Business Correspondence. Mar. 1, 1915 - Apr. 27, 1915


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Business Correspondence. Mar. 1, 1915 - Apr. 27, 1915
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Business Correspondence
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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larch 5, 1915.



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In~ ..,
,4. I'

* Ai!~hIi2, .
I *'

D Mr. R. Wegymouth,

2202 Coyner Ave.,

Indianapolis, Ina.

My dear Sir:

I have yours of the let, received after my absence.4i
in the Glades. I am pleased to send you herewith litera-
ture regarding Frultorest.

Things are moving in our territory. Settlers are
coming, building, faIng and organizing. Land values are
rising. The Governm. making a soil survey. A 60-h.p. s
traction-pulverizer is breaking land. The F.H.C.R.R. is run.Z
ning trains to Ok.eechobee. A canal and highway to connect
with Palm Beach -1 pa.esa east now follow the Township line
one mile south of Fruitorest. The PALM BXACH-IVBRGLADES R.R.,
already financed, and with contract let,, will, it is announced,

Fruitorest holdings are going. Thirty-two went for
cash. Enclosed is "Available" list. WHILE TMHSE LAST YOUR

Thpoe tracts may be paid for either on time or with
ash; in the latter instance 4% discount is allowed (see
skklat, p..15, table).
-I '

Very truly yours,



~ P
.~4..,. 3.. .., *.~'J**. -$i.,~
-M1 '5~1t4 .
ds:44~E'Sv .t' stk..WS~fI, .1* '1

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M4, o- h'

"II 14-i'







'S. ~



'March 5, 1915.

Mr. Lawrence E. Will,

My dear Lawrence:

The bearer, Mr. John D. Wilson, I think you know.

He is ready to help you, beginning now.

I suppose that when I come it will be necessary

to bring another bed and some bedding. I cannot say when

that will be, but it may be pretty soon, as things are

moving fast here.

I am sorry I forgot your gasoline, butwas called

away in a hurry. Will try to get the other things for you


Hoping things are going well with you, I remain,

as ever,



I. -.

ON SECTION 27, below)

01-F O t..,P f.3.6 cz (

i S.cci.-,n 55. be lo% I Ai 1-,, r,5 s Ok 1 nt3 andi crner -.i h Fru ocrec
l, ;.IS i3C.t izn .survi y-dold ..h /,d A 5.,t .i rinaIand mo~d ate
lbe~np .or,;tni-t Mei a nt ib--., border. The "Okeel3iitj P,oneers"



1. TRASPORT.ITIO': (1. 1. and 1'l Lauderdale-Okeechobee-Kl._s.mmee Waterway, connecting,. by rail, with (2- Sanford-to.Jackh onville Boatline. 13) Florida
East Coast R,. Extension. to F. E. C. Main Line. St. Lucie Canal pro,p.osed.) i)i Jupiter-to-OkeechoDee Hiahway. 1.61 West Palm Beach Canal begunn) 17, Palm
Beacn Oleelanta.Ft .thra Highway *begun.) i'ai Township Lmin Canal (begun. bordering Okeelanta Aadition.J) 8) Hillzborough Canal. 19) Miami Canal.
(I () Caloosnarchee Rer, connecting with the (11) Atlantic Coast Line Ry. to Jackaonville. (12.I North New R;ver Canal, conneciin'g iIh the (13) Florida East Coast
Ry. and the I 14 lnter-Couairl-Mlami-to-JackEor,ville Waterway. ilr5, Tampa. Atlantic and Gulf Ry. surveyed1 to connect ~ith ocean steam ship lines on (16) East
Coasi. ta Naisau a.nd. later. to World PortE: and. on (II Weat Coast. to New Orleans. Havana. Key West and New York. 1181 Atlantic. Okeechobee and Gulf Ry.
II. CO.11LU.'VIC4 TION: (12 and 10,) U. S. Maili 3 ;y boat connecting Ft. Lauderdale. Okeelanta. Rita and Ft. Myers. (19) Lauderdale-Okeelanta- Ft. Myers
T*-'ephrunre p ,riailj r.rstructeld.)

.- 4 .,:2:'.".. . .. .. . ,.**


M arch 5, 1915.

MImni, Fla.

Vy dear air:

vontracts. This I wu doing herewith. At the same time,

I was considerably embarrassed to findafter talking with

thing he was doing. He is an old friend of mine, a fine

Sman, and one who deserves to succeed. Unless you have de.,

finitelyy decided you do.not care to accept any offer he

I.may have made you I prefer you hall give no attention

whatever to Fruiterest or anything qI have said to you about

otrc.Our tracts are going1 several hav ing been soeld in

Ver I wruly yours.
-.1 a
.'t-2i-N- u F,-4 *ever in b e -

' ) ',

Fort. Myers,Fla.Mar. V/I(I5.

Mr.Thomas E.Will,

Fort Lauderdale,Fla.

Dear Sir:-

I received your letter of the T9th.Ult.and also -he
booklet which -o*nii e- '5 -,i. I have gi-.en them much thourht,and
whila I believe your plan is all :ri ,ht ,-Pet I ami .n1ole to sep just
where it is ,goi 1"t ,- b' nefi i o p.-,. a*.,r any, fo r $,5.00 per week
for 76 weeks i's cutting a pretty fair hole in a comm-non mans salary
these war times,and you take a man that is getting say $75.00 per
month salery,and is paying say t20.00 to $25.00 per M.for house
rent.,a.nd trying +o school a young usn 17 who is in high school,and
another girl who is in the lower gra der, d feeding. .. 9 it..T" n,"
fi-'e on" ,i,': -5 s '.i i ;-.. hill and other sundry expenses and I
am unable to see just where he i.s +no et that $5.00 per week to
mukr hi's payments to your organization. Then you speak of +h poo-r
man I fewer tIat ",ou donot get down to +he actually poor man,bbut
stop at what mi.rht be teamed the middle or possibly the third
class man,as some people call. the man with a very handsome income
a poor man,bucause he does not hare an elaborate income.
Now Mr.'ill,T am the first class of man of which I speak,
you may think i1 strange that I have been so frank with you,but
honest-, is my policy straight out. I was born and reared on a farm
in Indianas and was somewhat successful,but a few years ago I went
to Alabama and went into the saw mill buisness,where I was very
successful for a couple of years,when it was myr misfortune to loose
every thing I had accumulated by fire,and by getting ,rixei up with
a snake in tfle grass in a timber deal.
Two years apo I came down to look Florida over,and while
here I went up and looked over some of the Evergla.des,was at the
town site of Ritta,ane .below there on +he canal,so no doubt I
practally s i 'lfr 1slr a- a distance,and I felli.n_love with the /
glades en4 haen wanted to qet hold of some of them ever since,in
fact placed .1 c.,t i r(.l F, tenrAcres in Pec.36 just below Okelanta
but just a couple of months or so after I returned to Ala.T was
wiped out so could no.t.ald it,and do what I wanted to do,tr+ I
had the Florida fever right,so moved my family down here one year
ago,thtnkiin: `,tht I would be here on the ground and possibly
something would turn up so that I would get my hearts desire,and
the only ray of hope I see in your proposition for me,is to be one
of the fellows to hell do +he develoip,r of your 2lace,and to
cI there anoi 'orkfa-~ou and let you take a part ofm ~a 1ery for
payments. I can do any thing th*.t is t~o he done,I built about five
rdles of shell streets here in Myers last summer for the contractor /
and for the last sir months I have been city street_commi.shoner for
the city,doing all kinds of work,l.rring water mains building side-
walks and in fact scrr thi.i tlhat. is to do. Can give good reference.
Yours Truly, ,w



Thomas E. Will,

Ft. Lauderiale Fla.

Dear Sir:-
Just receive a letter from Mr.W. J. Wanlrey
referirig to the Fruitcrest Association,of which I
woull like to get some more information.
I holly two lot- in Okeelarnta ani a 20 acre
track,which is. about 15 miles from the townsite,
Okeelanta.As I unierstandl the fruitocrest is 3/4 of& --cv p
okeelantn anl most be near Lake Okeechobee.
Have you A rmip you could sen i me of the
location with further particulars,anl oblige.

Yours truly,



March 5, 1915.

Mr. Geo. P. Knepper,

Kenosha, Wjis.

Dear sir.

I have yours of the ?2nd and arc pleased to

know you are intvreated in F'ruitorest. I mrn send-

ing yuu some literature, including statement of

-the "Fruitcrest Plan."

Things are mncving in our territory. Settlers

are coning, ruildi'g, farming and organizing. LTnnr,

valuo.q are rising. Th' Governmn t is makinrn e soil our-

.vey. A 69-h.p.-tra~tion-pulverizer is breaking laud. The

F.I".r. R.R. is running trains to OkeeChouee. A canal and

highr'ny to connect with Paln Peact 40 miles east now

follow the "ownshir line one mile south of Fruitcrest.

The PATIO BfCTT-EV P, GLA1.D) i{. ., 9TR1,AD 'INAICiD.) .1J) WI 'll



Fruitcrest holdinre are going. T

for cash. Enclosed is "Available"list. W


Very truly yours,

'hirty-two went


roum you, I remain,



* "a

S' .. .I

March 6. 1915'.

Pre. Georgia R. Ferguson,
Diamond Hill, R.F.D.2,
Lit tlton, N.H.

My dear ?Urs. Ferguson:.

I was very glad to hear from you again, and laso to

know that you have learned of Fruitcrest and are intoerstnd

in it. This represents ling st'jdy on rzy part in the endeavor

to get th:- ,vocrglades proposition on a basis raking it possi-

ble for buyers tu receive substantial returns -ith 2 upiniiuru

of risk and sacrifice.

Before I could tell you about your trect purchased

from th' Y.lorida -:verglades Land Co. I should knuo' the number

of the tract, the section, township and range. .'o doubt you

have the record containing these figures. It may be you :

ov -rlooked sending this to the tax collector and tr,"-t is why

you could get no satisfaction from him.

The Okeelantn, townsite ia for the most part high,

dry, and cultivable now. People are living in the vicinity

and considerable nurabers are coming in. Bonts pass constantly,

mail comes up twice a week, a railroad is coming into thc vicin-

ity to be completed in n year. a large traction-pulvcrizer is

breaking ground in the neighborhood farming operations are in

progress, and on the rhole the outlook in the Upper Glades die-

trict is very encouraging.


Mrs. G.R.F. -2-

There is no tax due on your Okeelanta lot. There is,

however, on your farm track .d unless you pay it before the

first of April it is liable to be sold for taxes.
If I can do anything furthd.i,,to help you in this

matter kindly let me know.
Cordially yours,


7"- _' ... w CL P. .



Compare s LA.E s809 STREET. N. W

A year ago last August, while employed in the Interstate
Commerce Commission, the writer was looking forward to the time when
he could leave the government service for something better. I
wanted to own my own home, in a balmy, equable climate, with suffi-
cient fertile acreage surrounding it to insure me a steadily in-
ereasing income as the years rolled by.

One day, a piece of literature similar to the enclosed was
handed me by a friend in the Treasury Department, who had just re-
turned from the Everglades of Florida. I read it carefully, applied
for leave of absence and inspected the wonderful Everglades region
for myself. So impressed was I with what I saw, and with what people
who are living upon this land and working it told me of their in-
comes from it, that I straightway bought 100 acres of it.

