Sterility of the Avocado


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Sterility of the Avocado
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&T EHILI TY F T z_,; V j. ;D0\/

T.e'ire are tl-iree factors vhich jdetermine the iproductiveness
Sor non-productiven.=L..- of the avocado tree: 1st, the environment;

2nd, -.roEs.-pollina tin; o rd, inheritance. If any one of these

facotrs is absent, the tree or grove will-be umnfruitful.

In the environment era included the climate, the soil,

embrnc'-ag its fertility and cultivati.n, arind alao diseases and,1

insects. avocados psmmdmm flourish unmer very varied c-.iditions

of climate. ,f Aal tiru, and i.m producee abundant inmimmamtmmmmtn crops

when planted in variety of soils. The better the soil of the!

"omar, the more ro uctive the tras v,.will be. Tle fact that they

can pro,.uce on poor soil ,with little or no cultivation, does not

alter th% fact that they -re-very much more iucr--iiv e when planted

indep, fertile, well rainedd soil, and properly cultivated and

fertilized. The progressive pomiculItor 'Aill be rewarded by greater *

profits, when he minffiffmmnmm pr. tects his tress against diseases and

If the flowers are not pollinated, inam fruit will not be :

,_prodr.-c.ed, altho the environme-t may b perfect F.ri the treas of

mmm the best varieties. kemn pagina 88 de Chacaras e 'euintaes de

JPaneiro. de n'3o encontra-se urn res:umo dum artigo nosso, em-q4ue
disc.utimos, muito rspida e imperfeitamente, e:sse accumpto. 0 artigo ,

foi p..blicado no Dole:tim ,Ja -,ecret-aria de irim r de 'inas, em

r11 7/8/9 de 1931.) -
S-* 4



- .** :
roduc.cE-2 from esoeci-ally selected fruits in ths Antillean Islanls.-
It vjas .*-rf cdtly .-ten-,t fto the aioriJIa oomocu l.rit -t.Ihat no in--|
__ -- ....;* ?
dustry could be e-stabliths.d on such- a. profitless basis. '-.

TB. years of observations on the inherit,-nce- factor for :

7^ the Min-sa avocados (Antilean) leads: to a similar conclusion.

INHEh-" I-'"Cq MC: T B 6 TSTbL),. In the writers orchard in

Florida, composed of more- than. ?O0 bearing seedlijg trees, ri : :I

rous data vas leqt, tree by tree. After fibe years of techni caia]

study only three,-, E.arly, Rolfs and Family, were considered (in 1906).-i

worthy of propagation by budding. Sarly snd oJolfs were discarded '

'_. before 1912, because the progeny demonstrated mmfmfrhmm inferior
4'-'. .. -. quelities- not apparent t the parent tree. Family will never J'%

i!'i_- :. : "become popular because of-i ts Joc-nu"trituve value- . .-::
'. ..."


: T E R 1 F T H A V C A D C -..

Tei ee are three fact,)r. which determine the productivene

of non-prod etiveness of the avo ado tree: 1st, The environment; '.j

jnd, Uross-; Ilination;- and 3 rd inherit-ince. if aXiyoeof
these factor is absent,the tree r grove '.il be unfruitfulf n.f

. -In the envir..nmorare i ciuded -the climate, the soil, "1

embr-cins: it fettility and cu ti tion, dis eses and insects. '"

Cros-polir 1 1 tiDn is affected by a m-ch-nism riv! ing that of the ;

orchard in t i complies ted nature

-aman-.MEiidT nam -rn_ mm mm m ::ah ?tm nsmmmmmmgmmdi,mMM, mMtmMtnm
-'.jLb M. E l.'-_: r n ? ( M
~twif~iaskmfrrbnmtEa ^:*:~asxBnratmnbarnkgrAwirhfl3BLfhuirnliiDiaLtM pagina

88 de Uh:ca is e -iuinftaes,de Jsneir' e 190e'. encontram-se uim resurbio:
U 0
dum artti' go aoso .,u-e:pe\ itto im .rfnitsm- e eue -:ii m

foi :'uublica'. n.) 1o 1 tim 6.;.. -ecr et-,riale Agricultura d& Min .s-G.r..

