University of Florida--Its Relation to the State.


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University of Florida--Its Relation to the State.
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Writings and Speeches 1891-1920
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Agricultural extension work -- Florida.
Agriculture -- Florida -- Experimentation.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil -- Minas Gerais.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Florida.
Citrus fruit industry -- Brazil.
Leprosy -- Research -- Brazil.
Minas Gerais (Brazil) -- Rural conditions.
Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais.
Florida Cooperative Extension Service.
University of Florida. Agricultural Experiment Station.
University of Florida. Herbarium.

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University of Florida
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Publisied Monthly' ,
SBy ff

The F lbrida Publishing Compan;
Cor. Adams and Cedar Streets
Jackson ille, Florida

Elnlei d uq Seronlid-C lim it Muller elgrinuir
i:1., 11111, I"I ile Pe[l Olr011c ll JnImeli
non llle, Fla., Linder Avt or 1l1r1- l,
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y 4 -.

'. '. Succ esorto '

' ,. TheFlorida Farmerand.Fruit Grower
h o I -' F a t I '

.8 '
* .. 4

. OSCAR EDGAR, Editor ,

J. C. SELLERS, 'lanaging Editor

Refl'remniailvwe Foreign Adverllsing
S225, 1i'lflh Ate., New York
People's Gau Bldgi., Cileago.

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50c- the Year-NUMBER 10

Unversiky of

I have :.our letter of Isecermti"r
17 i lu.-stl,ng 'm.- n v rile a brier
.isri .:.1 c,.n the reason any the me-xt l. i] shonu ld ake ri L roelI 1J,
r ,'i [,i i ;i.i r i t U I n. 1 i o ,.c.
Ih *r ,. jhl r, ,.o11,' ~',. :j.. Jo
i ~ a i ''l' I i1 n ,B I ,

S i i ii '- r. Ild rlo t l' r
er r is 1'.:. ,: .J..3 i o r

." .I !1 i I 1'1 a nr a iUnl
i i" ,' n 1- ., .:.f F lol'.la. r
1t,, ,h"." ir i ; -,. r.. nJ ur i ht i f 1

S -. i .- .11 cl f as
"' i I. c- i ,p; : i t r r ,a
-- i. i" lp i lr-i a i i',r c ';.': min
bod *i Lul.u,:r it nobr. ody'a bili- eal
-"- iA t is Il b ruaines of1 vry
ilcr.i r f it',. .l.ile r.t 1-liirda ,1.0 -
ce Iba hs inTsa litls. rln arn rrop-4, ,.
i l.yrv i upor't.:d alii ibh t they ildn -' ;,
'.ti,.i iltv. it. b o-
body's business t. iQ rr, an',. r
altfr.ri,'nlnp n 'asBci~-l, rre t
girl.iai 0o :1 ih0 .. .
'V re dran fi rl t' v-arf
rFlnrhl irr.ok r p nl].n -il ied vp
tic- agricultural The lc ir-', -
i u- I, |':'. -I i l I v i K o ii as rile -
iI. ,irn hil a dri i iltedij of itih l
r A It. A \ i li i i ,'r I i ; '
"e-. o .1- ii rf \. l o i -,a r -

I.. -I. ,',- ~ r I[;, -' r rn I| r '
n lr '' r ir: ( r ctirn.n L
1 i,e .inord thia .
0' i i an r I l
.- *- i ', -. '" '. r.r. i d "f "If
r ,- .. ..." if I .,. ||| | v. h o i
ir '.- ,i.ia on. In
r ti 1 1,: n :r lr r.-I i. rs r i
.. ; .i D [ e l
Si I .) T 1, r.11 .1 1 ir n '. I C .
I r, r iJ .j Ic 'r 7 f] i
i],- .., i -1: 5 ) it, c ri
rn. ,. d '. i- .tlo-iudlrg Ar
nrieN rigs. Tb.: go crinor of the C.
s'aie has alw-.avs b'n able to tilr t
Pood. siaunech eithleris who would Ir
isltdIrstplsi hi. Ii ron lttt'ritLivl r
I'i-i, n,..i s.,i'"'. thrit .i'3 guldrin .a : 1I
r' -.r re] i tir" "'I,- rtr'so ",,'
-" '- i to o h -i i In, h 'i I I
Union Tie q money hr bocn mira a
L. cr.ornill-]' admnilst-,rer ] an.d (tho i
iArurni ..i greaicr Lhi n c:an be c
obtal;ned elseaenro. I 'The faculty
nnd scienlific w-orkrr? are second tl
Ir, ilOins roinI.-raI e 31d ai.-i1 hele L lse IE
In tich c.: n :,' i
Nc il; l, In ti'-l uti.uin. v
IUnd.l- lii vr ry irIe v p rnririg ii
ilno n h, b t rh' 1.I ti:ous l-gibtlature. ii
I: h:as brE.i ilii o.i bie i o, broaden
our .1and1 .,lri n.ew? rlontairrr nre to
the Agiicuturdal C'-.ile]ie as raill i
as the state has demanded it. At 'h
the present time Ike have. 0o1n man c. o
working half time to seiv all if ba
the instruction that is being given ;4i
inl poultry raising, with practically E
Io state support above his salary* i
;und lecture room. Such a stua- d
tfon should not be allowed to con-' .
tinue for one moment, and yet;wo
have one of the ablest menin.thel a
-'.United Slates .for tifs worl.. in ,
the dairy line go little -ad itilou' h!as' ,
been. made in the last siX yeaia I't i


