Business Correspondence. Mar. 1, 1925- Apr. 30, 1925


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Business Correspondence. Mar. 1, 1925- Apr. 30, 1925
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Business Correspondence
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Mixed Material
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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S. .11...i ,
r: i-yop,ukl;..

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.Lac* fii.'/i ci,.i" fro i;: : .;.ite,~LDtiof .to-.uti,rLe ::or .':;;' 1.:ootst It
:"a.'ee oi 'i i .o -'jy [ ;l.- .c ly. ..1:-.'. ol o lld la .io ni ilt.

,I LI. a 'Atil tq-tity L7t3. ':litn o .)..>,'1i f ,( Oil.'O..'l 2 "' .1 A flt..'L' I O'.,,
.;. roj l .1 -. v :.:t -. ... ,...... .1,-3.': OS *'.ifl+ei of" .-..'ove,
is ; iw Z -' i ._ iyo ,-,L:S:.{ ,,-1 ;LUiC. .ii r Ot, v. 'l- u .; si -' o i i;,& jt i3z.5ci 3
lti: i,. cai'.-: 1J.-l .. 1 .'' *. l.y ,iG!:.. tii'Lt 'i.t.:".3i to : >.- .1 J :'.j tif
i-t., qui- .:..., ..1,1l, r/,'Dt 3' t il [i tu < o.;.., it..ii y: y i :." ... i,';.,.;i, it ].1 ['i,._ C e.r
ab1 o't, s.. UU, r ,,k0-." itC2Oi .c.iit .iif y ,;t!." ...L-',i.Y 0 .I'.t :i. .' .lj.,I:' 1 .. t '' .*..-.*,
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L. .. 'u..,.': '. u CU-.. 'io on t.'i. l._'i,_CL 3.0 0 -. ]

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a* .t'Coh a h

S: U ... ; : 1 -- Ci. -
U uC'. f.. t Li.Lu i..iuA ;-i. .. ;. 1. :. .,Liut. v.'i 2 onA ... .C:' '.,'io ;1 ... into
tilthe .-..i.:L.; ;l ..c it..(I .Cc.;) lJiSfinM o m.i i in r '
S fr io 2...;.,.'1: :_- ,3;i .. -t.,1,.. I i, l.-3s. 2 eu ntj. r.. U i ii .' ; :. : '.-
L 3.. t. I i ,'-l.. i -i l lit r ,n. I i.' if r 1 t

t..- ;.i'.-m.i. inibiliiy to .i i ...J. '" tie : :L d, a 'e-
my eyea*

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cr orz1 L.t'u;Ld i .. A L.t.:'i: it -' ,, *...LO ::.; ,iiy.i .: iL c 1* d r .I
i.ll1J '-c.i.. ,';ly to--t i'LA ,i il.-i-Leboon U i iii. i. '. -. L ; a .,' )
S in it for J.,if -. Aich an a Lcci'n..u ,s liu; -.. in.. U .
story i.,' sa t t. ', o'n r' 2.a.i' Lit Ki i.-' T, .ii' ( t. j ll .-) li L'.L c, C i.i- -*''- r
y550uL to $,l.i(J ,.*. .cro. If ie suooou;(isathi;& i ll rolb':1; .ir. '..i l

o f t:l tj"initCr, I lost, on *oEj o tl, 4i,? 00 .tUE., a l .yrY:.'-
)3,GDOi. faclh of thcse I c' 1. hc iv taoh,- ell ,I not lt :.: 1 i- o
aioolCy neoieda. so alii. i doLn.
S dioZ. you.'.- li li- .lS .o a be iJo'LU C ,'ry rn,,jua'ii, *i:s ii I Jr l c.t..t.. f -outr r..-
toios:er aao11i cuiWlh a you .c..n connvItniontly.;L.r. co1We dfo.n u ,y. to ik'.F c0ol,
go s3otliy, ttci. i;.Lo ornAi.' lilrn t1 L g;.uicn .li2;:; .n ; Do-Co b.. Iing to sell
lat n advitUicL T-. t m,.pa oourseis r..1iea.slc-u.lLioii, ricid duonot bluildl. any.
ti.L4ngWbLutl o il lvO tp~. iuwial oney. tj. buiLd 4Llihan.i tisof);tt'u 'o lbo3t chaocIO
ger L g. ill, 4,. tte oPZiin.Jry guablingno. one, sers to. los. a Iy Miing ox oo.
by being Pr.voatU,. F. ro.. nkiiLng it,




I?* jI lAu. J-L.-- i

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.tr:.:c;d ll ni f.J. Uoul.tti... CIasca0 3len,ooolidgt'S S3ecy,lnst i
atd. afciu iy^th *:t:r'-,'buuiht !i-Ks0i .icrooa Of dados l,.uid O*o;:: ^i:ttun ray::ifht ^:
i ..lth. hort + thu: Gl ades.; ,et.i's o1 i Zr:a.atiis ;i';rly ;ill beeu sol,- :
.c $0. ut.Stuia Co.,(' ..Boach) hai Bol. vast ar;ca. ilugis tri 3tr3 'u/# Old.
S. lo.ri.. aoon itUiui u.arket:,ad sel.'

X. 4, foils arc yL.. LiJv-rncniO .i: ruct iooric Jla-en,.;-l.itg ElA Ce .I aI 'ke.

T" l --11ou PiLic ,.lus 5uet\.y 1-iLiLbi.:: it; .3actic.1oi.J too:e e.:-rythin eUlr Vewe
* d aaone in thc! Gladoes, .Ai)ii ^, fiY b<3:.t.n'r s5el3J aii-ots' Ukomjtvta, I0
i3. but n A!0os b ci' its forni...1r selfr;1;LP .tack of t:L u.:ou saI' t:.iOk' in 1918 .
a-. ix. I1it.- b A A..-.O*.at ana!nLu ooa,by itL3 Gsl.-.*L;i.1n:", to Cu.. .t'I:a. TOUg
'.- ....Q u -ft U )iplt ha:vc boon fri 1e2 Outl. fr P,1 tiern
t ..*d Ay sho vs ti, *f-:.I~. fc. 3ur vior1 iLust iL..'Cpl!. .in- t.' loif su of .
.'ife h' s ;aret o in g tiovn -it" sclol t." il .1 .i. .si... "t ago. t vo"ry"
boma ;itn 1, -on ''i'..n roi.jti ;iEiik l i: n ; b.U ein t 1 .uh -. uh.Ii. if tIJ
lot ii. .i... be.n Lbs of,-US3. : i)ul ';I l"av, i.Ctr t'.. i le l..

.a.-I l.;iL 3, tx6..O t.L.;: bull t ;LU Th7 : !horns,d U it-s oil rY.'. '-IrJing, 3l'3t.". ing,1iiUt.
^ setc-ling ,iihL *.-.;^l I aal ;>lilgj t.-0 a goi-u;:.' suh! *ja effort,
,' .11i ^,rwiy c E 'l' ?J ,.l i i '. t I; 1' /.;eA ..Ox..ciionc tiTh cnyX :; u ild
be gl; -' co.Ci '-ic. Go C -- .-l .i 3.Ut-io;-i a.i u l uch :. -1 a. o A d
bi a i;t;4:, 1 -',iOi, ,[ ir. o. l in ,?ou1K t3 ,a i.- ;t 'U...:, ,, co .It- y on its fo ..

I i.' k .o ar~ -., 5i:; -- .1 i-h.rr. 3" .3Jd ;3 S -. oy o .n.. .
o, ut c o..i go Fl.n luIsLtU;y, uU stite ;.'Jt cC ici-.i'j. : :' ; i, .h ea.!*, '*..
-g s .;cr a.n ,. -" r- ,i Ol.JL..-- i tiv:, : -.l ;: ., .:,v 1ity -.'itt
policy, i'J31; ii a. y uNo:..'y is..Yjoli! t .t : ;.K.(LI
a O ts< tL;, I ji.3l v.ill ut ,iUlj, U- ;,but. G l .1 l u .?y b -.! ':- 1i.- b s -. : I'
ustate;ic n '2 ,or !. t-,i'7: sl --; -r e o bI : .., : *; .. U;.:'-o.y. .- c'I c T :
t :ej only uJiZ clliJ..t lU -t-l..Jaiod:'I- i'i g sau2Liii ndline,

eiegar3s to Gra.ancieon.

*,luts saystall you t.. boou lih;a booeen fl' b.y.ina .myLbidng '--i ' .,
jpr.'u.ict to you last yCii.',

o'ordially yours,
t h~o~or:~,~F1=l,1 j=~, (~ L~~n.~,u L1i~.t~i;~ Ira_:;v; L.~~cuut~gon ts o" *i

O ~I Ofl:jo sZI t r:U
~~-b" ~;'7?.L'Tld~..!.i)

Ll~cCI3i~Lti?~; ~i~ ;1i; I..LL la;,b~t~ J!~.;.c~3 ~~ I

1A -s :-. i:':

,, .. : :ci :.b .,\ M
.25 CEN.- EI. TREE. ......;. ". .
S : W:: :, -. .MASS .S-... ....

:.,, -. .-. VI 7 : /::' -A i; .".""

'^ M,..Z, .^'.. .. < G,. .'. .
I ." ." -

f:." rr vu-, .i ,".... ... ... "

^l ..^,^,&.. Th/.- !t4; : ,
,','. f l-
..,.,.~~ I ..i< ': :.;:;:;:
;j i.. "i. .. ."' .-' =-

E .*Iautlort tale Fla.,
i',; > s his o ,.
.L .-

kIy i1. -.. ;. :-

L j i '' -***i -. : L :. ,2 ,, 1 O H,1i.i.-.',
8" -, ,,' : ', -
t', "' ," : .." "
(,, .. ). .. b-,- j. ;m
b.'' : .f 1 *..i .* vi, .- u-

,,- *'. ..' WL-' ;ic K .tt k" L'. jii 'i i.
tJ. -.J ..

Ua~p.L j ..'! i .'. 2.. 2*,i,-._i,,-',' ih ,, ..' '*3 ':;* ." I -.'-

. .J I .*

.. i, .. t o -.; ...'c - -- -
; ;, t

~':4r '

. . .
.1.r. ;"'*1

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of vaSt .mn at te ia t eis.

..a ,,ls u~cr# re ad. A a 'Es4
f~~~,~lk T .ins et~ -~ nat A. ~g~t~

m prepo "a s w .. s as"ar ]m -a re quos"a ws
!;. make ttla e t a ak UTpV m J ts t MnL,a STA=, HI b
7-# ',tImV w4 heAtham cesaqite ams baiaf it..

t:. ,.. tt.47 of te ta w:41 5imkwr tiat.. suck. a roaa weu.ld ot t-o .reat. theory
,'re frTw t..i.e M5ippi. ,4..t.y to I..aa.. It will touch "7- yr u p *
gi3tt tUes t thIra )aintS; Okaeoi:-silybefh iam 1as. eat 1ialaaM.

4 -a sting large wrenti. i;a the mattatr ,,aboave,to tars mba3
t k w'eiAy. I ara iauthrir&i to at&-tt taf tMe 'ituauttarben ttlf
it'i'r ret;hly Bald on ttn* .lApesitr"5an till be a;.A a to taelpit'
*; $"p4y prfctiRbiwayl B6s 0200 a3B* ,X wn a0.' ta edc tet* na .- :.
* t" f r further T o *asi"ratna if 't 4. .

b i:,. .. B.T.stms; alf ,. Zlenn k pmmpel,w tries at Okseeelu e

-bwnef- A& w1, to yuttr .ua ts. ..

45 t,,W .4 o is:saL-^lyM t mawY Itm t.

1 w Pc ^^~its f to Ro sua(t wit 7*it-

N- rjttn .hA
&k ~ ItUNA

IL I Q99 .+
y .i., a i..4 & 9 : ,

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64 -' ;,,.,2 M
. .,. .. .. .... *t ,' "
..- '',.. .
+ p .L1.'Th.?%J :r..' 'l h C, 4 ., M .

j+r'i r,

WI -
i' .r '
? i. i *.'-



-- --

.-. : .*

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Emyes ui ,4.

etti~oo. ahTMy v.~~ ,es, fir
ry C^air^aewers heair 'budcet. fh

4 i






't? Laudpdplem, F1a*.,
lMarolc 7 19 25,.,
Ohi fla.

80Pn, y9gU40, u DolLar($1,00) ,
^i lr,viiLtept, ApsaoiAltm Beali: .,
Rnig, it, enoosed, i.,, too, 1*tie, ,
p a' sela nd. bill. fr bflanoe v"

asmuih "' tIe Wapp vgre. pYare y ly, in b
phl, mi> y conptrqbtp, iiipavily tp, Zip dpolet
opmont, o 6lm laph.a ppioxP*ndi ipe.ooted ,
Uo, $iagata;nyafa mi t oL iogrpatly tp, oo i tlVe. iapa '

Very, $yly ypwras

vsc^, ;$FIJ Orri

*->; ;t






...;, ///
9" ,6/'.'?

4 '
y ^~


0 45L

. F

_ __ __ I_ ____Y~ll

~U r It- --~-


^. .,



~c: ~te


~L~LA~ ~C~k







March 9, 1925

State Road Department,
Tallahassee, Fla.

Re: Central State Highway


I understand that you have under corsi.eration the
constructi u of a road to be known as the "Central State High-
way" from Kissimmee City by way of Okeechobee and the East and
South side of Okeechobee Lake to the NI rTjl.ew Tcyr.Anal,
foljlo',wng the ,aS- to ""i i.

I wish to add my iuJorsement to this prcjec1 and I
am sure your Departmnt will make no mista*-- in building same
as it will open up a vast undeveloped territory in vh.ich the
state of Florida, as a whoolhe, would deri-e more benefit'than
froi- a,- ohur road that could t~ constructed in the State,
owiig to the fact that the State is the majority land owner in
the Evergladds.

Very truly yours,




March 9th, 1925.

g1 Mr; Thos.E.Will,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Sir:

Replying to your letter of February 21st will say that

we are redeeming Tract 3-6-8-52-54- and 59 to 62 Inc. W1/2

Tract 64 Sec. 35-44-56, and the first tract 3 is being redeemed

from State and County tax sale by you as agent, and the others

are being redeemed from Stae and County tax sale in your name.

It you will send us $00 more for the redemption of the above

State and County certificates, we will mail the receipts, and

get same on Cash book.

The State Drainage and Highway Drainage taxes can all 7

be redeemed on the above tracts, and anytime you wish us to make -

calculations for the State and Highway Drainage taxes on the above

tracts, we will be glad to do so.

If you will send us the descriptions of all your

New Okeelanta lots you want calculatioha on, we will give them r

to you, and let you know if the Statea.Jrainage can also be r

redeemed through this office.

Yours truy,

Fred E. Fenno, Clerk,

by x --C


ii II


i"817 Villa Circle,
SNorfolk, Va. March 9th., 1925.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Sir:

Re-Surrender Notice,
Estate of Martin Holmes Deceased.

