Windward Islands' opinion


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Windward Islands' opinion
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Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles
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completely irregular


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v. 1- July 1, 1959-

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B that effort can b.
of all persona
d ofaIll real estate 6W
lands, apli ation 0cat. of ia
Zet of December 1962, is of or
e to those entitled.
The.Administrator of Pt ano
In the .Netherlands Antillesiz

'havereceived many letters C'.
.Feaders abroad asking T f t fepr
njaationn said notice, beon.use "f
ieletters we had an intorPew.,th
..centl^eman inolharge of the Land r-.
office hero, and again as a pub-
e ie ~e are publishing the i
'tiaia whioh was given to ust
.B wre told by this gentleman tiant
mi ainpurpose of the forms ia~nt;icpa
ka, tRB above notice is to deTermine per-
-., t ,vh o have olali to land but 'who for
oi.. the other reason do not hVe t1th
F"dzuoomenbs or deeds of ownership;
t heon'to assist suoh persons if they
P f tho rightful aoners to obtain' the"
r documents or deeds of ownership.
riemt on to explain that's Before 1870
.one bought land he received a
iale Aote" this^ was a deed of
| rship hip hich'was drawn up by 'the '=w
'of the Court of Justice of the is-
o n which the land was iituatedo .
I 1870 this was changed, and when
ht land; he"received a l'1l of
,3i0oh had to be .draw up by the
.i id tfe selie r in t1i preseie of
bibL.o'i- Ioiver-before beo aing
1owOTer the buyer has to. have
of iaeG" inaseit4ed in the re-
il. the Ca'iaervator of Mortgages.
sr gave as an example, Tf cfine ,
a pieoe of laa .before the
ind.. hadd a h "OSabjale Aote" for
H and Sold the ~ad to someone'
f R 8700 bt oily gave the buyer
t a sta" o pepor The ast
to* g t .o kw.ig not the owner
Ainy..At .; eveon though he
.,oiie3 i o it, "
..C t-fte n0 maQa in.eliarge
r effoe, after the
i~ at hi off oe
Nto wtudy the
~ O~iQ~.~JBJ,'

Ysrge hebols i the
*a t wuI .a '* hf b

oiebraaiU aad ate italwahi
a 6 i o ea.tfot. ah .

he an ot qr qlied to the
k o ht
te. iap ,t+gt.ed in h .i
rsfe a M'." .a h .oep.

iapr rea.8o3.son; i. i hwa t -
a14 the n Gao<>^^aflatfiuf
has (deat ol. a 2a-ia hote iei 't
fead of a 100-roaLt ho l, iS tw--.
area of Mullet Pond iy whioi ,
boapleOed W ill ost bat fbtO OW..r
a airhats 'plie a to thBe,-.6aw
m rb 'or a mrgage an lo o00
The rfmaaia*ei7of the' w^^ll
finamned by private oital h-O~..
trial CmRsiahfi oi thIeaaten ta
Netherland A ille .e.t:wd a
mortgage loan op J ne &w".:t
It is hopeat btdi of,
this hotel l.~on .' a
1- were ier iaotpd tbtlet Att hi i

lOb-aromi hoeAl F1 *$thfoot 'foa
*.a osrdm .. o..s .ogo'.- "

'-Hi~as of]fioi42y .tie 4 A ..qAid,

Juliala of tthe Seitberlibiis, 1 U, B
oitrO, *od=m a^momaetti hL
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~D to Mtb


|Wt^ga of Phipsburg.n .-

rithis s weekel' Sfi

Mti oin tee 1:.

a6B.r asin An ,
K Ij|^.((! Jf,- ^^ a .AAC L*.
^g||IFI|^^~ 'J^ D|'BH*fCJaylnf
i ..Ji *'ie wi I ,i w o

iLoc Mr. aceuy. in onttr d'a
..-L pleasant -.ay on tha .T.a a

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_' *;

*arer ofer I'
h26th of Jul would 1e aa -

,ate ,asion for him to -do a if

.ate obasion for him to' do so if

- ~ -

*******er~ ********1~1~


Q ganlified nurses ffran Duth and
West Indian Isltinds, St. Kitt b
unl included, are 'soon t i fet
e 8. S Kitts, for a course in
r n strati on
tourir6 ill'le run from July S0 to
r 8, by Mrs. Sbella Landauer,
Conaultanb to World Health

r ocurses have reoently- eenx
ted in Trinidad aind in Barbadose In
iCiS, Wire. Landauer will. be as-
.fty Mfrs. Loi y-mfalwyn who attgMed
o~aore in Barbadba as an observer
LouisyqIhlwyn, Assistant Matron
O nenitngham Hospital, will super-
1E6i^rLoe training of nurses in
!WeJitory in the near future.

