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7he Custornz Duies~. Ordinianee, 19 IS.

29th May, 1913.

!SAINT VINCENT. No. 6 of 1913.

AN ORDINANCE to fix a Tariff of
Duties on Goods imported into this

[ 4th June, 1913. ]
Be dt enacted by the Governor with the advice and
consent of the Legislative Council of Saint Vincent as
follows :-

1. This Ordinance may be cited as The Customs Short tita.
Duties Ordinance 1913".

Yhle C-ustonis Dvifieis -Ordinance, 1913.

No. 6 of 1913. 2. (1) There shall be raised, levied, collected, and
paid for the public use of this Colony upon all live stock,
Customn Duties to
be levied. good.,, wares, and merchandise imported into thi. Colony,
or which may be in bond when this Ordinance comes
into operation, the several duties set forth in the First
Schedule to this Ordinance subject to the following
conditions, viz:
(11) The rates of Customs Duties set forth in Colimin
1 (" British Preferential Tariff") of the Fir.t Schedule
shall apply to goods, the growth, produce or manufac-
ture of the United Kingdom, Canada. Newfoundland or
of any other Britih Po-ses.ion or Protectorate that may
be from time to time declared to he entitled to the ad-
vantages of the Custoims Preferential Dutie, Ordinance
1913 as provided for ,by -ection 3 sub-section 4 of
the said Ordinance: Provided that such good ball be
aecom1panied by such evidence of origin as may be pre-
scribed by the Govern, or in Council from time to time, and,
in the case of maintifactured goods, upon proof being
submitted that a substantial portion of the value of the
manufactured article has been produced by labour in the
United Kingdom, Canada or Newfoundland or in any
British Possession or Protectorate as aforesaid.
(b) The rates of CLustonms Duties set forth in Column 2
(" General Tariff") of the First Schedule shall apply to all
goods not entitled to admission under column 1 (Preferen-
tial Tariff) of such schedule.
Power to mae rules. (2) The Governor in Council may from time to time
make alter and revoke rules regulation-, and forms for
carrying out the purposes of think section.
Preferential Duties 3. On and after any date to be named by the Governor in
from eain gpes. Council and published in a Proclamation in the Government
Gazette the rates of Duties set forth in column 1 (prefer-
ential tariff) of the First Schedule shall apply only to goods
brought without transshipment into this Colony by ship
direct from the United Kingdom, Canada or Newfound-
land, or from any other Colony entitled to the advantages
of this Agreement, or by way of any British Country.
Duty tree goods. 4. The goods wares and merchandize enumerated in the
Second Schedule to this Ordinance which shall be imported
into this Colony, or taken out of Bond for consumption in
this Colony shall be exempted from the payment of duty.
Prohibited articles. 5. The importation into this Colony of the articles
mentioned in the Third Schedule to this Ordinance is

Ihe Custom8 Dutes Ordinance, 1913.

6. (1.) The cost of goods, for the purpose of ascertaining.
the amount of the ad valorem duty payable thereon shall
be calculated, if the goods have been purchased- by the
importer or consignor thereof, on the price charged for
the said goods by the vendor thereof as verified by the
genuine invoice of such goods, and, if procured otherwise
than by bona fide purchase, calculated on the actual
market value or wholesale price of such goods at the
time of exportation to this Colony in the principal markets
of the country whence such goods were imported : Pro-
vided always that the Collector of Customs or the proper
Officer of Customs is satisfied in the case of goods alleged
to be purchased of the fact of purchase, that the entries in
such invoice are true, and that the invoice is genuine in
every particular, and also in the case of such goods or
of goods obtained otherwise than by purchase that the
price charged fpr the said goods as represented by the
invoice aforesaid, or by the entry appears to be a fair mar-
ket value for such goods, at the place, and at the time that
the same were purchased by the importer or consignor
(2.) No discounts or deductions from the value of any
goods chargeable with ad valorem duty shall be allowed
unless such discount or deduction be clearly shown to the
satisfaction of the Collector of Customs or other proper
officer on the original invoice or unless the same be
verified by the signature of the manufacturer, merchant,
or person from whom the goods set forth or described in
the invoice were purchased, and by whom such discount or
deduction has been or purports to have been actually

7. When any invoice for goods purchased in a foreign
country expresses the value of such goods 'in the coinage
of that country, such value shall be assessed by the
Customs authorities in the Colony at the constant exchange
value (based on the relative values of the precious metals)
of such foreign coinage for sterling money, and the
importer shall pay duty, when duty is payable at an
ad valorem rate, on the amount calculated at such value.

