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S"How' bout e Crois-State-Okee-
:chobee Road? What's doing? Wtbeni
will t .be ready?" These are quees
Itionif which, from neat-and far, are
pouring in. The repl- is that lhel
bonds are sold, and, the-cash and state
lands ready. "But has 'building be-
*gun?" The county engineer is going
over the route to report to the com-1
missioners what changes, if any, will
be required, and how far the money.
will go.
"Are the funds sufficient?" Thati,
what, the commissioners want to-
Public questions must be followed)
up. While in West Palm Beach re-'
cently the writer got his nose on the'
Cross-State trail. We soon scented;
the trouble. To understand, we must.
lead up.
We are pushing a great cross-state i
highway. It will connect the AtlanttcI
and. Gulf coasts, and two live cities,
.. some existing villages, and bring in-
thousands o' settlers, worn with'
Sweary waiting.
What the Cumberland road was to,
the Ohio valley, and the Trans-Con-
tinental railroads were to the mighty
Mississippi plain and the Golconda be-
yond, the Cross-St'ate-Okeechobee
road should be to South Florida.
This road must come, it must come;
quickly; and, note well, it must not'
be spoiled in the making. Consider
the route, It falls into the following
1. From Palm Beach west to the
line between ranges 40-41.
2. Thence south to the West Palm
Beach canal.
3. Thence west to the line between
ranges 38 and 39.
4. Thence S. .W. to the Hillboro:
canal, at a point about a mile above
5. Theoes up to the Hillsbqo ca-[
nal, at a point abodt a mile above
5. Thence up to the Hillsboro lock.
6. Thence from this lock to the,
new lock on t4h6 Lauderdale canal; a
unit which we may call the "Inter-
Jooch Section."
S7. From the Lauderdale canal loc
south to Okeelanta.
S. From Okeelanta, via the Bolles
L. ...Le cunts .

ihe tLaderale asal and 144L-A^O
't6 4ee county. Finally, a section i'oa
officially provided for, but of vital im-,
portance, viz.,
10. The "Okeelanta-Gladecrest cutf
off" or "Inter-Urban Section." -
With two exceptions, these sections?
are satisfactory. The two,, howpvrl,
and one in particular-must give us
pause. Before it should Be placed the?
qujfttion mark -in box car type. It
is 'No. 6, called here in the "Inter-
Look Section."
From the first, this section has been '
San object of astonishment, not to say
Of suspicion. Viewed on the map, in
connection with Section 6, it is a fear-,
ful and wonderful thing. i
Tortuous as a grape-vine, too crook-
ed to lie still, far from human habita-,
tion, development or promise of d
velopment, winding its devious w
through swamp and custard-appij jun-
gle," round Robin Hood's ,bkr"'.
Where barn or prospect of barn there
is none, it suggests at once- Sam:
Foss's far-famed "calf path"-where-
on travelers lost 100 years a day"'-
I and the Mosaic Scape-Goat, driven
from the haunts of men to bury itself

in the trackless wilderness.
In short, as a route it's a "fright."
1Whether born of opium dream ort
hashesh stupor who can say? Whatt,
Reason. has this monstrosity tor ex-
'istence? It serves no community.
heavily handicaps two. has no "scenic'.
charms, and is highly expensive tql
construct and use.
SIt's origin? It survived from the,
old fight between Bolles Route and
Lake Route advocates, and was toler-
ated by the former because under-
stood to be demanded by the lat-
ter. Now it appears to be demanded
by no one. not even an interest,
"skulking in the shadow"r lke some
vertform appendix, it seems simply
to await the surgeon's knife.

And now, marvelous to relate,
.through some merciful dispensation
of a benieflient Providence, this
grape-vine, or appendix, promises to
become a blessing..by proving itself.
a curse.
To explain-This preposterous, in-
defensible, vicious kink) seems to be
'the chief obstacle to the building of
the road. Why? Because, first, the
viewers' report, and the bond author-
ization are, at this point, hopelessly in
conflict; and, second, because, from-
an, engineering standpoint, neither
Sroute- can be run; while, if the engi-
S'neer.recommends for this section. a
feasible router -the eommiesioners
must.reect it.-s


grows out o0 evil is 'oses grow outro?
a dung heap. Here is the solution':'.,
SThe route the road ought to follow
should do this: First, It should caw
ry section 4 straight to Gladecreasti
Second, It should exclude section
and include section '10; 1. e., fpr 'fh
"Inter-Lock Section", it should subs
tute the. "Inter-Urban .Sectitn.,,
stead of winding through the c r
apple, it should run stra -.
Gladecrest to Okedlanta T
would then be:.Palm Beaehb,
crest, Okeelanta. Here the aro
would fork, one branch folldwa rh
Bolles canal westward to -Ft- iM
the other, the Lauderdale 'ciag
the Lake thence westward to
Users. "-
Why this change?
1. This is the short-cut -'
the termini, Palm Beach and Fort
2. It taps the real heart of t
great, high, flry, Upper Glades co
try, the coming banner agrleul,
region of Florida. ..
3. It cuts the distance bet'.
Gladecrest and Okeelanta to' ab6
4. It brings the' through cross
state traffic directly by those poin

'5. It shifts the road om a sct
where the construction' is' hard. a
dear to a section where it is easy a
6. It will open up an extremely v.
unable section otherwise left unaval
able, viz., T. 44, R. 37.
7. And finally, as a clincher, the
is reason to believe that, by prope
handling, it will be possible to h
this entire Inter-Urban section of c
nal and road handed to the count
gratis, on a platter, thus saving it thi
expense of building over 13 mile o;
difficult road. At the west end o
this section, running due east of the
Okeilanta P. O. is about 1% miles of
Bolles canal, and of road already
built save for rock-surfacing, while,.a
the east end, extending west and
south from Gladecrest, -ar .aome
miles more now built or
The Iitc(ryeleca-tretch of canal an
road, some mnTes lotvo. canTi
lived, be had without it'
Lure of a dollar of count
Now, with the commissioner
ing, "Have we funds enough o0 b
the road?" 'how should sach" i:
r '--.. -d

t t unity 6e received? 'VIth'
Probably coming as a dod
Sgal questions as to route
I laid: and."the-.erano'vink-. '


libe shelved .till public opinion requires.--
: and t'liu s' 1n er:i it i. jnst, tcion: '
S'galn this change i routte need i .
Sure to tne. Till a stub is built o :
I 1 -
,lh, Lem, ite few residents or tile Ipper
.IHillsboro canal Can come l:y boats, .Y
as now; torlGadecrest, there to take
S [the road. Neither residents of the
islands, the Lake Shore, or the terri-.
I tory beyond would be inconvenienced. :
tA continuous, water waywf. exted .."
from. Lee County via Okee*inta to
'Palm Beach, and traffic can move ,; .-.- ;'-
tover the entire distance both by, land -- '"
'and water. '....
i In a word, this ohlnge in route.can _-'.-
encounter no legal diifficulty, it will .
.save money, both in construction and .
Suse, will save distance and time, serve .
SGlades communities and a great agri.
'cultural section otherwise neglected
help the coast cities through back -, .' .
,country development, and ag'rlcultural i ---
and tourist business, prevent the
.Pspoiling of the route, and vastly.irr'i "
; :, creasee. btl'l6 indlylduals and public -,
Sthe net gain from this great pit uli. '
Sutillty. The argument for the change -
Si ;:Is overwhelming and all on one side.
,. Now, let every friend of the road
boost for It. : -

.. '" .- .:.. .'. . a 4 r s:. :. ,: .. ... ." '

*y : .. 7": .... : : *-....

*. .. .. -.-... ..*.. .,.

.. .. ............ .... .. ... : .. : ..
-, Ji ':' i ":':' : ': ^"- .. ^. -

t,"', cgi --. .. :, .' .



. .: ;%. ;,

-. 4
hi -



I cr .A -t

'^ :. "

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-f '. '

-1 .
':* ~ ~ : *" .
.. '. <

, -*. .

6.1 4b.


..._, :

,; ***

P~ ~ h I-.

-s~ t ~it~k

dt UaP-


V r?a5 3 v gtewa4 u Aw* .

a of S.. to**' ccw VIN1Uu.04l m th-Ir

SguIstw art is rataIIiw bw ta 1aiim
1m* www ? Va gh lil* lpwll p.L\1a iMiw

I.. -. .

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i w." :"


0.n.t o
-T T^, ., .,
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cJiKsPf~r~at~a luj


,A- w. < I .w



9p1fool the
14S1MlK B a
I J;W. Migm '.



Wa eSPw WsnA-
a" aWlfta At Neqo

.....il;^ ^--.. -7 4 .

4 ...
1---^ ^ ^ ,.C "' irt- -. -
Sp.a I--- ..- '- + 's .
S -.. '. -. ... ..- .... -... .. .zMO 0.
- -'.r.- .. .... .,." ... ,' p '. -- ,"a
A .N T .
,., .... .. . . t .
S" .;' -
.- 7 _', '. 4' -"

.. .. :.. _

.- -.4, 4 -" .,,: ""

".. '. 4 *
; : . . ..

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.. 1 ,. x
j'.';; O- .,

W. bt 54N.W MU4DO
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-..4,..'...4. :W a".... .A .'.,'. '

;...- I s ;4'. 4 ,)..,.*',. Wf...
.,et 4"4 Q'
r I4 .. U"
.-4,.. ... '. 4

," 44... 34'4'% ,'

.: t"+; 54 .........:..i..

,:~ !,;d: '.: .A.: i ; ~ L4

L tion 4 .3t-: ijp't tf 01 dl-'r.t;sl 3eon0,1. i o- ifl exctlu 'i option 6 ',Il iln'
olud section ol ti.e.tpi; tc+n-ltaaia 'o| t- :" nt,-Look5 nation ',1I. :.hPuld,.
ilubati tut ti Iinter-'Ub tin tltioan" nll.;.' -d o., *indii,.; throus:. CU BS I-'
t r- a. l-" i.L .di.lou i : Tin ..;tr eight :.r.-"o 'l .r .' to ( .So l- nC,. I .-outs 1
--rout.. tjL 11 b :-- I .e'?ch,l1 +d *.Cr :.t.ke0 f- nt/n. It -oi fork,
on" br nril fll1 o ,in ti.1 Bl e a n it r 1 th t' aI'ud :'i :l n:a l
-o t: -- Ui nc"- e *-' 3t- -,;(i 't. *r.. o .t'b .y 'r 1'I
hyV t eli l nsh ,''
lat., Thi i. i Ahort-~lu, b t' .'.Cn t a tr' lalni ..,P-*'i~ .'.- C i l -c i -'t.'"y
*:d..lt '>'p thl' r I.l l..n"rt .' .U,'* *thkiigl. -i;' I.'.-.I C3. I il ou couintrys.
t ?e coroinf t*,"llii?. rii cu-ltur'l n:Ii.on 0," .i i! "
d. It out t..,' Lij t ., -- ti:,n ;iA d-. 1. -. ,i '1 t t bou on 4
h-Ilf. 7
4th, ,i t brinali th .? lIthlrusi :u, a t.' t: 'f..:ic dIlr ;.t by --i'oLn C,.
insotetd 07' il onvii: r,,;laAn bl o on :id, '
5tiW it ai4 l, .'t;.. ir :2 -'..i .ct: 1 L. o ti o iatrtl ios i '. i rd ,
'n. de-ir tO :. a.u ion *h'er- A. i .. ;j ;.'iU cL.ip* .
6th., it vri'1 op .' Up -I l rA.ctl'! i tla.' v- l'rbl :-uAfLu n uotIl..'vi.. 1f ?tt u .r- t
v il-bl.', viza 'T..' 1,,.7. "
'th.,Rn..- fin iiy, .'.a i clltih r. in r t l'yC ..i .:; Ion b- 'v, 't* .- i j
ndlinit. -:1i. b' ;;?,i. ;b.l- to 13 .iv- Vi;s l.tir' I nt"r-- rb:11 -OVcLon
e n4-. wnI' ro'-, d 1, n.d .,t t.J oimunt -j i"sn rA I pl*t. 'lLr ii u' ,.vin,, A.t thI
eXp-lna? of building tv, 13.5 mil o1.f f ult :coai.ld *\t to 't:,t: a'd 01 t..
w aUtionvruL.tn..;. ., a.: ast i Cu acmise. ..' tirw ukEr- i. ou 1,.
miles i:' oil te c'-nilk. :rKd of roaul lrr1diiy bu.1 .L -'s :2o ,rock-oture c.nllg I
vi le,t '. e.t t a lta 3ti-.Jt -'u'tri t ltl : l: D'or<.!~'- 7 otl.. and 'r.
tles tuoart. no- bui/t 14/ o0 L..lailni, l'in' lttv-:l.i stett.Ci n i i1 i
yoad Oo' 6 ile'- lon,.c 'n,, i in 1,li.db h.i witihu'. .,ii ':-. di tur (.
9 dailr fr oQ OuntJ fuwds V
vl.Yl-".'.-t. tt ag qrl ila['ii o unakingl :,v.. "-vi fwund,) .nouih .1u blliri t-..
rod'ho" auLou.l. ;i"uc]i1 m Opportun' ty -bo ivr9 itiy ": t ,-:- o -( L bly
c.minI "- n don tion t'il l 1 ,'-1 quao:l;, oi' Ul 'Ai, o t l u b 1 ida 1; ti. .
Kr- pl-vih-? Be'ction c un b1 uheolv.ld tlll Pulbliio opili.on linl li.-a 1ir /;, :u-.<.
f .' p,-li'. it conitructlon,
,AgLai, thi 01h rgL' in :ro.-t L* tined nijur no owinl 'i il.tb Lui-':
t. ths,~thL 1 S's r ~aiJ 'nt 't- of t'i.) Uppe-, ll. cl1 bo'ol 12 ci r l, buo *, *
g no ,t .to Gl.'deer.Vt, th, cL;r to t:w 'ti i L: u',d. ,}.lt; r :.':.,n nZ: ;' li.:
.il-ndB, th, ,.k- h or tic territory b '.n -'. itconvt, *c'do
A eontinuous -r- t, cr \ y v, A.ia (c ;c n,'i .:o0,. .:.&, unty ...i .'.r e' :.' .~ r' i ic
C n riaove oav r w .-r. '~iti r? dA .tc uoth j :r .t ,-' ...:;: u ,.:

iSta lerie 3i (ia.l< i i: gtai, gfltixalat'ctatgx.rctcuLr tacnm] "a tttyxI t-1. .3'tu ,eirt

S -.fOrai, Vti oil n1 ii rout C'n OnUUiir ,': 1 .U JhA ;,i'. g C .i ti
S,,t l *v' ann. l -y,'l- othi A 1_. coistri action :ana K ,W u '-.*',7i. a-V .i'its 1, :n' ti;, i
.'i!rva ..1;.d'.nla coa. uniUaLe :',ii 1i ";r* t grlCAltiLr i a. I 'tion te;.iL; .i: i .1 -
a.lp ti-: co-'-. oiti :oi t I.hurou.h b o k coUIvt.-y d'vl t1'-nllnt'uiici 'L.rioultur. 1 I
tourist busi*es 'r.-v, t Ui npuilllUinl. of ti' rout',:;i, :V..al3./ Izro'?no
both to n4dividu 13 : lwn pulbli, t'.- nlil gLiin r, t4 ; i-N; publico uti'
Tivc ,.rumi nlt if, 'vsc.- h i i l; o; 'ar..n .in: ; n1I d all on 0 n i.d..: ;.o- ,0'
ev *ry f'riend oi' ti h ;o-d boost fo?. '..

'.) n -* I

It:,1 -& N. -
'--7 .

' -


*-- ;


* '




-*. *I .*-t
* :.:

II .- -

K *4






SLaroh 21,1 30---other eaks tnru Trum3 etin Mi aii.
I am witi you right along* I am so pleased to nave you talk with me f nome, especially
when you talk aloud. But I hear you,too,when you wnisperoto meo,

nBdt don t let people hear you talk to me-~.eyqll taink yout e oraZ And dontt want tuem
to tnink tuat of you. I want them to taink of you as saneandintelligeAt, aesway.er as always,

She is muoa pleased wit. my LITlTE LOvE STORYt Sne re heated tne words," Dear Heart, I
told nor tnat, as I wrote it, I cried and wrote, bhe was very sympatnetic.
Or her Fassing, she tAinks, possibly, sne suffered a stroke. She ouoked on her tonCLe: swal-
lowed it. Could not get it out of her throat. iie tried so iard to return to ner body. She
tid not want to leave mebut she could not return.
She tried to reaon ie before ner body was put away, 0omp are witn ner appearance at the Har-
per home on the evening of that fatal day,Maron 5ti; and her appearance before tne Miami group
on the day of her funeral.) She knows how nard I tied to save ner. Sne loves me. No one
will ever love me as sne does.
Sne wants to talk witn Gertrudeo I told ner Gertrude wanted to know the loortion or "that
list oi. things or namesirtnat Gertrude was soriethinG or a doubtir.n Thomas", hie replied
that Gertrude should not be that. 6he thinks Gertrude will be the easiest of our people to
reachO She leaves me with the impression that sne will explain about the list.

We went over my questions to her on ijnday nig4t, 3-1--30, at Miami.Then I spoke to her of Law-
rence, telling her that a tne poor boys neart was broiem.n Then I asi-ed her j sane saw Law-
rence and me with our arms around eacn other, crying our eyes out. She answered," -es,I saw it.
I do love you so,n
Mother says she is getting along finely where she is,

*** c**

-._ ".O ~?I DA;) 'A.; iami,3-_3l-306.
poalcring through a TfriM+ "'.
Ie with ~ right, aiong4. In no pl.eao s +h t talk to hor:e.TneoI- 1y thon X talk aloud. Also
hers no whmnt whiner. to her.
Don't lat aople hear irt. 'h y*ll thi.nlc ~y r or uy. I don't want them to think that
of ywoM. I vwat uthn t .nk l of yq an vqie anil intelligentlan rnltase.'*
Is mash nleased vdwith itl+.e Love tor", lesneiaterl ,in 'word-.i iloa heart.' I told her
ti+twa I wrote it.I ,~rl o .l wrote. :e vnrl vory% Myirnh-itio.
Of her na *ingn> +h inkspon -ilv. nho mnltf'eorql a ntrokto. "ho choked on her toniuesi al.
lowed it. auld not Igo it cnt trr hor thVtoat. 'h triple so hard to rtu n to her bod&. he did
not wint t+ lorwae nFbuLt the oculd not return.
4hi tr'le' to ronoli no before her bod4y wa:; nut awar( (ora-irr o di+th npnearanooat tho Harper
wa on w' ewoning of har pnA.iing larch 5th.) She flown how harB' X triad to save her. a ihe
laven no. N7o mne will ever o ve no an sah d ae..
sie wnn, to t alk t+n Georitrude. I tAld her flertrudo wntni fo lkow tholocation of 'that list
of thingI or nr wSe th'+t flertrtudo wan onesthinc of a doubting Thonas," -he replied that
Get~tmd dwuld no+, be +thant,. :o thinks Gertrud will be the easiest of our people to reaoh.
..enve, no r)ih iInres Aon t+hat, rhe vll. expl din about the "litA,"
lie wnnt, ovr nw -ma.ition- n -I, t, her nn iCnd%, nit 't3-lr.30" Then I 3 okea to her of Law.
rensn,tol'incn hw nir +th poor boy's !ienr, was bro!.wn.* "Tien I asked her if she saw no,
( Lfe l X.e.t.h our :funn nroivid eoah other crying our oyen out. "he answered, Ye3 Iaw na t.
I d, love y x o.*
'31 a ,in he i. "e+!S'.nr ialonm! lnolt where thi is.

T".o L^n,. F rABIE R. ,LL TO0. E.P. :'

AIus orni arksd went to rivat trupnet seance given by -.Irz. Post-
Aknonr othners,l rs* il' i oae 1 ,, .. him by nane, .oke oa. Msrs' parks, aod said she w wanted ner Lusband, Dr* Tnos. .. -11, to ol!o to
.Miami and 1 wit her. Sri also has a .1-' !'- -ZGertrudo .1- LE;ue.i Corn. u:,.bes. rso
"ill '-rrts to t~Ik to ner sq so.',r'*Parks heard all this as di ...'-y as -no no'rd y v"i.o
as wo tr keo this a~1 over.

-'- I.rks phone rs" post, and arra-o for a. dat o,7r1' i o.: rria; 1:ornin

r r :s c g i e 1. .. n. irit, s his broth er, .. s oo : l io .
S.o..in- SoL-uis. o l1 nis important n:oves ; uo. -, -

Se .r tsi nurr:'.o:. e o :: .. .. -. -." ":' h spirits, p: :7as '-' sed
go into bwikru pt3 h- ;..1, :!d .l ers c e out fi... IL o c'o o .IL C
spirits rint 6rg,

UL'nj:. on too >i .e"V -tr. parks3 ,<--rs. ...on. on, sOs -co 1 d i '"d t a "1:.
Ul- Di: 4 01-1 4 11 C. 4 s,
is wnat ~', -. d r -. Till.* h:s o stor s ay t-I: ton.,,;uco bca b troujilh back. no u s
sno ). :L tino! doctor inserts his iand, it :X : ,-et bitten.

'orian Parks wvas sore on nis scuo; ,::. *;,-tLd to quit. p;ark; I.a tho ibove o at U, k to
Norman. The :.aik ne -avo hic r ,as a veritab v o onder. In oonscquenoe, ihe bty wnas mucio i-
pres'sed, ind '7 aws Tilling to return to sno s .
Dr.Ba .k. is tte adviser kept by '.rs. post to advise oer t ts parks s; a iy friends,
of -..'. years, -o, nave kept in tou-.. wit me d 'y affairs, anz are in position to advise :-,).


Mother to C.S.IrTrks.
C,".Frks ccale.i cn me at m: hr.use
in .t.Ld: t)fefirs-t tine he :!-s ever
He s-,.id thtt r:ht ourninglle went
to the privrnte trumpet ceanee.given
by Lrs-Poot,&piritu,:-lit Temple,
1621 3'i. 6th..3t.,Mioimi,:'Lor'i.
?A2ion th o th. Pr s .W/lllapyp. red.
3he talked to MrnPrk -very distinct-
ly. 3he addrea.-ed hi.;, by nauuI sok,
of L.ru'.ParlZkS- ,..nJd -;:id Bit w-i'nted hor
husband ,.r.ThoE. J.2ill,to coie to
;Lirfmi .nd t-lk witli hlr.
r -ill h.!:-.9 d i u ,dt r i-L Cor.....
Gacles ,GertraIde 'iit L.ae,uaO sh-:
..nt6 to tall: to ihr 10O. .ix.arks
'o ard .11 thib .I dJiLtinctly ;. ; he
h.'?rJ my voi.be ai ',e t'.lkeC', thick

2r.'-irkes -ill 'phone i.rbPost and
:r;ange for r. dateop-iobrbly orn 'riday
Mornifn next,
_:r ". rks gctr .ve, v luable h 1.'
Sfroa t'.i spirits; hib broth!rDr.
* n-ks,nrid a Je; be once' knew in St.
Louis. .A.11 bin inidport nt moves *rIu
diiect d by these peopl-.
After the hurrd&,.noof l19'6,Kr*..r..u ne
n* d h d,-i h'n vi' ; w ith the
c-irit" nd .'. ;r ovt:;. 1 .1 to go t:,riW-Lu '1i
b"nokr-% ptcy. ''is .; ."i.ana. i i i'*
innt'rr c.-.me out inJ.'. e. c on lt.r
the:." _3 .rita' rt:l: t 6: .
.'..oloki' ;. *.'n ti', t.;ri"- r ,
P'-rkr'-r doctor ,:r i '-r -.n,; *
'. v cpl o thili .. ft@r.: ri toii
meC) -nJ ti f t 1 n Itti.n l 1
Stl:. 't i octor t ,: to ;-u
crn1 1 '- br11'z. it b c.. bD 7lr
" O ti rt. B 1. '.-- r t' i' : ro '.i Ll
i, bite.
ri c -'.I l .. .. i t f i.,

. .- t 1: t .i. i. : t'.1 0 '-' v *
',ii a -2 ?.'ondjey. .".g CoUzs8 uuenc ,
tte ],' 7 ,.-:L; !tUC'A iJ :_' :; a r, \.ii i21 t: tL a LclL 1.
Dr-.1 'a': ia tN e .dvi, r -ctrin .' Ly
.''r *": e. t t -]dvt...,i '-, n-ti nt3.
*.I r:-c a: y my r ri .' go
. O T- *V- 2 kept 1.n I; ~ rb in 'o
*y ff irr.,, .r ..-, n i .. +$
vi c' *' .

