Caladiums or Tinhoroes.

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Caladiums or Tinhoroes.
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Correspondence and Subject Files 1921-1943
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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[11] Caladiums or Tinhoroes.


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Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil -- Minas Gerais.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Florida.
Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais.
University of Florida. Agricultural Experiment Station.
University of Florida. Herbarium.
Rolfs, Peter Henry

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University of Florida
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University of Florida Archives
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' -; -

Os tinijhores so ne.rivos

do Brasil. Durante os ultiaos can

ta -criaram zfyriades do vwrriedl!.des

a selegro-. FhJs ripados do Dr. rolI

Florida, ecconttravta-Gse utis doe L

claassificau-nos em &Qnf, s ciia co-it

Figurna entre as mais li"das e bri

mas tropicaess. % ulndo bem perfait

uLas quasi brai;cesa, uctras cor de

manchbldas em foumas bizarras beon t

an cor desde o jronn cquasi puro a

fl:.l-aIdo ddo verde que a;arece n'uu

calfX cul btur difficil, agrad -cand

dado, quando estees saLitfa2ew maLis

,Wo jirasil o-s tinhorjes s

do (.ue em muitos outros patzes, -Po

de e opeciiallstas, uLw. fonte do luc

de rhizoms esnont veais nara o ext


Alguzi:-ai das dvrl et-des

qualquer terra, mportu, p-ra os rE

mcls ou maeos matde dedo t'rra c -

plaetfante curtiofa ou .-storgo do

Deve-se retirar tdas .
; -.
de vints coutimetros (quasi. um pC

ictima de terra o fertili:.:znte en

reslt:-..dos ;iu&;Jrido se usa espalhaz

oste SfI .or..:tico responsavel por ;

cassos iios j;.rdins e hortas. 0 I

rhizomas, paru n5o atralitr as rna

seecnr'3o, prejudicancldo cieste sode

Depois de .;u;..t,'o t si

rantejosa aPplicjr-se us pouco de

purnhado dca facri.nha de ossos-ou de

c-da pi;-nta ou sangue secca nhr re

uL.ntis; ou s:alltre de Chile (nit

tro .:r-r- Qultrocsotts p3antas pod

Usandio-s, este ultimo,- devia-se t

fo r ts-so de alIta vantagcu cobrir o s619 om C G a a*tria orai

Como folh-as velha~s ou sooras dos granados. Tae3a coberIjtuvas served

para m rfrescaa terra e evi tar a _d husidad

Osi culivos d-.v sas f9et1o con Lim ancUnhd, -remvendo-se a cobar-

tatd~q--ted 09sta jcidta logo ap6s terminado o cub tivo.
UID";W cu CD s K S2WAiS. Coa a ap'proyima-!o da sapoeca

eraaT saceal coweqga a vsadurecer os rhizomas e -as, follas a pe_,dde

-asea coras _brihautes, mu chhado' e seceounmdo Iogp depois, 3e/w

atadevam- se arran car os rhizomzas, a d e ItaeI- os n, sucabre dur;7te

unsou duras smanais. p rza, soceara. Dopois dissovi-, Dvem sprooO

eiollzados CO al= /nga tortial aseccoco ann r eiti, erI t muean,

-t6 fins 5,: tabro ou principi os d Outubrov- quandb o i prinam {

o., tam Us o s. Ante de dintr a v dzmase OS rhiz-MS sO ag

unldadess tandosea b atante cuidado am ddtiiar una e aboa, a" e -c cd-a

rhisns sat oj ata rie pode 'brot:r. Gs rhizowas maiores :,wtca
s corta'os emver3os -pedaqos, con uws. t.fac afiadas, do esoad

cozo e Lst bo.tatinhas para plan'tiop daiYkando ua. 'aOlh ban.-

*jo~a, (Cadu bicoldr pi padago
kgna Veter ria doQ

7 Ti 4+u

&sted de Saio parie V o l .-Photographia prelo_,
Fl ,om s aCi77rbrer
-74747 -3.

> Prof. E*axbleto da E.S*A, -4, .

.Av>or -- Me- o dO Ja,4474
-p e C4. ,a

It4- 7'477 4 4 75 4/0
-~lu ; 4-. :.~..: 4,::;--. l i l
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ > 744:~ ~I~H:~S ~i~ .

