Camargo, Felisberto Cardoseode. Ministerio da Agricultura. Estaqao de Pomicultura de Deodora. 1931


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Camargo, Felisberto Cardoseode. Ministerio da Agricultura. Estaqao de Pomicultura de Deodora. 1931
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Correspondence and Subject Files 1921-1943
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Mixed Material
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Box: 1
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Folder: Camargo, Felisberto Cardoseode. Ministerio da Agricultura. Estaqao de Pomicultura de Deodora. 1931


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Agricultural extension work -- Florida.
Agriculture -- Florida -- Experimentation.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil -- Minas Gerais.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Florida.
Citrus fruit industry -- Brazil.
Leprosy -- Research -- Brazil.
Minas Gerais (Brazil) -- Rural conditions.
Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais.
Florida Cooperative Extension Service.
University of Florida. Agricultural Experiment Station.
University of Florida. Herbarium.

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University of Florida
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~Z~L~O L~nT.

I Ministerio da Agricultura, Industria e Commlnercio
SerriCo de Inspecqko e Fomenro Agripulas
EstaCao de Pomicultura de Deodoro
/UC 0 /4d de 19 '/

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C^^C O- ^ <;?fcl~M- C-~~7?-Z1 ^ <=<<

SMinisterio da Agricnltnra, Industria e Comnercio
Servipo de Insperheo r Fumento Agric-las
Estajao de Pomicultura de Deodoro ..

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MIinisterio da Agricultura. Indfstria e Commnercio.
Serviqo def Inspeecho r Fomento Agricolas
EstaCdo de Pomicultura de Deodoro
c rc >C 4 ....D a'..2 / /

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C-r-ze4a-t- ---- .

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Vigosa, Minas-ueraise
27 de AgGstoLde 1931

xbr. Felisberto Cardoso de Caipargo, Director,
Deorodo, E, d io.
My dear Dr. ".margo:
handed me a copy of e-el Viosa, Minas-tecrais de

Agricultural, Industra e Commercio, Anv izaqgo dos seus Servi-
gos de7 ezem'ro de 130 a JunhAg de 191
4." ;. Dr. Felisberto Cardoso de Gamargo, Director,

eCampo de k per ias, oue.
Deorodo, E, dO" Rio.
,. My dear Dr. Camnrgo:

A 'few days aew.-Dr. Humberto 'runo, on hits return-from
Sio, handed me a copy oftb e telatorio of the "fecretarla de
ogricultura, Industria e Commercio, a gizag-o dos seus Servi-
cos deiBezembro de 1930 a Junho de 1935.

The Packing House.

On page 107 of this report, there occurs a discussion of
S the "-Servigo de -itricultur"", The packing house at Limeira is
severely criticized. I visited the packing house on Jan. 29, 19k
and spent between two and three hours making a detailed inspection
of the.machinery, a :part of which was put into functioning for me.
I made a critical examination of the parts of the machinery which
commonly give the most difficulty, in passing the fruit in a per-
Sfect condition.
The disposition of the machinery within the packing house
was extremely well made, 'he building in which the machinery was.
placed was more perfect than it needed to be for this kind of work,
demonstrating a desire on the part of the Directors of the enter-
prise to leave notling-undone to make it as perfect as possible.

In short, the packing house was better arranged i more
perfectly constructed; and the machinery of more modern type than
.ona would find-in a Flirida or California packinghouse of like

It seemed to me that what was lacking at that time, was -::
a sufficient number of v.ell trained workers to carry out this co0-
plicated and delicate work. If the packing house receives imper-
fect fruit or fruit that has been injured, it cannot correct these
defects. The packing house is certain to be blamed for. all fal-
ures, unless .rasilians are different in this respect.from the
North Americans. It is an extremely difficult matter a
man who is intellectually, educationally and practically able to--
successfully conduct a packing house: specially is this diffi-
cult in a country where a modern citrus industry is still in its
initial stages. It was my experience in Florida that ,
without knoweldge or experience was the one who made. the most vio-
lent and irrational criticisp s '

S. .
.-. .. --*^ .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ^-* ... *'

-.. :" ..- ... .,

S.. "iseases --
The report, by implication and ttemeit indicates th ,
Verfugosi-s" and g s'e"'an be transmit ed~ to the "cavalle" o r..
Through the seed,.- Thiss is quite contrary tot retAly occurlei.
: ... Citrus cankei, which has not been found Either I'Brasil or ir
I.urope, is't-i, only citrus disease that's known to be transmitted
Sto the "cavallo" by means of planting infected seed. "Verrug qis"
.... .,.. can be so readily, sues.essfulhly arid economically treated i
"vveiro" that no modern nurseryman need sacrifice "cavallos" on
account of this disease. "gummos" is frequently transmitted fro .g .
t:.. older.citrus trees either by natural or mechanical means and unste-.
.' rilized pruning shears and other Jnstruments are'capable of trans-
:- ferripg t' to the nursery.