l^ .

first iinigrant liner to reaoh
from thbae est Indies sine
alth Iaiugrants Aot was in-
S thoe 96 ton punishh vessel
t adhored off the Isle of
r et Thur'daj and landed 85 W1est
M ogers by tender at South-
a raes with about 240 on the
B afr t voyages All those ar-
Csye allamedto ae er Brifaino
was8 et b~y our imarae'ton
Wa teo doctors who carried
a6t pdaioa exadgiationse
NrV. 4 4 Saiiders -
lp.Ileotor of im1gra-

N 1aofdttoaUltisa. Tit.
t U4 e tky

t ,, 9 -
It is that I

Trinidada, :dgh&A. -A..l-
fl in ti g .to
Porb-o n tor th a

.* 'i ._'

3as lid'W' -HBw

J ^l. "atioa ; e n .f 18 ,
(ssuteir A#* ua #
decided $o reo aoio e ei
SJag. -S"r -R. a- -
penni;tted to p rt peoZ ,"

ogaingt Britaints po po1e fa
o onsFleaal cooinfe t.rpe at1 -
The eea- nation Petitines sl
Coamitfee also decided to reonead
.that M. )0elix ipJ Jgagj -
New Yeoic re rL's.tative, also be.
granted a hearing
Only Australia lodged any objeobt
ion to the r

bh1ihopia agz'qi that J aShol bqe

ea breiely ber ms situattAinin
Br -.
SMr Peter Oifrtis` (strali
ieo ooa no0mta iSf orgtiag
because *'aoepe ii
Guaianaian vplse Wib :hti &In :
the oma.jiteai .. -.C d :
ae .' a .,tilt .ria f r i. 4 ..t,
hii apiarC was a t of

'" '

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"Y ~lkc:l
.d I
: IE

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- ~ r 9,
I I j I~ 4 I .'It

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~i~' r

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'-- ~i '

,- .. -


YOUR .A,4 R .

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.., -
tel si
y^W '-^ /?TT *&B^i.f
'Y ., h' I.^ ?

Ok no.,

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?I .* -




______ __ ____L___ _~II_ ___I_ _~____ _I_

_ __l~r ____~_1_ j_____rr_ C___ _~1_______C__l____r__.I~___P---_.--l--- _-I___________~~__~__^~

T-I-X-PP ii ~----T-

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* r' ;.:;E

*^ F^

'r -S .L-v-
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. '. ':-*-
,. ::-'I.''. .

