Ordinances, with orders in council, rules, and regulations.


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Ordinances, with orders in council, rules, and regulations.
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Saint Lucia. Ordinances
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1902- ; 33 cm.
Saint Lucia
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Law -- Saint Lucia   ( lcsh )
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o0. 20 ] .,eisedl E lition of the Laws Ordinance, 1.913.

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[19 '-'
... .. ^. ',

I assent.
9th December, 1913.


No. 20 of 1913.

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the preparation and, publica-
tion of a new and revised edition of the Ordinances of the
[ 30th December, 1913. ]
TTI]BEREAS itwould be, for.the public advantage that new
Y nd revised edition of the Ordinances of the Colony
should be prepared and published:



No. 20.] Revised Edition of Ike Laws Ordinance, 1913.

Short title.


Appointment of
Commissioner for
preparation of new

Powers of revision
as to form vested in
Commissioner. -

And whereas it is expedient that a Commissioner should be
appointed and other proceedings should be taken as hereinafter
mentioned for this purpose:

BE it therefore enacted by the Governor, with the advice and
consent of the Legislative Council of Saint Lucia, as follows:-

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Revised Edition of the
Laws Ordinance, 1913.

2. In this Ordinance the expression the new edition means
the new and revised edition of the Ordinances of the Colony to
be prepared under the authority of this Ordinance.

3. (1) The Governor may appoint a Commissioner for the
purpose of preparing a new and revised edition of the Ordin-
ances of the Colony.
(2) If the Commissioner so appointed shall from any cause
be unable to act before the new edition shall have been com-
pleted, the Governor may appoint some other person to be
Commissioner in his stead.

4. In the preparation of the new edition the Commissioner
shall have the following powers, that is to say:-
(1) to omit-
(a) All Ordinances and parts of Ordinances which have
been repealed or have expired or have had their effect;
(b) All repealing enactments contained in Ordinances, and
also all tables or lists of repealed enactments, whether
contained in Schedules or otherwise;
(c) All preambles to Ordinances or to sections of Ordinances,
where such omissions can, in the opinion of the
Commissioner, be conveniently made;
(d) All enactments prescribing the date when an Ordin-
ance or part of an Ordinance is to come into operation,
where such omissions can, in the opinion of the
Commissioner, be conveniently made; and
(e) All amending Ordinances or parts of Ordinances where
the amendments effected by them have been embodied
by the Commissioner in the Ordinances to which they
(2) To consolidate into one Ordinanbe any two or more
Ordinances in pari materid, making such alterations as may be



No. 20.] Revised Edition of the Laws Ordinance, 1913.

thereby rendered necessary in the consolidated Ordinance, and
affixing such date thereto as may seem to the Commissioner
most convenient;
(3) To alter the order of sections in any Ordinance; and, in
all cases where it is necessary so to do, to renumber the sections
of any Ordinance and make consequent corrections in references
to any section so renumbered;
(4) To alter the form or construction of any section of an
Ordinance by transposing words, by combining it in whole or in
part with another section or other sections or by dividing it into
two or more subections;
(5) To transfer any enactment contained in an Ordinance
from that Ordinance to any other Ordinance to which it more
properly belongs;
(6) To divide any Ordinance, whether consolidated or not,
into parts or other divisions;
(7) To add a short title to any Ordinance which may require
it, and, if necessary, to alter the short title of any Ordinance;
(8) To shorten and simplify the phraseology of any
(9) To make such formal alterations as to names, localities,
offices and otherwise as may be necessary to bring any Ordinance
into conformity with the circumstances of the Colony;
(10) To correct grammatical and typographical mistakes in the
existing copies of Ordinances, and for that purpose to make
verbal additions, omissions or alterations not affecting the
meaning of any enactment; and
(11) To do all other things relating to form and method
which may be necessary for the perfecting of the new edition.