8. (1.) Goods not prohibited to be imported into or used in
the Colony, composed of any article liable to duty as a part
or ingredient thereof, shall be chargeable with the full
duty payable on such article, or, if composed of more than
one article liable to duty, theli with the full duty payable
on the article charged with the highest rate of duty. Pro-
vided that this section shall not apply in the case of any

No. 6 of 1913.
Mode of ascertain-
ing ad valorem

Assessment of
values expressed in.
foreign coinage.

Composite goods.

.. a. . ..


7he Customs Duties Ordinance, 1913.

No. 6 of 1913 article being a compound of or containing opium in accord-
dance with the last current British Pharmacopctia, and
specially imported for medicinal purposes only.
(2.) If any article is enumerated in the tariff, which
can be classed under two or more names, headings or
de.-criptions, and there is a difference of duty, the highest
duty provided shall be charged and collected thereon:
Provided that the higher duty shall not be exacted in
cases where the Collector of Customs is satisfied I .that the
article only contains a very small pro)portin-l of the article
bearing the higher duty.

Refund of duties on 9. Every person who sells to His Majesty's Govern-
goods sold to orsup-
plied for His Mla. ment for the service of any of His ,MLajesty s Regular
jesty's Troops or Troops stationed in this Colony, or any of His Majesty's
Ships arriving at this Colony, shall be entitled to receive
back the amount of duty paid on material or supplies or
goods so sold or furnished for the service of such troops
or ship : Provided that due proof is inulde of the payment
of such duty, and. that the nature and quantities of the
materials or supplies so sold or furnishe.l are duly certified
by a responsible officer of such troops or zhip us the case
may be.

EIlepaymc-nt-. 10. The Treasurer is hereby authorized upon satisfac-
tory proof being furnished to him to return any money
which shall have been overpaid as duties of Cu.toms or
shall have bee i allowed a, abatement of duty on account
of damage on goods imlpo)rte.il.

Goods imported for 1. The Collector of Cus-t,:.ini may 1.IVO per-nlission to
tompirarv use onu. *-
i' person to bring into the Colony any goods:l without
payment of duty thereon upon being satistid that such
goods are so brought in for temporary uie only. Such
permission Nhall bI subject to the following conditions :-
(1) That such goods shall b1- taken out of the Colony
within three months of the date of -tiuch permission;
(2.) That the person to whom such permission i-; given
.shall deposit in the hand, of the Collector of Cui-toms the
amount of the duty on such goods.
If such goods are not taken out of the Colony within
three months of the date of the said permission the deposit
in the hands of the Collector of Customs shall be forfeited.
If such goods are taken out of the Colony as aforesaid,
such deposit shall be refunded.

7he Custon8, Ditli.y Orehawiince, 1913.

12. All moneys leviable or payable under and by virtue
of this Ordinance shall, unless their collection ds otherwise
specially provided for be paid to the Treasurer.

13. All sums of money payable under this Ordinance
shall be deemed and are hereby declared to be sterling
money of Great Britain, and all duties under this Ordi-
nance shall be paid and received according to the Imperial
weights and measures by law established ; and in all cases
where such duties are imposed according to any/ specific
quantity or value, the same shall be deemed to apply in
the same proportion to any greater or less quantity or

14. The Governor may by Order-in-Council alter, from
time to time, and whether conditionally or otherwise the
duties mentioned in the First Schedule hereto, either by
way of increasing, decreasing or annulling the same or
any of them, and may also alter any of the Schedules
hereto, by adding any goods or thing thereto, or by trans-
ferring any goods or thing now or hereafter contained
therein from the one Schedule to any other:
Provided as follows-

No. 6 of 1913.
To whom duties
to be paid.

Moneys, Weights
and Measures.

Governor in Council
may alter duties.

(a) that before any such Order-in-Council comes into
effect it shall be approved by the Legislative Council ; and
(b) that any alteration as aforesaid shall be subject to
disallowance by the Secretary of State for the Colonies.

15. Any proceedings heretofore taken and any penalty saving.
forfeiture or liability heretofore incurred under the pro-
visions of any Ordinance relating to duties of Customs
which has ceased to be in operation may be continued
recovered or enforced as if such Ordinance continued in
operation ; and all bonds taken and all things done under
the authority or in pursuance of any Ordinance relating to
duties of Customs which has ceased to be in operation
shall be as valid and effectual and may be enforced in .
the same manner as if such Ordinance continued in force.

