Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais - Griffings, John B. and Family.

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Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais - Griffings, John B. and Family.
Rolfs, Clarissa
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[2] Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais - Griffings, John B. and Family


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Rolfs, Clarissa
Griffings, John B.


Correspondence between Clarissa Rolfs and John B. Griffings and his family.

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tij3^ ti^-/
'1pA- L

'L) L"A-'~' __ ______________

e Vigosa, Minas Geraes, Brasil
Aprl 27 1940.

D ear Friendd the Griffings-
Your letter seem to have at last discovered some way to get
1 b *-

thru to us, for a welcoe change./
Vigosa, Llinas Gerses, 3rasil
[ 'April 27, 1940.

Dear Frientfia the Griff ings:
Your lettfz' seem to have at lait discovered some way to get
tbru to us, for s welcomed change.,
The separates from "J. of Heredity" came along, and I have
distributed them thusly : Rolfs, Snipes, Zdgard V., Secundino,
Mello, Dorofeeff, Heruan1 Americo, Otavio, Rangel, Carneiro, Dr.
Tucker, Library and Gouvea. Gatewood was omitted for entire and
absolute lack of address. Believe I have or4 left over.... may send
it to Keeler, the Agricultural Attachd of embassy in Rio. Gatewood
requested transferench to Prague, and lIft for New York9 supposedly
headed for Prague, several monthA ago. You discover his present
address. I haven't the energy. L
Gladstone is around here, not teaching, apparently doing more
or less as Secundino's assistant. Looks fairly well, a bi ,.thin, but more or less normal. Stayed several weeks in Rio upon arrival
and then came here, pronounced entirely cured.
Edgardo Alenoar should arrive within a few weeks. lHas already
sailed from N.Y. Jose Candido and Quintilliano are. still hoping
they may be able to go, but chances look slim for them. ;'e were
very, very muoh disappointed that Edgard Vasconcellos refused the
fellowship of $750.00 and remission of tuition that Dr. T.Lynn Smith,
University of Louisiana, had practically in the bag" for him. Ed-
gardp took so long to make up his mind that it is probably too late
for others to apply. Several have done so. I believe one or two are
writing you for recommendation. It would be fine for some of these
boys to go to southern institutions. *Whatever they learned would be
more applicable. We do not know what departments, in addition to
Sociology, are especia ly strong at La. State. We wererverysorry
indeed that Edgard V. turned down the-place, as he is related wrong
to ever get anything out of the state.'
The 375000 from your oheok is filed away in an envelope. I
waited till I went to B-te to cash check, as it wou'xd have taken-off
3000O to cash it here..'iade me so mad, I mean at a 10 % (nearly)
charge for transference, thit. I just kept it in purse. It is 35000
Sfor anything less than a conto. It annoyed my Scotch, or is it
Welgh, blood. (I suppose the Welsh are thrifty.....))

In a P.s. to your letter of Lincoln's birthday, you mention
having sent an airmail9 a long one. I sent back work, via my sister,
that such had never come thru. It hasn't t) date.

Secundinotis in bed, has been' for a week, with a bad attack of
sciatica. Was reported somewhat better. The Bandeiras should be
about to get to Rio. I know Rangel will be glad to see them, as he
has been carrying the mddico's work also. Dr. Cyro left for Paran4,
-say- its a wonderful country. I hrflaa at,.,spetjtj4qfox batuto.a


Ceres Club tried to mett in day time, but didn't succeed in
having a single meeting changed bick to night. We have been
twice, one by Arlindo, on his trip to SAo Paulo, and one by Otavio ,
on trip to various parts of Minas Both poor speakers, with poor
photograph to be shoua. Last night a Vet senior spoke on Hog Cholera.
We didn't go. Didn't sa&und especially interesting.

Huuhnicutt was decorated by Presidcnt bf Republic, Maybe I men-
tibned this before. It was splendid recognition of a lot of hard
work. ri/$dt/
Edgard has done .nothingto date about translating your 4ianuscript.
He asked if I would check it, which of course I agreed to do. That was
some weeks ago. )

Papa and I spent. a week in BHte recently. The maid at the Hotel
sent fervent lembrangaa. Clyde Varn is back at the Colegio, and is
fat. Looked well, as did Verda. Poor Miss Brown was in bed again
with more boils, one on forehead and one on neck. Was out and around
before w left but looked miserable.. They have started dorm. Have
foundations well under way, maybe I should say nearly done. Were
delayed luachly by the rains, which we didn't have over here. Have
been floods recently in Argentina, probably the rainy weather will
work up this way about the middle of next week. It often comes up
from there.

The letter from Paul Guest came airmail from Hawaii, so I sent
an ackwnw&edgement by airmail. It would be wonderff1 to have him
here as Pomobulturist, as the present incumbent goes from bad to
Much, much worse. As President of the Vigosa Club, he has little
time to bother with school affairs.

I sent one of the Sociopogioal seaprates to Dr. Tucker, one to
Snipes (who asked for one), one to Muller and kept one. Hope that
was satisfactory. (By the way, Arme one of the Seniors was gitae
embarrassed when he was looking at ,our article in tLhe J. of Heredity
and noticed picture on following page. It was comical.

Oh, yes, Papa's 75th birthday was celebrated in great style.
Had the S-7 and compadres to' jantarada. Then at night anyone who
wanted to oaamtft, and it y)as several: For jantarada had a roast
pig and two nice turkeys.' Believe it or not, there wasn't much
leat to tell the tale next day.
This should more or less get: to you about the time of Dr. May's
"making years"...... please extend our congratulations.

If you gct a chan ce! get hold of "The Waster'* Children" by Phoebe
Haggard. Another one with seen of Anna Florencia, and much, much1&muc.h
better than her previous one. Have been reading "0 Joaseiro do Padre
Cicero" which intrigued me by the title.... Instead of being "Padre
Cieero of Joaseiro", it is the other wayround, I'm enjoying it., as
we were at both Crate and Joazeiro. And of course he branches off onto
everything else in addition to historical facts and misinformation. i

In BHTe recently, we met Vera Kelsey, who is writing a book on
B Brasi]3,"Seven Keys tk Braailv eve. bqi "iume ro ntiros",
't...... s 9..:, ,.. ,~q ,-=.. 3f...AT .'.., ." q ,..." ,r

* V I ; -.


evsyybody in the ciord holwed at her title, but she fails to see
anything humorous in it. She is almost, not quite, what I call a
'"tppe specimen Pannair author"..... doubtless you understand the
classification without explanation. She was much distressed that
mineral exports weren't all important from Mi nas,"as it would make
a much better appearance in the book to have it in some other than
the agricultural class." Unaccomodating that Minas isn't...

Mary vilhermina Williams, the author'on Latip America who has
been for ytars at Goucher writes that she is retiring and is to
live-in Palo Alto. I saw her only briefly, but got quite a crush
on her. A sincere old sister, not afraid of work and very sure that
her own opinions are the correct ones. I'll try to remember to send
her Calif address When 7 get it' as I know you'd enjoy htr.

Oley Coachman's father died recently, after a few hours
illness, r don't know anything about the family finances* Oley is
continuing here. Hlie counted on a year in the States after graduation.

Did the boys get a c py of the Z. S. A. V. annual to you 7? I
mentioned sending you one, but they assured me that they were going
to do so. It was only distributed d/t/ two weeks ago. MIailed one to
my sister and one to P&rt Muller, but -i:.ven't had time of course,to
har from them yet.

Ladies Club started again, with attendance of 14, 11 and 10. Nair
Canittuo is Preside t, Nnna Maria Braga Vice. Mrs. Snipes Secr tary,
and Udalga Treas. '4e are making layettes this semester, for babies
Df empregados .

Coffee ttina is finally working. Its always interesting to see
the coffee go' thru. Jo&e Camardo is managing it. Has it leased or
something like that. R6 :.achado seems to be on the job most of
the- time.

Bails dqs.Calouros has had several dates set. Apparently can't
get up their courage to actually go thru with it. Last date I heard
was May 12, with May 13, Dia da Cdlheita, a holiday. But heard-last
night that it has been moved agin. A nuisance.

Snilesjrj boarding the girl students Surely. too bed that she
ever came ha.rtF It causes "a bad smIeY'... Of course what she wants
is a namorado. She could have done her two years complementar anywhere
els,e, end come here for agriculture, .19 years old, and with a lot more
poise. But that didn't suit her. Fortunately all the rooms in the dorm
are full.nd there is competition for vacancies1 But of course she will
get into the dorm sooner or later.
Tumangs have a small, daughter. D. Jacyra was-very ill shortly
before tie baby was born., 'kidney complications, I believe, but is
getting along nicely now. Baby has the very original name of Maria
Jose-- Tumiang was elected Direotor-Presidente of the company a
fdw weeks ago at their regular annuatrpeetingf succeeding Dr. Raphael.
Imagine that bte&lae stgeles is the one who will suffer from'swelled
head. Tumang and Jacyra have too much sense.

Snipes. dre. expecting to leave about the end of the year..
2avakeau.ia atill amtudvina V.ncr 1h with mn. T;rman 'ha t ima fmV

,_ ----e^ /7^y^ci --<_- ;
C<.. ] <. ,., -..-- ,-A---

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lU~~~~g(^^.? -~~- 6X- > _^ ---<--

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^^^a<^ ^^ "fc<-- /.^ 2 J^a~L~j2> O^ c-
^^^ 7^ ^_t^ ^^-, a~^^^-^-

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l d7"
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hyU 4t'cf---e ^ J Aj^ ^^t-^ --Z<<^<-i *
if1 rH^<)^ ^- i A--J^ ^- ^

t~ I
/~ A~7 /LAf~~4
5'~'' ~-
_________ IJ
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tf. / Cf. L~J ~


f7~ o-~

L*~J~ t


.^ ;. ;


E. S. A. V.,

Vigosa, Mins Geraes

May 26, 1940
.. *. .

Dear Dr. Griffing:
Sent you a long letter i-reoenfly, boat mail. In it I mentioned,
sent a copy of a letter from,"a dr, Pail Guest.

Dr. Gouvea doesn't find anything from him Z% in the Secretaria,
at Bello Horizonte. I thot more& likely the correspondence would be
in either the Secreteria or Directoria of the Escola, bit Carneiro
is unable to have anything unearthed. 'Do you have any idea where
it might have been filed ?

I sent him, or attempted to, an airmail letter, but doubt if it
will go thru. His to the Escola had 60 cents stamps. I sent mine to
Rioto be mailed, and have just found out that only 5 mil reis was put
on it, which I am sure was not adequate.

Dr. Gouvea wanted 1% Mr. Guest to write him "conditions, salary
so that he could present the matter to the Secretary." It would be
a very fine thing if we could get another good American prof. here.
Of course its always a gamble, to "mexer na vida alheia".....
Will you please send an -airmail on to Dr. Guest, charge it up to
me, and also write us if the correspondence was left here. T remember
veru distinctly your showing us the-p a picture of LKr. Guest.

. You will be distressed to know that Secundino is badly. He was
brot back here, treatment willtake some six months.
------- ---------- --- -

We plan to start tomorrowon a car trip to Sdo Paulo. Haven't been
there since the time we came back to Rio to receive you folks...seems
a very long time ago doesn't it.

I was rather surprised that Snipes has asked for leave. Doubtlessa
it is merely an"anchor to the windward"'..... a last resort in case he
doesn't get located in the States. I believe he has asked to go in

Have ibts to do before getting off so mustn't st.0p to
wrote more. Please let us know about the correspondence.

Regards to Mrs. Griffing .

Very sincereley yours

*. ~oS ~ K 1, ~6

* 4

Vigosa, Minas Geraes.

S. Dec. 26, 1939
Dear Griffings:
- Fell considerably the worse for wear today, which is my usu;l state
the day after Cnxistnas.
There seer.s to be consid rable to write, tho we've not heard from
you for months. Jevcral reported Christmas cards, Ilene Tafuri was much
pleased to be rnainbered. .0e vere not so honored. So far have gotten
very few Christmas cards. A boat ts due tomorrow, so there will likely be
some along by the end of the week, the subs, postoffice and Salgado, Deos,
Setc. ,. etc all being willing.

