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Der Argenṭiner magazin = Magazine argentino
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Title: Der Argenṭiner magazin = Magazine argentino
Parallel title: Magazine argentino
Distinctive title: 10th anniversary issue : 1946
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Publisher: O. fg.
Place of Publication: Buenos Ayres
Manufacturer: Cultura
Publication Date: 1935-
Frequency: monthly[<1947->]
biweekly[ former <1935->]
Subjects / Keywords: Jews -- Periodicals -- Argentina   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
serial   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Argentina
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1935; ceased in 197-?
General Note: Description based on: 9. yorgang, num. 114 (Abril 1944); title from cover.
General Note: Latest issue consulted: 13. yorgang, no. 154-155.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 10620354
lccn - 95647739
sobekcm - AA00000361_00002
Classification: lcc - AP91 .A727
System ID: AA00000361:00002

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"1ClvY1114 JDMI-25


11 3

: 1-1
mptru:N Ji mt< ,ruzlta
ua~ua~i-i tt5 D~lty
'I y^ r 51K t


iy t ayn -1411 y


I IggiN

Banco Comercial dc Bs. Aires S. A.


p: sz t ymNpim 4,1

S8?M 1158 1 7S18-"25 I'l 171

12 : 1s89' 1" P4: nn1's

uN..1 M$ n r. 7j $ 4- y 5 ^ S50
'.yy an n n i
..... ;$.. . . . . .
^ta^To aa^~nss

wINyfIVIW D1k$-25
I( -rl

79X :17fl9

51-' ,]Efy ^N

1962 ,y ynY

-- I c

"1) t1a

tyny '-I

pie pmN pYpay


t3oy3 yp

-1 -

s i IN

t y 11



: 5 i*M N

.1-Y v ,iV rr i v yrinK 1i 7 V115 v y-VlyjllNK
' xiI^ - - - !i 25iityi T3t1 v ipr5 Y1iw t 8 D I S 141 vim1 Dy
p1v p'51-y1 "In y:j"t -1 "-lisao ly-1i t),, D m "'nl'l v,, ]IN p0 ti1

Wtyi npy- - - - - - -- "- 3,, ;Ir IVTS r'11
."*p3,, p i~y w1i~~t 1y9 3 tworny ,iin-553 pIa Jyny3
.19iy'pl 83 P1 ;D'ON i0 i3 'I
1M Di.3N ?p3Z I 'T" S 10Y7i380i3 12 'V W ,)1N y'io3 S u'o T opt ri lyn riL HD '
s JTIN Cn14 'J"W PN 0i L3"Z-iv -Ii 1 1'5 LV"1 o,,j5.n uyll 19n01v u
- - - - --- - - - p"I w oI
11ty ATI? ---- - ...!13 y D 'Y a yIs v y I U :UC' a u ln ;yo 1iv
c MI ll Lny 25 yry? 5-i '1 ;ip liviya DN PST 1y^ l' D-IV
,?ynyo g t0 ? 1yiiya l?' 25 um p'aii Ku pa i ps:01 !'8 D iy' 19 '1" 7lr3i
't2 $11n9 hypW1n Lpya prs iy; 'it-i2 lyllyn PN' 19 ...1y9i
t 071=8 - - - - - 1i1 25 ynyv5 '- 8 Disa ri3Y- Yir-, y9r\n In
Y TI.v n1 Y'5iv-?;*^914705i38M py j'L- ii ny yl it 9 'in3 50)p, g
-- ----- -- -- - - y-'-rr-vEup-Dm8 yty'-i"
t;$2 I3-7' - Ly-3in ' u1y: -' t P v noII yy-'in yVn -\1y1i t
3 N .11 -- - - -- - ...]y33wvlYpvyr p3'"N I'IN ptp y DOIi ,'i
.11 Tn - --- - - - - P'yI91" .11 9,0Q pI 5'3D'5D "I
-x p - - -- -g -pt 5; I 'I x I5un: DyvT pyin
?--tl n V3yD:yvv1 pIb ;yoIiO B-s n'05 i(ls Iruyk-fleK y'v,
Ipix-1 .3 - - - -- - - - -fyl '-V i-.i ty -y t-