16. Where any obligation has been entered into for the
payment of the duties of Customs, such obligation shall
be deemed to be an obligation to pay all duties of Customs
which may become legally payable or which are made
payable or recoverable under any Ordinance relating to
duties of Customs for the time being in force and to pay
the same as the same become payable.

Effect of obligation
to pay duties.

The Customs Duties .Ordinance, '1913.

No. t6 of 1l1:1


17. This Ordinance shall commence and come into
operation on a day to be named by the Governor by Pro-
claimation and as from that date the Customs Duties Ordi-
nance, 189-3, No. 2 of 1895, shall be repealed.


Article. quantities or Brilsh Prefe'ren- General
1 V.,1[Li. t;.l Tatrifl. I 'Iar ft.

A ninll: :
Dog .. ..
Horwes 14 harnd- and over
(except for breeding, vide
Second Schedule
Horses under 14 hands (except
for breeding, vide Second
Schedule I
Bvlyq (travelling and tool) trunks,
and vartlises .. ..

Bas., ti

Ale', 'tout and


Portei in bottles
,, ,, hogs-

Bi'>. ,.s, and bread of all kinds:-
Fai:-v ...
Buf.-, shoes and slippers ..
Bri, :
Tiles and Slates
....... .and Bl ,ushes ..
Bamle r
Tallow ..
Other kinds .. .,
Calcium Carbide ., .
Carriages, carts, wagons, motor cars
automobiles, and parts thereof
Cattle and other Animal Foods:
Bran and Pollard ..
Linseed oil cake and linseed oil
cake meal .,

per head


per gallon
h logs-
head not
54 gallons

per 100 lbs.

per 1,000
per lb.

,, 100 lbs
,, 100 lbs


per 100 lbs.

,, 100 lbs.

a. d.
5 0

2 0 0

1 0 0

S. d.
-5 0

2 10 0

1 5 0

10 Z ad valorem 121 % ad valorean
10 Z ,, ,, 12 olo,, ,,


16 6

1 4


16 6

1 8

10 Z ad valorem 121 Z ad valorton
10 oo .. .. 12 /ofo

8 0
10 Z ad valorem

5 0
10 0
10 o/o ad valorem

10 o/o ,,



8 0
121 Z ad valorermn

5 '0
10 0

121 o/o, ,,

1 0~

The Custo"ms Duhics Ordint nce,

No. 6 of 1913.


Quantities or

Cattle and other AnhnqJFoods-(contd.)
Molassine, molascuit, oil-seed
cake and meal (excepting
linseed as above) and any
other preparation which per
the Collector of Customs
is satisfied is intended as
foodkfor cattle .

Raw .
R Roasted ground

or otherwise

Cordage .. ..
Dried, salted or smoked
Pickled ..

fruits :
Canned and bottled
furniture :
House, office, cabinet or store
furniture of wood, iron or
othermaterial including cash
registers, coffins, caskets,
casket robes and linings and
casket hardware
Glass and Glassware :
Glass bottles, table glassware
lamps and lamp chimneys ..
Grain and flour :
Grain-Oats ..
Other kind including Barley,
Eye, Maize or Corn
Flour- Wheaten ..

Meal-Indian Meal..

Rolled oats and oatmeal
and cereal foods
Pulse-Beans and Peas whole and,
Zard .. .
Including Motor and other
Engines and Steam boilers
and Agricultural Implements
of all kinds and Electric
Machinery not included in
the Table of Exemptions,
Second Schedule

100 lbs.

per lb.

per 100 lbs.

per lb.

per 100 lbs.
,, barrel not
200 lbs.




per 100 lbs;
,, ,, ,,

,, barrel or
bag not ex-
ceeding 196
per barrel or
bag not ex-
ceeding 196

per 100 lbs.

per 100 lbs.


British Preferen-

British Preferen-
tial Tariff.

S. d.


s. d.

10 ad valorem 12 aid valorem
1 1

6 3

2 2
10 Z ad valorem 12jo/oad valorem

10 o/o,, ,.
1 0
1 0

12J o'o

10 Z ad valorem 12o/o adva!orem

10 o/o,, ,,

10 o/o ad valorem

1 Oj

4 0

121 o/o ad valorem

1 06

5 0

1 10O

10 Z ad valorem 12o/ oad valorem


4 2

I ('~

.5 2A

10 1 ad valorem 12o/' iad valiorm


24 'l he Customs Duties Ordinance, 1913.