We had a rushing time for graduation.

.Was much disgu.-,ted to l.arn that one of my letters to you, via Mrs.
Hargrave, ncver got to her, so of course never got t' you. Such is .life,

Papa was very much upset by the airplace accident in August. Effie
wrote you about it, i believe, and tnen I scriobled jusz a line, on some
stuff I ,.as mailing to you frm Ito. tmn't know if any of the stuff I've
sent had gotten thru, as last letter we received was ju-: as yu were
getting into :-ansas, Dr. Griffin. Have writteNx severeL ti:ues.

Then on Dec. 14th .iwhe everything was set fo3 a grand graduation,
the PauliEta plane crashed in Ponte Nova, out at the Aria Florerzcia field,
and the three dignitaries and pilot ,cre killed. It was orivnte pr-ne of
Internventor of Sa. vaulo. ,ouvea vwoul.1 nu,>L let them ls.i- lere, for fear
of an r-ccicnt. It was pretty awful. The Secretary of Bdicati on and
Saude Publica, Chefe da Case Civil of the Interventoz', and private secre-
.tary of the In erventor, were coning her'c, the firsL mentioned to deliver
speed-i of the Interventor, who was invited to be Paranympho for the Curso
Medio grgd.uates. Israel jumped on s plane and canme to 9Hrte, accompanied
bodies to E"te on special on Central, and wee:& t~ken to 3SO Paulo by plane
from 72Ite.

Of course tlL-Lre were no festivities fDr graduation. \.i. never have
There been so many plans for r grand time. Lots of the ladies, Celeste and
1&emorina, anid I don't know how may .mory,(D. ItaLa) etc., h.d lovely new
evening frocks. 'IThe udual banquet was changed to a simple breakfast and
graduation proper was at night.

D. Itala's mother was desperately ill a few weeks before graduation.
We did not expect h&l' to pull thru, but she is sitting up in bed again,
Sand looking just ever so much better.

Anderson Anlraafe had invited the V Weavers from Rio, so they stayeE with
us. I had invited his fathc' arxi mother to stqy here, but he preferred to
Shave his father, mother, aunt.amd uncle and brother, all stay in an apart-
ment, and- of course wV0 W.'e're. happy to hwvE the Weavors. I believe you knew
them. Dr. 7. is Anderson't godfather. And Papa was most happy to have the
opportunity of showing D. Eunice around over the anti-lepric plantings of
the Escola.

A DU. Carneiro from Sao Paulo was here during the first week in Dec.,
*to inspect the'anti-lepric plantings. Was over %d that he could arrange
some Taraktogenus and Sapucainha plants here. 'St'bwanted to run around fll

'* .". 1 -2- .. Z
S ov r the world, gathering up a collection. Its lots more fun than setfl4Wti
down to cultivating them .after thy -re furnished to you, free gratis SE
for nothing .....-...

Tvwo other prominent Paulistas were with this mm no, three others.
And they were all more than surprised at what they discovered up here in
thi., woods.
dgy before
The Hambletons have gone to Peru, via Condor plane, lerving/yesterday,
thiw whole family. He has accepted a posit-ion with the Sociedade Agraria.. "
Am hoping he will send us some of the details from there, by letter.

The Christmas tree- for the younsgters went of very well. The beds
w re furnished with dolls this. ycar,. Don D May, the ones .t at you prepared
and left with me ready for distribution. They c-ertainly did look cute,,.
with. some dolls bot from the. "Pabrica Estrella" in So Paulo. ALL bhe
little girls got dolls this ycar, and I think it was about the best. selec-
tion that could have been made. The toys were exceptionally nice, some
little wooden carts with cubes were really the classic educational toys
for that age. Little wooden trains, for the three year old boys, also
-made a great hit. Mrs. Snioes took charge of the made animals this year,
the oil cloth and flannel ones, and they were. nicer than before. The dolls
in the beds werac- the most attractive thing.

Loth graduation and Ciai-strjas ';/ere ex.,ceedingly exceptional this year,
in that tht weather Vwas lovely for both. So far vwe have had little mud.
Only one time tlat I had the chains put on Uie car.

Has been a lotA of sickness aiiong the smaller children especially,
Bandeiras little one hasn't been expected to live, yesterday it was a
.little better... but has been ill for so long, is only nine months. His
father has been very ill in Parahyba and they expected to go there just.
as soon as he could get av'-y from the :.scola, but with the little one sick
they can'+ -o of cour-se. Hilario lost a two ycar old. rey :f course has
been ill off and on. Hlemorina is so fat now, husky, RcP ally to fat to
look well (lilE some other folks).

. We were at the .Mellos for their -hristmas tree the .night before.
- Christmas, and such a time as the youngsters did have...There were twenty
some people and all related to someone else excepting us. Diogo's step -
mother and three sisters (and. of course Ezi.nho .lc.ncar), 3 Dorofeeffs,
4 from Parageaus, Ernani and wife, we two, the eight Lcllos. Probably I've
forgotten some half dozen or more. Snines tree was very pretty. Pat had
gone to an awful amount of work for the one little youngster. Patsy is
adorahle now, still sucks hem fingers, but I imagine she will forget that
whcn she v;ants to talkJ a lot. Immakim We had dinner with the Ji ipes, as I-
hadhad Thanksgiving dinner here. I ha., asked permission to take Buschman '
With me, if he ws0uld be a good dog. afterr dinner the nipes little bit of-
a cat came out and mai ch a time.... about the time the; were gong good, '-
D. Hermengarda appeared, and she thot-t1et was terrible, to let the dog and
cat think they were having a fight. She care over here just god dusk abld
we had the b ast bit of supper on the veranda. Papa haif gone on in to rest
and Ie re came Papa's big toad. He was behind me and I saw D. Hermengardg-
S begin to gasp, I thot she was getting sick or something. ;ihen I explained
that that was either Billy or Jimmy, that they came up regularly for their
meals, she thot she was surely in the bughouse.... I told Jimmy (or Billy)
to go on away and let us alone, that we weren't going to feed him just
then ......

You remember thatB youngster from Beinnett wantZed to enrt er here. I
t hinf.b:err, .mothb cpr i ei-t .ou were hereto see abbut registering a SOD.
EK^- .. '* .- ;.* ; I'*, ." .

S "

-3-- ,,

bell, the mother and three daughters came here immediately after the oldest
graduated from Bennett. Two of theteachers from Bennett wrote me t3 look
S out for the girl. Her mA her insists that she be entered as an"interna"
or boarding pupil, that there is no reason that she couldn't live in the
apartment wish D. Hermnngerda and D. Germana, and they could look out for-,'-.
her. W'ell, I can think of several difficulties, but evidently the maLt her--'.
ca4' t see why a special boardingdepartment for a girl shouldn't be organized
just for her daughter. Of course at Bennett they expected me to jump at the
chance of changing all my food habits, hours, and everything, just to-take.*
in an entire stranger. The mother seemed to think that Dr. Gouvea could '.
just place the girl, a vontadd" in any of tVe professors' families..... The
second daughter, a cute little thing, announced that she wvas coming here to
study Veterinary. One of the Vet students told me he'd like to see her when
they opened up a cow with a calf thaet had been dead awhile inside..... I
advised the mother to register the girl at Firacicaba. Quite innocently, I.
suggested that there were several boarding houses in the city that accomo-
date girls. But since the girl must stay in the Zscola, ..I'don't see just.
what.: can be done. 'ihen vwe travel, she certainly couldn't staw here with jut
Maria for a chaperone. And of cours4 "she wants to start ont he Curso ein- -
plementar, which means six y nrs :f her her, provided she doesn't get mar- ,
ried in the mean time. Oh, Paulista saliente.... Anyway, why shouldthe Escola .
bother with Paulistas, there are plenty of 'lineires to fill it. The Uineiras
have better sense.

Boats from States come rcgularly every two weexs now, with sometimes
mail at odd times in between. "',hau we came out-there was mail only every
two weeks, and of course no airmail to help out.

te- r Miss Hyde should get in today, or possibly arrived cestErdaw. One let-
ter said one date, another the second.'
S ha Car&&s Lott and Cdette. are expt-cting tr move to near Juiz.. de F6ra. lHe
has been offered management of' a large fi-,rm for an uncle of Odette's. I
want to visit them soon after thge move there, as it is supposed to be an
interesting old place. Has a huge old house, of colonial days. Tven had
an electric light plant years and years ago, since abandoned. Carito thinks
it can be put into operation again. Hie wants 35 contos for his placb here.:
S6 far no one seems to have produced the cash. Don't sec how he can afford
not to accerl the offer, as it will jrt about set him up in life. They
have made a success oftheir little p!a.ce out here. Odette doesn't stay in
town much of the time..

The younger INTievert child isn't expected to live. Dag-.r is off to
Rio having a good time..... her mother takes entire charge of the children.
Your little louse down the v:ey here looks much deserted...only Bastose
and his wife live there.. She usually has a sister or two to be company for
her. Some of the time her mother s-eys Aut he-rE wt h hz.r. Bastos is away
a good deal.

Jose Candido Carvalho's wife is n lot of company for M,.rs. Snipes. Two
two men, and possibly Dorofeeff and Diego, are to go on a hunt out in Matto
Gross) soon. Be away 'three or four veeks. MIrs. Snipes spent ten days in
Rio recentl-^, leaving Patsy here with Tom end the s ervants.

";ell, I seem to have about run out of How are things, going wit-.-
you ? We. spoke of your on Christmas, wondered if the boys had come out
there for Christmas. Of course you would have Mary Lou with you, unless
you came back to Iowa for Christmas with the boys. Tell us how you find
things there. Know you are much happier there where there are so many
.;., m-ore,.convenlences, etc.. Please. -heas. -
S, ,A .. -

,,\OR De


..... 6:oo -r, -/?

N-- ~ r
-^^c-LJL 'i-t-
1.3 %(If-


-- -- -

9 -
CL j r-4-^ 44-s

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fturltJ^Lc^ 'Ltu

Lcj-IN -^ lq C <

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6-r~~~ ~&&~& ~TtLAZ

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aouu 6"c--






I a- ^tvetL

.-. *


I "*/o


Sec. 311



Vigosa, 10 de novembro de 1938

Exmt. Sr.
Dr. Peter H. Rolfs



-:" '., kRealizar-se-A no dia 15 de dezembro proxi-

mo, no SalAo Nobre dIsta Escola, As 15 horas, a sqessao sole-

ne para colago de griu dos alunos que concluem os cursos

superiores e entrega de certificados aos que *wrminam os

cursos medio e elementary.

Tenho o prazer de convidar V. Excia. para

assistir A referida solenidade, honrando, assim, esta Esco-

la corn a sua presenga.

Valho-me do ensejo para apresentar a V.

Excia. os protests de minha elevada considerago.

Atenciosas Saudag6es

Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veicrinaria7
Fostado dBlinas Gerais



J,~. ..

