Business Correspondence. July 1, 1925- July 31, 1925


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Business Correspondence. July 1, 1925- July 31, 1925
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Business Correspondence
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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Run the Hudson Tube Trains to South Street


A business organization of citizens to secure rapid transit for the southern part of Newark.
31 South street

Clinton Hill Improv
Clinton Ave. Busine
Employers' Ass'n of
Hillside Taxpayers
Hilton Civic Ass'n
Ironbound Manufac
Ninth Ward Improv
Sixteenth Ward Rep
South Side Minister
Waverly Manufactu
Weequahic Civic As
American Transforn
Atlas Valve Compal
Autocar Sales & Se
Louis V. Aronson
Allsopp-Bliss Comp
Baker & Co., Inc.
Barlow Foundry
Beckwith-Chandler C
Barrett & Co.
Ph. J. Bender & Son
Frank E. Benedict
A. C. Begerow
Brod & Co.
Buermann Investmei
James F. Caffrey
Carrier Engineering
Clinton Trust Co.
Crane Co.
De Cozen Motor Co
Thomas F. During
Dunham Body Comp
Dye Products and C
Ellis Adding Typew
Robert J. Emory Co
Faitoute Iron & Stei
William Gauch & So
General Alloy Comp
General Phonograph
Good Bros. Leather
Hoffman Machinery
Industrial Building
Igoe Bros.
Dr. Edward J. Ill
International Oxygei
Jaenecke-Ault Comp
John J. Jackson Co.
K. Kaufman & Co.
Keratol Company
Harry Kruvant Co.
Lincoln National Ba
A. P. Morris
Morgan Motor Car C
J. E. Mergott Co.
National Box & Lum
National Lock Wash
National Oil & Supp
New York Pie Baker
Peckham Manufactu
Hotel Riviera
H. J. Ruesch Machii
P. Sanford Ross
Sydney Ross Compa
Republic Varnish Co
John Ryan, Inc.
Russell-Schwarz Co.
Salaam Temple Real
Shiman-Miller Manu
Star Electric Motor
Sterling Waxed Pap
Thos. & Geo. M. Sto
Vreeland-Kearney L
United Die & Tool
L. E. Waterman Pen
Weequahic Trust Cc
Zeh & Hahneman C

ement Ass'n friC Dr. William Buermann
ss Men's Ass'n Chairman
f North Jersey D. P. Fitz Gerald, Jr.
Ass'n Phone Mitchell 4760 Treasurer
Herman B. Walker
turers' Ass'n 4 Secretary
ement Ass'n August Birkenmeier
ublican Club Theodore S. Fettinger
s' Ass'n John H. Strigner
rers' Ass'n Newark, N.J. July 1, 1925. Alvin Miller
ss'n e .G. M. Macheca
ler Company Fred Jung
ny G. K. Warner
rviceCo. Thomas F. During
My dear 'Sill: c. W. Slocum
any J. D. Cowan
James F. Murphy
It was a real pleasure to get your lettearur Oliver
o. Until it came, I wasn't at all sure whether Executive Committee
s you were still in one piece, or had been eatan y up
i by alligators, mosquitoes or taxes.
Am plugging hard at trying to get something started
t co. in the poultry colony line, but I have no hard for hap-
Corp. hazard poultry keeping. I have a poultry farm with
1,000 Leghorns at Vineland, N.J and we make it pay,
on an average about -.2.50 a bird per year over feed
costs. But to put any number of people into the poultry
ical Co. business in Florida means organization and preparation,
writer Co. if the venture is to be a success. Assured si6iess
llo. means proper housing, proper instuctin and direction of
,n beginners, electric lights and plenty of water, preven-
any tion of insect and disease attacks by proper care, dis-
Co. infecting, etc., quickly available and low-priced supply
Corp. of feed and supplies, good stock and good kmnatnmn facil-

ities for breeding, hatching, rearing, etc. And last, but
nco. most important, proper facilities for grading, packing,
any shipping, marketing and cold storage, with quick access
to market. I spent three years, until my health broke
down under the strain of overwork, in organizing and
nk managing a cooperative2_arketing and buying association
of Eastern poultrymen, and learned all ends of the business
:. pretty thoroughly. Some of the farm papers and others are
berCo. pleased to call me an expert on the subject.
er o. No question about it, Florida is tejlace par ex-
ryCo. cellence for poultry, and the Glades muck is the best
rngCo. poultry soil in the state, but that's only a beginning.
neCo. The individual poultry, trying to work out for himself Kk
all the probelms of breeding, feeding, hygiene, housing,
.'y lighting, supplies, packing and marketing, is as badly up
against it in Florida as anywhere else, and a lot of inex-
tyCorp. perienced people coming to Okeelanta to start in the poultry
fracturing Co. business, each for himself, without organization, would
er Mfg. Co. simply mean another such siege as you went through when
me a lot of amateur Northerners starved out for several years
Works trying to grow truck there.
0Co. Before I will have anything to do with a poultry
o. colony in Florida, I want enough backing, from some source,
to provide an electric light system, ice plant and cold
storage plant, a packing house, feed and supply warehouse,
hatchery and demonstration and breeding farm, and a system
for daily egg collection and market under a single
Support the Candidates for City Commissioner Who Pledge Themselves to VoteT T Eenson.

brand and uniform pack, before the settlers go anto the land. I want
proper buildings on the farms, and enough capital to start each settler
,with good srtax thoroughbred stock. My plan calls for a colony of not
less than 500 2 to 5 acre farms, each stocked with 500 to 5000 hens, and
a working capital of not less than a miliQon to begin business. This
will insure success. I have some men with capital here, but they want
to gamble in raw land and building lots, or orange groves--something in
which they can take a quicQprofit for themselves and get out. We
can build a poultry colony in Florida that will be greater than Pata-
luma, but its got to be planned and started right to be a success.
If you know of anybody who is interested in this kind of a constructive
program, I'll be glad to go along with them, but I'm going to stay out of
that end until I get the right crowd and the right amount of money, if
I never start the thing. There is a goo~~aarket in Florida cities for
fresh eggs and homegrown poultry now, only because none is being produced.
Get any quantity of production, and the producers will be cutting each
other's throats on the selling end, the same as they are doing everywhere
else, and they'll all starve out together. So far as the scattered,
haphazard farm flocks of mongrel poultry on general farms are concerned,
they are simply incidental and of little importance. Poultry is a highly
specialized industry, and the man who kuz goes into the poultry business
seriously hasn't time for anything else. I have all the state college
poultry publications, and they are a jok., as are most of the agricultural
college publications on most subjects.'
I still own two little back lots at Riverside, and 80 acres of
glades land on the :iami canal, south of the South New River Canal,
land am trying to sell them to get ash to come back to Florida and get
in on some of the good things that seem to be going around. Can't come
otherwise. By the Way, in going over some old papers I find a receipt
in full for my lot at Fruitcrest, and katamxm two or three years later
a leiter from you dunning me for .'4Q balance on the same lot. My memory
of this deal is very hazy. What are the facts about it?
I wonder if you have an uptodata map of the state, showing the
I new counties, roads, canals, etc., that you can send me.

Very truly,

"7dVAA^< P>.^^^Ul^

Herman B. Walker

c"' I


July 1, 1925

Thomas E. Will, Esq.,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Sir:

Your communication of June 27th,
addressed to Mr. A. W. Gall of 1116 linth Street,
Northwest, has been referred to me.

I prepared the Assignment and in
accordance with an established custom, named a
nominal consideration of $10.00 for the transfer.
This is a universal practice in this city and else-
where so far as I know. Certainly from your residence
in Washington you must know this to be a fact.

For your better information, I desire
to inform you that the consideration for the transfer
is approximately $4,000.00 and I have no doubt if you
are willing to meet this figure, you may have the
property at that price, otherwise I trust that you will
see your way clear to immediately endorse the Assignment
in accordance with Condition 8 of the Purchase Contract.

Very truly yours,

cCu^^i/ ^ /3^



.. "i -l ra l J la*,
uly y ,1923,

..s. le.ry t, ,ll: ,
B&It:';1- "5j t
Biltnoire, 0 I

My ^iv'.= rIist il oa-.

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A 'FUI 'Ic T f ,, ,.:".. t il ,l i t^ j : ... L C. yc a, *

ti.Tou I p1c ppery* lator"b y:i%, ; .

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ator r and n,, l, : s 'o i*;to ,o ^ -1 o .:n', .,1-. -L -. -er,,'

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.you ...-.. 2.ii-at

'.^Lf .i i.ii'/ ^iou:F.
.7 S, ls10"


*Hf. < *lrili.-Ule, 5la ..

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ir i t ,! ye ti; i -.-'.. -ulon U :. ; ;, ,-:.

-I -.:* i :- '*:1 rarely sz 0o .' ciu u A- r.;7 ,i Lu ; 71

Very ^'.l;; youtrs,

.- -. ... -
Iabke Ow~e~'r34'- "1 1

.. ..., ^

C;ly Y, L. .

I ckJ_.l .. ~L.L O.L, C ., .,b, ,i+.. r'i ]tlu tU.,-LaJ.,Ii O [g,.'..k:.,ty i.v',,::, i; I7ulTI'.