5. (1) The powers conferred upon the Commissioner in the
last preceding section shall not be taken to imply any power in
him to make any alteration or amendment in the matter or
substance of any Ordinance or part of an Ordinance.
(2) Subject to the provisions of sub-section four of this section,
in every case where any such alteration or amendment is, in the
opinion of the Commissioner, desirable, the following procedure
shall be observed, that is to say:-
(a) The Commissioner shall draw up a memorandum
setting forth in a concise form the proposed alterations
and amendments, and shall submit it to the Governor;
(b) After the Governor has considered the memorandum
and has made such additions thereto and alterations

Procedure where
alterations of
substance are


1o. 20.] Bevised .Edition of the Liaws Ordinance, I',13. t1913.

therein as he may think fit, he shall cause a copy
thereof to be furnished to every member of the
Legislative Council;
(c) At a convenient time thereafter the memorandum shall
be laid before the Legislative Council in Committee,
and the Council shall have a full opportunity of con-
sidering and discussing it, and shall deal with it by
way of addition, omission or alteration as it shall
think fit;
(d) The Governor may cause the memorandum to be
referred back to the Legislative Council, as often as
may be necessary, with such directions with respect
thereto as may appear to him expedient.
(e) When the memorandum has been finally dealt with by
the Legislative Council, the alterations and amend-
ments of law thereby directed to be made shall be duly
embodied by the Commissioner in the Ordinances to
which they respectively relate; or ,
(f) In any case where the Commissioner may think fit, he
may draft a Bill setting forth the alterations and
amendments and authorising them to be made in the
new edition, and ev.'ry such Bill shall, subject to the
sanction of the Governor, be submitted to the Legisla-
tive Council and be dealt with in the ordinary way.
(3) Any such memorandum or Bill may have reference to one
Ordinance or to more Ordinances than one although they may
not be in pari materid.
(1) In any case where an Ordinance, whether consolidated or
not, requires such considerable alterations and amendments as to
involve its entire recasting, the Commissioner shall draft a Bill
accordingly, and the Bill shall be submitted to the Legislative
Council aq~d be dealt with in the ordinary way.
Numbering of 6. There shall be attached to each Ordinance contained in tthe,
Ordinances. ne'* edition a number slowing its place among the Ordinances
of the year to which it belongs.

Bringing into fre 7. (1) Each volume of every copy of' the new edition when
of the new edition, printed shall be inipressed on the title-page thereof with the
Public Seal of the Colony; aid on some convenient day thereafter
the Governor shall by a proclamation published n the Gazette
notify that the copies of the new edition have been duly

No; 20.] Revised Edition of the Laws Ordinance, 1913. [1913.

impressed as aforesaid and are ready for issue at the Govern-
ment Office in the town of Castries.
(2) Immediately on the publication of the proclamation the
new edition shall be deemed to be, without any question, in all
Courts of Justice and for all purposes whatsoever, the sole and
only proper Statute Book of the Colony up to the date of the
latest of the Ordinances contained therein.- Provided that
nothing herein contained shall affect the validity cr operation
of the Civil Code Ordinance, 1877, or the Civil Code itself, or of
the Civil Procedure Ordinance, 1879, or of the Code of Civil
Procedure itself.

8. Where in any enactment or in any document of whatever
kind reference is made to any enactment repealed or otherwise
affected by the operation of this Ordinance the reference shall,
where necessary and practicable, be deemed to extend and apply
to the corresponding enactment in the new edition.

Validity of new

Construction of
references to repeal.
ed enactments.

9. This Ordinance shall be printed at the commencement Place of this ordin.
of the new edition, noein the nw

10. Nothing in this Ordinance contained and nothing done
or omitted thereunder or in pursuance thereof shall affect the
validity of anything already done or suffered or any right, title
or interest already acquired or accrued.

11. In addition to Ordinances the new edition may contain
enactments of the Imperial Parliament, orders-in-council,
proclamations, rules, regulations, byelaws and other instruments
having the force of law in the Colony.

Saving clause.

Contents of new

Passed the Legislative Council this 28th day of November, 1913.

Clerk of Councils.