Correspondence. 1921-October 1931


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Correspondence. 1921-October 1931
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Correspondence and Subject Files 1921-1943
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Mixed Material
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Box: 6
Divider: Chronological Correspondence
Folder: Correspondence. 1921-October 1931


Subjects / Keywords:
Agricultural extension work -- Florida.
Agriculture -- Florida -- Experimentation.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil -- Minas Gerais.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Florida.
Citrus fruit industry -- Brazil.
Leprosy -- Research -- Brazil.
Minas Gerais (Brazil) -- Rural conditions.
Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais.
Florida Cooperative Extension Service.
University of Florida. Agricultural Experiment Station.
University of Florida. Herbarium.

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University of Florida
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larch 28, 1931


Dr. P. H. Rolfs
Escola Superior de
do Estado de
Vigosa, Brasil

Agriculture e Veterinaria
Minas Geraes

Dear Dr. Rolfs:

Uur journey to Brazil for the purpose of
putting into operation our Fellowship plans there has been
postponed to 1932. Then, however, we plan to go ahead
rapidly. I'm sorry about the delay, but we cannot do it
before 1932.

With kindest regards to you, I am


IAllen Moe




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pr ', -:*ir. ,.' ," ** *. ..". ,: .. .' ^ .i t I

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,,'.,.. I. i\ ... .-
W-^.*. */6J72424CC0/'3 .-w. 5 f *^*
.... ,' ', .-., I .' V. t, a.
-'.... ^,, ,-:, ,I ,, ., ,",, .. .^ : y :'. .
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:' y':' '"T' :" ** a ;'"^ :: ": :l '. '.

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,..:;..**, '. ; "s-, : "; ": ".. ". '. ***' .. .- : ",: ,, ..* -. *; : .
.. :.,*'I ? ... : ^ ^ '..-.,^ : "-.. ... : -^ "..' .' i. -e *: :** ,,3 .*' .,iil .
.. -. ,.,...ff 5 '

"*" : l ,,, -'. ,* .. ,-o ,. ,." .'* ,. ... ..* *- i .p^' i > ^ ....^ I j ii-. ^-- .m t*j ^ i. ...i. ** i .M *j

COLLEGE OP; Aeuxcuxzrut-u OP *ILIJNO'

'-,. '. .*Timely Note for,- arm. Ada iseri a: d.other, fr t.-. Ag.e-"i. $-61:-i"lq :-"
ei*i. ;Statio4,-fLd.Exienioa n. vic.
.. -..
u .3 Ma ..e ...
^' :._; .... .: .. i: -,. .r :^ ,.' o'6<''r ,A**'**. t 0' .." :^- ;^ ^ '- : ::. ::,:""" ".....-"^ ".*-,'- ... **. ,
:'; ^ '* ^ '*:' ": ";" skj ... "r s~ ......" h. .' .'...a r. ... '-.. I- ... N ~ C ie ~ r : ..o, '. v*"^' :... .:..-.'

0. .... Farm, 1": r i?, c;.:

Grbr.'inkAg re^slbe zn. tat-n-by iisire nin ifaiarania*ts probl.m;
13.-1 -ri ..ii j s iio."s 3ae s here fAr.a Ttw644- 'aa teri cAltuit bl-,o .-.ra a ,.t ; "hs "'-
*;-ge of AgrtAte^ive~it of I11infi, ltdtebib&t9tand 10, 4^*$Banii4
the 'tllegs.-'tr40&terqs of the Illinois BAe4fprs' Ase!iati^m, th^ pro-9"L-
ftr intg r
Ar .... ",...-., t'n.ct.e..t .."rm us.. essr si tu i., -a eaz4.t. s n '6 :in .. ,
ScazVia vernents ite pa fertility 54 larA l uI-AcesM6 -3Ug-e' Otf',"g'
,uiv~tb&kft~soft i ffarid- fge"tablAmar*eiig grain
h 6,ve:sting m tes -. ispresent seed, eorn si'ationcooperation b'etweeirbanket4d' -'
,,. -u agr icul s xt6ns ,.:'g ie. aA. "nmethod.s a sed- by the agric.i-.ral college, -n get-o: ,.

S l-'..ting, new .. andinfd t xa t.ion',to _a.erra bof.h-e .tate. 5Ail ths3-'.hiort Au..rse hav '-'
( .- been held aiii he ioiie9'ever2Iears pie4ioui. t *CV
.. ...* ". .*- *.. ;.. ..^ ,. .. .. ; ^. .. ., ., .. _. ** ; .. .- **. : ,,

)at &- evae --,v
. ... ._ .*.* .... ** .. ....* f_*. ", s 0"*a r-m *'*c* I* N o em e *o C u e .., ... .-- .. .... ... ,-**

: .. -.. -' ". ... Gap.iv. er"-. ervl- t-*, .hairain .of the agri" ltural relations cot ."ilttee' ;' "
9 Qi.:,t -*"..111inoisB ,xie er ta 'Aa.ociaony ill ppe. the Lormi. program of the short, .:
S': .w. at:- 1nxe, l :30 o'e ,o.,oi. tia. 'o.E.8ke:reque Of e n 9 1S erT oi-otlinihg.. t-e-p'trpos. af : he ^.,
.. 3.: ..: .' :' .. .' 1 .. A .." "1 ;* 1 ..-
-on: "vi ::p-
30 i ] s, ":p-e~n se cr : q io,-.~~r in. bten:~ ~ :",nd: -: ::.:-
6 F .. i n., i" -" = n g"- -. "" ..' ..", ". -. .. :
,.j Wibs 3 e:i :nw- o %o" ~~mr :-: : a'.i -:so:. e a :o

Vicosc.. Mi r zi

4 6, 1 >. -

'U IL t 1
M'? G. 5- J ml 'so .l

-; 1 U,
,- .,':.'tmerif of ;.gpisilcuitto,

t *U .. ....i':"t o,

I am ve:-y ..a -. that it .. -. q,'.,itL impos-
Aible for m-a to. make a bot .it-.l ro .isnee of tU. S. --,ucain-
ha flora. So f as I ki.:, t..v o n -l h c :. he1 who
it.: as:..:>me*"''^f dif I-. ; kt .,, ^ th is n o on .: v lU I ', 'h
could be e8itrustc d v,*ith such a technical p1 PO-,iSition a tais
would, envolv9... All th...t we havw. b-e-ln :' A.e to do in t ae line of
gIth."ing .sp-cimens, an very few havt been gat.. e:, '-_d ip, S s
to Liu done quite incidentally. As I see tL._ proposition; vc:.
little wor'.t-tle-'hile work n be done unless it is done by
a .-stem-'tist .ho had at his disposal a y,-' or two ye IS tim.,
and at the -.-me time, abundant m.E---i- to mov: ,IlI a fr om place as
t!he coll-.rtiALI.j wouldl d indicate. It is ratt,,.r t-o bad t" t -u-.u,.
a pretty problem, intrirsi.-. -ullr so v:lua'le, should have to go
L- ilg for a)f Oc, pelmies".
The' oIh clas:i tion '~ te old k--.s a-e quite
defective. It .,.ill be nQ -:: to establish zomo other r-
act-'.'s th n those by the ",a'ci.nt" .j t jisJs. Und r te :s-
e,t fij..noAi dap!:-.iBsion it is quite difficultt to see an
r:li-,"' ,'L-om ith. t.. :' iliman of Mii.airan uces.

M;;.y,-e a, inciJnt t' _at h- oc u ...-c iurit,:, t. e last
,ear m: give .-ri i-i.-a of some of tVe difficulties su-...-)unding
t.e curing of specimens of .. rpot oche. (M, ...) Ynex M--;ia
a field hot -ist, has made e -?e& .Uts at the s.ola for
ovL:' a y. r, 'I is m.riAng a g-ne.l otoa:-- sl cole tioi, of
this region and ':as collet-d. a total of aoout fift-?ei h>n '.r-ed
num.,erz in the >tate of Mi_. s. When s5': bugn t :-, aork, I k-d
her to be e.,p cially vigilant for s-'cim_,S of CL.-potr0oc:_E. li
all he-- collecting I think she .-_.ecu ,ed two specie- ot -- that
our Tree N 1. And the specime s she got f,.c'.,m these t.. --s were
.ni 't at one ,,voulJ call extra good bot .-.ical spe.:im 's. Yet
the_'e exi-,tS in Xinas, at the )3: :.t time, more species of
C .o .e t.. n are ,,.-.1it ... to all of rasil.

We c.e enclosing elev,'n _->oto.- _hs, all of which
.11ll inte est D'. lake ',e:' much', 4uite det iled legenJs
are written out on the back of the photographs, :'-1ich I ai].l
not r-fe, t in t'. bc:.i. of thu lett r.

By laying out P.otog.: >, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9,
D. Llak will oee at once thz t it is d eling ,ith four or
five different p-p .ies, 4hat are all lump 1 off f-.i. the
name of W1.c.li11, is. We have now La f- om the s,--.;d-
lings of ...A.V. Tr 12 1. Our L-st specimen is ,res.nt-d
oy Photo,-. p' NQ 10.

Photog- "- NQ 11 i ,--)ws our s -_;ig 1,'2 104, b udd,.ied
to oud-. taken .. 3m thie moth.e:. Te 1. TTn Li insert d
.. ten of t :-m took. At the m nt time, tme buds .vG g wn
until of t em more t", n a mter long. T 1s of .... rs
is tlae ;tucial test from a horticultural point of ..iJw. It is
not a m. tt of osriu.; horticultuk- 2.1 .1 kingin,
*whet:jsr t^J_. uears the !I .m. of _. t.-oc':. '. ili si. or C -
i_,t ..e omt.-.Vi;,ig el te. From c em. :t' st j.dpoint of course
it -- o tmost import m, nce th.:t the tre f-oom i;,hich 1. .*:.i lys 3
the oAd is co.'ectly idjnt, "'i ..d. toiculturally we have got-
t-" a" .u from that diL'ficulty as indict ,oove .by numbering
the Jul .... "i e i00 (See
the tfcraes '* Itb- which, wt *** o_--:i,... Ju:." tree K, 10 (e
" -tog .- 10), i. likely to M:; ...m t, e progenitor of a lot
of u u-: stock, It it I rcocious I...- e fruit .-'. -W'-.ether
it .I1 ;tin tLe good .._,._lity of Tree N 1, in p.-o..uciLrg ..
of a hligh ,:.- ILcal v lue, is still to determined. All of the
.I:.._ tres including Ni- 104, r-preset- P hoto';,. N) 11,
will of course tr asmit t'.is chcr:.,c ter
Ae .'*v :- g- g on t!) *.. >la -cou':.. some 500 es.l :gs
T~B're NHa- 2.

It just ocruieCa to me t' t it might make an int,--est-
ti'L^ note for the Amricn Me''Lc -1 .:. ,ciLtion, if .-u o rot' up
Sli.le 5etoy -,.out Sapucainhla. ou have had some s mple.:-.
of t' -omm. ,i:l oil, .me oil privately -;:t -ted ,. also
ever. kilos of t- :. .. m T, '- i I. This ch research
qrL.ld give '.u a ni.,': sit .nd by using seve.-l of t. to-
* E'., it uld ma-- a .t_. .tt- ctive short tiCle.

I sm ,oping to g. t o'f some m sre seed to :,u in the of a fe: days.

Smith kindest personal oa ;m- m eans from us ot, I m,

Vs sin'- 'relj your-,

r. .'. :li s, uons:ul tor echnico. ds-,
Ag.'icultu do di. de ina. U- c-:.

Vigo.-A, Mi.. s Geraes, sj Isil.

Mr.- .** 8?., 1951.

D,0. G. Jamieson,
Fats -.lid Oils Laboratory,
DEpartment of 'g.'i.,ultu e,
Wash:ington, D. C.
M d*.ar TJamieson;

this time you will t" ink tl t I h}:ve c.:mpletel:.
forgotten -..out my, promise to ...- moi'e S puc in'i s-, .1. low-
S,-, .. iti ov T ich we -...' no control m,, it .-,ms ,at
i .icullt to g..:t th. m.. cri.-il fo -ou. I am still ihoi:ing to
secu .: i"; In thie in tima, I M It you to :. :,me
of t.e work t1,at we zre doing t t ola on .pu. in... cul-
f i.) .

I am v .-o :..L i ed t" .t it has :, im :..s,.ible for
m? to m k .at..;nical .- .. san-ce of the ,D pu infla. flora. So
fr :a1s I kno.., t ,f is no oio -.wvilale 9: e o would d be enitrust-
ed with such a t -..icJl ...,'sition ss this 1.ould involve All
ti- t we have been .I to d in the line of g t ;.:.ig .ecim ..s,
and ve:' few have .- i gate *-d, ias '- to v.' .,_n' ..Ate inci-
dent,- lly. As I see the positiontion, v.-- little ;w o-t',--' le
work can done -:,-.rt a systematist who has a y"ear or t-'-) at
s di. ..-lo 3al -i d t the me time, .' nt m to move 'rom
pP .. to ol. *-e as the collecting would indi: t-. It is r: t. .-
too K:. t~7 t such prety p roblretm, intrinsic lly *o vlu le,
should have to go r-ggi;l, for a 'f; pe., [es".

The ol'. cd.s -.i "i tin and ti. old ekeys are quite *-
fective. It 4all b' n'c C "- to establish ot.e. c"- .act..:
tL-n tt, i u-,. t 1. "o.acient" it nistL. Under r t7-e -p ant
i.1,nAi 1 ..i.)n it is -luite diff-.Cult to se any lief
of om it. :.llin or MLi:A:ran ,ource-.

-. b.e an incident t". t .u oe u u g t'..- last
year may give .u :n ide.1a pf t- dif_ -c'ulties surroudi'.,g the
s-Luuring of sp- im-:., of C Qot,.jche. (M---...) Ynez M.y., a
field boti-,t, ;.$ s m .-e '- '-..... u I- c- at the Agri :ultu- 1
(oillg= fo over ea yer. ,e "' .g a gienerel botm ical
i :L.tioln in t".ls r:-gion '". 'a.ollet.: a tot.l of about fifteen
hundr ed iume:us in tL-i- -t te or Min. s. Wh.;-n s,-- beg.n her work,
I cked ,t ...:pe .i 11. vigilant for specim-,s of C- rpDotro-
che. In all .r coll:-ctic-iq I think she secured f-'om t-.o t. '
other t: _n oa,- TL--e 1. ,"ni ti'..:, sp, ira ,s s"-t" 0-.T eu-.-ed ,.'.-em
th... .e t'- L-e not t,,t on'e wouldl d c..l extra a od bot ic:i.l
Celm :,s. Y-; t t e .exist in Min s mo-:.e m3 .iis of C t..-. 0 o-
.j_, t..:: re 'ited to all of .r A.sil.


W-e ;:C-e enclosing eleven photog.' phs, wlich I think will
interest Dr. l-lake very much. Quite detailed legends Kre written
out on the back of the photog.- .phs, so I will not repeat in the
.o of t,-: lett r.

y l.i;ng out Photog:- phs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9,
D., C .ke wLill see at once that we are de .1Lg with four or
five diff '.e:nft s7p -cies, all lumped off unde..- t'.i name of i._.-
-ill arzi s.

We hav_ now had fruits f om tl-^ se.-. lings of E. S. A. V.
Tree N2 i. The bu-.t Lpecm.-n is -pc :'ented -,/ Photogr:ph NQ 10.
Tr eR'1 ho eg: pD N- I- :01 __.,_
Photog: --.h N2 11 LI.ows a- ,*"ling c 104, bu ."i with
,u-4 tken jrom Mother Tree N 1 T1e.. u'.u'- wsre inserted .,?1ing
tht. fi%'-t t.';o ,.-: in Septumber ;il all of t' -m took. At the
p.-ent tim-, th'e ju., have 'o-;n until some of t-..2m J e mor"e
than a met.-r long. T i of course is te crucial t.:st from a
horticultur-: point of view. It is not a matter of sei'lous
impo._tance, horticultur'.lly .p.king, en'et', -r tis b S-.:s the
:.-;M of C. -'potroche br.;iliensis or C E-.J troche something ele.
F-om a eh eml: tvK .-t,.:.idpoint., of course it i. o0 the utmo.--t im-
portaxice t":.t the tree iiom L"ich he .i-r the s..:-' is cor-
rectly i, en;ii d.. Ho tlulturally ..e have gotten f--om
tV. t dinmiilt, ,*um' ing tVe tr-e with which we ere wo.rk-
in .