Full Text


WBDWARD ISLANDS' OPINICN • > • SATURDAY JULY 28. 1962 L. Illidge F Fleming 8* Hazel V. Vlaun B, Forde R* Hussington A* Ferdinand ANOTHER WEEKLY FCfl ST. MAARTBN Words have^re ached us that" the Wathey-gang will 8oon have a -weekly newspaper published here. According to our information Chester Wathey, Claude Wathey and E, Jonokheer held a conference at the Little'Bay Hotel on Saturday last, July 21,. whioh lasted for several hours It was at this meeting that the group deoided to publish a-weekly newspaper here. The' new paper will Be printed'in Curacao; at the Jonokheers 1 printery, and distributed in the Windward Islands It is scheduled to appear for the first time next month* ******************** ONLY CASTRO CAN ANSWER QUESTIONS OF BETRAYAL • Juan Ganzalez V Washington, July 12Although the 0onmuni st hand over Cuba is ever more undisguised, the Marxist' leader persists in crediting his power to* the handful L of young idealists who first took up \ arms against Batista with him fcn July < 26, lS53, Now, "for tho fourth"timo, tho Castro dictatorship will oolebrate'its triumph under tho guise"of the movement of July 26* If this year's programae follows tho pattern of tho previous % three it will bo another'big show of tho %  b*fc>.that only a'dictatorship con put "on* Besides ttio masoning battalion* of regimented workers, farmers; women, and"' youth; and the militia and the military; the total drum and trumpet power of the' musioians of^tho island will be mobilized to sound the"fanfares* All those left over will form up on the streets ani p lax as* "The people 0 to cheer and express jubilation for the watching television oameras and"G-2"agents* ,*" ** *' 8peeohes will be presented by a number of the rogime*s ohjef funotionarie'B' and among those who will "mako use of the word" will be tho supreme leader himself'Fidel Castro, Since his last appearance on the platform on the 26th July Castro Has made" several opooohoa of general interest, especially the discourse" of last Deoembor 2"on -Hie popular university radio programme, in'whioh he declared himself § "I am* a Marxist-Leninist and I will "be a Marxist-Leninist to the last day of my life 0 In the same speeoh he conceded that his followers in*the Sierra Maestro we're fighting "for freedom and democracy, not for o onnunism* Since this revealing; although'hot surprising, "disclosure, the Baartro press in Cuba has put itself to stme trouble to "olarify n the apparent deception. Castro himself has loft it to the offioial apologists to explain away the transformation of the movement of the 26th 0 July into an outright MorxL s-b-Lenini st" state the V'TS. opposite of the freedom and demooratLo state for w hioh tho young barbudos fought*" Cbvf busly Castro was wearing the uniform of the"26th July "but his beard was that of Marx and Lenin Typical of the "apologists efforts to exchange the beard of the Bolshevik for that of the Cuban patriot of 1956 is the "Aolaraoiones" column of the Havana Communist newspaper "HOY* of June 22. Attacking "Trotskyite newspaper" "and "imperialist" propaganda agenoies for questioning Castro's double Sealing HOY say si" '^The' United Marxist-Leninist party arises, as we have explained, by a process of natural fusion of the revolutionary organizations •••Fidel Castro ope rated" as a Karxt'st-Leninist before being able to express himself as such o*3 his enormous in" tellootual capacity,'his intelligence; his politioal genius; his honesty; have enabled him to assimilate;"by means'of studies which did not begin yesterday the'essmoe and the fundamentals of MorxisisfLeninism." This declaration does not quite explain everythingo Are we to believe that it has taken Fidel Castro all these years to learn the fundamentals of oommunism? Is ocmnuniaa then so oomplioated, in oontrast to the simple and eternal ideals of free


ITCNDHARD ISLANDS' CPIHION SATURDAY JULY 28; 1962 THEJfLNDWARD ISLANDS 1 ..OPINION Is published~every Saturday*It was established "by J.H. Lake, Sr on July V, 1959; as a means of helpitg to improve the social; econonical, education "aVand political conditions of the Tttndlard Islands by advooating'against the cause of injustice and oppression* •— %  %  DITOR DUTCH SHJTIOJi J.H. Lake, ST. P.O. Box 22; Philip sburg; St. Maarten, N EDITOR FRENCH SBDTlONt MRS. B.'MORALES Marigofc' St. Martin, F.W.I. Printers! The People 4 s Printery Backstreet; Philipsburg. REPRESENTATIVES t IN ARUBA i IN CURiCAO l O 3TATIA IN SABAi Mri J.F. York Sabastraat 551 San Nicolas, Mr. flenford Ullson D3 22 *' 2de District Mr. V. Tobin Oranje st ad Mr. David Donker The Bottom Mr 8. Be bee ca Levenstone The Bottom* Lt. Governor himself can do so correctly, and due to his attitude'toward this newspaper we do not oonsider it in our plaoe to ask him. He do however oonsider it our duty to point out to our readers some facts which have caused this question to be asked and then let eaoh one decide for themselves Before doing so however "we "would like to state that our Prinoesses stand far above the reach of all politios and "that nothing done by the Lt. Governor oan, or have oa* any reflection on these noble deoend' ants of the illustrious House of i Oronge-Nassua. Here are some of the faotsi 1. At' li30 pirn* on Ifednesday Julv 18, a number of persons were Invited by the Lt. Govervor to attend a reoeption ii his home in Honour of Their Royal Highnesses The Prinoesses "Irene and' Margrietj All of those present were either Democrats or persons who sympathize with the Democratic Party -"Tfe did not see one single person from the opposition (exoept Mr. "L.B, Scott island-council member) st this reoeptionj 2 S Mri J.J. Beauj on did not take the'Prinoesses to the Youth Center, (the President of this Institution is a National) It should be noted that all the other members of the Royal Family (H.M. The Queen, H.R.H. The Prime of the Netherlands ana H.R.H. The Crovn Princess Beatrix) visited the Youth Center during their visit s to St. Maartenc 3. Mr. J.J. Beau j on issued special ..personal invitations to a selected few to'attend what was" supposed to have 'been a* 11 Public" reoeption at the Passangrahan on Tfednesday ; July 18, 1962 He plaoed'the sel'eoted few (all Democrats or Democrat" sympathizers) oh the front poroh of the Passangrahan to sit with the Prinoesses, and"those who at" tended the Public "restricted" reception without personal invitations were sent in the back of the Passang| 1 han, where many of them did not even see the Prinoesses* 4* Mr. J.J. Beau j on did not take H.R.H. Princess £rene to the O.B.I.A. t < (The President of this association is a Motional) 5. Mr. J.J. Beaujfen: tried!, in vain to Stop Jose. Lake, Editor'of the ttthdward laOaands 1 Opinion(tho enly I VOLUME TIGHTLY BOUND j


