Business Correspondence. Feb. 1, 1922- Feb. 28, 1922


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Business Correspondence. Feb. 1, 1922- Feb. 28, 1922
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Business Correspondence
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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mt. Lada-rdal,BFla.V eb.l,19D2.
.r. CP.iTFerT.rbecy.,
?P.N.D.& H.Brcad, .::

'ly dear ir:.--
4 a I live near tec. N,'W. oori'n of eo2,'SRbov1: Occel'-ntagnear
the ditch y-ur Boaedhla recently out.

A bridgcia nec..ed acrossa tlaistdtoh,:rd another across the nest ditoh,
1/2? -Aile wesit,

Thcac0 briClgee are especoiilly necdc.d for trivoel beiweevn OkeeCinta uand Fruit.
Sorst( Sec. 27). h'Pricef-rily liv'i. Fruitcrost,.."I of t h coetecr;aid
othrii_ Fruitorcst owners live i.. Okoolnut. Old or Nhw8

| Yoi probabblyknlou that,in 19S1,Pflm Beach County eet-'.blished a road follow-
ingth?: c-Lter of Fruitorest, oast anldwest,:aIU- extending to tihe .aitlBal,,e.
Last Octob.-r,two bridge-s on this roAdone at the fir!t f itch, and thle other
at the r3eoond,:.oro irequostod andgr nted.

N cvcr th:liles3,it wia anonounocd at Okee3.ntu tht they would not 1bo built;
at lc.asnot soon though I heard no re.7son for th- dacly. Thisdelay
vcr'.:-. h rcdshi ,oupa30illy o; t!-:e Pri-ce f!,'uily who riast tr:. vol n,-ny ,.iles
to cO:r *'*r 3/4 o :-:y 7-1e.

Some oli u3lsiverco,_n ily petitioned for a Aro'zd along tio north line of
rso;c 6, to its -J.',. cormcr, Kcnowic;-. Pi ico's -rodi4c",t,I suggested that
h-: .'..;ht -rom-bly ,got L1'idL:,3 on the north lii..' of bo*'a 1, o wr'oto for
th,-se :,"- I hei-r they h-vve been grj::nt',d.

If these two bridges are in adl tion o6 th!o two on the County P.oal#that
rill be al rigIht btut if they are to t;aJ rl the 3plac of those on tl'e County
Road, that il 'kcly to provo a seriounrs..tttr.

The COounty iluoe hi: bncu officially declared. No suoh road hns ever
be.enr docl"rel o-' the north line. of Seo-*7,or own ;'oatitione Ior.

The Oo unty Road, epEGCllly th1o ruitorest portion of ItruiUing 8,.I
Lu :; 3. to Okiocl:-.itA Es L been ufied since 191;it lth'e old,origii.n Okleelanta-
Fruitorost Highrwayjonc ofrth oid:.sti rot-lain tlhe entire settlement. While,
until 1r. Prico's lctt.-r t'o you,I fever lhieu'd cVon a m.nition of a road as
wanted on the north line of "oos27.

Th' Cou-r-ty Road ic:'sily r vollcd. The.i north roA.d isano-L m L-rkod even by
a trnil* .:ost ofint i: t:irou gli da nso thicLot of eldcrs th-at the settlers
S-cust chop out

The tr'.-vl on thec nori'th ro 4 will be w gy lighttoo lightiiaoboablyfor a
long time to ke:;p down tlio oldi-rsi. vn the Prioos will go to OLeLlanta




by snothor route.I ntrighfL onuth frcr the coiterc of Fruitorost to the Blles
ro:.d,au.t7uast. TWere t.Iiy o uso tih,1pr ,;a.ltdS bridtg~s ov' the north lino in
going o 01-e:. ~ .lnti it;, 'wo i.t ik.;: '!:.:: t idi. : ou ofut i/.;'.
: t*:'buyoer iin ru-.utorest areex:o-soted t !iv... li, .r flTi- o i!:.rer of ~.~0o 7,
ii..cti vry .e Lf tlcm .-j be- x. cx.-o.d *;o. u.- .E..bridgc in g go -.
fror ekel- uitaa* iihey wi.11 go south, to tiil they c my oi et brildgs permi.ft-
ti:-4 tha-'ii uo gu cast*

Th.- b}es't thr.t oiu beI' s:'i0oftt-2 north road inti: :t it wiill lie little
bttt cr th'n nonetbut it will not in vlu: !;o thi.. County Ron.d.. I
iny ectu1ei'1r pr% Aors it to t.e County R.ibd I ln.:v. niju c'- r'Ll Of 7 i' I ru =
sure thir. nLa;iftL th frio .iiiYy othc1r i *jii *t, Fr I. oz.' Or owners
fpreLr it;ap..l i0' L hb-ld tilought it vol1d" tW.- k thli l:!3 1 f l1r. Coranty Rof;d.
I c'rct inly would noo hIi.w. sug',oatod it.

Very truly yiurn,

'; .i .* ; !; / '^ ; ^ : ^. : : *^ "*--


Ft. Launderdale, la.,

Mr* Chas. F.WerncrSeory,
Drainage anA Highway Board,
Republic Bldg.,
Miaui,, la.

Dear Sir"--

I un a am ouber of tho Pric fwil.lyw3ioh has lived on Traot 56,
Fruitorost,sinoe Feb. 23,1919,but am temporarily in Ft. Lauderdale.

Followingthe outtingof tl:, ditches through Fritoresfcwe have
nec~d.ed bridges over then These were wanted at the points wterep Ihe ditohes
out through the Uounty Road at tih oont:r and east border of Seo.27

Request forthose two bridges was made of you last Ootobar,rand granted;
umd a copy ofyourletter gra.nting them w: sent usfAmuch to our delights
Afterw.Lrl,howeverwe were greatly d3i. appointed on being told they would
rot be built; ce'rt;inly not soon. Thue far,no move toward building themor
fui.shling the lurmier forthem,has been mcie.s

Now we hear that bridges will he allowed on thIe north line of eceS,7.
If these do not delay or take theplaoco of those asked and mrantcd on The
County flo;ia,they will be appreciatedl,sinoe they will allow us an outlet
to i'. on.rth cast. Still,the C6unti Road will allow this.

Ifhou~ v3 'r,thqy el'.y or pr eent the bui ldigoftie bridges on the Coqunty
RoAd,lth3 results will bo v ry.unfortunate. If we should use them in going
to and iroin Okeelanta:-- our Post Offiou nn.ltr. :dng point--we would have to
go a mile out of our waygbesides abandoning an old,ewell-traelled road,
.'l, T~:vingto out a ine: one thrl' Iugh tle elder jungles.

I am sure nypeopl; will fo.l .bout this as I do and I certainly hope
nothing will be done to delay tIi, building, of the bridges on the County
Roadardoertainly not to prevent such building altogoethore That would be
a gre.,t blow to the joint iintj-je3st ofOkecla.nta anl FBruitorestnow oloely
Scon- ooted.

Very truly yourS,

:- 7 N '
/ 1i-t~t ti-e27

I `


a *

2. .,L-

:L. I a
-' 2-i

,),:L --o-P, Iriy i
.0 -i l-i

cut, "C,,:j r ~-.: ~crt:

;0 (ie1 ue out o' oic -1, 2 two v_ 0:
- or.y j2r' 'r1,c 0m s U'"
701 70, 0~7.' 0~ J,)0' w
bu:Lit 10un

i ow wej ca:'r e rgs 0-:1 2170 .-02. o 7 c -'a 12r' 1 C)' TC ''
""i; 2'' '

our w i '70 .
60 th-12_N riort'll- o 0~ J=U '.

: =,houov 'ei', -i;h
,tro ro ul;l U1 03 r
tvo 7, 7 'o 0 oL t-r
-L~ :-_!I 'o u; of 10 2 .0'2'u0.-2 v~ 3.1

-, i2:iXLO..0t-?ll~ ciyot ICo :i'7. 71C S~lO'i 6;''. '. ,:l~i:~ 7 ~ K. ''I
3. I'1'23.t bloi~r 'bo U'Yi'r j0i or u i. 'r ''U. oL:t: 'r; o"re:17 71 ": :~!'~ l'u-`~ !;0r2;Xs(3
COJ ct 7b 1

0 o -,I c t-7

- -v*- to

(u.iC? 7 08): 7~

L_ __


lur 3nit Otatt Post (ffit ___ CLASS

West Palm Beach, Fla.
February 3, 1922

Dr. Thomas E. Will,
Fort Lauderdale, ft.

My Dear Doctor:-

I have purposely delayed answering.your letter
of the 24th ult. until I could have time to see the manner in
which the newmail schedule is working out. At the present time
we dispatch mail via. FitzHugh boat line on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday as formerly fqor all paints on the Lake. Mail for Okeelanta,
South Bay and Bare Beach goes to Ritta and from there distributed
to the three offices named. We receive mail via. the same boat
line on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday froi all offices. Mail for
points north of here comes from Canal Point, Pahokee, Bacom's
Point, Kraemer and Aitta, and Etil for offices south of here only
comes from the other offices. There is no reason why a letter
from Fort Lauderdale mailed, say, Tuesday should not go out to
Ritta on Wednesday. It may not get from Ritta to Okeelanta until
the next day I am not advised on that. The mail truck leaves
this office before 8 each morning, and I am advised that the boat
does not leave Loxahatchee until about 10. The schedule provides
that it shall reach Ritta by 6 P I, and it probably does that..It
would not make much difference how early the mail left this office
unless the boat leaves Loxahatchee at an earlier hour and makes
better time that it does. ."


z: d cr 1C uthr1.:.-

I .A ::3 iiw y';; 0LC: ?.it '1 tInO 7 y % an
cyc-o ;:r;w: it '',.t .

o :o"is. ri iihch you a L b Zh&.r u..r. zr.

,.. .::1 ,.r; : le:h. I : 'vo lo h ':v l, 71,_ t. ,.- r'-.... ,

ao,/, .i&.. .Cl -l.not .on:,,so noh ih a boon "0co2.,.-tL.s t( i. .L "u .-tit..'. ti
yput aor out those "olderF.
o opt Dur a: Ia'1y ,vs'i 3rgc r2p1sonsc. A. --tu -: .. --. -

In t~' iortli, -VtIh i a3 bliz '.rd": "tL;.:_. .n.c,Iu. '-rprloy. :..t" u.",.2 4;: :~o*.LOL,,A..

-L-i *tt :- El k -n *. o ." U.
oo o rop orr utctU -2 :- i'.*.2;i .b i -

-,.dy t_ -. reo-r &.2 ,. .is.. ,t W h1w ;o -" .- ... t .:"i'..oliy" to
*ot 2...t .-y hn oh d.c;.' ,I o:nn Salc t- h,'+.: .i ,.t.t-, -I'y o suit. f?1V.t T: T.2. t

;1G 0 Sch .1t. 1i. G il to1: pl c ; 2' .n O n .:. c .. ..

,gno, :.r t a .. so .:z b r ai.. u e i.C v: ..-07 1..
U )-I.'ON; t ri,-t. .. ,. ou hol- s -;tt it I
twm.. .,-y u. is,
, Int: "irhji~ Au 5=li -";.d-- c^:n 3 u crl^;- ~~ .^ ;i t *..'
j~~~ el ,ir\- 1n \',;? l -~'uiiV; o.*- io t ? ^r^ ;
'/I^ ;* i i jo .;oi-iP yot~lu.': .. i~j-. i- l i.lo v 11 *;- *, 1 ? r ..c .

.' 0 9 i .-- .,
5A1g ,a.-' '*t asb "g:i i,

", ,- ,., --j, ,4-P .'
7.3..~ L .T.,- .L o v. ... : .j ......t t. -- L'-.
S ...-

a .. --: E .. I -. :i --
-, '4." i.LL Ir t 1 z: .:.. ,'.,:*

Y't tL i
Z 'n~7tt';

'C 1 bor;i 0 o. .i.t
er y- i -, s

S:. .fl z' D you.1t I ..t 2. -' .. .
a'-.- -. .-. .-- -1% II w
Ar; ? ? : '.- :Y .,
2r 4^a? *tb?)- ? t 3' ^^ > ^ : ^ W..

*. .-*- Is) --6.-' Ji-.. .x*',r : 7 1-7rr .
-,1U o 'd. .< or. o 1io
.. .. -.-' r a-a. .o, ). .0 ), ,.A o .-
.,,. -" -' i -,. 0 .
"A n" .. ;., ..r
-o ) y .

"t.2 -: 1,)
.2 i ,the .

'. 7j t ,ita 4.e .i b C > ,l *
VO. v.. ly y,- i iE .
V1-l~~rr .xi y7llk

L.'~i.1 .... I-


JPt,L.. ,Fla. 2-7-31.

My dear rothcr SRothl--

Yours of the 3-6. ihro2; dys n.a.-n.
Ad. r o or alk with Jerdiny,Iiere to-dty. c d--
cll be furniVchd ow growers g .tia 1;t BAttles tTo ft1.?tiEa;fzs
IdiCL ofornm,^i ric, of sc.O So '"u'Pu in Lo,.i. t p.'o "i l .
paid* Good,30 far.w

.okuw or Field Cornes-- In al-ke iort lier...ld fo-a 2r..l Palrt o31h P--ost for
2-7,oec -y sory on this. Duri sctlo.tio il,iat "-.fa GRi',Z GP.'OR.oTmnrrfT;
vivs*,a olncp at a HOE E HILRKjrT for a reoat coig stple ..L a gooc gid price,
to bIot. Uead astory;-ndtbo-n seo if it ihoul. L. t b .. t C by o -i.
Council; thlt! i3t7'e tnithod the Post Atvi:.-f CiI. pt i *-; ';F; dirif:ijoe.
With UiRN fr biro-Ad-ucre CarrmigaiOULAnf for the :.l cirrorptas,it
sho1u:l'bo o-ei-a'ibl o ?P our Uppcr Glad-oju copuntiti-y to g;tu ou.t Jf the Wvoots rst.
A fine iri;rk t for etcb'.Cynd'l?.MaTh eCtly u al,.CI!n0ly I.o .OLC'*::. I J.:;-; LI 7wo :i'.g
on thi; early0ry 2 years 'g;o;9a eno. foldoe- irll h.... Bu. i.; flood odi
S ept.fl0 :t. a cri'w in -t and I ddI.o :.:i.i1 out 1:y rolt.... No:,co-iQtio2ny
havy so ilp1)-.r ,tI' t I P..* oncir3'. -' o :r t n t -'m. -rsu t' v rit
-v.-.orn.' .,with Pi tst i:ri t.. ..a

I 2we 1 J(Ad. o-w.rit 3 !' ici3Olh to tlat a cropI ;: -j1' 1.. C.1i.t.Ti t GW ti '3
soctiopsproposl. shu to e0 it. in -. ::l u. .': j.:. n;:. In
hi:-L corrres. iJtI L'rs.: B2ration nou 'he lhit.a as Ac. jC..nv .r t, : I.*l.x-
vuf.tor. ut. we 'wil-. J t v.: toc Tn' crn. gro., ", t :t t. "'..0tL *.'i.:.g
o. .i:'.l,I shouldcbe 1.'i to h.'l pl tlh wiol'i d 'iitl A toet
in corn on thiti offer*. i we put in a sotioni yZai: we -:.. soon ?1 '.
tiicn oth!ir 2 otiovi requi.d bL':!. c : r 1... ...;.,. L I :.'. are *..1
with Vernon Tilton rc-.ent ly,:zsiu'hli w;ur ioh Al ,- aid Ie ..Uit u,
oourln';n:t the? '-i'.~-geC.

In eaddition,1 wanutt- interest thlI ooau,if poa'l:b2.h,to -..2.n no ,i0 t 1 .1
overjtho intcrosti:i,.tt is Tvery h;l'rd. ^oiI it in -l L:i .2.-,,a.l,. n.tJiiL.g
doing. We a-r not i' D.clc Qn. Cr'rr 9.0 -soT ? ('.) 2' oV 7t -. 1'.30*
As to D.sh1 ..n5s:- ..L H:.;y to-dy ar y: h 2.1. n ..I ;,. ...:
to O(kT10.37 TsL--:! ...- J? ho ootlidnot c t'Z o .; u'.? h to 2l2::o .-.:vrv'.. it
baozk;but. he coul'.b.L see t' t. p'ou ;wkdd ifAfl cou dL hont. Al've suf-ilcfcont
3,port'teni o le r .. "i' t .a i y u ,, .-i li r-.:C tl'I h-' ; off v-aa
Clci.::ton or loore Hvon,bet. :, y ;r ". Jo1v- h ,",. .ti .' tro'.'. ,
before. Boats loidd full at iu a Avii o1 au oin 01 i bun. oeilr bsit.o c.:ls
have not. .;i to i :.:-ll ) h t.hy .I ,**; ; .:' -. '.. -: y -
tUrced with Zigll.- Think he would Cb ri-:.t'-r lbrs.
I umy ,ttfc.r of 1-28 tA ooklI, i*rrLt to V, .l:oth" o 1I ) ; I:o
rent,boat fraighteseto out of' it. 4' noS~-.ibl.,b. .tter pay tbot".h f'-t t
that end. XIn rylett,::r of 1-31,whioh iay no;i h;vo r .os.hed you,I n-r~iocd
Itema of d''sheern ses. flo'.t ,' O1.0 Dr.,l'",=l1,45
I appreci:.te yunr gett.L-up- tlec j ir g... o r ioL. f,,-'. r2i-y .ay l.1.. .Iu?-
luess yet. If must go via I.oorcfaven,ploaae sdip Lo John; Lol. Chilia,
Fl'r".l 'arl, oNe York, *:.Y,} y i;g .i r'..'.ht onu oF Irv.- A. 4

_ _I

7. 1,i. (;)

In zi:vi,:2-3,I sturilbed upon the Potnto e:1c.ynt sW cf:icr51 -'

I. it b. T. 0 ". lAree i11 '"i otato 'ohipa I W i nt/ in,
si i 1Lhr ;i ...IPS.. ....nter st o 'l hoT fm ae-- l." to h e A or

vi. .c at -:.a .: d'!i n at 1 t lb. 4"r ho n chipped
quit-e ...D tY .. 1lt4 o r IGr-

t h t otion 3 os .-t I:] t ;s O i. y- Wt: he r o
Yr 'y Inl: thl b:.,l .-

e.. ". :"
s h ye i 3 Ql ba : z. tr.c S li (' 3 l i

I l ."i- ,-' f r o -- .-t1S1 -' Al,1 1 -" C, --l T` nr 3.1r.J. _. p ,' ,
S:.t .. rr .*.. ;.... 1 .c .' T' ( o. tl
Crol L":4..

n z. w let h-o.-. r. j .--I1 o rs .
.- iOc t 1n ~t'i nyT' fr :es nr-r..r tm.2 ~" T.~ ~ut'-tinP t I c o

..-e -;! Prov. ., hih ., .. v_--
(3) b i l "''- .... t c ;," ', h o vo :ii.rot/b ry i.,'11 ,-.S -e t 0o l

"-... ..eT '" ,, .h ; .,1a br, .-', :.0-'-- C1 *** :-1.
t' V 2 1 7 2.. 1 o : o t i '': h.". C n. ::'x o' r1h .;e &e ho Co .
2 .7 ;.c .xB .'. i tT i d '; ': .kl l[ t ;,l] tt 'Z w :ootj -' f '-: .11 ih IS

\oP,*z i j.bor u", %C ... ,r -. tib- cr.' t .t : onri '.-1 i:* v., rold

3t : uL D at -..t'r I- *a 3 r.--- n' -O b'u t o- a .I- "0I ift *,;;d- c-
.-tle t tc,. a o ; ini i *ttt ::'- In i' C % .: c0 W o I i t ) nL i

th i ty t a n ri : '2 IIa T t .. I O ;ii t c S .o- I or r, k o r,-

glo ct accZri .y r >., Vi e; :3 tt2 r o you tc I .1 *'c L
u!;: A4 o is wa o e^ 7nt c' non. i
7) fil 7' .A nu -r- I'm 'qI Ilfl~r-"7 a 1*' '41

tW11iit li tor o 11 t to' "

ou ;eojfle h:rrc' to b'u.i tI h S k t' l 1' : inTT bwt~rltl!c' 1 riti' 1,17 tire- r-;u .flo

gr.;h-u "m7,7 r if' .1 Oil 1ri w4 l o t) w.IInS

v. 10-4w b;'4 ().A: 1J r t ruEji to

u i i p. y: j l m a t7x,,. ..



4 323-324 LAW BUILDIJM
PHONE 23400


Febr'".ajry 8, 1'",:2.

Mir. Tvos. E. Wills,
Okeelanta, Fla.

Dear Sir:

Mr. 'olmes ,Martin, U. S. 7.- vy, w c
is a client of ours, 'as request" us to
write you concerning the property '- e purc'- a--
from you in t-e Fruit Crest district. P
states he bas finished paying for thTe -.,:' *4
urn;-er a contract form, but 1as not receive?
Mis deed. .7on't you kindlp advise us t'e ex-
act situation, -7rd if ce has finished :-:.'ing;
for it we would be very glad to 1aave you make
toe deed out and forward to us for delivery
to him.

Very truly yours,

FTRR & I.I 1 .

BY --

References: Virginia National Bank,l orfolk,Va.
City Bank & T-"..t Co. "
Norfolk Real Estate & Stock Exchange,
Norfolk, Va.



?"!.' 7.1 ll YI2re'2) t"ie o'. TvIrcrfahrrite as go6
.tr it :ccl... '. L '0 2!on423 :r. : fight g':t Ciug tUc oonditioni,

l or :\-..' we .: -.. frT2 ow O e

iv i ,_ >-. ", :;.. : n ci' :' T; iid.f-l,uil ._. ore', .&'.o r o' 1 For .'-.> r ,
S 7. -' oi r I
km J-** .... sho. t- :L 2 _

X'- b-;_. h l 3ig v.ry ici tc -r ro:: you. H1 1:'Or:rr-'n7! It' 76t 1;trtoc
".... .*ti ; o I-. .. .E- 1
i.,yo .---. to T 3: :ible fo !: ..'. 1 in a uc~utr. .. y hic o -

t ry, n y of t' -- : i's r -tv t
ii i.- .7'i1 t io o v, .i"r .v'..- t. .: ..of .. tS;ce o lost y .r,-t XU .. ti
o oC r: t;... c-- -. .. .. 'l.: .. '. ..... ..r. .O.. t' o: 0- 1 't o
-l r .-r^ .i... .," -. i" I i.70.:- 7rA- it tc f r ori(o i n at .ril t ,o .

A lo nQ o u' ;. .-r oen n .i.'r ? 7:r i- t t7;- b .R. *' J'fw* >-i o CooaP s.
c u,. 7 ,i u 1':: 1 l ..- ? ; : -, 1[- 1, o '; -' on-t] 703.0
,.':. a ;" b. .. :,- .0. tuh :'- .".- .M2_ U. 1: '.O1 :o'2J: ,to ..put th"
)th .i ....2 .-..I .' .-' b>-r. it. : : 2r : .. *,. :o. *lr
i(. 1.1 'i 3' r ....tG I...i on a c n a cr ,ntr"i-.' n. b.o-. t.- inJ. .
v- if41: ui-
.d ....S ..7 : -. ,-c'.' L '.I it t- : o''" -c ,. buy '" t -.-iO-T,: ,
o.'. r : l: -- f ;or .-]'..ri.

I ieno- : t TO Wver T' .?n. -t-' fr'e t v -'il: yn b ili:.- 'to
: 7 ">' -ii i ..' ,-'-

S1Ct you ia.. -o' : .- 7 : a.aS: iJs' ... .o fr.; ::; v:,u u -irth, .:l-n u l i
(.. ot :l -o-"o:xi-itiofi, 1 :. ...9. w. -1 3mCi 1,oiuJlid j: : at t;i ohanco
h. COu., U c Cold i-.> .rnu.-ry -. of.or-ptill CY ,,Conttv-rr li -lo
t.Th. t: i.1. h Foro'ic ,u .u:L nora go,'c:1 eve thit., too. l
lioj=in toao yo y onI 2 Oo jj

"oPing to h-ar fror2 you v 0Dy nOona",, I r i


~~~~.~ ~ib*.--~

L, ..'. I .-, -

y 3 r. Jf io s--

,w ..* :i i. : .L r .- .-_,. a" .

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;i. r .:.- i .. .. ." -. -. -'- ''-'. -' : .. ...l o
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< -9s ThQe .0bii iMlot -.:.0'.iT io t f l:"1c... 0 1)t db.:.ty ouu ouL' l-'* L to
1pay our t 3i.- .o'ridin problem Lat tl;* :,.L- .u1owe. fuuu a ~ 'a!,-Ily300
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pay ou1r t =L s ih 'I o3.
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You ikno: of our efforts to got a 4atls. dRa Lo-am Jau, -rg-int.. Myown
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theory ^ic Gu .t-,2..";, :LiE ". za *.?; ^ -: re V dividonI.'dq frin .n-cy rsui-r-ne
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*I, :,- .4 L *J be -r 4,i c -. It .ij- o_ .::. : tr *t? -' ho pr'

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S, ; t' l c;s ;..I I -
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_. : ... s. : -... .' ,. r ,-
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Q: ; :3p ,h i. of .. lt Y g a.. .0 .t r':*2. C '.2L. 7 : :s. fec-:l .
sG-t a. yrwon : :.J t1 KtriiK.'.. T clrncot x 1 -t it


been!~rll Po t or Idi;P l 5. 1,c it.
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becn' alonol or .) 1^i. : c 0.- -10.?

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-etro Do. s ,y.-L .l l..r;j. ..I. .- .: "
,oiflt LoAd : -. ..,.,- ..,_ .,- ., t .. / .
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_cr ..l n. ikc -. ifor l.. youlu:. '" 1. th-o
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Yo.i'0so? bidc 30th. ult. rec" ... -.. 3h3 .lut: '-'orob A.
Acl. '.ca hci'.-''- -i,til-_ "K.cLo.:-,h.. c. u',v" to ,' I c. 1 t [1'0 i% u iow

"ir1 I igi, g t U. d "I~ notii:' zfo.:- r s aion. 0 r: i:'" 'rAi' to.-.'.vy .or one
Wholi n. ,l.oo ., ,tl ,i tt. -.'r.. ,J ,',. 6 -. 0:. .':,* .l Il 3r1.t ", ,r 7 "l
fCe7w so'tion3r ,nor.

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Furt I rm or g o ..., ia1.;i vu ,\ In t o 'n- 'u a:t ,.v.1 ,O :,2 ,, .-: :.r 1.ity to l"ro
-~td~* ,'".i'.: v."o-- ,a '
.m l ..i*s tWLO. etc pr 'o. bi -L 1 71 ',, wk ttr *'*'intx

moton,! hnve JrJST .TIE 'Tl-lHNG. ioih t-.. I I" i_ .o.:' -... .toZ. i ",' close-
in stuff t.: .t will rc IC.ily cv.-lop if',. ;tom-ni-nal. 4-':.T: t...v .1 ,-. T. I
Seater -to 1"e in soL.;- r 3 C~ .oi.;.;aV ,intc.rnTa,. i'i cI1. 1'i.%L-y iL10It.-Ts
ll. it hI.s Tbon ?'7 o' 1u1.n' t-ron th, FJ'trt. But I hi v,. l7Bd:::-.; 7: : ow!
we h:itv reached toe poino t w7lcrto I; .o going c- u'nch liic:r; h1';E?,J lbe ralio :wrA.'o
cey,an:'thec profit? ."o.. .. 'witL nmic- uto wI i',-.', y uit,
bfaLtiZiy, hOuc.'L, meO :'.g p oIlUf It. c- Ici' ,C t .t o 1'.it'y
VFArmnotc. h;v? -i OP.:.:;".' fieol:. at Olt:oolmt:at

I 3vI77 P :iaotioii n a O1r O-iio.;lrimta,. ith Ia gl d lot of CGanal frontagey
p rt rc ftr,1'.Rvr CaOnnl,a,.ud i Lrt ot Dollos Ca;n.:le It iIsnot i.ll colrbiguoust
a-d :It i i -1- 4 SI.Terent sot.ionso Lno. pl:,t w1ill cIv'-- At tle.. V .o:;tLhowoe
your people l--r ll tisint on a i solid'nd at a Toi ... i o'3,Zt .:'htI
.2'.r; this- intuiry. 0" ocnc'I'rn I l-nmoz ':- vast -lre.m,-tI.l -woi ofit lo;.-
priced .a oan be found. Of ouw-ro,lt o t.n -ot cou.i. :ar' in l-.3si'r: :bil7itypor
oosn. st ty pnurpoc3C,-3.'A oh 'hlt I nsiti&n at LiC, :. t.0 Oti. ruin from O0.70 ,-
to $100 aw.1 $ A.O '50 er at' I Thoar iAf 1I.-! o" t e 01: O l'.:t :'.-G1. (01corst
canal anti. Renl scllingU at. rO. 0 per .croaidmzcltuorusv'r.l les fPro? Fiat-.1
m!ent. Ouria vcry low'-pr cl'ol 1.rJho A .tI, un'y ;i. atrild.'1 : Lv 'nt-i;g; a;, c'e con-
S sidcered.L


- .- I ., ,-, .' .

&s'-1lr. ..r sol. t .lr 1. t.;lt I allow an gr fnt 10 7' If la pltr the sR3J 4l
* u. -. 1 h. -1 .-- I...(7 i1llP. 1 -..z. t!LiI 2.Q lYton i. :n1 .-17oar
l.^.f ,.rr., L.A2 A., 2 a. to *;.ll o- s..:. ...a cnto txrt nc. an a ii owt tbu
*-. ,;,>1 EG.,zr, *., .. -.. t.... .o L: 1 ,. .JbiC to c -._ .. ai ":riC.-: : t t'i we '.
-. .. ....' lC .t P .. .. : .t ,,a.t least. in t., "r ': irL .; *A. ) .
'- .. : .. :lT ril -'. -'. -; lp."-." -1, i'.... y 'n -ut c e '11, t ru.n

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... .. ...^^ c r -, ^l ... o.- . .. .0 n ".'- ./ ;. .'lO.. . .
-: -- a -. e -. t .%- -., i.. : n.i"
""" ""J l "" e r. m oi t, n:..-" t I "1 -.- t

J' O.. U h u o 0. :: ..L. K .- ...l. e t (.; .tt:. A .l- ) by :. r;

1 .o ..: ch. -i .c_, o ui:20 :-; a i:; t, i .'.. ~i I; ro. i ,,
,."*U, .i 7,tho,-to .---.I'nc th. ur .otni;. i.o-vy .. u i., ,by ,.

1 .1 .- c -_ m. -.;...- :P- pro po:".. ton, c .
.'Lr T) -L .
Z.'. Vh t o,- ,.olny 5.-j, h
Very :'- l j La~~`'~ri n~yn
t Ii~l ~jiljrL751; ~.r.~~ "1* 0 LIE.

*,.~ .Zi ;~L..; rT;:L::

G. o-.. .. t I 'a r,

Go tle.:: -'

~,\ S. Iff. ," -'-. --

t.' .*. .F ., ,. : .. i
i .. r -". ."

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-~ *. .. -O.

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'7 r' i
1 A' E2S t-. i.. 1' I !.5/.- w .).Ji u.:* C ..x *t ;J *c :.. i -. a 1.'!;, :7' -- -' I.
h.:. goO C.3.%. .. t L; 'o- -7;y' too

- 12 yun oan 5 :'CsL tie : .:- .AC .i c--t, :2 n.e .Kit 12 .
a. 9. 's ; Hall 2 :.* .. c l. lz Y >.

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J. < .. /.T*'. tuo *, d i L.. Lt' d-j- I
;,:*,R:- yo1 b le ifiarit Gi.1 a sir Gra--
pl *-'nty now.

.i ..
~~~~?-.. .?~ -*;. i .t '`" 1.
2)"r -j A'c- ofl ii.~i be. Tr3'~ ;.~r~l~lrb, ~IC

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1.7 I:7 1 1

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:,i *' .'r n ,. -

2- a' 2

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I-^ ?. |- -.
S t-. "- -,.--
'- .....-.I; -f o "' "- "" ; ,

'nl L tti,; .a il-r H
lC ..iC;^-

$1 *
*"" +, ** ^ .


Real Estate and
Room 206, Republic Building

MCiami, Fla.

Feb. 10, 1922

Dr. Thos E. Will

FtLauderdale, Fla

Dear Doctor:-

Answering your letter of the 9th.

I quote you the following sections whiho may suit

your client.

Section 12, township 44, Range 37 at $65.00 per

Section 30, 60.00 "

Section 30 and East -I
and NWj Section 31 n 36 50.00 "

Section 24 and that portion
of Section 23 lying east of
Lauderdale canal township 45, Range 36 50.00 "



These are all on canals and first three on roads as

you know, and trust you will be able to pick one of these to suit

your purchaser. If not will try and find you something else.
Our terms are one forth cash and one .faoth per

year, six per cent, semi-annual interest payments. Sold on con-

tract for deed.

We allow you 15% commission if you handle entire sale

yourself, but in event customer is delivered to us and we have to

make sale or assistin doing so, we protect you for 10%.

I have nothing with which to fill yoursecond order for

10,000 to 20,000 acres sugar land that will compete with a price

of $15.00 unless I should decide to sell the 20,000 acres which




Real Estate and
Room 206, Republic Building

SCiami, Fla.
I bought from the Ft.Lauderdale Chamber Commerce. Would not

care to make any price on it now. You know what it cost me and

if I sold it, would only expect a very reasonable profit, so if

you should be in position to submit me a bona fide offer on it

before I make next payment on the land, will consider it. Please

treat this confidential.
Yoursvery truly,



7 / ---7 -
_______ C LI 4,4,

Z.Z -i -. -- L ___-

S-yc .. -,-l,.-- /--Z Z^^ _. ^ ^_- .. _-, --,- U .

,- / .i "".- -
**- *L y "
^_^^_^^^^. ^-/ <.<-L_^C-x^ ^^/<^ .^:-- f'^^"^

/./. -. -:r-lZUYW =rL -L" 2 ,
<-< ^/ ^^v-Lo< .p-^ oC LZ-^ CL- /i-V^- *'?<--- '* .,~-^Tta~-r c u ^f*-
C- 7'-^'' 6> ->-- > / C-^~?C (<-r 1A .-c--- ^-^--^* .^-^--^

^^-^-.- r^ .-/?L;r <.-y--L, e- IP3"`rr -iL~l
i li~i
<^z~-F p--tP. Z _.
^ ~ ~ LL-(^-^/<^,^ -'^~-- *-C "*^ ^ .--_X^ ^ o

,,...~q .
1' ,*- -* --

r -

e> '--ZpC "-_ .,. -
S-.. .., / ,-



/~ ~ ~ ^-/ ^ ,' z-

I ^^- c --
L/CI f""~" --L~7 -e--C;?
J.iL___^____ -3-__ .^_-___^ ^ ^^^ ^ .---^^^J,. ^

2 /'" / ?^-T ^
,^'---^,^-i-K-^-- -^-r-^^ -x^<--^ .:^-t--V.. t.. *fU

.L c / -'R 9~~~~T- lt

J-Z' -^~ Y ~ L~C-

I ,

." "" :. r: "
.../ u ;i .L... t ,t. .. ,t ..ei .,t vi.9y o .- "?-'' ,Ot "h ,---

-* .: -..: 7.' y z .,: .' a ,c ..,i ). ,a a. t r. a g

. ... :'' U' ? .: t t: i e t. L Oi7.C : onr..* L .; r r t w 7:u 'rI:
.. lk.

L-.- .:i';5e'..... :.:. i*t -:/:A;L y 8; n :: i t" : l, 7:: : .4
S ..'-- =': '. ,-2-

S 4 .' .- J- Y : t -. I rA. ,a : : .z ".: : 1 1 Lf B '

Vnt o y -. ;7.-'f,"urr
X. x 'Pock! 4r

A i *..L'- 1 ;i iL :r L. il .2 C3 0 i 1
'I1 -..i*.* re (..i3 j... r. s-
J.&~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 ..Dtt. -4.ap.. -

V .IS (2)

rPS. nahi is L.C:.!t I .I*..^ .-T^I to i Pfjo rco-.t
letter IL 3 it ..y b r. ii r:

no ? f.:' :: to : ,0 3 : fi

Mapl- src h .-.6 he:.1.J.

I 1 7p ., J. ....-. .- *;o "-o ". ,h :- .:- -i.- A
lnow,'bl! :c. t t: z. t.* : 3a: r-: ..
It 3C'=LL no At .j loc.: so :,- .

Suppose 7.2 omLit-Tt our x;ht.c V. 0.. sectir.-
in cora.l
U .'
~ *


I -

- P

0 -j:: 0 "1 no
.. .o' a.. 10 1 "I n .

iy i.?" ." -
I*. 1

*" I ... ,, ;.

n "? --t I- '-s '"

T have -ii :,:; i..t- ou r'C -,2 V prorao ltion no-u f'or nono.
U "* ,% S.. -,t .' .. .-' to a yTa '.. 'o-t con c ic:r."-cu .

aoid:;lly yorurr ,

- 4

' -. .

r .. *

S.. ... V A '? .
... ,,I. '
'*."-. ... ---.v. ., "'"- V .- : ,*L ".

S .- -. .. n o r .V
p.--. 'i { ri--^ .
I- ;\ ; -. .. .- -

t. .-'- V..~ -A o. 2-3 .. .. .
OI1Sjt~lbro 2 -?,rl;IQP "' i

''"" : '- '.* .- J' ";' .... V' .' '" .:*.-.. -. -
2. u..V' .. J L. -
I "-' "" : s ..- ." .. ; .. V
V'--'L: -;, -, .'. ; 1 Ij''.. 7 .(' jJ 'V'.t I. .: '-'-.. ..r-

-,V :. -, p .. "- -

] -. :, L '- .. n'. 'o "7 r" O ". .
' .. Us. L d .1 o, -.-- -. L -

] i,2-4A3 .-.V .. ...j ,'"
.. C u -. *'i r '.. .. A.
S... .. .. .

.-" .* I ... wo I.dv yj T ...
resiilj.-..f;Goti. hi r : ,'Ji' :' '-1' ,. .,7, *
2rn-la J;,1rtIf you -t -^ 0 1 n u,. 1 I Y o tut
e 1 1 1 : n'o

caru.ittl a r ou U -;*t Vu' c Gi l.o:.;* -
FOLS1I.C~~~C'+"-rB*F.. nL

... ." *. ".. .V
'. .y yo: .rtl --

i.'. Pa i'o^te 0o0 .3G.o:tao 1

'rely yoinro, 1

9- r



J.r. L. (2)

0'~ o~r'~z ~'

* ;'i i}


'' 1

o..:i yor 20,0e 0 ;)a, :. ....:7 ","..llltoll o io;, noa, It
*..'ill wiote Ion nagt; '**'* *- r 90 ^"'o'0.core

* .-~

-~ 1 .* ~

-, L.: "

.. .: .. I d, t .. !- ..':. ;.. ,.L. ... 1 .. .
k LL .- '. t j ."'. v. -.
u L U .. out a .4. .-

i1 *- ..)" ." .
oi'l :. L r i ,-:' r.u' k- 'L ( i,. i;

... L ... / a ,
... v 0 .. :. -. .
L -. 0. "S
.. .. s to e '. ..

