Windward Islands' opinion


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Windward Islands' opinion
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v. : ; 31 cm.
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Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles
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completely irregular


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v. 1- July 1, 1959-

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University of Florida
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Mir; Je.. Yok
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M e. 'bato m Lon
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' 2dbD bKriot

9I Ve Tobin
Grnme stad

Mr. David DoDkaer
L. Bp ttan

Mra. Beeooa Ivenstoae

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'hr, 9atag df tta iatofl
AIC, ton two atitQ BaQsx Ba .4
i4X r .thard 4 t oos oD t
Z r i s.gz ia& ls xeds

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toiir te tat report it hat
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eond .aa 48al the g't
'et desslftnlalu u in nw.
#e1 r66 HdieB.H re mm/or..

"Dusrig our .risit s ta
of the A6diti'ixoai
the 2nda o Pet ruary 1e2 Wi
*aml taken by t Bimmjul v

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ansit; al). to&re, t sre i
014ot, whiob 1%t wt
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t2714 has hua.
rp t aba '
ii Uite goad is oft 'e
to tie o iroulastale X
; iN gloIria au shipwrWeobk
'an obe 'booked to the ol It:dr

y the Auditing Board hea
'e' a tintion of the:,.a.ottive
amouerming the im prowvi t ottOe
;f officials in the otfiog dtS
0goermna No impro1mWiO u
'K. ditikg Bioard mustno'W teb ha6o
heard from otterse -t i t
otffloe eS Wb Maarfbon Of juSt
jr swo pereona oan 'ie ad' that a
ble amount of work is donA .Tet
4H 44n the monthly finanoal'pi4"es
it's ioted that diftwirft
there 'are c olleting for
-. -"
Sto pare 4 of article 126 of-
a egulaions sinwe 1958 until
3 1962 the bude at of -
Islands hive not been definitely
i. was writtenrout to oo0l ot1 .
;;V tbl 59 paid government worifoen for
SJ ru of 'the Gloria, which eaoant
be returned. Nothing has ien -
vi this up to the time this report
^J wrlritten :
iwiotes made o oferning *he clmainia-
~of tie govrionent wareoiosWs
"brief that this oan hardly bee
arred an a dmii-ttratioi. eto*.
S've. y long report, wnioh Aw.e to epaoe
Xg o ptely p Obli shj la~
.oneernig the Windwatr Ishdes
iBded'"far frcai'flatterlng, as is
sBen frcm the aovemt*ioned ex-

sttaupt C the Lt. Goreinor to c-l
~tU Situatn was a p oor and eieble
t bich no aixaaod'Isulander osan
r In. a. tteiall, his defence
l ltaiq o ^his' Alstothou hi the. i&
toM^0-^1^'1 e oreated the report
-w aatetrtisi is
HTi ^fl^ .*ft^^ stand
?ai+. ~ x

as 18

*le w rf a
real id'tie '' id

( ti frAI BA i
(Contimned frgi pae 1)

It was a 'a ight su.-y i. day Vo
noon and m 1le -tra every ."'
life an ef.ery eot.on a. ti '
landi Wete present at the po t
in iarkgot 1t ~as th large li9 'o
ever witness on the t il.;z I'ta t
1800 tb 2000 bple. "
The"odds wii;r faviou of Cata
pillars to wi i and ati-pee ei
oept the players of uariair Ctd' a
fat of thlir 'di.*hatp'dr fahni) 'b
Lived .that the" .'o fr er a~rat
were-'~gig to bda ghis t ~;4I g'
^rtbartr in htir first iasfla b
aoWed tar rUw. off two bits, o.F
&htohk hmciBtips b J 1 -l7-
pitiLars'tn tent to ?a$ Uit
in thbir-yeg and deteiMtd to
the game f oe b :th i ~il wa
the Cato were sbleto Sti;E '
it whtrteden 'Hoi Hay ab)J5^ttW
id balls fol1,ued by a io

y 7. ,.i owasedi IaPi a,.
hiMrt to are 5lo'^^ -^^E
^n^ il l o a tlSfdB
Wh&V^fSkTA 0.i

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the aiLoe ifM" .S a

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;' .has 'so ofteA re .' :

lt$ r theseiserviot -rM.

^ lttiey ilaero orf 9tg tU,. B
S0Ai1igy has has 'rei1hdr tc

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if~d Cronners -.

Saspnot. Is*i* adintwhiefh Jopt Boo
St so eager to render
- o ... (r _''
op otbe easy m &sh 6
n t, kbd of aerwioapwa...
bsVo tem divorce a among., ii'
as in that oaseo "BHehot 4A
itod a *tey large portbit ct
Tlaomdprer, besides the ftaothat
tH r wU~oulc, tbhis .7 last ow a ortaibal charges
pe patiebntly await the anmer
t 4LtE an e4planatin as to
-i means 'by "raordoea" Iaoral

qgainit "Hiohot' or *not
S you forto s ptoe allowed
amB diar air;
1 m w Pe te ours *epd o *, *
Yae Peterson, temadetective)
tillsodl'e aa


* j

Philip abrg July 13- '
CL"dard -,- .i.'a' pi
. ~IWSindLad '.Tela di' Op1ni om
4i r


' U ; ,
dlaoiatiofn Plea"i this
delivery ^h 6toTriAg fbrth
i' o t rather itt more
ti ou'A fre livectin
wBi -and; ha e pen base-