WINDWARD ISLANDS' CPINICN SATURDAY JULY 28; 1962 flcm and democracy? Or is HOY making Castro appear'to "He a slow learner, although his'oareer offers more evidence of treaohery than of stupidity* The only person who oan really "clarify the question* "Did Castro he tray the Castro revolution? Is Fidel~Castro himself; The 26th of July would he an appropriate oooasion for him to do so if he dares* ****************** TWINING COURSE FOR SENIOR NUitSBS Senior qualified nurses from Dutoh and British West Indian Islands, St, KittsNevis-Angul'Iia included,'are"soon to meet in*Basseterre, St. Kitts, for a course in Nursing Administrain.on* The course will"he run from July So to September 8, "by Mrso Stella Landauer, Nursing Consultant to World Health Organisation*" Similar oourses have reoently been conducted'in"Trinidad and in Barbados* In St. Kitts, Mrs* Landauer assisted by Mrs* Lbui sy-Walwyn who attended the*course in Barbados as an observer* Mrs. Louisy-Walwyn, Assistant Matron at the^Cunningham"Hospital, will supervise in-servioe training'of nurses in the Serritory in the near future. ... ************* FIRST WEST INDIAN IMMIGRANTS TO ARRIVE AFTER NEW ACT. "The first immigrant liner to roaoh BritAin from the West Indies since the Commonwealth Immigrants Aot was introduces, the 9000 ton Spanish vessel Montserrat, amohorod off the Isle of Wight last Thursday and landed 85 West Indian passengers by tender at Southampton* ThiB-compares with about 240 on'the ship's reoont voyages. All those arriving wore allowed"to enter Britaint The ship was met by four immigration officers and two doctors who carried who carried out medioal examinationse Afterwards Mr. J.H.B,, Sanders, Southern Distriot Inspeotor oflmmigraticn saidi" "Everything went very smoothly'and there were no difficulties* This was o hie fly due "to the faot that everybody had been properly documented with the necessary papers before their departure for this oountry n 0 ******************** GAIRY ALLOWED AN EXTSNTION The application of deposed Grenada Chief Minister Eric Gairy for an xtention of time in"whioh to" file a record in the Caribbean Court ofAp-* peals in oonneo~;ion with his"squandermania oase'nas been granted by Mr* Justioe Barnard* "It is reported that Mr Gairy is trying to havethe appeal heard in Trinidad and should ho "be successful in this, he would be going to Port-of-Spain for the hearing* ***************** m GRCUP VOTES TO HEAR JAGAN United Nations ; New fork July 18 (Reuter)i A'U.No sub-group t'dday decided to reoommend that Dr Chediii Jagan, Primierof British Guiana; be permittedto protest personally to the 17-nation Colonialism Conanittee against Britain's postponement of a constitutional conference until September* The seven nation Petitions sub Committee also decided to rooamend that Mr* Felix CummingsJ Jagan*8 Now York representative, also be. granted a he'aringo Only Australia lodged any objection to the requests* De legates"of Poland, India and Ethiopia agreed that Jagan should be granted a hearing immediately both out of oourtesy to his position as Prime Minister and because of "the extremely serious situation" in British Guianao Mr* Peter Curtis" (Australia}^ said Ke could not support Jagan*s request beoause the "memorandum the British Guianaian Prime Minister had. sent the Committee"on Colonialism did not make out a "prime facie" odse that his appearance was a matter of "urgenoy^and nooessity*" The sub-group had'already deoided this "heavy bonus" rested on petittoners from non-self governing territories outside those ithioh the main group was considering "at the moment all African territories* ************** THIS IS YOUR NEWSPAPER SUPPORT IT. ***********************************


