Boys of Today. December 1916


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Boys of Today. December 1916
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Writings and Speeches 1891-1920
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Box: 1
Divider: Articles, Speeches and Other Writings
Folder: Boys of Today. December 1916


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Agricultural extension work -- Florida.
Agriculture -- Florida -- Experimentation.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil -- Minas Gerais.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Florida.
Citrus fruit industry -- Brazil.
Leprosy -- Research -- Brazil.
Minas Gerais (Brazil) -- Rural conditions.
Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais.
Florida Cooperative Extension Service.
University of Florida. Agricultural Experiment Station.
University of Florida. Herbarium.

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University of Florida
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Ind taSlvitsale Of the State, fl* prmTiAet Ma who -oby the
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boey s e being wil cisha *ea of to the hmes of the faaltv
of the aInwrpity, pr. 1taphren* tfitdenmt ?f the Univertity.,
was gnt ttiet to fl *1* lat tttemtonfl ext Wannged Ohapl
nsftte s o tues boys w mU "et the proper TIO of this
latttntionu Sato he spoke to them of the adtif tOrent deprt.
ents of the UlMversity, how they war eawrie on, eat hcw these
oys weat, be able to ply a part in the ftuo Aevelopnat of
the College,



the aabaes of the T*. % A. are aebtt in hoear$g
ftr th"s too 0a pmrevtW setsrttaets* A nv*er of traws
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ap ~their daltp" t tut gen l appqtsme of ja*"
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tWrhing to VEb ten to 3Ee iheths au Imternting weOk
for these bo. Polloiag Is V 1IS$ of tveoe wo heow besn
meat herN. fte te wvrtones etAt tes: w o*

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