No. 6 of 1913.


Not exceeding 100

in each box

Exceeding 100 in each box for
each additional 50

Meat, Beef, Pork, Tongue, salted
or cured

Pii. heads and parts thereof, '
pigs feet and tails, salted '
and cured )
Hams and Bacon Hams
Canned ..

Iron and steel nails spikes
rivets and clinches
Wire (including barbed wire)
woven wire fencing and
mental gates

Condensed, containing not less
than 9 per cent of batter fat
Condensed, containing less than
9 per cent of butter fat
IA, li"al instruments:
Pinnos and Organs ..

Cotton seed
Kerosine and Paraffin
Volatile Petroleum (Petrol, Ben-
zol, and similar "volatile
oils) ..
Olive, lard, and all other kinds
used for cooking
Paint oils and Turpentine .
Oleomargarine and other similar
compounds including butter-
ine and margarine
Painters Colours and Materials.
Paints ..
Varnishes and enamel paints .
Paper of all kinds and manufac-
* tures of paper videe Second
Plate and plated wares.
Nickel plated, gilt, or electro-
plated ware ..
Rubber-Manufactures of .
Salt (excluding table salt):
Coarse .. .. ..

Fine .

. -

Soap :
Common washing ..
Fancy .

Quantities or British Preferen-
Value. tial Tariff.
. d.

per gross of 6"
,, gross of 6

,, barrel not
200 lbs.
,, barrel not
200 lbs.
,, lb.

Yalue .


per case of
48 lbs.
per case of
48 lbs.


per gallon

3 ,,1
,1 11

per lb.

per 100 lbs.



in barrels not
300 lbs.
in bags not
180 lbs.
per 100 lbs.

10 0

5 0

10 Z ad valorem

10o/o ,, ,,
10 o/o ,, ,,

2 0

6 0

10 o/o ad valorem






t2joo ,,

10 o/o ad valorem 12o/o adval
10o/o ,, ,, 12fo/o ,



I100/0 advalorenll2ko/o advg 'lrem.

s. d.



12 6

6 3

121 o/o ad valorem

12o/o ,,

12o/o ,,

2 6

7 6

121-/o ad valorem


The Customs Dadies Ordi't.tnce, 1913.

No. 6 of 1913,


Brandy and Whisky, in wood


Gin and all other
not enumerated


Gin and all other spirits not

Brandy and Whisky in bottles,
jars, flasks, or any recep-
tacle other than wood

Brandy and Whisky in bottles,
jars, flasks, or any recep-
tacle other than wood

Bitters ,.
Liqueurs and Cordials
Perfumed Spirits, including
Bay Rum or Bay Water
and Methylated Spirits ..
Sl&r Inh .. ..
Muscovado ..
Crystallised and Refined
Tar, Pitch and Resin

________________________________ p

General Tariff.



Quantities or Value.

per proof gallon
according to Sykes'
Per proof gallon
according to Sykes'.
And a further or less
duty in proportion for
each degreeof strength
of such Brandy, Whis-
ky or Rum greater or
less than the strength
of proof
If not exceedingthe
strength of proof by
Sykes' hydrometer,
per gallon ]
If exceeding the
strength of proof by
Sykes' hydrometer,
per proof gallon,
and so in proportion
for each degree of
the strength of proof
If not exceeding the
strength of proof by
Sykes' hydrometer,
per dozen reputed
quaits or the equi-
valent thereof.
If exceeding the
strength of proof by
Sykes' hydrometer,
per proof gallon,
and so in proportion I
for each degree of
strength greater than
the strength of proof
Provided that tho duty
payable per dozen re-
puted quarts or the
equivalent thereof
shall not be less than
sixteen shillings
per gallon
,, gallon
,, gallon


,, lb ..

,, barrel

British Pre-
ferential Tariff.

s. d.

8 0

6 0

7 0

7 0

16 0

8 0

4 3
4 3
8 0

10 o/o ad
10 o/o ad

1 0

6 0

7 0

7 0

16 0

8 0

'1 3
4 3
8 U

10 ad
12 ,'. ad
va!oi em
1 0


No. 6 of 1l13.

The Castoms Duties Ordinance, 1913.

! value.

British Preferen-
tial Tariff.
s. d.

