Business Correspondence. May 1, 1921- May 31, 1921


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Business Correspondence. May 1, 1921- May 31, 1921
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Business Correspondence
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Mixed Material
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Box: 9
Folder: Business Correspondence


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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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ff^'.t'^4A^1T^A-fc t^- -^^ ^n --Je< A<<-^ ^^ -Z~ ^ ^H
ti?'' u( ^ ^ ^^


"lf Fort Lauderdale, Florida
% dtf Saa ifw
"(pElp ropical 3lmiber $an'"

Dr. Thomas E. ','ille,

Okeelanta, Florida.

SDe.r Doctor:

':e pr: glad once move b' your letter mak-

ingr: enclosures, to have evidence of the fact that Ft. Lau-

derdale is not for-otten b you.

These enclosures relating .to the enlarSeient

of North L ew River Canal, also the local control o, rver-

.-lade '.'ters.

Enclosed herewith, ie copy of letter written

to Hon. W. C. Kyle and which is self-explanatory.

I trust t'-t we rpy ver shortly hear t.Pet

the Ever~l.' ev, Isjtrict w,.ici- so lmuch nrep ds 'i ,rd surfaced

ro-'d t:. t-h E st Co .--t, wi 1i bLe give'r :.L in reality b.-

\'ith c t pi rs,'on 1 r -7 rd ,

s L'jre truly
-FT. LA "E .-LT Ci:.: .'-.; ': .C'-I lERCE

S cti.

__ __


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csc4/~1~4 .~t~Lt~
~e, _~Z~c~c~c ~L~ dRe~I~

O f 'Aso-m P- -*e .e /
a- *.x bows.
Okreoanta,ia', ay a,1ML.

S.eolont Oiciudl Ooomtne
aBBOOanan *t
,ear m Sb asuoer
WWe were aonry not to here
-. y wleth gnta.sig.t le had mash ?ailaness at io
. parotaares
MAftr flal d asaGan the eneloose resolauti was

ntoeatSef ,aMd intelligenu t eutaider
Wo anoet on flunIdqy light nftbat Y a0 at the
leaw alI. AU iInterested In thepros an~Adt au e
xinweifee speech l as amred an an opela
Somat nn W Opably arrea st At eoxpoltedt*
P lease B e to beo pricey.

ngeiSely7 yourpa,


Oteelantafla,,May 2,1981.

ea. i e.a sThael.,

My deor 4. laolhiiw.

etno1d Waiphave certaly de your
puouGdeon )ywe nntfognt wotk for the PoeppaV,
ttonanf rter a A Sftly espewb It to iseo
eIr ona help alt mnt on me

aoerot find renoJ ns paesfl to-night by 61r
Omannty Qenol. u the fliot day saw
She ad iral seeker from "ashingtom,
DJ now,*m havy be= fiAgting for an
vergl ds partfm --At n* Now we 'IDPWT
IMsT have it* ,X Ioand our ena ftSaso get
REAPPORWIOZiHT yt og0t to w t,hands d swn,a-
the Wxportuont Statmxs
Agrinyou dofAtless laaow or the MI 0117 no eAlgU
f ujd that nearly wipet a let of useat here 1ast
fjL. thepe ta aiseamre onI aseMmein Oharge
or Jm 00eshIetingwowhllead to omrslite
through eisalatve- aotmie* trust yeo wXll
see M MU ngv and do yow best Nr ithse
drowmneadat Broeglale. n prat.s an six moths,
Sbavre been f* hit 1 bi waI.ifaosa the abovro o
,1atranm a. pseondtSof iefep poetatooaQwhi bcpr
vented ay m ryettags V ni oP of ashoea amsublh
largely eaoapoAths vater a looa Thoen oae the

:. ,.* . 9 . ." ,
'..,....'. .. :' __.. r ".. .. ., .' -.. . .... .,; "; .:.: ,^*^ ."^

r** m *.

rl*trul Jp in Oay taxes See enalosed )#
La omsequene, I am ben~je botwe the tlue
per aml notLcr Mtlfon

Ad there are othere '.
to see thateo get justiseO

Please do your best

"ESerely yomura

-- -W

~r S -

~1~3~b~ ~6~r~'


Obsaogartoana ay Ba

a &Aw orr fllWUnegmsbr
X hree notbo aMsl
to lons wbethbo amu VPIO)D MBAiaLf maSte to
o beCaro tho Lqatfala m Ipe m atnomry aspe rwa
broltsmn your Wohcl*dulo l arApsmlitg it.
I Ihwo bte h : bhmpd awoan4 tlew 't.n wV lt,
Ian u1As yawr,X oweo becs doMls a trwie blw~Sl.
Kiruotone hao tn aoe Zesud a roatha6t ipSa sat all
w mep-ba tw. bWg u nauatgda< )asbonampand eap*
po ,i tWatt
Nast4ata&n a noe at 8trhap poftAla os wt dAenOlM
auer anSkmtrflO QSra'a too Awor buhoa
huaiuy,armaobto aeftaaad tar MIXl
tho onao msrobtf l amaetM
SI nomt anB o* e" hwe are aoteors' 2lasM
-hadp -a tr plM u*
Z an wAfitg MIaorao Sagbnf1l mal OQnMalealmt
hoeaftt an gfes noviuawou,

' t!eolanta,hlaMar si1on.

I ta~e SSB:IO.,
aa ssee Ja*
Isst pftr the:

SPeamt Me to oongupaW late
you on your splendid and sanoeaftail fl~ t fbtS the
t eapg rtiamant refedgo&* &catmh it win.
wastheed, b aodNoopy od apel em at or buneUeemr
latSse loopssea tol agd tfor the ardent
7ti I PLEA B E see that we gs tSBi-r1
hrom been fherelt for it sine Ja 1needleOso
n rast thw Mh .e aergna d sa ha
Mr. UtlienaProrth is aspposed to be bhandling or
)a )1sEt gan manre aa though I cannot oaonnect
/V with bla No sotriotAoie fal of tiiLness,"
Thcameasunre loonsi towardrila fpofan theo aages
amnuess here last fall t the neeless ra ftl *
Liantr Q0aapbelltbast flood naoily wiped ntmy o
us oft the maapT Alog with it have ooane Stop
in my taxea dhom by the enloased pe t
need Sgt woaner at the sern r faet lthatlfor
the firasttmo an wy life,* bae notpaSl y taxes
If u eraa help as in gotttng a qmparu Aeal in
this <&aiqe mattsorpleeao do your boat* My
tPs. lan a always in Uy m behalf* Ona
Sa PUO lqellst goets mso onto my mottle.

nij rely yawamn






A May 2, 1921.

J. C. Wright.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,

Okeelanta, Plorida.

Dear Sir:

We are in receipt of your letter of April 25th
addressed to our Home Office at South Bend, same has been forwarded
to us for rely. This is to advise you that we are taElinu this
matter up with our representative, Mr. '4. B. Nair, who has charge
of the Florida territory and you no doubt will hear from him either
by letter or see him in person in the near future. As Mr. Nair
is thor:wuhly familiar with conditions in Florida we feel that he
can best give you the desired information.

Thanki.,g you for your letter, we are

2' 1

Yours very truly



_ ji i


,_. / ./' / /, i~ '

S,^ ^ -.-. ..

yf/ ,,,. .

_ ----~----;-~F~'---~--~

.-_ :,.i,.'- I=. o ..I. ..

-- 4 an-

A l the request or r room ,
X sd W haiepe th ie 'de8snrWtlou aopAed fronL 3opy '
Syouw dae Apor your pachaiaent *am 0,84,B, 3ES

X mAe a satneons eoa ort t"a 7 Mby wire
nalltltii p to oballwhr sete mar Utomad be

Sf wa valntleC plee or prPporty- as I n told you -
haoe" due*

Al rP7 mat to have hea-rd frost ymou

Vory trmly yours#

\ >a

.I srf~i~CFL~";'" ri''
r I~

PsB, thoe rglal of tbiSm I m:niled lat n"htt,
Sablot s 3wf Mete y o at Tallabas see 6i
ts iaOearned yeo hadn't gone on north~an I
0.,tyia yu_ wm uat e,mat hed retwmne to i.od,

I ba o tioreforo writtft out another opyo adx.-
l ate as it mst bcjohall mfal it to yu in ia i.t
2ho u ep',hotlevrI boear,wns eager for the tract
S oad,.* fBl rPljaL baro foun you before any oif my
AooasamA options an teoaxh yoi

1 do not want you to s-torifice your little tnrot1
or rose lots* thoughb igntranee of vu aac heror
Sax1 oaertainl& do 'ot Bt ou to leave ua,
I' not too late, ri you ar to contimao in f lan
1a Uittl longeCr,* will b rglad Cfo rakce ? special
Strip loan to asec yroapnt go over mrettrs wit>
Syou tl t ia.ta.. t o the t por Ola.dexl comtr7 -
a lubjeot upon which coam are consideruteo caouh
to say I ra ijPorEmed*
I hive put everybings I have In thoe Jorld into
the &arrglades nad itS future o y son,* the o.A*
wat iubabitnatphas largely .aCritioet his young
u mflea t to he work of pianseefn this country.
ant,as ho would it yp helLag 4'fit Be oame
Ont, 9419I esx peotto see the Drorgladeas oamtr
tBhronu Oer die in the effort tatl noarthat you have
r- Intsa ywor lot with nU- thgh a sm iil warm
people laow itve simply earmot oTord to
y q nruit iius* It woald be a hard
S/ lle b Ty ia ni,aDsDj mposrwlbly1aiding on Itbe
Sta aboae you ndyrith little espenoobe
StohiJs a tl a r omntrypa tower ofat strength
a JRiAo w0 NOT SLmi


1 3 1 I ---.i ... .. .J-~


~f 'fl.~J"


-*,*-* '-*-r- f 4~~'

- -


*qttM .me aeiu' .


tsi MA aA Fornona v s. extW 0-u- %
t reno t osar (,iae eswoo. l esl t
t iamoo,, Qa (3,,af./,) aeok ;,or, -o&a-,,''co. egag
saibjetf to he fo beSrstl4 onta feitodin Dead UO,
lam1 oCC te ktaseees oar the nu-'nld 'rwv'otacu
% GE ,'t the tbas at aort to- ,tww Ta EJow1~,P
npiate,~ hearc-aa In see book 4 at ree 1442P
Uos rpecast of* P Xflal Oeoferatya*u -

: .. . -

,-r ..