:~~* ~*


July 25th.
Dear friends, the Griffings:
Nearly time for you to be getting into the States........ we wonder
so much what kind of a trip you. have had, and all the rest.
Cold and drizzly here. Haven't had any real rain, but several .
drizzles.., and that makes the weather so disagreeable. Papers report
h,-avy snow in Llendoza, Argentina, so .,:e may be getting the first of their
wold wave, or this may be a separate, preliminary one. From the way it
feels this afternoon ( 2:30), it will go to minus zero and some tonite.
Finally, on July 24th, we got our car license for the ye.r 1939.
Several people suggested puttingthe cE.r away for the remaining five
months of this y-ar....... Cost 448000, besides the gasoline ard wear
and tear on my nervt;s getting the think. Oh, yes, I still have to have
a screw chr.nged...... Probably lose one of the plates off if I don't
rerimbk r to have it done.....
Electric lights were cut off on Sunday ..... the Deisel ran both
morning and afternoon yesterday, end is going full tilt now. It runs
till 10 each night, v;hich helps a lot. Eut not like hlirving the current
most of the time.
Dagmar has a baby boy. Ecrn in the hospital last Thursday, the 20th.
Your house looks very deserted, an,' of course the "Cssa Grande" is
deserted. zmm.ricks has no lights at night either, sdi the v-whole aspect
is "triste". *..-en the students return it will liven up a lot.
'"ie art now expecting ouir librarian friend, by plrne, on .ug. 13.
As Dr. iMoulton will be in P. 'ug. 10 to 16, wve wVill prtab'ly De down
: bout a wv.. ek. That is exactly the time that Dr. T. Lynn Smith vm te
you he wanted to visit the Escola. If he can't change his date, he
can just have someone else look out for him. ie h-ve h&d no further
commrnic -Liors... possibly he h.s gotten cEught in the general Louisi-
are debacle, and don't t be c-ning any more.
:Have sent two envelopes v.,ith letters, to the "Tnses address. Do
hope they have been received. Sent a sheet in snothlcr letter to my
sister,.. anJa m asking h-r to send this one on to you.
Liello's house has all been dore over, ins-ide and out, so
spick and span and smelling loud ly of paint. Lucia was not very well
yesterday.... I must send or go ovE:r end see how she is.
Sptent Friday, the 21t out tn-t at the Kummels. He is adding a
servants room. and making over the shed rt back of house. It will help
her a lot to get another room. rie is Zgoing ahead with considerable
\;ork. Has been selling oranges constantly. W':e got some fairly good
grapefruit out there. They are just beginning to get ripe. Of course
people insist on trying to eft them entirely immdeture ...too bed they
don't stay green until they are really usable. Fruit flies continue
vEry bad this year.
I believe I told you that Edgardo Vasconcellos refused to let me
repay him ror thE crochet, so that it -11 I candy o about it. Eliza
has gone to Rio. D. Julia was much agrieved that you tried to get
her servant to..go to PHte. Neither she nor 7liza would hcar of it for
a minute. So MI,ss F;rgerson got all steamed up unnecessa-ily. 7telvina
has her house here. Is going to take a month to enj-y the things the
Emmericks gave her. Of course if they return here she will be with them,
or most likely they will stay in Pio and she will go there with them. If
D.Julia leaves Walter and LMargarida in Germany, she could get along in
'Rio very easily indeed with onlythe one servant. Liss Fergcrsmn wrote
me to make the a rrangements, so I talked first to D. Julia and then to
the servant, aid got vehement refusals finom both.
A duplicatea" (bank order) came from that house, for the bill for
express on motor..I asked Snipes to see about it in Jio, he asked Diogo
to see to it, end finally I have gotten the answer, that it had been ,-
paid by you. I suppose the bill ha.d come thru the bank earlier, but the
date was such that I couldn't be sure. Thot it might have gotteai mislaid
in all the confusion of the last minute arrangements. But O.K.

iumy .LO
Dear Friends, the Griffings:
Just a week since you sailed andwe certainly hope that you have
both had a chance to get rested. We haven't, of course, but hope for
rest next week.
Farmers Week was a grand success. Too bad you didn't stay to see it
thru... over 700 registered. Sleeping accommodations utterly inadequate,- '-
mattresses, some improvised ones of cotton in sacks, on floors of variouVs
room. Especially the Economia Rural room looked like-a refugee camp...only
much happier. On Tuesday 560 reserved for breakfast and 552 for dinner.
That was the peak day. But even yesterday (Friday), 320 were served fr
breakfast and 240 for supper. Much animation. ETvening programs very weak.
Sec etary did not a me. Gouvea stayed thru it. I was just fagged out so
didn't even go to building today. Have helpc-d serve breakfast and dinner-
each day. Train from Rio was 2 hours late last Sunday, but we had a good'
trip because of good company. The 16 "Capichabas" were in our section. More
than 200 came on that train. Seven coached by the time it finally got here.
Lisboa cnme down for one day.
Memorina was tpken back to their house last Sunday. I've not been to
see her.
Rubens Raposo's wife died on Thursday afternoon. He called me in
early morning to take her to hospital, as no other closed car could be
found. A sad case, practically hopeless from the start. Left three chil-"
dren. Lisboas came for the funeral. Because of this death, there was no
festa for the Farmers. Eaculty ladies served the usual tea, with come
"fixings" 97 last night in the refreitorio.
Have sent one package of letters, addressed to Kansas.
Have a few more here to send,one from Pacific Mutual Life Insurance
Co., another from L.G.A., and one from Liorrison, which T took the liberty
of opening, as it was to Directar, and on off chance" of it being a noti-
fication of some expected visitor
There is a duplicate of the bill for express on motor to refrigera-
tor. I remember giving you a copy of that bill in Rio, so T'm wondering
if it has not been paid. Possibly the duplicate was sent out before you-
were at their office. AlUho that has already been more than a week ago.
We received the note from Vitoria. I handed.Sebastiao'e card to him
myself, in a clean envelope. Several remarked on receiving crds.
Did you know that your dear friend Carvalho Araujo is leaving for
the Ministerio. Luck go with him... poor forestry department, it seems
to be a red-headed step-chile.
At Emmerick's request, Pavageau is to have his house. That is nice
while it lasts but when he has to move back to tovm, and also doesn't
receive the "gratificaqao" as head of department anymore, I fear it will
be another stopy.
Coles arrived in Rio on the Tuesday after we came back, and we just
got a telegram that they are sailing on Wednesdav the 19th. 'Ye wanted
so badly to see them again, but neither of us have the ambition to face
another trip to Rio just at the moment. And then if we have to go again in
Augusit on account of this librarian friend from Gainesville, it means a;
very considerably amount of expense.
Diogo Uello, Snipes, and several others go to Rio tonite. EmnE ricks
should return from BHte. She had to go there to g t her naturalization
papers straight. Everyone wonders if they will ever return. Dorofeeffs
were walking about going. The baby at five months, has weight of a two
months baby. Doesn't seem to be gaining at all.
Pat is to have dinner with us tomorrow. Really intended having some
one el e 13t have just been fagged out today.
No rain. Hasn't been"'very cold. .
D. Germana goes to Rio soon, will see Emmeric1s off on the 26th. D.
Hermengarda days she is going to stay herp.
Naxious to hear what kind'of a trip you make.

* m
i I

IQ^^^-J? A-Jt f- a^
... ,-/ :- __ :_. _s_:o^

i ..... ___ ..: _/

ServiQo Publico do Estado de Minas Gerais


Em de

^S-? _^1>. ^- f

de 193



- A--. -" ^ ^ -f<- *^^Ai --^tj/^- <^ :^

.... ____<_ *4 Lu ^vt -^ ^ c^ -^^... ...-__, _.. *_^ .^ -* Y

Mod. 27

,. .LL~C --4 3 Kw -- -

I (1"

i~~~ ~~~ "7 i ^- ^T

^v~~~c^- i^ -\ ^ t<^ e^ c ^ ^ '.1
9 j /)
<^^.7^ ^-^L ^ A ^^-^ 'js ^L~c_ i
^(-^^.^-ZxL -
i /1 *" y^ j
; 4^-0^ -t7>A^ ^.^^n~. ^^7, .^jIf^-1-^ ^'^ ^^-
^^ 77 ^o


I :

: -J.' B-..GRIFFIN.G
^ T ; *
iff.. ',-..- .
-' .
*-Y -* ,'.'

: Dr.' Rol


'''"* '. '* S LJ'=, ,,. U "c?- ,: =, ": -^ ^ i "--"".^. ....
.* ,

May 2, 1939.

.fl and Dona Claris se;

Dear Ptr^ends : .. .

-?find so many things pressing for my attention after
absence of a week- that it is.simply impossible for me to get away
A visit Harland's work in Sgo, Paulo. I had planned to meet Dr.
qq% le at the close of his Stay there and go over Dr. Harland's.
eperimente with him. Then. I had hoped to conduct him to Viqosa.

I am now writing Dr. Swingle in care of Dr. Nitancourt that
I can not go down, and at the same time am informing him that you
.. are in Rio. I hope that he may be ready to come back with you when
you come, because it 'is difficult for-me to get away just now. .

Should anyone be going to Rio I will be glad to send your mail
or oan forward it by post if you wish..Kindly advise me if you wish
it mailed.

We are getting up"a big program for "Dia de Colheita". It
would be nice if Dr. Swingle could be here then. By the way,
because of other engagements of Dr. Swingle I could make no date
to have him connect with Dr. Humberto Teixeira Cardosa as I had
hoped to do. Perhaps you may have opportunity to do it,which would
be still better.
Mos- t cordially,

TC i^-2-'

C. s.-...
~T-.t -zS- i/S~ L..

I' v.

I ,. I
" :.:. ., -'* ,v 7 j

',' A '. '. *- *
.-. A ", -

Ill ... .. ....
,.'* '. -. .. .1 9 ?. '. ,
., d: j ." .' ., ," ,., ,_.., .., "; .' .. *^


c~~tL. 4 -- 6&3^e^ e^g^ _
^ ^ t-0-4--4

C e -

I. Af

& ,V lA-] ^ ^ SJ^ --_


AJ~O -~ A ~i.Gf)r
___ 4~





S j


T -

E. A. V.

Oct. 23th, 1939

Dear Dr. sna n.drs. Grif'ing!"

Dr. :j' letter cbiCO some weeks ago. i-:o reason : did not a-6 swer,
Jus-; didn't do it.
";, cuc:"- disaster, to fin" -,^t that one of the l stt s to my
sisteo r, vith a sheet furitten full, single space, nwver ve'.nt t"hru. I
sent tw'o sheets to yoi t'fai&L yay, as : maiewv you would oe interested in
the im:.ed.>i .te happenings s;"ortly rft r yo.u ldft. Effiie finally re-
ceived the carbon 61f my letter 1o 1her. <

Thii.,-; nr.e running ring reth_-r &moothly. s.Bcept thai there has
been NO ?3TN .T... end tbis i; usually r wet month. L;:.s-,t nijht was
cold anf.t this morning fEels 51 vuost like a Junec mori;ing .-ie. si there
won't bc .nry rlIz. ->:on. Lots o1 tht corn and b ar;s were plintea,C
s.roi.ted ,nnr, rid up. TerribL hard i thi Trrs. Outlets
t:'ere wil bLe foods letcr, vvhich are not at all what plants need.

Little mail i:ss c re rnccntlyc. Time S .-eTA to htave stopped, unless
someone n.Ls ta-'"t iL out in the po&Loof'fize.. Salga"o continLues just as
bed es ever. Dono -t-elna dftsz't fin:' iL IadIEing.t &ll Lnet of
hr '%rgzntine n F_.F; -r.izi!, rj "r te_ i E L2 the CLge_ Vt:1h picurecs If
!ctresses. torn out, t.c raaz~sincs. Se-t aiorw m. cr. She sub-
r ct sS ES to T1o it 1 l z nu s.-.: along- L.) her. : 'he seiO-
scribes to "'"ogcere" aijl .'.c-inLly received a cover all o.k., v.,ih a
copy ofcl'r*c, ll"-instr.. .. of Vnguer"...... Thot th',t little ho101 liiM
touch .' >:.. r i t. -. i L

::ov.weer, S'algado s'.yE: that a society, f:-r si nng was tari:nei at
the PE-tronato, he ic t- "--e the direct'Lr, or couse, and t.oi.; the name
r "Joi, .. Griinv" o'-"heo' r '.;hbacver tl you have c'ceik' d en off i'ico cxmii:urni'.:tiiiZ t he fct.. ..

i-, ..,ve- never seen any exolanC.1:ion o1 Ltie T.aby ?ippey crash. It
we as so 'c r on poo'. e uic' .l iceast zive yea're. ,hnd w.e are
SCi J.l L .r ri I:' gct some 2" -At.ils fi:-i&dicd up.
`he C'orre bacy ,.'as 'ovn yesLtrCsaj. .-p:a'rLly i.'.' a.< is Mabel
.'nich ';cen't sound in the. li-ast attvac.ivE t.: me in f:.-r-uug-uese, and
not especially so in 7n,'-ii3h.