2 0

1 0

Artnc es. -1 i u. titi ,:s I
I V:ilei.e

a .. .. per lb.
', ll,'ar, :
Mlnnuai tuied ,, ,,
U jninlaniIIuIfCtnre .1 ,, ,
Loiig ciars, ontimnly call.g'l
Lo.ng Tuins .. ,,
Cigars and CigniettsB of all
otlih-r, kinds .
I ,t,,,,..-C'anned .. V ialue

(?hanil'agne .. p r gi-ll'i.,
All other i. 1 ( Itr
IIf .id aid T.'imnir: U.'.
I.' na I nil [fal -t Ir d-
Spiruce, White Piune and
S Hf-nilo. k .. .. per 1,00) f
Pitth pitin ,, ,,
All other kinds .. .. ,, ,,
Doi.,r..r, iashe, and blinds . Value.
Shingles .. per ],()00
AM, and
7(diii t e/l't i t/f l Fit )1 (it 0/

Seio d ',l.S u i< .i. i .. r .1

General Tariff."

s. d.

2 0

1 0

3 O 3 0
o/o ad valorem 12l o/o ad valorem

6 0
25 0 0

25 0


10 o/o ad valorem 11 2 o/o ad valorem
2 0 1 2 6

of 10 0

10 0 0


Tabl/, o/ .r',',t ion..

All aiti les ijilnt-t:d lby ,.r fkr thr Offi,.i Aiiniiistering the Government .f this
Colony t.tr hi- onn use : Pi.,vidl,-,l that a certificate be produ'.:ed with
every (eritry of such arlitles showing thlur to be for such use.
All artit(.s inpo itEsd t.:.r the Publit Sr-id:, of this Government. Provid l that
tIr- iin., l.,e cetified 1.i the Cl..ial e' -trIta.y to be for such serv' e.
All articles imil,'iorted ':,r .unchaise'd 1.xllv f. r ..uililing, repairs or use of or in any
C'iti.oh (r other t.tlilte- -1-t ,it0t i:. Ih istian public worship: Pri ided
that l'tI:.f e givr, t,. the 'ati-fatiit ut. tie Collector of Customs that suh
ailtiles have been imi.,tra-,l or puihaeild l,.,:ally and are necessary for such uses
and not otherwise.
All tarticlk- inimported by the Kingstoin Ponad for the use of the said Board, or
blv the Comniittte of Maitgertment ot the Free Public Library for the use
i.t the 'taid Llirniy: rP. hld-J Ilt.t th,- Collector of Customs is -atksfitd
that inu'y a tlelts on vih elI t :mlti...n Jr. m customss Duty under tliis i.lauto
is claim.-d, hiav:e h-ti i nil.,itd -. lv ,li:, the use of the said 1D.IiiJ or
Lilt.bry ab lhe tae ni.y i. :-: An1 fuitlih-r provided that should aiiv articles
In wjhi.li c xe-iiptiin fi'.mi (.'usiito,, Jiu; ty lin- been claimed and allowed under
this clause be sold by the said Board or by the said Committ:," of
Management within one year from the date of importation there: th.- said
Board or the said Committee of Marizag.. i-t, as the case may 1:, hall
thereupon pay to the Treasurer the Customs Duty that would lit.ve been
payable on the said articles at the date of importation thereof had no .*Ihimn
for exemption been made under this clause.
Articles passed by the Collector of Customs as the personal baggage of p.l ng:.rs.
and professional apparatus brought in by passengers for their own ue.




Thie Cusf/ovs .Dutid OQidinawce, 91. 27

No. 6 uf 1913.

