Architectural program for Floyd Hall : Quantum Theory Project and Chermistry Department offices


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Architectural program for Floyd Hall : Quantum Theory Project and Chermistry Department offices
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Architectural program for Floyd Hall:
Quantum Theory Project and Chemistry Department Offices
Richard Sasser ARC 5810 April 24, 1985

Objectives: To develop an adaptive use program for Floyd Hall
which, in addition to providing a new purpose or
function for the building, will solve three significant
problems for the Chemistry Department.

The first problem is that the Quantum Theory project is
located away from the Chemistry complex in Williamson
Hall, which houses the Physics Department. Most of the
students in Quantum Theory are Chemistry students and
the facility needs to be in the Chemistry complex.

The program accommodates the post-doctoral and graduate
students which study Quantum Theory as a specialization
in their graduate work in Chemistry.

The second problem is the lack of space in Leigh Hall.
One of the functions which has the greatest need for
more space is that of administration. The adaptive-use
program calls for moving the department,
administrative, and General Chemistry offices into
Floyd Hall. General Chemistry is one of several
academic areas of the department, others being Organic
Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. It serves to advise
freshmen and sophomore students on Chemistry classes
they must take and provide those classes, both lecture
and laboratory. Each academic area office is usually
located next to its laboratories in Leigh Hall. But
the department is willing to compromise that
convenience for General Chemistry by moving its office
into Floyd Hall, in the interest of gaining more floor
space for other uses in Leigh Hall.

The third need is a Chemistry lecture hall to seat 100
students. I learned from discussions with Chemistry
department faculty that if a new lecture hall became
available to the department, the lecture hall in Leigh
Hall could be adapted to uses better related to the
functions around it. The existing lecture hall is
cramped and has poor acoustic characteristics.

I am grateful for the assistance given by Dr. Richard
Yost of the Chemistry Department and by Mrs. A. Succow
of the Quantum Theory project.


I. Program: Quantum Theory Project

Space Area, sq. ft.
A. Secretarial offices: Will be located
directly off corridor. Receptionist
area will have seating for visitors.
Word processor and xerox room requires
counters for paperwork. File room shall
have cabinets for paperwork, equipment
and supplies.

1. Receptionist-secretary 100
2. 2 Secretaries 150
3. Word processor-zerox room 200
4. Mail room 100
5. File room 100

B. Faculty office area: Should be located on
exterior walls to have windows. A computer
terminal will be installed in each office.
The conference room is to have a blackboard.
Typical office furniture will include desks
and chairs, filing cabinets and book shelves.
Vinyl wallcovering for tacking and taping
papers will be installed.

1. Director's office 160
2. Faculty office (9)140
3. Visiting professor offices (4)120
4. Conference room 180
5. Faculty lounge toilets 150

C. Student offices: Should also be located to
provide natural lighting. Two students will
occupy each post doctoral office where a desk
and chair will be furnished for each and ten
students will work in each graduate student
studio. Desks, chairs, and movable partitions
will be placed in each studio. The library
will contain shelving to house the Quantum
Theory research projects.

1. Post-doctoral student offices (15) 85
2. Graduate student studios (2)550
3. Library 600

D. Computer facility: To be a restricted-access
area for quantum theory computer personnel
only. It is desirable to locate the area
adjacent to a mechanical room to control
heat gain more efficiently. If located on
second or third floor, it will make desirable
having an elevator in the building for routine
moving of equipment for off-site servicing,
etc. Flooring will have metal lift-up panels
for connecting wiring and cables.

1. Computer equipment room 600
2. Data reduction office 300
3. Technician's office 100
4. Storage room 100

E. Discussion room: To accommodate groups of
about 30 people and a visiting professor
or lecturer. 400

F. Equipment storage 200

Total net square footage: 7800

G. Circulation and support: 7800 x 30% 2200

Total square feet, Quantum Theory:


II. Program: Chemistry Department

A. Administrative offices:

1. Chairman's offices

A. Secretary
B. Assistant chairman
C. Chairman

Faculty offices
Graduate program director
Staff circulation area
Xerox and workroom
Filing and storage
Conference room


B. General Chemistry offices

1. Receptionist-secretary
2. Staff work area
3. Faculty offices
4. General Chemistry advisement
5. Faculty lounge and toilets
6. Filing and storage
7. Mail room
8. Xerox and workroom



C. Business office

Business director's office
Staff offices
Conference room

D. Lecture Hall (100 students)

Total net square footage:

E. Circulation and support: 7300 x 30%

Total square feet, Chemistry program