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The Grtiada2"K ..- .


Volume 21 Saturday September lth 1993 Number 13



UNCj 1A &D

There is no assurance the rEImbassy will remain
in Brenada for the indefJi ite frtuer
R OLLIE ANDERSON, With reference to aid generally, the ChaI
recently appFii.ed said the United States aid budget has
C hazg d.'Affaires >y been cut heavily ind, while he was
Seating the United ; unable k- quote specific figures, he
States Embassvin Grnadasaid expects, in te years ahead the
aapress conferencese o- Septe Mre ill be sigmficant. deductions in the
8th th I._ is no, -a-sance the Em-'.a dto I
a evel of aid vhich, in the past vas
si hll mref an ifnCG-re. .maintained in G.rnada and other
parts of the Caribbei.
With Fewer Resourrs

The United States is in a ve.i
serious budgetary situation,
he said, and every dollar
spent fomthe public treas ury
is scruitmzed in termLs of
value wiuch returns to the
Amencan people.

The Embassy feels a responsibility to give
Washington the best information it can
regarding the value and benefit of the
services it provides, he said, because there
is vorld vide competition for available
Earmarked For Extinction
"Unless they (Washington) can understand
cleaZly the need for the Ermbassy to IE main
here and the benefits whichvould be derived
toj Grenad-.a, the region and t th the United
States", Mr Anderson said, "then we might
be earnnmued fbr e :irtction.

Of ;necessity;, he said, tuhe
More with feber rssour-es.
The situation which obtained
asea &e ANDERSON Pa.e 2
*'Future Of U.SEmnbassy In
Grenada Uncertain ................. 1
#Tourism Diiemma Facing
Islaa_ ........................................ 3
C'Sod Turned For Trading
H house ... .. ........ ..... ......... .......... 4
More US. Aid For Fight
Against Drugs ....................5
')Preventon Of Blianness
Foundation Formed..............
*'Point Salines Being
Resurcd---- --......... ....------.....-- 7
'*'News Shorts----........................
0 I'llff gT"j^

(. 1D"ITI

o0 no


TT 71 Tp

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday September ith 1993 Page 3

A mark-t desti
a supet ior serevi
i Worrell Director of Economics
at the C aibbean De veloprent
I t-anrk (CDEB), the Caibbean
*region vill have to examine its focus on
the Tounsm market range.

"Highl cost destinations can-ot be promote- d
Effectively for the lo-w-budget mas-s-travel
Markett, he said

1Dr Wores remarks were made in Grrnarl.a
as, on Augp.t 30th, he delivered the feature
Address at the the opening session of a five-
jday seminar ogarnised by the Grenala Board
.of Tourism to draw? up development plans
ifor the rnext three years.
There Is Stron Need
The smaller islands, he said, need to
concentrate more on the up-scale a npae tbut,
essentially, that market is a "winter market
Sand, in orderto retain profitability and retain
jobs, there is strong need to even out the
|seasonal pattern r Caribbean Tourism



IThe central dilemma facing the islands,
the Director said, is whether to accentuate
'summer" discounts in an effort to
attract volute, taking into consideration
whether up-scale properties and lov-
Ibudget ones can be effectively promoted
im close proximity without depreciating
Ithe ambience of the up-scal_

These are hard questions which must be
faced s squarely, DrWon el s-aid, but whatever
jis decided, quality of service is one trend in
which therm is no choice.

"A .rid,4bi rka rwmm h seMsl'.spqiarr
i rs or fsr usaas' he- said.


ation- must set
or lose business
The Director said international travellers are
becoming rmore educated, sophisticated,
inforn-ed, experienced and demanding, and
this tendency will accelerate in the "90s.

The Caribbean must be ready for this,
Dr Worrel said and, i keeping ith a'
finding of the Caribbean Hotel Asso-
ciation, the region's tourism plant must,
be refurbished as a matter of urgency
There kI A Deliberate Plan
That re furbising must be undertaken before
room capacity is expanded, Dr Wonel said,
because occupancy rates arid profits are still
low and, unless there is a deliberate plan to
eliminate the older properties, new plants
c1an only weaken prfitabilir for everyone.

