Adaptive use of Floyd Hall program : faculty club


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Adaptive use of Floyd Hall program : faculty club
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Department of Architecure, University of Florida
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ARC 5810


APRIL 25, 1985





This document provides information pertinent to the

design of a faculty club for the University of Florida campus.

This project is an adaptive use of Floyd Hall. Requirements

and needs.shall be considered in the fabrication of design

parameters. Both subjective and objective material shall be


This program is a collection of facts and ideas, prob-

ings and judjements, which remains open ended. It is not

intended to be a solution to any problem, but offers infor-

mation from which a solution may be devised.


The Board of Regents, as the decision making body for

The University of Florida, has contracted the programing of

a faculty club for the University of Florida campus. The

project will be funded through donations to the Florida

Foundation from alumni and faculty, and these donations will

be matched by the State of Florida. The club is seen as a

positive element which shall be used to attract new faculty

members, and reward existing faculty members.

The club is seen as a place for social functions,

lounging, eating, and both formal and informal meetings.

It is seen as a place for a merging of ideas, where Historian

may meet Physicist, or Accountant may meet Philosopher.

The Faculty Club is seen as both a formal social gathering

place on campus, and an informal place for a meeting of the

minds to occurs.


The Faculty Club shall maintain an appearance as a

campus building. It shall also maintain a tie with the

surrounding buildings, while still maintaining privacy for

the faculty.


The following spaces are intended to become part

of the adaptive use plan, new construction of a compatible

nature will be accepted and should be considered.

Main Dining Room -- 3400 sf
1st Reception Area -- -? .
Kitchen -- 3100 sf

Reading Room -- 600 sf
2nd Lounge -- 1400 sf
2 Conference Rm. -- 1000 sf total
4 Small Dining -- 2400 sf total

6 Guest Rooms
@ 350 sf ea. -- 2100 sf total
3rd 2 Guest Rooms
@ 500 sf ea. -- 1000 sf total
Guest Lounge -- 500 sf total
15500 sf net

To increase net to gross square footage, it is sug-

gested that an additional structure be designed to accom-

modate such space as: vertical circulation, toilets, mech-

anical and electrical equipment. This structure should be

designed to be compatible with the existing building.


Main Dining Room. The main dining room will be the

main gathering area for faculty and guests to eat. It will

need to seat about 200 people. It will need direct access

to the kitchen and reception area. The dining room may be

placed on the first floor. This will allow easy access, and

keep constant activity at the ground level.

Main Dining Room 3400 sf. This may be thought of as

one large room, or two or three smaller rooms.

Kitchen. The kitchen will be the main food prepera-

tion area in the building. It will need direct access to

the exterion for deliveries. It will need direct access to

dining rooms on the first and second floors. It is suggested

that the kitchen be located on the first floor for the pur-

pose of food delivery and preparation.

Kitchen 3100 sf. This should be located in one area.

Reception area/ Circulation A reception area is need-

ed directly adjacent to the main dining room. This area

could be thought of as part of the circulation system, and

it should be near some form of vertical circulation.

Reading Room. The reading room is a semi-private

space where faculty members may go to quietly read or study.

this area could also have provisions for small quiet con-

versation areas.

Reading Room 600 sf. This space could be thought of

as one large room or as a series of small study rooms. It

is suggested they be placed in the second floor.

Small Dining Rooms. The small dining rooms are intend-

ed to serve as overflow spaces for the main dining room, as

well as serving as areas for small or specific groups for

lunch or dinner.

Small Dining Rooms 2400 sf total. This may be broken

down into four or six smaller areas. The dining rooms should

seat about 120 people total.

Lounge. The lounge in the faculty club may serve

alcohol. It will serve as a place for social conversation

and an alternate waiting area for the dining rooms. The

lounge should be directly accessible to the vertical circula-

tion, and should have easy access to the dining rooms.

Lounge 1400 sf.

Conference Rooms. The conference rooms in the faculty

club will be available for use by any group associated with

the University Faculty. These conference rooms should be

private. It has beem suggested these rooms be placed on the

second floor. This suggestion is based on the idea that the

first floor is too public for this activity to occour.

Conference Rooms two rooms at 500 sf each, 1000 sf

total. These two rooms should be adjacent to each other.

Guest Rooms. The guest rooms in the faculty club are

intended to be used for interim faculty members. These

faculty members may be visiting campus for a short term,

or this may become a residence for an entire semester.

Guest Rooms 6 at 350 sf each these would be organized

as uxury hotel rooms. 2 at 500 sf each these rooms would

provide visiting faculty with a more spacious place to

spend an extended period of time. 3100 sf total.

Guest Lounge. The guest lounge will provide the

visitors, staying in the guest rooms, a living room for

quiet socializing and relaxing. It will become the common

space for the guest rooms.

Guest Lounge 500 sf.

The guest areas of the faculty club should be private,

and access to them should be limited to authorized persons

only. This is the reason the third floor is suggested for

this space.