Have sent all youtr- second cias-. UiaiL Lrat cI L.. -L W i over to
. ecundino. Of course- good deal ofit is appropriated in tfe post
office. There is one piEce hEre, a report from China, L: at _1 -t1ll
send on s..ortly. A.m sure- y will ,wa-aIu t) keep it. Tht people at
Ames must be extremely intelligent, as thl-y continue to serU letters
here for John L. Griffing..... the f:-ctL that he has b en under their
noses f..3ir more than two y-:rs, i';rs cve.r percolated.
Yqu will of coarse be in contact with anJ ':dgardo. The
latter is certainly fortunate to be where the Snipes can "wet -nurse"
t4 W. They \ ere nil so helpless about g'.tting o lf. AUid rinaily had
to go first class, T believe. Poor things.

- -wr -


We understood that the boys bLfore going to States signed some
sort of a promise to remain with the zZecola for three years after
returning. But such seems not to havy- beenThe case, n-at 1 ast with
Secundino. Muller ia a.' cr him Lo go to Venezuela, f'r s splendid
salary, andI think h: is quite tepLed. It, will be a blow Lo the
Tscola if-he joc-s ai, aJs ,secai ly to Lhie project of sending ozhcrs to
the Strtcs. Diogo hasn't had to lht ecunQhino walk over .Ara in his
own department as he had to when "Cotton was Klng1 ... is doing some
work in cth, .- lilies of Agronjomy.
Lotts ore cto x.Ltir t Love u :- ra,(rather "uanks) to
*L. to IJOV to &uz:1 oa e hak) to
a hujC. old fazenia that Lan urncle of one of them, inherited. nothing
much 'E.n daiu t.r..I for som,_ fority years. It a large bract of
t imber that has:i'L h.._ a.n;,'' cUL f1."r sonm thing like fifty yEars.
T'Jsed t,) be zpite a plact, slhw cF.ttle, and all Lhe rest. '7g old
house, L-c. .- '. vanLs 3 conLos fon' his o9 ce here, end w,.Il doubtless
1c"L it easily. Ct. KumLzell ii interested. He did not get the Lead-
aarters mY ,l'.onia, which 1 aves him vith little prospect for
scquyir ing 'ood inds adjac,-nt t. his pi-ice. '"e has .:.on-e cuite a
-littlc or repairing 5tt houlSe, etc. -ut '; like to sc t..,i out in
tli:. DtLi;' Ji-z'ection, as Li:tC &'re two. buses a day Into Vieosa... it
is n -itr too, anud ic autijobile road, ,iich is-. ncarl;- s.l:Yas ii
prn sibi co t-iitijn.

On m. tlhe n t es girls a*as ;ea'id ti 'Ibert-b 'rRaujo on Tuesdayy ,
and tLihey arc to liv. on Lnr-t si tio of :- r f ,-ro's,7 t!-;-.t -= &r.& C :'rea
-r.u w.r-'._i:, tg ti,,-.. *yrc bought out 'rsa, _nd lb wto 6 ;-- t in
lt hi:i,. 2t was <- VLI', :.ic- wUdding. Yhc cr'ide was prt-tv.. iu t.e
"' ... '"i ......." o"3 r v.'i ic'. ism'uch more "s "r. -itt'ian
the "'..:iatriz'" up tuL.l..

:h,: 3,,,o;3 a2' in .ou." house.

-?.r _ss. let us Lntw vwhna- /3, ;ave deci-"c..t as to future x. -rk.
-'Or Ur _j;:, (_l T I, Et OT,.' in 1. 1 ig to
eeverI people have asLeC for yur ddrss, I'v; ber ing to
get o0t.LC in" :o.e puruancnt than you" brouLbers, tho C.T coui.-se hias
t-it=eley-t- blail t to is hs, is ik o tcesch y'.e w y .i%
onl.. ; f'.-.'_,,.. dt-lay. 1-,ili it alwr.yS makes ,'ork for s-oaeone to
send i L on.

rV -L 0 -CC c r-e- E! 7 sthcr V ;as Cuiite
v. Ct"L "Lo. L iufl; '1i 't ( lit J. n- $'OULu. ntt-cnpL it. '7,'-_n't heardd
yet if .-eturned.

..,C S.otittazret we;k. recently in Sello Rorizonte. 're et the
CoLgio IsqioelIa sevy.. ".n -i G s, .,rid w'ithl Vrja Eas much Ius "-,.lble.
L'._u I:.. tiii w C up -.1.d E, nt.:V, missor',-.-r & qg r'',et1-, P.ter Ss)n.
We attended the 35th an iversary f(BaL of' the Colegio, t.f-e, first large
affair in the nt.w quarters. ItL was a very fine festa. '.'. 'More, of
'0. de F6re was up for it, and fqr an qlumni of C.raberry meeting. They
have E lot of them in BKEte. WA'were out. at the tAaddox for one Sunday
dinner, have known them since we crme ott nearly. -ine pe=sle.

have in;ting d ladies club at -milia Faria's this p.m. A.tttndance
has picked up a lot. Getting on toward Christmas. I've promised to
see to twenty suits .fortunately :uiost of them are.already maes, but
*still quite a chore ahead of me. Iam tazier than ever. ?o accomplish
the least of any grown uip white person....

i. -3-
.A' -3

Liail down comes i'regularly now, exciting for the "tmerican
hepubOlics Line boats"' h&e Pr-Lnce ooats b-ven't con-e-recently,
- but irom bhe way uwail has *Jribbid in at o'ld times, they, seea- to be
Sending tint Priice w iIl on otber LoRts. Airmail continues rotten,
still all goes to ?'Lue *..)n that li-ltle plug Line.

Dona Pet had a falling ou' with n. r cook, so now has another
young girl. Sne (D. PaL), expects to go Lo "io for a passeio end
leave tne two youngsLer-s -. r -r .-nLpt .1- 1 "i the caby are- -:rd boy.
Of course my opinion hasn't been asccvd, but T surely think it would
be wIrics better- for nexr co ?eis tt baby and maid with her. Pat's
glasses "broke th*m.seives' a i\w ni_:ncs -;go, and she is having a bad
time witr:nout. them. Pat's former co-0k is .with the '?huveas. She
intormed them that she always cooae,e for all the 'Oirectors- .... The
Capitan tian did not like your ,;eat friend Carolina has left town,
sent so.aevh-e-re. else, so novw she cari ret'jrn ift' snd w;hen she will.

}--sving iLv giv.n all Lhe ri-%s ')f the lark poriul tior: (I ca
hear Dona e., sn..)it in istgust, and inc-iire if that be news.... )
I 'ii see what v]s e I carn rUe mbL-r t. xr-I'te. .'iwas t-ink f" thiinks not UL .ic'Line -...

a 't having iovely -oses now. I just. cr''t 6ct along .Ithout in thL hou-L, or ira,;inc t':.L T oan't. '.'.'. c r Ere c ,!o-ing the
plants a iaL Caj 1ro .m
2',stos br"ot enCuf i.I'c-:: to g:- gLu pali, up to ;..hE !.t of
Litp'". 5. far he has t-.te -'thc-r efficient as a monc;: .-tter. Let's
hope no carn continue so.

-e visiec the '.zcn. 2s,.O 3'lorestal%, as well as .or'to Fior-
ebtll \icaC i.n B3Ite. *I'olng so;,- jooo- :,..'2 : at the fm r. A t- the
late' Lacj.aio has an excellent nuri';eiy o.' citJi"fs Lm',_IaS.

i0'.u garden looks 'tLnt-r aba'ndoned. It 1ook'- f.leni-.;. Xr quite
awhile aft.r' you lefL, b'ut of course that stuff has gotten oast by
n o' Do.n't know what .3nstos will rTi!nt r.owh there.

Our. oranges are cUone. W'e begsrn ueing e'&--Lt t'.c r-.-t uf .?b. If
it re;rn'h u for the ir:i.t 'lies, grnpEci'uit .-oIuld cr:rr-r in for another
month. '.e are using "laren.a era." from l.ei2.s. water supply ib holding out ;xtrermaly 'rell. ctcu2ndino's
ha,- itad jracticallj r-ornt in ti'-.-r hcuse for months. T.ouvea ians to
empty tlc pool3, fnd refill it. HJS aIre iv suso.e.,ed t.he arain con-
s iderably. iie wants to wait Lill Thc.e aire heavy rirs so sides
will be washed free of slime as quickly aE possible, sc a? rot to
"smell out" the dwellers. ':e went on n picnic et the Cajura repreza
last 2'.un-ay.1'essoal da Sec-etaria ", omne forty or more. I've never
seen the water so low in thbt repreza. 'ied a nice svwim, -nr:. of course
vf too big dcnher afterwards.

'J'ell, hive several things to do before lunch -ime, W hich i3
approaching. iope this gets thru to you o.k. Ana do let us hear what
you are doing, and where, etc. Come have -Thanksgiving .i inn,-r with us I
I already have a big gobbler on corn diet.
Papa Joins me in best rewards.

Q a Ld.
7 S-0,0 -^7

4:^^-^ stA^ee tr/-^6(-,^- J ^

77 '9. 'lP-'^4., '1-'^-uac, A- ^ *^^ -
At --JC..hJ ^ I-

O^^ Te l
< ^^
y o- 'w

K-<-^ C^^^^ ^ -~j<^^^ & o-3( ^^ -^. -t-^ -' -*L

c1&0%1j ^-^----^ c~ s ^ ^& <

^^ ^J^^ ^ ^f -^^i^^& ^-f
L?-o. ^L^^ ^-^ ^-i-^^ ^^e^ ^^ &* '^*-**-^00-,

?^y-7~2 4ZL<. ^ ^-a^aLf
(IL ^0 .0J/ A _'^ ^ M^

^~~~~~! _^c__^__ -^ Z

^^ -^-i '-^-J^/'- 7a-r tC L- ^ ^ 0--

c~ ~

AL~C4 _

ce-) A--


w -.-


a-QX, J &U-4l Z-
sa-o (.
W-AJ -*-<- L-LA-

274w -A^ <-/^G /'Cz ___-^-^LW

^/ "<^ *fc^G^ ^c1^-^--
^ ^ -- ^~ ^J -- /.^. -

%t J I- '

I-C, a-

(^L e^U1--A...LR "'- <7ti -- ____ S.^i-__<^^
it #7
'g a "LT

^-o t-B<*M -* V /
*^~ ~ ~ X v1 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -^ ^ .

a -1; ^ L ^ -~~~~t oo ^ ^^ y ^^

a ^^' / ^ I

- /I ^- 72 c,.& ,/ -----A-1, II ^^- B--

L L. "- 4-- o. .

___ .

| '--v tt&<< -"-- -,S *
1 -o--"--oJ-fL t r- J/

bu el

0^ J^ ,^- ..,. _,, ,,...,0 -
~T-/ 94,...,.,. -.,,- ,, --,--^ .-<,-----(-< -= ^ ^~
. V -5 c/ G. "_i -^

, I .

