Business Correspondence. Jan. 3, 1936 - June 25, 1936


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Business Correspondence. Jan. 3, 1936 - June 25, 1936
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Business Correspondence
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Box: 17
Folder: Business Correspondence


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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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sobekcm - AA00000147_00201
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1., 1-* : ': ,.- ;rln. ". I I A : ..i N'.$", .-... .. -..,Irl,,; ",
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I .. .. :, ;,,. ... '...4. -4 '. ,.L, '--,, ,-t, r -I -. .- . i- -A
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11 I I 11 .1 "; ;",- I :, 1. 1. .4 K .11 '.
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.1 i '.."'.. .-'.,i',, j, ,j,'z ,,'l *6 .- .:.. ..:-,_. ",.,"Z- .. -4 ---i.;,;, w
.. i, e, ... -1 -. .. 11.1 t. I I ...k;W i-'7 ll. .. ., 4 '. ..
.. -, .7 ., -..- ,- clf. .. I~ : I L. : -, a -Tv
1. ... '!rw'-- I I %, --. ..-.. I .. e .1
I .. 1. I ". l ..--. ,- c.
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.. ,4- 'k 'i- ,', '(,. : .': ', '-.'?'.'.. '.." ' 7 ..,,VCW .- ','; .O.., 1, i 1, ;'
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..4 .: .1 I. 1, -- .:, _, `4 ,- .' Vl :, .5v '%
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I i ---, -11 %- ., 'Y I IV
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11 ; 1. I I ..
14 ., ,; ,r-5L I 41
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i 11 .. -! ,,O, 7: ,. r "- L' -I'l .6,.----- I : I -
,tr I ,, _i ...- .-- 11 I I "I, .1 4
., I . A -4 Iz I I .1 I : ,"::i--i,-Al.-. ,-y
j" I I %K Z-1
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t;. ... .. ... ,.- ..- ., 4 4 4 I '. ,x A 7'.., 4 :v
I c ., -... .. 'i
I I 1' ,; 1. 4 .1 I ,, -. .. '. 7. .114,n.. ,. .f .. I -,; ...... I '. A, ;, .,,.
I I .;L;, .. 4W.; C.f ;
-1 ... 1-1. ,r, ,4 I 41 -, I I I ....,
i., I 1, I lk IFl
W '! ,- .-k "I pl, z -'4 6 .I : .- . I t`.. k. .,; L, I -; J, w I .
1 .. m
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;i .. I .11 ;W, d i..,,.7 I r .A ,w l ",.; I I 1 4 1 ..l..
:ki%,e'K ; ,'.q -.. .. ,, I .... V .. ;,-i ,4-, .. .Ztl .. ,. .'r I ".. 4 -- ,:" -Y 1 4 1 4
-,S- -." ... -.', -e, v I .- ..
.. ? : A. I A ..
.1 -; ,'. I .; .. 'I'll
.. ': I -,,, `. 1.- ,,, 4', ','-' .. 4 -, --;.4 .? .,. '. --,', A '
'. ., "i;lk", ., n. ,,,4 -, e' I -, ...... .,. -I-f k - 0 4 .. .. ..:
4 ., -Illzgll 4:; a -, ,. ,',`.,I',.,-. ":Z-,-,,.;- .: ,- '. w .-.'., ;A. -_- .1 ..:
t -
j.,,; .., _- ,Q i: .. ...... -, ?I .
... I -, ... I... -. -'. e,,- t.- I-J,." c, _: 1 i
.1, .. ;l I ij141:ie, 4r-Q .4 4 i, 6 -, f -- '. 4w. 1; I .N
-5,01-W- ,-. ,-.,. q .-,'. "', : "; .,:'- : % ... .7 1 .: 1%
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7-4 .. ;l j ::I- ,-
,;, , 14 .'.. 1, ., I !, ,, 4': ,:,, '. ,,,, -, -.-. ", , -
'' V" le i -;;, j i: -:, 1 ., ': I J. ;, : .. I
j I -i? 71 1,1% -.. -,, '.-N., 4 !:,. ,
'ti,' Itr:'- ,U ,.Il -i 'i
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il. ,,, -.1, ... .. I ., ..'T ... %., LZ i 0, -. .f ; I I -
I- L .., ., ::,:
I I v I., 4 .- .. :. -014:. I-
1. -,- .,. I ,- IM I 1. I I C 'Q ..
;l .7?
,.jv ,Y .. -1, .-, I : .1 ,,, vl- ,y ,,. .. -, IN ".-I'lz ... I .:":,. -1,: I I ,
11 .. ,: ;.. t '. ,- I I .. .It 4 ,- .. .
,- ,:-,. : A I .. .. .. ... I .... .1 x 47- .z-..,. --_j l "I-' I.: r .- 1' ,
'; III . .t .1 I 11 ... :
.'. .., 1. I -;-l .. ;l ? v ":.1 ,, :,.7... %,
,--. %, !!', 11. ; ; ..-
,,. ;. :.. I ... ". ..... 11 .. -... ,.;
I 1. .q I i A. -- ,-- -.1 ...'. ,- t, k I.. ,6., ".
N. K I ;` ,-F. % :-- .1 .: ..- .. 4. .-. 1. :,-4- .: ,; !
6'. -,. """ -
;m, .1 I ., .. ...
.. 1.l I .... I .:. V. ii, I.. --l;AP 1. A ,..- .. ..
I I I ."...
". I .. ri.-"',l. ?-
... ,A;. .; ,7. ... k ,-
IX .. I ,.?l I ..:, .: % Li 9' ,4. ',i,.` -,Y .; -6... -..l.-Iwl 1'...,.:7
1 A. ..., .... A l, .- ......- .. '. _. .- ; I .1. -
,- I r. ,4
.. .... .... 1, I IL";, ".- .4i", -, -1 -1 .- ,,,_ ,i 4. ri . 1. .
i.: .' Fi.., wj'-,., .j; --. ,,, I .-I ,,-J- :&;j I ,
-,-. '; 0 R I ,14. -. ,*L ;: cr` .'. ,,I ; 1 ; ,-,, -,7ol: "., -.; -'. -, ; ,
", ." ,'7 k,4 ,- .. ,-'C;-, "Me ) ,.",.,A:I".,, ....---
n ,. V;.";,,-
1 -,!I .4. ,
.. ;, r -, ,; .. ` '.-:L', ,4? A -,.,,..;j-f 4 "'. ,--,;- 4 ,`, ` ..I..... l .. .. ;, ,..- .. ; ., 4... .. ..
., -4 : ,,;,, !,;.,, - .j..".. -, 1 _'... 1 -. ..., ,7.';. ,,, -
t, y I .., ,- .. ... i--,,` ,-" "'. ,.; ...
i- I ". .: .. .... .;. .., -,., .. .
'I ..! -. i A .. ..... ..., .. Zg i, ;;&% -,: 6- ., .. . ....- .i
1"re lw '. IW ., .. i ".. -- -- .- 4I.- ;,Ill., "' 1.,I, 1. ".- .-., -, ;;., ,, % ,-
r.. ;4 )M df. ll "?4t-:,- -, :- 4, :. ... %-. ... I... '... I .11 ".:.
., .. ,,,. 'iz.. .. .- .. ..) ,
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,,4, 9. k F -, P- .11 "" .j ;. -,W; ,',-q: ..,4.
.. ;.. ... .. -4 ,!.. ,Ii-: j, ., .,
", ., .... .- ,,-..,.,., .. -. .. .-
-- $A -. .; 1:7-,- i. l.", -, ., .; i ',- ." .
.,I* 1-i -- j .. -... I
.Z '. s m. .-. -e,-,, .-, -A O .6, i.. I.... ,
.. I a ,fe ,A&'-4 ... ,,...&! ... I I ,6,6` .' -....
I..." f, .. Z; ""e".......;... , ,.-- 6 I I ,'i .:!", ..,.,.,. ,- .. 'I" .6."'z" 'i.,, 6' 11 '-..61 -t .. -- --," .: .6- 6 1'-,6'.-f -. .'. /- -
L 1
.!, I '.. -, *,( ,4, .
,, .. '. 121 I .r k -.`'- . -j. ,.'. '.'. '. .. :-, 4- i- r, : Ill
-, 16 ..' -.,.- -- ,
_4 i 6 4"'6 -I'l -,.'. -,. I.
I ; .
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:P:-. .. .' 4 .-, -. ... ...
'6 '61 _--rl.. --%!., ','..., .- '.! I .l : ., ., IQ;,' ..' .; r ,:., - .. .1 It "
'. 6; ,v ,- % & ._ .i .i -.. j- ,.v .. .Z. 7 -A I "'. 4 ,.. .
-r -! li.;., '. . .. '. ,., 1. ;.
;.4 r, a 61 ,:
-, P. "i -.- ,-.. .. I... .- s ?- . ...... .. - .; ."... ,. $ I. .. -.,.. ,';j _,"'.., h4r .
-, ---; ,, lr -.. ... I t 1'.
.. ... ,- ,- ,.".. ,L; I 1. i'- -Z,,- ; !v4 "', ;---
'... ... a'. i, '. ., .. ?E..,";..`. ., -j .. .. .. -4-., ." .1.1.1 ,
11 : .., '.
N, ll 4 *; & .- -r. ?'4` ,I A ... .. ,..-. ./ ,.- l I -,.
I tC '. i- ..-... -. -'&- .. ..
,i -- -',4- ." I -..,.;.. ., .' .. -- ,; ,..A .- ---m -v tF .;. %. .;. - r -1 ".. .. -. .-,. -."j N -1 ., 1 .... I I r .." ,l ; .,
..... "I -. .., .. .- %, .. -
4 ,:F -, )"F 1 :17'1 -44 IY I-!'. -f 5 re 1, e-'.
.. 11. -; .1 ... y I -Z -1.4 ltr ] -117z .--j.Q t,;.. -' ...:-
'ZI .. t I .v
,. I ;k .. ',.. 6 "' ;- .'.,''.",,. -.`- --- y- ... L" : ,',2 'r % 6 -,, -il k, ". I, -. ,- .
'R .. N .ar2 1, .1 3 i !". ,-.-5& $4
.. r j, A 4 I I !,,,, ; Z .. ., !,, f, f, -!;, ,.-fL'- .. j.j ,6 .., j, ,- .- .; r ,- F4."_YI.l ..., 1. .',.. ? .-: I _j6.. ...;,.
.' ''' '16 -4 p '- 6. ,. "'... le ,,11 ,j..7 -'- I' ,'A' 14.,
V. .-, jT_'.. i. I ,;;t
,,,. .. ., .. .-.. '. -6:-. ..
.. 5, -..--- 'k . '. ,_. .. .."..., I -1 .., 'r".- / ".'-:- 6.'.

Be lAe GldeFle..
Jam .15,1936.

IMr.August BurghardSSeqy.,
Chamber of Comeeree,
7t .Lauderdalefla.
You've read it,I'm mure, but here it is:
"Support of iaini Chajaber of Cawerete Promised
"Beard in Move."
(Miamli Herald,Jam.5l,sl96,p.2A.)
Now here's our chaase: I've been thinking I ought;te go to Minaiaind
wake than up on Road 26;and heRe they are,wide awake ,already.
And I know you are awakelaud,maybe seme of your Chamber are.

tAd "hithful"(but not "old) Commodore Brook is always awake as matters
like this.

OceaeioaallyIt' suspected of at least rub-tig ay eyes whtne Road 26 is
sow I'll get busy at this endand got am expression 7rom our section
dsowing theyy,t want Read 26 finished before we've all died of old age.
It was in 1918,raemei er,whea Yours Truly started this thinglawoke this
8eetiomatheu flew(by canal boat to Ft.Lauderdalesaad with go:d help,got
thing started fiaelyqwith big,public aeetigsaad all that,for the "LAU-
MLRDAL .TO-LA. ROAD. That's the *samI gave itgand that it carried till
a late datetwheeb someeaugglimg Ft.Laud. get interpreted out of the play
altegetherlRaad 26( ewer ame)coming frao Lake to 20-Mile Bend,aud these

I had worked for this route,au a empromisebut it included the Ft.Ld.
stretch dowe theN.Canal,aud into the city,

In boosting this roadI~ve AL'AYS been a strong friend of Ft.Laud.*whatever
reciprocity my section may have received ad re keeping the N1.Caual open,
thattwe might at least live is the Ckeelanta and Upper Glades seotio--which,
calideotallyW CAIHOT DO YS2, STM-;I ALL THESI Y;ARS. I had begus again,
last Jnaesbelieving Roed 26 builders would,as solemnly and repeatedly prom-
isedget the obstruetieas out of the N.Caaal while building the road,so we
would ot,seaoe moreoget drowned outas we have been ANNUALLY, sinco 1920.

Butthe raioe eame, Sept.,Ot.,@eo. Dee. and part of January have passed,aed
faxiaeg at Ckeelaota--Oldest Planned Settlemeat in Upper Glades--is is hIpe-
less as ever. And my SIX R~STZR.S TO CULTIVATE I1 0 reat of ay leadtusia
foidm I helped them borrow from the U.S.GneTt have not yet,ie idl.e of sea-
usembeen able te stick a spade is the grmnud,am a farming operating.

Oit's a u afutl,AW VT thing to try to get the verzgla4esth~-atvr of
Seuth FloridaCoaat notablyputimte eeditlen to luh ait and uvet

But let's de eur-h tmoet--sthis tine,te get Read 26 started. .We thought

m *- -2

*baek in August,the contract was just about to be letgand prospective
builders were visiting Okeelaata right alonggetti mg ready.

Butas result of a perfeotlyfo.l exousethe oantraoting was called off;
aadefroa the f Akewith all my visiting and writing Tallahessee and Jash-
imgtenmts haulain there as dead as in 1918,

I wonder if Ft.Ld.kmOws--I'm sure she doesn't--that,barring the 4 miles
between So.Bay : OkeelaEta which--after excruciating experiences--we did
get Palm Beach Co. to make pas-able,NOT 02N1 DOILAR HAS j-.Aj; Y T B z 312MNT
ON '"I:3 tOD) :0Qk OK.-,IAIITA D3O T i..tR EIRO.;ARD CO.STOP. Di? The whole
stery of getting .oerglades road built( on the edgeoer where a Coast
town musthave one)is a shocking scandal.

Ive been mailed a "fool" many times--right in Ft.Ld.,to --for not "shuok-
ing"the whole busirnaeebut I'm Just fe 1 enough not to do it dehile I still
habe breath is my body and can pouod a typewriter.

ln my filesatanding oa edge so shelvesfor SEVdRA L F2i.T,ia the history
in MS,,aotesdies. etc.,ef this read-seeking ef artfram 1913 when I made
the first move on the first Glades redreoeiving fiee encouragement *at
firstfrom the Chbirman of the Board of Co.Gccases of the affected county'
ealy ta see it all repudiatedgwith him m the other side*

Isaw Broward Countybhelped by the I.I.Board,finann e her full streteh;and
thlea fluBaksha elesrly,& npendiag the funds when and where the obligati r
required. And I've sea Palm Beach Co.authlrities knife our readmaseve
after we have gotte them beaded. At Oke lartaeowyou can see the wreck-
age of a bridge aoraso the N.Canal,plah was part of the road I promoted to
unr County Seat. Tey built the Bridge Tender's housesmsd dumped the steel
beam % etc.,s= the canal bask--where they still are--stoped shortQAND N2VR
TF~.:. O,there are splendid fel nwa wearing stripes to-day who could oat-
shine srae of our officials beyond eoaarsiae.

