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Ordinances, with orders in council, rules, and regulations.
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NLocal Loan Ordinance, 1915.


I assent.
G. B. HADDol-SuITn,
19th October, 1915.

No. 19 of 1915.


AN ORDINANCE to authorise the raising of money for the
Construction and Improvement of Roads and Bridges by
the issue of Government Debentures.

[ 19th October, 1915. ]

BE it enacted by the Governor, with the advice and consent
of the Legislative Council of Saint Lucia, as follows :-


No. 19.]



No. 19.]

Short title.

Local Loan Ordinance, 1915.


1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Local Loan Ordinance,

Power to Governor 2. It shall be lawful for the Governor to raise, by the issue of
on struotion ando debentures under this Ordinance, a loan, not exceeding twenty
improvement of thousand pounds, to be expended on the construction and im-
roas and bridges. provement of the roads specified in the Schedule hereto and
the necessary bridges.
Provided that the Governor in Council may expend any
savings after the completion of the roads specified in the said
Schedule on the improvement of other roads and bridges in the
Colony, or in meeting deficits on the estimates of any of the
scheduled works.

Loantobearinterest 3. All moneys which may be raised on loan under this Ordin-
and to be a rt ance shall bear interest at the rate of Five Pounds per centum
charge on proceeds per annum, free of income tax, and shall, for both payment of
of Rural House Tax
to be levied, and a interest and repayment of the principal, in the first place be a
chase on General charge on the proceeds of any Rural House Tax, which may
Revenuehereafter be levied in the Colony, but shall also be a charge on
the General Revenue and Assets of the Colony.

Amount and form 4. The debentures issued under the provisions of this Ordin-
of dre:sntreo an ance, and the coupons thereto shall be in such form as the Gov-
ernor may direct, and the debentures shall be for a sum, either of
twenty pounds, or of fifty pounds, or of one hundred pounds, and
shall bear interest from the day on which the same shall be
dated to the day on which the same shall be redeemable.

Debentures to be 5. Every debenture shall be signed by the Administrator or
signed by the Co- the Colonial Secretary and also by the Treasurer, and shall be
nial Secretary and
the Treasurer. impressed with the Great Seal of the Colony and no debenture
shall entitle the holder thereof to claim payment thereof from
the Colony, unless the same shall be in the prescribed form
and shall be signed and impressed with the Seal as aforesaid.

Intuest coupons. 6. There shall be attached to every debenture coupons for the
payment of the interest to become due in each half year upon
the principal represented by the debenture. The coupons shall
be sufficient in number to provide for the payment of the in-
terest during the whole period for which the debenture has to
run or for such limited period as the Governor may determine.

Local Loan Ordinance, 1915.

7. Every debenture shall, before being issued, be numbered
and registered in a Register Book to be kept for that purpose at
the office of the Treasurer.

8. Every debenture and coupon and the right to receive the
principal and interest represented thereby, shall be transferable
by delivery,

Register of deben.

Debentures and
coupons tansfer-
able by delivery.

9. The interest upon the principal represented by each deben- Payment of
ture shall run from the day named in that behalf in the interest.
debenture, and shall be paid half-yearly on the fifteenth day of
January and the fifteenth day of July at the office of the

10. The Governor may redeem the debentures issued under Redempion of
the authority of this Ordinance in manner following, that is to debentures.
say, one-fourth part thereof on the fifteenth day of January at
the end of the tenth year following that in which the debentures
were issued, and a thirtieth part of the unredeemed portion
thereof on the fifteenth day of January in each succeeding
year until the debentures have been fully redeemed.

11. The numbers of the debentures to be redeemed on the Annual drawings
fifteenth day of January at the end of the tenth year following of debentures.
that in which the debentures were issued and so on, from year
to year, shall be ascertained by annual drawings by lot, out of
the whole number of debentures for the time being outstanding
commencing in the year 1925, to be held by the Treasurer at his
office on a day and an hour to be specified by notice in the
Gazette not later than five months before the date of redemption
in the presence of a Notary Royal to be appointed by the
Governor each year for the purpose, and in the presence of such
debenture holders as may attend, and the numbers of the deben-
tures to be so redeemed shall be advertised once a month in the
Gazette and in one local newspaper (if any) for four successive
months before the redemption takes place.

12. It shall be lawful for the Governor at any time, after a Provisions for
period of ten years has elapsed since the first issue of debentures, additional drawing
and redemption of
by giving twelve months' notice in the Gazette, to redeem the debdtures.
whole or any portion of the debentures which then remain due;
and, in case the Governor decides that a portion of the deben-
tures which remain due is to be so redeemed, then the numbers

No. 19.]



Local Loan Ordinance, 1915.

Payment of drawn
debentures and
oesser of interest.

Redeemed deben-
tnres to be cancelled.

of the debentures to be so redeemed shall be ascertained by
drawings in the same mode and with the same notices as herein-
before prescribed for annual drawings.

13. The debentures drawn for redemption shall be paid off at
par on demand at the office of the Treasurer on the fifteenth
day of the month of January following the drawing by lot as
prescribed by this Ordinance with all interest payable thereon
to that day, and all interest on the principal moneys represented
by the debentures, drawn for payment, shall cease and determine
on the fifteenth day of the month of January following the
drawing by lot as prescribed by this Ordinance, whether pay-
ment of the principal shall have been demanded or not.

14. Upon the repayment of the principal moneys represented
by any debenture, the debenture, with all the coupons thereunto
belonging, shall be delivered up to the Treasurer and the
Treasurer shall write the word cancelled" across every such
debenture called in and paid off under the authority of this
Ordinance, and shall subscribe his name below such word,
and then deliver every such debenture to the Auditor or Audit
Clerk who shall write his name across every such cancelled
debenture, and then re-deliver it to the Treasurer to be kept as
a voucher for the payment thereof.


Construction and Improvement of Main Roads.

(a) Goldsworthy Road and Improvement to the
Castries-Anse-la-Raye, Eastern, Pilet, and
Castries to Dennery Roads ...
(b) Improving the main road between Vieux-Fort
and Micoud
(c) Improving the main road between Castries
and Anse-la-Raye (section South end of the
Cul.de-Sac Valley to Anse-la.Raye Village)
(d) Vonnection between the Roseau-Millet to
Anse-la-Raye road and the Roseau Bay ...
Total for Main Roads ...

12,802 3 6
2,571 16 6

560 0 0
1,831 0 0

17,755 0 0

No. 19.]



Local Loan Ordinance, 1915.

Construction of Bridle Roads.
Brought forward ...
(e) Extension of La Borne bye-way to Dauphin,
miles ... ...24
(f) Connecting the Ravine Souffre bye-way with
the Goldsworthy .... 40
(g) Completion of the bye-way Millet to Canaries,
6 miles ......... 40
(h) Construction of the Morlon bye-way, 8 miles 24
(i) Extension of Volet-Troumass6e bye-way to
connect with the Mesny bye-way (Soufriere)
6 miles ... ...... 54
(j) Construction of a bye-way from the Volet-
Troumassee bye-way to the Mahaut district,
S miles .. ..... 15
(k) Extension of the Errard St. Joseph bye-way
to Pilet (Mabouya Valley) 8j miles ... 27

Total for Bye-ways

Total for Main Roads and Bye-ways

17,755 0 0

0 00

0 0 0

0 0 0
0 0 0

0 0 0

S0 0

5 0 0
2,245 0 0

20,000 0 0

Passed the Legislative Council this 12th day of October, 1915.

Clerk of Councils.


No. 19.]