Bllp MAt -1' 25 ynyO5 In o 'in y3i uy s 1ii" ": m1'Don Yz5uY eS 5.'w
p - - - - Y'uy1'- \vrt: Iv i) 't3N7 -on T'I P5. D0 D1n
-'Du)3p 1Yjsp 'ip 't ia'N DYD-3p-a'S'iyip 3 ,DYIrUT YPIN na^^riZ- 'pjyn I 9
p ----------------- -- -25 -y0' p 2518B U
iK --3 -y-'--'1- i y1 'I "Wtiy$r p y Iiy? t "I T DPI1P 1,'13D 3 ,Y P' X'T
S. - -- - - - - -- it' 25 YUtY: '-1 -wIA WYs:Y
it9 11 it IBntmnimg '1K 11? 25 yiOy n nsne poIfDyn 'vpi ;yt i in"3'Inin -
-3 - -- - -- -- - !o'aY Dyn ta 9m1s 0'0D;1IIND 'i
*i .i - - - - - - IV 1'K jINa14y5ya i- 031jty9YvJi
"yn014 Dy'140i lit Vi y Del=11y $ 1 IIN "5viy i "iN YW yv5lyvyily'9 n- 'I-
- - 113'lu yly"'t 9'1 Dp'oDo YIIwYtn3NK le n'lpI)s i3^n
ta3iy .T - - -- - - T1 N 02 uayTni ,S tlpJY'N' u iN -'i IIB Dli B1n
11 III yi'^ya1 l'N P'ICY ivlyly lyyv DM11 DIY'x1%p;SC $ ytWl"" yV'C'Dy BD
.11 - - - - - - - - - -it 25 YVvY5
yV yy5 -I nen nnx ...ii p5 -iy- ypiyrt ,D^XTpISDDe yBB v (s!Ets'"BO rvri)N
------------------ -1' 25
3yt3y .H -- 14' 25 vyuyYi nsm "a 2w IV, -" .Y 5 V' ps Dy3 Ir\ D'n'"5w
0t- DAn ---- - ?"nI' isB ?'1:vn nr1 Is ri l" -1 T1t i?35 my 'ts 11I
rp :TQ - - - - l3l ly3't939 lit pu' wy Ivr PK'5 3"1 S t;
Y9YY5? -I a UD-i :1w' JIE n II 11IK 55=33 yvUryas Iit WDn rV'*'5B D04
--- - - - - - -- - --i{ 25
fin H - - - n I'np 2i 10n \I 1N v^' i'1p-ma3n Vyi pt 11D 'ii
?-i .' ^'1 25 Yuyy5 I 1 i n8n cp -ir-i ?n' K lyD')VIy IyW) 041 n13150 yll:
ip n ----------- - - --- - -"D'ri3s,
1i' 25 yoryV -? NOC Vei M:W L IpN18 p =e tn,5,9avv 1nti mpi D 15'@1'BBIl yw'-i"
p'18PAn "Iy31ot,1S iy?,if p v vyoi l\Qw:y IB it yuim 'Tts ip
"ptETELSO 13V3YIvi *lyI 1 B1013 1,V9y p t-v K 7D13p3C pip3 y35yn ,D'nritD ,I"
S131i ^'o - - - -- i' 25 ny5 I 't VB yj'Dt=Iy I PMK 1Yr3"isCt-en5's5
?iM nty - - - - y)j^Vnsg P1.K 14y m5 n 25 yv3n Iit nilnTot YnVrVy;
D-Y093 t ytU'? 7yP38 'S 182I 3 n 1 11n DIB YS B t9 ,0101i3 IIB 12 p Y-ie-U' Dnp
.l!^ny31p8' DUp'ItD 11K l"tE3B'3 f3-.?nX' ,;^t-'1181 111