Our tri-e -; 100 (a s11iing) (S P. tog N2 10),
is likely to become the p:ogenitor of a lot of nursery :t.,ck.
It is p. ccious ...da heavy fruitor. Whet>i. it .ll ?t in
th-: .o-1. quality of TL; e N2 1, in pro-lucing seed of righ h ,,em-
icil v-.lue, is still t.-; be dt-:-min-i. All of the cudd(d t.-ees,
including NO 104, (rep'esent-d by Pu.obog-. p1h NO 11), will of
*ou .uL Is character.

T4 v go i i t Lcola grou,. some Live hun-
r a ;-.--.lings f om Tree 2.N

It h1Ls ju.t oc.-u.. .d to m-- t`: t it might make an .resting note for tho Amc.-iacn Me.-ij.l Assoc-ation, if .'ou
i-otbe up a little Ytory '.iut the S -uc in..> You have ,-:.d
-. .-ines of the -.omm,. :'Gial oil, some oil p',iv.tely ext:- ct.ed,
and al;o .* -veral kilos of the feed f-,om T -. Q 1. This c -emi-
cal rese.. :ch would give you a nice basis S 1.- ':ig several
of tLhe otoc, pl.., it -ould m-.e a rather attra ctive short a. tL-
cle. Please c .. you'".-if entirely st liberty to use -uch
of thes p:[otogi, phs as m ./ 'ie of service to you,
I am '.-oping to be -l-o to get off some s -d to -"ou
in t: course of fc dr;ys.

With kindest pe:._on-l r-m-l. ..esm f )m us bot:., I ^im,
V ,',"* in,: .... 1. ..ours,

P. H. Rolfs, Consultor Techtnico de
PHR.C AgricultuV. do E-^t do de Binas.


V We are enclosing eleven photographs, 4#f which"-P .
will interest Dr. Blake very much. Quite detailed legends
are written out on the back of the photographs, w1 will
not repeat in the body of the letter. 4-'

By laying out Photographs 5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9,
Dr. Blake will see at once that it is dealing with four or
five different species, n all lumped off under the
name of brasiliensis.#iWe have now had fruits from the seed-
lings of E.S.A.V. Tree iQ 1. Our best specimen is represented
by Photograph N2 10.

Photograph N9 11 shows our seedling N2 104, budded
istaKen from the mother Tree N 1. Ten buds were inserted
of them took. At the present time, the buds have grown
Z-' until some of them are more than a meter long. This of course
is. the crucial test from a horticultural point of view. It is
not a matter of serious importance, horticulturally speaking,
whether this bears the name of Carpotroche brasiliensis or Car-
potroche something else. From a chemist's standpoint of course d-
it is of utmost importance that the tree from which h-e anal es
the seed is correctly identified. Horticulturally we have tot-
ten away .from that difficulty a- indicated above b numb ring
the trees with which we are working. $Our tree NX lV N-'
Photograph NQ 10), is likely to become the progenitor of a lot
of nursery sdsock. precocious and a heavy fruiter. Whether
it will retain the good quality of Tree ho 1, in producing seed
of a high chemical value, is still to be determined. All of the
budded trees, including N2 104, (represented by Photograph N9 11
.l of course t-tt this character.

We have growing on the 6scola grounds some 500 seedlings
from Tree N6 2.

It just occurred to me that it might make an interest-
ing note for the American Mediaal Association, if you wrote up
a.little story about the Sapucainha. You have had some samples
of the commercial oil, some oil privately extracted and also
several kilos of the seed from Tree NQ 1. This chemical research
would give you a nice basit and by using several of the photo-
raphs it would make a rather attractive short atue. S-
I am hoping to get off some mze seed to you in th
course of a few days.

With kindest personal remembrances from oth, I am,

.H.Rolfs, Uonsultor Technico de
-' Agricultura do E. de Minas Ueraes.
pm~c '*\CA j

Viqosa, Minas Geraes, Brasil.

ESTADO DE MIMAS GERAE5 March 28, 1931.

Dr. G. S. Jamieson,
Fats and Oils Laboratory,
Department of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C.
My dear Dr. Jamieson:

n. By this time you will think that I have completely
V forgotten about promises of more Sapucainha seed. However,
Si------- Cnt-ons over whic- L there was no particular control made
it somewhat difficult to get the material to you. I am still
hoping to secure some seeds. In the mean time, I want you to
see some of the work that we have been doing at the Escola on
the Sapucainha culture.
I am very sorry indeed that it has been quite impos-
sible for me to make a botanical reconnaissance of the Sapucain-
ha flora. So far as I know, there is no one available here who
could be entrusted with such a technical proposition as this
S/ would involve. All that we have been able to do in the line of
gathering specimens, and very few have been gathered, has had
to be done quite incidentally. As I see the proposLtion, very
little worth-the-wile work can be done unl s e by
i a systematist who It5 vaat his dispaer dwo~Ygfa i,
Sand at the same time, abundant eeans to move place ffAa place as
f the collecting would indicate. It is rather too bad tha7 such-o
a pretty problem, intrinsically so valuable, should have to go
begging for a"few pennies".

The old classification and the old keys are quite
defective It will be necessary to establish some other char-
o'isebythe ancient botanists. Under the pres-
ent financial depression it is quite difficult to see any
relief from either te Brasilian oi Mineiran sources.

Maybe an incident that has occurred during the last
year may give an idea of some of the difficulties surrounding
the securing of specimens of Uarpotroche. (Mrs.) Ynez Mexia,
a field botanist, has made her headquarters at the Lscola for.
over a year. She is making a general botanical collection af--
this region and has collected a total of about fifteen hundred
numbers in the State of Mines. When she began the work, I asked
her to be especially vigilant for specmens f Carpotroche. In
all her collecting I think she securedI'w' --ecas other that
our Tree NQ 1. And the specimens she got from these trees were
not what one would call extra good botanical specimens. Yet
there exists in iinas, at the present time, more species of
Carpotroche than are credited to all of rasil.

& IA ..&, i~AJI



-~ 9 -'A.

, .2; 0

.9. -

I. :.~

L. I *

4 9
4'.'. 9*9.. 9-'


.~.: .)!

* 4 4944.

9-, .9-' "A J.

A.PI* .c~m




9 '.9

;. : .. i; *. A; ...I tm ^ *: fl .,
9 .* "* :*' *-(*G --'m 3,:* .: :- 4 ; .- 9; 4.

; *; 9 -' ; ** ;*. 4 ."*' ,- ** :

9 '' .4 A.A-. ,L ; 4, .- 9

4. '. ..~
4, 9. 9
it ~ 9; U. ii




.9.4, 4,





'A~ J.





:. ;.f.

)m )4.~,


& ...... :........... .. ............... .......... ... ................. .... ..: ....: .
se acha inscripto para a audiencia do Sr. President do
do Estado, no dia....... ...... ........ a........... s.. / 7. horas.
A audiencia .serb de "5 r/ ts
A audiencia ser de .......... ........... minutos.
Bello H br'1'zonte,..;... de .............. (/............................ de 1931 .........

da Presidencia



A B C CODE 4e-& 5T- EDI

(0 CM



S.<^^'''d6f'l TELEPHONE
RK etn 7 5

N EW Yo]., N.Y.
SMarch 27th 1931.

WIas C. Bolts,
Tloosa, ELnas,
Geraes, Brazil, S.A.

Dear Miss Rolfs:-

Your letter of February 25th has been re-
ceived regarding a balance of $23.82 which you state we
have to your credit.

We hare made a very careful check of our
files and we regret that we cannot locate any record of
this amount due you. We received two orders from you,
one on August 3rd in which you enclosed check to the
amount of $26867 and a second order on August 12th in
which you enclosed check to the amount of $28.20. Both
orders were duly executed and sent by local express in
one P. Box and 1 Box on August 15th to Dr. P.H.Bolfs, Rio
% Vandergrift, at Mpire Forwarding Co. 264 West llth, St.,
New York City, in accordance with your instructions.

There were several items listed that we
could not supply which are as follows:-

1 pk. White Tartar Oats 1 pk. Storm King Oats
1 Early Newmarket Oats 1 Swedish Select Oats

Due to this fact our records shows that there was a balance
in your favor of $3.72. Probably there is other information
that we are not aware of due to the fact that we cannot lo-
cate any records. If you will be kin& enough to advise us
full details, we will be glad to give the matter further

A copy of our catalog has been sent to
you under separate cover.

We have carefully noted the results you
have experienced with the bulbs purchased from us. The
failure of Jonquils and Narcissus no doubt, is caused by
climatic conditions. This no doubt, is also the cause of
the remarkable results experienced with Gladiolus and
Tuberoses and Dahlias.

a -.


a "0

diss C. Rolfs:-

As soon as we
the above mentioned facts, we
matter immediate attention.

preciated, and
you again.

receive your reply regarding
will be glad to give the

Your valued patronage is greatly ap-
we hope to have the pleasure of serving

Ver3 truly yours,



Galnesville, Fla.

March 27th 19.1.l

Mv. W. N. Thompson,

Loxahatcheep Fla.

Dear Sir:-

I received today yo',;r letter addressed to my

father Dr*. P. H. Rolfs. Dr. Rolfs is at present in Brazil,

South Anmerioa and I regret that we 'have no cepy of his book


Probably the quickest way for you to obtain a

copy of his book will be to write the publishers, The

Uloillan Company, New York, TI.Y.

Very truly yours,

('rs. B. T, Hargrave)


o S .. ... .. ....... ......................................... .... ................... ........................
se acha inscripto para a audiencia do Sr. President do
do Estado, no dia .......... ..... L ............. horas.
A audiencia seri de............ ........ minutos.
Bello Horizonte,.. de.............. U 1934 ...

.. .a ........................
Secret rio da Presidencia

1. I-4

VicoC-., Mines 'ieraesg Brasil.,

*'ajrc' 45, 1931.

D.r, ;,,. ?,.I .;~ r

^ Fla. t,:Ite ICiaiogical Surve/y,
Thl.ahassze, Fla.,
IV den"r Harper;

'i.!-re are a. couple of letters from you, if not more, p.w.iting
a oonvoenient time for a ,s.-,l (since co,-Lin to t*,.il, the word "c-nvenieat"
has taken on a different meaning from what it fti ii:rly Ud.) Thank you
very much for the c1-;,ji ):-.!.'hioh yo u hAve oent in the last several let-
ter3. As you were among those who were sent a Chrisatmas c; r.i in the form
of a pri.n,.-L' letter you will Jkow how we ctuie thru the ravolu/tko,..

'-3v.-.i v.oekls after -1. L t quieted. Covwn ay, MrS.
;I., ,ra.'v^ sent, us several rolls of Gainesville Suns- Vse were very inter-
ested in seeing that the ('. e;*.,.he ).-i.. In tha paper were
really m'nii..rabl/ more accurde th-a wis the information te r.coived
at Viya ... Of course ,i..i, inside ,he x-'volut.ion zones Wy movement ad-
vantageous to the o .,ioa':.ieo was either colored or deleted, I.o:-r.ver, I
a~s ay t~int r s
s, may h~t I as roeesbly surprised to .ee hou accurate t1he daily
RAIILL ;tin~i wore.

Two or three weeks uo, ,,.'s I sent -ou by reg'..tored, nail,
a statistical ic-lLti rd. report j. the St& e of i ,',i,.ai .:o. If it
has cofi' to your htA sB it will L-i'.LjubitoJly hlv.o bom quite interir-.stAdg
a.nd <,, 'i;c informatkive.

Speakin-, of hard Liwi.s, it is just now .,tvii Dv''sl with a
vengeance. Of course the first impact was that of the coffee debacle.
This resulted in a skrink.r.: af 'v,.lABn" some wht similar to that which
occurred in Florida afforthe boom. During, tife years when the State of
Pfo Paulo was buy.-.;,; a.ll surplus coffee, tahe plh.nters lived in .,eat
luxury, bu..inri aut ioOil(;s, baildii,,, houses ," investing"in trivp' to
*aro in I withoutt \,orryn.,, uch adout y,.- y ol, offtheir t.,:-i,. After
the slump, the old typc. coffee plmt nations were worth less than not'hif.i,
As a matter of fact, in one of the coffee centers, coffee trees .ere
cut down for fire iood. I i hn, there was just Qio-,-a .i of this to
make a "L., i.:'.. .-r stery. Because the ;, ral nirun of J.'.-OiM
wouldn't cut dow a fruit tree even if it is dead. ie 7-iimly has an
inacte -).sjudice : ,'i.,t destroy;'.mj any cultivated 0].'-,.

There has boon no census j. 3rasil uince the one that vas taken
in 19.2. ?'.. foreror Fedoral ';ov. l.injt was too 1;u, k,.irin itself in
power to b... r wi:t"i auch a minor affair as a '.'.'i..rML census. The new
government, is. o:0treaoly bLvsy I.ryini: to get ",-:s &ligad for the fu-
tuno welfare of the country.


-e hare just prepared a small bulletin on the Sapuoa inha (Carp.roc.he
.). This 'belongs to the Falcourtiaceas and contains a large amount of
chalAmoograI oil, You will probablyy roember that this oil has been found
.-o be a very fine specific for leprosy. ihndrod', if not thousands of
oaLionts have already been cured by its use, B3rasil has boat a dozen
species which givr a positive reaction for this oil. The genus Carpotro-
ohe is credited with more species giving a positive reaction thmi all
the other gen-ra. of the feaily. The work was begun in 195 and we cilmi-
na te thiu yoz-r by juacaeding in having a hundred or more.buds to take.
The se:us is described as polygamo-dMoecious. More than fifty per cent
of the 11u,-.y1 that we W'eccultir.atting wre stmainate. Of the polyga-
ious flovrezil plrts, only a small per cent are fruitful. In one copes
visited by one of our studeat3 who is hol -in, in the work, he found nearly
two thouannd s cimcris or trees but could fine only. one with fruit and it
'L.i only five frits, tho it wvas 1. iue anuughL to carry anywhere from five
hujLirRd to a thouqunul. Probably during en excessively frui'*J.l yoir it
would produce soie htudrods of fruits.


Vioaa, Minas Geraes,

..nrch 25, 1931

Mrq Ernest Hofer,
eIbourne, UwRaa
D ar Sir:

Your letter of Feb. l1th was received on archh 13Li.

ThIr-re ia ie many iujindred-. of thousands of acres of sood live stock
lend praceticilly unoccupied in Brrs.1. Some of it can be -onht for
a very small amount of money but that also was true of the forest at lands
in Florida about thirty -ago,. I as offered several :.oi..rid creek e
of the finest Southern pine at 75 an acre. I did not buy it because I
did not have the money. 'h-t more or less deni-ribo n thie situation ,s
it is in 1' .Lil at the present time.

As to th,'- chances of e-iployment, you would find it vera difficult,
if indeed not i,.i;..rl to0 find a remunerative _.rce. There are tL'ous-
ands of poople out of, 4 lJ-TyInt both in the State of Sio Paulo and in
the 2t to of "tr: who knov the !.: -0;,i md the customs of the people.

The .,.Titr,- ..-t on v ,.-.y at thV present titme is very iuch greater
thai it is in the Uni -i'L States. 12 'f on State of government bonds, is
not an unusual rate. The rtte Epo-'cified in the boAd of course is only
ebcut 8 or 9 while the discount at whieh the boonds haIv to be sold,
brinj,- the up to 12 or more.