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,a byL 2n t 1 m I c. 1. 1u*

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"icau !:, L jus lth %I Lu Alts of .u. o.r IArlyl o: lIo2,e
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Ge"'MS1 A~sltu t er aq-mtl ter a1101* boat x- nriv the EIn
op i n ,J ''
(3H ^p eeiy^^ of^spr* arft ccl~el t~~i-t". ti *..s.-^ItBf\SL^\,

J.Ii l.--2

lellen's boiictt,built toS? ." run c;i a; v-. dlQT^, ot-.iLot, rWx t'nLgi. tiSia Cui =l3..

li:3t ta, thle. r3attcrt, t, pouo tiincg. po* fr o .g t.i'-plhblo. c0fm sc, lIS CANAL H

For mood^ oa:uon? 'r, lQ, reasonn, wCiAtIerof Q wiiph, i: e, piftbli.c Iha bon ,

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Et.L-ui.;i'l;^l -, a k i...!; Ok l .-chu: "oC ,--. !L,.: yor .

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D&.? J.0'va. lyafl i a-id noF b olL., I
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| oo.-:r'- on*.nan"!t, .uit e. i'y yres,!a' were t2io. -O ., *: :-lil. est" o'f a nlH
kje:'.!'a, ,lr f
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of heroism
He poli it.c i<,*.~pmu *a4-l;.-F, a, li ji.-u po )n,

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and tihe -ovr t'uait. J4 .c- .os3 ;jI tLtOie, 1iottot'i. o'c. cdfIi ,T' hat.s .ist.
go, britingo'^.y tp. by 1I.ft .-l-. ,.

UIt Ao!.. tea. !liriing :ho0i th-Isq c,.i.n:l of u, tenHfi"rlJ,.ei t fis sini.rcss,
Sb .o at ri1..tlns to t!a3t;llo,

it f.4,oi-1es tiL. driving, -f o, ,nioeff"iclet, .3o -,o:?tuan -'..h:

In, 191, 1pre. bp' c.,'i~- r: :ia, o.9at to Uoclantas bye 'z .
7 nnnS a3 0,ip*, 4P th diy*,alnda rQettui'. o'uply by Juiy duii .1. thle
follo':.-ii3 ''. Nov.. tp, Ct aL 17'tter tQ OR)-3lL'.n-11:i !,LY -: arly a. wekli

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/ d'i

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t h a t i t a+ < t, ,*,-. i* ^nl < '. o Fi t
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t::-p-. 0 -'j- Hil.1o e ^'J.c.20.rr
"B -... :i;': ...a.. ... ,...ta- *, .fl -i- Ii no i ,.p.cnday, you ,y
be a'blJ to .1.^-l .o .r r."..4 -0.o L'^ ^ .- .0. '^s' ..1 *-y''^1.0 y'1 lill

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h 32 -C L, i t; 9l lll *;11O l-.- 0. *, Gli.JLoi. u btrli-,i~. *i<. t ":. o
I.i olld to u .j of the V

^ J:Le .i^L_, .* 1. fio ia3. O *.- I i'1J L' i.Dgo
r; a tt 1 :n fabn o J.,"" ,'i :,'-, ,-, YO.

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i4?. C .,

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41c, 4, v soo 1lo viit .l: U: .:.: 0,

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i by C'U" 2, 0 :Ll id ;~-' T r.u al i.-vo ip.iib..h8 (;U 'ioaea GLtyn by,
t% liui-j a ,.^

;; 27.115. Julll- .^ t!,rt.a: or l v u a, '.i-iivi/or .'ion rp tr :..t d';,o. U i'^-^, r-;. ;
a/ get...1 ,'dI. (cv;loi aeaf, nti. t-LiO tuoiy, t. i'ytr to tirl 1 ;- : '
A' ^wli;.t.- tho. 5 G' 3XL- 0r a)l oars, ti-aind tyx b;its tq, : i're ; Jadiokonrille
iou. i;,sl rt. u4t. 4ty.,

Yot tiscwK'-1 haa bbeoa PEB A .O4 f, tpn ci;onthsg andK in.(rdlle lias y- !,

\ LEsy il^..193'1 5, utt.'.t't, our.motji^ he. 4' iave. tripd, so oftun tiia I~ r >ll^'11 i-.-
fliti.c4.t~y, o I'm trying, to got some ofttiem-e!J. estabO, y;-:f-t .money,
'ana, .Cay, '1J4 Lx 1wr.A my t:4 IsfTltoarbU T rjwe 3)And .
C his cmt. uipu 14,i jkUA&.%xt a4til vateL.Jif ici Ah*;s, T.0osO 1* '- n 'ofess to3
nopw A.11 ut43t.;lnLauip.u, thi ap o tpoubleo 1a becn. sucesaftll.y et
anIldc .

_ --- _-- ---- -. ----. .177

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L, __~

S,:I r.n'l.ntl A trll 'bl. i t9'.ve.. t:' :i! Ln 2i._'. :::-::. .-: 1 pouh;,I. .O
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t':! i .,'r. WT y "' t .,. -.:- ui "by n. :*( 1 ,,, : i.;u", "y f 3Lpati' roi -- .. u ..I.
,0lo .I :; -- ft !,:s.

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n~;-iiht *-': >'*. 9; 9.on. i: -o*

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C 2jstry. cl;.;'. .y i a.- "'-.*'; fle.,:2.1.:ng lith.;L,^ 3 1uc- on- of

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I, Y. I-f? 'iera;Y
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go- ;$raiI- 'f 3Ccada.1 j3 k3,i2

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Go-era7ei"* ^ TtJ li'. J gl-: : a iiiol i : -L ta; ,'>..i s-'o tio. '-h- Jo
us, IvC t.1ly -. .t 4l to gt the us-
:o.\y ..... -i "u i o
cos.icy Cr t' In t i7 -:.j y..n[d







July 4-L,:i:

' Jj wr iltiry r ygiri. o n, -

I Ihavc: U;.-!..jr JIquiry r yoiun* oilfl.tonahlio: on '. ;>i

I M:i -jr ,-. 5 iR his 1-.;i^ been cult-L'out.if ^*:,3.i:i.:l7
st ta-'--o 'i.L'.'imi 'Pice, terEiaascoi i..iani-*:4 .*:'j.


July 4,:1);

f ll.l 0 i ...
Lit ..L j E _L ki

1--iygr 'ok. I .iit I Ii o-

i -.: ]il 1 $11 I.,a :-.iii G.. no.t :::i -ll. .

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1o1 0W --'^ T ." ,t.. 1 .. li t.,! of 5hS ..... f .. .. ,'" .'.3 '
i.. i.-i .' ( i. ... .i *.*'. : ;'.. .

-- e..... rea -v ..." ; 1 ',.ti -">;. '. o P'.*t 0.. *--. :. t ""
-- .- .-U l 4 :.' i:i,..i: t ag ofa t y '
lalay in ^ -i.u -3 Pr c. r 1.7;i.di -'c i o o :: ed .xi.- -.
now by y. i,,t < :. ~i* i oft tUls ca -- .', C
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401 ) c o All "IU t., .I. ,.. Ji1 t-" C".ui' "0tu I- 7t'. I (i3 no.

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I _a still doing _-. ry iLing y :. to o1Il)e tlii 'ro3u.i-
S re ypui .iyv aug-cin?

/Vcy truiy yjLUit, .
:ic~~r~ ~s~ ,~ _~.~. l~, rn -~o l~i$~Li T, ;Ltrti ~,32?,Y I-,,


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Tr'X- S. W,44tt. .

I IIIIIn I TnI Ia In I i 1,
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L/3 43& -L eLtO

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_ _-~h ~1L C-*2I a^ ^t;

1 '^ L L 7' --- i aan_^


- -- --







July 6, 1925.

Mr. Thos..E. Will,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Sir:

This is to acknowledge receipt of
your favor of the 2nd instant relative to
the canal in the Everglades and to advise
that same will be placed before the Gover-
nor when he returns the latter part of the
week from the Governors' Conference in Maine.

Yours very truly,


ns athaway,
Secretary to Governor.


. -0

/ -.

fPtJ, Luldrdle, tar,
July lt-U;!i.

o illt

F rl,,.;. ;anl 1 L ^t

1'1. JGll:I ',1

Dr ,

. 0 L* ,
ue SG.:43. 24 it H ow lG.-.71. it;i,1l<.


.4 Ix ,l ,,

I. r.,, ..'<& y4l;i' rei' it'..X.:nc LiS it:u. lost in .

.Veory .truly yonri, o



the .-il,.

It* Lauderdale, Fla ,
,une 25,1925.

Osborne Company,


A widowofroderatenmana


FPe Lauderdale, Fla .,
July 7,1925.

Mrs Sie A.Maoe. Dr ,
To ThosE. eilll, Or*,
ForpaymSnt on Lots 23 and 24 in New Okeelanta,Fla.,
Ten Dollars, (10.00)

Received ypment,___

My Dear Mrs.Mace:--

I am afraid yopr remittance has been lost in
the mails.
Very truly yours,

LatuL -idel1, t"l. a.,
JJuly 7,;2110i 5.

Its-Us.-rUIn.Limbcly ;u.i. Sp ..'ling,

GontlCict .;--

I Ar;.v. .tU.4l 1ica uidib-fr oa sril tyai -J a- .Ut A I go' rg ir*10,
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ioryn y tri ..1 u.'s


P. 0. BOX YY


July 9, 1)25.

Dr. Thomas i. Will,
Fort Leuderdale, Fla.