I have written C.P. DeBoissy, Punta Gorda, Fla.,

to obtain the above Surrender Notice of resale from you

and dispose of this property for me at best possible price.

If you have not already turned this notice over to him

please do not do so, but return this surrender notice to

me by return mail, together with a copy of the contract

given Mr. Martin Holmes when he purchased this property.

I have written you before for this surr-3ider notice but
return same to me
you failed to at a I trust I will not have to write about

it again, you must understand that I will not allow this

matter to stand indefinitely as it is now.

I have a Norfolk lawyer who is not in business with

a large firm of attorneys in Miami to consent to look after

this property for me and I want all the papers in the

matter to turn over to him.

Kindly give this your immediate attention, and

let me have duplicate contract and the surrender notice

of resale.

Yours ver trruly,

L -iniistratrix /
.Estate of"r.-tin Holmss,) -olmas
Ir'tin, Deceased.


L.S.JULIAN :Tarch 9, 1925

The State Highway Board,
i.i.-mi, Florida.


,.'e have oi.e rather fully into the

proposed State Hii.h:'.;'y, as planned by Dr.

E. Will and outlined on a map '..'ich is shown us,

to run from the '"rth boundary line of the State

to Miami. t <

e are convinced that this" oad should

receive State aid and that it will be of inestimable

be nefit to the .'eol.le at large of Florida. 'e trust

that the Board will give this matter its very serious

consideration and that it will see its way clear to

establish the hi-hwvay as a State road at a very early




^//^ ^


2llroh 1U,192125

Vainlo L. a1iUy7AOAdnnfs trataty,
isst&at-c. o*iicgtn iUoliaos, Dtepeaaod,
817 V4lla Cro0le,.
aorfiol, TVa.

Dear i au3--.

Yours of tle Oh.iiaLst. ,t la~nnd.

aiUolo0S3ai iirji;itL. loea.ti f"inl qmay ? agcntract b(t-gean iirittr, adr l ir.
martinn ioQLhoGJoseaseAld.

I also, retuwi tu you Lc0 1 Ct ftroa Llr*ilolules,as follouas.-


DeQr Lt q*sill 2-
ii0 only -wr I, Ocn amidst you ip to letJ29 tLe
moniy I, nvuo uiyataStJtLss dL you. ,udo rytU LvL.Mii.g4ortkt y^ou ae=sLt.
Uld;i. i4lM t l tpi. tied, p ell out a u..l Aiigs i4L-wish to.
UIno. -i'c ly, i i. olrces.

U.s.:i,. Ubo. oo 1.i*II. NeC York.
( Bpo "

irustiug .tis ig. dtat yqu peairo i renhn,.
Very truly yours,


^ -^

'41 P 7 6j ._ nwt 6
4 ,ctn. a4._ ,. "t

'7w-c-A -^ /~x^c .Jt^-
-- y 1*"* y ^

.., _-<^ ^o ,c *

/, // ^z~ C~- :L~i ^ Le
(-y.7 isLA-'f- i 7

i;j -~ ~ U '"Qt : k .



Y-tyL 7 y7 a-r- j .t.

-~ ~ ft4 ..:
;tV ~i~



tyvY -(r /
i(."0,, '" > :,.'I... i, ... ":. j

s ,< n- "i

O..tC. CZLt-iL

: :.. .


-4 .1
L/.'*^ '*:*,w




.... :



IARENDON .iP:" H <-: 'tH( f .t: H

/ .. "S '.

*c ziztr^ 4^ *
^i^^^-^^.-^^** ^*'fe^ISL


tA<-^M-c & AXh-^L
./I '21



;. ..I
~; :ii:
"''' `"
't.~r :il:i::'. ` : '::;:

] "..
' > i

L^L;:--^ T~ ^^ ^^^ cg,' r ^7~c ~~-t ^>
r *7 a 6-_* ><- _ercl ^- S>Gi } A'~ \
-C^-^ LU ."^ nc

~bC/ py ~/u ~#TLjjh~t Er L~~O- o~ ~1 -LC /
f^^^^^~~~. Uu-^<^z^ % ^ ^^ x. ^

r~---^-j-tx^b<----~i--tf_ -^oA _o-i_^ -<-^_ T-_Z^^-~''
'3-d >t-^ ^4 Tij~t -n -<7 ^ ^X /.^ AL
)) Z *- i (4 s ILt.-- L/O z. Y^c /U -"

k- .. *~r' R /'., a^~c7 B/sa _s-~ h7
0 <,-k 0 ^ <- e<- <
-l l % A ^e ^ ^ ^ ^ ..-^ r ^ .
> *'- / <-ic4^ -t. "*jVt^ "/L&< .v-lL^

~ tLLQIC c~cC aue/r~CcAdS rTc"I 6~~
~e~, e~*;,-i~e n~$r;eq
LA-C~z~pi~-~ ~cck~t~ -e
de. V~-Lal
~L~l~ct~c~2crzcC ~7~c~-e~_~cz~~ ~4~15~C/-7L
~, ;;"~-'
'Ir! : ?. ;
~ ~ e

'L-- L" e, '

-" .* ~ i
- -... t

~ -~
Y! ~~~.

Pt. Landerdalc, ,la.a
.March 1Q0,i1Iis.
hir-j. &JPiper,
7' ;o*,.Jas*, fla.

My d9ar I'PL'iperbe-o

Your f"vor ot tlw 9ithlat Ii lndL 5. cncloase plsit of SPo* 35ma4-Gl48,
aito, of Neu, kWe.Lantu, on Jrich ionarkled Trpotr 2, Tmis iaionr
the settlkncntf as measuring L1U oa:oriund is escollent land. verging
fiLon sai, gr-ss to, pee(41 devllopumonto.. 4a. Junt S lJic it,VuInd close
I y,as Traots "p.l31 --34 and. U,liavG borne gopd cropes
uhi tila,tlhe peofntp'i0cle. 14$100.00 pqr uQrOfutPO. alich you add
yuLwr oocuaissone

irY 4 Caghl, $4000 p9r apCer c# ,4, 1m3. JalanceCequal monthly
pgapgnta, of $0V)OO equha. 4pter 'ar,8f per mouman .
tith, tl4s trna4.o1, can ppud ypu imProa o'Asibly you migit be interiL-
ostod in lwrgotraot-.p-sectio3nsor groups o tf otions..

I asao have W4eatings. Ai, tjia ijaai, uId Lqiderdiialeo i4a'ricct;wil .
Large bqdics, ob; landVaer tho States 1(0)OU0, 3)0,O)i,40,000 oto.;a.cros.

iindly ltdicrtteo ypur vitla4rwmp so quiwLlytat wse oftlie sitros is almost oesi;cAtial

Very Irauly yurws,

4, '

S09keelanta, Fla. Moh. 11. 1925.

Dear Dr:-

Am just swamped with mail, but 9%p is about selling,
ana oan get tracta very cheap, if I wad sure of a sale, but
no use trying to tie thima up just now.
If you can do anything where you are there is a good
split, for even at 45J an acre, and I do not intend to sell
for less again, there is a split of from $30 to $10 an aore
I have not tried to get a priod on land syUt of the
B.Qlas, but if anything doing, I know many owners, along the
line of the Lauderaale canal, but am not sure of any right %i
on it.
See. .*, 100 aored, location not ikown, or price /,D
14, 20 on north line, 1 tract from canal, 25 not _o .-/ o
25, several 10 aored oal get, and cheap
<_j ) 13, aan get here.
26, some in here.

In 26-44-36, have 10 at ,30, 10 at 454, 10U at 80
28-44-36, from 25 to 48
33-44-36, from 430 to *59
34-44-36, 10 on eanal, at 44 i /o
35 10 at $50d / = 4D
25-44-35, V25 & up

I a eaxpeting a man here any day, who is considering
baoking me up in buying the~e cheatLtracts thi moment they
are off-rre a, and Cli for higher prices, for I have had a
number alip thru my hand baoauae I could not grab them at
onoa, by time I got a buyer, they changed their minds.

Push a'ong the eontractd for the lots, ad Mru, Anjima
id worrying me about them.
Soon au my man shows up, I want to come to Miami, and
see Jeff about the pumps, for the whole country is after me
to toll them something definite.
I sure stirred them up at the meeting of the Supervisors
in Palm Beaeh.
..Shar- aays I "requested", but there was no requesting
about it.
When you write, way whure I san find you In Miami.
~~ I


A. audcrdale, Fa.*
ALroh 10.1925.

Mr* &fd. A E, bnuov Ulerk,
e.lbm aJi U bch,Pla .
4y i4ar L" Feuwip g--

A buyer imti.. NIt, U-lelita. 19ta, 1,a.2 3t0s, s5auid
Five Jillars($25,OU) fIrst pip I4en$ on thcma
'thS a;? rnJ oloose ihqreithlpudourseil to yip to i);y
State kra4nage apd Ili.gvy pJ4niage taxes.;ausumniug
these,uand thatI t1e enclosed sNm1 is safflcint.,

isssonding ,ejouty-.

Sycatc, county,
you oan handle aill

Should tl.lspg,be insmiffiloUtgor Ioulcyoubp und lbl to ILhandle. the
Stjtte. Jka.imgo tPXeato, together. a4 1 r-denpitionis,please noptily me
before o asking tlWo ciccik-;for I do n1t 1, sh to. spll unless I,;an
ensure rffoob t41le.

Am a.wrking Thard tw, acoicaulatc sufficient ftlhniato clear all ny laud
titlel3;iut rVovCa Vring: fro:. fo h ye t st four ch. yara e fur is nh
exapurioe u n, one. ned oovet.,

Very. truly yours,



I Ir k F,

L~ ; ~:

March 17th 1925

Mr. Thomas Will,

Ft. Lauderdale,


My Dear Sir,- Yours of .Iarch 5th was duly received and carefully

read,together with all the inclosures.

Allow me to assure you that had i known the fact you state in

your letter would not have written as I"did. Nearly all the state

ments made by you are entirely new to me and put the whole matter

in a different light But as I-explained to you I had written to

many sources for information and got nothing of any value.

I believe you are doing a greatgork in yoar fight for the recla--

mation of the Everglades, and I have.,faith in the eternal jitice

of things to believe that you will ultimately cced.

As for Mr. Lietha, for home I wrote you ,he is a confirmed Inval-

id and probably will never be ablb to cooperate with any body

He is now living with his children. I am seriously considering

making a trip to Florida this Fall and if I come I shall certainly

want to and become better acquainted; in the meantime,

I wish you the best of success

Yours Sincerely

JFK/GH. J. nigh

SIts Lauderdale, Fla%,.
095t, ;-16*2 .Z :
OUeelani ta, Fa.

My, DftrMrCoopperze-
ip.ursotthe lith. receiLved ihef.B.PBtaLLx office is so. overrp tokeId that
Iu.4i Lue iJspt b9 taken n to got replies t'U letters.

SI a uunslling to., ael ualles ;an givo jA'feDu. titlo;anld a rcmital-
ting opnditionally tie amount tha-t should covor ;41;a1sking that ., be
notified here poro pa4osrtgg. ol (.letionl.,

On learRnilg that Goast isoeit ar,I till ;3oua. ontlrac.t* .
Thportler abould be:-
-Jlal tpwos. ayi other catSrgeas.;

--.ayl.ouni~. to 13 .
I believe this i11 imeOt yge approval. Isihould i~rtlier rot mn check
than h11,vo aikgy quo~stipn q to tt, tle ):ncpling.

.I Jsee, Jeftie, ortfen, Ue. Is, very. busy v4t!, his big Hiani. i boren
enterprise. understandd l1e is converted ti lthe ditt i-dlrc-i-pmap
prog'ruwn. lie, saxyuhais has nevcr sold any bonds op our d{ntirict,buat c;ran
do no at ;aiy ti. to: sae tourist iho, igiulling ti.'buy the,,m. 17T the
o'iru.atac;oes. h ith tlei dQrmonstraltionstlat haveboen tnlde oftbh:e of'L: ia cy
of this ysti3mr,and l ti fthe f nd thiti av;ilibleIhe should ip'ocetd
lorneur tgol uMa,after his return. a, fpT e iI; agor from OUkeola;ntajilj e mat aLor
SLs v ry, a$X Ail a ii iotiitbi;and the local district should gm, ;!w;I iL.
ilth it4.. IU 1 maprstand, thlero i' e question aroLun t -e office that it. dll
be dnoe, I pilan ty see JefTTioes s9on and askl itf au:iot be puse:od .
very' sgon,. 4I0$;1 tlAo time, vhillo coPmitions. arefavorablo. Thle 14& level
looks ni4ghty b4l,,to n9. iJtany ope imous aW. g9od reason for keeping it n.p
I should ljke tp hear it. Bie rae at 03 N,. L,:e,;,l.timiaitphone V393.

Coirlially ypiirs,

ft. LauderdJale, 1.a.s
j.arclh. 17.,PJ5.,
# 278,,

;I.y 4Sdgr r.aOopperg-r
,, honed, Jf rpips, tQraLiy rfip, anu, pMRqp.

lie, tpjs u19. hs B9gprd, aie? gpug1g4gUirve op, i
the wrJ4 ,

Iaauk aip ? Qprospoct; ,o4gttfing ihe job
iotw)iy d49ne.. Ue, 4aus1srau.

BP .ALE. QNG. TR9 IDQ, 'i..

tUGX 41u IFSm.i, shall beQ gip4d f 9, p4s, t'lio q
word, tlolg.. Jl9 Qa.roes7 ,

o, tera yqu 4s-1y;,. ,y ft be ThecOesosry ,
tumm x4lim t tp ?4{.JL#, @
Jinciwoly yoAr *.,



X .^ St. UUIXudeiWrdale, la9.1 .
ro 20,1925,

Louthwold S tion,
aly dtapr MVoTur4pprts,
igam yBr. sapuzc o44qrmsitp i yoai IrQMeof O9uraW5moanosf or tJcoterWible
asporiqnoee tap WSulto a country has pis.aied, tlI*ouh# the last 4. y parltnong .
thcoses i R C Uf JS, fc jlcha are Saffcrom te se ay be a,qcle~tatAionor
the Iuhb is bl4oiolil vpry 14gb. 44, 1 te i y s1 uo.

Theae tiLxng-sbv a4roast dsatroyead UeaJlanta* iiore ar'e aoq to goX Vl iin-

hoteverp, hsavenqmn yqt quit;lpbat ap strugging tq @.t gether thIe moncy ,
that ill enable mq tp, return thcur ald rqner. y frlht -ror settlanent
and development iz tep QG3adeo .