On my return to Washington, my fellow employes in the Inter-
state Commerce Commission had such confidence in my honesty and good
judgment that they bought over 1500 acres on my report. I resigned
from the I. C. C. in December last to sell Everglades lands. Today,
every Department in the Government service is represented among our
buyers. Hundreds of acres have been sold in Washington, and others
are constantly buying. Shrewd, hardheaded Washington business men,
practical, hardfisted farmers -- who KNOW soils -- have bought and
are constantly buying it. YOU cannot do better than follow their

Among those who have actually seen the Everglades may be named
the following:

Dr. 0. M. Munoaster, The Roohambeau, Washington, D. C., Miss
B. E. Adams, Forest Service, Washington, D. C., S. P. Compher,
2142 P Street, N. W., Washington, D. C.,

Aesk them what they think of Everglades lands as an
'-place for a home, from a climatic standpoint, from
aduoing point of view. They will be glad to answer
Pnd we can refer you to numbers of others.

investment, as a
an noome pro-
your inquiries;

." My purpose in bringing this subject to your attention is the
fact that, if you feel like I did, YOU also want to have some
prospects of getting away from the deadly monotony of government













March 8, 1915.

,Mr. R. A. Price,
d o0ray, Colo.
Fy dear Sir:

Your brother Charles, of Jaqia, Kana. has written me
indicating that you might be interested in Fruitorest. He is very'
much interested and some months agi purchased holding #100, and is
trying to sell hsli Kansas property and move down, in accordance
with his request I am sending you herewith literature, which I
trust will interest you. Fruitcreat represents a great opportunity.
The climate and soil are magnificent.

Things are moving in our territory.- Settlers are coning,
building:, fprmning and organizing. Land values are rising. The
Government is making a soil survey. A 60-h.p..-trarction-pulverizer
ia breaking land. Additional machinery is being added. Overhead
irrigation, constituting insurance against frost nnd drought, is
going in. Live stocil, forage gratspes, and modern agricultural meth-
ods are being introduced. The F.E.C.H.R. is running trains to Okee-
chobee. A canal and hig.hray to connect with Palm Beach 40 miles
east now follow the Township line, one mile south of Fruitcrest.

Fruitcrest holdingeare goi1g. Thirty-two went for cash.
Enclosed is "Available" list. '-7IL'e THESE LAST YOUR OPPORTUNITY

.Sincerely yours,

March 8, 1915.

Vr. C. '. Bacon,

'Test Palm Beach, Fla.

My dear ?.'r. Bacon:

lienlying to yours o- the 6thi':.

r .uld say that boats run as per i3nc'looed

schedule. Fis'i bonts go out almost uay

time, without schedule.

V;-ry truly yours,

, . :.


March 8, 1915.

P.S. Mr. Wilson was delayed in starting through failure to catch a

boat. I hope you got temporary help there.

Enclosed find certificate of deposit of $39.36.

Are you sure the expressage on the potatoes to Esther Funnell

was prepaid ? Capt. Forbes had nothing to do with that particular

shipment. The papers (enclosed) indicate it was not prepaid.

I have a mem. saying to send literature to you. I do not

recall whether you wanted something special.

I find a number of men here now who want work. One of these

has been talking for some time of making a Fruitcrest purchase. His

name is Anderson. He spys he could tell better whether he wants it

if he were to work up there for a while. If you find it desirable

to make any change in your help in my absence, you may feel author-

ized to do so, making payment in full, and I will reimburse you.

In such event I should like to give Mr. Anderson a trial.

Mr. Dyke has bought a good young horse for $175. and intends.,.

to take him, with plow, scraper, harness, materials for building,

and other things to our tract shortly. He is also trying out a fast

boat 16-18 mi. an hour, which he will probably buy. I think of

buying a less expensive motor boat, and keeping it at our camp, the

fast boat being used for through trips and the little boat for local


Have just had a talk with Mr. Andrews of the Everglades

Grocery. He made correction on your syrup item. I find they are

thinking of putting in a store, not at the crossing, but at the mouth

of the canal, with the hope of getting the business from our section

and also from Rita. I don't like that. I am advising him, instead,

to put in two branches, one at the canal crossing and the other at

Rita, telling him that a town may be expected to spring up at each

point. You might discuss this with the neighbors that they;, may
take such action as they may think wise.The more we can do this
year at the canal crossing the more likelihood there is of getting
a railroad station there; and WE MUST GET IT, by all means.

I look for Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman and her mother, Mrs. Hardy
any day now. I expect them to build at or near the canal crossing.
Mr. Dyke has arranged to put in his overhead irrigation on tracts
65-6, Mr. Lee taking charge. We will have opportunity to extend
the system over an additional acre. You can earn how to operate
the system, and we can get the benefit of cropping one acre. He is
also to bring up hogs, and try out the various forage grasses.
Things are going to move fast in our section from now on, and we
don't want any nearby point to pull things from us.

Cordially yours,

March 8, 1915.

Mr. '". ';. Price,

lucla, Colo.

My dear Sir:.

Your brother Charles,'of Jaqua, Kans. has written me
that you afe very much interested in the Fruitorest plan. He
is very much interested and some months ago purchased holding
#100, and- is trying to sell his Kansas property and move down,
In accordance with his request I am sending you herewith liter-
ature, which I trust will interest you. Fruitcrest represents
a great opportunity. The climate and soil ane magnificent.

Things are moving in our territory. Settlers are .coming,
building, farming and organizing. Land values are rising. The
Government is making a soil survey. A 60-h.p.traction-pulverizer
is breaking land. Additional machinery is being added. Overhead
irrigation, constituting insurance against frost and drought, is
going in. Live stock, forage grasses, and modern agricultural
methods are being introduced. The F.C.C.H.R. is running trains
to Okeechobee. A canal and highway to connect with Palm Beach -
40 miles east 0 now follow the Township line, one mile south of
Fruitorest holdings are going. Thirty-two went for
cash. Enclosed is "available" list. WH1IL1' TIS31C LAST YOUR

/ ,^ Sincerely yours,

March 9, 1915.

Mrs. Georgia N. Ferguson,
Littleton, N.H.
R.F.D. 2.

My dear Mrs. Ferguson:

I have yours of the 4th. Your earlier letter was answered
but my reply had probably not reached you, and does not cover the
present points anyway.

Now, as to your land, you described it no "20 acres in Sec.
25, T.44, 3. H. 34 E., 4 miles east of New South River Canal."
I find this all right except for the Canal. The tract described
lies about 3 miles west of the Wiami Canal. Mrs. "ill and I bought
a tract in Sec.13, 1 mile north of Sec. 25. I never been
upon that land. My general impressionist that it is not dry enough
to use at the present time. Even if it were it is too fnr from
transportation. However, if I knew the location of your Okeelanta
lot I could visit it or have it visited for you. My belief is that
unless well toward the end of Okeelanta townsite you could
very well go upon your town lot, build, and proceed to utilize that.
Further, although tho area of the lot seems small, there is an
enormous amount of land lying all about your lot that is out of use,
and from present indications may so continue for an indefinite tire.
This I am confident you could use freely and without charge.

Okeelanta has one inhabitant Mr. Burgeos, of Kansas. He
is on the Canal bank about halfllay between the north and south limit,
and tells me that he can get all the land lie wants. Land there i
as dry as any land need to be.

I am enclosing a map showing his location and that of various
other settlers. Settlement in corning into .th.t district rapidly,
and further, the new railroad from Palm Benlch, it i mnnounted, will
follow the Township line Canal, and be finished in a year. This
means that great numbers will unquestionably come in.

Fruitorest is about 3/4 mile west of the North New River
Canal, and is dry enough for cultivation. I am likely to start the
plows there soon, and otherwise to push mTtters.

Settlers use canal water or rainwater. The canal water is
all right, though the rainwater is preferable. One can get a tank
here at a cost of about $1.00 per barrel, nut it uptand catch the
rainwater, and thereafter have an abundance of good drinking water.
This is the best and also the safest way.

.1 feel it my duty to warn 411 against obstog oth.4nq1. t 9 6
away from transportation, and possibly wet..' 'HewaV"r, the 1andi^ '''cr
several miles south of Lake Okeehobee a.d" on the .Main Ca6na: t "- Ns'i b -
undantly dry for use, and its.,ownerIe .if,.they intend -tqao.' ""t "'
as well come now. .. .
You may be interested to kO.w that r. 0. -Ho ffman, his
wife and her mother, Mrs. Hardy, Ji probably on the way here-i fow;.
and are likely to settle .son at, or near thd :anal Grossing. L.,-. aw -
rence has been within a half mile of. that point sinoe October, ,l ..
Mail is brought up Tuesdays and Fridays ftonmLauderdale by' the ,
mail boat. Weexpect to have a post Offie:, store, hotel and shop,. ,
before long, at the Canal Crossing, though we have .none of .these. ye.t..;.
A fine type of people are moving into that neighborhood.
They have organized, and are working, hard to build up the opunftry. .
The entire settlement comprises about 50 souls. '
The bottom of L.Okeeohobee is largely muck. There is some .
sand shore on the s.e. and s.,. side. .

One can walk from the Canal Crossing to Pruiterest. Not '
"Hillorest", that is another place. We have but a trail now, but I I
am hoping to build a muck road this spring or swumer.
As to furniture: Of courda pioneers are supposed to live .-
very simply, though they can make .themselves very ooifortable. :If
you are coming down I would advise that you bring some furniture-,
simple nla style, nothing upholstered, suff'tlennt -to furnish tbhe
number of rooms you desire to use. Furnitureis high here, a4d
while freight .rates are high they are. not so high'on used furniture,, '
or 'household goods,as on other classes of goods. From Chioago to '
Lauderdale the ,rate on household goods is '$2.95 per 100 lbs. I do
not know the rate, from oLher points.- Ydu would have your..goods .
consigned to Lauderdale, and transferred here from the car t. a boat
to go up the R'iver.


Mules and horses are pretty high :here. A friend of mine
bought a good four year old horse last week for $175.00. I have had
-other horses of fair quality priced to me at.$90.- $100.- and -$125.
Rules command about the same prices. A month from now, I am told,
they will be cheaper.
Q'hickens, good stook, may be obtained here at about $1..50
each .for, the hens, and $3.00 up for. -w-e cooks. Eggs -bring 50 piper
dozen during a large part of the yeat, but this high .pri.oe is on-
account of feed having .to be purchased toa large extent and.its
high cost. But feed can be raised if one wishes to do so. .
I do not know that you care to flake azly further investment.
If, however, you do, and you are impressed with. the -Fritorest pian,
S. ;. -,,
. . ..'..-:'.:-,'; ),
.. ...-. .. . .I.. .... -. .t



we should be glad to welcome you to that community. I think that
by next fall we may have things ready for our purchasers. Meanwhile
I want to make the preparations'myself. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman are
quite enthusiastic over it. They were up in the Glades a year ago
last July with me.

I am very sorry to hear that Tan's cough is bothering him
again. My belief is that climatic conditions here would be help-
ful to one.

Very truly yours,

March 9, 1915.

ft'r. 'r. Richman,

19 Rune St.,

Dayton, Ohio.

Vy dear air:

Mr. P. P. Dyke, whom you know, asks me to send you some

Fruitcrest literature, which I am herewith doing. Fr. Dyke

has been investigating the Upper ;Pverglades, in the heart of

which the Pruitorest section lies, and is much impressed with

the region, and also with th, Fruitcrest plan. He is planning

now to start important improvements at once on the main canal,

with the view of testing out the possibilities of the soil and

rl imate.

Our, Fruitcrest olan is the one proposition handled from the

standpoint of the buyers. We furnish the land at cost, making

it possible for the purchaser to contribute to the development

fund, with which we can make the plawe available for settlement

at an early date, and thereafter permanently.promote the common

interests of the buyers.

The Kverglades represent a great new world, of wonderful

possibilities, and you will unquestionably be justified in

giving the matter the most careful examination.

