Home-through the vale of tears


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Home-through the vale of tears 1945-1948
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This album seeks to present a modest-sized picture of the
wanderings of the "remnants" of European Jewry-wanderings
that began at the conclusion of the last war and still continue.
Motivating this tremendous, modern-day exodus was the in-
tense desire of a people to escape from a continent soaked with
the blood of their dear ones to the land of their ancestors -
Land of Israel where they felt that together with their own
people in the one land that sincerely welcomed them they could
start life anew. And to get there they were willing to undergo
new privations and misery, comforted and aided only by their
deep determination and the organization, B r y c h a.
B r y c h a, a Hebrew word meaning "flight", started spon-
taneously after the nazi defeat when young European Jewish
men and women -led groups of their people across the face of
Europe. The Jewish Brigade, a unit of Palestinian Jews who
fought through the war attached to the British Army, was then
in Europe and, naturally enough, took the initiative. Their
fighting days successfully and honorably completed, the Brigade
founded the B r y c h a in an effort to more effectively help
their stricken brethren realize their goal.
Tremendous obstacles-both natural and human-lay before
them. Their enemies were strong. But so were their friends. The
people of Czechoslovakia, France and Italy flocked to their aid.
The material and, moral assistance always given them readily
by their brethren in the United States can never be forgotten.
Aided by these friends, the Palestinian emissaries, together
with the selfless workers drawn from the ranks of European Jews
who outlived nazi tortures, survivors of partisan warfare and

ghetto fighting-all enrolled in the gigantic effort to transplant
thousands of people, in the face of almost superhuman obstacles,
to the land of their choosing.
A section of the album has been devoted to the special
favorites of the Jewish people: The Children. So few managed
to escape nazi tyranny that they well deserve special mention.
Then again, most had extroardinary experiences. Many of the
children had been placed with Gentile families for safety during
the nazi onslaught. These children were ransomed after long
searches for them. Other children managed to elude nazi exter-
mination by hiding out in the woods and forests of central
Europe. Many children in both categories had learned that it
meant death to be known as a "Jew". Naturally, they studiously
avoided admitting their origin, and in fact, "adopted" other
religions. But with genuine love and devotion, the B r y c h a
gained the children' confidence and helped thousands of them
in their flight to security and a new life.
In all, more than 300,000 men, women and children of the
remnants of Israel have thus been travelling by way of the
B r y c h a 's underground channels. Many of them already have
arrived in Palestine and are actively participating in the building
and defense of their land. But B r y c h a has not as yet completed
its mission.
It will only be completed after each and every Jew of the
diaspora, who so desires, sets foot in the independent Jewish

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3 will bring the blinb by
w fnew not, i n poths thot
of wUl 3J le w them; 3 will
s light before them, an6 nr
plain. These things will 3
not klaue them unr'one ,


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1939-1945. -

.-8W i plir 11nr 1939-1945

.Ip11 p fly 1- 1939-1945
The years of darkness and destruction.

- -


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,- 0^

From the death cars to extermination.

F-' -

Only piles of rubble remin of Jewish dwellings.
Only piles of rubble remain of Jewish dwellings.

('in DoiD) .5wine r.1z5 nt-1v -t'Js1n flK nSilm ,flD nt4wyn q5t; nlm-rn T

,tJv "'n I'3"?3 tsyV ,'lviv-r ,'0 D'TIn wyQ owl -I JI ;N ,B-, -in ",z ln3",a ,BfiB mvi v in .m;a Dmp tBNBB -I
('"i D1o) .5tnr iti ?t1 Dvi lit

The city that goeth forth with a thousand shall retain but hundred, and she that goeth forth with a hundred shall retain but
ten, left to the House of Israel. (Amos 5)

.I -

I ml

Tens of thousands take up the wanderer's staff and begin the journey . .


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.mpnn-, 5mn 'D-1 03iy 5v 5'oin
.xlsNm 1IR 71 it5 n ITi' Dmiy sn ri 'ii iyOpysn t'OD
Packs on their backs on the weary path to hope.