This oives you the sitiuttion as it ft,;:..l at th.- present time. Of
course this -aill not coutinuR Indefinately. Sooner or later there will
be a considnrrable change for bettiring economic conditions. You can
guess just as well as I can when that conlitton vill arise. No one

Thire are great o 'or unfies in the more ,-v,':i.ced states in Bra-
sil, for iziking a home and a comfortable livin5. There are mnay Swiss
people here who in :;.ito of the "hard times" p are (tble to make some
hei'dway. And of course when getter timed come .g.i./n they will Lmass
coniisidor'-blco fortunes. The m in difficulty with "iio.s C.raes, nd I
usaouri it is the svine case with mnm y other Stntes, is tiat there are so
few people who know how to farm. There is a ;r. 't mass of day laborers,
but very few or almost none who are able to guide this labor in produc-
tive rgrit-lturo. In the ' of Minns there are rjiy well educated
men who direct the affairs of the Yovernryont intelligently and vrigor-
ously, .There are also a largr number of vhnt me might call capitalists.
Doth of these classes if they should give their time and attention to
economic ariculItra, would iaorr. thi.u .i aply the gre:t defid enoy that
now occurs in the State of TTinas. Iloiever, if t113hy did that, the
vicious, and unmoral would take over the reins o0. *ov-;rnr",it and the
rains of capital. 1'his would leave the state in a most deplorable
condition. '


I hope the foreguoig pe.gae has given you a aocwhat elearer view
of the exmat conditions as they exit. If you were hore, anQd un.Jar-
itood the lngutpge, Potrtiugu:eq as wtll as the custom's o: the people,
you vould undoubtedly be able to uake a plr.ce for yourself and your
co.pnLion.1 whoU the aconZoiAI. conditions begin to I,.priva. If you come
to 3rasil at the present tl, yoia should oOme ..ith ssurficient money
to enable you to look over the ooutnlry and then dociJe where wo'ild be
the iDt lo,.t ion ',itablo luids way be bought alimo 3t anywhere in
th,. s.uth.rn part of Bras1I at a price very much lower than you "'i 'ild
have to pay in Iowa. .hi y b&nkera and financiers have been obliged to
tale over ioJ'l.ln : morf;a;EbJ to theB, *,ii'rl they '..:..ld be -lad to part
with these hololin .-, oeven at a f laeial los,.

The cliwtte of souther 'n 'inJ.'k is of course very f muh war-rkr 1 'ta.
tha. of Iowa. As a ,i ctter of fact tI ork,_,o. grows as far south a ia-
to Argent i.nri. In the southern most states of BLrasl, siiof.rll is ex-
peoted every year. In Iinfis Ge.-rue, I think such a thin, has never occurred.
ho in the 'id'.ir altitumin: frosts are ox.., .ted a-.v,5r winter.

Very truly yours,, donsultor douc -aLeo de
.AricufLtura do i de itinds Ceraes.

Pr-' :C

__ ;. ...,. .. .;.__, ... ..... .... 4. 7y^) -_- Q//~ 5/4
-_'LA'.2W. 3 ^r-17


24 Maroh, 1931

T'y dear Rynr* SWebtAtiio:

quite a Iong time ago, w received a card
announcinglyour engagement to Sa. Aielia Gomes ie
Ar ujo. Ow.n; to various delay and diffioultiea in
the office At Vigo'a, I w&a uAable to oongratulate
you at one, Thero fore lot me offor you two or three
ccrngr iulp.iions at this very late date. I hope that
the oipny wed5ling mny be cr.l.bratod very iniu, and
itati you will both have a reait deal of iaapyine.? and
fell ity.

Before conoludiw;; t;iJ.i brief nLT., ollmi rue
to uwak you for aniertaining our friends, Dr. and
Irs. hot d. iohey came very La Gbout
yoer f .ienda ani asnciaLly about yo:ir family. Dr.
QTohie should viuit zany fasendaes, but in the initial
condition of the, r:'. with the large eaount of
senprvihlonvl work thaI he haa to do, it is very dif-
Zicult for hima to be alawt from the institution.

Just 48 BOOn Y.U pOSi:.ible, I Lope that you
E.nd your vifte wilco eoi to see us .at ViAoss.-no
sure to hop a t our ho is and make thRi your home while
at the 'soola,. 'e tor both very ti h inti-rnroc.d in hav-
in,w your :ifti SLaoLg our ;ad Dr.sT.iai fri endrn.

\.'ita kind,..s3t yriinajIl reric-rbrucn ro from us both

I as VorTy J.bu'n,'pl.y yours

"L.: P. II. Rolls

JU~x- .n, QI^^~ ^--

0s ^ C ci<. Cco vd:;

(Bello Horiz ronte

Vigoor, Minas

March 24, 13.1.

'r dear 2rof'. Cox:
Your letters of Jnn. 241ii tund I'b. i/t.L Re still imu'.s:arod.
7.y friend rof. Track, who was old enough to be niy.grandfather, u.;ed to
say to s,"'.:i, lot the letters lie, they will answer themselves, if you
do not bother them." That is almost the case with .oinr letters. They
have been practic7-l ly answered by the "grapevine telephone". After all,
the grapevine telephone fuictioiL5 much more epp.-litiously and with greider
certahinty than does the regular telopho,-j.

WV'j have been here at Lelio lirizonte since the night of the
14th, mostly poaJe.- iii ourselves in ,ittiedAe :ii waiting. Fortune.tely
we brought eiouig'i work material .igLg; so thut either ond or both could
be at work whenever the "spirit moved".

I was very ,lui -co receive the circular from 0. Pares e Cia.,
on the o'ranyi. a.,fi^Ltently he is the same a n who 1has written us a time
or two irg.rding some information on citrus. I see that he quotes Prof.
Coitp da ''idado. de C;.-lifornia, wichi is all very _od but you know
how much *.tron.-r (?) it would have been ifhe hud quoted H. Harold flum,
da ,.- r ...j I -l. -3 de Liorida. .

Wish you could have been here at DBelio Horizonte and r.led
around with us ov r this country. I think we would hfve ._.6ei! a much
better birds eye view of the country than you did tallin-, fish stories
which had to be -*aec,.od up on, or loolin. around thxu the jewelry stores
making p-,raisals of their best j=w:ol..

'r.. ..:.made a start fcrtao hIinoterlidtA, .,L as far as
CGurvllo and waited about 1A week for her .: back 1o B e!o torizowtie to ,t a supply w money aad to see is she could
not s.we,1 up the delivery of her press waterial.

She maAe a very fine collection of the plants an t '. ; Vigosa, un.
do~:.. ''.L, he i.rgest collection oi plunis that hbs gone out of js".na at
any time. It was ta '.c- t n0.-,' .*nit for the 7scola to gt R. i-orth Vhile
collection. In time it will be nawd u and then she can return the names
to Vigosa for them to be ntt..chod to the sheets.

i'oo btlad Clarissa did not take "'rs. Cox to the '.'-*.'.r smith sO
that Ehe could yee tLhem 'eDat out the copper bowl. Of course she can tell
the whole story but you know lice the fish story: everybody cau'i toll if
it is rely so or not ? .'y the phyc'i-lo;ic-a. effect on the one that is
telling the story. I might suis;;, that a *.. out of the difficulty would
be to lot some of the servfnta use the b.- ivl to c jik in for .hile, and
then ahe can ior'Fn it os0 easily enough for a pre-iic., relic.


Well, it now looks like were gcotinn thru tomorrow afternoon
and then the next day will start on our ?.ay to Vigosa. '.Lev-3 tell 21r.
Payne thlA, two of the exposures he helped me ttke on Terroa e 3, illus-
tratinig the budded ',r.j>cninlha, C;-r-iot.roohe sp. have alro-dy 5ono for-
ward to grace the pages of a bulletin. ei' feel qitte jerkod up over the
success we have htd in pro!;jatii,tL thiJ.. sr-ecie.. 'e also felt q1L-., a
littlerelieved told us that I. was a fair garriination for
forest seeds, ri the ease of doz.-ticOted species, wayt'linv .Y/A loe.
than 9) % .'-oAiu-tion is considered too low for any sae.

There are two new v. tt c hod to the .'.-, ctric Bond and
S vare Co. i A.:-t t"he present tima. T!ey :re. sattio-,rd tere for
a peri od oi a out six. onths3.

'j-31 ill/y that AU'.i-O has BFudides for the j,.TO, so if Billy
cauot find : nL-.L-:'re else to go, he can at lit pick up Tos6 for V.
coaponhei ro.

Well, as it is ulrC.a/ dinnxer tilaev r-nrt !ay r.-w-titdi is of
the usual norniml unroqi..'- ti type, it is quitej e eritil thiht I should
discontinue dictat "L;-

I hope it mnay be ,o. ibL.' for us to see you octfore you sail.

Please 'e.r' ber me to 7rs..Cox, 'i 1io Cox aud don't f-x)ict jiJly.

Very sincerelyr yours,


m^^ xJ s- f /Zrb 7

6-IL^ caL 7b^^L^7^^ ,ft
77i ^L^ Q>.^/-^c-
7i L/-

iS~jL. ^JL c ^ J^ 'Xd^M .- c

^r0czz ^ f/r ^ ji-
Q~iiL^^^ O^L^ Q^ n-^l. Ar^A^ ^^r<^1
'TZI 6j2-^ ~j^ r^9p<3^ ^)
A '*

-/ -/, y
'zLiA I-i-^ < ~-V. ^ <- ^^^ --

d124- 1 &_<

4~4 ~ 49-~c c~ LAA-,_
9%^ &x ^ u '^>

-A4 4A

^. ^ cS ^ .x711-

C p(jL"e-/m1- /, "* rd ^ LAs-bL ^

^^S ^--^ ^^- -?--

a~W ~-A &rJ~ ~






~ 3 ~&LeA~1 ~
~ if
~-* ~
~y~A & cA~J4
/A~ A-~L ~ ~ 6AwL

22'zz~&~ &Z~ ~ ~ 6~C'
~ w~&~

L~ ~-Y~AP ~6AJ~ ~J&~
~ TtZL~dLL~.
~ ~
D o4tz~f

~k QXy~LZ4~ ~47~ /L~A

~ -~- AA4( ~L(rr ;c~



'~~~ (iUt~t 9Z^ -^^..^ O^

^2^ ~ 4 --t-C "t.LL^-
/r __ tLA-^ ^
9^ @ -- n -- ^"

,- .. ;= --.. _d .d -, -

--. .- go a, ines Ger e.

?hareh 23, 1931.

M E0. T .l
-Gains wile,
.r. Tayl :

Yout letter of Jan. 13th ronchod us on the 31et ot Sam S12
.month -which is about the regation tim.

our-ltt'. J as oon afr a Effi roto, she tl us -
I'."t'.. 1avlijg'Wan ieriw~ad so lesntly, you u t .I sy"pat '- :g.
--+ 7. ',.- '":. .. *.. .*w 't o .. *o a -f P~ Ge --s,^/l

-. condivioas IE Brmdtl are of urs vry ch up ia the 3-
^^ai.r Appaawni no great pressure is being bron ',t on the govermlieat by- :^
F:,.- "intertor"t allet Grai y yeiig it looks i
1_all the -States Ka the Federal Pmnisnt. are vuln- in for "e-ono+ly-. som :I

..of Ahis edony from the Hbrti kwfrtLavx atari'dpo;o is a vory uIprof ITable 0
-u:i'-rt of =y. A very arong attempt 'was aRe in U212 to enforce an ..,

ecoabmy On the Farleral (lovoriunant. -This move resulted in the so-c a19d
i':voluti'n qf 194A, which a is-ly put dowl by the federall o an .
e* exp^nse 6f military operations cub out may sairplis thA the adminitra- "
tion wnulds fla shown in 1921. 'The financiers ar. ii w trjint to- 2trk out,
1116 .-de .tcnu n

--: sosi. Ethod bywhih th Fede l tover nt arry the heavy dt .
ourred by an atteampt to valorize .a6fde. The- prico of coffee was nstewdsi o
:di"ed all right b"ut apparently other oountri.d pro.par.d by the high pr* ...
than -did. BRasil. .Xith-the lnrg amount of coffee ab6ut equal t te
production for ayear, loct'itoi in the gorrner-t warehoua, it la .es *r*fl^t
,. -body feeling rather uneasy. With. the genori world drpressionr it ii a" .
an oaay- matter to vork off the surpasu. In th"e ruaent~at'l,-an4 doubtlaBAs
f or persona gaiiiM rUaQoa are tarated to- the offaot'that' atch of "tht '
eftf fo is in vpr y br d ooncditi tho oaof f aes proper rly dried aind houaed5IK
.-should ip-rove .ith ags. From all tahe harpea, outer chargsearmsl- :..
0:a;'-. oneoi-d i "iOt iin hoas ll Florida luring th aruit-Yy -fl
.Gamp ..-

-. h .- ave e esar' getting; along fairly vll, and re here fat 1Bel..
S-Horisoiite to attend to somo of fioltl work, expect ing to atturn to Vilosa ;
m two or. he day. .
= : :.,.. -. ... ..
i,-t,.'.. Withi-t rogardi robat of us, I .a-, -Kt

P .--. .-

... ..&.. ... .-
.-+:.. -.-- al as al he edra Rnn. r t inf eon "8 -''



Dr. P. H. Rolfs,
Minas Geraes,
Vicosa, Brasil.

Dear Dr. Rolfs:
I beg to acknowledge receipt of'
yours of December 19th, enclosing claim tc be filed
with the Liquidator of the Bank of Bay Biscayne, i1:
Miami, which was forwarded to them yesterday, by
registered mail.

I also wish to ac:novwledge the cir-
cular letter which you sent out and assure you that
it ias very much appreciated.

I presume that Mrs. Hargraves keeps
you posted as to what is going on in Gainesville.
We have been having anything but Florida weather for
the past two months, it being cold and rainy most of
the time.

I do not know whether you know of the
death of Mrs. Taylor or not but she passed away on
December 1, 1930. I wish to thank you for the floviers
sent by you thru Mr. and Mrs. Hargraves.

Trusting that you and your daughter
are enjoying good health, with kindest regards to you
both, I remain,

Sincerely yours,


... .... ....

Sao 4,610

Y;I. stato mu Sim: m,

Alr,,ftl "Y 4
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nor,,wants IV6 u* tham .11-,''

r( ft YOU
orssttd-ih-.hp IiUg, b 't
Afti 0 U i4jjL IL 0142"
lt Ure f,61, Wore o4ly I
A l jj4- L '' '
"now-ax 4 Znd b ,
4 ci:U8 MWI
riosnt tijon-'A mo-ally-t4o 01A
1 40168 f lt, ''I 'is". I )1 I'va -bo,qse it is ]Pra
to X- iiid m ill6y_.6rljO bil$
faly I" r IL 0 n 0 t IUA Oma o ve rllwnt,_

SO _bxou
5,u yqq,_j!ai4,-,p e(va -?osii
-V,- _frcr,o your lott
lor tht i6 61 on

Wilftan tho l6lk iro vio fj ng. very_ little
around tat been ix a.,p Dia-
imv- _Qut, ;140114as are :,)a at, a

sqa*v,Aitir ho4d'-,fr rma 4bli, ;4loto-
hk lima I er,
o 4o rut Oroas w ov -bar01 izal Ift y flun Uy,,, x ;'a
Ard ()I; Ih mllw W66 -0 __t4o II oxth4 ivn
vr a- -s. *y,an
dove -than'-6,
dur jngra -L "A i4AX 4 ollac
ad-d44 abbat- I j5W jiumberf; of h4i. litvv "L of Bof_
S mft 'flave''Pireacty 'boon _doter6ii
Av4n, 0 'not iblo to thd*lo 144mz,
i"l thopp,:ya are _d A6Ut -Ba

*- ..: .. *
i ..:-.-".....

"5-. .

i._'. -- *

'*-. ,:

, ,. .


-..'.i. _- ,
-. -: .

'. .. ,
'.- b,. ".^ "

:% .. -. ;

3 -r .
.".. -

...._ -- :.

-.[ ..&;... :
': 4. -' -
ii'; .