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to J 4i
I p^W.^riyp*


also aiva jar c^i
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Silk Sastor oanii-
or girls wh .wol'
itto Misbeast a AXGit
pimno Iraud. Tho& ri.'a"
the oroa ioai of Mrs. bylvanio
t' Colonibier.
option was hold at Mr. A 6
s r'peeG at ripple Ga:.wand
attended. Tlo widely knowli Mrs
( 1a of Colcaiblr was Masfterda'b
hng the many guests .vores
khan and his graoitase and dvaitod.
."and Ms. Xorhbea Mr: andot.r
a~ Mr : Joseph BiohardsZ Wamis
.Dor.oaut/ 1M5Is 9itaC oxnor, Si
oihardoan, Dr. Gerard Petit Mr.,
l Mr. Felix choig An Atg
S arig oc, Miss Veronioa Gumi'b
iaK penty to eat and drink and-
or a ing was supplied by say-
It.o.pool and his'Merry aksoers -
ihbioh was goot, was preparMd
Yjoinne Hughes, Missa aby IanIlon
SC&ri*' iiD Hanson and. the oaJces
'b, Mriq. Manda Baly and MXla
l o -
':5ahTardson. plans to return to the
ca the 27the of this montd, and
efro.r will make the nooesoarp ar-
ff fdr his bride to follow.
ward Islaids' Opinion oongra-
tAh~a .young couple and wish them
Si4)imwes in their new life as man

o. e
tiN^ g THE LCCAL PgE88.

f.a in the past ttetimpta have
Sth ~~. Go~;einor, Jo Jo
H j t sree tbh-freeedom of it t
hrpolyip r paublihaed
S elanair aba, Sbtatia

Fad4e ,d.nthe Polioe Dep.e
714 ith paper any infomna-

fl pe' rt ""- -o fioial
,: ".,.. at '
.., ,,.-.-. : :,


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bocm (*
and tOMM
said 1*jt Ie
take. e4y ol
aiid dwt h





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.. .: -u ,:

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,. -* ,'' ""- -. ;'. '/ :' l.: -.^ ^ g -.
b '"
.+ :' ,-. .- '\ J.
~ A
r.,i~~J..~~i ';



w- ~~. -iLL i I. TZI''-- *''--

..... : '*b y; L- .....- r ,.,., o '.. r,. -.-- ,.:,
.*, '*< .,,-. -. '. ." .r +, ;-- ~~ru if
/, *" **,.. .* -^ ?. ". &:, .: .,. d
^ .. ,, ,*- .. .,* *
.- ., i-
5 9 .. .\ .. v -
S .r ,.^:4
I -, w ,.r. 5- .- ..:. ': ..- 7, P7

*r -Hi Ir.i*w3W
..,. .- ., ,. .T y ..
; .: ". : -- *&' "
"*' ^ '* '.*- .^ a .

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I T* O AR ?A YE'

srfe-'JTt -'-. \

V~ I

'.' .' 5 -
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;, E. 'p .< .
.^ s ^ :- ., fa !..

-I,.- '


_ __ __ __ _~ ___~___~_r__~ __~~__ ____~__~___

---~--~~~ ----~~ --'-~~~-"- '~~-"'~-`"-I-~ ~I"~'"'`

r c~c~QFC1BP I :


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- ~u .L ~L_ ----- ~-

... .. I- |- -


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.-gt ~~
... ..9~
6' 'Y I
1 .'r

"' "?-~-J~r~ "sce~se-~w~i~l



*-b 1



) CI~-
5.~;. :;"

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UM01 IT LAB 1 AMTIA TUCIf 'LOT* 4 LABOU* CQBQUER ALL THIBQ8* SATURDAY JULY 21; 1962 Vole 4 No* 5 Prioe fU 025 CAKIBAIR DEFEATS CATBrtPILLARS WINS I8LA ND BASEBALL SERIES In what, will gp down in the annais'of baseball history n-thia islaftd as the moat exciting ana-thrilling gameplayed here to datei Caribair of Marigot defeated Catetp'iXlara of PhiUpsburg 11 9. Thiawae the third game of the Island Baseball Series sponsored by the Biw*hall Comnitteo : A beautiful trophy graoiouly donated by lira. J, "Chick" Arrindell of Belle Plaine.was a^ at stake Garibair of Maggot had already accomplished what at the atart of the series aeemed impossible, by winning the. two first games, and thanks to the energetio chairman of the Baseball Committee Mr. ..J. "Chick* Arrindell and his oolleaguea a great deal of'publio interest was. aroused, (&e C A H I.B AIR page 4) •%  :•• & H.RH PRI RCESS IbME AND H.B.H* PRINCESS MABGRIET IN THE wTHDIUBD ISLAN DS H.K.H. Princess Irene and H.B,H. Princess Margrtet arrived here by K.L.M. on Ifcdnesday last on an official visit "to the Ittndward Islands. At about-lli3o a.m. the crowd started gathering at the Juliana airport and at about noon there were hundreds of people on hand to walocme the Princess. At cout the same-time, the school-children, the Methodist Boys' Brigade, Boy Scots members of the P.M.f.A. and O.B.I.A. as well as hundreds of other people were o 7^7J*J£ fr0Qt f tteCour H XOU80 in PhiUpsburg. Vf76G