!t4J7,4A. aw, am M, aeDe~ eot!t
Davia has -ted no ( TEW),thkat ah. sra g rsa 8ll agair this saoiimra 8-17*,)
Mrs,.Jl1 .1id to ap* )arasAi-l- You mat Dr*'cB oae at a BE3IN Q LM I TIrm J3.
Goaumtt by TErs This enr, to be bae t ease p. & Mups."esona were present. both opoke
as did rMa. David. Mrs.pFtarasa gave her testinlnmy an H4jL This so apeoed t o Mrea Dars
that shes, 4 a, trstuifiad o3 the name I:L.;

) TEl. i4lac t ked, ind condmoted the sixagi p.(t eemfi robab.e that Ra ,. Tosse i,.'.rra1l was
L .oireaeM% sasd n oke, (mp-a Davis was not s2em' of idatItoaEtio of i'ro arrieai, Mrf* petorao
was s.esshy ead hea set )
rI,b Pael O ai'ht of TW.as meeting a* Part: Stl M.B.-CL ch,UMond ,n, 1g %,, '.enr.u e, in
ocCaerva. tlh wth .Mr.'.i., a Mk.arrr~.e .l;oea IHeLp.tr, aa S s otaMrad of Mrs, DlaviBs
S ao~zy. .aded ME MDid you and I attend a Jetl meeting at whik Mr.peteraoM wals reeentg,
Ml.. aei4d Yea, aheaY Mr. & MIrA p.) both sagi Thia aoofirmed Mrs. Davir story.
SN Mrt" uavAl- UWas bom in 4II.ilat fasi net remember where. Jfti w e ile atuila
OW W'lWWW1 y'ViW for, Kfuew rd LAvi d there may year oe a fara. Married there. L stewr re.
htend 0t0o sL aaday 1.(Mear awrit

j 3518 3.A oorings -:i.,
Coconut Grove, FL a*

y dear Dr. \'ilpl,
..; ave returned from our short Havan-a trip hi on we enjoyed as suon a complete :,'1- .0

YIe were acn interested inr your 1 otter before we I -1 n-"I ..: d be gia a if yu
st ,ed us a p.- ',c soy you received L-'r. arding s first leter. -i". 3.s stra i ook
so :, e to yol. ..r. I!ulfor ::rr(c ate a send you y a r.:er, M no e she
.i he -.. u : : i ur ii wo Lde r ou ,- r l 'a .......
. 4i-, :c-,iy 3 5 pii u iSmi, still a !message like your wife's rit .io onr

To corroborate t!ne stat. ..... .' ii- i:i 3 wallowed ner tonguo,prc: 'r: you 3.. d
:eti 'ha L:- : r 'ootor, :.hic. you h.e re. e

:roC '. 1 's r '..-; :u3 s t:o ,.s ;'er ,--

1" '1l Ey ursbrand I an not dead, i ive. o do not j o n h rieve,u e is rieving so nowj
I ssed out ,ul-.: : f... owing ny tongue. I u --rs. Will o1 Fort L au'.., 1 e, cn:a
nusbard is Dr.7i'il.l0~

I ..,:'.i-r her n'e: to you at te Sun.': service was.--

0, course I recognize you, "tny shouldbit I?

Y:es,I n vir nm .j.ad I an not '. I ci :itn you. -ou must no. grieve over -e so.
t 1 ai .a ad you cae"o' nere I c-i d con uunioate wit you.
n You dicd a.1 you poe. -l' could for me.;

Le't us know ;'n tim e w can as.;isr you*

L orence -*ardii.. ald
Frederio nardii -',
March 24t, ( 194)



March 14, 1930.
Dear Dr" Wills,
As a stranger to you, musy beg your pardo. for intrusion at suon a time,but I feel I have
a sacred mission to convey and that I must write you.
Last Friday, arch 7t ,at about 4:30 pH4,we were given instructions by the voice of a Mrs.
Wll,to tell her husband tnat she was not dead but living in the spirit, and that she did not
want him to grieve we had no idea who Mrs. Will wasbut she said "I lived in Ft.Lauderdale,
and my husband is Dr.iTll,and L passed over by strangling on my tongueu,whioP we suppose
might mean a stroke.
Needless to say,we are believers in spirit return and feeo,wnen we can,we should relay on a
message to relueve the grief oi a human being. We were going to look you up,when to our sur-
prise, we read in last night' sminai News, of Mrs" Willi s funeral in the Episcopal nuron- 6o I
hasten to write you to-day*. can assure you,positively,that no one of the Tour of us pres-
ent, had the slignteso idea who you or "our wife were,assuming tnat this Mrs. Will in spirit is
your wife and had passed over at that hour or earlier.
Trusting tnat you will take tnis as it should be understood,
I amyours respeottiuly,
Frederic Harding.
Answered by TEW. on 3-17-30. j March 1919019.
bear Dr*Will, -
Just received your letter as we are leaving for Havana* Will answer next week. I wrote an
account for progressive Tiuinier;hope you approve.
Kindest regards,
Fredo. harding,
MY letter was addressed just to Ft.Lauderd Len*.Ir not received, I can send an exact copy
of it to you, as I kept a copy here.

60oP Snervo .d Road
phil adqphi a.

y7 dear Dr.Will 1
Yesterday,I received a letter from Florence narding telling me a most interesting story
about nesting you. She asked me to write to you, whioi I am only too glad to do.
I am the friend of Mr.and Mrs.iarding who made who made the third one at the trumpet serv-
ice we had with lEthe Post,when your wire came through to usI had been staying with th e Hard-
ings this winter in Goconut Grove for five weeks, and though I had heard of -rs* Post through
them,I had never met her until this ast February, Let me saY right here that I consider Mrs.
Post tne most sincere woman, and she teaches a real religion.
Last Friday afternoon, think it was 7March the 7t,.,we sat down around four o~'look* I am
not sure of the exact time--after sevensa messages from our lived ones had cone to us--4our wifes
voice came through, telling us wno she was, and asking us to get in touoi with you, and tell you
she was not dead, and wanted to get in touc.* wit. you. Dr.*'.7l,I believe firrtly that the lovelY
Spirit was your dear wfd, and she was trying to conso e you. Ihe whole belief is so beautiful
to me,I ITly hope you mny receive comport from it, as I am sure you will.
How -.vonderful it is to realize our dear ones have not cone,but only stepped into another
room, where l'i:- -.ay grow and develop into finer soul s.
It is a pleasure to me to be able to write you these few lines, and tell you what I hnrard.
May Peaoe be wita you-
i ncerely yours,
(I.rs. TL f.) PEtnel D.- liLord.


LJ* a


&*u B!rtiitarttle kel I' to mie. .ra Lltte Atfeo4 hl.Lb^ ... StNIR* ito ps 3g. hlsosRhObr *ns 6. bb
oMa of teMS %s dhrs bt o, Is* s be sSllShae s vor bret of te
tma.f trafr 4 't *w lore1u prsl"S aW SO
&=*/for the0 tthInUa i^ fsyis swly wifftC ih6 MelId AWIft
iro Ie to eeamthetS
iLV ar f MSM 4A Zmioie IS G t0r rt4 LaM% Rw they wet* a( 514)

caxmrr Satageme as -to '4respeS 64 as o as soe MOW4 q ** b*me mSqteMLy t-
aSItC ZS 4r? r luii.A et Y- sia Mdr aUaI r4 ta ur 41 1@tr' enalm rs
0s a thye blette -l adl L6 w HeIt to X.
U."flMet 4init in M e 1. am ash of the slt .bp Shrr sM the se awd t
JI, r I at Ifwdtfa 't e h tth itoweat, r ad s w tf am S4
ttk'it or' a tahe sti=g
Mi ten gaB ot thi moulkag.z hat tamt e. a; a.t e matea to etheUr1 basL. sn
see tee mSn M*Pa ofkpI? y mM ada aseirt-A. theI ht
J.S!BU S4K San PttOS e* seats' 0s ke a4 ut r thon batfl( as e
dnie w bneaekuN it iSam reMa ama or Uo4tdegy* adeao :fr is w.-
Z;7at seth ei fMa Or 4w.sts *-onMfse wr mM seterr rt vrw M
rif nrb of Wkstthe aPrs

Art M 5o ga. n at t. at nseaM WtA Ipn l- a llwIV art zbUatt to r% borL vt Isek
aeo, as MseaW ImyX to e WSey -M qL a i*otems att %a s a

S emMI r 'Iusse vS) So

* UTiynear adil a mS yit vs. Ta nset *at IgelMe omer m.
A S -t at yeL"n at I .1Ws Sftx.lR pa. ep^t f o
* TaI afd Si ndk s^Bdy r* fo*r aL

Joseph 4M.vill to Thos.3.Wil1,3-21-39,,
atL wpirJ.Uliria -TUU.u ga.'3t2W. ,.3p"6th.St-*
.JB~fai Florida. Trumpet Seanoe.
l as bVen following ne( T.E.7.) up ,all
these year's. Is exacedingly interested in
Lawrencee He (J.M.W.) is Guide to Lawrenee.
Is helping to keep hin from yielding to temp-
t'tionso Lawrenee is a gond boy. He has
had temptnAtions,but has resisted then nan.
Lawrenae has a fIne little wife. She loves
me as nush as -y own girl do.
Mother(Leant ah Brown Will),1a right here.
Father spolke of others as present. ( rSoe-
what indiutinct here.) xug.'ested Jonathan
Baene and David--ponsibly Unele David Brown.
Father thought Lawrenee not yet far enough
along for revelations like these.
He remembers the last tiiTe he saw me; it
was a long t+'e ago,( 1899,at Long PineNeb.)
Returning' to Lawreneehe sharae+erAiea hin as
a real Will,"

Lemnash \ill( Jr.); 3-21-30;at Trumpet Se-

At the above sit'in-ga young ladY appeared
with the trumpet,and ad(dres-ed ae. (T.r.o.)
Froa her voioe and rnLnershe impensed me as
a nost swoot and bemutifiJl sharneter. Ohe
asked neJwhetherin ad,~ition to the daughters
I havein this worldpI know I have a third in
the other world, She ar, ured no th.t ,ueh is
the oaseand imnrenied it upon on that I nunt
not forget it.
She nnid she was bornnot where we now live
bt up nor+jthsone where. 6he does not
know the date of her birtfithey do not keep
account of ine'where she in.; but she prob-
ably ,cane between the other two girls.
leaving this world,she was ver imiature.
9he has n ane-and grnat'y desires ene.
Oan he not have the nsme of her Grandnother
Willt I tell her that that nae is Learnnmh
and ask whether -that will uit her. .The re-
plies,enthusiaitie lly.' Yes." She is delight-
ed. Bo we settle it there nndthan that her ~4
long-delye ame ins LEAWN A WILL."
bhe nemnton'r that her ow another in beside
her as she tnlka to :e.



-.--.--.- -.--i S street.

. )

* -


a )

LmeaaJh 'lill ( Contin.)
Presentiy,)in the swotee;+, adr nost beauti-
ful wRy,,'?ie .-nng to ne the n',ng,
It reninde.'. ne of +he anprElic way in whi.h
or o r one .ans. 'e.o :ihe a she' whether
roo,.lled bri'v.g heard that song sung recent-
ly. I re enbereil that, I ha.d h-earwd 'Trs. Davis
sin, it on the Oar as she," r'.iiruxper and Ip
were drivingou 3-18-30,to the ripiritualist a
Te:3le in :!i-ami* 1 asked," T'a" It on the earti
Shr ~s:wnere.: that it was.

On that trip sra.D-ivin ha d suimp two son ga
the above,and In the Gardenr "he had told n i
Se thnt she had sung neither f-or a long ti e,
button that oecaaionfelt irpresedr to .in-
thea. The i,-n-t" In the G-irden',:MrsuRlh had
suv1,sVt y owng.npecial reqlue.t.
Leanah told no she was right there,with
us, ~ the e~arDon th-at trip.
On 3-30-30,at a nitin- at +he Harpers'*,Mrs.
7il.'.as p ,resent ;,ndtiold ;'e, rap ingiathat
ahetoo,wani with as on that trip ( on 3.18-30).
Then I asked her if she inspire: !r.D.Dxvis
to sing that nonC(In the Crirden); and she replied
Awe! in the affirnativo. Then I anl:ed her if
Leannah h-id laso in:-!ired ~;rs*Dvi3 to sing
the'son- of the # Beautiful Inle," Agian,she
said 8e.
Aft +erward, ira'Dnvis told me thit,a.: we rode
to "irnni that night,:ho felt that I. ill
was with- a us +onhe car;nid that with us was
a y1pg .'ay whomn he did not know. At the
tine,phe :lid not think it best to tell me of
these onnmanions.
Near the lone of th' gitLinin Ti.niIon
3-21-30,litt-e )ilver- "al'"--the fine little
Iad-ian helper and funotionri y-told ne that
Leann3h is I One of the Heavenly Hos3tand
a guide. It has been :aug e.tei ',hat those
of Premature birth are superiorin sone wlas,to
to thoze born nornmllY. *he Parks boye.g*,
seeded to posses:- extraordinary energy *
His fth'ier said hl hhad a stentorian voice tlh-at
could he heard a blo;'ok.

Lean na ra'n'?ndei me repio ted .'.,?orcibly but
very sweetly +,hat I 0 have : third daughter
Son tbe ot'e.ei side* as well as t,7o oi th .' ido


' 4'i.- :-. -._... Street/

4 '

r /

M*P0 fl4 e3aw! Fe 1,3 aMd M.v Mawie Mar* ( 1fb fg cm4t c* 3i* urge
AM ri haome at bloatf aLa Aebs e r t q hr adh de a ceased
tat flaH Yothz rUb oMwti hi rather %mbEaiLfl bhfit. ht3,k
lartSa,^ ad att 4 sra &.e tb it May me a aq .dlUli, te thi, l s.# b
WPa. Bpr t44 4 *a Dflau that this a I wame MM m4-d that M a g.r adw hbdr
rQ MaiPer rsdL that hr S tir.e a mP haUn Mr. DwI maid tlhat lpa ar as
,dSO'" that S W 12 5M te.a of Dvi ram- a M ad Ih Elmeor
r(a ,a gnt a paIa YO a m Te Fear .l as he and ~ ma.D are atta uade t hea .
toil In tho Ha& hMa thea eveaing oat aereh g0s.tdae ar. a4 s talulae Te an

rn.B ia m1l ha bea gaincwt rVUtifiy s her IlUtkeoh ae Ald l t ansera4 ai Ly,
the udasloaes at this p ar lm at de -a cam fwht tt to LM*adertG, dboambcas asa.
SSad 5th Statin tjigat
ma. Da ra rad ?hr.MC iB h eahd te aeal fteM at ae sees tho *t. 4 bub t hee doe not% ab
a SoId ( aL tAr elat. it is dbat g',as2 p d&I tths base Adtr de so Si& mis a r
14ta U to ras um aM.t th e r Ota ge y w iae Up this ta er rGy it tdat
twh atq it SaSid i 4 lift L aeEat., a4B thien thl it, % u an a taaL
or a the feaore
UNt* y, a O tB ie e ot iatrnt to na Duwl lMal and ft, j as t.a0 he w fe.
her to tf It* r Dawapila emI t.o get 11e. to sepeaS tnrugh this e4t
( Lsa*o 42 id no la jr as gd4 a bothiAn Pa. ) 1 *
^ ~ardlte(;la aoeaplwg ge hql rw~r is the VIVrt1aio6 I'l3st-Va 3 31% V4 St Ur
a uaW mlds tfoMarhaqm Mly deVeap*e
A e3 t*s A a irtt by avramo parwrits eait his qaesfoia or meisag to the ir*t
Alpal Ba p r and hnga It to l m Aa s OtherOa 4 ea handl her cOnb paprs a.t the A

atlmat lo acinU at tia badert of pto'r."bapost iL.9 % a aierDBs frl SAD ~1 6 ebs
it ia her h=k o4 3om a-,,Ght or th) eae.S awr the gilit to be d ivred the mafaro* ( AttaSewr to

.1a&, nortso a doantor 0,in Spirit lft, l a *hrtni agra* Da* os wr0 so 1i t eina
clog 421 nA& a5yt you* Dast thi yo arf lfl wa e i tt 1 y7 i the toi.A r
tmaDpAl w at t hdbaet fr times aMd troiGap e mesC are going to ew ar, a L
fiot. Al So right o ans be drinfl* nad hr. Tou aro eamline at 421 gEsi

MAe"er lateamst at aos scadenf hl)

Her atmkeoa .ra was ad hitwith edad= y4tow otrOdks maine truwm cth it
uge t*it 5l M# r IaWud N uRS V1an 13 HSI%,at ne ae O41 kV.y tbeth
Mvs.p md rIs bS '11 i wtw
Iadfr 9, a ag jF l%& asI@ km9MJxds*1WdmrasAe
motas"I s r. 1 aTroe to Ss at th+e tit iT2 a4a Ita
Rr&if t= at Ucarb 'I- ted U're giint fl gLdOraf4 m

S5lr las risari S-r me aorein fr- afn. sftati= ms I asd to hee aloassd
i -a not ada W er 43 43m es tO bsg 'IaetUItd he ama& not ge cast ad get hap for -
I mt y a to get Sa twol Sath qw eal dr4amtoo."



1--Mind is energy. Man can utilize itboth to receive and produce what-
ever he desires.

--Through auto-suggestion, one may quiet his mind. By so doinw,hc can
make it receptive to any impression madeupon ijrwhether by himself,or by
external means. Hismind will then proceed to act accordingto these impress-
2-- Psychology repognizes three mental states:the conscious, subcpnscious
and superconscious. Expressed/ in termsoftime,the consciou,~e resents
the present,or that of which the mind is jow conscious The conscious
mind is the medium through which man operntes,both in receiviJt and giving.
Through concentratton,aP.nd control ofhisattentionlhe can direct that mind
and ias activities in any way he may choose.

The subconsciousmind represents the past;or that of which the mind has
been conscious.

The superconscious mind representsthe future;or that of which the mind
has not yet become conscious. It is the mind of God, thl eod-conscibusness;
the way to the life more abundant-- the Kingdom of Heaven within; t b made manifest in the earth,,he physical life,and in the conditionsrelating
to mankind, .,

3-- Thesethree statesof consciousness exist as an even-present fact.Through -
knowledge,desire and right practice,and through control of the attention
by the use ofthe will,one can consciously function in any one of these
states;aud,:nt any time or placo or under any circurst."nces,nnkethe desired
state ofnind a matter ofpresent consciousness.

4-- Thispower b2longsto man,pandho has but to realize it andproveit n One is
consciousef that upon which,for, the moment,his attention is fixed;and,byy
changeofattentionhecan enter gather the subconscious or the super con-
cciousjand,while his attention is thus engaged,mnl.:e it a Imtter of prencit
Consciousness. Therefore, t'lrugh control of his attention,mon ipiy attain
to any andall knowledge. .

As one turnshis attention to the superconscious.and becomes conscious of
something of'which he has not heretofo't.:-knownt this becomes to him a matter
of personal experience,and he says,n I know,"

As he turns his attention to'the subconscious,and recalls some past expor.
iencehlie says," I have knownn"

From the standpoint of its culture,in what state of consciousness
should the mind chiefly dwell? This question is of vast inprortnnce.
Should it brood over past experioncesit willceasc to grow and de-clop,
and stagnation will set in. Thiswill produce disease and disintegration;
resilting,finally, in death. A




*~ ~~ ., *'~




5 ,.

I .



E3 / 4.'

I ...---.--'---t

*,i *I >2~~
*r '-.J
Ax>If'L /

.1 ,

r ra t.

: -r ,,C

/ "./ /









/ i



r i

Should the mind be attnclhed,ir the objective sense,to the present ,.t
will be subject to the changes that are taking pl,.ce in that realmrand, *".
should these changes not conform to ones wishes and plans,he will suffer
disappointment,discord and unhinppiness. iisec states will also work
disastrously upon his organism,producing discouragement'and lack of ini-
Liative,to which he will finally suicumb,and pass out of the body,of
which he has lost control through this destructive a.tude and prrotice.

But he that has learned to function in the superconscious mind isL'veor
'being renewed by the life-giving ethers which flow therefrom into his
;body;so that he is refreshed anc re-vitalized, continually,soul and body.
Forever and eternally,world wit out end,he increases in power and strength;
iand to him there will be no more death,for he has found the way to eternal
life,health, strength and happiness. They that wait upon the Lord .
shall renew their strength;they shall mount up with wings s eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;they shall walk and not faint,"

S a itL1h, 30 .
dvl Sil novi31-3
,hlieein"'l aui wel]., strong, si;oc'U.fu'l, etc*' *'.

IGJii- L"'l. ....-' liTGS.* You are inter.:.a.xd.
only in PLt.iA:~.iA. 'ITNIG3. 52?, raoicoal value of
Tliccerfule.:s* ( See I1a.n.-lLessoi 22,Vibration;s,
2. '

i i

.1 D


i--Hind is energy. :!an can utilize it both to receive: and to produce
whaLevelr he desire's,

Consciousness exists9n three states~ astjzr'eq'ln3i anl future.

The present--that of which we are now cons9iouLsy-ls 'i-'li'.oseit.-d by the
Conscious Mind.

SThe p.ist--that ofwhich we have been consl,:ious--is I'c]rCesnL.?'1 b the Sub-
I/ Conscious :ind,

fbce fuLurc---th1t of which' we ho;ive iot yet bcco:-e consciouts--is I'C:pL'c-
sented by the Sulier-Conscious Aind*

One imay think,at will,in any onl ofthese st..;us.

Thinlcing in the pa.st leads to st .gnition.