7ellthis timealet'as flbe'. the Liaai Chaber of Coa.-nerce--first timeisa't
it,we've ever had a chance?

Cam't y ur Chamber send a representative to the meeting of the State High-
way Departnmeatyeu and the Coa:eodore.if pessible2 I'm toz dead brDke to
get oat of terabut I eas hustle a petition.
Cordially yours,

Father of Read 26.

_ _._ _

Belle la:de,Fla.,

Mr .Frnnk F orri eon, ecy.,
American Federation of Laber,
Headquarters, ;
Miani, Florida ,
My dear 'r.Mforison:

I am glad to knw you will be in our ueighborho d so E. Should you see fit
to visit the great Lake Okeechebee region,I'll be mighty glad to meet you.
I'm at the PION : Rproperty of my seo who was in ti e McKinley Manual Train-
lug High Schl1 when we were all. in the Ouray Building.
The Miami Herald takes bccasion to-day ,editoriallyte laugh ,st ; ur 21-hour
proposition. It interests me greatly. I ean remember(historicialy) when
the ten-hour-per-day proposal was gr*6ted in Bmgland by one of the "'leading
ecouemists" as the harbinger of sure death to business and to .ngland. All
the profits were earned in the LAST HOUR of the dayg3 d cutting that off
pulledd certain ruia. Buter~mehow, ;ngland "muddled through".

In 18'gs,I begin my university life sith the direct object of learning, if pos-
sibl-',why p', r in a rich cwuntryand v:hy unemployment when a much needed to
be done. I learned,but not through my professors.

'hes walkingone dayafter dieaier,snod after graduatiangand pus ling on my
probleamthe asawer flashed into my aindi "To; few people have most of the
wenlth,nnd to mrny have too little. These numerous po r eas't buy mucth,
and the few rich can't consume much. Hence,bad policy to eaploy so m*oyste
make go da that could not be sold. 'jae must fix that.

That 'as in 1890. Since themI've preachedfar and wide,Get better distrib-
utionathat more can work and participate.

"Madhines throw men eut?' Net necessarily. Use more men at the machiose."How?"
CUT TH' HOURS P-:R MAN,but DO (T CUL TiHS PAY. Raise it as fast as practicable.

I've long watched the A.F.ef L.'u campaign along that line. KIep hamroering
away. You whipped the old Buck Steve and Range Ce.,and you'll whip thil
unemployment and everproduotion "(sio@ ) enesytor,, Long live Labor Organ,

Sincerely yours,

Jan .15,1536.

US.Dept.--f agriculturee ,
iBurex u -if Yublic Roads,
'Hshing ton ,D.C.
Att enti on :' .P. St *J."'il on,
Thieff bg3necr.,

'y dea.r iAr:

In the tiami Herald for to-day,(y.2),we reads

1--1he 'tat*e Highway Department of Florida will meet in Tallahassee
on the !:7th.inst. to study its budget,
A--'AieChamber of Comnerce of i ]ii will write the above department
urging crmpletion of Road 26.
3--'rhe County Comnlisoion of Dade County(Miami's eouaty)will also seek
this end,qnd will send its member, r. .Cecil '-atson,to the meetting,te
further thAd^g~ l

*giint.L:uucdi,,a(wii whisk I as is correspoedeaoe),will slso,deubt-
less use its influence to secure the eompletion of this road, 'iace
191P,when this writer began the 4.ation for this rjad,Ft.La.uderdale
has been deeply interested. Till recent years,ie fact,the highway in

I shall begin at once to circulate petitions in this Lake region and
send them to the Road Departmentfor use At the above me ting.

Thovugh interested in rods elsewhserethe MS. I sent you in mv last
shows,what full investigation will verifyvizi,that, dAspat. :.e.
isu.h- itetreti :,Florida,and swme Glades countiesoare capable of
electing indefinite delays in building roads is the jverglades.

Read 2P6,though fiaanoed in 1918-1I19 through Broward County,and though
continuously -nd ag,-res-ively pusLad,has dragged till now;and aa their
very important Everglades road which I began working f..r,with go dof-
ficial emcouragement,is 1913(data at band),later authorized by the Legis-
lature,and fiuanced,first by Legislative authorization,aad,laterby
bads,,has,in large measurenever been built,and is ssw abandoned. Road
26 was started largely beoauae of the high-handed treatment of the road
just nared.

The lo&d Departmeat is able to let road contraotsetve now, As evidence,
I enclose two olippingefrom the lamai Herald,first,for Jan.3;and,sec ud,
for Jan.6(datesef letting contracts.) These cover uime(9) centracts,all
is the current mouth.

Iurthera recent paper informed us of actue.l conostructionow in pro;-



ress,of a road to connect South EayChosens,2hokee and points north./

This road seems to provide only local servieefer we new have a go d
road along the south shore of the Lakevia South Ba$,BelleGlade,and
north to Pahlkee,Canal Point,0keechebee(City),ete.;and I bhd never
heard of it,save by a single street rumer. But the press aiferms us
that construction of this road is in progress.

But for the intervention of the Federal GovermeBtIam confident that,
despite our effortasioad 26 would have abandoned;and indication poist
strongly t) 'is muoh delay as possible.

HleanWhilessettled and cultivated territory along the North Canal has
bees dismantled and depopulated expressly by failure to build this road
and maintain the canal which is its twin, Eitteen years ago,we(the
writer with others) were driven out because of intolerable conditions
than recently devel ped my maladmiriestratioe Last Juee,I resumed my
operations at my Wvergl'des home(Okeelaeta),on the strength of the ap-
parent rapid approach of R-ad 26. Then came the oanecllation of ceO-
tract(or failure to let sume);heaby rains,and the lapse of over 4 months
without resumption of road work. In consequencewe have been expelled
again,vad praising farming efforts have been aband aed.

411 this is but typical of continuous iverglades experience for a quar-)
ter of a century.

However,--:rknow our officialdom stands in awe of the Federal Government.
ena juaCtue like this,l fe 1 that a word from your office tc' Tallahassee
would go farther than the united efforts of all Smith Florida. This,I
hopeyou may be able to give.

Yours with respect,

F. -I


Belle Glade,3 a,,

Clmmaodere A.H.Brook,
3weet ]Bdg.,
t .Laud erdale,Fla.

Vdy dear Cea Uedores

I'm eacloeeig letter I want ooasidered Joint as be-
tween you and ir.Burjhard.

I devevtly trust you have the time,and can get the
fundete run up to Tallahasaee and talk to that read
board meeting.

Remember that building Road 26 will greatly help our effort
to get theN.Canal made right. The Read Engineers,and
Ir.elety amptre1 me oftea that they wouls so improve the
oanal by their =Jad work as to rake it f-gp .itl~.

Aad when,aene more,we get beta ruoning--if ettly oue-man
motor boats and rafts--we'll have,in a measure,takeu the
eurse off mar canal. The way certain U.S. engineers have
sneered at that canal in their reports--revealing their
abyseual ignorance--but ecoriug on the point that use of
that caaal had been abandoanedwheueia fact,it had been
ILURDIRSD BY --at effieial we all knew,to eur bettoulees
serrow-- well,I'll refrain from comneut.

And the earal but thus imprevedand the road,will BEINiG
eagimeera will fiad ueasswerable argumetas;and will give
Port Tergladesat last,ame OUT-G 'ING TONNAGE.

Cordially yours,

Belle Glade,ql a.,
Ja .20,1936.

i'rR..Tohn ,Ir-int.,
'?t.Lnuri aer.:.le, -. n.

,y de;r r:.;rnnt;

I c:i et tell yu t'ie shock I felt yesterd-nyin s. inf the
story in tl-- ierrld, -r.Grqet wis aoe of my best friends.

'Fe conroled in refl-Utinr th-t he vwho has left you -.q's A true
;,ad orile compuairunhd that he leaves bebind him a host of

or- do I everln k t me brevity of the 'tAe since your brother,
to ,i:,s tgkem. Tlhat doubles tt,- tragedy for you.

.e both remember what came to our 'huse about 5' yers ago.
I remember yrur kindmeso to us on that oc', simu.

Cordiall. yy urs,

I -


Executive Council
Secretary-Treasurer, FRANK MORRION
A. F. of L. Building, Washington, D. C.
s First VIce-President. FRANK DlUr, Eighth ViCe-President. GEO. M. HARRISON
Carpenters' Building. Indianapolis Indt Railway Clerks Bldg.. Cincinnati, 0.
EH Second Vice-President, T. A. RicxERT Ninth Vice-President, DANIm J. TOBN,
621 Bible House, New York. N. Y. 222 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis Ind.
Thi Vice-President. MATTHEW WOLo, Tenth Vice-resident, WIuM L. HIUCHB MN.
670 Lexingon Ave.. New York, N. Carpenter' Building. Indanapolis nd.
Fourth Viee-President, JoiHN COOer.a, Eleventh Vice-President, JOHN L
Machinists' Building. Washington. C. 712 Tower Building, Washington, D. C.
Fifth Vice-President. ARaTHR 0. WHIRTo,. Twelfth Vice-President. DAVID DUNmea,
Machinists' Building, Washington, D. C. 8 West Sixteenth Street. New York, N. Y.
Sixth Vice-President, JosEPH N. WEBE, Thirteenth Viee-President. HARRy C. BATES.
LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE NATIONAL 3870-1-2-3-4 1450 Bodway.New Yor, N.. 815 F teenth St. W., Washngton, D. C.
CABLE ADDRESS, AFEL. Seventh Vice-President, G. M. BUONIAZET, Fourteenth Vice-President, EDWARD J. GAINOR,
1200 Fifteenth St., N. W., Washington, D.C. 408 A. F. of L. Building Washington, D. C.
Fifteenth Vice-Presldent, W. D. MAHON.
,,2, 2060 Vernor Highway. East. Detroit, Mich.
Hotel ,verglades ,Miami, Florida.
SJanuary 23, 1936.

Mr. Chas. E. Will,

Belle Glade, Florida.

My dear Mr. Will:

I was very glad indeed to receive your letter of

January 15 and to know you are in the land of the living, and

located at Belle Glade.

Our Executive Council has been in session for over

a week and we expect to be through the last of this week or the

first of next. If I have the time I will be glad to have the

pleasure of meeting you before we leave Miami.

We have had considerable cold and rainy weather during

our short stay, but they advise me that is unusual. I just

had word from Washington that it is two below zero there.

I join with you in your slogan "Long Live Labor Or-


With best wishes, I am,

Sincerely yours,

American Federation of Labor.

Belle Glade,Fla.,
Ja.23,19 36.

HB .J.Hark Tileox, M.C.,
New :.R.Office Bldg.,

I y deor ir, .iloex:
Permit me,this timete ray a word about 'T.Tlrj RGA T-24NTY SIXC26).

After strug'liug frer 1913 till 1918,to get a read from Okeelanta to our
County 3eat, eat Palm Beaehiand always being defeated by influences in
said county seat,s lausehediu 1918,a move to get a road to Ft.Lauderdales
f&llvingfrom and to end,the North New River Canal.

I quickly ealinted Okellasta,South Bay and Ft.Laudardale* Breward County,
wth I.I.Bemrd help, quickly raised a fuad suficiesit to build up to the
.ia1 J?5eaeh Co.line

Palm I'aach County never lifted a finger save la ep o.sitioe,which was eon-
tinued till 1933. (Copy of bestile wire before me.)

Just before thiseneme unkneow friend enlisted the Federal Bureau of Public
S Rods in o r farerfol&eing -ihich I ;usumed @ur troubles were over,
I geuld have stated a'bwve that a hostile easmitt'ee in Ft.aud. saw that
taefuads were not ap lied to the road in question. Years drag-ed ongwe
oeg-ed and plead. At last the$ built,ia half-way fashionpart of the read,
and quit.

Alasia 1931,1 spent 3 months in Tallaassee( the 3-seasieos,C rltoa legis-
laturejand with hetp from Rep. RogerasFt.Laud),and we
paired our bill and made this road a STATS HIGH.IAYNO.26. The State's help
is building this road was exactly N THING AT AL. Than ame the Federal
ad opti on.

Returning from D.C. ia 193. ', found that the loaer ends of the road(Ft.Ld.
and Miaal) were started. These were continued:ea the North CaealgI think
atut 20 mileasand fre Miamiaup to BrowArd County. Here endeth the reading.

Thaenlast August,we understo d that a Clewisten company had made a bid,
chea-per and better than any etherand that that company would certainly get
the eontraet and begin at erce.

Howevereoe of the Judges an bids--said to be federal--found that one item
was high. Heneethough the total was lowthe contract t aunt n be granted.
7e mighed heavily,but were cosoeled with the statement that anoeter ell fer
bids would be made very so a.

The time fro late tiagut till Jan.23 has elapsed,and me hint of another aall
for bids.



Belle Glade,Fla.,

Hmn.J.'ark ";ileex,M.'.,
New :.!R.Office Bldg.,
"asuhingtoe, .C.

My deor Ir!.'.iloe*x

Permit mne,tlii, time,to say a word about T.-,TJ iiCAG. TL.2ITY SIX(26).

After strugliug frcm 1913 till 118,to get a road from Okeelasta to our
Coeuty :eate eat Palo Beaohand always being defeated by influences in
said county seat,o laumnhed,im 1918,a move to get a read to Ft.Lauderdale,
f&lln ling,fran end to endthe North eow River Canal.

I quickly eslinted Oke'lanta,South Bay and ?t.Lauderdalei Breward Courty,
wv th I.I.Emrd help, quickly raised a fund sufficient to build up to the
1 i'alt Be33ah Ce.line,

/ Pala Peach countyy never lifted a finger save irp positionwhich was ern-
tinued till 195:l (Copy of hostile wire before me.)

Just before thia,ssee unkneow friend enlisted the Federal Bureau of Public
RK adas la aur faver fole-aing Ahich I :saa.umed cur troubles were over

I geuld have stated tb 're that a hostile oeewitcies in Ft.Laud. saw that
L tbefuads were not ap lied to the road in questier. Years drag-'ed sonwe
oeg-ed and plead. At last the$ builtsim half-way fashion,part of the read,
and 4uit.

ALs9,in 1931,1 apent 3 moeaths in Talla4assee( the 3-BesasioCarltoe legis-
laturejand with help fro Aep. Rogerst3t.Laud),and .em.Vag'-( .P.Beaeh) we
passed our bill and made this road a STATE HIGH.AY,NO.26. The 3tate's help
in building this read was exactly N THING AT AL Then came the Federal
adoptioa. *-

Retursiag from D.C. in 193.,1 found that the laer ends of the road(Ft.Ld.
and Miami) were started. These were eomtinued:er the North Cas llgI think
-ab ut 20 mileslaed fruma iaUmiup to Breward County. Here endeth the reading.

Theolast Augunt,we underate d that a Clewistom company had made a bid,
cheaperr and better tha. any otherand that that company would certainly get
the eontraet and begin at eee.