..r. ; ., D o. ._* C o .... .. ;,, 3. .. a

.OLI:C- f'ok' (] ) .r.::: ucZ )iu I".2 LR.. ..
S i .- u 0 .:c A.N ..' ~I, C:.* : i 0 /.

- 0". ." o .. .,,;u.. t ... .. ". .* se *. :" c. o t -'' v "-"
lo iu'- fo auob loc- tion-- :,0,' p. :,

"i am' R in "oZ1. I -d.;i u on C) nd. ,.
re" .i ~~~ ~~. v 13 ",, .; -' .. ,. ...C
." -"-, '-.' ,: .. :.. :
loi" : ',' '.i-fo I~i0 ~l.. +iLl ,- O [i",Ot.. t:X ',h ,.- .
... o o '. ;'; .'
p ., E, .;gIo % -, .. ,: -,- ,,,T, '. ,o- .o -,-


r )


/'""*.i3i, :*, oe ,of ;-w 0 _o, ,1 a,./ ... "." ... u,^ .. ,:'..;, -co. :'; ,lL.i.s t h
-r,'-. .A no,;-...9 ;' --'- 0t U-1. hut ;iv : ,.;t f l-

. ~ ..; .n.. s.o.e -i-f *- ."i:.,j z. u ;, U .. r ;'' -r .
..: -- 0 1 t* ,l "- -:: -"' .' '

uoct. v I- .o r .ih : Lt oi. o .tro 0 s *.- o* t ,
'-- -- .. .. .1 o vot ,The b-- ?1,*. 1 r *. .'... t.. .. .. ... L. ?o
4. .
. s o .,; ". *. '

*. i c... ",.

-- -/. up K. .- p '* .'. AI' i j. L- : J IS..
..:.* i. yi y d.'l Tt" "-" j .". i h f..' ,".,ci'7. '.t t* T r T. "
.. : ..... : + .t + i + .+ d J e "+ .-- + +- ..'G ", .. + -' j ... .:+. e

' ; =- +, u- ,"'- ,i 1)' L'U


A. Z,
* .1.g"'

/ .' V ,i t

* .--
* .- --

; ,* ;S s '' '-.. o .. '

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t.fli 0: .t..a jA.2yn R. .tl ? fl' *.p'mL I:& :o;: ;. .r: '-o '..s a' t' f:- i*.-40
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th.C.i;-at. r 1 Coot:,m:.i u it & roL .t .,s natar y lOu'fd.l7 co u-. In
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sif! oroi ?,n rs o oQ rt oit L oi rci I T2l y irG ro.j1= Ioti 2 '1 i'-, c v '

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grf thic -to.G::rightj'biu If fri'y ofory upsg thl are ^y *o:t OLk ^ohc -
will, be d.o. d o:o- I bo-l Bt.c .. "'L ; .l S .fln't 1.r:t thic.h-fl. It
will otfu Uf! y.'r-" .o.>. '- y," it. iti it :.'op-^ ol~ t -.-
ConuLy Ro:d li.ns-, or it'.:''r ,r1tl you x :nt it- t?-'rn. Or1lt. ulsri'ru
the lathergaptnt wi will 'pJ' :.'::t' t"-riglTh pleo .l'1741 lt.-?'1 '7' ".rt
it go iLtc tt- rong- pl..o bIy it. w .ra; o' ot.i... :z"'. 1 Ront let
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iriosu t;haO, J,'A 'rint'i-'t C uift7'f to "'t tQ .''o :A o t"-. S q.11"r: o2 i4.SM.
Sbut I got no !in', oeftlhittn ki.3j oftia.. 2in i7:tson o n2 t '3.1 yoi xu- fL ti r'-l
r3tbtivo adoulbtosr isaui.nt'urc mwrdrly so nia U~ i*.n t L id il 2-1 t:hot onEoh prrooorJinms.
2^ inio t,;io jyn:'r :.. irt;.orotf. Aag!lnao ro--xl ban h boon gr u'titci the 8,1to
of 27-;1u-bt' t. Tr ,] xidr u-o nbuilt,'nrw1IO IiGHT BIE (X.*T3 AG I7'NT OF rrI.. ,.
-_~ Oot~aor i..l:ly yo a w ..


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.c,. ~- ~ ..i~
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-i .,:-i : i`


I" -:';;B i: -
I; ~-s,
(1 .,I


ii. -- ,

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" FF-


00I4_ 9 2 2.

Athe i hat we own on this canal are
W a: letr the 4W11

S sections 2 Afga. in TownshiV:, Range 38, or sections 14 or
tSe s..m -not advise me how much
commission i i drie4ir 9&n a sale, if made, I can mention .."""
Sto you ~4 9gW either o, these sections as being $25.00 '
"n per aere If the s a 5% oommission or a 10% commission, it -
is to be'- net price. Our terms are on the basis
of one-third oaah, iBface one, two and three years, 7o interest,
1: i n6t believe we would be interested in submitting
Sw:.. Wholesale tract of muo or sugar cane land to compete with
S eay $15.00 price. We have good muck and sugar c e land, but
we will not offer it at any price like this we have plenty
of land that we would be glad to sell in Palm Beach County at much
,. less than this figure.
OL .....~

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ p

February 15th, 1922,

not like to submit anything to anybody

iow price.

,i4ar from you ar your convenience.

PrUL'y ,




y^ ^zi.

VV *"*-

;.PIj 0 /rv


I-" I h nvon aoe psopio with aspio capital to do WtbxgsB and adSc qt thnc
cr.; to Pala BosAL ountYupon Yg reontmaMtsion. If yea ogn sastary
the... o sll thn a sool , t ',IWuijflate to .ltnage f rontiAg o the North 3N7 fyrt Osnal, a
Qress Cai tl, ama the a COseiSn.tate lifgTay.
" 'dler11 idoi.t i -to put Smiiunoktry on aal put the lial in cultivationm
ati sell it 1 .409 a-%A 1480'8 In abon. tareoo yearn tino,mnd than repeat
tii3 operations
ol Sie aMiii eA,. oJthe priLos ad locationsagnl~ terra to be habnl I
1S.l .giv; thm c letter to yt ,unless I Oam OcBrw with thOm a v
a... not frrfget the cons.4.aasmaflm .

at osry Pw rp U Ialetter dolzyoed in transit

1 ha0ve so=m ptaedrt oB are in a way inttieroaoted ii a WIBolosale
Str at of moo4 olk m, sagir Cne mU Thcy hare been offered soein good
land it $.Ou per. ac re .00 per icre cuat4 btalano on 11 ye aro timSae.
Can you ofter anything a f better price This landiasnorth west of 9l s
Oieeohoboee; o.LL nod to be all mue. These prteinare InteroteAd int frra
10,000 to 20O000 tCres. xt you have authiar, to off orlet m kBnow.
Thelo'er thce pritocthe beafttme

I -

a a *--- I

~:_ __

* EDWIN J. HESS, President

.-1 N Ft-4 x.,
im Am vi'~/~*" a~ &J


F~ I ~

O--M-4U CK-- -IPF--N ID S



-,*-" -
Ll+ + ; -;

'1/ -*'/

'7/ lf


.. ..../.. -.
/ 7



4' *''

-f ;6/
Pbp~I f.'


-2i- / .'! ,' c

1 f.

AtL6P' /-


~/*' .


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3 L/


S/_0 / /


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iD ,L'

f p
, -. /
-i -" /
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(~_7b( **'i

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.. ,y / -.

S.. (> /

/ 5'.

1/ *./
S '.




r '5

:?e J ~E-i.p5. J2-
~ ~ -t~i


'I, __~




4 -.

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L /


- -7
,*. .


44 -'/1..'





-J5', *

* /1

*5.j S i

5' .4 *



* /-*-.~7
* '-/. '



r~ iJ

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer



II. C. HESS, Fice-PrSgdat





i r
i tr



------ -~--



ns 7


-.- w -,-

I ~


1. r.

V t1~ r

-. .1/1 / /i,.

Ir 7 9 .

I -


. *2



/ Vii

- /

/ r

-'- 9 I

1/ j


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/ I,1
44 4 'IV

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/3 ,

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1/-. /,i .""r /

(*, I.

/ ah

4' / "

. .

'I I/ (~ -:i .i

.4, I -
/, 4 i

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I .


4' A.






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4 x


-I .


P~; ~

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1/' "//






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I -,..
*;I ,d
. I

L /C-


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,i. :'



-7 ;r




Z"t i r

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*/. /.

t 'I'


.CP 1;1


B L t d .'6..-2 :oUl'r., --'.2uder % i* ?-100 '. .
S .: 9 .0 l,

L. re'r ,i-. E....

--- -, -- : o *.i h u i
6 --- '.- .
-. .n .'UL*** 7 V;. *- ':-. L34",-jL44b IL:,:,? -Yoi on
&> 3 C'd1zQ 7 .ot.rd ten .i .c.'I --:-- 1t t...-.-, c o

Ver:, trW~ly,


'r. D. .Conkling,D toir

W .lam BeachWl-i.

My deax r.O.ConJling--
.. clo..d. f.i .. c.. 'py COr.'W... ..v.,. o.. ,, rrric?.'.,'. aro:!
I-- ... IGN.TIo''.. Nol p f-oct Asldv us.ed to -t..., Ot c. .','.1.:. ',..,.. o,.x,",
No.2,7 Develo,-er A)dv. t
No.3,9 N-- 7 coy-y, Oecl: P cnt-.,Flori'-. pt. f .. n P-. ., etc,"
accomp-.:uicd by out used with No.1.
IIl--IiSRUCTIO'bs--- In3or .3 5 iW, Post as pc -.c s -. '.o--lo 'bl-.
Nest week-- itn. No.: !.9v, 1.-pr;
S" -o 0 t i,')3' tt: -,: 1 : 1:.- 0ra.""
tiiesiusing out in olih ppoer. -
K Pr eser7ve dv v. No c.yrt.puSy-ar- .''. us..
SKill A lT.No.2.
V.-ry tmlZK /.,"' ,u':;1

(., g.

.. .

* r? ??,
p: *.
: f i : ; ; J ..*3 2

.: ; .-', -LI

r~~ -I ~-
th'l-r^T' ;'" '.~ ."^ ';.3^ <... -; p '-z .o -

-- *-- TA

.' '. -" "' .- .' [ .
S.' .' .* iI ;; .'!* T -1 '''" '; *f

* I -: S


1 1- .

A 4,, .4.* -- '- 1,*-. .- -. .., .7 .
"-r~~ ~ ~ s, -'.~~~'I"C "aF~

1 2 .. .**- -. .* -*-

,. ..
S- -"'1 / *; 01 ; t t "i ';'` I ?l s
.. .. *** 0 -? '' 5 *^ ^ ^ o i" *' i.-

..' ... n '' "'i 'u -" o s 3?

Tn I,.
*r1* -

46 j. is
fl "' o '* "* r : -' l c rk y -. ." -

-'. t o- :* t :; -- .. .. ,-- _.i z .. '.

S? .. ... --- ,. -

.1 G;^ZcT u> :--1' vi^ ; .!ivji.

I L1 -


i,\ ~
;, i.7iI
? '.i: ~lit~

II I I r

F ..,.... ..*.. .'l. -'.... .'oi 0: 1 .
T ...: .1 .. .^ ;". : I: .....l --- .
l.t -a I 1 I 1

I v
.f *:L f ; : """- .2 -i-.

.i z' .;,.l 1l an1 1s, At- .:ati i 1 t*!. -* --'.:elo : rt *r^ : .\' .:-i I ,.

H o ^ '.. .1 ,..i ;-:-2 t.* i : :.'uL ;l.. *iid ^-::^: !. .f.'. T.' '.-..
ec1:- :Z. on ::r it-:-0 I V.- JQ it Tanh l av2liYL as m O:<
..c.cjc s i -1.--'ti.Li.3w.

II .. ._ ... .; .. .. .- .,p. r n .. .t v
..:. 1- r ,: 'i- I -t .- i- V -: J -..

Ye'ry +.tpal7 ..r ..,r '


I I ~-


Whengin the course of human eventsit becomesnecessary for one people
to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with'another,
and to assume among the powers ofthe earth that separete and wq*l equal
station to which the laws ofnature and of nature's God entitle them
a decent respect for the opinionsofmaikind demadsthAtthey shall make
known thereasonathat impel them to the separation*


% G .tr '"

4. .. .. 4

I I _

i~WrF.I u.. .-

Fgr?..- P~C"- ~ -0

/5 .J -
-4- ~ ..Ij

*; :.J. i0

/ 7

*, ? "

Z ~

'* !'

Real Estate and
Room 206, Republic Building

Miami, Fla. Feb 19, 1922

Dr. Thos. E. Will,

Ft.Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Doctor

Answering your letter of the llth which I just

received on my return today.

As to price on the 20,000 acres. I did not want to

quote a price onthis tract and will leave the price to you but

want you to treat the matter confidentially. You know that I

paid .8.00 for the land and adding interest and taxes since the

land costs me today about $9.00. You can sell it for whatever

you :an get over and above .z9.00 per acre, you to take half of

the overgge for your commission and I to take the other half for

my profit, ie, if you sell at 'I12.00 per acre your commission

would be .'1.50 per acre and my pro it would be '1.50 per acre.

Do you care to try to handle it on this basis and do you think

you can do so. Please let me hear from you. Please treat this

Sincerely yours'.

C -c


-, p-ft- y
&7 --.L-e- <. .7K28. -

4r/7* -^&/ Z _^

s- ^'-^zr.^r' *'Ty ^^ ^

i_-C^~ -}--'2 .l~ -I/ /~cV"E

A r-C ./ _~r~Y T^./

y, *'' 7 'C~LK ;/ y '~v~
Ze~-,t--- ./'&*'-- >"' -^y I<' -^ A < ^ *-"- i'^.^c

^y /
/ l -y^ -r/

e ^ z-

^ f4 ^^^^-'^^./

~; ~P~/Pj~l~nP ~a-,r? F~i--c~Ca-,(~

~h~)y .(.^ Z
^^ ,-.J/ Lcu LjL^r
.k 2

4< V ^

y^_ "-^ 7i_ ~ ^3
^- ^-~---- <-- t-^-^-.- -%I----_",^ *_^? ^ ^

/^ k" '* /^-

/7r a^ /^^-

4e~ 'l"^^~U <^ /^ /^^ ^L^)^^J ^^J

^_xc-//zv- //?L-^/ ,--;I/,~ LC Y_

19 --- /d- C

y ^/- ^/~-C~~JCw
^^^r'-^v Z?-^-c Q^--<^'* ^%<". ^/f-^, o-^^^P~I2~3
y' /^

A~--- x44--~- 41ALL
_^ A/ X &C /yf^ '<^t \^ c^ ^ ...

/S^ < ^^<-/z^{^)t /tctzc /
^^ ^^/ ^<^--<- ^---^ // /^-<^ <^^ <^~&. /^ 5^%^
/~x ^ ^&4//'^

A' 'd< A TI -)1)-))i74 A-Y') '5)tc) ct )z)A)- j
A -6 Z ^ Ae
^ /^<^-

~/ ~--W ,~- 7e~JP C


x~A6r4 ~LhJ~~ _~'L
_~ "~- ~2-~ey~C/eL

*~';/ u~~~v ~aFK~:/~z~ ZZLip t 4
~TU~~-~~~ L~t~C~L~C~ ~j~2~~~4~~L-
I ______ IU 1 )

/2? (r~~-cZ-~e/- wzt~
i~~~~~ A?-~~~~s~~~~C ~~~j 7~~ ak-



S*, / /
*. .-..2 ^


r., ,* -
Ccll rC Ar

I I .. ^ : ,--v-- .t-t-
t ...- .-<-- V .
If /
-'. .. .

t._ '> -- -
..o ,,4 .._ _
I' A< +" .l. / /'^
- _/ .- ..^ .M -._ ^ ^ < <-
^f- ^^ s L L^

1 --^ --* *^ -Cn

I t '; ". r .' C'" ^. "k
i I i~.- l

t 9

S' '

-,,: L II -; -

~~CPf- ~-.--

-I /cy

-- 9
%- qvzoo,

/tt-l~t 3




S-C ) -

.7 --
/' /.C.



4~:-4' J Ui
~~Ar J?_'


I i f
*. *-


uc r



km-- --

,9& %



.".- -i-.. .

3~:~;o?7~I~ ~ I

&l e a

: .a *yi f oryig r leter
. ^ti Z3OAv Glad ygnare so well pl. edacs dM
|:~ p NQao rery rl anaontlsae tight along
EE^'' .&a 'Brpae nadfa4 *regret to methiat rno


Ean 2Say of iapt uah-enttlfs ard. at tffle It Iant axy )a)nMto in ts a
Wpreo mrodthea that;at least* They
piqt *ie hrat t be thepret o m esPe
-a bIasmn snE pI night have gotten
Wl. &a1t&4lOd out. in time to save the
uarfb I went to Mads tVie
Sdayand Sttd iti It was the first
o Badt. atsinae ept.

*ho 'an"o "ard i're so low in f ts tLat
*vy will not pay for t. e iOeis.cittfg*
-,, ,now a. ieo .e 'Ie e ES, E .
iMuall hts ie e *satiq'ger
S' 1

ktp .. h, 'pso ayr. a f S spenaing manh
2m MkBe n i Post aird Dlmeloper* Set
lB a mi awi*r as e sweti.n4qppeat
-a. .r1 to respcd better*
I Ma e as dain as %he Sagiiz*
d we hawegstten the flidtges in
lm Uoa e Written sa ef ki Ald
| are Atw wweeer tseld aii wkee4i -ta
i ttjn re p ar r .0.09 oxt to
We are entitled to that rOidge,
1.41M*ft apprWaeSatc yiw good will anM re2Caie

isRfts to


y res


,. 3


tMFr'-~5 rW

B, D. Cole
D. H. Conkling
1st V-Pres.
V. Oaksmith
2nd V-Pres.
Geo. F. Bensel
H. E. Robinson




Geo. F. Bensel
J. M. Burguieres
J. P. Cresswell
B. D. Cole
D. H. Conkling
W. H. DaCamara
E. B. Donnell
D. F. Dunkle
W. E. Frost
H. G. Geer
Frank Hirsch
S. T. Lainhart
J. B. McDonald
V. Oaksmith
J. E. Wideman

Ieb. 21st 1922.

ir. Thos. E. ill,
Sort Lauderdale, J'la.

Dear Sir:

I read with very much interest
your letter in regard to the raising of corn
and the construction of an elevator in the
Everglades, and I shall see that this matter is
brought up at the next meeting of the Directors
and will then write you exactly what can be done
in regard to the situation.

,N4th best personal regards, I remain,

ery sincerely yos,

Very sincerely yours,



4(e.-- a F~~I

L~Cr~L/t~- ~ as

6 ,a Wc

~ ~
~ljl/*7X~/~(. CRP~2I~~ -4 A4w~ ~F-ci;~, 'nc

-;~1 6-'-nr

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In/ L/GYY.C3C ~~tC ~C ci~L-z?~-~i- tx-"?
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to lza oi. fT a-ny o" th.-i -o r : ll:. o 1 '.: ,...-.; .,r ?-t *! o
l ust. -ill -11-! ?: : 3.10h .1 'id -:r "
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My dear imn Sc
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I \s v.r-y g- t- y-s nd
interest tin the L h Irol;.oa -ui 01 eeol.ntl. I a!.W '*Cct'. loyalt. to
yo"' pitronts. -iht boo pol r a good ch'otprn h -o u "cs. -i.3-.. it
tor their desire to haIve you rcrr.iln,i should urE yo-i to onI- b):ok.
at'U 3 I hop.O the: rod '.T '.y u.j'i .10. you .o *.: :.o, ::O .. *
-c ,. r -.
IrrovmEt are cona ilto Cot' o.. ,- t i ?. '
botclophpindMtg to WT.P- m BeOJ h fro: -eol:a?.;-t.. -L- e ~ : o"' n:. od to
Bolle Glade Poles set at. Pcool.-:tae Ditc.or cut R id. 'oz.*
Oanal,anrt. 3 aia* north* Trains r iuni-ng to Clodvistone. ':2ly i.dl1' :tt. OOc-
laiuta. Brlg s or cred to go pvos -ill t.' c-, 1.; .,hC1' ro-'; i: to rmU2
money for our'fuP;ai the new ro ;a to Bello Gl2.Le, i:. w:O' t.o t' 30i noon*
aro he-o n betWeo PBenon i na y.'- '- ort-,' '. ? r., '.-? ._'o:'7,lr GCo*
vot,.- yeste-rdlay $1100,000 bodao to. build iro .d..~,:n olu .n on. uip td~n o:nrl to
our Go. Andmot'tur good things* 0ar Gl-.rLc- c'uC-:t'?y '01. 'nl: I :f m:'- J .* .t
eat. regionoAn the1 worltin timo.

2.y job is to get pooplo in ino1\. jIW.O writci d- lo ;t o' boof.1Ttn1,:"
put put a lot of advortialnsaavxindld ovory &EV; ( 2n ct : Ao':: '; o.Tlnta tots.
I nrer. ha.d snohb a tdLane L-i i-r life bfaor-' to Pgb hold o a"- ;ln-iy aU t is
past year* Our Pld.LO year of 13:L 3a o;'il A tu ti rou :..i' tis;'-r" h iha7.'
Doino 1873g but tidayear haw beon lird.lic on no t1 i? 184 wv is.. uit for
Lwreneo, don't finor hoi we would have k~pt'up ;-t L Pecoprl, 7i;:, Lu'. .
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problems Te Wgo anl~3 seem to i'aveBlocL.-. io:.;t ow.t.; uTio,"'Zll'J.Zi:l.,O "cT -
'ark for t?;Air fl; esorth saolvno a.iti: oojiy .Y : bon .1 i-.. fl?:t on it
book, almost.

It rv7'.tildbo simple to sod you t-e m ,ortg '. to th: lot 5S. It voutld fuAll
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ton sold 2a 1918i09- 4 years 'go,-itl jo Suoh ir pror n3tf ^s 1n no;,rdo with. no
effort on my part.- than they sell nor rTith all our trzprovewcnnta,,alno rut1lng
t o nPl; "sle0sbaEr.i gost people in. If you,'l
Sog Cordially yours,




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t C"

Los Angeles,Calif.
February 22,1922.

Dear Professor Will:

I am writing you again to see if you cannot do something
in a financial way,in the matter of the note and mortgage I
hold against you.

My bank wrote you several times recently and relieved no
reply,so I am anxious to learn if anything has happenedto you.

I dislike very much to bring up the matter of the note
and mortgage again but am compelled to do so,first by the ne-
cessity of wanting moneyto remodel my hame,an undertaking I
have been delaying for three years,now it has to be done,
second by The Banking Trust Company of Kansas City,Kansas.
closing it's doors rece-inIy.'r.Hoffman was a stockholder in
that ins tTfution and the company was trustee and guarantor
for stocks,bonds,and properties owned by all
is lost and there is not a chance to realize a cent on any-
thing ,

I am now trying to realize on other things such as your
mortgage and I have faith in you in trJigjto dossomething
toward it.

Would like to have you start making payments on the note
or if you cannot do that give me a new-note and mortgage cover-
ing principle and interest to date or a Ugd-to the-land then
I might be ableto turn.either of these over for cash,but as I
stand now it is difficult to do anything with it.

Advise me as soon as possible as to what you can do and
I will send you the papers covering the transaction.

.- Have been unable to visit your daughters in San Diego or
Riverside because my mother is not very strong and I do not
like to leave her or take her on long trips,and also because
I am letting my home out to roomers so have to stay home very
much and cannot get as far as Riverside,howerer ,I am looking
forward to going down to Riverside this summer.

Am hoping that you and family are enjoying your full
share of health and prosperity.

121 East Avenue 49.
Los Angeles,Calif. i ,i- -.d'< M^
i ."

I ( _


rs .*a1G ,f12-rs2-S2.

74y dear.''r*3, Ballitgora--

.. .. If)tYou..r o t o ,Slate.

YvaI o'bttn&- n t:c lot di~r:o-trro:. *o:i
J.fal.wWat, r 1"Z r;-'3T a:y iaciOU?.-u.: on
-^ it. h9aGh a.'t djidl zuJ liow.

An abat.aat cm 'e o'&t.i.netror ttc rq.
A' lpst.t, C(o.,l.Paln}? Bach,.0 if rsu:-il o:.yur.;
,i Q5. -,>., L mocre' ordir roi- -am .n icul. Lris:;
S'1lI ~, : $_ e.f. DcCti GS'oul'.- ..cconp'..2 ,u.n.'Z' _3s
your dcid. il- roloordrd in ';U.2.l-U ce:.cho

If 'I ha bAjOpn no -- y-I w4ul Cb in W.W.! -j
A.erds.vQ I sliouic I.3 w .ben bc 1 zd to h; :lp j
Sy0;pa ur -yr ;.

f ae --.-
A '

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1613~ Gram]~. Av~D,.

s3t4-ini; tlnrit.'; tourist riodxlo- :-0. 7 %.1 X-
I li"d 71 I -i : 1:. JU-I *7J 7L' CoX "U ';:.
I hrrr mdo rot. flixYl f2o tiac*

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SCr s :..Aj. q c-f -.. 'i. .11 -I -7,
tSh .1' 2-._ 1 ,;. U. ro.:a. St.' z. .r A..:..- ". ;" 1.y _'. ,uoI 1 J
at msuch *i as uot o s'o: I : *is -so. -. ..' :. T` p *
tinjIg a Zr.l.Tlc tal Orly 1 / ro 1 "' I -.nt ElU
cronz 02-IllIh'-.lf ofSit on- t:'. orh :i, D2'O. ,1 n.-ue a3:.1'-
tiru i.rd / ic- .>MI J:,i 'i^ o- '* -. 'eoT ..n 4tT7'
roulG cuttingtru Itto' u i :L. .ouat

hoen 2tr :iUR3IOa I hAli t. :1 in3or:d.i zh
half-w *y b.L* "*Go. I t *:. i. : .r. -', ou"t
r--ico I fo ml'D fo;.1 1'uax ; l ,i t -m'. ',U~
of' t:.o 'buye'r', oo, ,. : ....:-/- r.:.

: o -a r l ..i .
:.Fj'JO'N.- I ,, "'? -

n'. t!1 tu-i S -1 r o sy. /4 '.:- h,'"./4 u- -- '

eo,, ;- .-, l-:ri.y t : .;, 1- J. ",.s .." :' .'.. I. x, U, '..'th in-
a z -., t.., t-.C righ llooti.l -o 't i ti t ri- '. j.
hy the ;'.y, h 2v* a.: old. ai 'riL.ti li .Le'.U yCL c(':VUit to fo.* 0 :.'ail. CG-^
oG :iit ,vi. 1t2 d. fl%3 it d7 Y .yt 1 > ;: 0 r* r.' *11 ".'.1o'm c u': t ,
tbnauTg iraotty fully. -hoy c 2 *i..'- y !,., ,,t '... 2 i, touu I _'r 2'.: l- v. ..
corroot :idLa of oUatLtiondui L'rvhs :vblit. y A,-t t .,:- 7;r oi..tyn.aL3 t r.r ,t
:I w:ish you *vuk c 1 o.n td!ae -Thry *.'.r*f ,il. -s-ri:. n.:". r4.Q l -:ay:
Uonts C10L 's 7i JZr .:.-.I'a'tt.:3.orinw Jo2i ,'r-it T rr auro
thiyS will Bcj glaid to ooe you, olrp31. n .l ye. 13.1-;1 thi you1 iot riY to in-.
ao3t goodtlpopli 'iti n tS.rpl oC.' to oo t122SiL*. .Iilz Onool nfLt*
'hot.' 1Ho3la nho: 2 lai. 3000. g 'tS 1r f 1i:,o t ,0t0 f71 V.: t*ti am ii rit "Nvi

i Mi aaa0two1frol I i'r *12 n J.: ."o.r.;1.v tir'as3. onV.1i Qzxy Qop


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r. 2.O.Io3'ris,
Ecjnia-. Dityako.

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130.7.00 L:ocun t -t.

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gl''-,t.ioS .
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yo a '2e':l_, ij".e.t tt 1l-A. Couw.ty :2 r. o: l >4;.- tL:: [i )Po
nit!' c.aritals-il.t-he 1?111 t- 2 v .:lor.s': 3rt'i -,.;oel4* '2. oluty 1: at

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I-l- P, r

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. t -". v y ? 2 .-. o C --h._ -- r.i.-r; -' ?...: n ,: :; ... .t r tw o 3 6 '
, ti m .- i S .

oon. ,n act-'..- ti -. U .ioi !.-tL-- ;.A.- i'i. L i.g L.n

Getting th. .ja o oo ,.o wh'.u -'j-,,, *...-,-Jy t or t, t i opt o:o 1.. h-I ir
t'" 1' w t- 1 1 to'u ". ? C" t .t e
d':mi2 j- ml: rul :Z :QLo2 o:r". a1? :.:c.t n77'7 o? yW', 21r X wo c.y
NoSrt, thavito 3oW2:t iro0 '<2th t0l WilL..i roru Jr; ,c -. ,;.t W -Vn

.e arca looking .oi tiho t>..v' rg lo:r Fl.vlcrytr-; foru t iho '.gaT:i.ey Buitrslon
airsil. will'Lg to eto tk' 'o.:- t!d&ig'-in,1..t rzqt tlr- lit2l.L Lrc iaocyz
fftoc a reu a; of u- h'ive d5'thn H A RD ]things- the thing th,-t would
havobeen deemed iMposaibleh:.-. we known ti oh: ,.oi tr biEoro t,-olig1
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,,,w t outi y :-i o.r n:--o1 t" ." a- -, .
Ii', ou .t *.t.:. *." I lO .. ...' .. .." "!" ,0, -.' atr w. 1 ^ 'cr ir, t t o
.he1 T .j*iH L lr. .AV .~. *
X 'oMt t -s n rrh t.t.k l-- 1.1,011 on (1 .''-"a ^

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'. ^ .on i ae".. : E1-o Ad. n U ...Ui o -,.v l ou : '. l : i .l t ..lo ,
i c "s t. ? OtIr i t to 2,'-l 1: 'i o ....
V L o o J -a 7- s'r-1,) 1_-M t:
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to t--. a *.JLL to 0)1 1 ono (r ..,* ':X yhci' I : ; :'lrE n.IT : c aT: *'*s', *.icem 4

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S.' Li i.X y'$\VT "Trt mi re yoir declto ,.
X.liding J7 i? Firustnraes ,Fl4. ou i' j.-3 ft 1 IAu- C1:-u th. orf our Oontrngt
.R -. P .. ort th-, t.. -' "'.. -V ".. -, : buy- t* '. 1, ,' i t-h. o i r *
Seootiot h- as lo : e- y, .. W 2

lou Lo th ;.t L! ..: io. 'on T o' yet been'-V. it-o 0 h'..o F i'd ;

'0 .1- ":' "- c,t 4 -' -m IF *ve bao "- "- "
f : 0 A_.C'O2 it.i': _Lo. 1 >o :' &iTI to V
no, ,d',by :orol o. t 1 an .gr-en i we u o .i,.lo I-, fv4,ty "bena i

paid. for.,

l-:,3 .tato 7i nlovr oarow cd u for yo;' re':.ning L noyI- 'tlyig tht
-tc Wor: I .*n- .oti- t7 ? Ub:er "G1.o.0 'to 0z!r .-iT.r.t A ;l-
socuriao,4 rlb'iitrngu,rod- ,rn-'ntt-,'.:: iVt:^ U>'.; civilIlh tion-.- :1 an11 ti-or Int
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anttursu:? so th1t it ci0.>;.. 'iLo.t imptia'bl. to r:T- onaloa

'Je hi:vc. plenty ora.se3:; in Grwtjpst. to 4 y.- vry Collar* Ia Td'.itipn9
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on the 1. wi. /

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. to cnVro a Cenont-Mio cnt.. thliI' QaJid in collis is in Golrdr, m:-id 7tghit be rcpy eof
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: -Ors;inU.1y your'cr,|


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A.c urs. '..., ., t: 'u2 j sto r.oC ,
Irce -..7r,:,;:D uL1ut.
In :- housc1,yoiurll fi- a .r, i o. 2:o'2d c.coks.
nl. Yours lf'aillo : -..t ov." -. rii-9. .2v3
t .o.t fr:ih, ". po-iZl: L1-., 2q..Iiieo
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I1 .' 1 9:. .ll .iXo. oo:d 1 2.t .n jci-
tlon. "-":' ;c.1:.y h'u probl3.ny LUll ":. o"' ,d,
ho.rev r,. .-vz _23",'- of no o1- :,:' :oi-.' JZ.' .W v
Torry,8 ;thch r iornlrx' IT (Y iO.
Wa I~"rfl ,...riar c .0. iu. 0 'd h

of? nbouz r, I a a.zuril. l1.Yl' 7 nLo
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,Th .t .2 ...t. Le L,.' '-, i. O i ft b tor
f o Or oI '-:.thMn T ch I7 .' ;:. I re
r Oali ..z .all tL.atire. f. or o;; thin:..t. t
Sot'rt 2> botl.: LT at -"or oc .b:~dy crip: b-.2 th;i; ro on3 g -. hr
:o T.. .h.r. ai B 0 C' : -n 31u ,3,r ,-a :. Ji
boedo ,an: Oth& Si-.Js-li L. in Gr0n1. jLV t
Cl1t.n JO Cie2 to e"'- u t hb e C hs to s.f as to
:ili,.,_hig mchin void. ~rI thi' 1" ar-rLy
2 ye r. ago,til.l Bro_-:: l. cr:; thre. -t.; d'trn.
0.; th ey t'7v: "on: i: *-ull 1 ;4th ? 7S3:: ithig
that hbis:u t0 2otfing. fho )tJ:r Touruc.;
supply th2. Gr.n 1-L:i,
?7i:ni Her-t' thI. :orninrG; a~.Lr;s zitori.zc ll-y,
!.i POSITIVLY, rT-:i'-r.R.ViLRO .3 -.'. IT' 7"6'
| I.TLL x.: H ..u* It ilt e in-. tht tSi/is
the aR.Rle across th... "w:Pn 2m to 8.^ e.-.t side
of L.e. 0..I willt prubliah Si:tll c;.:ooon.
.Thizism!ndou-t:lyth.aa.R. u3 t;:.: n--i :Ca.
to Goiri-ot with louict'on* 't rill t. i-- .ouP port,'
at firstoard3rnI as-ic* 3rt-iyvs .-bout 12 inis

VtvR. (2) .
TiiCr I do move,oahtDar Bor. 3-s:r arid
ox ,.L a,-
A. r .ndt.crin.. f7c I: -:3 v n-r .'- -Ti "ire t:
ar:.,_ '? (;1 ,00. o"~r:.i a. 7,ary U it i
h;5 boon icotroy.Ai DUv,2 c.i:triot i'. LC:on
c:": s. -,.-._ o i o.o tri .. Th. r'--c.. Lt:-'- .ecA
one Edl o i .oti-^ i ." ;d Johalo. :,
HBaou,> .; mx.u o-ix. I Yid 2-3 hourn 'trith IR
-.Oii.-- zy t: 12, ",. .-ron,.1 -c l .'t!o' :p
inEL vy i'-Jully. H1i; thch tWo
t;22 k:Lt'o- o.: of tL h .- : c:Ka r cC Tirr L rot..otion
Hi dot.irthout Lire
ae ,: a Crr r .:o r
1 :r Zog j Lb ui dr n it dry as
~o 2o -.. .b-,..urn up,
1i cli i r-.l_ slc i Coy. ),i-de.e, .o h pes
uQ V z;i i_:nreru.u. .122c:Golnoc 1 .-th4 fi o

l y c tioz is ? ----er G. .. tJl ba !.. i
.it.. -r,, 1 ::' ', Ii, 0o,I bc i-:. ri ,
cull bL 3'1
a -ift. Jei i o^c& rO i. c s

.i ..2.. -.. Z. i ;'.~, 7l an as.
'i c
0i i, :e(l :aed : i-40i x9
1myo Ird::w 2tlit o -Z

on ^r:0-aT^ Goo c.>.5^-
jrf' hi .r-;-, ..Ll1 e ;'0? *,Y-3 sh*.L!. Lir:IA gUc-

00o a-- h .Or-i c bI al h~, f b o
.1rP yj Iioa ria :W 7 ea 7uIa' 11 'rom

3z.t 7 h cor 01
n q .7.. -y U

.PS. If any one ACrtn to r'1 s- ot'to on -c
lan ,~ ,A r.,tll 2 t:; <.Gto rroooec. :- use ,,
hS i. 1 ui .0 :.t plt'tinlaI.: ;io tat.e .
i. .re

I h:pc te fl':oo! igciync-' rcllo 'SSru-:
you accjcpt tL oflic; of .uPrvlisor. o :or-t',l
hop? so.

Qrov. .:in-V t..oIt xl i: :-':c 7t b;T. Mi-t

sad :::.zi .: hi:. to oh;sob: tlh"nc to L::rv ",'-r d-.,,
.n..,: v.:nc p ::"C7-, Ao Gec- r .. ,-, .."_,

as ::: :- o t -o_:t -: t --.,-- "

;t' a' b -':, -:, -; : o b -. .- i-T E: .

5.n C-i.:: J q- o.: is" : ^ 1::.,'.;, i. 0: f _Apas"'

Iai oa oc''; G- o :1c22tit '2,:V C r t:.U. tond.
'r izC a .nC., n:I.. : JI2 T lt"

it,/3 o b .c i: '. -n ..-c ;o .-:7 .c. Cp'os3- i-. roc-ed0g
ZIon--- us,2 b ?OaL:Thr t.

in th :t u.:yit .:ou ,0c :--1iclty o.1r 2?f 2rtr
to rL:t tl:. roo- 2all- *t?23 '-'r .L nu az tpixp in
th~t0O:e .i-:.R .-o-a-Stub Drop:ition u.t I
should hi:: to t o .1:- .-:. g1t lik,: .ht-- nioh
shouL-tne 1o FiLt .t ..- nJthu f1 Ce

Itsa h.rL clougb to Iv: f i-htth eni eOj.,'t ou
havi:-. t.c fightli hao folk:; .*t t"C- : :neioie.
Sifr istoo short fcr nch ::7r-. o'ftL;t* f
T,:.. .

-/~ ,

7^ /^^-r-C-~ :f

- ^ -t < ^ -^ < / < l y y ^ y


~ S;C I :~C~Ct3FLeL~c~4~7L

-".i ~ -e Ij~~ -k~~~~

7 ~m2,IvTh~~ Z~rg

IL77 -."