-2 d -d ' 4
r .t.] .- .- .. . .""

I r-l.erit-,nc -
"cleri t. _

If a.n avocado lrere L is. sterile by inheritane, no :..-

ma,.tter how perfectt the otiar t,'.o -rctors, the results will obe :-
d6Sappointing. "o 0mattr hov. p9erferct the cross-pllina3tion, is -.

adjusted, little Dr no fruit rsult.s. N D mR-tter how p-rfect the f '"

environmEnt,-. -may be,- if the tree ..s. .. ...1 f'_o. ...l.i .t;-
little or no fruit vil. be rSae-Ua t <-,e,..
The ,nly knJown remedy for inherited sterility is to ra

or bud the sterile tree, tTas j9t9. .. 1 .. y .' . . ......
"D'LUi'G/ -U the mosEt erfect wa Inn. t) trMi t.- t R
inheritance from one tree to another. It is not absolutely '

perfect. i, tvo buds t&aen from the s&-e. tr-ee \wilj -roiuce off-"

spring so imila-r that- the scientific horticulturiEst c,..nnDt discern'
ud. ,*i Ci r s 4
a -ifference. (ee Muds de Ci tru-s", 2 35-'8, by the writers).' ,
Some few,. '1'ill b1e found *p inherit more or less sterility. After .

years of domestic-: tion and proper selection the tiumber of sterile .-*
S* trees may be gradually el,i -a3 6x _-,

,' *_ -/ -1 ... .- .- -- /-- --,
----* . '' ' '_*-_ _' .
~^. -, -_._ ,* -- -.
: ",4- se. 4, .tan"st.a
'..y .. -

.~~' -:-: )-n

i ) I n e D
L.Lee.LLliJW. s .:-d, -1in : th? r_-ult, :f cr:>'? n, t-llin- ti-n

re1:C-i V S it: chI> cc. ::;-. Li>c from t._-, c .i..t.i.,ct v-n. :,ft,?D ver" r dif-

--f .7 ijj .7 ,, .
f. -..-t.. t, : L ly in .tri n mi. mjim .-- ii'-i", .ift er 1rIn l-y

Df,=-: trL .P1s ti3 M, .t.Ji Ii t.. z _
in -'&'i nc. c-nJ rJ( U: tiVL':' : bi, t :v^ n L i L, k che' mitcl c.umw -

r, A
*.r "h .,g r IC l- J "Z O -
':-1 ti:'- n. -, the Lfl-.. L. I : me [,f tLi:_- inf -,i r *'-:. e.-. it ,:.m t i: t .: n .". I.."' i -s

five .cr C nt cf f ,t '' .. t tIi - '.
"'" .. .. --,i --", .
t i.-. t.j toi i:"L ,.,.:[li'.-.-i '2: t;i=-: f:. 1 i :i "-: 'i. I s'. ,' il. *- ,. ' t p'.y

:, : : ".*;.' tcJ fr'.lm! w : t-. -i.e V ->-.;L.

.i... I:o, iv" .i 1 -, r ti:, :.f c6_.:,ri.-. i. -o-, t .,,;. .'_ th the

t:i- Af .in -,-r:i: r.' ',L. t.-C timJ: thet :, .: ;*4- o R-Fi r. -In I;vlD

thrj-t l -r i .i f ih-? th.'r. ...f' lt : ,.: m -.:.r. Liv ,'1: ti_,..;1" ul t- -, ,i ont.-.i d

on.Ly *: t I 2'- !t t. ....-- .. fru i. ti:"i- L"' ,l 'u tr 2.: itn .L_.. .J : -. n: .i ? -

t..- e *_- ,-i..r__ '., i t-r m: [: h r. *i- ,;.l1 J _.iy. *f l-.-i,- .. s. .'This :

[ >'.-r: L -_.":.- '.....,.'iX t. -. _'.j:" ;'i" :' T ).. The r?.ilting .

