Ancon, Panama Canal Zone


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Ancon, Panama Canal Zone
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Ancon means a bend. -In anatomy. the beautiful' driveway .ad walks, These
elbow." It is the hill that almost crosses ate lined. with Rbyal'alms .'and other'
the peninsula on which --the' city of tropical trees. The buildings are grouped
Panama is built. It rises nearly 600 feet along th. sides and high up. 'Those.
Above the level of the sea. Viewed from erected by the French company have
the city. it looks like a crouched lion. Its been repaired and improved. New houses
sides are partly covered with trees. 'Its have beenX b.tilt for hospitals and res-
summit is covered with grass only. Itis iderices., 'p' hospitals are manned by
easy of ascent and affords a .magnificent our own skilled physicians and trained
view of the bay- city arid surrounding purses. They aie fitted with-all modern
country. Looking northward to Colon1 appliances. Every person in the employ.
the blue valleys sentineled by verdant ment of the Isthmian Canal,.C.mission,
hills reach to the divide aft Culebra. Here receives fir.g all treatment cessary
-the breezes from the Atlantic and Pacific when sick. 'There are. no bett .*iM.spitals
"meet and kiss each other,, ., in the wborh;. There are *few'tpatients
At Ancon the Frenchl' pial 'Company ,because of t'e improved sanhtary condi.
wisely erected their h6i~pIs. Day anpi "tions in th' fine. '"
night the gentle breeze g"- the fevere4i Ancon id-'V.. capital of the American
brow of the sick, andi .'tengthen 6t", :Zoine. .
convalescent. On the sides of-:AicoS '-,._.