5- QM-r z

7~ 16-1_ O ~~-~ _~L -
th~ / I~,




FEB. 24. 1922.
161. BANK ST.


YOURS UPTn? DAT i OF "': 22. 22
-'T.I'.r TO CLAIT''- 4.. I T' '"' YE R AGO THAT I
)31+]? --'lT Y 'T.I1-' -T1. L TC''I: -'I p",' 'r '" -,,'"r T, '1ir,,, AND
W- :'i P- CO7 Cl-T_'CI CF T-H "c'OLE CC:T_"7"1.

BUT '," A S .", CASP STADS '"'. 'LDNT "':'J KINDLY 'PL' V7
HAVA 7DUPI-1T. TO FOR'":" TC .. TT "'I 'ITT i GO LC ,

T A' : A G.MT .C- :' I.:CL_- D TN I T, "I'. E L THIS -'-'._\
TT .::-. :' GO "C: TL F'L 'P T ..'. UrT IN THB FALL -. 0

'. ING TO HT- R FROM AT ',,r -'' .... '- I Tr,-' ,: y,,TT ,-

7 T TTWI GLTY T)P "R'A T 7 -? "77"TTTD T COHF'Ir.'TyCN Ii
R" ",Y ST ,"'r ': "LY YOUPl' F'"P P' CC-P_:SS ..',TTD

1- -- -


-" :: '" C

T i v 7 1. .,
S,0errall '

-y dAoa GerA.l --

0 0 ", .. --3 .'.
u Iy. t. oa. '.' -i. 3..---

1). cuA j --- o o z'.. : LxmA li, 'a, r JF ,i.t ; : no ." h ''.&:. t -ie ...., .-, -
.. .

L71 ..- l- .. i,
) .. .. -t .i1. ).. ....L :j> '.1 T ? *',. ._ -.I '. -'.- ,$
tbet4 .. .o.e..e q;, *Le O 18.. r -T 1

U-l ri. .- rni to pea' l. rin oni *. 2, "
S;; .T .,I ot t :., : : : .. ,.. I
t h Si v ..i c .., i. : .i ..o7it O J .,. : ne b, '- 7 .: "- ..
thlt. Il Eoo those oToo u..on th vwii ; : "
.u. ch .'a wold .o co a' ri : .
Beliec rt d::. j., .x. J*:.t),t t1 fIo :ibn A? :*?-- t ':
Le 1.o.o &'yit will 'b :'.not a s Co. t- -i

o -y* 2.o41 4e -l;to eoro' Th t m i .- .tp i -." f." .,. ,.

S, o o 1 zt *, vi* .. t-.'( -... .a, -3. L-, n 1- G
OGreIy ,l di .. L .

Pt o _f c., o t:.:va .o,4', "o Ci_. 'A:a.., ,,-.:,
ortht the

to 0 if 3O.JL JUi ot-aU ;ar 1 noa srotUr uvn it.
bndal. ru !vrr nue, 11 o -111

peopl. oqaot i xncI.,!E ,yti io i.. U r "
ost ..o To'n Hall :Z Lohool house .. ,;, ...0 .rea

to be preCc*-;t.-,blt. 0 tci. & -ir' .. c o. 1c t y nc -d
- e ? t t. i c to be Io voorV. 4c
the Oom. Oo.woii~to furnish all t 'lct:.: ,f!.,, t i'...o :n ,' :I.,- -r" ._ .

prooeedq trqm in laubliQ ieupr.Tovountu. at ount to r,,.c-,, -ttlt ay
oL 3tm 1014t '^^.^ ^., ^ -! !

money tto a tonbut a to to lo q C n i %t y gh.t easy
oome still nv roeasily, z suppose. ." I'-n't yo n, .r Pt in tfo1 to tuk l

lotsinto ctsh~azid the or.ush into ;nblio t rovcnonts7 I should 1w willintt
l o t s n t o c -- s h t L n d t h o crrh I t o b o 1 '.A, 1 ( m e n t ? j U u h c u d b w l i l t v .

_, (.( ) .. .. e.
.t.. .h .' _, .:-t Z. n? n-:t i, -::.y to '- y : or de ;1 ".. .*" ,at. .:<:(. ,C; o tL. ,
proo' .:.; :~~' it s-, 4-'.q-i.nit 1 ;.-..'. ,:::t' .: I '- iX not n.Oc-t at ,
on 'r.. .o hi.' a ,for y ,ot~, no' V 7fT A I 1 ii t -F dcT a.
,- .- 0- thi.r. i PP, .- e ,1 .. -'-. ,,ar 3C ,
1 42t. zi :-4.C'l;2Xil t !so: P, L t a P'C- .:'fr2 r'- a thi

n U ," t ot im A
ti a U i ir *a"c .. U L a ( i'*s. 5 I ? ? :* i t .& J Y /. .. J a 1 1 : J a 3 -. 3L. t
ft-' t>''w 9licai "lt .n cok w2tiu.ny '. rwiS: zcovth: t .y' ;K'LI c7L uidch

tJ Da& (?An S7. tI _:7 Z t ?t cli -,Ws
OJo2li..3t. has never ych. a "ti, t ', j A- tr:ry !rvy ;,but'r. dc::.n~t5i t yim
U -.,. r ..C '- t:. e o-tro *>1't t:IX .:L v-.:luO: t.IiLt tonim maiy Irv, T_ Ji Yi
^ -. 0 :":-"-**.*:;T'" lr :i th ^t;. -iT^,.c' '"
.',,' .' "'^? .' .. *i ,,...

S O, o o:' ".";.. : ."i'i,,ton ,r-'en t i'our -JIC woriwe -t :
-". *I l
-- ..... .... : ,.~, K ._ '!':, .be. a.

' .'. ."it. s-' t ;1 r. ., t-. T. .... ,.- v ,V t 1- j -t>j i .-B t.. <-. j .i. s

; -.- l 3.. '1 .v s ( 1
.- i 2 : I,, t( "3 Cl I t o .s.i- i
;. l "- 1- .- _' ''' ....... t "3 .

A'MSo IT r' al
-- -(
a : '""..... .-._ ,. -
0.i,;,_oa ._'., my rm -L,, ; L,' ;I m -I h-:lj be rboi 4 .

.*7r : T- hty '-1. f. L' r ne:1 o u t .; '-. :t' 1- '' fr~-h ,
leai.a,i ;noal t..:: rno.'oy;co t ettoe r ;e ,.-tiAol)./ ;::-'. o th
Bo .t' .. -t.n.. ni--U-t y :7, *-

.a c ? '"a

V < ;:. C /h. -

Okoola-l itt Uo-r .wultuy Ocu-1oin,
Okecll: t LVi1a
- ILy hcr :2I'.*Roth:--

As to ourtriip to tihe Cou I y Seat,7l?. ^Tiltoni rflJ-l dloubtles.;
rujport to you Ini full Horevra, '.::cor. .TL for your c t;nit:j d-y L.
.ihlpo. In lx'l.ition,o.0rt. '.n poi, itidovc"' lc.d rtr .hi. ."rturo.

our far Pyprotuy t m);lo-i7-I'X l i t a O:.'o:1: ";t :r.'n.;' 'l- .?j'. *1 :j~~Crio-
oa ruiClurod n.cJrponeso3 i-iourr'e'i ti .abov ,a iV :-j.. r... fte
County Coxrnroaionouo. 0!lSrr.z Hoct r r':i-- will V ..,...-1*,
oA 'outh!i Bi. y-insftruotrcighin r:;.:gEring o lac hoS r'b .v :o r":-,y ? nioco *Jary.

frou oir O.teolCit;-',lr.1ioos:: t o:.AL PS..of "b),0 O.OOOOh 'OO.OOhcr boon
spont on -ro'lc. s3 22380.8 Of tli' suab:'ut '.0.. j jw;inae oo.t
ofone fu rrym Tie wiovatb,ooore paidin full fo- One fkcry- our ona..- nmlplin
ia..Lttfon about a 4.8.0i0; or if .If th va-:.?: of co2:. -0UL eJ'. bY

the law ( Act,; of 117,Z 1gisl :ur.: ..'lF-) Ch...p .in,( i.o.2.0 ),p.-
provideo tihat of thios 50,'UG00 Lraun.o -:'rt tly .v cnri-'.-i :y -v upo-v:
the mGna l d rold. brtOeon Or'-, ..-t-: ,,Z l u r.C-ozst; until t _-'ro 2,as :s-i.
:'rcO-BUc.ood.. Thofarry is th;c Eo ro-cr d of'ts. o .i d'it;io
to which w3 d.dror hLlfanot:r crryTrn'" botih a: o' oprf$y ( oia
th;::roe'rty .'f our tov o road..)a" c;nrot b: 1 *if.ully divt'rted.* Wl iion 1br:los
taieo thCpl;o-e ofT ;erri-C fl,w o aro ao .-ttldlo. ,..y re-2ur .- h.'. o
O ouir e050,O.O0 fOuu ho.-e.till1 r.ldoan:Eintjolt,~ :,78.0.( ti. oosu; Coprooi-

( bi1on.
Shoul~t cur b;ov: ro nci IoTi wr:;rk,iro Ore uithorlit3cl :. ..z x'oi the work
;.ciil -in bellO 2ll i frt or, oulltror.-v.: 'ylucn'-; ,o-; -;. A:io- cr a .rT irsta .adc
That 1th Bolarclluvl boon paying a.t tf:o n;c to or .15.00 r iy f ('or tootor
ianxtrap on Up:)or Gllloro:lid wIrkz.

I' 'L roYA0d tices ?i3ro,21r : oV' -uuthor2:1x 'c. nt:. i. '. faro1rc'2i4tng
pay as jLi 0ca3 i of ro .d work.
MoE on brif.gCoslnclulicUgiou at the Qi 3-.-int Orc' -ing, ar -ao oor.ot to be
built, all in 250 days.

Iir' I'lto asti.ted tha-t a I 'rge c :.polT3t of sLo-e ;:r&: tJ:n fs -ouT1 L 3 'clo7 the
rook startu3m that ca i-i! iodi.-t;ly below our iok -n)T peat It soons
probal4c thiat toid; my by ih dl:bolo,1,s rwel srt cihe :p,cfo1 ro .tiZ irT*alOc.
For tcaporary uOsesthe CoorEi-L:..ionorsa exspoL to mo sihl1 at 7East Bo,-oh ni1
the roLod* Thcr wll 111 vwitt sholl t:io ruta-tdc cl;-E'y by t-? wheo*lT oat
vehicles to suOh dopth ad i-.-y be noonsaa:ry, :xI to n v.-it7: rf 13" for noh%
wheol. Cost 1i to be :sacOrt.-in:d by 1i's 3 ooi: o Lc. Torei.* th;o coat :s
es;ooteod to be quite low.

The Comity .lbginoer will be soutto LIsioetonu' aoh -. ( posits. If' To,-d
avrdailabo, oso. ay Lbe ;pplied ou our Oeosulruita-01:m.crofat ro ad with the
aboyc baln.c-cf or $12,780.8 e z Io I Two3 u.
rr'w .; 4 --


1. '~"'""' ""~ "~


VV .Re) (2)
Oc; pT;. *I t2o s: at'oVli-cof- iCroad. 'AldLriti the r hlrl:surftcilngofour Oke3-
l:mta-CouysT 2"'ay Rou. dprrl.asc. Lyt;i-fe hairnl o the onrilss;oners in theirL
no a-tig .hLo:i I ,&e.:-a Uoo.2*l3s atzaw.l1 put us on .the
our i-jprlsonra ut .t -onO o:- an out-of- tho-way StIe -
If' dirfica ty a oencountcorod in filing n, ro:tfbutildbr vho will cone 0os
r i- to hn r.dle F 2.~j.1l ', job a3o -t- .boro- V amn! I a- i tola tthTirny provo a

_. i-duo. : t' :uth e to '_ tutucOn the
i :vi.,itpionola-s h becn iimo'dtw ho .3 rwuoo-.-i id.od to bet oapi-bl eryol otatom o
vill ngnesst.:o d.^ fOc-o rks a --rson':?,l.. oh'^reco

AD ody t- 1.',lon '1s of d'livCer o0 :l Ltwoon t Lho Lne country
ari'tC lowr Last Oo3.Stoonoron1os3. width th-o '.. of V.P.?o.lcoh ankSeay of
l?:rhI' of CoJ:2:c-Z i't t pl ce h:vorStultc..ed ; t o pro.rlso to t .o thit
outr.. :r up ,to y or -lcoud1y,vrwith t!~loj'o-b-bi2 y ti~ t cr a for.t rrtill be : -le
toU i duc-* :..: o-u..:1 theritios t-o r. .n:iit .ily c.-1ori:ig of Ird.sri tol li
t-flu. o h &to -rl L.Ao Gonutry.

-I~f ps9Fter1.iJC coioroe u 1ith Govrrri.:ent officials Mijor Loaon Ian!..
Lint. Loperoa? t2ckso:;Tr1lo,11 Lr0o239s ^ht' fol^"'O*V.gT--T
Drin';g.or L' ,t':3:3ort-tion i I wi to' tablo oo-trol for fire .Protoiotion
r'- tl Vt ..'. nrd:if: 611a1 .; ,gorId 1-. t-- zuos.. i toa i.rdst opone. of the
otlicree io dEdi l-i-.anC.t n lot thera bubin u-np mia y bworsc thai to l.eav
kr': r* '* in1(. 'a4aGIblob t;rnllponrt-tion onxrlitio'non canal are not Im.
.cor--o .:tibi*u- v t. l. (.t1d'r .-,Lsg: .

Irdlit.C gc ae n'-rTigtio-- uIfait b(- tirL7Vv o0lo conti'olwhethur SDtt or ForadE
.- chmug- -.o.-; ".,to o '.:'rl control :woul. no ad to be prcor.,oJ. va vote
So t oo'.o p :oplef itorested.' Howover,t fioc. iDc-:, 1ingin tue ..ntch.d-
Br C Rilo:Ix ticon b-lli U:tc la itntPi ii'yf :,.a'e o dver, los re l-trmion
Saitght be. coi tor to t od.'r:I' Gov':jTl-nt. I, th ;.'. osFoe, caj. n vLarl.aon
|woul i. rob'b% ly 9;ipy3o f .'c, Le ^th, a'- t. -rftou..nte
-Oc. ".t ohop 7of- we r.S1 h'VfrQu Ocltd i, .tlo Cointy Wf'.r. Bot in.
h)i-.0 -),$41.0 ..i2.'1. aCe ECfI1ur..x.
o, b0>e :TirZ :' y "-or c -: ll :o-iL.y lin A;prl,1r a r icg ;intr !tioIn bookla' wil
bc opon,1ooa llyfor ri g-i : tion o Tt1 foi-th- Junro prin y 'The un'ernaignet,
-rist t.- tie' Crlo or 0C:o t. .-;t., o ..Ititori i! tco .ilgateL IrLO functions
for tcll. r.giltr-'tdion. period to -at'of:r. HO k:'s olcg .tcxl Pr "'L.J.TLlton.

ihae orP I ofrsA 5lin our drilAstP5to con0atita'-c a oashhora,-rnrrIet ft
'orrin huokie *.erout"x' enceor"'gingn;l Ltcros' 3.s followsg-
r) 'zartion froa Oiio.go -n.lvniasldty state thly b ILtvco tbhqy oiar brng in
S*:r- r.r '.j!O I t tint.;,diaa '.tinft. mTrith lrltgh ronts, an.l-tltnt a1 l;rgo .oroge ofr
the ?oiJ;Lred threo nectlons;
T5) i ;y'1j Pitoy vrtic3 untio th-i.:y t.oo.r o plant a aootion;
) The ecoy. of the 17.1rP-I lJouEach OCriir of0uom tero- atrites he will lay
bt'or t::r. -bdy t.Ii.0ropositioea c.hdi2in fin moing this cf.ort. It is
roocg3-azed that th2o Go-igresm3 hau plaod. at tIeo Cispos:l of njners.
l,000,t0,000. ',for r frainii luIrpoJs cs. ','ln ftunl Iv:a boon transfoerro
ro: 11 the oderoil owrvc ilxt.f- to the War YjLinamoo 03rpo-,tAion,to tranrt
trough ordaLinry 1b.:l.k w ailch apply for o;-ne, to bo iit to rfrmers. ihetlim
any floridrli bank will Tcar to orro ass a uliL in tho chirn bCt170.3n t1ho
billion dollars fau. f rmnors L;usLrtig to goc orops anddovelop 0the Dror-

VU,R.( ( 3)

bii1on 0 dollar. r ontitt aLt rbout 42OOO. e. v1j :-su& 'v i

r" on'b .... o -- LD rr cau pr opoIsc cur tl e l oo:l .
banzs d tiapcIsB.
Veri triSpotPul:Y nr0r d.l:o.o,

_ __


S..0atzucl.'rt.'* :2-a2ia4.-.


In to 2i
sr :.--..

I L.O-7 .. fon
Scoobal sbipzxw cf C- lIo. ion c- r
!:,, : .'f.'-' n--y :- 4 b, ir !' ,y 2"

TG3r C nricr' -O

0? P':. .u 11, M 1 1 l
iC C C, 1c S .

32 you o- ?2.11 Ci-.-- r.:*,it izycyurs
i ai' i.'. -3o A.1 the i7lt: x:.l Js.i. :cr.: :y
T :: : I /:.7::: .AX.> 0.-.: (Ug 7.::. i?' c, : v-
:;.-r r. :': Z :ur w : -?' f- -'d ': :i3?l2::..a *

"i1cibl ULr'

i T ..


y ~2:ls' ;-~r~,'~ot

'3 J AW.-


-. ; .. -.i ,... lo -
. t l-- I -. A- ,'.s .. L .

" to .t


--& 0

' '. -' .. .

* .

-31CL C, 4.4 J

.' o'. : v : -,
I *' i -

.. i .- i -'. 1 "- ,b- -.. .,, .;
li .. .0 -l :M o-- ^ e -:: '].-- ^ 1. --. ll

'-L ": -"+ '- .. .: ,2
***:*- ;' ... .. L- '.- '. ''.*
7 .'^ ... T^' -T 'r--v s,"+: ;. ,', r.. c .

.r -- z t .' "- a '
4 .. .. ..4 r .. ...f.- t3 .

"T t 12Th U-o: 2t i4'y o~ r.i flu t-to:Q7 oS0-
1k...j. : .Q. ; L- l *2. *.l -*

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ir"t .- -. 4*+ r it .t i. ,. t

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S /i,- tu3 At-L eiga ut:.,: n -x ,:,, "- ir ',-
S i son ':c-. ,a lot .m l
o f1 A lp-r : :" _. ..-_- ". ., a :. ,
'' j I ". j ,..,.-" -, : s.

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t-I ar 32
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toi.c :.". ."' : ', n: ., &4&,2
0 -. *'" ..-1.- L '

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s ^. As. : s, t

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S-k-V 8o

Io^ ^^ ^^ ^^ Ay 7 o-o C
A^^y ^.c /Zt^tT, /i^tj tAv~c, <^-y ^*^M^^^ t

Pa J




Full Text

, ,- ^ f
* o.


.r .e ia- .

: .-... -' a.,. ,,a' V.. f that I qpr.*. ,
o iethe you ge raig It aZto de
*a.i ,-, i I. .Bsj Qtny a.sq, re g.f-*
4, -dt ,I-. 2tT Trio
40mmmubn^ac na maoupei your Gounp-
iye a na triena$eor .ZprTlo .

-- s ot reaso n )I1 jls d 'Why ho should tig~
:.t tta,- 1b0 Shown.
S.m a* >or t 0Qain'etrq '.ts tE ld;t thit
I sir nnic y wil bolrtt -icle ibuof.

E( Nfl qr tqi oi*p r, h stho~. a arnr
- t 4uiOci"C,._l "i cd tq yit t ,s snatter throagho ,l' y.
toi...ed A4h.. 6IidA. tein .arris ir:
r sen tatpretevtisy fRe is .ea4ipta4r m0 rep-
ressent~ase^ of Okeeluntc or Its ?leigrlbosaes
A letter I re the sfle qp)er ,:Poinades qosctryA 'Belle (' lato.,
eel'tAr n;-.ys

if A s apt or fplnttaubu. to ailSS lo f -t-
y qndpa of oars oipgnec1l t5 farfei 4.1i hbin,
| tahe qloiw44d not be uor tttc4 to bloC
hle "IhiGa cersiin* daone aIn wel'.-ctflnd.

:'~ ~ Apr rtMfi'

%9he t;oo ::r".or ;:e vDer orthis weekI trust the a
astorypif avallabeaiay appear in theP oat this week..


t.Lda., la.2m. 32.

iF dear brother Rsetht-
Te oe of the Iareo, 4,j daThrs ea agrin.
Ad re pa I- alked with MP foealkinphere to-dayo. -e says seat '
i b.e, fnCeed our rowe BTragia That settles two queatSionzs ..
3d.A ob-r- na-dv e A4 E WBd -o VIfI aosertain sooUtwhat price wil be
Paid Geo4so fars
rev for e- It laike Forth a erald for 2-2,asail Palm each. Poet Eoa
,,.,alee SfWW'd thia Our seo .on .has,at l~t,a EAirT OPGO RTxnSXT
rvim. a rlaee at a& ROy Aawr T for a great oonig. staple and a good price,
to Wti neat sto7iaLtnlBen see If it should bahot be ta -en up by aom.
ounnell this i sthe Aethod the popt advise editorietaly in sane issue.
With 93w for brnodaore fiun. gancdOULrW for the smaller .efortsit
aoulabe pseisble for eor UTpper Olades country to get out of the woods fast,
A fine market for eaob gandenah easily andobeaply produced. I began worldng
an th*is nearly 2 years awgeas on*. folder will shcow. lt 0he f.ipp of
-aept1920 put a crimp in It and I diduot unil out sy folders. Nwwooenditions
S have .s improved.lth t I felP emnoraged to taoke mattersup again with Ele-
vatonrmaanwith results indtoateds
- ..- .4..
:- If we had capital on riah to plant a are p ani sure e soulCpnt out the \3'
s' eltti~ lsproposed s X Bould beglatl to see it In and near Ooeelanta. In
hies ferres, with mes* M Brraidon aes Okeelanta as the place for the Ole-
Vateor aht we will h'we to be big corn growers to get It* siith faranl g
apital,ZI shouldbe glad to help put the wholeounsaed portion of Fruitorest -
.: n ern on ta, &fter, It we put in a section, i yhink we _o.uld soon hot
the other a sBiflons required tbflhe offer p, wanted, tgo. I went over this
with ~ ioeq filton recentlyax4he was muah pleased, adI he thought we
awa det the acroage.
In adi4tieupj wanito interest the ooast,if possible to help us put this
werptho intereatingLt is very hard. hied it in Ai 2l-atbut nothing
doing. We are not in Dade 9oe Goreor r d harbeson bh 300 asa. out in 1920*
As. tL eans- Aaw franey to-day. e saps he is full up when he gets
t6 OGRbelania, W Aed hi it he eoXdnot take the stauf to "ake andbring i--
baokgImnt he oouldxrot see that* 'hn asked ifhe could not avre ufftloten t
space on his bpoat forit,lIt he tiot : A N a away ahead of dasheensin
Sia.rt ane.. eew ideapa Now, ifyou can get these shlipents off via.
l.wisten or Moore Iareanbettdr t4y that. eteO hfid thlduinder trouble
,; ;'b e- re. .ts a lae ~.l at ,ake a ,~~ive our stuff on ban0. louw B4 parents.
be' .- ot taSe yet. ai tellitC when thy will goi hero in this way. Have
to-. -d witah i talr. thinS he would a better byua.
h- q' letter W 1.-88 t* lweiaeI sa Leatd. to V.W.Roth agq X eamnot take
Sll wboat fftelsitaetf out or it. Z poassible,bettor pay biat freight at
tb s.ide... Xi anetter or 13lr ,whih may now hve reaoheu ydni mentioned
i-.- i oa' das heen expenses, l1.g a -, Br...4 t
Si-ALB et i tho a banlgp t eeoi ear delay =ay ki-ll 'bus.
]a noist o iaMooroaaveng please sthi Be John Lewis OtdXsG,
Nig.wl.. t E. r W .r Nepayng boat, freight out of above s1.48


Enoloasect s sM4-erplan.ateryg
L i you kindly presuet it at the ureelanta
P.OF.,andsee if my letter to -Mr. O.en p. cannot be
foimsrybed to hi~ at Tf.Palm BReah. It is probably
the only Don' to Ttr*Owens l.yingth Drea'nOi@an be
Srecoornizs d by en~olope which looks,typing and
sallro thi-s* Yo
YourS, ' .

L --

*;- tJ.' :


ft.ELad. DPla. .3-2-.3.

Pll eL.SSuOtIeQrnla
MaiAson, Tfean

Mf dear r

Sutherla*ud *ie

I am seniling you somncultor:.ture that nny be an
eye-opener lbut t is trues
owIa am wondlering whletibb you cannot interest"^ooe at yomp-frie s to
let in with ua na pla tJLl *hnaa. i haoe stnrgiL ,4 aiLm ta~ aone for
years getting oondttions tlhtslnd aqquiringthe practiLcal ilmowl ege
essential to the astlement -and develouoent of' thia grceattneJ 'nzjprew
N ow9tho eall isnot done o ismli bIe been aquUamI hclIhI. that I am justddied. i
putting out these foldersn

j aoI hope for sa early andl -rge rq. oeg he sia atio Ceuenda i
/ Zn the unorthqwivlth Isis blisards. Lpa i0,qunemployment rnmzLng a-ot and
ditstrss r-'nantspeople should woelcoume a oityoLjzlee

pis is Aot a l7y yeto l at
of opportulxittes for rntdui

pioasant Iittle village a.i ,in respoct
mati- Welljust read the- booh3letc.

sMay do not realize that wvn4 rd4 have to ofTcr is an oportPlty to
Ta Shey tbMdk of -it as' a call tc SPEND* tjoe uo
eamon pay dinX onigpy tet poontdnly o arit What we want
a a 4bOdy at earne-ntaqp' b TrLlingI earnest pooplcready to accept the
gpeat opportubity we Inow rffPerJandiy -nhat th-.y clanand as they oane

,ov e m ast have some Oashlbut not
UiATIOI; andthe right id. dOan'It you

41at oash. But we anust haleo ZO1.
h6lp us get it

Cordially your,


"'~ ,

My dG.r Bror..foths-
oursof 10. as rai d.
Thank youn -orj6.45; $5f0 rent o tiI.Will.


I t,:L wout.'-t.ri g hco':- T. cn pos-i.-bly get.
thit ,rT airing orpldr. ot'soe1d -icnh f illeL.
Oh.ldi.ritecrz ?irmt ''.0',alaltt; .1-lso.t 1i
dowr.0:'. !lc -.A lol I ? IilP sr7g ; lesseI
he crn -fill h.:. c-L u Urs,nndt wiere pracirised
bin lo3-n ago. I t seetar.ckt o ~litle thing
to socop P': .,0,O lbS'. o se"d 'l .o.c. ,
-hl..? .''st ::.-r 'w 1I1 '- ;.* M;I..:i t "y -. g on
1. !o:.:1 7i"- i; s-c field. ci2 tu"-t boiledd.

I Infe w it.,Iun -ora Gral'vi t.icoe of this
ri-ent.,n. I v.te eL.-ir: -lt-b I wrmcto yru
that. !he Gu: ;t to bC .bI 2+ htlF t.0t, thci
together" With M,. and Toamboth,.-an't ou
persqu-' on or bo ,t to :ht : u, c
S oft tl.Vorlc-r;;r Ji. it? I :a told em is
no t TuyV'.a. I Rp' p-roit *t 2 -ji: rr L au

S- Will yon0 gib mCt'he::8:3 of ,'.o rrn :u1
'h: y btrotpbthr's h3use,n-ri :l..-t.' th'-n he en-
tczed? Doeshe want tl'se 1-r.l?

Theformuer rent is very fCr bebhindi,a:-Il rt
Sre rmy b rotheor 1oua thinK it L. h.rd to pa.h2
ouet anmney for any thing not t : r-ast rezs in
tilat 1-ast.,the rent .~- u,.
.G1ad t kmno ti::e F.C, bridges areir right.

oSineerIesy yours,
P8. aS notify ie Lookiv
,: 5 alokswerc sent Tia m.Hveno


'l' ... ..;

nowlaua"o lalo laeb.3a ft.S^

SEt mftbos oil ti rqpaIr tle boat 0rourht from Rita retarn itproover
air foretann a.t!re, .sll1 it at Okeelanta=present bl a bfor all newrio

a r ldered ar pezses inurrme in above ajn roocre payment frra the
odunt O sisenes. i Aortr ector harris wtl r~.ato l roweJ.Fis lerb
of South SykiustruatingltWm regarding so lasa of acve as may be bed eerare
srir knlaata4aeneet~ad w uof 00 00o o0_there iaSbwm

trA fcfall f pr oene 'trr y- our oa u a.Min
dditten about $".00; orhtlt theah7 c ot a awm xta4. -0%
a he la(iw a aetset 1j319Legislatie aft Via"'o Vb r V .e pNa (nt from tpie
pe sth saint fr this 50,00000 rflan o part noy be e apenria Save upon
the Panl and mroea i belteen Okolanta aAi8t adrest0 mu thieroat h bee
jnrdwFlm .eta tets'ry is oertanly the property oftbis roA.*in amaitdln
.to atfl Vq aVep or? halfa Ln tar fhe r ne fert are our IrPI (.la
thoseIo or att t)ans ca000ot bea Liwotmci sdire erpotn
-taie thelaee zaiceaples' are apparently enti ed. to a re-Eunad ofr $138..8
Ofi. EW $o80s000NO ft e thieessatll rem uns,intef, p 2,7'86,I.6.( less A_4e0.
It-ooLdX r abjoeo road neem vwarve are authe raed to per~om the work,
ana' in blls ftorth.e vo anf eire wm"lent ebb.assionr HBp-,risatatea
tha t the Poear dad been paying at the mate af 15*.00 per day for tractor
maa an Upper Glatdesroad wanist
If our road tabes ftreowe are Rnuthorlae. to extrlngulsh t-c firoreoarioan ',g
pajy sp n cane ct road voae
Slll "pno, at the Oke Innta Orossingaro ontreatsted te. be

istate that a lW0ge depesit of sheJ1 hms beentfom1 belew the
*re. pajutaqa tat gs liaediatoly below our naxok anzd* peat It -eams
p4*0 tbhat ts maoy be artrlable,as well as cheapfor road rp ases,
t i usthe siamessione expect to uso shell at Est Eoh on
the Wi1 r 11uil fill with hliell the utsrndo alreaidyl. by 'tre wheels of
eMetfl*d sto asat dispth ad may be noessary,axn to a width or I* fwir eact
*- A oa tt o is tibe auaoorlp.and ty bidia aoon to booffered. the oast is
BepQ~~fra|to lie- gaite IOT
1k # onigy Etglner will be seintto inspaetour dhe.l aepoas* IfP.oWunt
Stheeimr Ve applied on o-r okeelanta.meloremat road. with the
1i~~l~ .sa~si0l pt-Iva

HI R,Jeff ries,
RepubLioc 1lcg,

At ,last qo.OU3lt3,yS wp nTorPthrnc siCk. Am writing
this -o your office can hnndlt it if you are eany a2 IllI1
hisis t'c- 2,000 asjesnn the L audeol: 0 011nal b.gutt from Wt.Laudr
Oh=aber of GOoreroe. e
M agent in.KunEas Qty ntd. .n buyer r.Wintrtwotmo t t him
theleal desoerptionanqsen it at onoe. I ,did ao. My agent, warn,( nc ,t.h
pro~yocottye. buyer, J* NHe nej will not buy froR qn' agentbut u.cJandle the ..
t 3rPif he can as to oIt the icO'tQt Mrf1- QofpnsatiQn* HoTin-. said Go
live At EmpoLa,tansasSand -to ibn aa large acrea-e in St.Luoiu Omnity,noar
Ft.P eroa 0
Mi y rgent.to00k the VIC lesoi'itio artQQotrhta 2 Q aortrrot to h. I ine,
sawthe flguresardat once last interested However,the ag71t 13 con-.
fi4ent he is fq3lowin the mat ~er upright nowthrourh some -yoPreseontative
hero;anmwill loeok you up
No-.:thi4st forestall any at tiopts .to (rnt fml izgefnt e lJyEMQ3fnut 4fthLo tranit-
action ie .W41 prdb -ablylhave no opo-tunity to sho-"him tholandpor handle
the sale El.Qweerpithe lookayousor your .opresentarvnp, iand actually ..
biys,Qtht i ty* nottify yn lo.. tIopart ie hve played up to thisdate. Vat
le$ter..f'rom nmyent dStrtq June 11l1022,KRasas @CtyCansa and2dirootly 1A
thsli3 r'atter. rlease see that we areprotesated

Agai.n had an important oonfexenoe yestordcny wth th ercprsontattiv o o.
-very large interests who Jisproposin~ to buy, Fiovrai sections .in TFfn sRo iAtU ~
'r.ral astret very important devIaelopmen. HI ajkod me oarofyully a ro aoriu.tiohe,
soil riper~cps,etoa or lafds from SB.Bay ,o iollonoanldSthronu heart of the .
Square, Z3n adittio to es-. 0 anO ~i3 T.44 R.SIL ougbt to kInow what-.Qlse ..
. 7Y mat ri)e efor saleo .n the Sqnuare;nirndseuth .o theo G Bo le kg1aoro 4 .to 6.
miles e n promldeed to sall on me -n a few days.aqi~ise, to kna veory well
C you are avay hope your for se a
a Very trsly youa a
O Riann ot(- uel~p^asaC~yKnaBadliGtyo

6r"C 'IAL,k

~I /I V L oe.c4k___x_
^i^_^ ~-r~A /z-^^ -^_,-PL...--..--.-

2^^^.CAZ- L^^ ^ / -_I. --.*C^^.^t^.
17 Z -'3 J

No-mo. .00 f

27 I0
/9 Ky /-^V
/x g s ^ *b f *^ ^C.^a--iee~~eee~~eee~~ee ^---- ^.-t

Y "^^-*-- ^Ll^/? P^-C- -GL;C^-^^ Y-

-. -
ME".` I:;

g- .1i -


wJ t dia'tio

t lgan tb
.iI wotde
....,:.. e,, ?. t-

-el t1 es3 4 .4

jiyr-:." " ; 4r' -
-R xis -" -.
4A""I .. ::U"p'
40. -- -.: :

two enoloa .
each o0:ean
turn it bodily

a oems o know saeaO-

Weadbod t tgoe h io* s1 -mo,
0r Ula ypou Pan aotLCti*riuilre -


ILottr bang


- *'
-' '*--

* It

' L- ;

I"~ L-p

~t~a~ -~l`r


r I

r' a" -l .
... -

h~y det3ar %'e.&tbwa -

TCaat t~i thl 4S. co I Sent the Ohllda people the .
e V spo A l #= i, 5avre IbOan watabiag nAkocn erof*etalyfte '

lii 'y letr ift"lg tiate am ioUS to IWl poopd m aslhen -&Met
&a#i to ab- tOS% 4. les 1M itU lb a 1*O1bte. -We asked 9Silvn Af hha til
.do 'fs ease y"t hiwe the a t dot .o care .to dAg youarelt.* espet
sae out pt sre 14B0 1* .hia 1Ln pay a" lg per i'b*, Yu kIcep allt
or El a with -WomMe.r helpS yonu Do iot Want to disappoint Otd~iayat~
have aone it alrasay,biailyd e esp X Iso nIeo d.eicshaiens
"sk would '
S say lAUiter atC a X Statoe that Hip T.TihthosawoettnA,would .
9 sa, all sitcatuatuLberas m ea 8ed adaeteslatid down at her planw t pern
ami e slio wold ta ce all aw( _o .bersa3tho ia, neot as m.i as o -

e dttedd the faotory .~l,'1 ,-rreotg -flr.cih rp heliAro sD., to furnidh a -.
hegtLartnxg, at ions.s
E wapoCe ,ymu tf help yorsw f to onrt p i0P oU cdasheen wSrins in nA0y house
.,* elorv me i.t othior ~uha saoks ctost yo ,lea ing me to .ziy ~freight

farnts far rwiTir icmn lct-tsc. Uolar iflXcttcr to Owens was sent OwIags
5e .akode ro about it -at* last.-
Xle.S oba crareda her i!- by gooa .i:jorty.. 3dj o o;-A Honda.,
81 4 33i, ish Oke4neslntr an!i other Upr BlcALes points .tl.ght hr lado _
cUasme redit for hllpnbgto wrin this 3nEixlPo nant victory rei am dcr nSoTIo*.
olnel e fdid ot e 1 7ll tei e od ~Boatisru. r ey A not hear of the rtl :
own otthe 2i potAton
th.Pftoa .ur Votherts house a7 tri a Trlat G(. S nt1 tratot) t or -.
Danrts ($10*.) parotheti Doom %,nort his own propo~itions 4tages
tlaule hle 1nd, signed oernfaot,hc failed. on i lettiniu re kuswted *i ttw
bW. tw boran.
Z will let %' SIBeo{( Li h~si tLAs ?fwovthe antfSro tret,8S 63 1,"a
1till i.e fbr znt apwgz as one yeaft honoo),fEr Y7o Dill:Wsi ($5O00)
PgE montheIor one of thao to tr,.C' ftor 8.e pe EaLe ,s dAitIeton to the:
-$41O) par ome forth ma housRe

4 bflther hars ha o au nth trn ble ge tiaghts rant8hu dpsfras At in
udtregry afldrua9ptjly* 3t taxuaatai th k pres-ent ronth w rent oa r 4

hope ft.she stmllas siaseeonsoan bo sont. via P MX(r norwenr yui wsw. f|
Sadohe jsient aw y ouro oihn .a ird da.oas bh, ask,

i, l erely n, urs,
am.rdtrrhl"nt ~ hsr-vA1i.)tvao
a dA no kil .2 A~d auisam% TkeyaAacther r te tag;

~:l-~;~i;'- I---- --~-


.z .
: : ... _ .


/ I ^ I

U .-,L-^

o" ./ i' ,_

~-~--*-~ i

,_c-L~'1 ' ^' ^_. A -^
/. y -

t 4a7
4- s- 'P /C -
^ ^/^^.^,- -^L

^~ *L ^



Ar -j- '" -
'___. .^^ ^ ^ ^ /^ ,,?f-__._i....

J^IJ^--.. ,.Z- _^L^ ^ ^ r ^
7 ., s ,; .;- .-. i' .i Ir

_ _--L_ f.r. __
>---- e^ ^ /-JZ 4- J ^ ---..---.-^^-. 70-2 -

,, A^J / ---'. V *

i ,, -

*i y -y

-y- / $S- -a
Ir.y- 'c~i L-, t,^ >f-e /-^ ^ j
1P^J Cr-< -3~~e-- ^Z- sr-r^-^ C C A-L ^^^-^^^t ^^^Z^^~ee^
t/- ^ ^ ^. ^ ^'C ^ 1^-7 --- ^^ -- ^t ^1
'(^~oCL_^^^ ^-^^^ ^^c~Ld ^-^ R^-Z^ ^
P--Y --;<-*LZ. _

HOL'.TiS .iARTIN. ( ;O )'039D
908s BRPEo a AVE







k .