.q..1.1 3, 'r '

Assemble Yourselves and come; draw near together, Ye escaped fugitives
of the nations! (Isaiah 45)

.D5ri -nK rnK ,ni -ion v ri

(3 tnn "t VIP ,tr it

The people that walk in darkness have
seen a great light, they that dwell in
the land of the shadow of death-a
light shineth brightly over them.
(Isaiah 9)

Before the departure . .

I see his ways, and I will heal him; and I will guide him, and bestow full
comforts on him and on, his mourners. (Isaiah 57)

And borders shall not stop them . .

-rim 5rini-ma '- i ivx r~ivi m n =5- 'i '-i nvm; -1,20 iK

("i'a 5v) v v mnn1)NyrIE '1i y 5I -

ya-iysip ~ I't ;i5V3D's -r D I'I J'Ory yVl-Ip t< ,'t'A K i i^ 'D' JIN

I myself will go before Thee, and proud eminences will I level; doors of brass'will
I break in pieces, and bolts of iron will I cut asunder. (Isaiah 45)

an^i bisn -n qnb4\

, 1


On the Czech border. The lovers of freedom lend a helping hand.

Corridor after corridor,
And where is the last?

Nn n 1i ~ nf int N
(Bialik) (pthti) ? 1990 lyVIV5 *it1 ni ;lN

?-D' n mrit w

The "Brigade The foundation ston,,e of the organized flight ,,Brycha"

The Brigade The foundation stone of the organized flight ,Brycha".

"';-I Mn-inn INU ilea no

MIp3i. Gc" pina -t:3:
.nvL' yDo,1
(n".; T'yr')

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet ol Ihe messenger
of good tidings, that publisheth peace, that announceth tidincs
of happiness, that publisheth salvation. i a.ah s?)

8n ,yy3Ti S Ji m D'Q '-I t3in '-1 r'ps Iv3"T i"L" '1'
.('' I = :S;T ?n ,R1,'" w l'.,n rr :
(--": ..- :.,*)

t~**~t. ~

Into the unknown . .

Into the unknown . .

In passenger cars .

,.wn nullpnl..,1,

. . And in freight cars . .

(And they shall) come back from the land of the enemy. (Jeremiah 31) t

And they shall come back from the land of the enemy. "(Jeremiah 31)

(P1HM1) .m1I M TfIyn n v_ nv n In

What is left of the good,
The once mighty remnants. (Bialik)

In a transient camp.



(n=s 5v )r

Let he who is hungry, join in the meal.
(Hagada of Pesach)

Physical examination.


-i r .

In overnight shelters . .

The helping hand of ,,Joint" at every point.

o .

A time for rest and contemplation . .

A cat-nap.




. . They camped and journeyed on ...

. . . .

Multitudes rested there . .

('a-, Ina) m-rmUnm nst :?3 I mv! 11

(In n'miD) ..:I'MI NV S33DIllti'TIItI v nvE'

Arise Ye and depart; for this is not Your resting-place. (Micah 2)



-is-; 1 I 11E tr t tsw li
From village to village from town to town . .

With no roof over their heads . .

I -t

L L~L~ I



~. ;4~t ~. j~

o z ... .-onn 0 n 1w p t wi

Oh, Lord, give me strength this one time ... !

4, -.^w'

S.? -




(Judges 16)

(T"ta D'BoBB)

For Ye shall go out with joy.

(Isaiah 55)

1The wandering continuest

The wandering continues . .

4. -- .

And from all points the ,,Brycha" gathers them . .

.-,l^ ."

/ *

~.~4:-- 'I' 1

I I i

And the road leads to mountains . .

Neither snow, nor ice shall stand in their way . .

MVii 11 D'1 Bpi. 5? .tWIN Mypi V -IV

Before the crossing of the mountain-border.
Planning of the route.


.rnnx'i n'*wirin ntN MINY ) cIO 5azist .5Ini 5Knin flK'r

Before the crossing of the mountain-border.
The guide gives the last instructions.