WINDWARD ISLANDS' OPINICfL SATURDAY JULY 21. 1962 a oopy of theabovemsntioneddertiBlon has not been received and that the amount of f*~ 271,84 has been booked to : the island budget pf Saba for 19o*2* The Auditing Board is of the opinion that due to thVoiroumstanoes under whioh the Gloria was shipwrecked no oosts oan be booked to the island budget* "Repeatedly the Auditing Board has drawn the attention of the."Exeoutive Counoil ooncerning the improving of the quality of officials in the offices of the Island government* No improvement has been noted* The Auditing Board must note thay have seen" and" heard from others that in the governor* s offioe at St* Maarten of just one or two persons oan be said that a reasonable amount of work is done* Yet in oheoking the monthly financial*pieces repeatedly it*is noted that diffirent officials there are collecting for overtime 1 Contrary to par* 4 of article 12& of' the Island Regulations since 1958 until and including 1962 the budget of tte Wlncfward Islands have not been definitely approved* A bill was written" out to oblleot f* 3027^59 paid government workmen for repairs of"the Gloria, which amount should be returned* Nothing has been paid on this up to the time this report was written* "The note8 made concerning the administration of' the government warehouses were so'brief that this oan hardly be considered an administration^ etc. etc." A very long report, wnich due to space we oannot completely publish; "was written oonoerning the Windward Islinds* It was indeed"far from"flattering, as is easily seen frcm the abovementioned exoerpts* The attempt of the Lt* Governor to defend" the situation was a poor and feeble effort"of which no Windward-Islander oan feel proud. In a nutshell, his defence boiled down to thisi "Although the impression could be created by the report that the flnanoial" administration is irresponsible and' bad and oannot stand oritioism, "wo worked hard*" As editor* 8 note I wish* to addi If is not important that you worked hard but that you worked well *For instance", energy used to abuse' public funds and property for personal gain is not so well applied nc matter how hard you worked* It is"rumoured that the Lt* Governor has been promoted 3 times in the short while he has been in the Windward Islands (not yet 3 years). And in the usual n demoora";i6 n wayi Backpay until the day of birth* .•Let all Windward Islanders and especially Sabian take note "of the comment 8 of the Auditing Board*'Sabians oan see thousands of "guilders wasted whilst aooording to reports the grasping deputy and his colleague are horse-whipping the poor of^Sab'a. Is this in order Whave more "for themselves? ft Wb heard too SopatleBufc-ive secretaries now? What are they dding? The report of the accountants will be real interesting later* **************** CARIBAIR (Continued from page 1) It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon and people frcm every walk of life and every seotion of the island were present at the Sport-field in Harigot It was the largest orowd ever witnessed on the field; about 1800 to 2000 people* The"odds were in favour of Caterpillars to win" and mostpeople (exoept the players of Caribair and a few of their "die-hard"* fans) believed that the'boys from Great Bjy were"going to "bringhome" this gone* Caribair In their first inning c scored tow runs off two hits, one of whioh"a home-run by Ji Ijtnoh Caterpillars then Went to bat with "blood 0 in their eyes,"and determined to win the gome* Before the inning was over the Cat8 were nble'to score 5 runs, it started when Harry C arty "got, base on balls followed by a two-base hit by V* Annioharigo* A two-base hit by J* Illidge caused Carty and Annioharigo to"soore Li Friday and tfl* Forde got bosses on'balls and Edwtfld Vlolenus hit a two-bagger which caused Illidge,"Friday and Forde to so ore The 8star" pitcher of the* Cats,"young and strong M* Cannegietor was able to keep the pilots sooreless for the next three innings and"it was not until in the fifth that Caribair was able tx> add three more runs to the soore bringing the soore 5.-5* But in fche sixth the Heavy Equipment oome book in full foroe"and before'the inning was ended "increased their score by 4 runs Forde and Cannegieter got bases