... 4a .

Pt. IYuu6tortl7PloUt 2.1P-21 2.
21' 8.0.Nor2ri3,
LG. *loa

0y deir ili iOorisO g,

I an out, to got the very 'boat yhi-ng I ocan f ryo ~ w
nrf i t ia lndn. ornot. X sInit out a Itch oflettersa g. 2-0%tin:h'P ve 1
*0 About 1 1/3 it.l east of Net Okeelsta* Uriam QMasntAggriLtht on tho 0kec5:
: Lmata S- Giladecrast b.&;no3. o2 chie Oroas.-mtate iioaAis S 3o* jT.4,I,. *.
| ioe inrth pertion of it ( about' 1/3) is dith bod; a kiLtch on eas. said4eoe .
on.oest.,c raloo t r.y nd&-lo,i& S .,o uti fl into Gross Canal* Til puts:
Stat halt anywayli good,snae oond Altln to f:arm r GIJIT 1492. Thre Cc. half
-ean pro babe te i.'rain mo oC tio tOimabutg idiglt govt i oo ye3b loweov-rwit
ti slated to 'iWu dictchod.,aUlo a- sco a ouri v ey ffoeti-v ve e .r Di-i.triot .
peouipe reo'Ac it .id.th3y ar'D? EhBJ -EM
,he Moad is La goodX&irt gradpeikdi is to be sur-aoedig the Just howbi oon
iannot be pi scrotaeA Bare Just had a talk uit h a protiocal ro .a. builda.r
po Vi3fblt;luo6 ci le takes ai jffcr lahut, woulgIvel us a 9wfoot, wideapelle'"
SSu Eslaiee* d*e'.elqfater boeut 085 ( 8 -f1/1) ialle2aGrf tho I'd l0 i e tto t'
portion at thLe road t 43 ls to b3 rookAed a uxSiJithuld SiON 009,al go on to .W
Palm soaa.r So %aromtitnng portion about 3 /IA m ts.,vwouldbe sligttatind
the ispney ought to be fountcor thla ifwe frght for it hard enoua.i '
Ye-hav e a fi for. that -a 6 /aLs-,but ano yet Cor the otbcr 3 1/2 is.a
Andre have fundw that should carry Lhorost or tie roadPigMi3JfIIRboa to Vo
TUlBs SeoD eastsa 4 .M00 per aoreO Q.oQ 4Ae.g Ati lo tion o9i oaxM0 A
anL ro a wits w att o thoe 11 BWsiaUWB P0oew GOkeelnnta arte Vhe
Min OansllJ say it ig a far better loaMs1eq4 shai I thought oouldbacde
aul fwr an euitiro SeOtana. iS- fGS Iai ,

a ,Aj yx oz byyq taors wnat i rmore of -agood thingwhuile the gttisz
. and X nvet expect to soo it dso ood afdIn, it tian adA on the IS*
| 1W V4 1q SetUalajust South, -s0e 3/4 seas rjay be ued ftr aec
lo fprewa foWr iaeh locatsoansw- of 9t 800 per aerew

IIamZW -n mink-

Aflrlia gthe tracts I control I allow an agent 10. % if he ptts the sale
-Z t! he hel have usually allowed a izn this sootion at andnear .
aintaare 376. eran I an to sell on coaissioi ai d. am allowedtit $ F
41 tol&. Uowevero, should bope to.jbe ablo to Bob the prioe %t a figrPe ( i
tbat,4 vul let you in on that $b %at least. On the remaiLin:g 340 as -
Z can d4tniftely pledgey fU 5 ifyou helpsanlr 10 % if you put the sale thm.
Whare loagterms maset be hadit is carnon hJer to require 1/3 down, C
.13 in I year and 1/3 in 2 yearn; with 8 $ Sti on all Lorferrde pnyta,
xs oulcd be ansiwged in abo-m at the land at Olcezant'. I lbre moeLntione.
e sai a will probably be true on rwhet I hRve written for Where more
oash Can be paid owimgit will be vrlcoiae aii dtisoount be allowed noowAAftly
at ;8% -orLin cases,ereor 1a04 8f aqwvays
i hope tbhimay reach you in time
Xosgon caun run from Okeelantt to Olewistcn( Seo letter head) by Iur;
-sQo 1teoera Caoi gh o athe road is. still gpiadegize,' dirt road,*
e Bhaveay thto conftime the sRfateng Hewavy hrunling is by

I send lit re my Poultry arms propositionet@. 4
Very truly yours,






.di~L4 1 j


~~C:' &)S

--1' -h~""~jtPS~

N ' \t.-r &


/# ^



~ ~I ~LI.


-.1 ~ ~Y~a.

1)_ _

_ -

I _


cC d~
QL L~L~--~

~ z~


~ ~LC~LI~E~JI~ 3


-- -Y

- d
r -
I' arl **::- I.; 1.: -- N

-Ir re q P .- .

a~ -



q -

'rtiLynr dollars t estimated abt rSst
Cof tfas wouilplant a sootion ortwo of
srovrnmaeptsprrred on by our Feterdal
beaks 4 apose.*

SO0060,00 A very sall TI ratUI0on
iomne t semosthat the etderal

asc tircai," traposeyiithe losuttt al

vw a

V**Bp (3^





Dear Professor Will:

I am writing you again to see if you cannot do something
in a financial way,in the matter of the note and mortgage I
hold against you.

My bank wrote you several times recently and relieved no
reply,so I am anxious to learn if anything has happenedto you.

I dislike very much to bring up the matter of the note
and mortgage again but am compelled to do so,first by he ne-
cessity of wanting moneyto remodel my hglm,an undertaking I
have been delaying for three years,now it has to be done,
second by The Bankin Trust Company of Kansas City,Kansas.
closing it's doors recen'cy.r .Hoffman.was a stockholder in
that in-Fs ion and the company was ti~stee and guarantor
for stocks,bonds,and properties owned by. all
is lost and there is not a chance to rrlize a cent on any-
thigt '-.
.., "


I am now trying to realize-on other th sua h as your
mortgage and I have faith in you in trpg to dospmething ?
toward it. .-i

Would like to have you start making paymats on the note .j..S
or if you cannot do that give me a new n-H-e and mortgage cover-
ing principle and interest to date or a de ad b thaland then
I might be ableto turnjeither of these over for cash,but as t I
stand now it is difficult to do anything with it.

Advise me as soon as possible as to what you can do and
I will send you the papers covering the transaction.

Have been unable to visit your daughters in San Diego qr;'-J':,
Riverside because my mother is not very strong and I do not
like to leave her or take her on long trips,and also because
I am letting my home out to roomers so have to stay home ver'.
much and cannot get as far as Riverside,howerer ,I am looking iY
forward to going down to Riverside this summer.
..'.. .

Am hoping that you and family are enjoying your fal .,
share of health and prosperity.

Sincerely, .".

121 East Avenue 49. "
Los Angeles,Calif.


, ". ... '
;" ; ,-'

Los Angeles,Calif.
February 22,1922.

c~a^1^ /i(LM*/*' -iW >

6t t

_4.-4- i-A

~ n xi,,c~,.
'^nL- L&A^Le ,su *^ ^o :^ :'^^. ;t--ff^^ ^S.-R I -*-^ -

L* Aea w L f -i.i. / ,i --

* i-- -- a*

47a r%'--' -r
^ci ~ */ / .^ - ~ i- ,
^-^' P *f -^^ ^^ -&~ -^~ -^^ p^<

i.^ iGI -A.^..-*^^^.^'^* e-*
J-^AVI L.Z^ ^^~C tY--)^N~ *r '^.^' ^ -^

I^i^0^^ '-i,.^-ud 3' 'st -C --l' ^.C^~~ T, ^-1jce 1: ^-'- W -

,.,~, ._ .Cfi~t / ^ ^ "C
*-ki-vi ---(?--<^i.^f-c c. -''- ..-tj ~,.-<-- -- I'-.-i~, ,a-i ^ ^ i ;.~ "

1- / ," *

'/ <7^ i/ / ^ *' *^ -/ e .
<3<>-^?"- ^i^

/ 'C

,44 u. ,It _2t~i&,i, ; A- ,2- e /,i ,., "

a W-1/ -,- /' .d -. 4 -- ,. /.-7 1 Z-
,L ,, -^ ,(-. '/ :-- / -z ,/ ,'., .s f --^ f /

/1t -zi c ,-.. i -'

.--47 4 ./'< . %,k -. ." "'.r ,f r

' ^- ^ ,., /' --- --. ",t,-/-/.., ./..' .- ...
f tftA/i&4 f -t-41:7 1-4*/ *i A- ^- ,:

,.." ,'^ ,"& 4-- i, ,-$ ,
. -',, A't j -----z, t *

o'i-- -"- - < o- --V ,t ''. .-
4 . -/ -- ..J
ecs- .i,, ,, .A- _:.I. ,..._ .
t,-e /-, c.' -'-. ""y ,' .
-'. ^ t Lejt/t-j / c^ -t:^^-

..... -- ., -*,. .... . .-- -. 4 "- ,
"'c- l-I ,>P <4-.4,. "-tat _f2 IC, t.,. 11'." "

j t/idJ/44 .yf /.. j $// ^ ,'y.' j'y f" ; .-. .

,,/-..>" /tf- ,/C7,./ .
.Ct/ 1 --i C, Sr C ;? 2: :L

4W' L'A- i

H .< ' j1*


4F ,

- / .4 .

-- L~ah(ctiCL *

Cr- .3 -

4 / 1



2 -4


. -. '

*6 .P-/ -

C' r .




*el' ,



I -


16 the ha(dwks i f i 1 01
oorlete the t irsataaA e th e ha t.ut a
lBantag4csh byy RodOpanBsa Egthe at the teiBEnersin thatb
e tqnaaew.en~t at the oand c an ar r w atnw,
r. tdjris itge a eia1tntsrwa eIn fui gi a on..c4A e ,r She wi "MO iomr
far tob haI le so. ail S Ot the b atrbwV aUd I am told ttasar. pawre- a
*tfulalo*we has ben foa d who is reearaVad. to ibes a bpsBleAamd ;Aiti.
W*llugnPes todou the wo mrat a reasonable aeharge
- e" comedy e awnes aQt dCelirr aF aJI~ s between the Lake eountar
andthe lower "at .ateoemoes wmith the P'i !~ a~ &Pfean .a~idey
audber ot.6otaerpoe ort at plaoe haereuleate in ithe Pralose t ilkoe ti
IsEtrareap toe~apy or ebit.rwith thierobabity thit an eaf4ost will be made
to iaMe"thoe .p al tt a to grant anily oarlage of mallsfrom V,
Palm ..eoa to the Lake Goumari. "
*.. .greuse with @ovr.mnent aotftf als o-r Iea en anit
i1a.t .e a ser 3tonrr.1A0(Gelops tSo rjiowlsnigr-
hm DP w n tana .ds"rvtatoE4 aAl water table oontol for fre poteptgp
are all ablne e a ltmmed i the. supposd JLterest .fone of the
-t.a.ers dri n. ~'asanthe.let ~2ige ltr up .ay beWuso thrm to .ot.
them unartineas eeawonable transpPrtatSon @ouintosenon Oawal are not li
q~ale with darnlnage
S tnae ant yigatatn nsat be wnter one opetral,whtherq State ox eV
A chafgo tfrm State to Federal control would. need to be prevcedo T a vote
orf the people interested. Now terrthero iapqaign g Soigress tbhe si oai
xkIrah RtecaIstion I411. tater Ata ternasf _dssedlEverglrles roelanataim |
adLtft- 1be. eoarAtt to t.':e e.aral ofreaenta. XIn thaet o9e@anl nir agapl
woid probably pa.s ilps fa oteto the ar 0opyaat~Ents
9" '""W'^ Brw hopes we wdil berepresented In the Oointy VaiP. Both Sxn-
dtriSaMl repesenhtatm a areprov.ded fore ew gomrnaltty Jlabiit, prIfzesd
$oo.o60*00,$000 aan$SsOO are altered&
..t .a -i Ma.reh till Maay 4i Apls, r istration boao
be opesvom4oallftr reSlatration torthe jtino pagParu y e"a. Oieer for Okeoluptciats authorized o delegate Irs
forp fits regstratsi ptitd to another* e has delegated Pr* MS. u it t
I to an .relwe st ,n a-pr midasto caomstature a casf, homeaxet q'
i bad[*n baatsL aousag Qaxspa gntaota follows f-
-al. R aats ft m SItAitOx aitg atntq they believe thqy 'aA ldur m
a t aarsir tesauttssaP~ l at with htgl ratss aalplant a lage meqg. a
91Cy paw.fes wAte they desire to plant a seation
o Se at the WPalm Beah t aier oao astates ee Vla w ai4
becre ts bof thepopaiscla atIn ianal3t a this etfort. It is
that the ogas has plae at the disposal of f~e
rfor prpose this flund has been transewsea
Bre fas to the .~ar lnsanoe txi~eatt
f* ais iEat a97 fotr be Ant to ftartnorsa We
I n .,o to poV O a a a ).a n the shaen betwes ~ o
r a.tmaaa deaipvng to gr 9r psa ad erelp eth 'i
. .....



0 -

-.- .. ..- . . .

- -

i ,LdP,Vla a,-6fl

s hope jwou Al read the enio Airanai apit* as fik
as it 0k We he had a a lon,qc~7 iperato fight getting the condition,
Saniedpaotte.vfhdrci fgikoids;but w3 haetraota at last* By following tbieo
3ines we can iLIndicatere can win from now one
/ ut. it reqipg*esanot one rn o~i r n handfulalal &l one,, sand ousped For meamna
Ist many. Our 7.0. Asmn a asbouldget on its toeeo atl&satlartnreprc for its
'veC been haping very sznah iop iUcar from you. Harvwoneered If i y*ux sftj d
your aidvevoEtiing OaMprTiglil.
Asdxfyou eap etedl toa bo 2 le to help me in a mlnetarway. t le a -
tsmaj b orgottirg up plans and vtIg baapublihinc ookt-- alnd I hea -
a lol aftheam outnolandist ll at eta In the print shop- itts been all
Pgrattous work.and. an "t t pea Oete Nor it.s jag.og" tre that
sotmO begin to the taoes of anst yeatranathaet XI
borro a the loney fto aO. tae s as we a w aifrosl a bank at "10 i -
te.* eawer 1100 fortoaso. Wow iLta tax agti ng dn ..' tnaps
alone .ae$a8fl "T'e tW111 run It .to$10i or$110u. lue April 1st.
A let o r maoisbrs eoumxt eitpaaMer tWhat they AR m! neiers of a % loqeraw
t ro Asan. with recippqgn.L-dra, i3s gal lthvat that l$the only reason they wafaeg (
msiah a borjgaLn An the *P ws po "ase. We AIL J ar IN TOGiEtmma to. ]pIt the
r oaI t zan allX help aid pl1 eOnefit Theio rirt cAll was oar 100
(o-PamnrAnVy 7 AND nW ug.o ia .n a oon-on enterprison abe. 5aBglatw s -
(teoe was uwnevr naw g I nit a o- chance to buy fau an Indeapanadet
(ottes mike iti good Sw t
X lkow thatt hass never bIcnon ideas* Youi haveo alwar. laein willug tsi
help keep up youw tendL
A aut yio help no tanke S salast Peop'le fto- ringup no. cta mtf
he ofter hard emnfaltons, pM oal aai nqalsaia j at 5ha ste
outing en* Nafevs o Poultry nI otwfpti openoontavty tttle
ads i n f. Aroen wa lnting: .ogoeweaive that, tet.
3S*. tif. hew raiMo rait roo^X m en
^~~~~~~~~ ~ -' '.-.. _mm3L.~____

.... ^ .. .. ^Z ^ ,- ^ ^=t y'
_ _ .^ ^ ,4 4 ^ .$ .. . . .. .. . . . . . .. . . .. ... ..

@ _-'^ ^t, ^. 2 7 _j_.---__
_---. -__ ,-

4 4 ,..

< /^ /
d ~~ (I'""-j -c!---
..-........-^'**-s'^^^_ c/t~ -.-.- ____ -______________________

^cS-^<~ Lc >^J<^^)i.j

.... .^i... -(^ /^-- ^-^^^ ^^^/C --- ----I-

~_, '^ 64 ^ C/ -

^t^A. C~Lj-n"^^ .^^-^^^^ -/<^-- -
A^7 ~/ a
*1_ y'L /<4:- ^. /y > __ t
1ya tA
//~ :,"-CCm~ ^S ^-t^/ci/i~-t^/7

unitb tateo Slat Of irr __u.s

West Palm Beach, Fla.
February 3, 1922

Dr* Thomas E. Will.
Fort Lauderdale, 1.

My Dear Doetor:-

I have purposely delayed answering your letter
of the 24th ult. until I could have time to see the manner in
which the newmail schedule is working out. At the present time
we dispatch mail via. IitsHugh boat line on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday as formerly fet all points on the Lake. Mail for Okeelanta,
South Bay and Bare Beaeh goes to Ritta and from there distributed
to the three offices named. We receive mail via. the same boat
line on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday front all offices. Rail for
points north of here eomes from Canal Point, Pahokee, Bacon's
Point, Kraemer and Aitta, and fil for offices south of here only
somes from the other offices. There is no reason why a letter
from Fort Lauderdale mailed, say, Tuesday should not go out to
Ritta on Wednesday. It may not get from Ritta to Okeelanta until
the next day I am not advised on that. The mail truck leaves
tiis office before 8 each morning, and I as advised that the boat
does not leave Lozahatchee until about 10. The schedule provides
that it shall reach Ritta by 6 P 3, and it probably does that.,It
would not make much difference how early the mail left tnis office
unless the boat leaves Loxahatobee at an earlier hour and makes
better time that it does.._

| *.% ; .Ludoe::. tae, 1li,,, tJme A "4,1, .'.

pS,,'ib.siOPr Qo,,

,. 3'35 aongrot St.,

,ostonss. '

,, ,. S -

I us3 an Olivor '4.9 ty:writcrm 1th tresL vi.tbots

a7UlX tn sltootnL get rbcnt 8 o.r 7 ao;Zi. 6 7aov' your Jv. 7rn

a t lo youend,a nd wh:At cos till be. I shoufL.ce to .bt :
P to 'co pies,f wrotobl
.'t ^^'y'o '_ 20 n lO'J q .e ,9>. T?.'z,.o .utbi~ :. .l3 _______.., :.'..'^.-.-

~r' 1.

** e leSsassa ert---

3 it isfandu here's hopglg '
bjttimqw ref941mle'A-r4 W- bocvuze orre Or.
botessErs rpe r , ctteaaendnig% ittttqpsbeQnse fertev 1 tIoe q .3It we )uqre
boats Rcf ryjrt ltrq dpo s r thiea J .It dh qt4d ecW clQQBsar37A ,
a nS to.esE lptan3tY a on's ILt lny sectn nooanaany to Uelas gqt ,I%
thraaE X .luANCpot forgot t4 theratei t4the li l.ifoUnacfltylaa;Z Pettlqn a t,
last uattes. roweer,nam nor wTpanr to sporlftthn tCe arnl-Icrey aU1i0S it seeOS
twrialra iuay ui4il thresh 4 lfout rlUnt T ithi sounr owri Gomuio41. .Prewzlnaa.r -
zeetriqrencpoautsei9with .eadep rn x niy save time awnl coatprqrEoxryj. TheCtlpr
vatst bya tratPt ,nayafl r deBstrpryod.ALte a.ttloont mto h ^4t8thre js a .W .
na arpegientj ytp4is t tryingge^rjP-^agngre -a to wno-4 wweL ,d woro thbn lozqrf
djistBawee .goqrc2nnIt s dcmeQ* V oan sa. )oattnor rib.boatr,* J'ipa
trI* ,sa .ater or no.. merjttits a IrHl as oe.Ttri ;lolrCne .aLe Mf
a a s itlDe we Oon"am a ntdolsaet hnt ever it may bq. The arg
ntis S Wfr on the s prop l
It iahett#,gcas .4awp-Er,utitan the uoyerrent rc.; iLnm 4C c(p"a re. -d
That t t off artia somn? qwurtersc p b th.s onote. Fpgthqe 1tbhe GU trez t.rnttr r
can i An resewre for Ntutne tue1XY nee^ld. T? tt were .w'nzt4ac in woon
neetatin aitt t 4e,aeqea3rmngtotthfe er- intdt be i ia ILn conjastloin wi*Lth
Garstisty Oantrol cr canal lcwels.
on that g|a^p hrjoktt 404fl4Mpe it i stki AdeC11 .ur qaWnn3whrn thil
ftais .cnm be Wispreds opi- jn aMin.,dGantl G-( Pvrwiv Sd St.Luate Qanala, are
aew abs-oifidng mWet of the raVmsto

Marott s theid3 s flel Uat 1 .4 h- s enrpppe ofd 4aouii 2" thc wila
lazleanurfroi to 4' IA the IjX4tr-txVd. 1ndall Tia4ss vneorS thUe oaSq
ofthe oana2a4 er!ble. A&n iSl ,n n lI surraiO tneaux an 18$ psl nlaqgo An.
.the e. C tfbe .0arfl Ue fl, r ys tis aPzoaetd 4tat. thiMaaut Mjj tqraqtoet4
aees a tchegiapas qooEIn ia wny .'bI e Theo 3 3teXy bill n r WLp bl
tals iPrlesP'L frop 4 a3ahsaseeframn another .sq a oNtqas tWarhe X
aa are~ ogenP ,dd atn ss stVaoant g s4 *srtase that4 ve endorue tbe Mill -
( Ra7<,aortal .la t;fec@ ndj ixg WErT laa as .well as IXellauxhurgethe ZI.SJoarA
Io urge egres to ps It Wo aHWIA do thIs
Poersoieal o Joi4nt UoCstit tee AP.rital. A hpIe .you T piasit qazV#, andOr
y repie*qout 31e d .t -se Biear ujan K iuy t ewatrnfi
*alo ktAa aone stunnn oonte4r th ana SeWt.
19 UA ^fLpoaJ antl -- I lad in qaraet vw, 'hen I .sax htataho agiaguqe thin ld
atry,4o awire WSC or water in sh4.lsae s coral .UloaWt .oaas ,T
we t bq. Vq ru'Btniniordor3ajnt b eaaerno.nfg .*u* bc aeaS Oriff'tg aiA M
rW bIr' hatsr,, a qr 1oin vare uhIedulad for 2,l 3tp %hohe aCKy oorje Awth tou
lease let me kIow what I crn do Atart=or. oJpe Oalitraiion aLy not agpe.r*
-n-. -- -

- 'a.-. P-~~~~E


it., udoXrarL2oFia', 2-a-22.sp.

Vsjtlna, 0lS


ximlasof -n.3'W reodu. '* loltyl-eo Oo." too ttincatttae
It n, i in'iji-a Plot (It).L2 Suco.9,Tp44.,R 3,Lef l'o, .R fIS.Ut on in 9 n8s11
Sf Drainage o in lV a slowl' nppro;oliing. No uoliajng,i think.

Lo0 iain UQl 030 OGkcclmntar No wile o'er theiolots. Fown nrr settled
itsoiarerqsf or y ow:p' cao. doun7y It\ (;x1 r1i'sn,( R0olls) cut oural and
batilt rod ae OD Tp' Idnci e1 .m, south. 'JhiLpulled oonttr of gravity
td Qasuxil mssang (IBS 1ett.faweada) All to~icotsvr'faore s--old rhen ftheitda
vw paoa.tliuat all ,Wo tallywere aittn Tby the buyers

weaver there is a real movrent In the Upper Oadtuce country nowill
aaelt thie OZ T own Ijf t e biycrs rill aowhw s arion signoi of lifeandhelp ,
3 ~ao.b hIWvbau t tlhir f;Lit for 1;: yeaswe oam pu t the old toen o the
asf zeta OtherapeiUt is doaoncr. o na a T"hnm tract* ShIll be glad
t0 s at t hem Vwho 'ae wi ng .to help, mOet cir property. I Ir
-l$* al. Z telither mnoh they need, to imo;.

-ti' Ltr4

Vao-y truly 70'aP, -


m m m mmmmml

*. .,




S. .

~ -~

.ReEs (2)

If So o.areto pGt a figrwo on your 20 000 ue.rnad villtoll me how near it
aito the Penna gar Y111,l rwll write the nagt* tp o has ,the 20.~000.aWe
Tm EW'.

U i

B.. .(,~

S 11 /zJ /i^/k^
,'r :k----

t, / __ f2...

7 ~s- 48- -e SL. LI ~ C

ff __ < .
Cecu. /^-L^. ~P~,,jS.LC^' t^^- ^- ^^ ^^

jej ee
C ,,^^L s^f- <^>^^'z-fc, rcl L.,
-yird~t; c u~cr *^^ L-dJ -<-c-<^, LS-y ^^^^
,, _M *ih%: ^7~CcZ

>^tl[f6^- Q^-^ '4/^3-<^ *^^SlU!. ^ff^G--/^-^ ^CP1fte-cr '^^^~^
AzA-^^(- < e /iCZYJsL M LC c
*Rgt&- tiiiii iimi ijx,,
^ 4c-/ ^ ^^
.47 <2^a* ^<-e_^-<^ ^^$^, b^c^/^

7C2r~ .7%.6 &

v. W.a.(3) '
htingo da wMeW suahi ,a aaio* dasper said
of the sun.
'A vodering;ifwe have any bad fires yet.
letimated $100,000 oftaIue itb very lok estimate
has beez destroyed .in iavie daistriet in recent
wee kst "eadLG one trip thcr?,alaattendled
one ftre moOting. F4ie S ardezn aosonsofq.or,
,aren, has been .ca.- I had 2.- hou s with Itd.
eayerdiay in his pirtr.te roonandwe wantover
athg rey tally* Noia thoroughlyaroa.sed to
the tpe .~othe matter aE fire proteoti
Bas been taught )Jier that dlanage yithoutJrPre
protection is a detriment and a meannfe* "etteW.
leave tho laMn water loggcdithan dr;-r it ry as
p owider axtlet it burn up.
6S2 Uan old friocuaof Sor* jardeef an'bopes
to have an qmpqrtpant conference with 4trma vFey
saoon H3w his plans all Iid. Suggestions
I nndebk-eo. on our long experience pleased. biM
eattls pandqe uil .edbody yhem T i. h asnhame.
only quesft is whether. 6Or._ wll baok him
ith powmr and ftxun. If soI believethe
will. be abated.
r. Jwi~ll be in Oikcelant.a eoon. I advised
him to work t1hru amdvith the casverl oouratzdty
tOnif lspalK.l gave him the numiaesro the offPters
ar op .onailamandoft.hoseof Belle Gladue ard So.
.y. i sIuggesteod thf theseconoailo agree wi th.
hia on ae rmot offeato e rrailable nan as a
Beputy ar. mdthf t:o whole workf of firo
1ig and righting be so orgazed that the s
On beq praVtcdoer if startcdlIPPEaI If 'fit BUD.
oe P ta thiflstyand takes a wa 4alndad
PraI"IB 1 Ler* an vel pleased with im,1
and sdl hbperFo* a very helpful Sonferense beo.
tween Ma and all o. gfon. I sl ritably n ot
be therebat you will rfinthe way Efulp reparM

foreEa e Etv- e Lroperat"es I ttvthe lossf or~
re ag _apatus Be sa" PVe he whole

A- 7 &" e '

'.-." -.-- "
; --'-'-"i "'-" '

L /7 // ^ _
S/ f
^n Ai L'[ L^-^ orC: &p/'^z

/f 4

'. ^Q^ --- --^-^ /^ Z

~~- .
T- --- -^ 7 -' ~a**-
/it <-* N r-"-- .-r

'I Jay*C ~ Z

^ ^ 'r ? .

.-:- . ... .-.. -, -------,--:.. .. . : '

ROPERTIESI NE -OKEELANTA lots -sufficient to pay. he e ntirebalaanoe --
(dWue on IF.;0.eo 27) on condition themoberswouldhelp put the transaction
trugh;jtther Sy buyingthem themselves,or sellingthem.every dollar oft
Sw-ana-p rooe.ed ~..o~t.-o-diretytly to our -oreditor- 1in payment of the sait i
balance due on 4f'. .
: *m-' *rp

*90 -l not a pQuqr omt of tbiprooeqaqonqerre, u the
9-_s in -a ttoert this Aot4 wuaan Iialta .the popaert ,ln P,
$pase,byour trustee, of theo deosc to us ally; MOrlf as wel ans Wtoey
Is '4"_trt atuldbe a qre simple matrf .. nbersi t -r
stfp ota as htrar.acgs _to Hagte oe am eaJL 3na -a-do t wan S^
-_ ,__ .-- -.
js.... ...........-. .r.. .. st.q.t noe..- Y lr -w.
aft I iras heat anstol sUtoLIE bnQit UJpon operation aath inus L
mextaritng.! -<4mow-- -n the--0i p -o -it-t -----
214Sw=I no yot m aPft do nf al,-a 4wu- t ge-iftliberatoritg
?-2422,Syou wrote ie In rep tq y etetor or 332 Y .
.f-:. fSrha.e tat gS.Jeajt Oat1 tq IO me byr QlIto itteutAm. G
aOse,... I stated., that WI lad ost a of.. ..trat pe at.
yl_-i u-aam woqs i L td or -a.qr tc ees trt4... jrluit i.l..aseO,
,a dupitoate .to fortrardto _me..OBQtlg to li erfrnn you Pjt eonvenLeee
-in Yo._urs rl-th great a vdir -ato Inatmaal. ge+ -- -.e"and.Ia -
.38_42#a I gsen.t yog -the dt-ltCtc of nitrate --
.e a oheamlS 2attaepntjrnt be madethhe d ib. '
Been' tbhctar^dest ypagf1la^13, .yn rtFeznot eene
.mebrersiQ Qztramtdip They .q3p eat Qme to Ad aUtio _a
he bi -.9 I aena lqat.L a W-.t* etE re aent ---t.ture ght
as a ooperu.tive, meqrber far.o nation am Dao 8a u -
--.,good- of '.11 oeng ._ - tah -alttedr tt mve nr _p.7 t
ars taonaiir to the Sotla. Derooperdaited Ma t 10 ,S 92

fl* eg g& iqt ,, o r.eitpli ., . &o .A ~p. .
A e~ 1 a..4oeftqg. oftr ai ao a- lt- et pjost do anot manrlth l
tag- a W .ne^ 4S EprQ *go -tteh6O4E4 t tp0i tjn
r'eion than o realie nmself cc thl #ac lxirna Uqt a 3MsUe.C aunr
t maperf l yl 0 t. M.e. .. .......j
d4e- deeds y h itI have ab4axsa n tiakto paid.o n avea
sklTmafl agliZO -+aa Vf Vg'e .0Hr-oqBiar aaioTe ICL Tie ,een to tat 4.ent taq
esty weala.giasne< .4 ys been qL rL-Pied. for itaeaS, LMt yqaprhe
t-e wt -(0flft f thlI Vear- ieareryr contdqot ,oP ]y lt
et ontaaittwo. Qther irelears,panLd their own. t.xes ic to u te iat 1*4
teveastti-at a Q-tiPELA \TlyE aSsoIAlftZo is -as owgnqtzatla i E ton a n-.n 3
used to help.
SQordtalfly cr# ___A -:

...__ ......... ...-....'...
"" I III I II Ii l Id I II I

SooMr. -y Thon ) tr

^^. 'W. -yon pl/ico *at T1n^
,.3GrirtVin havo thTw incub.'tv -. t 2.. .* ? f- in
]I'ttcten arid obli.s:n,

Xoarftory tanly,


1. I ..~iJ


- ,.. . T

* rP'77
" *f '5

aoiY,.FRloaq, 'Myallar.atc a ea Aqs i

My 4,aar .OnptaAt ,t


I 4.1 an4tngherazirthyb*y ,j.Voels .wot,a sPookqen .os ,thes m.sntb .planetto
which .fslboun4lqen lt4G4t. A wik trho s4iqsiaties tljat hA, repreoentS
largq .oapitalauB .c4 nrawlsttiLAa#= wdd mpa developenv .pn pipoea tiona hope'
has head ,tI p.tbe ,p3iaetto eqnatan-4 potaSh1,nf .worlbrdhle .quwamtiLttla
oe ,4e,.inea ,t .lqam whetherr .Wti.ts ir.-vi0 L* in Uxdhi .alQe-nthoiitl.taItea ;tiat,
espital or, qbaroasht lir t,.dqvelop ,it and. it .ravallabe as oaam.o'
morLai1l trttsloera.

I slall beglad to jbAoveyoU .-4wlye hie .apegeiA*?iBor report q0oo AS .tt
Tho above .pqrty .ry hayo ,ito sq qrttlt ,tthin tw weeJks.

Very .tryalyynwpas,.




is .:
JJ .5 -

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fa,,ts4 .


: -;
9 '*

- .:.L..

S 11.
. ,-:.. :.

; I *

": ,i
U. ;

. ,.-:
.: ,i
: .. .?

..- ,.

~Fp~dBtrfble ylgLEL~ $e'TY4-',31 XDR

. :" n


-I .1 ?

i. :' "?

. i-. -

. ' "

4~f -~
V. / t"4'- -
j -; U

JI dear h.)Stuiraanes
Glad to receive ydrjisof the 25th,

A to swar land. SBme of the Cfi-nest sug-y onano ewr rri sed in the
lauleuo D Oespecia.!ly doesred for sg r)wu7 gwren by Mrt. J.tdea-ton
Wujores t trast' ANeS39, Xour tr-o t N-o*14 is one traot HNoarv3. 2 t*.'cLa ':
edst hoiicit betbor deo:ycd. .ti.2 iait*t tin itsL wan enapeo&ally wlian he
rcdised that crap Furthor,,yoursi;-no'; driindias his w.s note
4o1w ri4jt be-twe n youSr .muisi aretraots Nos* 19 anal2o for sale. iTh ould
you niate In rom Wuiere .rj 4 or n5 mori sroite 'adjoining these for s?.le. I
regiwdtNheseoladas fa' anidaway betto thm"i tTh IanSl thCe gre it oanna sugar

tow as a. Mrifl.3- Oixne at Poitl, one at 'oar thothirt
Pa O 0 Q*),0 rEp. up :-Lusi 0 u.l.n.I ftroia ,Ad;ull. hs pts u. right:h- te
Zra ial.leoat thi i tagio ,Pont.
A ui1l3onawLr' was at ahkeolantn one day talldng with ame on suga"* moottdjng
aboutheo s:.d,11 "Why .ouldun t thinL be a good pl .cec or a g sugr ilLy1 I
told !idn i, Court lyl would. I havetle-Cn resOrvlng tkose traos. 54 to fiS
just oast of See oppr,P,) for notao big thingllic: thfat* L;eol itZs has
a gSrrLt fuSar3. 'e have boon lisni.ed bytie-Jfac t, tho lui. oos* got tira selling
at our polniL baToro or soon Wei'tr 'wi got in tiero* ioen cos* boosted the
other tjL:ctf;oiosj Ui it viiid not been rebt'iLod,.uniut at people awlinoywcrguintns(in
crOues) iiS tharlwso emu got th Cide-I that ourpoint-ers interiora
However,noto a rfot like this. A a rgE: : rty on x4Eore. Niayit to
Okeolantx some 2 years ago,ancl va3toed rAdlunched thiire for sca .e io'urs.
One suild8 My interats ore all at M'oorp HvrOn. But I an frank to tell
you t.hi yuu have a far bettor location than ours*p 1'otsof people rcoogndso
th&bip Thiat plaU0o sisplyhil:A a DBI PRoI!!tlM anild .% lot of rio nnre e tliD.
tig lbuk aatsae QpWI eodnt is being btiomned now with ON1P31e DLtti. the
a w Suar frp* tatuflty,0coolamtzI Cg .1r ahend of Zoore Maven andthe
Pa. Co *a planeladtou r location In betto*. thnm that of the canal Poibnt
Sugar l
whcaii ggu a 3Fa.-se a easel on' t lo;:ro a ho-ka foal2s ardi go
esit.F yu bhy 'aore P 1ades lint,

~R .- .-- -- --.- --

Jfloribta ral Estatr journal
PHONE 1690 327-331 N. W. FIRST AVENUE
June 20, 1922

Mr. Thomas E. Will
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Mr. ill --

I have been in the North for the past five weeks
and for this reason your letter of May 18th has
remained unanswered.
Of course you know that we did not meanto take a
slam at Okeelanta. In other words, we are not out
to slam any particular town or section. What I
tried to get in the map published was the entire
Glade section, including the lake and the only map
I could find giving that complete section was the
one '.e used.
I think it would be a good idea for somebody to get
up a map of this kind which would be up to date
and would shoe'..' all of the roads -- now completed
and proposed.
I can assure you we will always be glad to get
anything concerning the Glades which will prove
of general interest to our readers.
With best wishes, we are,

Yours very truly,

iEAL EST .T JOUlr.,IALD-iai. CO.

C2 ~,P-


- -it-- AL^ **- .c C-
I. t^
JX K^^z-s-Z- ;
* 4 -- t 2-ta A

4 -


p-,'d .;

* 1? : M.W

-. f ,-i/9 -4-

~epc~ -c?---~/9

f"- 6 ^_. ~ :.. II r^ C^B-4 J ^^ .. L< -

A-<^ ^Z( -"?^^,-<_r^, cc^-Zf -^ ,

, -u4r J


_4.-JD/_ ,oW -.J.LL,-

*' & /

>fz',- A c etA kt ^-At ^ < c) -h-e, dh&- i

J&.^-^^L 9-^Cr~u .-Zp j ;iZt
~s L:~?Z trABC24C4 v--;e 9kw

91-,v rsDi ~t -v

.. .n ew W Sy 1 nntime right along.

r A as sofreat regret to methat y.

ma vdthm tha. at least v Thet
fl it hat bkno sw nerI l dght have gettln
f. tla sq e out in time to save the
rt Vta, tand saEt1ihadf. it was tbhe tit

Taw i & agro t Beard hre so low in fts that
te willa not pay for t e tereoahaottrime
: lmBSar inr dtao mt nuetheentire mit t

isi eiml viey mi* Ithe strigenf
-Jim^m BeaDina Pt and Developer. Get

tt jarSte as dtb asi the Sphirr
gI. we h ttaen the bridges in
mlp UMse uLi9tten Go.Mr M tlori fti

ware to m Ouw brldg at'e Oslkeeasta
mta repe. Ouw Qe*. ocbaet to
p4t We are entitled to that bridge,
apa'tatltc your good will aa ramie
-* *ito o p eO l e. .
I^ : 'I "McM-ely yons,



1: a 86x frald.