WINDWABD ISL*ND8 OPINION SATPflDAY JULY 28; 1962 the Netherlands Antilles or-will be forwarded gratis hy the' Lieutenant ; Governor of the Windward islands; St* Maarten* In] order that effort can be given to the right 8 of all persons in the registration of'allreal estate in afore• named islands, application on or before the 31st of December 1962, is of major importance to those entitled* The Administrator of Finance In the Netherlands Antilles*" tfe* have "received many letters from" our readers abroad asking for further information"on said notice, beoause of these letters wo had"an interview with the gentleman in"oharg_e of the Land registry office hofb, and again as a public service we are publishing the information which was given to usi We were told by this gentleman that the main~purposQ of the forms mentioned in the above notice is to determine persons who have olaiin to land but who for one of the other reason do not have th* proper documents or deeds of ownership; and then"to assist such persons if they are the rightful owners to obtain" the proper documents or deeds of ownership* He went on to explain that* Before 1870 when one bought land ho received a "Soabinale Ac to" this* was a deed of ownership which"was drawn up by -the members of the Court of Justice of the island "on whioh the land was situated*. After 1870 this was^ohanged, and when one bought land; he"received a "Bill of Sale" which had tc be drawn up by the tnyer and the seller in the presence of a Notary Public'However'Jbefore beocming the legal owner; the buyer has to. have the "Sill of Sale" inscribed in the registers of the Conservator of Mortgages* He further gave as an example* If seme one" bought a pieoe of land before the year 1870; and had a "Soabinale Aote" for said land^ and Sold the land to some one*' else after 1870, but only"gave the buyer a reoeipt on a stamped pepor The last buyer according to law is not the cwner of the land in question, even though he may have some olaim to it* Aooordingjfc'c the* gent lemon in.charge of "the Land" registry office, after the forms have been turned'ln at his offioe a Committee will' be formed to study the forms and kiake recommendation to tttie Court of Justice, in order that the*' Judge may past sentence/as to who are the owners of "lands where the ownership is doubtful or questionable* And the sentenoe past by the Judge will then be considered as a "Bill of Sale" of fegal deed of ownership* ************ HOTEL PROJECTS ON THE ISLAND "For sometime there have been talks' about the oonstruotion of two or three']] largo hotels in" the Lowlands "Area At one*'time there were two Groups the "Miller-group" and the Goodman-Tannerbaum-group" Sach of these groups at the time expressed the desire to construct a 100-room hotel whidh when ocmpleted"would cost around $2;000;000. and they both applied to the Federal Government for a Mortgage loan of $750*;000*— to whioh the Federal Government agreed in principle* Since then however the "Miller-group" for reasons unknown, has withdrawn and the "Goodman-Tannenbaum-group" has decldted "build a 200-room hotel instead of a 100-room hotel, in the area of Mullet Pond Bay which when completed will oost about C3;000;006'*— and has* applied to the Federal*Government "for a mortgage loan of 8l;5OO;000*-| The remainder'df the money will be financed by private oapital* The Central Commission of tte Staten of the Netherlands Antilles approved this mortgage loan on June 29; 1962/ It is hoped that oonstruotion of this hotel will^soon be started* -life were informed that the Antillian Hotel Company has plans to build's. 100-room hotel at the foot of Fort Amsterdam whioh is olose to the Little Bay Hotel The Little ^y Hotel which was officially opened in 1955 and whose fifst guest was H,M'Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, is the most modern and*up-to-date hotel on the island and rates among the very test "tourist resorts in the entire CaribbeanThe Little Bay"Hotel Corporation, which owns and operates the Little B a y Hotel, is owned by the Antillian Hotel Company* "-The Island^investment Corporation are now working on plans too onsb ruot a hotel at "Break-water"* -For a long time nothing has been heard about the Cupoooy Bay Hotel grid Home site Iro* This company •was supposed to build a hotel (Bunglow type) at Cupeoby ^ay ; and nad evax —_ _-i-_