Howeverese of the Judges ea bids--said to be federal--found that eme item
was high. Heseethough the total was lewthe contract must 't be granted.
"se sighed heavilygbut were consoled with the statement that another calL far
bids would be made very ea e,

The time from late pagsat till Jan.23 has elapeedand as hint of another eall
for bids.

l l'

~~_~_ I

Inquiry brings the answer(eral) that "It's theGeveraaeet. They've stepped
all read building for a time." --That warn ae mnetha aimee. Now,we hear,
"It'e Governmeat red tape. we'vee get th7 meaBy."hee they let ge.we'll start,"
(Words to that effect.) "Passing buck?'
I7e don't olaim ti know who's holding the read up. Allwe knew is that's aa
dead as in 1918,amed a vast area of Everglades lies as dead as the roadabe-
cause we can't get a red,and the canal impreveernt to be ef:'ectedincidenat
ally,by road building.
(of cannal-improvement aad road-buildiog)
Here's wa ,t thts held-up/has meant for vergla les people;

In 1920,Okeeloeta was at its height. I had out 41 as. of potatoes,82 at. of
dashe- a and 40 as. of oergalll coming on finely, Prm that total crop,I
received 1,.00. Strug-limg a till mpring,I vacated,"till falt." Froma them
til! last June,I was never able to return to ay hoae,f za and towa-site.
everythingg a wreelkand fbi er taxes piling up mountain high.

Fr.a nuth B yodow,practioal'y everyhuman beiag had to move 3ut.

Ausuredat lasteef road-building and seanl-improvement(i cidental),I re-
solvTed,0c t Junetos return to my wrecked home,and reatse. Vlen followed me
up and wanted to rent frm mee. withoutt asking onee, rented 6 mee 30 as.eaoh,
and hb edo aV! to get federal funds to farm with All were ready to begia.

Thenin eptot.cae raia ,rait,.RAIN S. ?ight at the junction of two easals,
mar nater should bsve rue eff. But the canals *aere CHO I) U3,as ubual. Heoes,
from Sept53 til. Jan.2a3we have not yet gotten rid of our excess. gater,

Lyresters? I hbd to rela-so thea,and let thae hunt laud not drowned out.
"Had tc'? 7;ellne. I did it out of mercy to them. Of course,I'm ruined. Pive
uents ae haud.

CN Jam.14,Dade and Xilai awoke. The County Can iseioa metresolved,and Toted
to send their aeaabr,:.Cecil 7.atsoa,to Tallaha eee next Moaday,to the Board-
budget meating,and IRGj that the road be completed.

hs Iriami Chasbet .f Cow-'eroe adopted a streag reeolution"and will nend
it's saeretary,3..~es' Tallahasoeetoo,

I readthiu in the Heral&,and got busy with this petitioe(esolosed).. On Fri-
dayalastI signed up 120 in Bel o Glade,im South Bay(Saturdafy6j mainse ir-
creaaed to 91l~ad n Moonday I signed up 125 im Pahokee. Last might,in a bad
toerawe held s jnint--setileamet aetiagadopted the reeolutioe,and advised
me to write younrequesting;
1--Thatyu see the ULS. Bureau of publicc Roads,and find,if possible,just
where *ar' oar is tukL;and haew it ear be get:ea pried out.
2--That you do yur utmeat to get this road built before we've all died of
old age.
Sincerely yours,


__~ I

Belle Glfdeifa.
Jan .'4,1936.

State :i-ghway D)partamest,
Gentlenie4- -
.a a representative of Uper Glsdes settleraI write ylu regarding Roaj 26.

Let me satep thatiau 1915,this writer laumehed a eapaism for ths first
UNergladet read ever ought for. This read would gem.eot Okeelautal
first r*- r Glades settlemeatand oar county meat3' est Paal leash.
This re4d was auth--rized by tbe Legislature and twise fiaacaed,but we s~uld
ever get it built, Rlmanrtm ef the effort may still be bees at Okeelanta.

iy qt ef ert was for The-Lauderdale-te*Lake-Rad ",as a called it.
I it6 8sted fkeelantathes South Bay,aad the Pt.Lauderdale. Broward County,
helped by the I.I.Peard3fiaaeed this road up the Eorth Canal to the Pala
Bea~ h Clunty line. "le funds were entrusted to a eoa:.itteebut .e eould
sever induce t ei to build the road. After years of delaythey uilt an
useurfaeed stretb V2 miles ) gaiad eteped there--peman a stly. TiLe was
worthless f',r travel.
In 19gAfriejdis Is t.Lau.derdale fiianeed me for a trip to Tall hasseiwhere
I lab.areai three .onths &e seaur4 the paa.sage af a. till.Lakimg this read a
State 'enad. Helped by 9erster .aga- and Representative Rgersp.4e aeaured the
parafge of the billpbut mc work was dvse,
Nextgim 193eSthis read was made part of the aderal Highway Syste. jhile
la ';aanhimgtou:oD.C.nearly 11 memtbhosi 1932 and 19335,iu the interest )f the
Jladeos4 made uamy visits to the FeT4ral Bureau of Publie Roadsaand was
atrhorised thuss Yeu nay say that this office is favorable t:o Bead Twenty-
Six beenue it bas bee AD 33 TO TIES ?FD-3RAL HIGH,;AY GYST;t". jroay these
meuI was assured the read would be built.
liting the alproveaeut of the canal .l allowing the building of the stretch
of read west of Ft.Lauderdalewe felt that by the building of the read we
would alse ebtai seae iaprovamest i eour eamalSeHnbling it ts carry of' ea-
oeor watir.
Last Agusetaeur bepes roa hk1i fer we uadersteOd that a bid was about to be
let for startinl a seetie .tihi road in the Upper Glade u. But it ell
thrcogb. Howewerit was saitdi*ther bglweuld se*& be called ferlbut iL the
fol' wing meutbhewghave heard of none.
Lask of radagand the maadmiuistratie of our easalihas killed Okeelasta,
and a great area of Upper Glades im which set lemewtu were being built in
19f and 191i r Thereagir is wrm is far less favorable osumition tha& in
tat early 4y. The hemses them built have beei ba redamd the region erv-
ered with a first of tall wetdsa

In 1921we were drive euat. I espeted et return is tte fall,but was kept
gat till irtt Jmne. T l I reaumed. Six wauld-be teenots from the Lake
Sht"m vtsited messeeking pporttuity to far Ckeelaita laed. I let oedk


t irty aeres.180 acres is alla.1 d aided is saeuriug for them Federal Faze
lsean with wbich tF cultivte the laud.
In Septenberh beeverheavy rates same. The fact that we are leeateti e the
ereosPig of two canals should have so a fre..d us frn waterlbuttas usual,
our Oeals were eheked up. THese the water has cursed us till this day.
(Ot mf merely to my teeauta,I released then froa their ceatraetsand let them
hurt dry la.bmdthus losing my shareagiuoi craps.
This that,since 1920when I had fine creps:4k as.ef ?tntateas,2- as.
dashe-es and 40 as, of eoam--( from which I reaped just .';1OJ because *f
lack of recl.qatl)ie)I have obtained net mse eeat frim all my land in Plj%
T3 N YAiRS. vdd me riaeer land oan be feundasa here.
Ab pt the time Okeelauta was founded(before and after) seae 20,000 people
bought saw krans:.Gledea laud--Lake ihore being unavailable. :aet of thee
buyers paid in full for their lauadaad themfer yeira*paid taxes e the laid;
which taxa~,is a altitude of nasesareturned the payers net a et.Sy is values

n cna sequencesaultitudes of buyers have aband oed their lawds as utterly
hepeloes under the administrative aoesried them. I am eae af the very few
whe have held oeahping against hepes;krwing e land and elimate are fine,
and 'that only maa"--ia lacking.
Intle preaest cireuxstaacea, our is desperate. sHweverythe building
of Head togetherher witt thecaeal improveamets that wil. fellow imcideutally,
will save umgad permit the reeaaptien of the work frm which we were drives
is 1920--21. a eal.qmatis and RODS will save usabut nothing else wilL.

Heseeewitb allth eeourtesy and with all the earueesatues e *am com .a.ndwe
pray to youGBUILD ROAD 26;and complete it as a.

Very truly yours,
r.. "s leare further of myself ad
Wy Overglades ef-'erte,I respectfully
refdr you te a
Hem.".'.V satt State Treasurerjaudto Hes.'a.H.l'ias of the State WSurene
Court;both of whem I have kunw since 1911 aedl9l2. T.2. 7,


jeile Cl.deGFla.,
jaw. 5,19~6.

;r 'f.. ..Leehvilag
Taw;: universityy ,

:)edr 'ir:

I aote in the press that you have discovered a hermme"
thnt mray expedite the growth e* plants.

or:,.ibly yu h:ive prepared scmie matter fir distribution
reg:irdiug this discovery. If so,I should appreciate the
*portuaity to examine it,

3,me yenrs siace,I was President of the rasnas State Ag-
ricultura.l Cellege,at which tiLe I visited y-ur %Agricul-
tot.rl Cl3.egefrom which we drew. one "f our prsfesVors.
Very truly yE ars,

'bes.2. aill,



Congress of the Eniteb State I :
)ouEe of Reprezentatibez
iasngton, B.C.

January 25 1936

Dr Thomas E 'ill
Belle Glade Florida

Dear Dr Will:

I have received your letter of the 23rd instant, relative to St te
Road #26. It has been my unerlstaidiilgr that this road was approved
for Federal assistance but as you know, all highways are constructed
under the State Road Department. I isuCgest that you take the matter
up directly with Mr Treadway, the head of the State Road Department
who I am sure will be in position to give you accurate information
as to the present status of this matter. I shall be glad to render
you any assistance possible fro., this end of the line.

With kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

--r-- -- ~--- _w- .T-- -



January 29, 1936.

Mr. Thos. E. vWill,

Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Mr. Will:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of January 15
concerning the delay in undertaking the construction of State
Highway No. 26 between Lake Okeechobee and a road leading to Miami,

We stated in our letter of November 29, 1935, that a sum of
I about "331,000 of State and regular Federal-aid funds had been
allotted for undertaking construction on Route No. 26. Since that
date the State has submitted a second program which will utilize
the State's entire apportionment of these funds. This second pro-
gram lists an allotment of $662,000 of State and Federal funds for
grading about 7_miles of this road. Heavy grading through marshy
country is the reason for the rather high estimate on the cost of
this contemplated work. However, we are hopeful that a revised
4 ^ design fpr the grading section, as now being studied, will make
possible the construction of 10 or 12. miles of this road rather
tha 7 miles In the utilization (f -thatabove allotment.

In our letter of December 19,1935, we ad i _youl hat the
design features of the higway prdeot progr bed fo construction
with the U. S. Public Works Highway funds made available under
Section 1 of the Hayden-Cartwright Act were also being considered
with a view to making it possible to extend the length of the
improvement in the expenditure of the available funds. Our District
Engineer has already contacted the State Highway Commission and
requested that it expedite the preparation of these revised plans
so the project may be readvertised for bids.

We have received no information or report since that date /
concerning any cause for an unreasonable delay in undertaking the
actual construction of this project. Copies of this correspondence
are being forwarded to our District Engineer for his information.

Very truly yours,

At Chief of Bureau.








t44, J -a,

71Ct ) -*"f4 AJ-
/, 41 -; M E^

~td.1-~a a. I .-ot.-
A~e wow~


VA eiye4-tid1V,.

oCL4~2~dd -~VC~-


~rv v~v- ~


4 Al^^ l '^ or~


~L~c (21i.$12,Rec

~a~ kLS ~eL

^ir,^ iLto &Qaod.,

0 "

K2' 4. .


1 -



ai^^^ ^^h.
_^MA^4X. %^M^~




^ 4stb t^ fO44^^ 44Wl9pjt
11-~~-l~ ^LU~4J SU(U ^t t^^^l^6
j^~ c~ak Pde^- ,
^^ ^W^^A^^^^^-/^k9V~C~
]L^ <^^,JSZ^HM^M^ ZeLC;6y^
\^ o^acdAkv^ ^^Jrl>.^^

i S^D R/V4^'^^^L~t ^^ ^^t <^ (r^

^ S c ^ 0 f

~9 ~k bt. ~"~9 ldtii2i'eI"'
1 ^ ^ i ~/' "A^ *^
2S ^64 4-1^^^^^1<(^ ^^
i ^1 ^f^U ^r~A/^L^^pi~jtfv I ty
|J^, q404^ .o1L4L W-

?'3 CLJ J,,-a d/ ....
aO a J' c -, -- .... (^ r -. ,.

A --(I '% 07 -4

./4 iaAp ,M., a


a r -r~ir

'Bh ad Fla ,'Gl ade
S. 1. .36 *
g .ri

Mr. B.H.KeeIerSeOy.,, .
lMlami Chmb er of Ca.m*rce, .
Miami, Fla.
My dear air:
') rendiegJau.15th.,of the m ti of the Dade Co.oeard of Cear-is:ioa-
era mad the Miai Chrbaber of $*teoroe re Read 26,1 at sace prepared
a pet.tiea to the ,tA:Highinay Departmentoirculated it personally
in Bellealadewd:)put~'mB a J'ahkeeeobtai.i.g several hundred maces,
and seat it to the'lNO*~ci Ihe24th.

aince the meeting &A1..a Mea4 I hwve searched both the LIiani Her-
ald and the i'alm PeSi t : read what was there;but find sos am-
ties of R;ead 26.

You may knew thatthj A ~ia&b beem trageimg aince 1918,at which
time I started the .'*t.ier it is the Up,)er Glades and ea the
Coast. Is 1918,it .ii*Pi'. from Ft.Lauderdale up the North Canal
to the Psiam Beach Ceio iaft'er infinite delay,Duly 2 miles of
unsurf c .ee.J grade T 't. .
ln 1931,I speat thrs A, Tallahasuee--at the 3 seasioes of
tie Legislature--pr r~~ead might be made a State road. Is
this ef'ort,we were bA'l ut the Read Departmeat did so building.

Put for the taking *flrt hx tit roadgby the Federal- Governmemt,we might
well toult that aRy b.. E Read 26 would ever be done, However,
while is Jashingto i l ,..wa assured at the of:iwe of the Federal
Bureau sf Publie Road1 ib~iwould be built. :3till,the delay that
has since ensued has ben ar't-breating-
I was greatly pleased at t ..t roeet aetiau of yaur county &Sd city,rps
meted above,aod am writ Xi.oew taeasertain whetheria Tallahasseeoyou
learned anything re bultlA1 Read 26 that weo. do set fi d in the
press or than I have been e tAl by writing the State and Fed-
eral read offices. *' hl#i-shde ii t kaow is:
1-- 7hat Read funds ,are now &rvalabl t h Tallahassee efiile: A--State,

2-- L j'I l' t'* *a*A' V'wilL ,gain be called for?
5--f tlattl tat bid *iI n (The bid advertised for.
last- J7lt t. ) ..- '
- .esp t t -o.a ea rs. fr.nai through between Himii and
lSB -? .y(i we're to Wit ar oher SIXT NI YEfRS they should
Sinft e hat tnet.) .. -
l.tVery truly yu..
Very truly,

_ __ T


Q, S ..F. ROY V. OTT
C. B.AiAw January 31, 1936 WGTAVARES,FLORIDA
CHAIRMA January 31. 1936 ... .

Mr. Thos E. Will,
Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Mr. Will:

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your
letter of the 24th attaching petition requesting
the construction of Road 26 from South Bay to

The Department has approximately
$FC4O,000 set up for the construction of Road 26
this year. $120,000 of this is National Recovery
funds on the project which was advertised last
August but was turned down on account of not
having the proper design for the road.