Thpre Inws beon a. 19t of lIandusell ng, on tVi oos astLpt hig; prioes;but~ vory
little u. 4. oI' country. The Qpaat. gratU about. over'ybody iLth a dollar.
ArtiurJ.vaen lwrealaeM* no. akesa are uaxdefor o35. Puyers rwat to. pa
a tlird or fouPrtu. dow.balance It 1, 2 avd q1 MiAbc 4. years. That makfe
It xsaier fye th a. tp, soeculato ;oau the 44L.g misjority of buys ru pe pre ,
spoula tive.
I aQaS to Ihave a,buycr for ypur trmot gmt "ermus like tlpand Ibetlove. he
Uml not, bq a m, re as)o iator, "e areno ap zunou to ti1L1 up te .nt.
cuunltry xLth Eaci.
In, youw, last letter( btlo9s) young sr, 1. .Is, tpss lbleyot n't sell.- ,
ny traott PPwuibly I asi asking too. matll fr itU. Tf soho mhab less i.
^_ ^gn '_ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^

It tliafl rLgigt t usk tsrv $4QOgO.0uo pelr aqr3;ut,xla the drizMatwances,! ajd
vise, 1) lutt yvu d 4op the ilterestand *$e p vce. a, awpagt~ig lUt. drod;
2). 'That yp a1lou/ tprms. eore.if. aI oaner asp even lIlLF oashhe l is
narally told, "fuhat %314. Idll tli saloe., 4'idsbWer pwrill paycasih,$i00
or $o00 ;balano i. 14, Uanl years Intrest,8%.

esils op tlsa past( I operate., 1. Iaital) ;wamtpu 3 i lled quickly.
If tntotresateu advise tlhat you reply by ore ~olloiOng forn uses ten
words, '4oopist l, Lt Imx4red.l Fivo. lluidretl cash Lmnce. ope tvo threee"
8ia1hop1. yQu au ul s rriox a imrea nigit, lotter,tfifty wird,(lill coatno, iaore.
tbr do(dL pujrposos,I siouLd Ickt W Jwmi'ethlr yQou '-t-U 1'i1131 unmariled.
You Waote, mp yqu lhd tsiots 0 apdil 30 14 Sco34i-4I-3;tnd l ,jat your tfiend
has adjoining t4'ots. 'j,ai$ 4,. If yoi and nhe -; ai- t t e0o sodplense wPte
authorizing me. to sell then;s eating prie, c.shta ti for biaancl .and iut,
LMae price. NTT;t]-in yp live n oo9mis .ion to pay.. qne old buyers are.
offering tlhilr liu4sa, yery 1 l fi;auresan i rlay a r letting tieir lands
go for tL-wes. You ia-ve thlsc tq oqnBp.ete 4th,
Yours truly- wi r

..aro.. s9,1 I .-

S My 194 roop. ;.Trr

* Xonrpm o 4, reod4, i lvral of ure,
.tlhnius of maygtqpp sqnia o tce, a4't6%
Sternel trata4 out, Okeee4anta. j, re.,
Sat okao4*4 a ttpy wcr om. th old buiyeop a L
me. tp.- nll toApo.r ndapp.r tgpt. pauo op. tq, g qs,4

'ti 4a vtOP$ .oPingn te, w Ot, p oec. pgoplow, ;,
have t'4pught,. I,4ghtt pce s91o oe yopr ltst*i;g3,
if ytp pa.aNppd shrUe 4th. 7pui,; h
Suchl typottfa. au ypu. mie (i4rwch.1 ) AgwoopJ,ozQ
capt. tifiat' 1iZo(ld$ 6 Inpoc; eacot Ipo;ttionaya1.d, ,
priced ai rpna s( Oali,on1pilfuel ai a 4lp**.
'it, iiMy)rpe&oiyo p4so ihemoth( ownor nwow. a,, e4 4 .
pri.c, Sr. iilud-es a..oqm.s Y o. ,
t., iI ttp r1*w w a*e gqJt4ngtpgethprvs9 4w Peoa
a gopd.- inuy;loet.s ttlupro onveop. tq ,,b a4 rnzrvt
',hie Twos fon of ;, L I. V.,,XA ia, 1 nei s
;on ~-4p.. o s at.. eal estate ,.m n rq.-,
Stupep hpro t a4. spason bec aus thle tlctat Ty ,
sold Fpuld npt by cdplIvredo. Oviet. baloling o t,
oton. .Lt aaboet. eqah o$ tesoo e^ tirtgot:ip o Q ,
tht. vpeld? ojer saould Ivo n b. lEoXUaive"
or. Sa dpfisnt., t$np fyr aleo at priOe ad e torms
nnuiedI pr 1 optpip9r,. b. a buycr of tract'.co.
dopf;t Iant. lt9, spll tieae tractsajpd amisao qeJojtO

Vte e(peoGt tp Db. aF ppansac oFavrtirttsingofioo,
ota,: baLdea slaittung, w ia;alons, i4Fth. s':vofe
Are. yp, tl4ng. W. t4oe ton Lpp cent, orf picc, w
afotuty f$.. .U rofrotequently#,4 tPp p' o3en a,
; fiTps. 183 3,s plit ,a0ong overOPals
l Alo ae evpwr, isoe avd, aaepaso, bplote. .neapo re
S 6 by r9turNPAl asto

kApoerely ypurn,

I.; -

-- *A"

.rch-. 1. 5 ,1 .

vhich iu --is L1ite.
-r:ltallf.', Ft.Ltle s,

o.aporete Sf nol
fly d^r 1C4%Ir:1--,e ,i

If yut. uot- tW 17i. .atI li.ull I bir-t:Y hdil re Attosc, sypritS in g

iiclu th e umittr. more fuJiy iitc yo.
nl:u ic 4.aDIAC lygw thLOt I1 LlS:L:' g 3rv:ioy eaicpove r W to P04Ire go': funst

tst :.kI fozubita ibi tu tru s-3 Itoblic interest cie this territory,;
t ad icue fot !I. thi do tr iOtcruen.l t s:oo. ,i .;l .Atie rrtdomrttLn. AJ!ic tt 10
uOfuilor;itc O\ lQt.

ti you cord ofo noWGove'oiti alvill espeopy d i, liliAu cOtry SOc yoiI,,;l ,, a ne

ai.,f bcL ar auy Vqyi- th,, region is dat:,
i'-n orC13allJ'yeLa bt o leoviULn ofii tche sutl e o a.itiao iof ,ividold lflfen
il ciUleh.l otLji~t.1ItJaLo aL s:,tu tIgC o fil ivili jrVC) Pi, 'o thie groiatcst

a.wLiethas o f falur iLn uuc y L tiO uio the ful 1S'it of' is poi o.r, ecf
uibi lcs... EAiT tro izkt ,f ;riaors ta public i hutorvst j n tisi tcr ltoryl
aoni gcurc f $ tioarn toas t uA1t special uo itsrbution ,, dtion. Pih tbhe
by his skill in Worticultalr-d linc3,8u.ind hia iOrfound interest 'An a;
uorl,- plxilosofihy fliahol ik loved to ticdto to all %heo oull listen..

I. L. Al. :I--v-e'.I mii toL t; iru t f Qces to h;A oUCto ui~ o
scac. elJ'LU agrenltt. %t'lt a Iman )mo1by not quite s mtleI T.7 i-ed torl
g~atra).Lrt fr0om ot s.' GCmai emse a. di sagrqnent, vihln t ti !m;m f1ell
u pon hi, mat boat hia u alcrtIibtly, a Irove 14 i fro his home. ten I
returned,I foumndlltL. living avay fron his holmoe,nzand212 tprror of this :1:i.v
The eioi ibors lTenoLt Uhat to doanJ leftI rL. tints disosse I. .t,

Very ;nc.,ly yours,
ouireoul steady, wpad confoercce dlth the I best xinda h I worked out. a,, plan
of arbitZiy-on ohereby the iwu'tios t -er brou ct, togethar,liirul. 2lbiy,
and their matter va ad justpaedin a ynwutw h71ily uatiuf a.Itury to all -
gav,3posaibiy, the agros.or'ar;d le confessed Lo ;v-sr, lta ,thait it oi all
right 41 was gratilfied tiat the Iat Ler was adjuste4ana tiat a preetIdout
Iaid been established that tilu.igt prove iilpful, I lt-r.

ALease give onoxb*LietlIa Iay, kinj dCet slgorda,.
leas give rLetuL qVery sincerely yours,
C( Cr 6y


FEtstiaucrdaleo, Flai s # ,r75i,
arch 2,,Irs5.

Mly dear Bro Greathousc--

xour :;ood Ie ter 'thic 10lth. ifucli upi;rec'i;atet. 10 arAdiln thie giLApefrLit
A!aradise.. -reup gp-o.S liko Ihugoe leds, aud beari as bho that -ore their
only end. ,imi rid in life* 'They arme dollcious. po Iawe trees in our yard
loaded ith therI6. !i03j witn. onl ;tiiy Imon,iti ,irnpfrcot cqudition.

A t-a the teOl.tultioen isto lo th elon lng, for.' to a rico is 1', rotten." 'No

1UHig@$ P.T!ie old story.

4uruT tiflalnitsily f pS. your )EoSo03il. If you have tl:o factory, ulr can
do Lihe i'uatpI aun gt thol ahip;ed t.o you lhi:ybe ie can utAilizethe
ttr.L-htll, adi ouct the extortion;te tc',l;it rates*- "Tw y, tn' is co--r
Lug fast. ihollyv'Jjd Youug :1:!I hiral 11u'* irGoet:alrand ..u-a AittiLte in
aI A1U.,00&OXih) ihaubor iure at "'FLu ilabioe-neal1 iuderckdale lie offers
S OOOO Lo uLAyoi.e who s c tell h143 vtiat ist.-e- bes: t ig for rla. to
ua{cturee ;i.?~ull;r jpis4tZs cOL' o pol ng;.es3ionUop theasaBeU liGneniot
firsaC-Qiriazo sin-.eru, ISnd u ",he Jp' on thj Saoft Idrink, tith
anything y-u h4vo at handt--Ag.eapt oaipt to !wae it all-oI grapow
fruit 4 this ou(l:.und lot'a O go1. i.' ; arilzo,;~ BIG .IV* for thopropo-
..itiobai, L h.;i ~'cLt our Drui' L" ; y3u i'" :-.ill,.iu.'. :I.i-. v y.-)ur IloC. I 3;.,e,'i
na.L'us, tQu Stufjhibrlle u cotit u, dith your "vrlutloe s5l4s oonnec-
tion.,I thy w-y this upt be an idea

GliadoSoaock is ,4 Liu P -' 1. I have a '.J C V .t it' last,uo hope;
,and he pledges hiaasel ft finish Bro-E;rd's work. If he g.tae i.t half done
in *i ycuarsh, %4ll havu done raindly. I1, 1.s s3eo~r'CLg,-rook rojt,-tkA-alorly-
ruooluaut1fon,eto. he'll i yet.

iot,:''a tall real esattctfor b.'e.tasttdinuio l a ii OsupeE, ia osi.
T r L i. N1 L 0.,UJ 0 Jvipoain thu ulne;arnel iucibanct a'ice timr f bogIan4lt
rouli saeme iJ .s pot hit uur GliIdoasouutiyryyct;but it -ill "-irf.(ai
Governor QtWOiiLL3 tih suabs,4o put ovor tch reci~;.uatinn -api z-oad-b-dg.
futijlersyoi oyn the lanlmlyoin ma.y not t gt much by tryinL to irll it.
ilhe orinxer b1Lcklout just iin iAui3 to M.-L:ki yOm your CoUn.. suion.
I have l iti a, i iti, ttl; f'ortuLi' sli.: thit my fingru~ ii tlis T:;i t-his yTn-
tor.. Vnity.of allntieu ,lIt seoleuat ti :-us cayot least.* Still,I ira
still graiplng after tiaoe uuluta ''lise fl .oo(dnriov o a ie out uOlth, Glad-u
iL1n I isa tr yin toDcouw, here and get l ick titbl funds. If tihorfc 'it l.Tl
vill make gooid 0 that zMyr h1elp.* Wi'emaoberi, tEV. K44Vji' LLJC'uF Ii Gi G1U
ElUI'tr';an can r;.'se enough 'o sa;it the t'iHirst. of the torpld sin.l-1'! of
ho dry I.~iu ryanttg graie.ijuio- fwmenon lOeturing o th,. glo"rie
of QLoriL w-fo -ora astpbvisiun concern--miight Join in s1~vllhi7g t uliu, C!-.
for Grape--IlRUIT juice--tl:elteust version,..atyof .' U1ryawJL' Boozer?" j Ir
Uiitii yWu,its soon as I oitu 00G just hou, to 1in& it go.
Uorila 3Jy yours,

,j '

r--iT *1 Y. a 1 "l*Bl iJJLj -- *

VWyaEriseM! BSinamaSank

March 24th, 1925.

SMr. Thos. E. Will,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Sir:

Enclosed please find calculation for the 192~ 1922, 1923 /3

and 1924 State Drainage and HighwayDrainage taxes on NW of SW Tf SW -,

Sec. 13-45-36 ch amounts to $50.15, and which can be redeemed

by returning the ca ulation enclosed to us together with the remittance

on or before Marbh 31st, 925.

You redeemed the Sta rand Couhty taxes on this description

/ November 28th, 1924, and paid St e and County taxes up to 1923

inclusive, as Ohaman was applying fo State and County tax deed

at that time.

Mr. Chapman st waiting to agply for St e Drainage etc. Tax

deed on this description, as there is a State Drainage taA. ale

against same, and he wants to clear up all before it is too late,

so I thought I would let you know, and give you a chance to redeem.

Thanking you in advance for your kind attention to this

matter, we beg to remain,

Yours truly,

Fred E. Fenno, Clerk,

by ,C-. C.

jLy -- 1



Ft.tiaudersi lo, Fla. /
hrch O1 F'la*

Mk t> d. iot: J41, .
SJo L'o 144th, .2io a

to ..o .jro j;rtv.,

to. il-;ft j;* u Xuu lii eat, 3- ai.l: su.. Coi-:d.t teY-i A'y Q'7 unil t -
1 earn his laioa.aiOi.

I vish you "igi ;t .utioun "14 G Luiitipn-t!h : dLat-luck as it 00211s--
to .*I'. "...E ya,1. .iii i'..j ni.i.. .c .i et hi

,r3-.mcv3ul ougil, I fCo.l, gisiQnu-Jlu:3ied,as I ;:w', a;t l. c untici'; sitw

aoiiey SiJo ias &tZLvainced, ftrou her Uovfn glci'oirc inurso5e, s iu4Za' inast s1. L

Very sinicorlyyours,

/ r
, 'I "/ /-' ^ B

-K ,t U irU L /' -- L--

* j *

... ._ j*
-'< *^ *----- I---

i *', ', ., i '

---- -
-, -_________^

/ -






I I '- ..-

/.. .. ,, -
?. -*


'/ '.- '

i r. L


SJ .

__ _




- I

L '


~1 '---


*Ikulanta. Fla. kch. 25. 1925.

Those E. Nill,
Box 275.
Fort Laudidaale, Fla.

Dear Dr:- ,

Ne, I am not willing to take 10, as the following
figures show why.
Take the 20 acres in 14145-36, for instance, which being
so closJ to, should doll for $10 an acre, but we will
put it at %50.
Selling price, 100j
Coppers lefo ot

Cost of tract 500
Bal. to you 404

And if you sell at bla4 an aere, I get $200, you get 1300

Suppose we switch this lee around, you got 1I* en
selling price, then we split the balance even boAtween us.