They break a path through. the woods ...

And I will change all my mountains into a road and my highways shall
be lifted up. (Isaiah 49)

&D. At da n ITn eA

At dawn in the Alps.

7_1. .-"7

In the black of night . .

. ." *' *A.

rS ,

The forests sheltered them . .

rl p...

. . And the river was the source of blessing.

In the Alps.

The Guides

m0pon 5K 1wm. n ;-rn3 i-,Cl 11ps5 N5n' n5 'm nan"1

(Z": niz') VN

See, I send forth an angel to protect You and to bring &You
to the place I prepared for You. (Exodus 23)

; '--,-;
. .. b, -.V ', .. .-.. -* -< "'- *S .A i .. I-

- IDIVs' s11

-- a'M11

(n",1 Inmpe.) .%'", "'T1:3 D'-1"1 n1 D'M-' lptn

In'" in y=r')

Slrenghten Ye the weak hands, and make firm the (tottering knees.
(lo.ah 3'if)


- .1



y ue-

::;." *' a

w- 3.24





! inn wN 5S ,-nwn nt 5N
? 3ty 01 n' o iin

To the mountain top,
To the top of the mountain!
Who'll block the way,
To those liberated from prison?

Among rocks and crags, over ravines and abysses,
Hand in hand, the weary ones tread.

,w'nn ri nn 5v ,iDn' amny p'z
Minv"In t 5M In

,pnnlI nigi Mll^ ol ,\\'n jw 1\"" vin w
r'l n "I =Lin ":. nlsmn


Mil nI 1M

Over mountain ranges.

In the Alps.


ak aU

LIar -


0V, ;n -cm nn w5rn mnp
(Irn vnyw)

0;p 1 ii i('ia rn n IL ;i-t TI o n ,' ].'
vi* lix lpI 15VII *"t I-.1 -oni v2 ps' 1E,1 B 5.n ;? i "t ;D Ili
(In Inlytti) .1yi.B11

Yet they that wait upon the Lord shall .acquire new strength, they shall mount
up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk
and not become faint. (Isaiah 40)

nr-ini ,lm ij- inn rnivn 1-1
,m11.n N5 iN )n 15n 1z .71nmV, tO
("In I ''',) .71 N5:n 1, 2 n 1n.

Whenever Thou passes through the
waters, I am with Thee; and through

the rivers, they shall not overflow
Thee; whenever Thou walkest through
fire Thou shalt not be scorched; neither
shall flame burn on Thee.
(Isaiah 431

Thou enlarges my seps under me, so ha my joins do no slip. (Psalms 18)

Thou enlargest my steps under me, so that my joints do not slip. (Psalms 18)

Our Italian and French friends helped us faithfully.

In convoys to the beaches . .

Who maketh a way in the sea and a path in the mighty waters.

(Isaiah 43)

Oy'B 'Inlytl)

.mnnm Qitv 04=1S w1n a \Inu

.Plln 1r h10 TIT P -r1 '-TIh T nw-Tb n
Tie chilbr en on the roab

.TTIO 16i0'1 D'jp311

'n tr''ris1 | 3 .
]TR -?33L-IT7a3 pS TYi 0D33T7 1
r'7 bpbisxL TbDn ;-, 3p1n -

ut of fie tnonut of babes anb
sudlin[gs hast thou fotmbn e stren
P-5tme f




,pliwm ivnnn ThtW ,insim p 1933 a 19
inin rinim Dit lv in vv 1
rimlr mnirt-vn a .mmm- rn0s rir= ivnn
nDlvn mo TIP= rnnt A n^
.n0mn miri nEisr-in "4Ep8,, nsM I=a IM
mmin v irnvi winri vi= *rinnin 1-n 0r19
6mrnn vrin lltv n ipl v

iannmn. rsn
.at4 -In Itt m0lrin vpipn vinnb 1n,7 at
,"i3Snn mnin^ oe naom.n
.nphri mn^ 1n1 irru0n rriI I 1117 ,Pliv, =13