th 1C r 27: SLn
ra-:- iu t.i,' 51..- ... tt., L -r c-,_t the tre-:.-_ ... rd t-m r

c ..nt .f t) -ic cr:% Ta *.. L v :u i ,t.,i i13 _' w:';i.j Q 5 .f

Li- r- f 2ui :_:. i t. ti ten .'r aCt- ,-f tii tic c.L. Tr.c-e othar Lf- t:

,-,f the tre s ',' */.r-e sim':.iy unrirjfLt. ole'ies. ?::istin^ -n tI-Ith

f I i. ) r -)L -...
rei'.: it:,i-r if tu e fir t- n'- e t- n-i h- sl

Th.; st, tifP-ti.:z, ru. ti-tei !- .o.t 5cd t:a--it *.,-y -;.,-, Ut .c,-c ht lf of -

tte f'rUt 'r.u"ce.J r fit a-! ..U-r Aijnerc-i l -:ir -.,u::es T'hi.. f. ifty. e-

ji~ c '-- r C'fi
-,:r? ce-nt .:>f ti-:-. f uit ', -r.,:dl..-i b, t, hree >'r e-.nt f A .th tr:=?.--.

-A'& ta v;E tj tree co77 l tre=-t -ver er fi ey a .f eh i d
n l tier ,7 ,r' ..:,,f ev r hu i cIred trecp '.' .crc -tith,:r: univ'r-d tive.

.1 P-i n r2'Wdt ,. '' [I. ,__i s fruits. bey t bi :'2i th-lsse tr i c c. a.i been

.rof..l-.,ce u... ;,-.. r s_ ...-^lecEsd fruit: in 'thi ,-rntiilean I -:lc)nd u.

4 ------- *it t~as U. er-ffec'tiy p Lt JA-? t at w/, i ,'-LstHyfC O it? o es tgh-

li:bed .n ,.L h ,i. os'.-is.
4M----- -,__
'-. ..It. u Vi.n .>"m '^L iJK,."irLx r.I2
'loric,,osej. ,-,f m.'rre thn'n BV bearing seedling trsee, rigorous

',ata nas kept, .trse oy tre5. -.fter five year o.f technical tudy

only t.hree, oc rly, Roif end emi:ily, I,,.i.y,-,..,Lr. L. ,-tk

gt.ion by budclinge- *-,e^iy iend u i -.e ppn i i c- r.ri r
(^ ^ __ "' "'*^. """ =^ ,-*T t-,i'nr, "nj Fs il 'v.i--i ubtle$o he ^^ ^

_ &,, .

The ".'
.ling tre-/ has ,pas s id th.ri )r;uS te:t_- ma>1 J y technir, ;- r t.i '

cul .ur_ tc ", it still 1:--11.As ti:': l9 i. .--_',v in th-t de ir.'bie

-ch 1.,.- cters :,ill Obc tcn.- itt:-' 1". t.Dhr uzh buibiu i g.


Bu i all ssdi"ing av, L f ro Li r n"

all of the t.o,.:'tuive Lr'&.. Li.'t h..r *,my uit the finest fruit ..ith.

h. hih fat 'it eti'i.t t (duc4L
i t
a is -L" -,L n -:-rctic:' horti.ou I turist .

:nee,:..,;i it...te. ist. u t. ff tl,' trL- -i,- f -. meit r L ur a. m ter .Lb., ve

Lthe grz',nd. (prefer ir- th o dormant *: C.:'l. ) th.. L a

t -e ,-.?.. n s,,r-,uts v h-n n thn are o, 'vi'L Uj cm-rimak er: in i.mnter,

.- (T]-,i( opera ti~n is .imnitar [- :.n,:. n. f l.y 11 C -,-C ,, h.z 1:u.'i.inig Pfct -isP

(^"--"-^ , ~ ", .. "'* .I.. ". I ..
,.' "-j. n ? .o l:, .pu Jr f7.3'[, a. ',L-irn ^ : [ *--;-." -,j ...' a ', ",uri L,,
-~~- ... :.* *: '.. j. h ^

s- ..-. .*. ._" ,'- '- .

-t .: .- ]'*"

4 C

,; I