. . .. .

Ft.ndaordalo,flav, 3.24921P

[ in

aweurd nay J4t. ponpgo 41l start' early i Aprtinprotbi
he-Y aeon bntfr on basisness.

Sry am evgqri toaq sure t .ey h ,ve the best arrd6st fa-orqblz ...
: eepttopabppleawped with our county .uxipe pleant l ideasto ona t in their
lota wit us*

Mine questions aki.e R-

1) As A Rot has wrLtten me of the aotlon of the g00.

a:.. Lt any be ready in UAme to brsig a flends Utp

own-a fi mnot tale ahnqpernaydL iaminot endure the thtiiught of 'ringdiag
-^ iteBI Q P .Poia tf ittaaawt oifaly. y. ie fare is 3 4,landthb
hS as ta1 rqdax out oalarnotor of the trip 'so ibyondrctoat e4iplranttilon
d' :alqt the eeot upon the visitorst mininA*

St n. ..ohane woiu4d wo .o coe by qar. If ?r .. n lut through ,w.i the
_oi, qul~ tna rouite,th..t will note so bad b t if ,o rannt go via
5.1A na.di So JsBaypit wll be almost as UIA au t e Canal Pt-M ta

4v iege vth via Olagqore it iA .y go tlht iri jaa2
-Sff 8 s .haTewk roung .MBoretr onto athat r *i-, proving it. ,
._ ...- thnr April. 4d8 .the orard will be pappa e le a tle uIestion. -
S attne wtr mEay by thQ4 t ,amke it betteror It tglrmnkeat WORSI. Oain-
yon a atiat ot me knaowf

SO keitte.lanta, I qw. tljoe own *itte, e~potally that part * the Pakaddng Iouse,.aroe Mi4dgqet
.neqsa jilpaglg tpe .o e Aihais a tractor outfrt,al- hMrowridtten Xa 3
'D~ijMe it he oan do this work. It needs a roller or tanaem dise rn over its

-S wot owur whether yqu hUa a trqotor .outfat,or qt., ,tf so,and.hie
~--: t 4iao. i%, oX anaer 5T you.o anin time to sare theo dar beforoo XP.g
-mflf -mhogl4dhtto to harwetheia satqh ublpurlcldn wpoctds. area
h'jl aasl afHl house,rAtlon each sideoftho road espeotally nest

.-b .)no t be on. . .



- E~
.- 1*:
i' L
I :ril




l tothelot he town a. dwellind ill usqg he'
- si a~emflu mntas tlat ought to yiepesat adntiz ea
*w4a0tRe han fervor aosqqpe4 wa. qflt ystU. qd
3ca me... A7y an't yOU start t OeSfwt ie o tnuh
Stnit phiie &apeaentot be hon ia witaA b lp
r- M ^:. N. ."' .* *

*: I

~4~-. -a,

^..-^--ltbfl^CbhQ adt oz; afl&


the door.

Current literature teems with it
for March (p.7).

Dp we care? Hoover says, "Famin

These conditions MUST be met.

The UPPER GLADES are a.Horn of P
"weed" lands is re3.dy'NOW to farm.

Here, a handful'of pioneers, at
have now solved the chief problems, agric

The era of experime.ent is past..
experience on the ground, for five years,


;s pictures. S'ee.Delineator ,.

ie is the mother of.anarchy.

Simply t ."save" is Atupid. ." ';

'lenty.h A vast area ol .

infinite cost to themselves
ultiral and'mechanical. ':.

"Through actual, first-hatd
the writer KNOWS.

On'these lands, TODAY, can be produced excellent corn, magnif-t
icent sugar cane, poultry, hogs, beef ca'ttle,..aiary cows, and unlimited..
'. :l"" ow it is necessary but the "thrust in the sickle, and reapra
for the harvest. ..iS ripe'"

S While millions perish, shall we loiter and temporize?

"What shall we do?" I submit two PRACTICAL PROPOSITIONS, cov-
ering, respeotiveley, corn and cane.

.. -. I .CORN-GROWING .... 4"

Cn-growing on. 't a' land has been tested. Results are fine.
". The cos-t if lowv. tAcive corn-gro.wing Will not only relieve hunger
broad, but will bring to us an elevator, ,hogs, cattle, population, areat development. and then wealth and comfort.

;', : "
) COST;--Here are liberal figures;--For plowing no. land,
Sseed, planting cultivating and bringing tp maturity,. per ao0e, Six-
teen Dollars (-16.00)

.- a Advances:--The above.16. 00 'must..'be paid' in advance,. l..;
b) Expenses met from'"ebeipts:--Husing, hauling, shiip- ..
ping, and marketing expenses can all be met out of receipts from sales
of crop.
S3) RETURNS:--Fotty .(40) bushels per acre, at ,2.00 per beashel,
is a reasonable estimate of returns n new,. weed land as ripe as Fruit-
S. aj) QnL n a of, E.igty Acres (.80'a;e),. Cor 'e ,.
SI-will be rep onsi'ble for- all the *ork, and il. pay, ha. lf .tix b .
S Dolla rs, (e ,O G- advance, .f you will pay the o ,her half ( 8. 00)v.:

....- .. , ,' . .. .. ,' " ::'.'. ', *., "
.... 1 '.'i

:x s 'r.i" ~ l ~, I ::S'S



r' '
' ..-ji


/33gsL k.-
LLe, 7C'>"

re-g rPZ

F. . L & :- -
F.Z cita.o J-&d

^L~b ^^ <<. ;e/ :

(J J 1 AC-fl A, -
1ie4, J&.e y ,e Asa


AL< <,

-t rtcJJL?&

4,Le frlIoB
c~~ EL.&~h

~aAt S T2

~~Z~-f-~.- ~C.y -iet

6I 0-Vr 7O"

-rnR: -





C 2-Li> fc

7Ve S

aECD44r~ kW1~~~

- c~a

IliY~~p- I

i~ C

-Y JI/CL41

V-1 I

~ -~ 6 bP-u ~nce.:





ir dv- it

7o' .


h .


" -%


D o
st; ~

1 n. ^ we

,:". ,a-. .- 2. - : ..-

SDame Tho e Pd t-,
_a -.- .. .


4y dent Sir4-

In C:Ge Pau Benoch Post for Oha 5th. Inat. -X ?have rsn4idlta
deep. interest, thle rttoflo on thi "ilk Ziduqt4
Snote yorwI regret thit tKho pcxplo pft Tflof4i do not reaAlize tie pessaIll
ies of this tjrnstryand your hope tO'ipeon othcr stations for t'e aslk
inbtustry in this state.

l'n 1015,! introduacd the nailbrry( I au told it ia Via DwtzLng),lnto .
the OkoelanIt coantxry andbare gLen lrfray outts to all who 'rouldmaecpt
andplantY thema

trieoe trees flourish liwe tho green bay trse ao the psalifl atbear
proqg oly, supply us with good postsan kel.n rd aroetherw eas TIlpful.

X lihe frequently been asked whet e they nAght not be utilized for
sdlk culturpwcbnt couldnott pl. atino aoubtCa? amiswer

If other varietieo of mhniberry M ereqUire 4,p: havo i ttlo doUbt th
will also thrive. O~rs one ean alrAaat* se6 grower a I have stuo pptltags
into the naok arltn lotP than a yearhave oaten fruit from them

Now,eWhy can iwe not raioethe vrptietqyo pay? anntanil shy Oa-rmot you
establish one of yoar stations with uas X on, ftmrish 1pndanM ahnll be
glaA to enoutm ge the Indzu try,it lnot. can Te .shown- n~ltheyf g d ubtlege
O ;n be- thnt, will jtustl our people r i.tgr tbesi tec4 The a mwan
tree is a tronei-a us aiooess 'with us, a3Il raiseul abloat Ai esaily as weeds,

Very truly yours,
/ I 'i
4 *


Howeve:r,by tgrc.:x:i r .: r.i ..ct..,a a-t., t n .igLifs ri-ho nogocti:;tio1mr.y .
egi: ..,, omrn1l c. wriSti2 you '..r r **rdIt:".:.;t ..o .n .....z'-o-. ; ur -l A

nI'"7. ; i. l -be O ,.. ...... -i- e c -- -omn a. -, 'Q; r1 f T .'n-Y
a, great:. 1 ,JlI. OJ.1 ,I .T W 9c NTROL F TI:.: i2 ', N':" ,aiV "-".: N'..;

lI.--J.CU'.UV U 7. 1
-.I- ; i. : T.0 '- ;o ---f -.e.t.o . -C .^t, ,- .i Tr. .- 7:7 c.i.r nO '0 r
IL l Jl to c .rir oty iu:u -- a .:. i'r..... ....grQ e n 3 I. .!U IU-.L, '; TOY
of Ci.n : Cc, :;!';

I t- I. It ~,:; ---.' r- ; .~rl ', ,l c. .- tto :-t.: -'.-.: u l .ly, c. o:: c '- '. -, v.. 3
L H r ''." 1 ji),ion _-aLu c .... a -' rI-.ii'- o;

IV-..Ji-I. J:-L-- The Kzec'tlvc Ch-i ,.'. :.n Coor iu lc::. ti.- i, OCn .-s d i E.iou'q i
03rd tT .';'' ',jr *-. 7)i7'3 V iTOR.?A to 4' 'IflC -flttl 2:'or thc' I*tce ; &

.. ...t. c.-.:o iJ i. -.; 3c'ri. :c h : 0-r: l--. .".lr .fti -l ts Itoo" .Jo CX'.Lrmn' v
i1lt vot :2e ': writi'er ;WAhi .1,at 6Pce,notir9y 'rginocr 3,ootbp;,if,:4r. trt'rr
21. ^,UimT; i' ) n.:t". i. 'Le 7-;r, Nfls. 2 to 4- n -' P:at ml7 fl!tusb1f 'l Ju .i2. C1- I
to +

y VI- .. I! i m r ..
!I' "fi~n fi te w t a.lar .' s bov ': 11 to : lizay, 1

the _jp:.r ,n fotrj of c. .su!a Cou ,rol.

By the jz' rv ... -as bi:< ti*-' ri ]L3 s -rJud McsT ns -i c t.1y .Moctod
..... i o' '- ; o- .ob.*nit .. ..-gov. n ,...Tri- ,v to -,,, -f '-t 3"mlvy"j'
" toa :111 o.:*o '. i o...o70:.-l :tc r't;. T.? t!:0" 7 :s-iccr," .- ;,' ?"' -
: i--. ..... ii4- C
s^l ed r.A.... t' -.- ", ,K "5.--" '4 :. f t;ey C'l '--. ir9o. ....y
for ?:filu- ; -. 11,:-i. \inlt- Yt, :.:,5-c0 .C '-o.7 "- -,'i Q t : ivk' '. y 1o ut3y
-L f1* .'J'EG -1
I iI v nt, 'vi r rA-'d t,-" .ces ..t- c

.1cin .."y 1r -
... 6 - -

-'ill,) : G : t:. z, i?7(;i7 :lO"+'. ... .. "S -FI.,,'(,":). 2 -., ,I:

.... ~-c- 1 _-

/ --.----- ----- ~uui- ^. ^J^ t
C ALA -^ 4f^A~ 4 /z'^ ^ / ^- 2,J


_x /^ ,ccU _

;1 .~'^ /r. I. .. iY-.-.-V~-~ <-----I--^ j ^i .C_-----S/ \/~ /f -; / _/~-

!!~~ /

/cc (A~~~~~~~~~ccccccQ~~ 2 ~~y
___z^ .Ckr'^'L-^c*^_

. . _~- - -

^. .^^ -- ^^ -i ^
^*^^ ^L~c<^ ,^^^^ z^y_^^21 ^ ^>-<^^ IA "^ / .2
/^<^^c--^' .
^.....^^ ^^^^ fc^^^ -__.--

'ft^C^^ I-^^'^/t-^ ^ L -^ ^^'i t-^C /<^- ^t--( ^l~t.^ULCt _

.41*** -

S 0. .d

|c Xwsa ^ay gl.a4 tb hear fwsa spagant fe now ar' yrC eana 'mfraa'.

SWiN1 eraelaa* 5ay nethe pbone WrldK

^;ke4 RaS sart a' aa ittasohes ot BA. est or oaur
a1# no th* Srage runnPSg to glelstaes. illy ofe

t 4 Mitared. to l piba allr thie ann-as whereowr new road to a
S a to buid roa one up etnal

or aoat4 y atmAes contry Il obe one s the u
toen theave rr SaoulZ tine y ato pse C.

ta. euw.n iaa 4 .ae6n a.. or -*
'/ -n,3 ..,E,.s nmn^a. ?4 uwAm, nn&4e ta l*.'. etl 1 no n .,-

|-sa. sit anr peey jau ar At x IOUt
.. a 189o regrda. an. thic wor st .t im a,

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*~tw tin".. srh na;g
*I'--r usuelv eegam *^ ?ito o ojcnt hajas be en laidflatm.(Oia tB|w|^
&M 82-d got people 3* 7%-t
mS wlt# ss4 it at ymm .Saui ym~
at0 *s sS4242 ca wa~ay get saiqe nil.'aa~aa~aa~

L~C o C dA~
-I, "~
2. -~4 'LF-~-

~L- ~ZC~7LT ~-rL.ZF>IZ.

'-6: .71P S



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,, a*,+g-tI -

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you.- 7.Gom --
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..',-. s. b: .I Q _. rie of *aueg "
r- R Ianeks of O sathegustratiu Certatfcatesotc.

-/ vary t...y yotws
". ..... -.*

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t: ; :s - ,


qr daE; Ifr*#aewrja:I.
I hawo bpn adM tgn TlrloasUly a reply to ry. lottOreI .-
u0as wroto me at eadnnl on .30. lcttt' r relied ra hWaoLthere I tan. ,X
mtqyWV tel.edsmdili *ooxist peftodmowi "3a9 I anado 2m-0 la tSLa-SedlAtifiO (v
S tad wl~ift Xbso Is AMi =AT robl PN(OYLPA WANT f toathath roeztFa*
2 lwo Tate a eal 0 91faP ftr themo
whole Bsoftin noner OIoolanta In -rt to fir4nor* A sOee i an thn
Sapaidl QrowamState Ikotml4 tfiWmgt woultes liqporstiile pani ai a -s
at Ham a fIdlo ae X qota e nanatoIi hecd rn I had 3o idjah thmt EmA *Wema%
t g w t aIlable at a On 1i 1/3 trds, roum OLeolantaemtssn. Ae
om a tnalbhalf ofit on the "ib SG asxl DITBs U IJeast stA-,wept &A.
rftlnl 4 Vt saotlon unoe Joinl If vw ttedl ; rf the Oross' iSt. e
POa_ auttigt ten o Itto t in n a bonanss
Thn the.o Hlzt I had bem Etoraanod t larA mi on that anmIlrad i
hlLwray 'bt okocl-t ars Ol-Adoorcst coat 450,o paw aw s ti
p'a6 e fiflrp -tor tlaia near In at at'atowtn astotive asxl AIG0m) paa Ae
fttr taXe laayora teak the i 34 noo.
'hie tho initr are o a onq tY /4 oaha*l/4 per year,*"
iarwX am x r !onilariwatether nyletters iexached youi oo lateaor botha' tnaoo
re zmuwtig in tihe rit dIoortiona. ions t you writeo rme
the II have lo an old riot aL In Y you cugt to aee* %e andhis
celle3nt wafoiLtcd usq at Okoolnnta 1 2 y7o0 agonor -mn!tPrn fetGwent oB
tlBjs prWttyV ftaUly. 4oy our ll yu A ianihp your Aors e a
oex idoot Senor iJodntatwdonaijtiy or tr s tor1 V 1r'a le va.t
heoire .HL^,* aI3Ta2l'auina. Oollug3olathearisx o l a ale '
4begr E1US glast to ne yma espestnly 7tich you tell thVnu yu tow
SAs aIn et g into with ioa t

IMIea guivs~ id rl Ca in Lo.,a~*pw4 flzppsaxuxagn &a4y %

n *. -1
i*m o *- veep

Lmas cm in adz. tor he oua sui Tht v.t e needQg

I n y stat that X h zv p.cral t" aodtyon forms 7' yakc &r amy sean

it slroly grol lute impwortme and 3!: now ctager to gAb tkert' pcoplc in.

S. tyo oan fuwitsh the lards derire(L, pjese idiciata laos tiflWonsolKoS
mud 0aUt13!daoflpas well as termsm. tan letor in ?PC4 3 ag itGepOetiRU

Very truly yours,.
*0' *







fl4! -i e --a
- :. .m t . . _..a" - -- .- - .. .- ,'
S...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .

ai <1 of repy thoreto,4 ate& dOfa-S ---

.s.1 --- --j l4- Ly i,- ----tE. e S,.0 -. - ...
pA'qa ua set or aiio hsnotiS I haveaautwould ratnr to the

-- m....... -__,a ;a ...J ..
L eeae;rqeaigaqn other letters in the ta.le foveringvayrious aspoete oa

ally .aB n c X- Aa ,,,n -, Caitieatiet ,wqc iet -:
that., s~fls a Jf=l ~ tbA rr .Ao ."fT
n'Qfltggrsqp'lt' a(fl a attqrtn- a o.rg L- .-
i*to a ,a gme Xn game le a ( re qfkal lL. o *
wamwaB a that o a ittb tz-Jptra 4flj.otth *1%A hai iA
tter mrerjm p4a tQILt -I- ltoop- tl 44iC alaq fM f .gWt
we nl'aift*hrs Afetddgtt-4^ nftMr ESJftr e .been deeA. first to

uesaB 4m .exq t
the 'buyror ti

station has.

not ,Aat( 4* Ppax4* 1LVtqPeqt't Ui a 'aie 10
5 r.ed 4 e e*e.3 -Ih o. oL JMt as praetAlae uavwd.A
Z *, Z Eas paifiolz hawdto qolapl e ep afmenft pa
te AeeMsa are :isTW9e- a31d thatyto talp(4At Q inmttteW
rt. pftpeAtP441- am ii a avxery pe4 0EreE
ra AainoTret Z wu3.x fntfrm US


0,-4 1 <

S... .. ; . .4
S :'.- ... ."' ,' 7'. .. . "


.- t-


it **.a

PHONE 23400


February 8, 1922.

Mr. Thos. E. Wills,
Okeelanta, Fla.

Dear Sir:

Mr. 'olmes Martin, U. S. Navy, wThb
is a client of ours, has requested us to
write you concerning the property he purchased
from you in the Fruit Crest district. Fe
states he has finished paying for the property
under a contract form, but has not received
his deed. Won't you kindly advise us the ex-
act situation, ard if be h'as finished paying
for it we would be very glad to have you make
the deed out and forward to us for delivery
to him.

Very truly yours,



References: Virginia National Bank,lNorfolk,Va.
City Bank & Trust Co. "
Norfolk Real Estate & Stock Exchange,
Norfolk, Va.



.2 '



*, .,.

? ; ,.,:'i
.. ., ,
*. :.

-.. :. ..


70' ..;:

- . _-*'-!.



,..; :e
:ih .

/ *./ .^ > e .- : .

Lze-t^. C, '^^ .c^

^ ^ ^ 1 -
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ r / 7 .^ ^J/

be-e -- ^f/ ^ ^ .

A ^ 7 /- ^ -/ ^ .7 ^^
^y E ^(b2- L ^^-* --/ /'.. /
^^--?4 -/-- /^^^
/ ^ ^-^ ^ ^^'^.y

.-. _:,.,

." '.- "- ... .

:+ :, Y Y "i .... +,"'' ',-,."+' ,. -:' i;.,: ''-
f .y :' : .' ''-' . ." '
..:, -: i..: ., :: i .-,N

I'r.rar- ..,.if

!; .,..*., -- ^-'. *i r. ,, '. (f
S** &% ^ -,i
.4; I
:I A



Mesa"* srs ha"_. Finn,
__ M .PMPoV406flpa Wou aremet a laa ths aw
,. at__ ^. ... -. .J - it t*--. --

S aets rerB l ab te WHIP s aMrae uawarWr ZiUre mr Tasne uw smueua 'urawe -
eq h^ alr s baeeen paia for-
ErulouaKw tbht the entl arpdtint has nt yetbii ie6tpandfor e a S fi
fo a 4tiaLbrspaznd $400-nrelardthese ala is 'e on aedede rs ftP t --
I Mu i1a1.r mseg11loilpw an rageeennt we entered into in 194 ty lhte be
aeebldag t ynusteeu to hold for the btauers tar thio entIrB. ets has bes
- : y r-' P" m- -"-

Sheq State .las nevaa u a owdod un far l7e rau*tatnw mnom reisaLim g tht
--the war I asq dongin thue ppe wlaeos to onaure axihaste irelopante- -
*eauiinj 4?palnage,road, settlerments8 and oAl toA. Is an uptant. -'
autor n blades prugrOeasandlthey haye agreed to aplq me atlegl : -t:a
Stheqa. te iateresemeanwhleon the amout as yet u.npgqt. ':

- A4 ae.howeeX am d.votIm .y eanti et. L e to presIt alee than -
m, pafjS..s .a .ac s. owe ,r the finaMnal stringency hr tlni -b
SatQrspatp so that it seems alaosat tippassble to makesalese

."P hae p.lanty aets in to p,-.dol laem
I ha ..3nt Bi to pay it saeen l time bv"p'n 1'- a set about OPeeina te* '
ta aeneaust be ocasnreteA in mttfu lianountborare oaib am lobe ats

tfu SI a the Statieat sp rea@ozablewe may feel osay* Iower 2 ha ptc I #.
^ ;nj6B^ n4igred thatsoago. tafasia a S eWmentt witi. aid6

fl s ea a aBgeaS* thestrs in as tis in ew3q d4.

: .. ", ". ./ a-i l y y c /
i1deri ft

;:::r. ~-~5
-- . *I,

rd :


Deep Welt Waler Pumps
.tin"a Q.iy .a .. i -, CL

,t7 :,! 'i;..__j_ ,,v, ,/-,/c "i;,, ,,
/, ..' ,/ .. . / /,

\.c-" .' // / ,, J -J / I

!if / -,2--4, Oct ,47-, -.vt
-. ,c ..' ,..,

g ,,f .-L C Lf'z G/ .%te .'J y "-t.7 }4.
I 4 I .

81 fl4C^f A7)C-'F / t^^^ ^^.'^-^
.t zs -,..,,,, ,,, 1: 7L
Uk - I

,..... -/ .. -
.t.* 'a -J tet ~ft4r .t-tt-P..n '.. y

avj? L L,4n /
...eK -7 / zo'-, ,-," -- ,-^^. / ". -.'

i Kz, i.t & 4 *- -.'.-.. '. -1!, .
/^l Z, Z,7.:

-.1 3-- ev/
4 -. ./". ,, ."- " -.

- t/ ey, - .... / 0 c"
e'l < I., /., ., ,, ../ .-

^. ....... ......

JJo ^. Y.^Ld<_1

J^. I J C-~Y~. T~ CLS^

x hf- *" ,*?"

1- ^ ::r'Cr *i <^7

(y', Z^, "^ ^
L .Z~; Lc-i^ff-lC.

^ZL~~~ 2^^-r^^-

" ^ ^^ ry



P.B. 8his is I .edFerred to in a resent
letter. I hope it may be praoticaal. There
arfer things we oould do Mtht wouldneap .
-ore for c thj to guot a goodfS A S 8
B 0 M I- I- A RK n sT for na saft, easily raisem
staple crop frght at hland

I3 h''avebeen wcJr.cng on this n-early 2 yePrs
nowblut saidlittle till thatine seemed ripe.
It seems to ;o it does look so no.e
S~.pose we con~ldget our ibhile P.O seotIon
in orrJ

-rC-, -i 6 %

/1 -


- .j.-. /
A- -~


I, ,
''-I "

- U

r'' i ,

-: .1: -ai

'a- 's.y

~ ~P ~V



V ** -*

L-~ c~-v, -
~~i~d 7-iC I~i -Yl

-j F :~ .


CTt-~a~ *








;ill S ,..--

^ *f- ,

,- .' 1 9 2 2.

t. L erdal

ye been absent from the office for the past
-'. "i ""S1& ,E 'i
-.'' .-.- 4, ,Hl ^ ; F.ebr ar y

e a and on. rn e'MtH our letter of the 9th, which

o a section fronting on the North New River
Si1e o.tthe Lake that we own on this canal are
p sections 2 and 1 in Township 45, Range 38, or sections 14 or
L j. the sam Aa. yl db not advise me how much /,
commission is idered in a sale, if made, I can mention--a
to you Qs i n either of these sections as being $25,00

per acre" -f the r. s a 5% commission or a 10% commission, itv--
is to be- t net price. Our terms are on the basis
f/of one-third cash, Tahce one two and three years, tf interest.
.! . : ... --

I,, not believe we would be interested in submitting
c wholesale.tract of muo or sugar cane land to compete with

a ny $15.00 price. We have good muck and sa c e land, but
S we wis l not offer it at any price like this rwf e have plenty

Less. than this figure,
'#J./, .,. 71500 rie -weha g 45c Ran se 'n b t
" lng .

aM^ n oi ^________/04____ ________________4- _________
i t20s ho~ealtrctofmuk r ugr an lndtocopee 4t


Real Estate and
Room 206, Republic Building

M7Ciami, Fla.

I bought from the Ft.Lauderdale Chamber Commerce. Would not

care to make any price on it now. You know what it cost me and

if I sold it, would only expect a very reasonable profit, so if

you should be in position to submit me a bona fide offer on it

before I make next payment on the land, will consider it. Please

treat this confidential.
Yoursvery truly,

& '" ' ", ', '*

qt* -

Th3Y3t Itsel QvftNbe Ubeaten azlis esfly .i'ts sc. g10a winter t kl1
t h r oa hra4r QsI eaE w n tuucbeaw that we are AS4RED will stjipulthe w'vi2ea*
it wmae r yqua. SOprekot a bonnzarlght there, en ihere ath
the alBuktow Oattle,4-ae ;et
Canat nranders nadthpa4 coadiflos hw ey *wt. Ratt sa 14000 Itt
in! p pcrEs. alk Is quite heopti. *- ot hesltdOAL condStitonat
RTR.f l.ropeota for OGi;elantsa s$i1 look I fiue. '
Nor tb rher 3'aW y a. le otf gofnsl oqang tW gatT ,, p Up yW Or g~age:i
* They tat. be for as arewe than dan beeiaotnat uBxr

AsQ ever yOTrBo


I -. -c_ __ __.~j,

* r.

ri. .



~:C .~;

, I
T ~



.i L~;-
`' "' Q
il ,.

I~;' :~j".t:"L -, ~
;r i8" :i;

i a j.-:,! ;

i' \;\
: :fi,

;.L'r ~ r
qj4~~:r Ic:

~I r: *-
I r~


'?i, Si~ci
~1 ii



* -

Real Estate and
Room 206, Republic Building

Miami, Fla.

Feb. 10, 1922

Dr. Thos E. Will

FtLanderdale, Fla

Dear Doctor:-

Answering your letter of the 9th.

I quote you the following sections whihc may suit

your client.

Section 12, township 44, Range 37 at $5.00 per acre

Section 30, 60.00 "

Section 30 and East j
and NWi Section 31 36 50.00 "

Section 24 and that portion
of Section 23 lying east of
Lauderdale canal township 45, Range 36 50.00 "

These are all on canals and first three on roads as

you know, and trust you will be able to pick one of these to suit

your purchaser. If not will try and find you something else.

Our terms are onejourth cash and one .nurth per

year, sixpegr cent, semi-annual interest payments. Sold on con-

tract for deed.

We allow you 15 commission if you handle entire sale

yourself, but in event customer is delivered to us and we have to

(make sale or assistin doing so, we protect you for 10%.

I have nothing with which to fill yoursecond order for

10,000 to 20,000 acres sugar land that will compete with a price

of $15.00 unless I should decide to sell the 20,000 acres which

it A,
4: .

A* .





~:~'?'-'""~;~"'~""~"~'~ ""' Y I "i

M .. ....tJob.. .. ... "Famine is the mother of anarchy.'
i.l .'' 1A These conditions,MUST be met. Simply to "Wave" is stupid.
I,"t'. "- & UST "OD U . -

S 'The UPPER GLADES are a Horn of Plenty. A vast area of its
r'."weed" lands is ready NOW to farm.

T'.' Here, a handful of pioneers, at infinite cost to themselves
hnve now solved the chief problems,.Agricultural and mechanical.

The era of experiment is patt. Through actual, first-hand
Experience on the ground, for five years, the writer KNOWSi

S On these lands, TODAY, can be produced excellent corn, ,nagnif-
icent sugar cane, poultry, hogs, beef cattle, dairy cows, and unlimited
f feeds.

.' Now it is necessary but the "thrust in the sickle, and reap,..
for the ripe."

While millions perish, shall we loiter and temporize?

"What shall we do?" I submit two PRACTICAL PROPOSITIONS, cov-
,eing,,xespectiveley, corn and cane.

Corn-grgowing on this land has been tested, Results are fine.
The cost is low.. Active corn-growing will not only relieve hunger
abroad, but will bring to us an elevator, hogs, cattle, population,
roads, great development, and then Wealth and comfort.

1) COST;--Here are liberal figures;--For plowing new land,
seed, planting cultivating and bringing to maturity, per acre, Six-
Steen Dollars (1l6.00)


a) Advances:--The above $16.00 must be paid in advance.
b) Expenses met from Receipts:--Husking, hauling, ship-
.ping, and marketing expenses can all be met out of receipts from sales
of crop.

S3) RETURNS:--Forty (40) bushels per acre, at 42.00 per bushel,
is a reasonable estima-te of -returns on new, weed land as ripe as Fruit- '
'- *" POITIO
^' \4') P1V^PORTT'TOKi-- i


a) On an acreage of Eighty Acres (80 as.), or less,
iI will be responsible for .11 the work, and .will pay half the Sixteen,
SDollars, (%9.O0) of advances, 6f you will pay the other hall X$8.00).

,,,;. : ,, t
1' -i '.



r' ~~




a ~'X:
S. r- I '

* .. ..; .
.. ;..i
" l *b ^

-- *.-. +,__-

..,/.., A---_ -_+_ .^
~t %71 & r-LT2Y.

'- y / y -
^T-- 1-, L- Z 4./^
97 / *--~
r-^----- *4T~~L

/ I- _/ LC~ 7* ,^-y y -,/
^^^- *fc ^ 7 ^ -~----C< A- --,- ^ fj

7L ^ ^^ ,7 "
f-^--<-< ^ ~ ---i-< fc--- C;-7C~ J/%
I^ -^-^v-7/f f/L. ^-^y-*--- .

ula.M, santho 2l1a40h.2

3\ ^v,1e' "*
rEmloseol find ahiok for
EtaellvE e ( 0no) fPrmi U.pruTchtfor your cuioh-,
*. SIla& it cane so promptly. I Imei7 ho

'AtjeraOm asks again ifTiu socoznd.orop dashcerjii
be jmitroteod They all tell ne1, No**
eB:M e tP them, seeonx -erop arnWaytidch R.
onFeg a -ore no good.,and market poor
bieat dsbeons. What do you think by this

: Z. kEsr I haivrhit bean able to got asny of
,lexen dasheens dug yetibutsthacvhld to turn
Small wq flls o6 other people. iash I
:aaYet onaqge daig.
Y OUrs truly,


iv. 2

aan~a nds, S fir Neorew Okoelontaoun the Main canal 1 Sio* PA plue ria
pa0rt o e023 Leotf tshe 0anal thus gtvrig S*.6 full Qamnl Frontaeo- itaeif
a witeuhon so 0near Oke ft lanta Thoiese trvw ts iay bl Ih: S for per p a.
Seoe 28E.4 ate also good better than Ulhad thots could be hab L E n1ear
9Sd,lX1 .should preofir 03.90 ai $60.00 "by? BiEauutijhuTh:dl of 30 iLr P, .
moWe pmO x r3ole right zow it Is nearer Okeeflantali.a oni both Pant l aind
ROAD* tuer;,we eczpaOt a reo:.. tro;a Lan.* to Okcoln:it 4lon this CjnsaL Banit Kt
andm ait a. zBrosmap r Co. arc to tovosteFeb, 21,on bonad to thin exIuinp to
-a poinLt Si t 2, 1/2 s, Otd Ooelanta. The g.p it is hopit. uay be
MS1Ue4 in one of several ways pa;t tht problem Itsnet ?ally solvy-d yet.
9I0 foar maeand. the whole 1 3/4 Soos* Atpossibs.o.
'erMass,3 ine..eourth cash3anionea-fiowthji pLr yoc; O srrria.-airl pAyanentsf.
olda on eontraout for deedU Ts is Ia the language cfthc rmspnszible party.
n. I cnalose a pint X havr orctduly dasn,sahMhmTr7ntha;e Lrnts .angtheir (-a-
!- 0lations to fI.ceelanta, tiOo onmalan1roldAr-' Thi-y *rolin ra r cl U lrhit 17h
t a logtme before yousould beat that.
Y:Pou may show this lq.tter to your rtriandlazid x tr-..t tht.y mniy be pliosed.
SAll ths 1B on the assuweption tiat they seut flvTe a s6old arc tioni. Cfr
wtohtselthey oar' filling to ta;: loct iosa beti-or u'L11,rigt by 48t:e .. it
n..sat hImer pricesnKas st.tto inI py letter of the Oth1l shr 1 be gld
: k- wirth tham about thiosea. Lkvbe th-y igzit tt: n ui-b:. section
A- etp -V s:-/4analtben add same of tho olos*d.n Now Oke.lA!m.-. ttr ct.;,toot -
--.itar can uprl* the ronnoyo.r;. to got 1I2 on Totwr-' -lte '-lcLit p ant -
i-.;" An S.n thu grorad floor thisistblhropiortztrty. , swv tBheom lxlt3 in SIM no joinxizag Oke.lawtAi on tTr, Zorcth, -7!. h
a a3e*rctioann 0o both .ludos f.h tei n anl, th."t wouII bei a DIG Ii L:rg: Dn U-
at *lfln0 por sore. 'iobh oflt ought to be il l-ttod in' lot- nor:,and pushed -as
a pi r I t t to t o ite cvo.o2ant. -I t;A e kont, of thold \
;hgant .mad Greenrood proposltiomwn- their town sdtno bieng I zt, nortIsi anl rt -
s. a pAont to aItodh settlCrs shoul bi 7toughm. i: by huaindrda and ir-ger.'
ldoar rAght along now. It only needs thWc primnotion." We lworthe &evoloneii
the axporlonoefthe looaialonm the publicity, the tr sz.prt:.ttaiiaotnrt n3tU1a0a1n-
fastt aadtLtsis ought to be theo BIG 0ladten town. A body of acn with t? o
waney- for promoiagsandthe skill,as well,oan mL-e a big hit at Gkeelanta.
laty- cisant to got Ai on the ltEmaJf$e* 3TELs land In Sea ia aa
pr1 .ah l300 Iou can't got yoynaml frontlgie xti tirre a fiaro
A- niaso P4.Post ad l Dewoeloper fr fo tis week,tor sr E-lerator saitoy.
thepdtnt I4 have an oDfecr from an aerator nisarbolute ly t;past#fl ]h,
tw o-*.to BultA ua $0800 elevator and br$l caE corn at 00 anda a
en eal i ttea -R Iolg Ct aw1t ?y oaatuse oUr 0o3e2 is a
lmTne ,wldahaob xiXSBe haul4f it tfl tIheo wy from yowr towtatES.ast
5p|1t st cxanZ j.f aetatSotho. tow I want your people to get In with us
ft :ath&s ptan *a oseew e me.OZ I can leTithea n lNindront-CreeILf they will)
O4telp aaal tails BaB MAfW thau t misma rel SOt soatry *
tear wans a9 agebat you X Oi aDaxeu %aM* a'vr
......... ..... .. .-

PPSe I an ve'r afous to fill tht seed dasheon
order; n-.t for the money,but to .woiddisappolntLng
bIaywsr who eng.sgdC. tSh:i mos. ag .. Aiave asked
Tora Salvin to see you araa see ifyou can:now.t. up-
nish the see, and. let Tom do the worti. IP so,
you _auldh take what money thocisin theorder
and. hbartoe oirdar scut AS SOO9T0'AS POSBr:IBL.
Thislongd&Liy J;ooks eory baad.a Uay hurt our
section for ordder3 andthsrz tine.

Order was 2O000 lbs.
aent 310
Baledue, 1,w


lr- .


.j ~.

\ ;IcLLC~
y; ** 't ^ i

-7 C -

if --- (

^-- ^ =- x- ^ ^ __ __ _^ ^ ^ ^l l ^.