Since then we have taken borings and
have now prepared plas to cover the expenditure
of these funds which will be let to contract
sometime during the month of February. We have
in addition to this $3 1'QQO of Regular Federal
Aid which we expect to let to contract shortly
after the contract which will be let in Febru-
ary giving us sufficient time to determine whether
or not the sections designed for the roadway will
prove satisfactory.

( I am sure you will see during the year
1936 practically this entire route under contract
from South Bay to lfiami.

Yours very truly,

SH. Dovwling,
JHD/h State Highv.ay En neer.

Ballet Glade,Fla,,
Feb .1,1936,

Miss 'x"ry ierpest,
c/s ;irs.27.. 'abes,
16 Gerham Ave.,
Breeklise,l sB.

Dear :is-, Yl11ir

I have ylir letter of l----9--36,wit eaclesures,

11. of these I have studied with eare. Your problem see-me to be lack af
Sdeae for y ur .?lrida sroporty.

As to this, I uegest you write t;e firm fra -which you bought--pre-
sumably the i'alm Beaesh C0.--and state yiur ease.

If a deed has be a granted yeuthat fast should ap ear em the be ks of
the firm. thea,fer a reasonable ceasideratirslI assume they will fur-
.ash ymu a duplicate deed.
SIf yfu ha're ever h d a deed,theE they should be able to tell y-u why;as
lack of 'iaml3 payment. ;

ly files shew a* earlier carrespo8adeue withynu re your,as fellows:

1--r, 3--31--34,y9u wrote me,enclesiag laud desuriptieunetc. Your problem,
theme,ws fear that your land Might be sold for noe-paymeet of taxes. You
uugreoted making a trip te Fla, re the matter.

2--0n 3--29--34,I repliedshewing hew easily a men-payment might be handled,
and sugreeting that I see the tax col'ector,sad same ose in Ltke 'o7rth
acquainted with your land.

3--O 4--2--34,you repliedsaying you had sent taxes and drainage dues.

4--0e 4--4--34TI seat you a slip. ig sug testing "easiest way out oe
delinquent lad payment." I find thing mire.

If I have mised a paint frea your inquiry,kindly inform me. I realize
the handicaps under which remote buyers laeor. Vere your lands in t.,e 3ver-
glades,I o*uld tell mauh mere re "handisaps,"

I am carefully preserving your enelosurea and will return thea as se-* as
I learns they are met further me-ded here.

ae sat hesitate to write re anything I cam de. This is not a business
V-epesities',but merely a little errand such as I might be glad to have
&t their de for me.

i r- .7111's picture is always before me. That you knew herin Cambridge,
me:.;s something ti me.
Sincerely yeurs,

A~ -1 "



Feb. 1, 1956

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
Belle Glade,

Dear Mr. Will:

I have your letter of January 50th and suggest that you
write the State Road Department regarding Road 26.

We are keeping behind this road and doing everything pos-
sible to assist in it, but naturally, as you know, it has
been delayed from time to time.

May I suggest that you take this matter up with Willard
Smith, Pahokee, Fla., who represents the State Road De-
partment, and is only a few miles from you. If you re-
ceive any definite information from Mr. Smith please let
us know. In the meantime we will keep on_ Mghting.


Belle Glade,fla,,

Mr.h}l Leyhea., Miter,
'Miami News,
r Miami, Fla.

! fLy dear Ir.Leysht :

JH ad 26 is quickening up agals. As its father,fighting for
it 16 years,I'm furnishing a lit levaluable aewsand sime
history that als should help.

If yu can use itanmd sead me a few eopiesI cam use them.

Very truly yours,


r // "

Bulle Glade, loZ., i


.'r. Jlharle.y Dritke,
''t .LAud .News,
Pt.Ld .,Fl|..

'y dear Hir.)rake:

;t lnst,';o d 26 se ms to be moving again. An its f atler,
iho h'Is f oughtt its battleswithout ceasing f .r SUlI;i.; ., Y.'R,
I'm eac'urRged:and as sending a little mews and a histori-
col sketch that should help,

I'v;. nrr n.t your w tr;s yr aw ditr you'll b ve to tell him
who I rs.

A:imDi--.lde to-day's i[eraldmagazime section--L.e ms t) think
that neither Ft.Lauderd.,le or I have any oart o.JAlt in this
mat' 1hybe,though,we can hammer away,.and let them grb t:he
glIry. You kIe oey get the whole road in 1929--all on the
"ionmi Canal.4 ty

1o0y truly yOurs,

eb .3,1936.

;.y deair are ..iekensie, 'i

'he eacl.)ad I cut ia bit tga froei our -iaiui New. IsI't thiLt
t',- str-ight .iagle -axi .:'d didn't he work it in skill fully?
I t:,imk this is the first ingle Tax stuff I h ve ever rekd is a
.1rid:.' paper,

I'm watching Conjres ,thb A.duiistratiathe Liberty I Leigue,"
11 -aith tad ,.ll the reat of it and tham. ,Rebiasm's skicaing
of I~ith Was riuh. u y idea has be that the : cll StreeterE plan
to g't. iIth *emlalited an the Dem.ticket--far Preeide-at,~f e urse;
but,i8' thit doesn't loek ge d,thes to rus bia em a ticket af their
S'.s ..dwiuiatr..tie lacks much of perfection;but it's tre 0o d
things he hi- dome that are getting the fiercest koecks;hence,as
betweeta him ,ad them,--well,he's the hole show.

" '-II 1 traet dies lave tVe CGostitutieoall at eace:, ibia is
tV f first tiiae,I thiskltiy discvcred feti hlId ,me. Of crrec,
tf:ey 'hii'L t'ly A-da' b&eltter chanc0 i0 tle haads ef tie ";Lie,
d13 ma"',:lp,.aimted for lifethav with a fairly progresf`iv6 Pre-
idaet .ad Coagres -with the people as thieir hecl all the time,
and driving them is the path of duty.

I think I c;ll"ed yaur att.enti to the elegant way .* 1.hich David
J._Le-.;ies,eBter from e d.,--a'd 3iagle Taxer--ahsved :tl'lt the aest
uacoeatitutiaaal thing the Supreme Calrt coaarects up with is its
7 'TOI I, FCTJ 'F C00,GR.3 when met eme word in the Constitutioe
authorizes this. (C agec.,-e pt.10,113 5,55 6.) -his f:ct,
I becae acqu.iate~ with a geaeratia\ ..gevbut Levis is the first
man I lhve seen deliver the go ds in the easelad he acrtainly deen.

It's 9ti that aur r:-.dilcls have sever ade a posit of this. kaybe
they needed same exceesively raw de0i--auch as keeckiag ~ut the TVA.
ta--d.y(..s the pres- expecte;the "'t-dey" part at last),to reuse
thaen-s the Dred Scott deciaioi whi4c brought o* the Civil ,ar.

I owe you auch more ef a letter than this. That Jiagle T'a cut-ing
started me.

I've beem tel'ieg the Twase.nd people that their "ose thing se.dful"
to h-ve a great proposition is the taxation of land valuer. HUrdl
.-e of them ever herd of it or of H eery George. 0 for a I .iS ,

r.;.The President ofthe Tewasead Cordially y-urs,
League here suddenly last his job;
presuimpbly for his principles. I'll
tell his people they should make
an issue of this. He worked for a chail store here.

I __ __ __ ____ _1_ _1_ _

+Lelle Glade, Flu.,


Delle Gla9de 011a

:r.' \ugu3t urgh rd, iecy.,
Chinitr of Cmmnerce,
lt.L.L uijerdale,21 **.

y dJear 1Mr.3urgards

}o-.d 26 is waking up agiim. Heaven knovs hb~'e beLn doing my
b,::it ta awi..kan it. As its fathar,.vho h, .f:'ught,iacebsaetly,
fr. it,I have a right te fe.1 eecour&iged,

T'i. brcherae,ow,a seems to free me out nad ask me," .ihat hbve y-ou
got t3 do with oe:d 'G?" ( -uery of a heady

I'm .enadiug the enclosed to the tt.Ld.1ews,o/o Charley ')rke.
I've 3,v-ar yet nStth.e w .klitor,and hb pr-L.,bly hi.s ~'ver he;-rd
of i,1

j;e Uj u~,-itians from y-u may iateredst him the more in t'e ea-
1c~.cl1 atory--which yi may *keep,if y.u c ro f".r it. L(';C LIe J
is ta Gi.;:T T R3 J and G,'T IT J' .T;ithholdldg it, 'r 1d th, .
u L:,i iii u ica is its "-ull.i ne* ',ill br'.ag ,1re kill' .--' ut er-
erythinig a the lirth Cai!l bcuth of joutu }ay.

I had 180 a-res rented tl 6 fannera .wham I lsO h -l-' d fia-noe
.tI.ri 'ed n- Loans. They/were frur tlie Lake but at d tchy pre-
fe rrev ekcel?,nt,. je counted on road REnd csaa.l impriveiients ;,nr
got nj'ithlerise I've released theast hunt up some highi land if they
cc.n, ctnd may hapes of a aickel or a dime sat.e more gome gliia-

Itve filt for a long time t it the' 't.Ld.:Tews was l:)' place,at
liat,i which I could talk vxrrgladeo. -ut with you u.t,,.ad my
lack .of acquainatiace aith the .diteor, out thereit ,I imagine.

I crt iinly hepe you are having the se~somyau worked aoo pr.-yed
for. .'igcultivated L. ck Caumtryhoweverwiill make y ,ur prer:s-
tig a- d for visitors leo: intense,.

:4iaoerely yours,

IP~-~~~ ~...~ ; -.

'* ,


/ /i



-. I-


~'p, ()

, 1LI


4. s



L. I

y/*' "


~_~IPY i_ I I

I/ I f


ii r
;:i rt~

.('1 -



lelle Glade,Fla,,
Ily de-r ::r.l1isoa:

I'm delIgtej to hbaIr from you agina. Have been mis-ing you on every
h:; l.k,

'ec. 91n -4'6 went yesterday to _v.UewosFt.Ld.News & Liinfl.-Jaews.
I hope you eaC gt a copy there. Thee I'd like to here eac.retuly-eO

I'm feeling better naw e-erRil.:d6 t',a I have felt ti l1 ougf a
I kLnw that schae t f dividing up ty.,:nd ea i:i.I- j T Akl Ut
his oa,. It's one of the greatest o*pJrtumi t fe rf t st-
that I ever he-rd of. I had uet herd the u d it.'J've lmg
beard of it in P.L.Cl.

l.UT,uO,a9.t lastwe've get a club over tie he~.ds of gr.fters,. riere's
eo ro,,ase to believe the rre is ea this. S- we e,.auld keep de-
ing -ihit I've teen dpinr t Tell the of the way weive tles
hailed sitice 1913,ated ere being hbmdled now. They iay net re'-ly to
ihat but th,-t matter goes lrte their files. Them let the cr ka 1 ki

ln 3.CI wd s asked ta statement r Sv rds, icludg our troub-
les. I di- ;. .y13 -.n t',raed in, TheBim the 1 --t few we.k8*
I tueat a cay of it t* the 'edio*f-ice rn men workiu- v 2;2.26, Th"reyr
eot fe Is.

,cpisaypu know I'm alw .-y looking oaf4er the I'3 TLi T-3C. le're g Aig to
hari a Tal.aext April, ever in our lives ha*', we had a repre
sent tive we could laek ta:a mUn who asnos the Gladesomad the ginsand
enares we're always falling late ;and 'ust what we nud i RI-UJ- LEG-

New,I'ma 74;and if I'm ever to do work like that I cas't wait Mauh leog-
er. It's all quiet as fo.r,byt I'm thinking strongly af rui :inc *er
th:;.'-. I've gsotee my progr:ui well worked out already.

:;w there's a natter we otght to be together on. I'm Smevr hunting
gloxy" f*r myselfjbut same o*e whe knows the Glades ana caresxfor
sts future should sup lamt the os-go ds we've h. a so much of there.

I'll proepse this Either YOU rm .nd I'll help yMu;ar I rua,and you
help me. Sust which you che se. You keew this library of mime is
am usparnllelled arsenal ae -V. ',ihat ise't th:ire is hardly worth want -
lig. I'Ve bege getting my stuff rounded up for many weeks ,t'hikimg
of trying with 'ilcox in Congres to LIFT TTh LID. 1a promise, to help
ms. But going to the Leg. miget be betder;mare eoastructive anyway.
Plenae write me. I hope you're met tied up. 3y crop failed as usual,
([ C~'3 .7f"JlT,r.d C-;uals 1;.G.) so I have more tie then I expected.
Cordially yours,

Lell.e Glao,7a.F, L ( /
Fab .6 ,1i56

+t .L ."ew .,
?t.AiLderd lei7L.

d d r
1y de r rO. ke s

If t e "ev; ra the ih -26 st;-rM ,I'd like copies to distribute to help the

I t'.e p st, I *bt iainmed d .I;eu *'pie w which could be uLed as cyttimg~dlzesa
of them.
If' tihes are mat now aTil.Jiible, .ld y u c, n seed g&4d,Lack vumtaerr,with
bil1, dv t,.i.ts 8 to 10 covie-s,l y.,

Very truly yours,

__ __

L --


0 ~ ~ r -~ *-- -- 4' 1s 4 3)7~

-I ~ srr "-
A t
,.. --... o 1- &
*, s.d -7 '
Oc q J ...- ._X't*- ,
,1 ._ ". t. o j '-* 4 i -' '
l # ,. ,i 'd t ,/ "

4 L L 2 Q .- d 2 f . 4-- i t J- ,4 C -. .- .- ', .

v/ 477 ~
tI .. ,, $t -
-_ .. .. ,, I_ --*---..< '

I 2' 1 '
*1 / / 1 f
." -( ,- : -, -;'i --: -=,.4

U" : '
/, N .' / .- .-...i--
*t. ..- -
,-'- --.-. -'- .
_. 4 ,-..
1--. .r.,, -. .I..-

*^ \, 4..r-^L -' -- -~ -' s' 6 ^ ^- (- <-f .
*"--_" -" ",, '" '. .. _. ,, .-' .-,-- .. c-' .
r / ;-: I

5 '- ?. ,-..d: .f '.., .

,J r_ C," -,. -. .
.' -i
,i., I,,,,,F,
:.... '. *-- ,,,, *' -- ..- ---.\ .,... '^t ^ L ^ U. ^ -.4

.. .. \ +:' + ... '7',"

.... ? .. J .. '

-'\,4< I t-.- { ... ... .- *
(. /" ,". r + ''
-- .,* .. '. I
,, ". .
p ',."s ---. ', -. .. .. -C- l

.. t..,..A +,":~r ,,_ ,-Cr.!,,,.


: "/.,^

K^Si -c r
,. J..

.:.-.-_ C t ( -' -

~- / j

/r '. -



Is A

S--- ..

- I, f

v-I C"



'-9 U.


-I. tc'.Q


Belle Gladealjaa.,
Feb .11,1036

.r.Paul %'rdin,
;verrl-fed lew -,
Canal Taint,.1.a.

lMy dear 'r.rardiwz

I hr.'i hpaed to see you. My miner reason is that I .tnated sae copies of
my read story to put whor thiay ,ill h'l:'. ;:y big,.:AJ.R reason is this:

Jvergl:94i1; things ;ire 'hap eniug" or re-dy to hap.,esright .ow. ( .hen I say
" .~ergl;ices"I al..ys mean the VAST,GLAJ- .-I IRJ; aet the little,lake riam.