-T ,- -. j -'f- -
-TLL ^ '-^ kwA9 0^ ---4

.. I- "^ a t, ,-- -
-- -- ,- g IA 4 ,_
_-. .. .T._ _._ ^L .
^c- -(~ rt; .. Z- i-_ ._zL *. ,- ^<^'" _
^t ~ A / 4"^' < -

a J ^^ YJdZ-o z1-C i ^ -^e--

*--- I-t 1 o ,

.-^- X^ A --..,^ *^ ^<^ ^-^ ------

aC .6 Z ^_ /-
a I f4 7 t y
I' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A4 Ai I r Ji/t ~~ i^-^ XO ^j_^-e^g

co ir0^^ U- 4o^c---<^ .-^ lo^ '"N T

* a e Feb. 15-1940
tar Frfteds, the Griftlngs
Y...*."..: Your letter. of Jan. 6th cine thru promptly, tb break a long', long
stipnie &n your pa it Yea, I suspect that mail. matters are getting g no
-' e4tt6 rapidly" At. least it sims quite bad not to h-ave secod class
'.";. -,mail, et last, regularly every week, as we hd'? had bfore the^ivar.
Said war has .made tself' felt in various ways, in addition to a .
*" general raise in nrices of this, and t;,e other. So,.a articles just
: "' Simply a-r nonexistent 'on thie z-Arkets now. -
;'." : iThings run along about as usaii, marvelous weathtae... but precti-
"' call no rain.... looks like things would su. 'er badly, unless there ar
5 rainZ scEttered alogg during the dry season. Repweea is far from full.
"- SWi:1uiri pgol was emptied to '"clean and repair dam, end I suppose that.
ruprirs ari st-ill going, on, uLt no siane Df falling p-ol hvfw'bcen noted.. would be ma-rveioUa weather ibor rf'olng in.
vorine 4.oorby i. tt th Snipes* suppose sle will Vw. two wee:..
rT..ra wras a letter frzi Scrotaria de '- ri.ailtJ'r, .\c opened d,
to seE. 'f it snoufl be cop'-ei, an-5 contcn:r sent on ain",ail. T judge it
was s3iit:\;iio]g a.-out seOlJool afeirs. It Ai-ni't n ae aOsec t3 'ie, So I st
J. to 2w. 2oizvia. Ii it :,e rt^yth int n^cls to ^ do so py airmail.

isk *..hat ti1 especially vatting abomt, iz t: tell y-u that V.e havs
jit'St r1% ived 2?A4 sepa.ateS or your paoc:r 'izt of .uot& -r. Families in
Brasil", .mp.ri.-Ued from Sociolog. and. .ooicll ;LseavA-h, nriv. at' -;o Cal,
Los ''g-'aeless Possiblvy 7 .- rt.-re.i ,-t..",t-'4 ,ut uthi.ey carie in your
name, Lo I won er i' it wasr,'t an inedvrc-lene on sorneone's part. If
-you ulv.i to diAtribute any n.r e.l i1 Th'i bre t and Q --6 t do so, just
Sill out calling cArdle, to indicate : to iv tr, e-; we will
se6 tat i thf;j are deli',:i'd. Oi cou3,.1; nt i u as as iutograph-
ing, but it seems rather pointless to 35. ti.em all bu, o the.tateau
...." j i -
PE r O yLju t1o W2'.l- _i Z Q,1e -1e' If to '--;F: L L .-a_. -i ''"
...j.udstone ai-rivwd in "io. z.n'.e.D ^- v-i i. hi c,'z&-r-zdl times .here"
: said ho sfcciied depressed but not otherwise :.ry raiorm;l. ie ::ias not come
',." heree f,."' tI, ,n,.
erpzi~.*n p~ltfi~ wnr4 -'e u~t. to~ to, e ztb.e:,v ,os
:;. Quin~ilitiano is hopi U) gut to go in the. iaidle o2 Cie .:-ar. Jose
'. Cndido basn'I staid n-ch joUt i. s1ce .Iiq.. i. nh died
-dac 'iaar, It -.~c t,. m:uc'lid o;_.u died

Srecently.... then her s grnWc-;.OEr .. s ill 6:.a laL sh, ..iL not return
,t teh i-,, F t.'ne cUd 01 vt- C. t o; ... it v'.u, Lh0in.
L. I h;lving P.ivaage-u a. :t'tl.. wlu-, 'rlish. S H!. 1.. a gooa vcabu-
lo i hve itundi ,..'. cxctCilir, a&t 'ILu,---.Lu jMc onary tor Qhilerpn"
I .. v.lch yL2S &OOutL Ubc tDet ting T've >ourx yet. Coizion usagts of common
wiords y is 6Secundino' a birthday. Quite & number are invited there for
* inner.., knov we will h've at bi, dinL'T-nnr r.ndj a .oOx time.
Papa was mud- pleased to rcicei- =. the. reai-s from l 7 L auhin.
:'W hav ,lever huacird a wvord from T.Lyn Smitjh. of Lousiana. Maybe
:: be just didi,'t like us. W.c tried to be j.iicee :0 him.-
ve hW 't" ist ch'rmtngly front th.e .khrs. ou res.Jeuber sae had
dlnn&r ith '"us all" aowrn V the fit xres auranL, ainsapple oeopie from
Hawaii, but now- locrntl5 rht z",c' ,. Thanks for the number ot "he "Times" ... :'lde~aijj :aies sorely your
... g generous supply of books and generous loaning of them ...
'; iill seand a copy o01' this boLnmail an. ona thru Mrs. H.-.T:v. -
". .. 0eraan freighter waR sun a'out 12 ailes o0'f 3ras. cop-st. It
A-, doesn't. .ke sailing .snr2 inviting. ow Aouitl one know but one.'s boat

': might be sunk, by mist-':a or ouhevrwiise ? "Alumnus" says you are Mbturin
'''.ere. Of course they are always well infoCLed.,
here.' Please It us! know about' the separates.
pa-... pa joins me ain best regards to -each Of YU. Sent a package of
at .goS H.00 it reg ;ted recently, N 31 Hope it goes thru.

..ri;.... ..;r .. N *, .. *'
V,. '.?Tr, :. aral ,, .~i ,M. -.
"... ... ... .. .. ... "' :" '.i ::.'... '_.:_.'.J.
... ... ... :.. .. .... ... .. ... .. .A .
;= ." =., .,', %- ,,, ." ',.I" ,.- ,- : ,=;.. = -' .;o.. ." .. :.'

escola Superior de Agrioultura

vigosa, Ainaa Geraes.

Feb. 16, 1940.
Dear Dr. Gritting:
You may receive this on same mail as a 1 ter (boat letter) to

you, that I mailed yesterday, supposed to take to you the carbon copy

which I enclose herewith. In a moment of more than my usual "estupidez"

(the Brasilian "eatupidez" ia so much more stupid than the American

stupid)...... I seem t o have mailed to you the carbon of an airmail

sheet I was ewoeiesfBg sending to my sister. Of course I don't know

exactly how the letter started out, probably "Dear Folks", arnd the con-

tents may puzzle you considerably, as I might have started one to you

the same way.

Will you please mail the carbon of the letter to Mrs. R.T.H-argrave,

Brooker, Florida.

I enclose the proper carbon for you. Original was sent airmail to

Mrs. Hargrave, to be sent on to you.

We till miss you very much9 and regret your having departed.

i Very sinoerelyyours,
<*.* : 'I' -- s. n'r y our

\. ** -- "

*. fl 17;



March 8 1940
Dear Dr. Griffing: Your letter of Feb. 12th reached us on the 7th of
March. Check is included, and I'll see to depositing it to your credit
when I'm in town. Or possib'-y juc-t hol it in an envelope, separate, in
caseEdgardo comes around,
Your Christmns c'rd never turned up.
Received a large p ckage theAV1neglocks brot out. She-reports an
excellent trip gown, aitho they had a week rough weather delayed two
days arnd very crowded onboard.
Gladstone is still in Rio, according b Duce, who was here'yesterday
afternoon.. :e baby is growing nicely. The RangelSg baby boy Is huge,
fit an2. squabby.
Sylvia Iium=el land i..'aldmar came here, to our house, on Feb. 2C0th,
as she was expecting on thc 22nd. Gustavo, how:-cr, ha diffcret i:.cas
aid only arrived on .larch 1st, at 1 a.m. In hospital. She go along
nicely. -s.i we brot her back here on Sundiay morning. D. Alicie i. head
nurse, of cois:e, and I go foi her ever;'-' mocr ning. 3astos's wife also has
a small baby, fiuout a week earlier, so she ri2akes th: t'. vi-',its at once.
I 've been everytUhin, fIom launa.resa, nurse, even sathed th bazby y;jster-
day, as D. Alcie fouLia't cone. Sylvia wants to go l.oumc. tomorrow:, so
if it doesn't rain, I expect she will. V'aldamar has been out at t he
sitio every nigit recently, so 've been in"full" charge, 24 ho--r duty,
which has doubtless .-duced my averdu-ools by -om. grai6s.
The principal reason for tritinz this, is that I still don't know
what to dow i h the pamphlets. You say: Immediately upon the receipt
of your A.innail letter I s ent a lone; one. Hope it reached you." Eint it
didn't.... I know hovw bady you -;jant those separates. The Univ. should
have furn ished you more, without '6cher .... it was thetr error.
No, the only address we had until yol.,r letter came yest.rd- was
thaIl of y'uO brother.
Since you say :"If it (the packafL of separates) shows up, T would
ap y''eci' te getting it back"....... VIm mailing, you registered, half
of the csrpE rates s.. -. Doi't think it likely that more than half were to
be distributed in BrasEl. Do hope that is o.2i.
Report has it that the Snipes are taking the 6i-l student t :. room
and bor.rd. She spGaks considerable -Ir-Li2h. She is all r'1-ht, ^ut once
the fftvrf-als enter, there is sure to be a mess. Such a pity they ever Lot
encouir:ed' to cone at all.
Papa is z'LirJ!y well. UnIless you saent a copy of your airuail of
ins tru'ctions about the sepa ratess better rite it out all over sEain.
Excue a shr'rt note. I want to get this off today, in with E1fLe's.
Believe it. oi. not, -'vw b1en busy recc'.tly.
.... i_/ t' j^_ ___ -_ is she ?

V[cos Uinas Ge=raes, ?rgsil.
The TT.S. -ltying Xrd rm _nn ,, !:,ch *39 iX0.
DNp't L-3, Cincinnti, Ohio.
Dear Sirs; Enclosed please find 23 in stamps, for which please
send me, by registered mxti I, book PO:,t, oo3e copy of your "Of-ficial
Rules of Csrd 7aries- H)yle Up-to-Date".
We have cards sent out from the Stres, thos we csan buy here,-
the national ones, are v r inferior. Ir-ported ones are extremely
expensive. In t o i ea,, some oi yours, recently priced at a hundred
and thirty mril ,'is for tw.o p~cz:s. About '6.o0. I didn't indulge.
But by having friends brigoli .1t cards seMi-occasionaliy, we menage to
keep ourselves supplied.
Vy truly yours,

C. ilolfs


~. 4~


' -~ -~.--~



* 4 'E W "A# ,

^ Or^LerW

q pt


- ~. Mi



* **i-



*'*;*" ,

'/ '**

A. ;* '

''' "

't- *"

^ *


*^ :' .

i;'"?.. .

^. -W

-l* *


.... -

Pt '-



-' evita
Wrapldo o.
6elll, tome
BO aLntl8e.
am )
S (flu)

ptal Central do
ir dado part de


- (Luw)

0 Estado do Rio vae custear-
lhes a concluslo do curso
de agrononia -

0el Newton sflac 0 commandant Ernqmni do
Amaral, intrveantol federal ng
MINEIRA EtadE o do Rio, reholveh rfafdar
M INI oystear ria Bscol SUperfor do
K *,e ,t .C Agricultura de -Vigoa, em MI.
Pne C na@ GerpeeIi oonclUrAo do curs0
Ppleta do ultlimp sor. doa alumnos fluilnenses d8-
.'apollcee, realidlo -era qutlle est.bnleoclimuto, Padl'o
proxAlpb flhndb; J s6 -Armindw Newlamrnds;, Lu Igi-
i Centre Lotertgo, on- Lo-Paes Leme Vlanna St. Otto
WftinpT voAos ,ttulom. 4nderson, Burldesa Esteves dpi
ihteiao, TrwvsmmS- do Rel..Anoi,l.- o AnAmim a Mario Vaz.
S "(200)1 Eases eattlantes v6m Cazen.