Ty dear Doctor:-

Yours of the 4th received. 'ie have

temporarily withdrawn all of our remaining property

from the market,having sold down to a remaining total
of 100,0C0 acres-. For the time being we do not care

to make any quotations or offer .n;-. of our property,

but later in the Season should we decide to again

offer additional lands, we will be glad to take the

matter up :ith you again.

0 V -"( It Sincerely urs,
[^A^i_ f 4(l r _j .L

f2'~' '-- C







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Lf .'P r' : *..L ..) J :.- -^ ^ tl-. J^;:; O .

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GO' l- 1: <: ?[ .- .. *.;1.1 ^ *


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,~d: ~ biYi~ ~ r.,,~z~k ~ue~c~c:
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.4. '44 -'--S

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.4'' :: i 4 4.' .4,
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i. to trAU i, "; (-*.e. .i.t >J to oth-- "'* tt A .i.tU U --:-:::c-i-Uh; A .*:' i > -* ..i .)
1 : .'.* ''-?' ^ ',1 ."I... itl t'-:- i.. .*CTLB

.5- *..";,- *; n] 3 ij f:\t ,'^ d,y .u'iv'i c i'u.* "- xi. fearrul ,^i(^ 1c

1, 0 ^ .biy cs r to G V,* l m{li Juj.ioh;;"!1' 'ribi,'.l .^lf.OdH YiOU r;.: :. we ..^ ;' t

i;..LLr; l.jc~ o ;Lh
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'4 4

1~5, r .

1; a :.i;" .k ir -~` : "r


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*,, .z


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.I iLJ~
is, 1


'-- a
, l W ,0 ^ ;.^ ".- ; ) ,B ; l,":* '^ .. ,^` '*,-. ,' .*f?r:C3
-iu ^ .^ ::'^ IK ,, .^ _, ;^ ; 1 J~:^^ '-^
* *l:c: ~-. 1 u -8 ^ K J Ui l: ,-,^ ^ ^ : ;^ c : ,
L^...u:.' ic.; *O fc'. y,;4 .t~ ^~j.y .- -- .l

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-L *, .. l ; y ; i ^ -> : .iit H p .^ ., ,

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t?1 -. -*- ,r ( i K;

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..i .. ; r

4-J* l, ** .

.4.1,.4.4 .,L ...:
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-.' "' i -- '; .- '. "- :iL "" "

;. "* -1" ;- L 4
..v. 1. .. .4 -

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.'_ 4 4 -L ; *7 *'* : f i' ,- .. ,

44, -4 -- 49* L -, ......_; -- ; ... .,. ,, .', ....... ; I
Io 1 =141. 10`

*yt.- ,\, ,) i" .-,.,1-., ,,...* .r ..u 3o-'-- -' .. -; -- -
; K 1 14 4 4 r -. i

GYj, A 4 -.. -

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g .i -i 4.. -J. -i ".4 1. 3.j !-1, ,T . ;.o-u.y at gdq?).i h"i' ;1 g4 ll2.-J2tir'^ -
-l-.l-A-A .^ ^-;. 1' L*"*'-" "'r-.1-XgC 13".,^ I/ .^ --
;-ci'J t.ily yors


-: .y 14, ..:...-.

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4,4.4.-i -J+j 4. --iG
4 y .4.- 4. .

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4 4.c.'
.4 4.44 ^ *.

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-~ ~ .*i .: ^ ': .~ -*- .^ :44.443m : .L.4 .i ^ 4/ .14 .-r.
L4;:,: '4* -v ^ i 3 e.. o : e ^.444.4 ^
4^ l '.4 .4.".,^ y ^^ ^ ^ _^ 1 ';-; ,.",,-
--i P.IC ^ '"' Il:, """ :i: ? .e. t- ^i1 -^..rr ,^ ^

.-;. r t .' -'. :-1. -

: "|:'..j ^ "~~,i .*^ ^'jr .:^.^1^ ^ >:":-^1^

" 4-..... -.4.4 u4.i^ ^ '^ ^ ^ 1.1 ^ .-' 4l;:1 ^
444'. *;.- ... .4 : ^ '" :; '" ^ ^ n ..... 14.

i. i '.. ** 4"i;' ^ -,* 4,**- .-. .*1 4*x ;
'. -. -' 4444*' -.-- ** .;y.L ( S (.> -. .~ 4 *, *** 1 -4 4. .
4,*,~~~' 444 4.

444. "f .4...- 4," 4! .
4E; .4.4.

4 ;.t. ) -; *. 4 ; 5
. ,.: .. .. .1 ;
4-4 i l .j 4 -- ,
.44,. 44r .4, -,E .4'

2- C
.. ..; .<. .
"' -'" 4 '4 :-""." --) t. .i...

4"''. ^ --( t- i. ,.,i
-n ...tii. ., 1 2 U 1, ..4 ,.

4. 4

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4 r
'-. 44..

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(> < --

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.'. t7.w l i 3'K.. ;*
2 2 -' ., i -. 4

1 ;3 t .,N.I z '

'~~~' ,-jJ


I c :l -. .., '44 *... 4 0 of

- .he oniioh .am .

I 'heschard conditionshave almost wrecked our settlement.

S la '/ .: ot "


N 4 .7 .
I- .9.'.-. . ... I :
Nu.rL.~ *4*
-. S ..',

.4 4-. .44~

e2y iZi-.J u )

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.rr ill

C^& /A^ J '.z

__ _.

,j-I-, -- .._/_
--.- J _-^ "--. t^

B_.. .- a-w f~ c.,_,:f p

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f^~- n-*i >^ c} ^7 ^ -
r .^L <

Rl-A 1- (.,-
.."MCML2. -

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S- a

,.- *. ,-'*

'. .. -4.- ',, 'l 'li; _..i --
-' .. i P'V,,- 4 A.. .-i' J. L,, ...-' -. :, .-' -. -
v ** : 4 4

.. ;I. 1' .< -. i 't 1-- -'-.
,- J -

" "i "" '- z'. -- -. ,. n c .'J .. ...-. I ". L -
If ,'...-. .- ,. .,, ^.. 'i
-. >.... .. -. ; .. .F .
+..( L i .' i.. ." .. A. -, .'tr
S .- i. u,,:
a1i' v -I. :;.;
II :.

, .. i k. a l l .: i "- .. ..

_ ~_ _~_

-- -

_ 6

* --r 1~

.r ,,

July 16,'#:. -'

..L A C 1

1 --. L J- of

.. .. .. .-.2 p
S~ --'r = .l ,1* *a 6 u l,-c : ; t r.

- ),.i, '- IJ. .. .j. :-^.3tj in ..s yl: 1- ;.k ) .

S u. _,,1 .:, .. o... ... ". -,-. -

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-70 1? i;iu

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GL*.i,0-' i.Ve to c .nrcoumx .ia S,., 1 a .ic of ,r:i ..o,
o, .-..c o, -.t1 G i --. :: .'". -,7y dj you e eX, gUod.o

T C 9 sineao ,

-- ---

I La tly-r'O lo,. lio,

*.-i'-:- ...-ur,uc-u :,..' ,ison, ,

i '' k, a k :
A .y 'l .; iJ ; .u. -t 1 -
, *-i..j.*^. .ri 1 of c l .1 t t ;an'-is, y, 2 t i ycu 16.' 0i iV K k;-E

n o . *, ', .J .' ";i c ; .-... u. ...' ~J. .* ._."
J. 1. --1.1 U.

-T L:' Yo u--
S.. ..

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ft." 4SW S l:~

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.~-.. j*j, ..I -.C

-'l "-a -R 'n4 (~cj~d I tnvL n
1*!'..-~;. LJ 1 .L 1.i' L llr~er~ ~fL -- 1.
r "0 -iS