Uy dear Mrs. apfljeb

ni e st tma 6&.* 1 ,000 or
$18e43 at antIf&WOat OWl 0*6*. ao Ipteia t!is
is the bibt X eea do at SlthAce*

WTh flood Cato'vWfih took all mB cwop"s at
aashe3a3arMa -rWnged oseaFfras SiSOlltfn.d by a
tleoA at cheap pnntoese la cpation)llSy desa
troyas t ihe Diueen Inanketat

We are teping for danig s through the leg1h.
laturc. In adaitlon,uy ant awre is in a,
loal o eal estate. I have also ptt .oat sore

-' ^-

A .. 'i.o--" '

SOkeeelanta,l.a*,May a,

s LesaBaasL alesnPlai

aof the 13&. ultS we r eoowacand safagg *1,,,
a seamrngthuse toy-u fbotai* h have l t
maeGlan re 4 l eal wtlte otade thy were uot
atbgEwr -arelont, Poe tihly yja can Rttainut,

We shoe i e seeoa o MinLg Srwe WPn~ B ath
tMisqe9ALn Inx a aouple or wvefdcsmr '


stnas;uely yo7raM

-- i""i

I I .

7 7 *

4 dear aSruae*
Tours of tt i sit at hand "
The ea copy of letter to S tielTHEW WEVES
statinhk Peed a fe vw oVies SOOElsbotld haro
be=e fairly. slooar* Bweriorath ey haveoaocouandated
uestl I de not want to soold them* S if I.
had. ay ~4oia tha so nma trmie would hv'e been re-
quired I igt ohvetr~iL elsewhere or gium up
theefort at this tjme.
I hoepe cw that yon pp ,.lr to be ott of the, Sargo,
that the workpoa aooepl. will suit you,qal be eda .
*uat4embl* XAC also xa-merm tnLveso auch the. beta
Stere *et iaboth ark m1nd wh eeck nmiLit be olBrl1
.ah1 --
The .rM'bs:t is a peah* you coMal rn It past
here as a passegoer boats and g-t properly paid.,
that would be anice-, ob" 1C should geS into
real easat' I xs'l ffhouixld be iapuy to have andh
amtNAeM, bcgonEManle 3W people%.
fey say a oant trust Stoea at all,to wrect this
country fairly. l04 Tim ZeGaLa says be eis 9
:fa.e1e kaokcor an the saw grass country. Pat a
little of the hdtile spirit easily oars business
Iike a hoe Iren 'n a flower.
Three weeks agcia hejc seemed toMbwe inn ftellt*.
What I head as w a plenty. 7ArT hear he has
woBh-s anotherr IUnh of Billisdasreat oazn sap
his fagers at the on ten '* bansh Not settled
yet,3 pteaB. At last ao ts* ho had notpald his
laigcraltain men here yeti
All I need is 3 the Umm= Q'to get outb y stsfut at
av ertising I am SUTRE pr saentp o will got
msmW^9* Kye gCta. it i*png since,oan onpo

i p

nely o g .

So Tar aa tesatoithe Aodble bottomr plow tlhn the
grapes inad well* oame think it 1will eame ip afl
va ot msie yet.
atR jams',sha'leley again* a i eah fl.yl-*
303ea t o ,ht L. oole.M A nap to gotr.fl g .it
nl that Wryq. yesterday I rias lo Jc.Lng at ,
old. yle at waors.. It secks oakeand 1 light
ea*iMa ftqr our owadsaon, aid Idzale rear. Vant to
best th aabi. nbottam fttther,,nd' rry l-,'nif not -
satifltieatry P, 4 1. y N'boys araeood at suar
St kei sJngent espeolally* Lenie is (agor for such
a V ay.
to-daya anarte a.soed S as gf-w eedAs,on So 04 for-
Ahedes* o,.-'vhe amxxnl y g to PF.. to break
Oepa the uuorelnBpettanittraihB ja'mitv t to get
vweel-alneia till mdtbalnttr agajln. ad if any
one vwats to see landthhre,and hard. oan 'Prie ftl.n
i y.
Rowevr ,t e 4f s mrr".g.''d to.,biy Guetble'a hborsa
and aroin .fin shape agal stllleafeter va61-l
lattiag ,thy sefe t be not,ageio n ~Ile orf rines
Water If younsee tieth3 antd w wfl tt ht thinks
ofthe .* aftor eloso acquaisaanmeoo
Bczmie is now cbleea-llTrig weedc .oi a' or .adgea.
That Is an easy way to.* see out, in sfmiler4,iTf we
can't to better eur roller aind Der- Co.lsmake a
ires* e a. amelt 1eaw no bill*' anks for g' ttdig
then up.
g1 Sanata h 0tho jletstr tb go an to nlABSut
think he Is al4* ants dahecaa I Ad lown at his
-plae ftr 4 per 1060 l. Goats b3 to gBet thae
to Iatt't

Stead is w 1adggu Sthe k, OSladeore ft roadAVth,
a haanS *Ftae* ie icst-S iitohe 4tdgAl toshao
adac t t e t ~deo* ae o aat are me.t*
n ai ajta2 rws~szt an a ja *t 1 t qday .b eesase
fit is.a far tr ~ak* to sty at home zaoht* aop
dt any W lacon*
I vt to et. B, merehimad ane jeob a damBry itSn..
iaoIret a ~t sAaate emrs s-tarted M w e is
nows stag sla*tnd teni and J Mstght go ono
-tb,.iot of.vt.e ao7neo- wAth, l l increase.
ol 0C-like to lay ia Oth ER, tTlt Annt. to hip J4i=3
p gmnent y Egfr he is top p ul. a C4*A s-Mie,
I owe MaoI ** In-thlnk & my g haelid & good va.a-
astlont with goc4 cash 2pifA oan arrange the
Taikng wit them nogaly, e sted u t ort...n t
aeod the ~r* 6irl so meat- ne. Txhey rigitened
at the iee "aan? houglrbitfWt l L 'be great to go
Can oan the Idberty sad S6 igtand rde back in it.
and uase ion. eon rns to Vad. rom worke* esdea!,it
would came IatW ay hre frequentlyA when wantto. go
some where and a %at without Inmi ing arowti a lot'
SondIo As rry e -al u t lth tr;oatorgaind.
ed. to t, a t would e in godAI s.s think.
%ifAltj you need it in your work nnS dot wnint o
tace it ftrm yerou* therviseqt might waor I- hire
at thxijtine pretty well' On the *eotmn trip, the
boys wouil maut tr t-rqtavinctfe Sn. thjantS heips
an the a-al4. .e I taC comes in here d-
ty aeil* Xqmadte ayathere are two row boats sea*O
where along yheree you aw heore?
rn*at yoar new waoe b3o: YonR hoelplg on t&e ae
* hranlU 4t,a Nat"e,aa yoew iagst ef..
NY i se ag tahe vra a ,t =4tfr o lso-
- XAME Ia worth u #t W Ir I avdversue ;.

gg o__ a e

p. -


S -he eree who To do. ae* tfe raxne'TZEA suABP
.tiill be an axnset*
he tiatbtad on wllnu an ras wdlllnf to
scagAftic thetiMEt Ptas be getting 400,00 fo.
Lt,wahea E .alaed it more than 4 tines that...
letme baile the saleo If arnye de.reles the
prlpot, ..-fnot same reak itr ager* Th, talt
wiula be easy Lor me to sell* Aga nlli roa 1
eBatt-- was the isatse, could. dB htless have seli
IVec tan jgar c me absolutely mo hint, the I was righthicra
Re never does.

JiAn iLntod our roof. Cost for matt-r.als,64*e
t 'dk nwi too. -raxns says wvC car miae the root
last 20 yoars by painting*

* ,ith elqiaeue retiamed to t:o a~rbre to-days .Raker
hIas gatnex.orth an a*i trip* I. hioward wUll be here
till abOet May S16th, Both fhe and John are In
the astI ee

0ana y-o tpl4 as how best to prcsZorrv ouS bat teriesT
Ihey leea power a:. baudlyven under shelt en
@euld you flamine han&i for the hand. 6
aMK bhast genieto. to iamisto the ospsitrl3. %s. is Sn. tb e ME.* house Masxine is viti
here Max is .r the Mdimtoing Ujob, He turned his
teals over to .ak.eron a deb.t Some think ho i:i
anttiedhore T eryef t4ti*. he hoaue is, in fact,
nhis Motkbeie* fa i ale ha ci o~en to pay .l;e traes

vro to all* May get thiz ofr on Moore aizvon boate
208. layr .Aenro ^adt a
Was to step. What or
to4net see any w Apwil lGthis the .ast I findf

I I I - -




i -

/2 ' *

. I also note that Mr. CLg lingwoith,is
handling thd Flood Damages measure. At this
time I do not knof~a anything about it except
that I think Mr. Ohillingworth has 1tft-thig
matter in the hands of Mr. Carmi el.fCo'f it- V
production. I will take care of I Tmat e.r
when it comes over to the Senate. .: .".,

With 'fAdest regards, and .a#arigS.-'
you that I am always glad to hear f*ai.--)op,
I am

Yours very trulyJ ,',

* r


* lb. -


Ii. .

C ^ ."-- .

S,., .... XI

on Thomas Will

Dear Sir:

May S, 1921.

Hon. Thomas E. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 2nd instant, in reference
to the .Experimen Station in the Glades, has
been received.

The bill mentioned has been introduced
in the House and has received a favorable re-
port. I introduced the companion bill in the
Senate and it is now before the Committee on
Agriculture. I expect the bill to be reported
out tomorrow with a favorable report. I have
no doubt but that the Senate will pass the bill. V

I note what you have to say in refer-
ence to the re-a ortionment measure, and wish
to thank you for the same.




ILay 6, 1921.

Dr. Thos '. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.

1Ty dear Dr. '.ill:

The Board reappointed Dr. ?rice at its
regular meeting this week, at a salary of $85
ner month.

Thank: you for the information in regard
to the petition. It was just what we expected.
I trust that things will now go along well and
that next year will be smooth up to the end.

Very truly yourS --.

/ $ Superintendent.

/ *

;, . i;..:,~ :;1. 4 i ::


_ I I__li_

L.- _.' -

F *F'^ -: '"
.. ,.I'..
*." J


* : .~~~~
I; '4

de Beao ko hfle-AN

9r see Yfas batz

the teelanta Staeloo

tlle nad. copy of repoutbor owr Siadtttee en

A far aitlonal wtAs about the pottti.4 of r uhichtll last night,
I never saw erea a oasey

Pat* dxedt ths asehoolgan who may never do so.

t". t' I a ur a ttrand fiercely a ts. o ~Ollyaug at
te t year forr ei y Isamate reasa s.