Very truly yours,

~r. ~
* *. 7 *~. &Iet
-.& ..
~ I.







(4. 7

.W ~-'2

/ -

I-K -

& 1 '-



Emporia, Kanmsas. ar. 9th.
Dr.Thos.. will,

Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear doctor `\ill:

I an taking the liberty of addressing you

for some information that I am greatly in need of. I ar, a

dentist and my eyes have about played out for close work

and two specialists havc told me that J wo 1I hare to ,et

out of the office if I save them. i have forty acres of land

in section twelve where lir, ....Pullcn lives, Tv1p:. -5, a

36, lots 33 to 36 & 61 to .4 inclusive. I a'e becn th-inkinu;

that I may buy a tractor and go in there and clear and plow

land for others as well as develop my ovn. I ar. told that

the owners ray eight dollars per acre anJ cannot .-,et enough

done at that. Tov: if that is the case I 'clij c -. o t'h-a a tractor
of the catipillar type would be a sooc1. invc.stmcnt and I want

to know what you can tell, re about it'. cannot afford to -:o d.-wn

there and take a risk of not -:ettin: -.1enty to Jo with ae tractor

as my Teans would be too small. as thinkin"- of seedin-: my forty

down to grass and putting. stock on it.

I also have twenty acres in section 31, ;rn e I ": ia'. twp.

49 S. in the Everglades Plaftation Co.s holdings, lots five and six

If you can sell it for me at si::t: L0'.o3lla-rs c or ce I wil. ;i-e
you two hundred dollars as commission. In other words I wart fifty

dollars per acre out of it, the Mo:u-it L.. ve invested. Y'ou can

have v.hetever you casn get above Ptat ar oiu,.t.

I ho.- that I -; from you a ;,- our early convenience,

and '.,a to than:: you in advance for the -'epiy ac.n.i desired in-

:f.o ration. : .-,4 ..
/ -

March 9, 1915.

*,r. '. lcClellan,

537 '". 3rd St.,

Dayton, Ohio.

My dear sir;

Mr. P. P. Dyke, whom you know, asks me to send you some

Fruitcrest literature, which I am herewith doing. Mr. Dyke

has been intestigatinf the Upper 1 verglades, in the heart of

which the Fruitcrest section lisa. and is much impressed with

the region, and also with the Pruitcrest plan. Hie is planning

now to start important improvements at once on the main canal,

with the view of testing out the possibilities of the soil

and climate.

Our Fruitcrest plan is the one proposition handled from the

standpoint of the buyers. We furnish the land at cost, making it

possible for the purchaser to contribute to the development fund,

with which !"e can the place available for settlerentf at an

early date, and thereafter permanently promote the conrmmon inter-

ests of the buy -ra.

The Averglades represent a great new world, of wonderful

possibilities, and youi will unquestionably be justified in giving

the matter the most careful consideration.

Very truly yours,
. i / .- V

* .. -

 9, 19.15..

Mr. Pilton T years,

Broad-iay, North, kidney, Ohio..

Uy dear air:

M. r. P. P. Dyke, whom you know, asks me to aend you some

Fruitcrost literature, which I am herewith doing. Mr. Dyke has

been investigating the Upper Mvergladed7T in the heart of which

the Fruitcrest section lies, and is much impresend with the region,

qnd also rith the Fruitcrest Tilan. He i n planning, now, to tart

ifrlnort-fnl. improvements -.t once on the main on.nal, "it,}i the vie-r

of testing out the possibilities of thfe noil nnd c'li nte.

Our Fruitorest plan is the one nroposition hnndl.ed from the

standpoint of the buyern. T" furnish the Iind at coit, making it

possiblA for t)i- n'rche.ser to ndntribute to the d-?velonnent fund,

Tith r'hi nt ran -'-kr the nlnce wviilnbile for settlI!-ent at n

early date, -'nd thereafter per'r.nently promaotf the conrmion inter-,

psts of the buyerN.

/ he 'verglados represent a great, new world, of wonderful

possibilities, "and you will unquestion-'Lly be ,iustif:L1u in giving

thi? ratt''r the most care l examinat Lon.

Very t" ily yours,

V *. .- * '. -' . , . . ., -,
"; ** 'a^ ^ 'S i'^ &l~ feii^^..... .. ..'. .. '* .'. .''(:*iAs!l^!"^-,?K&

S . .'.

W .

March 9, 1915.

Mr. Andrew Frentz,

Broadway, North,

Sidney, Ohio.

My dear sir;

Mr. P'.- ?. Dyke, whom you know, asks me to send you some

Fruitcrest literature, which I am herewith doing. Mr. Dyke has

been investigating the Upper 'verglades,in the heart of which the

Frultorest section lies, and is much impressed with the region, and

also with the Fruitcreat plan. He is planning now to start import-

ant improvements at once on the Pa'in Canal, .with the view of test-

ing out the possibilities of the soil and climate.

Our Fruitcrest plan is the onp propoel'tion handled from

the standpoint of the buyers. '"e furnish the land at cost, making

it possible for the purchaser to contribute to the development

fund, with which we can make the place available for settlement

at an early datem and thereafter permanently promote the common

interests of the buyers.

The Rverglades represent a great, new world, of wonder-

ful possibilities, and you will unquestionably be justified in

giving the matter the most careful examination.

Very truly yours,

I'arch 9, 1915.

Ir. .H. Blacklidge,

Ft. years, la.

Vy dear sir:

Yovurs Qf the 5th at hai d. Fruitorest represents "a
poor fnfn's proposition" for the reason that itaieost is very much
less all told tbhn thn.t of Mere land company land. In addition,
it mT.kes it e-rsy for him to surceed.. lIowever, if a rnyl hns no
money lie cn:-.not buy even on such terms.

I should br- fglad if yi.u cuuld -omei.a.and hlIp us with the
detelop:yont "ork. I will make a note of your proposal, and trust
it'-ny be no-sible forrrPte to find an opening for you n little Inter.

f am enclosing my story given today to the Florida papers.
I am wondering v'h} it seems i.rrpo:.sib'lt to got anything regarding the
Everglades inito the Ft. yearss papers. I hnve sent matter to the
Press repeatedly, and hve v:rittnn nn-iial lett rs to th,- editor to
ascrt.ini "-hretrier lie car.-d to use new''s or development r tt r on the
Gldes, lut. lpi-ve n'.ver r'coeived a, line in reply. 'Inclosed nanors
indicate ho'-' tli-" taiudrdale papers, on the othl;r hand, nre taking
hold of thin matter. They believe in the Myvergladeo and are trying
to help their development. "here do the P't. Tryers p-pers stand ?
Suppose you see one o- both of the editors, and n-cortain.

'incorely yours,


* A ... ,..

Inarch 10, 1915.

Dr. T. C. Gelhaar,

539 Twelfth St.,

Wilwaukeo, "is.

My dear 31r:

I hav'e yours of the bth, and am glad you are
interested through Pr. Wandrey in ?ruitcrest. I am en-
closing herewith booklet and other literature.

Things are ruoving in our territory. settlers
are coming, building, faring and organizing. Land val-
ues are rising. The Government is making a soil survey.
A 60-h.p.traction-pulV.rizer is breaking land. Additional
machinery is being added. Overhead irrigation, constitut-
ing insurance against frost and drought, is going in.
Live stock, forage grasses, and modern agricultural meth-
ods ore being introduced. The (.'X..P..R. is running
trains to Okeechobee. A canal and highway to connect
with Pnlm Beach 40 miles east now follow, the Town-
ship line one mile south of Fruitcreat. The PAL) BIPACH-

Frulterest holdings are going. Thirty-two
went for cnah. enclosed is "Available" list. WHILXi

Sincerely yours,


Iarch 11, 1915. .

Mr. Z. H. Austin,

917 Plymouth Bldg.,

Minneapolis, '"inn.

Dear Sir: "

Yours of the 24th ult. was received in Ty

absence. My Okeelanta correspondence and my old.

receipts I lef! in Washington. I only know that I 2

was the first to pay dues to the Okeelanta Associ-

ation, handing you the first dollar in West Palm

Beach, pressing it upon you, almost against your

will that I was one of the most aggressive in push-

ing the interests of the Association and working in

every way for its success, and that I certainly paid

dues for two years for both Trrs. 'Jill and myself.

Very truly yours,

v""'4 .4'k~b A.? J';V -. -.



1 t I

larch 11* 1915.

Mrs. G.eorgia, -4,4 .. .
.Diamond Hill-R.P... ,
Littleton, N.H.

S. 4.- ,:-
.' *,.
. ,... *..j,
- .: ** ,*: '- .;: .s& .
. ,, . . ._...' ,
; *"- '" i" ',' ,
.* *. ,, . i; "'*- :. *
.. '. * ; .

,*:' ..^..;

Py dear Mrs. Ferguson:

I received your letters of Web. 28th and arch 'th
and nnewered bath. Yours of Feb. 20th is Just received.
I have explained that the owners of Okeelanta late do not
as yet have to pay taxes. Your tract; however. bears taxes,
which should be paid before April 1at. You should write tax
collector, T.J.Campbell, West Panl Beach. Fla., carefully
\ describing the plad, and asking him for statement as to the
o1V"U of taxes due, reminding him that you have written

The "Okeelanta Lot Improvement 'o." of which you
speak Is something I am not acquainted with. There is an Ok-
eelanta Corporation, which ybu may have it mind, though 1
have nothing to do with it. I am concentrating my attention
.largely on the truitorest proposition, believing thet this
affords us an opportunity to estabYAh ourselves under- on-
ditions which will make for sucoexjs- With one-such coyrmun-
ity established and flourishing -lW~rihould follow, to the
benefit of all Glades owners.

I have been Florida since December 17th, though
Mrs-. Will and the two girls are still in Washington.

I certainly hope Tam-Sag recover his. health, and I
believe the climatic conditions here would materially con-
duce to that end. If I can help you in/any way kindly write

Very truly yours,


4L 4*./*

-. *. .. ^ ":-. ..'u : t *

j .4


"1 ,

*"i.-: ^1 ** '

, i


Maroh 11, 1915. .

r. '. "'. Klug, s:

Schleisingerville, 7/is.

'y dear Sir:

Your 1-etter to Yr. ';. ';. Clement was handed me by him to
answer. He h..s looked into the Pruiterest proposition and regards
this as hin best answer to your inquiry.

I -m sending jou Fruitcrest literature. Please note that
this is n buyer's proposition, pure and simple. ThrI tract is sur-
rounded by lands selling At .,.65.00 an acre. Ours in of the same
quality, but sells qat '$20.00 an more. The reason is that we are
handling the w-ork cooperatively, buying from the State direct,
and selling to the buyers at cost.

Things are ,oving in our territory. Settlers ure co`inf|g,
building, farming and organizing. L-nd values are rising. TIi?
Government is mraktiin oil survey. A 60-h.p.traction-pulverizer
is breakin" land. Additional machinery is being added. vrerhead
irription, constituting insurance against frost and drought, is
going in. Live etock, forage grasses, and modern agricultur-l
methods' are being introduced. The iF.s.'.R. is running trains
to Okeechobee.. A canal and highway to cuntnect with Palm Beach -
40 miles east now follow the Township lin-e one mile 30outli of
Fruitorest. TII P.\TY ?.'.{- 2T'1TCLAD1.J H.H., 4'..tLRADY TIVAr'iD
and with 6ONTHACT LT, WILL, IT 1.13 !ILNth)jICVD, PARALL TH1 ;3i;W

Fruit-rest holdings are going. Thity-two went for
cash. Enclosed is "Available"list. VTIL'. T"H}E5 LAST YOUR OPu

S. Sincerely yours,

AK1' t ..'
.., . .... a = ... . .. , . ,2,1


March 31. 1915.