E .xport.
.According to the "Minas-Gerais" of aug. 15q;h, Limeira
!: alone will'receive 21:00:000000 for oranges exported this year,
Up to the 23rd of May, 279,000 boxes of fruit were expected from
That county. As nothing was said about the range of prices t
S -indicr.tes that for some of the shipments they were disappointing.
This is unafydlable for so new an enterprise. In the initiation
-'much inferior fruit and much injured" fruit will be allowed to be

.--;'' .' .. '
SVery truly yours, "

,- ..P. H. Rolfs, Consultor Technico :
S. Agriculture do E. dea Minas-Gerai$.

ai. ,
"' : .. .*
t 5 I' .

", '"' ..... 5::.; ., '- ,'

Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Geraes

D L.- .A r.-... ......... ... ... ....... ............ ....... ....... 2 ..........
.............. ..e 792



e, i3 cc2~~~ r

S a-KC

SViosa, Mi-nas Geraes.

^ A.. 17, 19 81.
S -. ** .4, -

My detir Cam; r go:

- Und.._- another coxvr I am for,. rdi.g t:. y3u four
packets. of .t :d "Durham Luplsx" rrz.-or i)'ides, for t:e pur -
.)- ps.: i' d ou iing" of avo cados you ciO l find! t.. ese
-" iit- u.. useii.L .. rcIC'.7 bua would d be. The.'. 'lade2 have
I.v ac a.v~lt.:- c ",vt the sccal.,1 in ti..t t!-. c n .?n mja easily
sa rili2ii d w:n.. v. a m ucih .--barper cutting edge.

e ar- yicl)sing thrze priat. a 2 thae Uasia
a-. -- i:,i : I tr-.t .'11 -l .c / OU. I rm glid you
-'- calle.. our tbention t. t'he i':t J t ::. t tie .':.ints , not
i-: r:- iv:a L- t .i_; 1uf :B e lett--.

.- ', .- l o e" closingg c. f'_--t' t .,i tle smallest
uc.Aih":. t t. .i h iave yet discovered. Th~. tree itself
||_^.; ic :.-ouLt 6 mst-. t:;.i. L..-id Lhas: stru; rj of aL.nt -cems. in
Simbt r,. .'v-1' i-..` t. d.-ns for., of c i'urso it is
"- ve ilen;.'.: .i d ti.Ll. J; of' our Ineoxc ec-Tinact ;:ushes
'as mc :. 2li.- .-,. t.o to it th:n this Li caninha.
Thi, .L,c .'.: .;e.-'ectly ripe an.d esre cevtbc.inly thie smallest
Sof any, ig 'h.t I iLav, SZ3n. We could fiAd no blossomss
on tL. t it. so ca.%usuantly no sp:eimin.s could 'e oItui.ined.
v..-d v ..'- cimc:.s of t-m. i::-ves mLi, c m ti meting to dry
St..sam ;.. it ~sOrs t3 me like i :' 2 c'-mmrcic lly useless
Stilg but v- s" i-.t .u...ting fro m a t;rxo-.'mic stt.ndpoifnt.
SThe pulp is v-_, s.'-.u.t. ..:.1 le .E.c_.; t t, t : ta-tfe, much
| morZ zo t ... tm- pulJ of Eany otne, tho II lave tco.-d.

I -ust t.Va7t ever'tging i. .,i:ogrs rin" v- "
..icaly -icd you rUad tLct L. lieriquetta is enjoying life
:' :ith remem.jt .C.Z from D, -lariss&.

I. .
:,'.' ..olf

P The specimsin of wild pinea;nl-)
f:N"... fruit arrivedd frew days -go. It looks very
XI.. diffei-.rnit from -.nythiing I h- ve scnu .rowing,
Str: nkrs for letting m. see3 it. P.i1 R.
I- .. -.
' "r"
4[-. .._ ';

Ministerio da Agricultura, Industria e Commercio
Servigo de Inspecpao e Fomento Agricolas

-1 t .- -

VconlL c f1- (t< _L
LCenc-a^ L^ ,^ r7c ')^ Y'c^r ^c
/h"f di/f^^< ,-^l^ir

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~ C,-
/LGCrr f~c.^^^v

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Jc, ^cC~_C' "2--f i/

CT6 cc
-L-vv cr o uCr /^lC^ y^

-^^Clo"r o aIC I7
y *- iT-


Bello lUorizonte, ';B-nAs

March 23, 1931.

Tj dear Cawargo:

Share here for a few days on official work, but hopu to get
thru tomorrow and then go back to Vigosa, It has been quite a lon. time
since it has been possible to get at anything like letter writing. Our
occupation for the 2k st few weeks has been the assembling of thedata on
the PE. ii'mniflhi nd other anti-lepric plants we have at Vigosa.