.4- 0

~~~~~~~~~~, ~~~~~~~ ~ 0 12 t -..r1@ 2. LL.,. MOt..2UA J L Jci
>; 9:6 >t tt 2*L23L ui- ~ '?

'1 -i- mts -t J

1 111

P- luLWm 1e1ter i^ the ^ive th
&e 4. ChaMue, Presielt,

0 Wit Jas. A. f ew, Ina.,4
West iAe I Bn, h

iI eave ye letter the t ,iar e
sTme wft easierable Lewant ei ea es inataf t stint erm the l(8).

entu ar the farwt l en you say ou were it u to wih n as" t e V

Sasdtradjty bh et thUe Iee vr Liu n atz e be ehad a tOh s pa1a t

er rr as aa02 be heA AtmA for eleven aea rs
You aloe 'my ea want tihe ealuee 11stiat ot the ,a tU t I

It you nowr deU Vry o mot be wad, at i tbe nser of askit
fea a iestingt I oertailny woead sot like to rie *a susiEa litMag
toeiaf L a po t he 2 nS delivery Smbl t obe ma fys y"e wish
to waste syew tB e *a las m theat nanet be alive real
new, ur. Beartsaey, you are etirely asio Ltezest as to these
ltai. they are not hel in tfrut at bal noa t bee*o tr eleven pYaroe
the Okeelata Corpamatioe ha had a portueetT y ot ttle teo them ter t&ha
peed. I an one of the trateso Mtat former l hat Atle tI he le l sttA
I k rn the trusses have not be title r that time. I do set think
Iou ought to mReA at statements aeersing haats you to est on. The
SCarpofeeA AU b l-atb lm ,ep hs aeod i tottle thhem, a 8n deliver the
as euplesteu as ryou eamn yar asitiUjually owne# lats. Please to
net make a ah asataOents as to thes lJanis ay m of a it wi B be a
amage to my oouspr. I ask that yen sat t rs bing's at oam sad witj
ua- the stat ement you male to teM for t t yaila not I shla write her
the fests.
Tasse lands are i sales. Th e aWr not listed wt* any real er
tat*e ento th power to pri thne t otoer realters. It any one wants to
%my tnhe -lans will taste him a price oi inuiaty. We aI tt tenat bW
say price qnted by way oe li sr exoeptiag officer of this oaouany.
Trusting you will withAr4w your statement bto Ma Saners and.
ret aica fr again seking statements that will damage we, I eamts,
Sincerely yours,

Ni J4 Chapms.

l Miani, 1t a. aJuly 18, 1925
W. J.I.Gw'rieaB,
CCi t y.:
Dear ir. Garrison:*-
In repfl to your question regarding -
the Okeelanta Country, and opportunities there for iqn '
Metatrai t 1rill state as follows:-
No. 1 LOCATION: As shown on the en-
closed map ,."ur location is superb. In fact it has been
called the most strategic in the Eterglades.

he. I S11q: Noe better statement ona
thief subject can be made than that publIthad by the '.S.
Dept. of Agrioulture in 189l 'Pages 1l3-173: Thre irl
praetioally no other body of laan in the world which pfl
sents such remarkable ptthbilities of development as
the mWck lands bordering the southern shores of Lake
Okeechobee, With a depth of soil averaging, perhaps,
eight feet, and an extent of nearlyf half a million aores,
with a surfaoo almost absolute level,vl it affords promise
of development which reaches tbyeon the limits of proph-
ecy. Our Okelantee land lies in the very heart of the
tract, thus described,

No, S CROPS: During the period in
which reclamation has been inoomplete at settlers have
suffered many hardships from pioneering, we hre raise,
an a small ecale a bewildering variety of crops, data
regarding which Is founa in accompanying folders.
No, 4 DELAYS : This country has,
thus far, been in considerable measure held back by laek
of essential reclamation and transportation. Hence ita
possibilities are less well known than they would other-
wise be...

No. 5 IPBOVEMENTS; essential in-
provements are now coming~ Bond issue of $994,000.00 has
been voted a8d will complete our li k of the roaA connect-
ing Palm Beach and Ft. Myersr also nanl(oints ain Okelan-
tee, a vital link in the north and south idstatOe Highway.
The F.E.C.Ry. extension to connect Okeechobee City with
Miani is pledged to pass Okeelaobee on the exact line we
have requested. Our local reclamation district has ob-
tained legislation and funds and is now pushing aggress-
irely a project which should completely solve our water
problem; enabling us to threw out excess water, and threw
in water needed for irrigation. This system is expected
to be in operation early this winter.
No. 6 VALUES: We have long known that
th se lands, when properly reladiJed settled and developed
will command high values. Similar lands near us, now servA
by reclamation and transportation, have reached $1000.0g
per acre. For ou aeetion, similar figures are regard e

SIasnt uarreasama. We alre adr y heae qeutatioes like thee:

11, T.46, X.Y,....... ,s0.o *0 *.
1i, T.45, Ig6,....,.i. nOO 5 0-r a
Sugar ulat Distriot, ia iles east of Okeelanta,
such less developed and more repeat thaa our section, and
without our railroad opportunities, quoted at $250.00 per
aore ard up,
Great increase in Valu at an early date now
see certain; and those desiring to bu.y ahead of these Jump
:will need to aot promptly.
N B. V OPPORTUITY: A personal word rse be
pardoned, vTing been connected with this region and its $&a
terests fdr nearly fifteen yeare'having lived the fle
year, au partlepat satively in pionees I 64l|t we"U
lit c helpbSaquirtir sa te ewledge regarding oonlti ons, peset.
abilities and values, and it in of these that I understand,
you wish Me to speak
I shout state that qm interests has never
been, primarily, that of the ore profit seeker. Instead q
oonsuming paslion, from the beginning, has been to see the
country suooaessfuly reclaimed, settled at developed, an
made the hom of a great, intelligent, prosperoea peopl.
This, I am positive, is clearly possible; axi, with proper
co-operation can now be greatly hastened.
A word as to my proparatiau I was reared
on a farm was afterwards conneoteda, for years, a first as
professor, anr later as president and head of experimentation,
of one of our leaAing state agricultural colleges. Still
later, in Washington, D.C., I was connected with the U.S.
Dept. of Agriculture, ard, then, with the conservation moTe-
sent, led by President Roosevelt and Forester Pinohot. In
this work I became interested in the Everglades; and from it
I nsmmh oame Aireetly into active connection with the work
of Eyergladee premotien, settlement anddevelopement.
In 1911 I al k aided in founding the first
Srerglae aatotlement; namely9,a Darve, near Lauderdale. On
October u24, 14 we fonated the first upper Gla&es settle-
ment; nsane ly 'aO laeta.* Of this y seon Larroene was
one of the original five pieneorel and wt.h* I joined it on
the ground a few months later. There we apent several years,
roughing it, fighting the battles of the wilderness, and
saying in every pranttcl wy in making the region oultiTvtiblo,
and habitable. N learned the Sverglades from books, from
nature, from the settlers, ant from the school ef experieOn .-
the hoadlest but meet effective of our thoolmasters.
Our effort wus to hasten the completion of
reclamatienasr transportation, and build up an agricultural
settlement at Okeelanta. We erected there a large town hall
for public meetings of all proper kinds, secured a good soheeo
house and ashool, started the organLsatien of settlers whi&e
has now spread all over the Averglades, brought in a stopfl

- - i- i -r.--. irr .\'1":.'- -- -,71-- -i -- '- -.- -- i ; --1

Page 9*
voting precineti, tsLprm to thM senat, ataly mail and etar
S equaisites of atiila UifE,
We earnestly sought to secure nceseary evergladns
knowledge by a long comqnpegnpi a Govwrnmental Experiment
Station; anid, while this waited, by creating and operating
one of our own at eur own t ajf results of which are immefIen
ly valuable. <, ^-i*

"Four years age water oonditiane became u-oj-se and
most of Us, including my7alf were temporarily driven out.

I have, however, been planning and working ever slinm
to "Cone ack:;:" with sufficient funds and personal help to
.. :< .aenablc us to resume our former work anr press it with far
more aggressiveness than ever. In this effort our fund of
experience, the public improvements now sads and coning, ant
the funds we ek8e which others will bring, nhol:id tro!v
of graat a.ninltance.
