Lozano cigar factory design scenario

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Lozano cigar factory design scenario
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Lozano cigar factory preservation documents
Edmunds, Susan G.
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Gainesville, Fla.
Susan G. Edmunds
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Completed for Materials and Methods of Preservation, Spring, 1984

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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A group of lawyers who also own the
controlling interest in a real estate
and development syndication firm wants
to rehabilitate and add to the existing
Lozano factory for the purpose of
locating their two interests and my
design firm in convenient proximity for
collaboration as well as providing
rentable income producing office space
and a restaurant with some out door

1. To facilitate the exchange between
the design firm and allow greater
involvement of the principles of the law
firm in the development firm they own.

2. To create an atmosphere of
graciousness and quality comensurate
with the type of clientel the firms wish
to attract.

3. To accommodate future development of
the site in such a way that would be
congruous with the first phase and would
allow pedestrian connections between the
various phases.

4. The restaurant will be convenient to
the offices though separate and in
accordance with goal #2, will be a
gourmet restaurant and cafe.

5. To disturb the exterior fabric of the
existing building as little as possible

6. To connect the existing building with
a new structure so that facilities may be

SITE: 360 x 440 ft.; with a minimal
slope to the west. It is sparsly
vegetated except for in the N.W. corner
and a few perimeter trees and one 24"
oak just south of the existing Lozano
factory. The Lozano factory is a
noteworthy structure, but the

agglomeration of one story buildings at
the south end of the site is not.

SURROUNDING CONTEXT: The site is bounded
on the north by an older neighborhood of
small, one story, detached single family
dwellings on small lots. To the east
and south the predominent uses are
industrial. The structures on these
sides are predominantly one story and do
not contain the urban space around them.
One exception to the height rule,
however, is another cigar factory
building to the east which, like the
Lozano structure, is three storied and
brick. To the west of the site is a
school and the street that divides the
site and runs east to west dead ends
into it.

Lozano building is located in the N.E.
corner of the site. It's three story
main wing (100' x 50') runs parallel to
the northern boundary of the site. To
the south of this is a two story wing
(24' x 50'), connected to the main wing
by a three story section which exteds
perpendicularly south from near the
center of the main wing. The two story
wig projects slightly east of tne main
wing to which it is parallel and the
original entrance is formed by the void
between these wings. To the rear a
corner in the surrounding space is
The exterior of the building is
brick and has distinctive band courses
that divide the building visually into
three portions above the water table
with the third floor being the most
distinctively separate due to the
elaborateness of the brick coursing
which once formed a parapet before the
thid floor was added and is reflected in
height by the two story wing.
A hip root covers the three story
portions and forms a continuous leave
line wheras the two story portion has &
flat-roof surrounded by a parapet.
The window placement is nredominently
regular in spacing though the connecting
wing has irregularly spaced windows on
its western and southern faces. The

windows of the original wing have arched
lintels. Similar windows are found at
the basement and first floor levels
though rectilinear windows appear on the
second floor level as they do throughout
the connecting wing.

CLIMATE: Sub-tropical with very hot
summers and mild winters. Rainfall is
abundant especially on summer nights due
to thunderstorms. Winds are not from
any dominant direction.


2 pricipals: private offices/300s.f. min.
I sec./receptionist: public area/300 s.f.
1 sec./manager: priv. office/150 s.f. min.
I gen. sec./ semi-private sp./25 s.f. min.
32 design/draft:open work sp./50-100 s.f. ea.
conference area;private/approx. 300 s.f.
reproduction room with sp. for bl. printing,
zerox and copy stand
wet area adjacent to/or in open work sp.
dead storage for defunct projects and files
flat files adjacent to/or in open work sp.
verticle files/adjacent secretaries
coffee service & refrig. centralized &
adjacent to drafting, recep. & conf.