/YAA,,^^ itt LI

dooo .auella esoola com"
grande M Iproveltavqnto e *eatavai
na .idnuehola de4o.i nrflip o -Ur
fan fm oio
fmalta da nlneloo. .....
. P.rovdo tudo Isso o Internft-
tQr Ernani do Amaral resolve
auXIIlrals. porn a oon41oip .de
quoe to0os 7es, ap G ., oppcl-j
seo ..dos seui hemn
no Bstado do Rio. ao quaLprli-
tatRo a. sua collc!oraRQk.t -t

Reassumiu a irecgao do
Arsenal do Rio Grande
0 coronael ArgemIro Dornellas
communicolu no mliiptro da quer-
r-a haver rpasumldo a direcQo
do Arsenal do 8uera 4o Rio q.Grat-
d4o do Sul. .

Llk .. .- .
. -' ..*.
1i^ a -' -i-^ .* *.^ s..-y .. 'A A ; t :si^J..-:a *! ^ ^

val dof
Ws prlim|
dro Tqr4.
Albarto 0
atores do
offilial do


P, OiL CO .ANY.OF", '1

-* ,,.y-.

* f

o s~S^t

exotolto corn a
Minha 'Mae, ml-
-asgim .ocmo a esposa
ao'lT0 hos' de n6a am-
tro- b., jovens, 1l&eiramette
alt armados, rodeavaw. as carroa de
o de baoalha,-. o cohtlnam- difficilmen-
te os caes deojlL que, ailmaidos
ppo p6lo exemplo-.-d' Deiber-Tmrud, o
s.o o.nnacetro dG.onrens, ulvavam e
m '.o s ,ngiueaP ntre Os j6venm da
do'. n's.a tilbu; de se dirtigla n &
evas- msu.- fileira, riotal dots que .tinhain
taha juridoaentre's l f6 des aldtesa, &
olyu simelhanga "de,.i Jyan'e de" Ar-
66 stme:. alemrdisto, como. se costuma
o nas 'izer aquitas vezes, tinhfiam querl-
o do do ligar n&o sOmente a sua pa-
a,m- lavr, r mas tAibem, os corpos;. e
SIpyocar patr ficaiem- mils seguros de par-
-vangar- ttlliarern a *mesam "sorte, urma
parsa it en- cdriiprlda corrente fe terror, pre-
Lba, cirito de. metal ,do cad, um
i famonq.gra- delles, as-l gavs.' um ao outto.
opzij.sdsva Imagem do jurameinto que os unla
i qsalfeu'a- .aqtlala.correpte Oa tornava!.Inse-
rnmo. Mkael,I paravels, vivos; feoldos :ou =ortos.
b-no7-avaliel- I Drlgindo-noa para o nosso gon-

urns parts da^M ^^^^^^^^^^
tava um soberbo at.
coberto de zarel escarlate;,-.'1
*armadura era do aco; o capa.
.de cobre estanbado, e brilhantea
comno prate, tinha' sobreposto o me
emblepa da Gallia: urn gallo dou- fez p
rAdo, corn as azas melo obertas. -
Aos- lados do chefe, cavalgavamrn teu ho
um bardo e umrn drulda, trojando o meu
comprldas vested brancas, raja. me champ.
das de purpura;- nao traziam ar- ndsma vell
mas; mas, logo que. comecasso .a Ulbertada dt
batalha, desprezando o perigo, na Cbegon a bu
primaira fileira de combatentes, flats & divisa
elles.os animavam corn as suas Em today e qu
palavras e corn as suas cangdes dots caminhosa
de guorra. moso: veneer t.
Asaim cantava o bardo no mo- minha affelqgio
mentor em quo passaya par dean- patria n.o ser e-
te de .n6s a o chefs dos ccm values: Hesus proteger oI
"Cesar velu contra n6s. Per- citos !.,. Talvez
guntou-nos corn -voz forte: Qde- che/c dos cemnvol'
rels eor dscravos ? estates dispos- do apagar a nodoa.
tos a. Isso?... Nfio, nOn nab es- nome quo elle *n!
tamos dispostos a iaso. Gau- pronunclar... Cor.
lazes, fllon ode urea mesa raca, Joel Os filhos da
unldos :pela mesa causa, arvo- valorosos centre os
remoas 6 nosso estandarte sobre Eu vA em tua casa e.
.an mbntanhams, e-corramos & pla- Julyan e Armel, comic
nlcio. -- Mlarchemnos..., marche- pots da cola por. um'
.mo.nao encontro .do Cesar, envol- valentia... Tua santa.
vaenon na memma mortandade elle I a virgem da flha- de i

-I ,,.;, .':: ,L :,. ..." ...,. .. .. ., .. .
~~ ~ y _A V + "" ;' + + '" : .. .. < "+ : ,:,.''',
.. .. .. ....

\R D 4 '

61 C

V OViqosa,,0 do Julho do 1938.

Ilmo.Sr. Dr.P.H.Rolfe.

Prezado Sr.

A Diretoria da E.S.A.V. temrn o prazer de

oonvidar a V.Bxcia. para assistir a instalagao dos traba-

lhos da lOa. SEMAAIA DO J''A2ELD1IRO que deverg ter lugar

amanhA 8as 7,0 horas no Sal]o Eobre desta Escola.

Aproveita a ensejo para comaricar a V, Ex-

oia, que o nimero de ijsoriqoespara a lOa. SEMAAA se ele-

va a 850.

Contando corn a presenga de V.Exola. esta

Diretoria agradece.

Pela Diretoria:

..;. :.:r '-; ; "';* :'';,ri e V'. r ri a
.:p 'J Q 'ms Gerais


,* '. "* .,. ,
;.- 1 *I ." ". ; ," e, '- '.,.. .-' e .. "
:,.^^. ....-.,." .' ,
....M. .,._.01:,,.,. .,.,0 .... ,,,,,,..: ..,, :._'' ; : : .:

.. '._' I Viyosa, 12 de maio de 1938

= Exmg. Sr. Dr. R.H.Rolfa
*<:-de: VIqO._'A

Sec. 51


Realizar-se-6.neata zscola, amanhA uma fes-

ta comemorativa do "Dia da Colheita", cujo program foi elabora-

do tendo em vista a alta significagdo da data de 13 de maio que,

neste ano, marca o cincoentenario da abol$ggo da escravatura no


Para que as festividades tenham o brilhan-

tismo desejado tenho o prazer de convidar a V. Excia e a exma.

familiar para assistirem-nas.

Contando corn a sua honrosa presen~a, apre-

sento a V. Excia. as minhas

Atenciosas Saudaes

Atenciosas Sauda~6es

Toda oorrespondenoia e doournentos deverAo ser dirigidos do seguiute rnodo:


& e t ....... .. ....X....

Se~we dma. <~tete 4 AasS &,,A o de e4at~af d

ee /AQm& *-/ rw
e4~ae vyfooea

AO W. /Irmg' e, 1.9c*.

.. ( .1 ^^ .......................... .................... .. .. .

~~t~eF" eezxk alu4 ~a em 4 k//i e.
4 a^ewimffa CMe en?4 t ae Q~f'o&e cta eo

m14a. ewwca., C0n. 7a0n e cancesam ea', m, no ewwo l/e aow.

Nota: 0 present convite 6 pessoal e intransferivel.

Pede-se a fineza de nao trazer cianpas.


I- As 9 horas- Missa em aco de graqas, na Igreja Matriz,
II- As 10,30 horas Plantio da arvore das turmas,
III- As 15 horas- Sessao solene,



Alfredo Cesar do Nascimento Filho
Antonio Povoa
Arlindo de Paula Gontalves
Clovis Wilson Pacifico Homem
Edson Potsch Magalhaes
Hilson Cunha de Almeida
Homero Diniz Freitas
Isaac Abramson
Jofo Celestino de Almeida Filho
Jos6 do Nascimento
Manoel Pereira Magalhaes Filho
Otto Lyra Schrader
Salvino de Oliveira Fillw



Alberto Monteiro Wilwertk

Antonio Vieira Machado

Clovis Baptista Nasdmento
Eduy Eitdel Catdo
Frode Madsen
Josi Candido de Mello Carvalho

Jose Penedo
Maurido dos Santos Paiva


Alvaro Fonseca
Arthur Pereira de Medlo Filho
Christian Paul Dardot
Domingos Alves Marcondes
Elidio Cesario Figuzteiredo Cortes
Friedrick Wilhelm Sommer
Geraldo de Souza Lima
Jayme Henrique Mayall
Joao Carlos da Silva Araujo
Joao Nelson Sommier Molina
Joaquim Gomide Filho
Jose Andrade Cintra
Jose Ottoni de Oliveira
Jose' Soares Diniz Junior
Jose Thomaz de Assis
Jos6 Wenceslau do Amaral
Lafayette Anastacio de Paula
Lynce Ribeiro Chaves
Mario Dutra Oonfalves
Paulo Alberto Werneck
Paulo Bayardo Rodrigues Pereira
Paulo Pimento de Figueiredo
Sebastido Lino de Paula
Severino Alves Nobrega
Wamberto Nobrega Zenaide

Adao de Mello Borges
Amadeu Albuquerque Maranhao
Augutsto Caixeta de Qaeiroz
Erik Andersen
Francisco Coelho Moita
Hamilton Moreira Leite
Jairo Barbosa
James Paulo Lisb6a
Jayme Lardier
Joao Theodoro de Souza Fi/ho
Jose Adao Soares
Jose Gregorio das Chagas
Josd Teixeira de Siqueira
Jost Vidigal Martins da Costa
Melchior Carneiro de Mendonra
Miguel Luiz Pizziolo
Natahlno Fontes
Newton Pereira Nunes
Orlando Geraldo da Silva
Osmar Soares de Souza Lima
Pericles Dutra de Mendonra
Renato Mourthd Sampaio
Wilson Costa Reis Siqueira

, +


..........d o ........ .. . .. .


4~ 4

Sede: VIqO.SA
~ ,

Vigosa, 26 de fevereiro de 1937

Exmo. Snr. Dr. P. H. Rolfs.


*.. -
4 I


'S :


E S C 0 L A


A Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria"

do Estado de Minas Gerses tern a honra de convidar V.Excia.

para assistir 4 abertura de seus cursos do corrente anno;

a realizar-se dia 1- de mar-o proximo, 6s 8 horas.

Cordeaes saudacoes.

..c,,a u~,ueflor d3 Agricu;tura.e Vecr,:rU


v- 4-
4 -. .

. 4 ." '


1- ha*

Toda correspondehcia e doc'umenlos devero ser dirigidos do segulirle modo:
I .* I VI

S* ................... ... ............ -.. ... .............................. .................

9d' 3yecza am @ncwd QJu'ieL'Z o ae.n Q

7e i

e ^^Ua^McwS'nac cwQ~i'^ce <37M ze A em n~Kza <

Nota: 0 present convite 6 pessoal e intransferivel.

Pede-se a fineza de nao tracer oreanpas.





Affonso Ferreira da Silva
Alberto dc Caux
Aloisio Mendes
Antonio Drumond Lage
Celso Pereira de Souza
Cyro Ferraz
Francisco Ribeiro de Paula
Francisco Valente Ferreira
Humberto Vianna Espechidt
Ismar Franca Nogueira
Joaquim Jacyntho de Souza
Jose Fernandes Sobral
Josd Mendes Filho
Jose Ubirajara Euclides
Luiz Myrrha Netto
Marcos Linhares Guerra
Oliveiro Teixeira
Oswaldo Macedo Gontijo
Ozanam Frederico Marra
Raymundo Ferreira Mendes
Roberto Marques Pinheiro
Ruy Martins Nogueira
Sebastido Lopes da Silva
SSylvio Furtado de Mello.