Vr- J a / bi5 / y r ^i
^l-yx~~~~~ ~ ^^ ^ 4 -^ ^ ^ -- ^ ^ >

~^r '^-r--1-.-^-rbv-^ t^-^ t./^CL ph. ft

^?-^_==- i Aj --^ ^ --^^



SI E105
f6 V1 -0i I7

p: P- r",-Ld ccuC
)Cfp~ Z--~/~/---"C"%L".

aS~-~ S~fle pp


*r11i. U-l urnul JLu J 1CU VA -U al u f ia iC Ul prcC u. ,JUU. V U aJ. -
rage of .30ii hampers per acre. He ones bees which average him $10 profit
pow planting a fourth crop for the per colony per year. Would hesitate
son. The health of his entire family about accepting $200 per acre for his
excellent. This.farmer thinks that land, and then only to buy more.
hog industry, with cattle and forage Another farmer has fire acres set In
ps. one of the best paying of the grapefruit. The trees are three years
ing .industries of the Everglades. old and some of them are 14 inches In
says te fertility of the soil is beyond circumference and 14 feet high. He
e'stion. -This farmer paid $'0 per believes this is the only soil fur citrus
re for his land and has refused $250 fruit. This farmer plaited one.aud a
r acre for it.. half acres in cabbage which sold for
Another man on 30 acres ofland for about $SOO. On a 1% acre field he has
neg'leite.L. step-cuiu ,. ._bhlch he paid $65 per acre, planted it grown two crops, beans and potatoes.
adequate price-fixing and marketing to Irish potatoes. obtained a yield of The third crop. pJtatoes., is now growing
systems for farmers generally, including Q,000 bushels, which netted him suffici- with corn planted between .he rows
those in the 'Glades. still await the ent to pay for the land, clearing ex- which will make crop No. 4 for this
action of 'a tardy Government, and a peises, breaking the soil, and putting it land this season. Off 'i of an acre of
farmers' banking system, established a in shape to plant, seed, cultivAtion, Iri-h potatoes he obtained 100 bushels
year ago. is not .et fuily operative, harvesting, hampers and marketing, and from less than W acre obtained 68
Notwithstanding all this, 'Glades and he had left between $2,000 and bushels. Beans yielded 300 hampers
farmuig is under way. Not only patches $2,100. He fed 'the cull potatoes to to I 1 acre selling at an average of
hut -fields are being cultivated, and bogs, of which he possesses about 200. $1.40 a hamper. This farmer believes
actual results accomplished. Records On 43 acres he has planted corn for a soil will produce anything planted and
of many of these have recently been col- summer crop that is now about 10 feet he raised for his own use every known
late, embodied in affidavit form. sign-- high, estimated yield from SO to 100 common-.variety of garden truck.
ed, sworn to. and filed for ready ref'r- bushel per acre. Another mdn from 4 acre beans ob-
ence. Following are synp.,'pse publish- An-Lther farmer who came here from tainted $128 worth; 32 acres potatoes
eid in the Fort Lauderdale Sentinel for Oklahoma. has 5 acres rented at S. per yielded 602 bushels, selling at $2 40
June 29. 1917: acre.; hlf acre of celery yielded 300 average: S acres potatoes,'planted with
_crates, netting him about 70 -ents per poor seed, yielded 910 bushels, averag-
WHAT THE EVERGLADES (rate: one acre yield-d 125 lbushel of lug about $160 per hu.; 3 acres estl-
HAVE PRODUCED potatoes whicb he cold at an average of mated yield potatoes 375 bu., averaging
S$2 50 per buhel Has third crop of $1 60 per hImper. Dry weather and ai.l tlnihks the -oil more fertile cold reduced yield. From .1 acre cab-
It is no longer a m..L.tJd lun'ti:in in than in O.klihoma. Hogs. cows, mules huge sold $200 worth, 3a acre celery
this part of Florida whether or not the and chlikeus do as well as in Oklahoma. obtained 349 i-ratef,.selling 242 rates
muck soil of the Eve'rgladle- xill grw Anii-ther farmer planted a lir.t crop at $1.27 and 10T at 72 cents. At present
crops. (f iot1Itoes which was eut .-hort by the time this farmer has 11 hogs, 10 head
The worst knocker in the' world lie- coll but from whi-h be ha'rni-ted 350 cattle and olie horse which feed on wild
comais an Everglade booster lien once hampers aunl sold them at an average grass native to the 'Glades. He also
he examlies the 'glades muick and ac.- iri:e of $230 a hamper. He also had plants corn, millet and natal grass for
tually sees the crops grow. Seeing is be- 4 acre- -of eggplant which yielded 41111 feed. Has ten acres corn planted on
living with the real farmer. crates, averaging $125 a crate. One land -from which two, crops of potatoes
But what the Everglades, former likes acre of beans yielded 1l. hampers anl have been gathered. Keeps from 20 to
better than .seeing the erop,- grow is the sold for $1.25 a -Jamper. One acre of 100 chickens. Eleven members to fam-
harvest of "the green that's loig" and peas damaged by'c old produced only ily: health good: believes a man can
here the Sentinel furnishes its readers 510 bhapers which he sold for $2.50 a support and raiser a good sized family-
a few concrete examples iof the harvest hamper. Sc-ond- crop, 13 acres of po- ou a smaller acreage In tlje Everglades
the report. ofi'whicb were compiled by tatoes yielded 1.600 bushels which sold than he can in the northern states,
a prominent resident of Ft. Lauderdale. for $1.40 a hamper and one acre celery, (and most assuredly live more comfor-
and ckd b yal affidavtts in his posses- 40U. crates, which brot, net. 75 cents a tably.-Editor.)
sion.-[Ed.] crate. Third crop, 15 acres corn grow- Another man owns 180 acres, for
One Everglades farmer after losing uig tine. Farmer says land is fertile which he paid from $30 to $80 per acre.
two crops. one from inadequate drain- and productive and nobody would at- Raised all kinds of vegetable and for-
age and one from the extreme cold of tempt to deny it when they see the crops. age. Main crop this year was potatoes
last winter, planted eight acres of Irish [ Another manofrom total acreage plant- -19 acres yielded better than 1,900 bu.,

-. F-vuu1V 11-- ack uWWW.&sJ IwH p
antly than any soil lQ haIas' i the
U. S. or Canada. Has twelve chilr'on
in family, 6 boys nild 6 girls, all god
health. Owns 22 hogs, cow and horse,
about 70 chickens, 17 turkeys and 6
ducks and all do well, especially the
turkeys Would not take less than
$200 per acre for ills home pipee.
One commission man operating in and
around Fr. Lauderdale during the 1910-
1917 shipping season, handled for
Evergli.les fao1rmers approximately 72-
21i14 packages of vegetables, consistlug
of peppers, egpiliiiit, tomatoes, cauli-
flower, lettuce, cabbage, turnips, rad-
ishes, Irish potatoes, celery, romaine,
squash, leets, catrots, peas, aunanas,
heans, etc.. for whih lie returned to
the 'Glades farmers $120,204 01. This
commission merchant believes lie
handled about 50 per cent oif tile vege-
tables shipped from this section of the


The One Successful Setlelment in lthe
Lipper 'Glades.

I. FlI['IIITCRES'T-The b1iIner Pi'o-
poiltion for settlenIenti iinii dievelop-
ment. Groups IIIIn oriialzeIs liIIyt' s.
Comlilnis e i'iperlition i wilth inillvlilii
action. MnI II(ngeII-t II, willli trl.-ictor iniil
ma hlilin ry, lendl in iplin rl i e i-g. Sells
land ut sacilIlice pricl s.
II. NEW OKliEELANTA-Thle tpper
'Glades Town. t(i alnal crussling, pro-
jected C'ros--Stute Itill Road anid at
fork of assured Cross-State Rock Road
from Palm Beach to Ft. Myers. ('Com-
prises Store, Post Office, Hotel, Board-
ing House, Town Hall, Barber Shop,
Bake Shop, Notary's Office. School, Sun-
day School, Cooperative Assoclution,
Good Times Club, two Development Or-
ganlzations, etc. Center of thriving
farming community. The "One Bright
Spot" between Ft. Lauderdale and Lake
Okeechobee. Address
Ft. Lauderdale and Okeelanta, Fla..

_ __ .. I. 111, - _- .. -. .. I.. __.A. 17-1 - .. - - I . --

cr :


N -- ..- -

,. "._ ..


, amt aaPrie ,s

x h!c ar the b h has boa n ut oai iithe NoeinL e at s-.r *
Sthei roaA dahe. o t know t is a wfia omvtomplatat and I gnppone it wan
e bmeoPe learetnga what aIsa Watola has dalxubtrless told you or
lou adoiitleas tmtft goept O r a roa on thent ar. Line was IMosatie
ow9a tha t ga .gn on thono lno w dould be in .a i t. to one on the
-entee line a little later*
Bovevoegagter Uy vi it to the fd al nage Ogf(ie ri laiP.L I a -oen- int-
Sthat :W we aeoept the North i An Road at alln rw e do It at tLe eaap.nse OC
the Gente IAdne Road nemoadprobably for. yes to Oco* Mocnoe tioe vLine
Roqdda yuldmbe a grea dotriment to oam progre Ms
ThenI found thi6 3aftee esalaing tlhe rasts.a that we haA a. Wound ty .
ead in.abted on the oainte line aWay bPok n 1918 athfa tht lathe .a-A
that tll do us BJALB 61 W flh rlt iuw oaMight nlflapitm%. wme was opixi n -.
Msatie thepitusoeto iaid It. theeny reason iL asn ot 1 been out thera lag
since in oubtlesv the ppposition Mis; Watsin toaldaeorajxft I feel that I
haveoveroomel thLas .
EBwertif ar eo s wea Le an, sa y we Will aooept the I 14r L a .R
X. ?e est.fazynt will lnE WilSa f3ator reo s ons Ittcated rAther thu VforW
theseanera soodtand pceop us epwa gottIng stia ntaally eoudtapo tus. I
tge trouamtasnes all Pra. people abouladnow siy that Te are g iadt'
the e view of wh we know now anMt it ipt ip in i a l
em.rmwon oppofidelone tmi ngtia standthereis no 5iod
tW^nn Why we shaoldlot havetheo entcr Ron'a- the o .unty ReadC- .
Winet aS Soona the Njane Roena oald poSltgy br. Azs if we waited .
-a ^ anaith aprorented a daAdl d maisanoe fawa bLng oa..d$ talts
,- itto go a roiad we og nataUlly ser ftwoci ua to gr .
~oati L se -el. to get rm Ooel?~nr to tl.0S- . .li be f better aT
-than t peir tte he tfe erible A liistre to bcano.I.thrn is pinna we. .
sKae x thes*e abo knewa nitidAg posibealE ares noctha- for i*
,et IneoeeeaL aa Pepanre t. miae o .to mtandt tO
et At thao ay *sq Xestthe S*A C .
al '$an LHAAIUS tL B A A Gent 4 let i XS
tus ra to 0K3O. Sa0 InHit flore It fbelong- n the .-
npi 1 ca ac t ftwhe. aet raul% .w
t it n theriat ne ourseiess M1her tynlet
t ae the waCi at otip'Roma* P LEAS e3 aset li
Io a qwjme. i.o oe sensltteoiLs -.
W$; beI biitdqg to. tn j he Wefi an tahe aol aa
sedy a uM Is eetA want ptn. ajset
'*'""l~ and W Mfift C fU i B 3" *Wws'^
'"**\ yJ~~iUSfl~fl~MBRXJUxf~l~f~ WS~BSy MB IN~ VllW IJI Juw J~iQi~iI l~liw *f~yRO~i^IflHf'

iI ~t-


Oicqet antaflae
1y doie O Gerald,--
Ad.. ALt ye Ar oliUrcr) lot; i Jhaie
wrtiPtCn nm ,athe-r of.our Okoolnntyiv -ople ,on this
matturas you maiy knewen i-se little delrqy in
*trdng YOa
To .ioar title ob lot Trll coat ab.mut 474 i
not over $8.0J,4all toln dh th.ii othurqh as
aaGred., thrc, -silld ib ao trouble iriti mt -e out
Sa .q*
.Ot urs" O ,- i t 2 es re tCra
..' real eqate ta Irr. ahnrol.. Q...'o Lt'n:JJ .
Swer raidd aa? o Jlour ratloctt 4rornrfs .to ori ea
dilaqh, 4,n Qle ianta YoU ouwcrc Lriy bet b times,

Whq isSt tdsnc rpite an airiesrivet olfort
.as -e:a5lcaCil Iqt w:%s r-r'nnc for, to the c)l1
ahioa aa or the mldnst-'r. iJcwevor,t e ef.,
ra^ .Ewas allnuomed.

H Latorptjit Soutrh hay pstwr rzrroe&l tJe efort,
*mlnbhelL meetings for jevaranl weeks* I alitQnded
SeiioegulIarlycTahe pod all I cIuld in the
flrq f an d also the 'tay ia*houIjitut this after
4w *on given up. I hjcrdpxof no ppposit.onp
iftlbc attenoanoe was very small.

'; I StiI k1g i proper qQurse wouldbe tq or>
pkgane a oOagrQgation l tfirstuains ic t building .
m or'lIaig. ^ already tere gbtjui vrlable,saS
S qaways^?C tumrpq t S3Qee, W it boooaqvilofl
tat tiop rh isB a going oonsrua aq1exndoved,
,. f. .the elm.eabrot peranency, th a quOstiof n of



c 4 I I III
c /-- /, ., /7 -i .

ic-, .6 xi Y

i A.__<- 6 -- -"'
I (tV-i IT -'^0 -- AS ^^^iL 9 ^^

/ C
y E .. / -^

iii I Ir I
^., ^^:-^ A" ^fc^- Luc;- LghA-^^ -^^-;L:-*'

r-^*'i - tc -*T^'i:'te /7Z' .^ Xa~-< f^ n^

./X?/c (, '-AuG at~
a-i- (/i Q- ^

//(^>^l tY ~p--is'-f^ -^^^ *-<^

/ '7 ~IC~~ / ^ 'S CC~ /U~- ~~ l *^ -;

t,-~V;~M / '
V- ^~w .a ^eJ~f -i--~ ~t-Yj^S. (M-WI.c-_ *d/ ... ..
< v { \ '
^^ Lcr A- ~ o ^ ct ~ ^ ^ -f ^ v"^**i.* (CV / |

: -. -

I'--irffs' ehal^ t

SYtsaw oC tfle lahf, at bard.
4 4U9O jsave t wrtwttean Zs Ullaah lai3 ave Uia s
a, taaeSEC. Zn zy dealingl s with hidztga ag
"^^S~a~m a&^sy3 fdusri htjm w rgood as go24.*

toork sareaol 4Bj
C~F4)~ ~~2 ~. q;.
lkim4 imma ~dwW i

7". gwiaa fqltosAyuurl tter CT aoB19,yoB Setis mae' r tn
ftgirAnr 1m0 3 t u oalaqiast at 4t rtecb.
.a 4 ,oocaOano anom a,. Drtia 4rue*W ho roe eroodv *,e
Spast. b a przzpt paEily.E

Agad-t-ta .ao a.. fllo.wi S w a no..-.." .
ZI-. Mc s( Z.a, letter ." Deaif,)l, -
otro 2 naa dan naeca @i4Bm- SO
I-- a ak tra uo glad to ,aa ai*4g 9a.
ILs .4-.-_2 ooaso hbcaewit. tll be g lad to seta tht 1 .s. h
s.. ootas ci S, -atr,,

'a e a-roe ray oti~~a tasplease toll e oa t a

Trfy tanly ymws,



:# i

- ""V~I
- .: .4-




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--S -; P,


*rc -p


.1 L~x7

* &4 t-L

2x *

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(-,* -A-

{2: I.- ;J
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- --I--~

.- ,.e

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0 -$%~

'9 ~~ .-' -

L I,

* 5

) ---

ri Irr


-L -~ .

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. ... .. 4.- .

Ia. .-.. .,. :.!< ..Wt,

So.S yaB mil la-togs Imdie rdo sanlosad *2pdL.e -

a dill inoshepaartise ov* to yoGnar y.oa huapale hent Gana2 an
1 1Stade f:thwray renrage isinet, ploat vew ^

i X enaf onaeean $agent ii involvTaind expeats a I

S ..incerely yo.ap ;.:
8. "a'w ..r w w' .-
*-. V.. m k.aqb.P. .- .

t d r' u n d : Ir z the tl.... *a.

i. ,. A
;.-. -...- e ^. -" -_.
I %''.;.i ? 7sn la ee are,] :
.. -.. .,' .

. ,. .- -. :.

~. ..j__. ....
j m
+,} ...+! -7 ... =e~e17 o:i "--.;

' DWIN J. HESS, Prsidrenm J. N. GREENE. Se'rary.Traiurer Hi C. lESS, I'ra-P hi

ar, 4 /<.-* ,

^^ / V
z/-- Y, // .
&,/r Y /, / .c. "/

y- -' If
I" ," i"
" 'h / I' > ,- -, .,

^/Tr~ul'A '/hk ?^ 1 ^
-it 1 .. i .t ,t 4 -.'I x i _;/n ,, ,/'- /- ,*..1.0-.i

.z -7/ .-. : .,x< :e ,. .,-:^ -. -i ~- % t'< ~ /.. /-, .. .
/-- , / c, ., .

f //I ,4 ,--:
'"! ji J- r, 7-4~~

j ^. v -,,.-^ ., ,/.^ --/ /-= ,^ ^ ,*7 / "-- '-^

/ Ic l .
\^ / -- --,Ai -, l /7. 7,. -. ..- '-., "- ,
I t'"A,..C__ .- .-,i, e'

SIM. l
> I- 4Zd ) .444~- C r (A

'I- v I '

if I L c~L -7C ~ ~ I~)~ It:
_, _j, ,' ,:;, __;
.- ..? I ..: / ::+,/ ,i-,,..r.- e, ,,;- ,,
7/ t ,,i _..../ .: ,.:.. ,.,.i -:-,-!. s
"-7- L:~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ "1.7l i, ('--.:Li. .-; )"-/--- ,1.<..,-/""- .
..:~ ~~ ~~ "- "-,,,-7-z; ,, c7--"-- r,ES I,,
,I':F,._Z :/ -. i.A _~- .,.. ,. ,7...:,S:.-
i'-.u..#~~~~~~~~ I, "I-# IL~ '.I t -:. /:;. '. -- L .2 ...
",,/'<-"'!"9 '. -. c "

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"" ,- f, o FS.L ur.B -,. c, ~i.t -, r!o r.-- ,rljd. t3ri
hd e cu Lf At uc"7. i r -

to t.0 i"r tril
t. 14
-' v b.,. '. :-

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lo -ib-"c "t' ......trY. "a",;y ywa' ,
u:r, ones l*

. : : ; A.._ot.n..-,. .Ia* e. -., ,

tvl". o- .r -
'-.'" ;--.; -. ;.% W tv Ii u! . _. [ "- " i--. .. ." ........

"" ,W -,,'l l.p
I k
Sr .... .- I a.. ...- . -. i n .. .

.; L ; bt ." '-I. 0d s o ; i. -lt. ;. ., ,,' : .
.-. -' 9 ..- ':.._ -, -" :v 'S o u r ,!j" ij iL "fl o 1- j l !o ......:

as 4 --- -- i7 I-Lt .

-~0, .of h .t.. ,.-- -n,
;r "1 "" ' w- 1 .: r :-i

sid owe o c.:zs .> -- -, r/ ,',,c C .:..i.o ._"U *. 'L u ttep t;oin

... : , .--r 't I o l 2 . :,t r . . * .. .

-. 5 ':, u :.3 s .. ,a -, ot,: .. -( L r ,h.:. , ,. '.t-

* ....Si .c.: b1 0 t ci w e s, io ui. w, i b' en"t er i on a .., 'w "" ti "...: t h
Iiet o u.t-e m'grc3s -r ... ,W *-" oi- t-c oo:'r.,tt,.
.u ..o..,'3 :. .' .-, T. ,- A ,i
3-'~~ ~ h '' x' -n...

Pine nrly y .nurs,


B. D. Cole
S I President
D. H Conkling
slt V-Pres.
V Oakumith
2nd V-Pre..
Geo. F. Bensel
H. E. Robinson


Geo. F. Bensel
J. M. Burguieres
J. P. Cresswell
B. D. Cole
D. H. Conkling
W. H. DaCamara
E. B. Donnell
D. F. Dunkle
W. E. Frost
H. G. Geer
Frank Hirsch
S. T. Lainhart
J. B. McDonald
V. Oaksmith
J. E. Wideman

peb. 21st 1922.

Mr. Thos. E. ill,
sort Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Sir:

I read with very much interest
your letter in regard to the raising of corn
and the construction of an elevator in the
Everglades, and I shall see that this matter is
brought up at the next meeting of the Directors
and will then write you exactly what can be done
in regard to the situation.

W4th best personal regards, I remain,

Very sincerely yours,






I ~ ~ ~ I I-il II I__ __ __~~__IiI _ _


.I.-~ i.
. r-
''\ '
~~ i

June 10, 1982.

Ma.Er, Ho Wer liairtin,

908 Reservoir Ave.,

Norfolk, Ta.

Dear Sir:--

I am to Dr. rill, at Port LauderdLle, your

letter of may 10. I am buro that DL. Will will write to you

promptly; .ni ive you a UatifacfLtorg teamentC l ho dose not

do so write to uas gain.

Yous very truly,




-. I.I



4'. tP'
a .i- ' s~.

:4 -'

Pt. leauar.daleela1 l 5S40342.

ptvasin ITirsaons#oy.
AACar Is,

Ay d ie larIs Morriso-
I presaume you hare not Pgofttet mio*
Shave rcaa in tl IB*eas o2OOO R.R meon Vho mat lose thear
joias on a mtau o f age They aremo tie Puenn. ean LoIa Id.

I wish I riidht got Into togeh with tim for I believe
.an do some Q tbho some goode Oan you &elh me how to get
a I ew reprelenitative nimDMe

1 ~~ws tan pi aS g om Oilaes prepoasstton now f.n .i3 'W
8 yearaJdUhwaaegotton; it to a point fiherel can conscientiaonly
tInrite people In.

Cordially yOws*




' ,


-i~t' ', '~

' '



-;. ;

V.14R. P.S, .u--.-'-.

tissed freicg bc..- -r--Lh -et. letter ,
henc duL..y ir. .~.ill'.,. -g

'"hio. i.: Vtt to Sr Jnehn. Should lb"
i-c l a, L.:c ,. .. ..<"' I T a., GI el-.n3-.. Vill
yaun hiA.:;. r;C hniat this ins donct

o-n-A,' .' :1 r b r c c

"- .q J,

%Jt~~i. ;i~dbU--

/Y -
4-c f

; /'r

__~__ _____ ~__~____~_ ______ ~_____ __~_ ~_ ~ ~__~_~ ~ __ _


/ .. '. '



-_ -
-. ,, ^^t^ (5yT
' / I/ "+-,i "/'.
*^::te^( y ^^^ <- ^-

-- -.- "^ 2' '< ...... '-"^-y7 .<' '

o1 - -,-. .
. A --^- *,i.*y .. j / / ** -

S.. I -
P . ^ i /

7'V .--^/ -- .-


rl 9



7 --~



i. I
:. i-t--L-


I i

-L 1












LCf-~ ^~^~^LC / T---:-^--------- i:*1/
^ / *jp& '/ r- /

^~-" ^7L 7Uz .;~ ^ ^/

z; L~Z ( .-.

7, __
-v Z, c y- -<-_ d& ^e'7Lt

- 7- "C

- d-Z_2 '-'--- -- -

<^- ^ 7 0 j C 7^ --^

^r ;'' '- *




~' ~.gar~ A*- :t~.z(:uir:~. ":j;& '. -

rti VA)A1&rCjpr & ...?~~, ;: a: n.'.#tb..4$i4

4 w

.. .. ..

.. .. ..

7=77 -'r ..


A-Zj !

~i~ *n~:~il:~ hw ;__: [IM

~:~ :lrr ilfism-,i~%

snrrr~wis r 60M -


: :.A: 7'
*C.~. rn r'rr

.,h1 IV t--
:L > .1v
W .

*N. .

fj, *::~ I
-t..rn r-..

.~~~~ ~ ..'74rC :\-'I'
A 'x' J 7-
T 44"

February 15th, 1922.

not like to submit anything to anybody

low price.

hear from you ar your convenience.



K., -i'



OI -Wo



i *~1.~


The Ft. Lauderdale State Bank,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.


Enclosed find Dollars ($ ) tp be depos-
ited in escrow,as advance payment at OiOO1 per acre, to. Thos. E .W1ll
for plowing the following land:--Tract NO. ,in Section.
T. ,S.,R. R., being .. acres.-. 'henevke the i ss..
E. Will Ahall show, by oompetentP eaa, th .Five AH .
more, of the above tract has bee~ii 6perly pobwed, you a teJ.l tho
ized to pay him, out 6f the abjve deposit, at the rate of Te
(a:10.00) per acre for all land plowed. -


*-<.' If, ninety (90) d .ys from this date, the above land :1 z Ot-'
Snave been ploughed, I am at liberty to withdra.v the above deposit, p',o-
vided I firBt written Thos. E. Will thirty days' notice. .

Si gned





Cut out those you do not accept, sign, and return acceptance
to writer.

I. CORN GROWING PROPOSITION:-- I hereby accept the above OoTT -
Growing Proposition for acres.

Sugar-Cane Growing Propos:
is Tract No. in Sec._

Proposition for acres
R._ ; and ar senrcing e


S Wi tn-es

- .

Ii:; 'i: -a
*a-ua .' . ...- .

f 'r, " 1
,., .. ; '', -, '* ,. . ..
l^ ?" '"'*"" *." '; --:" .-4.
;;; ...;" * ;;.. -" "" .'.: "

WING PROPOSITION:---I hereby accept the above
ition, Offer NO. for acres, My land-
,T_ R. '

SITION:-- I hereby accept the above Plowing
,namely Tract NO. in Seo ,T.__,
sorow deposit to bank.


*.* * * * < * * ** ^y
I'i .

Thos. E. Will, *
Okceelanta, Fla. .'
- ;,Y,. ,

Addep-st Box 285, ..
ft. Lauderdale, .,.
.. ..v'. -.,., ^.. -*." ., "': .

,. -.. .-, "., .* a '* ."...... .- .. ,

le '.. '
"M ". '. 'f .. .. ." *' ",;; : , ; a 'i :- .... ." . . ... '.. .."
"" **'*. : .. , . T i'
, .. . .,.. . . ., ." .. ,. ... ., ; ,. . . ..'.....






- FtLr .urd.'rrT.! e,71'., Jun. 2i y t ?22

Mr. p'rdrl:in WI
71i. I.rl E.z ie J.nmVEi,
2.7 N".' Firsi Av,.,

I ;h:irp :'u fcrr ynu:. l et-' -f tT, 2 th. I .' '." you '.- no
:iTInnrtionoin thcr,-') ersoth'. thn thebe sta.
4he floridiA Dvelop'rr gets up' a fine wl p of the T.U. R TQl da.
IV cv rcvcrz nno t ..t. '-:" 3 : -..--'( 't-v.v"), '-apt. tih : I
had r.n'n mn.df to includr- Voore Haven-- a reoen.t saj heime Tihers
a .... -E ,.'- J'. ill,2.;n' iliest Po-" tLhe ft',"d i o-nwor',
S .iv q.. ,. b t A'.

)now nfelOmI renvil on.

a kniwr of noun qovori-ng..the Drainage Maiyriot right. The Star'e .,
i-LnoQr'S' &as XsclliJ :.' .tl t o
well up to d-,I.e
I a. g.i.d your per i:; op.n tj matters. i mTy sc'no. you
moi1 stfl-j. I, t;' disappointed to ftndthe Miac,.r djilies so h;lrditr enter with
Gle'l.dJ ett ar, tUlff thLt, 0 goes rigEjt slnlg L~- d Lit r ,
W.Ppal.m aeaoh and L-ake Worth papara rarely ses t;-et light in a
blmi.rj ^;!pzr



Ir.)2 S!.... iC. ., = m:k;; l llhethe'r well
b-I:)lod,or ncqt, r oopypthis subjce.t. inin q: rti:d,nthc .most v~.t.l
at i)-s:nt :P all u.iileti s;tIu?. Tiani Jiught to see the poOl-tC~
arid g.t behiilit We all re;garC;her as the GRi.7,T Ir. ncr. est
Ooast0 city. B ~.sonWaTunLker i.oth or .harq toldhct of tIp. laportianoe
to .her,of .the G(pRas n "W' seusiibr, .raotipalGlaotus sc t lu;;:nt i
the on;- thirg t-'iIn w,'4clh ;3onth f.lorvJ,.- h:!.a o.t calnrmo'us.8'4 .
f:ll-Ir. down. 'iannli ouglit tq hel u! g? t mit nfr the zairo. I
hope you 'nty tie brothlroen r tuhe presU in- this subject

:inovr'iry yours,




- ...
.. .... ...





I o



WA I h hqauld next be ci Iken u .tfithouti
mnmaT uW'c jpgan4se ofa buiidning,a lot nouldbe
aom6 valuc to a Qhuzrcbh,oa5c nq as r'cal ostat$*,
i.i;tn3gfor a risc.3
Whni the trst attoeaptr.entioand a' vas,
MaUte, ; ua g:v& .o ILe -mt.'ail lt fn;id Wrap
available from. fhioid a *hud'ch 'uiM dingran 'C be
erected. Whether this. Qt.:,-tl :1 e c :e loul
be ascqt:rcintaiftcr it h'--e boun Cr*n ustrated
that thu eon oggion :1r thirc,,am:. raIy to
stay toge *-hcrm

.Aboat 19i15iLth Qongr .:g:tiqn -1 io;021 Q i7W)
*"to Us andhl*oright-, ^-riously ofntartnri-. oftnch;n
but griAt u,. tLWp., "'rcl-byLari-in o"l.'ynan.
attenhdt one of ow large hioctig'et t'. 4lrr4
all.asepmJcd nLph pleasQl,.ai.t7lkaL itli :..o
ofhis desire to start 4a clh4Lch aolui:; fl.t'-l. :t
keeolantitnyqwovoa,hu dir not go on aiti; t 1o
proj cts.
tieonly loung-cotiuacd .efqpt itq build a church
in.Okeelaqtaandhbz ar thq most suacc0ssfqhs
hat of AL-other .oth to .who1 O0eol tairi 1iq greatly
tinobbedS If he, ftct able to aontliUa ;oC ei*ort
'o trhias wTok shouldbQ aupporticlb:cett-i'r thrn It
.ai.s ver sapirpGDrtod .befo:ye. oi,h-ev;ar4I HIm
.ftarsnadhe retas that health and ags fo3'bid

.ba ere youn w11-J 3r _lA .t.h logical _os.
of procarte to '4 psta Oongrcg 1tiono
tffioient largegrgfganizediand .inaarneast;
v au2nger asruiqnop of rone Thiet,
suitable lot* lielas Is thc sinplAt of all*

Si3ncarly yoursc

P.s. if azL one asnts to rPfaepotato.eo on my .
larl ent free, toll them to proceed. iay ute -W
that is fit for present plantinggand not taken.
h hope the school iscoIn n well. I assume
you accepted the oPise, of Bpervisor. crrtal
hbae so.
Naveyou fopnil whetherr our Brige a th, SCanal
tPosrsngis included in tbesr.cent.,idSt. hat
need ttentie4nt You know how we releft out
Whereposibleo I wroto. the Co*ulcrktsending a.
rap with all the pos-itble bridges nmrk4e on It
and asking 1m' to oheoa$ tlhoe to have bridges,.
andh:veno reply. PerfPctly sample for hi. He
iaOlork of the Coodassionaers
X a also figuring to see whnt!izr we onaot
et a partat leaatof cur OkeIxelantaml1adearost
foa rad c kedmaith tha $i2,78,164 I _m.1 iTftormc4
V in Olerp s Officne aSo atil~l zita HaEl e o igtr(z, es
from road builder toh look pr Atty good. aest&
want to EPkesNurothe noey li actually thereeanmi
niot divcrtedOn spite o books. If it TSI there,
anI the eost of r ool ng ays;i /3 ofthe road,
9' wide axdV d.eep can be met-e al I am asnPed
3 it o be l.0an we get lool oo'i p-ation in trrjw
to got t ony-. n ftl h ubeogs this rad
alone uped Wheriot helongapf wre counldgot
a/Seoa the distance to te 'Ills, Crossing reoked,
in that waygit would greatly simp3lSfy our effort
to get the ronjarll the wag4 aidt put a .crtg a in
thatokeolant-eonsaStu^b propetsitio.n. But I
should hato to tn#-1s aa fght like thli- which
shouldnear nom fixht at all-. andthem fint Okee-
lantaoppositionas on 0anal level andothor thins-
Its bard enou&i to have to fightthe en af4t*oUl
having to .fight home folks at the sametime.
Ite into ashort for acth ior ofthat*


eo mowa pliae loimead Ohlerly with uanmr
Ek oelanmt hwi hia a lot of thi to Band. ardly td thie B&d. .a -
Ssa eP of ati keneasatAe tho ** tuirnets right sui
th.eroon h .poEta Pu .e*aho1 Pe off .n, of t r-fgest atost speom-
taoxta labd tooms aAyw J4 w" v aAL nh Nu38 *he reais t was
ou 0 OJcolanta drq vas, l rsl ,ixed to .b agnt.n* the reanXft
~Ta#S. a ot me cent e help oJh -llrown p spti on. .
Thi naiteiAoin was distr-atin ,Thie were ed. o ff rkws the pl .e
b ~ they ht bad r~t ;tAo i3, their soolo Int rest :rd bocm pplwaedte
another vhollty i Arent ana q aentngint_ 'thatlan eyas talno8t oa
BitOeaeam Vto adLU Olkeolantea
oplCahe sae peogpes their dipisBentot azRedo-igtbho nanthdzg ,sprnstioally*
at ac th e pit r.oe* AtOr eold ~pi dosrwt Acorvr g..2n I ih ll oerat adj y
S ter tha X aI in haPA. .
on Lqol I )pa r* gettingon a! r__ht_.. I were it would be oCietfly
.tBm :gr o nn 1efarbsh e ) 7y da n y believe thrua ttf twig
aroxo sic aiLsa r iZ. tetea tLe for miaso get t':ir ou', a St tck of g
Sbookl ts ,03 4hp. Lp izthe a.m ap n ontiu ."80ee or mraee pe
leekgla4 at My own sweaasopg o14 E'titrest nas k* ( Addift*an pria, z Tvimz
jqne t OlQ sil on" nao 2Ivn hI, peon r. th-nyenhaoe not helped
S&oa the ea O:WE "a -t h e d t -
Irtbbhe tax lit day is .31 daysoff ui' a n taxea rt
M( ae antr U a-ioant pO110G0 Iast y ir?,1 w dead aicky. m Ihn ran up
agsv.mnett a casle I hdc: mttz oIlo owti our f looda a. anic, : xL. no msnew,Z waOX
able to Toerow $1Q30000 at a iamk am B PR;P 0 1T iw tt I ovired it byt
*1 0913 LI^F 2not a cent of V&Q. lance. maOrLEapi1WdI-JuJLtd. the whole bll5,
*o.8 bxiLgg ,e.,fta. 1aniwc stood t!t .lnt. ITo- t $tdC3060 is nltnt 1.ue,
an taop? the vi 10. o n*LrtaxaCes
"wq04 htas Z40y of lW 1rcs aoetuauiosi as uftrmotsi 0c x d*W e; '-but pa
aah. AmAltmlus eas been a fierce wAic In3 whnAxich to 20sell anything A
Cad in- Waalm Seaah ghom I jaow .Ita o@lanod a) thaesaws before in a
Vtf 4Wt ttLOne.&old. Pi At* 3ASt bitu hc al nt marde one cent stace Dec*l.
Attne season Is neoalrggono.
'oi"' If our old t & jOkAd t~i- qd V.n ",oatinuo t leave e dto sOrry
the eolo .1oa4 6won.t aaswrer forth pe quwaenoo tr .F0 tai bndtn
weaturon tho QIo ta0.crIatit no t ou e alone Towevcr' hMWe abeeVtt13y.
sti o al Acr. At Bat this loag^lravGwn ant painti hs!f been more tian
I AK;n fowibtrr isg, t. tro 1 banksE doe 'Al t lo okprou3rttj
t jarronjaa ^ fltk aoatSe finO ozaetr-s- nrte as a ell as theae a5 ar-
t well oa plade8if h tshe tioaMIoan 'bae VoA. Now Drao. Stafrlmaielt you o0 a.
Sit&n1u3caaape sally OP rgr auaMflingothae2% NNOl InS 'iF A*lW20airM TIE
t @u-Polwafly -ua.,

II. SUGAR CANE GROWING PROPOSITION:---I hereby accept the above
-Cane Growing Proposition, Offer NO. for acres. My land
act No._, in Sec. T R. .

III. PLOWING PROPOSITIOU:-- I hereby accept the above Plowing
position fo.: _acres, namely Tract NO. in Sec. ,T.
.__ and a.i senirng escrow deposit to bank.

.i ned P.O.

witness Date

* * * * * * * * * * * * I * *

Thos. E. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.

Address, Box 285,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

4& W.

La4 fl

L',.. .

..B 4'Vi .~i&~

_.________ ___

vuL II-


Real Estate and
Room 206, Republic Building

Miami, Fla. Feb 19, 1922

Dr. Thos. E. Will,

Ft.Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Doctor

Answering your letter of the llth which I just

received on my return today.

As to price on the 20,000 acres. I did not want to

quote a price onthis tract and will leave the price to you but

want you to treat the matter confidentially. You know that I

paid $8.00 for the land and adding interest and taxes since the

land costs me today about $9.00. You can sell it for whatever

ylu an get over and above $9.00 per acre, you to take half of

the overgge for your commission and I to take the other half for

my profit, ie, if you sell at $12.00 per acre your commission

would be $1.50 per acre and my pro it would be $1.50 per acre.

Do you care to try to handle it on this basis and do you think

you can do so. Please let me hear from you. Please treat this


Sincerely your'.


./ /

t... a .S

U~I -- -

^''"''^'-?_t--^ V-^-->---L-4^-^-^-e Cliy.7~--^-1 ^-^^-_L/' d4-^-q-.- 1 )--^--^.o_^

-^e.^. .. /
.c^- J 2y '-I- i -V<- ^ t ^ ^ ^ p ^ ^ < < -~ - c

hc C--hf-<_^^f--r r 3- ^ ..J^* e.. r }
F^-CiI ? Y -C Q1 ) _J^ 7cy crrd r~
I ~~-'-- 14 -/
-^7-*2e^7 Ar7- <_^-'^Z7,i /

7, (-^ --'*
t / 4~4~7( _

itFL-LCz~d.JLLL r c7

-- ---- - ------- --- - -- --- --- ---- IYT~


-?2--C ;2L

/~7~iT. -. CT-

.. C


Le ~



*.- r-. -

7 -

1 .ipP

7 .

d jAsi --


/:e ~A >-y'i* fLT

LI & ?-~-,Z A

-. e-j~ --

I, -



r-- 2

.~ 7L"E -

~I/~i/3 --*-



( .


~c-c TI-C--~

a `-'e '~ `I


ltI'r~uandeflae,3 tLaa ~nlbpS62.

roa J4anzmsOl1erxC

iy ear r. eiensi-
. T

I am anxious to kInow Justwha bridges I
S -ioa for wal how many. 'he papers sayersandthen they

-on am* m aapI, hayenauked 9 tbr e thpt my be salted
p thie tones ztaely oontraote ft andretumn gItto me*

-- Very traly yowar

'i .
*o, : .,

.-:* .

'A:.= ,
*: =

iave bephs cozkw
say *,7.

Please chek n



: r.i


O. .
Mls. Franz, L
k^elataBla, Ft. auderdale,Fla.,June 25,1921.
tMy ear Mrs.Franaz--
nealosed findstatement regardingtaxes in New ,Okeelanta* After going over
all these mattersin the Tax Oolleotorts office reeentlyit was thought bet=
ter for me to pay all these taxesmyselfthough I do not owe them alland
notify the lot-owners of the amount properly to be refunded by theme
You will note that I assume all the taxesfor 1917,plus cost cost of ad
vertising leaving you to pay for'the years after my responsibility
cease-.namely 1918,1919 and 1920, You can see thetax receiptaby applying
to Mr*dothto _homs I am sendingthemo Your re-f dis $2.30,
ery truly_ yours,
Thos.. W:ll.
Fte auderdale,Fla.llig17,1921.
MrsAnnie *ranz, .r
For taxeson New Okeelanta lotNo.16,for 1918,1919 andl920,asppr statement
Tailed on June 25,1921,
wo Dollars andThirty Cents. ($2.30) Please remit.

Received Payment___

'. ,.