The quality of sernce offered in the
Canrbbean is not as- competitive as it should
be, the Drector said., and it would serve no
useful purpose upgradig the plant if service
Please See TOO RISM Pae 4

The Grenada

Founded 17th August 1973
492nd Issue
coLUIiA wUwVEarT
Subscripti cn Rates
Payable In Advance
Postage Paid By Secod Ca Airmail
(Ijlaiad Post In Graeada)
0 Isroes $115O $ 43.00

2C Isues $207j0 $ 7710

40 isses $3.01o $14600
About 20 Issus PablihLed Awnuaily

"" ..% -f.'

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday September 11th 1993 Page 4

I'-OID -------------

Gmrenad.a's Mirnister of
Tiade, has said tat, al-
Sthiough the island's pro-
oposed Tradiin Ho'use ill be better
placed than an individual company,
acting on its oln, to secure more
favoaablie buying or selli ng prices,
manufa ctuers will have to do the ir part..

i 1 0'16, U

House vill convey a supe-nor irage of
quality, arid manufacturers vill be provided
with an effective shield agsainIst coirimeial
S..and other risks in overseas markets.

Therle will aso be litigation
of effects of foreign currency
!fluctuation thrir gh for.aTd
co'r, he said, and the vill be
nre expeditious, less expensive

"A Trading House il no offr fiht m-vE aent.
a cure for inefficiency I
or compensate for :.- The Exposition is being
lack of effort to im-. .., organized by the East-
prove b-asic com-: "r ,a.
.: -,em Caribbeani
1petitiveness ina fcc-^ States ort D
tort's operation" ~~.he. M. M lopment Agency
sa. I (ECSEDA), the Minster said, and
e this Agency has been of great assistance
The Minister's mmarks were made ron to OECS manufacturers
August 24t;: at the sod tunInmg ceremony
fbr construction of the building which will EC- A tageted an increase ses of
.house th Or. stationn o E-tv Cari.bbean some EC $12 million in .1992, he said, and
State (OECS) Trae Exposmcn-n schldled this wa. exceeded b-y E3 $4. million toj
for.June th to 994 Following EC$168 million.
i o.'the U _pOsflh ths t buildin z. r wi- l "bec...-

the E:-position, that building ill become
the Trading House.

Mr Brizan said products marketed by the

"The 1994 Ex:position of OECS mnu-
Please e 1SOD PaSe 5

TOURISM From Page 4
remairis poor shape.

This criticism does not apply only to the
hotels, he explained. Even the service at
points of entry and exit needs to be
impried, he said, and even as it relates to
the approach of the citizens of the country
to its guests.

-"hprovig the tourism product is not
based only on quality plant and effiient
apd friendly service," Dr Worrel said,
"but also on the state of crime in the

Resear;hern have four, he said, that safety
f ,om physical harm is the single most
important factor in the choice by toursts of
a place to visit.

This seme~nar as. attended by representatives
of 'the airlines which serve tlh ishrad,
representatives of the Canibbean Tourism
Organisation, of the Secretariat of the
Or-nisation of East Caribbean States, the
<3re d.a Hotel Association, the ComrnmeIrcial
Sector, tour operators and travel agents.
..... .- SSS W:a,

-L__ -

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday September 11th 1993 Page 5

l -MA I" TPQk
A 1-udKD



I1f a dtirP baron wants to support a certain
9roup, he can eastLg qet into of fice people be
can stuae audvtttaqe of

las Brathwaite has warned
that illicit drugs present
a threat, not only of I '
the possibility of an increase in
crime, but also of subversion of; '
Ithe derocmn ic pccess.

"Most elections are von on the
(basis of the amount of money
some people can spedl," he said,

fact it can take over the govermnent of a
country in a "constitutional ay".

The Prime Ministers marks
iverm made on August 8th on the
occasion of the signing of an
amendment to the bilateral Drug
Interdiction Agreement between
the Urnited States of America ard
IG (inpada.