WINDWARD ISLANDS' OPINION 9 SATURDAY JULY 21; 1962 r my faulty I 'believe that tie still have freedom of the press/and unless I m removed by the polio'e, I intend to Stay* right here and cover this important storyS Be enjoin" You want the police to remove you?" Editor* "that is the only way you can get me away fran here," Beaujoni B we shall see". The oonversation ended and the Editor remained among the other pressmen* ***************** ST. BUSTATIUS CC. OF ARUBA TC VISIT ISLAND at the sport-field ifa C*ul-de-Sao* an Sunday July 22, 1962 but that Mri Wallace Peterson did not give any pemission It is now dofinete that the St* Eustatius C*G. of Aruba will visit the island for the purpose of playing a series of matches with orioketers here* The visiting team will oonsist oft S* Spanner, I* Johnson, G. "Camwood, W*' Havertong, T. Hooftijter, P* Ramsey; J* Bamboo us; F. King sale, C* Homstfaok, M* Cranston, W Spanner, A."Spanner, J Hally and Bosman They will arrive here on August 2;"and the one-day-matoh is scheduled to bo played on the Sport field in French Quarter on August 3"The threeday-match is scheduled to be played on the'Sport field in Cul-de-3ao and will start on August 5* The local orioketers are praotioing hard for the occasion and as far as we have "been able to find out the looal team for the n three-day-matoh B will not T^e made known untlll" August 4* The men who will'oaptain both matches have been elected! by the orioketers they arei Mr* Ivy Hubert of French Quarter Cap t of the "6ne-day-match n and Mr. Vanoe (David) James, of Philips'burg Capt. of the "Three-, day-match''* ***************** ATTENTION THE BASEBALL COMMITTEE INVITES THE CAPTAINS AND MANAGERS OF ALL THE tfASEUSALL TEAMS (TDBOBG, Y.M.S.C., CATERPILLARS, AND CAEIBAlfi) TO ATTEND A VERY IMPORTANT MEETINCf T0 BE HELD ON TUESDAY JULY 24, AT 8l30p*m* AT THE SEA-VIEW HOTEL AT THIS MEETDE SUCH MATTERS ASl THE DISTRIBUTION OF PHIZES, THE PRESENTATION MATCH, ETC, ETC WILL BE DISCUSSED. SBC.-TREAS. OF THE BASEBALL COMMITTEE A FALSE RUMOUR 4 JuSt before going to press, it Was called to our attention that a oustumed football match was scheduled to be played for seae -""being aware of the sacrifices made*"by Mr. Peterson to as'sist Sport this rumour struok us as strange," and we immediately got in oontact with Mr. Peterson* He informed us that ho reoeived a letter" from some "Committee" signed by J.M."Overmeer, asking permission to play a football metoh on the field on Sunday July 22, and that same permisssson was granted in writing* Below are popies of request and replyi i2-7-62 "Mr, Wallis Peterson; Met deaedienen wij U hier Q 0 n verzoeking cm gebruikt' te maken van hetfvoatbal veld Cul-de-Sao, op 22 July 1962] 5 uur na middag 1 s Voor een geoostumeerde voetbal wedstrijd Hopende op U welwillende mede working te mogen 'berekenen* Namens fle o omitie %  J.-M.Overmenr" Philip sburg, 14 juli 1962* Aan do Heef J.M. Oveimeer Sea-View Hotel AlWer. Inantwoord op uw'brief dd* 12 dozer,"deel ik"U hierbij mede, flat ik geen "Hezwaar BVb tegen he feebruik maken van het voetbal-veld te Cul-de-Sao"op 22 juli a.s. voor eon gokostumeerde voe-tfcal-wedstrijd* Wallace Petersons *************** QUESTION BQI WHY DID THE LT. GOVEINOR NOT INCLUDE A VISIT TO THE HOSPITAL AND THE SWEET REPOSE (homo of the aged) W OUR PRINCESSES, AFTER ALL THESE SICK AND. AGED PEOPLE ARE ALSO LONGING TO SEE THE DBCENDANTS OF THE ILLUSTRIOUS HOUSE OF ORANGE-NASSUA ???? IS IT TMJE THAT THE LT. GOVERNOR DID NOT. TAKE OUR PRINCESSES TC VISIT THE YOUTH CENTER IN FHILIPSaURG, liBCAUSE OFPOLITICAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HIMSELF AND THE PRESIDENT CF THIS INSTITUTION??? IS IT KRUB THAT MANY PEOPLE HERE ARE NOW SAYING THAT CAPT. BEAUJCN'S RIGHTFUL PLACE IS IN THE A34Y AND NCff IN THE LT. GOVEHJOR'S MANSION???? IS IT TRUE THAT LT. GOVERNOR J. J.. BEA> JCN DID NOT TAKE H.B.H. PRINCESS IRENE TO THE O.B.I.A. HALL iiECAUSE HE DID NOT L WANT TC MEET THE PRESIDENT OF THIS ASSOCIATION, BECAUSE CF POLITICAL DIFFERENCES? ********************


WINDWARD ISLANDS 1 .. OPIHIflJ SATURDAY JULY 21; 19 62 not a criminal act has 'been committed' against m 'by n Heohoa n However,. "Heohbs" oould be of some assistance in this, by stating in its next issues 1Wftether"the "services" meantar£ the same sort of "services" which Mrs* Blanoa Jbnokheer, wife of the Prime Minister,..has so often renderad; 2* Or whether these" services" are'the same kind of "services" whioh Miss Jewel Wathey, sister of deputy'Claude Wathey; so willingly has rendered to Mr* Hyacinth Conner} 3* Or if it. perhaps means "by "servi*^ the "services" whioh Sam Casseres oannot render and "whioh Jap a Beaujon is always so eager to renderj. "Heches" cannot bo any means have meant by "services" the kind of servioeB whioh have caused so many divorces among democrats^ as in that case "Heohos" would have insulted a very "large portion of Windward Islanders, besides the fact that the writer would'in this last oaso have to face a criminal charge* '*"I therefore patiently await the answer from "Heohos" with an explanation as to whether it means by "services" Immoral acts or just some other service, so that I may determine if I oan lodge a complaint against "Heohos" or not* Thanking you for the spfece allowed I am, deal* sir, Yours. Wallace Peterson,(ex-detective) Philipsburg July 13, 1962, To The Windward Islands' Opinion! Dear Sir; For your "Information Please" this" week 1*11 like very muoh touring forth this question to you, rather its moro like your opinion* As you have lived"in iruba for a long time and have seen baseball in that island* DO YOU THINK THAT A SELECTION OF OUR BOYS FRO! HEi^E IN ST, MAARTEN ST. MARTIN CZN PLAY AGAINST A "AA" *TEiM FROM" ARUBA T Suoh asHoinekens or Zenith or any of the other teams? DO'YOU THINK THE BOYS FROM HERE WOULD HAVE A CHANCE 3D WIN STBH A-TEAM? .1 know that in Aruba there are'very good teams and that they have more experience in baseball than we do* But I feel that with a good selection in my opinion anything could happen* My opinion is that the boys would play better In Aruba because'of the field there being muoh better* Here forexanple the field has plenty of little stones and grass patches; whioh make the ball difioult to field at times* A oouple months ago there was a scout from the U.S.A. assisted by two others from St* Thomas, One of them remarked* "I really don**; kfaow how these boys can field the ball ..< 4 here"." In Aruba*s sport-park the fields/is smooth, 'no holes in the ground to. look"for that unexpected" hop* You'll be able to oolleot the ball much hetterj That's what I mean Dy"having a good chance in beating Aruba* I have seen baseball in other oountries and our"boys have just atf muoh hitting power as any I have seen We have here in St* Maarten good Batting good Pitching and good enough" fielding to*'do anything, I'll like very much for you to print this Mr, Lake and %  also have your opinion on'this issue* Thanking you in advance. Your truly D* Cannegieter* Ed* note! It is*my honest opinion that in three years the boys here have improved a great deal; and that to-day a selection from this island would be able_t o give a good acoount of itself against any ff AA" "baseball team from Aruba* I oannot say who would win; and I "am sure that the writer will agree with me Jhat*' %  the result of the recont Island Baseball Series has clearly, shown that in baseball, anything oan happen* WdBRE ARE WE HEADED-FOR?H? By; A St* Maartener ^ Dear Mr* Editor of the Windward Islands' Opinion; Please allow me space in your %  well read paperi formerly on the tooasion o? all publio festivitiesj visits from high „__J^£J