Enclonod are some pi nta of the negatives we took ihile with
you during the Christmas trip. When I show the ,iatuifw of your Cassia
javonica I always make sureto explain that the climate at Deodom is mich
more favorable to its devlnpipent than is that of Vigosa. Of course no
holto'.O;r:hL print ever does justice to the w .:. :rial color value of the
Cassia javonica. It is one of the species that should be propagated and
di.; o ii;.ted very jcner:'.lly thznout the coastal regions of Brasil. It
should also be trIl d at Pirac.icab, ba, mpinas and So Paulo Possibly it
i:::j do well in Ianta Crtharina' oreven further south.

.l;... I Sgt bac to 'i.o0sa I went to serd r,'i some :~rints3 of
reapucaia.'hl. ("iss Clarissa says the safest way for you to do, if you
.rant to get the points, is to run up for them.) I -::-.d them laid out
before startingn for B. Hte but there were tree prints lacking which
we had made while here.

Last wee vwe presented to the .Seretary of !.ricult! rc, the
manuscript of -/i nA Cultura da rs. ucaiJ.i: .", and he seemed very enthusiastic
on the subject. .oen we g, back to Viqos we will take up the work of
preparing a ixanuk.cript on the anti-lepric species in general.

In case you do not .eat this letter, orthe photo.rrlphs, let
us hour from you *n:1 vWe will -end duplicates of theA copies!!

it.h kindest re1u1mbrances from both of us to you and D. Henriqueta,

I cEa,

Very sincerely .oirs,

P. H. Rolfs

8 1 a.
M.. PIn 1 31

.i t y: t 'd:. morl '..;, some-
.t tt t. ft'-1. .; v -7 mu -ch pl s'd '.it'. our ':l it
to Rio. Wa 3 t: o nd Dona iue for
the vir: kind .tte-tbiJ-n .-l.e i,; wee in 7l.o

jid r not- .. .' forv.'1 ..g to ou .
c ;y o:f the .8 _visto:. : J g: 2g1 lf::!u L ;; Ti *, tu::7ss vol "...C- 12.
0I p1 ge 58 *.*:.u '.il. find oc-r : tici le on ". i.:rc:tiron . il t ines nu? o t-m-
S..vrc los:. t 1 ::n. A you niow ;ths.t to.ict is
a v: .. ..t vi ft2j.-I: to -L:..V2 l*- lioridian -mit te -t
tL;:.e is :.ny;: g 3up, ior to is in .i d.

-;o ..i.:i. a d I nt tPo t;hai. y. u s-.:; -.. iy
-to' t v .d ctime I'd us. le;.-: rmem
us :och t' D. -t .- ..d '- t l title U:.mfl gos.

J -~ -'

2I- "


m .



t-i a

. .

fl13 nt ;::,iC ?tjc-

..yj, vr

L (If


-, t2;.

- 8, .

we:! ?

.-) The E o f

-, ^ '^ ,. .
O/ L i L

. i

). T.

t m:.

srr ) 13~

m; L


I: ~,
~ t.C,

'. 4 .

112 .: ...,
-*~ f~t .r ;-- ~ ,


ni -r

* 3. .


i I

It I
*' 1

1mI -

* Li-

ii... i.u



T ; 'T

Vigoxa, Min-,s Ge:'aes.

mJan. 6,i 1go1

ui th~c iih o7f aii eas -.,ay ',e got a, c fo VigOsa~
tire out : nd 4. : to sa: again. I ..oticd t.i eat more on
t : .ii t arom 6oo Paulo to te i.~;-y than -,n ni ::t
in sl. It .3 i.n a : .-'7 m:ansu. due to my' feeling g utli.
'.:.i: :.:.i ile visiting in ti. btat-: o:_ .o _-aulo. ver, since
:.-ta. .l .. to Vi,..a I e p'uprate v v :pidlf and thini: I
could out,.,alk g.:..;at m.ny -oung m;n cocl o pp, '.ntly t-:e
v'roni:a i on us at Vigo;a. App:renti, tAie:" .-.s f:.r iess rain
fal in ti., viiinitiy of Vis1 ttan we encount L a ed in t- State
01 Sao- P .uulo.

0 ,ei.,.g to mi: ..iing ver, mucin ceuiit i.:t au wak,
-we miase~. .: iLa yo.u .t a.mpinas. lAtk r 1unch ',e went out to the
Institute and learn rom u I socu. t,- t yof :: lrt on
t2n noon t --.,in.

T..e ~... ;eo-'e, vi- r' -;.. telep; pon-i to te Instituto
ane t'-e mecsag. ::.s -ceiv:.. t.:. re, !ut appa:rent w, s not trans-
mituu oto r., TioiwuUio, bo hLe .:s exitivrl una-: ..-. tuat *:e would
bi teer: tat a. T- e propr:ietor oz tre otel t mpinl.s t-ied to
tslep-ione trte institute 0ut Un: unaui tu --t -~a i response. If
eicr on~ t tel -e ainsse d m on tnru .:e would have
sson ou :in .. mspc'i,;i iy sory to .~,ve UliLsa s- .ing
Uoiis Lustiiquttfa u..; t.c .:tilen.