!'hinkin:1 exclu-sively in the present.,,in which ch:,n;;Cy--!inny of tIheos un-
pl.jnas;.nLt-constantly take place,leads to dis .;.oi'ti,, .nt,,'liscord and unhlip-
piness. These lead to disco.,iL'"g. I, lr- ick!nons andt dea;I.

iBut thiiking in the future le -d' onw.rd aiCdul tp,1rl, li. who has l,, .t led to
fLUnction in the super-oonscious minid isevei bei~1V renewed 'by the life-~L.ivig
ethiers i~wlir.i flow th'-'?from'i into his boly;so th;t he~ is rcr1.-3.i!l,1 ilnd re-
vitalized, con Linually, soul and bply. For',ver .nd etern'Ljly, worl wiLhout
e-ndhe increnaseo in pov~ermsnslhi' an. s h bl atlhere ivill bc:- no mo're
S(clath;for he has fomunf the way to eternal Il~e,.il'h, str.ii i th1 .-' nh:i, li.ines:;.
They that wait upon the Lo,"', shall ri.ncI' their' stenfth; T',- shill mIOL
up with win";s as c..glc's;they shall run and iot l.'weary; Lh.y jhi1ll iun
o;l'd not f'linjt*


,'. 2 shoe-mouth deep,
C.JJ.CT.L '. AC :L\TTPEll-- Consclon.. :-:' s .'Scn S,: little w.y only into
nm tL--r. 'his:, r 1.' hichri c i:: rLt, .c '! v, "'rOi.I' A itself. f nto&t' unJl "
ag L-, g-tions r u tte'r,ai '. so buil].-- tlcks..v of ys ~l livil.. i-i.i r' n3 LA'. M Vi- tiH v.,or:t o'fl t,L r, l 'W3 3' ci L1'-1
hj ,is 'if t'-: fivr.: -.-ens':s, -n.' i.j .:'., ,s th -o sixth." ( Ai "' : .:.', ,' '.1"'' u-_ i )
les-' l3'~.i. i:t'- i'n" ,'.' : Lty tLIus:-
1,-TIntGll-ct-- uil,* :. .j y )' '''y, v 'ry iLlIL '.. !:in.' r of .-'': i 1.
2--., ] .a --Bu. i.n.s-.uil' .. I ), bo y ,'Om I nA.. .
* :--'1c o' 7tiv-i '---.uil] L i.r. ;nJy, u'ill niV -- 1 (H -.1nc )
.nt r r 'm i f -' ii :.. i ':i; 1 '" sl: ... :
!i.,r'. ..: '- I .{ns' L, p '-.-1 ::"-* *" ,T a 110,' .-.! on hl ,'LLn.l ": '1 PCr:I. 'eobL O':1 to
carth a, I stn!cs, 'ro'o tLI' Ia: .'* i* i rLL In P cut 1 i rm tool-:,i Iun;,
on.i- syst r., Q. ..L chin,.-us cl L!I' .. n. CL, coI:I PSl x .in:'.nri.'iv, lnu chlin eL r,P' -: t-ic
. cLo. 'y y -ter. --. .. y t ,: .. di c,. )

*' 1 L'' C ^n i -t O*' -' m l I. I'D I7!J Li' -' 1*-l:"fv. n *1 1 r r*r ,

- f- i c.'.o "h o.i STirL. =1 1 --'. o- L
.)--.1 11- ] '.u T h :.. ', L'- f -n ] i v 'd n T h r. --* -.u..-!,

I ., i it'. L' .
S V--LW W'"LiO S t. ." .f'.- "'i / fl *il :'',il.01 h ., 10 .' .; CO I 't. c. "*: ,

II, ttx 1'. ,-2,1' fm e;:' o, ",t' P 0 COfS03 31C S_' l i.'. '.'I:,' "'!, l:.....l,'u-,-fe 'k, j

Cof n cicumiSOe P0C0'1i" lt. Ioli.Ja (189 0 ),igl (1.: i .31rlolm 1:1't.].W 7 n;:icj
i l -- o. ion ; ;'.-oi' lc. c 'tt o'-f ii is bov"e.ii s'-. 11 ar" i e r'.-.n r.' n r *t-usj'
is i.. P_ in "an _s b -c ". .T '*' .'i i"iln 1
I..-:'.:-, rr'r 'VLo : : "
"atiao LT '"L _oi.' s ;!. r- o1 ;oLi ;.LII.O 'l:( ctO.. co II. C .LO P:, L :
,ii P'u. n 1 p' o ot Co y ':.. s ':1'c ;' .' l, j'5

Si-nl cl. t t. .l --' ';' ':,
ICo ,- 0i ifc 1:, c: (-'.'flt. -':tn L i .f.. 89 yp),j. l.u -i li1 ly, -re l 0 W..], r," i ,
Th. c ,' b-"iLri n u to be 'o i-'oi -- ci iIll ; Iio, .,un ii 7-.u r V..' lbr i. :

L o' :.'r,'1i : ii .,*.n S lmAl,:. Chin' r 1', s ori'. : L P.H's-, ;, I'c .tcot -.i n; L', j-.
Du-nlt* i L s :-. "._. -- .;., .' .-., l,. ; 7 J I -] tt :, -,

i, i "u ln Iu-''_; n.'..1 rolty e i .. ':i ,f, ;i 'it ..'-o. -.' iL'iion.-'' ) ~o ,J
'call.] 1.1111.'GtP L h];euC--? '"* o,,- ** v,

S-* -D OfI I V

nh:' 1 'l."i- ; .2... to i, 1:I I S V'3I .iL...' '1 ": t"f I ,1cc. nP w.

TIC I 1 1 1 S ot 5") !%-L c Li t l. 1: :, t
1-.iL.( t! il. 'l n ....* i -Oi" '.- -j,, 13T. L '!,o .--'S ): A' nP-:; -r'
iimonths.lL l "''I' "-' 1 ";I '" v'- "', nc""t t. io n: .i -

1,The t -igh i.tpes oi r 1ic. .,' I.tn nil.,c h t-A "'a. l o '" '. .- .

cnLitO.-. i .'U- :," isi into t" -a Fou.-'it Di.-iensiun :. "oT 7L r
I:'L V, tDU .-L ', CO L..:TJn T o :.
i:lI3"y the !s'.,' lo s ti e r' :b'r-a I 1 g ,li 1.r 'M'if-' s *," .o ly,

1UC n th s "

'2he his"'l--lyth es or '-*(er .. ',1 n-. ,:,,,, ',,,ae -.,Lro i..-T~o,,d, noo, L" ",
th.- Ia lln.'] a ,!! spi i u 1 con ,u ,: of ti .,w 'n Ycia .v, t.,v ,.!.,- ,- 1 .i, .:; .,1
conditionas;l.t '-: i.-;s;nf i.nLn t,.-, Foi -t Dir.-n j.L '" :I -" ".""' n .. r,-'
I'2iVIDaUAL A.N .. COI....T TVJ.,
'y the Kn '.' _I:^ "5 +-.? .q);rvl S, !.. tI ,',; ".i.ii-i-ni 01o,.),sc.,;-i1. bol i- 'y

body ti!ll-i
St TC- ,.-1- ylc L. iol A!-. ( 5,1 c tu Ts )

* i..a iL .,_,- ..--. -P o.P' *_ lin ;I.groh. "oU ,3 ,o 90 r' I .i7- ,or ili, *nan.
r: JA 1-,-r-v -.1 cc?.,. 'L'U .>: o.. 37 1i
" ljil s ir h t Lbody. Thi-i.'-t. 1ti-1 -, asL u1. 1i --
*.inl a* '. F, I T _. si ..-uSt n, ,..;. i; c.- .! y I -ir..c .h bnoldy s l
h.icb t '- ... 2 JIi. if :..-l "l'. n; "- _or it._ o,,n ::". e -D.ion.

Li is ii ., t"i:an t'.c TnIcl l., Li .: li..t -r-'l o ; TnsLiicu-. Instinct
Sis th. .x .,r S.ion of L. 11 : -ici'1J -.2 cm 5 0 .1 1 th..'n i*tclt ct,in
l iigi 1 r' i., :: "-'- CJc.oI.1,: TutiLl.i. ', ..y Ai i t oT : -'0o L -. inL 1.., c t 7 B)

-.,L ., those..
1.it '.1!iu. r- ",ot of i. ,.- crn:. r :- .3 rf I i :b,'.:., cct,
S.- -- ,1
.. : : i f- -
-]--' ---,.7 14. T T -". .- t '! y, l yi1 1 T '. Foi. 1: -
it n C "-i. L i -n -j -" !1 -r-, "
-' .-_ i -U 7r
ji; C! n 1: l i .:. 13 L b'- 1 -' 1 TL*r L-'
ii..-rg hu 11 L U ,T i in c -' iLi '
cLi -. C ii .' ~Wes )Oi,. .

,, -', "2T -. "^.*i :-. cst, rPn so.1 ,n-. Jv.' ,r',t .4nt,,-,t' I: -,., It comc:-iv'.-
r- "I T r tvJ" ;ri; ;-'s -xi'. --j FrT, a- T o, s .S lO ".3)'' '. "
i, w. .-. ..'ol'.t. ( ut, of ii. c ..x ,t i1-n 1n rn .-

S. .L U -.. .... -F1O" L"t o L .'cuw r n' -" .* '' l .',-. .,.' ',"'y, .' n
-Th ti:, L I.' .4 1 -'' ," i'T, T.. i n. IL ... ,LT "- i L '

.*n .f V' OZ 0-. o n(tI ; iO' ul' I L i-; viron .

AL. .',.'*; m 1 C : un:-- .'L Li. u.Ii'. -U i 'i.l',c.' 7, ; ,, l' nl 't->
TliT i W'2touiG sri. if1. ':.- triult 0n th-ti'. aT. t -.\: b -r., -* 5a ,
i" io unt i ffcri-n i.- t ss oP.i. :i.- b o c: ns.
'-.c _L, V. U '.it" by 'n : V-;i r. -L r :l ". .i~'' LI '

t..t.. i..& n tcci'. or cv .i .'n ;i'n'i": ]-- '7".' -- .. .. .i.

Uir. J al ti !- b> w' "1ILX :ith> c. ." "':1

( ;lus 't12 2L' All u -t. .-u l". t:, n '- .' :r ,--
1stu. y)l- -V t o .- ':'-r) 1ji1 L.*- fl.r7 ific) tC-/ ti.h : t
;-iT .....^ *; *. 'J < : *i:i'- t-'r L 'U .* .*2 1 ': I 'f. (1 > j)
fl 'F '* 7 r.,-.r" r' fT 1 I r r" ^**'f "'
-. ._, ... .- 1
'Tyrni&: li 1( c l't'T h :--.'as il..o -i tl o C'. ii ... .. .''. .... o.. .P: ':
potc.ucy .-v:ry r.l.' ]r..t." ( 3: !r.)..
Sir \;iiiliL b. Cro .... ?, .( C" yeou i' 1 Loi ).; '. -' :l.i. ;i, ... ob-' -
l 'ti i, h A.ss c i.ti on ., t -' .:1.;' iL "n -c "" ";i. 1 s T-. LI Lt ; t:". 1'.o
c'.ii si n--r of ra Utiter.
is -It .' mode-rn sci_ viu'.:c i: L !,n AL'..\ 'c;. h: e : o -ic" u.-; .C-
,; vle.;I.cl. i- t'-o c 3- rr'or t'n-s orL -.Pous n on-c .. ( -h" c. l 11-1 "
stiL'.nghbic.nnd it by itsbinlogicsl, y.p'-rin.-.n1, i uciv' r:-J''ds :)
-s'9 .
i..o .-'n S" '5- o-', ,r i," ,/.. -)


vrit o ,* 9'p dr t.CSC '1.'.v. l on 1.& sndld -. ':ll j.flBr si t in
-.- LD. .. r

(- ever palol_.., overY Ut/3 c .Vry ,Vig ... flNG j.G.; SUPLY -AYR ,'
b.I T ,ATTH .3. T.:KS, I Tl .) .I.ND. Thi,. SUhLY I;- AS;,fRT, l. n A1 t ~n
oU's. Psk, tsh j. 1 .i.n ou. ConcCrnin the wrnk f ^ ha n s, .-
.fl.t'. .. 7 j jhyr iT ingdo Coue- To KlriLojl of f L''Invon sul-.
,.P~'th violenc,n.ndth.. viientr t-, ake- b forc ."01;/.
.. .. --- --
(is go-ten by force 1c'-tit-tc' tbit THTUST rEit( firin)Y f takno it by f.r're,) .
( since t+ha+ ti?( .ht 'f John kBaptist Whe kingdom -o God is nreachedqanas ri an
PREL;;ro "' T'. T)
Leot the in2diviiaLI1 nkI il.Tind. 11.1 ibin'.Llon.:ill go Cor -i to 11
Space. s do -hcvoi b..tionnr oft,.. ifLdio-son.'ir :' .t*' t." nSo, viT.'ti oil .
are' wcnk; ~oro rI''e strongu. '. s: -n r t. ,- .. 1,.,,. .'. i r LT, i:.' ll .
(.10 tli: 'rir'r :11. hr.11i' LJeU.,....;
C-. J+, '.1.*-4, .1-tJ':j "

T -

1.. 1 .-*0. ,. "7i 1 ,. i L '1

.. a U I L n iny 1 1'" .' '
"" "". '' ".. : .... '
_, .. J . ,
. . i .. -, . "
r i.L '. i n r -;l: i -, ';',_.. .,,* ; 'o c ."^. s ,' .: i oh :,i' *- ,, :, ., ., i,,
/ .i. i !.'* -i o : r- .!; : ;. z .. 1,; :,
..".'z" .;'..+ ":.i t0x^.1]- .1',L o i". rtl m7n n -i.., ;i '.,I?/

,w ;; ('
1..r I
L.1 'a
LU> r'

( ^.^ -;0 tj'..' Cni"-tC "lnll;?,nll,,., : C.'?'.' cP.P] si'ui h it '.'i '1-" C 'i t IL 1 v'n,
N .the in orL 1l, I > ,'.n 1 :n c U *, wi,- : i

N iL L.i n i. t 1 1 ] # o.ti-_ o c h-P. '" : i i ; t_

: L" T (. ..... a" ,, l" .1 .' :

.I. l I

.* 1 :;.li '
. ,r ,- ,'"'-'" _' '_. ... + '1 .. ". ^ .
S.. L. .
Ll 16



C-~ Ilb~

As the liit is in the crystal,and the crystal in
the 1lf; :i ''
As air th thr irdI Land thtbii:r n ithi iae air :
As the Sea isin the fisahand the rish in the sea,
S. jo I am in the Father and the Father in me;
And all isbright,

he greatsilent ment Looking around on the
noisy insanity" otie world....one lovesto reflect
ob the great Empire of Silence.The noble,silent men,
scattered here and there...silently thinking,silently
woringswhom no morningnews aper Rakes mention of I
They are the salt ofthe earth*,. ilencethe Great Em-
pire of Silence,higher than the stars,deeper than the
kingdoms ofdeathl It alone is great;all else is small.
Unity 19162; 230.

ememberl always the
Presence of God;rejoioe
aTTTyin the will of God
and direct all to the
1-oXr of God."
Robert Leighton,
The rarest flower that
has grown out of Scotch

J2JOlC.- IA ilL -' i.
,[.. ..J2 ALL i" !I.: : L-',;.

,. 193: +1.

Al1 .: .C SEAi.
" .Litl-Ir -,. VJ ill i meet with ;te.';,'-,
And I will c'i ui witli 1h>-:,
Fiiom, tLbove the erUcy SuL-.,
ir'.o..I Tbj. Lcween ti lo two iche"q.'il) is..
-x*e25 : 5


l-'-LtOV SIlJ:- .-(Jt Y ) You c.- the supply; tI.
S P:i ,.] L.: -~.':L:
i :2--' )Vl..;:-- Cj., -' itLu',its forces and. 1 .I
3--.V.Ijo.;:-' See the pict-uL fued" -- ite thi. n E
Syou want*.
i4--u'..L'.,j:--IPlace your order.
5--1 USA.I_ J.i:'- i-raying. Aeallziing that all i.,
fronT tiio .l,4. 7.-I( the Universal Salbst. *)co').
believingn g you've ot it." Accepting itas .r....,
--. 0JLO4C fin L^i,,.

"THE DISC:'li OF GOD60" -l-.il Kin.gin ro,,dI

1--SiZ-eT-T'r;tvel a billion years at a billion
miles an hour,oand you will not yet have rr..,clhod yt
your first station* (6c '. u of orient,iO00)
2--Content :-- Llier, subsitance, eaer gy, love wi smoii!,
G I),
..--, wontinuiLty--Ligt travels by waves in et.hii,,-
Comes to us fromi fixed starsfinconceiva.bly remioteJ)
OIenc.., tlte J'tIILter must be coi)il.inuIIl' -, i ence the
Universe luust be! iucked. w'i.i iLeacr.i'nUeied full of !i

i.ner gy:--Assu!I'-ii Many forms: 'vitation, winJd,
milurscl.1 enter Y, steal!, electricity, .FiuLi;,nt ener i,',
-'houuht is the hihlesL,for it has discover',,1
all thi;is other forms ofenu'egyand has put all
of them unler its feet.
I can do all things through Cihrist who
strengtohenth me(with this leni.'r of spiritual *
thou it.)
I think in :t-ci.:t, ni.L it comes to :.t.
-nvirbliientib isbut mylookingl;gl. ;*" :*'ilcox.
hiuch in little: t iinoutbi cli..Pl, in the corni, r of
your eye...etc."
B isut the UnViverse isjP&CuI Wf IT< "!
Anfd,by my thought, CAN Co. i '. l




Vr. ---------------- ;:

Address .

This is to certify that I am the owner of -acres of
Everglade lands and that at present time my transportation is to
.._ which is not satisfactory on account of
very lwc water in canals and lake, and that if the Miami Canal were
widened and deepened through to lake Okeechobee, and Miami had steam-
ship service of two ships per week direct to New York and other north-
ern points I would ship per-cent of whole crops by steamer.

My crop last year amounted to the figures placed in the column
"19190 and I approximate the amounts for the five succeeding years
under usual conditions as found in their respective columns:

/ EEstimate (approximate)










Potatoes (Crates)

Dasheens (Crates)

Peanuts (Bushels)

Cabbage (Orates)

Tomatoes (Crates)

Other Vegetables

Corn (Bushels)

Acres Sugar Cane

Number Hogs

Number Cattle

On account of this poor transportation to coast by canals and
shortage of cars by railroads, thus causing produce to decay in trans-
it, and also on account of vegetables being abandoned in the field to
decay for above reasons, I estimate that I lost crates
of vegetables valued at $- .

The above loss could have been averted by having proper canal
and steamship service.



k 1

-9 198

-- ~---~

1* V -. .' -

A KiT'G. .T'..ALIZ YOU.l .JTVIT,: SONJIIlP. .J*:n ,l'' Y'U2 .?.O. ., SU. ILY

aOL INTl. Ai' '-:-- In supp ying *Jei,.nd i, <.r leadsofP. Filrst,hv- is THJ SUPPLY,
iiit -;T'tiip i.re,(,ent,s air,or ether.
.\BD::.\'C FO;l YiU+--'cxtIhc wants yonto have it,4all you can use of it;tihe
more thi. better. Unless used,it. is usclcss4and so, inrgeily,areyoue "ilither-
Luoye 1;aive ask1dl nothing. Ask Inrgoly thai your joy tnmy b., full." beforee
L.iey c.ll, T will ansi.or.. ." .'- "'*'-
%AVg S3TUF..7 IN1 -7'Li'fl o-- cl od. h.'s,on hanld,n a infinitie t tock of i;iw uintorial
that ought to be worked up. .*t1-.! :. :! -.s on -i ": ., lm : c,,:.i li, :is2 people
wlho ought to hel him work it up. s,. T n,. r 1 .h0.i nc.1clsio.
0)nD NV ::' ;:::;-H ie 3 buil..L.; a oUniJiY..-rseU 9ie ;i.::1s:i' i s", a .11 Tic knows
t ftto mn ':i' t!1i( ,I I ust l vt s I.'.." \Iui. ,li! or '",1nd. w.i tta .ie
Lo .voi'k,ro:- t.e niw.ok is cn-.ii ;,"
T NIE.) TO iL'-i:--T c:ansot t'vrk v.i'; ji li L- b .)., 1 Uo '-.ows 'Zhis hi.--d tcu thnn T I.n
Th ju :i jila ''y 'i inm;c .i; K; .: St. *:'nton:s1 l siiens, Fords,.:n 1 o1l) Ii'P:., Lo
I.. -- L'. o- : Eji ois- .,m ..: .' iy ison, ^ it ; F'- 1.) Le th
l, \yI'.. .V "." c i ,: nLL, r ,".:> ., c e :*. f .: "--".. '," : bi-. c .tri.",
.. T i. I i l i 'j,,.L., ,i' ( o I-, 2 'o. : o Ip>lyU p t1,' .-: ,,_- "I' y '.- j i' .-
Upinn:' mako mee Josire and dertand it.
.!. ) <""", .. %SUPTI.T:--De1land toufcl..s a ,."ng', .:'Ti' S".,ta t 'tp.ly Lo;-
... o u-..'**s as; i rs.. l ) -
FA.il I A FA C :' .:-- Fai.th seizes te s;in,.;tance,aIhd l3rn"ia the ulnsn.n ini vis-
,, v-i' T A.;_:.i" *;n receivi',i,. are two ends of tie sanoe sti'il".
...... '..')V 'L' -.'lui-. our Si e for tlhel n: prov '.- ;r ':l I,1
T.... :. '). :". '..-1 ji.;' ; .. .,.Li .i-:''ipiency"i-'. :i.. nowr, .' !i'. to ai' 1 "-.-
'.I 1 ;'.s'u ; 1.1i 't e '1 : '.:ss L s me U e' y I
the _il th t I w..T'i, it then I ," *::,' iL.
S.:' .. '-:'- -,r. e' 'i : W':nu-T since.. o .s in intensity until1 iL *. -iunI;s
''. i' 7 '-' iTtion of Jao I will ot lot those go ex-;..1 .7,at1
(ti' Li .,,17 .. O f 0 L1
~ ; u. ~ ."( en :'1?: .. i.)
r .'i, I .\V" IT!" Then .o.;.- i '. 1o areto to ..li c.' v; I '
"cT' '.;, r i ;? For thisrcason-L-VE we hiave ,' f "I': ;,
.; -,1 ..nwo 'i rr.-,also,ia incipionIcy, i; D eOgi., 'i So,to b.lir.
"I Iharci2 anca"-" t Jb' ,foo s; attempt to 'i.cc. rm self. InLc" 1, it is n
sane -o.'.'-c,;..ilinm i' A FX'T.T, .A1; we hv6i tlie .i..o, so wje have, i' *i.*leni-ly,/
11i i z,;11 C;2, 1, aI 17
\FPT1'r IT:-So Tuc ? vr t Ie ight to ",.i.rmt--" The c ,- in.' "'T-i o,
,L_. -Ij -;the k r tory's won .!""It ve 1,., n receive 1. ,. .r .,
lt-.,_' .Lth and irianatiun, ul~lste t.h.i. "t from t'i "th!er. "to ;. "hore-, "



Sophia 7an Marter ()

I* D72INITION OF FIITH:-- Heb.11th.
A powerful ex osition of subject.
Faith is the substance", r raw ma-
terial;the evidence, to ones con-
isciover: .

Disciples asked, How work mir-
ac es?" Jesus answered," By believ-
ing." Believing what? On.ilm.
There? Within you. v( he Ci IOat..)

Peter failed at walking on water.
Jesus rebuked him. Yor what? Lack
of faith. (7)

II. CONDITIONI:--aith must be ab-
solute,unwovring. After taking
a thing by faith, one must belive
implicitly. ( Believe n tJh Christ
within. n eliev eth~ thing is done.)
To look on t)ioutsid? appearance,
. 4nd oubt qnd que -ion,in to vio-
Iqte th? Law of --ith* ind bind the
Swr6ng condition .u oneself.7 J
III TI I UNIV 'R:3 % TIH ;--., We live,
move and have our bing in tiis ether.
We act on itoandit reoats on us.
Action and reaction -re eqrual,iden-
tical in kind cind pp7Cite in direc-

Reading about accident.3,murders,
crimes, f ilurei, etc.tmnd3 to r-pro-
duc '"tese in our exp-eriences. )
This is in effect of the cause we
hlve set in motion.
IV TirF LAW O9 FAI'rll ?iitgh is a
matter of j. It is as definite,
absolute, positive,an. fixed as the
laws of methematica or chemistry.
The Hindoo uses natural Jaw in bury-
ing people 3live,etc.(ll1
Faith works on three planes of
consciousness --ObJ ective-- entnl--
() S5 o i .:'.?-----o.' -:l ',:. .. .