I ^— WINDWARD ISLANDS' OPINION SATURDAY JULY 21, 1962 Government Off ioials and members of the Foyal Family o? the Netherlands, a Ccmmlttee of oapable'St. M^arteners Jointly with the Lt Governor prepared the programme and saw to it that the population was rightfully represented by %  i ssuing "invitations (in speoial oases) andfetherwise by giving non-restricted" public reoeptions Now-a-days under the administration of--Lb* Governor C'apt. J.J. Beaujon things have taken a*trend as ** *" never before under any other Lt* Governor •whether permanent or acting, "During the visit"of H.R.EVPrinoesB Irene and" H.R.H. Princess flargriet trit^ undesirable state of affair reached its climax. I really donH^think that it oould"have been any worse in our 20th* century On the"Committee there was only one St. Maartener who is supposed to be the President of the' Committee; This gentleman is also Foreman of Piibli'o Works; and had to take care of all octornnents of public b'uiia'ings and the streets as'well as the preparing of the roads throughout the island* As f&r as we oould see ho did a good job, for whioh we compliment him*' The Lt* Governor fixed it so that St* Maarten had no other son of the soil to play any important role in this Coniiittee; although wa have here in our midst;'to begin with, an ex-Lt* Governor 5 or 6 ox-pblicemen, ex-teachers and an exGovernment official who has served in many important offices and'these poisons are all'enjoying a well earned pension;' besides; we also have a number of~other prominent* oitizens, who have all been by-passed; and who did not receive invitations* Worst of all t on July l&th. from 7t30 p.m. to 8i30 p.m* at "the 'Passangrahan there was a public "restricted" reoeptioni Some parsons wore given invitations! these were allowed to sit en the front poroh with car Princesses other per sons who attended without invitations wore oonthioted to tho back of the Passangra-" han$ and saw very little (if any) -of our Princesses* People standing in'the street oould have seen much more of them (since they wore_sitting on tho front poroh) than the unfortunate objected*' ofrtisens at the back The painful part of this whole affair, is that; all "those who nere left ouf^happen to be persons who do not seo Jeye to eye" politioal ly with the Lt. Governor. No wonder that parsons overheard the Lt. Governor being c ctnplimented on June 5, 1962* One thing however we all should k""•" dress of green flowered laoe; green shoes and matohing"head-wear* the ushers {all in dark-blue"suits) weri Chorman Boirard, Nestor Arrindell,


