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The Wireless Tcleyntj/3 4y Orin.i ?unce, 1913.

I Assent,
Acting Gqvernor,
X v14th October, 1913.

SAINT VINCENT. No. 1 1913o

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the re-
gulation of Wireless Telegraphy,

[ 30th October, 1913. ]

Be it enacted by the Governor with the advice and
consent of the Legislative Council of Saint Vincent as
1. This Ordinance may be' cited as The Wireless Tele. Short Title.
graphy Ordinance, 1913".

No. 15 of 1913.
Definition of Wire-
less Telegraphy,

Licence for wireless

Apparatus on board
shins to be worked
in accordance with
i i ionI



Search Warrant,

2. In this Ordinance "Wireless Telegraphy" means
any system of communication by Telegraph without the
aid of any wire connecting the points from and at which
the messages or other communications are sent or
received: Provided that nothing in this Ordinance shall
prevent any person from making or using electrical
apparatus for actuating lhachinery or for any purpose
other than the transmission of messages.

3. (1.) A person shall not establish any wireless tele-
graph station or instal or work any apparatus for wireless
telegraphy in any place or on board any ship registered in
the Colony except under and in accordance with a licence
granted in that behalf by the Governor.
(2.) Every such licence shall be in such form and for
such period as the Governor may determine, and shall
contain the terms, conditions and restrictions on and sub-
ject to which it is granted.

4. A person shall not work any apparatus for wireless
telegraphy installed on any merchant ship, whether British
or Foreign while that ship is in the territorial waters of
the Colony otherwise than in accordance with regulations
under this Ordinance.

5. (1.) The Governor in Council may from time to time
make regulations, for carrying into effect the purposes of
this Ordinance, and such regulations shall on publication
in the Gazette have the same effect as- if enacted in this
(2.) The Regulations in the Schedule to this Ordinance
shall have effect except in so far as they may be amended
or rescinded by regulations made under the authority of
this section.
(3.) If at any time, in the opinion. of the. Governor, an
emergency has arisen in which it' is expedient- for the
Public Service that His Majesty" Government should
have control over the transmission of messages by wireless
telegraphy, the -use .of wireless telegraphy on board.
merchant ships while in the territorial waters of the Colony
shall be. subject to. such further regulations as may be
made by the Governorn from time to time, and such re-
gulations may prohibit or regulate such use in all cases or.
in such cases as may be deemed desirable.

&. If a Magistrate is satisfied by information on oath
that there is reasonable ground for suspecting that .a
wireless telegraph station. has been established without a
licence in that behalf, or that any apparatus for wireless

?he 7.IcyralAy Ordilwucc, J913".'

T/se Wirekes8 7 eleyrtlj)Ay// O,'Uwmce,, 19137.

telegraphy has been installed or worked in any place or on
0 board any merchant ship without a licence in that behalf
or contrary to the provisions of any regulations made
under this Ordinance, or of any licence granted under this
Ordinance, he may grant a search warrant to any Police
Officer or any person appointed in that behalf by the Chief
of Police and named in the warrant and a warrant so
granted shall authorise the Police Officer or person named
therein to enter and inspect the station, place or ship anl
to seize any .apparatus which appears to him to be used. or
intended to be used for wireless telegraphy there in.

7. (1.) Any person. who shall offend against any
provision of this Ordinance or any of the regulations made
thereunder shall be liable on summary conviction for
every such offence to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds,
and upon .-ucl conviction the court may order that any
apparatus for wireless telegraphy in connection with
which the offence was committed shall be seized and
(2.) Proceedings shall be taken before the Police
Magistrate of the First District on the complaint of the
Chief of Police or of any person thereto authorised -by him
in writing, and the procedure shall be the same as the
procedure for the time being in force in respect of offences
punishable on summary conviction.

8. "The Wirele-s Telegraph Ordinance 1904", and "The
Wireless Telegraph Amendment Ordinance .19i2' are
hereby repealed.

No. 15 of 1913.

Penalties and pro-

Repeal of Ordi-
nances.No'3of 1904
and No. 1.5 a12.,

SCRED ULE--Section 5, (2).

1. All apparatus for wireless telegraphy on board a merchant ship
in the territorial waters of the Colony shall be worked in such a way
as not to interfere with--
(a) Naval signalling, or
(b) the working of any wireless telegraph station lawfully esta-
blished, installed or worked in the Colony or the territorial waters
thereof, and in particular the said apparatus shall be so worked as
not to interrupt or interfere with the transmission of any messages
between wireless telegraph stations established as aforesaid on land.
and wireless telegraph stations established on ships at sea,


-. ~.. -. r
* *. ~

No. 15 of 1913.

2. In these Regulations "Naval Signalling" means signalling by
means of any system of wireless telegraphy between two or more
ships of His Majesty's Navy, between ships of His Majesty's Navy
and Naval Stations, or between a ship of His Majesty's Navy or a
Naval Station and any other wireless telegraph stati in whether on
shore or on any ship.
3. No apparatus for wireless telegraphy on board a merchant
ship shall be worked or used while such ship is in any harbour or
bay of the Colony except with the se ecial or general permission of
the Governor.
4. For the purpose of any proceedings under there regulations
the master or person being or appearing to be in command or charge
of any ship shall be deemed to have authorised and to be responsible
for .the use or working of any apparatus on board such ship.
5. Any summons or their document in any proceedings under
these Regulations shall be deemed to have been duly served on the
person to whom the same is addressed by being left on board the
ship on which the offence is charged to have been committed with
the person being or appearing to be in command or charge of the
'6. These Regulations shall not apply to the use of wireless s
telegraphy for the purpose of making or answering signals of distress.
7. Regulations made by the Governor in Council on the 17th
day of December, 1912, under the authority of the Wireless Telegraph
Ordinances 1904 and 1912 are hereby repealed.

Passed the Legislative
published in the Government

Council the 6th day of October, 1913, and
Gazedle this 30Si day oJ October, 1913.

Ulerk of Councils.




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