.i i. tle -t.te of iio Paulo, .... *out to Mogy aas
waUzte L, on _LL-L.. ; .n ^Lu.-.. .y ; (. ;:lt. _t nle liru Iu-;s:l; -t Camlpi-
n.s., and '. l thie cit; of ~o Iaulo. In t:i t cit .e h;- a tihe
Spleaesu:; oi 0 ixing L-" -i' 2tihi Lva e .;:t o tLe iThtsrioik.
I liKe hlimn viy much, Mut ~xing the of. or ",cespscno"- .ith tihe
irnterventor, .: t v;1 :tuAl Uu. .

T :.-uc:iiia 'i-uit .i pineapple slips arrived all
right. Tt il: .you. v:j,::. much. for tr.0L: ve i in t t.:.ntion you gave
me ''wil in tio. n~ rba.n ~A-iy I sl. ssli' tly .:-ailitat d and
tis i C'.: sCd U .itLL 'i. -.i .~ ile i .. quit ..cai. -.ut no
I am re:11.... ite .: 0o Ls a ti .

Vury sinlucil ,J .Us,

P. n. Ho fs
P;iH: U


SVigosa, Minas-Gerals

SDec. 6, 1931

My dear -Cimargo:

I ';:a very glad indeed that you '.ic not cmae to Rio
ict tiLft tl s the ..i t ri-s 7very Lad ind-e-d. A p.rt of-the
time tl1e r.:ain ',was .uite heavy.

We got into V-igosa this morning -n-c th-' trdin --:s
etcout on tima,- .o tl; t v o hiad JrL-fist :t :.-r .i.e. LCuring.
the time thLat we were 'wi:y a considT-'..l .r:LAn h,,s fallen.
The v..tur- iii t- ums :.s very nmuccy :.ut apr ~ ei;tly no-
Lwheare- 2.3 e:ssivyely hi-gh. I su-':-pos we sbal h ve a num-
or of -rain,- yE- no w t.. mt;-t.e for t 2 namli.1: of cl. yea&s
we have h'.: in the r-ecent cast,

M:-ny thanks inde-d for sending the c:-- in for me,
thio c:' -ou knovr it r;:a !. rxly :.or th tn1i: .11ie, I ::.S so nearly
wrom out that it '".s difficult' for me to a:ppreci.te the many
fine -diZsig S od c ho.-siB me. ihat imfpr.e-c.:. me most :.- the very
large number of pineapple varieties and s-ecies you have-aecu-
ul.atd. 1 o~n;t if anyone else in -r::2l c:)cld lave gotten
so -many living plants together. I hope you vill publish some-
t;ing on, t'-am jut .; s3 3oi .-, possible; o.' little earlier.
because. the investigator never finds it sos.ble to publish
I..C..-j h is al.,aya ioo::Ulg ior m.:. e ,-t..

'' tr:e my c.Jim-ztz t: L'. *r.eliquLt-C ad
explain to her that I owe her apologit- for- m csrelessness
.iLd m.Bing iniff-ernca.

s5,- .

PI i
1^ .Z" "

\- .
5iE. .


::.: ,

?*; '

U-- ass a- javonica cilr-..i. kniow 't I hav" h e:n
to Rio. When I looked ovwr our trees torda~i? e much pi'.tttier
aien the: wer:e a Vek ago, than .,e st:-t z-d on this t.1p. I -
t:iLrr when I f r-tilize these with some of the eodor-- soil
they will came up to 'it l:a t some of te f the in ;ror o-ies .....
you 'hc -

*I hop" y3'u will- pardon me for not having taken up the:
work j U cE:ue't d in .-e-dS .,.u.r letters. The-.' "'.as soma work-i
on my desk ti, t I considered quite the most im.portsnt thing for -
me to 'inishl. bsfo:T' g3ing to 0io. -
Again .thanking you for your kndlly ttantion while -
I io, i e' ,, ..
Vus ry since erely y:ou s,

"- -" ._ -. .' '.I
7- .R.5.-






N .............................
Q5 7fa a6 ne C 1,, K /V1 .. ; Novembro /9 3....