/Mr. Stanley Pike,
Greenfield, Ohio.
My dear i r:

Mrs. P. P. Dyke, your sister, whom I have had the
pleasure of meeting at our common boarding place in this
city, suggests that I send you some literature regarding
the Frulterest proposition, which I am handling.

I do not know how much interested you may be in
Florida including its Sverglades; however, suffice it to
say that those who have gfcien it most careful study are
convinced that it represents a great opportunity; the
coming country. I have devoted much time agd study to
the working out of a practical plan of settlement and
development, something which has been very badly needed,
and those who examine it praise it highly./

Mrs. Dyke suggests that you may *ish to come down
later. In thatuevent I trust I may meet you.

Mrs. Dykea left last evening for her home in Ohio.
I am hoping 9he will have a safe and successful trip.

Very truly yours,


..... T
.... - - *-. -',:-.,..... ,..e

z -



". .,*

Larch 11, 1915.

^ .(. 7. C. Jenkins,
,, Heron, wanders Co., Mont.
Wy dear :;ir:

Please pardon delay in answering your letter of the 15th
ult. I ha-ve been away and work piled up.

Ae to your land I should may this: I regard all Everglades
la-nd -s good much of it as extraordinarily good. However, a very
Tsrge pnrt of it is as yet unavailable. This is true b? cuee much
of it 1i3 undrained, unsurveyed, unprovided with highwP.ys, and prac-
tically ll. of it is unprovided '"ith a practicable plan for- settle-
ment-and development. I have lobked up on t1o map the ofne trqct
the exact location of which yuu give me, and rhil I have not seen
it I feel confident that at Lhe ores'ent time you could not ue it.
It is far from transportation, snd is probably wet. If you can
hold any or nll of your land I believe it will corre into value in
time. The 1t-be has recently renewed its drainage contract with the
Furst-Clark Company. "york, I tnink, has been resurred, and I expect
to see it puvied aggressively from this tiie on.

I am sending letters almost weekly to the La'uderdnle and n
number of other n.apera, telling 'Y0n t I know -ILut the liverglades,
Pnd how to iake them av-ailable for .the-buyerj. I think yuu would
do well to take one of these papers. I am sending. copies herewith.

In my judgment the very best psanibli thirfr for Pvorglades
buyers who hnve been waiting all this "whilc to do is to rget together
on soma such nln.n as I have worked out for th: Fruitcrest Associa-
tion. This represents five ynta of vorglnden 'itudy, -nd 25 years
of generpI study. I am sending you literature x-laiining the ',hole
proposition. If a body of buyers will in on t iia as they are
doinr right now and nush it with vigor, they can demonstrate the
possibilities of the Hverglades. They can raise crops, tntey can eew
tablish livable conditions, and, I *mr convinced they can make good
money. This done, the wiIole proposition will take on a new face,
nnd will-stride forward. :3o long, however, ns everybody waits on
everybody else, so long things must necessarily drag.

Now you speak of closing out 6ttler at home or here. You
probably could not close out your wet lands to advantage. If,
however, you can sell some property at horie and hteli us push the
Fruitcrest plan, I am confident it will pay you big dividends,
not simply on what you raise at Fruitcrest, but pg the ne-- life
it will help to put into th-, HKverglades in g'nreral and the uplift
it will give to the values of scattered and inaccessible linde
: such as .are those'you have described.
- Q m ru y yp ,, .- ... & q .

...... .

4; .;f-

. ... .......

N't., ';i,

'A ... .....

aSw .- ..- . .t~ .,, h

SEND the follwtg Nitght L ette szdl~je'i-to the term ii~[il'~
on back weefihich alre here~byaed to :7 "M~P "-~

-141. 1w -

TxW-Al tart? 4:

Qn~ 3..kna &Of. 44t~~

4- -4w. W. -

Invite. .TJFSIbb-Uijas tAid $n-sit

I ,i


'f '

/- I


*~6~.~9' / .A ,

1 r~--J ~7
V r
A *.. r-~
I. -
I .~ C('~

K! / --1
/ '5
/ ,c ~ Li- c

it: t* Ct if> *.. 'K. &

-// C, -- . -C. .,: -g .
'- .- -I ,
(ii:!, <~ C"" e. 4'-44 -. =. 9 -I, .- ,.'

4- - ...&CZ .-nc ..- r "-~ ...,'. .- . _

.' .5 / "

.'.' - "-. I. .,,- / ,-

"f "" l ,-.t i! ..", ,, < -." "/ "

ii? $ '' I
-I ...
C" r. A. 6 3-. ,, r.
S. /, _2
t "-"*s "-- '* [ '- ".;- '- ,.' -r / ,'',' r"'
".f ... f' r-

V- -

S (. / ,- . ' .--. ,.' L.

-* / I**

i ." i, -- *- / ,

-- I .. ,'F L, .. -'

it '- t` .. . ," " ,_
I .. .J r/-

$ I ^- (5^/. -



7 .9~ *
II .,'c.t
~ -I *r- .rE.-g -. **~~* F'

t~P#~ -
-. ~~'** ~t*1~ C*'~.~

p~i (ci

'/ C ' .! . r_.. -
a' L -- .,
.-. *. o /.' ,- ; : -- '-

4, '* ( r : 4:*V ( -.

S/ .
-' / *" -" .' " ' C -'
-o f."
,... . -.. . t/

,., (. ,:T <: -/' "- '" "' j -

^,7 J.; /' -"

.... -.. .. '

'. ,r. ,'. ," *" "" "" '" '-L "

* o

*/ '* .
*'"~~~~~~ <* | '* : *.**' *

. ,-/' "

A ,.-

/ . 6 -,

I" j'~ ('.t



it. 'r' r

ft i

I p P

S. -;-. .1-I


,t :f

(- SI -

. k

S* .....
."~i~-- ... t. r ~ .v c* -
9Zt'.t:- 'E -- ..-- t--.n ,IA ,- .4, .,
-.t-i-LAE. Ik
hi ~ -~- '-' a.t

~ K'

*-~t'~ '

A /
- -.

'UK -.

-a -

---a--- I i*'*i~7'~. .4

~4* ,f .1
--a -

-- 5a~

---'1 -

* JL

ia-5 ~

-. V


a- *" C.~- f:


A' *~. -


* A



Z. H. AUSTI. WV. A. BAnR, TREas.
V. A. BAR na-

Minneapolis, Minn., March 15, 1915.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Sir:

Responsive to yours of the llth inst., beg to advise

you that we have looked the matter up and find you are correct.

You have a credit for dues for the Year 1912,and we also find

that on August 2, 1913, you wrote me a letter enclosing $2.00

to cover dues for the Year 1913.

It follows, therefore, that all that is necessary

is for you to make report to Doctor Barr upon usual form of

blank and the stock will be issued in due course. Bear in

mind that a revenue stamp of 50 will be required on each

Stock Certificate, and this you will be expected to provide

and should be enclosed with your advices to Doctor Ba. /

Yours very truly,

Sec'y-The Oeelapt orp ration.



.. V


~ -1~
A ~9 (A

A C-



::' (










S' / -




b.- -

'% '~




-~ 1'~


r' ~ -' -



~ ~

,, "



A J,




'i ceY-


7-. 47kg


4.- 7



6~6 2w4~

%a-~A 2-i~6~/ -







* -



ce, ,



g~ A ~ 4.-C--L....



-7 L> 'p- -zr.--i--1,{ -;

/ I / 777

~ i"~1'
~ / -

67' 7(,



7, Y&.Vtx rm %- ~-

'. ,I .'
'- ,

lffantoh 161 1915.

lr. 'rn. K. Noble,

at. ne, Ind.

Denr Sir;



.1'- -

I have your-i o tiLhe 12th and am uieaned to note your 1$
4 W
int.-'rest iVn lorida land. I rav q tte that I am concerned "

chie'ly nut in e7ltli" lnd this line of nativity hI.n, in .

*.y j udL-r' ctt, u.arin ci.-iid. ers'.,ly overworked; but in wiu e nnd prac-

ticl set!lement ank 7i'.looment. :This, brightly hn:.oled, if

fords pn oopo-tunit, t. :' aila ua au great, ,atisfie&i cltnt.le, .

and to -k-e roouny not for a single group at -the expense of '60

others, with ti.: risk of prosecutiGon of the T'fdernl Co(1,irnent to -r

boot, but fo all. concrrnecl. *.

I nvn .'.,-ndling y1'u literature explaining th"e riuit ,'rt

rnlin, ,"nic, i:; aLtrac Ling '7ite P.nd T O''ble attention R s meet- -.

ing the .aLov,' require, ent.. I ai.: '.ond ranri rhetlher you will be

int rested in anplyinr to '.on.iisr'rable tr-.ct of l-nd a hirh

grade, statesmanlike, history 'r.kirT ieatleatent and development

pln.n similar to t'isi, including, axny improTvemimnts you rT;ight be

aole to dovioe. If so, you a.P.' h're a line that is worthy of

the hiLhest ender'iors of a.y -.':n o'r organization. Further, I

would bs interested to see whether I could find you the right tre'te

of l rnd at the right price. '

Very truly yqurse ,,

C-S t6M Wid ;-w.. ~ ~

purpose of the Brainage"and development e1eague,
l^;g -v': :;. lin .rzeaopnp. herein..there -shquld be established ... '
I an e.periment;statibn in the .Everglades. "If we can .
'getta' dtore;operation from the Department of'
4 :..,. .Agri'cultire ."than we. are. now receiving, I am sure we.
s-"hould all wor together. to get it I believe such
S.- a letter as I have outlined from you would-.go a long
S' ay toward interesting a great many people in the
''I would suggest that you have others from your section
write 6-.,-'also on the subject. I will see that the
S letters. are; published and marked copies sent to a
..: "-.' ..... ,.dozen per.o-os ? hat.youomay design gtIy1 believe if we ...
agitate t-hi's mater., to. some extent we. can get some
g:;...,;- .action. on, the. part of o-ur representatives in congreaa...- "..
Sand I am 'ready to co-operate with you in the Farmer. .
..- .:nd Homeseeker to whatever. extent I can.
I. think our Mr. Me Kinley has- not as yet visited Fort.
Lauderdale, but he will doubtless call on you the
first t:tinme he ,is in-. town. .
. .Aaitn.gour reply, I am, with. best. wishes, ..

S' .. .. ery .truly,

SBu sine Wt -ag .

F. ..
k .: ..* .* : f *

R . ...
,., ..... .. ,:, .;p, :.-. ... .'.% % .. : :
4-,$i. ".. :" "" ,!. :.. -.-1 .". -;
..4,,-1 ..-,,I .

.. :, 1 ''.. .,- ., ,....: .. ^ J ,. '.[ <... ^

.... ..... ""^ ^^ .... =: "f.. . .
..... /, ,. ..^'

.." .' ... *, . e -


-,, ,,
4A "- ,'. -f 4 "."