"and if a drug baron vants Since 1991, under that
support a certain group, e can 1 Agreement, Grenaa bao
easily get into office people he can received an annual grant of
take advantage of" US5 and under the
PRIME M INISTER -amendment, a further
The dru problem rrmust not be NICHOLAS BRATHWAITEUS$8 0000 vil be made
looked at only from the point of view of available for 1993
crime and psychological damage to people, Pleae See DRUGS Page 6
he said, but also from the perspective of the

iSOD From Page 4
Ifacturers is aimed at generating an even
greater increase in sales and exports" Mr
Brizan said," and, dun-ng the actual Expo-
sition, the cales tare t is EC$2 rrliion."
Will BeRequired
The Minister said 200 manufacturers will
iutlise 12,000 square feet of exhibit space
catering to an estimated 320 buyers. The e
will be 500 square feet of office space, two
500 squarE foot lecture rooms, an an area
of 2,000 square feetfor cultuialevents. A
minimum of five hundred hotel rooms will
be required for one week.

i The Republic of C hina (R OC ) on Taiwan is
Making a grant of EC$ 1.08 million towards
the EC $2.59 million iotal cost of the Trading
House building, he said.

Speaking on the occasion of the sod tuning
ceremony, ROC resident Ambassador Lin
Tsurn-Hsien said the project is another
example of the close working of the ROC
and Grenada in both international arn
domestic affairs since establishment of full
diplomatic relations in 1989.
f ad Been Signed
He is impressed, he said, with the efficiency
associated with the projecL Mr Brizan
approached him early in May last, he said,
and, within ten weeks, a plan together with
all agreements with bankers, architects arsd
builders. had been signed.

mm&"ss!!'^jaol.. ~l..s- v'-- Xrf fiZaajIa



D D Uj G0

The~~~~~~~~~~~: Grnd esetr Stra etme 1h19

P i VN\XjW9 lT E IVO H

Amki increasing complexities ansd uncesinqi
personut dif fjicultis, thers seems to be
emerqi a grecrter coT COmnw itt d
determintn tion to maoke the wokrd a happier
place in which to live

Governor-Genaeal of Grerada,
4as said that rran's inruananity
to man continues to plague the
Acorld, thus afrstrat.-g man a noble
attempt to alleviate human suffering and.
&- .iu brnng a ameastue of com-
'.,', fort and renewed
i ho~pe to those most
a need.

:.. "rt sl ir not

%- xr &n_ A7

action aims at improving eye care generally
a-d, in particular prpvenring blindness. To,
fuMn.r these aims, he said, the Founrdation
will sponsor progami- es for scientific!
investigation iinto the causes of blindness inj
Plee ee FOlONATION Pae ?7
DRUGS Frorm Pae 5
Ptupose of the Agreenent is to -improve
Grenada's c apacrity tosuppress c ultiation,
processing, trafficking and consumption
of narcotics vitirin the country, and to
eliminate irtenmational trasit of illegal

SThe additional gmnt fr 19933 vil be used,
:,>:-,':r in part, to support and enhance anti-

,, io ne o e and the Cus-tons & Excise
.. N ........ a ...I... t Pa Department. it will be used also for
-o A z anr q ak g r.^ e r a t 1 1
purchase tf essential enfr rcfeoment equip-
p'er- A ment :and for train-
happr/^ d Education RdaluctionArtivitis
Sir Paul's rarkrs ere nrae on Au-ut Cth at pi of thi-s gant will be used for demand
the launljhng of tihe Grenada Founrdation for edhaion d aaon n actiies of official
th Prevention of Blindness, an organisation of d non-go vrnentl orgisatio
rh-ich he is Cri ,n mnof the Boan cf Diiec vtoso ircuding ass' tance in funding a school
I T i dru-use s ey dev d by the
Ynoninnn li Aim ~7-ue survey deveiopeed by the aib-