Aeter naaae is a a lady. wh as told at least three peopleTiBsludtiAg
solnt hat she atgned muter absolute misappreienaion the O-s -
3 Yh ht~ iepalrbeiba that t wit ~a to keep Otw
*W0ol at keelata%&wlds oertarn r enoe was trying hafrd o set ft
UlaW* Anot]hr i. soon to lei1. 1. 2 yCf rot two,ar.-L cf"trarCients. ;

M*mrsme iU of a gpaadothwe Very amanwiA the petitienmnge whose
' l/I the father efthe s hol O lidtlA nm be; ig thnamepliateod
y also a signer,
qri Pri rfauiusa aremetrepresented on the pettiton

: .a famy seretpewe, have had here frtN the beginning a iauta
h e Z, i_ a.f' a-xrM".. gas' ve-e*s ena sw .,ina
ew fue tit one smea of the rat a examples orf ?Si lt,

i 4 mWartaasst. a 1l nest eN t nt all ;wains to e ntame with tse'
S M th ame taet. seems highly antesirale to oasa
rS as the ah~rgEto1moe thqey tenate 9* par 1y fwat they feedt aaings .
j eaMsBess teme some h9se, -*

.? we'. tmsPstetaoudBlthen raesitnthe effect mirht b sat
ma n.

,, / "*?,


... ':''^*E1


'.. '...
.;*. :.
,. , .


Oakelat&-NU*,May Soi9121,

*~rm noe an AN Na, .NS Im now4. *.

fl ~ A hap as lisflfts;ath
FS ni- a Ac -

.015Ids wed or the~
mA tamti .. ana

~ att
a.. -r wa. n as a
^^k^t.Jk^VU |siilC O~~l~` C rlerpoCa'g rri l~1ttl~~~~~s~~.

'll ,~OI S)I^^^III ^ ljfii utf^^'l ^* aB *^atfi~~~ 311 ^J ff13'F''^ *

O 1.11 noE2 SUoI ke ^"'1 notlo lan ar ftoifo

tlr *NowC ?1 MUT ttff miimi Fti *ttrrtT-i- rlr^**^* ls"%^
1P nsltga I~~ IC~CII frfi e ~ssaa~sare aneas

r, 1EdeftU bot be nfalms S

Sth W-thel a
*-- -0-- 0,,eMazda_.Me
' _- do,
llmtlw w wo malu .m,. ,

a~o iSS^ .;Si.^. ,iS,, -

au t" In be Aw 9Sata 6W SOL
IF a to %Poore"
40" -gyb h rPDalXPllbll~~I~ ~ Pb~ulg~ii~~~CIB:~~B
j& ~or memo% aa~ij-w~s rrr BU?;~ODe




* :r

.i d:


~ q-A
'C U '


%rutiu- -- Pt


1 (. ~~jr ~Ud~ l~lsI~J d-a4lx r~s~fa~P


4%- -9



." ^



. i .'
'. ^ ..i .:{ *.* *** *

r~ ;
~:CI? r."


Chicago, Ill.
May 6th, 1921.
Mr. Thos. E. Will,
Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Friend:-

Your note of March 28th, is the last we have

had on dasheens. Would be pleased to hear from you, furnishing

what information you have, also to have reply to ry letter of

March 18th, especially as to what progress hasbeen made on

the claims.

Have again taken the matter up in reference to

dasheens, and have been un-successful so far, account of the

potato market, and the long haul of the dasheen.

Expect to visit the Glades myself in the next

four to six weeks, and wish to get all the information you

-have for my prospective buyers, so that I can line up matters

'both for myself and friends on our new land deal, when on my


In reply (which I hope you will make immediately)

please advise boat schedules from Ft. Lauderdale, to avoid


Thanking you in advance, I remain,

Yours truly,

'1809 North Fairfield Avenue.


kel' *a '8, a'A^yE,
1 9 1,5

i*e. geoo EAnMdoVrman
Qhioage oIl
My dear p *r AndAersonag-
Xour faver at haid* I
plan to wflte you soon qu4te fj ly re the clasheone
Zn briaetthe flood of oheap potatoes has donor for
it almost what the flood o waters did foro on* other
S-amot ours--
'. ly a oar load of tdashe nsa trar hereAsjipped
dln a to Mr* Freeman wero leot on the dook Of
these,I havebeen allowed all and many more than
. oould use,for the freight to Lauderdale.- other-
wlse gratis. I am about to fill an order to-aight
out of these though will oountt them an thouh they
had grown on your land*
Howeore there is mueh onouxragement for the futuOre.
The onelosed press story any serve as a pointer.
There are more.

Again, a sugar tmll,at "
anotherto serve this o
issaidto be proeamede
the Elajg diteher Wll
saenandis ezpeated In
tory by about July 1.
5 ins, west of hereand

mal otintls anuredl and
mnpavuny andthe 1U141 labor
This havrenot vified

tate flniahed the 4 Triangle
bhe B Squaree- our.terrl.*
The olles Dredge is about

- -w ^

Okeelaata,Vrae ay 6,1921.
My dear Arsaenome
My XtatL an ...eoraiLentDr. P0
B igntl21.E EI 17th. Bt.* ew lark J1a.Ye- a pretty
lawsuat 9x1x, $bhak2wvdtosge
Re wants g00 -9, ,So oarry with him j4 Italy In
ul.,Thisa i a Snfl as imaport: at dhipmsentns it
my ead Mp to iwmpletnt buInlteass nxt year*,
These t6ab be t a eW ll ptieCed ove,sall roatea
oneu rejeated amso seed sisemgandt e d;asbnps fASED
"anMdried, Mhe they abould be held fTor shipmelat
on his order.

Our laat shipauh nt to him arrived 0 afl vwt arAn
dLt'bywith 10 % baly nottem. I ihar11 ask him
to give goud notlAe that the oillingwashitg eto*
may be done AFITER hia ere oomoaotheoriscit
rouldvlheto berepesated. .wonder if you ooaudget
this donelut of the Qritrin lot

Havehi l thebpoys overaauling Old Bents eanginee S8
raritis foundin fIINE ahape. IAll store in PaQging
Bouse Vish we akht put ob sale In Lauadtertale.
Bo you mknow what .balwoot alot of tools without habo
dles we hady Sight get 0ltm to put handles lSn,kt
oan'yt find. Were they left with MaS? Baker got
hislotson a debt.-
If m Dearborn Int for 4"-3P21 is available, pleaseM
have It oome tnxt time with wamh*
3 CMA-
Berges anite as ob DaaBheena nat yearpf' *p ap
Glad to hear about ir GirlSJ
s ever yours,

-, A A ,:N^- *.*

Okeelanta, la. MIy ,i19qet

Mrs. *M, J, Turner
SOtih we4A Stati L

RAO -a
My dear J 7 Tem0er| r.*

S*I shall tbevery glad to receive
a repI ye ry moon to mr letter eo -you of April '
19t :;. Ipbesv real estate matters ast be ABSOLUTEL'

I 1

I* I

Okeelanta,Pla ,&ay 6,19 1.

Mr. JLaotha,
Bals, WIas

My tear Mr. rAetba-
X visited your pl:eoycsterday,
an a taraetok- about the only way to got there*
Z IOsggests the Deserted Vilage, or U the AbooL
Anatton ofDemolationu.* It is buried In the jungle,
with Weeds almost up to your attic window
BvorkersCo has been gone for months* X supposed
-he was to return, bat am roocntly told by a friad .
appartntlyln position to kow athat we shallyn a
probP bllty.ncwor see hbn. ghoroagaine
X hae wondered hothor you tight ziotAn tha els..
aunstannoe wantto retunrwand redeem t ftrgn the
Vast* heo contrast now with its condition when
-you were I o charge e itis pifttSal.
I wonder if you roo glvTd a letter from me afew weeks.
agoe It pos'lble, # bo ld appreciate a favorable
replfy TaE limit tiae is almost on uasand I have
not enough to pay the mount ng taxes that Qpnfront
me. At the same tlumesour ew Okoelnnta lots are o
at.n to booa In values witt the arrival of ti'e roa4t
are may be in herefram the coast tu a week ow twea

tussell wXrteand has about deesded to take a lete
iae oroly you r

S*,E.A. ()

If. th poea* 'nftEob has pWt l9sseortaged your peoe
ple ,l have.- nm, landpropoaltlon better,vcwenthsn
the eaoe orat dh I laasp note youzand which appealed
to yMou



WEST PALM BEACH FLA "'ay 7, 1921.
Pr. Thes. r. ''ill,
Ok.i.anta, Fla.

Dear Dr. Will:
I have besn to Tillah:sse~ ani ' receive ai very
little u:a ra -rrent for the bL-11 in which h you are interested.
I am returnin-r to T-llahassee tonight and I will Ic the hst
I can tc imdiace the Trustees to co- sent to the p-asa; of such
a bill. If they o-rose it there is no hope for us.
With kini r raxr- s, I remain,

rery truly yours




May 7, 1921.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Sir:-

We beg to refer you to our letter of the 27th ultimo

in which we enclosed Deed signed by yourself and Marie R. Will

which we had been holding in escrow. We further requested that

you let us have aoknowledgnent of receipt of this Deed and your

remittance for 45.00 covering our charges in this matter.

As we have not heard from you up to the present time,

we would thank you to acknowledge receipt of the Deed and let us

have your check for $5.00 at your earliest possible convenience.

Very truly

gQ/MSK Vice President.

,F '^ ,'i'j ,


_ __ __ ___ __


\j-*& -;~

7 ~f~-L I-f u/
/;t-t/ec~;;/*-C ~;2;1~c~ J- re/;--~ e-cr-

K ~~-c-~i~- --~-- -
~~"~~4; --~ E;~=C3~c-

-~p -t -:c --. -- ~ ~

-- -e

-P/ (L .i'

-I /
L~~t.~- ,- -


e~~~i.y n~~~~_5aCLq~
2 /;-~- ---- ~ ~ f-

-. --. 1

/* C.,

A ->*L


.f -

*- -, .* _

c-- .... .,' --- .. /" .
-.. -. -. --

A.. X_ ._," -. .-V,'-- .

I y- - .
.,.... - -
Ci-3 1 ~"" c7~C~tlc.~~+-c II~ _J
,- . . T . ,-/ , -'-

.,-.,,; .. .'_ .
"1..- / '" .; /' -.. . -- .^ *-' .... ^ ^- .. ^ -^ ^ ^ s' '. '. .

. - '' .- -- -

/ "
^ ^ .-* 6/t/:' ~^ *^ '-j-.i
/ ~-. IT E '/ *-* '- ^I- ^J^. / -* > -A- -. ^,,*
-/iz- y r-

^? ni L ^Cdi^ 1- Le. r
9 y~e /^ ^ y
\y ^ *~s-^^- ^ -< ^-^ -> ^ >- .,**^'- *--^^^--^ ^ ^
/.l^^<-/^>^ .' ^
^'^^/e.-- /--C_ *;-^-C^ ^-^i % _t --?'^<^


./_. _:,. _--- ,.,>- .. :C^ .._ .. ..x e .^ t ...
-I 1-(-..---;

7 ~, .: -' -,,.,.
'" ,"-+ ..-'. -.i -
;d- -?-

.^- d ( .-- /. 7.-- ..
./- / .:' < _J, :.. j) o .'^ '-^ *.- a ^ -'<- < -

^^~~ ~~~~ --- -- *-* --^

# .' t
-^y -./- ^ ^ ,^. ^.^ ^ ^ -

,- --. --' -, - .. .
,, C 7+_/ .9- ./ i-

,- .-- .e- -*.-" -" --

-/ -.- ,,4 -^
-^^' '/
/,,^ '4 ^ ^ .' y ^ ---- ^'- _^ .. ^./^

/ ^-,^-. ^^ ^. ^ ^ / ^ t ...-

.A'_ -, .. <./ ^- -.^


- 7,

L.. -


.. / .-

..-- ,- ...... ,-- r ..... .- "
. / ( 6- .