Caro amigo Dr. Rolfs L, 3

Hoje lhe envio uma copia ao ataque que me foi feito pelo Navar-
ro a seu pessoal.
A/Doi ora tambem a copia de minha resposta dada ao Jornal.
Na minha resposta na pagina II essa pessoa amiga do fabricante
e o Senlior.
Eu lhe pego escrever ao Sr.ktinner, oontando que o "packing hou-
se" esta completamente parade e que os critics actualmente attribuem o
insuccesso do machinismo a modificagees que me accusam "ter feito con-
tra vontade do mechanic da rabrica*.
Eu desejo que a Fabriica nos diga si na montagem desse "packing-
house" ur prego foT batido contra a vontade do mechanic e si a Fabri-
oa pode attribuir minha acgqo Junto ao mechanic a responsabilidade
pelos insuccessos verificados em Limeira.
0 machinismo foi entregue a Cooperativa nunca mais eu tendo ti-
do occasiao de pr os p6s no "packing house", a nao ser para ir buscar
uma machine do Ministerio que lA estava guardada.
A dooperativa de Limeira se incompatibilisou commigo, dahi
velo a nossa separagao at6 hoje.
Pego que escreva a carta e me envie fechada para que eu faga a
remessa por occasiao da "Panair".
Abragos do amigo

7" C_

/Cv 7w -!, c^- /. cca/ .

c/ e 9* Sd^ > c <

,/ Rio de Janeiro, 3 de Noveibro de 1931.

O Eoo. SBr. Rubods do Anaral Oetavraao ATves de Lima.

Reecal de S. IPao lmeo mer da "Folha da Noite" Al
27 de Outubro &o sorrento anano trazelao,ea was primelra pagina,2ama re-
portagea sobre o "paekiag-hoise" te Lnelira.
A questao fosalizadfa deveras bastaate importaxte e bem me-
rese ter quem por ella se interease e proeure investigal-a com aineeri-
dade restidio, san pal~eea indiviutaee.
A situagio em qie so aeha o "packing-house" ed Limeira 3i 6
tio deploravel devae aer eastigados oa responsaveis peloos eus insue-

So dl a 17 6o sorrente mandei so Esmo. Sr. Dr. Queiroz Telles,
a minha defesa aos ataques que me fbranm fits pelo Dr. eavarro Ae An-
drAe, inclusive, portanto, as ataque so "packing-house" de Limeira.
Poi portador un amigo soma=m que fez entrega tio men protest,
em mao, no dia 19 de Outubro.
Mandei uama sopia dese trabalho ao proprio Dr. Navarroregia-
trada, pelo morreio de 22 do mesmo imes, porque sostumo agir sempre eom
a maxima leeidaae, prineipalmaste quando tenho na minha frente am al-
IfeMe trabalho so ensontra nao a6mente a sopia de am impor-
tantissimo douumuato sobre o mashiniaso do "paskinig*houso" eoao, o que
mais deve intores ar a esue Jornal, a mer pedido para abertura de in-
0 Sr. Rubens ao Amoral p6de recordar-se dos debates que tive
no "Diario de S. Paulo" e de meu habito eo responder ,a eriticas &a
imprensa quoe 6 empire a voZ do povo.
iao fago isto por simple habito mas, prinsipalmaete,pelo men
cover, somo fnmensonario pub"lico, &e dar onuidos a& todau as queixas
por mais absurdas que ollas parogeam.
A quostao &ca morestabilidade Ao "paoring-house" de Lirneira
nuo se resolve proeuranilo-Ee aaber i fo q fol uem indfion "o teehnleo"

par Alirigir o trabalho sitrisola t0o Etado e a quem a' pretende jo-

gar is e osas, a responsabilidade do inaueeaso o o "pasking-house".

Embora jL se tenha feito a solemne dessoberta, imio nao veui
revolver sousa alguma.

In son a uniso remponsavel pela eonstrueao e installagao
dessa obra e eton seipre prompt a prestar sontao do mou trabalho at6
o dia ea cque fi a sua untroga.

?ieou, tpeona, u;a lisuna nase "paeking-house", qae eommuni-
quei so Dr. Navarro dao AnJ~as, no offiieo ni 37 &i EstaQ&o de Pomieuil-

tura de Deodoro, de 12 de Janoiyo dao orrente anno, iato 0, a neseasi-
daao de wma inat6allaio para anueser a sorrente do a dlentro dos see-
eaaorer, deviao a grankc hlianlada da atmosphere de Limeira, o que,alia,

nao foi necessario ao Wpasklin-house" de Campo Grande, ro Distrieto Fe-
deral, eo tuao mals somelhaato ao de Itneira.

iJnto roe envio a sopia deste offidlo.

ILastimo que o Dr, Navarro nata fisease a este respeito e ti-
vesse abandonadoo "paeking-house", teixando-o reservado uni amente
para "ingles ver".