.' .. .' '

r clasrool
t possible 1,0o iJCmCO
dl i'- ,, i,1d G eta

d rny dair ardlf',J
o t .s h u p ,an
:'n -lobt' !it,! u "o'aF
1.niai m t d Opt d
1 might'. 6r th;i
r se' vral*,'p

e. qI p. act
S..fl, rlll4 al, C
g .nro- es s bile- ., 'ih
tid tbe T-dfki of'~ tne:
id gillR Ma'y have
r,,,.-: r,.r ilj, d willth
-, **I':dgS. u.hde' av.a
odi of ri e- .', rll th
' Aln ed',:0a'fiacr l min
i be i' .r;o-i r-d' lo a
' I'ri ar-reachimg 1y
i.:0minrg s:.lis that
i the night. ifould gs
he Banyan tree, thro
king root, throw off
crs o.bthu tree,'thEy i]
But, unlike thic b.
-arning bhrives and a
rrcnithi is added, hi e
ho -.,orll cquippec-] rot
at on.
To rneasure the go
be lthb hunmbie rountry

--its RelI

ition to the State

PROF. P. H. ROLFS. 4 the live stock Industry and princl-
pallT by men from outside of the
S. slate. The hog raiders of the state
t that it .is in it the state is dre-:-oping so rap- 're among Ibe ilst to demand
iodato e :ii- idly ltht very few people have an ihat the rate should make gener-
a nud a i | id,;i.unaic coliiprl. hi-s As. i.] t :i d Eolng on-. S.?ii da.y In tle- very agriculture in tile university.
omist ri to n,:it future Florida is going to bi F1lo-rida Iloys Ilnrn Agriculturists.
hisrrui.on one 'itf the greatest poultry rals- T'hle boys of Florida are natural
r ie state Ing e-Lates In toe Union. ?he Is" born agriculturisrs. They have a
i u lt.-i-dit also goi.g to be one of toe biggest good eye for live Btock, poultry
o6l iimputi- anliyin, ar st ais in t ie Union. [ and ,ior good crops. Yoas will not
idr slalc nr m tion these t',o liine of agri- (ind'an.where else in the United
S jccL'-Io culture be'- iiuse they are nor as a States where one ofr the club .boys
not cxnaiat I du sul icientl iuiPpreclated ha produced over a hundred bush-
-' .,1' Ec-iLeyone. Tof *?ourE, HnoAs what elsa of corn per acre per year for
i4pally. prbress hr as been, made in hog Ibree ccrisecutie years." Our Flor-
have iall.l'd raising and the, hog industry. This ida stock judging team. composed
notl dtid to' prncres'. ha- ?.ad to be ilade not of bpis from the boys' clubs, stood
dli' cton of with .fio rilit f 'he Flate Insaht Elth In the conmrpailson with all
't9- tlhe i'C.t. t.ousibut by the men 'llhb a re in other states in the nl-.n., r.t me
,..--.. --... e-n ..,... e......t., ......... .. i ata e judging contest. Texas
Stood first aiial l..a f.iIh with 'i.ily
one po;nt ~ead of .the Florida
SIT1 D bolDIAAt an dad our boss did not have a
i, tj. I L L". haince to receive coaching on
mrs v'rl w shefp .for.'the spLmple reason that
.K T ;. the ,-legislature' did .not : provide
,JI'M Sr" llP enough fund's" o ihat breeds r-
:siep might be at the agricultural.,, .. .. ..I,. '' .. college. Now It should be'remed- ..
-bered that these boys ale not stu-
.d..--.--...o- .-........ _. ...,"" ..- dents In the LA-gricultural Colleg.
but they are y'ougsters who be-
rning urc not made to order;' they areratd long the agrultural clubs, rang.
a- and .-omrnn of noble ,urpoce. ,-f hieh ,arpals. iug IIn age irom inirteen to eight-
ei.-'a to of Sucll 'lhLtitullons i Tlerlr purprse is en. Anyone aho doubts for a
.r.g of- knowlerige to hiin-,mn minris wheree, Maay moment that Florida boys are nal-
lons ruld activities along higher levels than tlosse iral born ag-riculturists needs only
unedu i *crde thatL Lutnin Iminds m-,y be enligni.ned Ihe uui'ersity or the boys' exhlbll
r |iea rc., made to count for good, that boys at The state fair
cplicrtunines for becoming intelligent mrn and 'Let me state the points briefly:
gifts of In.t-:lPet, witn broadened vision, nill First, Floilda -boys are natural
lab,l,. ihbic..Jgh utindlisf andlLg, to 10 better the born agrk-ulturlsts;
at con,,t:r.nily keeps calling lor educated a ork-rs. iSEr.ond. she state of Florida bas
lturlon, lJA? the Linivcrsity of Florida, for instance, never suffloieintly supported the
I;rbhc.unc. tliaL stands lat th harbor entrance and. agricultural college;
' of Ic.hl, r'atns and glides the departing and ihe Third, since the beginning of the
bui for the light, shcd abroad during darkest hours European war she legislature has
o upon the rocks and be lost. Or.: It may be like been more negligent than ever in
wing out Its branches In every direction and tiev, providing funds:
other branches that add to the strength pnd useful- Fourth, the state of Florida Is
themselves deriving strength and life from tile parent developing more rapidly than any
I / oiher state east of the Mississippi
.ncon light, or the iBanyan tres. an insilrution or river:
enhances its greater usefulness as the years go by; Fifih, her development its en-
ssing1E bestowed by those anom it sends forth into tir-ly agricultural:
r life's 'asks as would not b@ posasble alitnout edu- ,Sixth, Florida of tomorrow will
need thousands of trained agricul-
od thrt Is done by an institution of learning. from turlists. These must be trained to-
y school to the greatest of universities and colleges, day.
.1 ..