Of course you knew that Belles sold the best locations
and many of my listings are these, and I have already spent
considurauble money and time getting next to these owners,
and have also kept in touch all these yoars with the F.E.
Land Co owners of well leeated land.
I have not triad to tie thum up with "exclusive", except /
in a lew cases, then they thet something doing, and jacked up
the prile.
New when a man writes- Will sell the tract in 14-45-36 /
for *25 ani a;re net, oaght net this to held him, if it is
sold in a iea6onablo time.
Most of these people bought on long tiie, yet they want
cash, and very few will coalsider time.
Seid me a iuuple of "Exclusive listing" blank, and whore /
I can buy thema, and will get up a cireular letter on my
dupllicater, and see how it works.
But if you send a b.vor here, and. jven if h3 cannot get
the tract you show him on the map, its al! alike, and I can
sell him na-arby.
Am betting balled up, after I hu;airor this old t,,TrJrriter
all day, miy Diai jf.L-Od fo work, so .ill quit.
See cliLpiu. Give UeI Johln Miyerds address, and will
writj him to rejeoia, aI I havJ donii in s.ovLeral caoss. aiid
thky did it, aind blocKad those tax sharps.
I haar Franz solar all your tax certificates to Joe

_ -- -.."` I

I /


I.'. Fred E. Fenno, Clerk,
C Oir.3Lit Court,
test Palm Beach, FAa

,My dear !Ir. Feiio:--
Enclosed find check for Sixty .Dollars($60.00) ,to be a plied as follows:--

1--Nt.*. of S..r of 3S.. of Sec.13-45-36,
--B;ilance onfollomJi'?T:--
Tract LsIaIN.1a of 85 .524 .Qt-o incl.,
y. 1/2 of.gOkeelanta Addiaion, blinIg :;/D of Sec.
35--4---36 for years 19l2,109,and 1923,
3--Any exacns charge due to lateness ofthis re-


6.44= $06.59


3 41

Please return any excess,or report any shortage.

I am doing my utmost to procure andremit all funds necessary to
make possible the rcdclmption of all my 1LMnds and lots still in

1ith much appreciation for your cooperation inwthis matter, including
notices and calculations,I remain,
Very respectfully yours,

e~cr' Z

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
.-iarch 3(0,1905.


r....... -uc~-~-- .--. --

I~ira. 34t192Spu.:


rty. Chas T, OakeO,

Jly 4ljr Ic.r*Oakre:a-

,nclosed ft.n. nge f?91 One flUndred J99lluarsj $100.O0),uly signed
by LIrs* iSll and rnysclf. .,Slould adlltiorxl becurityt be desired,
ircndly iLnditcte saiae*

Th'anidng you for your cqurtesy,I rurati,

Very tnily yours,



* 4*

_ __ ___

T~Tl~ l~~c ~ CI*I'Ut
''*"-;:; : (4IP

t Laudordcale, Fla.
S AV ril 1,19S. '

Mr. 0.o ..Ue.l, Coopu-er. /,

My dqeir id.Jpell:- -

ttti respect to, our Uliapeluatit-GlGdooresrc i pad surTf;oing. You Uill pe- \
call tnt, th-n I. l.ast attended te Cp O mi.s;ioners' spotilg, last fal 7tl,'
body voted unanimously Lt. ;Jrooee,: ttli the vrk, lcvifinJias I reqcested,i
yoLLr iI.'- cs fp-j Ou-ion1.

XoCI iesirad ussuranicomtlat Jie ijeoulle of J1ocelanltit t.prI ageod 011 on t pro-
*: t to .r rsan teci, very anUortly iiic1 .,g 0v r 7
Coomuui.ity council, thluy agrvu'Ojlj2f *JUSLY amij MT'UjClA.TIC.L'.Y to .ik
fir exc-tly that l.Ln Iauizioc0d ru;aiLu. dojit.adcl rullutionato t'.ht eIT.f.t,
thich pre:stumably vc~t forward' to you ipoilnptcly.

However, almolat ium.tedtately :aftur,iiigi j L'i vi:;ited u .3 gain;aud re realized
that t.:u Iit" .L ZN.ii J1' urjnirC \.,i& li!oortun. ;-l.;, i,. --ns
Soe have been d'.aing spnc ,1917 vcn .iLe Coiuniy ri.i tr'ant yiore :Vl.,l,

tiiht in1iorctI.i: ZiUL' ijlp\. lit%;t;nt).,bforl 3z'0 1Iox.. vet. rio.; 13, fo .l
slie oilGortu;e tie ii' uU ,rccce.Oi ;long l.;, liie. i igreezd u on O b' y'u at', ,!e, /
b .acKoi |)5 ti' CIT; bjI u --io "aci'ti ,.u :ro .... u' ;" .u. tb' oIl.. ,'- 7,..i1y .

,i'e ork :. li u .n t..o Hillsa ,oro C-I. l 311,l'-3.11'-' ,V -v? simplif-id.d !cnd
OcheliaPcnL our' by thrciv.lg :Lt r1E uuit;i~bl.:- f 3; i, i rfic' ic

Aill, t Li bgis;. *tium is =:Ab3t -to c1.V...a.1,f ":" Co:u ijnrs r ill -
app rovu, this roul1. 1) ;n o: ti)a.- >o .ak for aLd .i &.O:iLt Couit- .tAr--
rcIuts t-. rnilder thie suroiingr.iore couplute h Ii only objection cler|1
r .sl d .ul! c'-'.ylin .iny ,r'igH1, ., ti : il: :lou--;--'"liy;3 Job--t;.c ';ty
71d-Irw(I koul. -- Li.'...)
of !!.s doLil so .flcl. t)bti2. \.,ticintg so* uif.2ct .l...iFA.i soublu :".nt in
the Uippe Gl desy-is .bat t,-. fLui LI L g jqu ., ,Cc.tainly,it s''ld bo ..
s1o. gi'. IArULOV, t.-uughi i1ial iJT ti t' Equ systc\ in LI lw), t.tia3 *
(JUaeh .'mLo'_a p e. propose bond is.uio foe "ist.11. oenco-f the f unt isi
to be lmai suffi iont, ;t;.- cily .x,,y ia .siglt,it iouL ''. s.,.is to -.".C" the
sa o 1_o 91,9 s 7,nd)W :iL.*.l-y fuov mol e 0 9 l-nty ..i.::,,l. j'i;s J1ar i tf i .- ,
seems to b, thu 4WIm to! tcpaI l 1 yp you ra;my s.u yoULLr V;y clea-r
to 1p9ad in si' Jlo'hig.

lbrtlher, b3,V i)rt essitg *f hle surfaoing uei'k t lr.i time i. i;.2 Lori't.)ult. lo'4t
soUmE.. -ul-ei'ertse jLjor'st squt t? dqiver i. sfin ;as,for: r.'3rly, .:s of:. &; ,ra.t-
encd* iiore rpoentF1t' I nhaveic'urI d'rk hi.nts ;. i.; .;. ff: ot-. Iftn'. iy ,-
a ire absolutely and finally tu dtit'oy this strug.; 3So0tlenaot, iis is
the step tq take,

I believe I,can Qi Lount,as Ic-erotofoe,on your god rill ali'oublic spirit to
do, a.ll i, your piou;r $p ,h hlp, us lu, this v4t;Ll mw ter;viz ,to. see t"hat the
tork progressesjand t4latif :on'i-iblethe fianLb i;r dnadc ficiont at least
to 1eaest to stook objetion f4iat ,rooeleding i u3rely isttiug. money."

P it % & t$.L. -Ver7 truly you rs .l
-Lo .. ur n- h. i/fn4iA

"r7 -, /-r

_ _. J__ ," ,._- ,
--) ?C-Z~.' r.^ ^--,-- --^ --^^ ^- ^ 7

.Q ^ -- ---.
i L~7 ,yd v- "
L^sL____^^ yC ^-/Z?^-- ---P-^-^-^^
B~ 4

*^/ ~6 'y l-- /e~~p~ r d^2 if (7 *

// /

$--L ^^ ^ ^ z r 2 .._

zJ ^ ^ '-' A'^*/ 7 ^ >( -

^^ / *^

/r y* / -4- I ^

S- L---- -- 7777 -1-7-7
,,' _<.,,.L '..0 "Y

4 V-


-^--L^ ^- ^ ^- -C---,^7

-'-Y --^ -a ^ --77

^^ -
'^ ^^^"^'-"

*4 7 y i. -/ --

:.-, 1-^-- A-^- /. _*"/ f oy^' -> .._. -.-v-.-- ..S.............'<-^>-
--P /

Z L-.. .. '... ,- -

A ~ ~ ~ ~ AI
.., .__ z -,.,-___.__ .^ ^ / _^-^

1--- -<-. A ,A- ,. -
^- / I

(c&J L _^_^ Z ^^. (?-2X^
.~ --^ S-Ac *^^^9--c-~<_

-pl-Le-e.L^2 -.h C ^


-, ; -. .. .. -... .. -_ .- -.- ^.._ .. ... . ..
7 ~ ^/ -/ .-I '. .^ .
y .#--- .- ._- y __._. ,? r^-
6 L/. ~-/_. _-_


,^ ,^^- ^ ^ Z- _j_- ._9-^ .__ <^ _-

^i -- A *
7-/... -1 7 '

-I----. -cL
:----e -oo-- ^-
/L- ^-~D ^-L z^r^'y
c/, -i^ ^. ^ZJ < / <5^L' ^ .

_ I .- -- --

~2~-u~5~F- d k4- L

/,,1 (/
.9 ~Z-.-----Z~--~---~ ~4L.~4

-/ "_ .. .. -*-... .. ......y f / .. . .... ... .i.: .. .... .... ....... ... ... .. .

-~~- 4





0_.' 2. V

*( t. J


o B

-(d :*''

r /


c L

..' .c C^'/ s_

iJ /



9ir / C I


i fJ.. e~e



~~? ~~

.-.. C

. C '- rL 7: it. '


/ -


c~ Cl..17

_ -- ~ ~ -- 1----- -----,._-~11~1-- ------ --~ ----



2 : 1 r

/ -c

i t
S: .C tC .

f-!* -/ C -* .C.

7' /'
i / ,

.-V J-,'-. '2 L ;/ i

/' / /C V

C 7

/ 4

/~~~~~~ 1/* /.";/LC-I: l

1 -
I', .i

'/'./ C *:


1 '



C,- -7

.1 ,Jt&(.(13 : "

6) 'i \
: \ /

* C i
/J- CLC C(


1/ ,:

K i -ji~3


) h1/i' /

(' -r'L".


/ d d T .. /- t/

:' f /3j L-(t j ~:. 9 < ? ./ 3o } '.
c -- c, 7 x .l- -.


. >yt.' ./ *"a", t / J.L '" "

S.' *" t-*- t-',',.i. ,' / '. -'n 'i ,c' 4 ,: e ..-'rr .

/ /

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i e-tc *'

.. ,.- *. "."':. ...* _'' c L -/ .t'_..^ ** 7 :.


7 y', ,r i/,

1 3. 9 9
30.89 9
3 0,8 9 9

2 2 3.4 0*

April 8th,1225.

ele, Florida.

e enclosing herewith seven calculations on

Tracts 3-6- N1/2 of 8- 52-54-59 to 62 and Wl/2of Tr. 64

Okeelanta Addition Sec. 35-44-36 which is for the 1921 1922

and 1923 State Drainage and the 1921,1922 and 1923 Highway

Drainage. The State and Countysax sale certificates you
redeemed a few weeks ago, and now the holder of the Statiand

Highway Drgjage certificates_ resents them for redemption.

The holder.of these certificates is J. Friedheim of South Bay,


If you wish to redeem please be sure to return the

alemiAaaAns together with remittance, as it takes a few hours
to make out the calculations.
Yours truly,

Fred E.Fenno, Clerk,


vyjEAa& n

4% 3

i- ?




VYjEV" % B0gMiaftH I dsjaa

4 &L..

April 8th,l125.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Sir:

We are enclosing herewith seven calculations on

Tracts 3-6- N1/2 of 8- 52-54-59 to 62 and W1/2of Tr. 64

Okeelanta Addition See. 35-44-36 which is for the 1921 1922

and 1923 State Drainage and the 1921,1922 and 1923 Hiway

Drainage. The State and Count tax sale certificates you
redeemed a few weeks ago, and now the holder of the Stat/and

HighwaZ r age certificates resents them for redemption.

The holder.;of these certificates is J. Friedheim of South Bay,


If you wish to redeem please be sure to return the

?alcuJzins together with remittance, as it takes a few hours
to make out the calculations.

Yours truly,

Fred E.Fenno, Clerk,


^- 10


PHONE 6338


April 10, 1925.

i.'r. Thomas T. '!ill,
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Sir:

I formerl'- resided in Horfolk, Virginia, but
have been living in Liami for th-e past three monthss
and practicing law here.

I received a le -ter from Carrie Hayes of iiorfoll:
referring all of the correspondence between you and then.
to mie in the [matter of yourself and ..artin -olmes, iith
request to take the matter up with you a-nd -ave sacle
adjusted. Please tell mie the present status of this
matter and kindly oblige by sending all the papers to
me as she has requested. She refers tocei-tain surrender
otes which y:ou have in your possession.

I am referring to iK';r. Holmes' holdings in Fruit
Crest in Section 27, Tovnship 44 south, range 36 East,
Palm Beach County.

Please let me hear from you at your very, earliest
C convenience.

SiYours very trul-,r

fc~tsrnx~ /C3

J', Fla.
.-'-,7 tY7..' .;' ';.'

. u II .. c' ;,

..... 0i ,;b; L XM I c r, Uy
OAUtri o, n0x:..: t

-4ly W.; r, .p .3tt~l.'.1;U;r-

Xoui. i! tt,-r J., Z :. (.-i.ul ;tr3ccti .". ," tc ",.' t yo u ; utorizo :I t-o

3.1 .'etc. n ,r tr'e o in... .j. :, i-. .l 2, ..L Y .,J ;:2'3 i ;iTh 3 CC.,
.C otl 1" 'i, onsfli' bo1 ,& lts ,j. (t,-"O,0l),:iet i. _y :om),n :; 7 ir., to.

i2.. L. rU2L .aia-.4fu iii &ILN. U?..1 i31hi 7u2 Ji br Zalo Ub; Uto 11 aX

- yo. di

Iyl.u -oivi .s V -;a ..
aCfliO L-)r* ? Tr fll. ___! I

As -o yasai t? Ct'I : 4i. -.3-a.;t7-t'' rf .-i.Ei. i I) St'- 4 4 -t a ct'.;n is
out, 2 9 .i-&ct'* .. O*c'. JI j;.&V ,.-* : *^.: .'-tciA 7,* b .:.'1 & ."2/ ; fotui' s
: ctoi-\Z^ E3 ioL.t'eS3rubL, y(uJ iX'U .1 Ot,R. *tet;c^in)s 3 aud4w *rs -. lii
.1c't.); iaN.f ;iu yuUPrtut,.llit' .irou. A0 tris -Ice? cJ?

