982, NCBG Chicago became the
national office of NCBG, Inc.

Major high visibility projects will include, but
are not limited to, the following:
Support efforts to bring out large numbers of
Black and Third World lesbians'gays during
Gay Pride Week events.
Endorsement of the August 28th March on
Washington being spearheaded by Coretta
Scott King and the Coalition of Conscience.
Theme: "A Call for Jobs. Peace, and
Active involvement in the Congressional
Black Caucus September Weekend. Along
with continued work with the Gay Rights
National Lobby, to solicit their support of the
national Gay Civil Rights Bill
To work closely with other national gay poli-
tical groups such as the Gay Rights National
Lobby, the National Gay Task Force, the
International Gay Association, et cetera,
with a position of mutual support
To work closely with other Black political
groups such as the Congressional Black
Caucus, Operation PUSH. NAACP, Joint
Center of Political Studies. Black Mayors'
Conference et al, with a position of mutual
Support/initiate a national Black Gay Voter
Registration drive in malor Black populated
cities to continue supporting Black candi-
dates who take an open and public stand
against homophobia, and supporting local
voter drives as well.
Development of educational and political
materials aimed at the Black community on
the issues of health, religion, sexuality,
political participation, etc
Establishment of a National Speakers
Bureau of persons who can articulate the
concerns and positions of NCBG before the
Establishment of a tax-deduclible foun-
dation for the development and support of
Black Third World Educational and Cultural

Board of Directors
Chris Cothran, Chair, Chicago, IL
T. Oshin, Secretary, Washington, D.C.
Bert Hopewell, Treasurer, Baltimore, MD
Charles Stewart, Board Member, Los Angeles, CA
Charles R. Williams, Board Member, St. Paul, MN
Louis Hughes, Board Member, Baltimore, MD
Jon Gee, Board Member, Baltimore, MD
Executive Director
Gilberto Gerald, Washington, D.C.
West Coast Field Office Representative
A. Billy S. Jones, San Francisco, CA
Political Action Coordinator
Ray Melrose, Washington. D.C.

NCBG'National Memberships are available on
the following scale:
Regular Membership $ 20 00
Household Membership 30 00
Sustaining Membership 50.00
Contributing Membership 100 00
Lifetime Membership 500.00
Affiliated Organization $ 30.00
Supporting Organization 40.00
Business Organization 75.00
Friends of the Coalition 10000
Contributing Organization 500.00

The national news magazine of the National
Coalition of Black Gays, IIABARI-DAFTARI. will
be sent automatically with membership. 10
Subscription rates in the United States, Canada 0
and Mexico are $6.00 for one year, $10.00 for two rt
years, or $15.00 for three years. Overseas/airmail l
subscribers, please add $3.00 per year lo the "(
above rates. 6
Checks should be made payable to NCBG 03 M
News, P.O. Box 11493, Chicago, Illinois 60611. S _-

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