A adninitrAitiin will so a gt out.

The legislature will mee,:t is I srat thr-ugh three,coeaseutive ses-
siena in 1931,1i Tallahas:;ee,And kuew what legislatures can do and earn fall
do,R *w. *

Aiewlaides3 '4ministratien is aeecciatated by thl.?detttha't Jeffrie;,

If isua3s like t'-ese -,re tb t'meat,saas --.zwual'y a fe;- must put a let of
thg..u't into them in go d tire.

It goes with ut sAyins--or should--that the Averglades imperiously demands,
a New Deal." I* itI have watched a whole t-century of tragic failure.
The whole head has be-. siek and the whole heart faint and there has beca
as health in it.

I saw eo way of eff'ectiLg ti-e change but by a bitter fight. Now death has
solved that problemanJd the quick eamiNg of electiossmew admiaistraties
and legislative ses ion invite and almost impel change.

What does the -Nerglades ae,.d? If fm training and study do ent show,I want
to sae a re.l solutiem from elsewhere. To me,it's plain as so*n-day,

rut how finamee itwhee Florida will. pay NOT ONJ- C-kNTaut das .AuTJ T*O
FORTcURiS OF T. 3,. ,RGL-ADJ-J? 3wen that problem was be solved.
L4aybe we esa meet yet.

Very truly yours,


__ _I_ ~





J~/c ~.
SF a i


/Ae Ce4
I (~ "~t.~'-z;~17~
~nW-r t) ~a-;c-

4P -PAC -

41 qc'
e--^ L*774l9 I 4
j- ,/L^"
^'rr~c^ /i^lU^-M'~r ^U;~lAdW^u/ia^i
^^M^M^^v^~ ^---t^~^_-L; ^~
PfOf^f AO^^W/Pt~ ^^^*^
0 M^^ ^ /lc ^ vS, ^yS ^'7^
t^upw^ ^^r 1 y( ^ c^a~Lvio ~/t^ ;2. ^he
~~ ~ j .f ,/ Y' t_ ---- -

// 4- 5


r ___ 1


zwtwyt c5

) lof

,j 'A n -j ead/ 't I

~- .1- .


I 1< 1

\t! \C
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,Y~4 <-^--~gZ^i j44ACn%4oW^^

-i414, 4At a4 4A
V t1^ ffe^^^ ^lvl/^^^/we~~
i rt

giAv a-,& ~4zo~&j
^VL^ /. V^*'^ { ^vo w~t^ev&,A^t/)r

-ttd + j A' z,
6Zt/ ^

A/bd- 2^0^t J U24. C^ i
^O~~ta-u&t^ O-K-L~~d `K^ : (^c -^-~ ^^?Au/ ^J^CL

,j i/'i^c~~5i^ ^% ^4^jt
*44fr4Af; 0VL fri AA~fc^ ^
^A~l j'^A^^ /^^t^ ^4>^--whn<> /y<^^

A^/W ^L4X ^d4

*^^ ^tK.A Mp jizA-iz-/
(Rsdf/(/e 7^l^Y^ d/ 7y/ r^12p~~ ^-/ ~,~- t"L/ ^^z'R^ ^'^ 4-'ie~ fF~~

?elle Glade,Fla.,

Ir. m'.J.'.Peland,
18 'nt tAth.St.,
'Ti r-inpr. ti, ih i .

My dear '.r.-sread:

I've be-m aw-nting to write yau,but have bde disabled far a time by an at-
tosk fa 3hingles"--Pel New to me,but deliver met

Reoseen for a New De il in the 3verglades multiply,and psSeibilitieasow,
senm to trighte.a

0u the ether eidl--I tried to resume. Rented out 180 as. to 6 mee,andri
helped all get federall funds to farm with. Them oame the rAime in early
Sept.naid eurfke.laesta lands have be a to, wet til1 asw. S3. I released my
remters,m-3 b-hve only 19ep,sagain,f3r this se5seo.

HBweverftter lapg hbmne rig bringing tmly umsatisfactary respoases,wp
cswred at last em R'ad 26. (.;e; eac..4Jr.ewL(relle Glade),2-7-36,p.3.)
The ceonecties of thTU.3.with this matter makes the enc. mean much more
than a,4y. ward iut of T'.llhassBe-,

1ext,a aes" St te a liwiitrstin is pending. Leap Year,and ?Florida's Gover
*"r them gaes out for 4 years,at least.

Them,a new legislature is coming. Dissatisfativm with the 1935 see i'm
grows- at least im express ion--as th-e mouths p-b.;, It includeE- feeling toward the Governor.
B--EcBd work by the legislature--charger,by many,te the Gavernor,including:
a--A t-:.-jeb system that developed in the sesaiea, Hlew- legislation
was pas ed,and members helping it each get another eob,with pay--said
to have been theGerenrer's way ef running the legislature in his *wa it-
b- -"he scho'l-fund situation,causing mucIh camplaiEt.
c--The slot-machise lpw:,savagely dearuaced namevem by theriamli Her-
aldia fruitppresumably, f the2-job law;le dening up a fl d of masey,which
under this law might easily fl&i,fre lyimte certain pockets.,fer protection.
And other tbings;all mea2mig that we're likely to have a quite new erowd in
Tallahassee next 4 years.

More to the p ilt,ae re Gladesa muddea death from car ac..ident,Be ;2-8-38.
Vietim,J..Jeffries,KXig ef A--The 3e.Fla.Ceeservancy Dist.,in which my
laudas g l ayg ,t. my eorrow;ameamre recentlyjVice Rey of t.;e Iverglades
)raiuage Distriot,ef which he a Shalts were IT,.md eweers were unknown
qu&atities. Iut,withthhe above emumerated facts,the calamity shattered
two mabhines,eae for carriage and the ether for polities.

I've never been a peliticiaibut ,for nearly a life tiae,partly in bncks,
and partly by standing in strategic plaees(as it lobbies of legislatures

-- .--- -- ---- -- .

, I

watching the wheel retate)I've studied the animal at elese range and
been told I'd helped do the ijipoasible. New,to me,this IL ka like a won-
derful chance to get same real work dome.

As alwyys,P chief .verglades handicap is that we're NOT H~ER3. The Talla-
hPtuee Administration is ent Gldespas a child should kunw. Neitheriis the
Can7t wit: its cities and fleely set t-urist ta4s. Vhy should duck gea-
tlemen soil their bands with muck?
'he actually settled section of the Olados C.n hardly be called Glades;
hardly mure tbhn the Coast. This Lake Share is a thing to itselj,with a
hefty fr~stism net loving but aneering at that s"aw-gras fraudIthle
inwardly dreadlig its awakening when it should leap ta its feet,and quickly
beeeoe master of all it surveys.

actual (ldefB oawmpe--ownersef the 98. that is genuine -vergl:ides'--re
winceller' out thus:
1--They sre en the waiting liat;vainly Lmagiineg same rival l i save
*--eicy're the leckedeut;many of whom,as e.-rly as 191 ,,ea?.me atrnag,with
funds qchtnes,ready to start;but,by Diachin my signsture,were driven out and awayback home.
3--:like our Okeel:atane, f 'arAhingtanD.C*,they have t:kkea the bull by
the herns,p1nted themselves,anyway, a the Gl'iJes,started their fight,and
st-ayed R Y",flT3; *nly te be drowned out,burned 3ut aud otherwise got em rid

"hus r%i ottherwisetthe-verglaries xreper hac been kept empty Zad yeteles:--
a ceanuered proviice,the easy prey of whaov.aor might,f-r there tiuic being, be.
costituting its boae,

A small groupimformed and actually interested in the RMAL .2VGL;L.3- --at t
Lake Sherae,r Cnest,er Up-Stateor Back Home;3od with the re-.dy cash es-
sential to studying the situation a the groundrun iug tO. me'ticges(e e
right *nowe waterwayste be ad.-resaed,at -juatis,by Geal..Markham,.Ch.ef
of TT.S.:mgine.-rs fr Rivers and Harbers),-r to legislative ses- ies as
members,l-bIyists aor wht aet;amd with emnugh advertising prwer to get fats
ieto the presB--a handful of intelligent,go-getting meo right here,and
jumping when thebutte' spushe..,could get aomxwheres .nd the above ep Ortu-
aity I've sketched would be 1OATS" for it.

ut ,instead here 's '/ill,like a lase Crusae en his isleadgwith hardlly a
thing with which to werkaid hardly a 'mas Friday" to help him up when's
he's knocked 4dw.W
I. '*ashingta,as Seeyf the ameriOcs Forestry \s.,I used--with my help
and the funds I raised-to send out mimeograph letters ordered in 10,000
lets;aud I published the organization's magazineand we built up a ma/tie a
wide mrgpnizstiwe that poured its stuff back onto Csogres and sent its
strong men to impertaet ean ittee hearisgaand GOT ITS LA7S FAS LD.
Aadwith equipinemtthis the side of that's EASY. But my last dollar
goeepapers almost inacces-ible and hardly asn verglader between Lake aid
Coast---:eli,it's Oppoetunity wit l~e ilitieo;anL4t my friendsL. say,Its
TRY--mr die.rd y y
Cordially yourasq.-

__ i I Ij

0 7
'f2~L ^ S?^/. W212

fl d .-
CAA/ 0, 8
A^,^t.4 -t^ B %4/-t J A-"yU.-

-^-Rd(e d~u MmaU ^nt^<;7^^- o^^^
j^^~r A^<>A^~ V ~W^^
O^ WIA- <5tlb<7^C L^^ C^A~dt~j^^
ZRu /2A^^bL/Y/Y^l~tzlze
(^^<^ ^^


-0 ?^ T ^-i9
a44 (0t&

"4 <--- 8i a-6 -
A '

^IM4 d4s -d-ri cWic'/u uAX^ A4Yl4y -



^('f^^AR~deb 440^U^ WyL^^ chyic \

i^t- % ^^^N^^^-^^o'C *y6,^^ r SdV |
-^^ek^Z^^'i^ ^ ^^^4~
^C tl^MW ^ Swu^t^^r-^t--

^ e/ztJG. E4^ eir~ A^ C^LW^-z& r v y^^~z IUNYV ^u-ia 3/LZJCfC7~ GZi^t-d

6(#16vn ce/ /&4V
^-^4^{ -i A -i^<^
a4^ ^ ^^ -^e^ 6?^< ^<^ ^z^

auM/ ~c eZ- /
,-2^4 ^wC < 3
^>l/u^;t7teA/t ^l ^^ ^^ ^^_4^c
^^^^U^^^--f~~i,_ ^/^^
^^^^^^ J^
^^^^l^^ ^^ ^^~hL;~ry ~
~-y ^^^-^^^rA~ee /2~~~~ ^4-L^^
_Y% o ng / j / /9r1' ,/^ j

^^^ ''^^c^^z^^ -^ ^ ^C~i^
\n2^~Rre 0^ z^-^fd .
^v^^k~ e^^t-~n;~i~zj^^^t^^^^^^


,W4L A24/?1 /Ln4LpAI1A JL. I 6x~e. -o



ar lO z a oeft 0 *-- w -e -, .-

0 6-

e< 09 ; 2w -p <^.-l
s '- 5-y -- fi i Z
S. -

\A~t AA,-^M^ (Jmfo_<,

A 0O'& A aM

., A /LvL
S W Vz s4 Rs-/3

,t i v eS. & s '

^ t^ -/f ^H Swii
-E"C 3-^&^wlt^' e'^

<^L-e1 @eoxC& Ce L4








/ 3. A -

7 O'3
L ^/b?.fl

.I '



~_i~ li~ __ _i~__~ ____~_~__


, i2
C; .







57' FL

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7C2or4$14 ~-die
14 t~X jJD ./LAA IL~A

of"J ^ 3
0^^ n3




qw~r 71.~ 3~ ( v

/t~~ l 9a 1"








-$ 33


4 /. :. .,

Pontiic, Ill. ./27/36. ,
Mr.Thos. E.Will,
Belle Glade, Fla. S

De.r Mr. Will:-

I do not know whether v'ou will recognize my narme .,
when you see it? But,by reminding you of the fact tha+ I bought '
a ten acre tract do. 40 in Okeelanti Addition, you may probaiblyv
recall the tratrirction of 1913. I saill own my tract of' and h'&
not yet seen it.

Jow I wonder if you vould b- -lllinF to give m
the necessary information for a trip to Florida9 a ,I.
/ First ,would like to know whether the last week in
April or the first week in M.y; would be .a favorable time to see
the Glades country? My wife and I and my neighbo- and his wife
are planning to take 8 weeks for the trip add n*' course are
all strangers and would like see all possible du.qg that shprt
time. However,we plan to spentour future winters. as is
/ possible. If you could give information reg-rding roads and
most desirable places to visit on a"-flring trip" of this kini
I would very much appreciate your kindness! 4

I am also anxious to meet you personally! I read
your articles in the Fverggl-iden News with g-e-.t interest. 'ou certainly had a real frontier battle to fight.

Very Sincerely Yours,


I N P.O.Box 195

Pontiac, Illinois.

elle Glade,Fla.,

I.Auugust BurghardSeey.,
Chamber of Commeree,
Ft.Lauderdale.Fla. ,

My dear lr.Burghard

Road 26 agaip--

Is the Mlai Herald of this urslnig,(2--27--36,p.5A)we read%

"The C..Commrrs. on Tuesday endorsed the campaignn of the Chamber of Con-
meres and municipalities is seatral and lake region of the State for
e*nletin of Road 26 which will create a direst rate between Miami
and the Lake0keeshobee region.

"B.R.Kes ler,3eey.Chamber ef Comrereeapeared before the eumniissio
with a resolution frm which received the approval of the board.

"Mr.Kessler said he had been eneauraged by the s*operattie offered by
other anailipalities in So.Florida.

"Twmenbera of the Co.Ceon.iisieserstwo members of the city elamiseion
and a representative of the chamber of s.mmeree plan to attend the meet-
itg of the State Highway Department is QaTjMQ A&.U IjQaith hen the De-
Spartmet.,bd get will be lraived at a puVire hearing. I JILL REqUSST

Now I shall get busy to organize a similar movement from the Lake Shore
to go to the )rlaudo meeting e 3--23 to presu for this very end. Tre-
meadeus and co*tinusus effort seems to be starting the moveenest of the
mountainsstill the miles the officials same as possible to buil6 so a look
depressingly mall.

Ifeel that we should press N0' for sufficient funds in the budget FOR T1H
CCUPLETION OF TH FIGQIIAY. This read has been dawdled with SIXTE'- Y3ARS,
and unless we are eternally on the track of the officials we may hlve to
wait another sixteen years.

I write to ask whether Ft.Lauderdale and Broward Gounty easnot organize
a strong so;ittee to attend the Orlande meejing and URG3 the above. We
nsw have nearly see month in which to prepareand we heulraseize this
Opportunity as though it were our last.