1HNBWAHD ISLANDS' OPINION SATURDAY JDLY 28; 1963 •who died on Saturday*..Lionel received a telegram on Friday incoming' him of his father* 8 illness*He .immediately made the'nooessary^arrangement to come to St* Maarben, "but was too late to ee his father ho arrived"at the Methodist Churoh in Philipsburg wh^lo'tho Rev* Khan -was oonduotlng the burial ceremony* He plans to return to Aruba and his job next week* *'**0n Thursday'last Mr. Arthur Rohan arrived hero from*'the*US,A*.' Mr. Rohan's parents are from here, he however was born in the U,SA, and this is the first time that he has ever visited this island*' he'-a'retailve of tfe widely "known Mr, Oswald Rohan of" French Quarter ~ and also a cousin of Mrs. Vincent Ladoga of Philipsburg* He.'is"the guost of Mr,"and Mrs, Vinoent Labega of Philipsburg, "Earlier this week Mr, van Dijfc Romney arrived here from, the TLSaA, to spend a short vaoation on tho island. Van Dijk is fin outstanding son of *iho soil, he i a chemical' engineer and resides in Staten Island, New York, with his grabious wife, who is a registered nurse* He welcome Mr, Romney in our midst and wish him a pleasant stay on the island* The W*Is" Opinion extezuTii's heartfelt sympathy to the /bereaved relative a. TODING ANNIVERSARIES — %  %  %  i %  % %  %  %  % %  %  i *• *. On Saturday July 21, Mri' and Mrs* JH lake celebrated their second •wedding anniversary The Lakes resides at Over-de-Pond and their marriage has been blessed with a son; who is called JimmyV Tfe congratulate Mr, and Mrs, Lake and wish them many years of happiness* On Friday July 27, Mr, "and Mrs* Austin Gibbs of Colombier cele, bratect their l&th wedding anniversary % % %  The Gibbg who* are happily married have nine ohildrenj 6 girls dnS 3 boys The two eldest girlsJ Martha and^Odelie are"two oharming young ladies" and are both employed in Philipsburg. "The fllndward Island's" Opinion 000gratulates Mr, and Mrs, Gibbs and wishes them many more years of happiness* / '• %  ************** S P 0 R. T S 0 5 I T U A R Y tfith deep regret we record the death of RICHARD ANTON RICHARDSCN, The sad event oooured at the St, Rose Hospital in Philipsburg on Saturday"July 21; at 12s30 p,m* He was 77 years of age," The deceased who was bed ridden for a week at home was taken to the hospital at around "3 a•m,~on-Friday July 20* H6_i8 survived by his -widow, an .only soa;"Llo&el, who "is an employee of Lago in Aruba,' and who got here on Sunday afternoon, while the body of his deoeased father was"still in the Mothodist 6'huroh Philip sburg'j two brothers'Victor and Gaston^ both,residing'in Aruba and one sister Mrs* Coralie Prety also residing in .Aruba* The funeral was well attended and took plao'e on Sunday July 22, at 4*30 p*m* from the St, Rose Hospital"t£ the'Methodlst ohurcfi in Philipsburg"; where the burial ooremony was performed by Revi I"han.and thence to tho Methodist oenetery in Philipsburg* CRICKET Next week Thursday. August 2, 1962 tKe'St* Eustatius Cricket Club fraa Aruba will arrivo here to play a series of games with the orioketers on the Island**' The oribketers" here are praotioing very hard, and are determined to defeat the'visitora, tfe have 'seen a few of these practices, "and have spoken to many people (orioketers a s well as orioket fans) and we'aro also of the opinion that if the"right soleotion is mad e the looal oriokoterswlll defeat the $eam from-Aruba, < 3elow &8 the team w'hloh we have selooted to defeat Aruba t V*( David) James (Captain) L, Brooks J* Illidge F, Illidge J* Illidge