Ask and ye sh .ll receive. Be-
lieve that ye have r ?ceived( al-
ready), nd i- -,"ill ipoep~r. Do
not doubt or- wvvr 'for in 4.net nt.

SPIRITUAL. This is the pl-neof mir-
acles." Become conAgciou of your _nionj
with God and then"all things becoram pose.
sib ewi th you.*

VI. D WONSTR .IONSPS-l)Bxmmples:--
1-mblicus,mnking the eagles fly,
Prospero( Tempest) ruling unseen
forces. (15)
Making miee jump into l3p.(lf3)
Jesun stilling tamp-?t. Elijah
controlling rain.
Author making flood recede.(18)
Stopning rain for picnic.((21}
"There *hal' *"e % (e qLs."(22)
teo.Muller (25350, 000 answera-to
prayer in sam day prayer was offered.
Received .-5.063,850.00(44)
Getting bred for dinner.
Trustet God impli i:ly.(25)
Say, I h:'i -tT" Jniel's friend
in furnace. n" vil not doQt." (27)
Job: Tho He sl'y me,"(27)
T.07er things may be ]hid,but any
c0': aore than tley corm to." Get
intu conscious union with God. "-De-
light thyself y"Kt' the Lord"aand le will
pu. the highest desires into your nind.
SThese will yield good,and good only.)

VII. CULTIV vr" YuU.1 \-IH:--(U8)
Like a plant, faith can be cultiv:at-
ed. How?
Note te f-ith" to-ts; If
thou c-nst b-lieve. According to your
fniith. (29)
Study the Law of X:ith. ( Re-
ipns ,4th.chnp.)
Note ease of Abrnhim: (.31)
ThaQushlt be a fPth,-r." Hqnv xo.:de
theea father."(31) (Bclieve you-lirlve
,e tc. ) Read Heb.llth.
Get into consciows union vi th `
'God.and believe tlh thing VL'ciDY 3I.
iye hath not seen.. the things
that God HATH ( already) prp'red for
th-m that love hiTfT'32).

I and my 3?t3ihr ire one.
Th? -th oe thatdwelleth within
me he doeth the work. Of my-
self I cAn do nothing.



-,GED,:--Is Universal Spirit,SEvery-
thing an Averywhlere.5a.)
AHn is but part of one Stupendous
Whose body Nature island "odthe
soul.k Pope)
1. Soul = Unive:sal spirit,
2. Body = Substance,ether,
raw material from wh.Univeras is
A. Uridifferentiated;tue bulk
of it,still in r'm stnte.
B. Differentiated;The rela-
tively small portion which has been
worked uI. Included:--
a) Inorginic World:
from stir dust to pl-net.
b) Crgnio worldd :
1) Plants,22)AnimiSl bodies,3)HIurm"-n
bodies, i
SIjiaj-S-Is God in minzitur,? 'd.XA
pock-t edition of God., God's
ngent,(5b,)igha or lo-'.)

T'.'" Kno-:: the Sourc? of aupyly
Pd.I viz. te Spirit 6ubst.no.e"
God's bopy),tLe Supply andthe
SupPli ern8c. )
2) Knoi" how to draw upo aei/
5) Draw.6f.)
1) Forg,- thething you do
not wnnt, or' T? to get rid of f.)
2) Think of the thin:; you o
wvnt( 6g. 8,-I -
A. SEffeot:--The 'iwoughl
a) Lakes thelUould.
b). Fills it.Thinking
of a thinF 'ood or bid,
*)S;h.:pes? t-e 1ould
according to the thought.
)Pours inio it
tie stuff( subst-nce),good or bad,
according to the thought. 'ie
first moakls the mouli;tVl. second
fills it. Thinkin.; Fnilure I)Blds
t eFailure mould,2)Fills it withi
Filurs stuff. hence,forg t


f-ture,anIthink only of

B. Method:--
.'i* t 9) Thought o-uses vi-
r' tionb( Lik begets like.)
b) Vibrrtionu p:-oduoe
Sf eelin-ri Oc.)
;d c) Feeling: in us pro-
aeuoike-te elings in others.
d-) These feelings in
other are rm3 ted uron us(9e.)
Zc)Prny: i.e.,Connect ut the
b'-ttery WTyT th? engine nnd turn
on tiLe current<6b })'9lC fo:. n 6Bn
definit- q!.ecific thing. Lenve
God to supply it in Hiq Own Way.
4) Believe you've? got it(13o,)
-nd You've got i 47e.)
.* 5) Thnrnk God for iteOW,1ith-j
uL within to see it o to "oe J
Shownn" It will come.
.'1)3e tol r-nt,p'tiLent and lov-
ing. (104.
"* P 2) Be cheerful,hop.efulexc-
a- ct!nt,nnd confident100.)] .n o e
. Pjioaeptive( So feni a tting tlie osub-
S'Lanc o enter tlie mouldennd take
.'orm, )
3) be c-,lm,tr-nquil4lOc)nnd
passive t -wnrd t'e sp8irit(Lris-
.az f-ire]llaS
4) Be ju" t,.l.1 .'nerou:!,
un alfi :;11,_d fr -t .rnt l 2d T r--i n-

C 7'' 1 -

-N -/ ": o S ',2.
'I. .'7


7a+em....-. 1

S ,. .. .


V -
;..-.. *', L .
S-* "., ^." I
-" LJ ":1,-; t .**. .-'. ', .

tr.:-" .; : .. ,' -*^ ; !!... -

t? :"-. -- .- i.
- l -..... ,. -
- .. I .
,_0 --.. .. ..




-.. --"


* + U
i- I

1 1T :
r d .

C- -

.a' -
7_ .
L ,- *. .. .
- -" ."- -

4. .~ Lx. -

-I .1~ -.
2~ C'- -




- '


-.- -. -. "" '- -- .. ,

+ --. ^ '* -.*. .. -

.J.- t, 5 _.
7:i. 7 .7 -- -
.,+ +_ ^. ,. y -,

J .J ,. '. t +- ,
-.-,. 7. ....~ .. ;
-r' -. ~' ... '. .. .

.* ;,+ + ; -1- ?. .. ...

.- ., -
'. ,ll .fm

P~~a.*4- *. 7i2,.

- "- .'.;

* -~ .,

S ,- 1 ,

"' "5 '"' .. .
,. .i ^--,

*j *

-a '

-- 2 -

**!1 .:),. -. -

* ,J

1 -. ""- '- .

--on .t ..h -.t.or at. 6^4. ,
o,. nlo il. j ,o h tq ut q ,W .pM W .;
San( l tiq .Ot e Ap
S What vw i ,a N vcal, taU ig ,tl-at,

ua-l.yand t7-.-, Y1:._ S42.OIM 99 2.0 ,-
ASD: Iaa ,I .C 3 USA
9n0-.-e ma.t,, ,r tQaie a .wal .of, "IIv .
IEg i4crto'or ,God ,s love ,ani lightt 1toa
Sflo .tr-u ,Ma IWu ty~, nh ,QA t ,rc,e
. Teal lim .eltfri t s (INT.X'QT fT ,PQw a.
: E pe a.t .- .C t,-rg h. lis .', .sltQ s. *,
(la11 pI oe is 4irV.. unti rvi ia.heavi ,
en .iLa ct-Lah". Japus .tc, ,dplasO
Matat.28S.(.) We w-AC ,to know, GoQd
i .tl-, sr ,ay wok i ont, H i ?-ViL s+ ,
AA ,f^ :4H Ai,', i r- ,r g i ,
van.n. 'ily(. 6i Jac3. sl J16 tGarl C::r. ,
Jtc-si,," Ury" A 1abaL-t(" la' st er.)
Thmcmanja, c .1 TuI ,.1 rJ! G9V 9
&0-T:tc "ist 1.erzrn L t hIaT Leg .
anU Uo', coan bco iis:alo Ald,, ,
r; fly4 bfi. e lb Ti. K -i't (, .l i e,, ,
scl win ro .a' dedy to 3 "i .
tuto:Qs* n. .'0o .r) ld"' ;Air L
Thus 1'o ieatiox o4il u mr co' o darn

fally lern.
STo learn .I4,. tnathwe hAiwe run,-T ,
Sand .'oandTriod .c ary7 .wry bat the
STit .Cway. .e .hWvO tadz tlaeors

uAs,l iliviima ,aX l 4.Ii ,fcq C hi'-f C
T-h .1TL .L.4 z

1and &3cx-or;but tL:.r 1Aci U pwer 1
ena. 01 E, hae gr .tst. .rby
tiuti .Aidth ,-41 th. inteiaot To.aie .
tu th wrtl tO=4 obi 'and.r tth boo.ks.
Thenoxt ,t;r wc rr1t dco Ti7h :u li E
help,1LL, QF TiHi BIT IXT I LF Oa
Pe" theiiz uta -ooi:, Qhri:s-Lt HALD .'e
IazVE .t ,dAst ;1i-; 2le .2rIh-cd t, .rav
cGive .thimem.er Car hirns-lf? .C.nd 1ru.

-oa SaQWHl' tqio ,14L 2)ev.
SmpoWAy dq wo amaeYe ln 497 ,thIsiaxc vrs .
elaon X teght al,pwort .
BeOr+IE ;c t at fliaerhiiaself, longs,
even sporeto XmwAe M Attq uw The
reqasan,Wge W.. e q4tq t4.e 0W34 via,
that wq r4gbt iwqq t ,tle .ppiLnt

homew t en at4 a rC
":the "A -?Q IrS .: ACl ao .you?- .
v, ldngo4 -tA,1but ,F0 must 14t

ol o aX 0, .4'o s .c us e I ot g w .z s ,t 4
seltf "to. the 12tL.. .)-t l.

Seeno, p, e, t a.cooinrg ,t T'l; ,PQOW-.
S. E. ,n'uL .L aiAG3 Hl, u; t:04 ,,

Sieasson 4. F5iiiqg Iti S r3 c P1aoo ,

85*4'Wi; s&3All a asqcLin c S 't1oI o,,

N~~aticn, i;, hu'12 fj:1 rF ull :x:r-
eifes,m ion. .aaas' e: t: 4.i I .r e*-,.
sire is-, bu-t .Gc*ds ,4z30r;c in a'u.
.hvtiv .ehsanji 70a* ,
-i8 .hr-~,o. --rr i., ":*i^a ,
ou t(, ua, i c.1 gzrQinwl). ei ,it,
work. Tao ftizowa ;2nTfl..c'.O 32 ,
BHli B the oily Sourcc. lip irt LJA1U'1T
TO TWJ uy:, ~Z Seo r -.l.-~.a. .
7'0 U-,,"i, o.t.1-, ." "that ."ai m;i .,
te*rikiry. 'i^t r7ont ,it noCt .1 ,
'ITGbut. ,GOD) qWCTI.T ,.
r*l.r: -T,.4;C--. Th1 t.. .t saek .
the am. Tth in.. 'r. .'y tht .
Swait ur-aon .the zLori. ,.l"ora rPt-nw tih,.
StrengthanL ..4 maut ,mit, .P ,w God
$ o a, .els ja3 .lit to child d did. ,
Sitti; i.,, tJhi: Alnc- 1 r.1 'i-s

888*-..gyT.':, tf i at at;In-dicating., 11e,
has f ac-. .g:.vc._ u -.U L.1 i .Mat. ,
Be .a.. ore.o .b2c o.-'a uo0 c'-a&d;.tha r is3
3Tf.-ar ;ait 1_. Ooator m"in .i o GodQ .

VTain ,:iGaa3 ,iaot in.e ica b isu3i d
oa VaWus. S-S4 .y, Lt tyawill be ,
done.," '7ion,y" 'c irU.ll ib in
don.a 'Q At fly 1-222 f1or rflr7 ;Jac
Then,# Thy lice Efpw3 twh? ,i,mo. a b .
shut .aoti v.ia ,th.ta. ,pp mtia. ,
Sn only 4Q -6od ", .'aou a3:7 u to ,.
ing .ct ,an; ,upy;atriningE 4,
DOLII In .quiot nes, a;.l -m.a4 rnce,*%
S.lO4 ,aZGV +IfrT 1Na .J1 o ,Btao ttIaas n ,
n#cQ4aUy i tj m Si;tg;pitut a1 na. ,
astrEotca Lael3 up '- .-to''i .th: s.. i ,
TaL ,boqas Aw m .i by a.tn. Lct ,
Jiutit 4zya ,ua ,upwar4. ,

t ;'4

__ 1__~ __ __ 1

A + i .:.* l


S'* 1.P-iE ,.P.i4xau lR2 ,4 ,th .ahne 4
,oa yqm : 4 .lt i~ ,nu xh i .h. -
atio a. d TO, e IT ,S BINIB QS. .,
-ow ,fgwl,; t;.e a=n ,tbh AJ.A sand ,
zespaourwi a ,ozctlui,2at'o tqsg

U.;t-*~ ,, y :. w, S In
S1 Il j c '. n .aof

Divou a.,1 ,.2nu.1 iac a o, -l j;~rnX PsR as.-
,- .!:1 ..-:.r "'t. :},- -ia tF h .r aml! -

tTo all 4 'osre b yi7. , 2-arcf fTbr y wouio .t y. cb. a-' .

ofe.Ly 1ai2 es*t I Ptrltc.ly 'Ati l.1.

r at ,, ,t a n l
vtlo Aeorgs.a y_ _'ith .s iStL-c. ,'
n ~t-a yo .*
OS--. iag rik y:it .ind .by. af-ir,

r04l. (tivL 'U.44L. *. .T .L4 1 t
fl '.^ ^;*^ --*'^ ,' .3-* .-c 4 ^
myk F : ril::one oi:. Fas tan xL.crt

PvT7347." P irw Ti T-10- T IMicmll".L
1o.& ; .i0. 2 1n;'ej it' 1 c sy t

Oina: P ai th.UGL seA t aul-.
fco -l^ c^ Agi- 30-- 0 n;:3 ,

Torg .tifitul inuV't. b:t.- not WT of, ,
rels. .vli-Svlty .rhI ative rS;hg ,

I Oa i4 .y .i Qh lI s .1 th,.b his l-a3ther-,
1 a rPULEILz I.-arr :IGCEST m OUGnT

:T Aff.2;*7-: :i;STh BA.& illand

aml Atlen olwrgQ.-an-t iAa1 h'i-s g at.w
4-s. *.:wnrc yi
to .y-}u. '.Ul fol .br!^-' ** ,1 .nA

atoc EQ;Li.t-.U Rfiuiaetvo^I ;an;d:! v;it
ui~tini3a 52. ?s-ouZls$bwill solve.

95-*Ol ^. ?.jr-a l., -in mairit ,o0 o tos ,
hiEm ThaiO rit3 Bui1t yiyj any3-. ABIDE;,

Your c*ftitueur c E5not be not h.a;t or,.
al;:.aring *.^ .^^yy^^vL -f'11son ,
AUG4W W3S: 9 4jEn& ,q00QCtg*Cho ,
manietSt.zbifioJ .QC .2 tp ,icze 44aus ,
OaDs.aue4 .or.hqa"3 .IPhi3^ ,his B'a thsa',. ,
and.lhen oioQrsedQandtldid ,SIds^& gamb
esL .Miarks.

r -- -..

.. ..

%. 4

___ ~ ~ ~_~ ~~ ~ __~

..", ,, ..











' Ufess.also E2t Bso ,aged. J mp wer ,q lQING ,
DOXlZW Qqoa, =W %lst .4 Tan ,tlen ,
r3 ,oqT. OtV w e A j thpn .
O--5ur aon on t utr be frTom
" 1 Ei- nc~t ".ou' .boij.I;.,- chCsr:j
?fr .a: o,,3tl .n ;,:,; .If i3. .
U fc-- .U7. ,.(^a) g .-', .. .. ,,, .:
Ho-no oL' lQ ee r 'iing ,tZoa
Gia.) n ...er*fi T. T, ,
of 1i"t& 4 y Lo-

oa-.-.Asz in, 2:co rDri,-rt :.7tiou im,. ,
mighty. He \ .5:'i-.m No w711 .3q

only y:. .-ill turn, at y our ,; :-
tir ,.?rm -:lto.1. c ita. -U t U
win 1.2 iL5 a J .. .... L.1.i to ,
Gi-..l3C' .i 1. .ic li ,..'. *iuni y ;I,
yc:r 9.7;4 S ,I :- ',. L) ,.L .) (G ),To ,
w"r .'.LOc.) C L"~Il ds:lile..:4 y. .
onI o'f-, -ti 7oui t.iyou l s...,ir :,'u .
will I'cCJliJ !ll3 Iet 113;ime11., ,
w -te ,-ttbi illc.c ,
7' .'. 1: t i' :.3.u'.i: 7;;
at t "- /.1 "MU:r c 4ix k;:=o'i:oial *.3- L ,
7 jan 1 -'. v "l ""iy, -
f-,ezt ( ,.,- .- .., 3 ci .i-.ia-
te%. t y;.1**,, ,- ". L'- *b -1,t -40'1 i
A-, L ..... -.-.. ..-.... .... ,

SIt *:.; '. .' t -'o a *. ,

C ::n '*.0 a.T Jt AI gw.;2 *f:cQI'.31 22 nLA&.

My t77 .1 th lic. L agi 1?
t ; :.. yo.;.., .. n. ,

t Il r -7.. t6-'': "; ..... .. ..G
h 7 ,nd .: ';f." :e;. . L* : ,o-,' .o .

th ',_ : -:. j ? .k--. ':L;: 0,,:ci S '.1 ,

-3 : 1'.1-- i c. .i .3uir a, ,

h L : ,:-- : ) : ~" . .. ...

f _r 701 i.; I'^c^~" ,il..s:- H.inm ;:i o uI- h, ,
"wirll a on L.-. vo,7.., ..:.... ais.: +l : ,1
^u^ ) -

0'~~~i~~ ~jj''t''~r
.4* 1 ~ -
aa;in a a

K'tr !. ~77:t~p:t '4r&t.T* ~.-,


m 'y u.Apply. ,s 1 W.1uO.h aom C,tth,
Saleod, ,w.9 .a

aole tbi tihought ,o .,,IS loEL BE S
A3S1 HiQWm. IQi0 A NQ Iq,0a I4SE .jC .
Ho ,4i1 e1,oly h nor pir Cta thbo
I by ,anuifostng alhpdiL (a ,t3s
Hm n w Ocq 7 io Q .aveI I.tve Le
at MUo o.Ny, IRi4 ,sgp ed]tze ,, ,
matter il j.h .Iywads to ,nt ,thl c
of ta!lfit ,oi Sa- e ITn ,IS,, ,
J)o ,* .,lTs ,tz!o rop0,o M ? ear
pect4tioa ,l(et19),~ or ,tte .,
JJADIX oCtrustiiaglw tICqh t .WJe1th-
n., ,aly ycn ulpdae,(20) .jb4o. ,.,
aClK ,Ji .ag jenBi 4ita thp wawJceaw ,
(21) Af.im?, S Ia.w SWoPia.4 P

Christ was aleep 41n,tloe shi til'.
called. ,Qa ou ,Qhrdat bany he ,
aalocp( thrun or.meloot.) .* ,W
shnoultl recopgn1ae aMd .OL2, H1 1 ,
Re Jso ur. .ano,piSjlritl t le ,
( our 9FuperwQ onscitouv 11idt)

r. 4 aao Himptnnd. *be'iQ.Uvtire^ ,,
ten Ue shl1.2 appe-r;ic**Whon
we qup Suer-zo-Conscious iIpUA.,
S.0nnes3t itaelf,we a9i2ll be l3ie
S I.(i.e. nightt, pot cnt, OvrcPo-a-
8e9,*) uast zw'fost motr ,ail.
SnIhnri* hy,f by tWl bo ,
0osc4L.xal* ^tthii ,g ewl s4mZ.
pacs the oanits ,bhjthr wtll follow.

a IL ,QhaiStall .things ,am moIae n
DealadrlizU ,tlal. 1,rakikett map-,
Vi4e9stA .t, .C .04 3aWAk ofq..,i
U1A 'l H; ,WLL, 'Iei4 .hH ,w11 ,IaeQ ,
ofas, ,A A Pf .7 1,9S (20) Dopt1, ws.
origstily(anct3sas3t or fallow,
Ingthe rut,) ,L,,isten 4(igret ..
1y9 ,6.t e.te .wicoft;,% Laoprl( Tf ,,
aonwfa n.g4 qri L tbQeszsng 30
annouamo4 ,on Nt^GentaI; BE ,ta ,
z4eta qr 1T< TSW T'as .we11
"off .L1 ,T I2SWIS FIL. 00Z.6( .rsoal ,.
Ge4 .4i& ,4Qtj agQAOt QsQ a G

-S .

L ,

. /

F -q.
- S

V' -

: .F
. ''



-~ :. ~.. *, ^. -?..

S. ,', ,

S' :'*!



, 1

r- -E -. ...1.. = .0.0

-i ,sa i

We jsFZto t4 .; 4ig aqn1 aon. a4S
e S.A tl, hlpselfr, et tm 4 .to. :.
5js aitheuaan 5s Xum foad338lOW.%
Thistl .tihensw birt~itaers t ,
Lay hol" on .etqlernal lle "faqpA... i
atoht i -Ath"nM).q
Pratioa the Presenco,uad :sa ,i'fnd,
tbho- rist ,wih.jMnag IMvpaand
Thus all fteaL 4saenBhe.(8) ,EI .. .
In thoe,rn.nLi Thou .I-n, ,ne
11--Be m.pure i,MIheart,it .hots.
unmaizesd;,Iual tra ftr just an4 .iC .
.12-S1c Gq4 in the u3ijust au&d ,uw.
lovrly'y. 'A i too ,pare o be-
Bold insqruityaca WQ .alwuld hbo
d :,1iz. in. the ,ljanar!,ttoQ,tawxitlg ,
reoogwition ,j
13-.Go 4t God Pro ynur .te;achldg .
and g&t it.f.straigbt P2 ,Unec .n't,
the2a tb' any ,lain shall tqiiah yqua .
My C. 4O'r alQ that I sear .tQ ,dc ,

Shencpthceroc ,i', IG rrosa .^f7 ttatiniI
SBe hur.bloe 0 myOaglt,Is en doo,
notling. Thc at'hzr .IN ':4,io..
S' 14,--You n eo as eIat& .as a Lzhe
SREATEGT,arn mIrnre sc. u ,is,.aa.
respetor of ,i;oar s .~eeiatr
thim.ncs th 4L.a kfsl a11 g,' Co6"
hai-tian bie .h. ten rsaLoulc .L
1 itQ lc, :i -j2..5:u,1 'ni A., .
ore Gla youtrine .xta tlo jt3lJ.
ere y7ou nut in--.or lq90.C( C a lostl
be t1ie toireo4,4." k 4S ack i 0to
the A3 tlo") Ao." )
17-HEt prlysani ACW*. ( 'PAithLl V1.
WORK3S. 1v it j,-gpl-t iLtrhm ycS
mary saqgir+ to WQPr ,l ,yow rw4Vl4vf
tion. MpM.-:Trjdt ,ag Vt aFher ..
Ho"t ,(8S) By; ava- ilAgoursolves ,of,
the Cr~ist( Um ,rntqiw;) ,Wtt ,-.
the EnFIfITEOQM:4I OT; IT' ,Pj3?'WEI,
ThrIow thp switchjiand .cqannect Uae,'
with ,ti4s .wauso. Ri B e,1lgin.,
service ~, the .qheat ,ea ,eattae,,.
Christ rathin ,
1I9naBI'rt;^e ,Leva31?e ,l0can$e4 L io.