Please eall the attenticu to the fact that at the Orlando meeting "THS
DWPARTM3RT BUDGJT WILL BE AP ROV;3D, and will last one year. So now is
the aseepted time.
You will note Miami seems to regard herself as the sole faster. I was out-
raged when Ft.Lauderdale was eriwded off Road 26. New when I write Miami
os Road 26 they seem to regard me as a stranger and foreigner in the matter
For yeare,this was the "LAUDi DAL3 TO LAK ROA .LaiesfL all that
the terminii of the North Canal

Help -m Ev. See Esed,M.C.,frim Naper
Tv.lIa,Ill. Speech am Lincoli,(Fine,
Cg.RHtB.-,2--12--26,p.1939. 74
rA~d .1890. Seasm .
Reed &.Jilcox might work tsgthlr.i
EB. Nprville hs a goodly group of
byrsei .. raise a little fund wth.I
ad strt a eorres. of Ev. What,Why
& wVat em be dome? More ameymore
of old byrs her be rchd.
iFeucht'afy:, nwayv pnoaos--&1 ti1e
IW FilV;-.temwspaper (hanoig. )&c.
4Send tiem-p of]idway.,

Belle Glade,Fla.,
.Vrch 9193G.

;ev .J.,' .eucht,
Ponti c, Ill ,
'y iear Yr.Peucht:
I v, delighted to receive your letter. Yes,the time you mention
n;;-uld be a g i%.d time t, visit our section. i;saby visitors are

still in C-,ast cities,.and a lot ea fine farmaig is being done
hera on the Lake Shore.
It's a burning shame we can't show similar or better results in
thle .vergldes Propertbat 'we can't. The emolesed letter will help
te'il you why.
I'La diniug this iitile circular letter out to 7 e.Ld friends. I
think it should go to many hundreds that they may knIow facts Oet
often found in the presser in official statements. :.verglades
buyers have been shamefully treatedbut there's hope ysetif they
cvan'NLY KNOW. I've a mine of data herebut it mught to be eging
out to the thousands who are being robbed of their meseyb
I hope you can get into tech with the old*Naperville group? They
did tlettpartbut have never yet been allowed a chance.
Route: I'd plan to caue oUe way aedretura by another. Say you
Scme via Central Florida and return via the East Cuast. That would
mean coming vie Lake City Gainesville, 0ala,I.eeeburggHain e City#
Avon ?ark,He re HaveuoClewietetrAnd South Bay to Belle Glade. Thee
S ee '".Palm 7e;aehFt.Lauderdale and Miamirettrning by Jacksao vrlle.
Very sincerely yours,
P.J. I have uet forgetteu the $60,00
You see mighty little ef my stuff in the
prese. I've loads more that shouldd be ge-
ing outes I eam show you here, T.E.,V.

ii_ ___

/ '


Belle Glade, '-'la.,
Larch 11,1936.

Rev.J. u cht,.
?Q.Ba'x 195,
Ponti r, II ,

yj de.'.r :;r. seucht:

Following tlhe r,'-',ly I mal;de tn ymor let.erI a u enclosing hereJith n road. map
with notes,.

The %;3.'i.'.. fr'mx Jax, to Key .'estdown the I:aot Coast,was the first N.& S.
thorofare ii thij sectiuw. Intime,it was follt'.,o.!by roads,tiae Dixie Highwa.y
and the 'edersi Highwaysin prticular--fine round ,

For y eare,r,]i3 in the canter of the State were wanting, heeocigAp show:
the rs-d slowly building fraE Jasper(nor ib),to Ui;:1ni(seuth.)

This road ruae from Jasper to Leesburg,where it forks. One branch runa east,
and follows the eqstside of the Ike. Theother turns west,andl runs dwav tiewaest
side of thelake. 'These two roads meet at South Bay,at the upper end of our
GRSAT R)A5 26, which I conceived and hare fought for 16 years.

Our section it naturally rre int'~rt .d In the ea teim br;Inchi'(:.n blue). Lut
theaiste'ro brc:ch hEa blacuc pushed harder a:nt is moor' nearly completed.

It might be a little a fer for your party to taketbe west braovh. Before doina
8s~ however,I would ask responsible people in Leasburg for their advice. The
nest As but 1 little longer than the east.

Inthis secti a,I advise yourmaking Belle Glade yrur headquarters. ly san,
Lawrence ':.*ill(often called the oldest inhabitanc",has devel'ed here a
large service station.

InlKGwe were expelled from Okeelanta by water cooditione,aad went to? t.
Lauderdale,where ray wife and daughters lived. However,on Iarch 5,1930,ay
wife was suddenly taken froa us, My children having all marriedI wns thus
left alone,and far fro u my field of work. Lawrence invited me to make my
taPae here with hia and his wifewhieh I am doing. 'Okeelanta is 8 miles away.

FrOB 1913 till 1920,SLawrence or I--auch of the tiae,both--lived in our little
house in Okeelranto,I spending time occrasioally,in my Ft.Laud.h.Tme. Okeeluta
nas "the first,plabied settlement in thevUpper Glades", -and long le:,' ever-
ything in this regions Ald friends frequently still remind me.

But THX AINTI-. ;VRGLADES WAR,'wp ed by almost every conceivable kind of offi-
Qial maladministrati oo,especially denial of theTWIO,GRAND ESS3ETIAL3,Recla-
nation a d Traeaportutiu ,capelledu8 to leave--all1,1920 for Lawrence. I held
on till spring. Since that time,I have fought unremittingly to return to Okee-
lanta and resume my development work. NBt we could neither fly nor live in wa-

zoad 26 I conceived and have fnouht for since 1918. "iith Govt.aid and
int-;ieet,we bel eve it will at last be completed. On March 23,theState
R..J, bepartmr-int will holda very important me ting AT "RLAIJDO -on your road.(l)
IhopC tV be there to push again on Road 26 and ty east branch' on map.)
1 or near/it.
Roa-1 -ffci-.e1 bn vel0..A us that,in building JLad i6,tbey will greatly
imlrv 7 .ur can;r.l 'r~ese wo Psh uld l'vy the foundo;tion for our sec'od start,
:' yoursrafter 7ur first.

iTh Lake Shre region yTu'll find attractive ;but it represents only e. aam-
),l' of w htat 1: whole 2vergl des sh-uld have be:n iiany ye' re ago. The
Glades c@:n't bcutea,' ndits problin is simple. It'; the humanprobl:m that's
held ev.rythinr baok til' now.

'7Tell Jdr'v: .1.-)j to 1reelnnt-i--nover allowed -. roadl while we lived there--
and see tie wreck of "ur efforts.

I'll be Jelithted to five y u inf'rmntion at my coma.and. Though soraewhat
older thiao in 19135or 1909,when I be an in .'ashington--I's eager t) resume
development. If but a reasonable nunbe'of the old buyers are wil ing to
cooperateo,-e c.n do it. And they need not moveaunless they so desire.
I have plans I'm g.ld to outline t. ell,and I know they'll work" -if
only we are -'.;I:IT':;D to proceAd.

It may te reo:l;elthvt I am one ,at leastwh ha Ls stayed, with the stuff.

Cordially yours$
SIn coming down the red road,y:u can
save a little by turning off enst at CHILDS,
N.'. "f the lake,nnd ruaiing east/ t- Oke--
ghobee,turning south there f r Belle Glade.
T.A. .I.


__~ ___F _

14 March 1936

Dr. Thomas E. Will
Belle Glade, Florida

Dear Dr. 'dill:

I have riadi with interest
letter of iarch 9th.

the enclosure attache.I to your

I am perfectly willing to play ball in this matter, but
before I put-another dir.e into this proposition would like to know
were I am at.

'.hat has become of the money paid in. According to -
letter to Veof ten yelrs ago, the acreage which I paid for hZ not
been deeded. '."ho has title to those three tracts.

Just what is my interest in Section 27.

I would appreciate a frank letter from you and if I felt
that the thing was worth while, and I do believe certain things
could be accomplished, I would boe lad to cooperate with you.

Very tmly yours,

wjw /vw



fl*3v./ z, j

60v eM o %+
4J^ &-
-^>t~U^ Lzw 4UeCiLjA,-^
^4^b- GC^~R

5 ^^- A -

n---/awur -c^1^^^
^y, ^^T*tZ^&- U
T^"~6 ^^^^^_M~t ^
'V/_ <^^ t
fl7 ;-yC ^^/ ^L^*^^4^^ /2Y.9
y-^.^-^^ /L-^0',^ cV* iL "-^ VL~i

e!a*i--~_. i -- -- -" "


2^^A. J ^e~
6T7 -*^7arue- ywr

is ^^ ^ y- *
\^ /<^^-, I^Ujs1i ^ ^ -^~ p l ^^4^1l^lh
^" ^!*^Z? l^^Jrt^1
i1^ I~ ^^^1^^^^

r~L^- F-{hVU ^^L1 dC- /-)
c')t-M- t> % ;If- n>-u^'a/i.W^L^

^(^e I 7^9 P ^io^^ ^^^~e

^ 17 ^ /^^Z 74- ^
/7L~l/L /~~rl~`H
^c^^^i- ^ ^H '^^ (I /41
- ^^ d~~B--

Belle Glade,fla.,
March 19,1936.

Mias Nary pierpout Blair,
60 Lougwnod Ave.,
Brookline, asn.
0/o Mrs .].H.Burrows,

My dear Nisr Blair:

Your letter of 2--24--36 was received. I am certainly grieved to hear
ofynur accident,but hopeby this time y:u are coming on well.

I have just been in West Palm Beash,and called on a man I hope can
help you in your land matter. This is
Mr.M.R.Kay, Secy.-Treasurer,
The Lake Worth Drainage District,
301 North Olive Avenue,
:east Palm Beach,Floridp..

I have not had any business relations with Mr.Kays;but I have known
hit personally several years,and find him a man Ican trust and re-

Should you write Mr.Kays,you ure at liberty to mention me.

His capany is doing quite a good deal of improving in the above dis-
trict--almost the only improving I have seen away from the town.

I think they are taking over tracts that have been abandoned,but I
believe be will advise you truthfully en your land mattnes and treat
you fairly.

Should you care to have your land descriptions returned to you,or
saet to hlmBI will act on your advice.

You know I am not so well informed ou the above district as on t e
svergaodlesFwhich I have studied 27 years.

If I can help you in any waydo not hesitate to write me. Your ac-
quaintance with my wife means much t me.

Very sincerely yours,

~_ ~ __ __ __ I

Belle Glade,Yla.,
March 19,1936.
Letter O0.2.

IAs fary rierpoat Blair,
60 LoBgwood Ave.,

Nydear Miss Blair:

I mailed letter No.l to you this morniug,returned and fund your letter
ef3--16--36,whiohl am now answering.

Asto lack of deeds-- In my letter to you of 2--1--36,I ,oted our corres-
pndeamoe as folrlwes--
1--5--21--34 2--3--29--34 5--4--2--34 4--4--4--34. 5--1--29--36.

In this last letter--1--29--36--I find the first mention of the lack of
deed, In my reply,(2--1--36) I says--

Your problem seems to be lack of deed/for your Florida property. As to
tiae,I suggest that you write the firm from which you bought--presumably,
the Palm Beach Co.--and state yourcase,

"If a deed hasbeen grated you,that fact should appear on the boolk of the
S firm. Then,for a reasonable oaesiderationI asBume they will furnish you a
duplicate deed.

"If pm have never had a deed tthen they should be able to tell you why;
as lack of final payment."

However,among the papers you have sent meI find the folloWing receipts,&c.:

B .Paid taL Date For Aount Item
1 T ral Beach 3--13--20 Contract N0.0--3086 $0.00 1002--5 West-
Farms Cempany, minster Bldg.,
S 9--2--20 20.06 Chicago.
3 12--16--20 Contraet N0.0--3086 40,00

A 6-10--21 *"F*" r "O-2 86 20.00_ .
Total, V100,00
Thee follow items ahowung tax payments. But what means this 100*00,paid
oe The Palm Beaeh Fams Companyjat 10J2--3 Westianster Bldg.,Chicago; teete
ef these payments made on account of Contract iO.0--3086;Gne to contract
2086(probably an error for 3086);and with; item for No.2 omitted? Do mot
these items show payments fir thetrast and lot you same? If sowhy so deed?
I'd hunt up the missing itemsand write atonce to the Palm Beach Farms Co.
I think it's 100 to 1 you'll get year deeds promptly.

Cordially yours

/ ^

Pontic, Ill. 3/J '36.

*Eelle Glade, Fla.
Dear Mr. Will:-

Thanks for your letters of information!
They will help us to make our pl.Jas.

We are planning,hnor ver, to arrive some-
what earlier than suggested in my, letter. 'e expect

to get to Florida about April 3-5. However, we want to stop
for a day at least in St.Petersburg to see friend. I am

not sure therefore just r-hat day we will arrive in Belle '31 1.e.

I shall drop you a line a few days before our arrival.

I note you have a FAIR in your town during
the first week of April. But I fear we shall not be able to
mak0 itim1se. Expect to leave here about March 30 pr31.

Very Truly Yours,


Pontial, Illinoi,.

3~- 5-3--~I-


@jt~/^ ,A^ '-^^7^.)^:Ee
(/2pl^ U^^U^t nHL ^ik^H
RjM^ o^L /%ahCkZy1 f^' M't~cRua
L/-- !^^-A^^ ACl^^AA /i^L^&^tf~~

I~'V fIYL~~

d ,4t i4A4y.

~zt. Y~P5~,2C~2~;ec/


a.^ e
LAt-u Auv
~~ ~Alt- 4c~444~dJ
f^bA ^^^ ^^^CL /t^^^J Ii

a &~ ,wlayr~~~~ J ava-w
dae ^2l4a /Cc a

d-^ ~^ -^^^U

/^JCrhIO& C, -ai&- -
--^2~6&^-^y^d L4~ttth/v 1 4



/t^sj4^^cft^^e /M^A
J9a-'4 C? tU4 IV( .44 rtg. A

a/Ld- G^A^^ -^^ jtCCrY-'K

~Pc. ,r /MryMC~/jlidb
a^4w^ 4udA s
,e A' u ubtJ&&&;%~
/L~ee A4~C/cr~
a4-,acr~koL~ d R; k&~~lP-
*A- LtLt~C'

~mt44 /LI~;d
A-c- ~icruva

L tlt~M

~M X-. ~coi 2e 44uic~~1d- 4e

"-4-;6 e4~4m4X /9&Aj-

fC,,PtC~ $dr~/ Z-d

_________\ LL :


Mr.Th6s. E.FWil,

Belle Glade, Florida.

1~1.. 7Bb.~-~~~ ~1"-~"-~ ISi -~-- -rre ---r- -


-- -Dear.Mr. Will: ee found it necessary

4o1 defer our trip one week later than

previously stated. Will drop you a lin'

later. Sincerly YOu's,


3/E9/36. Pontiac, Tll.