:/ /... -^ -,..,

S, -/ .. .- -..- - ., -

ci /







/ d


L-~- -


S-j -'--


- -'--~- --~



- *--.

--- ...1.7 i"i( "1.'-1'.'- .-. r ~):-ra*.

I . ~n; *. .. ;

t i 9 L

~k4 /Q~C~S~



/ J

Okeelantala. ,My 9,811l

Hre Pe.o 7eAnderson,
Uhioago Illa
My dewa MAr Anmernanu-
Yoursot the 6th, oraased
mnlno of recent late*
I have just heard from orm Atty" rC tht. i-01Lia
He s.,p09 I have booin to TallahZawaoo aUsavwo tso-
coivod vPiy littlc onoovuraganm t for the ll ~1 I1
am ru.turX ijlg to Tallan esea to-ni0ghtL 5-7),au
will do Ithu bust I can to Z gOccthoe Zuntcan to
oonscain to thopaasiwgo of Bmh a 'll* f18 they op.
pose it. thi-.roimio hope ror n s.'
- I havo ust 3rItten our Sortore Honl Tj.OapbollI
3sug.eotgnS ttt he andauiWeprosentative.on* M.
n.0artdaohlaol,got togozthor wit"6 ut atty* 1r.
C.C.Ohillingrorth,and.l agree upon a progvrixatsa,
togoetiorp" try to vomnrinoo tlioh nater s of to
nmerita." I 121ho also ritt en l*1. 0 Mllingrorth
to the sane o tTefot ailing as strong nrgnSart an
poi Alble*
I hall be glad to see you again' As to Donat
bohedules s-
Stoaneg Passatmg thlrulmvoes Ft. 'Mau.
and T hrs*,at "730 A.@Mrotunlng Tuos, an! Mat*

'ieU nail loaves WfPalr BeIaca, carrfrom PI.O
2aoh Man* ,Weds an! I"ie AeMp bably about 370-
?t btrana'reomed to a bnat at t Uary Farms
*aind 0, anohe ajVapaj n* PamSengerO S Wo

_______________________ 9____________________________________________________ ^_______________
wtAl issuAVO a e eatsve a aneesa saftiCratodwy
tait the trip t wth aith
A 1te*w ffelu nay v86 So teG tSosst states th
Wall be bere teafwv ib me) fith thlaw IAver,
the t4test teit eewS an- gisa o w.e those Waep
smYO U omkawd Mi fti at nfoter sew
aees 'fMf 3t have a ahcdnXm axinoft axxnocaBe
At 1e* e wirll i "atan a bere w ae
ofthor freight boa notsae anta~affco.Py* Otte,
th !Ieturtp ye le.)ai tuaeay, abat 4 PS.
AgaitiLt is. be '^Ofai-ble to c6ofm via Meoore 1eswa
tAikrag the tltnmacgtann boat whieh arrvged here Taes*
and *,11s0 As and let M the
prtoeAng dayprtioab&ly orentg* Prreight sal
DBy tho tie 7 ti aiteoar iay lie running frm
SrP.1)eae hferej tJ o we have no aCa1nite prolBi e eT
reguI a eCohaOle oA t*he reprosentatiFe rftha
Whitee tnr toirS samea weeks ago sot4-me hise
a.teoas would be twtg just san soon asr oad aerm
- ilteona poaedittwj.
h ve fereud y f ttaa tdght be diusooirtages
tEiroha rB 1ai at =aStoess fAar aon the wiator
of -i-ambHigo 4fioas_ otr nS pma seeo th
Hllvr 1nag 'bSAMa athnet we -oxmwntem .
peOt athia l* a n 3a Ngg e to sall pansw
eans1Inhave uog3oc -seta.! mattcaflt Sw.
woereit po oani me s qt d mm tan da m
may mw see a jotlel to $h" moo" twas
should 'boe ast ai, wAli gtvo thpteOi r the -
Slnemp- ose attsnttna* Asa 4 qy
reoantly, hI l an MBaq it e w A
so respects, 4t beft bef Sa irwo beeR ble to
CO 4taU ,v yus

.; -, z .. .i ,-,
.t .. ". .- --
" *
, -.. : . . .*

^4 JtJao Aa.DRl%.
sm 0ames Rsr. ,
f.l 4 w 4 O. .-..

. .'-.
* ._. .

rA letter rWeaoed atoiuLmt ino
OtOees "thas tihpo l sit1l u tPtlttyto aoll
yoar tnatf eta fn aaaAns B sv1If yda deaasfte
.. as Oamp FouA tefa-tl mae st -e. I Ia wil.l is*b
iy narme as jeIt X l to- 30o whethawl' to' proasnt
Sthe unnt e l e -
.. &, *iv .._v .MmO*, p 0 P. V
e uall oi SiH r att obo asBtore say siie mea iqBA oW tone awee s.i
they liku* b a 4 tar tnotin
As Ato nmiataia-,se ta,' one so auslom arn
to aee sa tatS b~l"fi wnr $to*000 Q ae aC~ i
..tate Is SiA arai the Adio eraasaGi .5 aXI Lbes
penaltag WCatuaatlon ffifr ggoveaLfuge eaase to-ena.
'arc e t pay 0927in4a e t*at 48a dead UaM
bseis to surb Rrts fu Imell are tulld -are
i.-- --- y ma .r.~nt- 1. $t is teea_,f that I

'. Inrrlsl a on urWhrt$ .r * tey bjt a+,

I.E- be- l -a ,appWd. t a im, ae ..p

k at W aC leoa floa oatnd ia Mat atp t f
at. iprw ti Ae.ts.e, *e adee

s .r

. 4 '. .-. '
-K <


BiOa Uil hare Wbat gaelay a sBd f-ro e apops
-40 sa to 71anamee*

tbeae Uiqwps are rnmt way wmoasry blm lskiot
ana v plaionlait hdanewatr am tso ppsaityorr
pilopoiaion at afljis ami a s riit imaatpe det
" ite n a4Blef3.hSUi -6* -

Se,it ygm deirve to fl2l,please tll oUt
f ela~sIE*vobare wtae isedaait seudt to met
*ae what oan to dnee*

VeyvtnwlY ^ywua^




-. ..

aniLC06 .U

- I

Okeclanta,Fla", 'ay 9, 921.

Mr. F.W.Rose,
1315 Clifton St*,N.W.,

My dear Sir:--

I am making an especial effort to
sell your Tract NO. i,in eec. 35,and seem to have a
possible buyer.
The price net,to you,which you have namedis t350001
and this i accept*

I thin: this tract was sold for tanxes lastyar
There are 2 years allowed in which to redeem" You
should authorize me to redeem it for yAu,and to take
out of the proceeds the cost of redemption,and
of this year's taxes,ifthcsehave not been paid"
AV this time,t'-i is ti only tract of ynurs that
feel ;ble to sell* losses sign the belowori retui
to me witnessed.
Very trufy yours,

ashington,D.C.,-ay ,1921.
I hereby authorize 'hos.!,'..Will to redeem for me
from "ax Sale,Tract NO0.3,-in Sec' 35,T. 44 $.,R.
36 E.,a;nd to say this year's taxes,and tnke all
the costs of same out of proceeds of sale of this in te ev he make such sale rm/n/e /

Signed eo~,. -

ltitnesasc1 by c ate1/a?1.
Ge ^ .- Z'

* m. .-."'..' .T ---- .. t:* -.,, .' '4

SI-. t.- .. ._ -
'l:'' i' .^ 1 '-, ^ '*J " !

- i

- '.a
*-*' *-

a . -

- -


.so1maneBn*M,qea 'r *,iem,

}' -- .. . 1
rhan.e wflpSimg be Qbq

Ui**l~ QaUS^3ltDiax.o *iN


'Vt' s

". Iaw, f t:-- -. ... ,.. .... .. ..
. e, ttV. Si',, al,. -,; '-,te.-' .*. Wo

Want the orFect aahot -r eprly det mrl.ede,anr
than PAaD. 'hsat eaald e e a rniaim proposition
Sthan that The states -probably do mbtrealse ..
hom nearly we haw bon itsunebe ty that flo eo
aor my pnr$,l bhw- t yet uan able to paqy a .
t"one- a thg upon h hav never fatded
mu AS ay 1 Oth e Iioe are almost boggegted'
ro thie set.a d9 atetro theo bullte trt
bo rrglAoea t be Patin ldit of tWe o-lmutfL

: X than, o Santd r a ve*psafe~ tatltve d hplp
y appmi. to tho tnfle .- 's

B .


.* < -^ *
^ '-'' ^ :. v ** -
-'m I -"*



* r*
- n:-

.We, fir


* V '

a..- afa l,.Ysoe nn arn, nSS
nWS1,8antr ae
KMy Lear Samtflt f*
n I thpk ron r your letter of
She 816ndlA wl1 report .its oantnts to our uran
SmatLty aonnete "
*he saaaail.-bptuj a ltter frMo CMOB 0.04ag*
Sworth- e the -Plead. o IdIa 11 le serosanl-"I I
v'ltk do the best I oXa to ilndue the Trusees to
enwseat to the passage ahgeSh a btil* .f they
oppose tltheore a W pofr iitsy Be says -ho
hais relvtd. vay rtvIo iOOur tgcnment for 1fe

w miro davpqell | hWarn nover sal3n the bif,Vlmst aO
-a ,Allhrngot-h can d.raw a goao one.
EWroEthe point tqiq Just hero- bThe farmers hew
were fVieted oat* The ase vas withoaebprecdentat.
The tty. norepo& ttavestlgatags for the zeiateos,
reported for wi* We pwe iw ty ematltled to darager
a, sipoople eve? weero VWe V r wa the owirest aman
-p perly ttseaiuulndand ;t1rn PA.IO We oerb Anly
eed .its to us it was a calnrant ort the fistt

a oarf the matter lles with the TmisteemqS ain't
Sa'ee th e dnd. ee wfat -in be deant yo-V aM
slulgw@th and Mr. %aMniohael winl 4 o9h
W,I bellaoro you amn MRg upansa a irta i
-laoe the Iwstoeq .t M'ita,,, m wth'
Wibe 64 *0,, ; oEl oWblg, ith th irt doam
ee to page'. z bele
uf2i agree i an this.