** r ; **344



.....-._ .

pweru A94 Al,4 ,EI t06MA4 ASd W t.

to allt 4Id -It to#1Z leG
ta P.W a an ,-(-d MEANaLidttB Kaqa, ,.

&e ^i3ycsot^a1^3o 4 saqnasitu g ..
t~hota011-6004alond tAn ,a;taow A4 q
the atori)
fBleW-hetier 4inl.t .greatePt lor ,imup11T
aft ini the ,gi4icosaeotherZeta .aBN1 lONT
g,,9God. ,h4tie tti9 %anda at ,
pOacSaiiU lay hfldor .eriwig4 t ow .
wea aiix .e 4,a3p le* ,
g1.4-o p3ar asic nb et ,Hir a ,azold yqu ,
inmo pPrf eOtiontl a .l i.bu.s ,tqocom a,,
VitVA r.-fpet -?., t,1e ,M5NG .1O141,s
voi .,rT ,X a .uartar+,sP ,nZ .as a
. WSSoPr or. 7; :1Slc^.f bASdl wt a R :rt ,
fcd .iul .an au I wr, ,1E*1 uT a4"i, it ,
I 81ll be, is- too G51e3t .tO ,p.lture
ow, qt Imano,wsto an ,rittnDXuent. ,
meet .for .hip3 .u'q.3

- ~ K. (l!

.t I3

, ** ^*iW







J.R.Rude," Suboonscious
Realm of Mind."


Egdrmof vmra.at han ds,310 ,
Mste conqreself;95w hai/defit4
Three MAnds,.or ne-fts*of MiUnd,4
1." SQSOsOU 4 G 8
Doponds on S pit(. Sonos).1
indueldebo Atuef B,5)amt-8L
QnosE xnd. protos.In.do.I .
.Usngsit,:' In.forms habitss?
Tf ho oSULM, Heart .of Mfcan
Seat of, Xntultn.& Emotns~ .
Great gulf f.v-t ct prs'st,
and oneness wthC.Godu,-8
lrfaot a mohoryr
Cainot initiate,9 9
rlqnsbnt.by Irldctnr,bt Dorin
con-rol lifo faroesil 12
Storejise of that,fornr Ivoc
Orn.nl cind*,r Irnd .flana'Oio os
3m-14UPjfJtOONSCiOUS :-.- 12
nae arid w.of s Wgctgdmner .Mod
UILvrae, of Idoti s,10 "t)
Foad&a iatcl,-rA-L not sfontfC,.12
S SpBtl*,WordI of, Tnutg,13-4
SSh~I.ddraw from ,Sironsos.15
1I1an lost that .;owar i rw
,trme Oons. 14-rIxdc e s ts. Badlfl

r Hoaw,ankrrl a ebonse 15, 16
Mostyneve. tzbeadb E .tAtd
T lr. odot -Seek Jtht*.or ,wIm |
Oopt.lv 7 Gastn,. 1H o. M1, *|.
Other MindEdI5put i18
MZ mind, 18liToh,.it TCHUTLI,18
so b 6* tusJopyy 19
Iv*ttot itw rasch error, 1
rBeeaewMastraofT our Datns1
In tdFhg*Sfbosnost-. 20.
Mst.beliuvc -.iatl swe teaoh.
.Mestbol-3 c .in, its pwr.4uil
willingnfal 20
Praise it ia a Ishl(l,21
t ohbit .tinruh .a LLE,2M2,3
* l0 A#s*,33,Divne.103v,23
hssolol> turi- 30 .
jnriringbad habits,26
Foarv,.p3foot .1av0,27 .
Have n jonasc senU IdfL e -i .
Foroos w'hoe nlQcLod,7 -
Night .talks to028 3-
Treat :ng .faoHir,329' ;t-th,
J1!.c3 it 'Tnuth in .Geunl,33
Ler, gu4 34 24
Pill galnlry Talth poturson,
Ohan 3..10 nhole ]fAdiut.3
ihnomena .oft Slbonaso.id^?

1 m TH 2E ,S BQloaNS I .MaIo D, '

'OveRur QU
A Sfttfincr, silnt ,Pwotl4. ,Np.oZ o pu-J
iti0qas t!ti ,Seu-tl am- .,i W&E SOVL. Pipuhe
. Atts ,rtcl3 nsal Ei he hqar- sopwia,",
Memory .a f,-,c ..-.. ;i,.o.e4o a. S e .atoles,
expeia n.e-is .N.,1 .',+. it 4t.t ? ii BS
Simply '$ieirin and. A.,ILs-. I n..ludQ i
whole uIvcrse of, our tQynugltqyPraL1r I
all or Oina 01.rLan tis. 1t
MayN re d.~ otlyf om: .t..e yco pQauQ u"r4nd
Or itoi the .Z.apmr OcnusRtn"'' Ninc .t;e ,ti
tOver! cul. A :
BoEbht -o- dig'-a ti m, airul.-tion, L i,- ". ,-it.
onuaeltin, : .tlO :,;. -, 1-uoln1.T *,ty Ioq4 sO. I
( W4oin .typin,pin.o ly ieot eto. "I lofI
action ,qf~th s .in .i .cr ... .. ta. ,
liIe forces twheNe st0.rt a'i I ,

Must ,bTli.ve ,witt y .utcillifor lhb. c.., wtl
not o.bcy y0 ( .1(-),Kr i .'2 1. .otl

trour -t You *.7 : ?...-
* .And u 11u49 t3 ba'-ll&v. *b.n ; 2 An-v oz-.*

ike4 .s4l3i 1our ( TaC.:LOI ttIry.2T. uw-
IjkL% -10r

mo itC .:s0 D(2 4' yoi 7.2 't, Jc )
aeour3t gb s;t,;:. ) A-g:n. u U;Co. pt'lt :il.r
tro I yo- I: --.if i' b (
,Jeaoh ,;t', f tUir 1 1-ii.. 'iy ;h ,r4
lie f ,i Ali('e.'-(2) ,Tic! it,g tq (''2'7)
ctt i .sqti(;;3 -.' (,; Ci .-'-, 3kvo(-"'j)
7f Sabatrton(JCS) Aflirm ,114s0,11: r;lth;'.n:L E.

;pqte.(27) r/.ast bl3orc slpcping(,j3u) Beat

onftlE* -)T'P h.dAr(29) TrlXr ad j .I huse
il des!(3X i^ S grf'feot p3ioturo(34) ,
* rtiUrng to.t h(i:3> ,
peaoh ,tfh .sb.,3 what, yq,3a ,l,1,.ui.,L ,
* Qo1 yQu .l1ialuI ,At 411, Oat < otestart .
io wqrl ,oq,it( ,1l2 yqu WlboieTe wxrt you *aida49 M ,sa Ab *g--G*W( 3:) .
.:eD itB tahling ,t tAL.l yoi Irwo e i.gr d,
ta whole owaloter.(30)
hmn 't:tiigIiq .5 C9orQU 3 gliq 4 "bao*t,Io,
b 0(4) Zranwq ,tzamt o; .sb*tlf y ,acytl otin.
K net t[


Persev: 7 ^.i:,.- -,7.{TI
asuvcau.id.(cG) P p. ::v... ,:.'.:.m 12(1. S'.:-..

Ljbll l .t.:?. eN "-+,... ,, ,) "21,

-- ... .... -

:.'..., ._ ..., _..e, ,,,c +,;... '-7 -. *. ..+,

-. .. 4 ., / .
",_ .. -
".': ,

." .-. "'...
t 0q ..a
S. .. ,
S .: .

I. ...*,:. .


++ .c. ~Y '! ..

i+U~~ :,0

+r j

I,.'1 ne twom ba4 ene .
S and .UNON86tO r esene -oi,
unoonsaiotusiapnrred .by .aamaeiU sm,.)

Uora-S-IOUSt 5-
l w-.Lresid.e oW3.olr functions o0f human ,
organic sam;
a4?oamd.ai3s owar parfoaFinance ofall
amur aotionse.
It ,muikect evin agfAAist our .wll(case
of .n~.~);
a nglal ta rem-cnEliein .parfootionall
the callsofour bodies.
Is .li a a o ild Idastens .to, ov-r 7-
thbngitistold.anuld believes .it aia.,
Retznborea 07; rything y absolutely,
1soeas alc-a! sly,and never slee~s.
Has C .*-gi.L v iandwiLh i wioh it :ca
transtfo .vy, cTr'ShLginto good,111T
rightly irstruct.xI. (k lonoophas vl-
bli nosL sapDo'ir.)
DON' !XJT IT Hf u.j 0:Z7 muJ Y aU E!. IntT
WANT "CfYST'.LLIY.L.L'.. I?.TO F .U.r.
Be 4. littl'z chiU.-,ri,.L of "..": b'Lirf i
in .tly-.:'gsic fcTrer of tMeo _LiRY 'IIOt1~HT.
With its mmgic biock':lbnild castles,
and. RntIaT TWII amLsJC aixlthey will
take sha'-o ar:. subcst-.nco b.fcr; you.
Make r.i1 thi-s not." ..t ..' sk. oycu
nme. L tkj:, 6, ."_'i',a jo-:%. w -;'. t? is n 1] y-
s.edaLLofu ,f the lUngi~tLap. le .Imoows whl t
>Tto d(c.

Tell hin rwh-t ycLirnat,-s a ,ahild tt lrn
hiasmothebu.r lkxv th3 chili's liuitloen
faith 1 .tJ-iiiphjlci:iU s -;owcr to ac-
complish ehingsw- ALu things.
Affirm,." I l.aunt :G do, c( -!T' h've) ; and
.: A ia am boat -ta 00o(." "i),
k Maae no .wLu-.eII"efGi'ts ;audYQU \yr SO..
Imagination holdsthe .ra-.ins. Bly auto-
suggestionturn .it whorri .you like.
Auton~uggestion (self)-hypnotism
Influwie e ofmone's in'giltatioll on 1hin-
BELIEVE .ycu cun,['l ,yu ,o, Q;L.'- L,.' ,
you can't,iand you CAN'T.( Otpt..B'nnm'
hypnotio daiaonstritions.) ( Beoleve
youtve got ,t2i .you'vr got .it.,)
VWill ad Imaginatijon .y oppose taoh *. .
Otheb Then InmginST.ior .ALWAYS rWlN,
( IlluasE allkng tho plauink,ffis3v,on
floor ;uexstover alauan.)
AUto.sut est Th eni~ f .your unsonsolozi
,unad abaorbs the .idea,TiE .THING AB.dlN.S


,EW XAT4 T I.Is(u 'Si s.thp Vpot? <,
frped.) thia JWAES, ,WOle, mo3ia-
WihQr E"A" a ...e.4r tl ,.pqwes of, ,
giiWlythWP WW- w ar4 mqiltpUe4, .1
Stopping a'imcr:y : .H";Se ,s4bconsciJLou
g:iQcTr4"rtanda. afrie aa" d V'tErns- ,11
clqse( ,cqattr;it)a4& ou-4 .Qqf .tlbpfotr.
Tumor: ,T.z'e goons cioinaricUdi e4 t
c Fmitf ,nag. gj IrAgan ,qge.-o?,R 'aue
pliescut .,oQtr .V ic dIne,..Iut tuar ,
diisrri ,.s uT. iS~jtpparqS,
Moral cur1 q: 'HLusr-vDrA;.vigr-avrdl luit o
plank by, ulT ,.rlo.thte .Ai, ,fro_ opp.,
otherr Mr7y dcterLinte,.pre- a,t^4iUy, the
sea .t a',::. 1,'r 3
Tenaod.IS rn: s-ileSq:ai i ,1tle 0,n(.Iiflu ;it:1o
The ,': ryr i; 1 t-9n ; t 4 tg :,e .t
SUggcttnonbut by,37.: tietL's .3 nto-
suggest 11,.

with ,:2C Lts. if ,Pv- ry ,:(vA4iyev ?rr'T
R e^e3> ,aC':. ,s .. ,sIar4'i VJo'(^
gwa, ca ttigg b.t.t 24 t- t l.r ,

Sone rcr ..l'coiVIo. )
Q. .thi.nk co-ror .c aurl 9 iciies
their c';i,.; .* t( 0 ? .' T I -.

tO tI a, ,qa., M ,T
S' l7

oStage rd.hts. ,:sCi -'ltsirktlo bqlc o

pie o f, ,eqntnua c* t r'nike yontrq..'- ,t

control *l.t rcIy. Y ar v1 bu o c~ ,ows.,c
Toloh -Achl '-^uiOtf cR-r"". 's- I!, ,.

denQ q' &t iHM 1ri $ -14' M ,oo8ciu im,
y04 i3UoEBliltto, 4S5i'nk tii at4q5VU .
ezpat ,tdihp X: I t.A q Y)
lth^ y thoughtt ,tltL.7, j/ItPIPTLY .
FIIAt I IllJ cgo U es ,TSIjJ'^ ,fc' n, an.
tenijst&, trir.*ps-?orn ,ltsieTLf into re,31:ity.

fulness -,whi.-^.c ,i3.h ,rO.fs rst,.0.holdlg t^i
hoaftqdch-is ?\tis3't in fhkE hqllor.; ,of
hi4q ,haind.", .
I ,yot ,cc;ntinue ,t1q reake your .",uto-
agguestiorn^ pr2ocrly,yonwila, ,be, clwe."
1 vo.peitheo! .1thyl .@ep;sia ?yqhn',vo n
you ,teQl ,1(te a3?i ,'^Qu Jrs oqugs ,
doeneQ ,i ,imcq HpIre ,11-1 yfaelfand ,
you ,wspl t, ,ag f4 ,iaqu t .
experditat et1.y y^ ,ttlpa I fi^ war. i)

______ .' ._

* reiW ITito AOyqn'y* ,nBpt 4'q,.
Mthat m pte, c a
jft. I 4foaw, yoUp" "
To a -mLld. .' ,Thepvi ,in ,yqur ,o est ,ia
eo, giSn6g@And you don .gqql It, .ay,

"12 I v- 1 -a xv
-iU ollc _Cn aboe f it 3in, ,

rlaot .";twOiQe tc t-jw, Lth l7il is
bostot Vcp.t ,tJi4.I" ( 40eqcjcs,-f 'Ji''
.theme is, .. i I .thircAia '.Wa',W 7 yhan.!
rea4t,, Wc,e- r ,- i 2 gi" t i..on,
there4 a ,b )

One .a.y b-o:c s.t., ,C. .. ..4 b1 C:
Tella .: a tiuMt S-It h.; h:L;3 sorQ- '1X
he4.ly by -2,u.z-: zI kiA.t g
andIJ;aPCOOSS. tA C. '
( NagL:w I., %1('p, yi'h-I-L ) I ; Iy a)

^" Ygur IEY ociaia il ..W.. 1
as ,'c ; : r,.;. .^zLv d -,- 1,.-,

3the slld 1Y i.c .G-ci' ,t J j T-.; 1'-ir la-1..
.a \ :."' u. a-.y .- .y ,. ;-'

O r ; i: -'. j.Qi" Tl t -, -. :-,
S. ey: t ,ly cl e ::. p ;'e ,

a ie ei 3 :".," 0 r. a jl t. -
o |o 7 Ul l43-.i a c 5 0 ,"
,the o-- .. e s l,.. ,- f r 3. e- l. c .:
.g&L: 6. ;A O.n "uea-,It 9. : ,'a ,..s. .ay i, .

S s ,, r oa ,rtsl,, 1 .5 t *bh, corro t
rig :G.Dg it:U igzr;;:.}, ) -I *
,l .,rftQ ue a.tq ,rthus.o stion,anr v-oi w$11
at need ,If- i w if, es'lar ... in m I
TOl TU.D ?.,( As a An thinfeth, Tn 1hLs
uuboonc otour- c.)
4Inq' H y iy z, z -t *-,1 Etc on
SfstQ.goiEg ,t2 .lQop'. h. ntg .it, 1i.
sound a '

rept yuraqs by atto -su;est,*.
,tWA rightt *8:n 4you .vi,1 1 ur, .qo;rd iua
hu ,tpoho r ni kesiaselfu uwoloss!
Not jppLmt a tqaohing th t iGopnlnists.)

^^ ^^^__ ^ _2
~q tt~~t S~piqfr BS 3t~~.,,~ea~-Jz



t4B 4tA1l4nuou44 ,S1iO^ j ULU4IA ,95
THE ,I GI4A TIO!Xt ," Seq+r'g ir .Pt,34ot,"
i* ,swi ,T WL vtWi .c OtSOhOUS ,AUa.TO-
saUi ESTo ION Iu THo WEl-J L^IIT .OF, .. .ESS
GE ..,N~ o '"YSZTTrY.')

( qt, r yaail.Jqut U;vL"O-.N:JoOU]3 'bA3', ,w
TER'T, l, ai! is wright by CSOlDO J
_ oaeEepeneousei.:se,
Whoa y~qit~ 't-'""U t-f ,l,,.,lw. ystititc ,
ofiti aS .ay., Ot. ,*i;t pq Plq,"a ffi- ,
c alt rp, .a..s b e, '-.^.. t e....
Tired Ab.li yr-w .-nc tir A,l ;. youl -;i.41
foQrL, .t3r. 4iuLttIs youii have opbtlfiri tq
do ,I 1L ytu Mwill6 ov-r'C"' tl'-' tIf:;.
foqlrig. *iiriu MIrnst i--nsto3r ru1"iDTf1 ri vtur
Froi_- ,a finio I Atter t Ut, I ,Yqo' tq.tcAi
is ,oqolus:i.vo. I, ,no'm t:ri f: ti ; CL y
onZISe l@ z* + ; sir ,:i'Cei ,:is '.' :, iLnt ..1i 3^'.n-
ly T1o3. fP ri.?1~: -tl' .' co- :: c..-:C o1 t : l
t s of os : 2.n:-o- r i'is.dhn"r*,'. I ; o'.1 > -T ,
healuig- pAhm*.

He 3aitv 3 ,\thih two i Xt uwcn tto priinoiTeVs0
out -a;1A* r4:,;tty ',m tint. th;T
,tnt .4the ll-!,y1 1sO .it~L: t th;
otisiti-- Sih.or* Lkbt.t r.:1t t:. DBrn
ffpU Y14^^.';C13J;:~. .-. :l t 'r***, .y r |
oi' se4feg o t:i .-L;; vs;tiLouti wh4i.l hyp-
iat ,aAilo .-.a-A i'-. ..4 a- t i e -
bilcW gt alls 1
*4 Z ,you ihrT.l: kLinc '('l; i .yo- r wlrk
'No.Z 0 a4 ;i t ..l',jcig l -,.a I'. *-) *'su tqtc
Lt y Anyone *oiiz uLI tahel' L..litfi ii .!y7
ytgtc ,l *"ey Xi'.'. TOwy : -' -p it7 .
Stl3ey 1:C Withiuft lt i3i_,ii ,fat, a1,1, it Tro
ca equally llcd1,Y .
* lqr p.awy ye'wsih:,: been Irnorvn Aipit t4eQ
Ihbooncionird~ili ,1i ? Tblhc, Plk. algi; 40 .9.; 3.
.Ae of the ,inrgirrtlio,.to ow.'-com- tT,, I
I0OSOCU,:3 m.ind in the f;erois 3 off, viU.l '3C
a.," -
(i.e.r e he' ai? suioiinsciL ou'.-s, w nc'o-iJjZ .uly'it .'^
Sprilnattotszin ovcro!nu tIA o:.,"iirac~ious
Ds4p4.,wori'g .uliru ,tiv^. ,wTll )
eo(ail auti..ungCestiiyhcthn we Jamo it, or
note, ,go it.,bl;4.niiy,iauc of the -W-ira;..,
VhuSqwQ rricke blmninlsrs. Mioh better trf tin
Lt jAItelljigently, consconualy, arm .iith
a d.qt*L i holplbl positivee piwurase.) -
* q ,11,e 'b atUtQquggeatila IQ ,ar. cyre
ie4 IA O ,b wg 4bc a3n 0UE PaWL13 ?4ppili fwe qre
'r. Tf
H H^


1 1111111 11~ '


S q to gutdc 1$ b y, (1W ,LcMSt,q,,.
he sioenoe .o Uo .a sgeatqio ,I~Ba
to be .Qnrn&e.(, tust o .GL,-':.ulM,,
to pidnt wj-re .wo 1wpe o0rp1 tte 0A
Stroll ,o .con iou- .il4 ,~ hi .-a ...
r self flhaptory ,t hQiii

Prer-ntil; o z: 1--:,., G0(.4 hq juL i^ t
bogeo j.o : ..h 2..1 au7qs, ;t L

.( K C P !t .:; ; ,.

neot. -e i; .- '
Chris ; B.,ln mtit 1iicia Us G auc -

w l( l .. bl tio. ,,t ,.
C.l ". .. ..;t .;': .. o ..? -

hy. .. ..tc
". 'O"" : ". 21 %: ,

On c ; -. .- 1

as !'?,..

,n .G r T*. )
0 .r iS r,:. j.. *,.J

^I ** al ... **

rr* "

N E W T H 0 U G H T

N 0 T E S
********** ****|!
Oopy paragrphs on Law of Financial Suocess"(Notes.)

"Abstain from fleshly lusts that war against the soul."
1 Peter 2:11.

Because the ornal mind is enmity 'iainst God*.." Ro.mAF7.

Before they call I will n swer,ond while they are Yet
speaking I will hear. Isa. 65W24.
The wolf and the lamb shall feed together..Isa.65t:25
For behold I creatne'" heavebs and a new earth..," Tas.
*t** 65t17.

Men of vision,faith and aotionClea# the waYt
0" 0 "# ,Save t he daY$"

f EYe hath not seen,nor ear heard,...But God hath revealed
them ..." I Core 9,10O


"--W'' have theold habit;!?r-yly wrong andhurtfu1: the "
Sense Consoiousness" ,
2--We shd get the new-Ji.vine consciousness.,

I am living in an ocean of lifejloveo..,Lhstianoappower !dil
hlurm-or. All is under laweand is dominated by the Infin-
ite ,ind. All things afe working together for go-.i to
those who love good;i.e ,harnonY with the law.

?Te christ within is ready and eager to help me and deliv-
- er me.
The Holy 2Spirit is ready to endue me with POE'.
Infinite 'Visdon is readY to guide ie; it is given "liber-
allY",on application.
I connect up with the Divine System by right thini-i&z..
The"things hoped for" exist in the "unseen substIncievrthe
Faith" seizes upon this substance*,and brings the
unseen" into visibldpealit'.
Like electric processes,ps-'chio nrooessesare i-sta-lntan-
eous. That which takes the time is the -cub- tin-i.
Durinin the incub i.lr12prooeas," 3 .tionxe posses~; Ye your
souls Do not spdil thr hatch by but in, in with anxious


Though its duplicate or equivalent rxistsof course,in
the unseen etherthe thing we wopit need not always be drawn
directly from the ether ( as were the multiplied loavesp
the fishes and the widow's oil.) Instead,it naP come direot-
lY from the stock on hand,in a neighboring shop or store.