N' -.-..
ThE. -. A *,~ ,** V .. 2; ** *~ .1-s *- -.


~~~ ~ .* .. --
... .-.t. .

* -:

.. -_ ,

L datwy ontha age us a t.Ifr from Dr. Bergpr whvkit."
was quite, a treat, -we ha.w -been eMdin'Ao rco:ily to it, but'the spa- -.
between good iirtentiona and .xedttioa is., e9tiwo6 somewhat vast. 19ih -
I could be with you in the -usSumS for a day or two. I )ow .it vOUld -
ive me taoh lora'of an. iaspireLtion than to be maaroond here at Bel .-
-.Horisona. weer, hope ti be able-t4. getatty dry after tOOr -

We have omilt*&. a m auscript on Sitaucaiuba (C-rpeotra- *"-
ohs op.). wuioh the .eoreatry of Agricultu.1ro -a he is g9J1n to hUaM "
printed iQmdietely. Of aoure an hurried. bFack 1.t the. hoel aid hsa." -NOn.
hourly .o.n ecpe-ti-ig tho first pro-tf. rSiWld sBos ueduoated -1.rth _
AeriOan vo .ealon3 nnd ask you what the Sa, ciji is just tlook wie, -'5V
"talaice your sp9atw4le a varf we-U', and tell I''Oh,'y T reaier '7-
now, it is a. tree which proiuolas chalmoogr oil, ".hiai. .n tuth curos -",
leprosy .) AM aooa Us thiia paamphlet is. in paint we axpet t"o- send you -'
a co~py, just To akw you whet widertuliy ieducat1 1'. Atr.cftnm .rain;tf
Brasil... Ti.t ji t rsoines :w,. quite a -tlone, tiuaago, w suabaitted a..
manusaript on.A uda d Cru" which ropry irprot would ':
re&d "A C-tr~iutasorjz Treea '* Ae till. axicouaiy waititag for the
advacas -coptas to come 5-rnm the press. Ti-w vresowt Sournnary bf AZrl-
aulture iLte:' th iird onm ini otio_e azinac Bihe P-i uacript wpit subiutt-L-ed.
IA. was- erfordcd prijrted without .delay. 'lall, tht* e.lay %Iwo not betm an "N
7nI ~t.R.-lt m.ounds, for thc3 Zaanuscript was subuaittud only last- Asi,.
t' f. 1i1 meantime -of c utrae ievora,. things hlav hi ppened. Should yau -.
develop sitf -iWint etartasity, you iay seea 6'& &Ajd a BOS-sOad of the
frpucs. Li" ha in the ollection of Prof. Werner of thn Collego M DPhr'ny...-..
7hin Tho ,rota :zl, he s94id studentL was busy trying "u fit Uhe aee.Lod back- '/
into tie lafy,. As t hutwe not hem rd further, I aausn* that the staitont
is Stl W60,11 till it. L10 '[(;sk t9moro diffiiult than i tht of psi1ying >,-
chess and I ahouuid scy Pe litfio more exoitimjng that le:,ing seolitair.. -,
SpnZkin t avriouslyg "*r nua, h atxMa esaea to 1i a n ig rind. The seeds -.:
^, SOAtftj .a. 1--rgr pr r.cwnt of-oil end 4asmically tihe 1i0 i: enperior to-
' that ot-hm TtrattLg) LkuL rzkui of 1i riaa. .:-.
A t .. .. -.-...
Don't lcit IToif Clariosa kBoB that 1 liars wrttlen 702 tbii -';";
Latter1 of sho maFy coarld o"r I unnvcsety -o0 axacr yours otfDac. Leth..

.. Ro l-.-e
.... .* y K
"APih sc ,dsst .errwnai xseuibeancessi o-.a us buth, i' to -*.'.*,

.. P ~ ';- ....~ o /e "r^ .. -"-.^ ,,
'' ,' .AsA^!'

P. K. YONGOul.mMa.. / f T. VA.N HyxiNG

GAINJSVILLN, FLTORIDA. Decemb sr 13 192 ..0

Miss Clarissia Rolfe,
Mine Gaereas,

Dear Friends Miss Rolfe and Daddy:-

Just like I ger.erally do I have been tLhinkin' of you folks, and
threatening to write you, and just keep putting it off. One thin
that pcompts me I consider it a duty if nothin-f else to acknowledge the
nice stamps you sent me a long time ago. I knew the issue was out,
but had none of them so they were quite an addition.
I have hesitated about writing iurin the uprising, but as that
has been over some time i feel certain .rbere is no longer delay in
tne mails, P'roi what little I learned of the conditions there I am
!lad that it is nob worse for you folks than iG is, of course I had no
particulars, anyway I assume you are both still living_ which is consi-
Have not seen Effie for a long time.
Things here are just creeping along as usual. A little improvement
now and then, but it comes so slow there is no appreciation in it.
Things in the Museum however, are quite different than when you ware
last here. Have just recently finished installing a lot of new oases.
Will be flai to hear from you anytime as I always appreciate a
line Prot friends so far away.
i do not know whether you are in touch with Dr. Ernest 'G3. Holt
or not, but he is down there with the National Jeographical Society
on a survey along the Brazilian border, but which border I have for-
Botten. I owe him a letter also.
With kindest reards to both of you, and the usual greetinjs of
the season, I am,
Very sincerely, yours,


3', ,^'^ ]-.y4,






> 11


*Illmo. Snr.
P. H. Rolfs. ..
Estamos de posse de sua carta de deste, em resposta da
qual, temosB a dizer-lhe que verificamos o accumulador e constatarlos que,
de facto estava defeituoso. Assira, vamos mandar a V, S. urn novo accumula-
dor em substituiyao aquelle.
Eaperando Lovzs ordens,. do V, S., firimamo-nos, corn estim

e aprego,

D V. S.,
Amos., 'At 1 'u
PP. u


Juiz de F6ra, 23 de Targo de 1931

Vigosa, Minas Geraes, Brasil.

Mr. Henry D. Greene, Vigosa, Minaes Geraes.
Argentina Fruit Distributen,
Cipolletti, P.C. Sw-.
Dear Sir;

Your lettor of Fe'u. 20th reached us on t.he let of 1.arch.

During our ten years experiance in .'rrnl -we have found it
somewhat (difficult ii collect in the literature on troaj.'c. end sub-
tropicel fruits. The standard work o0 course is ,ilr"n ?op9noe's
'":mit.l ofTrojic.- and Subtropical FrLuits, published by 1i7imillan,
which will no doubt be fomud in the Oragon Aj. Co-ll=-e ib,,-ry.

e .e r aaclusing a list of books and, 'Ui.;ta offered for
aXle by ',.o.a ,uln'.a'" $ whicl is the most extensive and rolitble
la4t publiahad in Brriail.

All of the ;xticles published by us are .l;r~dy out of prtin,
so a list of them would not 'ip you.

Seocretaria de Agrc L.bura of th t of $ao Paulo has pub-
lished a l'u'He number of bulletins on asriulturl subjects. Arijlic.%'ion
directly tothe ti c '.'tLry has A-j' .rl-'y (L.J/ baon successful in securing
,,.pi.-i.r of these bulletins.



The best referenda and most extensive for isr -.:, is the
files for ... c; .rps and ri,. es,5 but a c'-,n,,,tc file of these is dif-
ficult if not i.,' o-.;i1;,o to obtain I know of but one ;iet that is
cv.::,,L;te. There are 0,tOMbl-r-::, m 'ny others of-. di'.h I do not know
it is possible that Chaoaras and uintaes can inform you as
to where coipl..1'tle sets may be obltined dfl for what price.
jricu3tural CGoi^lUJ ,Th've not us yet et.-...i.i-,: reclr
publications in the sane sense as occur in -,,-L^h America. Coii.;equently
it is of no avail to vrite to them for a.ssistence in t;.- direction.
r1.,i, l! that this information may be of service to you
Ftuid put you in touch with means of securing the information desirea
I amp
7eiy sincerely yours,

P. i...olis, GonsultorTeohnim o de
Agricultural do .W'.Jc de lI.n;-u Gsraes.
'H;?. ;G


KM. 11561

** a *,> *
5- 1 4* a 'S **' *?,

I 5,
p '

Dr. H.P. Ralphs,

Escuela Superior de Agricultura

Vicosa, Vinols Geraes


4 4
Gipolletbi, F.C.Sud

SFebruary 20, 1931


.~~~ \ ^ ^^ C I

Dear Sir: #

.I am endeavoring to collect some literature on.

the subject of citrus and sub-tropical fruits such as
the gut a, mango and breadfruit on beBJf of my friend

Prof.''7.P.:DoLlz of the ('fr)'jon State Agriculture College,

Corvallis, pregon. I would ap.'reciate it very much if

you would send me a 'list of your publications on'these4

subjects or,better, send me two copies each of those which
would be of interest.

If there is any charge for these publications

I should be remit by postal order if you will

advise me of the amount. Thanking you in advance for any

information, you may be able to send me, It ,

V V^truil 0orsp

Henr De reene



I. A



"t:" t9 1



Box 495, Tallahassee, Fla.,

March 22, 1931.

Dr. P. H, Rolfs,

Vigosa, Minas" eraes, Brazil,

Dear Prof. Rolfs:-

A few days ago I received from you a nice new

and bulky statistical bulletin on Pernambuco, for which I Qwnk

you. Of course I haven't had much time to study it yet, but I

guess I can get about the same sort of information out of it that

I did from one for Minas Geraes that you sent me a few years ago.

I find in it some annual statistics of weather, crops, births,

deaths, etc., since 1920, but no indication of any census of popu-

lation since 1920. Vtas a census taken in Brazil last year, and if

not, are there any plans for a new census soon?

I have lately published a short study of the population of

Cuba (which was written several years ago), in the Pan-American

Magazine (which you may see), and I have read proof of one on

exico for the same magazine, which ought to be out in a week or

so. I have just gotten some census reports from the Bahamas,

which I am working on intermittently, and President Hoovers trip

to Porto Rico this month has stimulated me to look into conditions

.n that crowded island, which I can easily do by means of U.S.

census reports. I am also working on a longer article on Mexico,

for which I have some preliminary 1930 census figures. So you see

I am getting to be quite an explorer of tropical counties from a

distance, just as an astronomer explores the moon with a telescope.

Not only that, but I am also dabbling in tropical botany

these days. Since I wrote to ou in December I have gotten from

Paul GC. Standley of the Field Museum two bulky Aristic monographs,

one on Yuoatan and one on a small valley in Honduras, which I can

make good use of. The one on Yucatan interested me because that

peninsula is similar in geology and climate to some of the country

south of IMiami, and there are a good many plants there common to

Florida; more than Small ever credited to Mexico in his Florida

books. Standley says he has never been in Yucatan; but you would

never guess that by reading his work, for the notes on common names

and economic properties (taken largely from Gaumer and Millspaugh)

are very full; and instead of making more mistakes in compiling, he

seems to have corrected a good many of the mistakes of his prede-


If I have time enough I may write two articles based on Stand-

leys Yucatan flora; one a semi-popular one on the useful plants of

Yucatan, and the other a dry fkoristic comparison between Florida

and Yucatan. I don't get so much out of his Honduras study, for

that is pretty far away, but it did throw some interesting light on

a problem I discussed in the February Torreya. It came just a few

days too late to be mentioned in that, but I have written a supple-

mentary note for the next issue, and have already read proof of that.

When that comes out I will send you a reprint of the two com-

bined, together With the article on Cuba, the one on Mexico if it is

ready, and anything else that mpy come along in the meanwhile. I

don't remember whether I told you that I published 17 papers last

year; but even if I did, I could now add that I got out six more in

the first two months of this year. Most of these last were in news-

papers, but I consider them scientific contributions, and may have

them reprinted some of these days.

Since I wrote you in December I have done no traveling or

botanizing to speak of, for the weather has been rather cool and

disagreeable most of the time; though we have escaped severe freezes,

and I don't know that the temperature has been below 30 here at any

time during the winter. Spring is opening up nicely now, though,

and I guess I will soon be on the road some. I am looking for Dr.

Small here in a few days, on his way to i-ew Urleand again to get

some more Irises, and I suppose I could go with him, but I ought to

stay here and look for some more travelers who are coming by a little

later, one of whom is E. J. Palmer of the Arnold Arboretum, on a
Orataegus expedition.

It must have be-en since I last wrote to you that I got a cir-

cular from the Torrey Botanical Club, soliciting funds to help pub-

lish an account of the discoveries of G..H*J. Tate on Mt. Duida,

Venezuela, which it seems had never been climbed before. Nearly all

the plants on top of the mountain were undescribed, and he got a

couple of new species of the supposedly monotypic x ftaia eliamphora

(pitcher-plant), and several new genera. In Science the other day

there was an account by Standley of the death of a botanist I hadn't

heard of before, Ekman, who had been exploring the West Indies and
discovered a lot of new genera on islands that were thought to have

been pretty thoruugh1 explored. So perhaps if you hustle around a
little you can find some new genera in Brazil yet.

I forgot to say above that I found an editorial in an Ohio
paper about a month ago, entitled"The worlds best claimers". It
says the Brazilian statisticians claim that country to have over
40 million people now, and they expect 50 000,000 in 1910,76,000,000
in 1950, and 240,000,000 in 1990. I don t like to part with that,
but I may make you a typewritten copy and send it to you next time.
In the meanwhile I will enclose a fw other cli iLup this way
ow are you getting along, ana when are you m
agaln? Sincerely yours,


0 S r ...... ....... p <3 .. ............ ......... ... ..... ............... .......... ....... .........................
se acha inscripto para a audiencia do Sr. President do
do E stado, no dia.... .'.. ... ......................... s ............ ........ horas.
A audiencia sera de ............. ........ minutes.
Be/Jo oriorzonte,1 ... de... ..... .............. de 19311-
B e/o /-/rzon ../ d e ....r.......d.. ......................e 193 ............

Sdcretario da Presidencia

*^ .,i k '
4 -------------------------;----------- a--t



March 20, 1931

S-:-^ ^

Miss.C' Rolfs
Cvo E.S.A.V.
Minas, Brazil

Dear Miss Rolfs:- 0

Thank you very much for your letter of 4 "
February 28 and check for $1.00 covering subscrip-
tion for Snr. Lucio Ramos. This will be started
with our current issue.

We also appreciate your suggestion in .
reference to effort to increase the circulation of
