Dedication Program of the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica


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Dedication Program of the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica
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The Isser and Rae Price
Library of Judaica

at the
University of Florida Libraries

University Auditorium
University of Florida

Sunday, March 8, 1981

Isser and Rae Price


There is an old Hasidic story about a young lad
who was taken on a visit to the Maggid of Kosnitz.
There, someone said to him, "I'll give you a gulden if
you will tell me where the Lord lives." Whereupon the
boy replied, "And I'll give you two gulden if you will
tell me where He doesn't." This understanding of the
continuing presence of the Lord was always a factor in
the lives of Isser and Rae Price. Love of family, dedica-
tion to synagogue and the Jewish community, and
respect for learning were important considerations for
Isser Price. These values have continued to direct the
lives of Rae Price and her children and grandchildren.
Many things have come from the hands of the Price
family, most without fanfare or publicity, which have
added to the spiritual and cultural enrichment of
Jacksonville, the University of Florida, and the State of
The good things that people do are neither
forgotten nor lost. They are remembered in the respect
that others have for them and in the good name that
they leave behind. The Price family name will be
neither forgotten nor neglected in the annals of higher
education. Their support of learning will be a continu-
ing blessing.

The Isser and Rae Price
Library of Judaica

Dr. Gustave A. Harrer, Director of Libraries

Dr. Robert Q. Marston, President, University of Florida

"The Jewish Book, Readers, Libraries"
Professor Nahum N. Glatzer

The Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica
Mr. Robert Singerman, Librarian

The Center for Jewish Studies
Dr. Barry Mesch, Director,
The Center for Jewish Studies

The Development of Jewish Studies
at the University of Florida
Dean Ralph Lowenstein, Chairman, Advisory Board
for the Center for Jewish Studies

Presentation of the Plaque
Dr. Robert Q. Marston

Dr. Gustave A. Harrer

The reception, immediately following the dedi-
cation, will be held in the Friends of Music Room,
University Auditorium.

You are cordially invited to tour The Isser and
Rae Price Library of Judaica between four and five-
thirty this afternoon. Nancy J. Schulson's sculpture,
"Family," will be on exhibition for the first time in the
library. The sculpture, commissioned by Professor and
Mrs. Paul George, has been donated to the Center for
Jewish Studies in memory of Mrs. George's mother,
Evelyn Z. Ross.

The University Libraries acknowledge with
pleasure the fine assistance provided by the Brothers
and the Little Sisters of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity.

The Library

The Isser and Rae Price Library staff strives not
only to provide the materials necessary for intellectual
development but to act, too, as a center for the ex-
change of ideas, aspirations, and the products of
scholarship. A library represents the accumulated
wisdom of the community. It is the memory of the
culture, out of which new ideas and syntheses emerge
to enliven future generations.

While the preservation of its resources is impor-
tant, the library is not a hoard of materials locked
away forever. On the contrary, the use of the materials
refreshes the library, pointing out needs and collec-
tions which ought to be enhanced. The library will
lend materials whenever possible, and it welcomes gifts
of materials, funds through which it can purchase
materials, and suggestions concerning services it may
provide. As the finest assemblage of Judaica in the
Southeastern United States, the Isser and Rae Price
Library looks forward to serving its constituency and
welcomes support from its users.

The Bookplate

The drawing in the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica
bookplate, illustrated on the front page of this program, should be
interpreted allegorically. The central concept is creation, the
movement from nothingness to completion, expressed through
symbols which have meaning on several levels simultaneously: the
creation of the world, the creation of Judaism, the creation of
wisdom and knowledge in the individual, and the creation of the

The drawing echoes the northern Renaissance style, with
the traditional black and white floor tiles standing for duality, the
separation of the light from the darkness, and the beginning. The
room represents the library; it is the known universe, the human
condition, and an image of the human ability to both record and
discover knowledge. Within the room, which is only partially
revealed, the table supported by armadillos and the window sill
with its alligator in relief stands for earth, material reality, and
Florida. The seven shelves of books symbolize the creation of
knowledge and the library, and the shelves continuance out of the
picture itself show hope for the future. The menorah, stands for
the six days of creation and the Sabbath, as well as characterizing
a site where a Jew worships and the religion itself. The window
which admits light-a symbol of perfection-is surrounded by a
frame carved with oranges, orange blossoms, and mockingbirds.
While obviously associated with Florida, these emblems historical-
ly represent the concepts of perfection, eternal love, and freedom.
The Magen David, placed in the window's keystone, represents
mankind's unity with the Lord in the quest for truth. The
Romanesque windowframe, in itself, stands for order and logic.

The window looks out into infinite space, the unknown.
This space is broken by a single palm tree, the Florida Sabal palm.
In Hebrew the palm tree is called "Tamar" and it symbolizes the
word of the Lord. The chair and the open book anticipate the
library's user, as well as the ideal that through study one reaches

The bookplate was commissioned by Mrs. Isser Price. It was
designed and printed by the artist, Becky Gaver, in 1978.

Dedication Committee
The Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica

Mr. Hugh W. Cunningham, Jr.

Mr. Sam Gowan

Dr. Gustave A. Harrer

Rabbi Allan Lehmann

Dean Ralph Lowenstein

Dr. Barry Mesch

Professor Samuel Proctor

Mr. Robert Singerman

Mr. William K. Stone