Note,e.g.,Matt-ie Perry's barrel of flourobread for the din-
ner of orphan' e God( .iT .+t .e) uses our existin.;,productive
m,3oh-inrry. Th-.t is why it exists.-that it may quickly and
effectively ::atisef. human wants.

But the D E M A N D must come before the SUPPLY will
oometand tWe- o'T-'r' ?"-the supply aro only too glad to sat-
isfY the denand,if it is EFFECTIVE("backed by vash or
other forms of"buing power.")

Back,however,at ,Ih far end of the productive process--the
mineriver,forest,or field--lies the raw materialpas made
by nature. Of this,some--as the grain,fruitpoultry product
&o--comes,in part,directly out of the ether in the form of
sunshine Nitrogen for plant food,air for the lungs,etc.

The "pull" of D-'TTD,,at this endoperates effectively at the
remote end,and draws this raw material fcrm theether into the
huge,rnodeir. machine of productionexchange and distribution.

( l-5.31. Note,that,in discussing the stri- enoy*,to-day,
our industrial leaders fr':-qun:!ly refer to the psYoholog-
ioal" side of the case' They seem to think the trouble is
lr-"ly in our minds";and thatif we will only TH'":I. on mor
cheerful and hopeful linesthe air will clear up much more
Note oases of Bible kigs,', al,who trusted God,and suc-
cdedod;and,later,-., ..',od 1 F AID FAILED.
List le-'vilii miracles": biblo,!:'cr Tl-ihiht,'etc.

F.P.So*ars,(He-.d of :T!w rho .*h', church in N.Y.Cit:.) ,
attract success," ('11.O In Congrs nl. Library.)
Haanel: Law of Attraction".( Booklet,pp? 0 & 13.)

Sowing &R-.*'-'. 'Th- t:ver you .'.,good or bad,you haeo
earned. ( You -t what was -.-n.: to Y4) es. How about
Job,PaulJesus,et al? **
The SpiritA-l Law of Business. .35 Unityl2-21;p.'78&59j.
Waiting, p.91 Spiritual Power. Dr.Fi',, -'i .each. -7.
Th-, ;htp,117. Col'rt. Silence & Power.r.122; col1.l
C.'ntr-,l'in- lomemns. 127 ooll.
A-11-ri r r "'sil.:LMrs. --7 *. r-.r ig, Los An -clesfalif. (Pub-
i ressh ,irnion. .-t.. ,ermo )
Progressive Inonrnation. Herald "ermon 941.(Kuykndl1?)


21:1-117;12:2-67;15 :2-36 ; ittier, 16:2-10 ;
16i:2- 12I-. I.-05.i99.

7 o

t -


We feel the heart of silence
Throb with a soundless word,
And by.the inward ear alone
The Spirit's voice is heard.

The spoken word seemswritten
On air and wave and sod,
The bending walls of sapphire
Blaze with the tho't of God.

0 blind ones outward groping,
The idle quest foregp,
Who listens to his inward voice
Alone of me shall know,

Climb not the holy mountains,
Their eagles know not me;
Seek not the blessed islands,
I dwell not in the sea.

The eye shall fail that searches
For me the hollow sky.
The far is even as the near,
4 The low is as the hi E.

A light,a ulide,a warning
A presence ever near,
Through the deep silence of the soul
I reach the inward ear.

--J. G.Whittier.

(I) = Gem;sof 0ie ric0nL
(1) 519,520.

Unity, 1917"2- ':Oi:eroy ,c ,t.


-I ;i-- L- --C~DI---- --~---rr- ~il~r -.-.

.-.- .**- .


Something to

Think About


P LAY the silent part in all your
joys and sorrows. Let neither ex-
cessive happiness nor great gti.f 1.' rr-
whellm you.
Control your speech and spirit under
all conditions, even when the .Il:ri4ing
din around you urges you to -ruilp-t-
toniigud retorts.
When the storms of mischief-mak- t
ers shake your house of clay to its
very foundations and cause your soul (
to tremble with apprehension, hold t
your peace.
Be cool and calm and patient.
To be otherwise is .perilous as it r
invites fresh attacks from those seek- r
ing your destruction, t
Curb resentment through the snarl- C
ing tempest; lift up your face to the k
whirling clouds, and remember that i:
beyond them there is always the clear, f
serene sunlit sky, indifferent to the e
clamorous noises below.
"Let not your heart be troubled."
Think of the content that will ul- 1
timately be yours if you hold loyally f
to the right course and continue in -
well doing. v
Think of the eyes that are watch- s
ing you, the loved ones who are de-
pendent on you, trusting and believ- t,
ing in the nobility of your soul. b
Do nothing, think nothing and say p
nothing that will shake their faith In v
you, or cause you to lose faith in n
yourself, a
By keeping still in great stresses a
of emotion the atmosphere around you p
becomes cooler, and your enemies or
accusers gradually lose their heat and d
become more easily susceptible to c
reason. n
Silence is the most m.irniih., nt and n
impressive thing in the universe. o
What more sublime than the hush p
of a starry night in the solitude of a
vast hills or endless plains? d
What more than silence impresses
so deeply, so profoundly, the thought- a
ful man or woman of his or her in- u
significance? u,
These close intimacies with Nature, s
beyond all othet's, bring home to us b
long f.,rg.:tten promises, old faces and a i
friendshlpu lost in the mist of years, d
with startling clearness. o- .
But the best thing about silence, i
whether we be with it in the verdured *
fiPlds or forest, or in our own rooms, d
Is that wP get a closer \\-\w f iuJr b
faults ani fralrites In quite a new o
a'i21 urprl.ing light, frequently li?7-
Sz!lrg our '.v.nilring eyes and changing -
Su; for the better.
(.'opyrlght )
I '- .. II I 1 .. ..

. I '" 1 ";' ". ., '
i "'",.:; ,. .1' '" J.
". 4' :. :4 .
": r?'' ':,:g.' *|

SIL.i. WA] ;..,NG .dEliL-,:. GOD ;' S

"i- 61,,Co ",'. -"

L j .le a I .ll Flesh, i' *h) -. '-.i ,rt. ..
ec l' :,.

S N IEN T'he great, silent weni Looulking around on the noisy insanity ot
ANl) lIif'IE:- the world,...one loves to reflect on the Great Empire of Silenqe. ;*I
Tie noble, silent men, acttered. here and there... silently thinking, silently, .':.
w) ling, whom no morning news paper iak.skesmention ofJ They are thesalt. otf ;thetl
eatl*h... Silence, the Great impi:Lre of Silence,hi ghor than the star, 4dlepeSym'ia
the Jiugdoms ofdeathl It, alone, isgreat. All else is small." Car.lyle 1 'nity,
1!)16; 230.

PIYAit:- Cultivate Spiritual ? iver, as you would intellectu43 yand physical,
anil you will get results. '

AUSOLUi:-- When w'e banish all limitations oftime, and live in the ABSOLUTE,
we i.ay 1 Lve anything we set our uindiis on. .

GLuiDY:-- ito bomber his'res0cce,,I'ejoice in his Will,and Direct all to his
Glory,.1. il 13S4 + 12.1020.
1.,: 3 ..
IUaiE Il ...Iiijj. C
kjil'N G:-- In the All-Sufficint .iind. ofGod,tL!ere is an idea back of, and
within h every visible thing.

iLELIZL I l':--ihi sle i. as r'c .] ,y:y; e -uCtL i.' ;ivin Milnd. We should pray to
realize heiij, I1An they will qu ickly rusponld.

i'i Lj1'JUSL: :- 1'hle SI. C is the ;u.i 110U3. iLstablish ri it conditions
i'the cJ.Trical connection) ;: t t/.he oii,.cction,and BECOM20 OmHIIPOTE;[T. Pente-"


LT1rorrcoil'is tihe source ofspiri.tual discornu. eit. "tiot the silence of seclus- t
io,bult 'a living silencetthru which man nima bi-come spiritually energized '
for the great I tasks ofluuian bLeter'ment."
... ........... ...'

CUXAWL:-- itetiro to tie In.ior Cilamnber of the Unseen legality of the Spirit.
'ltL brothierhLood Uiist coi ru spiritual com. -union with Godand thru him,
wii th man, the brotLer.." alter C. 'rcodward, Genl* Secy., Fuionds. :

..EIT.'IuN:--" Spiritual thing, caninoa "be discerned without quiet ieditationo.
iSa lii SuLTd1 SinL g, the Hindoo seer. '

SILENCi::-- The Churchnman( Epis.) has sent ut a clarion call for spaces of. -
illntce. c. t

SEAT:-- And there will I meet ib thee, i.. *t
And I will commune with ,
Fsrom above the mercy sea
Frrum bet(wern thejtw clw -2 e
+-*. I22 .ieb., L


COLL:-- Thy KLingdori is coUie,
'hy Will is now done;
For I and my Father are One.
A n All mono tollous
41'Hi:I- Observethe principle ofrrthmyas 1,2-,3; 2,
sounds are religious By striking the key note ofa bridg,oile I.:a fsidl o
the bridge down. ( WallsofJericho a possible instance") Catch the swinf of
Mature,and! becoxie 0.OIIPO f'i'l. J'drf.-a n*rt fn .
BRWATHI-INTG:-.As: .-ea a --;"i. 'iitude of hope,love and prosperity. Breathe deeply. .- s. : .5
*T -'- and go i, r:.thn-, measure. TIh le power,wisdom,loveviot Holy --th."
" Breath of Life." Biro -hed on them,nnd said..." iS)
Arj.q ATE.---^T.3X Tn qui-
etness and confidence shall be your strengthll" l:edit-te* f.e C I ntLu inaronyi
with the Grealt,U7nivurssal ;,!ind,Spirit and i0 '. liinlk," will open mysoel
to the inflovw of the Univerrial,iihyt]uuic Harmony." 1,2,3; 1,2,;.
'iiUUlnS.:-- .Le tli.t .wel.]eth in the secr'ut place..." i'sa-*91:1
In the recrct of'lisLaberlancle1 shall lie Iliidl e"" i'sa.,27:5

liou arn'c-.Llifec within 1le,
0 Chiist,tihou King of Kings;
lhou art thysclfthe answer
To all my qu, -tionings."

As ]the ligit s in Llie crystal,and the crystal in the light;
As the air is in the bircd,and the bird in the air;
As the sea is in thie fishland the fish in tlie sea,
So I arw in the Fatler',and he in mc;
And all is bri'l.Jlt.

('Ihe holy Spirit setCne free;
The Christ within delivcrjnel
U0 praise tl!e Lord for VLUi'uiY.

LIS'TEN:- Greatly listen for tihe 1aniony of thel worldC Let the Father speak.
Saey,'"Sp;,ak, Lord, thy seivant hearetlh" Lhe hanr.iony fiows in, anal one comes
to feel a sense ofrelationshii with it.

LACE:.--Feel thle I'eace of the world all about you. flien let the tiou~lt of
T0 6"rorld,and all itsfcares ,slii; from you,one by one, sa.::.n to yourself ,
IGod is in ide and around iue;
'God is love,and all is well"'

A beautiful peace will creep ovcr you,-- a jieacethlat jasseth all "nder-
standinig-a-nd n it you will kliow that all is indeed well. 1h1-n ask God
for what you desire,andfecl tha it isALd.-AiY Gili'll:l.i). L not say, GCod will
ev. this to mee,some tire. .but God -AS .\AiL,',i GIVLN 1.i ..P i.iiHi. htis
il)Ti of yours \WILL BUtIN( If L0 rASS." '*iatliews Aawson.
PiAY andJ
LLI GO:-- Cray;th',_n relax,and expect the spiriiual inflow. Let go;and the
ir 1low w11i follow., Hith it comes new energy* Then close tlie session.
'r;,ciice will establish the CiEATfIV. ;iIu;L"( 'lic"; UiU.L :Ac."). Unc- can lenrn
to tap this reservoir of power at will;and original,invalun.ble ideas will
flash into ones conscious mind.
A l

-he point where my soul and my Christ do
The place than all beside more sweet--

It isthe sacred mercy seat.

".\A, her will I :, ..t \with thee,
Antd I will co0iulmet. wivt. Lh.1 ,
'ro.:.i above the meorcy seat,
fro. i b Tet v .on the two cherubius."

At the center of the Whirlpool,

At the center of the Cyclone,

At the center of Life's Tumults,

All is still.



fWJ Lord : "? od delivers r
He is r'-ovr o;' in7 :h 3

iy lkizilyl.1; is come.
His .will is novw done:
Fo. I and my Fatheor are one.

Having asked, I bolt ,v. ,
I'V, A-i.LAj L.I y "J
*Priisc todI The victoryts won.

-. 7-

Fr&l the constant clash and confusion which distract itthe world
mus re e to the injPr chamber of the unseen reality of the spirit t-
if peace and. ood will-are to become regnant ( "spiration rfr worad
brotherhood.) It must oome through spiritual communion with God, ..,,,w
and through him,with man,the brother.
This isnot the silence of seclusion...It is what Friends tern a livings
(silence',through which men may become spiritually energized for the great I
\tasksof human betterment." ( Walter C.Woodward,Genl'Secy.Frincds. Speaking
of custom of Friends Church,on background of 250 years of experience,
during which Friends have relied upon silent waiting before God"ns the
source of spPritual discernment.)

C. .
7 .;' *

".' *' "" +'"S *,-. + -'-" '.-.. -+'.. "--. .. '..
-- .( ? "'," *.- :" "--" '.. '-.I
--- .."+.:. *: : ,- ^ -
... l.lt

" -/ '- .
.. '... .- 1'

A l.!,
i 0'F
..~- -.i

- S
I -- -- -
-A-a p .
r w r ..L - -- -



-1$ -
r .


THE ID':AL ,!\ It.h'AL. Christi:n D.Larson.L

FRAY .liL'-? ASING: rThtruepr"-y:? isthe whole-soul.c'r i; for the
largeirs t ighie-r :,,iVTheb.ttoelr while t:ie min-I isstny' on th lost High.
..h.ne.. n..Thf.np IflL landbod aavCflwU n.. i dIs 0e *.esir-e the li grenaer
tlinlgs ONLY;noevr tLiJ les :er things. ( Will riset.. s.l-e heightst)

W' e should employ Til 3L NTC ly. W should ent -r into t -o nhsolute
stillness oftno secret life of the soul. Through th7 sil:oce wvph11ll find
the secret of secrets,t'ie .'ath to thatinner world fro :l whic__~L vrrythtlin.
-proceeds.'o begin,b.0aloneoe:n.- comfortably sented...;larx iind and body.
Close *yes and be perfectly quti3t.Turn attention upon in'ier life of soul,
:in' gently hold-l rmil;nd upon thoughts of stillnes- a-'ltpc-.ne. A" irm: witih deep,
quiet feeling," Peace- is ;inc."" I -'r. estin inth sill o he spirit.
'.I Ihavt .'vcntLcd tio bLo- tlifuJ c:llin. I a:1 one wit'i tlfe I:ifinie-. I na itthe
kingdoimo of the great within. in I t .:rC'Stpl :cortni .Lost Highos

Feel th.i- you Larpe;ac ful an,1 still,'.i 'tm t you reno', in t'i in'wr w)rvd
wher.Je all is quiet anK soeilne. lOhen you feOl. thii .Ie '5),U'i'iiti stil StllleSou 5
c;n use othie. affirmations tcordingi tp your prOSp"lt nlcl:s. .a.. %ile
Ith7 .i- i. m -I11 t ... in t'r1Op st'toifboinpe.i-y'my thlin yo'j Jhinlk wi l] be[
a powcran In ev.ry v desire you exIcIS3 will moOify or cli-inf'" ov.rbthinil
in-. ..j.J.t.t.&ac :orldiag to tihe na.turnoftJTittdlsi-eain in .m portion to iLs
depth(an-l intiensity),,and uni y with the Supreie.

For ithis reaso>.\ysu shoulli tr'-i: yourself to th!inL only ri.ht thouglbstand
create only t'u;' truest desires while you anrl'_ t!,' silent sta.;ie. That
which you thLunk or do while in the silence will [hIIv.- n a gc ruC.n effect up.)
Sour life than( at other times.) .Yver .n: tIt 1i3 t_ im _onlr'tl't sT I L'. be
aln into the- silence~,tnd,through the sil_ nce to to t Infinite. ..
i'7, i.nt. ilnc n __ff -v,
a .eit to t?,. .-'ard in prayer" ':o r al -,nurposeof t.h s'l ." is t enabl?
t;' iinid to enter into th!.onn~ier life, nindot only -.:'nt,- :1l] tI.ought
according to t.:e higher truth, but to not 'n into a nmor)p'rf-,.en tou~lh with the
Jivin _sopuice oft'lin-'ts.J.
Ther.- silence sloull be elit.Xrcl every da-y fo'. 10,20 or "0 ziinuteos T:ii- Ais
a daily practicee orfa-value* 'ilo y-u -- y n1ot lh-reny i.'-1 :'rsult aL
first, s i ly_coiT.nuo_ you will reCo'! your goal. >,I- you b'g n to becnio
conscious o'f your iteOrior li-ffen. beg-iA to liv mnori 'l' ls:s ini touch iWith
the world be.':ut.iful'. withinynu fill find that you can live in this hifl,
.peaceful sta-te tl;h-gL'eoatrci pt of the time, inTou'1i'i3 lnbi.1 te- s. 1.'nc. aliiost
constantly, ihis... is the 0L ,l .Xi.0A' AT..\l'.I.:' Ttow. IE whiiz. ev(C. r' an..al
should work. ( Then) t' true, spirita1 ; r-ty.-'r i s frille' ac-'ih a n;).yev
All be anUgrivre. ctrnilly. -very -d.- will bring u. so.w:-tili'g biht we
truly wisTtAfor,and. ov.7-'P rYio.nt will b stiiUli-ed wit! all t.;I t is necessary
to r- iaket'ice present full i.nd complete.

(1) -Jdiior of"te'rAl lpro1r1--i*"
(n) i. Aihta) ;I or""l ti 11iu j-4Ie '7,"- .
( )

i ....


In curing any ill, or remedying any condition, we need
to feel our oneness with God, who is the source of all
peace and all power. Christ said, "When u prayest,
enter into thy chamber and shut the door." This is what
the Silence means.
Take fifteen minutes a day in a quiet room, by your-
self, and get still. Sense the breath come and go in its
beautiful jhyj. Feel the peace in the world all aboutI
you. Then let the thought of the world and all its cares
slip from you, one by one, saying to yourself "God is in
me and all around me, and all is well." 'n
A beautiful peace will creep over you-a peace that .'
passeth all understanding, and in it you will know that
all is indeed well. Then ask God for what you desire,
and feel that it is already granted. Do not say "God
Swill give this to me some time in the future," but "God
has alrey given me my wish." This faith of yoursll
will bring it to pass.
Christ promised: iWhatsoever ye shall ask in prayer,
believing, ye h.all e." And again, "According to
your faith, be it unto you."
A's you practice sitting in the Silence daily, it will mean
more and more to you, and finally you will get so that the
peace and poise that you gain in it will not desert you but
will follow you around like a benediction. Work will
cease to tire you for you will be surrounded by a won-
derful serenity. Others will feel it, and will come to
believe that you have something in common with Evan-
gelin, of whom it was said: "And when she had passed
'twas like the ceasing of exquisite music."


'ilJi :--Splrtr(e, to breathe. 11oly bi'eatiV-
Ireathed into his nostrils the bri-nt.al of lifeand
he became a living soul. He breaiOL-i l on theina,1lnl(
said: oceive ye the Holy Ghost*"

-- _--- *(

SE A R that the other
fellow will
1--Eam oanme+tiDMrn dr&l

' To fo'r:-' '-, t,' rule."
r-,",:e I auo lby
Sot liV e.

- 8) MtaaONV .I.

s93E osiv v'nivenaNI
naef .L(. 4onomOas-n i

outgrow me;or .sol. i. ...-1d C3lG'18d
2--irsab something from t -. or'e .. 'O! IOd a H t1ld
me,thus rising as I fall I,...- ._,.is oi'O th n11llio HtH'" VH).NV

So,in trying to head hlm.---- n sub. 58,-
off, I C~AUSE linf is the universal substance, 00
1--Trample into the mirei OE GREAT SE. 562
our common,natural wealtTi
2--And PREVENT the PRO- SOWING AND REAPING:-What we reap is what we have-.
TIOTION thAt would make We are merely harvestine our own orop. 564. -
us both rich,
COOPERATE1 John R.-'~ott said that ^d*JiralAKato, of Japan., -i-l to hirn:

,i swlp.40) ,
1-D3ESIRJE lq .FaQli2 c.Atq

Thoagghts ,Now rvuf oroo ha
3- i1t ML'kD, which ,. W A..
The 1i3. holdathe JThought ,
Qt..aKaS y JL ti,1 t.t- ,
4--LAW ,OT, G ,ownj b'w2''a T1E

n. All the .eopleso tlhe world are loolin T to America
for light and faith." "lott ad.s:-" For tlhe faith
whioh sees cl-arly,and works cnnf:i-l..1.Lly to bring
ithjr1s to PaLS-."
( ott amet!e.- I HcLb'ws to road:". Fa'thi is'the GIVEINi.
of stubst:tnce T things hoped for."

Carnegio said he liewv how to gct rinn around him who
had more brains than himnsllf." ( Bill Jones, e.g%*,and
Hen-uy Fort1's great niocianics.)

*9NVH0 4O a3AVI
3M0O1 'OBV *O'0

The news to the endsof the earth
shall go,
For we'll send it forth by radio.

The scouts will come by aeroplane,

And the peopleby ship and rail way


7 rT-T-

*S3D3Id QNV 3A
'31l11V 39NVH JO Oa3H -
'+ '3-111ANOSA Vf L9t X08

SN3H 033N8 ANV 80.O S9
39NVHOX3 01 '(WVNind

330N3Iy3dX3 SaV3A OZ
aoo00S'wA Alnf0d 39aV
-ISOd '(wVN.nd) 'V1vi1

'* i1HONIH3 0O HlVd 'SM






J .x o .


*1 0


R : i


UMTER), 30 OR 40, 3 OR














FEB.DELIVERY,$15 PER 100:R .WHITES $16 16 1(


.L :I

A ek first the Kingdom ... It i within yo.

That which i mrnin she'll co:'T t o me.

God's in his Hearn i..

The Lord God Omnipot4:h/ r --ineth... e y soul.

Forget tr hbd;sea only the good.

Se3 th PFICTFR R- R I LD. "

Sov *in-3 re-p. 4a01 cous- produce it i tppropri it ? ? ect.

'l think in a,-cr-t -nd it comes to psgs;enTironmint t..

Actio nnd re-iction: Bouncing toi'b-all.I giV'to tjL- wlrld;it giv.s b h -
ame b-ak to me.

Ye h-'ve not b d-usoI yo ?sk not. Conwe rely,Ye hOiV3 ')beOC'h:3 y,' :ask.

Ask lirgal y th--t your Joy...

Whatsoever y-- destir vh-mn y, pray,...

ClXim 11ll;hT v ll.

For supply,look 'WIITHIN;not -?iLbat t.

God i my supply. All comes foin t ,' Sivit Suba't ace.
1) Bliash drRwin>g th" oil. 2) Jsue rmultiplyingthe leaves...
Th- supply is infinite. Our d-siris tVelup. Our trust d -aodis thl
i-i -An a how much.

The l3w of work-to-eara" ig ashorolin at :r,'e? ;tin4 u 'itih m-iny stripe a
and drivin u t'o the? KAng4do of Grio Aft -r f iith i co a",v.- -re no
loangr undmr th school minst r an.-] hi' hsrJlcaw.
Do not work for living"; work rs t-i children pliy,-,ndi ti bird, ai8.