* .-. :& ' a : .p

'-t i. ifl'

S. o 4 .. W r
-. ,p
6 f" oQrIw,.B.,~a~i

1ate3 n9S1A a

I Theo refe i n again at work
on t.ho ias lles anald is now west of tia aintsew
SRollAger plaeeon oer* 36a

I should like to 3 evel tho road' I hatro & good
fordAo tretwtrpl wiess9,rollmer1agetaa9,.aL
etw esoellent white maorbuaiNally onprablt to opa.
ato thiannhlnWy*

I -hrevo becn the orSintrl pioneer oc in getting
mnd hearing front destruatin the ronls Intho Glades.
hIn adiftaB,X am Ia havl t$rnprjoar( $1,000.100
this yewer) and I have had no vppPIrfa! bty to
do work of thlos character for tht xoimty or Drain..
ag koard* *

Xt you wal1 vlinmly
met to -.. msee sonh

Irniiate tho eor ttions to be
wore, I desire to meet thea.

I a- also prepwonr to out the dAi&res connecting
the Ersgs ditOhes wit the "o les amal,when lat-
ter dicabes are 4oaftadan put in the a lverta
We have at Okeelanta same egsOllent oarpeaters
whose sawloen I *u seaoer for br* lgo w rki
*oplng for yur ooopration Ia the matter of pla.o
LnS my iwopofilon ibeF oethe Boald,1 remain9

Pea. d Iobjt do thfeaWk
by dy a pr tefrede
bY -sc8~l

,yours asiaWely,



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telle 3lane,lat .

a a 41r O raBhag.-

I: ppoe r maye regard. the
dtee sor seu-sa an or* i "Laes have Meea AaOF
appolntugt to the fiut.

8sL VM, S wtat to pay gfga wale tP mou
amn help me out a ,Xltile

As ever you"r

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a tAgo=D
te 10ft4~o<

a rf ar of
Innouanag the deoAdmh of the Baaru

the sOt.,

Saantia s Ibeau gte, l3U y rocaolve ,l
I # l]-t. ow the Ibe aM memameant jnet ot ma,
)e;ogC this esa, a wfAll be onetr l e loca b
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And; methndo at its leaCers bes a loase re.m
:to those of Blshovlatanad thens
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Hoe odTbloin An thE Tn Mil hait "aa
lago .l ,iseatedrta4o anae a gmelleFt lm
paersa .n .tho sWeroiatasmaelt la t, W
probabtiL that tther holathlteu ,at thin
tSepaQvuld reoIvho Eimh sup or trom theo
oai. aoma mlit~ y

St eoorely ySuse

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S~.~lwe holt i safe to
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+Aowee wuO a r tt aassoe, aon the

aaeeaire sees,



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sr. e.r . teas '
-ate Vebotrea a letter fru
zdsw MabeleU^ aawa .ftnu tSafl st atiLag ho
_tme 1~et lae~sa pt t ndar .
Xwrfls san As a nttxes ne haareit large
.C he easlerp .. a.ab mfBn n
mz e t D O bw -Mv S w at Stf. t. the
psndsta*bn Aim aal

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geMal .Bthe iw"esapetall te.aO t, ei e

mn b ..da "rib .aA 'o a"a :- ...,.

.-wnJ w -e ,
Sw^o vwK fioL .bo t pttatftLjC ^S~e ^k oi.

nQaalW,.tv &enLr 0605 bii a e
a"ewse lA al, r *

Oman" wa0. fba a~ijtf mtoLvrK bpiiw vei oaa:S

fir4M i ar*

flnaWtSa te ltetv( herita) to use

be5 to1 -i aBa ay ae
aar Nsrl* .^ ^Sh
jta.. *^*K.~~~ ~ ~~~~,__ ~ L,__*u ~ I'---^J J r1k X j~- fa *Mk -- ~ wl

Vote tnar raw"I .



h...r '" '



SUkOl E. s CA iAN T.IUCK INGC, DAIRYIN.: A'IN r. El A 1. F R \ IN g

IAest Palm Beach, Florida May 11, 1921.

Those. E. Will, Secretary,
eelanta, Fla.

D. O.PattQon President,
nomunity Council,
orry, Fla.


We are sending this form letter to.fficers of
the Community Councils tendering them the services of The South
Florida Developer for all purposes they choose to make of it. We
particularly desire that the organizations in the Everglades make
use of this publication, for, unlike West Palm Beach, Lake Worth
and other coast towns, you have nota local-newspaper. You can
j make as much use of The Developeras if it was printed on the shores
of Lake Okeechobee.

We want the communitjDnews for the same reasons
that community news is anywhere printed, and for this additional
reason: To show to readers at a.distance that there is a community
life in the Evexglades--that there are schools there, that church
services are held, that people visit among themselves, that they
have dances and parties, that boats come in and depart, that people
die and get married and go through the same round of experiences
that people go through elsewhere. We do not want'to withhold any
bad news--but we do not want to put undue stress on the bad features.

An item that a man has bought land, that he is
clearing, or that a tract is being planted, and the yield and the
price are legitimate* things to tell in news from the Everglades.

We trust that some one in each community will
'/ write for The Developer regularly eac week. We are no-t in position
to make compensation for this; it must be done as a sexrice to the
community and for the personal gain that comes from community de-
velopment. We are very anxious to have articles on the methods bst
employed to clear..pnd, the best way to bring new land into cultiva-
tion and the best_crops and the propervarieties.

The first issue of The Developer will go to press
the latter part of the month, and copy should reach us by the 20th.
Tuesday probably will be the regular week day of publication.
Yours very truly,

UPR.M COURT. C.., 76 710 A StreetSoutheast,
May 1921

Dr. Thomas E. Will, (Master Mason,etc.)
Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Doctor and Brother and Everything that is Good and Great:

I do not know how many letters I have written, whichh your
Secretary has apparently never brought to your attention, but now,
I have you in grip, for under date of April 17, 1921, you sent
me a remarkable screed denominated "EUREKA" describing something
I never before heard of, called "DASHEEN"n! Well, I immediately
went to the Office of the Register of Wills and there consulted the
fount of all wisdom as regards things pertaining to the fastest
growing state, of which you ought to represent KMX in the House of
Representatives? and that lady, of 208 F Street, liorthwest, &ave me
a dose of Dasheens, which I am trying to cook s. that they can be
eaten, for they certainly do not look extremely invitiAg uncooked.
Pardon, but the mistake you made was emitting the mode of prepara-
tion, in you six-columned folder, and as I do not happen to be /
stenographer, I failed to rermueber the various methods Mrs. Mac-
Cullog~h mentioned.

This decretal is a stone to kill two birds, and I lope you
will carefully note what is herein set forth.

1. I have a lotJ13 in Block 8, 'st Fort Laudordale Addi-
tion, on which I have paid taxes for ten years; also teLacres
TRACT 53 of Section 2, TOiNSHIP 51 SOUTH RANGE 39 East. Sent
for the biLl for taxes January last; got a wrong bill; and never
heard again, until I got Senator Fletcher to write twice The bill
$5.24 came Saturday XXIX, May XS,1921 and that day I sent a M/0

for $5.24, enclosing a stamped envelope for return of the bill re-
ceipted and as there was nothing stated for penalty for not paying
prior to April 1st, asked that if there was anything due to notify
me and I would remit. Not a blessed word since, and it looks as
though I should have to walk to Fort Lauderdale to find out why
the office of the Tax Collector cannot reply promptly.

"2. Mrs. MacCullogh says you are in FortLauderdale about
twice out of a dozen times, and, as I have heard you preach in the
Ingram Church, and was converted thereby, I want to know how much
you would charge me cash in hand, to find out and advise me, if the
lot,(I think) LOT 14, of Block 8, First addition Fort Lauderdale
Sand the tract of ten acres assessed in the na-e of John H. Dripps
in the Everglades are still in Dripps' nam and if the taxes for
S92,0 have been paid on both. I thought I was 6oing to got to
Florida this last winter, but the cost was too great for a"retired"
Government hulk, of 150 years (or less) on ~,2 per day. .warntet t /, ).'J
Ijl I(/ tt r


to know just the status of John Dripps' holdings. He died in 1916, you
knew him well, for he one of those who got stung years ago when we all
including B. Pickman Lann, put up a lot of oi-sy only to find --
th-.t afrost, the first ever known, and none since destroyed every-
blessed thing.

I understand you have free passage on the canals which carry
your dasheens to tide-water, wei'Ii er you have your private house-
boat, I have not yet learned.

One of the objects which I seek, is I have had a letter from
a party in Fort Lauderdale, who asks me what I will take for lot,
and I want to know the fair value of the lot, (PeT,' Rl7 t'
as this same party not so very lo1n 3Q 1L ths lot was not northh

hardly anything. This in the face of the fact that Florida, according
to the Census, is growing faster than any other state in the Union, 4
in spite of the two curses of the country, prohibition and unlim-
ited suffrage. For myself, I am an old time republican a voter for
Lincoln in 1860 and 1864; of the Civil War; of the World War; and
have not needed a law to keep me from getting drunk, nor have you,
although Bryan and Volstead say you, do, and denounce Jesus Christ
for changing the water into wine. Tell me how to distill Dasheens /
please, or, refer me to the circulars of the Department of Agriculture
setting forth the methods.

I shall be glad to hear from you, as soon as convenient.

You have probably heard of Alfred '7. MLGann, who writes world- v
f-..i:d articles in the "The GLobe and CoiiuCercial Advertiser" the oldest
I(and best) paper of How York. How would it do to tet him interest-
cd in te DASHEEN? Heseroes the last Globe.

Yours very truly

Stamps inclosed.

P.S. I am also told that the tracts in the Everglades, (John V
Drippls' was said to adjoin mine) can now be cultivated? 1ill
you please advise as to this and, if the tracts are worth thing?
You see I am asking a white man's burden upon you, but perhaps
your son or Mrs. Mac's son is on the spot.


I I:- .

. -




I. . '' "


/. . .

* .- *

.. .. ... *

'/ i

-7 _

" ~- ~


I'' I

*.m **m-m,. -an. n .-n *. u' m "

. p

-- --
*/ ~ 't -"\_** -

_ I Y

" "/

r" "?
, I-- ;~~




4-; -:" .. ~

7. ~.- -


I) VJi-

- ft

9. p t

_ _



-r y

,P 1
I : ":Clc~- ;t~


i I-''b I;rr

?: - ; i
:-L ~C


~~,-"5.L LI

i t--


S. ...



K b


ailt ,



*r ,* I -C-C I

13jVl r L -

j.. t _..
fT t ....' .! 1 I "i




c4 M ^c 4rt

c s- FC ie

S-* .*. C:







~w _rAs3~2~A%'C/

t --C

s-le~ ~t


is~-t~8--Y P"e~L~L~~j



L~c~ '


"' alm Iearhl Brainage anb jiglyiag sBttrirt

MIAMI, FLA. MaTy 14, 1921.