I r .7 %  •. WXHDWJQ^iSLflrDB' 'DPHTEOT paper in the Mndward Islands) fran covering the story of the Princesses* visit, as -well as from taking pictures *' of the Princesses (Jose Lake is a member of the Windward Islands Peoples Party) Fraa the aVbve it wouel appear as t though a oertainpoliHoal group -was discriminated againstj on the other hand thisoould have been"a ooinoident Ik do not know what" B yard-stiok n was use d by Mr. Beauj on; out one thing' we do know, and that is, that a large part of the ocmnunity'was prevented, because of Mr. Beaujon from seeing the Princesses and this'is a regretable affair It is now fast, and we oan only hope "that when Capt. J.J. Beau j on is no longer Lt. Governor of. the Windward Islands our Princesses may see it fit to make anothfer visit to St* Maarten in order that D.P.; N'V.P., W.I.P.P. or any other politioal group may have an equal ohanoe to see them*" Even worse is the faot that "by all appearances it oan also "be interpreted that there was not only politioal'disorimination but also" religious discrimination! It is a well-known fact that the Beaajons "boast of being Huguenots, and the. faot that it was so arranged that the Prinoesses'nsither visited the St. Rose Hospital nor the Sweet Repose (Home for the Aged) both' operated "by the Roman Catholic Mission, reflects discrimination. **************** SUOCBSS CONCERT AT COLCMBIER -L V On Friday night "July 13, a oonoert was given at Colombier bp the people of this village. Many people from other distriots were present, and all the seats were filled* Both young'and old people took part in this oonoert, and all the partsj plays songs and reoitations were well rendered. LPighlights of "the oonoert were 1 A re-" loitation in French by Miss Vlvian'Gumbs, songs by the 0harming Gibbs sisters and the part played by little Miss Christine [Brocks, age 8. This oonoert whioh was a great suooefis Mrt on until 1 ooloolTin the morning' adMr.Genrille F. Gibbs who is at pre(sent vacationing on the Island did a Jgood Job as Master of Ceremony for the 100 cation* **mmmtmu+ SATURDAY JULY 28; 1962 OOMMtMlTY CENTER FOR ANGPILLA In the presence of a record gathering, the inguilla Community Center wafc officially opened on'Sunday Juty 15,' 1962. "At 4*30 p*m* Mr, Vincent Byron; War*m of Anguilla arrived and inspeoted'a Guard bf Honour OOAPprising of Girl Guides, B 0 y Scouts, Boys* Brigade: Life ^oys. and Girls Life'BrigadSi A blue ribbon across the door of the building'was out by Mrs. J*" Calvin Hodge, the wife of the President of the Anguilla Improvement Association. The "dedication of the building was performed by Rev. D. Mason Methodiab Minister and Rev. G. Lloyd B.A. B.D. a son of the soil who now resides in Now"York but reoently returned on a short visit* "The opening address was given by Mr. J.'Calvin Hodge, President of "the AI1, after whioh the "guests were entertained with a programme of songs and musical selections* Mr, Jeremiah Gumba of New Jersey U.S.A. and outstanding Anguillian *' who was mainly responsible for starting the Anguilla Association in America a, *0 guest speaker for the oooaston* Several other address were delivered by prominent nembers of the 0 anmunity* A vote of thanks was given by Mr.*' Viotor'Boajcg y^ 0 ^^ ployed on important part in making the Coomunity Center a reality* ******************* INFORMATION PLEASE As a result of the "following notice whfbh was published by us as a/pdblic servioe in our issue of June 23, 1£82 NETHERLANDS ANTILLE __ NOTICE fc All persons, considering thenvsalves entitled to ownership bf real estate situated in the inlands of' St. Maarten Netherlands Division" St. Bustatius or Saba; .ore hereby"'invited to make suoh known by presentation of"a completed form. The forms •an be obtained at all land registiry offioes in


WINDWARD ISLANDS' OPINION, Friends, Your office machine has now become an inseparable part of modern industrial life; so has also-the ordinarytypewriter in modern home life; These machines are, nevertheless, delicate beings, design to give you high quality service. To attain this continually, your machines must be regularly serviced and maintained by a competent serviceman; You can now have your machines properly serviced and repaired right here in St. Maarten by a competent and experienced mechanic. Mr. J.F. Hyman, with many years of practice in the extensive business field of Curacao, now offers you the best of service in, typewriters, adding mach;, calculators, cashregisters and stencil and addressing machines; Just drop in at Philipsburg, Front Street No. 83, Just opposite the Oranje-school, You T ll be happy you did; MRS FLEMING GARAGE OVER-de-POND AT MARIGOT IS THE PUCE WHERE YOU CAN HAVE THE BEST REPAIRS DONE TO YOUR CAR, BY A WELL TRAI1CD AND EXPERIENCED MECHANIC SO PUT AN END TO ALL YOUR CAR TROUBLES BY VISITING MRS FLEMING GARAGE OVER-de-POND KARIGOT FLASH II FLASH 11 EVERYONE LIKES THAT WHICH IS NEW AND BEAUTIFUL AND -NOW MONIQUE EMMANUEL, AT ST. JAKES, MARIGOT HAS ADDED 4 NEW STYLES OF THE BEST AND LATEST IN GALLERY AND STAIRCASE FANCY BLOCKS TO HIS STOCK PLEASE VISIT MONIQUE BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR ORDER. I vit.-.., :.fMtk.