Adelino Bastos Filho
America Dias de Castro
Americo Groszmann
Antonio Luiz Azevedo Araujo
Carlos Lobato Giudice
Carios Nagele Filho
Carlos Pinto dos Santas
Catalino Novaes
Lower Bastos COrtes
Dilermando Eloy Ferreira
Edmundo Sila Diez
Francisco Aloisio Fontenelle de Araujo
Francisco da Silva Romeiro
Francisco de Mello Arruda
Francisco Dias de Castro
Geraldo Costa Vaz de Mello
Geraldo Tastes
Herminio Lignani
Humberto da Silva Cerqueira
los Piovesan
Jeronymo Barges Chagas
Jodo Alfredo Paranagud Moniz
Joao Petronilho
Joado Torres Filho
Joffre Freitas de Moraes
Jose Carlos Moreira Bruno
Josd Cordeiro
Josd Leite Ribeiro
Jose Luiz de Moraes
Josd Mancini Sobrinho
Jos6 Moraes
Josd Ribeiro Ferraz
Marcio Ribeiro do Valle
Murillo Mendonfa Freitas
Nelson Martins de Paiva
Ntwton Silva Netto
Onofte de Almeida Sampaio
Orbilio Pereira da Silva
Oswatdo Waldemiro Passos
Rodolpho Born
Sebastido Faria Pinheiro
Sebastiao Vieira da Silva
Vicente de Paula Faraco
Vicente de Paula Pinto
' Vicente Ferrer Correia Lima
Walter Justino Carreiro

@W Womm~ioe oiattfwczc em- a owa~ ae owvecwi

fwca/6 a'e ^/Aecern4io cw/wme/^wfopamt2ci tcw4craw

I QW&9 dw*a4 Qyts em tZ~faO cwat-d;n /~txo tc.w

II 1Ws / ^^a Q@OI^ w wwe acsQ~msi

LIII 2 O ott- c2-^&*aQe~wQ ren~e
O~iw T'4na ^e~nZsi

Este convite 6 enviado sob a responsabilidade ddk_

. .. .

Vi, osa, 12 de Novembro de 1937

Sec. 1i6

Exmo. Sr. Dr. P.H. Roifs


Tenho a honra de convidar V. Excise para a ses-

sao solemne .ue se realizar. nesta Zscola, no dia 15 de Liezernbro

proximo, As 20 horas, por occasigo da colla.Co de grau de .nLgeinliej

ro Agronon-io e Medico Veteriniiario e conferencia de titulo die Te-

chnico Agricola e admrinistrador Rural, aos alumnos que concliiem

os cursos neste anno.

Sirvo-me do ensejo para apresentar a V. hxci-

os rneus protests de distinct consideraao.

At+Tenciosas 5audac6es

L i I. :' ""' '" I --f i Ih
t %. |lina G i
on .,.: CA Y W6.

Toda correQpondelucia e documentos deverfo ser diriLridos do seeiilnte inodo:

Data __ _._ ... .. Localidade_

-- | I ^.. /7 A ^ ,: -



* V

...... .. Localidade_




EQ |r i [ jf I
.. ^ i-f-- >./M'Ty
tfTt-d-S LL<>Z> f 7 *"**"'**
f H


drifftotug, Jabsn B i Ohl $;, .ur4

*d*@^, oKt^swd e*4ea~i~~a *M.t*npu4
P ,t f .l h S 'bg ,. ', .
190 -1 "h s "BZ fl ",. f..L .

Ha e.,d f -Or$. O ''9 1 '

mgrb, 'AhisStots No'x "'q,.":',.

19l3-"8iprnF^Bad umnmaj fti&4 Cot-
tean Ce.TtspeAris, L93J'2O,
rb4.rpka~Ksu.iu,4e.4iSQE-; e,^Jobu
8.. & B^~^..(Nfaceher)'&0;Btr~sd C,
tf u.LA, Kell*,Bay 2%,1910; a.

Mary Louins.obun M1 oe1nozo Brsuw .
B.SA.,Ktneas .~State Agrr.Col l9904;
A.B.,Drake Uaiv.,1909; R.M.,Coluabia



:.. "-,, .- -" ,, .. .

', ,
1~ .

.. ., .,

k co**;T*i

-~ rw~rrr~


Eseoln Superior cae Agriultura
a Veterinr.ria

Vigosa, Ineiss Goras.

3 do ErvereJfro do 1937.

VIaU Stfr.

br. Carioas 7ess .1,

Snuda;Ba5 cordiaae.

',/ntho -or %iaideaa tIccusar e reeabiunto do prezedo avyer de
V. ., datado de 16 as Saneiro p. findo.

t3asajo p.dir ,.auculpas pela do.-Aor. ou ter hevida em acatar o
re.,binr.Hito '1 s*auo, devido M k r otkegede durrnts a "QuinTerlr. FaoBinina",
* P rini.u f'iLe (quo am serve de daotolagrniha) )e aonhTw. aito occupada.

Copate-aic iAfor-lhr a ;. 1. que nio tenho presentments nunhuwm
I.16.-O.. CA)" & VBculk, esaLido &4ui apenass Am visit&. Par isso, estou
entregandu u carL (e ;. S., a0 swu b" Amigs a patroteo, o Dr. J. b.
(-riff-ng, atulisat a .ructor isckmise do estabel.eeimento. Elle veiu hL
quLtrrc I;tzogi p biutot pra csaumir a direoie i da Bsela, '' quite
desejoso de uMB viag a a Sgo Pael podendo ser que neesa ocea-
silos roderA cotseguir V. S. tn ftrnvista.

Pego tresimdttir o asua aapri.awatn sao Dr. Krg.

ela miaia per lioje, suborsvo-ge, zoi amn ad el esatim coaidera-o,

DO V. 1 AqL Rttm2 a obgl

P. I. Rolft


-Ir 94~.. .4
~ O?~e WE~ .7.....' J.jJ%"~ ~j4S4~~

- /

.." ..
-*' "*; : ..'. .. ".' .:,"1 -
. : ,.ii r i. ... :, .* .' : -- f :

. ",


Eecola Superior do Agricultura e Veterinarta

Vi. saa mines Gers, Brasil.

Hay 20, 1937.

Dr. f. H. Porter,

I. S. C., ABo, Itwa.

Dear Dr. Porter:

This letter is written o reooamend Prof. Antonio Soeundtno de SAo Joas
for consideration for a fellowship for foreign students.

Secundino, as he is popularly known here, graduated from the "Curao
Superior" in this institution (E.S.A.V.), in 1931; Then in charge of the
Patronhto Agricola do Autado de Espirito Santo for one year; Returning to
his Alma ter as Assistant Professor of Agronomy; Continuing to the present,
4 1/2 years.

I have known him sinoe he matriculated in 1928, at which tii I was
Director (President). He is one of the best, if not the bost, student that
we have graduated. Our equipment and course of instruction was equal to
or better than that of the Florida Agricultural College when I was Dean

In 1920, the State of 1inas Gerae8 requested the United Statas Departmient
of State to nominate a man to organize and conduct an Agricultural College on
the "North American Plan". This gave a an entir.elr free hand, within the
financial limits. Being a graduate (1889) of I.t.C. aM Deab of the Florida
Agricultural College, you can readily understand my ideals for the organization
and equipment of the E. S. A. V.

Anything you coan do for a friend Reoundino toward securing a fellow-
ship for foreign students, will be regarded an a personal favor.

Sincere Z rofray

y "H.01 Rolf



Escoola Superior de Agrluultura e Veterlaaria W

Vigema Minas Gereso.

3 de Novembro de 1936.

Exmn Snr.

Dr. Sylviq Alvaree,


Ao pedido da Renhora do Dr. Briffing, eotou eacrovondo o

present*, para aviaar a V. S. quo seaguir& aanha, sob registrov o

pamport. do Dr. Griffing.

S6mante hoje, depois do feohado o correlog 6 quoe chegou

is dios daufiorida Senhora, copia do Radiograrmma do Dr. J. IM. 8oaros

do Grouvea, Assistente Teohnlioo do Agrioultura da Seoretaria do Agri-

oultura em BelloA Horizonte. Lamentamue a demora que tea havida, derido

ao estravie de original. da radiogranim.
Seperamn quo nao haver. main straio no despacho da bagapal,

o podendo em qualqueira maneira sor until a V.S., aqui oesta as ord am.

Subeorevo-nm com elevdaestima o aoauiderag o,

oDe Vq.,,r,Asgu attfi e obgI

___,_ _-
C ,"o f


.*;^ ;* p t9 r* W

iRAPTISB 8T leels, Superior is Agriultura a Veterinaria
ViY4as e ias Gerse, BrasUl.
may 20, 1937

Dean of the graduate Seheal,

I. S. C., Ams towsa.

Dear Sir:

This letter s itritten in behalf of y good Brasilia friend, Antonio
Seundino S8o Tos6, reeonmnding bhi to year graduate student faculty. ie
graduated from th Eseolsa superior do Agrialtura e Veterinaria with tbh
class ot 1931. Soone after grqluatiea he accepted the position f Director
of the Patronato Agrliola for the neighboring State of Espirito Santo. After
one years service there he was invited to return to the E.S.A.V. as Assistant
Agronomist. Which position he hau continued to bhold.

Our course of instruction and equipment was of so high an order that Dr.
A. A. lurphres PreeiLdbat of te University of Florida* we. willing to accept
our s tudaente on the same footing with the students of the flerida Agricultural
College; i.e., a student completing three years studies Inl our "Curso Superior"
would be admitted to the Senior elase in the Florida Agricultural College, simply
an reaommedation from the E.PA.V.

I cheerfully ree %wnd this young man to yoar Faculty as a student fully
equal to the beet to whoa we awarded the M.S.A. degree vwhen I was Dean of the
College of Agriculture in the University of Florida.

Very esioerely yours,

3. Railof/

P.S. For your eavoenienage: t In 1920, t1e ovearment
of Minas oerses requested the United State. Department
of State to recmamad sommeen who sould locateis organize and
conduct an Agricultural College on the American plan. After
twelve year f service in Mlnas Geraes I retired. 7.

Esoola Superior de Agrioultura Veterinaria,
Vigosa, Minas Geraes, Brasil.
Mjy 20, 1937.

Dr. R. H. Porter,
Iowa State Collegd, Aauss Iowa.
Dear Dr. Porter:

Dr. J. B. rifting has asked me to write regarding wK friend Secundine,
which I have done and have placed the letters in his hands.

Please allow m- to make moam acomnts that do not properly belong in
a letter of souandattion-

The Esoola Superior de Agricultura a Voterinasria do Estado de nias
teraes (our Brasilian correct speLing friend do not mind long titles
if they are euphonious and descriptive) lias been called the moat notable
and noteworthy Agricultural College in South Aserioa, by Dr. Rowveas Director
of tho Pan American Union.

The "." .A.V. is influencing agrlcullubl instruction in d1 the Brasilian
states. Since our return (July 1936) on a visit, the Secreteries of Adric lture
of various states held a two day eating here simply to study the plans and
equipment. One of these amn had spent '24 to '26 at I.S.f. (See Alumnus).

In 1929 I was at Amsa Comnencemnt. We wanted to bring with us to Mines
Gerams three professors (Animaal :Husbandry, Plant ?lathology and Entomology),
but the Ames men were in sush demand that our salaries were inadequate. (About
four years later vwe could hae assured a whole squad.)

Iowa State College is to be congratulated on receiving such g finestudents
as the young men the Z-S.AeV. is sending to you. geographically and cosertiaLly
Iowa's location is against her. New York is the usual port of entry; All Bra-
millans contact with the Consul Generalo; ie has heard of Iowa but known nothing
about I.A.C.;Rgrely doem a student got at far west as Wisonsoain and still more
rarely to Texas. Theaatern institutions educate the Braeslianm and they get a
provincial ideal of the United States. The eastern institutions educate for the
laboratory, away from the industry, agriculture. uqopeau colleges and universi-
ties do the same and ow can employ an eduotod Germon Branehmns, Reandenavian,
ete., for ialf thew salary of a Northb4Aeran. Brasilians, espoeialjy the Mineirauns
like the Iestern ideals. Prof. VOlloD^a graduate ox tilaouri, im the oldest in ser-
viee of the professors here. Dr. drifting is a Kmans Colleg graduate. The ponderfouts
Brasil, half the area of South Aearica and with ever half the population, has been
muand ias on suck smaiable *ot relations with the U.J.A. thAt she almost never makes
headlines. fagauineu do not cater to articles on Brasil. She is the only Latin-
Ameriean country that has memoralised Ifenree, with a palace. Pur6, not aslarge as
the state of Minae Gerase, and less than half as populeau, is more frequently on
the headliner than Brasil. Tkgaines do not eater

The point I want to make is that I.S.G. while she has contributed educators
and scientists to Brasil, is not receiving a Just percentage of students who go
from BrasAil to the United States. I am very anxious that Mtns students should
contact more with the Western ideal.