LAW FIRM: approximately 1700 s.f.
(to share reception area with devel. firm)

5 lawyers: priv. office/150 s.f. min. ea.
4 sec.: open/semi private /25 s.f. ea. mmn.
conf. rm.:priv., may incl. lib./300 s.f. min.
library: controlled area/approx. 150 s.f. min.
vault: object/ 4'x4'/16 s.f.
files: vis. contr. by sec./10 lin.f.,5' deep
coffee counter & refrig.

approx. 1700 s.f.(to share reception area with law

3 specialists: priv. off./150 s.f. min.
2 sec.: op/semi priv. sp./25 s.f. min.
copy cent., files & news letter prep./heart
of the operation/150 s.f. min.

conf. rm.: priv. near copy cent. for news
letter prep./200 s.f. min.
coffee maybe shared w/ lawyers

RENTABLE OFFICE SPACE: approx. 28,000 s.f. maybe
reduced up to 10% depending on subdivision

RESTAURANT: approx. 7,800 s.f.

seating for 250-300 people/approx. 5,400 s.f.
kitch.: approx.50% of seat./approx.2,400 s.f.
cooking 300-350 s.f.
vegetable prep 100-125 s.f.
pastry prep 100-125 s.f.
meat/fish prep 100-125 s.f.
refrigerator 75 s.f.
freezer 50 s.f.
vegetable storage 100 s.f.
dry storage 100 s.f.
scale and receiving 50 s.f.
office 100-125 s.f.
employee lounge/lockers 300 s.f.
employee restroom single W.C./lav.
janitors closet
wine storage 25 s.f.
dishwashing 100-125 s.f.
banquet service 100-125 s.f.
reception: minimum of 200 s.f.
2 restrooms 2 W.C./lavs. ea.


seminar rm.: for gen. use, most convenient
to the major tenents/800 s.f. min.
2 W.C. ea. fl.: 2 toil. & lays. ea./lOOsf.
min. ea.
1 janitors closet ea. fl.: in gen. circ. area
/12 s.f. min. ea. fire
exits not more than 150 ft. from ea.
2 elevators

iel4 0 t0 syndication H 1pproxima nly 170a. S..:

IprIvte affices, c ere a rm, 2 s- r 2taries, copy r .ih u -l .9 .race,
.sign ...m arra.. In e.. pproxlim ely I s.f.A:
r5 sple for A o-40 dralts. n, dt. gnars, Agin-rs.

2 Jl n ar r 0c ( -h 0 I .I .)

io r lostor a ac l ray e e

soceptual tu dtry:
I II in 5h0p 5 lotAlng iAth It tAll angng O U or a I.ern a ltl .h. -

xpreses r to df 0 e l i uildinld. 1
th A I 0h t,.tss11t rA,
nneist Otlee ogre t I 5A000Ae .er55i5500o 04se 100SAOO)I. O

site plan 4N so I. zso'-o"

vbor plaza

s. ed unds

... ....

010- ODiz Ciz m i t -.#F4 *T_ ;

. s edmunds

..... ;nsru~lo TA.,l rlA..MIrA5A S..tdr Jrbhasl"isAI

ar. ic.ually nnatlAlonJ~lonAItnA.hAAAr .lgn1ab olnuta InAAspri
,AA1hnv~n.AuAI..aIIAAATed.i bA.A olA n~ Ad Aory whAl sruinle d

dlrk d napp ications. aCT dISedh~ d d sTcnl.) e I T aaaid
n Ad d A,.

1 4 n l .tu C A 5 Send SA brlck ldLd/.A.
./ running bd brick ,d.dd/.A.
At.Adacd SakuieS /ll.coanA'.ASlnakbkeaA*A.SS/,.f. *CmAsO.n for malbTIIIiAy ,ith origInal building

iF, n- ct fr l 1f aInj Ind. l' aT g .

i/z- ST~ddS nA 4" TSI S.aS, IA" A~C. S.07.. A.

inglb. .ythe A ./ $l B. S. /st..
T AAT.t */ rTinforiATe9 23.A5/$.l.
F. AIAeT -1M 4 SAF A.

I12" g1oss eurtSal ".ol 1.1n iro

t(Mer d 22.00/s.I.

"eced, Anl to bll k slA .,IlT Ad dvIdl pro. rela,


no scale

no scale

Glass as a 50.95 to 530.0/s.f .

a 7I


." -- O

1_____ a gg

3 -- --- ---- T I --- --



ceniobre lpaco

first floor

0 0

0ntaie 0acv

0 0

crnio /H'^'n"



second floor


scole 1/8"=I'-0"

integrated design firm

d riht floor

sco.<= co-

third floor

from the west

olaza view

south elevation sco,. /e"8'-o

t S 818Vation

scale us" V-o"

-a --y-tI I.

SeCtiOn a-a

scale 1/8 1 0

detail a

detail a section sIan scale 11/2 1 0 section b-b scale 1/8 0

section a-a

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