e' focl that in via of t}!e long nast, we nr: o know
every ii.porta:it .iove t] it sehorld be nade. *e lack only the
completion of the public inprovearentf for which we should
Snot fl nor bo .required to rait long, and the funds rhich th
effort of w'lich I am to speaa cho Id enable us to secure.

Those fund we expect to c(cqu.ire, 'first, by the sale
of town oits. ant f.r.'n tricts; crco:nd by tl, cultiv tio ofi
la'ds.w:hich, from our viewpoint, is tL.h one important thir g

At Okeolanta, e haTve alre-dy a fineiR to:iisite of
ome five hundr'i acres, r.'hich we are increnuing, -cid f:rm ..i.
,lanr. ds niasrby .i.rt of r.hich we own an.L part of lich .:0 hope
I "to see purchased by the methods I .hall explain,

SThe lani3 wlich should be avn.ilrble, :.iAd a ry
'unthL since -'.r available, in many thousands of ncres,
have rmeeuntly been withdrawn from thei market by Land 'orL.lantre
SxpEcti:; an nearly an1. huge increase in prices; nay ..50.0
pr mcre UL staLrt 'iith. To obtain rA,.eLo'fore, LtL: l ...., ,i..-dAt
for wur QLIkolmii t leiYilopeninlt, wse iiu'Lt on3urt to efforts
much .,ore. laborious than .le )ould otherwise final nucus ;ary.

.'it these lanils Jaourid however, ani iur public
improvui:nts, farther advanced, we plan to enlist a high
clau3s selling agency to push the marketing of our Ok.:,lanuta
lots inrl f-irm trants. It is pinr1vp thit our settlors, for
tha ust part, live in town, where their families can enjoy
the comforts snd necessities of olvilized life and w-Ah the
cultivrtors run, by jitney, in the morning, td their fields
a mile or more distant and return at night, also to enjoy
modern advantages, Tratts farther Mnr my be sold to apecu-
Slators. ..

I am making the following propgittioa, whici is
arousing much interest, and way be re lat as already a-
eepteA as a settled poUc y

- R

Page 4.
All Tavaiabl lan in the Ofteelanta vieaty that
can be hal at reasonable prices should be ha-A without
/ elay. Infer tion reaching m almost &dal stress the
importance of this statement, and shows thatlittle delqr
only me cast prhashers many thousa ns of dollars. In fact,
the delay of the last two months has already deprived pos-
sible purchasers of the opportunity to bay huge tracts at
astounding bargain priest; for example, ofer sixty thousand
acres at $22.00 per acre. These lands are now all off the
market) to return at a iniaua, we are told, of $250.00
per acre. "
These available tracts fall into two groups, as
follows: 1.- These available at aret prices A ng these
may be mentioned such tracts as Se. 22 44 36 at $200.00o
per acre, ant Sec. 11 45 36 at $350.00 per acre. A
little additional land in area large r than one section meQ
probably be had, but very little. Any of much lands within
fiTe or six miles of Okeelanta should b .bought.

Lands in this class will be .old on the 'usual pia
the sellers receiving the ordinary oamnission. However, we
would desire the exDlustre resale privilege for one year or
more with the object of selling in connection with the okeelanta
development sales mentioned above.

2.* hoe available in ,pr at prices considerBl
below market ieT 'his beoase t writers familiarity
with local eorAotioan and facts, or of his personal relations
to the tracts etc. These tracts ino lude~stions:, lmi
3:7 26 25 24 T.44, R.36
3 34 35 36 T.44, R.34
S- 4 2 1 T.45, R.36
9 10 ~1 T.45, R.3

In these sections, practically anything that can
be bought at $100.00 per aors, or lees, should be seized as
a bargain; while tracts within a half mille or mile, of the
canal crossing at Okeelanta, might well be bought as bargains
at a considerablrhigher figure now- to say nothing of a few
weeks henco.

These tracts in olaas two will be sold, not on the
ordinary, real estate, and commission plan, but on the profit
sharing plan. This is a territory on which I have saorafioee
myself and my family for man years in my efforts to build it
up, and hare lost heavily when I might have become a millionaire
by speculation an the coast. Now to obtain my compensation in
part, I should find it in the handling 6f these lands.
Even so am desire is not primarily to accummalate a
personal fortune, but to bring together the funds, mentioned
above, with which to push the successful settlement ard devel-
dpement of Okeelanta and vioinity, and if the profit from the
lands is permitted to flow to the nMGatMrRstkr 'a-K--x ends
of the earth, Okeeltnta may still lie undeveloped. Thus the
r eel e.d of my yearsawork would be defeated; which must not

S Page. '.
On the ela S laaS, her ias uV propositioe:

Such of these as I can still ueoure (Despite the
adTertisirg of the Florida Land Eoom which has gone over the
country) I propose to sell at $100,00 per &or, -Next my
plan' to push the clearing, plowing, planting, building awA
cuneral developing of the Okeelants country to the full
extent made possible by the funded I way secure. This of
course will increase the value of the lands your associated
may purchase.

lsxt, ,With the high class ad selling, I hope, as
stated, to push agCressively the selling of Okeelanta lots,
andi adjacent farra tracts, as well as treats more remote,
After paying the expenoes of the selling on a basis to be
agre cd upon, the net profit will be dirvied equally between
the buyer and myself ith those I represent.

To hb more specific, note the case of "'c. 2'7-44-*$.
with which I am r rlonly connected. This will be gold at
just half thle price at 'ich its trin osotion, NO. %2, just
north, 1:3 n'rr hold.

The buyers would be relieved of all the trouble and
expense of oellinr it themselves. It wurld be expected to
sell the land xX before the second payment feLl due; and at
a price co -iidrably greater than .200.00 per acre. ialf of
the not from this rould go to the or.ners. This in itself i
very unusual opportunity for an inver:t',entj nrd, no doubt,
will apipal to some with whom you hope to coanunic .te. I an
already interesting others in a similar proposition; .ard, La
this way, hope to bring togt:ther, soon, a ).rce nrea of last;
and, froa it;s sale, acquire funds both to Yoztr :iatr the
new purchasers ard to push tnc settlemrnt n.:. devoliupc.rtent
of the Okeelanta Country. Kmu ,t o

Very truly yours,

M, L.hL ed ___ _______________

1111 IIIII III- ,

I "eL.a

x t4 a
.,. t ir .-.-, < _-- I
o- .. ~---- -

R -

Ju:y ,),1925.

Ua.l.;l. :Lrt~p L itor,,'

d -I .!.x; i t Ct oi. tt 4-C2. V eO '3T
t..L, ( Jr- ..t

---- : : : ... .,; . -.

S -. ..-.ITS'.. t ;i '_ .."-, -.. .o .
S- .
.' ,, .L

" ... '... .... .. .. ;. ,. :C C. t. '', ,. .. L' :-' ,.

1 i

I" i:

I '
*^? -:
'1C; ,"-~

Vs. 1;Ado-L cid -._iS

j. l-. *>. "-.._ '. 4. .

.. l i ..

b..- .'. l :.;, .. .. O..- '. .: -'- .... >
.6 j I


1 iai.s y nw 1t--- :.:-.; r Z..A Ce .' ^, .
ia uJ.u 1 ..- i.I.:* A .. .1,i ;.L -.': U. i. 'a :'
Cl;1..-es country n,'; ica3i ao *. ... .C >LU; 'o a.r.r-l^^ :l..-,

-< LJ -.*lr hor ::"-!I G; .- -" '" ., -- ,- : ;, .. .. -. *
effort tQ, stay 0o" .arth. it.L *i:,-- L; *.: ..... .. Lit* r: i"cs
ji L-1-' lii .')r:' .y Lo-'. t 1)in ;-ut.

1 ...; l ;.'. r'? .). ;i ,, '. ." {:. ..".- ,- 'n,".i .i. .1 i C: Ln -~1 g,

antd Iivetbeu g op aqmploetul.y crushie. ILnti :j-.: Tkru 4I'!u ;,;.c. 'oCn
('Lo4pe.e U13o0 them, t'nt 't: ., L-,r: gl-cr, u :. o,- O -er apZp : fa;.
or Auve Ipso 4i.1 o ower. to think ulaIrl'J.y an coei s0ao-ivuCly u:'on ti itP odii

tougtta.o as tQ s, itss pPve. rto siaig no I' lt our ase ours ruly
______________to.,__ Augors- ulad) 3. ours


I .. \i.

Main Office
New York MO E H. J. BROWN. President
New BY OADAYfe B.BROWN, Vice-Pres & Tie.
W. R. BROWN, Assi. Treas.
Chicago Office D. P. BROWN


jiv.17 20, 1925.

rom: H. P. Vannah.

j't. Lsuderdale, i'la.
-. -idi t. Wif

.ll';'ct: r -:-la ntP conditions.

Dear ur. w ill:

aill .--. .i. 1Ily Ellow me to come to -,-u with an-
other question-.: I have in mind this time the siCnificance
of c recent -.- -." on soil suibsidOnce Saounti.,_ to 5" in
five -- rs at J -l'- ta as reported i: Dr. U. A. -" of