L- L.Pbean Epidermological C entire,
Sir Paul emphasised that creation of ther
other orgnmsat.ions dedicated to caring for the b f lpImefn tol trBmthA aite andI
t he -sia-ed by Pnime MinAister Bnthvaite andi
blind, but rather ~ill .ltforCe work done b y vMr 011ie Anders on, recently appointed
those organisation while keeping to it. nraim d'Affairs at
g:ai6 at the United States
I Embassy in Grenada.
Esse ~titly, the Chaminari said. the Foud- .- --_


Pae 6

Saturday September llth 1993

The Grenada Newsletter


The Grenada Nesletter Saturday September 1th 1993 Page 7

kI Er doing our best not to becomes the most
expensive airport from the point of view of
departure taxes

ny, Chairnnn of the Gre-
nada Airports Authority,
.said at a press conference
on August 2nd that the Authority is looking
for a loan in East Caribbean cunmency to
replace the United Sta'es cunency /
loan it has made to resurface the Point /
Salines international Airport run- ]
way. c

SfRaf #ai2ar amter arren n" he
Said. 'If &e &i t CanMan d&ar nt
WIff ywe CoaM san up haws toI pwy
admbiawl sus ofS azveg

The Chairman disclosed the tender for this
EC$7.4 million project had been won by
the Swiss contracting film of Wirtgen Inter
Ag, and the contractors are pmoiding the

financing. Repayment is to be over 15
years with an interest rte of 7%.

The contract includes a 2-year vanrnty.
However, Mr Ramdhanny said, before the
-7 contract was awarded, similar work
S done by Wirtgen in
S Guatemala and Mex-

SJ Authonty is satisfied the job will
last some 8 to 10 years.

The project to construct Point Salines
International Airportwas officially launched
on March 9th 1980 by the Peoples Revolu-
tionary Govern mrnt and the first explosive
blast marking the start of construction took
place on March 30th of that year.

That project was in the hands of Cuban
Pes~ie Ses POINT SALINES Pfan 8

Grenada and for diag.osis, treatnment and
prevention thereof.

/nasms i A sar andy mxadiSKS &B t.vm?
sa vsa ssd wary f=or A-rer e wfut--
.iar sadwf DIam g the C airmail n said,
f"azdj 7/al&o a wsvit ainq qvsrPciM*&rq,
IdRZaFtIZrorf~epofn th

Sir Paul said the Foundation will work
closely with the Ministry of Health, with
local ortholric and medical practitioners,
and with any agency or authority in the State
dedicated to improvement of health care

On the Foundation's Board of Directors are
prersentatives of the Rotary Club, Lion's
Club, the Society of the Friends of the Blind
and a representa'ti- of optometrists practic-
ing in Grenada.

At the launching ceremony, several donat-
ions were rTae to the Foundation. These
came from the New York based Grenada,
Carriacou & Petit Martinique Nurses
Organisation (US $1,000), the International
Women's Club of Girnada (US$2,200), the
Seventh Day Adventists Church (EC $ 1,000)
and fromtwo local optical finns (EC $2,000).


I~ll~llli -
______ __

..... & e W T . ... ..... . t i

- -- --

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday September 1 Ith 1993 Page 8


Venezuelan Ambassador
P e ts Cred ntials of the report of the Arbitration Tribunal
established to settle the dispute between the
Grenada Searren & Waterfront Workers
Resident Venezuelan Ambassador Teofilo Union(SWWU) and the Grenada Shipping
Labrador, presented his credentials to Agents Ltd (GSA).
Governor General Sir Reginald Palmer on
Friday 6th August The dispute relates to failure of the parties
to agree on terms of an Industrial Agreermnt
Ambassador Teofilio replaces Ambassaor and dates back to 1991 wvhenthatAgreerbent
Efrain Silva who has been recalled to should have come into effect. (See
Caracas. NEWSLETTER 15th May 1993, Page 7).
According to a release from the Govern-
Time Extended For meant Irnomiation Service(GIS), the add-
Arbitration Tribunal itional tireri has teen granted because of
delays experienced and the unavoidable
absence from the State of both a member of
The Minister of Labour, Mr Edzel Thorms, the Tribunal and the legal representative of
has extended the time given for presentation lease See EWS SHORTS Page 9