/, z^ ^^^'--.9/,

^^ ---

/^i~----'"C / ^^ /

/ Jr -/ ^ r^

y r- 9^--r-^C Cr ---.-y^ L*- L-"*-*^^ (<*<* *"y">

,/ / y^^

"tr-^ ,--''-2-:
r ^ ^^^
^7 ^ _
*^ ^^ ^ ^- -/ 42;z

V -s7/i^^CCf .
<' (& -^*^.^ -A ^ ^ yi A^,--4'^ fs~y % f-^Ai

a. C 1Lhh 3~I~- fi

u-CP -i ~~e~/

-~r _________

- -/
C- Wrf--K-
_t-r-^C ^z^^-'T- /^-t ^^ ^*
^ ^ y ^/
-t A_ -jL <2t_ -> -' E-.^ . -<-T <=-? ^--^ >^ ^C ^f



o *P r 5~'........
.. I

Ok.eelantaWa .,

SQurq ofthe ,th. at hand. Just back fraxo coAete
Bel~Agdurinth:e .1- ~t l..amos, hias been li3ce tryingto fly without ,rl ngs ..
or sjm l. .otIt o water ilMare never passed thr ough suah a year in ry l1fe,
inclucitngranic of S93
Met fomq, men ytr.:;tRday whq mray help t!.e situ:ition :n our n.ihborhnnood;but
can't be sure till itir.done.* ooks GOOD, thmgo .
As to money,! want .o f OWi y seIf. The mn.n question is.0an it be done
I certainly wish I saw a way ofhrl.prng youhat I do not "
of copurseu mr not all ;alirc t nersmonlyI nevor fon&p ' feb "
healtlit pl leo 1A -bic hto live in unli.e tlqn Ol eel.itnr rIf I .perfk .Jw
slcepgas I always code'there-.sargror the ni;g t.rk;ar4nplenty &2at 2gUo
Sholesome .oud I could dey the worltl heflesh andthe do il. .

rena op tfit~r g to doaandsot toq S nitqXloowed thT.iIe 1 my tmr aqOh .Vo
gowewad 3 fututc was. .t1hrQl TqAd j turned a .sonrsaEq4t +,arew tqla3.e 0
into t.e r efe basLetbroes a ..t .atUeisate .hat Ifitctaafl 2 rttM
plenty a, it4beneq ver I was hm7gn. andawild getb ittrested after a WgaFi .
forgot I had .a suomaoShaal OT 0 LT l That Aaa about W years ago* Prati
ally every day day sinooI ataye ll* :1

Qordially youmr ,
a !I

,,, ,, , C


In Europa, FAMINE stalks. Here, even, for many, it is at
the door.

Current literature teems with its pictures. See Delineator
for March (p.7).

Do we bare? Hoover says, "Famine is the mother of anarchy."

These conditions MUST be met. Simply to "save" is stupid.

The UPPER GLADES are a Horn of Plenty. A vast area of its
"weed" lands is ready NOW to farm.

SFpeze, a handful of pioneers, at infinite cost to themselves
* have now solved the chief problems, agricultural and mechanical.

The era .of experiment is past. Through actual, first-hand
experience on the ground, for five years, the writer KNUWS.

S-On these lands, TODAY, can be produced excellent corn, magnif-
icent sugar cane, poultry, hogs, bJef cattle, dairy cows, and unlimited

Now it is necessary but the "thrust in the sickle, and reap...
,for the ripe."

' While millions perish, shall we loiter and temporize?

".What shall w3 do?" I submit two"PHACTICAL PROPOSITIONS, cov-
ering, respectiveley, corn and cane.

,; .
'. . ..... . . ... .. . 1*



y~;r-v;-r~.-~~---- ~---~ -IL~-L- CIJ---~~ -L-_-~- - -~-~- -- --~-- -C_~I ---~


l o. ,-1. aIn n oiq :m mile The -
-wants :'e i oe

ction : '

I n* Gassiu aget l d I r*; pay A,

~, -d3 tr one 'a lgh be -rt a' -1V.

4 dear -Lf. Jet i es=- -- -*--

o be or va.uepr s -sLouldu; rm:p t, or one at las 'been 11. .. ..

.. ...... i.-
",." ... . ...- "- _

bsDU ,irr.ez- u"u-l.e l.,t? Als va.lbl l.c.. -.Lo '.

dayca on the road.

.. .- .-. .. -

*. '- - "*r-

v .n.. 3(a)
In Miami, dw3I stratled upon the Potato rrodwtsW Oftioe,15q NkhW.lsat
St# kept by lr T.,sghsahire. Sheaakes fine potato ohips. IX went/ ii,
sar her plant talkedB AIE OIIP a mndlnterested her. She saeer to be .d.e
ing a good buAneqsalaut pays 3 1/8 a per lb. forpotatodes. I toldhe I be-
lieved we could furnish her dasheens Jnaliding Oorr. all s50ese and tubers
above seed sise,laid down at her plaoeabt T1o Qeni peor Ib She seamed
quist interestedandis wtlirng o try them in her plant,andr on her ocm-
tomers. W ii take a peOk firaS, I said the. first peek wmoldeost her ornl
the. transportation oost. That isoek* with her.
Nowof you will senxlher these it may bo the beginnng or our dasheen ohjp
industry nopa telling. Ama anxiouuto see it tried, Iter equipment good,. .
and she igeastingthe business. Has ha tbhplaoe but a week. Bot out a
man lioldng push, andhe was falling er hausbandls atrai-elling manE They
got the buatness right otfsty sedng d~eaers in miami. Now they deliver I
by Saw dlaly0ad. are well pleased.
WB~. find latter tftea HA.WfatcLnsc hion deo,sle13 1-Olb. lzt of da.heens.
SiSre I have none heresauggest you supply h4?im 'ay help ~r.l:e marketn tile.
I learned from friess thr.t onr fru1itcareaJgj'pidgos arti bout; tro be buLlt.
at N.Ee oorneraarl middle point of fNo. borderofSeo t 7 .N; Ju wheCrethr'y Mpa
do is the last possible good* I decided to see Werner AT ONCE,for I appre-
hemd.ed that ifthe raipagdoe Board spent money,wh.oh iB VERT SCArCtE vith their fY
on bridges thoreit meant Good rfora long tine to 003meto thb bridges we
had asked .fori vizo st Frout Door and Oenter of SBe.tonl,rigt zn the Csunty
Itoa we secured from the C Oo, Oomarse. n 1915. It connects IrU- Oanal with
west border of AQ0.,running right thru acentr"of action. ,E,r& W.
I obtainedlettews from Prieseo Rad ise ietsobh( copies nac.) andwent rrxTr
mAT to Miami, I saw Warnergandrou ny surmise right. A SUmtSE it will
be a longwiLt for bridgess Nuhere wa need thnand. whreo bhioy ought t6'be.
if we let these go In on the North 14no.. In faoBtwe would do better to
wadLt ltr au bridges. than ttketheso in tha otroamstanoeas for I ri smre
thy will prove a Ohinnse Wall shuttiag usout from the bridos on lthe "o.Road.
As It isr&We Mow have a good fightngeharano pofgottingthe bridges on the C'o.
Soad.e Wener didnot anow we had a Oounty Road there- or seemed to have for-
Soten itandt thought twe had not been tsited on nlere we wanted. yheB. ( GQnafl
diallyW 2 rLfornartlon is that the whole trouble lay with nrwihk, hqe todA
| LrEPrice it was juat V a not-ior cane's buttingin wherohe had no ad es
nltba 1 would wait 11 h t tiZ roddy before building.*. I think he didnoth
want tf builA them at all l. b'ut that whhe ho heard that soro would.takethem on
| the riarth ine( here I had not asked than to be) that woulabe a goo h driane
to SaVn asa downpaxtwho jumped at tho proposal to buAldthnsm there. I hopo yon
il. take an p9tttb Interest n seeingthat they go In where they should, tho
.r peie have to haul theluabor and buildthe bridhips ,g.tis. That was the
rplan M Yauraybut my trater ( after I haid TPeL djd on it) was
an4l -*aImd net haul thelumbera Wtener saLdAtheTa er was ready f" a qp i
purbt B ople o didn't take lb. Other hia is correctly lfornie on
MU0lssJa htey better than hoe Oi r hiswe referred to. you n .y letter tb
b bp O ir tamas a ofoomanttee an thins BrlSaa tterg so you uan feel free
e t 5$ eoaord(B5?i2l. P.* Prioe,I tidaii2hoped. we mngitt aet ea _o w
if flQ-$lSAS.y$ a rain b a afeah nMl- ba ,
Go 1C'::o M uie l.o -)go* ho
Su Is ^^or o4- o2 '-,L 2.h
dt'e uo s snoln bod- or ,ome .
or ~ ... ,... : ....... .

-: I

S Saw 11Per d*tt.n.*

I inte that LthaOllghut lboats are at thair ol4 tdltS"P
Vaise f11iag up full at thie m*tegaidthen loevaint our star"1 on tho tnkE
boomwa they raoilea d. s Alastht tat that is I reason the Cihida seed dasheent3 ha not yet been abtppeda It f a Bshta3n

Shawo auggested that yon.Uy be ib ie to Cet tio asi pnant out via
Moore XWarhon3eewpeaatly since a M.o, boat iaan Ulivu in OLeelianetaaosm. Ta
y fv be able to aee hs arixcanke a person aslrrangeurltrn- witIh hi.m tfhit dwil

aHrowavr,tab (Jan write tbt |tpr need for a sRadall lot ab3Aasnia
* iUlESIGa;unidthby mawgest thnt, we aIrxathera 500 lalbu Xli" aIATIY BR PARMfla
WOST* These to be abumt the dao aio a hnous agge"

ftless. thrAdb'ete thGieilds 1ot of 3 sadolB hia already gcnwI ThLn to
reqtueat you to scuiltho i00 bulbs, s the pism rqacs, hipoy rohwy waitrA
lofg arxpitienatlymail I feel taowi g*eat dbl !;tLov-n to In, vso no stone
antmn ed to see tjbthatey get their geodae

Very truly yomra

AMdroe a Jlma Leais Chi3Aa,
Ploral axeZesw Yorkpwil.Y.

F-le -"4-_____ ______-- ^

.(..c -f^2^r1fAL 14 --.-^ *^0-^-<-

~P~L. -73t-~, alF ,ruxua bf
j9fL^L7r* 'yi/c^ y e-M^ S 9.?UUIft^ S
-ffi--fce ^ t~l^ ., 79 -tft g *:-S^ CF&-^ist^L~r~e-*
j^^ <^^as c>(^jt^^^ JCyo. ^^~U*^c 96^'a"t-i^]
*^ e^ i P-i^^^ ^ S^^.^ sS-C o^*S
^^c jr ,&,ranrn~s~" i" n ^-

/^n~~^ -e L / ^/E^L~~~~~
^ludflr *'^i-x^-' c^$<<^,e/ -tc3a^^-u^
^~ ~~~ j^ /^^^^j^^X t^^ )

^^fl-Pe~t (^^IS^A-^
^^^^t^^eW, /^^)

-e- 3 I ^ j~

~i;;i-- r 1 : ;;-
t~-' ~~~ - i

Ty auna'daleoFla" SeB-3 *


c s





Zorm s&8*lOwrA

XEaoaft Ogtye~b

S. ' .
rQ ,' *;, : +' >...... :,
, ..... .. . . .. .

,- In Europe, FAMINE stalk. Here, even, for many, it Is st
the door. -

f Current literature teems wi th its pictures. See elinestor
foD Maarch (p.7).

.Do we,'care? Hoover' aaes, "Famine is the mother of anarchy. ," *?

These conditions MUST be met. Simply to "save" ise stupid,

S* The -UPPER QIrADA aite a Horn of Plent y
Wft.. Ai v t & I &_l T

of Flal to ae a eatl aza IlaB Sl. agannegs
Itt. la uB~Xe ngind,.about 11800 00 ~in p:a
.i .e . . h..a.. dash ed etmo more ft erhon t eb e e-
tfln^ Aiteb X sqwa hetird oW any money ninlttOi.
rea S o e eas reproJPB w goingsan on i D.@,na tabn i .
'. *in o ?fllSue lie a boeas in the darkness. a rePt al iae
i siiat 4.tiyW in the stiwtstor stijhs I am 3gatffialtho it MWiy 2vLer
ioupup htt.n a&1tion,I read of other plaanu to aQLow the
"'a eA on oedt.S plans whh I hare hoped ait a-
: '. f s e vwln an ror 3lrae~ .tavouat written 7 Proti al

'-a. 'IeSi(.gs e "'Ip Wfor a bo6Zoct he PG far isem gett i -

S*Xt wait-tizcadqkuaar tes. again* I neo~d th3e any. y ;no . wa1 n$ Sea t. I know about sancieIa i e. e
yea s as siltudyo)ologe le.turing writing,I P o.t s .a
%t flhPar(a sa of Baerglades- ifthat ia anytbhin But lmao know'
reati a miney ftatujseren orw fiarlorass AMBh)1.fT21X !JWfIOAC.
*** X el-ei is senate when toase Swh do sdo.Ln thin u wi1 ran! M iW i ,th
e so .rtto r hiAps,%and start for di ride a Thi mney ttis -rwi
I Seb O einda. as aonaly as wntor ou lbe let from a la. '. bCohilAd d%.ain onto
to be irlAgiata Itts it m aly a qua Lon 11hcthler those who 'prfit
e woney axnlorodif f audine hall oontimne to barv thier ways
S bea jreLud-t. intiumates, .thai our probl.-n 3l hr .al:' been pa.~s
Ithat wo o3 need to apply fortl:e suocor I oof'aIntl t i -
er, wri~tSee to leariPn whether I*t's B aaatlnt. ,whether ytu 's'ab
S Pe Aroi~ltural Sloeo oan- t Git oso lo it quick -ly
.... g. .a- Xwi m rel.rosentativu of gez at l east- I wnnt to y -
ritLpa EuaaLntoseutasipport ry fanfly farm nsy la.tjhelp;,
11* ete a a Bndhe2l gopt our groatGledos Country oF*eo its feet s
y321. 2 if 3s one Qtht it would be n1msot arfminnal to X1

I e sIS orP CUIS irwe a3'e entitled to--- because of nropera waa4
Sli 'other. reason nan ighty god jopertyaat teat-woreP 6 do all
":"a c -.t .:P leand a doans M Lt runiLUt a 'm .in .eastfre.n, oa otaE+Pi'ii ,
^e muning aar wijMout Ait for sucah r.ays o li ght a :
sl 'daateta aieanrL 1 invianiblae optiaVmi 3I rferv onemam4ld bie Sn.
,^ .:: ,pt!hqa- le deep9Lra ts lleV tho .mlut-qpniq nacnt~.1Si.s as ir aplt as
0on a .ot an electric carrante the questions .aejy T .-
bq'en 4p o2j) a it to be done .-
4. *ti -Rner a'er, itcrial inoerly y --
fSn *iiStflu XEnesaeopyiid on 5. jpC:iud.
e stera~rA l4)Airght too the '
.r..s. 4)).4*m' ,^.^Am.rop1eea that the ..
i safg tm for ma w 4 .V:-. n ed e d. 4. -.
i " s ,-: Win

it ____________


t.,Lauder:alo ,Fc 1 2S-0.23 *

M1&o erxwrd ioe

W dear fapst-.
ioursor the 30th, ult.
-If Address horeafttrtkll notilOShOre

rood* to-day; 11 days out To*ib.A
Have to be on coast at timneas- now*

Ijli I might have had moenotiSe ro section. Anr writLbUgarounf to.-lay for ene
:'-toBle one located. right. got at Okeclulta. Old o1am oriutypiowaeuL
ir aeBitionanear.
Rwgnth0erasy buyers of sections, ami larger traots th2nk they ualst hrve
la9n t at *20. j$15*5$10. eto per nore. We are longpast that In Okeelnata.Xn'.
$l0*O00 per rease ias about as well as onucan usually oouaIn o0 there* Same
ULl lannds Iiq desarable at nuoh higher figures
r a mau or. group interested in towma-site darelopmeant and cozraniuty
BtiBKVhiore "BMT MBiE 'INS. Mas h tlha. I hare is TownpBite. lfanaor closGt
if Silt that will readily develop into townw*aite with doyrclopment. I epau J
apger $t get in sone retl darelopors interestedi in oommulty lxilding
that bzau been my Rmm line from the stay Aut I have added hldp. Nowr
we have notbhed -*e point where the going on saobh lines should be Eaish more
easy andthe profits good Mon with ranmey Who will olearplovlay outs
beatifybuldlittic houses, enoourage people to coo; enl-.i star Poultry
Parin eto* have a GREAT field at Okteelanta* '
X haye saMesa at andinear Okeelantawitth a good. lot of gaAal taxr
peat on .R reMvar Qanal and part 'oa 11oes Canal. Ut isnoat all
and ii is seent atfrulona* "n plat will give an idea. Lea cw
Tour peoegle w ABst1on a slL set6joneaa .a-t a lowq prlezt taatX a'my
55 sta i tia tiainqiry. Ongsonwean x know brsa a vast areaMand uImob ei ad
panei as an fbe tfoun. Of ouWep, it oaunot compare i.n dssiax ,'
ana ntv-Iy qSpopese%'with wbha I Immtfn at Okeelanta. Ours run bani0{
to 106 and $1V DO per tPwrf I hear If land on tihe Okeelanfi
Gasal and Roada oiliU at *150.00 per nore ,aio* s veral alies t*y g etl
neents Oih*in ve7y low4Vpriood when its many and striking advantages awe and





K. '?


2 -'vL: ...-C~~

.I | i,
i . ..- .-

--.v1;* - .' A ;
.. -. .'-. .' -.- *
, .. t... '-"- :- /
*- .. p . .
/' w .-.. _- at- A
.. f..-^

r ,..*- .-- .


{,. -. i, . .

. _'

*',*'* : *., ':

/ .- -
,- .^- ,', '. "

,, I .,.. . . .

.* ^ .'
I ,io." -. ,
*' -' fi ^,
^ -y "*;:' ~~' '



F' e -
I- -


- .


{r. &*





;My d.e 'or Mi'' bourpvo'onu
.X a tctboa 3tSta IA t uic-L
?I :raV' ayas d-hired.l

Juno 34,1924

S fr. y 1" I Ri! v.:;ry r u-'i n'' r4i 1iQ 7c owaml
OuOt- ibi Lng(Qtlo1mclad..1 LjwPsoegreCd jim flOT)Ip. i,
ngalnaso jnows,'by ioernn-1l nrwri3r1o2e.M'Aiad:,: i,1 *l5
to bo hl r^F prqmaed. leny*4iQjdt'lb thefl'Ot~ hoQo .
h'er,saho my Tbe du pmrle6 upoi tm1 be srinlcxt. .iI
S her judgents.
It tE. p4.n.d Emo v-rye.aSq. to N tlpajble^ to pay,
Scert-4n U.a1.1s,p!ialndin,not-b3 hy, louI t11.o
-"2 14.ryt sRA*,,W,, I i'iY sttIO:d 4 1 i an. th.l -r'
.gMOs ,d'i, a ltait ; I"ep"toEynt" yo'.nla, y 1 rgcly title
Out PaUsB ifAl tAg to ds:e the region

1*tt00 .,..M'tia.ble.

../..:o ++.,l& ^....,r .. ... .. .. ,,
t: qenoet 'i blI(t3 aido Y*4;cbaeu
If a rrsO1.,fsrzttion a
S. he3otL4 ::.1 ..vgo uc.IHre i'olsror l et^ a4Z
e-^ l'ort 1At *tOiU tod (ial^!Eg act4
tsaf m tt irn.ly1 tun aio ..
rtgsse!egribelg s* fwtqfai*( shen
o *preo thom t 1 ontrzi air ko
/ qorm 0m Ian.o 80e4u00
*$0t?n pbrt, bau yx u td.n1r W
r 1 Ltterag W

g / u-o l^^, Ju d- .,

r~ L 6L5>i~2S, /9 2A
%,. <7 e. w ,;.
^/atJy ^ U -

A u<" ^

*iQ -- ^z^ >^ ^A -*--

^_^e~, j^ -- ^<-y

1.v ~Z/ ~ t t( <^A^w ^^ e^'c -^' J
W7L- -^. t3^-^
-^^ e "
.^^^ V"-^-'
.~ ~ ^ C ^.^.^
M^.-7 ./^^42^A

.trp "c Zt/ / ,, 'et," "' /.44

x c. r/- t -- / ./ t', / ,- (--*,t
elll ./7 -7-t

v^ ,, I .i._ t _. ,4S. i, ._ , i
// *. I -,", i /. ./ "
cv? -c/pt c^t '' /e 'c'cn L> .

1 /7.7 4&4 ~ // ,KvP<''&-.^o le- -z
!./' I A ^ 3 ,
.-. A-- ..-' .
,.L /;,,.. .r4 -

1. ,.. / 1J .-........ .. ...
.. i' .4.- -..

I A ^ -17" 7 -
... / i- ----;--** - / *,e,' <
Jr ?f'/ I/ /t '^'vst/
1-t .t ..,,r ,
,h ,,,.

i77t4_.1//6-./" (c K/ r ..L,

: ,/ 1 7. '" ,h/',
,,. .I

.1 -

T7 1 .

** .I
,' H.;."

MU.Martiin Bhaes( Molies Matin) .

y anretae yo tr letter otthe asta 4 Ia.r4SQ" ht41i% an.wes l04po 4
written td.ght msc-yorr 'n'tartle. ,It isto b.-ihopead ,on i y, p .,
bce I iq tu gingloOI3 iUkltqans8,or other 4eaeriLng nqa of vr l tb.
world ~s nso 0per t1n b oejhear.s At least,you did yuiu- duty as y* 1t4W t.n i
IWho no; do re-re.

eiwayS a i a e o q soee of atB n.ei is ; -4ritot for one inyour posulftie
t0o ut04ertindthe ptsblcrsa have met. A tpear efnterprina( hTs beon mi
kidlot je BSec toon 971: at sihoi JIiy:veboon bloo:ed ul '.7?cOe usld altternatlyy .
tus soatUtrinS! interest% th.qt shald iTboen .L unified ...
ionQ-y ran rygtA.r4for d rirn go. r cwe rv6o*B1TCtrd had- tq get it by V e1%4
a tilliton uoreo ofIwet land. This was resould to'amnll lny-aura most f*t.m
1aWveC nov yet" been aTleaio useit.

I attinerVtle0dtr- a vcriy rnTij wPry,tpq umoran*l" taeqgbSlb llnohang a, mTa*t
be;t paisinl a ge ad pottt t title halp or -run. d

Before anytbingooildl'e darnoin hoqembaiiliEgAngqreying1 r.o d-'tu4,ldirisnratin .
ingaiqu homt "' other things had to Abe danojanl it was a cir'se ofaldtnig
briots without strnw.

'Os5 t QtibesSIC a 'meiGS 'Owtr to be doieS y sqio qone. i ear flmergflm g*N*
mentxf C-qhe had problems of. thoir 'Iwi.- the war beingono- marnditr not

to ir; nluri'iz.

I~topGhei$t t.hrs been for me a @nso of ai0QPLtge hiti-WIidb 3 W1SA".
not. daoN. q yigt y tnd onyitt lonrna ct n l4all,,part ofrwhlash war
rightly iatcoitut hoavy enough to sink a navy.

If 'others. inpolvAd were irLli4gto bjMp 0WythAngs quat'u Vw atlgmnor
ua.lyJ &ew see. thihAthderer. 'ast ai0amglEzA4itad ea$yr0ne to dos al
the ok andpay all the bfllS. 1 1oU d guess these"altai ig

PRV arQ. oed now onotautly with epdendldiw.orftitts .. prqqta@e oupr-
Imoanj .nLestets : tjiey cL L orp l5aftda I may 4 -a -'p tl
Sransa~iear o .thIaee ,asf.oirUF a WhVArn tYTa..G 4 (
a*t m. a .= I'
just wim a 1c*r&y tov aatap oope mrar thosrnate of doflhiks tey W.C

I1 I
*.. .


: :




~~_~ ~~___~_~~_~_


.' q ..,, .." .... .. .. a w . f .. h- :.'.: ;.
I ,.. :. ..'* .

-. -. *
ag A:,a

o .

*i /


- ---

<- ,-

^7^^ ^ ^P^^'^*^r 1^

- / -v,

. ,"r ~ _.'-" j .#

j /- _

t ,f .

..,, y -' y __
^tL~~r7 ^/~WI LP/-y*^sr-CI F


A / ^ Zy -/
/-L .L2~ ,'?--'



r. SBiO.earrisp
&-' -6 -

Muah please with yot rletter.
Plapeo address Wme lRBgwhere ia yajlg at present.
I dtail be delig$h0t tameet you andj' bfrtiafbier
go up .with you to Oteelanta. I oertaLZ l hopgq you
make the sale,anBdZ lball :ertainly do


Thisia a imsattar we can work on with the most absaolate good eosment ^^'
beoauseafthe scpericr&ty of the LANMDIa )OATIONat psoadtmty 6S OSamriLeta '
'YI aam especially dolitteri that you reatifterestod in t e OzgPOUg
amtplan to handLp a large aeoreage,rlth theo .help offriendsa tta fithe
thing to do,*. -**^| **-:
onaideriajsthe time required to g*t rondy anppare hlaxXaste
that all the oorngroPwsngpecple congentyatae on the tnahnerisalltUgg we
sl~~~cncntat on thee sxmmer~ssZJ~nTallbl
than on the wlntertcaptrag orbp. o We sholldbe able to repy or
crop all right.
I have a bicango group ho may hcl it it, too. Tenants af Iit mat
landssthere are tooling for aa thing better ianl one frtheir. Friedls sp
he can iring in a good mntber of tuan sor Uihlat4W orop. I an worLt t
on others, too.
SIt your people shouldbot laby tho laza i plan to laate yuwdsatow
Gsean friends on Bers. s anl YT, right in town,sn to upea 85 =
the handieci oere, ant B. s is aLoDepteaulaty mataro ani u parojudutt e lazri *
Would yoq not interest soae tenanait kaarnP, too. 14y n4' ha1e Isa in
rentetree foar first oropytith no obliatLmah sto bysrant or anything c it--
Of course,I shall hopbe they any 'beso pleased that they wfill 'stwaygJtlyptaq
or do sozicrhing worth whil e.
lV ias T B it tine to bliuy, eron en timo,for Okeelanta lands, I neve
. to seO tjaom so lowagain. tey are dute nowfor a bigBaoostebat I fl
Cf a little longer. Buyers snn %tMll got in on t'e groumdi fEI vs
how long can not bo promised.
to hoilp ensure tBhe elerator t all the acornNg yrooares -
tenants all sowat $the saoe gettingiSn the 3 sootious. With
oetaiac holp, I can get loal hlptoo. I don't w nto pimush tha
lost norx.booaers in other settlements pill the elevator away frqaim
I wont 8 saaars close to Wrkeelna X aomnanamnd. Bost of SeBos, 3 ianit
a ohanee to got enough other nonr by landto akeothe 3 asel*

btEtmtwlbe ax'
UemA *u~taa it'

gro for somao one she o banrera a gooA Qft J
) $so*0 a $t,00 ea.flh t fl

~o~~Ri^ Q~ ^,'i4.^ PdS C flUt il








7^^/ ^ L


Ily dear Broothy--
I hacvetllsfrom Looikes*--
The seeoMt aspaomeut of &acheena from nr.
V*W-oIzth h1ve not roeacbed nsyot- but if they pae
equally a~. rood as the irst te oan ha mZal
15 to 20 bags oreo if qu-lity ux prio'e is the
Isaac LockD o.,
97 PaneuAl Wall .arkcbt,
1os ton Maass

I3 you ona fill thiscrdar,lit isyo.urs.
I am still the Ohild.a saOc dasiheenas ay
be sent. I yilr- Ton cnn dig h.nL if you hIse
theMa No retwrnsyct fro? first shidijren3 t

Sincerely youra,

.. ,


M~y ae0ot DrirPioose-

The I hepeFd to sa q Hiss Jonit,I rcL4 no0 hSanml l.- xenerB
hofrw ; hethct she .arotitea I hope sl is with you and enjoyior our de*
liptftl oloratopand1the other advmnti-aes of Glrde.s liZe.

X am smonUNtg copies of my latest 6olOerse If y7' im ptit out sono to -C
advantage I shall bi glad to sondtthem.
a he .folar Xda& a ans-re-Xa I-f *o',.m a that hero is a Ph'noo not so .-'
* waS to SniA) rmwnoy as to SAVEB t. t W havtr t.,o '.C..,. :_rtty .we :Lc i
in a gooAQlados comiuuoigy,

e ought to puUllsh as widely as poa e t1t tT.c flacstchere dirin prcvidl. rtlth settlimaents creNOW RAfl ro for Oiupcy. *xTe ougti4t^tv
get pooplestWho can oomne-to t so and. biolp mak=eto conmrtry. 'Ihey apre 7iaisetwg
somethingg p antt le whee preposition .is bolngelod b;ck 'orirtully :' yhcit
tendenoy to S slnkOr,andleawetheload on othorts who* hrvc oPaine irnOr co
nuaula &iriiy. My fsoldaorspif netont to tbo rigrit c:oJlnqogrcht to 'iqp I
the sitMation X1our storles In t e o erveloper reo to the ointaiaI hope
ylu wilil wtito biore.

with best regards to Mrs. riro0e aid 3tsri o'6d-7 l 3 -1-dI ?

Coroy ally your.
P.S, Please .ote n~g article In Devaloper on
Blevatmor Thisis a' n'LeAT opportual o t to be Inproveda.
I an wtitalnglettera to this oa Rpw yoTn -oan talk it up.
T,E, T.

p.a. f eriloyo th sitttin tomItoes Irs.
Price ment.




: ~:

. .A-,

vt nLiaS*, ov* W-1.W1



- ^ o 'I /
/ /
/ // / *i-

I / 1:~

c^- -~ ^9^^ /^C (^^^^i ^t

/f .. n ^~~

/ / -
C '- ^ ^/ *zS^- ^t^C' /zrzl^^^^t>^'tL ^^f~if^

U/*- 4re

.---'-^/^-^Z^- C 6t^^H^l ^ *r--^1 ^?4c<

...... ..

,at a .a*

SA The Rmbr9lado7oc $am th 0 1 smy -

'4A ct S thn tats cf rv IVcrgl-vAar olhxpxr on, axnxycu are tlr S zsdauLtw.
.....' a...a ., I aE uao fil-e VOZ "7 -. ^|
.' ig. daBe hare. _been hiumnertag away it, phe ,o'i.a 'e s.- 'o save
:,. -:.. ICe dof :, ... .,, r who .,-aU

.-am ani; som of y a..o.s,3 m .osftiaa 'a se.
.-a-. we hW.o "fft ttl he .D rdtoi Ura4lejge an;t~dto aartatal t -

A. poiea oonry at jstty m i l n me tn aLe ..s
:..I . 3ke of t. ro, ah..e ..ia .c.all etfoat. n. .hI-tr ;

-R tt an rninglih t _e ,ars tr'i- vt' 2 O
-;.:i;: n: te 4;. s t e ..... . ..a ..:,.,. ,'

Sins- at t .zet o p ei the VioaeMA- wt. a ainys tit b .
mt soeM.L jw.'f sl~fSntrthpe feCslrd the wa0s are qtae wilitg 2 .iab
4^~~;~ja ~3s~r j^ riato Etnte Sainoetuda9,o erany* aerte epc t aB (p owP
Eoae 4hen tUjugsn Are feagy wor- Hteur a esept$an t. ea.tai
-..: . .j -- ... t e a" n ..o .i..r "s a Itaea In .3.. .. . ". : .

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ANN--E- a *d. the th bis tatw .
i bl ...e.s Bad -6 V 'an t.a'r i ter "ep ta l" .~ e
B~f'lB~jE^^^K ^J^ '" t \ j< r'' 'A.C'r*j r *o 'C Pa~& "~i g~ii ~~~~Lb IP "*"^-- *W HP^pfl '",'iif..:

4, -

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1 f-1: 71

L.. Say r t : r~'r

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FtO .Ct01 ..i~?la **

ho c!2~bec1I ti ;' gnorl 1in'~ f'ncsZ.

.t i'rttfsr ookeod,bu!

YoEa* aid.tae you traorlbo :3..,21i. uoU .tloan1agIo. ,udood ..4Solan.m t
* telln pr-s4_j t': -.-h:1. ^ fri 1. p-atnt oda e ?g fo0t. Yelds
jprteri& up t' aMfrmr'l Ir unrr :. bluC L> I is a n o
i^-idso &jrvl :*r'te" *nw' "n-1-? 7Cll.

seed to sell Aid plc anty i-Ct y r,fTlt too Cft buyera*
3ofttFr ainmcopo t ri Mpr V,.IRothakoi3l mt.htEO
: -. i rbl h hp nyou



VePr truly yo-rs,

- --

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Y .**


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I k~tao no
se1tUK yoTw
majy i.a bly

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z :-- ,- ;-r- -

<^^ A /t(-^'- ^^-
^^ -'^^^J--^^^
^^~-^^&<-^^ .^ ^^^^
^ ^ c^ /i7-^ '*f ^ ^
^^^^ ^^/R^




~p, ~~?

.e. .s atii t

pt. top on t
N r.It.R.jt pwa"4, I't3i' ? st.
t d- putteia, ycu to not l;:ai --ac 1 a
.- *; X
2 a,.. hs-.ith .otliiy#i. p..:lsa. ri'.n AD t e,
,',. ,~ Bttnewr es,,+, p.. .0 of ..i. ,.p.. .
teaai'la8*c-iaqustaim tzr f/to fcr./.-^*^ a-; yc-at

* t V 4. Th ; ', ,

* -, t. / ;, !> , - .
Fo., o'.t'L ;o '" '
,^..,-..: .^ ; .. , ,

Si x .' ....., .. . .. .
; .:.; ; p. .. "-i .^ .. ;. ,', -*. .. .

n--s e --
.a q
01 / t "-1

I ( ( _

3~ A- -55-r
-Cjlr.: .e '
l(( w~I, A Iffkt-^ '
^ i '
R7+I~Y6rY I~; L~I~r~7C~l~jCCZ/L\
;nc~L~Y L~;CC ~ ^LLTL^-/J/ f^f --"t- a^
'r ^ct /t~ j.LrX / ^ u />;C/ML~

-'%^^^-!> ii<-' ^ I %^_^*^^^/i ,L -^'-^ ->^dr)y -&K^**-^

-x,-- *Pt _e-' V c^ '^ C^ A^~_C~~CB
'W -'l-'-- d-y^^rCL,, -ll--'~t^ ---. -SOsS
-^*A^^. //- N24^2c^Pi%^^^> ;/"-can,r^^^^ ^^-~
"i"^.-yt-^t ^^^L ^^^w"a c ^a-L,^^

-?C^-^ --dL --^^^-- ."" P _^.~;"- <^- n .j~~/S -aQ E ^^t~-~LSt ~ R
-*/ I~/- <^v*^iLt-*^ ~C~-"^i. -i- ^^

cent. (6%) iratrest. We.take the remainder.

If you have no land, you may buy in Fruitcrest. (Literature av&il-
able) ..

Under Offer 110.2, you have, again, only to send the money (Fifty-
Five-Dcllars--55,.O--per acre, thus pviing in full for the breakir:T,
peed, plc-t ing and wNVed-killing; and buying &. full right to the whole
firqt crI.t If desired, advances will be secured by real estate.

How can ycu wvin on Offer NO.1; or how can we, on Offer 110.2? In
this way:--'7ile, o.rinarily, in other cner-growing stL..tes, the FTPST
CROP is 3.!! tht Eani ore get'--the cane, like corn, requiring to be
re'-pLte"d ar.rnLu'..lly- undey our unusual corditicns, the cane, once plant-
ea, 'jl.l grow for a period of years, thus reducing the cost
of subsequent crops to a trifling figure. .'
Plowing alone, without 'croppTng, helps Gladesa'lands immenselyl.
The demand for plowing is usually far beyond the supp y,, Wth cash in
and the writer has begged in vain. t .,hve lands plowe.A..; So ha-We
others. Corn- and Cane-growing sh 53' y intensifgts demand.
'fo learn how to plow wild lands and get tB peipme has"t~ ken .5 years...
e how have good tractors and plows, but -no't '.u
S' ** ". ,
Some may want their lands plowdd ut 'not cropped. ThJip is tha
EgT. LEAST they, can do in their own iflet e-to, S"ould you desire'plo
ing crd it at onC. and save taedit6'* ,l ) r acre-. Sc'e charge 'nfica maore; onet lI@.) In orderin-



- `------`~ '~


^Z^ _W."-
u I< I Il i

o- n--I I Ii


Z7/ Z.- // /

< pT-S <---- CL
F-~L~C1C~eC ~ BKA^ t
L 3* .
^(^A^-^^ ^^'------^^^

tL I~ A .- - - - - -.'.4v' .. h t.1 .-, '

-. 3 ":33

16 aaat Jt. :*m, I1~ sp



i4 w.

vp~~3 `0 1." V3..


9,11 6 31VWW I& a .


.1, phi

-V .6
*A r

1l. .

Z- 3 -. 3 4 .A
ICJ;~s;uaBiP 3~fjST4 ... .,

3; 3 :.. : .3. t)" e .33.: ''' I;'j
-3. 1p A

3.33 A ..~
,31 ' 1, -: 4'

jr 1'r -:
4+ #3

7~&t I~: e
434 4 a
3~~~~~. I.. /:~,;


i 4$ periiBC j3ke ta aMisi. arenpnatoo mih an e awres %$neef4i.|
. Bat a M t ''^''

Sa5 f to adEi yto ttt arrr Pai Seao i efo fle dt. i. l
iNot ait atihe XafaiB thiey sostGnet aL imeaeont with a tafttej not te
*Lwn aut 4eep4oen Jtot 60 ll m0 out of the conAfi ion aof pe9e6a

i*W '.^:Lbti^'^6^* my roldurs will nhowthnt we aB just on ths -w at.
l- 4. W .X U. -aL I ma A3.I. w01it. .-- :.
-fAn I hGuc nl

:0 An o.ey d.. clo...-t o help me Peaof a on ryasse.

ets areneot 'a nt ., nt It .t.1 '. ojie1' 't vaittfheottL.
.).Wi . -S in a -- ..PLE.DI. . .i "t --
%uon to .ai&aM.htugarou!Kt the talked BlrergloAe. s to' -

t onlytrmyingto sell me a pes t . .- '
-'! ""."." '- ,J[. ' ^."'*i:

i-i youwao t a baataspa* .ai 2noet subject to any sasib 4i "
t !L o o #jan ug wih them eye to ey4 tall Thn that ? -thq Sag y biaSit|
.%ue to all pommaere w let yhe- xa y IrtinS ,entLAz ntl ,aid ,
Sarer.t the thiag that Zould not be anon-ced1 ti into thre A4i
to *i a Untvqr ty a PfarAeogpeor a qMg editafaidi )f Uitoi
ki glasia at tha-t I a DmA OaR1A55 to see Ie5 piY tei..s
M"-, Caiz ter t ,m they ao m #trw3, cioelytoe 4,-,.

BSte;La L sni ia 3niaianae r- athO toa Zaint
.1 t 0Sl 0 M a-,Lw mj l t.e tty from mo. or put uc qn hi U ay'Y

. i.....]
lj t w Be woulA be a GiAN T ta

t .... a. .
hSta SW*d 7MW) r ap that we havae rtten e ,

.- .-, - '
*.. :; ..
- '- M
4b -i

-. o

i *T?