w v VDUMASD-jgmW OPINION 7? %. THE WlJDmH) I8UMD31 OPINION /^' : %  *$ubli£hed"'every SatttrtLayTIt'weffJ etKu^Shed *by J.H, Wee, Sr. on JuB^j "X", j"£5&, ae a means of helping <%p im1 "proVe the social, economical, fiSuoke t£onal*and political oonditi ons of the windward Islands by advocating against,-, •< the oauserofinjusfcioe and p"ression*;? /?\. :;' ..%  —, • | r : EDlTOli DUTCH SBCTICNi J.H. lake, Sr Philipstiurg; St. Maarten. N.A. tiatf"." a.EDITOR FBBICH SICTIONl Mrs* B.'Morales Marigot, St. Martin, Printersi The People's Printery Backstreet; Philipsburg. RgRE3MTATIYE5t IN AKOBJU IN CUBACAOt IN 8TATIA1 IN SABAi Mr; J.F. York Sa'bastraat 55A San Nicolas, Mr. Tifenford Wilson D3 22 *" 2de Diet riot Mr, V. Tobin Oranjested Mr* David Donker The Bottom Mrs* Eebeoca Levenstone The Bpttaa. jbaong* the or and gathered at the Airport were* The Lt. Governor of the windward Islands, Capt* J.J. tfeaujon, dressed in his spotless -white uniform, bedecked with medals the Beoeption Comaittee -which oonsisted 6jit Deputiesi C^Uide wethey a^.iijton Peters, %' o ounoil&ftml^ers L.B. So ott,, ** Labegaj£ sndi John Larmcniej R*C* fraBjjf *fori Father G* Bortdorij \^hodist minister^ Bev. K. Khftnj'" and Restitute Judge. A*C* Cann^gi/ .Mi-8, Rosa Vlaun of Sinp sonbay ;-)wh ,was 'taking oare of the twe'little g^s^whofiiere to'presant the"Prtoesses 1 with flowejj**" Our capable SuWlnp speotor of Ptolioet/Mr. vjux def" Major of Pof&oe Mr, va&Jde_ JO, about 15 pressmenJ television*, movp add*_ radio representatives from Caraeao;** i' ?'i'^ ? jjtert and HdllanSfe Jose Lake, editor *-** % %  &£. ^^bhiasiae-nspaper, Mr.*Vinoent Donker, local photographer and the j "Jungle TiggefsP s^gel-band from Middle-J Region undothe aoTSs^taadership of Mr* Chester York. At precisely 12s05 the^.L.M. plane with the Princesses aboard came to a halt in front of the "terminal building at the Juliana Airport** and a few^ minutes later H.R.H. Princess Irene **_ %  wearing a navy-blue dress disembarked; she was followed by fiR*H* Princess Margriet who was'wearing a blue 4nd^ white flowered'dress The Princesses were followed by the Acting Governor; The Prime Minister, Mrs. A*L* van Loon-ffllnkel, Naval 2nd* olaSS Li* H. B*,' Slot, Adjutant of the "ioting Governor J Mrs* B,s # Jofiokheer-Heyer, Hon. Miss C*E4* Roell, Court-lady Of S.M. the Queen, Mi8sM*C.C* "flijnen, Private Saoretary of"H.R*H. Princess Beafcfix and H*B.H. Princess Irene, Naval Lt* Capt* A*J* de Graaff, Adjutant of H*M** the Queen, C* 9s sink, Head Cocmissioner of the Kingdom Police Force, Naval Coranonder of the Netherlands Antilles; Mrs* J* van Strian-Tiiaiiermansj G* J#* Botterweg,'Head Bolioe Camnissicner, H.I."Braam, Head of the Government Information Service. The PrinoessBB were introduced to* the Lt* Governor by the"Acting Governor and Immediately after the "Juggle Tigers", steel-band, "under the able ,, leadership of Chester York*played the National Anthem H. B.H. Princess Irene was presented with'flowers by little Miss Claudette Carty"o*? Philipsburg and H.K.H. Princess Margriet was presented with flowers by little Miss Ernieoe Nisbeth of Cole Bay The Princesses graciously accepted -ttie' flowers^ thanked the little ladles; shook hands with Miss fiose Vlaun of Simp8onbay, who was directing tte two


fflflPWAfiD ISLANDS' QPmiOf £ SATURDAY JULY 21. 1962 on bollsj ^arry Corty got on because ~ %  of an error "by Mussl ngton*'and Annloharigb h£'t a three-bagger whioh'brought in three runs a hit by'John Carty caused Annie harigo to score and "thus at "the end of the sixth" the score WQS 9 5 in favour of CaterpillarSj, and things looked bad fort be "pilots* But in the seventh the boys from Marigot oame out determined to olose the gapj| If, Peters of Cole Bay scored off a twor |, bagger by Halley, a single by Frankie Jrnell and a single'by Vioty oausecl two runs to be soored"bringing"the score 9 -8 still in favour of Caterpillars* In'the seventh J. Lynch relieved $*"-, Peters and held the Cats to three scoreless innings. In"the'top of the ninth with two men on base, two outs and two strike8 against him* J. Lynch connected a 3-run homer to give his team the lead for the first time in the game Caterpillars went to bat in the bottom of the ninth still full of hope but soon alsoovered that J. Lynch was"as dangerous on the"""!!!!*^" as'he had been in the "battens Box" for the side was soon retired for no runs. Thus the 19*62 Island B a seball Series which was a great success* ended with Caribair winning three straight games and the sefieso The "Baseball Committee under the able leadership and guidance" of its Chairman deserves much credit' fort he impartial and oompetent "manner in whioh It conducted the Series, whioh in our opinion has*been the biggest single contribution ever made to our Youth by any group on this island* On the behalf of the Community (both' Frenoh and'Dutch") we would like to express, thanks, appreciation and gratitude to tho men of this Committee who arei Mr. J. "Chick" Arrindoll; Chairman; Mr. John Cooper,'Soo.-Treas., Mr* Pe'rdinand Beauperthuy, Mr. Philip Bryan, and Mri* Felix Chiosy for the unselfish efforts whioh they have made in bringing about this Series; for it is • well'l&iqwn' that "these men have given their time; energy and in many oases •money freely*' for the sole purpose of assisting our Youth. TO'also "feel tbnt" persons as* J* ZLlidgo, v". Annioharigo, both Junior and Senior Brookson of Marigot, J. Lynch, John Peters of Cole B^y* (now in St. Thomas)' A. Scott, H; Soott, J.^SitoT. York (residing ip.Aruba)^ I Lobo and Wallace Peterson deserve credit for"the"part ; they have ployed in making baseball a success on this is* land* And we take our hats off to the a^ires* Mr. P; Arrindell, chief" Mf*' A* Gervois/Mr. L. Brooks, Hr, Arrindell and Mr* C. Uslain" for fairness, patience and understanding which they have displayed at all time 8* Tfo knon that many persons are dieappointed because of the result of the series, but to us and to the Youth of 8t. Maarten St. Martin it"was' not hf ortant "CO won the, but HOff the goes werepla yed* "fe are therefore very please t o note that all the games were played in a very friendly and sportmanly manner* It is believed by many who witnessed"the Series, that it will" mark the beginning of a NEW ERA for the YOUTH of *this island An ERA In whioh sports will" play a big role in assisting our YOUTH to developet "SOTUD MIND8 IN SOUND BODIES". i* '. I *************** LETTERS TO THE E D I T Q'R (Not the responsibility of the Edbitor) Sint Maarten, July 19th* 196& DearMr* Editor; Please fallow me space in your newspaper for the following! In the organ of the Democratic Party the periodical "HEDHOS" of July lltli. 1962' on page four the following is written in papiamento* Here follows a free translation* "Apart from the purely personal iatt&ki; T slander and -lies launched against the "directors of the "Democratic Party in the > Windward Islands, Lopes*"party WIPP with oomplete ooBperation of Gromez^ Plant*, Voges; "Every and Peterson (who was for sometime deteotive at Curacao) went muoh farther than you will be able to imagine* The moment oame when married-women (senoras) and "young-ladies" ("sehorifcas"); belonging'to this group, instructed by their political 1 leaders, offered their "services" gratefully to democrats" on ondition that these democrats would vote for HIPP or not vote at all oto. etoi" The tera"" w servioes""is very elastiQ and I am not able to determine whether or %  % 