,p3 v st lit IpIslirl ln I t Wil 901 ,"is11p n

nnri2 v 1t P 3 1 Di1
}3 W903993"11D91s? pi ^^1a ,1s ; i^
,p91 9 W s 0in3S~w~ W18 }2 D^TI Jy^^ n E1
^^iiy~~-V v3i~3"~ tltvs V ivnsnm pIns

Dnstm 11. "V9vq,, n pvns=vn7 pst wil
...Dymb-y 2813923p ,)
19r n SCT^D^ ip la8n^D^ ^y ]?ai t Dn 081t ,n p 1

p-s11 1 In Invilm t71vs m -JI'V n 0 yVl r9s13
I."rty,, T1 psT

WM 0?1 A pST ^^f11 b23TIIM 191 }te t3^118
iti )

pT Invp vs In wn or li

i-DIt) m n t 14 V1411 t rn triDS bl l is
4,,p ^ TT ^ y a~~.p

Children, saved from hell,
Who forgot the joy of play,
Immersed in stark sorrow and grim misery.
Children, whose wide-opened eyes implore.
Those who graduated< from Ghettoes
And concentration camps,
And found themselves alone.
Children, who were hidden in homes of strangers,
And forgot their origin.
Sucklings born on the roads of >Haapala<.

The Land of Israel awaits them.
There, anew will they be planted
In the soil of the Homeland,
And their roots established.
Forgotten will be the haunting past,
And again joy, laughter and freedom
will be theirs.

Young >>Maapilim<.

My father bitter exile,
My mother deep privation.


.n5i1 1i ^ tSl 1_0 1f'o

,rrit~ rv~5~ -
.rrww n~5i -


('1 ion r) .clo n arms I(1s aia pn-, l 0' t

Thy sons are coming from afar, and Thy daughters are brought along in arms. (Isaiah 60)

Can a woman forget her sucking child, not to have mercy on the son of
her body?! (Isaiah 491


Of those born on the road.

Two "Maapilot".

(tl' irrny) .iy TImp 7 ri n

But for a brief moment have I forsaken thee; but with great mercies
will I again receive thee. (Isaiah 54)

=118 III IV W lit tmmn In ly-p'I ;1,14p lyit lit tLA ,B'I-

Say not they are little men, e'er you have seen the faces
Of those Knights of Jacob, on their way to battle. (Bialik)

10 1

Orphans-the "Brycha" guides them.

Jewish children ransomed from gentiles.

Canst Thou journey on and on, and never falter?
On and on, I'll journey, my feet shall never falter! (Sh. Shalom)


(pi5ml') ...non4i-1 %n il, -- .n 'in r Tt izt'5 1-is

The way is yet long The battle still raging. (Bialik

..,7noD-i, nm m-1 1-1 -ni 1 rt


: .Am

SDt vnn (

-Wtv 2 s 11E)

Between stretches of the Yourney.

.~ I


'C b* -*

Orphan brothers.

They shall bear Thee upon their hands, lest Thou dash Thy
tootagainst ,a stone. (Psalms 91)

Learning on journey's way.

The little one shall become a thousand, and the small a mighty nation.
(Isaiah 60)


."n-'mnn p'9,, 5 n:33 EirnzM "1947 n n t4 ',, '5~N y

ES-ny i p t-, n vi n invis "1947 D ; i N D P y,, 1M 0D5iMy ,"'

"Maapilim" of "EXODUS 1947" returned by force to the 'country of

Without heart.

In the prison train.

The victims . .


.% And the "Heroes" .

"Reception" at the gate Uk 41 "D 0. n 'p,, .19n3 "r. rtip,,

? nrn5' -L v,5 vv'r5vn lit ,vO 0 zwt MTiaa : Ki~t -i 37 vp'

How can ye say, We are mighty and men of bravery for the war?
Jeremiah 48


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And once again . .




Resistance fighters wounded.

In the camp.

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Their spirit unbroken . .

Life goes on . .

Behind barbed wire.

Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of youth
(Psalms 1271