Dr Thcs E Will,

Okeelanta, Fla.

Dear Sir:

In re .-ours of the 9th will say that hBoard of

Supervisors have considered your letter and while they appre-

ciate your efforts in behalf of the County and the Drainage

District, they feel that since they have placed. the entire

work in the Field in Mr Barwick's hands, we should give him

full saving and make him responsible for the results.

'7ith this end in view, I would suggest that you see

Mr. Barwick and if he can give you ork he will do so.

TTowever I will say that we are not quite ready to grade

that road as much as we would like to.

Yours sincerely,

Secret ary.

J. B. J
J. L. H
T. T. R



Ft.-"uderdnl?.l.71n. ,:y 14.,1917.

Hon. Cr.l Vro inm,
As ft.Seoy.of Agricult~re,?

My dear Ur. Vroom;nn:--

I rnd 'vith deep interest of your
activities an t tP mrid.t of tic: food Orisis. An my more
limited sph rel .ani doing wnmit': ca.n on tile smne linle.

I mam enclosinig two presa stori.- o' rain e on t -P
s-4bj eot. 'rT.Il:t emplin izs thiesupr-rne iinportnnce of
Government nativity irn 'e? cme. snugarGet that it
org-rnisole:d, and FIh.LMC' riEgricultur -, i!,in s3l vTast and
effective a rvy.,it is org;.nniiilng:.lleding anH fin ncing
WV:r. Thii in t'.4 only way. :Simply to preach will do

I hope tht'i-iY-" will ineet your approval. If so,
can't you ihelp put it into off'ct? It ip eapecirlly
n c.sary, it i imp e-r tiY VI .JTAj, that Governmrunt lsrill,
r~t 1 aat, do som thing mn ti, e i7'/ of finnncin,- agrcul-
ture if we nre to food the worldd. Very lit ' s~id of
thi .,yet it should be 't tJLe top of L 1e column in box
c:r typ.? ?Tery dry .

Vren t)ih- 3mn Lo:.n, ;n which I hitv e been working
for :3 h:vlf-yeirbogin to look down thiti w-y like a mir-
ge. No mono on no fnrming;a8d no frnningno viatory--
tlit's th" i way it looks to ma. Av'e put it strong in my
story,but non.-too dtrong,I think.

Ag'.'in,I note? tluit you hlnv. atsk.?d ifrmers to sign
; pledgFr to help rs'is' food for t.,e soldii?rl. ain' t
you anmd re 3so or thii'3se we wn:tto do our part in
thii s rtter, Ltwrencti will want to sign it.

Cordially yours,

' I if I il l . .... . .

~ ~p --l-r--- ~~CI -~- ~---`--~~I- .~- ~---CL- -~-~- --. -~-~--~


LONC. nill.DING a 2 ?ru -'1

Eunrglabr ieanb lualW 1n1mpany

PuoNB MAIN 4260

Dear Sir:-

You will be interested to know that the work of reclaiming the
Florida Everglades is advancing by leaps and bounds.

The Fursz-Clark Construction Company, a leader in its line, is
handling the work with extraordinary skill and vigor. Six great dredges are
working night and day, and several more are expected soon to begin.

Visitors, constantly coming to us from the 'Glades, are enthusias-
tic over the v.ork and the outlook for the investor and homeseeker. One sub-
stantial business man declared at one of.our meetings that the buyer is
"sure to win," and that "the only question is as to how much he will make."
The President cf the State University of Florida visited us recently, and
testified to -nis fai-h in Everglade lands. Two men who have actually
cr' .sed tht 'Glad-s one, ov,'-r twennty years ago, and the other, later
ha.=- rec-ritly calle., str,:n:ly confirmed our statements regarding the
character cf Lhe lands and climate. Still others tell us that we understate
the facts, and that "the half has not been told."

Nct long since, one caller bought of ds ten acres, then twenty,
thon another ten. and started for Miami. After seeing the Jands, he wrote
us for twenty acres more.

Ever-.nde lands ar1 going fast. Within a year, one tract of
64,000 aeres, and another of 180,000 acres were sold; another of 46,000
acres is now almost gone, and thousands of acres from other tracts have also
been sold.

The prices have risen from 424 and 130 to $40 and $50 per acre.
Cur ifijf-dollar land is noT almost gone, and buyers can afford to waste no
timne unless willing to purchase at J.60 and $80 per acre, at which figures,
also, we have lands to sell.

Our office is now at 809 G Street, N. W., in the Ouray Building,
one of the best office buildings in the city. We are on the ground floor,
and have a fine window with southern exposure, in which are displayed choice
products from the 'Glades. Crowds stop, day and night, to inspect it. Our
lantern lectures, reinforced b,' new slides, are given Tuesday, Tnursday, and
Saturday nights, and are finely attended.

We shall be glad to welcome all our friends, old and new, to our
new headquarters. To those who have not yet bought we can present THE op-
portunity of a life-time; to those who have, we can outline one plan which
will simplify their task of paying for their lands, and another, for obtain-
ing revenue therefrom.

Very truly yours,


t->. .- ~ __ ,- /

?- .-t--t. _y^
^ V-7 <. ,,--.----? t,,-, im o.._V7<- (
/fI~L.. <^>i >^<-, /g /^ o <^ r -d~1 o /

-z-- g>^^^ ,9i~~-^z^ ^ 5^^ ^ ^A<^&/
J^<^<^^^^^------~i-^oTLf^ 'u pV--~
;1%- c ----^^L-2-i< \:/^^^-t 4 y -t-^ ^_,^^

~e ^^ -- ^-^^Z^^ L;. ^^^gOCZ ^ ^LLt<
^^-^^^if41 I<^> 6^CIK ^^<- ^^-^^- cCr-

GL^ Sc^-i^v <- /f/^-I/7 ^tEzt^ ^

_ _ 1


4ro 7t- i c
fl~.r /~L D^v^L~

C^'Cyr Ccl ^-MA. (0-y^_ C!L^^nLde (

(Ii ,

A 2



77.)a j
aI 'r. /e /

.s "L" t- t

t" ___ .-. -- C_ . -- 4 !/

J _. - . r .

-i A /1-C V/" <-
0 c* A-VIC---C. i:-..

..: , 'r

.P .Gk. e. n= .w A

You o 'rlom t' 't' "*'' '
Plymt.h R '.o .* He '.

th ntash A ndr, sel'alwohl4 .a1 ..
Mr. Use 1 the who wao
r i Tlllh sm, Be sn ai|l,
ablot,ytbtrst "Ia the e i ri
tm rntah and fi el aloh.l jhasn as.
lottery e tmo e'.. .-.

those "r=san (asheeaviba go0t oWii C
the nmned, auii.??enlt aky help us g8E0b o e
and ri~ sE t our .tort r in is mol ofpt .
Or a mzlil piige mdgit be seat' %y pi'ooi soai
wItZh stDatua;nt that at lasgor quantity ot^tA be
sent by f-teigctf they aspptepot. -
- I hope a pnot enoron4a teo borily on y71*t
S ai!thich ki~ttw isprotty full .Ithb tis na?:
bho t rwork*
Ao 1 1to ee yYou here about Wed- saVei M o*'
.,ie4,*i. wgo. with I fne to sale O ladt to seo Bar-'
t ob. rli~ t here ho showed up. Will bo hoern
g&l.:ift -. day oro w17 Leb eEanti weo sba.ll fthi
s' ee how a th wok. I ean do on the roat* P3a to
go .dran fritbl ymoul .
L- e to Mother i u e* ppe to att i
aS. ight t Olaeneent srol OIUs*

S ? .

;W +~
,tf w.

-:i<^ $ :






* .




^ -- ----------

1918 Sunderland Place,

Washington, D. C.,

May 16, 1921.

Munsey Trust Company,

Washington, D. C.

Dear Sirs:

On November 30, 1914, I loaned to Dr. Thomas E. Will, for three years,

three hundred (300) dollars, and as security for the repayment thereof Dr. Will

and his wife executed a deed to certain tracts of land in Okeelanta, Florida,

and placed the deed in escrow in your hands, to be delivered to me if the loan

were not repaid.

On March 13, 1919, in response to a call for interest due, Dr. Will paid

me interest to date, and repaid $50. on the principal. Since then, although I

have written to him several times, I have not received any interest nor any re-

payment of principal. I wish to do all I can to facilitate his affairs, but 1

think, under the circumstances, I should receive the deed, and then take up with

hin, if he wish, the redemption of the deed by him. Therefore I now make formal

request to you to deliver the dded to me. I am willing to repay the $50. partial

payment if thereby to clear the way for the delivery of the deed to me.

Yours truly,

(signed) B. PICIflAN MANN.

r ... -41 1.. ....- -



May 16, 1921.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Sir:-

:'e enclose herewith a copy of a letter just received

from B. Pilcanan Mann, which is self explanatory. Kindly advise

us at once your attitude in connection with this matter in order

that ve can proceed in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Yours very tuly

CDR/MK Vice President.

fcta--'^StoK" ***

502 Bibiscus Ave.,
West Palm Beach, Fla.
May, 16, 1921.

Dr. Will.,
Okelanta, Fla.

Dear Sir:-

You will confer me a big favor if you will give

me the information I desire relative to the Dasheen as


In planting should the dasheen be out up like we cut up
an irish potato?


Is a very rich soil essential?


Do hegs relish Dasheens?


Truly yours,

,, ,. ,



--- ';` -"----------~-- .,. ~~ - ;

I .. K. ..

. . -*.1


fr. G. Sattrtert, ,
. 4" Mi t

w asLa&e mother 16leIn
tal s, l lhe,

My ea(r e hSeolrtgPP I
1ours of the 3M menet*
rqceifedLh I thought I !a4 & btgsablmt ULy new
bare to v alt auhiJ, since anothct seller ae la
with a proposition bhat oae 8ed to sait bottere

o wey.1f a. E onf uit h t g e 4 rSecana,'blc
tacbo atn poll Zoar mtriot oPr .$ao0.o00 oash
I timyn mneortSLngl' tpcpirca the aolw authoriza-
tawna vbAi I roquepfl ymu to siplavyrltneesse(,
aar a .n.d nO hore*


I hpeby 3Oauth rise !Jbs. T5V.112 to nell for me
tract 59, 14,la Sed* 35,e. 44 a.i. SB 8* .Pali
esauh Gouty VIa.,nbeta Wivr nor a aeruor S'aa,
or th not prieo, to faogat Thjrto .uandrot ead rl li
DolUars ( ago0o))l onake .
- 0. _____r stin ao aa0,

Stea Daite_ 1281.