;Uyosi y. a list ll (hesu clAt J.1u *Ai !F3ll; tf' act ricec to yLurse.a f and
your friant in.:,3aLy, tit? Lit. ;s t3,,.i of USJLW (J *Erlo. r-Fi 1Jf;i.&,
80eo. L U. uildt of diflCercno.3i' in lot i.Li.; n.

I oo .^?iti-1or^.Jai- ly ti.1.: ini trtnep' !r'd *l( fa

... ii"r ^*^^T^ .^^~ u ,- -.
B'I'e ten;; 'f- : i ,-.,p


*.* ..-0-

April UiV9ual1.*l
-" i"nyoluv .r

*nt- Is co,-,

"NY -. ..3 %.v !|."-
"c -. -.-

t-+ r .... l b.7 n + .- .e ,.+irt it hou of a or.
b il elay i.

"2 ,t LaAI -oruell, + ""

-^ -^ .: i ';b: ~io 2t to 1 ferred. tli s !i a !trnlt n ti+,

b.tK.L, uo.x'-t 'L tie' t3Cf3cifll j it Cttlclit 141 11mm). hence ielfly lan^
1 g ii". ng-.* 1 -^ ._ 1 't ..c ..R' Ir) l 2 2 .

#-7.F t LiderlQle, .14.,

rA April 11,1'Jfi,

.ir i-. C. LUhp,

I vill. ar-ci;'". t. e:rly rQ:eipi., of he 1300 T;il. te.iie 0 o
thli lov acoci-unt, I is Wue 1iiny uiiigt1lP. 4Eqo.;bVU,lbecLause o$, your.
T.t'r i ion1a.3tere,l i',;fr'.inud.i fRUi1 1L%.t1oning J .4t* SISiQOICvOr,
t!l'it iaSv rna.Lr I h,,tvo obligaionaiou:Lu.ii't .L4 hic'e -:0:2 nconey., 4opi-g
for Lrudi-ld by z;ttC n, I ]+'p,
7 etry truly yIurss,

;l-, .J; -:lirl Il, l.l m s. .
.pi" 211 ,l 5 ,

..y J.,; .r 2* oiot!;--

OIri.! atei.iy ,., -".':i.;i ,3 ou.' l-.tterI SiOt *.t.c..-e3aidient, ofte o Ltaaoud e
Qhi.fl.- o.ftori.t'.e ;:hout i,auit.i 1 e 'siid h!e v,iquLd i'uaki inqulry,;tt on.3 cas
Stoi.r1. ul be .(':. :loi4., So firI~ have no r.:-'!y.

-,i l: I v.C'ot:- t:"r :-', tLI' CL u rl it t:::nt r -' ruoli.ofour, OQJ:h;o.lutit.
colo c :..:.'.,. ,- l e It. .. -..y :.*. li. :-
!", .il. i;-L of. t'i i-k'i nejla. f inors !:sire to obtl;dn. ,
.; -,: on j'.,; lDro',n C i1. ..ntation,-l sut. r et t'.Lt t-i- y
a~ip .l to ir'. L ibu o .'I', 'eSto,-.-.. ..U .id el e G .de.r

"..' ..... :i t.O '. ,oil tA. i <. .la to- your. 'u. "o;P uir.3 .eutla
-c'l, .-ob .iyb. -l 'tn<- only b.- i u y.

Ai:' Ls;.gi ut.e .it 3..iUi':I. "?:0 Gov3.':.ook iLs i.t.dt. oace'tillonZ i',, -
Lcud.. :. re .it'.- i, -'t. ,itl. our ne.ula. I loai vory 'uch I !migt ipen'd
soaA. tl2.: 1.. i'1.!::.:'; o soon go: hel. -a1. t:-.''ssontin:. r.ol ur, tion ad
.4. ...i"". t-:i- 2:.fLC : 't, ';3 G v:it. 2'vust diao'o rc i ake,Ok ..-I.antai,
u'. ..ile C '-.1 on to '_l :i. 1. --'I rly blievoe it c*n be obt.itined,
by, rope ar ll rt. ,

I au! s ill f i,7 ti.... g. tini s-i 't iL ag: i4.n-, a -t c.-I! ttta.i ,

Sincerely ypuw.-;,


April Z1,192t s.h
Mr. John .Shei _mai .
c/o saw n go p
.oirtIraia^O. i

Mro.4..Vawsuhm, of yawa pqWupayin closing a. recentL 3ta roaskiAt-
f* lay w b9 pwr lStfted ru kpcp in tqatw vWith79 y3a oq r ,
ctdevloparnt pro ease'u

kotWAg, P414 gLve IUrap Imo pliofar9C I4Kept do-rlopients B toss ti O Iam.
portaon of such a M40naetiona
iavWin.,bp n expelled fIom ay proper field! at Okeaolsmtaly h1i0. Sater,
and kppt out, noa fop7r yarsam, a, tth most of our s$tierm o rtror trying
to get outI0 have been forcedagainsb TqpV XLl. into. the real, estate bus-
I newa on this oaast.
I Eleted M4ist asm pWy 4&ldu. In oonsequmnse, ari jeloar ','o lMad sxwnti.,
mentf than ovor befbrejadl ian bltter poationu to laof, of dovelopmitta there
un Sept.11,19S2ZI WyO notaisihed tq lapa t4ere aottLdqmsa3ing or the MJisaUti
a ;ibA.$i, a-ovW tie L'Oemlita. &Aaiw lPrrka iL above tLe jinetiot n of tf~e
Mlqztd.i at South foe ILver Canals.

I o( Wumed this. lsrk was tScpor~ ryuii q ald soon be en4 dl How veor&A. .
SraintLuago GormasAoor wa&S r90entty. oroated loi Mssa^*t*rqmaiposed very largely
of iade Uqunty. reporeaentcatts-- V it diii L ,a, ertain, piece oF. investigat-
Ingland pobllahed a, report 4ith "ich you s4oubil be twdilier jies eport-
ias Oub1liisjhd. A*Itip dImuaLaiii for Febrnry 9jgs ( *'rieB t90 oenfts#'

Soame obhbe findxinga a9d rVom.iendatolt sabpa* very, 4dreotly upon the inter..
eatsoft te region in ijoia your 1.nds .34eas elli as upon those of the
16ttlelt ioan I urflngfet&tlementmt at Ukpeelunta fqun4eSd I 4arpnd1al, oft us
on uiot c, ,1913,

Not e ti9sa W1 w. *al to. easriosly ajproive oV tle dnp ir. e IUamal Canal
liobM i a q lB ieOd oox e lytqte ChiLef ign V.neer o0 tihe e .Sbe J ofnaL ge Boraud..
lo w sh ~4ao 4t. approve o r thp d a min .t e amran. Tp1ail Oa. e*."

TheApap er lrgy oa aruar ep t ftpr a. optWtan polic~ of diking based p..
parent Ayo tcm. p.inl ple ot u eoph for Mlai olfw 'T1i t soart. : t is "
our opinAftn $bat tue coloplate. driaiage oflte Everglades ip na rnolqe Is
soaetlnE. tMf 14r i* thel daa$mtnc and Sil. tkoie a. gpet nutgaer of year
to &oBllaS^

thisafter 2? y9ars ooffort,durding 15 ofat 1clo I. hv been on tl2e Jo1p,.
vtA. aw v orfY *lftfeorbtune and. wacre4d laserr, bound p ti.h tle sac cestil .
relamnrattalj #1I adaptation t4 ue oat the jwwgladesrgs a. -Ioloenot lacth
th i rQdelaption of aw. ne. 34ttleogrpd p4tl, ., ap ope, Ot tbe, 2 0000

vho bl9ugt iO 1909-4 2s lmost alt ovU r Gm 0 d Znd.t

-' A


I t

and all of rWy wrvi lio bIen in.the i wn'rest oft!he LNVEIGLUiSA AS iFTHOLO,"

for years, tl:o Upper Gliles repcounia.rtivoly ell reclalncdthougLi the
Lover GladeseIrcofcequently flooded. N.or the situation iagxaotly reversed. l 11 of190,our okeclanta country has been l.-rgeb pat: nnf c?-ilssion.
10 hi-vc. Imad 4 floods op overflolsip 4, yfars, 'hC aian; i :and 'putlh Q-,. lt4vcr
cnc.utlarc &tirujod tight ;andatha I3klvlvol ia.. hld inordinately highli;nuulhI of the
cine about 3, feet liigieri tl toue Govermentct ( tar Dept.) requires.

hGis 3'h'3 Qous' co.1 .lLi4vI b3e11 out oAf Cpiaasioni tou ate, aid actt lore
Urt.aL a rcijutiton ofltic .anau l ovr .floras '11h- th Net river Cionalby
report just recoivlA bIy Lu9,is3 aiaost full at .Uel.Anta;and a. heavy, rain
eveo no1 ui4ght cause serjiowcrouible,

Ic, *v mju li4StUod ftldtt.. -t4k1 U4s to. bI eld dlo.n tW 1h',,fnotlbyer-
twe Ihqve 14in it to be sBi rnichl lover 1a;t:lnr"er arons eftQle bri e bottom + S-
f.irediu-ad thcosanLL Ocrc to b u l f-re.Jly,aud'l t pron,)tly as pus-
uiblc,aee in rcmovilig excess irtcr. It swomt:; o ere under serious mis-
approi.oiouo in so rgsuwlng. It se=nsthat a ,:;*n. nl may be set aside
for m r,.; ly Ib l uses,;ta tlh "Ae 'ryQ be hold up to a d!in',r'oush-g 't for
a .ciLod indl'finitely long ,-

dir ua-irly a yeLer,I have, -orkid to, effeet tie formation of. a, gnural Ever-
gl:.dcstsaooiatticn to, represent all sootions oftlh Glil3esagrcr upon a pro-
gria,ianuL uait't in.,oranirinwg a Coiiittee to attend te Le4i51 it-tvo sas-
sioUband prss for the en4cct'ni33ti of legislation ofv-.ue to %ie G.de0
AtS A 111iL. ,and fpi' such abiidastriatiorn Sa roul' contributoI fl4 ckly .
to thnat ei. de

Such mi orginrizatiou iSbCingfot-apd., 4 do. not see. you in it-&, ocithicr an
I; '!othor it ll tor.k lto carry out th2: policies quot',d above is a iques-
tion ofqmnoTt ty. those dmsiose ;uidan l nqt be ipthe diked-in areas. ., If,af0er'
O; yoi.rG of vfitinfgpni 12 i y :r3 of ti3 Sa;tyiTix tx'os i exclucle-!! :oes nre to,-.
doomod to Bait,,a great nlumaber of year lq~age stilll .aying t:.xe;i for
dr;i.nage tltat iLiver coi ;es, or '-vinigtirii'ir liLnds cconfiscat.edC for not thus pay-
ing, they can noli learn tile fiCtt too spoL.

AeIo LQgislaturO ig .gO in session. 'e have, good re son toD bcaicve tLhe ;ros-
o nt, Govurl'tio i:; g;nuinelyconcerli ied that tlie general ieOlfare be conscl-.,red and
furth iro. o.ever lio npst public s.ervant;3,he ,iaiy ne .d to kma1 '."L'r facts
than reaLoh his i4ttontion.

I wonder you ape nowv inFlorid.i ,IEf sosaioQl! rT. t .' o th '
conforonce. y hve novor forgotten our, former conference, tie fullnooa of
ona' igreeicnit 0o i'ri.nolilesaLli y'JLtr stattimcnt,/ i' snibstlnce)," In anl
these. pcttloreuyou mWy .quniutpon tihe frllest up ..ort,imor-"lly and. f.fttan-
cially,of tbie BrorVn Coimany "

I f9el that you nadI I, should have a,, tik. Then believe ~ shall agreo
that we should spent Some tiLe at the pme)sent. session of the Legislature.
I qM in, lose touch lh th n-on Tho are,,in turnin,va'y close touch v.lth tlh
Gobernor,q,nir, tBo apsure me t at aiy. time. thlLt -X,4 ppe at T7alluiuseo they
uill b_ d cligte.d see t1lt I obtain, a hQariaig from the Governor.

J.C. ..-3

As au Up-State minit ouldd bq singular 1 the 0 va'Mnr lid Ihid opp) r-
t unity to acqu.lnt imjseglf fUly vith verglades problems. If, ia advice
cooiea cLiefly ff1g1 those vqicing, sentiment;. sauol as thop3e quotidi.i k
cvildo'! tliit vast areas of vergl;ules luids will drive little fi,aWPy bcn-
erit ,fr yards to come. ,Ailiar a with theo IgOation ctf ioar, geat ,
trnot,I 1 indcmlering l4at"bqueiiit. it oQiwi hope frol s ,ucha. l policy. -.

As trlyS.of ouur$CG,I .a a T vpry wajll holadw. ioteveriX havoposAibty
givolu ias Muclh 4ino,tia'su.Ll .u1 l cfl'ort O tihie queitiou3 o4'Glades reolaa
million, con5SJ7itioi, trft.niyort;atio Gnsot tloaont, and dovolopmeont as some
lore.hbiariy ia1t40rLsted fluiikUtillyy ,
F1o. oi, ting,I luhve A mirail iiuterest. Iu.1'91f,aftc first visiting. teic
rugionI g,4v) i,; t>2 hoat naduracuien 1 GulJ in ,art rqspionsiblbe for iivostiontaii theleuleaby a, Iu.ibr of am.ill buyers.

Fev ofhlcso aroin.,the fi-vored areas protected by oerfl, co.dat iatoroats.
'oi dato3,alnob all ofthem have bcqfen taxed ailn bondodyoby Guvcsrnnoiuts over
1hioi y h' liu no control -,luitovtr.aiI th,.1 i un Io'yi *-iv'" ,.tiL.rCo.t.l1ab',lnf
t saed. ,SliUld tlhe)oliUcy of "a rr -o.t IUrm.b V of years" ;notually be
carfrie oqt,that money ill3. certrtinly have been Bwstedl;fto:U pob-Lbly not one
of thosc-in.catoi's:Tll oCver t1i to see tl)eir landsiele tsr;dl;ilble fpr, use.
A"any, ofthc;1 h.iuvc .1ady died. I .ivo unllstied i t2u Qwvargl..L ua ', fur
life,Oir the dLuratio oflhe 4Pf;!ufru It vo.ilt tu sei Ios.ult ifre *'"'" --glo.
rf' forces you ci ocICSmlnd, oouplCed vth. the experiouce I ,rIve acquired
and thi f-ioaiads i,~ ve.-nk.l playj togetiLort ocompClish %orth-vidle results.
AnywgyX feael titit ;an effort, should bQ nIulo* I shall bh glu.L to kLao'
ho'- th3e I p-tt'r look t 1you.