-7 4 -.,4,ee

/, ,.-y4'-4 6-ti. _, cu ., ,_ At_ -,s'--~ ~- ', .,'.
^A/^&^' I^z~ -_Y/^7^

kr-& /- ~ ~ j4~ J^ {^v/

-.'i ,9 17 _"_. .".,.

e 6 /.- .- :. ., .
'" .... ..: .... .. "".. .. . .' .
.. ... ..../ .: .. ,, .. .. . .. .. .
1,^^ ^^^ ^-4^^^

^.ay 7q7 1*10 ^ ^ ^L^^->^ t^
^^, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 011^ If/^ V ^-U ^ JL t ^ ^ ^ ^- Z ^
..... ve ^ ^ O ^-- ^
|| ^t7^^ 11Z'^^ ZZ^v^2 C^^,*/^^^ ^^
-Z,; r ^ ^ y ^ t ^ ^ < ( ^ ^ j
i^^^^ A^ --^ ^^%MOO=,^
K^ ^ ^-^-^- ^ ~y^-^^^-^^^^'el^

f jL-4- /


I /?



~ ~- 2-~&

c^^ /-/N/




4~ ~ /



t ~ "~ ~
9^ z -

_^ ^r~-A^^7

I- 7/




k^ o-/ / ex









2~i>' 7q(

~-~- z-~


/ ~ '-'-

46- /


:4a 20, 1915.

Mr. P.P.Dyke,
Okeelanta Addition,
My de-r Jlr. Dyl-e:---
Ny.1:. .p.: pe e have not come yet. I mny nome up -'ed. naxt
with some friends. I
lesterdpy 1 ras it i.ri,-ni *.-. h-t ... '" ).:'i 0
be, by fTr, 'le ~IeL t of tiih. irrip, tion y*'" '-'". I "*,i -nciuz',,'
literature i T L i s' r. ,rry in nerson. Ie r-yyi -' iin re-
pl0cin !! "kin',,.'r ;3y't-?t-iW rigi-,t alcm ,- T-ith hil-*. T ,- i d. -. fin `
Campbell's roeprcu,3>nt.-tive in: 'irmi :'. v i-3 d to r .- 'or in-
" ;.: ',' e. & 'dv n'.'Tg ? t'l' .e' "rr'- 'r ,- : n '. '" ,r,
It is very -rc'.-, '..ell -':d ,'wel j b-'.nnced( "n h -. : 'I.- -
bell i not), eLLcc-: does not. ve r out en-ily;tlriro'" . f.
feet,,;no henc-: ces AL reqr.r ': .,o -v ;,,' inc I l :" ri' -
VRl systems. ilias mr%...s it tne coenp--st -yr ten, it ii c'- inpe-,
as well as th:.- Ls.-s
Lr. er:y 1:. ihig zly sooken uf a "'n honest -r t .-
wortliy i.nn. lie ill t:L o ou i o .ny inn l'to ..'. : '.-...,
some of '."oI. ii v uOtt out u; t.? 0-- T' hil. I th; L. it -rould
pay y-u to le.ri C...out it u e :tttliif' tf in r Al t!. .
will ror: un- in ou'. in i v-st.on fCor y) ,u not, 3; yvu' lik:.
You ca n hiveL- t' out in. LO';i C- r'ic .c J.O'L. V :T L ?.- '.flu?'p .tC.
He is libe-rl -1 o , .uch 'n-tteri.
L -nI a se0 t; hoar thn t you ".':e 70o." 1ro;- n'ot
done,nnd othe .:.* tt--rs pro-rZsoi;,r .

r5 i

. 4" - .' ,''*

.. G. Hoes,

| 1Cherry Yale, Kans.
ry dear 3ir:

'.. y ol friend, E. iharczon, o0f Iansasc t.1s ra 'ou

Kare an old 1v9r.lades investor, and right be interested in tie
Sruitcrest Te.n. I nr thre'forre enclosing you he(?roith Pn outline
of the Plan. This outline io extended in r.':y booklet, but I under-
st-'nd you already hi-rv- a co-oy f ti-.k.

ohe ?ru'it create PT.n grew out of rv to ',7, the
SRverp-lades nro-aosition on a k uil -ould enai.le the Florida
S. Erl-.,;'? "oe 7uildorj as: oci-atiin, of ""a '-ringtO;, D.C.. of which
I am president, to utilize scattered holdi;.,; btl .gt I ror
t'h land co'nn nies, '.nd succeed. If buyers cannot succeed under
the Fruiterest plan they might as well abandon all attempt to
*.. .i.a.ceed at ?11 in thz 7Tverglades.

Things are moving in our territory. Settlers are coring,
-building, farming and organizing. Lrind values are rising. The
Government has nomplet!d aR soil survey. A 5o-h.n.traction. 4-
verizer is breaking land. Additional machinery is being added.
Overhead i-rigation, coratib- ga. in-3uranol r 4-ninst frost and
;drougi't, is going in. Live stodtk, forage grasses, and modern
rc- ilturtnrAl methods anre beein introduced. The I?.r.C.nt.. is
running trains to Okeechobee. A canal and highway to connect rith
S Palm eeRch 40 miles east no." fallow the 'ToTn.hip line one
S mile south of Wruitoreat. THE PALM BEACH-EVeRGLADeS R.R.,

c Fruitdrest holdings are going. Thirty-three went for
.. esh.. Enclosed is "Available" list. ''1ILE 1,3! LAS?. YOUR

Hoping you may be interested to become a Tember, help
S s make history at .Fruitcrest, and thereby jid in putting the
whole Everglades on a successful batis, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

F.S. I understand your son is working for Ur. A.-V.Cnllahan, be-
g-' 14e' L-. I probably anw hin there s sh rt time ago.
'had a talk wi'tj Jarkman, whom I know, but did not .mw the,
et^ei^ntstic# otI 1S-aeil0#it1^* Who 4s proba4lqZuf r a^c. *< *. ..-Ur
-. ~00 r #: ~ ~

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, Mar.22, 1915.

My dear Lawrence:

I think I shall have to run down to the beach for your
cells and gravel. Am glad you have your potatoes in and that
you found your workers all right.
Thanks for check.
Yes, Mr. Baker is planning to put in the store.
Y*rr. Hoffman was detained by a serious sickness and is
not yet ready to travel.
It is all right to send eggs dor'n if you like. I can
sell them at the Everglades.
Am hoping to come up on Wednesday in my new boat with
Mr. Stuhrman and, possibly, Tfr. Herman Walker, who is h re from
Am sending hoe handles.

Cordially, as ever, Yours, ,




I ' -. t -. '
^*:'., J,* ^ arch 23. 1915S.
i< ^^.^' .
/. :' ..,
+jf ..: *_ ,- :

; S. +-1., '' -

I. lic-<

,1 .,*A~& W'i,1,l
- ~', I


.' Price.,

_tcla, Col .

y dear Mr. Price:

I have.yours of the 14th and am very glad to

ow you are so interested in securing a Pruitcrest- hpld-

'' Ing. I trust you way be able to do these to-ldL4 s<-

are going rapidly. Pot3i of them have been clo.d out today.

I trust you way be able !to make your arrangement .soon. Other-

li'et yrottiy be disappointede.

Sincerely yours,




'WI '-- -,



,' '^i

~" ilf

"- '!; . i


..........A. 4.

-.-_ ...- ,-.<, ,-- .... --e - .;^-_ r ..^ ,---

X-._-,- -s -- 4,",. ...-
77 .LC~L ey 1 L1 (:*L/^ ~ -- J
_ _o_.,.-,_yu /^ J ^/, D/' La- / < ,. *
, ._'-^--_.\ti.. -"- ""c-zJ I s J~-D- .
.. ,_,,.,_.- <=><..>.. y .-'^s9-f<.,.<,.:L _> *'^ .- u y?<>Z

_. >, *' 7~- < .4 .
-.{-/*'*' ^ -,-,- <*-..---i .. -'>*/_-.iA ,- d_ ,_. "-- /a4
(- i "i

,,6&L~2 ZW
ciy /- J I

.. .. .- Lt e ,A- / .a- Z- e, -/ d ..

t, ---. /. -
-. o,---, e.. '/ ,i_ < _e... ,,,-'Le_ "/ ,^- /

47 ,, .-/7.-T
.,..," -^ / .^-z- ^~ .^j ,' - .-, .^ ^

._ ^ . ^c^ CL._. ./... ,*W. ^ J ..
S/ l/ ^ ^ /

/ A

/^o. ^./ 4-^^ c^L^T

Z_/Z .....................
t. 4_ _

.... . .:._.. _^^ ^. ~^ _^---^ ---^. -Q, _
. L-_ -,-__ .... .. 6 o<-t ,. .,.+. *A -__. A2r...-,,= __i,

___. / m _7_) _'~ ./ .x' ..

,- -- _A7

/Ji l, O.C.L.. _^ .0 L7 .So.- --
( '~t I-/ i -*/"
cr] ,ii^- Cr-i/^ <^L> ,C^ w^- ^- -<<; o


'9, I c

(~(L~4Q '- -K~' --~-K~ -

~ fr~( cr~~ Jc c I ~ -

A(~. :

,I(- ,-~/
~Y*~~L 6'-


~ -~C

~-~- //

7-; C' -~ JCY J

6' (~ ~z C


c'<'-<~ -

"I~ C1 I










4' V.


I 4







Z/3 1^ .,


1 A-lz--r--

& _;I '


MLarch 26, 1915.

Dr. Thomas E. Will,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Professor:

I have not got time today to answer your long

letter just received, but am dropping you this line to ask you

what you know about S. H. Phipps, formerly of K. S. A. C., and

now working for the Canadian Pacific Railway as an agriculturist.

I recall his name but do not recall him. He wants to get a posi-

tion as Commissioner of Education in Porto Rico. Is he a man

who could be safely recommended for such a position? Kindly

let me hear about this at your earliest convenience.

Very sincerely yours,

C jj Ly vll-


,* 7 /


09~> 4e41%






(2z9e~AZ4< ~L~s

6 ol

. --4



V V Vv p

zx4, ;Z, A ---ZV







i~( ,4~k~;( 4

'7 ____


4~ /



1Y 44,\



/e pL^H

^ e / *---
^-^ /W-a^ry\

^^ ^/
// / 4r
/^i^i^f ^/y




; ,. ..


.4,. cf~~&sr*~


March 27, 1915.

HOa,Carl Vrooman,

Assistant Seo'y of Agriculture,

Washington, D. C.

My dear Mr. Vrooman:

This will introduce Hr.

Stuhrman, of the MAted States Census

who has been visiting the 'verglades,

be al.l2 to tell you ,wh.t he has seen.

Vr. Stuhrman appreciates the value of

as it has been hoped Ir. Yerkes might

to do for us.


A. '7.


and -ill

I think

such work

be able

,tery truly yours,

*1 1t **:
. , ,.-*




Clrch "'7, 191. '

'r. G. a 'r ."t,
1027 '-i-'lihth it., .
Ta]eiin rrton, D. .

1.'y rear "r. *'ritt:

"'Jn ,.... itli I ".roUte .you exp 'r,'si:;ilig tlip rio :o L1'" t you
migUL to'-i '.-owI 3jopn .ind riuit the )?ru;ltcrust di.trirt. I
am ve-ry nrry you "r' r i ot. ale o ,-ov.e. I menrition-u "::.
Stuihri n, of tL: Cri bu: i b If.'ica as uic wio rjiIj.t l') on.' of"
your cor'-i tiorLO -). :'r. i 1,1' '-. r e ne t. L ij iLLto Lu Glau ess
,n e dnI:. J-y nn I r t.-turnr .i on ,'~.'da e hIad fin I little
trip !.fl I -'i -' .* -'"p r-d rl 'm e t ,-P'ri ed '7 v'ern
:y.ccorn lied a'y jubutst,. .i, -1 o1,i Ianu'itu i' -':-er '.fIjo ii.d already
investeJd 'hci vil.y ir I)'.' ". ..i.firf... I e .-w.s so i i-"ir e. .) "'i-th
.our dJi'trict tii.-t, iiL H rid decided to b'uy Liaer', :.rJ 'ie ttl n t
F',r.e poir f. I 'i.v r.ji '.'ii; f "_ ;'?.!n;'.1.". I o'.Uo you say
be P.-,l to b-for- your busr-y ceacon begins.

uur I/V tracts seem noov' tol blr gone. "'e still hsv na
,'IV -n ... ?I t Otlcr-"i.o rvu'ytli, i' .-, iP Hi v./l n-id I
cl.- s. Th,,e c5;.-t 7ror? but are boLt? .r lonated. -"e hIIv a
trelit co'ultr.': h r'r', ;. ?'" .i t't It !olarn i: in.m
the b- st yet devised for the. l)b'y rs.