our magazine among your student body and will at
Sconce communicate with Snr. Diogo Alves outlining
s our agency proposition.

., Yours very truly,
1. 3.

Circulation Manager

,, -!

" .. ." ..
*t 1;.t *

3814 Jocelyn St., N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Dr. P. H. Rolfs, March 20, 1930.
Consultor Technico de Agric.,
do Estado de Minas Geraes, ', ..)
Escola Superior de Agricultura,
Vicosa, M.G. Brasil.

My dear Dr. Rols:

I was glad to get your latter of Feby. 3, and to learn
of the splendid prospects for the opening of your new School.
Certainly one must not despise the day of small beginnings.
How well I recall the I.S.C of 1893 in comparison with the wonder-
ful institution there today, and yet it was 25 years old when
I entered. Witness the rapid growth of the Texas Technological
ollege,out at Lubbock, in West Texas, during these few years!
e more progressive countries of South America must be fertile
soil for large advances in agriculture.

I had noted the adverse influence of the coffee situation
on Brazilian prosperity but had not kbown just what effect this
would have on neighboring countries because I have not kept up
with S.A. commercial inter-relationships. How closely the
whole world is bound up in these matters. And how much more
effective commercial rivalries will be in future than in the past.
In this country we have seen newly developed sections well-nigh
ruin older sections by their greater ability to producetcheaply.
And so between nations. Changing conditions also change habits
regarding food and clothing, and upset prosperity most unexpect-
edly for some groups.

Nothing has opened yet for me, but developments naturally
will be slow. In the meantime I am writing a bit. I learn kUm
thereby, it is good discipline, and it may pay. It surely
will in future years. In the meantime, should you learn of
opening I will be glad to be kept in touch.

Congress still is one mad scramble of tariff, investigat-
ions, accusations, and all the other making's of ammunition for
the political campaign of the coming sutnmer and fall. But
the country survives.

With warm personal regards, and best wishes,

Vet cerely, _

(Carleton R. Ball).

Yh.c ^ .

Miss Esther Helgeson,
% Macmillan Co.,
55 Fifth Ave., New York City
Dear Miss Helgeson:

We are wanting these books in rather
a hurry, so I'a writing air mail, al trust it will
be received promptly. This should come to your
hands on April let or 2nd.

Enclosed check for $11.00 (eleven dollars
please credit to the account of P.IH.Rolfs, and
send the four books indicated. If this does not,
cover entire amount, will remit on advice.

Send books by book Post, RqGISTISRED.

2 copies Silviculture in the Trpicos, A.F.
2 copies Subtropic. 1 Vegetable lardezting, Rolfs.

We are having a little sunny weather
at last, after about two months of rain.

Return books by boat post. The rate
is too high to justify sending back by plane.

Very truly yours

C. Rolfe
Addrees for books;
Vigosa, Lliane s
SBr-Et'il l.-.

O .................. p op ........ o ........... ........ ..... O





F' A






v /
41 y

b17 44,r

-- m L

4 /-.




-ed- 95'-A-

tzjtz- c^

( -C

1, '


>5 "-I

UL. ~: ~


U c'-~ 7) .LY~ '~0~U
I -' -,

S : .. ) ,

U -. I -, ,.,4 .
tS'. -*'.* ^/j : -.

II W.-
','.! '^''\:.. .- X H ; ^ 3.- ^^.."iInn ^1

M '-*.



LLT. -


:- u 1

-@ Qm -,

5. '1


I.-" ** -^
L '.


-" ]. ...A i ',


M .

M 41VAA~ .'2 1./1 At' AL

A.,. > l : Al ..

... ... '.' '. ; : "..... ^ ..
,-" A -

* E11 .. :; .. ...A t." ; "

. .. .._ ... ... '- A

-* .* & r */!," ^ ,- :.' : ^ i A .

1:. -.
mi~. .2


AjAA 'I ',

- '' A l..', A A J

,] ... A .

A( ... *, B ,' r *. ;. .'.: ^.. .1 j '.l A- ., : 1 ; '

""- *'A.*>,.. ... *fl .-., -_' A A'- .- 5 ., ;', A f A"
'.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ A..> 'i ,- 'l j '.*." .. ..f :*,^.' u '' l'A

~p A
A AA.A A~. A A. A

L. S. ROWE i "










17 de margo de 1931.



1- ~

0 Director Geral da Uniao Pan-Americana tem o

prazer do remetter a V. S. o presence boletim de noticias

sobre os exames que devergo prestar em seus proprios

paizes, para matricula em universidades norte-americanas,

os estudantes que assim desejarem fazer; e roga-lhe a

ggntileza da sua valiosa cooperaggo para que esta noti-

cia chegue ao conhecimento das pessoas interessadas.

w .

enviado pela
Washington, D. C.


Durante os ultimos annos tem-se feito sentir a necessidade de evitar as
difficuldades corn que o estudante extrangeiro temn necessary mente de luctar
quando se dirige para os Estados Unidos sem se assenhorear sufficientemente do
idioma in;lez. Dao-se casos de jovens de prepare e intelligencia invejaveis
que se veem na dura necessidade de fracassar nos primeiros mezes de estudos
simplesmente por carecer de conhecimnetos da lingua ingleza, e n9o powder, por-
tanjo, entrar plenainente na vida academic e nas actIvidades dos es'tudantes,
actividades estas quo forman parte muito important da vida universitaria norte-
americana. Taes difficuldades nao somente affeotam o estado de animo da pessoa
senao tambem tendem a diminuir os beneficios das bolsas de estud6s que a meudo
se conferem a estudantes latino-americanos. Corn o fim de evitar ate onde f6r
possivel tao desagradaveis experiencias, ideou-se o piano destas pessoas pres-
tarem exame nos seus ,respectivos paizes, antes de tomar os passes definitivos pa-
ra entrar em uma universidade dos Estados Unidos.
Este annoy o plano a que nos referimos, ensaiado em 1930 com-notavel exito.
em varias capitaes europeas, foi ampliado consideravelriente a fir'de servir aos
universitarios ou futuros universitarios de 30 paizcs differences, Figuram nes-
ta list a'maioria das Republicas Latino-Americanas, sendo que istp se conseg(iiu
em resultado das actividades da Seccgo de Cooperaqao Intellectual da Uniap Pan-
SAmericana e da boa voriade da Junta encarregada dos examnens de entrada as univer-
sidades dos Estadosfbuo3^ege Entrance Ecamninations Board). Devido a exiguidade
de tempo, este anno/ no tern sido possivel nomear examinadores para todas as capi-
taes da Hispano-America, mas no anno proximo espera-se extender tal privilegio
a todas ellas.
No mez de abril, os estudattes dos pontos mai.s apartados da terra, que tenham
interesse em fazer'estudos geraes ou de especializacgo nas universidadis norte-
americanas, prestarao exactamente a mesma prova, seja na Europa, na Asia ou na
America. Exercergo as funcqces de examinadores, pessoas idoneas nomeadas depois
de acurada consideracao para des-mpenhar tao delicada tarefa. 0 exame tern Por
fim ceterminar os corhecimentos das pessoas no que se refere a comprehensEo do
iiglez oral e escripto, e a correceab em esdrever e a facilidade em se exprimir
nesse idioma. Como j6 ficou dito,.a sua funcqao especial consiste emnevitar
estorvos e gastos desnecesaarios aos estudantes, facilitando desta maneira a sua
adaptacqEo a un meio Ja de si extranho. Por outro lado, estas provas facilitarao
para as universidades a tarefa de determinar se as pessoas que solicitam algum
privilegio especial, ou simplesmrnte adcbiissab aos cursos, estgo capacitados para.
tirar o devido aproveitamento dos seus estudos. A
Damos a segair os nomes dos examinadores nomeados para o Brasil, corn a ad-
vertencia de qul as pessoas interessadas devem dirigir-se a ellel immediatamente
para se inform nmarem sobre a data exacta do exame e outsos particulares:
Mr. S. Walter Vashington, Terceiiro Secretario da Erbaixada dos Estados
* Jnidos'da America, Rio de Janeiro;'Mr. C. T. Stewart, Presidente do Mackensie
College, Sao Paulo.

I 7507


Mir. J L. iggins,
Canal ,onQf i'..o rimenflt f-c ... Lns
.,,',.t, Cxavl Zone.

1rod6; r r'sivec 1?JlO In -oUr l1fcter of Feb. 14
I u msentioneD the a'ountcue for air eLpr"s :. oeing .1:. j
h t.efr from ,,,. 6A-tt 'iood, 2 o!ia Ji ,... J e C1teent at Incon,
-A-c.: th e amount ft !i. J thought it ; iTit ab of soe pos-0-
siole vmlue to have; tlis t- on hand. So .- n, '. e con-C
cs.mec., ::, spent; deidedly oe thyn th' dollar in rsp:rstion
ant sending of t si feed,-.: to the -n-ir voul be out tht
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"1 '" ;; : .- i.3" j :VL';i L?; *: .* 'L l 7e i" ,.~ off 1 i' v w 1" M o ri,'>. c^ t' ^r' --

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0...d of ,o1a: s (iveJ .i: ou.r ).-L t :, : .. -1. ri,.1c3;. 2. have not
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*ust ;:o1) 3s.' 2.; i of his h: .o io.;-y <: oil,. time. i
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Sot. y:.. con s .c--be. tu. t:ith +"" t s U= b-? ..i.. i. d .o..
i t o. ... 2.. K .v e a: oiis i ta l

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i-s : o, "f s -ors;. .: to u'- thtim, it 'ili ,e mil- they ,;\ .3 in ;-
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c::nzc fch:e i...d.r-,, -l.., Di,:Lcricb, ex^&,p!'ibi-n"g foU,:', ;::-= ,. ; re .enfced in the Sftu
c!t... .. 1, t j '.a r vL, 1 2

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t.,b :.hio.t t..e .. ot i c: ;.- i.., r-t:ru. 2 >:) ...t i; t. : d1 o ;d..ou i7

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K;:J]. "c,) t.d j.f n 23 ::Lores L.to0: ix. it.

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DI2 11 A. 12 VhE or 120t,,i)2

I L- a 7"u, r,.-,. od f n -0 eo
l 1,c2I

- 1-


November 11, 1931.

Dr. P. H. Rolfs, 2 /
Esola Superior de Agriculture e
Estado de Minas Geraes,
Vicosa, Brazil, South America

Dear Doctor Rolfs:

Your letter of October 16th has been received. I have looked in the
letter files but do not find a letter from you (or the general manager)
Of August 1930. I have one of June 17th giving definitions of bosque, matta,
cerrado, etc. of great interest to me. The next letter is October 31
telling me that the "fracas" was over, that the white paper sent to you
had been used by Mrs. Mexia, etc.

I am so sorry I did not have the directions for sending the grasses.
I hope' the statement "sem valor" brought the packages to you direct,
that they did not go to Bello Horizonte. I should have written earlier
for directions, or have waited for this letter from you before sending the
packages. I shall be terribly distressed if they fail to reach you.

I hope the Escola will develop some young botanist who will enjoy
caring for the herbarium. Dr. Diehl of the Division of Mycology here is
to send you the first set of duplicates of the fungi. I think I wrote
you that some six new species of smuts were published--I asked the author
(forget his name, here in the Department of Agriculture) to send you

I am glad Mrs. Mexia made so good a collection. Vigosa will be
classic territory and a century hence botanists will be combing its hills
for "topotypes". I hope capim gordura will not have taken all the country.
I have been wondering why we do not receive her grasses. We have seen
none from Rio Doce yet nor anything later than 1929 or early 1930. Is the
Escola set of'her plants being mounted? I sent a number of mounted speci-
mens in my packages which may give a young mounter some ideas.

Thank you for A. MUda de Citrus. I have read quite a bit of it--good
practice I sent to the library for your article in the Pan American
Magazine, but they sent Spanish instead of Portuguese. I guessed through
most of it. Isn't the man on p. 98 of Mudas Jose Aquino?

The American Society of Agronomy is affiliated with Ai.A..S. and meets
with it each winter. I fine president is Dean W. W. Burr, University of
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska; Secretary, Dr. P. E. Brown, Iowa State College,

2--Dr. P. H. Rolfs
C- Ames, Iowa. Professor Hitchoock is going to be in Ames next week.
I shall give him a memorandum on Dr. A. Menezes. It may be his name could
be presented at the meeting in December-January. Professor Hitchcock is
rejoicing in another grand daughter. There are now three boys and four

Love to Clarissa. I shall be glad to hear from her. With very best

Sincerely yours,

Agnes Chase, Associate Agrostologist.

Office address: Smithsonian Institution.

.Losa Min.s ae

M -lv i 9 91

M T, >ti' ~ :>4~~

~LiL~. ~

~ o~ *

in ~
flL At. .AC. .*)

______.-i 4 in. -.'- 1 te'" c.^ _
u.- LL 3 J, y AU .-

SL ..L. 1 : *... .. I ; *J... bL. or i ; J
-1- e^ ^ s i' >' ^ -'i.6;^ / 'i !-* j ^ ^ -^ *'. .- \^ f^ ^-''. i
(;* i ?' \ '. -'J L X I -- ; .1- ,; -. ..' i
*^~~~ i ^^ i : .:-^ .ci -,/ ,;n : m /u utj 0

* r~t L 1 -

t --i-

LAL rid

I.;ie2 it
j'0 ... co


D t v: ui

v.:... t- D U-is-

1: it 3

-~u~ ~u

- ~*;*.

Viqos:,, Minr .. r s.

S-e M :,o de 1831.

iExm 2 Snr.
D Joo Candido Fe r-.. Fn'
In -tituto .".*.jr.,,-.omi.o, _!)
i:-1...t .,'i'-..'., P .t* ,n ".,

S Ui .! e or,.li, :0'.

VE.nio 2 mieio t. f 'I'O' a. 1 ..j silenc1i, que se
t.n rwtila* .bre nos,' ^*-i noti-.ii .io nLi tfttuto e die
t -m m -,iiti da ,i r e no .*.
V. S.

-, ct '.jt de offei-ecer a V S.
'..,::mpL .' "Rerv.Lsta dte --cuLtura (Vol. VI, ls 1 e 2),
que conte'm t .tigo nosso, ..T' A cteiro". E'muito
prov^', u e ,0 :--uc.:." i. *os d !:,. tim lI m ram
muito m .. i, sendo est.s qu .lid es muito superiors *.s
gerB 'Initme enoAm ... -n -.Im -n mis resist--.rites ao
f 'io,

inoa no nr6s tam :Ado *-3sivel -.z:lpr o -.o d.-jo
de vi-.Itar aM, o que, 2-v...n, pov v.lm.ate poii se ter
30reali'' O:.-.2 -I ..Lz I.0 se tornaram ajormaes.

S .. mo: O ou V- .,, $.:-,-,, ,1 ." sai .e.4. ,.u:. a ,--'.cola de
ici t, 1t .i .ui vae bern, -.z... d c>ri. oes de arise g.0-al
.* .:'mlca* .,';ib mais da t c-)to e 's. "nt luai-os, e^-.tre
est.. Murnm. :o r1 p e -'d t; .icto .. -
d 1 1':m :. t o t .0-; ... o Po.L L:'i n.o
r, r *. f > iat .-.j v"-n-.'.) dois d. t 1,' -iil -o de Rio
Gr .T '.o -al1.

:jno: vo tos ,Jal. *.Oia Vuada p. L. e. S.

.-u .c" vo-m:, "'A)m leva.. -tima,