WINDWARD ISLANDS' OPINION 8 SATURDAY JULY 21. 1962 HoId6 Joffor, CH Valmi; Gorvlllo P." GiWsa, L.A. (Nolly) Gibbs,Boataan for the occasion was Mr. Victor brooks, who oame' frcnTtho TJ.S.A. for tho. purpose The Pago-boy was Master Rozan Millar and tho flowor girla who wore whito wore, tho protty'littlo Miasosi Gyhslaine Baly ami Franoirno 2irnoaud. Tho"brido's gown -was tho oroatioh of Mrs, Sylvanio Flandors of Colombior. Tho roooption -was hold at Mr. A. Helligar'a plaoo at Cripple Gate and %  was wo 11 attended* The widely known Mr* Eriioat Baly of Colombior was Master of Ceremony Among tho many guoats werei Rev.'K. Khan and his graoibua and dovbted wife, Mr,~and Mrs. Morhoon, Mr.' and-Mrs. Austin GITID'SJ Mri Joseph Richardson Miss E8mayno Dorio'aut/Miss Rita"Connor/Miss Sylvia Richardson, Dr. Gorard Potit Mr. Elio Fleming, Mr'. Felix Choisy, Acting Mayor of Marigot, Miss Voronica^Gumbs There -was plenty to oat and drink and music for dancing was supplied "by Raymond Vantorpool and his'Merry Makers The food whioh was good, was prepared "by* Mrs. Yvbnno Hughes, Miss Baby Hanson and Mrs* Cfiriartiins Hanson and, the cakes were mado -, byt Mrs. Mando Baly and Miss Marie Gionso Mr. Richardson plans to return J;o tho U.S.A. on the 27th. of this montfr", and onoo there will make tho necessary arrangemants for his "bride to follow* The Windward Islands' Opinion congratulate the young couple and wish them much happiness in their new life as man and wife. ****************** LT. GOVEENCR AGAIN ATTEMPTS TC SlpPRESS THE FREEDOM OF THE LOCAL PRESS. Many times in the past attempts have heen made by the Lt, Governor, Jo J* Beaujon to suppress the freedom of this newspaper (the only newspaper" published in the Windward Islands; Saba, Statia and St. Maarton). l-"He has forbidden tho Polioe Dopt. from giving this paper any information. 2He has never invited any representative of this paper to any official function. 3Even though he premised (in writing) to give this"paper an interview ainoe October 1959, Up to this dat he has jr not oomplied with his promise. Mr. Beaujon made another* attempt recently to suppress the freedom of *3his newspaper Here is the Storyi On Wednesday July 18, 19'62 at aDout"lli'45 a*m tho Editor of this paper Mr. Jose Lake wa8 at the Juliana Airport'among the other presfc-'. men"and radio, television and movie representatives from abroad itio were here to cover the visit" of our Princesses.'To his surprise Mr. Limde"boom ( a iurinamer) "walked up to him and told him that Mr. Beau^on had said that ho (Jose L'ake.) o ould not take any piotures of the Princesses and that he would have to leave the area beoauso he did*not have a "press-card 11 Editor Lake, in a calm "but firm manner told Mr. Lirdeboom that he'was representing the W.Is* Opinion, the only newspaper in tte Windward Islands and that he had no intention of leaving tho area, wuless ho was thrown off "by tho polioe. Mr."Linde"boom left and a little later he returned and told tho Editor that Mr. Beaujbh wished to speak-to bin The Editor went over to whore Mr. iieaujon was standing and asked him what he wished to speak to him_ about* Mr. Beaujon looked at the Editor and asked (In his loud-mouth manner fer •hioh he is now well-known) "^What is your trouble". The Editor looked Him straight in the eye, and smilingly ropliedi n Trou"bleS I have no trouble". Beaujoni "Then what is"this I have heard" from Linde"bt>om about polioe"* Editor* "Ohl that, Lindeboom told me that you said that I should leave this area'beoause I do not have a "press-carl", and I told him that I have no indention" of doing so, 'unless I am removed "by the polioe*" Beaujoni "Didn't you" read in"the papers that to be hero you wre suppose to have a press-oard". Editor*' "Papers, "whioh papers^the'only^ paper in St. Maort^n is the Windward Islands* Opinion, and I don't remem %  ber* reading any thing like that in itj I write that paper you know."! Beaujom "Well, I don't oare whether you read"it or not, you don't have B press-card and you cannot stay "here; and you may not take any piotures of the Princesses". •Editor. "If you knew, I needed a pressoard, you should have given me one; since you have not dono so, it is not :, -a.'t, %  '-' %  .; r-'/l L t