icirsirly imp_.iil,pitl. 'lhe results of01 Is ilucalional work can be seen -- -
n every llir.criou. can b: noted. a,-ie'ver Its sEudents. ihll nlud. de- AFTERI FRi.UT STEALER9.
clopiu and enligehien.l Ith acquir,-d'linowvledge, be fouiJ, they Tne orange glowers of Titusville
i, lrn Imparting of their knowledge to othele and Lnus spr.:adling educn- -aisol Mints lrave oranlized a Grow-
on far oind wide i era' Prontctlve League with 25
Are 11"lit People ltfik p Them. members The association was
Llnlverstes and college are, v. hat the people make them 'They are formed chiefly to preVent stealing
.3tliutlons, movie ilian ally ioher, in a i.n(h all thelTeople ha'o, or sisna ild. fruir from, groves, It being
an.e. a common r interest. Toe people 6o Florldidhave made inm Unlte@sity' claimedd. that pickers and otherhea "
SFlorilda what it Is..- t is ill their keeoiing As they will so sball he lis .were taking fruit away- daily by
aeifliicais. or tl e lack tinereof. The latLer it Is, Iniced, dlilicult to ia ,.- the sackful. .
ne i t' davs of enlightenment. Just'suppose. If such a tUilig ere :
l t11 possible. thaf it should bh proposed to close the Universl to'f Fior- T he alterss of Morgan c6unly,
da'. luri cut lie professors and stud-ntrs, board up the windows, loik the .''Alabama, are s.avi% about ,10 a
oeors 1sa post a oplic,:, that iio 1 uore esould it b4- used for educational ton by mixing their .own fertilizer,
urpos-es. dilecred by the county agent. That'.
\lito wouldd dai to make such a' proposit.ion-and expccte to be per- 13 01ie way 10 cut down the high '
Jitr.-d to live 1p Florida. c ost of laimlng. and also will de-
. 'But. ur.l.:- s rh university I properly supported, flnalcially and 'other- Velop the agricultural brain. ,Why
__ --- _~_ n' .+ ot go to it?--,- S. iEtbero.

S +", .. + -"I '
ma 4.5e

x ) .

;, (? ,'

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