*..........~..,.W:.'S- -.

*" SEUarch 29, 1915. ."

lion. Carl 'Trooiaan,
Ass't 3>ec'y of Agriculture,
Slashing ton, D. J.

Ly dear I:,. Vrooman:

I have. yours of the 26th regardi;. L"1r. Phi-ps, fore .
ly of K. ".A i'. {i, ini Lials, I think, asiould be 7.1I. '
rr. Phipps graduated from the college. lie studied
under me for a time,. Later h11 was principal of Public Schools Vir.
at, I thinl.,- Belleville, Kans. Tie was a regent during part of
my administration, boing the fic't alumnus to serve in "A
capacity. Aft, r retiring from the regency he became my secre-
'"r. hippiee has, for some twenty years, held advanced
ideas both in 'od7eati on nid econorice aLg.:.8 lines that l-'Ive
appealed to us. lie is a man of very strong, convictions. Un-
like 3o:i1e, ho-'ever, he never '"out co far as to invite criti-
cism from political party sources, thus rendering his appoint -t-
ment p.t this time oanbaraassing to the appointing -power. ',
1 havo always understood that he stood very well with the ad-
moinistration preceding,my omn, being a clean. thorough, high
minded student and youA:g ,

During my term as president, Er. Phions, whether regent
or secretary, evinced the most thoroughgoing loyalty to the
principles for which we stood, and for tihoate endeavoring to fol
low then. At a til e when loyalty meant so nuch, this attitude
of his was sornethii:g not to be forgotten. 3Sor years after,
.when my own enemies hid compassed me about as never before nor
since, he came, vary unexpectedly, to ray rescue in a -ay which
I can nover forget.

In all his relations to the college, .!r. PhippO was most
faithful, and devoted to his duties.

Later, while I lived in Wichita, Kans. ?fr. Phipps also
was there', representing a prominent Cream Separator company.
Since then (1903-5) I have seen him two or- three times, the
last being in ":ashington-at President 'Tilson's inauguration.

Since leaving the Agricultural College Pr. Phipps has,
I have understood, held a number of responsible business po- ,
sitions, as he seems to be doing now.

!'rs. Phipps is a woman of exceptional culture. She was
connected for some years before her marriage with educational
L work in Kansas. I feel that, should YF.. Phippe be appointed to -
..'-- ". 4 '.. .* ... ." .'.'.:.- .L .*" .IM-". .. "4 ".


the position named his wife would be' oS material ssoiutance to,
him in a pro feaionial and also a socialWay

Sf. ppointed, I sure .ri Ph.pps would ,apre no .pain
or effort. in htis edeavor ttosuooeed I believe he would be
successful and that his appaintmont would be a Bafe one.

. . erely -y urs.
4V' : . ; , -.- ", ,, ,

,',i!]" . ., 5 V "- ,". .



. ....

4V, *.,
M L I L.. **di. il4, .

.tL *!M4
.* *-* ...* ,. ....,.-'" *' --? ** *
-.. .L. :--* ...*,',. :^ M hf '..
i ,i-' ".I .







/ V

~- ~,.



'/') /






A -
If .-~
S i-

.4~ -~AA~




O~w -7-

C 62~-~7 a~,

/ 6~c~ 2c~~g
/ I,

- ~







/ I,-.


ji- /;<4A-



.-, 4

( '-1 ~?


-, 7

.1 ;--r 7
, ; ..
,- .;. .t- ..->~ ,/ ,
.--, ,-*' 4 .- ^. -'^- _'-, --'1-- -

,-- '* Z" --. / '







.-.~ /-
ci -~

jI~~% 6~




March 29, 1915.

My dear Lawrence:

Yours of the 27th received. I sold your eight dozen
eggs for $2.40, Everglades Grocery money. I left your shoe at the
only shop. You-may have to wait, since the shoemaker is on jury
service. Wear my shoes if necessary.

Mr. Hoffman had gro-n worse at last accounts, and seems
to have given up hope of comi-ng to Florida at this time.

Our new boat made the return trip in splendid shape, and
time. We ran a mile in eight minutes for some distance.

The State is willing to grant me but a very slight extension
of time. However, it is probable I shall sell an 89 on the Cross
Canal before long, and thus gain time (I should say, sell enough
for cash to pay for an 80).

Mr. Makemson wants tracts 54-7 if Mr. Hoffman does not take
them. Otherwise, he wants 52, 81 and 82, and will probably pay cash.
This will help substantially. He expects to settle in our neighbor-
hood next fall, and bring with him the best tractor he can find. He
has been studying the subject on his own account, P.nd with the help
of my catalogues.

As to the Garland tractor: If this machine is all right, I
would be willing to pay $300. cash for it. However, I want to know,
first, that it a 11 rilht, and I want you to make a special point
o finding this out. It was not in running order whenI went, twice,
to see it. Please ascertain the following:

*j. 1 Does the engine work satisfactorily, and without playing
2) Have the Garlands protected the axles and other parts, now,
from getting wrapped and tangled up with grass ?

3) Could we pull other things than the pulverizer with it;
e.g. the ditcher and road grader (See enclosed) ? If so, this will
add materially to its value.

4) Can yo' run the machine without serious bother or annoy-
ance ?

I wish, after examining it further yourself, you would see
Mr. Searles. Get his opinion of it, and find whether, in case it
made us trouble, we could get him to tinke 1for us, and at what cost.


ON SECTION 27, below)

Sect;n 35.belcr%. Aii:.i.nOluel ,ntaap co~ rner, I Fruircreit
15- 5hr3ct; .,rc sLirl'ciy d .d Fh k~ed. A .11, fc' canal anal rud are
be rig :,t,~tiuzied ii ,n,- iii F-..,t1 Doider. The "Oleeiant:. Plocenrrr
are larming or.i.fl t1~cticn


I. TRANSPORT.4 TION: (1,1. and IJI Lauderdale-Okeechobee-Kisaimmee Waterway: connecting. by rail. with 1'2'1 anford-to-jacKsonville Boatline. (3) Florida
East Coast Ry Extension. to F. E. C. Main Line. 141 St. Lucie Canal proposedd) I* IJupiter-to-Okecchobee Highway. ,61 Weat Palm Beach Canal I begun.) (7) Palm
Beacn-Okeelanta Ft. M'iersa Highway Ibegun.) (7a) Township Line Canal Iegun; bordering Okeelanta Addition.) (81 Hil'sborough Canal 1'0 Miami Canal.
( lij Calo.-,ahatchee Ri er. connecting with the 11l) Atlantc Cc.aat Line Ry. to Jacksonville. (12) North New River Canal. connectlng with the 1i13 Florida East Coast
Ry. and me 14.i Inter-Cnasial-Miami-to-Jackeonville Waterway. 115) Tampa. Atlantic and Gull Ry. (surveyed) to connect with ocean steam ship lines on (16) East
Coast, to Nassau and. later. to World Ports; and, on (17) West Coast. to New Orleans, Havana. Key West and New York. (181 Atlantic. Okeechobee and Gull Ry
i 'COM,tiUNIC.4 TION: (11 and 10) U. S. Madls by boat connecting Ft. Lauderdale, Okeelanta. Rita and Ft. Myers. (19) Lauderdale Okeelanta Ft. Myers
T-'sphone i po.r:.ily, constructed.)

Am sending up your egg crates. I note that you need no
other help at present.
As ever, yours,

Va rah 29, 1915.

. ,nkino ';
4C5 North Broadway,
,d1ir1ond. OlJJa.

P'y dear Sir.

I have yours of the 24th and, before' i.n,. yours of
a year ago, r-ith my r:en,)ly of I'eb. 9, 1914.

On the enclosed board, I havo ra.rl:ed the location
of' ycur tract. ':achi square above? It represents a rile. From
t'iis you can coroipute distance o Okeelantn, Fruitcrest, etc,'

I think your tract, located as it is, -rould be best
adapltrd,poobably, at this time, to the cultivation of one of
the fine forage crops, n. Para oy Rhodes graos. Your expor-
lence as a otock and dairy nan should adapt you to handling it
in that 'ay. If Uth.- ground in a little wet, tlu't will not
hurt it for Jara grease.

I have no live atock aIs $irt. Uoloever, ny sorn is
raising poultry, quit, ;uccasefsfljy. I hall probably put in
Sufe logs soon. .

"eosre. .Triplett and Cole live on thef Canal bank
,bout 4 1/2 miles north of your tract Thte Criui -.,ulvorlzer
was vor'king 'there on thV 26th] li.nst., uial sucfe:';n-'ul]y.
Other settlers live about a mile and a hal.& noI h r..f theli;.
.-or.I? fifty are found .botweon your tr;ct and t.,L- lake and on
t.he To-tnship Line. Canal south t;f Ck.-i lm'nta \Addition.

I should advise you against dependence on winter
trucking unless you eaaploy overhead ikrightionz. Frosts occur
practically a61. over the !4veriglades. Withi irrigaLion, we are
assured we can protect Lourselves against those, but 'Wtherisae
If you took the Lauderdal- Herald or sentinel you
wouldd find in tlheni the articles I am writing on the Clades.
These mi.,h+t help you to some eKtent.

Work for wages can be had in only .a limited amount.
$1.50 per day and board is a rather common wage.- One could -.
not be insured xt steady work for wages.


Mr. J. H. tfakemson, now here, owns 3/4 of a section in
Sen. ;6, adjoining your section on the north. lie plankt.,to begin
working that tract next fall, using traction engine, and putting
in forage crops and live stock. He should be a very tVtuable
neighbor to you. You might write him here, or at Plymouth, Kans.,
R.R. 1.

The Crum pulverizer is breaking land at charge of '$8.00
per a.cre. Grass could be piAt in folloiingr this achnline, at a
slight additional expense. Address '" p. CruTr, navie, 'la.

I could not put a value oh your tract, not lhnving studied
its ro'dition.
"r. Brandon, a feed man here, is a stron( believer in the
.widomn oC raining: Rhodes grans on the Glades. lie offers $25.
per ton, in advance, for all that o'ay be brou-lit to him.

I am certain from my knowledge of the region, that your
oil i-3 viry :laack, not sandy.

-Tear tract is probably 100 rmiler froM DfletroLt, and 180
miles from Fellm:ere. -oni'itious at Ditroit ar-3 irtdoubtedly
quite diLf:ren.t from t'.ose on your land.

SI :ruw fully convinced very day he.t th': F'ruitorest
plan is by far the. best for the settler. It snves 'i.-n most of
the risk andi e-penpe, and irmakes it possible ;or h im to get
thinr's started on :its laud while he ls still r.tainiig liqs fore
mnr inaoo-,a and enjoying ihe comforts of horn.

The en'floead slip ai'owo ho' frt tihi 7:'nitnrest tract-i
are going. 2: iin ,oting, in Une of these, you cr.n '.elp start
settlement end development. Fromr FJuitcrafmt as m. center you
con Rftrwards work totter to handle you.' uwn tra.ot.