PoIMT SALINms From Page 7
engineers and wvas largel-y financed by the
Cuban Government with reported assistance
from Lybia, Algeria, Syria, Iraq and Ven-

'When the United states and Caribbean
Forces military intervention took place in
October 1983, part of the runway had been
stufaced but the project was still unfinished.
With aid from the United S states and Canada,
it ws s completed anrd officially opened on
28th October 1984 by Govenmor-General Sir
Paul Scoon.
Nov Being Undertaken
Some deteriorution of the runvay began to
be evident in 198, Mr Randhanny said,
'and the res~ifacing nov bei ng undertaken
is the first major repair. The foundations
are in e-cellent condition, the Chairmansaid,
and what is being done now is to apply a 2-
inch thick "skin" over them.

This projectcould notbe delayed any longer,
he said, because there have been increasing
complaints from pilots and from the
IInternational Civil Aviation Organisation.

Work began (at night so as not to interfere
with the airport schedule) on August 28th
and is expected to be completed before the
end of October

The Chairman said the Authority gets no
financial assistance from Government and
must pay its ownvay, buthas not considered
increas- g the departure tax to meetexpenses
of the resurfacing.
Trimming Our Expegses
"We are doing our best not to become the
most expensive airport from the point of
view of departure tees," he said. "What
we have focused on is trimming our
expenses so we can meet our commitment."

Giving an example of this, he said the
airport's monthly electricity bill used to
average EC$30,000. Nov, the control
tower turns on the runway lights at night
only when an aircraft is expected, and tha.
has effected a monthly saving of some
EC $20,000.

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday September 11th 1993 Page 9
MEWS SHO rT Frnm Pare 8

one of the parties,.

GIS reports that all evidence has nov been
taken, S"WWU and GSA have been invited
to present their closing arguments, following
which the Tribunal vill sit W caer .

The Tribunal's report is now expected to be
presented to the Minister of Labour towards
the end of September.

Israel Gives Scholarships

One Grenadian was among the 21 regional
persons given scholarships in Israel during
the period April to August 1993.

in addition to the Grenadian, there were 14
Jamaicans, 4 Bahamians and 2 Vincentians,.
and the courses and workshops included
Rural Tourism, Agricultural Engineering,
Irrigation, Environmental Education, Health
Education and Aquaculture.,

"Sepew mber Remember .....

The hurricane season is officially scheduled
to end on November 30th and, according to
the Meterological Station at Point Salies
International Aiurport, it is predicted that,
by that date, them vill have been eleven
storms and six hurricanes in tlhe'Canbbean.

The Senior Meterologist at the Station told
the Government Information Service thatthe
region is experiencing above nomal activity
and, as at 9th Septerber, there had been
seven tropical depressons six of which had
developed into storms.

NIS To Make Student Loans

According to a release from the Government
Information Service (GIS), the National
Insurance Scherrme (NIS) is to make funds

available for student loans.

Loans are to be made though the Grenada
Development Bank, and Education Minister
Senator Carlyle Glean told GIS applications
will be processed as soohzi funds have been

Transport Board Hears Bus
Association Problems

Following a meeting with the recently
formed Grenada Bus Association (GBA), the
Grenada Transport Board (GTB) has agreed
to raise with locally operating Insurance
Companies a problem identified by. the

This is that, while the law allows buses to
carry fifteen~pi sengers, the insurance Com-
panies will insure buses to carry only thirteen

The GTB agreed also to consider the request
of the GBA to have the law amended to
allow busses to carry three adults and one
school child in each bench seat

GTB, which is responsible for fixing bus
fares, is comprised of the Chief Technical
Officer in the Ministry of Communications
and Works (ChaCirman), the Commissioner
of Police, the Officer In Charge of the Traffic
Department of the Royal Grenada Police
Force, a representative of the office of the
Attorney General, a representative of the
Insurance Companies and two other persons
appointed by the Minister of Commun-

