Chinaberry and Umbrella tree curse


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Chinaberry and Umbrella tree curse
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The Let-alone Policy has pgost gplorida hunidree o thoueandas 2 do1larue

There is no other species of tree or plant in Florida
which is rooponsible for the propagation of so many billions
69f whitefly as the Ohinaberry, In the spring of the year the
whitefly are drawn instinctively toward these trees and multi-
ply thore with extraordinary rapidity. In fact, a medium-
si Bze umbrella troe will be likely to hold al1l the way from

ten millions to twenty millions of whitofly by the end of
August, provided. it stands in nn infected district. In the
fall, the insects inctinotively aiigrat away from the umbrella
tree, and millions of flying ineotes are thus turned looce, to
infest ovory nook and corner within a wide radius from the
utmbrella tree.

|hitofly monioing the comfort a oZ Home oolk.j
T'hether we Ohould out down our umbrella trees or

let tha otend is purely a question that mast be woighed be-
tween sentiment and dollars. Dollepr say emphatioally that
the umbrella tree is a meance. This as boon proven too
many times to need to be reiterated. Tens of thousands of
dollar have been spent by the State and Fedoral Government
to gather specific Information on the whitefly question; and,
without exaoetion, those who have gifen the matter serious

oonesleration have pronounmoed the Ohinaborry anda umbrella an


uniti ateda nuisane in whitqfly section, The sameller and

beautiful cities along the Soi.board railroad front Jackonville
to -oneacola have been for u ininber of years soourged with

this poet. During July end Auguot It u freo-eont3ly impocsi-
blo or women end children to enjoy the cool afternoons .and

oeveinGu., co many billions of wh.ttefly aro prosont in the at-

moophore, ninety per oont, of thoeo twitofly, and in many
oases, no.rly a hundred por ic1t'.t, anrp brod In the OCinaborry
and imbrolla trees.

Ohinaborrzy nd jUmbrol6. trces coct us iun1ardpg
of Thousand~t -of ..)ollar.

Alroad.y the Chinaboiry; nd umborello trees hrive been

tuhe indi--oct cato.e o' the locu of I' u rnarods of t:ousran-t o

,dollc.rc to citruc gror:ero n I'lo-1id.a, opato-dly tho c:lon-
tit-D Lcvo tracod the ouro of distribution to oLIo uo rth2l.os3

and nclectd toahinaborry or unbrolla tree. It thcrolo: c be-

hoovoo us to join hand with the oitrun gr_'o;.-r :;nMd do all vwo
can to :uppredo or oxtonninate the "umbrella aniL Chinaborry

trees. The oitruo-growinG ind&utry, whose property is noW

worth over a hundred million dollar to our t"'tto, can wvll

receive our co-oneration and snymnpathy. ';ver.y citizen of the
Jtato could do all he oan to improve the otmruc conditions,

as it moans the bringing into tbh 1ttot of from fVve to ten

million dollar of good oash over year.

It should be remembered that out of the thousands

of peociee of plaits that gr~ $i Florida, less than thirty



mr r~'~~rw -

.2- -


speotee. both native and Introdu-ed, are known to be. food-
plants of the whitefly' It would be just as sensible to
soouse a barbed wire fence or the globe of an Inoandoeoont
light of breeding whitefly as to acouno ovory buIh on hicoh a
winged whitefly happens to rest. Prorqently these little
poets opme to rept on the globes of Inoandesoent lights in
Such numbers that they Taterially reduoo the light that Is
given off, yet no one would acoouseo the inoandesoont light of
being a breeder of whitefly. The frequent atateorent that '
our bammooks and bay-heads are full of whitefly is fomndoed on
hearsay and not on direct obsorvati'ons. One of our most com-
petent entomolo-laot at one time offered five dolinre reward
to beo shovn a gallberry buah infested with the oitrus White-
fly, but no one was able to find the citrus v.itefly brooding
on a gmllborry bush. This bush is very freoquontly aooused
of being a breeder of the whitefly, ibut the accusation is
not founded on fact.

Railroad Set a GooA j aMplj.

It is hoped that all of the railroads of the St e
will follow the splendId load t3ken by the A.t.,. and the
S.AL. and causo to be destroyed all the Chindberry and mm-
brella trees on their right-of-way and their premisos*
These partloular umbrella and Ohbiaberry trees are a spoo al
menace, from the fact that they aro along the lines of trane-
portatlon; and as 'they have already proven to be great disaem-
tiators of the whitefly, no amount of senttimnt should permit
them to 9 tnuwl on railwW property, It would be JUs%

-'- .*.-.. ,V .r .. t & .. ,' .'o .', .

,,s Sensible to tolerate open aquaria, and fountain, and other

mosquito-breeding places, in cities infested with yellow

e ,,ver,,

To those having a right to spoek, as having knowledge

in connection with the whitofly and its distribution in the

State, it seems like apiece o.jfoolhardiness to plent, or

allow to continue to grow, either the Chinaberry or the urn-

brella tree in any part of th' 'tate. It has already cost

Florida hundreds of thousands of, dollars, and if noople per-

sist in the "lot-alone" policy, -it will continue to rob many

a citrus grower of the hard-earned ftraits of honest toil.

.. ;hy not throw our celfismness to- the winds for a little while,

and be neigbborly and holp our.friend.s to control this serious

,, and menacing -ost?
'. "-. I;. Roll'f ,

Director rzperiment Ztation,

S. einesvillo, Floride.

.' I %"

, -

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