Dovo voe dizer quo tJ Ingles bem imirportante e ligado a uma
firm -ue p6Se arear eom toda a responsabilidade das d4vidas do noseo
Estado, me eonsultou aqui no Rio d Janeiro:- Can we buy that pasking-
house T
Responanbilizo-me pela montagem do maehinisno Ao referiao pa-
eking-house a promptifiso-me a fasel-o trabalhar effieientemente,meemo
que nelle tenham feito nodifieaq6es depois cue o entreguei,sontanto ued1

o Governor actual me autorize a fazel-o e forneqa os reeurson que form
SerA para a im um servigo unit desagradarel,ao equal me smiei-
to por obrigaqgo, agradeeando, porem, si o Governo puOer oneontrar ou-
tra pessaa eapas de reparar os seus "aetuaes" defeitos e falhas,

Quanto & as usaQao de ter felto innovagoes por eonta propria
elsproeaaAo os conselhos do espesialista .da fabriea, 6 sompletamente
TO' lovar eatL c_.asa' u so sonhorimcnto do0 fbrisante para
quo a responsa,

Essec ePrta virL por via aerea o por pessa intima to fabri-


*ante que nao desojerA'., p rl Sai-, nlV oole-a do Dr. Navarro,v@r o
sou maehinisamo parado.
QuOar o eado Ji jA oelarar Cuie essa aeousagao a mai a falsaa
ridi4ula possivel.

Si eu nao quizease ouvir o meeaneio da fabrisa, nao teria
promovido a sua vinda ao BraSil,

0 mesanieo Barnum a qmem sao feitos OS bons elogios que mai-
'to merese, nao vaiu 80 Brasil mandado graeiosamente pela fabriea e sia

pago pelo Governo de S. Paulo e orm passage de i~a e volta pelo Minia-
terio da Agrioultura.

Aguarde a opiniao publiea e o Governo de S. Paulo o qiue irf
Aizer o fabrioente sobre a minba interferenaia no assentw-ento destus
As Innrvag~es Pestes mashinas nao foram feitas por mim nem
tao poueo for-m feitas n, .rail. As innorvaes forz feitas apenas so-
me eonsequeneia do uma simplos reoommenagao sabographiea que fis a fa-
Posso ainda~ assevera-r qe foi o meaSnieo Sr. Barnum,que men-
*ou o paskiug-ho-ase do LiLeira, o autor Ua modifieaqao.

A minha sontribuigao nas innovagqes e mnuito modest, o que
provarei no inquerito qau a Seeretari a Agria ltura manner& abrir,
dado a esp isito 1e jastinna to actual Seeretario que,graqas ace Ceos,nao
e politico.
Devo aqui vos dizer que temos quatro paklingshoauee' o memo
typo *tr&'balsado no B raoil e a o;e !.ims-ira a o ":i.Taet~.v.l".UM a4el-
los, o da e ovT Igussfi, nmntado todo errado pelo aetual. predile2to Go
,z. 1 avarro, JA foi moli0.8eao, e.stnd.o trabalhardio regultarmente,ambo-
ra no EtoejF aind.a perfeito.

Quanto so flaeto do "paeking-house" doe imeire eatar sonstrul-
do em terrono particular, trecho a dizor que hoje a minha responsabili-
dode no ssao 6& tito monor do (cue a do dr. Navarro do Andradle, que, jA
tendo sido Seeretario da Agrieultura, neahuma provideneia, u.l tomou
a respoito, deixando essa tarefa para o seu subatituto.
0 Governor do S* Paulo nada ema a ver som a 'Patllsta". LI no
predio foi Qollocado uma plaa deo lonze a qual deelara gue o terreno

foi doado poelo Presiente Aa Oamaara Ie imeira, Ma. Major ITy-
; ^ 1 4', .. '


A A uniea pessea que deve responder neate particular 4,portanto,o

Major Levy que o .m houem reeto e inriapas de voltar atraz sobre a of-
ferta do terreno.

Eu garanto que o Major Levy nro so aborroseria por isso e pediria

tempo para regularigar as sumin Irooas de terronos eoia a "Pma.llsta".

A Paulista e o Ilajor Levy se ontendem e seano Dr. Navarro amigo

do Major Leviy no eustava o tor shamado e rogialriondo a situagio.

Em plea de bronze 12 otf, a d0o,L-' feita olo " Lovy e,si a

Paulista nao prote.tou sontra c ass plea de bronze,. 6 porcuc teve eons-

sienina das tiansoaooea de terras em Limeira aom o E.ajor levy.

Mauio mnals fez actualmonto o Dr. QuiroL Tolles dcterxrinando a

s a desepro'oia.le. ao. ni, poa-ri, rneos~erio iqe a deereta iE.- onlheqa estes

detalihe part dar a Cesar o que 6 do Cosar,

CGtanto aos 9.000.000 do eavallos do oue o Dr. Navarro faz eavallo

de bats.ha, va-os S-exiar paraa &dpoia de licgidar o eas do "packing-hou-

se que 6 amito mais important. Vamos por ordem, porque eu rospondo por

Judo ;nIanto dcixei do iazor.

Sobre as iereen.ia eAlo6iosas icitas A minha peessa pelo Dr. Na-,

varr3 de Anriado, no "rstaao &e S. 2iulo" de 5 de Setembro de 1928,dou-

Ihc's a meaim impr~ tu.~ia Que ao icimo jui~o emittido agora sra ora mima.