S ton. In discussion. this w'ith x.r. alt.'.:,. with horn
you have had contact, ir. j'i: .. t'io;.. 't that it !onuld be
well to learn the subsidence of u .1_'.ta soil occurr.i.- be-
fore the -': i .i;: of this five-.~-s i!:riod on which or. Kay
has ,'- drted. Id -;.:< be so kind as to give me this fi i.-
if ; : have it at :.T? ihis amounts to our Ic;:?.,' i the
total subsidence that has occurred at u'.; ..ta since the
area 7:as opened domn to the present year.

ShOve been fort-nate in secur-. representative
sarmnle from nir. Moth, to -whom you referri us this :.'in.

v..- truly yours,

'es -e' C01,. '' t
Research -, -t -,tent.


i. Fi. Varnnah.


. ':" ..',f i L -, 'o .t.. t..
I t T .J + l 7 "4 + t | + O p 1 -' ; t 0 1 1 4 + I t o + L ]

/ --- "u 'r t r,, :x .it,' i '*io I. ;>.:..:Lt ; t- : -: "
il I,- ..l itU n l -
S:*jI .. 1 .*

"-;- ... I-"r: ." on^), c-.--
*'- "-] +'* ":-- t L .d ].'.lJ' '; --
.-. ,- I -+j.^,.o ,, ..' -*
'0 Si
r L D :tji1 1! '
x w -.n y La"o a ~ t i o t n n ~ L I~
2.C1'..P.: ; yit. nv~ p r'II;~. i~oI~a(:Lnii Lt~ i .w J A'Ol S.
'-1 )'4'4 j 1r ~ ii ~ t .t b ( L T L U r ~ ~

L* ud c^.Lo, uI L ,: -

0 4


Ifi not Lt 5 0Co r t, it .31 2. t .' :f r *.Jit ) ritiit C:i: 2 a '::L .
4, "L 3:Q .x 1 0 Y o i y ,

1r: urC LE.'. &13ec is nri. op&i ortiwtta t uJ, r -to
byi vr L 9: O: ;.la.- 1 ,4. 4 tile L21 Value '

.r -

r1 a..

Ci:, ;LIdnoeixl^ .yQurr/,
:L *,\ *

^^ ^


Aix i.tudda"l t-, ~.a ,.
Jtly 21 1.l2. .
*'. ,+. ". rr 0,Ult-ic

:. .... : ,- -- ... th Olu" Cg"l c, oatU1 '-) Itr- a-: Vly- solcf 7our. tract ,

(s~).t::it-_.?.: ") Aor th,; following uic: io to 0 ou,.lu onr t;1e0 folloi.' 'ing term'-s .--
.. -. -

ttl, w 'I1
7a' s'i m e is fo los .--
:" r L&x" : t. o. cQ+iij-&)' n t .A, .I '" solo ? -r tract
C I 1 u! I Q, u 3ec227, J' lg :1 ,1J. p .h 1e.i n fII cec JoLntW a*

--l..i.C a 't o i k/ -o,71 7.

I t 0.*9L9 J1 follova I 'T-wo each for Mo .72
c.d 1 i I'' l fsiX 02 Cent (A.A o) enr annummplie
uf ao yO-trs fJon d4Jo.

1. ;. :.lC .you"r li.' ron -act it ,i to au, ai iil 01t. on l i tn g Et-

*... : O 1 L ,.to yo1 ,t 1 A4tl 1t0-IS$ 1 1m

i-'.-.;:: 71 -- nd l ao tel aiove, Irn.ustlch. enclosed letter, i dt i
X' -Y YOL P9^1p
--',t Utulro (/.71,



lt.Jandlrwelels sfL.,
July 2:el .
SIilt, 4Japl. 4,j di,, l
Atl:':aLio,Iry. n.
iy Elpr 1W(*8-

i 0iLtY'4it4cU lS4Ii. iwr contract of, Aug.1920gI IJae sqld y9m' tracts
iwa m.d O.*p -Iwn4ni .2a<319-3luiud US, in Sec. 27,'. 44 S.l.36. E., in Paon
3o0.Lc:;O U.'ufly, arpllIa (I3WLtorjast')f9r f ip folulorig. price- to. you.anid
oan ui.; J.RowirLag *iryLf-..

Tota =.847 T
(Ax por.,
Gcnt (qo;) o3 b3oth,
148,35 Granl To9,, $2,0,20a)j.5
y..I:;:xt-iui.l l. tOnS fo3l3lMowO3-
ly~Ch.J, dami one tlIdnr, (1/3), 8V'/3.6
2r-Nutu, usI follows o 1o(p CLtc1 foar 87;3i?.
e'h t>-. uig tinareat ;i d%, Sth i A- ;-:s .M3o? "**
-r5th :s u;u. ju r." :. ... u.. r .A'

., ,i ;'Cer

?'1sa:o ojtryoulwr .coquI;ata& i4tU, bme to tfih RirtC Uatiptft)E j X,. ?t& :
1anlord4,i., loril.gthore tp. b- 1i.ALd 14. eni=u for thirty dazsaawi the
a7bmove sL a'!L Wts 411 bI "aunt to. you at A,1a3ti3 Ba.

.cs aso,;ud, aend, to. ibovei barnk, t.iie eolosoad. lett er, with, your?. con-

Vory. tniL.p your'a,

..M EM



these three symbols
ap after the check (number of
words) this is a telegram. Olher-
wiseits characterisindicated bvlhe

Form 1204
SIf none of these three symbols
appears afterthe check (number of
words) this is a telegram. Other-
wiseits characters indicated bthe

The filing time as shown in the date line on full-rate telegrams and day letters, and the time of receipt at destination as shown on all messages, is STANDARD TIME.
Received at










550AM JUL 24 1925


9 A

A7 -. -

.j-' K

c~C~Lccl:--) k 1A.~E -~-CA
F~z F-i~~~o

~r;t ~\ ccAq

Julj7 24 .m25.

2. J&\C. iO3
.' L;. *.', i. o :. :; ,

..... ... i ', s/I;,iJP UJ GiMOU l Ots buO n a, .I)oas: .Lble for YcJtr3s
.c.. C..: 4. fl _od1 -d 4 r:;,.:axl ot.te:io- l-culto's wu.tliLa-,,,b.c 3,.

Ati. V, 1.). t,-.ou .iis d ,i' iuj xj yonr truct;: of 1. L. .ch
.- O.A ;.. t for those .,: i)(j de;,.,n..o fCur *t.1 v.eG the Hr.

.. f .. : 1 ,o lytitle bou .,

... Ai "-. or. t;-l 3 t 1
,- -. -. ..-. p .J .''. lJ ... 1 o ni '- 'm .

. n ,j., .I J aL, I1 *P..z .i o ,u *. ,- i.-it ,i C o'lilt L tl s "- i'-*oi t

-" I.v. ;. r L on,.u.tioan lai : op.erAtion,pf 1ii i vy:7 fT" ".
S. -.a ,.u c u.rTrunniv i' t.,.;t \a1,', ti14 cuirot bc r -2dLuC tL2L. an
: :.Q to.. J..T rii iicah,, ua'.i fn out JIt th C13i .

S .iAL ..t r:VA... eLrpon il st ).'i- o r I 1.1 yoIJ :i- 1i 1 2l' o on.
"- tu n 'd,. :Lu. !tLding c o': d r.iund .Tst-rtot 11 ba, etc.L ..
co: ..0 i-u~mi A. di^ .tio .E au If

1 s42 Jbu gJ-l 1 LU AIoItr 'row yYl4u h'uJoi)tj!ly,)-y I 1'yrt
>IU a b~I '. Out c ntA-

!'31'y ti'lY Y-jUIEI

.. .`.....

,.-. ,- .-

Julay ?4192ft.

I. "..Yohnr .,
n. 'GuaJ- 4, 'hn .

'iy 4t- I p.T- O IJ "

&~ft,> *anIy uMspeawiEpti. aeortpI hierve at at sapjl yauw, fTnot 90q040 -
L.i;S. o-T.'4 o. h40 -U 1"Vo 1.'11. ten aoreaptli4a t$tae.. l Thee %Y5il be ,
"i'orty on03olfia( 40,)P q'r aqr lG, Oi %o.yopta i*PT m your eipulatl io
,( A>-l1-24 Al~ x-b o lcrCLru) AtwI oi upt pcamuelr ty, aeO~L o' r I.Qgs,
Uhuugi, yQL1u siprgoated ftLs tould bpL'prrmAftt0o.

It rijll no bQ neoepaary, t9, ;ake a, now ddii( tio )fresont ope. tp~r no
beqinLg for t. aqo0. uly) VeHijo'r,' ieO present. dCeA iqIftcaytirein. tiat ,
it isLa diatc 3Jpti.,1'jy2*.dlelo t1LM ii 3ptaryte poiA1sLiol expifreO
EItb.1,1Uibouut, 7,iwoa, Ubfor.e, Le'se eaSe, jtrW.%thkis dcpeanot opaEgPW.
th l tilme

I trill wtrce th:e nrose-nt 4ti.triact byonugiht.q ti ap i2 date.and i. 'y f the.-.
oost,:ts. tiam.
soJewibtr tltt lt4et mTmt b l tpu a4two03ea(gd thait y9j witfe uaist vImake
seoprtsate riolaowlodgpont apiThr1, from busband,*

Hlave dties i drawn -ivrefutaly*. Oopy o( y.. UP former oue. will be t1l rIat*s.

SaIll1 b, gliPd ut have@i4 a# spon as pjrcttoibblu* Qettijn abstjracta
tflkios. nuc;jih time.

SI A~vor'zgrctu i t4at IULj4t/ y^' ij susipsma so lona; but oiw.r Uppor.,-
Gltdis osLwUt3,y lias b9en a dtoad Ln rpoeolt yetaraosince theo liitor
Atiu 1ai;uoot l it;L oit au wiay th!ure, tlha lani-saolling Ibe been out. of
the queGationf -g

About A, year igoJI alil your R, aqrealand i.Ld i3papers aill liaidodUT ,s Then.
aoi!u un. go-Lt fipld otany iuy nd t11d hr tfull ofthle riuakeat poison
Against the -jladeae,your trerot,{.And rJ10sontJlly. X received ono. of tonet. U
LurIt Ibuaivq 1storn Ieya' Mauv,l'A tiL oAu option .O O U Oti

i.a t4A A4Loaeio o4 ;t, r wjitmasmpS I llcbotd the buyer her errorpandm
thlon reftu.'ittL hurf mflpnyl7

S cnoortouly your'as, -

.s 1

July 24,.L923.

, .. .' L U1 --.'1<1;Li',

I .i.t. : t Cl t. 4 1 .UL s Iq ;, i. i .

LlL3 L .J ,>'i-; i .c io.a ai ':o : -:iltt e'.:Ii:!--lt 1:,1i tO-iO: ,rfl.
-. i .L_ 0..j-" .., 1) i'oW i':ty to turn .ir .ir n(tli:1.

I i--" y' :..11 "a,. hvi. n' a good --ac.,.t3to~.

:y t7vzly,

-i .. ;


1.~ s_

N $3* csK





* '4fq-

F ir .

Lit '~. L

I C)


: :



-* ^B


1116 9th St. W.,
Washington, D. C.,
July 24, 1925.
Mr. T. E. Will,
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Sir:
I received your letter of recent date, and pave referred same to the
office of Mr. Block, who is representing Mr. DuwIr. They are both at this
time out of the city, but I will take the matter up with Mr. Block when he
returns, which is expected in a few days.
In reference to your preceding letter, I wish to state that although
As a result of experience I am rather skeptical about engaging in any more
Florida ventures, but if Iot have any real estate to sacrifice on the basis
of your offer, I would be pleased to know of it, as I might be interested
at least to the extent of a investigation.

Very truly yours,



Cit Bank of ifort Xanre alr J 1

jpz-ut nbaeddbale, 'Ffariba

July 25, 1925

Mr. Thoe. E. Will,

Dear Sir:

The purpose of this message is to
assure you that your banking business will be
appreciated at the City Bank and we wish to
urge you to make this message a personal one.