BelilT-a nmd truat for cL livint:,.wnrd -:ork fro, joy. 'lork --sa God 'vorku;be
n Oo-work-r -,ith him.

Thaa sy, Work -out yo-r silv!Ytion." Th e oap 1 go :d nfw3)

s.s: Not o. vrork -,1it any' mrn shb8ul t baot." A fro fit," fro -
bount Aou't= 'qtn r.

This i1 .ti- work or God;th t Y' BiLIf- ?." ( Jon '1. ,20.)

The orJ 1i th miidst" of thee is mighty. Aoquiant now tleyglf -:ith hiin
2nd be -t p'Sac

ProvT ow and *WAiid Co.mit with youlro heirt... an1 b3 yill,

mIy oul.wait tlhou 9gl.UP.f.A TyPr p cat tion if rr Ii


routine with its eternal sameness and slow promotion. I am offerin1
Everglades lands to you because I BELIEVE IN IT, because I BELIEVE
that, while it is now selling at $50, $60, and $39 an acre in ten-
acre tracts on easy monthly payments, it will be but a short time
until it'will be worth 500 an acre. The reputation of the great
State of Florida and that State's great resources ate behind the
drainage of the Everglades --'when drained they will be the GARDEN
SPOT OF THE WORLD and famous the world over, and those fortunate
enough to buy now, while the price is, comparatively speaking, on
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in their foresight and
judgment. The national -- I mieht almost say international --
reputation of one-of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please investigate it. Above ALL things
get some of it NOW and reap the benefit of near-future values. In
my opinion, you cannot invest your money to better advantage anywhere:
else in the country.

If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make up a party, go down to the Everglades and see this won-
derful country for yourself. Excursions run out of Washington twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought.

Come to one of our stereopticon lectures -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party among your friends and spind a pleasant, highly
profitable evening as our guests. Come and see our soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- tahe a sample of our soil exhibit
away with you, have it analyzed and prove to your own satisfaction
just vhat it is and will.do. We show you this wonderful country with
the aid of magnificently colored elides, some of which were made
from photographs taken by an employee in the Government Printing
Office. All these'things will convince you that HERE is your op-
portunity -- the one you have been lookir.g for.

Ladies are particularly welcome at our lectures. We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Service, who returned from
a visit to the Everglades enthusiastic over her purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

We can help you to pay for your land -- come and let us explain
how we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into the waste paper
basket. Please read it carefully, then pass it along by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends still more.

Come and see us at your lunch hour, or on your way home from
the office. We are centrally located, on the ground floor. Our
address is 809 G Street, N. W., -- Ouray Building, opposite the
Patent Office -- our 'phone number is Main 4260, We shall always be
glad to see you and explain things to you, whether you buy or not.

Enos. General Agent.

*ri a..


`A whi 020,*

46 ,

Be still, nd knorn.
SAccunu=lt idna(( thrrentest of 11l ncetmul tions.) Do thi by PRA.CCR.

o rrty ideas eusl e;;'p~8rdlti ideas lib-rit-e
All thing, are yours; you rr" Child of God d :nd n hi A: of t;LV Uiii.-

All e nme.d we ah llon-adoy.nYrpkE fro th?'e ar." ( Prof. Hill,(Ctiio.)
Get BIG IDEItAS;bUlive thlm trme. 3elirve you-v got nn m you're got it.
Don't skimp -n pingh. If yov hive but- 4l.00,osp tl it .t t' ouihl yov
had -aI income of ; milllAtn yeir, There's moro to follow. 'T' Univ rsm
is at your call. God n 'ddit. You h T*ivni elited 1' of it youl c in us-.
Draw upon it t will. Ch'ck upon God's b -ink. t pl ?aur., Simply ]3A1tI9W.
your chl c33 will 'a honor-d*. The Universe*owes us a liviJr -,but,if vwe understand the
Di;i -. m .. colloo this without burdenin; any one else. T"o they mniht soon
to be h.1-rdi it to us",we can fully :-r:r'j with the fruirs of our higher i, ful-
he reu ler undertnndinh.
)tint W _u ..w-- ne. ..-r. i a 'e ,l n oal;,i K3Gt Glevyin ,* 3 pie *iure,upon
the UniTvrs31 Supply,uvsiible 935 iiiviable
Be anxious for nothing. Do4't count you.: pennies. Picture ? the Uni-
vetril tubst -'no a inrdUnbouad "a "lalthp It i yours for t; ~ i ing.
Jepus9 wouldd not tvrn toiineinto bre'd. He o't 'in-l m=criIf'ro'n t' in-
Tisibl 4 not front( tli- vi' ibl-" ,nd nm-t ari l) bl y bli0ing -, little ,:xl -xIp eating
nn abund nc-'.
The wor. i'v i rad, flesh. The ide- i q -id? subst n-acOe-(nait upAllie our
ne .d.

Use wh.t yot hIave,'amd "50 t mor?. n Do not r? .si to. rmach,but forg.-
ahead, in f-ith rnd boldnaess3
All power is giTv I unto m.a. Know tI' trutl, 'in t 1ruth I. h ll ralikyou
free.--- Pre,! fro- pov rty in limit tion, "'?11 el as from pr T judi-e :ail fear.
Pear not. It i.3 the Fath.'r good p2 o,.,r* ..

Marn doe- no make the inoreise, God giveT- it. P-ul my -lnt...

Except the Lor' buildth. house..
There :ir- no Alps." ( Nqp.)

Soee tia On 3ubst -baCac" D -nd upon it;not U1poi m;a or rtt ?r.
Hlon is saipp' y -a ;a eel. Ig ft -s y. It, explodes lk bomib
rnd so m -y destroy it wordhipoe.' ,

The UnilTvers Subtaie pBd r bld; It i3 Oanipr.?ant,ined&i ustibb
dn 1. infinit el -r l .f e.

-., ,
'~~ ~~ 'r .. \fl -;..




routine with its eternal sameness and slow promotion. I am offering
Everglades lands to you because I BELIEVE IN IT, because I BELIEVE
that, while it is now selling at $50, $60, and $80 an acre in ten-
acre tracts on easy monthly payments, it will be but a short time
until it will be worth $500 an acre. The reputation of the great
State of Florida and that State's great resources are behind the
drainage of the Everglades -- when drained they will be the GARDEN
SPOT OF THE WORLD and famous the world over, and those fortunate
enough to buy now, while the price is, comparatively speaking, on
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in'their foresight and
judgment. The national -- I might almost say international --
reputation of one of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please investigate it. Above ALL things
get some of it NOW and reap the benefit of near-tuture values. In
my opinion, you cannot invest your money to better advantage anywhere
else in the country.

If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make up a party, go down to the Evergtades and see this won-
derful country for yourselkfi Excursions run out ot Washington twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought.

Come to one 3f our stereoptioon lectures -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party among your friends and spend a pleasant, highly
profitable evening as our guests. Come and see our soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- take a sample of our soil exhibit
away with you, have it analyzed and prove to your own eatisfaotion
just what it is and will do. We show you this wonderful country with
the aid of magnificently colored slides, some of which were made
from photographs taken by an employee in the Government Printing
Office. All these things will convince you that HERE is your op-
portunity -- the one you have been looking for.

Ladies are particularly welcome at our lectures. We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Service, who returned from
a visit to the Evergiades enthusiastic over her purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

We can help you to pay for your land -- oome and let us explain
how we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into the waste paper
basket. Please read it oarefully,'then pass it along by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends still more.

Come and see us at your lunch hour, or on your way home from
the office. We are centrally located, on the ground floor. Our
address is 809 G Street, N. W., -- Ouray Building, opposite the
Patent Office -- our 'phone number is Main 4280, We shall always be
glad to see you and explain things to you, whether you buy or not.

Encle. General Agent.

A"li... .
... =. 1 : -. L.



tr 2)


*ee th- Uhniver371 4ibwt rage the (On S QODJ eO f 11 uply.
Et 'blish the" firmmut -- th1? firm plo in fimdn b1y f-.iu
a) Afir.n, Sod Isa resouro.*"
9' e tuplry." I
Ue Your mugin -ti e tllhimS you wat. ( -C e tpi coture,
T3u You m-k, the dry 1 ndl o e =rPc"

4)it Pclou order, D d t e 09s. 3y,' Let theiw V of tAS.
spirit Cewe to pOsJ Lto 3
) Iicogm4ze order -aitsa r-tl 1tion to iaoresBa-4--
S He ) W Mde thi- a t do me
b lesa ed .ad brIk
a iBauned out to the Mltitud,.
S6) 1 Pray: Pr-y Vtirmingqob -1.iT, Beliero yoi Jl v r23ecGiTl.
Bee th e law 95 -simpl' ?. Thu 3qov miy do'imostpgte more -AUT7 Th ro'~ 'k th'r
word mor- pt7fully. It 1 the@ simnole t .
Jeternot t l: rrned do ItI.s9.V- th't gat t-wr-aults.

7) See the go -:d3 3a/ hare iane;not off -l t 11 future .

8) Domat t4ep with am: l results.

s' l--rgelr.*t- Thliere' pl. uty.

3s anxious for nothing. Say, 1 bi lioTev in Ood.Ha: DOWS prf-
According to your faith bdt unta 0 ..

10) Be natidle,but 1WRK as Go, d work,. 'Tork torth r -?ith Him.
yau become -)Ba OVRCOM-*M;Rl KING, -d yor .eate r iat o your Kingdao.


4 The boVeT, -all ownbia'7d,*@ed i t t-Akcti4ma.

411 'ra'y b- done AT ONITGS.

Qulick Action:--
1") \ lw7yeSr -as fallingia d ;bout to givT up. Hi- wtf- wanted
bread. He sa ai motta--- GOD WILL PROVIDE." Had 'out 75 /;pric- wvi $1.0
Got motte. Wife, Any bread!? Nea matte. Hig i it in kitch-s,-ind
wll1 h"-? ,bundnao P. Next d;y, $1,000.00 r-t 'i ar.
S 2) Gon. Muler. raising $5,063,850.00 $6,000 -nswlwr to pryey
oh d-y pryner -a etfere,4*; Feding orph- n-r.
Other daemontr t ions:--
1) Bay set. H1t er pr-yed, Gid,as-ve liiir" ITo re-iult3.
Then shS gave th.aks,iaisteas,th t he wis pur, clern,holy H1 still dr Ink
n~; coroused. th still g -ve th -nk 3. Th n .: j- t i-t trn iferon-tion.
Clothed -.nd irhi3 rigit mind.

Pr2aie:--lI AftfirmAttl,,in highest frm. miai 1l 11 rm thla-s tnesengZ ss
-ffirTn- aes.- reth^ losing steQaM. Praising the invi;qibl good,mke- it
Ti qibl .

SLIllustratien--Affliated 'vith severe pinA. Doctors V ;n. Iu
dep -ir turned.to a healer. Bealed. Rejoiced. P-iin returned. 3)Despir
ag-in. At 1 st.tesu4tt orm: Rain is geAq. t -,. 1rin.in; in-- to a
knowlegs f'tir tteth.*t. RBjoiced. S3ang pr-iia. argit p line it went
sad n -T- rreturd. .
Bibl. is full of priie. In tile spirit of pri'.Ter, pe- it t r 'n
dam. You will fiba oe. .
Effect of'rpe- I cae joyful, free, pen. Person or nir nl
priised respond;?Jb fJ .'Tr-; e qualities a child possesmse,,oc riffi.P
aloud -. :- .- .



1 9)


routine with its eternal sameness and slow promotion. I am offering
Everglades lands to you because I BELIEVE IN IT, because I BELIEVE
that, while it is now selling at $50, $60, and $80 an aore in ten-
acre tracts on easy 'monthly payments, it will be but a short time
until it will be worth'S500 an acre. The reputation of the great
State of 716rida and that State's great resources are behind the
drainage of the Ev6rglades -- when drained they will be the GARDEN
SPOT OF THE WORLD and famous the world over, and those fortunate
enough to buy nbw, while the price is, comparatively speaking, on
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in their foresight and
judgment. The national -- I mniht almost say international --
reputation of one of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please investigate it. Above ALL things
get some of it NOW and reap the benefit of near-future values. In
my opinion, you cannot invest your monet to better advantage anywhere
else in the country.

If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make up a party, go down to the Everglades and see this won-
derful country for yourself. 'Excursions run out of Washingtoh twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought.

Come to one of outr stereopticon lectures -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party am-ng your friends and spend a pleasant, highly
profitable evening as our'guests. Come and see our,soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- take a sample of our soil exhibit
away with y:ou, have it analyze and prove to your own satisfaction
just what it is and will do. We show you this wonderful country with
the aid of magnificently colored elides, some of which were made
from photograph taken by an employee in the Government-Printing
Office. All these things will convince you that HERE is your op-
pdrtunity -- the one you have been looking for.

Ladies are particularly welcome at our lectures, We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Service, who.returned from
a visit to the Evergladed enthusiastic over her purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

Wd can help you to pay for your land -- oome and let us explain
how we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into the waste paper
basket. Please read it'oarefully, then pass it along by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends still more.

Come and'see us at your lunch hour, or on your way home from
the office. We are'centrally located, on the ground floor. Our
address is 809 G Street, N. W., -- Ouray Building, opposite the
Patent Office --'our 'phone number is Main 4260. .We shall always be
glad to see you and explain things to you, whether you buy or not.

Encls. General Agent.
,tCS'--d~Y~~~' ~ i~

thA he doei possess them, n.d not inat'ant manifastati o of these e very qpul-
itiem. Praiso;dan't scold. Prisae God forth? good thing h. has alra :dy
doe fer-us. oeart be n iagyrte o
p;-.a ;i : .

Book ftrst the K$ngdom. Gft'ready first;th th j f e .vrk. "This is
the work oa GedLthA yt e bliefe. Let tlihe ppre-tic- crmplt.* lii course,
b-fore h1? kt fi s 1 so.

Th law i's the oh ahe-mmiatr drl-visn us tO liberty, tad 3 tying t*
" makhiminelf useless."
+_ *+ 1 ;. ,o+" :t i,+,+ ,. ...
If aon poaper-s withSut kznu-ing the 1 -w of libe.rty,31 m y b- likr-t;'1
rich mt'in mao inhritig 'latuillioas,yet -nitlheut reoe ah-rt or compnsia-'nd
liable,-t lay mnme-at,t lose -II h-.11 I Knowing 1thl ,a11 thliirng *? ouras

Working blindly,-ithout k3oAing the lI rvi lik4 ~zathtil il t i. d atL.
After misninag 106 or 1,000 timoreen- m,,y hit asm+thi +. -3t,by wrrkinig 'ith
the la,-, -nd ilt t Mee ceocoiauan' s of its '*c urxoCy, oma s alh ting shBanll be
like th t of the "xpert,aiming in braod d y light,-,iitt naerv' f ste.l,
straight at a clearly-Tiy4bl 1t irgete Juold mq'rltamn h0oul- lit th;e bull's
eye every t'ine. ( Aimdena Advtrtising,14t trwriting .ad sel1bitiuniv4.be-
ing led of the Spirit. iass Gr .yus exp rietcpg-a.tiig Suid c ar, =i
leaTing house to -to-o,.)

Und r th? Spirit' guid -aco -,oen, houl. be :able to go,writ .,i7ire,dlpa p ,
or spe-ak t 1 pathi9cllytoo ht very person h e 1. g -uul 3 meet .'a) c eor.. ("'lis
d-=y mu-it I wbide -t Wthyouee.*) 4T- rpiri". should select t.i-ONE23 z3l301I in
tho Whel.' city-full,n'tioap-full or *-7?rld-full.,and g4t ame into taudih Ai;h
him. ( Mra. D3. finding h p in need. ReHt.) T!i? S0on- of God ,r 1 1d
of God.

M SftO8 will enable us to do thesothin s. Aince," witsdan i?t 1 prinoi-
pal thing"A,7LTd e 3h'outl 3 t wisdom *" t i, t Vi ps! l of 4re I;priA .01
to gRt whi&I one oe.; well '"ffor, t 3 9 ll ?11 t tnt h? J31s' th, h3i mi:-y buy' -
it. With Divinr- Wisdem.ind Divin Guida o-, n a o-a isy thl riiht thing,
do thorig t thingmeet theright pe opler tirigat tizinaglnd hatrci iiselike Jesmus
lead a chirmn-d lift, -inJ :vlk on thL King'.? Highw y. "49/( ,"yW I

Jesus fioud food,hlt er,money,tr sport -tion,a ij eant'b-;lmaun ',hireer
h- need Pd it, He p- based qu.tAhd,tJhrru tihinurdar n mob. ] [ coolly in-
formed Pilt t I1 t ho P.( ) wPol 'lt v-i no p@-&r 4t.- alL *.ex i-p t'-3ver g~Ivn
him( you) of my FPther." He fi'eri no en, -nino condition.!. 3i roesms-
preme to PT 97 circumstainor. On -rTry socs*aion;,ma in W*cry o.tdti;bY-rn4t^ '
wBs MAST-R An.d, -ith the l-npl:- f ec turiesincreasiniig jwmb.-r-ef the, gre't-@ i.
eat mind a and choldei t spirit,. .roexi4i4 Ai 3 mast ership.

But h was aoly the WAY. 3H.OMSR. ie ~v no(. -. meonepoli t c wisAdo.n
and power-- tpion e,gr n1,saolit-ry "xc optionn cncmanq m-n. ;i -;i them TEaViL2ci
astriucting us herF to do t;i- a am e thiUga /n .di.l d n to Mt tiin ti.i* A-no! nrAm-
tery h attained. e a s-1i, 2h t4 .ngg do .shill ya- do le, -n lgre-iter
things th-] th'ae sh-ll ye d," 4e songlt to raise un a ~Z f jnt st 'r-:,;3ns
of God, likehimself. THI 3 I 3 TH.'O:. ? CT T' TT ]\K3 HI n r,,7' Lf 3 *OrK I-I- 1
POFwr. T-2, ,

Jesus is onlle

A i Our STvier.

d the *art r .f m,*,. The borT shel-vi h n d -1 ireia C
.t .by learning his l ..sen,-e let himnhe saves from
:k1 igu

* :- .+. -t





routine with its eternal sameness and slow promotion. I am offering
Everglades lands to you because I BELIEVE IN IT, because I BELIEVE
that, while it is now selling at $50, $60, and $83 an ao~e in ten-
acre tracts on easy monthly payments, it will be but a short time
until it will be worth 8500 an acre. The reputation of the great
State of Florida and that State's great resources are behind the
drainage of the Everglades -- when drained they will be the GARDEN
SPOr OF THE WORLD and famous the world over, and those fortunate
enough to buy now, while the price is, comparatively speaking, on
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in their foresight and
judgment. The national -- I might almost say international --
reputation of one of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please invrstigate it. Above ALL things.
get some of it NOW and reap th. benefit of near-future values. In
my opinion, you cannot invest your money to better advantage anywhere
else in the country.

If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make up a party, go down to the Everglades and see this won-
derful country for yourself. Excursions run out of Washington twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought.

Come to one if our stereopticon lectures -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party among your friends and spend % pleasant, highly
profit'tle evening as our guests. Come and see our soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- take a sample of our soil exhibit
away with you, have it analyzed and prove to your own satisfaction
just wha6 it is and will do. We show you this wonderful country with
the aid of magnificently colored slides, some of which were made
from photographs taxen by an employee in the Government Printing
Office. All these things will convince you that HERE is your op-
portunity -- the one you have been looking for.

Ladies are particularly welcome at our lectures. We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Service, who returned from
a visit to the Everglades enthusiastic over her purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

We can help you to pay for your land -- come and let us explain
how we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into the waste paper
basket. Please read it carefully, then pass it along by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends still more.

Come and see us at your lunohh-our, or on your way home from
the office. We are centrally located, on the ground floor. Our
address is 809 G Street, N. W., -- Ouray Building, opposite the
Patent Office -- our 'phone number is Main 4260. We shall always be
glad to see you and explain things to you, whether you buy or not.

l Gerlru aeyo a
Encls. General Agent.

, o ...
C..J:. ._ ,. .. A, S

r n'

St. .

. 'e;

ua melymia sing them a", bluad -ring, stumbling, Sr purpe*oElyo5ingtl347reeOI tli4nc
heu art aat frs m vwaknass,psT v y,ypf!ttineaas,an2c; f '.Almulre at fr' m lit 'I -n "fus
and unwerthianese Of eTvey kind. In teaohingua tnhrl-:1awh sIe s u$ by mhiWs.
int usr how to live;na i.hww,by Gd'ru hielpte siveurelTe. *

i .

.. '. .. + '
.# : ."

*: ." : :. .! + .l- l*J

* 4.

4 ,,.-

3 '

S ,
* '

* 3PE6M.i4EfltBTg v O&frd-cewft



A l

- ', 9




routine with its eternal sameness and slow promotion. I am offering
Everglades lands to you because I BELIEVE IN IT, because 1 BELIEVE
that, while it is now selling at $50, $80, and 180 an acre in ten-
acre tracts on easy monthly payments, it will be but a short time
until it will be worth $500 an acre. The reputation of the great
State of Florida and that State's great resources are behind the
drainage of the Everglades -- when drained they will be the V$RDE1 A
SPOT OF THE WORLD and famous the world over, and tise fortunate
enough to buy now, while the price is, comparative. 7 speaking, ont
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in their foresight -.a .
judgment. The national -- I might almost say international --
reputation of one of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please Invdetigate it. Above ALL things
get some of it NOW and reap the benefit of naer-future values. In
my opinion, you cannot invest your money to better advantage anywhere
else in the country.
If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make up a party, gi down to the Everglades and ase. this won-
derful country lor yourself. Excursions run out of Washington twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought.

Coma to one if our stereoptioon lectures -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party among your friends and spend I pleaGnt. highly
profitable evening as our guests. Come and see our soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- take a sample of our soil exhibit
away with you, have it analyzed and prove to your orn satisfaction
just what it is and will do. We show you this wonderful goontry .t'i
the aid of magnificently colored slides, some of which were mnae
from photographs taken by an employee in the Government Printing J
Office. All these things will convince you that HERE is your op-
portunity -- the one you have been looking for. *

Ladies are particularly welcome at our lectures. We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Saei-ice, who returned from
a visit to the Everglades enthusiastic over har purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

We can help you to pay for your land -- omel^ let us explain
how we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into.th% mb te paper
basket. Please read it carefully, then pass it alone 4 by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends a-ill more.

Come and see us at your lunoh hour, or on ycoo way home from
the office. We are centrally located, on the ground foor. Our
addreet is 809 G Street, N. W., -- Ouray Building, .ilts the
Patent Office -- our 'phone number is Main 4260. We shall always be -
glad to see you and explain things to you, whdtiwr you buy or not.

Yen t ) .t1

?>4 .^..-. ..-., ..L c<: '' *^^SS^ '.^ iiiBB I



1--0 *.a S'clihd
2--Kncs 9 tulnd.tdA th. tho t
3B-Oomps-it,. p.1i, ly7nac;qicntd. .''as.
4--Wrd.t tn ;knosto
7--ilhthr, spirit, flee
9--l;iuins dwel]
10--Hnd Id.hold

12--Drknss htth. ;hlit alike
13--iJoss ?st, rns i cv d*-ne
14--Prse.i dfkE, 'lors wrLs k'moth.,
15--hbstnce.. ocrtoirot
wlhin. ionlle
17-- Pi'eos* thots.5un;
18--Cntsancd.-iwal e
10--siurly..:,;d. .God. del-rt
20-.- Tha spk.'wkdilly ens. tk.une

28-- S,'ch.kino.h r.trythots.
24--Sec wk.wa o.dwa. lst,

ac ---

R 0 S P E R:--

Deut*29:09 Teep therefore the words ofthis
oovenant,and do them, that Ye may proseer in
all that ye do.