T--: V. 5., -ra g .;fc e oi>.)

.,iolfs Con:.ultor '.''ico de
., "ulftL. ao M e M .: e N C -;-3

P :C

A ~ ~

Vigosa, Minas Geraes..

9r.,- de 1931.

L' : -irr
Dr. Luiz T'elippe de oou L-L -.:.o,
i,."; M' u -z ade Abrant-:. i: ,
Rio de J-r.ilxo.

Si quj V. S. 2ic .-'** multo .iml .do em .oceL')r ura
e .t minha, .oiL. ter pa:, o ailt tempo d sde t.-oc .mus c::tas
ou vi ;ita :-*"m, 1 m o -:)mam muIto pr a nos a, vista ao
tio de '. ., e-m C '.mp'-, r ..'e. Tenho 7-- -t *.e e s r co
-tf. prog2: i-_ '.io,o e se as m g .. si. t o boas .,'m t:.. :.

jm out. .:.,Vi.mo3 a V. j. um ..x3m I'1 r aa "ft-ivist.-.
0!L ..gticuitur& (JVo.. vi., i 1, e 2 ), que contem um o .-v- -tigo
n'sso, sowe t racat- aS *mnto .. a: ,ms d3 inter-s;e a V. i.
'"M u )e V, s i a l0,u
.-'. -m u .. o eseci-iim?nfte texLcea-
lent, p'a .t el .- ..- Im pot de abae'ceiros ml ".s quali-
oes, Poa a ser !ue V. j" tam p-ov-. ...s. as w.ried'.., que s;
-r a o)ter-' dls -f~~os U .~ s

mi aaiJ u do.% o annos p.Ss s, s -ia Di r;,2 -c-, de,
c'S Paulo, .m -.o tou tod.s :.s N-t Am- ic-.ia's, e gem
.li1-c.- o optimos :..ult .: comn su :ertia. G2 Q i.'r
miostrr um tu --'-o s eua viv-tlo. Denr' o .e -..B ou z ois -s,
-v. t '. .-'om--,to .ra in:ci r .v d.Is
m.l v.1v M. FL. S 010 0 mm't tvL _a
m I"* '' d,: -;',,volv- m. ceoeffos c .l;'c_ 0 --a ; xfc nSa -U: u l.n
..col., m.s p it.vos fo ia, m .or n1o f:1 m A.d m-. te
t,- t ..t t)s -' '., tenao se .iL-.o ..i vC', s d Ls q.ilid -.i.s. Tam-
} m nao tern sio siv 1 iniciar a su pro i m D: tro
ter Iguim s .. ,.. i, LdJ ..., t'V ;m-j...i, ., e p,.to-id m ini '.r
S vm '- .. pro i .. por enx.''.a.

m Vi~osaS o;.S 71.. ,qu, as mu_;;,s 3 pas ,..''LLco, .s
v "edads .. .. .-m.i:.., vicjj'.m mi,,to m,.i iluxuriantm t e do
q *. i, uaL ;. *in .ntes dcf s ..'' o 'mmutuirn-:iV a t' dt s.

T m .-. o ultim m t'-. n, s jor..:.e, o '. .
Sa.- G ij, poeido 3- fe o oio r V -m em
S..' 1 c m.-',. tio r; d u. im .,t h... unfs J nxos ?, wm Wfs -
ington, esteja o in ..m0:., )dimos o ,.) iLo rde r it
os nossos cum.L imS os e -.m ,. -o sut e:-'o0ss ie re. i r
L.m visit: aqui ". c .-.cola. Ter mo.s i ito p"" .r, ,. 'j n m. 3im
......e'er ,qLui "6 ,, e ai : _mO.. ,ccsttr~rf'm -Amk t: de int:..'-
.:, ." que <;:. vT im val- .- peaia. Dui ; -:.. ...- s ..m na .
no:tur---. do lo, p t-.i .. 8 d', noite. FeU n'o a?' 'is
,u V.-L ; S e
do Rio, pi. passar quaisi "..;m di.. e mio 0.tuI, no sndao vi-gem
inuito in.comm.- `a.
? .. eit os no".-os cum :i --..-i.os. b;; -.j-me
cPm es-icm .t g

8 1' 31
@~ M.... 5

*,I ** V t i .3 a* i-"" n -)Ut i
L. .J oii. i,"',.u O e I
.Uidi- cino .h o covor we apc oV *L g m. d.

it w
WO.P ; .". ...l d tt- : '-. t .. Jin s a. _z. ...^^. p m! c 'i.oU -

L. t,6 ., t ie so7

jc 2j:; -s ^cu; f orir-fLc *)* .. flt; n th 'm.;
is it --t.*1~
1v ,1 d .en t._.I t..' so t m y of t .
., t *io. a.; s Git! ., -a ..... iut ay t if
ths ,;gns t IS m ,-r-t or !e ss e;. j.,' .-*c *we 1' t
t 18. I- 1 ,m 5 pc s 0:,- 3 Of I .m ....

1... ':. ,m'<.t tn B'-:- 6 ." s t to-9e n
. ,:.,- o n ia lo Gois r/" ;.t -:'.," ..... P.'.. .t
-"_* .t ti on .; :-': }riC@ on 'ii," I I
i .i ht I I .:. to
cat,"-: mr bi-it;.'t: <,-.d -; f ,-l. th.. lt ,n. .... a,
"A', visits t .

. ;". salad I'"-,. '. G ma Ifcc.-li, ,r, -;" Poiish',
LeZve it is. Of;O".; .^'ie nth'
sha j 3-, .....) f ,t 1 .: .,. s n t ml -d
*" *.--.. .,. *'.< '..- jf!!; j^ Ii.: thek ofcu ,er one ,.-l,,*

2ais fair'l_ .Y'iI i.?...' tima .t
7 S&;.:.- with '". i ls .. I.s.. one onc o in, ?-. vM l e _o:,

I ,u hs t~.ez ou .m.'ve in op: /ortunit,',.
-'*i. **? al'. ... so, : : 9 Os fr B t i:d'
". O *. :. .v zel o

* .*.-~. .qF!Ar.4.I -

'--\"o" 8si

:., I .. .1

; 1-strang||

^.,," .- D
;,, a", .-" -"'* *
"feio,, : --- affirma aqeIf
it a ser, nilm proxim
.',. exporiadores dIe .
', '-4 '? '. --* '.
"lI Soh, *de Haivana, pu-bUlcdL
.inte .Santes deplarae4es do Dr.' .
Wi golfs, seientihta, e 6ducador huc '
Ae 1nO 1eNriC no, q'ue estiA dirlIndcp :*-
E 'gricuttura ne'-
'tacJdade,. sotbr o .Brasil e, o; r.
',.ridentte,Arthui -Bernardes.' '
Ntreo u-tras"&oisas, disse o 1Sr,
,' s6 t '. '
E'',te o moment pan-oa.os s
^tQ i ,'11dog estab]eoelrem as, 1 1;-


1 mllu wre
, .. *** "' ;* ," -, *

__ __ "- ,[,,
tiitsta, -- que o Brasil
,i-r., un dos principaes
"o do muudo". .
Bd4iros:. no, Que dia respei-to & .ma-
maaims sclentiffca de produ-
j&..B.asiJ esat protegido contra as
i," pois toda semante que im- E
V.e devidametite funiugada.
.tiUgmento de" consunmo de al-
nos Etados' Irnldos, levar.
no~zes ... ..
1i0ezes a .augimentarem as -|uas
rtprh .de blotidAo" no Brazil.
o-mmecrado',-do oaft estA bern or-

y. *~ ,~

.'f.'relig(e ?s ". nomicascoO .ad ha, ipno&m, ainda. gran-
j l' a 4nerR. Su-1 Or-innpBlz.T1. eQpR mdada para applicar a'
apBoti' o Bra,' cuj.sL.rez-rpoeW oduc -oa' principlos- scionifi-
H"iLattrlas primas ao abund.n-'. o .:. ,
C ,0 ". '^ ,-T r : ^ s"
St~ OS .Un ." ."Prodi4e 'tambern o Sr. Rolfs" um
t:l de pai0z; .n a pJLadea4 rp'pid0 esenvolvimento da induitria
. e eo tdo de kaw d16 a. *ar-no Basil.
riMirhprtas ao 4-2. e6.cortavjor ?de
s mnanufactul-ad; por; i- Afar..,.u agriculitur, considera
On:-aiiu dslai a aa attn- este .engrnente professor.. a.. exporta.-
i= tc nercad-si a-xpormtfdored'" 'dko do:Xbrro cpmo o progresso mals
rf. laitia.'ond&' j6.'6 grande a', sniItk.d Tivo .do Brasil, enim-cujo sub-.
fAenila'-'de. Crnmcezes e ingle- '.lo'f".dli existir as maiores jazt-
f '- cSia ; _d Tnundo.
itnd-se A questro agriaola '--DIoJb de outras conslderactes de
t1. ona3b se encontra ha .qua- som-hos importancia; o Dr. Rolfs
pioflO5,:aslni *se expresou.- I eriinft Pnor attirribuir o estado flo-
e1o _,-pue o Brasil vlr& a ser. 'cue se' encontra o pain
0iip 1oi1io future. Lnm do -prin- ao a ii actual president, o Sr. Dr.
4 expp tadores de algoo'do o ArtlA-7ernardes, grande estadls-
,'E3 continua.- utilisando as- ta cdt, ;p-.-0.-sue *um conhecimento
nyadt- norte-americanas e i s- proftun;a das neceseidadea economi-
as, os'.seus traballiadores e fa-. cas do -Biasll.
B &'

t YORK ,

uuPOWf a. i x *zOt~tui do 118
do $1.142.329.671.53 e o seu
m os'.. deo $100 OOS.OO.oo quo
q* uantlgA reauBWV ulria-, .1
appo e tevole"SMr. v6g *lepmo
ntlauca bam tun'ada.
Rio Branco-
S F TH.. f

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.c *agens do Idivorcio completion .
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1. absurdo 4o gxq emoe-d6'ioio'l ICa11
: eP 4qivi1, aIljltapd'pGp -ffl6 agi0p- a
peparac.o de corponir o de.sqtfter
Spole o porinltte pel. *imWles Wtv
ponsentimento. e nlq RF rsit.|lq .
repovaqao do casamento. A spla
Rqeppr4Ro 4e corpos6 mua'.vIpl
: Via contra a liberdade ildividut
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travagante, ba e mmwda -e VO&91iJV
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tonhap ie qaaapbn t9, maJEi Ittka-L
dese4 q49 a. exerlnciI> torn m-%9u
tradij, Jaj uopulut *U.Sij i^v11t
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4fallicimento ,ae aggravou emn-tj
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-nas dobrao densas deste pa.c4
Ikc$d1i4mo da actuqlidade, que
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-p8a aeaipi~pping. dra. a *vjveino~aq.
'1 a t a0 q 'urip.adae electric fl,) f:
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, ,.pn,,pq Marrvisino" mora1, .'U
;viqwantau .U. Vaz..aB ult iOs 7es-
.q4i.os suayes e. tradicionaes_-.
]gi.algia antlv.a. ..
oo 11 jiAs g" 69 nq mpg $90"
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brenhah S ecaq da 1fmpha rma.&9
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rev1" ajntdi,1V an tasett dooie go
binomra, % SflSra g1 ijrdg, 149a-
59 coxlijde d A ragfuss
redea retemada. da inwntaria-.- ADO
pjgdo no nflu.da Drdeo0 EOVEati
tomato peip'. reqa do1posao
gibbe cs' coenas allfos fatIv5ICr o
gentt pirn, a elegantcra'l.
rais.aypo d4 .trova quo do etanMI
na poeIL6 doirdak e trajicia di are-.
flt, (rue aruerv'eaavi d moldia-iaa'
ktrbq bol andau ?90E P$ 4e aloE-
roua, saqudido (eroament na s::as-
*poe do laura dilacetfafo` no cilia,
ibe sroaega a! Ila .i .., %.


L, (>B0 L4oo 14w B

meo^m 0 U".

fl S g I1

D g ...

My dear D1 im. .2

A V-.. weeks -go vXe .. *...*iv >" ;.oa 0'. of
:L.I to.-1os ft' t .u Ve *.ut out o .om tL.-.i ,. O' ...
>'-1 .Ltri.. :Kj:: in t:^ i1:rth ca.f. t. 1- ': isv *-'f

l-. LZCV r 2$ li' tiv" *,- :-* : "/.: -' t ct
p.../ ._f "a R, t t.g '.L ,iltur ", v.i vl, .: i .
-n p g .-. .ill ti. .,,1 -CrtL .Lr .- us .n ", Ja a-
tL.'o," I tL,.._ ... .illi of' int 'cft u: you4

1 .. L .otf this ,"ith o, r .*m 3 .m *L..
I a :m ..' of e QuiniP ; P I
I noti K wheO i; m:_- you sa tt t' t e- T ..m '
g.:' L it is .... .' 1:; .g "t um. d boL.
,Cit:u.; ;.3. ; :. .j t .."fc i.2 t' --. t' t .^-
Triumph v la.' h S .. .'' '-.d. is t ...;.1t-.'1l tie
.i'c t c uth-u At' .'_. v:.'iC-tie: of i 'af.'-it. it i1
Lite t.... th.e .,t r-aid is a t1 .._ .,
ff-, .. 1. .// .

.V_.' trul:' y.''.,

t a, Zif ., 1)i .j*.tl J.: .b.;,\.i oo G -
/.g.imut'. a 1 cM Gr5
i '; *" i'
'* .LI "; '




<" -* *' : '.. .

1. Ill


-~ '~111 -> I. -.

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- L:i ;

-- .-.~ ~.

'4 LL1

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'"' i-J ^^

^./ i

9efe alat afmmeiexi e 97na/liwJ4 ale 9Q11al/t aeif c 9-5&f QAStifd
StDE: aa _s__, S6
e ar. si 2=-so- ew Teleph., 2-3023 =

Sao Paulo 7 d~e i'arqo de 1931

._i xmo Sr. Revmo. James Kennedy / 2,-/' .-7i/ ....,"

Presado amigo :-

Dadas as suas ralagoes de amizade corn o Sr.B.Humnnicutt
,lente da Escola Agricola de Lavras,Minas,solioito a sua interferen-
cia junito ao ~esmio,afim de coniseguir a sua mediagao perante o GOVER-
no do ESTADO DE -IJAS,no sentido do meu servioo ser approveitado pe-
Como sabe,sou fori:.ado pela ESCOLA AGRICOLA LUTIZ DE QUEJ
-roz,neste ESTAD0, esta-belecimnento,esse,por demais conhecido em todo
Paiz-Sou da t'-iria de 1909,tendo,portanto,vinte annos de vida pratica
Durante esse lapso de tempo exerci os seguintes cargos:
Auxiliar da Coiii..isso Para Ensaio da Cultura do Trigo,neste Estado,
Ajudante do Inspector Agricola Federal,Ceara,(1911-1912
Inspector Agricola Federal X1912-1913)
Director do Ca,,. o de UeaLonstragao de 'avoura Secca.(1912-1913),em P

Pernambuco e Ceara(1914)
Director da Escola Agricola "Luiz Ribeiro,Ceara (1915)

Gerente das Uzinas de Algodao e Oleos,da Cia, Industrial de Algodao

e 6leos,Ceara e Parahyba (1919-1920)

Inspector da 3a. Re;iao Agricola do Estado do Ceara (1917)
Encarregado do Recebimento e Armaze.a.:ento do Material para as Gran-

des Barra
Auxiliar do Servigo Estadoal do Algodao (1924-1925-1926)

Director da FAZEiiDA DE SEMENTES DE SAI:TAREM,Para (1927-1928)

SlDE: ____ 4c56
FuAa si a/o 21-so. ---- 2 = Teleph., 2-3023 =


Clefe de Culturas do Haras Paulista (1928-1929)

Contractante para a Installagao de urma Oultura de Forraens Finas

para o Governo do Estado de Sao Paulo, (Forga Publica)(1929-1930)

Gerante da Fazenda Zootechnica de Byington e Cia(1930)

Do-promeiro tri balho solicitei minha demissao

por ter conseguido collocagao corn ordenado maior;do 20,por promogao

corn elogio;do 30 por promogao;do 4 por extincgao do Servigo pelo ex

-Ministro Edwiges de Queir6z;do 50por demissao;do 60,por nomeagao;do

70,)or transferen,'oa;do 80,por io ,;do 90,por pedido de demissio

;do 10,por demissgo;do 110 por ter findado o contract.
Quanto a primeira demissao motivou-a ter

eu me inco,,iiatibilizado como o ex-inspector das O.ras Contra as Sec-
cas corn quern a Cia. precisava .anter boas relagoes.Quanto a ultima,.

trata-se de urma c mpanha de difamagao movida contra mim pelo ex- Di-

rector do Haras Paulista (contra cujas acousagoes consegui nrovas ex

-i Fadoras,tendo i,.leJiot.,.:te sido honrado corn urn contract do o

mes,:io Governo,e em condigQoes muito mais vantajosas do que tinha no

Haras Paulista.
Dos Drs. Dias Martins, Alves Costa,G.G.

Bolland,e Joao Thome de Saboya e Silva,obtive elogios,pelo born des-

ei.penho do Servigo.
Durante esse temio de trabaLho dedi-

quei mais a cult.'ra,selecggo e hybridJa.o do algodio ,ujo assutmpto

conhego bem.

No decurso de trez annos estive trabal

-hando corn o especialista inglez G.G. Bolland,disci-culo de Lawrence

alt Kwmee4 Q/nc e;- al PAyaaecia.4 ale Qeta QAaLle
StDE: P__ 9 5 "e, a a/a -&,;, osfa, 1496
Q/Ida e% e

Bolls,tamnbem inglez,enviado especial do Governo Briyanioo,para a for

:&,.co dos typos de a.l,. odgo de fibra longa,rem Cairo,E'.yto.

Alem do que acabo de dizer devo accre-

cet:r que sou filho de urn dos f;. zenJei:.os iu,is adiantados que este

*stado teve,dur...te o tempo em que viveu.-A sociedade de E. Pyles &

Irl'ao,da qual foi urn dos sooios o meu pai Ezequiiel Belton Pyles e o

outro Adonyram Judson Pyles,de ganta Bar:c-.ra,neste Estado,foi honra-

da corn urn DIPLOMA DE HONRA DO 20 LOGAR ,como a,,ricultores modernissi

-moe,que foram. ,
Como filho de gato e gatinho,eu invooo

urn pouco dessa honra para mim mesmo,-ois devo ter herdado urn pouco

daquelle fino gosto que tinham por urma lavoura scientifica,scienti-

ficsceaite feita.

Para referencias podemin os interessa-

dos se dirigirem as seguintes pessoas:-

Dr. Francisco Dias Martins,Director Geral de Agricultura do Minister

-io da Agricultura-Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Alves Oosta,Superintendente do Servigo Federal do Algodao,Minis-

terlo da Agricultura,Rio de Janeiro.

Dr.Francisco de Assis Iglesias,Serviq6 Flor stal do Brazil,Gavea,Rio

de Janeiro.

G.G. Bolland,aos Ouidados do Sr.Pierce Secretario do Beaureau of Corm

-merce, London, Inglaterra.

Senator Joao Thome de Saboya e Silva,Rio de Janeiro.

Beenardo Lorena,Chefe de Secqko da Secretaria d'Agricultura9Sao Pau-

Con. iardante da Forga Publica deste Estado (Joviniano Brandao.

StDE: ____, c ____ 4a9 6oa 1