,u.*y.. ,uly y ours

I --

t.Laudi.l0-.Gllo, flai. ,
.Aril t18, 10t?*

.; r -co. OI !, cl'a'k,
S...ALL .h. K*d sI

Lily dO;' .P. yZ10!
G->c.." P c t. Z- re ;Z"ZGC ji'ckilj.u Z'1z. %r 4^fi e (0*f I nM? ot.
af i e l-.,-- iA. 1.--.. ;-- lL.i );2i t .: -: ( ) .. &-1 .( *y .:if .L. ,)
t t.. p -:-oi .".* :. 4. -*--. .'. to -. l- 1 .r f :' on 1 II
1.:.'.,.^ *.:J.i I hw:IV -1 '-L ..[:I. ti 1-c 2.Itiy rari.Ay, vboti UQ if'1.
a t;..;>-'- ;: ie >m t7 a':o u,.. ii:...^ tiii .

OUa.i AgN i 2.t, I : ,.: r;-"tc ,*-. .. 0. 112.:. :-2yta..^t^:tf'n. 2uvlt de:rIre(t :7
1.Lj.rt:r- t, 1i;:.i.; : i i.t C 1 L, U^ r ;.1- ":ci L a' Xi I:lzoul.
lb-* i .i L -4'. i ,'1 -*..... .iT !l auirlt .e tf it.Z '- :. Clr "
. *ntcati r .? !l. ;::'r, :..-s' ; .J-j,.:- .tit. u ....:.AC' thu:; 2 cl-r'<: toUld *) ; : f le
to .' 'l J 1u'-3 t ... .1 ". 1-,::1 '.*^ 2,- ;?,. your, usi 3411 TL.T. ::- n'*Li, D
| 2ifor. 2 '. x uLii.;. 4.K Jt.. i .i 3

ufo. ..i.:1 V. Z. I >yp to clear .a -. .. 'i: 1:4 Y tof-iL. -. rY ior te
A.r:l G:'o.. I jri -;t for t no ic s :4o'-.
r-.. :I~you._"5

:c K',1

-,/ -,":';7 y uA ,



-p 4. M i
T.~u ~ ~

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b .., .. .l o 1 .

Apr- l 18-, d..
low l~r
p Oro,'j "P

My 4ar .La 'u:r
s~P~~~~: ~ ,- I,'ilj-~ .:;r'~ 1C14?

t. .as .i &.P&.>S.Y .. j t.L :,' ..&ir 4 $ ., **. '" ..-' C **i fl%- s -.i '. u .. Li .- .a.. *.a.YIr
.th othor, ,iai c hi. of rijgii aili tu (.r 0flg'"au- -'iF ,''.*.-,.

Aroau. O tlls: e ,uai .i.O. D.t.i...i J. 1- 1-i.: ei y:rct,tii flioli \ at
I lad read in thojrei3a 1 :SJtt2vtd L .ul iw sudn

I p..uLi, lierofou,- to- thon y:;.;tiso aathk4wde3Hw(ud &s.L&uiy-.u tt' Th'iBg
your boat cit'ere to -;outliy(:i c.aoe f= ca rua t s zr so f or to
1E ll Gi;l.iI.:,i.f wv 'z ..n.t;uS gou U* I 1outh.aTy*

My adh1uitg iu... ia .nueLiii3e s.. ..aillo ..u t. r W : as f.tZ a 1m Bel2le ,
ClaAdeif tir at 1a34ul'nj! ...(-,a -.-iy:; adlou U11 asr.(o 1 ve t;;i cwe 'Avoile
tV4 'AIli (;ilat'i.(-uL Da roua d ILi- .cJ.)ble

I ii9j) tAi:;5-- Vill Uat 1ijoi. ]; il uin yoU&. --acM. aiySyu a ount. I

I h-fvu otE.r-.u Lvtrid tr, oijbyvtro,tuo if.k l.mLtaL,1 t 14 hav-e -lJ\rtL, ysbia ( daia
ap,,OUiA 4.* So; 0i tiLs I 1havei o t n ;.ble to get .e&cr ,hta :n n e
ladoe o0. Gla diaro t..

sta u at ATll*. A.iUL: m t ..ii' :.i n ;? ,i'd
a.- have astruggldI; ajuiiliopild. So 109A

-I Awu J s-at. ri-ti,.n oam4Ja'..ui.i.'j n411 ; .Li(. t:. L- .ttt- o ," 1 :l',.,.
to aSiolh letor ,a y rk1$ Us rn ~p) c. ig i.: :'-. tat iItftin
Uo,0UO blungisg t, our hl; L'ec>.st { ord i u1,Ll-.a. t."*l
ro.uL at 14jly prWO7i;A3,SL t..l : County coar;iw:--oneprs 8rotPio ot' 6-'
ailwuld lao dpsa Marer,4.t my. rSuaest, .i ce Lr IIJL. rqTyt
haund to, g$ tucnLd at oance. Ihe hq c'-%or r,1I ft1c.
heNrl. aOt, i.1

Loping up mrv yet 4L 2ll k sl;tt ouit of t h, ao r

YourasaTio l
^ 4

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$ezf- ^L^



- I

Okeelanta.,Fla. Apr: .&. ,

Dr. Thos. E. Will
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Dr. Will:-

Recieved your letter of the 18th, on Sat. morn-
ing the 25th, only required sevegaays to come fifty-sevn

Sat. morning Ir Copper relieved a telephone call
from Mr Jeffries, telling him to be at Belle Glade Sunday at
noon, also to bring a few of the citizens along. We made up a
small party including Mr Both, Cooper, Copper, Granpa and my-
self, and made the trip which we considered quite interesting.
Before Jeffries arrived, Capt. Wertz pulled in,
and I had a little talk wlth him. I asked him if he knew any
thing about you, whether you were coming or not, he did not
know, all the information ihe gave me, was that he saw you on
the street the night before, but nothing was said about the trip
to Belle Glade. I also asked whether you were to Belle Glade
during the week, and he did not know that, so, as the tele bone*-
was oQt of whack during that one week, I don't' know up till
this date whether you made the trip with your party. Another
thing, your letter was missnt to Belle .lade and held up for
an unnecessary length of time.
I certainly o hope that Jeffries will keep-his
wo(L now on what he is going to do. I have heard so much that
seeing is believing with .me, yet I took a great interest in
yesterday's talk. I think Mr Roth will write you on what was
said, as I am not much of a letter writer, that is I cannot
explain things as they should be.

Will be glad to any-ttme with the bo4
but right new I have it out on the canal-bank, over-hauling
and it will be some time before I have it ready. You can dri
any kind of a car from Belle Glade to S. Bay, and as- the br
is nearly completed, it wont be long till- you cq-'"
Let me hear from you again, and if
up to see us, do so. Okeelanta ipnLt done. et,
to say about it is, that it isn't. started yt,

once gets started, and started
Regards to al

* right, look-outs

.1, I remain,



Ft..Laujaraili, fla,

U03 '.. 1 lie, 1

-i L. .7
,03I ..,,- your ."t r..,, I .. h,: n .::'e e ly

I -L- .:i. -. .-', .'; .."- 7.' .I. in ... ., _.. *,, yo re- At'; it, 2 "- .-

ro. o ; we o ', ,l -Li ;1 v : .iL aiue-. c. ,-coi.,i f "
.UI* t *f ( r' '
uh, .,.L *.3;; ,- "-:rv Y012till ',:iL

.,.l. i ... i ,IS >w i "'.,Ii b i '; e.: il : .- n dIX. *le 1 '.2 (
.. .W... ..- o.1. 1 u0 00 m i U?

The t,'. :.. uL ; nom you Lo c>xa a .ul ;it cl:a:i ":c t f ir 'i .c ,s, vi.a
A lot -, ..:m ot. ;1,81 aLt0,, ,.x g' "" '.. 1'" ,iit,- f-,, i.-.A- .e c ( ( ,e.tiatu.;
LuL.- it. .1 *: .- ..) 1.f. IL.. i t yII r :i. .:> O.j..

II .. n L, uii.z ., Ai.L this at 015 oCI ti. ,J:--

1--i thLt ij the a61o, u oL U;.'.-;b Co ? .
-'-uj.' \3t .t grmIq*i w3 t-.c. qtit ctltiCo.tetl.iak'i3 4iA' i rev ? XEl t''. $ai-
jLu ;atL: i ou :0 W424 1t$ C. e "t --.... L2i.. JonW u0,4L1 i1.? 1.2 -ot ;
rditj,. L,,,,WC.,iuuli y.. a lt taiO to r e t' c,: .rxy _io, o yiu* IOlayn ?

3.- I ,in: h ut t -ov. ah'y ^, -l. g a- "-' ..... :. "-o, a_ p~" I .i o.i*Y.>oa
taiM rrAt .o l.t A iy

gaou. iCKc;u1I ?o;- tiliigti'i; doed. ','o!a. iot:.o3shot none,

If I Sco h'S you ,c t'hi. u-tCG4,I :2..itll ;.: Lc do zo.

Yiooiuc lycy urs,

E* l-. e


'31 I1 Li Lo'i flre
L** 1 J L4A

Cl "l 4- ua-Jlr L, S.i .:. y q .

""v L 0 .. ... L It -a
-o .id' iZ i.j u. L.;-

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"i. a "" :." '_._.":. 3 '.LiI : '. .i- x .'..,. o -.". .au ,. .

lii! '". 3 '" t.t'T L?..' a i--" .!, it.. "j -t4u U" .Cs ,ly i ';* t, o 7.ot. .n,

anu liviz:'.t.' :'" r .'t[-..;-,t. I. s;o-. _?-'. a : 2 ,-" h. j... i l. i,if .i 2i
a -' !: 3 : ._ .
1,7~ .

"Very -:.L-LLf! -l<;mo,

T 7 Mt.Ja iAU. iL? .12 'l.. ,
- *- *.* C.'. -' '

.-b. I: j. iSt"

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..... 13 li` ~?
i i jri ) i, r 9
;j- Ct
i- .1. .. 1.

9999 "'- i ?

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.9-, ..-- 9 -i* ... 9\i *y

I'- il ., i i.- ,i, oi.,':. ,, l',. ni,- -' ;'. .. l n [ i,, *-;*\ ~~o -'" :l i,!; ". +fe--lt -
S. i. 9 .. 9 o ', -

9 9. o .-'9 99I*. .... .. ~,.ti .... 9 { '. .9 ,::9,"30 *'.. i -99 9", i
i *- 99-99> j uS ...c .--:A'- ;Lv :.. .
9 -. it

., -l*,1 is jj .. ---rz1ai c .'
9 i '-'3

I~~~~ ~~ -., '- ...* 9
1' .9. 9 9 9 3 ...
-ye 9 9 999 9 9. *,. 9 -9
9 .999 '9

- c har

-- A .;

S .. -- ,;99 9,9 19 i-1 .-. i;. f .
;- 2 -J / fq .* .f ; } .


-''".*r "...l i ... ..' "t I. ., :" ,; "d ,. ,: .L" *

f, i ... .

c-ai 3lb 7. 1'- r.13 o -'' ,.
", 9.. .....,_.", "

.... .. .. ,, .. ..--

.i e g t e '

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i ....t i e "

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9*' as

i .11.- ..*. ac o .. : 1 t. i '" -1.- T.-

"-. .... I; 1 t :I t ,,... t ., s-,tb 1 7 .* ,' r.f.M o
S : ^ ^ *: l

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-. ..o6

4 .. -- 4 '...4t i ^ "- '.*) I- 7 ;,

.. .. .. ..

i" ..' '. ... ,- ". II ".
;.1.1 -r I -- -I .- 4j 2.7 1

-. .. -, .1" --2. ; ".: n--. 4, ..
t .. ...... -. .. L *> '. ,".. *"j.e. ..-. ..

4 .4 r3 .. '. .. ;4' : .'
an G" IO : i.. o.

,&-!a 0. 1 by t.-.1r ad, 4. -
1 ..14 ., ;,I .L ..
L .3 .. .4 7 roo.. ;': '..X .

h i a . i ..-. c . l ; J *4: ;. L : 7. -> -

o -. e- 4' 1. .- s
-i ?. .. -4o -' .-. *
I~~* ,. .

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.1-' '4 4) x-. .A sl el.oi. o. 2 ....l- ; 4

44. *oi4ra. 4 ny4 447 5 o

~ ?

opr S.192. .
AD_-" ,1

-1'y d(o-* xr7*" :-Ajullougi--

- I Tvi.: i..giu lLGr3aIn yroufor .ti;vo Iiouwr; *tr. a strl.:tch.. I,tel itoTh
oncouragC.. T.Lou oa got ri ,, dCal fioia .5'>arg litcn !orEarI C I could
t...11 yu. still iore

I z lit:v.' tc. T.?ira t ..f J.u" J soJ n ,.C'It ',t7 til l ,,.t .iutst,':.
P Lvilrl. .l.ri-: i n-.llt, 'W L O'.'(

.1 t!iLnt our i3e:.. lvrcslnoV -vpi be f. groat i'hctor. ..'i0ui c: u.c Thc&'tion
flUfn., cZ 3o.3 ^ 3ti3in2i ';il...i !L-Un. t 2 c tly as I. !inC. 1.21p t. 1,ho
2 conceiv,.fxl .. t v;i-oio sch!') ,.'3,0l4.J .'..:,dCl L. lt'n ..}; :laki.i .. f92' it--. : got let ft

outL, t .'ll *jGo t ..:flu. : "uc i ;--b ^ -: 3 y ':itt ? i con.o.l t31o o ';'*.U tI.,n'
pro-volqku oL U... jnd ,! iu tit -t1 be ;:Zno au ofct--vE ....
YX I i.: I A "*,-- ...- ...: f.' I, t'. .. :..i- r.1, h-m n there ..*.i:fU nzen Upi Gt te
a.z J i- tc:, ( u.o'I ;;s *of.3Pr. to aov.) rt b- I.e C tL ':itio.

th.Q JL.G 4/n' ...,:> ::';- h _il l **ok' 1.* ii. ": _Cl,. l.U, z.'1j t nu .- .v :' : .p :w' *!:

ul;. ot ..-- ._ -o .l ,,-i :'; *.. .-
nho. t i',: d. -1-t ,- .I : at tj1. U -?.3 .-.: 2-C.'.:1t. .. "l ,l" :L.:, ,'e. ..' ,1y. e

DIn oi. rXuin, i t iic. comit to .: 1 lEt -ici.y 01, .:,:o. terJ .i.
23: i 'I.I; u, i, rs .." t. "itPm.: :. i .-Cr

ai 1 :-; rtl,'' .li'ri t" 3 .... GlsLuts,- .-t.,. :Ll.r, oat 'tin r
Sr ""1 2, I P1 c lti :' o-'i 1* l no-* --7 I'.;; s
"i y O, let's gpt v .* j ob 4-.o ta .: .L i WI I

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.._ ;j, )'o :1t1o .i Ot. ll: tt o t. st f' : t -. : : .. A I' .. .y. ,
'oLI : .ttS -bjow 41 GiA._ 1ie, : u I, ; .

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pCone you rPitc .r*ary.ou1 to I.a i.ff.oote.

Cia.hi.iai :z. l.t- .are iq !id;c- .Jcr.itr.w no tinsi :.nSly. Ia-C; ..: ::3;.'7
inforot titon, ir AltlUos'.;.n auI gt nto;;as V'oua Looy. witer*os .