_,.... .~ ---


(/h^c L. 7^1. /n~uf. /^za ^< ^tCUka~e ,

u v A~ASU,1UL~
^^-C -4n>r/La ;t -tP^^^^<^t~


4&"l $,W

*-^adtd t /wxn&if Ji^^w~u

^Zfi ^^^^Jy faA^>4444 6
$-c/ sJ^oS--mR-,^^ ^
,if^ld Q,_w~-~ou
4^44^ ^4a^ WcV-^t-

/%4^ o&/c4aL Q4~t^

/t~~~4 P~~/~~CAa o
4H^M^L Jl2^~r?4^^s~t^ (enQ^cU
'f--- -- )^y^ a te^fe
^~^^ i r -I
7^i44d2 A^^fL/^^I44AA
Ci^u~La~~ I^fl^ f Z^a cIM
^*^4r Le1A4
^ir_ da 14

-^t<- ^^ -- "- j" 0^4e~? t&4^4? LH.^/f./^d
(L~A ""j *\' "i~^<-fic

"Z~- :~u~- _~


(^?3l^ uu~L(?%^r^ /

#L -A--'



C~n2*v JiAt^^L rl^~Lr
CaAA^4^t^ 1%4 ,(^ iniJtt 4 ^3,

d-^.~L~I/'~ ^/^i^<6^L1 ^yn ^/s/i^LZ- a d^fhj ycr A/^rts Ct^-cr\^t ^v^ n/i
(7:* i /5 /

Ik Gl/yL6' cfv~Yt^-~-~b~ en ^^v-tles-

.L~lLd rt.i ;k31. ^ /^ ^y
/tc^" rt- rLfA^^ ^A-Ta"u- 7/Yi^-
(c^tMi^A' r
^9 >L2& <--L44-& ^

% ///^UlA?^^Jdz~'izhii^Z^
(^??^ <^>x^, (^ ^i^^u.^^-1^ ^-
^i&^. c^. .0^


re -'B -


Belle Glade,Fl- .,
April 6,1936,

}.iss Mnry Pierpont Elair,
c/oll Parker 3t.,
*7Tatert o-.n, n sWq 38

imy dear Niss Blair:

I have your letters of the 2d.aod 3d.inst. and note that a letter is
going t;1iltr/ TO 2:r. :lmer Anderson.
I expect hiato answer you at oncestating whether ornot his records
show they gave you a deed,which is the regular thing for him to have done.

IfthLenit has been lostI should expect iaim trj give ycu a second deed,
showing it to be a duplicate. I do not think he is required by law to ldt
this,bu t I abould expect him to do it out -f c.urtesy.
The papers o# your that ~pusent me,I huld to return,instantly,on call,
if you find you need them.

No,I do not ka'niw r.D..'heply,a:l } .e ch,?l'.i

I think y :ur problem iE ;1out solved n-Sw;utsif I can holy y :u in any
wa.yIdo not hesitate to write me,

Sincerely yours,


IJIL, *-

0'., i <7 /P / h c, kw

S..,. ,./ */ /, .-A d./iP .^p.

'4^iS4 Ur^tzltw

7 J'

aC^ n^ aW
A J eiW^

(^ytM ,tte

(^^u^^^ ^^ dU ( -j a

o~aid 44&4 ~1

It~ 02ttR~ Lj. /Z e J-A_

Q^L.^^9 (2^C~ ~-4evlL^^^^d

(fMLt4 :1;^
Jt; ^Tz~ct4'- (^D ^t^-Z/tT ^ete

(^.~ iZ^^p oRdi~cp~-^k';L~^

ebZA ,,,-,j ~~e
I S2L^e L fta aJW .f

YJ-Sa^. '' ^-^^ ^ ^^ZZ~tkf-




S.i5TO N,^ y &

'4^ t/- L & t

a1dj a7d^e44s-t
<^^r^_^~7^i^^^ce CnZ uta
/ttD~~;ge L,^ ^^/"tL^^^a3t;1
/Sfa^^O-^ff ^ L ^jr~~u /nx /^< d.^f^ti-^H ^V<<
^^^ ^^ I~//~- ^^J^'^7^^^^
<-^^^^x^1^^^: tiy~/~iZt
/^^^ tU^^^rvQCWI ^^ -"*R^^^^^^ ^^^e /t~ a~k~
/77~ ^-^'~U;~iV/-Cc eU^^ ^M^

i czzMej yn~L- .:~ -.-rULe

a4 ba

^^. ? v^. H,2-c L- Vfl,-

' S 5; .d .. ^x^W- ^e^

/ w)
^ ^)iI. /^

nEcA~ rrlneL*c

l~~, 2Lk & o ord- M*^R~t. Z/m^ 9^ttst^^

(- A-94e
y-- d

; 4z

U 4tk


_7 1444
I,~ /3 ,
I-- ^ ^1J4i4.
^4lSt^ Cr^A..L 1CEu^ '^.MM^^

^(^ <^ 4^L^i<^ ^^e^
"^"rN-t^JL.~TS Jt~ki^^^~Lc CC4C4 -
^T^^yfo ^tysnciQ ft^-^/.-',,^' jZ ^1-t ')44^,

'^c^. ^^ w~v^ <- ^UL^Lj^l ^o.
^%^^< t^ a^^t^'^ M- 1SkdA

~ ; I



0. 4ettD. -


1-1u4 4* /O
%^^if^lc ~vT~~r _~ /Luct Cz ..F-i

4 A
tA^- /^-^

(^?7e^ -e~f4i^- (2%*4- ^4^ t //- P .
-A ';-.. 41t4^ ^ o?^t. 4^^Z^*.d^^

^& -d 6 A4 t.; ---

~LCk ZLA--'
^) Tf*/- >.^
^^rih ^^^
kMz.d^-^~f- ^--

~i~ ~L~c~nt /C~y7:I .9

64U~ ~zL~pMd"

00of ae~l-


7Y~ C*C4

A;cg ~CI/~L/*CM CIC
c~b~L- 9-ex~Rd


U;j .
~Q~k~ aCQbAj~t;/ A/L4

~Y-~3r/r/~ ~W
Y ~ 6 /I~.CC~




_ _

~R-cl RyS-~.






c I~t

0 i(Z~


~U- 2~L~CL
~3kc(r5~M4 d

&*U. f





c;s~, C3,,

Belle GladePla.,
April 16,1936.

fenres. Bryae.t and A.dersoon
110 So.Detrborn St,

Gentlemen t

I write you re deeds for the following lots and tract bought from your
fitaby Miss M,?.BlairBnow c/o 302,Lrarlberough StrBfl toBassjt,
Fellewing are legal descriptions
LtId 7 and 8,Bltok )4North Lake Worth;alse
Ten aoresbeing sf of the 3.!. the 3.1W. of the N.i~.jand '.4 of S.,t
of S.S.Sof N. of Section 2,Twp,46,pRnge 42 ]bast,

UisL flair has paid taxes in substantial amount on these properties(evi-
deoce before me)jbut she has me detd to any one of the three iteoa.

Nattally,lLia Blair is ooneeraed oTer this mattersand has asked meaa a
fried,.to help her solve her problem.

Of coureeI am well acquainted with the firm of Bryant and Greenw d,be-
irgwith my wife,buyer of tee of their 3eorglades tracts. I have assured
]Jiss Blair thatbar:sing unforese-a ebstaclesI am sure yCu will furnish
her with new deeds to replace tVa missing ones.

I tell her I doubt your legal respeoeibility is the matterbut I am sure
that,if yri oam,you will reader her this little'service out of courtesy.

Imagine my eattifaetion in findiag(since writing the above)a letter from
Jr,Pred.t.lnnoeClegk of Circuit Court,(9--6-29)saying: "I suggest that
yeu write to BryantXd erson"(above addresE) ',and ask them what their recO
erds show on this tract and these lotsaand if they find a record of the
sale te you that they shall furnish you with a duplicate deed for these

My eoly fear in that your firn may have dire-lved, Any helphowever,that
you can reader this lady willI assure ynube highly appreciated by qmyelf.
Very truly yours,



Belle GladeFla,,
April 16,1936.

liss M.i.?lair,o/o 302 Uarl1oorough St.,

My dear Hist Blair:

iaee 4--10--36,I have received 4 letters from you,with enclosures,
od sent by air mailtthese all ha.viog to d with your lost deed.

Ta aea valuable letter is that from r.F'red.:.PeonoClerk :.f Circuit
Court,?alm Beach Co.,9--6--29,

In this letter,Inote that yiu probably did not follow his excellent
advicere writing Ueerras.Bryant andAndersonChic6go.

I barve. therefore taken the liberty tr write them ayself;ind I shall
await with eagernesBshfshreply,whether to you or t. me. (Copy enclosed.)

If the above Company only send you these deeds thea yourproblem is solved
save in t'Ve matter of taxes,qohi-h,doubtlcs. ,you are prepared t) handle.

"'hen your last ;! let. ers 'rrived,tle eovelope of the one more heavily
loaded was burst from end to end. I trust,hvwevernothing w.'s lost out.

Sincerely y:urc,

] ,36 H]^ju^
-. (e-.y 74s^4d'

:Zt^Ci;iA-P, 4eWZad 2 -M
Ue t-aw ,,Vt ve**
c^uu^^ aRta^w ^t A^l
/to sWa414L^A^rc^Ar. ^'t

/4~iif^ 2Iz^ //s^k^klvv

^t444Fe tfl4 A6&k7&/ ^ \^^
L9 ^Lu cXlAe^

fc & u., ~ h


144~/ ttt ~~6Cd

deZ&Li, -k

^%^-AHw< Ai-fit
^lr tZ^^c-- -^^A-
,Ze~fkce ae~Mu "AL^ tA4

4~vt4Jead 6/44-e Yb
.4 c~4J~c- re

% I 1 --
(f) C ti"...,

;- / AZ


/4VO dnd)-T




l _Jt;
) -dj-a=






S ge, ax


7L~L.teC1/ qi~l 4L~~


L~f --/~ 3~

'-//- 'pd 4
^j/t~jLenc^^JL cHcI

/\B^(i' /M2btue^ ^.LcA4<^--&^K-IC~;. /It

"/"^ "9 rhtz/e cri^A- 1<^<^ t f^^z

^^-^^ t~~ff kbai __~L1

Q~eL ^AA-
^t^& ^, ^-^r^ /RecL ci~y^
_i-.'JJL^^ L^ t~io ~A64et
^^ ^i^(?i^^^t^^ I
Mr -^ A^^i^^df^1-

g R-~-~a &tMC~LS 4/L4
j r^ 3^----

^\.T <. ^ u ic

-" -I ^J ^^^^h^^ I~iL/~~ZR
c~, ~~-z,
i\] ^ f 3

N ^ M < K
'A 30 ^ Mt^ ^ ^ \
v -r\ rm p ^

^J^ ^ ^ ^y -^ ^-

-/7 r.
^.i~ :--- :.& a~----^ ^J;

^-I/f- f] 0^'

Belle Glade,Fl;.,
April 22,1936.

Yis? l1zry Pierpent Blair,
302 Marlborough St.,

ly dear Hiss Blairs

I have your letti of the 19th.;also of the 16th.,both with enclosures.
You probably have mine of the 16th.,with enc. copy of my letter to
Mesprs. Bryan* and Anderson.

I have not yet heard from above firm. If they cannot give you a deed,
add you cannot find one,then,without doubtthe offer made by Mr.Kays
is your opportunity. To me at this distance it lo ks very fair;espe-
cially in view of the fact that if you do not get a de.d they could get
your property by foreolosuregiving you nothing in return. That would
be "businesa",and y.u w'uld be eut. My own impression of Mr.Kays has all
along been that he is a very fine manand this tends to confirm it.

Beim prices,of oourse,were sky high,while prices now aredwdn. I see .ab-
sonprd4 icta a real estate BO'L,however. Then that's another reasee wee
should have eor titles clear,1

I'm ready for the next move,when we see what it is. I'm hoping Mr.An-
derson eau be reached.

Don't think of the few little chores I'm may be doing on this. If you
kaew the gigantic w:rk I have done for Glades people,only--to often--Qo
be in suited and cursed for it ynu'd understand. We're getting our ROAD
26,at last between Lake.0k-*& Miami. I've worked for tis 18 yearewith-
out pay. I estimate it will add to a strip of Glades linds,in a few years,
value of '1,000,0)0. Almost me one will even thank me for this,and some
may seize the chance te seize my home landnow back on taxer.

Cordially yours,

rCT--- ~a;T- r~ .

'' ,'

I A) I -
4- 1:-- -'
S, --' A .. ,

(~ ~~~ C-"'- -'/

.L_.4 L2,
,' -- .^ F -^ ^-- *' **
-/:/. ,' { i t4 "

-C^/* ^' V^ L *-/I L-T^a^^ ^ --k oZ-^i--

aLi..<^ ^i2 ^i-u~vy nJ e^^U^Lc^ /^%-/G ,^

f ..- fL vZ,
i !.., 'c|Zj L _,
^~ t/ ^/-r /~ '/'za- ,-2E/- p I

y^ ^i^Z/t~t/ ^ 2^ -o^- C^^A^ j
-^"iyji^ Ct/irrl- mC~r-t "^
LZLS ,irCCC --~~i- ^v o
/...c^^y-- asi^^ -. H^L^' A/z/L-ti '-L-T,-- : I~e^ .**

^~ ^^

^44x -f~L i r-Cyt^ g
j iltt
^ 'y. rf ..^ *fl^^ i;/-t^...^^^-t

,A. .--- ,,*. -.,- *\
] ,i "/'- < Z .- '-. 1
... r. .. .,1 .f". -. ,-t
... .'. r ,> ^ .- y "- ... ^. ,: ,.. "--
l -.. l .4-* .i ..L.. '-*" '-..

C 9
t ^t" r *IA^I.. v_
..A..... i -. -

., <2- ../ % ,- .. ,
Jl i. ^ ^ .. ... ;
" *:- "" .- '.. T.<.'-+ .....

/ ^ 1-- -/ / ^ C- ;._ _.z.- -_
-^% ,, :" ;

\ h. : . t _. ^^... ,
v) ~ .2 *
_^.~~~~ ^^'0> L --f

,'?*- ..-. .-,- -/ ^
'../ / --L- ,^ '
I? < -- .l --/ I f l -

7 I
4 (-^^ -
-r^ ,.J^-C~ f^ ^Z-d^

V ,

RfT-L ., II r-,- ;." -
A. 'k-jIAL ii- -4 ? R[L"--'Z ,./tL -
u-*^ ^^-***'~

,D-.,- '. 3---.
**1'/-~ .<->*- J.^^ jM L ^ L'. *~:
.7- J**. "

,F-- L ,,-'t ,- --*- _- + ..... .
(^^^*<^^^ T';ipqA -^-

^^NG iQ-i^VL. CQ- /S ^LL^ ^1^^^-
iy 2t'^^ MU-L- (^V^^a^Or^^^.---^- .~1_
t / ^ // _
I, ,L,-, f/tL AA



'- a--. ,.t^ .......-r

, "-..+-- -' "' .-

/ I. ,

---.. ,

-) -I-



Bella Glade,Pla.,
April 27,1936.

1y dear Miss Blair:

I have just reed, and read your letter of the 24th. I have also
am letter to Mesrrs. Bryant and Andersor 110 South Dearborn St.,
Chicago,Ill," returned to me with the annotations," "TNt There",M--58,
and "Returned to Writer." 3e I a'.sume that ends that effort.

I have felt that if this failedand you did not find your deedsour
nextbest move is to resort to the remedy suggested by lir.K;ys. So
you may put me in touch with your nephew,as you suggestand we'll see
what we can de in the matter of exchanging your property for another
with deeds. I suppose you will still want both tract and lot,

I have been much interested in the wsy that Bryant and Anderson tract
has developed siace 1Er.iys Iecame active there, Before,almost all of
it was dead as Nineveh. ITa, much development is Ba, I recently saw
an extended film exhibit of lir.Kay's farm workguch fuller than I had
se. o by driving through. It lo ks go d to metandas I said,I have
faith in him.