e,,fa e7csi a3onacw, 2,-soe. 75 = Teleph., 2-3023 =


Presenternmente o meu enderego e o seguinte (RUA LIBERO BADAR6 NUMERO
40-3o andar-sala 15-Sao Paulo) ou aia Maranhao '71-S.Paulo)

Antecipando o meu ad,radecimembto,o que,

Spernhoradissimo,fago,continuo,corno sempre,


Groveru ray Pyles/

Viqosa, Min s Gn"ae3,.

7 .e N rqo 'Ie 1931

Dr. A. AtCaLuL.-off,

Escola 1'-gricola Luiz de .u-ai. oz,

Pir -:-c.-ba, c .de 0-0"- P,,-,ulo.

S u ,. oe -. z' a'.^

Junt m-Bnt!' om -c:ta -gau'- .. iml.,rttan i. de
', :JO (vi'ite mil, pel& ;,u..i ,?imos o f.=.vor de

1*,-..r remett.:'-nos Un -, Bie l .r; .I.2i.. "Revlsta de

Agricultu.:.", corespon nt- ao mezzs 6.? J._uneiro-Fev-_-'iro

d:-,te rnno (Vol* VI, P 1.2.). ..

Serm mais -or ,jet sutscrevo-me, corn elev.da --tim.,

De V. b., .g .tV ooge

FP. ..Moi1>, uJnLsultor nico .e
Ag -i :ultu, do t e dloi; s G.r es.

P R.:C

ANN .. ........ .. ........ ..... ... I. ........ Is 'A EW A-& ........... I.. ... .. ... WREN .... ..... ... . Novo vVy" SIR mom ..... .. ..... .. OWM KIN Mow I -c -A M- -I omwa- 1, -Awn "Fj&nn wQaW__q__ A _qr yn- j.'an M" m ... .... .. 9-c ... .. .... aw -Lya wa vyt F_"wwv Ann Mwv- n S. WNW M A- ...... ... All; Afn ....... ... _q M zoo z ..... ..... No-S, o now

... ......i.

-- 41 ...........

-, x.


*. t

- r 44,
~ .4'

- A


March 4, 1931.

* .. I. ifl
I --



Miss Clarissa Rolfs, P
c/o Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria,
Minas Geradir .F

Dear Vts Clarissa,

-' Your'letter of the 27th of February just came
* and I was extremely glad to receive the news.

S. The "mudas" left ljst thursday withka most
fervid "gragas a Deus" on my ;art as the ship left
Sthe harbour'of Rio.



7 Dierberger did very good workA sending one
of the brothers (not the one I met in Sao4Faulo) to
aassitt us- l' readespatchi -the "mudas" in Rio.

b **:. .4i
Every available inch of decicspace on the'
steamship '"Maranguape" looked as though it had broken
out with a bad caje of citrus fever. In fact I never
imagined that 4,000 odd "mudas" would take up so much
space. They even placed crates on the Captain's bridge,
and it will be a feat of no small accomplishment to .
get them unloaded at Santarem,where, I upderstand,there
are 'no dock'cranes. *

We wired Bahia and Acife to contact the
.*.. ." Captain of th# boat to see that our recommendations for
handling en route are being carried out, and Also liberally
,; .- ... tipped the boat personnel to give the "midas" a little
"... drink once in a while (not whisky, gin or salt wate~r). -

I have asked Part to let me know in detail as
to how the shipment arrive, and also to give me a report
from time to time as to how their orchard progresses,
*and vll&take a great deal of pleasure in forwarding the
,reports as I receive them to*your father, as I know and
deeply appreciate his interest.

We had the pleasure of seeing this morning a
Mr.HaI1, one of M;.Cox's Forest "nenneers, who spent
some months in Pata, and who told us many things about
the Company's activities there. Feeling that your father
might be intezr-ed, I am attaching some pictures taken


4': ~.


. o ..1' ";
., ,- ..* T '

S.:.-" + \.t ; .- ,"

.: .* .,- A

.. / on'tth
V pencil
:. .-+ '* '
M ,

f or n






'e plantation:. You will notice that
led on the back of each.
4.4 *
It'was more than good news to
Lab been entirely rejuvenated. Give
ie .4'

a I
there is a legend

heir that the
him a good t

Wl you do me ,the favor please of giving my
.v A very bestregards to your father and my other friends
rt!-jl ih Vinsga.




I. '~*'
;ttC 4y2%

~ r
-.4 P~* ,1
~:,~&A1~ vs

" ?t '. .
Incl. -. ,
Ph,-tos. '

When you are thru with the
snapshots, will you please
return them pB they're the
only ones I have. '
4' .- '* I I.
-,4.. 4.
.. r,1:, +, &.e. 47, ..' : "," Aq- ... r ,;

h W
-------------- ...... ....

L 4. -

--,*l. ,." .

..+ .,; .

.*v ,



%+s:.;. ,t
... .'.. ... .....

,' ,*, .+. *^ ..



5, 'S



-" -r* -


5 4.
* '. h a
+.?" ,:-

. $



' A

N ", .




zz ....?f

IV 5

. .. .....

i 'A
'. ..

.. I -.

'~. S

( y c -i (7 ......
^/' L



ma-, .r, t-?)

Jo3 u i m: cu Mn eilA ULI ti t,L

0~ u
t -s oUk it
.j jO ..*.... tUi' -i .u :--' U"--*t .*.^ doI ; s'hd

t:: ... ='~. ii, >s i t ;. fcii'.sr futu '. ,

t. o

_, ..:. *: d.;. pla ,nS y.r ?our ,pr. *ssj. 7" l>.t
t ... ..... .. (Jun -..u ui.. ), o,:rir on 7
..... U .... c; .. ..ul -

t, L:olle >ad -.' wiAs oup Al* i .. 1 f- .j "i
Su o- ,io ay ....ered. Ten States ar- r-,,e-
td.C sfcUdenf ,. :iy ..,< aoout i.' ".i"'
/<.......> Iits .-'or ua.!i" >,.'.. f ':.. o : ^ t., ... S ; -z -ii*

T...: '. onEl tle .ouLTh h -e ol In t. u.' tiou,
d of ou.'o :t i lc '. to > n. T -
-..9 .! Q Of ins ru.c ton a' etcr n' van Iowa v
_- :': : r .i ffch and f:.r better tr n those of tde
a!. l 61!-., of 'ny _,ute at. M.

P. -.-1 ", 'n.n-ulftor Te-'".nico
i ,-ultu 0".. dIo d. "cJ ML. I

p R. I


Lake Wales, March 4, 1931.

Entries from all towns in the Highlands up to January 17, 1931.



Girls and Boys:-


Girls or Boys:-

Solo Lgrades); Solo (High School); Glee
club Chigh school).
Solo (grades); Solo (High School).
Mised Chorus (grades); Mixed Chorus (High

Piano Solo (grades); Piano Duet (grades);
Violin Solo (grades); Piano Solo (High
School); Piano Duet (High School); School
Bands; Orchestras.


Women: -


Women and Men:-

Soprano Solo, Contralto Solo, Duet
(Soprano and Contralto), Trio, Quartet,
Women's Chorus, Mixed Chorus.
Tenor Solo, Baritone Solo, Bass Solo, Duet
(Tenor and Bass), Mixed Duet (Soprano and
Baritone), Trio, Quartet, Solo for Men
over 60, Men's Chorus.
Mixed Chorus, Church Choir.


Women or Men:-



Piano Solo, Violin Solo, Organ Solo, Town
Bands, Orchestras, Baritone Horn Solo,
Drums and Piano, Brass Quartet (High School
and Men), Family Orchestra of Six, Cornet
Solo, Hawaiian Guitar, Dance Orchestra.

Folk Dancing, Aesthetic Dancing.

Essay (High School; Essay (Adults);
Original Poem (High School and Adults).


One-Act Play:-

Class A.
Class B.
Class C.

Dramatic Readings:-
Class A.
Class B.

High School

High School

Water and oil paintings, Crayon work, and Photography.


relative to
The Eisteddfod of the Scenic Highlands
La'-e Wales, March 4, 1931.

To All Committee Members
and to Educators Interested:

The following points are based on the decisions of a joint
meeting of members of the Program, Finance, and Publicity Committees
at Cody Villa, January 21, 1931.i

FRIENDLY RIVALRY:- The competitive idea will be strictly
maintained throughout in vocal and instrumental music; in dramatics
and in essays except where there may be only one entry in a classi-
fication. All entries close Feb. 10.

MEMORIZING:- All musical selections must be memorized
(except for orchestras or bands).

ADULT ESSAY:- The subject of this essay is "How Can the
Citrus Industry of Florida be Effectively Organized." Contestants
must be residents of the Scenic Highlands or directly employed in
the Highlands. Limit 2000 words. Manuscripts to be mailed on or
before February 10th to Grosvenor Dawe, Secretary of the Associated
Boards of Trade of the Scenic Highlands, Lake Placid, unsigned but
with sealed envelope attached, bearing name and address of contestant.
Judges will be announced in February.

HIGH-SCHOOL ESSAY:- The subject of this essay is "The
Scenic Highlands." Contestants must be pupils attending the High
Schools of the Scenic H. .-,hlands. L1,7it 1200 words. The first
elimination is to be mat. if more tian two essays are offered from
any one High School, by the English teacher or teachers of each High
School, who will forward to Grosvenor Dawe, Secretary of the Associ-
ated Boards of Trade of the Scenic Highlands, Lake Placid, on or be-
fore February 10th, the two best manuscripts from each High School,
unsigned but with sealed envelope attached bearing name and address
of contestant. Judges will be announced in February.

0ONE-ACT PLAYS:- All one-act plays will be presented in com-
petition at the High School in Lake Wales and not out-of-doors, owing
to sound difficulties. The hour will be later announced. Eisteddfod
tickets will admit all interested in this contest without extra
charge. Judges will be announced in February. All entries close
February 10th.

ORGAN SOLOS- The competitive organ selections are:
A "Concert Overture" Ra-L, Kinder (originally incorrectly credited to
Hollins; B "Indian Serenade" Vibbard. All organ recitals will be
rendered at the Baptist Church in Lake Wales, owing to the impossi-
bility of giving an out-door performance. The hour will be later an-
nounced. Eisteddfod tickets will admit all interested in this con-
test, without extra charge. Judges will be announced in February.
All entries close February 10th.

CHORUSES:- In the original outline of program it was
stated that choruses must have no less than 20 members equally divided
as to four voices. It has now been decided that 15 members will be
the minimum, with no definite rule as to the number of voices in each

of the four parts. As choruses will be the outstanding element of
the whole program, all communities that have not yet decided to enter
a chorus in competition should do so at once. All entries close
February 10th.

CHILDPREN'S TICiTS:- Each bona-fide contestant among grade
or High School students in vocal or instrumental, literary or dramat-
ic events, will be given a ticket to both afternoon and evening per-
formances at Lake ales, after the closing date, February 10th, and
then only on written authority mailed to Grosvenor Dawe, Secretary of
the Associated Boards of Trade ?f the Scenic Highlands, Lake Placid,
by the Chairman of the Local Committee on Program.

REGISTRATION:- Blanks for all entries will be distributed
to each local Committee on Program before February 10th.

Lake Placid, Chairman, Eisteddfod Committee
Jan. 26, 1951.

CHANGES:- The following are changes up-to-date from the
original program. Tear off and attach to your original programs

One-Act Plays:- On urgent request from a Grade School one-
act plays will be in three classes instead of two. Class A adults.
Glass B high school pupils. Class C grade school pupils.
Vocal Competition:- Mixed Choruses from Grade Schools
now added.
Piano Competition:- Piano Duo for grades added; selection
"Military Parade" Bilbro. Piano quartet for High School added;
selection "Hungary" by Koelling.
Violin:- Mrs. Carl G. Planck- of Haines City, because of
expert knowledge as a teacher of violin, is the new member of the
Program Committee. Changes in the original violin programs have now
boon decided on as follows:
Grade School selections unchanged
High School Violin:A. "Andanto et air de Ballot
Op. 21, No. 6" J. Daube; B "Londonderry Air"
Adult Violin:A. "Serenade" Drdla; B "Sarab.ande"
C. Bohm
A represents advanced and "B" loss difficult
Zylophone or Marimba: A "Overture Raymond" Thomas-
Grooeen; B "Loin du Bal" Gillet-Groen
Baritone Horn, Euphonium, or Trombone: A "Old Ken-
tucky Homo" Goldman; B "At Dawning" Cadman
Bass F i or Sousaphone: A "Thoe Messageo Brooks
B "HRo.kod in the Cradle of the Dooeep" Laurendeau
Cornet or Trumpet: 1A "Vater Witch" Smith; B "Gaiety
Polka"? Hartley.
Clarinet: A "Shadow Danceo" Moyorboor; B "'Borcouso"
from "Jocolyn" Godard.

LLE WALES, J-IZCH 4, 1931.

Classification of Events and Selections Decided
on by the Committee on Program.

A. represents advanced, and
B. less difficult selections.

Girls:- 1st to 8th Grades

High School

High School Glee

Boys:- 1st to 8th Grades

High School

High School Glee

Mixed Chorus for
High School:-

Girls or Boys:-
1st to 8th Grades
Piano Solo:-

Piano Duet:-

Violin Solo:-

A. "The Fairy Crew" by Reginald de Koven
B. "The Lilac Tree" by Gartlan

A. "Her Rose" by Whitney Coombs
B. "I Passed by Your Window" by Brahe

A. "May Morning" by Luigi Denza
B. "Still as. the Night" Bohm-Page

A. "My Shadow and I" by Daniel Protheroe
(Found in Hollis Dann's Music Book
4th year)-
B. "Banjo Song" by Sidney Homer

A. "'.here My Caravan Has Rested" by
Hermann Lohr
B. "Du. "'" by McGill

A. "The Evening Dusk is Falling" by
Charles Wakefield Cadman
B. "Viking Song" by Coleridge-Taylor

A. "Hiawatha's Wooing" by Wilson
B. "The Old Refrain" by Fritz Kreisler

A. "Minuet in G" Beethoven
B. "Canzonetta" by V. Hollander
A. "To Arms" by Lichner
B. "Evening Song" by Kinscella
A. "The Sleigh Ride" by Paul Ducelle
B. "Reverie" by Nicholas Loureux -

(For other instruments selections will be provided as

High School
Piano Solo:-



A. "Norwegian Bridal Procession" by

B. "Scarf Dance" by Chaminade
Piano Duet:- A. Op. 51, No. 1 "Military March in D"
by F., Schubert
B. "Spanish Dance Bolero" by Moszkowski
Violin Solo:- A. Adagio from Concerto, Op. 26 by Max
Bddante et air de B lletLaQp.IucAok6-
hool Band:- verure nedre by Massene y j.Daube
B. "Gypsy Festival" by Hayes
(For other instruments selections will be provided as
... needed)

Soprano Solo:-

Contralto Solo:-

"Come Unto Him" from.Messiah -Handel
"I Love Life" by Mana-Zucca
"A Birthday" by R. Huntington Woodman
"At Parting" by Charles Wakefie364
Ca dman

-Women: (Continued)
Duet (Soprano and Contralto):-
A. "0 Lovely Peace" by Handel
B. "The Barcarolle" by Offenbach
Mixed Duet (Soprano and Baritone):-
A. "0 Divine Redeemer" by Gounod
B. "Oh, That We Two Were Maying" by Alice Mary
Trio:- A. "All Thru the Night"' Fischer
B. "Morning in Spring" by Alexander Matthews
Quartet:- A. "Good-Night, Good-Night Beloved" by
B. "If I But Knew" by Wilson G. Smith
Solo for Women over 60 any voice:-
A. "Annie Laurie"
B. "Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young

Women' s Chorus:-
A. Shepherd's Dance" by Edward German
B. "Twilight Melody in F" by Rubinstein
Mixed Chorus:- A. "My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land" Elgar