7 >4-74-i ,v~i%
<4 4 4s>4' <74
'~ -i~aE <44> >4
4>7 47
>4~ i j,4< ~T> 4s 4 444744>
447>< ~ 74,- 4 7 ,<4 < 44->44>
41 1 44 ;:%`: 7::~'~~~ 4>al
44:~ 44 4~
44774 7>7,4 77454
57477 7 ~ i >4>7 ,74/47 47 47
p447 4 >4 :~->7 47A4 4
4 44 4>>~ 44 ; 7>
444~~~~.: 47<747">4-444 >474 74>
f7>~7,7,> >>,l7747
444~:i 44>4 4":~

ill~~iliiia ~ F: :~:47

cenZr~ 4a8 ~


"Verwelhao"., tem 0 ca

que desenvolveram

i iii=ii i i ~iiii i~~i ilii ii i !ii ~i ii~ iii i i i ii ] i l* i~~o ili i ii~ !iiiii i !i
ilii liiiili lii iii~ iiliii i i =iii i iii ii iii~ iii1 i ;i

j-..:^ Qils !;iiiiI *;"l:i
iii~iiii~ii i iS~is2=

N9 10. "Rio 4 Janeiro Uua.

bonita. As. folhas apresentbar urna

verde5 o vesrelho e o bronco, cou

volvinento, i:t p..:rte branca d-s fc

ou yentoa.

N- 11, WBronce". A #lntfa icE

o seu tL3-nho xiiOO do.

de cor purpura. A pL-rte -principal

manchas teraelhas e verdes. Uba

mento vigoroso. Support amolhor

quaiquer out-ra variddade corn excc

Os outras numerous d& fotogri.

que por emqum-nto n;o rm-c eberca no

A fotografia n'o mostra bea

registrar E .r:n.L v-..rit--o-o.nLs c

apreciados recantos nos jar

pro'tejidos contra os ventos, nto

co0o os tinhor5es.

Caladiums'are native$f OouthAmerica, principally, to

dern -botanists recognize f only.58 sped-ies and varieties e

:eialist during the last 150 years have created almost countless

horticultural varieties by means of bybridi, Aon and selection. The

late Dr. Nehrling of Florida had at one time more than 12-0 varieties

growing under his ripados. hey grow so easily, and luxuriously

-n Brasil that lit a native business

to export et rhizones to many foreign countries.'

are *A-among the most esthetic and brilliant

colored of tropical herbaceoup tants. 'When properly-treated-they give

an ,immense amount of pleasure. n Drasil the rhizomes (Tubers) are

offered for sale for Aonly a fraction of the price in Europetadd North
4~K <

America. Some varieties, liie Verme4h5j, develop weli exposed to the

sun-and Ander ordinary garden conditions. Others,, like Brasil., must

have compete shade and a very humid atmosphere.

LOCATION. To secure the best results from Kost of the

varieties and to secureia luxurious development of highly prized

varieties., it is necessary to have a l-ocation wher-e-they are shaded

from ten 0 clock until three oi'clock. A hmaid atmosphere is indds-pensabla

'Dr3F and hard winds are destructive, otedliaean mor e sthetic

part of the foliage.

Some of the varieties "wi1 grow in almost any kind of soil

but the best results are obtained- when the :soil is opse lreya
L i" ........

t-etive ky,6 f-Aecalying- organic matter. Equal parts- 6f well rot d

stable manure or- well rotted'coffee6 hl e ien good results..

The soij. should be Oft dug u'p to a depth of-about tw b

eent ters nearlyy' mwu palmo) and the organic matter

mixed with it, not spread over the surface of the soil. It is a general

practise to speaad manure over the surface of the soil, which practise

is responsible for many failures In the'gardensA

.After some four to si'x months gro th,, the plants will be

benefitted by an application of -commercial fertilizer. A handfu of

bone- meal or cotton seed meal per plant; ou dried blood at the rate of

one liter for 25 plants' or nitrate of soda (salitre de Chile), at the

too large a quantity will burn the roots and also sorch the foliage

-the sal re adheres to it.

PLANTING. The rhizomes of the robust and large vdrieties

may be planted -n below the surface ofothe bed,

and 1 1/2 to 2 palmos (40 to 5U cs) distant from on another in each

direction.The-medium growing varieties may a planted 2 fingersdeep and

one-palo in 4ach-direction. The liiputian vanities about 1 fing dep4

-Adbtdin ach diretion n all cases-the bhizone
-a d t o t i d '-4 a m a e,-

should be planted with the buds Appermost.

The root-system of the um-is very superficial-and

consequently mulching is very -advantageous. L e ae p fo h
W* 4-ae fo h
paths an.c,>-i'?he.gqa. ae envr

1 mulching of this kind will not only keep the soil cool but also prevents:

..excessive drying out. Cultivation with a rake is much better than with

a hoe. Previous to cultivation the mulch should be removed and imme-

diately afterwards returned

"Care of the Rhizomes. With the approach of mmnhim .cool dry

weather, the rhizomes begin to mature, and the leaves dry up and loose

their brilliant color. They should then be dug and Allowed to dry

off in the shade for a week or two. Then they may be preserved in dry

sand, dry terrigo Or dry moss. During the latter part of September of

earlier part of October will be found to be a good time for preparing

-the new beds. The rhizomes ma then be separated into units, leaving

aOhlad'with each pmim part. The large rhizomes may be cut very much as

Irish potatoes are cut for planting, *leaving a well developed eye in

each piece.