Jos.1:7 qnly bethou strong and very cour-
ageous, tAat thou mayest observe to do de all
the law*., turn not ..rt.hnd. ..lftf,that
thou mayest prosper EXsWtm emwhithersoever
thou goest*

1 Kngs.2:3 Andkeep theoharge ofthe Id'thy God,
to walk in his Ways,to keep his statutes,
andhi~ l ommandnents ,andlhs jdgmts.,and his
testnmil,as it is written in the law of Moses,
tht thou mayest prosper in all that thou does,
and whithersoever thou turnest thyself.

1 Chron.22:11 Now,ay son,'the Ld.bewth. thee,
.aadprosaer thou.andbuildtihe hnneop nP the t..thy
God*., as he hath said of thee*
22:13 Then *halt thott prospersif thou takest
heed to fulfill the statutes and Judgments wh)the
Ld.charged Moses with de Israel.

11 Ohron.20:20 Blv* in the Ld, yr.Godso shall
ye be establshd.i bely. his prophets,so shall
ye prosper.

12 Ohron.26:5 Uzziah* As longas he sot the Ld*,
OGd.md.*himt prosper

JPs*1:3 And he shal belike a tree

Ps*122:6 Pray fr'the pa of Jsr*: they shall
proSfer that love thee.

Isa-53:10 Yt*it plsd the Idto bruisehim....
plsr of Id shall prspr in his hand.

Isa'54:17 No wpn that isjorxM agnst thee
shl rprspr ;andevry tng.tfat shall rise vs
thee in jdgmt.thou shalt oondemn.
.- 'fi .

PR 0 SPE R:--

Isa. 55:11 So shl my wd be that goeth frth
out of my mth.: it shall nt ret unto me void,
but it shl aoomplsh that wh.I plse.,and it shl
prspr in the thing whereto I sent it.

2.Kgs*18:5 He trstd*the Ld Gd of Isrl'... fr;
he clave to the Ldeancdeprtd not from flgohinm
...andthe Ld ws wth ha and he prsprd whthsyr
he went frth. (Hezs.

2 Ohrn 31:21 Hezklah.* ndin every wri that
he began in the srvo of rhe hsoof Gdandin the
law,andin the cmndmts to seek hisGd,he didit
wth all his hrt..andarsnrd.

Ps. 122:7 Eoe be within thy walls and prsprty
within the palaces*

Jos.1:8 This be sh not deprt out
of thy mthL; mat..tht thou myst bbsor to do
de all wrtn thrn;fr thn Wprsars e r .. and bh,
good suooess.

I S A. 3 5--

W1drnss**0 rose.
Tha shall see...God.
Say*. not;behld..Gd.. *save ypu.
Eyes. .unstopt.
Lame man...sing*
And parohed grnd..water*
Habitatn... rushes.
Highway... holiness.
Unclean... those.
Wayfargemen.. err.
No lion...thereon; fnd*there.
Redeemed wlk there.
Shall obtain.. away.


(Fruit be vines.
/Labr. olive. fail,
lds, shall yld.mt.,
Flock ct.fld,
o herd .* stalls.
Rejoe. Lrd. Joy.Gd..slvtn.
Ld,Gd. strength.
(Will mik.ft**hnds.'ft.
\ wly. upn*hi.ploes.
********** y


I (St. Augustine Record)
There should be widespread inter-
est in the stretch of "ideal' higbi,,."''
that is being built as part of the Lin-
coin highway, near Chicago, under
'te nsupices of the federal jurcau of
public, roads.
'Tr-re will be 40 feet of ro lforced
concrete paving, 10 ii b.'s tbi.:k, laid
iin the middle of a 3(s.1-foot right t of
way. There will be no ditches at tiy
side of the pa ri ng strip and no i. irer
overhead. The right of way will be
made artra..tie and kept in order.
There '.il Lbe illumination for night
It is estimated that this section of
roadway will carry 20,000 vehicles a
day v. ibut inconvenience or danger.
It .'unds good. inrfortuintU, li there
is no arnonijiinecni.m l of the cost, which
will doubtless be beyond the reach of
most communities. Nevertheless that
little piece of road will furfiish to
hundreds of thousands of -iitor:,;ts
every year a v~Tji of the grtat, ilu-
proved highways, just as commodious,
durable and attractive, that will cover
the country with a great network in
years to come. We are only at the
beginning of road development.

1~1 .I.,.ixr r~-l -t

Ts *

2 A L M 37:-- fold hip thm,delvr thm: he a
I delvr thm.frm wkd.,andsve
/ Fret nt ..inqty. thm,.. trust him
z Shl1 sn be ot dpn
j vTrst in Ld ..be fed.
# Delght tgyslf.gss. oof thine hrte
3 -ComLni thy way T.brng it to pass.
b *Shll bring frth rtsnss
7 ]esat in Ld..fr him; fret nt ,. prsprth..devices
8 Pse frm angr...frt nt.any wse to do evil.
S~Wr evl doers.. ths tht wt upn Ld... inhrt erth.
/o Fr yt Itl whil... cnsdr place
i// the meek 1JL4delt thmslvs poe.
/2 The wkd plth .. teeth.
/3 The Ld shl Igh ... dy is omg.
lq The wkd by drawn out swrd... bnt bow,needy..slft..
uprt ovrstn.
IS Thr swrd shl entr.. bws brkn.
/L A 1tl tht rts mn... rohs mny wkd.
/I Arms wkd brkn; Ld uphldth rkhts.
/ti Ld knth das uprt: inhrtnce frvr.
/q Nt ashmd evl tme: fmne stsfd,
to Wkd prshenms Ld.ft of Imbs: nsmesmke
Z/ Wkd brwthpyt.i*.: rts mroy gvthe
.ZrjBlssed inhrt erth: orsd ot off.
AJ Stps good mn...Ld: delth. way.
A-y-Tho fall.. ost dwn: Ld uphldth.. hnd.
J'/Bn yng.. bgng brd.
L Evr mrcfl,lndth,seed bl;d.
27-eDeprt evldo good, dwlevrmre.
gVLd Ivth jdgmt,frskth nt snts.;prsrvdfreveri seed
k2 d at off.
2q4ghts inherit land.dwell thrn frvr-
30 Mthrghts wsdm.tnge tlkth 'jdgmnt,
/3 Lw of Gd in hrt. ;none of steps slide.
5xA kc wtcth rghts,seekth slay him.
33 Ld nt lve hm in hs hnd. ,cndm wn h jdgd.
3vtt on Ld*kp -hs way, xit thee inhrt lan. whn
.dact off thou shlt see it.
S ggrt pwrPgrn bay tree.
3L Pasd away..;sot hm,cd nt be fnd.
3 Mrk prfot mn,..uprt end,-
Slvt'h or rgildt L
J1 NVOrin twS&f ee/
iI 9fW /

(psck^^ i^^^MEN


-D E L T
C 0 0. M I T.TRST
7-R E S T.W A IT
-E V I L
lo-L T L "IV H L
-M K
2- -WK D PJ-TH

'-W K D SW R D
/- S W RI D

!/^L D K N T H
.-.'--A S B M D
,- -1V K D P R S H
--S 0H B L S D
-."S T P S
,;-Y N G
Z&qi R 0 F L
r"L D L V T
".- G H T S I NH RT
-T T H W S D M
ij-L W L D
.- K D W T C H
,-L D L V-E
,--W K D P W R
.-P S D
S -;i R K P R F C T
.:--S L V T N STb iTH

H A B. 3: 1-19.

Fig...4 s
Fruit.,o vines.
XU.Olive .0 /fail.
Flock. tf old. '
'OHerd... stalls.
Rejoe... Lrd. .
Joy... strength. V
'M/ Feet... hinds' feet.
te Walk.'.' hi places.

I S A. 35:--
Wiarss.. be gld.; dsrt rjce.. rose.
Bism abndtly.rdjoe y & sngng. :glry Lbnon.. /-,
exolnoy Orml & Shron,Whll see glry of Ld
exclncy of r God. ^
Strngthy wk hands & onfrm feeble knees.
Say ferfl hrtBe strng.,fr nt. :behld Gd vngnoee
Gd rsmpnee: cm a sve you.
Eyes bln'ppnd.,ears def unstpd.
Lame lphrt*,tngue drb sing. :wldrnss wtrs
brk out,strms In desert.
4ProShed grand pool,thrsty Ind sprngs..:hbtn of
dCrgns ,lay,grss seeds & rushes.
Hiway shl .. & way.. hlness.;uncln pass over it;
fr thoseswyfrg VTfools err
4 Lion.. rins beastoft fnd there redmd shll
wlk thereRnsmd ret. a om Zion.. sngs .jy.
hds.,,: obtn jy & gldnes.. srw & sghng...away.

And :'oss said unto thiepoople," Fear yo not,
stand still,en' see the salvation of the Lord
Iuicl he vill show to you to-lay...
The Lord : 11i fight for you," -'. ye shall
hold your peace." .x. 1: 1, 14.

_ _I



Give me WISDOM, that
I may rule this thy
so great a people,
!That I may help build
this thy so great a


Writer's Poetic Description of King
David's Love of the Scriptures
-of His Day.

SW tie days of King David the Bible
wi,4 u scanty book; yet he loved it
.we- i: .,nd found daily wonders in it.
.;rr,:-;, with its sublime narration of
how God made the worlds, with its
glimpses of patriarchal piety, and
dark disclosures of gigantic sin;
Exodus, with its glorious marching
through that great wilderness, its
thrilling meuLorijL of Jehovah's out-
stretched arm, and the volume of the
written law; Leviticus, through whose
flickering vistas David's eye discerned
the shadows of better things to come;
Numbers, with its natural history of
the heart of man; Deuteronomy, with
its vindication of the ways of God;
Joshua and Judges, with their chap-
ters of providence, -heir stirring inci-
dents, and peaceful episodes; the
memoir of Job, so fraught with spirit-
ual experience; and the domestic an-
nals of Ruth, which told to her grand-
son such a tale of divine foreknowl-
edge and love and care, all converging
on himself, or rather on David's son
and David's Lord; these were David's
Bible, and he desired it beyond all his
But you have yet an ampler Bible--
a Bible with psalms and prophets in
it-a Bible with gospels and eistle
-James Hamilton.


will lhae at least a part il.' re.,r.oied
buying power, which i:. a factor of
prime iniportance ti toc eital)b"L''cint
of wid.e.preal pro-petr :. Ti-re iF
e'.ery;i ilndcatiron that with the cessa-
tion of strike disturbances, the South
will leap to a far greater prosperity
than it has ever known, and that in the
development of it; manifold riches in
iaitural re-ources this activity will
continue for years to come.
The returns from this year's cotton
crop, moreover, are almost certain to
be a half or possibly two-thi is great-
er than the tfi uie- t i'.iei I';, the Jouir-
nal of Conlimeice. Cotton i.s eillii
lu-ri':. :.nioundli t..eintl-tvo celit-. a
p u: i.I l. S'Ih LIId [ tih t rAte contill1ie on
tn, :" i:- I'e !,'irou il.-u I the year-ai.,i
their' al-- ]iu[;i v wc thiink it wi4l L0
i r-'i.'C-i- ,ul: im,: ie ii a eturn of
1i10 : l.:.'e o 1,'.10 i,0i1,000 for the-
il.0.it.I.6it.i.eiii: crop now predicted in-
te- l : i- the i.. l,'.- .Ii: J given by ihei
Journal. This is for the lint alonm, Lt
v nic.: there should be added at lea-t
..120,6010 fO; the seed, ii:.k.ii t i It.ol
!Ietu'ri, Co thli basis, of -S ,. "0,0ii0,oi M
for t!c-South's cotton crop alone.

Alexander's Lucky Stone.
The wearing of a watch charm ts
said to. have originated with the girdle
siltne, an ornuiiernt. orn by many3dis-
ringuilsied persons of antiquity. The
irdle sti..ne of AlMxander the greatt
.. one and

I ? I'T 2'".r i 'F TT 'V'T
John,s ,-- -,'-.-t ye;for the Kingdom of
Heaven is at hand ?latit. 3 :.

Froa that time,Jesus "'--.-i. toprbch,bnd to soy,
Repent : for the K.of H, is at hand" Matt. 4:

Blessed re the poor in spirit,for theirs
is the K. of H." : Tat. T:S ( It is said that
the words," in spirit",oere added later.1 See
* the Hi, .1 F 7Tu51- )

Thy K.core. "':- will be done...Matt. 1: !0.

For thine is tho K.,..." oMat~.:il.

But seek ye first the K.of God,and his right-
eousness" Matt,* :3'3

n i.. every on, that 3aith.. shalll entr into
the K. of Hn" ', ..7:21. bt he tht .dooth the

Ajnd Jesus went about all .. .TrACHTIN in theli
-.'. ;oegues,'and REACHING thc gospel of the K.,
and HTALING ..."Matt.9,15.

And as ye go,P.. ~ ..H,.-. ".ig ,h" K.of H. is at
h nd." Matt..1n7,
S" Tihe least in the (.of H. is gr. than he,"

n utb if I ost out daev.ils by the spirit of
God,then the K.of G. is o," i unto you," '..'.

It is giv no to you to knovr the ns!- i'" of the
K.of H.,but to then it is not given." ""'. !"

The :..; H. is likened unto a man 'wh. ..,1
good :*. ..*eneom sowed tares.n" 'Mtt, 13:24.
'he K.of H. i. like unto a grain of mustard
seed." Rat. 1?;31
... is li:e unto a leavon ...neal...leav-
enoed" HMatt, 1 3,

Then shall' the r" -ht-ous shine .fci-.h ...in
the K.of their Fathor ',latt 13:A3.


___ C-- Street


/ ,

NL4. ~A

I, /
/ ~

i / A" ,


a, ;

t~C. '









-he K.of H. is like unto a treasure hid in
a field.. .Sid e h,h,.hth.found...hidth. &...
selleth...buyeth tht field." Hatt, 13:44.

n ...~rch-.uJ,,seekg. goodly pearls...sold...
S(..it..h." H, att. 13:4,5-,.

"...like unto a net,...cst i'to the sea...
gathered every kind" .,3:47,

Peter.".. and I will -v unrto' he keys of the
K.of H....bind...loose" TA- 0. l:!

disoipies..," 'i- is the i'.est in the K.of
Ho?" 'Matt 18:1t

..it'tle child..: conver.ted.,,ye shall no',t entl .
er into the K.of H." :t.18:2-3.

Whosoever..hnble.self.. as this little child
,the sran is greatest in the K.of H."n:'i I

K.*of H. liknd unto a'oertn king,rwh wd tke
acit. of his servants. ,..,n'-, tWlannt...
Forgnve him the debt. Fellow servant,100 pence
... PAI...Prison,..Dlvrd to trmntrs till shd
\'' ..So shill hvnly Fther do to'"unfrvne.
Matt.I:2R-3,5. ( Justice in dealings,)

Woe unto scribe;,...1hut up K. of H." Matt ,8 :
".. espl of the K. shall be preached in all
tho wrlrd. C. a witness to all nations...end
come. ''. 24t!4

"he K.of H. sh~il boe lik nc~ c unto 10 vrgns.
Matt. 25:1...
." !knd unto T^t- trvl1ng ...srvnts...f de-
1vrd unto thn Mih., ood2. (Use and non-use of
talents. Mu!'1. 'i~o n.. .usury at least.) Unto
every 1 tht hth shall be gyn.." yatt,25:14-30.

Inherit the K.piepared for you "n'.',53
plus. ( Showed mercy a kindness.)

Drink fruit of vine..,new in K:' Fthr's K."

o is the K.of Rd-. i-f r min ;hd ost sd in-
to the grnd;& shd spp,& shd rse nt & da-the
sd nd spring I gro.up,he kn-th r< how." ( Evltr
lik: case of I.nven.) MIrk.41t,




* I I 2 6 7 .

.., '
'_; '

*e -*a *

+r q i. a


" Nt tste of dth till hv sn the K,of Gd.c.
wth power." Mrk.Ftl.

" Bttr to enter K.of Gd.-:th -1 oYe ." :
9:47 (Let nthg ose u to stmbl & kp u out of
the Kgmda.)
" Tht shl I do t:-ir'hr etrn1 I"'-?" Cndnmts.
..*" L.. ..Sell ...ve..Trsr in hvn...
Tk oross & follow me, "oSad.Wnt awnY grved.
...Grt Possessns. ..." Hw hardly shall tha
tht have rohes entr into the K.of Gd...TTit
TRST I:T RCHES...5.of id ..,Cmel...!T.ll. Astn-
ishd;' nr'Ir thn on be svd?" ',h mn,im-
psblbt nt wth Gds FR WTH GD.ALJL TH7 Ij 21;
PrS'BLi,. irk.10t17--27.

SCRIBE: Ist.O0rndmnt? Love w d. Lye nbr"
.." Thou hat sd truth..." Thou art nt f
far frm the K.of Gd." 'trk. 312t8 .
He shl rgn ovr the hs of Job frvr; & of hs
K,thr shl be no end." Lk, It 3

Bldd r Ye,fr yr.: is the K.of Gd," Lk.l:20.

He spke unto thm( the ppl) of the K.of Gd,
& hld thin.." Lk.9:11
LA Let ded burt dod,bt go thou & proh. the K.
of Gd." Lk.9:P.O

" Lt me bid frwel!" to fmly. No mn hvg pt
hnd to plow' & look bok is fit fr the K.of
God." Lk.9:f2

The SEVENTY: Heal,& saY2, The K.of Gd.is
cme ni.unto your Lk.lO1.*

City: Dst.,we wipe off ...n.wthstdg,be sre
of thistht the K.of Gd.is ca.ni unto you."
Lk.lo.: 11
*" th, sl we oat & drnk? ..Bt rather sk ye the
K.of Gd.; T ALL TH;E THI';S ..HL; BE .'J1~ j
UNTO YOU." Lk.12:31

It is the Fthr's gd pisr to gv u the K."

The 1w & the prphts wre until Jhn.; snc tht
time,the K.of Gd.is prchd,-& .V:,'.Y PN v1. j ;-
ETH !ITO Im Lk.l6tig
PHIT'.,Fr:: Whn ".of Gd.shl.ome? The K.of Gd.
omth nt wth obsvtn...Lo here. Lo threat fr
behld,the K.OF GD IS mTHN YOU.'( 'rgin:" A.',U
tU ^^ 4Lk.7: 20-l 7

..'- .-ANALYSIS / 7/

--- ----- --- ------- ------- Street___ ,., .


* /.,-..--




~ 1.




i-:- ~-


-; -1


FETER: Lft all & fold. thee." Thr is no an
tht hth Ift hse,or nrnts,or brthrn,or -7fe,or chn
fr the K.of Gdts ske,who shl nt rov mnfld M .
IN THS PR33NT T:IE,& in the world to om,lfe evr-
lstg." Lk.18t: -.1.

NI.Jrslm. Tiha thot tht the K.o f Gd. shd imdtly
ary: r.." Toblnn went ..to rev kgdm..& retrn*..
Srvn+s.,Oopy till I ome. .e'ht gnd by trdg?"
.See sns in Hun & mn,& strs; dstress;..pwrs of
hvn. shkn.Son oomng...glory...Lk up,& Ift up yr
hds,fr yr rdp4.n drwth ni...Fig tree.*shoot frth,
*.sum.nr..'.hn ye see those thgs cm to pass,kno ye
tht the K.of Gd.is ni at hnd...Ths gnrtn shl.nt
pa s TILL ALL BE FLFILLED)...Hvn & erth pass awY"

Ye r they tht hv ontind wth me in my t~rmtns,
& I appnt unto u a K.,as vy Fthr hth apntd u.-.n
me; tht ye may eat & drnk at my table in my K.
" Rembr me whn thou cmst into thy K," Lk"S3:4

NTIODT'"~.: Fxcpt iqn be brn agn he on nt see
the K.of CGd." JnoR.33

" Exopt mn be brn of wtr & the sprit,he ont entr
into the K.of Gd." Jno.3:5

" Ity !risent of ths wrld...Srvnts ft... :' K. nt
frm hnoe.
PILATE: ""Art thou a Kg,thn?" To ths end wa I
brmn& fr ths ose gn I into the wrld,tht I mt br
wtnss to the trth." Jno.18:36-7.
to aprtlos...
" Jesus"..." shwd hmslf alive.^.proofs...seen..
40 das.,& P'Yr OF "THE 'TI';l: "?R"'T TO lT K.:3D; OF
GOD." Acts 1l3

Apstls,om t~t+her,"askd," Lrd,wl+ thou at the
tne restore agn the Kg-ri.to Israel?" Aots.l6,
" Nt fr u to kno tme8 & sesns...Ye shell ROVE
POWER after HLY GHST is one unon u..& be wtness-
es." Acts 1:7 .


5.-: iL


--------- ------_ Street

.""*; ,-7 -. _

/ ^
.v _. ".*.



- 'I



5. --

: t-

** .-

.9.. I:
-t S.


S -b

""`- -:


5- A

7$- 7.
A 2

..: .~ 9'*.-.-f ,





' W Y, -

Ji I~








) K

--I I 0
At ~1K.Y

Um a /



S.- S

N 1

/ I.


* *1



-- r F
'-- '


* j7*I


.L ;

j -

gr_~ ij

'I' -w:i
II I ~ *
I ..*... -


It ..




* S'



I- j


*1 d

(-1 .-




2Y~cc~ 4 1/i
/1 I'

I. -




'I A

I *: *. .
L'~'.' ''rI I
I a~ *, I:

,v- ,.o I. ; /' .' A */
'1 I '-" .. ^ o
rj Z IA ii'
I II '
l^ A~- C 4o
^ \'A__;'..- /-- --p '" ... ,-- ,.
^ t_. "1 ^ ,, ,.:' .A.' -
... 4 I ._. 'I .'
*>. ,.. ,. -' "
., -, .,. .7 .-- iv .
...* i t"

.l- ; ,. .---

"A I I "
.. y .. i. -
Il I I .
.. ",. ,,,
: .,.. ,'T"" ... I .
*, '*). 11 ', ..'
**, '-" r
~ it

t ,-'I. -
^^*v-Tl L;C-^'~l-
i", ^ *-" .
1, V ,. :. I';' '
*'. -'- -- ; -
A .'-&..di, r/ ,.

\; K v ,. .-- .,.'^"-1.,
.L :-': ."7i..r',.-, ,.' '

1- ~ -',, ~I," i i C-, "-

~ ~ ~ ~ r ,' r'.' ,, ."l .. ,-;c ,.:, ,. -'

'u 'sc ?YRi .
s z rr

j .. .r.nJ '- '- ,...y -
b( ; i -. .
ci I ? ... /
,*' ,r .- ., :

'.f ,. V, r. i' ^-A ... )-L'3

/ :t; I.


-.r I


- r
---V~?l' ~

-: -.

. ?:~,..;, ,. ,', "r q.Y
,,( :I I 0,

r/. ,/ Kr


S- p -,
'l, '
... ;7 "


I) v c
* I I J *

I .~

,% r''1
3 u-sf t p.
'"' l,
~r P~ .3

i: 4. .


.'* '

r *
f),,}%. ,, r
\ f-," ,. -'
rt : -'

* .4 ; -

* ,r,



I)^~ ':"