Articles re-impoited into the Colony (within one year from date of exportation) on
which duty has been paid on a previous importation and so proved to the
satisfaction of the Collector of Customs.
Articles imported by the Consuls of Foreign Countries for the official use of their
Consulates, which countries grant similar privileges to British Consular Officers:
(1) Furniture and effects in the case Consuls de Carri6re"
(2) Flags, Coats of Arms and other articles for official use imported by
Consular Officers whether Consuls de Carriere or otherwise.
Anhydrous Anwmonia imported for use in connection with the manufacture of Ice.
Animals-Mules, Asses, Swine, Goats, Sheep, and Horned Cattle.
Horses for breeding purposes.
Animals being native born or previously imported and duty paid and which are
brought back to the Colony within five years from the date on which they
may have been exported therefrom, on proof of the facts to the satisfaction of
the Collector of Customs.
Arms, Ammunition, Uniforms, Accoutrements, Prizes, Materials, Stores, and
Supplies, imported by or for the use of His Majesty's Naval and Military
Forces, the Police Force or any Volunteer Force or Rifle Association
sanctioned by the,Governor.
Bagging or Baling cloth for doing up produce for export.
Bees, Bee-hives, and Bee-keeping apparatus.
Bills of Exchange and Bills of Lading Forms.
Birds, lve, imported for any purpose.
Bridges of iron or wood, or of both combined.
Bullion, Coin, and Diamonds.
Calcium Chloride imported for use in connection with the manufacture of Ice.
Churns, butter-workers and butter-making appliances.
Furniture previously imported and duty paid and which is brought back to the
Colony within five years from the date on which it may have been exported
therefrom on proof of the facts to the satisfaction of the Collector of Customs
and household effects of persons coming to live in the Colony which have
been in use of the importers for at least one year, if admitted as such by the
Collector of Customs.
Gas and Water pipes and fittings for same,
Ice, Fresh Fish, Fresh Meats, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, and Poultry, (dead
and alive.)
Implements of Agriculture as follows:-Ploughs of all kinds, Harrows of all kinds,
Cultivating machines of all kinds and seed drills, and parts thereof, hoes and.
agricultural forks.
Insecticide ingredients, and apparatus for the application thereof (subject to approval
of the Governor in Council).
Labels, Paper wrappers, Hand-stamps and stencil plates for labelling, wrapping and
stamping packages containing produce for export, and printed labels for
Lime passengers luggage, steamer ticket-books and printed material. *
Lime-stones for use in Arrowroot Works.
Machinery for the manufacture of agricultural produce for market or for the manu-
facture of ice. and all necessary parts and fittings thereof, including steam
boilers and engines, tayches, sugar pans and any other vessels to be used in
such manufacture, and rails, wheels, axles and trucks, when not imported for
Machinery other than the above and any parts or fittings thereof not imported for
sale which the Governor in Council may consider to be likely to further the
introduction of any new industry, or the improvement of any existing industry
and the admission of which without payment of duty is approved by the
Governor in Council.
M-ldical and Surgical instruments, appliances and apparatus electric or otherwise
imported by any duly qualified Medical -Practitioner or Dentist or Veterinary
surgeon for his own use in the exercise of his profession.

28 "

The Ciustowims Duties Ordinance, 1.913.

No. ti of 1913.

Medi.il an'd Surgical Inustruments and other Medical Goods imported by the St. Vin-
vent Trained Nurses Association provided that the Collectbr of Customs is
satisfied that any articles on which exemptions from Customs Duty under
this clatiue is claimed have been imported solely for the use of the ma'imbera
of the said Association.
Mill Grease and Lubricating oils.
Pictures, Muqic, Manuusiripts, Bo.oks, and Printed Papers-not including caused
Account Books.
Printing Presses and parts thler..,f, painting paper, printing ink and type and all
printing ac.essnri,.-..
Sewing Machines and parts thereof.
Sheathing metal, nails ani felt and spaor for ship-.
Shooks, wood, irn and.truss Hoops, Staves and He:idilg-, :ill emipty lrud,1,e. l ige ,
barrels, casks, cases, hogsbheads and punchoons. .
Speeimens illustrative of Natural History. SL-ed, cuttingng. BLulbisl ou 1i R...t of
Plants and Shrubs.
Telegraph wire, telegraphi.-, tr-lephonic- and elpttrial appar.it s and iaplian1l ,- of all
kind for rommuni,.atiou or illuminatiain, including all mia'erials ft tr t use
-f the W',est India anul Paiiana Telegraph Coin!p-iny and any fl7-.graph...
Company wireless or otherwise r-cogni:ed by the (ovtriimrnt.
The actual ca-es and pat kages, .-xcept trunks and iron tank, io whi:h iniortI.-. gorids,
arrive in the C'olony.
Tombstones and tablets and railings for entlosing any Tonmt...
Water-filters and fittings.
Wire cloth and wire netting.


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Ind:cent or obscene Plints, Painting,. B.-ks, Caid-, itin,.ihpic ...r other
Engravirjgs r cthvr indecent or ob.st-ne articles.

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pldis'l/a! in /he' CG,,'rniw,/ Gac-i/fe //tis ?l hi ./ ,It J.Jft,, 1913.

S. r'. 'ONNELL,
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