Hospital Gets Cardiograph

The Montreal, Canada based "Spice Island
Please See EWS SHORTS Page 10



The Grenada Newsletter Saturdty September 11th 1993 Page 10

Ladies Cultural Association" has presented
the Grenada General Hospital vithaHevlett
Packard XL Cardiograph machine which the
Grenada Information Service describes as
state-of-the-art and first-of-its-kind in the

Receiving this machine on September
10th, Minister of Health, Mr Phinsley
St Louis, expressed his apprwiation of
-t4e commitment and patriotism of
Greadiahs resident abroad as evinced

internationally known Grenadian-bom
humorist Paul Keens-Douglas, and
Grenadian-bom Brian Ford of the Denver
Broncos football team.

Education Minister Meet

Senator Carlyle Glean, Grenada's Minister
of Education, attended a two-day (9th -1 thI
. September) meeting of Caribbean Com-
Smunity (C ARICOM) Ministers of Education

and Infonnation held in Antigua.

The cost of the. Cardiograph Machine is
approximately EC $26,000 and cash to
pay for it was raised through a series of
fund raising bruches, dances, diners
and conceits.


contributors vere internationally
Glenadian-bom calypsoman the
Sparrov (Francisco Slinger),

The meeting considered the Report of the
CARICOM Advisory Task Fore on Edu-
caton vich gives a summary of majpr
educational issues and concerns inthe region.

The Report also se-s out details of policy
goals and actions required for developing and
strengthening education systems of Member

f Alister Hughes
11th September 1993

Printe & Published By Tie Proprietur
Aliser Hughes, Jouanalt,
Of Stt Suottr SttGeorges Gremada, Westindes
(P-.0 B 65: Phone j809] 440 2538: Cables HUSDN, Grenada

by this gift.

----- --


The Grenada Nevsietter SaturdayeSeptember 1 !th 1993 Page 2

AMseijf W rrom page 1
8 or 10 years ago is a thing of the past, he
continued, and the focus must now be on
more regional self help.
Targing Of Crucial Areas
The way of the future he said, is there nmust
be morre pircie targetinr of ciicial ;aras
whre the aid dollar can haw. -ain impact,
rather than any knd of mass proggngrnes.

Mr Arnderson's remarks weCe made at a
ceremony in which an Ag-ementer: vas
signed between Gresada aid the United
States fbr a US prant of funds for use in
drug inten.iction.. ;

The Charg. said the present arrangements
forassistance to the Regional Security Force
and Cc'ast G uirds in the fight against dnirug
vill continue, but he did not know of any
plans to increase tha-t assistance.
Funding Is Very light
The importarre of the Coast Guards in
countering drug traf-t'.king is appreciated,
be said, but he could say only tiat- funding
is veiy tight

"I do not want to hold out some hope that
cannot be realised, Mr Anderson said.
raghamm^^wja n

He's The New Charg6 - -

Will He Be The Last ?

Mr Oie Anderson, the new Head of the United States
Embassy in Grenada as Charg d'affaires, was born in
Mississippi on July 14th 1937, and pricr to joining the
United States Departnent of State, completed a career
with the United ates military, retiring at the level of
Lieutenant Colonel.

Mr Anderson has been a member of .th~ United Stales
Foreign Service since 1981 and has served in several
overseas appointments. These indude M;rovia, lberia
and Kampala Uganda where he was Administrative
Officer, and Lagos, Nigeria, where hewas Labour Political

In addition, Mr Anderson has served in various capacities
in the United states Department of State in 1Wshington.
D.., including Labour and Social Affairs Advisor in the
Bureau of African Affairs.

Mast recently, he has served as Deputy Director of the
Officeof Anglophone and Lusophone West African Affairs,
a department of the Bureau of African Afairs.

The Charg holds both a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's
Degree from Hward University, annexed respectively in
1959 and 1979. He holds also a Doctorate in Jurisprudence
awarded by Catholic University in 1980.


SMr Anderson assumed responsibility for the Grenada
Emb assy or Saturday Sepember 4th 1993.




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