Blle declare. queo me elogiou, shamando-me prata de Lei, ete.etOe.....sem

me *enii%, r... ..Sam eouhoeor o men tra'onho e os mashinismos de Limoi-

ra,elle aaora est6 mee I-.sltninido.

0 fuilaionario eomrntente, alias muito digno e men enmip,8rdTit.-.

Lemos, foi 2ulgado tao somtoDtente pelo Sr. Navarro oue este o afratou '0

Sorviqo Oit-isola I1-eu &i-s a mianha ahil?.a. A

0 3r. Tito Lai.os tinha um gravisseimo defeito:- ora moe amigo...

Di-a o ir~. iL'tvarro:-b'0Sr3. eoisborto fea o possivel para ser son- no ,jorviCo Citricola, somo provE um telegrama que delle resebi",

De~laro que ro au1torizie possai algui.a a redilr ao Dr. Navarro,ou

mesrio o ao eu entoeessor, renovaqao 0d moen ontrnoto.

Ao Dr. ';i"i.,,ro iamgo um repto para. ue publique esse telegramma,

afim de que a 0ovo nos Julgue a reconheda de que lado oest a averdade.

Com o a-randeoimonto da publioaeao desta, subserevo-mO iim elevada

estiiaa e eonsideraqao.

)irectoria bo 5erviqo be n.sp.ecqdo e Somento (gricolas

....... ...... ... ............................................. ..... .....

t .. -.....,...... .^.....^ ^ ^

57- c
S... .... ..........

-t----- ------

a\or -S L t r .
Poe- 't. (a t-t Cr ,-..

-fa, 00 Cr 4," 7 A' C

/'l''C -^a--e (c

4 4

Vigos' 03 inas Gr3ga6es.
S- Apr. 3, 1930

My dear CaLargo:

Your letter of 21st of Feb. to "Boa Amiga Clarstsa" was
received in due course of mill- Thank you very much for the infor-
S maiun it contacted. It -rave us the figureswe needed to complete
dataL that we had taken when at LiU ira.

A for days q;o w:e r, coived a pac age of pecans, with your
note inside~ sayinz that they were to be used for took. These nuts
were very good and 4t se'ms to me that would make excell'rit mudias.
I have placed them in a jar, and labeled thea, so they can go in
the permanent exdiibit here.

Their flavor is very decidedly like that of t:ae hicxory
nut. Their shape ni. develIopmnt of shell is Ulso like some of
the Beorth American hickory nuts. If 'they were in Florida, Prof.
Blaclmon, the pecan specialist, would undoubtedly study the tree,
as to its lot.vos, flowers and fruit, to see if it were not really
a hybrid peaeo--h.aokory nut. Several such hI-ve been reported from
tim to time but none of t;em oi sufficient i=portAnce to ju-tify
Their brin- planted. (:.-ss ClE.rissa szys to sen4 her two bushels of
them for use inr the kitcahe. )

For about the last x.eek I have been fflicted with a very .
painful carbuanle (ferunculo). This has made it impossible for ms
to either stand up or sit down. The only thing I have been able to
do 'without causing t. groat deal of pain i as to lie on the bed, whore
I a, at present, "'ctntin, this letter to you.

In regard to tha, amount of service to the State of Minas
Cerr.ea, I am not sutro but you are correct th':t miy service is not
and h:as not been a preciated for what it is worth. Of course I ex-
pect that a great auiy of the common people of ;i-"a would consider
thut 'my salary was so handsome that it i as the only reason I am here.
It goes without saying that if my services wore not sufficiently ap-' a
preciated to r*erit the salary2 then someone else Vhoso services
'. are .ppreintred should'be given the sal.ry. So far asp,,rsonal cam-.
fort is oeaoernod, I would be far better off lit ng in Gainesville.
So f.r ac productive work is concerned, and a real appreciation of
rgood '.ork, I would be a. hundred timoo better off in Florida.

I do not want you to think that I a.N: especially down-
hehrted, because I knov. there some people in Brasil that appre-
tinto the work thi.t hrve done. But you knov from personal exper-
ienoe 'tlv.t there are some people connected not only with the Uines
Govrnment, but vith other gov rnmnents as well, and one need ,ot
go beyond Floride to find them, th t are so "czbeguda2 that they
wreck almo- t everyth-ing they nro connected with.

S *


The Egpola is prospering and we have all the students'that
can be taken care of. The professors are getting along very well indeed..
The present financial depression does not seem to have interfered'with
then poiz g good 'jork. We registered 143 students, 44 municipios of
the 21.4 in the state being represented, and 6 other states. There
are seven ( 6 o nu!'r6 wentroso ?) from the State of Sae Paulo.
These Paulistas -re finoa. Students, so fino.indeed that one of thoib
is already "contrLactado" to a young lady in Vigosa. So you see we
are very quietly accjuirinr the pohltlion of SRo Paulo. But S'o
Paulo already hus L. overabundance of nico yning men, as we know
from the students who wore here in previous years.
*I *

hen you see
to ae and see uws here
forgot about it.