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0 11008




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IIlYLrM1 .K -1 i 2 v11 T1 Dlll
( T'--- 1996 0 89 p1-i) 190039218 OMPE2 J~yn DL "m ,v1DD5'l- 55
S - - - - - -'11 19-3 ? ?I 9K 1pa- 11
8 IV 1: - - pyasmY J y"'is, 25 9yt TW DY- ID TII ,-D5.1p Vrp
Jb'T7 M Z-3 -- ? -is, 25 LSji -, 1T- vin9 nis I3N31 i 1y I yV1 -in T n : p1nq O
07lZK 1 :p y - - - - -3 -i' - - --y JN -it s 25 tj n ip B.n
78h'10U .8' - -- 25 vuny5 I- 1'i L,5v 1;7 9111 pylvL n vr7n DsTi
D-nei e p -. - - - = mIur-i isr-sin -I.Van 2iy,
11N p1 iy31sY7:. vy9r D1 n 0 y'Il 03151V iKtIslYa p' IrvYT 0y$yt D 101 Dys51
ipxyiiytW t .11 -- - - - ---- - - - 25 yy5
7 pi - - - - - - - yv:=y18 pW TI1 nutn IN i'mtn
(1962 T'3'1960 pin) -1 It' y"Iyt YY -i a *jy 15,yvI 'I- 1 ym18 I yvnl a T? 0s.
'7 `lV)N90 V'-1" ls -np8 L)'s1v'i ;3 In 1y-1$3'1:W-19yt9y [yn ,11 riy'.Iy
tT o .H - - - - - - 1y?'21i7-i80D yV7-10 y=Dy1%
tI' n im'npn-xiin ny-i,- yD35,y nl'2 .y;I'y Ng pW VV"" 901,-" 1'7 ?1n Jnp1ii)
--------------------- njit218
n"y 980 11 - - - - -- -- - ...!-tors ,- ,Dy-i n-Dsjy
-D-:s5 yUDmp'Or 'll (Wt 90DYI YYIy 31K 11p lY t'K v"n)TIsD 1y:8 !''37 8T,, 1Y9
.93'D)yr pa0 (y^ -inD-U':