-- '.t S. 7. -

OsfvSq (a)

PoS Ihwavm soa0o Poerd in
ter weeks. ey aoeo4bt very pr a
a2oat all. dtoil. i ata lX had better sen
you a tdLt,st noebifb you yoa wouz jepot sa en.
w inutod- oKrdoleal State atir A Ib
ordle,Pla vth itnslr4ntlosthnaStwhcneve your
Ia mt ( 3SO600) wa a !iX1egthey wauld Aev
1 or thceeat $o me a. e all Er-Te,ant
ia ton way I frequently Inulc6 theaemsttor
thcu,wiicn the lbaycre eOai< thl c cau n age,fror itthea
selvos Ahbat the codL is av.:labi l e anlaall right*
En t e creafsftc1tn thc. be. bo tll$ng tWn and.
thero to lJay th0e $00.00 caMh downs
We hav had. s npo cnzes whu-ethe eorrospendeenr
with dGl.tna ocansrs has oB maS ih delay ad orse
vcly ncar !d.liu3e a p si aloe thb fl4law re
de is. peeoi2ea unmd a ortain wu iiii de
o1 arc attena d to t deead is not root*' W:
Oan att ad to all of this bofoxpthe s O comese
1Thon- t tiCokllis buy 'Ie mi kai phedaad
|ith other je wrntsyou tract or sane other
I need to Ikotofop one thing,w o hexr you axES_.c
Oaed* 31 so ymur0 wv.o Ti tMst a~o m a separate
aoiowledatmi t, oan te d0a that she tangp ritht e
e~t beGI aI Tholaw is ryr.irtt oat here ea
tat ieo n. Plase t$U te th d~amn I will
pr.pvc yeo a Vanber&ight dtaSrhicA h im say sign,
aivd sondfthe beak with the instrotions will *
prePare for you.
YXuns tnrlyk

Okeelanta,Fla. ay 16,1921

Mr. C.F.Seiffert,

My dear I. Seiffert:--
Yours of the 3d. inst"
received. I thought I had a b*yer,but may now
have to w ait awhile,since another seller came in
with a proposition that seemed to suit better*

HOwever,I am confident that,given reasonable
time, can sell Your tract for $350.00 cash"
I have accordingly prepared the below author a-
tionwhicU I request you to sign,havcwitne -.ed,
and send me here* /.


I hereby authorize T3bs. E.Will to sell for me
tract NO, 14,in Seo* 35,T. 44 S.*R. 36 E. ,Palm
Beach County Fla.,being Five acres moreor less,
for the net priceto me,of Three Hundred and Fif-
ty Dolla $$35 .OO)in cash*
Signed .Christine,Atascaso Co.

Witness AA A; Date _3 1921.


Okcoeanta, fla. aay 16,1021.

MI] Soo*8**wUCo V.*arIet
oSupl USB.S.traio Bard

47 dear 4, aleoss-
'ou vlli recall the ,four
trees,( list a rlosed) ymo i .ntly s.ent nmct t'le
request of Benator .",ae tofber.
Trloeso 1 pl.nted near my g vci-alownrCr. ha mve watched
with intercat whon hero'
NotvroeriX am soatc eteas casaio ay fDor i erTa
weeks* During salm b a prIod, n ant-nom two ocr
those Broca dtasapp.33rael u1ebcbr a tairCl
ma lX cuttirg from wfhilo eaolqesasi one of the
fWl, and still muwprtvtang, yot mnay bce able to etatq

aowcr.r,as ft- the fourthlthiCreCnaC be na pest-dble
quostimne It u no-. a large,lnce trooa3i3nort
v feot *taill* trd 'ura aw: its nInae I Co-
alos5 i. out'Pt.In tlhat yfou mL,,ha'lh me idantify
itb I th It Is .rO, an theo oncloso, list.
The oth r ( anolos ) ,iay Tx,, IOD3otho Teo Plante
0An you tell no iIhr.o and epnm wh : temon. % ht
obtfLn o. aP tho veiry atoesetpl trooT 'a
Its eoatal ayou"

Veary truly yomns,

^ '


. -. ,' '-" i '

Okeelant2,Pla.*,) ena D.*IVletdbcr,
Wa l On,,,oD.o0
Sy dear Senator Rletshors--

WS tfn foar trees yie
iar3lly set me albomt Ota, 3b51919,two h.'a d:im2
pparefaAthie tibrposaiblr the Tra PlFa, is
mea I an scndlng anmmpc to E8uptyt* 8eoa WNaess,
6S*eloa-tLoe Pard.ea, oar idenutit'io atier*a
toevorwthu fourth,loich X identify as tVhIC 060
rAllea RodsatStaDXs rowa into a. tin flourisbh
Ing trepo almost I feet till* StraIngersatop to
iqunire ita namo*
I waontr oir adtLtiox l troops oa thia specaoi
aI bo obtained.. The are a great% tree-.
laMs plain ,aMd treoeplantrig abould be eaoouraged.
I have Pltlplied the Downitg ulberry here very
.largely* It s u oll adaptaitcs of a hart texstae,
makes firu 1o0taaud fuel, Ya boAre eoollant
beatfea. Sam e sage oggested woe iight Intro-
cen the silk wera in comneotloon wit it| but a1i
nt fataliar vwiti this elpomatrye
I should beglad to .reqve a fall Ulne at- the
frea3 trattre on pailtiy,and powlter*ydifs Gn ;
haldes by the Severoaastwith prices or tbe forE
Sae#le* Uste' Peh afe yWu -mna .arange ths~r f mae-
I an tereousted to ntottht tho 'ah %an we at

"i~' r

IM lw o GnCeetOflY run Yo riantlot of4itW
tileoltiga ti=aan-thwt tie lcklaycidork i'a to be

&or Okr a.ilw'o Up to datfejint the d g;lao-
arSUinbg tho single ac :pAuTon of theDWaie szawB
-to obta-in tkhG )enc5Its ofthis highly beneaileqt
ar1 haas srve. as a groat haMwdhip to wet
thall our BiDtriot zwras flaitAt by a disEasw
truit flood coaased,lar elybry thc; vrzrLse srnt.J
of a loeok. fthilaodL aostroyed. all our wropi,
savw' :?s.hensr, inflicting multiplied thousars of
dollar 1 of Musigo upon use 'Than,when dashoni-
aoluiag tinCe 3atalie foundW thovre sas iraisticall
no jtnrket. Z had3 abo3 :t 20 arrefrrun WhtJ X
o'btAidnod losa thfjsfA einfw esei On top yo this,,
my rases in ruoint yoaraIh:voloaped._as shown
on enolosed slip, autil?, uer,' Co onosn an ivz zurtec
dLastnros. any of my neihbori are in thoe ainc
If cror- tfhe taUn I:ui law is to be Inoko&diJn muea
bohd3i,th n :is tho time.
zin 11aMatr a confortcr wirth li.e J.HaNduclea
stoan,1 aI w cwan1rgil to renewl our attempts to '
tl& lise Ioe larF,oLj.acnt-t rA lIargo mount of work
"e.olctldqt aed forraltainag ClafXba re Wth1 posU tiMtL
itios of '.bo3rarEg1 do-4e to produce In linsO aQec
abl'i to theo ant" Bomg Preo. Dt,-4loeustants
letter of Sej*. (,1019 ,)/re so adtovesn,tfcht
I abaazxaMedti-eo attcpt'at ithe time*
Stull the fiat remnian tbMt 3AfIR WAS AITWAlZi
bMANEUED anut owrAmID Am IuIo W a iMr r. she
ad done so at thf;i time of widtIh wrtteto )4
Ruaddin.ted olIA eoo a reason why mar sedtdmn
oibald not also Ibe allowed the manoaoy. 4i iE
ltatlra A mp ounty Agent a mr -. to a- P
ffaalre sx Ansum, If there aay aopeg
CLV 8MIuIA be 7t to kow hipt

C . .... . ;

PSe. The abors flood shoaulJ. ,ot be countcdc 4gatauf
our soga ESs ria rfiotalrepart or teio Astsy'
o mas, sihoase Iat itt t h" oautry werg at fault8
Oar tlnm Bnefta Dramnago Sal nIn4em Iiatr.t is
tar d.olag .sunch tcotlteout citoesing work for as
that four of1 saess vatwr In fturaw Is almost
belly dpeflA&* Ditches ftaraot oe the east *
gr us, al thane to tke west aro to begin soesB
sftrtertho Vretlotbivity Cfthin conrmtry has been
so thtfou ylr td ronmstrated by thin tinetpat Sao
Gocmpefent jWtv1g,1Owe beilorArfiSo ml 1 frrzLlnarife
sralolf with the footn 3rf ll we catUtle&d
fullylan -to thr ban .tLt:> otth'e, 3. w' Hl Wa.
dloutom'n victims an t b: -pledt *i ore irry roeasaUr
InI TbfOlbt t go.s If yon o aee.. that we are
cannbli o obt- s rW uoc'cnblc aocmsid.emrtiLt on- tbts
mttoar, I shall fo -1 unacr renewed oblig-tionn*
vory, truly yours,


__; I _ ___ Ill__~_i_

tIte aisenrcas *n 1viosa

SonGtor cteragrn = tr

-atcrthtsdEi, 9'%u thob, *
S in fr Catg Lt thone'a Bi tt

et c orrgep 1ee w Ai ththne nA hm.
attest e tn aobe an g re l aQiS tok a.
gae ifor neiioral arm Lniabsn* I hutle de wsptz
Senator tIctJa eag11 n .a ctil.t a'imbtsffr
Z heaA'the Saperi kabi eL laAen spiee ta t
-Dataaafowr thy mtan than ne, a orge bcdal
the f'ae p jalite aBAfsthtg fir tS e la'ade res
L talked A all ever wlith ?0e Beaecgarla lian a
wladt ote *OrrepMtea=e witd thashe tpkn *Ir a oe,
mist,; ore'yboar oletaabutt ltc -Eu ItrC pargaWbly
he foalloaef Gellos6ton o. 1toramtur&oorr
gta e,Ii3e,4-tha arta In b anoe l In ) tbe
Sa*ai ^wai t .

lg~idslyghi n191nI nsis c an aboelupwoly e etpra.

i ftb a&i e6. e1aals h ation* ybjM yate c
a*Ptr tSli3tng .rJth M I$*.atflre St.amIng rb
Ravierigherethey Ande even than an orgpal~aat
noAtallamoa xee s<* fQose Eadh Awnoowi
ajd^ letter rethfaaiater tdf pasase At orep
4ti a So Pe preptriaoau Mafi
X see 4iateatMoOnr.e(pet<)afi,
84 8-3 aEMLt*3loAaljs*4 >el*^aV thIc stae, *X tojpu
i. *' A y satt tjP .&hiteffti' r h p a rr e Cf a ese s -
; ^ntoe; ifta As>ht(?l,wo hver booe MSLf 6e erable

a" '; ; *- e. e:o.
e ath s q~

St att Mea4eu aspxrtmact etniatm to rt hr us what
to do avndhIw w S t't shen it earMes to gsttAbg Ia
an aaotber big figttwe have Imtfl tbeptreftgx
th. wlio. b ranoh t.foxr y. veape VWfraww,
* whtle thqr, is ltfetherei Bpe andot we
teagte to be any hyopeat thin aIMe #or the Mawn
'.uanplenae t no r noe;.and show ma how t


91 :
.-n iit In a h, fL Me.y*.