Okeelant. has two sottlors.

Sincerely yours,

..*;. ... .
'-" .. ..:.,, ;..,', ..- ." ,',- .'T.'-.. ." ,.' -..,. .. *.... , .. i "*..;',.. "' .-- "a iji as fi .

3/30.1915. '

Dear Comrade ButB:--
Beecher said, .Sending money to New York on at adv, toe -
tempting the Devil."

I s"y,"Bucking the frost tiger here is tempting fate
and carting failure.s -

The letter is evidently just what your 'friends 1have been
doing. On theother hand, it ,i exactly what I have been -aIrn-
*ingpaople na inst, and studying to make unnecessary.

'That in it to buck the frost tiger"? To try to rise
delic-te r.tuff-- tom rtoes.peppersbe usi etc.-- here in mid-winter
without pr .teotion. By this tim? peose bought t know enough to
cut out such nonsense. Rone of it for re, th-nk you!

Can they do anything else? Ono might -is well nsk wheth
or people iny-hore else in the U.8, a-in .do anything else. "'e
know they cin,-practically everywhere else; nrnd those who. c-re 6
to find out kno- they oarn do other thing-- rind things well rorth
doing-- hare in the ITvergl-des.

'That can they do? The follorilng:
1) If they m .ralse, the delicate stuff,let them
cmjloay overhead irrig:tlion. (See my story oc this
week in Ft. Lauderdalae 1entinol.) 9

2) Let them ripe froitwproof,.;or prnctioally
frot-proof stuff in mid-win'ter; f.:Celery,trhubnrb,
ontions,atrawberries, cabba'ses,.turn1ipa,rutabagas,
c..uliflower, sugar c"ne,nnd a 1 ng list of other thing

3) Let them r-ise fruit,aqs rutrvats,gr-pe fruit,
lemons,tartiniquo ban-mna,eto ,

4) Let them riisen live stock,dai'ry cattle,poultry,
etc.,feeding them on the aingnifIoent frost-proof
feeds which gror so i-bundantly here: Rhodes,,
Para grass,Guinea grass St.Augustine grass etc.

5) And this does not exhaustt the list.

We h- ve learned in other connections that people follow
leaders -- often .to theuidetriment. Tenderfeet come down here
qnd follow the trail of the cracker. They try to things they
h-veno more business doingthan they h,.ve in betting on apoker
ggme. When they lose, they proceed to knock thre country.

An important trt of my business here is to learn how
people may win success here. They o"n do it in two waysg: _
1) By following the above lines; 2) By avriling themselves, of
,-' .. ., '. :. ,. *'. *':*:. '. " : ''^
.. k . ... 4 *-'.t.^* Z.S..fzr&!i.'i ^:,' t."*' r ;-r.-. . .* C . -.. -. ., *..' .-. ... -... :., -' .., .',.:. .. .


__ ._____torest_ _Rlan.' As time passes peo pie will learn that kL
i a discovery in settlement and deve opivent. worthy to rank .
with wl-th the discovery of typeeleotrioitrtrndiuaetc. For
INDIVIDUALIS,Min pioneering,with all its blightand ourse,it sub- i
stitutes COLLINCTIVISM,with the results we expect to follow it .A
everywhere. ( See enclosure.) .

But for the two you have wanted so long, and have jgedg. :.
to hold for you when ,it has been aquemtCion how we could supply
the. deroad for that class of holdlngswe are out of Class V hold.-
ings. Yoai signed up for these tan 8. The last tim, you wrote '
me you said you would remit very soon." If you do really want
these tracts,you should d~ide .t once. If not, you should let .
me knon without delay, that I may answer others intelligently, "..

Fraternally Yours,

7/ -f.

P:,, 2

...............................................:.* -~

. ., *-.,

April 1,1915

Mr. .C.CBacon,

Veat Palm Beach, Fla.

lfy dear Mr. Bacon:--

I looked for yoy and Mr.Albertson all

afternoon and evening of Saturday,but missed you.

Shallb oglnd to take u -ith 1r. Albertson the matter

of a Fr3Altcrest purch.noe if he so desires. Is he still

in West Palm Beach? I did not grft hiM full ncrme or

'Jin ?r ely yours,


*****- ^.-


routine with its eternal sameness and slow promotion. I am offering
Everglades lands to you because I BELIEVE IN IT, because I BELIEVE
that, while it is now selling at $50, $80, and $80 an aore in ten-
acre tracts on easy monthly payments, it will be but a short time
until it will be worth $500 an acre. The reputation of the great
State of Florida and that State's great resources are behind the
drainage of the Everglades -- when drained they will be the GARDEN
SPOT OF THE WORLD and famous the world over, and those fortunate
enough to buy now, while the price is, comparatively speaking, on
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in their foresight and
judgment. The national -- I might almost say international --
reputation of one of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please investigate it. Above ALL things
get some of it NOW and reap the benefit of near-future values. In
my opinion, you cannot invest your money to better advantage anywhere
else in the country.

If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make up a party, go down to the Everglades and see this won-
derful country lor yourself. Excursions run out of Washington twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought. A

Come to one if our stereopticon lectures -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party among your friends and spenl a pleasant, highly
profitable evening as our guests. Come and see our soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- take a sample of our soil exhibit
away with you, have it analyzed ani prove to your own satisfaction
just what it is and will do. We show you this wonderful country with
the aid of magnificently colored slides, some of which were made
from photographs taken by an employee in the Government Printing .
Office. All these things will convince you that HERE is your op-
portunity -- the one you have been looking for.

Ladies are particularly welcome at our lectures. We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Service, who returned from
a visit to the Evergladea enthusiastic over her purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

We can help you to pay for your land -- come and let us explain
how we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into the waste paper
basket. Please read it carefully, then pass it along by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends still more.

Come and see us at your lunch hour, or on your way home from
the office. We are centrally located, on the ground floor. Our
address is 809 G Street, N. W., -- Ouray Building, opposite the
Patent Office -- our 'phone number is Main 4280. We shall always be .
glad to see you and explain things to you, whether you buy or not.

En Is. G general Agent,
4' a F,

A II'.

k .i . ; n .nj4, h 1 p i 01 ol
:~* .- ? : : JJ r ,'Jav L pO
S* - *- j j.3 -i . 4*9 0 u
: ; -.,* r.

:. .3 ** ... . jj B ^ .o
: . .. j ? )., 3 .u
. , .. ., :.

_ (7 -<

6-~4- &

/ //-~----



. .

S/1 /f / -^ '-*.----

"/6_ gi -- / t"

-^./^-' -L- ., ^t .,..L-
/ ,.. .: -,, j.r -- ..,. ,<... ._f

^ : 0 - . w ., .
. _. / --_.. .
7, , . -/ .z -I--



"*. .*

April 9th, 1915.

Ur. Walter Butz,
X 3312 West North Ave.,

Dear Comrade Butz:-

I have not yet received a reply to my letter
of the 30th U'lt. I am asking that copies of the Lake north h
Herald for the 8th and the Viami Hetroplis for the 2nd
be sent you. These make very clear the ronarl:able character
of the Everglades and the effect produced upon unbiased minds
by a visit to the region. Note particularly the way in
which men like .esesr. Baker, i ocro and Parker, who, until
recently, have known nothing of the Everglades except to listen
to unfavorable criticisms have been won over, and induced to
invest large sums of money in what 'iould be th.e rm-rest wildcat
scheme but for the remarkable merit of thii region.

Tracts 71 and 98 being the last of Class V, re shall
have no difficulty in disposing of them. Let mre warn you,
however, against permitting yourself to be scaled away from
an opportunity like this simply because somebody tried to
raise perishable products in midwinter and had them frosted.

The Everglades are marching straight forward to a
magnificent future. it in for you, however, to say whetherr
you will share in that future.

In any event, please write me of your decision at
once, for we have been holding these two tracts for you, at
your express request, for three months, and it is not fair
to withhold them longer from other buyers.

Fraternally yours,

(~ 7


1 j..*

April 9th, 1915.


S sr. J. H.VWakemaon,

Plymosuth, Kansas.

R. I. 1.


my d4e0fr. Takameson,-

SYou remember I told you a friend of mine had been
offered tracts 54, 55, 56 and 57. When I last saw you, it looked
as though, thnoigh his stakneosa he would not be able to take them.
However, I have just received a letter from hirn, ind find that he
Is prepared to do so.

Should your people be disposed to take land in action
35, there still remains available the following: Tracts 52, 81.
82., Also tracts 6 and a& These last two, I had not thought
of -elling when I talked with you. fHowever, if added to tracts
a, 81 and 82, they wqpld make up an mareate of almost the same

: S e as tracts 54-7, Rad might save your people es
Tract 6 has, frontage on both sides of the oana', r
additionally attuetIrve for home building purposes
S., ber ',:o the Okeeleata town site, manAded attract
s.aea"e stands at t3 acres, less the udual reserve
S is 757&00 per acre Lhrough6ut.

) I 'holf deeds to tracts 6, 8 and 52.
are enoeuabbred. As I told. you I have not yet pal
tractsa. F .and ,82. -atill: have plenty of time
,euatrect,, and I am nyIng int erest.

Should 1-sell any or .all of the abov
.to giWre a valid centraot, obligating myself to fu;
abstracts to -th proshasers. I should want ns
kin t*", if passtble.

-,.. The oreagte rMn a follows .

., -. .. .. . OL .. .:
."&, '* " " .":'. `4. k

Rne disappointMentf
rhich might prove
r. Tracts 6 and8
tisamny The total
ition The price

All these, howey er
Id the State for /
on my 3tate

e. I should expect
rnish deeds and
much as $1800.00




5. I' a "" r ;

* .-i



t hng you may bei able to

the.'bove, I remain.


# e ao umualy reeola .

arrange for your people ..

19 -

Very sinob'ly yours,





4-, A~

It I 7


.I MI. "T T,

it. i 2' 5S
L.-. k~Pz




April 9th, 1915.

lon. D. U. Fletcher,
Senate Office Building,
Washington, D. C. .
Dear Senator .?letcher:-
Can you send me copies of the ~Guide to Washington"
-nd "New WashIngton and The South"% published by the Southern
Commercial Congress, and oblige
Yours very truly,

^, : A .* ~^ *

April 9th, 1915.

r.r John Flick,

r RED 2,

Zionsville, Lehigh -o.,


Dear Sir:-

Yours of the 5th at hand. I am pleased to send you
herewith a copy of our Pruitcrest booklet. In it you will
find a pretty full statement an to our proposition.

Our location is one of the best, and our soil is
among the finest in the whole Rverglades. Poultry is now
doing splendidly on adjoining land. My son has been there
a year and a half, and has a fine flock of chickens and ducks
that are laying splendidly. I believe this region has a
great future as a citrus growing country. Sugarcane is
practically certain to become a great staple. Forage grasses
and live stock are practically sure winners. I am planning t o
raise these myself. Others have made successful beginnings on

Things are moving in our territory., Settlers are
coming, building, farming and organizing. A general store is
being built. Land values are rising. The Government has completed
a soil survey. A 60-h.p. traction pulverizer -is breaking land.
Additional machinery is being added. Overhead irrigation, con.
stituting insurance against frost and drought, is going in.
Live stock, forage grasses, and modern agricultural methods are
being introduced. The F. E. C. R. R. is running trains to
Okeechobte. A canal and highway to connect with, Palm Beach -40
miles east now follow the township line, one mile south of

,,1 Fruiterest holdings are going. Thirty-three went for
cash. Enclosed is "Available"List. W1HILSE THEISE LAST YOUR

Hoping you may be interested to becpme a member, IBlp
us make history at Fruitcrest, I remain /
Very truly yours,

S /" I- ,:

A-ril 12,1915.