Very sinoere .
P. H. Rolls

9"' -t

. t.@

$". :. ." *VIQOSA

F 4 ,
^'^ L^-<<,?.4--q*




, : .' ,
**!', .. ; +:. ''.'* .' .. '. :* -S
To;A...ori'coorearpondenoia e doourmextos d.ver~'o ler diJriaidos do seeuinteo ziodo ..
. 'h rr 1;i, '' "
" +'fc;,+t..i;.+r .<- -'"-* ." A., '." ... "*- ..*** *;- ;: ,; .. .* : *** .. ...;" *.

s&~. /

* *..




e. pl


gn2berefu Zeir~tap2iitn "GSrabotel"
2ab PB im Ui. 113E c2l12I.: 3500
FaoptiTbabs be Arcminela uiiJKIxua

^^~?eIAs |Sforipoire,
SOMR05 ...uil)

A^-c-^>r<-L-W---^ L4% V^'L^ L 4--c WL. t ^- 4^eC/-

I/ /1 / _^ CAP
f\v-- ^ L f^

U a.(ef v-- -- ~Ti<^ <^ --<^^ tc, aJUtJ

Cu^A f^^ ^^JL ft^^^ _--.L^, --,.-- ,_

(Enbnfa Vle+snxipi "(timohV
Fum ba ai1im n. 1136 VtcltpI-: 3500
4raprhbxbr be ArcangdEo nlaletut

PeIUo oritonte,
(,-b.= Orru-s-pnm1il)



I )


z; ~-~c ~

-I J





X\ ^ / '^ / A / y

1/i \ -/
^_---- -C^^VIP r~ -

^ t=^&- ^ -*^- ^^p4:"

-^Z"/,|^^-- ^-^--e----' -^

-/:;> "A.



~ ~Z~'~-

G~ ~ ~-

c% ~ -

CL ~w~V ~e~&

6' ~



;z<--L< A T ?_<_-

- .,rt 7~ ~



J-?~I ,


t~...L ~




~4 J- j -~



cd^ iL ex-" -
u)^ ^ b~f -^ G-Zf z ^ f~~
cJ4, 1& r-' ^ ^^^



. v w -e- 'A



1-t-4-0 "6/ z

3f- -e 4 .


O le.,v-^ .^Aea/

A0-,&-7 <^_




~p~aL A~c?~j A~

~S4~ AAr~ _

4- ~

L-~j A ~ ~-~-c~-i Z



4TL tI.-i-


~~ / ^ ^ ~ ^--- "




CA-lob *-- > 7 (i

Eaect.a Super.or dd Agricultura

Oct, 27, 1936

Doer Mrs. ri ff ng

After e .had telephoned today, I told .rof. Miller that I Woeld write a
tot, to tell you how sorry we are that John is mistk and hope that he Is
entirely well before you receive this. 1&y old has hung on. I hope he did
not got the grippe from -s Mine has seemed to be more a cold than anything
elms, as I am qui-te sure -1.h vs not had any fever.

Pupa and I got here yesterday about one o'clock. Had a nie trip from Rio
to Ptropolis on the train3 and then by oar to Ub&, where we *pent the night.
Papa was tired so we could not get started from there til a l ton so get areo
in tim for late "breakfast".

We are disappointed that you are not coming tomorrow oevning but it is
good thatDr. ritffing have the get a little acquainted with Dr.

Telegraph saervioe is very poor, so it would be advesable to phone here
the daybefbrep v are to comr, or as maoh. earlier as y-.*. m.. If iems"ofroes
SHtb. Lu oais t oith yoU then you wll .hae heolp in mak ing the tradfer fron
:'the Central 'the Leopoldina in Ponts Nova. You wil4 probably be ready to
eat some u r then as breakfast (Lunch) An o early, at ure Preto. At-
any rate, wt.iU have lunch ready s o you can have something or ether
to oat hert6

If you should want to coe any day except Wed. or Sattl we can mend the
two ears, ours and the College oarp to Ponst Nova, as it Is only about two
hours be eanj and I am sure that would be preferable to speadLng one mere
night out and having to get up for a gve o'clock train the next morning.

.s t If you want to phone heron it will probably be better to have Mr. ,Lott
Sask for Prof. rller, as the phone people are accustomed to reoevings ueasap
top- bi, it may take a little timu for them to locate him, but they .usually
tan find a per-ma in the c ourse of half an hour 'or more. I called him froer Ub
. today night toe tell him to have lunch tor as next, day.
D. Hermugaria and D Gormans (the ladies. in charge of dormitory and
dining yroeuS, respeotavely), o am today. to knew what teo might do tow ard
Wet tAn the house ready. Tou will find thea beth very a so.

T-Your basket$ is here awaiting your arrival.
Lot us know id someone i#1 coming from Mte wth ,you, as otherwise semeons
,from here can easily met your train In P s te Nova.

2, g We are hoping that yqu Qan ca i on Saturday. Al o that thts fine weather. -
Inytinues,. It o I4L lovely helre today after the hard rain yesterday.
S,*: t' Ee sttPg$ aa sak Your letter frtog .. ias here tV
*' Pes ask: 'for a -t i tew Fria tel W4l A.Siho ier and bring tt along. I wrote
..mI S redsyae, Aih4 tl t vhato not gives to his there.
.', ... ,'' "f "* *

K -: *.... ; ... ;..,.* ?-W. *eq. .. .W w w m -.,, ...
""'' "-'!;'*:*'* ""' "' ^' .. ^.-.. ;, Q|('. ; '" ** i--, -
.- : : .*- ^ ': .** ,',< 6j9 i u e.. ..,.i -; *.. .
...... ... .. .. M

lll*4-^^t^-yl^^vqjuqseA^ w''w 'ws-
ri ft ...... _;o, X .M^ *f p : .B ;1U ii ia .: ... ,
B^ t ;^ .7.,:..t- ... ..1
S t"', .tI -.*R.I ;..-" M"t I .
tm t
IV7;. !* 11.M-:..,1 ". -4
'.'";: ,* ; .. .,*: .- : .' ". ,' "* '- ; : ""- "

^.i^.pm#A^W^^ or :300
SN4a4*h, w...s, wB. irt,,,, ,. *
", .81*- -..'.,: a5 ,. -'- ,* i ;' .. ,i> ,.

.In .-. Aw fra .a 1 ., .a1- t&.t. a.. .e .
y k.* A : 4*~ i .':.e :, Irv
'. o .sr t xmtat r hr,. .ran

,i,17 pt usa a .in o1f. A ,h to lrmIs t

sta '0. M t "are .at tha -o. i MIA 044,tbsrar ..

W hMO- %xy (Mit o- at ty of .tHe BnBifLta
tpt ... Of 0p1 there *.: ae :.y' h, .. .. we ,.
ot, espmsi.QcUl.,i Jt as tha arp may. .zlrisma.
9d., en .mt 9 )nitL ,n, sa'Tf.. -

tif we .ai a, sWi. l b*. ots .t yo.
If Too Id"-l46 kiw* 6#4004 's No,-** .U
s s s"0099 a a Abs a t .swwm tbb
d^~t. Xsu~pis9*theB wlt3w16ad'. m a
Iiiiaat m~prn~itutin4. -Pupa sa I baTs we .LffiS$ I
B witth .athbg,, ,4 h.. bznae we euj.y it
t- e t4-t we ten~* h e w, ev jeysa the m e, t*
J UV.Et lbs~ sto Xints 4% the
.;.iik Imon tteeonBrn spelt. .1
^ ik, ge lt, sesmious..

1: kno ... t w our friend s ti m -i
t*Prt of tbe*fl5ra zxp~uiskst Statita. at Ul raibt,
I u..t tw,.o? :lg that b will > dosig along
.iiB ,tf '- t t. to aig f ', h s
w .h "- h ,,o. a ths P .'.Wy u vill6 ,. ma

,44. ,'. -,. ,
~. .. .I. ., .
ir '..' :.:.1119 .r,d :, ., ..- I ,
IA '. ", ., ',' ,- V
F .,j,.,::o, K '.' .. .,,. ..

*. '. A

., 2 ..' *. '., i '::
: .- ... .-, ;
"" : -1; ,
L ,i



"-.., .A

rl *
In ,.. '. *"-
-. :
'.* .. *' .. *.
.. .,.,
.' *.' *' ". ..
\ ; .* .o _

* .' .'. .. .
'*' *' "" ^, ,,i ,,l
?. .,; N: V

e :.-:, : .'.'A fl .fl-...<,'

iil.,-* Weunjfle It 0* soii mhl. ts~fl,& at
Itat p.t I sint40. anI aortbeast sruit. 110t S
bHasr .As bkaU tel n*ntl.V. beat, butwTO 3P7iT rWIMBit

We. `-.vr *Iso
|| 0*40l Wfli^n^MM ,.v.m.: Is., .me

.... .. .. B ,
i ". :: .. '- --; .. ,rl av.. ,,.h a'.

a: 4 II-; ''':' *- **'*
' *..*. .
y.'? !'.- .' '-
3, -' ii :\i; *., '
[ .' ,. ,:, ... > ^ .*
,, .'\ : : ,v \ ** *-
,, .. .....',' ;* *


'" -. ." .". :" "- :

'.-{'.. J4.
Li A ~
7~2' ~
''~4~4T*:r-,'n 4'~4 -~

J ~~~ a4..,, d&x 4../.r .er-
,&g4,-4 R/ 'x,,h Ap2444
1, n^ ^--,,, ....A^ -. 4 .

Yeec s4t1 (^ ^ ^ a___.

. ^ ^ a,..y^^ ^ ^ ^ z
:D :- ,,..._ .^-,^. : ^ ^ -.

:oi-' ___."___
-tLli Ce.Ie4L42bd
S~~tL ^AA- ^c^a & ^ ^ -4 ^ do
'C^^^^^~~~a~ fdci^ <~cLA0^5^
^4^ ^X^ ^ ^y^ ^^1^a^^ 4'^^
,d M n ct.^^ ^~- y^ i- t
* *H~t iAM 14-a-I a^*1 te' ^^^ ^b^^ zi'^r^
xa#^^^ 441^ J^^ ^4&& 4~^ S~



,tA^410r ZtAir i t

L4M _.

/^w^-^ ^ ^%rt^ ^*^< ^- ^
^1^0^^ ^CA,^^ -wrr'
<^/ ^c^X^ ^o^^^ <
*io ^^^^f < 6 ^ S 9
*-^r^^ -/^
^IA^U^^I ^lU^J ^*u^


t JA' 4. d

19 lal-yk4 dedce
flt eqt u -^C/ /)i-A-&U .

_H^( af^^/^^^^iet

IA^Ot ^.WM-^^^z^.-'
^/44^ ^eCd^u^^ e6 7# .
^^/^^?'/ A -^ ^.~^c
yfSt-efJ. C^ ^lA-4~ (Z^-^L6 ^<".1 L




^{i^^J^L~~lO^Jjttf a^u> t-^e T

4d^JUHfi /&Af 0j^ -^ .^ai7n^ L J /<%
^^ M4EJ/-'w1 -9^Cyle a >^ yt^

p,-k )(L _^/^CIU^ f^ ^^

44tW^7 '3^Z
4 7 C4JtdAJ4 5^UC C4A/
AJ~ Li&L.M^p^^^^^r<
)^ L^^(ii ^ ^ 4
'I^AAL 4^2O 6L S
AC &^ J>^ r&7w

- t

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