On' OeM U0.aaewwfl ,Qz ta~d4 wd:htu l wn tall t

.. -

- "


glrre~riirsl~tn U

*M'. fts ke I%*tSB|*4,GL i

Mr ear Mp ZldUib.i
detssef iana ft awveiate^ '
ao eats fwo ayiamest pa n*asi it ant fal
A Yrer I. 2i Me arWt aaea, to be dan sa
1bi, .. 4 t la-a ePO e* "
es n'~r ie C od 0 Ma me B dearo ,
aeo esie.s an o ( ,, mnLd I)w
tie It s.t.ha e ads g90,9C, lDfi ant oso
4lsy Aszu nt .r wMuCa Oreu* a t
to hive ibot the passtn MfllaM Uti w0naMty
ineaa(Mfth to the b*.tabth
al~ej~o see tMat/ -the traxeaei ia popealy
hLtm selle e be entaea his Z ap Veaa .
the jaui-ta be O"hem", .beai oi~ oteftsnd the
tWm to bs iUt M vWaftp* eGS& Stah te6
be to &i ad .

bwwa the Ntr b laa
o-txl, o ea mO ..4tAsr; mtmn os,,Q eaor i 't'

* tnaroa & tt~ 4$A% 619 aetale*
to dso ma requateo A I Ba kil1 a" ee*
ShiaMe itfl.atxitsaefn msaijX otrteQtn anaj
So Asweeraa huer Y3DSIAttaI*ohe 1Wa=r grtsSto Pave
W ia* pE 4twflia tw.pattUatna .e4

r -"' I

J ,

-.-- .. '

1.8. (a)

grip, !,KrlePro9g lontot the to. Inaderdale
tate aastrtis in .a llhasaeesoein *be' n ,anad.
iln remeotr ell the above oaempl r at A
blWet oafereaoe bqtweem ye 1 wollc~ o ly
solve oaur roblnI beleWref yout see fit to

It is very tptt to me that A etfef mis
malle. Le o lesss atof last fll,9the
failure the t ashe s uketfwatm whioh l hai
soped laf thins past winter and spring, and th
enomm~os towrea. in uq t axes makes it lmperty-
tire thabt I Paine a msemraApable o r noneye
at the eartest peasiblo dLate* aasnist
anae,tBheefCaorothtli a o mway a~ t :'S me in eef-
Seotg tihis s1amenAle be greatly apprealated
beltlAs resulting in tOpop~nont into your hands
or the 4 a 80.0o0 P $00,00 for tho abomv
Farty ar'esawheh ma oantrast With the I.searocd
oasll ftrW s

Y ry trxl; yewrs *

I -

. I


iSeoloed pleoue al MWill for rond
arie work*
We have been iaomxea.. that,eia ftatreogab blUe
are to be Irid 'by the Stateo Mgineer* e hlie
beea written On this sabjeot,but no reply has
b4emR reoeveld* n oBmseaeano, eating on the
Mange stin orf youPr 0aLmnan th bill is being
aei to yo, for eaOb ifisposition as you m~ y se
Proper to fake of Ito
fa ry trfly yoJrs

0 s


May 17, 1917.

Mr. Thos. E. V'ill, President and Manager,
Fruitcrest (Florida) Association,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

My dear Mr. Will:

Your letter of 2'ay 14th just received, together
with the newspaper articles. As you say preaching is
not producing, but I have noticed very frequently a
good deal of preaching is necessary before the produc-
ing begins. If the war keeps up, we shall come to Gov-
ernmental organization and operation of agriculture on V
a smaller or larger scale, but we cannot hope for that
in the immediate future. When oureople begin to get' /
hungry next winter and are put on war rations, they will
be ready for this and any other steps that seem to be

I will enclose you a copy of the pledge that the
food producers are :r 3ning. In Texas, they organize
armies of food producers in companies of A, B, C, etc.,
with captains, lieutenants, and other officers. I think
this is an excellent plan.

Always cordially yours,

Assistant Secretary.



i y

:-1 .(


^ _.
.,.* .*- **', '- -


~ ,21

L .

Dow **nt na anei i
i.. J4t ag e A.Xsar4l

&*traNCs VVIia ym
on the thi edtLtt thbe f ms ato Ic e

Vry truly yowa,




f .l ot

'rj, Ae l

No (our Mp* Q*s se
Please pavdta another -let]wj
Ean yBr KNat. Metropolis atery f bg. SaBlast.
i6suasu g p*mtryw. In -lIw Ga m ilate%..
eased as a oeaporatilrefly stofe eseo4trlo Is.
esponailrc means of ataortia ti theo Gp3 t paeaWS ,
12 ante rou refer to ,r isro arg l1try fans tat
are a oae4t to the state 1 1 NlUSa gie me
samoas aat aadAreuoeat
AaB,the aroposal -that the 'hegimro seek to lakee
roU stoingt1naitag laby strBmsag with a few
Wiga cowi,snae Ckmaes,a gardens atet ,ave you
way goNa lipp teratutre 6l thise .1f is
oertatalljy wa t in addition,it Ia bealig P
wciateA nfftoallytrd may carry some vweght.
SaIudopoly yours,

pot W 0pawrst
U ~ ae~r je~.



l J '

JSatilonoau die lyfuatebnme-hom,
WIII you kLudly rurmJLs mefte I~M40

Widah of tlee operate oepeosally in this gSan
oral sootont .
Vay respeatfally,

-" ---" '^

C,,4_u -y "--Li^^ /^3-a_
c*d" --' y~~-7~~ 1*af

k^L-L-r r -/ ^^ ct^ ^
--. -*. _^

I. ,
L r

\ *'
4-^ ^<^-'^^^J ^--
/ ^/< ^C

^y ^ -,^^- >- ^ -'^ yt<

^ A *^-- ^ f'-
.^/-4Z^ ^/'y^ ^-^t

ia ,> /-A^-ZLO
^y ^ ----4 E -

A^--<^ Z^-y"~~


A '/ \A ./i> <)04 /)

t/ oJs ',z* ./ ,( '//"

4: AY ga -
/ y s L-L- v

.y b J LL ^ rC ^
' ^

.- .t / 2
^; ^/'i^ ^--*'Le-z-' < L~

tecelanta FlaAay 18i

MrP. nws .MickersOoi
W1Y3na AcaghPla.

y dae Irsr3. ioCerflCangn-

In hin Gonpuany litpvraturae
three year:. agor Kr iekersa n ot0e two eats broW
Ang the orona mAtteRoadano,frorr Iala Beonea to
Lee OUe gjthe other. ft ip Ltdoorost to the L kolbeO
iW an caz rgaMenI of the western portion of
the county .

X nd.or ibethc I oald g-t thc seoather by pur
laase orloan. ni tht be able to nme thca*

hoping all l n l we ith you,,I Pemwti

Very aineorely yogasg

pose I ualdergtasl Mr. xLtoaers3'1
IPaLyg bOhnOe I write yOU.

I'' .. ."

A': ''- '


1*. e B l .Seg* ,
b .4a t tea

Wadataghaupo t6-
a* Mrs.. a

2 caifltelywautto coapntulote
you on yoiir ut-qmlagqua4te ant the ABSWTnah
*m Saln D wao- yet ma are3otagj etr.nth to yoa

I know M .TL WVEL tbat the Va' to help Paketh$u
wish orPeotIvo is tu, eolose a chooke Just aMr
I am bary uvowlaamel Myaelftmt udu $tpy oaVt,.
at it Iecwt a( oermea nOe A TWLLr aot too
fI #4ll, b ;.lsy|BFWr ift possnioc 1 orathat
the mry put o the go bothi plito ac a earo
Ban0els VU. Bo >Te move* aifse ar=
a@ tW MBn rB lited. dlogs,aulthe m=re
I see uof abut opr Mng else tin seeks to satvo
a lonpmrutwfiErxasVl lnPStiStetnho batte<3r I
Wso a worm~ mcu o t tA al'y the po opegaI f
thMe- mod oeldIA I1 10 the only woeablo ftair
it fr .a cou ntry the*t b s over becsa trouA
,hpe youa or wor* wmtB irAor your ZIalaotai
this tLg fat bt Io
Aio tailed copy o letter to Agl Doopt 'X Iv aW
Whethw yoe nre ap these faeq gstu ati aI~aiNTu
atI oan tip rae W, bi to u.a4h0 ame. Cg the Ceats
ews, adw whtioc ar apgnttu oa Wall Stf 0 't a we
have t oa oealSod Ante me pC the lant ertbAS.*
The Amralemaali Alsbesa dar oratifta.' %wa "
RaU"ttaaes wsBrttboea In At tow maths tbtw.

S i i,

SA (sk)
only tt r voehad been it ft ,or months,
that we reoGeiedi a spy of ita DMLAILTUnor
qdoptte at eliag c.aa 4,19Thi .TSks haL
the aumnr brbeo eXist a]l fver its
B9B5other U Ql t t Jambeksh a GrtBain 1arfEi -
e'r .atoiiad l b om31 whieLak,it oueamu,atterptn .
S ailly th1 e ,aG i1 u turlsts3 of AmerolO witih the
ra dao.~ elaent of tho Indantrial world.t ThL-at
of seqftea,I a gl&h arsme ad, td.Bateaneor- so
adh so that ire shouldlike to disewer tho or4 kno, more of It.
Ag~sAa reoA* happy of the Beiohlight* otes
a atial a an-erse Undlo' on a lt of points
w iteLdt yua am e aro gooa an gBe L If there
are Many X t EA m e atons are out
for thic aZEAL iW." that i da an
erentwe onI t propte. if weV k itJto o rry Vap.
ter for aLrntuldIe o the Paznderbaadt
If you.n aift towr hat need ttto kolI asre
PyM o.n ttBnl eatfraswm 7 'our atfhterea
4 efver y

*.S. his ransra. ,
oegnaisatit a 9Saqs to s based 'bby
oa eta$* Ag.tIcltural Sallogo,
anda on Santy Amt* vas met -to
puliaa t1 S0 has rttan a Sole bSi4* W

wt.. itl pstasawe aRe e muLOOSD
to. itsa n way IV eomnettmsa

" Raw*