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tyi389Ct PM

47=1.s yTi 11s D71,4s y ps pn-z ye v '-tr 1m T p11p

j3"Sl3-^s *w, /"'^Dityrp 3p;83,, "' ,31;;" 1l97-j pa0 p383 y;"-" YaUb0Y n'
.1-y1vipp4s p1 v .D..i)IyV3 p1a Z 20'D t 's :Iv' in yv'3yw; "-,y TIS
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DinStiD :'IS Sn n ulu'lus-iy yaa-'^a p pa yr W ,"ayIYp D312Y,, .aNi>l
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.::I*- 7'i" 1'I' JYN'S -13;TII = N-1 :12 J1 ,
t- Da)1pT 1yD'!n) s asD Y1;1xDIY'DD)1-P'10P 8 "YnyDDU 5?l, .!Ost '-
pan rsuc' -iv-, inEvya nq' 25 yUTY5 n 1-'K T "IN "1qni 5 ,, ylwwpyQ pI
'.yji03ya1i pW 31" t' T"
-"Y7 p{:< Dy093!?"i 3" a'o U'?' PT' IV "LY 'Dn ty 19y'i,, YIl9 YOB.Vi l'
.iE' 25 yOy5 '-i U'y yIiN jTSv: s iy:3"iN
-- ~- y"'Oaa333 'K-ayip y31''"3 pIN Y"V S "?8y1 fi,01., 5{ '7
y-'3''y -y- p 'N .y?3 p' 1"L 1ys r ?am sm on "szvvrsn5s, vi5ruyw i
.'it' 25 n -1is 3n-n i =1Yn InP
-i'?p '- JL'>'lI Li(^ 0n3yiy97ya 18 U0yj-1s "nnv83-Isn E198rr Y9t1Di)-i'ya -y n
-- - - - - - -i^ p;D DYU'A'iaT'DD3W'y.t<-} D YI
1S yV yDm- 1 i3"tiy s ,t' 25 yv:yv5 -t I, n "nsm 4UiYs5n,, YvrEnsvaIssp i
.Dy0vll-In pDa- 9n y Y y'D3vyn
S- Dyi"K .3 D'01" pa3 YI'YI'aD3'D)W-LIyv1ip YL=-) 1-1 f"867Ir5,, .nst4>p '1
310 ,11)i yD'li s fi- liva p'xs n-Ls"- B ) jm 8 l7: "S{*?2, ;ian- I tp
.:1V' myr n71u1 y'YvitYDO'M
iyn7IN 19 mSvm vyiyytv)s Is Uynisn "sttso y1T 25,, ylinpeeyap-IDy-ip T
- - -- - - -L'1yiyaip i O r : ?yWit iyr
-Yo 19y3yiT0190iK w91 p381 E ,;DppNyoD';K t' "tU'0838p" YII'L99YBE9 p sq
-- - - - - - - - y- V'a VI On pa 'p'D
1 tin yV3"VN I-n :U33y:11s-n 3yi L'c U0iy "sns 5n ys 5 lr 91i9 Yap 'v
.321' p1a DY'Y10';3D3)"^yi'' p YtD ^D

.;Betab niS a 11W mnlD ,^n1a-T 150 IT 7:1t1 VVC2I cam

Impreso en Talleres GrAficos "CULTURA"
de Muszkat y Zaslavsky

Tipografia: Miguel Szmuliewicz.
Ayudante: Jose F. Di Staso.
Maquinista: Ricardo Salvae
Ordinador de Pliegcs: Jose Muszkat.
Doblador: Pedro Barsante.
Encuadernaci6n: Casa "BOTTO".
Todo el papel ha sido adquirido en la
Casa 'REICH".

Asesor tecnico: Jacobo Muszkat.

" I 1 ei p l nypi- %1 1 I' tm p171y;
' p D C .s t TN = 1 I i 1 I I!

oaiv ( Yign yiE : niy;s

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PASTEUR 633 T. E. 47 9442
Sefior Director de
Der Argentiner Magazin
D. Valentin Chernovetzky
De nuestra consideraci6n:
En ocasi6n del veinticinco aniversario de
la aparici6n de "Der Argentiner Magazin"
desea la D. A. I. A. expresarle sus felicita-
ciones en ccasi6n de la fecha. A lo largo de
ese cuarto de siglo la publicaci6n que usted
tan dignamente dirige, ha sabido hacerse
un lugar en el periodismo judio del pais y
acreditar una personalidad definida. En tan
larga trayectoria su aporte ha sido signifi-
cativo en nuestra prensa local.
Al reiterarle nuestras congratu-aciones,
formulamos votes por los renovados 6xitos
en la defense de los valores espirituales de
la colectividad.

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.tayiy1 -l3;p ^ypaull 11-i 7^ ^^ysi^ 3968 13 to11

~13'WtK~ .K

Av. Corrientes 2 2 9 4
Sr. V. Chernovetzky
Director de
"El Magazine Argentino"
Jujuy 37
Al desearles el mayor de los 6xitos
al cumplir las Bodas de Plata con la
misma, nos complacemos en saludarle
con el traditional
President en Ejercicio
Secr. General

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Nuestras mas cordiales Felici-
taciones a la Revista "El
Magazine Argentino" y a su
Director nuestro amigo Don
por cumplir 25 afios de exis-
tencia de esa prestigiosa

...I. I* ..*................................................... ., .,.................... ................. I ............................................ ,.........................l ........................

. .I . ..i | . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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