When you come into this bank, whether
you are a depositor or a depositor-to-be,we
want you to know that you are on "friendly

Our present depositors are our most
loyal helpers. In fact, it is their enthusiasm
for our Institution which has caused its rapid
growth at this season of the year.

It is only by knowing each other that
we can both work together for our best mutual
interests. We are always glad to see you, and
whenever you think we can be of assistance to
you, come in! You will never find us too busy
to take an active interest in serving you.

We are,

The Bank of Service

-L i -5 -L


July En,fItm.

.0 dil .l.j.- U.'it

.3 ~tI u ;, i-,'i3 .i u. JViC- l' :z .l -q ti b nbio: :
S.pb=.. 4. 1

tui tta

*,^* ;>1iS ym t e.J ai 's



du3yg ir,i92G,

. clAs r. .GtLlJ,

LIr da ilr:--

liero is your ha'rginf hot ofl the wire., 1ill nme3d to, be accoa,'c ti ,
S.ue Uaye.'"ucnh ia coaiiaaition of aiitvaic;tgos 11&oIds only tu btO d~scov .rod,
uXii tle adve, UtIJl takSe care ofthat*

uLsrS Ctruly,

' *

4e" ':

" "-T "

* -- .
> v" hr '

July BIr 19i1?5.


- 'm, ...-i3 -L V' .j

.*( *l -no Vr 6
.Jili jL r r.' fs
'LL lip

. vhI.a 4.1j a---

"ithi y,; .;i.n s I.i;1, ailalaa uuuld no bea tooving idth i n.orrnerous

.Au it isn, -ru'iA onao.folu.drs

nU.rL .10 ,,-.)ur J "uc.. owltr -us,.i A rL.L soo ill-tt. oCLn Lbj iones

;,o.uij i3va: fJ ag.i- Iak&'*ii i'v;a poM'd atiae! tituB i Iavo to !.ntkOe Uslsi-

G'L*- '
c- rcnu truly,

- -r *.* '4

C r
4 L.


-.. -..


71 ..

*' .

< _lc *
^ ^'^ l ^ .;
I* -*

.. ._ .

daly .i,-J-25."

.. O IX..rlih, i."ioi

GoultlouLcA -

.,'lc.a ,ni<. o.oy *Y *" ii ;.oU.ll f J 'Ota.:n : l',' ti obliges

.;,lra ,v.0L. ti .tly.,j

July .:25,192s,

S.r..,?1 'tamS-
/ oC J t.o iA. LoLo. .o,
J wcrl.n,.ais

.* j your iui~ir ,. iA t? i3 olntipic I nLtcepst. It; inplicoa ;1.
c.nt gaiGL Gli.~luua *oblersf. I IFish it wore poS5ible to. tfusILIhl you
boet or iniornation tii.x a L.a at I xLIn
L *o '
-. oJlit cy tbo LK.4 of t%. fyprglaut ii.ig 'Ltriot for
ly;. o4uvurr; E3i9 1 iths )V1a OtSie'-lan&tLi. a mIl vioifnltywTost tL tI' Hi.idLUntual
.AAA, Oct'.B o i;hi 6 ailn j!oI Z ; O4i ainl,.Protzty uniftonrly of 10'. ui.0i'
bul or *ug.i1,1Uh asiows tixosoe ai;, tie,

I-4 8vntG.aFlri',i1QhoLoC Q eoul eoSriauioo tiattes ba tli to Uot,'24,7913,
queobiousi aSojli AsfrrsMrLty of f2l'u013. il s&yattUfi1t tshcn Ticlfinrc ocut thet
tavJid -about 1 .' Ipop

"ji ntiasiucittoe,-r l ,mis who has 4agnop ditoied 1i3, t:.o GrOorntOIh; utoll, ai-xronce li found y;.l there 141 deooe

I iav1it ixeasur)(d 'icu1x:itata soil daptis. zt oanr iunal Gornoar. In 1914,
I uneld to Juual i.I, tfpIiing polo down to reooel, iiai f=l a. I- )th of I1'*,

'turnawnoo reLrTidan ne of a, trip w ierxdto t ho tioe :ltu. Jotel about
luli, '.ouach aurk, lihad been xtabliishd thirlE,cProbly UI or 4 yotnrs
bucifru sra- tlhe evidlco of soil subsidence amounting to. deqoral
inchels,but touls 1no iocurate iu:rvaureNmuat-c. mt.LtLnurrny,,an old-stinor-
iSoho-'-Ciif stli hlivtlv.-*liit give mra datit on that insttrs daibly
1-11-.! QoLlos. Q9p ofic'ep^isbee1J 14lg.,Jnouiaon'ifleFlon*,'isarcL-t Lknoi soinOthliig.
ihue 4L.tebaL&u tug t probably, 9(i,.

It is it pity sucli work as ;rwA'Y d4l oo Id nuvt Jveo been begun earc:lior,
1W theo V744Wawaroe luIidjLod ti;it job fazr hliLi

If,tat iMay tj=ic,@I otIa be of 4114y soi.-rioO,in aMiy way,to, your vialulsblo o itri,
au not iWoitatO. to. Oill o0 10ag. are countless ttidng in uhlloi ue
must ogouprto. iu t!i4s 1.,des isusiness t? s3ac beo dotn 'Lain suon, alIould badcllthi to. have uopothtr sesi:Lon istht-I hin
Aboire &aro big tW.ugn ap reading for 40ttent4pn.
V Oy, truly yvura,-


S"'O "ii.

S" On ii on:'
**" ..4'

*- : .... ... ....

-*." .- --. ".v 'r :
.-.. .- *. .t 4 .* 4 L .- .


AUti -tic,Iuua,
July i61.92ra5.

Plitst. Nat ionita. Banl
Pi, il.

Stcie!: 'c.M flixi la tnd, aoE~nt;cLLt 4ith. T'f e. )t.L L.uzd ordiln, FFla, .
for a s-i p-are tract. pf1iid i. Suction. T d,,. SqOO.30, iq.,-i PaIra ,
Beal Joun;ty, ,lor.-rizdags fol!ow o:--
. ::-y ".\5, ul '1-c-. .Pf+; :.; -*'_- r2 .
.'loasei holiL h la q~pmtrpt. ogr, tirtyy. d4.iBtln. o scro ttu'ing T.ili ch
period. ihos*l.; L i i:Ls to diposit vI.ith youfor ".ni'rttuano to. up,
cii .'okaat;i-. nijtes3. ji rolowstios-

ctTsh, ,j7.',~ 75.72 ,-
NKo,,e follows %o.a-
S. s 77 -
'1- 4* .r j i g ..,h u+ -* -: '
'Vles,- you w5il re it to iol; .ining t i hor.:uon to hors.

.i, I au d.- trll ;y yons,
+.'orey+ tr-uly yetr:*s,

qr- -

'N 1 .. -

Atlantio, Xowb
Pl.y 23,1925,,
Pirst Nat.ional ank,.
)])SIULFtULrdAl2, J2Ia*ij8g

Genl2 ezieJi:k

IJerce-it, fl.txi. lind. otr. t MPoLty Mtph. 4sla ,.4F Pk fJ arc .eo,. loria ,
frucr s:Lx-ac;r. triaod iFia 1 octiul 27,,.'.t4. riLR:J.G i:i IP a i
1 B~pE~SlU~3 IC)~SlqiG P1ts8~

:1 ,' .
May .,191 4? S

I f 1 .4,
L4y i' m ..
S i ;
i RA i
*Lr rn 1~~



mi .r 1 l .-9 q S S ] .i/ .
. 29 2. 8VO.. / /

. Plonase :lli tise&e. ofltr ots- in 'ae ui thirty, j) d&tyaJuring -
widol jerlod -'hnosA .l.i in to dl pst ti, you ,frr rspdLttLLauoe tp s3,
checks ai-., note13 at foILlo0a1 ,

/ .i-0,a. 87;iGl2

due. Li year fricna

dctVory, 87ly y ur
R duo y 2
.bheose ysou i4-U. rPai~t b,c ;e;soding oontrc3ttlleretaffate Thoa*lEf,
Hil, is. udepdtle, Bloraida, .-

Voey, gIrly youss, ,

,~ J
li-B.. .- "C

V / '' .. :'.5 /


* I

' 1-





Patrons should mark an X oppo-
site the class of service desired





Form 1207A



Send the following message, subject to the terms on back hereof, which are hereby agreed to
S. t 19

StrIt and No. ( l

Place .
I T'{r eeboe- !'



- I

': ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ..* /'"I' a;~;*~



A lull-rate expedited service.
Accepted up to 2.00 A u. at reduced rates to be sent during the
night and dehvered not earlier than the morning of the ensuing busi-
ness day.
Night Messages may at the option of the Telegraph Company be
mailed at destination to the addressees, and the Company shall be
deemed to have discharged its obligation in such cases with respect
to delivery by mailing such Night Messages at destination, postage
A deferred day service at rates lower than the standard telegram
rates as follows: One and one-half times the standard Niht Letter
rate for the transmission of 50 words or less and one-fifth of the initial
rates for each additional 10 words or less.
In further consideration of the reduced rate for this special Day
Letter service, the following special terms in addition to those enu-
merated above are hereby agreed to:
A. Day Letters mav be forwarded by the Telegraph Company as
a deferred service and the transrmision and delivery of such, Day
Letters is, in all respects, subordinate to the priority of transmission
and delivery of regular telegrams.
B. Day Letters shall be written in plain English. Code language
is not permissible. -
c. This Day Letter is received subject to the express understand-


ing and agreement that the Company does not undertake that a
Day Lettei shall be dehvered on the day of its date absolutely, and
at all events; -ut that he Company's obligation in this respecr"is "
subject to the condition that there shall remain sufficient time for
the transmission and delivery of such Day Letter on the day of its
date during regular office hours, subject to the priority of the trans-
mission of regular telegrams under the conditions named above.
No employee of the Company is authorized to vary the foregoing.

Accepted up to 2:00 ..M. for delivery on the morning of the en-
suing business day, at rates stdl lower than standard night message
rates, as follows: The standard telegram rate for 10 words shall br
charged for the transmission of 50 words or less, and one-fifth of
such standard telegram rate for 10 words shall be charged for each
additional 10 words or less.
In further consideration of the reduced rates for this special Night
Letter service, the following special terms in addition to those enu-
merated above are hereby agreed to:
A. Night Letters may at the option of the Telegraph Company