1 % %  TUNDHABD ISLANDS' OPHICB SATflBDAY JULY 21. 1962 little girlso The Lt (Jovernor then iatroduoed them to the Beo'eption Conmitt'ee whioh was lined-up in front of the "terminal building H.R.IC Princess Irene "" andH.B.H. Princess Margriet stopped for a moment where the "Jungle Tigers" steelband -was playing an3'then got into the waiting"oars whioh "brought them to PhiUpsburge Arriving at Philipsb'urg the Princesses 6\ walked.through a "Guard>-bf-hont>ur"(formed by the Methodist "3 cyn r Brigade, the Boy So out s and Junior, members of the 0.B.I.A. and P.M. I. Ao) which was lined-up in front of the Court-house and took their plaoes on the baloory of "the Courthouse where they were cheered by hundreds of schoolchildren and grown-ups who had gathered in front of the"Court-hou The sohool-ohildren under the direotion of Mr. van der Heuvel,"Principal of the Orange-school, sang first the national Anthem and "then two other scngs H.B.H. Princess Irene thanked..the sohool-ohildren for their Sine' singing and promised them a free day from sshbal'Xto he announced by the Lto Governor later) The Princesses followed by the Acting Governor, the Prinie Minister, the Lt Governor and "the frest of the group the left the "Court-house and "walked up the Pronto street to the Governor's Mansions (ife are uftable "to inform our reader of what tobk~plaoe in the Lt. Governors Mansion, beoause only invitees oould inter, and 'the Wds' Opinion (the only newspaper in tho Tfindward Islands) was not invited,). ; After about 45 .minutes ajTfche Governor's hone, the Princesses followed'by the group left for the Little Bay Hotel where lunch was se rvedo "• At 5 p.m* they toured the island,, during which time H.B.H. Princess Irene, visited the P.M.I.A. and H.B.H. Princess Margriet visitedthe &B.I.A. (Two benevolent societies* located on the Back-street"in Philipsburg). And at 7s30. p„m. a "Public 1 reception was given at the Passangrahan whioh lasted for one hour < On Thursday the Princesses spent the day in Saba and or. Friday "the spent the day in St. Euotatius/ in both cases'they left here in the morning"hours and returned in the afternoon by H.M.S. "Tan iidjck". To-day they will ppend the day in pri-. vaoy at the Little E ay. Hotel and to-morrow "they will attend the l&thodist' Charon services in Philip.sburg starting it 830 acme -the remainder of the day'.will be spent in privacy "and on Monday morning they „ixi leave isv KoL.M* for Curaoao* E D I T %  RJI A L Word reaohed us that due to the publication in the newspapers of the report of the Auditors (Algemene Bekenhamer) on the way government funds were spent in the windward Islands during 1961 a great lot of'oritioism was heard •spooially in Curacao* People and government officials of all parties openly gave their opinion that drastio changes must occur in -the Windward IslandSs All voiced their disgust over the obvious destruction and waste'of the taxpayers' monoy 0 Those who are acquainted with'the Dutch language diouldmake sure and read the imigp di Curacco of the 11th. of July 1962 and tho Beurs-en Nieuwsberiohton cf the"5th. of July 1962. To give our readers an idea of the contents of that rep orb we nave"ma3e a free translation of a few paragraphs of" that reporto The Gloria of Saba forms' as usual the biggest and clearest demonstra-tldn pf abuse of governments funds. Here are some of the comments* "During our visit'we (the members of the Aiditi:^"Board) noted that on the 2nd. of February 1962 a deoision was taken by tin Executive Counoil"rf Saba* The Admin! strator Was en^owered to pay f27184 I'tEls is an additional amount; Ed.) twards the repairs of the Gloria, which boat vent ashore oh the Fort Bay at Sabe in"oaim weather on the 13th. of Sop---omber 1960, 9 da ys after the hurricane Donna caused damage tet St. Maarter,r As reason who.givem The total "aaount^ if ; ;he expenditures were' r> .....•••f. 7.271.84 The Central"Govern' ment contributed •., .••••••" 5*000,— The Hurricane Belief Jund (Donna Fond&%.. .. w 2*000'.-The difference was .^TfT 271; ^4 This amount has been tempc rarily booked to post -508 "Unforeseen" expenditures of the' island Budget of' the IBndward Islmd's, division Saba of 1?62 In the aforementioned was not i nolucfed the amount "of f. 3.027-59 for labour; niet'her'worothe telephone and i. elegram oharges7 passages and board inol ided. Also"a bill was paid at St. Maart en for "overtime" and this was not inoluc'ed either* The Auditing Board is forced to e xpresej its astonishment concerning ^his so: "t of affairs, nanely that after two mc^ths