Dr. Thaodureto'
it Vigcsa. "ou

remind hirm tihat he promised.
see, I do nt want him to

Give ouL best regards. to D. Ilenriquet.a and a big abrago
for eacch of tho filhos. I shoufi like to have that little rascal
over ihre, to sit on rmy knee. .You iemConb-r the one I refer'to.

Very sincerely yo4rs,

P. :. i olf..

. a


4 A




Campinas, 21 de Fevereiro de 1930.

Boa amiga Clarissa

Recebi hoje a sua carta a qual rasso a responder.
Em S.Paulo temos dois packing-houses: o de Limeira e o de Sorocaba.

0 primeiro e obra de collaboraqao dos tres poderes: Federal, Esta-
doal e Municipal, o segundo e todo de iniciativa do Estado.

Custo do Packing-house de Limeira:

Terreno -------------------------------- 100:000$000
Uma unidade Skinner cor capacidade de
3.000 caixas em dez horas,com machine
Morgan para fazer caixa? -------------- 170:940$000
Segunda unidade (por ser installada 51:000$000

Predio ( 40ms.X40 ms.) de construcq9o
metalica e paredes de tijollos, com bal-
cao interno de peroba ------------------ 490:000$000

Installaqao electric --7--- -- 15:000$0on

Em 1930 sera installada m outra unidade igual a existence e mais
o seguinte: Um apparelho para o tratamento de borax e de parafina, recepto-
res para caixas de colheita, 3 esteiras machanicas para conducqao de caixas
de colheita dentro do packing-house, orqado tudo em 315:000$000.

Custo do Packing-house de Sorocaba:

Predio, no estylo do de Limeira (40x20ms.)- 180:000$000

Balcao de madeira ------------------------ 10:000$000

Installagao electric -------------------- 12:000$000

Unidade Skinner complete e moderna,toda de
ferro para 1.200 caixas em dez horas ---- 75:000$000

Machina Morgan para fazer caixas e outros pe-
quenos materials ---------------------- 21:840$000
Packing-house no Rio de Janeiro: Campo Grande (Districto Federal)

Foi montado em 1929, pelo Snr. Fenston o Packing-house da firm F.O.
B. Limitada com unidade Skinner complete com capacidade de 700 caixas, ma-

chinismo todo de ferro.

^- e~- Qh }V\ fVw r/>v~wY>6 .4fc4L% .


Packing-house (Nova Normandia Districto Wederal) :

Propriedade dos Guinle, localidado alguns kilometros de Nova Iguassu.

Nao tenho dados exactos sobre o machinismo, sei, porem, que custom muito

mais caro do que o de Limeira, sendo de menor efficiencia.

As machines sao da California, construidas de madeira.

Este Packing-house possue a machine de carimbar as laranjas, que custa

caro e que finalmente pouco adeanta, pelo menos nao e cousa indispensavel.

Vou hoje mesmo escrever ao Snr. Dr. Guilherme Guinle, pedindo detalhes

technicos e custo de seus machinismo. Logo que receba, enviarei ao meu velho


Packing-house de Nova Iguassu:

Machinismo igual ao de Sorocaba, comprado por meu intermedio na Florida,

por conta do Ministerio da Agricultura.

As machines estao armazenadas, esperando a construcgao do predio que de-

veria ser realisada pelo Governo do Estado do Rio. Este, porem, nada fez ate

agora. Creio que o Governo Federal construira o predio para ser utilisado

ainda este anno, pela Cooperativa dos fructicultores de N ova Iguassu.

0 Dr. Torres, do Fomento Federal, esteve hoje no Instituto Agronomico,

e pelo que conversamos, elle ira combinar com o Dr. Lyra Castro, para convi-

dar seu Pae para dirigir o servigo de Citricultura, do Governo Federal.

O Rio de Janeiro sera melhor para saude do Dr. Rolfs, quer elle fique

residindo em Deodoro, ou, melhor ainda, numa praia, respirando o ar delicioso

do mar.

Fago votos para que o convite seja feito e que meu velh6 Mestre acceite-

o, pois para Minas, o Dr. Rolfs ja fez de mais,e,assim, estaremos mais perto.

Vigosa e muito long, sem recursos para o Dr. Rolfs estar se sacrifican-

Sobre a questao da direcgao dos Packing-houses, em S.Paulo, esta sera

feita pela Directoria das Cooperativas. 0 nosso serviqo dara apenas orienta io

e ensinara o trabalho a ser realisado.


Quanto a direcqao, nos fazemos questao de confial-a, desde o inicio,

aos proprios interessados, afim de que a Citricultura em S.Paulo cresqa

ja emancipada.

Aproveitando-me da opportunidade, tenho o prazer de enviar um aper-

tado abraqo ao meu velho Mestre e saudaqoes cordeaes.

hefe da Seco de Ctricultura
Chefe~da Secqao de Citricultura

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