be mailed at destination to the addressees, and the Company shall
be deemed to have discharged its obligation in such cases with re-
spect to delivery by mailng such Night Letters at destination, post-
age prepaid.
B. Night Letters shall be written in plain English. Code language
is not permissible.
No employee of the Company is authored to vary the foregoing.


To guard against mistakes or delays the aeAder of a message should orddr it repeated, that is. telegraphed back to the originatis, qfce for comparison. For this,
one-half the unrepeated message rate is charged in addition. Unless otherwise indicated on its fare, this is an unrepeated message anid aid or fs such, in consideration
whereof it is agreed between the sendU of the meEsage and this company as follows:
1. The company skall not be Gable for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery, or for non-delivery, of any message received for transmission at the unre-
peated-message rate beyond the sum of five hundred dollars: nor for mistakes or delays in the transrrmtlion-sr dchvery, or for nun-delt'ery, of any message received for
transmission at the repeated-message rate beyond the sum of fve thousand dollars, unriar specialty vained; nor in any case for delays arising from unavoidable interruption
in the working of italines, nor for errorsin cipher or obscure messages.
S2. In any event the company shal not be liable for damages for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery, or for the non-delivery, of any message, whether
caused by tae negligence of its sersnts ot otbrrwise, beyond the sum f five thousand dollars., at nwhirh amount each message is deemed to be valued, unless a greater value
Is stated in writing by the sender there Eat the time the reesage is tendered for transrmi-mion, and unless the repeated-message rate is paid or agreed to be paid, and an
additional charge equal to one-tenth of one pcr cent of the amount by which such val ixtirn shall exceed rive thousand dollars
3. The company is hereby made the agent of the sender, without Lmbility, to forward this message overthe lines of any other company when necessary to reach its
4. Messages will be deli;,red free within one-half mile of the company's office in towns of '.00n population or less. and within one mile of such office in other cities
or towns. Beyond these limits the compnvy does not undertake to make delivery. but a il, without liability. at the sender's request, as his agent and at his expense. endeav-
or to contract for him for such deliery at a reasonable price.
5. No responsibility attached to thia company concerning messages until the sime are accepted at one of its transmitting office: and II a message ts sent to su' h
office by onE' of the company's mesengers. he acts6 for that purpose as the apenr of the sender
6 The company will no t be lible for damages or statutory penalties tn any case wbhre the claim is not presented in writing within sixt:.. da.s after the me'sege i-
filed with the conrpaay for tTansmission
7. It is agreed that in any action py the company to recover the tolls for any mtjsage or messages the prompt and correct tranlmiasion and delivery thereof
shall be presumed, subject to rebuttAl by competent evidence.
8 Special terms governing the transmission of messasges under the classes of messages enumerated below shall apply to messages in ce h nf such respEctive claEsiln
in addition to all the forepoing terms
9. No employee ol the company is authorized to vary the foregoing. THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY



4;7 i V.VJ -
,L.nip 1F.Lae.-"

I u~e cuulosi]~n3ihot'with t:10 folloilngz a-

l.--Lottlr. JU1m .4o s- Il, to.3An, UafoeJe 30. (flit sa%, Lky 14,1J'24,
2-4rlooldiGts by OWao1fusta Qzianijxty. Uoi0ima1L to. ti. 1r0l.Ulot47,X19X4,
.-.Lettt cr ficjh *ho:i.-.-'t-l tp9 U. i.hii3l.lDoo.G a iarA:PiUl. 1,14251
a- I" ,, a a 8itl.

X stal. be gl,*i to qvC .,-oau eu axinl -GxL 3aflai bl'tn 4glvo laop ..-lc I.ciULos.

On Jiiuruday, ito 34tiALs itg&n & 'uu I siDo roach (l*tMIiJIt& 44a Vst 1o9
I u,_0 b.ouMa. -ilue Ly ian JAyotc:.v Lpuitjnag Cr. a.p & oo t iac tu uicdi tu i)1t.
'?7,5OO1,l1) i0. Ia i byIon .4u01 7lad s1 'by hstd r.it3erain old 2reorgluadoia Wailur
.:!d ifoilId, t.i :i ~ OJSeoainta .

Az u.WLTr.a ,ULt1 2nW,:e La OOldnota. 9t coC anpol]OJ.. to Vtflaif
uhlcu orm' Wta:i op, 4e % aaer

.:'utu;:uer tiveirtoar 1, o9ding dotnx ftro: toe nofieatd, ul I amAortian part to a
Uis visit tu Floxaiti; iiz tv sa;u% i2bo tkkoeliSatil c/twiltY7o I 4Ij e-cooaid to
t**cku II;r Uhors> 1cLwthrr- iwq shill be rable to arrijvo the O1nmlsasont
Jlau rs; I q.'r ai,,nly do note

Lo !aapliQy gtting4tiro iiL trloOu4 tihreQ cPorout oooastouf t.o pgt
)Ioo(mantt b y 9pTlo0n,ani :ir.';ulg fpqr bq;t trimiia.WoIt.tioJU fAomu Ioi,
Gludo 0o1pbut ecOh t.e frlad to got caoeaot:oIu uwnt onu0.-iauay,
Laly to, ftzijl. tip (L4bfatir oqtting tlaongi tUpl roiat.. ,
I w-.5rm a fslaring u,1 ..' gAuurlil sltitatiU.

Jerv a.ilJAy yuurda


Oh R

' .a


JuIy 2 10924

!Tr. Thomas E. Will,
T eral Mani a-er,

Fort :a-JdicrdaI e, Fla.

Dear Sir:

I 'avc youmr circular relative to t-e
Ever(gade lands. I o,: tu .cres, the ..
.-r. S.7. ',r., S. r., of Secti-n 9, Towv -
shii 46,' ra'e 35. The ta-es are all -il
this pro-ert-T -) to ate and I also ha. n
.astr et, .-,t it .wo.nld ha1ve to be
to>-.zt q vnj t- date in the evont of a sal c_
< 1arn a3:ini '"*^ c ash for this pro ert". I
-thi s s intuctin. t4o .o I 1 oICld be plered
to hear fros you.

4b43 aS -~



{!N~- O:-Q H

' (I....


10^ ?(;TI

1^ 1 o?00



July 30.1925

Mr. Thos E. Will.,
Ft.Lauderdale Fla.
My Dear Mr. Will:-
Your "Owners Statement and Offer" blank
received, which, inadvertently went to Chickasha Okla., my
old home, but forwarded to me here.
If you will remember I have not as yet
received deed to the property held against loan made you
several years back; that is to say, I originally held acreage
in Tract 63-4, Sec. 35 T 44 R 36e but same was turned~ ack to
you on account of W. J. Bryan wanting this particular piece /
of land and you substituted other acreage in lieu thereof.
Not having all papers at hand just now I cant give you the
exact description but I think it is in 77 now. This was in
accordance with your letter of Dec.21.1915. All of the above
under your Loanagreement in development of lo acres in 21,44,36e. T
This letter will serve the purpose of your
"Owners Statement and Offer" in that I agree to sell the land
you are due me but for which deed has never been issued, for p/
$100 per acre net to me.
Please get behind this for me and see what
you can do, as I am anxious to get some action on it.
Wish I could make my home down there, but
cant figure out any way I could make a living, otherwise I'd
be on the ground floor. Hope you have been making money for
you certainly have been making a fight.
Let me have an expression from you. Always V/
glad to get your letters.
Yours erely.,

(7 f-



.39, / ? 29

~u/e Zk ~

X9~s~k 29efv, W-

~- ebe~~A Or6
~3 R~- -EI St~fcC

/? cx

(*' yo ,)

~c/Zic~Z:;tV~ 9-&la% / LV 4YLX Z)
d-f~ev ~f~ ,(rl~ ~
~ ike'~~~t~c ~L4

ct^Le/ / (a0

-~j~-rJ/~-YI~ e~C~r~ 4,
~~~~~~~~ i(utLC-~t~ Y~Vd C*

__ __


Ue ~y~U ~Yi"~


~ p~L~LC~j*


~3~-~Y )~LZr~-r~L~ede r6~F-e~/W ~c~eX




"L~' au-c4 4y4r/nee~L~%
~i~2"t ~Le~f~aLQ~



July 31, 1925.

Mr. 'Thos. E. Will,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

My dear Sir

Answering your letter of the 25th, beg to say that I
do not know of any experiments that have been entirely satisfactory
for ridding the baous of the water Wya~dath. I think you are
entirely misinformed when you say that we have solved th problem
because the water hyacinth is a distiLant.nuisance in this State.
However, I am not will informed as to whether there has been any
recent work on clearing away the hyacinths and it is possible that
something has been developed that has not been given general
publicity yet.

Very respectfully,

Dean and Director. /



_ ~ ... --- --- I