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Uui-' COsrlfttoe hi. foInly .f. 1at U4d rrz;'cI f yontraj w0th.7 tly. Sincn
t at "i.tiin th TC'itt .i: Lo:',i.. a.:' 2-1Jut 4'once. h. a'L
no 1-Vly fou j-0 i ,,. ...1d op1;, 0 ls,. o 3 ix b,'Uiter so-see ju.-t t.hy. the .'r.d-

inof ?'. ;GQnO o.d rea-ts, ieodin;:. coUllctt.3L aldrepsos. loans stpLlp.
Gist &aA i41 'ipy. ulpunti:gi6At v-LuL, yoe-r,atL L-ny i3;:o-* .xsN Lo or lOli0.
'thi JapaWY o, tall.acvat *art' I4CUiU)LmeI, en casoavfronm 30.OX to $2OOOOZ
SZ Godlally 1ours,

CIrdlially yoursp



2 a;t ;xdfltc: id C
.Er .~ .u; Lb u-7

41L1 -_.,, 1 .

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t.t'.' r ai c.1 oL' .j .'. .*j 3...ok- u.-,. ; /....l
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I nA ,'c1 t. :," .>- at b ,. 'M .- .6 V. .. .... L- ".2 ,! 'd -
j i . L .o -' ti o :1s 4" -c "" -

In Pg ab ? 4.. i-.: 1 i'. f la;- _, ., -

I .; .,
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TU ..?'-' Z -'a Zf -' :.3.. lA" 7 t '.. ,.- t ,. .. '..' x &: C.? t0 s .
1,.j '; l i; f '; ,-;:.. .'' --
I i-:.a .. ..- .. "'

'4^ 1 2 'L;.2 ..t s **i. .L- '- ..'...;' :2* .,,I '".
". ,'i "7.1' :
* i*,,v. ,- ''. L; r.-", "'
;xf. iL5x... .-: .2.. A., A.. *,- -" -".- ""*. ', tL .. "

,.......-" .L In..... ;, n ".... ;.- -, A..- .- .
* a;.,. ^ ^^ r: S .^ -.i* '42 ^ ::L..,:..- A f l *: .:
c.-lv .. -^ -a i -.-. *ti. 3 fl* -r
*: .. 7. *f;-. -..Lt: .9 *-
,p .. ,,' 2." ,' A .. ..' '.- A.... _... : : .. .

,^ :. ,' .,,,' _" '. .
13:i'. bi~l a-i.^.i, ~

_ _~ _1_1 i pi _L

w{5, Pt. #audeurale, Fla.-
April-, 201925..
1Jr.ioauijd. jErvipiTaC Ag4gt.,
Tatlahapsee, fla., ,

N'w4 lly .lar S4r3r?
Your fqvo:- p. t&ip Il., at l ,1ldp, 1. I, pPSire. tp, thtani, you for ypur, notice,
and. iptprest.,
I Qap XatoUing m.y,, mx4ttpropreAty, closely, sili, t,ic glp oFthe. C09unty. r.
0lirkt and. kpBping py, properties. oqt Of. t. l-s, pf.; tax sHlc buyers. ,
At, tI tW,ho..overI p .fproe- tq, bprps% tp, 4d. eyen ,tQi., 1,opp gio,.lia ,
nob 4ved. 1p tl4p. ]yergl;dGes aid, tfjLp', t4, hpLp mrke tSla4 rpgLpn, fttir ,
huwMn ppLupatipp 94n appreciate uliat tj4e, pqtt.erptpere, 4170e. goe, through
during. tYl ! fplr. ypars'-the, period, ri, prlg. vaich, for ttp g, rt, t~im,.
I became 4piInqpont $. may Zqxes, -- .to
Tip 1priod cpnstitltpp, toe. lark, Agop pftlie Evyprglades. 4y. oai fLttle a
SsetpLom kee u,-- oldestplanned sqttenaat. ,t p, Upper. GlI;es-
Sl bKck., t.p a, ppint atpftpr, t, 1918. ,, e Ive. hld four, floods, i, ...
tiie'A ysors. Ln, ppite, ,l4owever,p f tlis excess. iAt4',pur. transportation .
,atarP oPRly.s inopippirably agrse, t1pia tii,1913. v.4en our, 4.rst groupof a
settlerinoludling py sOagnspntrem ,tlp QGedcs, tp, lLved, .
,e, yetyc, rit fnoe, 14nep.. oLp.ssengpp batst. Evary, oie of 4ieaoe. h'a been driven
ioft[ the .lst Ip out .s. yjras. ago, F'reigbL bats, idthli, very. slubllow. draft
L. oounajupfbetitng t LeLr, Ixils op. boulders. ad, sp cnding Ialmost prohibitive<
Sumpfpr lrpairs;but np. i4at is9 i oyer. rg,. ~sjiota months Lith ,
singJle ecoption, poao, ,J4e 1w 4p v14 ha Lp between here and. tloe ,ake.
Thp pic, bpat ticat bWtyed tiap, h Aiardp, qftte trip., ptid, tUr. sp dping the.
Sprip,? oT },00.^ 01) tIliyapi.ha,whicGh ld alttged, thip,'nuplhave,,at Q
Slast-rihcf t4e. tpurist boats, hare atost 41 lfr.Tbjpon th'rosan ojt but.,
S our, bpat i mn haike, qpit,. pne. o4t1e best. aIPd, lest equipped, told mi btr, a,
/ feC. days. ;go, t, t he hlad brought, lsi, boat 41Al,juxtl. sXIuld t341 it, ", .He.
ha lu4 c;iug.lg Anooher hlw phitdft. h~is teld t9,ther l-ters".
Uur, ptt;fment, lWa bpo p. Almost dI~pVujaute.*, J 3m driven. Drt, waerly four,
Syesas agobut. ._yetprp, pVer npo1etqp. rwooup. y fl*;ieoo aiVdrpAsurn;Unuc,
qssiatfUl yp l, o ., Our .p,. re ianinng, aye, Tirtdi'cily dropping, out./,
But, 1p tb4rept apd$ful. rp iin,(g>, X,, 0t, tr. -people tho, region, I t4isy ...
S enuppntpr .e t 4c.plea ure. o. 1tp. pd.erG_.~ pyermannty.
Last, f4lla 1akani. realty l4n agreed tp. hili. put, Oeelanta op, taie. ip. ,
SagAn, ,is, ISe.rtMp Alji I ftru 4ly1. lw-P 4i;LO^r, forbade. hiL,,and he dropped.,
out., 1 !pp, ute.i oipiger O flofods", .,w the, ground.. I, pnlstedQ aotlier,
and' tppXk, hl4u tp, Oteplanta, 1o, mas rady;but, Ina. .fp days. the flood. was

Now, another. t j.s, p. pripusly considering, gittingiu behind, Oikeelantg ;but,.,
D O./' '. .&- LL, /C)-6 .-,
G ,--.. // t. d .-r.- ,. -



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=saQaO y x 3 pul: a-40i ^ rB,?H AfJLI isbJr qi^Mo
C..-.I..^*^ ^J ^ -- ^':

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*1--- n |" I **

R1 flE0-42 I ***
tip. Ig, qepitlon -*g,? Hpr. a out, nst, 'toi*', .'t. yOU t rs&iaeoLk.
a f.4hP, be,Q it, reiwabCreCr ueiWo i we-L h o a, oveirflbow between 1913 adl.
1 ,,. o.:y ,. ai ;iwanal culamirty,, representt, li t. te. lke aj. .
^eaJLqy eagte s ;ajeri!. settlmetf lerr reeal t at, Itn. h is .il
B 59. 41 '; 'nd tt.. agni9 With, teo ;. .
former rpul3 t
Thle porgaldeatby. n.tupo, soul4 be ;i grthy 4hIraiispl? iFq r. 4.ya,,;wrsi
C hap beuo a,, tpo sttlersr Thp, gmpat, vershatdodng, question l;L.:
*ypu tid tll relief 09'4eT .,I? V 1 shall deliver iPro
Many, v f wr a, ilre fi.tlh, MutaLt oit, ppopent, G9wcrnorp, ith, his rcor&, pir
I achievcmept,and, h1,.p. earnest pJedgesotfte. repeutog,,w.ll s0e?, tltat thcse ,4
problem,. ;trg. aolveu,.l ,
ThI ,~ g91pt.op ;ls! M.t. "net. X ,, sWv fiia oA e.. h ft 1 pre. cqmplic.ted..
J and. id;Lf 4oe tt t4bi, a.high. a .Cr9tC equjli MPpowunl,, ill 1,
Sget ugPPi tpe, rypp t.'Lp1ng- riSt ian ,1 aldniat.r;atlp must. ei ..a
thp. Vjadc3.( See, SFnP., Lind, Aet of. IQU)-" Bringing tn. a, subued ri a-e- *
Slior .te sitoate ;!uidjig. wqpi, ouble. v, cpu;rupl, oy use;., tx-t ftqry ClEtivtoationl, t.&e thei flyaeo,a 4ttem pts,at Que ofLtgiagea The latt-oer 411 guin, t'he
r ,tCgiP4,~p, d ,'qhypi, l i, srya o13t O onf 4la,-u al heso Inu years,some
S L,00,000 .Upy, bpo;^ p@eut,op "'d1ilinageU I9,a foav es,in sin.a, s1 igl
: iatll ,ea*~3.2,Q009 O a rb rronea.upi( N9te. rqiuarks by. Sate, Fjr, Taru-end,
at, I34;i.L, yvr&gLktde c Agsooittion meeting1 a, fer. 'ecks since..)
Possibly teLc e nites, txqy b oyt.of ofoder. They, neetd.toe. be heCard, ie9 here.
~uJill apljirLeoatcei i'yfp 414 i li Jgi.sulc-tter, before tpe Governor,,
ijisissVngpthq rqpeat H ntu upy ordp, oyg express. ny. jprCeciation #r
tMhe JnPci. l.kndpepp i aid, opurtesy phov n mp,persp3ojllylby; thle, IntCernal
., Impro B uop.lpra. 4as. tpld Spnabop letoled afetu d4ys, Einceo, ere, Iti leir
a on. gey. Ciuld nit 1iro more .inadei,, inr Untver they I- bur-
u.i;nod 4th.l wy task4 Lr responsizb4l3tpaad, cr rgiiveild foe teusr-
Sgld6. ,',hey, rirey sp, e rpglipnia hen Bee, oply corti naroaI,, ;foe( ,s
f of tjjen has snp. pceelanta. s.nop 1917,X. gniop,t peall tlp.. fictp,. jt'y, to.*,,
a see. temi-L hprpebu&i.t t4ey. apegone, bpforo I, lea.r, ttmt thliey. are. nar
The, flndgliuaontal gi\ctt rgLrdfing Wle GIlidesa ist be upidcrstood,an ndcc -ate.
tfida rnupt Up, bpyovcad,apnd, a4 aggrepaive efpfor 46s Tp, France. I X18 to
e jobp.,EInse nped, n9t be oopsadorei.. lhe GLadespay .tlae en re bil J
anyWay;pod tQip, ritupia, 411T be s,o prodigious t4at aW4y ratLuinal cost 414,inn
t a fSv ypprslook iPigaPfoiat, p, apcqntsqmpt bible 1ipt, tce slogap by,9

Vory. truly yours,.


I a I I II I I I I

7f5,f t. Lauderdpl, fla ,
April 27,0 ,.,

OkeeLanta, V1a..
M o4 i 0'

H 1aye. ar Lt rpcaivnt, fltW,fr'om C woty. CjerJk, on. lots,
"G ali. 9, ptr S~ate,OoUity,Statet $g4iwnge,alnd !lighsty tiIASes. and1, a4r2dem4ps
t iouws. apl fept o, 'ie, ,

I oercfore, aicliose hIreiit.,s OntrpLotvil, dhpioate,f)l .theso tue lots,
ready. t .bi signed. ;ud l ttepsnsed, On, 0Oe, y tp b-;retiiunLd by.biuyer,and Lthe
oCliCer QJ, b9 rc;u4l i;t4 -, ,,,

I 4iaude. tu Agi, 2a.i. my- acopeitance "9b.8. .bo- : pts. soalU';Iihave bi3en Pold ,
for,. 210Q,)0 e.phandti' uontitly payen.t y solaso~l hiuvebp o $10.00 pqr, ,
month. s .1401, ,But, lots, ib g-. .no, ,
Nov. ifga/tA4loZ stzilrl ivnstsl4t.Q 1 .11q fqy h i$,4. aI. the ;gLa.,
price c $3125.00. lie, piould py;.y., 18.OA 0 cohdor',to lenro,c te esr, s ad other
ohargen,. iein hi TI ip1 w Oi,00,0 pqrneit f uless, le dasiresi to. pay w re,

jerner tpid kaL irrnoo. recontlythliat 14, L'3nos 0o.K.l tp say ZPIat ouji L0wi %,
oJraUinge. Ua di, i ighs y p'rd, ill uirit.i, rcoos ;id. pw 's 1ofl. our Jls.triot.,
-4 Thip :i-1^ b Cner,3lby jI+oc-cPmal. T'iey ill yp,'ob;ia ly Agtin, ith1 thle angle .,
or ji- Squ;ire,;do, 0.z,GOOD JQOBand tihe gointo thi2Othi'Pr arcit. Then O into ,
stl.L iaIj uliptrt;iud soop.