The accompanying photograph of 12 Varieties of Cal/adiums will

give an idea of the great variations that may je expected among the dif-

fCaront v-:_atire Specialists regard lh. first leaf as the most charac-

teristic one for a variety. The Aargest leaves here illustrates were

nearly um palmo. (18 to 20 cms.) The succeeding leaves were much larger

:in nearly al he- varieties, but not so beautifully colored.

*. Paul Leitzi and marie ,acedo, not illustrated here, were two

other varies that gave excellent results with us.

N" 1. Aymore, one of the high price varieties. A descedendt.
,... ..- ,
0* 5 .
=" : '.~~~~~~ -iii..".,"-j.i ,, '. ".--.. ..:.t" .: g .: : .'. ..

_.pottion of the leaf is white

distributed ia the green portion. A

but is kmnt cos* brilliant in shade

N4 5. Vermelhao. Center of the

dark green. ''he most robust of the i

excellent variety to plant "solid" i

is far more brilliant in half-shade.

e ............... ..ta iid


e~-:-,;;,:i 9'ii8 i i !i~s ii ~q
s 2 314~ 4., 7#A, 8,~ and 12 -r al ge

names.44$ 4 44

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44444 4~,4F 4444
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44444 444444 4 4 44 44
444 ~ 444 > 44 4>47~><> > 244 ,444 444 *~~,44 A 44444
~4444~4444\ ; ><4444444> 4444 44)2~4> i but 8W.1 I
44444; 81c:;i~':l'4B: ;~,444~~:;~ i iiii::;, 4444 "44.:::, :~:~ dL i,'.:i:. l~i
<" 44, 4~ l~l: ~a~'"a,~:~~, 4,,>:' ,444,. IE-.~-l
444 44' 24>i.; i~ 48: 444444>4t~,i-:;~~::.~ *, 44 44 4

4448 4444444 4 ~44 4~( >4444
44> <~s4>'f >4444 44
44ii,~;~i~e ~~~i~ >4 4 ~~ ~ 444:~
'*44i' '4 4r' 44444- 44>, 444 444
44444444 4444 :~,~~4Irl. 4444>4~a~ w
\: 444>4>4 N~ /~
4444biu. >4444~~l~~~j~~~~l;'~::~ 4444~i~; i~ .I:a:~.4 >4;a:E"f~V
4:~~ >44~i~:'~;i~~I~~g~~:l" 4444 4 4>i~
444~~5 BI >'24>-.- 44>4 4 44444 4>,:4
44444 444 4444
444~Lg:~ >N~ \4 .4 4444 >4ij44>
444>,- ^"~~; ~ a~~~ 444:~i~'ZI~C~~
44444444 44444 \4444n:~:~~.~ l
4>~ ~ ~ 44 44B::~aa~~.: I
42~; 44~ i~i-:i-: 44444d~::~~.~qai.~~~f"~.S~i~
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4>4>4~4~1~"~~:~;~EEi~3 4>ji 444r 44;rr 2n 4444 <2";:~~1:;.~it~~~~ 1
44~2~~,~~~~~::~ 444444 444>4444
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~~444 444> 444>4 444444> 444 44444
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2,li~aei.iii 444'~
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>444> 44.4 44-;- ; ;w----------~~~~L
>4~ 's~ei Bi~88~ 4444~s~~i~~: ~s~:in;~~i~~~~:aas~.~~:~r
444444 444, 4444
4444 ~-:;: 444~s~~ ~s~~f~: ~B IE~
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44li 44 4'.--
(~ 44~~~:~i :i::i-ii.a:' .,1:~~' "~l:
44444<444444444 4i 444"~ 44-":: / 4>4~, ~ j
44>'444444;iii?_~i 4 4i:'--
44444 2:~ ~ 4 444
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iia~ 4~ 4>~ 4>:R- e;a~~il:~ ( ;--~r 4444>1<'~rsyd~.

44444( 4 447
4444- 4 4 4
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444 ,>444 ',>;' 4>44444




inhorao Vermeinlao
Lvado na Escola superior
e Agriculture e Veterinarie
de Minas Gerais
3elo Dr. P. H. Rolfs.
otographia pDio Pr6fi. &~J.

rpt~l- I ,, ~: ;- i --i:'-I


: I ;L I


Tinnorao (Caladium i-i ) um) brfc- or
-ultivade. na sscola Suprior de ngricultu
Minas-Gerais, em Vieosa, pelo
Rihizomas obtides da Cia DiErberger, em L-
rhotographia pelo -rof. f J.Hambleto
1,. rymore 5). Vermeiho 9)
2>. '- 6 6). thiiipe Camarao ic
). '- S 7) bi 5 i
S4). i- ii 8) A 14 i,-
p ~-iyi

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