WINDWARD ISLANDS' OPINION -r— 3ATTODAY JOLY 28. 1968 opened an'offioe on the Frontr-street in Philipsburg It was reported that construction on this hotel projeot would have started sinoe January i960 But up to"this time nothing has "been done,"A dertain Mr. Spellman one' of the Direotors of this oompany~was a frequent'visitor of this island "between the years 1959 and 1961 -" But for sometime we have not seen him.around and the office of this oocpany in Philip sburghas "been olosed^ "• -tfhe Guana B ay Cbrporation'N.V. has recently been-established here. The Direotors of this oorporation are Mr. Julian Clifford' Smyth who resides at Clinton Corners;'New York and Mr. Riohard Ramon SoSkin, who resides srfc Poughkeepsie, New York* The purpose of thisjjanpany is to build and exploit a guest-house at Guana Bay 4, rough road has "been*out over the, hill -fc'o Guana Bay and at present a"jeek can drive all the way from Philipsburg to the "beautiful beaohes at Guana Bay. It is not yet known for sure when oonstruotion on this guest-house.will start* -On the French Part of the island: there are talks of hotel construction ofc Grand Case and Galls Bay and at present a French group is busy building a hotel at Sandy Ground Marigot. *********************** SOCIAL CORNER HAPPY BIRT HDAY Saturday July 21 i -. The following persons oelebrated their birthday on this datei *' L "-Dr. Leonard Hugo Biji f of Lower ..• 1. Prince* s Quarter, ._*• Mr. Arthur G. Carter of Lower Prinjes Quarto rj -Mr. Louis E. Vlaun of Cole Bay. Sunday July 22t -On this date "the "following persons i oelebrated their birthday t" *' -Bev. Father V.J."Boradori, Parish Pile st of Philip sburg 1 i I -Miss Muriel V. Thompson of the front-street Philip sburg. OQday July 23 1 ~ -• -This was the birthday of Mr. Reginald Gumbs of Cul-de-Soo. Tuesday July 24i The following persons oelebrated thai* birthday on this datei *-irs. Beryl E. Pantophlet of the Front-street Philipsburgi -Deputy Claude Wathey of the Frontstroet, Philip sburg. Wednesday July 25 lThe following persons oelebrated their birthday on this datei ^Ir. Ernest §."Bruoe of the Fronbstreet Phi lip sburg; -Miss Lolita A, Riohardson. of Middle Region; ; %  ^Srs. Marita E. Vernom, of Cul-deSao. Friday July 27l Was the Birthday off* •Mr* Cammeran C. Guy t of Suoker Garden; -Miss Vani'tia'Mardenborought of the Book-street, Philip sburg. Saturday July &81 To-day Mr* John E Romney of "Cole Bay will oelebrated another birthday. The fllndward Islands 1 Opinion joins in'oongrsttuia-Elng'all those who oe3e"brated their birthday during the waek and wishes them all many happy returns of the day. •** &f COMING & GOING Mr. Rafeal fake arrived' here by K.L.M. from Aruba last week 4 he "; was aoocrapanled by his two sisters Mrs. Viola van Putten and Mrs. Philaaina Berkel -"Rafeal and his sisters made "the trip 3ue to the illness of their father Hr.'Philogem Lake of"Rambeau; a former Lagoito Rafeal returned to Aruba on'Ihursday last, but his two sifter will •tiy* here"until August 9; 1962, before returning to Aruba. Mr. Lionel Riohardson arrived hre on Sunday"July 22; by K.L.M. from" Aruba Mr. Riohardson made the trip beoause of the illness of his father


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"AMOR ET LA BIT" "LOTC k LABOUS C O HftlSa ALL THIHGS" SATURDAY JULY 28: 1962 Vol. 4 No. 4 Prioe fl. 0.25 HAPPY BIEIHD0 R E.V. S I 8 T E H MA G D A Bev. Sister Magda,-celebrated another birthday on F riday July 27— Rev. Sister Magda is the Principal of the St. Joseph College in Philipsburg Many children took flowers to school for the Rev. Sister Magda, who is very muchloved and respected in our community.„ „." ... .. The lev. Sister who has spent a number-of years here has assisted greatly, in moulding the characters of some of our most outstanding Windward Islanders; and this devoted ohristian lady is never tire of doing whatever she oan to help the Youth of this community. — The Windward Islands 1 Opinion extends "best wishes to the Rev. Sister on her oirthday and hopes that God may grant her many more years. .... **** HAS THE LT. GOVERNOR DIS3RIMINATED AGAINST CERTiJN GROUPS DURING THE VISIT OP ODE PRINCESSES TTTTT %  Has the-"I/fc. Governor discriminated against oertain groups during the recent v-i-* •it of. our Princesses; Their Royal Highnesses the Princesses Irene and MargrietTt This, has been the most asked question throughot-the island-for the past -week* shall not attempt to answer this question, because we believe that only the *J$i ^ i '^>' J& A %  -AS % % % %  "J