Floyd Small Tel. Co.,

Point Cedar,Ark.


The enclosed literqture,,ith the margin of

thi letter, will give you n clear ider' of our remyrk-

able proposition.

It in rer,:n-rkqvl'ln because we -ot ot] r I-ve

THIL LAND, but brcinne wPe -ive? a pl'n 'hLic'I c,?,L iU.n-tes

everything bul the int0reot of the 'u':er. Lu only

competitors are doiner businenn for priv- t profit. "e

nre doin g it for our numbers. L,;u pry be one,on the

e'me footing n.s the others,if you chio so. rond th literature,?n? thr-i -rit'-

me -*h"t you think.

Ver' truly yours,



Apr. 12,1915.

Dr. Thomas E. Will,

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Doctor:

Yours of the 9th inst., has beon received.

I am aski ng the Southern Commercial Congress

to send to you a copy of th5 booklet entitled, "Guide to

Washi ngton", and trust you will raceiv3 it shortly. The

other publication, which you mention--"New Washington and

Ths South"--is not yet ready for distribution, but I am ask-

ing that you be sent a copy when the same is beingg sent out.

Yours very truly,


April 12,1915,

Mr. J.M.Conn,

Room 43,hatl.Bldg.,


Vy dear Sir:--

Yes indeed. See enclosed booklet. Also

Smargin of letter head. We h-ve AN ABSOLUTELY UNRS

ALLED PROPOSITION. The re-son is thqt ,-hile we hn1

the best 1-nd in the Eve,*glades, we also a PRWP-

OSITION with which no PRI"ATE-PROFIT- SE'4KING con-

corn can possibly compete. To do so wouldmean for

it to g out of business.

Please rend the literat;ire,a-'d then write

me 'htt you think.

Very truly yours,

*b&.. lb..a- OE 4_~

___ -


4-L-L... t L'

$~T~ ~f~LA~4~ Z~/- Z~~1A~ /

~ ~.ll4~fr~

~ ~
c~Z- ~



April 26, 1915.

MHr. T7. J. O'Shea,
, 153 '7c t 13th St.,
New York City.

Dear Sir:-

Yours of the 19th received. I am

pleased to send herewith Fruitcrest literature.

We expect to raise citrus fruits successfully;

also truck, the latter under overhead irrigation.

'e 3ive extraordinarily fertile land.

In addition, w^e have nn unpqraIleled plan whereby

we are organizing unceass for our buyers. I trust

you may be interested.

Very truly yours,

April 26, 1915.

, Ur. G. 0.. Russell,
266 Broadway,
New York.

Dear Sir:-

I have yours of the 18th. 'Ts absent

when it came. Am pleased to send you Fruitorest

literature showing our location, proximity to

water, the character of soil, etc.

You will note that we are three miles

from Lake Ok echobee, three-quarters of a mile

from one canal and one mile from another. Je

have a wonderful soil. The custard apple woods

thqt skirt the Lake come within, say, a mile and

a half of our tract. The willow belt comes

nearer. Ho-'ever, our tract is pure prairie, high

and dry and r-e-dy to farm. W7e are about to start

road building there. By the road, you could quickly

reach the canal over which motor boats ply constantly.

The Lake is a great, inland sea, thirty to forty miles across.

I enclose list of available tracts and shall be

glad to answer questions. '0: have not much left to sell.

Our strongest point is in our remarkable'plan whereby
we organize success for our members.

/h I Very truly yours,

April 26, 1915.

.Dr. W. B. Hunter.
SBaldwin, Colo.

Dear Sir:-

Yours of the ?2nd received. I take

pleasure in enclosing literature which gives

pretty full explanation of Fruitcrest proposition.

Shall be glad to answer questions.

Very truly yours,


S811 Street, N.VL, Washington, D. C.,
April 21, 1914,

,Mr. John J. Lieneman,
1857 South Lawndale Ave.,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Sir:
In reply to your note I sent you on the 13th a Fruit-

arest folder. I now add a copy of our contract which has sinoe

This proposition is arousing widespread interest.

Florida people deolare it to be the solution of the problem of

settling and developing the Everglades. The paper are giving

to it dozens of columns of free spaoe. Buyers are snapping up
the land fast. The Central Eighty has been paid for, develop-

ment work w1ll probably begin soon, the price is rising fst, and
any desiring to avail themselves of the opportunity offered should

lose no time.
Very truly yours,



Enrglab eand *ai (rllompany


Dear Sir:-

You will be interested to know that the work of reclaiming the
Florida Everglades is advancing by leaps and bounds.

The Furst-Clark Construction Company, a leader in its line, is
handling the work with extraordinary skill and vigor. Six great dredges are
working night and day, and several more are expected soon to begin.

Visitors, constantly ci-min, to us from the 'Glades, are enthusias-
tic over the work and the outlook for the investor and homeseeker. One sub-
stantial business man declared at one of our meetings that the buyer is
"sure to win," and that "the only question is as to how much he will make."
The President of the State University of Florida visited us recently, and
testified to his faith in Ev.'oglade lands. Two men who have actually
crossed the 'Glades one; over twenty years ago, and the other, later -
have recently called, and strongly confirmed our statements regarding the
character of the lands and climate. Still others tell us that we understate
the facts, and that "the half has not been told."

Not long since, one caller bought of us ten acres, then twenty,
then another ten, and started for Miami. After seeing the lands, he wrote
us for twenty acres more.

Everglade lands are going fast. Within a year, one tract of
64,000 acres, and another of 180,000 acres were sold; another of 46,000
acres is now almost gone, and thousands of acres from other tracts have also
been sold.

The prices have risen from $24 and $30 to $40 and $50 per acre.
Our fifty-dollar land is now almost gone, and buyers can afford to waste no
time unless willing to purchase at -(60 and $80 per acre, at which figures,
also, we have lands to sell.

Our office is now at 809 G Street, N. W., in the Ouray Building,
one of the best office buildings in the city. We are on the ground floor,
and have a fine window with southern exposure, in which are displayed choice
products from the 'Glades. Crowds stop, day and night, to inspect it. Our
lantern lectures, reinforced by new slides, are given Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday nights, and are finely attended.

We shall be gail to welcomrn all ouri friend-s, old and new, to our
new headquarters. To Thzse who h?ve n)t yct bought we can present THE op-
portunity of a life-time; to thcse who nave, we csn outline one plan which
will simplify their task of airing for their lands, and another, for obtain-
ing revenue therefrom.

*| Very truly yoursY'. .i'?ZTON OFFICE OF,
OU-.-'., ELODG., 809 G ST. N. M

April 27, 1915.

Mr. G. A. Crist,
S1027 Siglith St.,N.W.,
12 Washington, D. C.

My dear Mr. Crist:-

1 wrote you on PFbruary 24th

and 7.arch 27th regarding your possible trip to

Fruitorest, but hlvo not received reply. I am

hoping you may not wait until too l.te to get in

with us on Fruitcrest. The enclosed Iist of

available tracts shows how the onporturnity is

narrowing down.

I nave just rmturnod fror, n eleven-days

trip to the Fruitcrest dis+riet, -id am nubli9hing

a story in 'his -veekn LaudirdalA nn.prs. Things moving vry ecou agiIngly in oir t-ritory.

I Sincerely yours,

April 27, 1915.


L.r. i. C. Bird,

South lyne, Conn.

Dear Sir:-

Your f-ther, S. C(. 3]Bird, is much interested

in Frui tcrw'3t, 'lori'oi. ILt, told ne lie would

write you n.bout tL .m.nd 'n`'1 nT., t.0 VriteI yJuu Ls v"ell

snd to send 'y.ou l tr-?ntura. H]i 'lon1 s ou T,,y be

al 1 7 to int,-r rit or P't"f ,ou fri Id 2;i i "*"'y l"'.O

m.s rn me th q nrne; ..f eo e .I1 L Or :f r thi.t L ita 1 cunl

ithe, litprnture.

T r .ccorJ inrrly G.rfdiil ,. .' .'f.
mintt r. 'Your' r kno'T-. tlia L the L-'ncr in that

vicinity nre very n-odut Liv,3, M;uild il '.I t :.ho

Fruitcrest plant of dievelopmnen L antid s; tlern :rt is

exesedin-gly favor, le :,, 'x tio .uJ.ceF.e s u' ,.iy r.s.

!Should you care for more litcor'ture, I hall

be pleased to 3end. it.

Very truly yLii2:,

5x1, 10x3, 1x9, 1bxil.



April 27, 1915.

r. John Winters,
265 East Third St.,
Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

Dear Sir:-

Yoursriend, 1C'r. G. C. Bird, ij m;;uch

intere3t?d in Fruitcrest, 'l1orida. !Ie told no

he "'ould '"rite you nuout it. and asked mie to write

you ns wel]I .'nd to send you sone literature. He

1103es h.M~,~..i you Trny 'o -able to interest some of

your/friend.s a.nd mCay .also send Tne the nmrnes of sone

of them tIl t I r.a/ encl then :or' lit,' ture.

I af acco-'cnl'l.iy s3'ILLinirig you ci. ,e of our

ma tter. Yr. Bird knou:s that the plnds in that

vicinity nr very ,)roii:ctive. ;nd ? trhit the

Frui tarest 7)lan f 6 -.tlentrn and developr-ent is

exceedingly favorable for the sunc-.s of o:uy-rs.

Should you care for more literature. I

shtll be pleased to send it.

Very truly yours.

5x1, 10x3 Ix9g, 15xll.

*^ .


April 27, 1915.

"t'r. Augustus Walbert,
c/o Ilortheide 'Bakery Co.,
North Ave.,
New Rochello. N. Y.

Dear Sir:-

Your friend, 11. S. C. Bird, is rrucli inter-

oested in Fruitorest, Florida. He told me he would

write you about it -and nrskad mTe to '"rite you as r-ell

and to ?end you some literature. l]e hopes that

you may be able to interest some of your friends and

may also send me the n1-es of jomne of tiLor.i thint

I may send the .riorne li ?ratre.

I an acco.rdiingly iendiinr you some of our

matt 'e. 'r. Bird knows tha' the lands in tlat

vicinity are very produtive, and also that the

Fruitcrest plan of settlement rnd development is

exceedingly favorable for the success uf luyrs.

Should you crre for more lit rture, I shill

be pleased to :end it.

Very truly yours,

8x1, 10x3, Ix9, 20x1l.

A t

April 27. 1915.

/ Mr. John W. Bird,
260 North Tiain St.,
Da SWatorbury, Conn.

Dear Sir;-

Your brother, S. C. Bird, is much
interested in -"ruitcrest, Florida. He told me

he would write you n.bout it ind asked me to write

you as ell and to -eni you literature. TIU hopes

you may be nble to interest soie i.f your f -iends

and may also send me the nvrwes of some of them that

I may send them literature.

I am accordingly ending you some of our

matter. Your brother knows the 1-.nds in that

vicinity are v7-ry productive, and also tint the

Fruitorest plan of settlement and development is

exceedingly favorable fo the success. of the buy-


Should you care for muae literature, I shall

be pleased to iend it.

Very truly yours,

8x1, 10x3, 1x9, 20x11. /



April 27, 1915.

Yr. C. C. Bacon,

West Palm Bench, Flo:ida.

Dear Er. Bacon:-

I nev-r lioard anything further

from ir. Albertson. Am vwonid'ring wih ther he

changed his mind.

Am just back again from the Glades. Thirnp

are moving there lively.

Sincerely yours,

9* ,.