B. Allah's Holiday" by Friml

Tenor Solo:- A. "Where'er You Walk" by Handel
B. "The Road to Mandalay" by Oley Speaks
Baritone Solo:-A. "The Blind Ploughman" by Clarke
B."Danny Boy" by Weatherley
Bass Solo:- A. "'Two Grenadiers"
B. "Invictus" by Victor Huhn
Duet (Tenor and Bass):-
A. "Solernna in Quest Ora" by Verdi
B. "Until" by Sanderson
Mixed Duet (Soprano and Baritone):-


Grove Quarte.t:-

Solo for Men ov

Men's Chorus:-

Mixed Chorus:-


A. "0 Divine Redeemer" by Gounod
B. "Oh, That 7e Two Were Maying" by Alice Mary
A. "Morning" by 1Oey S0oaks
B. "My W7i I Irish Rose by Chauncey Olcott

A. Selective
rer 60 any voice:-
A. "Nancy Lee"
B. "Sweet Genevieve"
A. "The Night of a Star" by Daniel Protheroe
B. "Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming" Foster
A. "My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land" Elgar
B. "Allah's Holiday" by Friml
A. Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah Handel
B. "Saviour When Night Involves the Skies" by
Harry Rowe Shelley

Revolutionary Etude Op. 10, No. 2 by Chopin
"Liebestraum" by Liszt
Perpetuum -Mobile Op. 580, No. 6 by C. Bohm
"Serenade" by Drdla
Concert Overture by Hollins
"Indian Serenade" by Vibbard
Overture "The Admiral" by Russell
Overture "Commencement" 'by Barnhouse
"By Candlelight" by Coon
"Traumerie" by Schumann

Adult: -
Piano Solo:-

Violin Solo:-

Organ Solo:-

Town Band:-


(For other instruments selections will be provided as needed)

Men: -



Folk Dancing:-
Folk Dancing constitutes the Iational D;.nces of the different
countries and may be competed for in couple or group.
Entrants may select their own dances, but time nust he limited
to from three to five minutes.
Folk Dancing should be competed for according to age.
Folk Dancing will be judged according to presentation, execu-
tion, rhythm, attention to detail of the dancing, manner-
isms and costuming of the country represented.
Aesthetic Dancing:-
Aesthetic Dancing includes: Classical, Interpretive, Character,
Adagio and Toe.
Aesthetic Dancing may be done in solo, couple or group.
Entrants may select their own dances in the class in which they
wish to compete, but dances must be limited to from three
to five minutes.
Class A. Professional dancers and artists.
Class B. Students and amateur, competing according to
Aesthetic Dancing will be judged according to presentation,
rhythm, grace, technique, execution, expression (both
facial and body), cottuming.
HIigh School:- Essay, "'The Scenic Highlands." Limited to 1200 words.
Adults:- Essay, 'How Can the Citrus Industry of Florida be
Effectively Organized?" Limited to 2000 words.
High School and Adults:-
Original Poem, "Florida*? or "Caloosa Lake."
Poems will be judged upon the four following
points rather than length:
1. Ztrncture
2. Diction
3. Vividness
4. Style
Typewritten manuscripts are preferred but not
One-act Play:-
Class A. Adults
Class B. High School
Choice of play to be optional with producers.
-Time not to exceed thirty minutes.
Judging for awards will be based on:
1. Selection of play 15 points
2. Presentation 50 "t
3. Acting 25 "t
4. Settings 10 "
Note:- Selection has to do with the choice of the vehicle
in comparison with the talent available for its
production. Do not choose a play that is more
difficult than your talent will produce well.
An ordinary play well done will score more than
an outstarndin,; play poorly done.
Presentation has to do with the interpretation and
the getting across of the idea of the play to
the listener.
Acting has to do with the stage presence, delivery,
etc., of the actors.
Setting has to do with the scenery, arrangement of
properties, etc.
All entrants must furnish a copy of their play to conmittee
with their entry.
Copy of stage cues and instructions must be furnished com-
mittee two weeks in advance of the date of production.
All scenery to be used in productions must be furnished by
producers. Expense of transportation to be paid by com-

Page 3.


One-act Play (Continued)
All royalties for the production of plays to be paid by
All special lighting except footlights, border lights,
and olivets, both overhead and floor, and spot lights
to be furnished by producers. Cost of installation
to be paid by comrimiittee.
Dramatic Readings:-
Class A. Adults
Class B. High School
Choice of reading to be optional with reader.
Length of reading not to be over fifteen minutes.
Copy of reading must be furnished committee with entry.
Judging for awards will be based on:-
1. Choice of selection 25 points
26 Acting 25 "
3. Presentation 50 "

1. No band or orchestra or chorus in preliminary contest.
Choruses to consist of not less than 20 5 in each part.
2. Church choirs to consist of five or more.
3. An orchestra shall consist of five or more stringed instruments.
A band shall consist of twelve or more brass, reed, or percussion
4. Each contestant to provide his ownvm accompanist.
5. Judges must be furnished with copies of competitive numbers for
both elimination and final contests.
6. In local elimination contests and in finals professional singers
and musicians will be classified separately from non-profession-
7. Certain features of the Eisteddfod may not be competitive. Special
features miay be offered from any community wishing to do so, the
decision resting with the Program Committee.
8. The art exhibit in oil, water, and pihotography will not be com-
petitive, but is aimed at showing the art production of the
9. The committee suggests that each entrant or town arrange to stage
their production of plays in their own town prior to the actual
competition for two reasons: First, to defray the expenses en-
tailed in the production of the play or plays; and, second, as
a means of practice.


Mrs. Ralph Eyt7an, Chairman
Music Department
M rE. F. MI. C- ,,bell
Mrs. Lee A. Wheeler
Sami A. Pusateri
Miss Hildogardo Robinson
Mrs. Willard A. Nicholson
Mrs. M. D. Graf
Prof.'?, J. Gustat (Bands and
WV. H. Yates (Choruses)
Literary Department
John D. Clark
H.F.R. Reck
Dramatic Department
Jay Burns, Jr.
N. D. Cloward
Miss Virginia Carr Holliday (Dancing)

Page 4. .


U. S. A.
120 MADISON AVE.. DETROIT. U.S.A. Detroit, March 3, 1931
CABLES, ROBNS DETROIT Detroit, March 3, 1931

Prof. P.H. Rolfe,
Mineas Gerias, Brazil.

Dear Sir:

The Hardie representative in Florida has written us re-
garding the shipping of citrus trees to Brazil, where we
understand considerable planting is under way.

It is our understanding that this development is under
your direction and that you are familiar with the citrus
growing business in Florida. Probably you have already
received a copy of the bulletin which we are enclosing,
issued by the United States Department of Agriculture on
the subject "Spraying for the Control of Insectsand Mites
Attacking Citrus Trees in Florida'l

The importance of high pressure spraying is being emphasized
today more than ever, because it has been found that the
most efficient and profitable results are obtained by high
pressure spraying. During the plague in Florida about a year
ago, the government purchased a large fleet of Hardie high
pressure sprayers and were successful in combating the in-
sects that were ravaging the fruit.

A copy of the Hardie 1931 sprayer catalogue is enclosed.
You will find many improvements in the design and construc-
tion of the various outfits which are specially designed and
built for continuous high pressure service. Each and every
pump and outfit has the same general type of design and

If you have not already done so and are considering install-
ing spraying equipment, we would greatly appreciate it if you
would give us an opportunity of submitting to you particulars
on Hardie sprayers for your particularrequairements. We are
confident you would be pleased with Hardie construction and
efficiency. As an experimental station, we would be willing

...2 Prof. P.H. Rolfs.


to quote special prices as we would naturally like to have
Hardie sprayers used where commercial growers would have an
opportunity of seeing them under the right conditions.

We would be very pleased to receive your inquiries which
would have careful and prompt attention.


I '/

+, -,. ., --
S.... ,. ... utan & .h T. .s
Rj?~!T ERL'008 TELEGRAH I. 40


.. ... De.... .F. P. .....2 0
^^ ^ *. .,^^ ^ ..'..,,,

.1 r. -.C.

1e, ..... A

... ..... ..
i '" i .: + .. ..; .. + + .; .. ; ".,..... ..-....., .., :...-. ... ... .". .."..".". ... .., .... ..

r 7".'+ ," !. ,.-
.... .. .. -. "... .. ..
r'' i ^ ^ ^ ^ P i y !? "" ^ ^ '!^' -' : '-'"" "' '''"- ".^ k ;" "'' "--- ^ ,' ... ^'"" "' "+' .r '' +; .r ^

.. .. .. .. ...... .N.o.
Vd. ..' .. .. .. :t.. Iv .i;.Q. .. .. ,... .. .. .+ .... .. ,' .
: / ; ',- ." .; .- .\ ; ; ; ..:; .."^ V ;. -.+. + ": ,_ .*' : ,. ,. ',. : ,- ; ; *, ,, .,S ., ,: '] ." ^

^ ,,i.; t.C. rv.; a t.. i.. .. ... ,. ;;: '.'L: ," ... .. ..
, .. .. .. ,., "4-....... ... .. 4, .? ,W. + -
s + "."- ". = .< ," .. ," -'d" S. ".% .- .ik s. ., ;, .

:W e .8 -"M
M, W-
pg IV

R W N ov p; ANS.Mn

N A.. I--
i'l N 15-

14 R,
P -1- -
zii V
'N: My'
54 *1 .1 .1'.
11 "M .1, --.. -., 5
-13 4j moanv. -2
64, Vt;;
R-7 k:;owg .,; M
'0 V
-I It 3 -N.. p.S

50 e
m _0 R
...... ...
. .

Ulnilaersitv af the Phiilippines
(Iclleg of Agriculture
kAgricuiltural Ilglirqfp, igagniza, B.3.

'March' 1, 1931

Professor P. H. Rol fs
Escola Superior de Agricultura
Vigosa, !.inas Geraws, Brasil, S.A.

iiy dear FProfessor Rolfs;

Permit ne to express my apprecia-
tion for your kind letter in answer to ry request for in-
forwatioa regardin- educational possibilities in Brasil.

Should you learn of an opening
the--e in the future, in which you believe we might be in-
tarested, I shall very nmuch appreciate the favor if you
will kindly advise ae: c/o Washington Loan & Trust Co.,
Washington, D. C.

For the present I shall alter ray
original plaid and endeavor to secure a so-:Aewhat more varied
experience in agriculture, as you suggest.

7ery respectfully, .



* av d

-so-* ..< 1

.. ,

i/ +21- i.i -'

L. .~ ~b~j

XU ~ ~ ~ ~ C ;' 1' 'Ji^ .A.,/
a r.U u. :; ,- '-.: ;'i .3'l

," -'a ^: 5 ,?
'-'# L : S a +; .. .


y c .. il' .b -**-- ;'u A. '.- I .'
*. .- + : + + '. '. u '" ,: 'p .. .. '* i :;
t; ..: c t .. & +, ;. *: .. ...m .... + *u
.': :. m,,' T.; ; m+

*'. i:.. :r n i s f : -.^ :., ." v

T ~.

* u1 **
.*, -C,
4" '1 *~,**, ~,*
~ *.
- I *- -I -'-'

..e 2ole

- +h m

a. .- '.2
L *.t
I. i..

.3 c ..'- *t: 2 S

i:: 4. m
.! Ion '\
C<:0 ::O:, k...l--W
^- b,, T r^ .

tz Ui.

(L /

t `f


** i. EV., 1DS1

r. G. A. Dills,
Ku...k .r -ileira Lt:.
ix..- tl 84,19, Rio do Jreoiro.
Deur Ir. 'ill:

j ,- i- Z.tcb
po'.-c .'i, Agicol. fo- tf e r.mourit of 4jO0JO
(>. to itls al .'.50, '.4Lic;i is- t:-ifls 3ov% t.i-n
t:e ZmouTit 1Li' f'-r ',orko, mstz:ial* 1 bc, ;r7vibus to
J .n. 1, i. -

;" ... (:10o ..... ,'), M i:?. : M xia I:-.
t y-b- ,'.1 u.' ril1 s of filI s to d.:-. ,
irL~f1 .. T .t. a litc & t ..t
I- ,o v: t;. t uMC ., ,.ut t:'. i. st t.'
r lis .. '-. r M S .. .i ;. ,
:,.m ko,..,k M,1 .. M :...i .i t t t:..,-_:, ..... l:z t in
X R, a. n ,,1 to e .. ...c. !- ... T ....
V it m ft M M i. .
s t LA 2 1 t-
i ,:. ; u -.t;L s tf *it i tf a *: l .i ..o K :-. R '.,.. .'i
n t Vi. vi. ,: ii-t i t'. :., i ievu, .d
it i.', ... ft... .oW would l. i t t-. t .
: ... .i .. :: .......: U t .

Vi, l kinr ,y ... if' ;. ve t "
,;.L.L!. ," l, y
A"ilm -:; .... b'. I-- ....... A :".. t m By 'y
r ;g'-t t m- :L c' rging to m:,- u:-nt. I'. i..',,
i :. t .-i ela t: ; n.i:g nut :. ork 1 ': :i;L :- r
.,.t, -o .n -im.-ly :ettl .it' .-. Tlt 'i -.tu '
- i ;.ily .!im Ls ',.m ,Lil..i:L g-.

M -";. ..".' i .. _cii1 i RiJ, It--.,-i.Ig t BJ.-
' t' (i (Ru.-. *i i.- t. Irlia .! :i.1 LG), i'f ",-u
:'ri jj*_
.,rV i' t..' m-.
Va.- tml o 's,

VM _a Mt. Q ~ra;,. r-r 11.

r'^i. i 1


v.*.y 0Jeen J: '.-tTcin1 to u;
x.- ,som'ur *trL (ti'.c 'x:m c-t
V r, ': 0 .U.

=, -* ** ,- ,, t, '' J....- ..,; ,-Z *
.*..;-.. fco Mr'. 5. : 7. J .ll,

.. .- t4 L n

t. e fc^sa.-l or'CT.--it ... ave
amou.:,t is *;''. :. ') for
i: -L :" I .. c" :-
.J ... t .. ., i .'.: .... '. II. a I,/ tt,
,* *:,'. ,:.:-.,Yl tl l.I,', If fce

t : t:.

t .'.tL _>
tM t.

- -* -,tl
haivi-ng its::

7i i ni Li "

d), not !,il
, ?^ i ].,+ T- y

t m1rovo'

...1 and "

I.... ...... ir tc:! .... t -: .......: O f !3-/d<.:. t! ;1, :': W : _,. d
.,-; '' ;....f ,>p. te entt t: ....--l

........ '-m...... ..... ^n ir l c;;' ot T. hs :.. :;1 a t e 3, h.-. me...-, .'. ..
.,L .tio ..;utI i,] .*' ..... :=f f .o "v.*;0 ... ;^ 0 '. fl d ** : Ls ,fc : '- 0d
LI II. ., *P Inc7-'I] t
t1.r' -..;.?clil O 1::r :..f I .'C2 ,<~ li d 2 .2 Jo

.8 ^ ^.g' d..te- .. 2- t ,i t1 I '. .- .. ... ...... ... ; .

nI.-',2- b 9.y-< c n"i ., i t. u L< ;- m ..' !-; .iLo.'.

i .;. i *. :-, ., ... ':* O./ v i '. 2 bo -..o
'' '.in i P ,' .}_.- ."' ^ ^ 'i. "i *?.''. ',li af n "1 C l,*' i;',.: 'f- _,~ l l- ** +- *i = ,.' f-1-. **,., ':> '* c
.^l -* ^ t ^ ^ ^ *- .. '/ "- "i -- w*I. lt "U O E! : :. .' ^ <->^ .. ,_ ,; L'. < J A 1

V k,. 1- ,,0L

..l. ....i .- .. ;..:010o-.,res
Il^ mor '- i.- ,' ft 3: i..i,, t .l 7' *;.* .. ... :inc:[ii ., "*. *l, io m
;!;'id-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~r :ror o t ^;' .H '' t *;*.^.n '.'-irii:.l


TM .:.:'.: .: ougi 't' tde in m
mi-s s :,:, l ; t*"..'. b. d t .

o' '.*. ..n yO `id ll s
,, ert' .... t O i.;t i ,Tfrom our .,'oua .x

*. U4ce :l -did].e'. (These

2iL<1.: 7 fe.'.d u i 'n': of u. ,u .. 1-51,-
t: -'tod. mail, :OMd.:'ti .m,.unt of is t om ....... I. c" se of
tU M, _rt of. -. L~t o ~4~L
:me .-e .om. ot wa, a a-. to yVe sall o:, : rot out.

.. o. yoe to get 4-' "

-' 4-.
-'V -..
- ~u1tL
~ It,

,wu n :, a c l~ o w m i'ic i -;i i ,

r ,
.J- **

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID EPNEGIU6Z_1LNOR8 INGEST_TIME 2014-04-09T17:15:36Z PACKAGE AA00000207_00115