Thlt me8az asBaething,fer we have so suffered thru official rascality
in the pvergladesthat I might be justified in being very suspicious,
Your eael.sing the Ben Gay" is odd. Fer nearly i months,I have been
suffering tortures from "Herpes ,"ZOster", "Zoea,"Shingles." Possibly
the Bea Gay may extend relief. Fartheryou may be inteuch with some
physician who tkows how to habdle this disorder, So far,it seems to be
beyond the physicians I meet, I'd hate to be tortured the rest of my
life with this thing.
Sincerely yours,
of appreciative
P.S. Your wards/are highly
appreciated. 'Againathe soil
is ear mother. If we can but
cultivate it aright, the results
may surpgss imagination, In Ckeelasta--firstplanned settlement in the
Upper Gladeseand my areatioe-I have what should be a superb thing. But
efficiald--as above referred to--has ruined everything in its power to
ruin. yer 18 years,however,I have been fighting for Read '26,t con-ea t
the Lake running past my door) with 9t.Lauderdale and Miami. It will be
great same day,whether or not I am spared to enjoy it. The road,plus the
canal improvements to aecupany itehould solve most of our physical prob-
lems at last,bafrling as they have been since 1913.
T. E* V.


Belle Glade,Fla.,
April ,1936.

urnJ vaeJdre y,
Nadiaon 'TiQ.
My dear Mr.'aadreys

I am Just bask frm Okeelanta--8 miedistaut--inspeetiag the read 2 situation.
Is 19 13,1 discovered that two things are absolutely essential to the Glades:
RXWLAMATION A4IDThlSPORTATI We had all understo-t the secessity o reolama-
tioabut we had netthought of transportation. For eae thig,we had our canals--the
North eaoalespeoially;so why worry.
Hoeevor,I launched a campaign for a road to 7,P .eachour county seate9hich our
eaaal boats d id not reaeh. For this I fought at least tea yearugettiag legis-
lation sad funds but Ie road 'Why sot? Influences in the Ce,Seat killed it ev-
ery time. 33tilloe eould take a boat to Ft.Lau .thea a train to ~P.Beaeh.
iut to 1918,'launched may second road campaigibthis down the North Canal to ]PtLd.
Okeelceta *athusedas did So *Bay,which I visitedgand Ft.Lud,owhidh ease next,
was strong fort. aer Co.Rai ed fundgand sup. lamented the ; with enough to bld.
to her No rth coolinea see Map of Rd,26,eoc.). but struck a anag. It we oro ked
nea caoting the fu ds to lie oa their babhkaad bldgcoast rds.,if any.

if 1931,I wast to Tallahassea adsaat thru 3 leg. sessio a,urging that ear read be
made a state road. At last we wea. It was'.Rd.6.." But thes StRd.Dpt. did eat
lift a funger toward blig. At laet,abeut 1933,t'. U.S. Rdl.ureau took it over,
aaduoa sup lies most of the funds. Zut the st.does the bl4g.--a bad feature. Toe
much jealousy and dawdling.
On March 22,lastsiy son and I to k car forOrlande,where St.Rd.Dpt. wd meet.MiAai
at last interested,was there strong. Result? Appropriatioo of 662,O000 fr.Rd,
Z6and positive promiseto me,to begin quickly.aod at grKALAdTA.

I've just eaoe from there. THIS DAYtwo representatives of the rd.offioe,ia l ia
mihiad arrived. I saw thea at once,and had a very satimfaetory conference. A
esetraet has been let for a sbortpezx3eriatalstrftchafter which a long stretch
will be let. They expect to bld. till this money is geae,and then get more.
'Beir lseal he dquarters are at ckeelaata.

A poeit I had disOassed witk the Mimai offiesln bldg.the rdthey greatly IMPRO-
V Tfl CGAAL,taking out of utrl. to bld.iato the read. there they have worked,
it is said they improve the canal materially.

This is vital as stated above, Unlemss we sam drain off our excess wterwe are
doewed. That has been our oeeditioe now for SIXTS TIARS. The 3St ]ag.wreiced
our caal andlet almost fill with water. Thee came a very heavy rain,hb.filled
the oanal and toned our regime ilto a big ypod.
That year--190--I was far better alosg in erops than ever before. I had 4i as.
of flee potatses,40 as.ef go d cora and ?2 as, of dasheess, Result? I did not gel
my monay back,and laud uafit for use.

I weat to Laud.phopseg I tigSbt return ia a few months. Never till laieaggres-
was the laad fit for use--15 years lestL Last JhansI returned a wo r



ively till last of August. Six renters applied for 30 ae.eaoh,l helped them
borrow federal firm fuindenad began to feel likemoving forward again. Then CAME
the RA1i. :'y did it not fVow off as before 19 0? Because the canal had been
killed. :Ti iah had been allowed to accumrlate,and private parties had darmed
it solid5and keart it soland tbe St. bg, took their side. Right at the croaeing
of 2 oiaals.we could not raise a thing because of high water on the 1-nd, To-day,
nearly 8 moo. since I left,l find the few lingering there just beginning to raise
What we've suffered iad endured I could easily fill a bo k with --notes right at
hand. "*7 such oonditiaon? I was slow to decide,but had to. The evidence is too
clear I'M sending just a little--a mole hill frao a mountain. I'm fully eon-
vinoedeno',,t'hat we've been ,froa thetegin ingin the handed f our enemies. Only
to-day,the road engineer 9iid thiot: 'he worst thing I'W found in Fl.1. is the
tendency of people to be eialoue of their neighbor. If they see one prospering
they fe..l t.ey must pult him dawo." 'ords to this effect.) "There's no quee-
tion t]at, this t true. .dd,rorce still,t.esie jealous,vindictive people ILAVY
HAD TH- B ]ACIING 3 AU OPRATIT) 3"' OlICIALJ. hot ,llt,of curse,but net all
were neideld. The sta.eBg*.l.-ne,w-e a plenty for everything perttaiing to water
ad fire;:ad if be has not played his gamel a masterly way--to our deetruction--
I never saw !i case,
":e all kno-s -ae uset hirecanaluthat will function,' -nd it has been his business,
far wh.wepd hiato have them theer. But I'vZ his two utterances right herein
print,that the aan-ls should be daaaued up,and kept daim-ed. That 1 move would 4 e-
stray :ll hope of the Glimdei,
Then heas drained off water that should have been in t'e soil--mot oceebut ha-
bitually. Iait turned thesoil into a grand fueland it .aouldcatch fire and buro
till extinguished by rainsland hepaid ca more attention than lasaolini pays to
thetaubles of the .thiopiins.
Our countis have treated us shaaefully;aud I have OFYICIAAL,eig&ed statement of
thisgright here. We sight pay taxes sufficient to fully recl~ -m the glades,but
all in vain. The counties would seise our tax fnddeand spend the~ on the towns
and east co;et,aad leave us to perish.
That refusal of ,.2.3 oadh to let us havetiat road isa sample. 4;e got the uoney
thru thelegisl:rture,and g-t it for the expreac pur-),ae of bringing our business
to W.Pnea4hjbut she would not let us do it. They have fought this Road 2 ltke
fieadybutwe' ve beaten tVam at list. Individuals might traat ue like brothers,
but smewhrsehtidie amay,at timeswas this vil gestus eating out our vitals.
It was hard for ae to accept this aonclusimnulbe old Civil 'Jar hatred is still
rankling does here. But IT's 1Ea i. I get that frlsa la.-born friend' of mahe.
They e y, You've GOT T 3 DIAGNOSI3s You've 3URILY O)T IT."
Same morthenereraITnH MIEOiYhave crme to and gotten on the right side" of the
official powereaand then turned on us--the "* hirt-tail farmere",e've been called,
boe. is my folder on the SUGAR question here. After Iwrote that--othets wrote,
to,--here same the 3UGAR BA.ONS. Along this LakeShore they have the choice lands
auch -f whteh I'm convinced they've gottg a without buying. In fact man in po-
sition to know recently said to me, '"heA they get done (referring to local ree-
lamatiocefficiAlwhich they can ?et and wveana't),THA SUGAR COCWPNYLL OWN IT."

then they eace in--after I had writTes r folder and proved what augar ease
will do here--I hutefd thea up to see if we might not t. peratc with the.
Our little famere esuld.raise as good seae as the tusatbut were net ta poesi
ties to harvert it with mashinesand haul it to themill. I said," lAy can't
we rause the eaasebaady to easale s d sell it to you in the field?" That wua
perfectly praettealbut would they? lot oa your life. They woa't buy at oar
steresopatronaze our shopaor do anything but hog the best soil and the imn
prevements,and pay dividends.
Iwut to them onee with a buaeh of load listingaright in the midst of their
territeoyo I had 2 twenties in thebusehandot .s tracts were there all bandy
to thesugar peoples Weuldn't yu like to bur tuese tracts?" said I. No dir
reel "tFlI goes you den't kaow hew cheap we ean get laud?" And I had net
evTe suggested a price I figure they just squat" on anybody's land they
fied handygpoy nothing for itreotaltaxes or anything elsegret their work
done by as aml of nerroes--sheapost possible wages--and watch their tiLe to
reach eutand take whatever land they wast--eras eluded*

No ,juat this ereaiuegthe Mimi Herald,eu freot paqqbig typeggave us the
slip herewith enclosed: $lre67,665." Their Christmas present fra OUm R
treasury for met grewing easel Andaia all the 27 years I've fought the hr,
battleeI've ever had a eeatieor have I rver been able,for myselfto borrow
a pey of geot.fuade here for farming purposes I tried it a year or so ago,
and t.e agtquatized me to find whether I "had ever had any Goet,RELIEI',1Padding
that their funds were eoly for mad people And they say the Geot.Old Age
pension is on the same basis-'Pirr t swear you're a pauperS" But not as the
suta truest
'What bas beease of the moesy paid in?" that became of the money the hurri-
eases tok ears of up worth a few weeks ago? Ihave't raised (ES THIN DIME
o aay Evrglades landwhateror sinae 1923, And I've bee nos worse thaa oth-
ere. our Uppr Glades paradise has been redused--LAK SHOIR ALL''AYS 3XD ~T--
to a desert growing euly weeds and saw grass. You cas't groe erops in a vast

]Bt the lead I seld?oee may inquire. The big end of the land I sold was sold
before I ever moved inte the mverglades. There'. where I yielded to wg friends
to ear hurt. IB Wadshi gtom I sold the 7,C. lands at a rapid ratebhut same
became restive. Ity den't you go to JVruterert,and start things?" Well,
they kept it uptilL yielding euM judgneut to theirs, west. In the we-r-
glad easI sold almost eO Glades ladl. Why sot? 3eause.I wars a a Wholly dit-
fore t Job, I ase fightingthe battles of the wilderness learning what the land
would rasaeshuuting or BUILDING the marbiees( a begae aterpillaitraetere.g.,o
I hadbuilt by a tPruterester in Pit:sburgaPa,.)hnutiug marstasaund having coast
towns aueer at the verythought of buying anything fro the Everglades--etc. ete.
atodthereoeternally,wnw theeastftetempt for the Gladesstheir eageruese to
pour poisoe into the earn of any prospective buyer--theworst plaoe iaaguiable,
almostto sell glades land is oa 0e easte
"MBt the foeds." "&hat of theo?' La k at eareentraetlClause Fourth Desdi"
interest propoeitiot was ue laed-selling dchae. It was a CO P00 RALI
r$p ealby hideh buyers would buy their laod AT COSThave a manager to lead
off for threat mmll pay.and "start thing" with a little developmst tied.'
Centrast this with the land-cmpeany plan. It esld you a tract you never saw,
gave you a deedmand t a

turned you leo s to fare for yourself. And how was that? If I have net had
a dbance to knowWho has? Pirst,I had TW-of those Land Co,traote,AL 3 D3D
to M, amit earthly go d did those deeds do? .Jellin a oase or twotae
?uttE;rset buyer th'ughntfter allhe'd prefer the l.lnd-co.pln,and I'd trade
himmy'l co.lad for his F,C, land.
utritn hire,for maay miles aroundlij theland co.traetsadeededevery one,
so f'ir as I know', ind as empty and worthless as the located on the baek of the
om no If every such treat were butied under atruek load of warranty deeds
:ti4 with qabtra tt attache.l, and the owner--NOT located on the Lake Shore or
some other rar-i plaoamlght wear out his life inducing some one to take his
traot,--ded dand -abstr',et brought up to date--on the one condition that he'd
AY T .X, ~J TIa~ T T ACT FJI. YI'aRS, They'd hiss at bim. l '.hat do I want
ith thit utuff?" t'.ey'd cne:.ringly askland leave him to his sor-ow,

Here'u the trouble. .'Al the land co.o.anted oa its PROFIT,-.nd it gladly gave
apiece of usually wurthles- paper--called a "deed"--that he might make the
tr:ad3. hlen heo .ano T' H2OU c, T buyers hounding aad threatening hims. o indeed!
ngdn't I give you F ded?" "Yes," "7iell what are youcamion to as about?I
cao'tdo :inyt'A:i for you"I;ad,'iaside," And I don't 'bae to,"
I bd be.n a 31;'der long enough to see thru thst before I had Y.C. on m* hands.
And I resolved 'd make of that a 103D 1 if such a thing could be done. -ad
lo'kat the platt ".h,,t 1-nd co.plan crmea within 1,030 miles cof that? Their's
isjuet':;obinoon Crusoe,go it alone,let -.og e:t dogi"
.dd lo.i -Air contract. ?.d general pvan; Co peration,autualismi.olh hie broth-
er's ke.yVer--if he c-rtub f5r siu.c thing, 1-at can hja "rzcAtr, of ther;,

'pbut hb has no d4ed." ';hy has he not?Becauss he did -At work for it. Should
one sol ing landat oost,and taking on all man eir .of ad-itioon;. burden be
re.uired,in additios,to do all theselvi.g,wheO mimerspin the fine atmosphere
-e tiin h:idcould bring in his friends? Thy,seae did it. Onein particular,
made a -on;oerful record. F r a eaa..isAion?" No indedd.,ot a cent lie was
helping put the deal over. And he did help. If I had a.:id," N0O" ihen in
11ashington those members pried as lo so and sent ae.ahead of tiae,to the s.
we'd have sold out nndpaid the full ,At an erirly day. .ad then the
d-2ds rwuld have 'bo-n givsn out,to each his deed. But when I '.as forced to
change my pln, .a'1 go,Isaw to it that the dedds we gad andsa-iuld get,went ia-
to a go 4 place *.nd you know where. And I;0.;,T:-:XTaa a meiber,I ST.AUD WI
ap -lla-- : r I .\:I: 3;':.-; J T :AT -V_:1Y D': ".ID UP i JIB 'R 'T.l;D.O. I 3 l0 OT
UJ3L O .fl D -) T -; 35;U. UA: rI;C 03 F.C. we'ree all in the same boat.If era-
bere hbad helped,ss co peratorethis question would never have came up. A;nd
yet,ifthe members would pull their coats and fight their own bat les,wc'll
pull t'ira yet. I discovered
L--i" were in the ensmiets eamp--2--That we U UjT HAVY BOTh .-:2C.i WZIL., X
wouldd brve to get theour our plan would fail;or deed, if granted,would not
be wort.; scrapys f waste paper. ,that go G in a thing you cac't use or sell?
I've made this terrific fight to get our job tinished,aad get into y ur hands
dee ds that aould iiE: V.YAJ-. Ad if the Lfrd spares my life--I'm only 74 now--
I'm confident we'll pt this thing after all.

Themas ton abers helping,sf course you remember what you wrote me omJan.23,




BAI~, J.A.

* r $