I W pt upite13Is ti, (prer, tSias progwn. r (o

14o1. i;3$1 34t;te, 4- g N V'-.ta Lpl4t. f Its, progr.:l.n,V ATJEIi iCINT'OIL,a so
haidaled, a*. iW. iprovent. f.odsdrougitas, roats audi f4ros,and: cisure inavigati-'n
M.uli cpltiy'tiQeii.rT ih,Ai ;4tct ?. khiUOARiATIOhn"rtlOC thing required 14, te.
congrJssiioAi4 SSiJmp. i.udp. Apt. of 180 jget ai icqut qy 20 meanss,
Dr 04lilopaand Iut, t. iiI d;a rge ofsu saclaengineC. rs 1@o e l
GoetliaLs, or Apthur. P. Davr- Miy, ypars, enginoer of t1c0 ULS, Relan1ation ,
ServcQo.po 8aai4l gpt pit, Pf, tlpP gQods,al.nd do it, Li a, iahLrVy.. 010. Gladen. pa ,
evsry, dollar polfthe cost pfreclAmatipn., %ipin lqt theregleon bpreclairned, and the
agony. opadI.,

Thy, cn', 79pr. prnmJunity, Council, aebpdy sopie sch. iwga ap thi inp. 4, aset of.
reaplutipns,and apnd ter3m o. tie, GpyernT.,

$2S. 3s s1nt, op QLptaseb.,, Cotlect, 20U00(. if yP7n cl yithlut objection),,
apply it p, yp9ur, coi3sionf;then,lunie, ist,. Qpllect another $10.00,tlius getting
yopr, cI$3L opim4sai of 10or o;P $0,00U. lih ere3fter,pleasj see. that $10.00 wpk
oaleS.ty, V thAIe, fi3rs4s pf ahi 9lantli.,, XAu rOt.,fpr your eouiaiiassions, notify,
mo,ani, n. sq rjept. f4 sLam. y Y
: Sincerely yours,, i

zEorgw *elpov ,
a i '^'"*A ''BBI' '' :

+OanaPrple P l ,

My' d9ar yfSbarpJ!-r
Wnofit. $$1.00.ogL a. DSI ap4Ge Ijp-blSis ing, l,
valuable vpqero,

dan't up, areo3. tojt 4p, gp'toept npf lQi4, o p,,
Evp+ygttes, ip, i
ft 4AA.LkA. ,aftNt^

'Thipaot- J3.Bgn, ai4 nage",4L BI1,t. SjBtu.. ind,,
,t ^1(3W. e4f1s 1rw.,

ThS.p Ir4t sWoept PiPs. Oppntry. atitoGpnWary 4flnWLtipn,
of rplainaatiopnr" Xp, bf;liag to, o,. nab4uet&, or. iwolLo,,
rafet. se ae jkte; Oenable t2. oPntjol. o use. 1 a.
also t' fit 'gpr oegiyationas ai-L or iiershy, .
Thia. %141 igr.tepp, uLW. agu4nip $PJ)aUIaai)0STS Tjd w.
jREPC ,andte, epIpr. ntvigLt:Lion and, op1.irtt:ipn-r
oagh. pNu, all essent4le geoly, unalano4do~l by, Wter opntrop, 3L,
rapidly trminsform tl, e. oPgi intp a, ,dopert, of,
dupti, .-l, aslhoes an Oboiulnaipnp, oPTI plation,,

TVhppFaafter, sLeniUZg 2, ypre, apdl, $U1 000 )Op
in ",Dr pana!x'gP e owin b9it Up *2,009.0,09' ort]i. ,
of OqiAdiepJlnd, Xp. a ftq, *toks p oie, lXitpu d 't 4
area( 8-tat, I.^re, lXrdelbeore MA E'lr gldadeo ,
amn.) it spuld ag9eap, t, -, cb i 4ap. gpt upon 1Q t .t
Act P- 10SO, 0,a puw ..P.atfo~rfnu

aiLcpprpjy yQprWh.

.-4"rf *.i-

'.:.-* ^**tfth.V;'- i ** *


Post Office Address: Drawer J, West Palm Beach, Florida

April 27, 1925.

Dr. Thomas E. Will,
P.O. Box 2B5,
Fort Lauderdale, F orida.

Dear Dr. Will:

Upon my return from Tallahassee
I find your letter asking for information as to route
of the road upon which bonds will b vyoted on May 12th.

I do not have at hand a copy of the
petition, but it is my understanding that the route will
follow the exact line of the original route which was
agreed upon when District No.11 was formed

If I am able to get a copy of the
petition I will be glad to mail it to you.

Very sincerely yours,




I- E~ _



#F75 Ft. Lauderd.lle, Fla.,
April .8,195.2.

Mr. Fred E.Fenu ,Clerk,
1i.Palm Beach, Fla.

My dear H.r. Feniio:-- 4)/o Jollas,
Enclosed find check for T1'o liundre. and gienty-Three^($SC3. )in paymentt-
'a? Stat Danage and ,ii arli txe s,in full on the follow C tracts in
Sec.35,T.44 S., 11.3 E., Milm i each County, Fla.:--
Traqt -0-N1/I f 8-5i -54-50 to Ov, nnl est l/ofga4 ,I0kec-
l:nta Addition, for the T271, 92 and 19g St atW DrrainageQ and the
1921,1)22 and 1923 llighia Djaimagc/ Taxes.
Enclosed find apPropriate calculations,also.

I shall be pleased to receive receiptsfor these at your convenience;
also receipt for State Drain;age and Hiighway Drinni g tax on Tract
N.b.. of S. of S.. of Sec. s--~i-5 8 sent you on lIarch a30 1905
by check for $60(., First Na ..on 71 of Ft. tLuderdale, a.,

I sh;11 appreciate further proihmt notices of applic;ttiion for tix deeds
on any of lay lands.

Very L'truly yoi






r. .

'C, __



.V B r O A HJBROWN PZ,s./,,.
2) BROADWAY foanded i 85 2 0B BROWN.0.,,P j Tr,.
(4C..*v ly" 'W O R BROWN,. is..

April 28, 1925.

Dr. Thomas Will,
No. 275,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Dr. Will:

I appreciate your letter of April 11
and have read it over until I can see fully
the bearing on this subject whicf distinguishes
your point of view from that of the Miami
Chamber of Commerce.

Personally I believe that the authorities
have frankly sought to develop the Everglades
by making it possible for those who bought
prematurely to develop crops.

The Miami Canal is impenetrable in its
middle range, as I have tried it in a canoe and
I know. I do not believe that there has been
any flow through the Miami Canal which would at
any time have greatly helped the Lake condition.
The dams that I saw were dams made to expedite
the work of the dredging barges. One of them
was a pretty big dam, and I had to push my boat
over it with the help of several men. I would
judge it was semi-permanent in character,
and that it would stay there until the barges
had gone a long distance toward the lake.

In addition to this, I knew that certain
dykes had been thrown up by the Pennsylvania
Sugar Company, to protect themselves from the
north, which seemed to me perfectly p b

This, you will understand, is simply
a continuation of our personal and private conferences,
and not in any way an expression of Brown Company's
attitude. In fact, as a corporation, we are merely
in the position of taking part in the work of
developing the Everglades, and are watching what is going
on before arriving at a corporate policy.

Very sincerely yours,


_ I __



Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund NATHAN MAO. R SALESMAN.

Tallahassee, Florida

April 29, 1925.

Torit Ic~auderil?le, Fla.

Dear Sir:-

T~ai, I received your letter yesterday relati e
to T-'s and Drainage matters, and as the Trsi.t 3
r- then sitting in their re ul'r meet -, I turned
your letter ovr2 to the Secretary who presented .ni:.
read it to the Trustees.

I understand that the Secretary will t'ke
up matters of Draini f-- with you.

If I am not mistaken Tnho Trustees hold-
mortgage on

Section 27-44-36.

I find that the '-) of ]:'.f-} seoti
80 acres, was sold on July 2, 19~r.-und. L<
"- 433, to -?* .* 1 n, also the 1.' df IT)a
S- df Section 27-4 -36 were sold on Juit 7
certificate .r 418 to "* .11nn.


iertificte -
ind the
, 1924 under --4

The S-4 of S-cltion 35-4-36 is held by the

sale of te .>uitthere ar- three certificates3

(9 i r~cts 79 itio 82, 87 to 90, 95 to 98
Ih~Za tQ7T12i iu tnie .~.a$et'

U L~~~~ot; :7 tro Fi, At 8 lA o
1B 'r-,S- o~f Jc L~t io .> I -4~ L-'' ~ : fl(j 2Crit it ic~st.? S
%.'q..... l? u t~n a Isns he.ia

will re'3~'~ni t -iI3.......~ar ~ ~ te ~ T2u ;te e* r~ :''~



/ -9 L




me to aigo i same and notify them in case party
molding contract does not cdo so. This," of course,
means cancelation of your contract in case I have to
ta-e this step, and I will tsake it only as a lat

Also do not forget Tr..:ts 59 to 62 in
Setlion 35-44-35 are under individual certificate
saleof Au'ust 7, 1922 and -ub4_i.3t to dlee at the
request of the holder of this certificate.

The Trustees andi r.'y' l rf are doing ev rything
possible to orottgdt these lands, "nv1'. for you, and I
trust that you will appreciate my persoT situation
in the matter as :.n -mployee of the Trustees.

Yours very truly,

'./ ,,, T.:,:,: -. ent.

4 7 -.z 1


~-~p~ i~


5 O *

P, 4am dlri- l, le, Ptu.a .,.
April., 30,19g5, .

Mr,1lwan,..ia8o1, .
LHty,, .

My. E14 ?'.B^iiopp-~r

Yop, 4gl4 rquenbe.r. Jl'e tigteoe r. O.aLL4$18.QU) wtiJll d4Ue, pj
on, the pPo'.

I pLrposOely 3;'.il un;tia g" i, t. Li-ing, pie. JI4gh), p,~ier. troub).es.
Noi-,hojEover.L hpt. pQuArL q t ,Psiip JL. tA iyy LY s. LPaetd theeamppy., .
ShiS.I b. gatd j r, e ypr. .aid, f Ly. jgyp, ;a'o!. apsi, sC, mi? any, tIng
yol, ctn,La1L p'l4 t.a .4p. t.d i. qseatip. yr igaLn3, ,i pee, are,
a l0t. pf- g7d .iLngapp O ing... Iu, i2. going a i I, can ,t.o huri-y, then along.

'Very. trt y yours,.

-- --=-~-

C~~~~z ~ Li -t?3

c ~~~~ t~~ ______________j

-z P~
(~~c;-..c d~L-

(W -tP c

6 --. s*-

_ __


1" ,COC ,.Kc TCU.S




April 30, 1925.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Sir:-

Your letter of the 25th addressed to R.W. Ervin,
Tax Clerk, in which you included information and
remarks to the Board of Commissioners, was presented
to the Board at a meeting of the 28th, and I was
requested to advise you that they are using every
efr ff to reianQ the Dinae itr so as to
ah the work to completion as ra-idly as possible,
d it is only by the.cooperation of the land.Qwners
of the District that this can be done. If you will
wriAe your Rep~eaantative and auge hias operation
ith the Board, I am satisfied it will be beneficial
o the District.

Yours very truly,





.Si75, tl.,Lnudezrdiale, Fla.,,
S.April, 30QC2i. ,
;.ir.Rilic2 Lvr ji, vian, a Agt. ,
Ta,.lla"sEsej, Fla,
My, de3a2 SiJ-?e
Y.'. Cu#* ,, po, .... "fii.* a:2.Llce,'d, I4llb iAYirQE2.i.4 l4,, .

,.-.a '..,/4 ,nthirtz; ,
--so. 1/4:--
aw-6 1/3 asp.ior. o' yas,in4ippat3 by, j ts/a. PAo0Wn p9 oc.plat;
b--.Los," Shippyl" alrd, tf7v.ll?.",
b g--Sua. -f--/ .- /
a-^-.1 2 or. S1/2i<
c--l .1/2 oF U.D.1/4 1total,400 a9res. ,All Jp oded, byjc. tQ, Trustees ,
ofttls .iUitcorct Ap sboiciptm.,,
Al! otihtr(.1a;PctS3 ip 27, ,r ld "by xe- pulo hi ay ( n l'TLct :ith ,,
t.. l T^usreuJp,;itd.,duc. u0, ty4.ys, 1:i ;a-yno'ntn y n,~,1il uly .. their ercyri
Th. cOuSas oftiWv-sC L1 i i. myr:tcont p tosr:.
flatsa utGcLo3eo waLo, oi O ver3i e OPJi$slette* BiMe t #11 Iie iel ove, r.reaG s cleared ,
1hoau i b,iLue,h ive,b1ppj 1ep1e1 tA !a I tlholau td aye stillZ to be i:.i.j rori,
by tp.+,
It ,.J. ay.. fj ad lfixle, teaaltion to. ay yfor I' 41 ,lsc, fll. p ti.thi 43-
teptis VL'r dt'3irred giSnethsllaalaotu pniy all b;aok3 Sagos. apl;, ridomptio~. feoes,
ThrougI. '1.d4ices recoivedt fromi. thep Opunty, gled ot 4lm UfBe.h OQunit,I learn *
promptly pE U., (Lt fp..r t;3ui y c, ip. so .lso9iug,X s nl. tle inresaary tJPundsp,
and, rtijpLae;. thMa. *.viigjci3as<'rtl 6;:.'.ot3 t ,
Th4 I3 h4ye. 49 le. htl, ,T,.1/4 ,9f S. %.i/4 p? 35....1/4 otf -45r36;also
Triteot,, i Se, 35-44 36, a tpllos; -.-3SNl.X/2 P 8yr12-4,0 to Og, T'1/2 o'..
64leui,*ninrt, i4tb. E, 0o.eO intn ipts, 23, f,.l8 l, 5a3, ,5 y 4 Aast odrk. an


at aidDiLglit. ptf the, 44Li9Ib. 41pdi. CJJi-o3Ir. J; Ict. gnactsii, c.35,,,s ,4s
soon *s I. can ris, f.the lun .sI PlPLI go, L .1,,P1:ln.1 B]ioaclih, pUy every. ,
dollar of t;i; aElidrvi3i-atipji in9l Fb6ipes. IcO., JT qap wvtfpridng, i ,.
ccs:;-l.^Ay IsLL ty,. .bji4Eti.,9 u y.pp9agIsS, t tiqliSq ..UwtpuicauwiilleI p able /
.to Iret t i. .e ,~ceato,-J b'zcts. *^ t-e,, hy of 4;4 ngr : pproiioies., ,
a s IwUm-iersst nd, i,;r
Of tie, listr.yu iSnqy icstloysetlie 4X" piebiarIng, tn clc rUtienaiucd. ,)as .
statedithlat i.1 soon atyruuich. L0 01n1er lIne tit/2 of t.Iie 0
A/ i ,1..1/4 o0 .*., .7-44-30. ;IU ac:-Js. .a I. .el.l -;>-rtaiit'lj no. t ,; /
...: c; tS Pc.toh J1R ^44L.', bpf. Jy.OZ th, othJrs,I doi&n, umtr-

s c.-t i ,l. o rc ,;,'ozi --.s .ir !..l tel isooun-,

,.l. ev-e- Alyp iprld is. Luc1i .
tii- t.,l ate (3 r.; w~iL uuid ,41 uol..yut I m exerte'g i..y-ltlf t. raise' ,

ud. -'y,!, fail..e ., t
In co. n, I vt g'e i'ls-,u1, -' "-. b ,U i,',L. ;~r f i; la.-- ail .iay Q fr :Xi.. I c. sJionig
I ?'.l l .-r itoy ..j.^ rcolare. lr +*' otic the...'-of t ough.i;l3 ];.,.'.,.y L"- lii ex."s-

~~sI ll 3 t:a pr.iAlly overlaV nt XI:rri, i :oe spid iws.v olce-'.d ,
ize M Mt ,^long iiilet. orlpr d a.:d. paid ;ir are. upr: cyying;
th.ill ;ubt,.. iv-.. f whic i, ,li.St l,.d.;. -41 gr...tly iicrcase ii.niue..

Ap!inliuch, *" Saeeg7, iw beon regzld Ztxou1:hers, o.i. couJrnx-Lt ,eopy cfi.

v.s ic; ij p ap.ringi.. ~,'i.rc,. to ui' t..
trni, the bnuyoea ig 1 are qbl ,i- 40,..n, a osttfioaioLr,3, to a1, 9 chVi'y th'3
burdcin.' tl.e filclure' oFp,,t thema no. do t?.his Qr *les u'1t "7S. me, 4fom,
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