VJ-aaauu M9la3i.89l2

-. ,, .,
bear Mt.Jetpr es.-

Towurset tho ltih rec3d. Am sondaii the ntoosriny figures
to rW agentwaho ha t4he burers- it he cm sufftaolntly. Intereoat tha.-
and offering Irm a liben. t share if he will help put it trkot Am u-,aing
60.OO land auggestingthits mnens a bigLaving as tgalast.; f 0t. PC
ToaBw row r ~d ad votes on iCthe wd bolixa. If vote Crr. toiwe ahould-
do our utmost to 'see that tche road is carried. thru PB.Qoo,i o jnmcOtion
with Pem*t .I4yers Road vz d ,,at Okeolantsa P.BF Bo. shoeuic! daythe rest.

AgdinnLf .thlero-alre abou .a1L3800040.ti. our O(Mkeielat.em lcdebooret Roadi
eunda I E aisn aed offiial b3~ Llye a fidsee that it Is uses socn as
possiblejin getting th at street or road rndle passabaole. 't rit oad contractor
I mhave been tal2dlg with tells me he will put 7 t or rook on i.s9t ridep
I for $2t000.00 per vA* That will ild about o/3 of t'e. rotd. Bettte
than nonae With that doneuadvidthay eprr awtn geiment an1i pvshIng,a w ougrt to
get the ether third rmad as good

In your roq seensto ae you maiy be able- to hlp lot L got :in
both tioese road pr6joas thru. You don* wunit to drive to the' Upper Glades
Via Wy. each not from ,the UlSa. Grossing to Oreelan;Jtfr- Belle Glad.
anldeBay. 2et a go after direot Poutapwhein we tare entitled, to thoennyQay.

8tnierely yours,
P.S tare told. agt figureR are. ooaxtdontial.
I will treat t anm x s sunhb


.A /l, YA -


'" m__Uy I
",'"-'/ -it:

*--^\^^J ^+~ ^
__",- *i. .> ^ ^ ^,

"- --,,\.i4 \ ^ > ..., jp :f -

"..-. \ &"in .V.'..
a r~t

V 't -. .. -
,,1 ^^ j

'-'i-i. a i .. -- .. , '.
I I. ". a,

*** l ^ i ^<-. ,. -
-P., l i,,, l .a.-, l..,,,.

-:, t^, .,, l
.-., 7" .... ..


, i(i '

; grwf'h and bacteria, come Into its,own. Is now planting a fourth crop for tht per colon
.To find and finance the inachtn&y best season. The health of his entire family about ace
adapted to break the wild land covered is excellent. This farmer thbaks that land, and
with a forest of wild growth has con- the hug Industry, with cattle and forage Another
suedd time. Learning what to raise crops, one of the best paying of the grapefruit.
and when and how to raise it has taken coming industries of the Everglades. old and so
more time. Transportation systems He says the fertility of the soil is beyond circumfere
have bad to be developed, and little question. This farmer paid $80 per believes tl
communities, whose numbers might help acre for hTs land and has refused $250 fruit. Th
each other, have bad to be built up. per acre for It. half acres
Even yet-for the farmer has been the Another man -on 30 acres of land for about $800
neglected step-child of our system- which he paid $65 per acre, planted it grown tw
adequate price-fixhin and marketing to Irish potatoes, obtained a yield of The third
systems for farmers generally, including S,000 bushels, which netted him sufficl- with corn
those in the 'Glades. stUil await the ent to pay for the land, clearing ex- which wil
action of a tardy Governujent, and a penses, breaking the soil, and putting It land this s
farmers' banking system, established a in shape to plant, seed, cultivation, Irish pota
year ago, is not yet fully operative. harvesting, hampers and marketing, and from I
Notwithstanding all tlis, 'Glades and he had left between $2,000 and bushels.
farming is under way. Noeonly patcles $2.101 He fed the cull potatoes to to 1 acrt
but fields are being cultivated, and ihogs, of which he possseses about 200. $1.40.a hai
actual results a.romplished. Records On 13 acres he has planted corn for a soil will pr
of many of these have recently been col- summer crop that Is now about 10 feet he raised f
lated, embodied in affidavit form, sigu- high. estimated yield from 80 to 100 common vi
ed, sworn to, and filed for ready refer- bushel per acre. Another
ence. Following are syubpses-15r -'h- Anthber farmer who came here from rained $12.!
ed' in the Fort Lauderdale Sentince for Oklahomn, has 5 acres rented at $S per yielded U60
June 29..1917: ncre.; half acre of celery yielded 300 average; 8
crates, netting him about 70 cents per poor seed,
WHAT THE EVERGLADES crate: one acre yielded 123 bushel of big about
HAVE PRODUCED p",tatoes which be sold at an average of mated yield
S$2.51 per bushel. Has third crop of $1 00 per I
corn ani thinks the soil more fertile cold reduce
It is no longer a moote l question in than In i( 'l hoiln. Hogs, cows, mules bag soil
this part of Florida whether or not the and c lii.;ens do as well as in Oklahoma. obtained 3-.
muck soil of the Everglndes will grow Another farmer planted a first crop at $1.27 and
crops. of potatoes whlll was cut short by the time this fa
The worst knocker in the world be. col] but from which he harvested 350 cattle and o
comes an Everglade booster when once hampers- and sold them at an average gruss nntiv
he examines the 'glades muck aiid at- price o'f $2 30 a hamper. He also had plants corn,
tually sees the crops grow. Seeing sl be- 4 acres of eggplant whibc yielded -140 feed. Has
living with the real farmer, crates, averaging $1 25 a rrate. One land from a
But what'the Everglades farmer likes acre of Ieans yielded 150 hampers and haye been g
better than seeing the crops grow is the sold for $1.2. a hamper. One acre of 100 chickens
harvest'of "the green that's long" and peas damaged by cold produced only ily: health
here the Sentinel furnishes its readers 50 hampers which he sold for $250 a support and
a few concrete examples of the harvest hamper. Second crop, 13 acres of po- on a smaller
the reports, of which were.compiled by tatoes yielded 1,600 bushels which sold than he car
a prominent resident of Ft. Lauderdale. for $1.40 a hamper and one acre celery, (and most a
andl Iacked' by affidavits in his posses- 400 crates, which brot. net, 75 cents a tably.-Edito
slon.-[Ed.] crate. Third crop, 15 ihres corn grow- Another
One Everglades farmer after losing lng fine. Farmer says land Is fertile which he pal
two crops, one from inadequate drain- and productive and nobody would at- Raised all
Age and one from the extreme cold of tempt to deny It when they see the crops. age. Jain c
last winter, planted eight acres of Irish Another man from total acreage plant- -10 acres yl

p, -t

t&S ~4s-J&-i r -- -* ~ ,

6- 1, 4*. .
*g.- r.: .

r -

oremh *ore that;, QKAt e"

pwto*mglo toa he1n get thc 19-
Atti 1flWu ii h"s tunwlca etA. m- 1'oivi ii'

Ail orn omntboea he rh~o
JA "r Zi.

V6 I'ir

a* do* y ssl
~~~~ ~~ ~ se" ~ateguar &w t'ite tM~~~a~~l,~r Vj4qtl t L~X~
'i r~4~*~~p-lt---'in~ ~pt~g~~~.r~;i~Prdrl~ue P~~b~h~~~ij~S
W~itt t~P~o$a,~j. wie ~i\fr
'~-~,-rffsn t:, f~ lejk~~erl~h~J~E tjf~btD ~ti 44t a~E; 5~ ~te

:a'nn"b~i tx

.. % - .a-,

bak it should bedeflqiteiy WtiokStoo4 thnt I vI41. rot axept q .
..p y- XtotE. la. nqr thin I flret mdle a .
^.^ orde to t e an Qn J0.AI 101, . ao years ago, .
.."-E.A it .auALLar t gspre r, uqet a fozgmuiEaal c t r of!tis I d1z to4 th
t"-Y &I I4P m.ifl .~neovo halorAi St It .aJltV n ro beoan Ojale
j ie d i ~tlS. eeds .n aqooranon Iit.h tbto or uraidtht towi tte It
- sltronwi* nwe4s, The 'Twqn gall santa 'tLfl ia-t, tthc :All nqeda paints!
n~iPtreota need to,be 3,qzd cattnstge h arndfxL tbetry plrntedoA,t' c TOOn 3jSa*1
SfL4rfteUiualks .ept An4 pattispswrod with oonrrtortrL-ybc;.T11 or whish
to4 easily be padJA tor -ut oa lotso
.o. y JEdw9~ tht t)ne oq thoso.lots hTa.s brqighi' oor 3QOOOO 40 .
Oq l has mneer y bthad a qet, ae as It ay aJIno Y i .1oon aoteiyT1
a t aor Sane areeager to tax Itulrralues that towns may bar6 money
S1poveat keo mlttht fighytiLfoZ ne'- > ogisaL.
. h e r .. .n -o e
:oi inmiw eor Mrits told. r 7tsi)ton anrtme tiFt Ifour eopl worked. on
io fqoulantau41rqlereit Roio antld pnt pu n their i'blllulthq OCtrm-t4sinars
U4lppoe the o to tic, Soutl Bfay flo{?..
4 rQje wrjPket Qol the CIQ JaStfnGlad os-Gst Roadl .t,. sjirimngiu fol.seqtl-
: otr with "aun .two (q| dtay, ho0 ( ; 'h t. JP.Anrri stdtiet
ddAtIt Inal noaI daayi- J X ( Qoz iAssrBwa wnro .rl owtigf)
a .Tutal^
re y fev u on see s that hig Ii zincludA 4Jth any bill the Loomrtli is
'ar t alian4dgq t e .tahse Q 4ags for pqyentt, shal be gti ,
Wt Vtq4j. Zqnstiueuin ^fptIX had not thouoghttof presenting Ul11 at
a .lowevor,iA
aaeae ase a I aei as jzqh pmnttyd to ii sun tefy.
i4Qa, e the mosneyio esooner the better ,especially, since thi
Iabia is m"IotngrEequentgy nown

t iA& n 7O//tr~



Ftq*^axidrdsale#Tla- 3-22
fMy dear poRothI-rdale a

Youraof the 20the 'jtist meod,
t ehre daysas usual*
In gr housegyonuvll find a world of good saaks.
elp yourselfaallow me b ih. ever is righ a.a save
boat freight, anlpopsibl e delay. If qualities
di.fferpoick the best
elad Ok* didn't Jfal di wn Qom.lateVO on jet-.
tlon. The delay h~as probably 4Lllex the coqrfl,
howreVr. Bave heard of no other point yet,save
Torry,w.hoh reopsoneed ATb OWgl.
Thpe povward oant iasue carted by a- majority ,
of aLboat 90I$,i anr assre B3Mavo sactly
what we want. ~ae .'au. n road s f better
for Okeelamrathan the NPema B h Roadcdga I have
realized all thetlmes r one thing the eternal
effort to bottle us. up at t-q endof a 9stDw4lll
be byl4y ciarpmod when this ro:d- ono gets thre
EO na. p smhows o iv n ^aljm eaohin BluenAe)owaad In
Ne41amr the MHissingdTje iin 6pre. Havejust
witten feffries to qee what he has to say as to
filling this aching Tid We 'nd this 31 arranged
2 years ago, till a 'i leaders threw it do
Now they have gone in flU l rnigth tor something
that MIdFStisto not~ing. tbes other bon busto
suMply the Green lienk
lapZA ffralt tisrarwning asserts editor4aily,
and PosI 3atV r Ta SnmrfSMl iAlO r D ISON mITS w
ANMCIrL Soca mI zrU1.* It explalmns $hJ this pS
the fR,' aspoesa the parades to to rest zste
of lake Ok*,0 ete. It 9311 publish fill datasson.
ThIsanlsmuhibteAytheRRe. qp the Canal
to qozmefl with aeiaston. Th ilr l r akeour parts
at fltatveatanaI asasmee Saves nabot 1i ais









* :' ''







FEB. 24. 1922.
161. BANK ST.


E 22. 22




AND :Ir.C:-
,: : .. ;-

!".; ?. o .
-- . ' " -.. ;... "@' ' "?: .. i

_ __ __ 0

L LI Y~~ ?i ~(

,'. ', r G o .- . ...

.* . .

110 -
- : .4- .- .- .

.. .. py for No.S oll
.' :. '_' .,_ .

ip* OkseelantnWoifldantypetorermner eai

Pot as oon as praticable
.. . .. .- .
-., .. e o

e unei


- -

~,~.WK... -. ,.

. -: . -

' .

7 T-


fraD.LCaonkttzsg, iittr,
?o.t ';ia l. lcvoioy-r.:

1o s b n r PostD
Ao : . Lease s-ili ny Post
ti the Dievlopn' jor tLin wkS;l;:aytng
eiscyut D'Ua* a* auild P- turning Post
aPost rftor E:da iaieQvaoae'"i D o

waits v'y truly,




~...~x~ ..

A-- !^- k itd21ML ,WYT*2*%L*a1D2
i' -* r .


" ',',,' ". ,, ,

i' '

/ -

^CL ^^.<^/L^ r
- icS-
? *U,

{ *7f ^^ y^ < -7



A -/

r,," .

!- 2.

b) The exneises, we will meet out of s?..:s.
o of crop.
c) The Net, we-will divide equally; statement, and
your check, to be sent you direct by buyer.


%I. 'What cane will dc is short: c by enclosed literature. It is the
i coming GREAT GL.ACES COP, Cano -grr;wing; unce s comet pl-r, the first
-year TUIt,.ejitr, it costs Lit1..e, and Lt Inmeans tlirngs unutte.raole.
'Plant a smEil acreage if you cannot plant a larger on1.

": Be're are two offers.' Take your choice.

|.-. 1) Offer No. l:FARkIIJC YOUR LAND.--We will handle your lnd,
.'plow it, furnish and plant seed, kill weeds, and first urop, only; OR'

2. 2) Offer No. 2:--FARMING OUP LAND:-'-You will handle opr land,
,^ -.. plow it, furnish and plant seed, rill weeds, and take f rst.cro$p, ofly.

In each case, OWNER. controls seconir, and all subsequent crops.
(For mode of utiliz.r.g cane, See Sugar literature above.)

;;'Under Offer NO.1, your .land must be in or near Fruitcrest (Sec.27
or Okeelanta Addition, (sec. 35), in T, 44, R. 36,(See piat enclosed ,
ahd not taken by eldrr bushes. 1Yo. will advance Fifct-Five Dollars
.($550'0) per acre to cover cost of plo-v .g, need, planting, and weed-
":;:,kilI.,g:, less any part of th:..., whinh you nr-.y already advanced., Yau
-taka as s-ecuri y,, a rmc.r .gae on tic firzt. crop, and, out of this crop,
:E'-.t back yo'.9r i-.F-fty-Five Dollars (.5O00) per acre ith
-e N 4.



- if-

'I..- -. I

__~ __ C


t.L. aud. 2Jfr a4

IAskJ'.J -

14 dealr *ie#ff aan-

.Enosed find. A mp. Biie Ala PaIn TeaR h
ar~ Le s T Now tr the
GREW The O ll eG Ahing SA. tow saI.ll tjft b4e nkiey

Rare y an plan or muffestnt

Yery trily yonrs,

rjS4 a bewars dt.ty dreoty .
on your 0aO000 aaresjand.on
all ywr drnage work a31
Interests in1 the Wbper Blades.

To .W..

- &-



. .-e .*

- a 4

~ -- 1~. ...

- -




- ..-. ,..Ti

tft~ at IsO N MAXN OAAwT ZL I haa therpner I'd grab it to hMbal :.
#adt ase uagr pileot of hen the xvzsd2 oomnesae- theo &KlruaOnrahtin. As g
to diome at oP distant dage 11 oan' t do it, tos aznl am willing to pasa It t
on tp the pneCt zin:hopiu he will -let nc. sa.d.10 it for him as town si6,e a
40MK1 -tOI^* I
San ha tis for per acre t o mi( Add yr own
ww"MIgdt at ^Y" w .if oate to mas) iaere rust e &2,000 oaSa paUS
beter May lat. Base afyour folkn on tio poposod. seetnleasn, ta y see fe
faodam et saottnoigthe buyers XN Ir. 'That isiy plan right throvght. Ed
AI town,seathe ohiltlArn to school right thcroshavothe wives satlsaMedp.
abore naecf wormaW aenwta lztbtwQhIatuMnday sfthoal, 3teEsa ta that
rIsH to wOMiRe&s .
eO tn e Wiac mianan ujn to their fa in the maOnFrgjearly tri a everit
i a Hbath A# Ote to Maro-arif they pireersomr-y foodgtoolsseej 0
a rook a hot tnaner 0tri tovugA in covered car If it 3nai sese
in a~ goao dagrnm home at ig n wa rew tesiget d ly
St settlements oa Sat to Ientngeof narketsaetr, got
pealn2 goodmoalasaaM. return to feld nhet morning
; Og t ahels o THE wavy to hattai triepropositon. e'nasinourrroptear
can see a good txixgthcT hrvre a obnqo thereto get in oni t!c town site,
|sth Xhese people they s8el lots aaxPIrYm La;lnds to will ndd to
SCt aLe naatnollgport.r of thll9Ywb site. 'esAently they will be seliaLag
flat a t1giro that wrill mnke tleam blaesthe day thb'y ever heawdto ns.

r w me na havemoncy ,or can atildhous e
they will fjl5u another fine soafge Marrcier eth erae
Sjawews in Oioeelata. lh en the SMIo ooeos sorodbody
leer^ the meney to UAiL.thcnwrw4l make Iis stack.

alto Inrv wnnm
wo to WaWr An houaa or Uo ~ ~ ~ inue -ou .


on the n6 a'I to
are alw ays aCgrt
YMo hnatlae bieaes
iBarrer 'atdin Olaeai


'' '




-^ ^ 'l y y rvL f


Ft. Lnui.--!.\. l.:, :In-.*
Feb .: 2, 0 :',.

-r- Chi-Is. F-..ern:'r r, ecy'',
r _i:-. y Do t'J ,
;lcpubli3 lidg.,
.i 'i,Fl h.

De '.r ir:--

I am a membaor o. ...1. Price 2 -ily,which las liveC1 on i .t 4,
Truitorest,sinoe Feb. ,1019,.1'': a temporarily in PF. u-' ;.'- e.

Follo:i'.in;-the out .i-vol the ditches ir.L'Iu.1 Fru.iitrestwe have bId ly
neclci2i 1bridies over them. These were wnr:;-r:' at the o-ints wliere thie Ci-'-c! .
'" 0 1 HL1. -. b ,c.-.n_
cut I|OLI(. iti: '-ounty n.- at the con'. r.7 *-.t border i 7 or-?.

Ilcquest for'thoiee two br'7 z,' -.,2 *i- o: y.T 1 . '. October, nai -". :2';. ;
and a ccy o?,woul'letter granting i 'c. was sent ius, -u3h to our *.ilight.
..f.;'zwa.'r .,hoirever,we were great cl discp:oin:cr l on being tol' they would
not '-: built; certainly not sooni. 1Thus ?r,no move to'.";' Tnil -1 ".enor
furnis'iuhiL the lir -7 'r forthem,has .; n -rade.

owt- we hear thjat bridges will be allow -, on the nor: line o' 0eo27.
If these do not ei:l y or t: theplace o7 :.iose "-sl:e nnl --_ o' eedd on the
County o -_.., they will be y :'.:'ionat-,-ince -:ley will al0low us an outlet
to the north east. Still, -' .e County will allow this.

If,Ilotiever,th9y cleliy or r.'v.:-it the buili.i: o-; '.0 bridges on the County
Ro.tC,the results will 7, ve(ry un:iortuna:.e. If we should use then in r*oi.D:
to :in. ro'. O:-c.-l n it-- our C-ost L.-"ice andtr Lin I-i-::.--t-e would have to
go a mile out of our way;liesj.._,_ abanconi:.i-' an old,well-tr.vel ..
and : vin _-to out a new one tLi'1 LI the elder juL:g' Is.

I an sure :.1 '.-.o'le .i eel : ;iut this as I (o;al I cort .'inly hoe
notiiin will be do3~ to delay the buili..-.i1 o0. the bril-:es on the County
o-':1-,u:lertainly not to en-.'ent such -,Cili- alI-c-'eter. "t wol ..
a gl ,"'t blow to the joint interests oC: a -Ilanta an)d Fuitorest, now clos- ly
conV ct ....

Very truly yours,

-/7Ld~ i


',- -Y" ou- o-inrs o the 2fst*
. .:,.-6~, ,
f tap-l tie ..t dlreot:y from the ,
jaeri placed. any inntmibranoo on
IMfC d:^3SB r "bno-t know.
* -*.7 .- A..C \ . -. "
An jbtlPt can tb el -bdanedroam the Fla.
StWltS t O.r W.Paim Beanh.* Tleirx nsual chirg
S$a9. A mAer.e orde-r fram them arould bring
S .- #ee di sl-houmld acoiapar, aunlss

n y ^7. wou ld bp in Lamn-
b; bar'dbeezp glad to help

S" "erely yours

^.. ^ .. .

6i2^ *kcrL -


I -' "" '- . ... V "..

i- -; *aa ms. .al r m ...O." ...
^ S ^ -- : ..,

mts~ce fleateher a
"o pYrasons fi writing yoe this tis ae
Htural Bal as so etid aga&-n d
Slates has a' me *irket habtaed her on a platntra- j -
MesIIrtwlt,'Rthe Soolaas Deraloper i2-- andiebhaet--
-ae r-in the a ea o a a.

S9Ctwowtefls mmanays to moq* Apt your pe o i
nLa In oc4ap dampaoy g ll abuid you an emulate $i
smi wplaa We will y p you to 6:$ paIr uE t''
iii.tgag. 9 Vhereason boligthat ae ole maob
iibeat amketls* hat of Oc ba.
EBkptfra moear bvTeastei ramram oaaig inS
Adi4 t mqans abatlrpsogne of -which Maee

thei 6thee seietAons O'i wihlie Uppepr (iadas
Uirni 19D. to l-andbhiseleatomazat etve oon.a vi -
S-em, oamotie 0W.ODr- holly uaal.edo t *re k -i
3 e83ten ui oeaganst a rewtwocnae oi this we Mr
Cjini'R0 ina., e mtf lanai thise lM *MRA in vithe a1

de n Ent we maft 14 *a r or'baa
Sanrel~ts f la j le to met that"e H"w it ao
AgBOA d!?e ajjeldi Assitefte o-By I

. .
hr i"lo e . l li l e :- ,, +

/ .. f
"L i./ / ^ 7 ..f-t
M r /"

-- ---~ d~r-/,.'; r'' C
./>,. ,, J I __/ --T",

'*- //..J^H Z%^/^t!/^i

n /I'" .. / a ---1"
/ /t .. ? # !

.AA,. J "t--/- .-t ..,Lt-S-t
.' "_ ,''/ *, ./ / "J' ."f ')

" <_.,,- ,
d.^ ^1 s.^^t ^^^

. .'' .. '. I .,," / /]
,j A. .- -,

r r". C ,.,, .

2t " .* -,K' .' -, _.,- /

,./ ,..., i-'^ ^ -^ ^^~i,~,

.,* 9,. :f, , ... .j-. .: .,. . k-it .,-.,.f i

WheU in the 6orfe of h man events, it beoomoneoesneesary for ape peeie
to dissolve the political bonds which have connected then" with anothex
and to assume among the powers ofthe earth ,that aepareta and wvq*l eqVal/. |
station to whioh the laws ofnature and of nature God entitle them
a decent respect for the opinionsofmalkind demadsthatthey shall mak ,

known thereasondthat Impel them to the separations .^I

v. A. i
:. F A,.,

C" .""'


S- ..- I

I!9 . .~
LWC .. t *.; *. .

LORI jj: 'q,
* r.u. Lu ~u
*1* 1.:.rn9Jq It'
r ~uq C6 4zi"I 0!..
101319 C:' .-'d' **

I. Grlc 150.
V exLh .

F 4 *

-'.2 .Y

v .



4 "".''. ",

W eir, tziz,,,, ,gc'..,r,7 .,,
.-I-a.y^A Shad ngar, . ' ". . .;""'f
0k4eelnt ltla.

y 7~- ,, .C ... m. !! .
eSry ,an.n ai.e=. . ta .."na. 't
Engitnee boot AOl ida z3' onr tW4q le ase 3a ,g .. 4,
"n lt is he grat t, A "o Mg"ot it i g '*E b''" et "0r ..
4 M tI* Ucu:4ric. f *L eLWrSou., lr y .v ande :, e aW0o1Je G1ozig
.-. .li uld .g.iv. cr, ~~r o ELL, T. n ae.aet .b a -:l a .'o 1. w. a .:
.bal 1 iu. nne .:'z2idn2m- ft:1 3. anreuary e w ce Pif:,esw u2zs ayniR mpp'Ec to* i
a &al ae ~ontr1ollh& 4, a .ray with.'oeteot fslao4av .i .t tr.. A :..
t"n *.f7l^o^ tha& 'es- 4kay (, 1'n.;) r' oor eno.r.gthis prsidl tU1 dwaa'tu it "

le -wTAi have a -ti.- in fon, thes e. snt-r- q '.. ,u M t, Ieat- 4.I
e tor 11. 4 ti t t .T s V e h 1 01 .
ITrjn not zor-'I.rnrait L e had 'Qg-li rtionr.: 07ic; ES r'mttCc a. *'P o
Sin unti car it.;,:O. .. i, ... ........ rt,:c a sqw Minc-i :eobi
-41 1....

.ret y to ":n: "l ... .. . :-" :"-. ,.. a -. -- '-
iias. vW2 urgi i.' ho to aorm'in#..ut4igr2a. A11 1 eS f9.lY 'Op "m.27 tlat JW if :
l ^ 21 l wc- atr Ree. fi- v ugo-r a P.- ty. ,. ,..

I.Jth~?eA tt-.2:, z c .i" t.rtC"t 'b;?nt;3g. J' e fw a a ikrea lt "., ."s.

.. .'i
C,: i~~

0iuna -east_

tOam I w-is Proddessnto thVe Xas@ Jtste S txs'flltWulal GoUs t Mtih a
Hm 4azt s ,a onetainere ar r~o nt% 4 tLat ,n.U* B,
t ll 0 1 all e n roato &ls ab zaneathe ha h not neon tbo

iOWI hope yes tan poll2w up theaolen gIla see a. .i we oaxnit Lstarse
yor fflodsae that th ClOWde ott nX .s now Is people $:Lko AIe,
ti oGlIxandthOe widl to ao0auG6 aaPlhrAzin people 'She counWty s a3
lent rea r aa wmti rt

'fleasmwolt or tipte

~ G
pY. i"



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Qaaanpeay ratwa



Pte, aiudlCrdale, I 1 s 4: li2.
,.** J.B,a Cpfrlos,
Republio Bliig,,
Mi::i IFLa
Deow C ir J effries u--

X16ura of the .10th, at IxnnhI I.6ts -c to hro born az.Pt .uite
a strong,TI2-pgo lOtt-er aeigo out o in next l. 1* Ropr we c;lr. do th,1 businosfl.-
eos* .30 and 31,T*e44,Rg.JT,ar}ietho beor o f zr puRpos con pr i .todbu-t g2 toM
havethreothers If c-an2t di 'ipo or 321 -to one sot c2 buy. -: -,.: us iw Ate
others. Irwe beoen vith a win lmhuntn a saooionak- IJd.cbiot laov lng
so sood amrndh-udy was available better give me uro to uso in tr adver.;-
tiing ( See ae )
PI ply up te Okeolantam0lpdecrcet hil sry p-t,an.nil on;-- or
a2tldrcn,yoi nmow. ,But I htiah-a. to gight a terrible fight tc gt itar
savoit9.4 -1w b.ysso:body. tiryingtg aidse-tr oek it* afrWcrICe r ':i s taJl yen1
~P.t, .." w-i th!7 ,!i a on' 2-3.
S I di severed, from Feonnot cledtht we hir -o 4%f1 Q6? If. our Co. farra4.
''-noney that un alloweod for that road. Tanie is pho a.t ns on ryad.' eaip
tos suspicious TFielaw rrjuirec tbh .t alfl n4.d u oir on; thS:
ono seootion of ro.ul- We need the road; so do 7Ualmaoist Pe ba'fl-,
sow,wcy ouaeut we got th.}t rqpnery pt into that roaT I' '?in trying to learn
bjow f.r it will *oe TonRady I have ta ir port from' n r3gull r rio EA-balldrrfho
has examined the olloway and Millblxoro grade 'e*rcntlygaalso oiaittion
-o f LaLC. bas4 o Iida road.* Ie tolls nme he could build Croz- rook hd would.
(jget on I14i* uanalsas foltownt 9O tide. 9 ApDPeall roiled with a Sbton
roller he would furntish,at Ae9OOSf Fsz'tlebeginrngat either ntd ft rMoad*
Ie0 and we would prefer tha-t o d be benu at West endatut east ond .is "wrse-
( alongULllbs OCanal' heo road is about 10 miles longE The $13,000( approas.)
p. uld thuacover about j/ a daofidIp of ror.da he iam-ntionse

MrI h erner said ho wouldhwa your rain figur'o aoon' thi rozrat Gflad t0a lear
hen g to get after ti lo andgt it ote te
Sirad#* Ct yeu eat in on tiIvat s i a. y take all %Ie f o e wo can IsBtAr.
E- en 'the MnPe. la satl I8 tnti% to g 'et apcbt thorejfeortho Cosoeai* seemsato
neareAttle rw ow Pret. aP &i old* @uadam

1.'^ ,/ i" *.
. .4; -.

.::.' :. ,i .

.a ..


p Ooyp. net tottnitmr In
in aip Cem*tamted rivhnntstA

tilqflfter'ests f t4e siook holersna

L -

i& & iAbAnw tazat the Trupt v 4e\absbqt been baso M .yriththat .a O
rXila& ae L ha. .bean watec M ,m "gyxa uI
,tlte4 ptaOk ij lcQUsavebpau .seBL ha1 bacnf soldI4hafilgftrsl t .
t1ek'i t.pflttlfathe stewts~q olaSso qrenot zcoe in o ( ueruviqe r
fully tcri& oe puttrea .qt o weaotQnt.1r not e4' ad dritfi. iCJ a to,
struotjse oL-arattzy haa er ber n euQad), an.-thnt thec ptrz*nye dauftnr
tbnt .411 sate 4,.iAjnoty wUll Zsetheir $hoo pDroperty in the OoQa a .
MaoenoeShei*ourt it ppaypd .o takethet?.ttep in ,hnand ai .dexeopte jitt Its
modctproetatunia sauh a aseslato tiroint A. rooeiTr.
The LJudge tedn $tat it wqu44be bpenially airopratefol yw0 to .wn4etthe .t
pfiiat3.oE & p s;QtLaAt a faCtk atiOnA to t!he whole 'ntter. Pirsntyoq |
are 63 trws e..e eQ cortesponot4igst rte~itre41AQtW$ AJi)1TIEthat Lo f -
a were cQatl .ky ,amreiqel )b k 4AA 1 eI lla 1914, 8stshO ituqtoea wotl not 4o
t 7 4 ..ty thq ontcf4t 2po ,83iXUassu Alah Qmaea Mt qLic in aQaadat6S
the 17k l0t a tbe iatreerr 4 ': mecoiy angl~ewtth T>rusto ,
sSTiwSq 'atYuOU. eaatate thl' juAt4c6 .5 40ap S
trust 4arie.s owt. At theiastzru, were annrino:- thna tlhi3 wa. not V
onehestQIt iwgea to asign the deedt to tV'1,ij acn ,rmrnS'JD TO J1.BO + Z ['
hayethq. p' tat uE1l tke1e fltas matt1igj at uqy o uft.a
-oin w04it fti atdiee m3ittc axrthry .1zrooeedota' wJ-tkout
and als9e dl?1iiS, L^tpK a yqi e'iesct the- IeTs deterilucrzt iw t o. A(c Stua
you ya ttfl Iifi tt ,th t ie OrAgtl att u of i "uiag &0 Ut aoa* be pQi A
f4anS. ptat ton. tk&* t:4 t ttce qtaeo,.han becu dol-ard t fwrott*snarlr4 .
at a aiafut=so to an SAterestea ar ty;
'these latnor-asts w~ill haeti got tb yeiainxt.'it'an be dolaej ... a ?eqycksia bo\'a1ogtrc .aU rol*$e I? t'broy 4'oulajaseea rf
yon thi.tS. you want<4 ytr s.aona04tt,7Q ats stybas$S,0.per J1ae UA O
that yo, wo auulan t ytra 4odiSat aq kAyt dlhat .tnt3 *1,4l, the.p riu at;
atI havethq oorrap fitt .!%st4at .h.ait. 4t jstu itt hid* ca w w
a Xiara' I let th 2 shares go rby..Wll I hoa44AiA the $W.*( A Su h. .
whichir mao mi;a412, ile# ev ea tut,1er. fL er %. 108
As tco t 0if UtIC!9 n 4dat... i t 7,*p3aS'n1 Aten
Plenty ,12iLets aa5wlable JS q fWlAngty little .avi41ab1 t t lq la
Anda fo,; only, Cto fnigr the qsnt g a gr.that &9qu -saetT
the attorneyy. Jn'goe Doamiell .ww4 b- t.a thr stCL S ta t 6
has-dthanr cU440.el rti o J6 hit s within to A40 or
o3reumstancesT Hinee, only .m 4ao rdlehIm in orer thatti t
trldaxth- rt is for the .9pvnBon.* IIX. i o .h >
le ctr ned ,hQOVsr, that wq light gt tlhat a a 4Lwe t *w caa v M K
be pergeotly sa&isiaotatoy to him. In r pies ere a a %Pt eISt b "
enough r.attior.01as4i ac4embleanat2execlto $ ai qo
f.tndth't wo.have a caae. L beULGyv ie V au ,gtot 4 glno flw -..
ably .jes than At uUsZewgath bm luq hp on tIBo pmp
*u no Soeruge.. gpe nent e100400 .ge linae 1
not to avoriot anlg( iitea in letter

*' j-: *' .-.. '.. ^ ^ ^

As ae.t Th4A 4faL a ^abqthtis Iwe1t& -a@. a Ut Ol4t,
Tbeya .reqtfes it thae Qa i. i1 kasp Aheir abate fook aaS t
S"0l.d4ay Si-itt .ayai thy .avenerer .ke$. either he re

'..- L : 4. ._ .6i '
Thelaw veqitre4 ,tiatthqy a5bal, hoe4aM teii? aethiOgt aO f3714. &i i
they haIeoflRda i oetl^aM -bagAQ aLatitneaplods. dhfoatWust otj
,e. oea. go. yqne tai lal- t wa PauC( ajateaS- wtqtsW t.
o 'l,4 n that a.s. o al .orts ,o t'-i. -. .again.t .i .terest ta...
bo24lerasait thle Xaftep wotea lthasve been tellosa

th.w. Iza '^TPSlae Atne'ri0e tiy aregtLdty ot aonptei~y&i
aas t e s tElls no .we gaett. the .a.aot d..Lon tgai -stzalo..

They .w".... 1 80 $ztm IstS. 4; L o& azpl4oflta,... i
:. sayi m .. a q"g _.e'. o.ton m mia nj. iih TheO .(.tl.S a h g- lr e ww awtawpe41r irtro n Af4 ~tfo:-

Ol ttep taj^ helaSr-tpt t6he aar, ..
b .tae t o i tlhe asseta ofthc oaportioa.
a; a. "~ a' a'act ,Ei qa r .ir ..a.. t ia e41
th ay to B c1roiej-w4ni.1s. A; in ttfcIcu4iZYAyOR 'e*n AB
4)m1: j. ..Mar ubss wq *^Jafkgp olaiaes thts Z4n4. is
b0640 :jsgaeiot ssvo If aneqta8ak share *
Iat 40,0 t tey* pbesdtelve Ottog-e aH aahte
solderifit a sTqaae i(engrtrkt mRie. t SBwae tlJar wa~wy. w
pit .ser twot i eW l nt4~ns_ wa.. s ris...
S tp. thf p tasmtgt was it on n -' Su
*. a ae3? &ouiaar otliarge fo tar prtnttb At, ariS-Ettflaatt4 tuas 00W8er

* As to Coam2atilt 01sa1ertyou i tt iottezx.n tineA14
Crrs not t-h tnoo .aitie ohpeB $e' 1.tthe
ention g:I totters patesat Th- t yeRntrtet btY *o 2$
y. .e ttsa were.. bat 4h a.t.aa
ishar it steak tur f ioul no to Sa

t o., ht. where Atup4li a
S. I 69ad a 1FU .26a ferenzc1 CrJbai*j %
Ju4ge Dwsrpofltte Juige who hwoaac Apttsk tar 1B n
By his, own oholoeahbe Ihs sitooratiprned to tIda1i$atin a a .0
law tnawl^.acsarfsll9%Dinnll wets. Wqet alk wn'p !refl dattttj I
no noagt ep m0sa 4 The naQCr gotWte ist.o ogoatt ba $,.sow
pro;eeid JC we o1 deae' ri a got'

me t A nsou remedy I4 A
asidepavethe stwo diUtM

4' .r _63

'~' 'It!
P Ws

R;~i7~' ~"

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r. ~h
.*~Sir.:..~w*l $- ''* ...X



* 3. -

ha-a ,i*

0if- Tm Propsictor riate.s- .II-
y oinnrin hn-
ale entfpo sail yotrellfrtuct in vCIotocUtorb
er is daclivcred to un,.Ar-' T3!.-r to .ake ilb-
or aasitis i. C:w so prot szt yoa fo1'0o ,o

.tis heac t l""n F e,3nd you will see
i, you co ;,an I au _yrralln .:; ardon
the -t ibl.e roposo that we divide t'is
ooniAs-lon ay 3 fit" P-~tfi I hop
7C ugc;;4p Copse up *: l I: DcrVelvesan t thc
sholo 1..% I inioi? t-he county bcJtrty ?pp -r 2.:2 dor3.,a.dh.vs'lt ye-r I. i
ilg 1t o-.- -c1 roi. n ,- i L, rob-
i, s wtr t: .w irti oef vIttle or
th tiirnesa0." thCotncr rnl i-' l y ymnp
stil4 sclltlin:l.ndm ,r profit. tilIJ, f your
;3co..-- arec -, to cnrrct,a.4r: u ir the xeo-
oul-. ^Mbc.; o-tb.-I l'. i-- bich I do not
pro4css &: psrc333- .arsUlr yAt d rot p-ossoas
* ,1 th-rm cTher,wc my h bivyto recAo't :n thc la'd
tha a losb Tha sils

f At t'--lat
niet gt_' Wih tL a r itie
-do h:ve .'cp:-i tion Fc rer' w3-I riCoh I value

.Viry 1ul9y y uws,