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The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 6

Government seems d
Company to a freisn p
cask -w -Isann-

litical Leader of the New Nat-
ionai Party (NNF-, at a press
DCcoirerence on July 29th, vamred
the National Democratic Congmss (NDC)
Government of Prime Minister Nicholas
Brathwaite to be careful wih its plan to
"pnvatise" the Grenada E-ecticity
Company (GR ENLEC.

"Government seems determined to s el
the Company to a foreign entityy, he
said, "because it -ant cash-in-hand
inurediateiy ."

Dr Mitchell said his party had ob-tain
.a copy of a valuation of GR. EN LEC
I --4f



commissioned bLy ovemne n and
dozne by tiu ac.coun ting finn of
Price Waterhouse Wils & DR KEITH MI

That valuation, which puts a pnce-tag of
EC$60 million on GRENLEC, wa com-
pleted several eeks ago, he said, but had
been "kept secret". He vas "shocked". he
said, that neither the GR ENL-EC Manae-
ment. nor any member of the. GR ELEC
Boand of Directors had seen it anad hd been
HEALTH From Page 5

Nur!ing examination whi-ch follows 3 yea~r
of t1a- g.Tvenrty-seven (including two
men) vent on for training in Post-basic
Midwifery ar,. -,ere suMccessfil in the

At the present time, in addition to Nuising
Assistants, the stud-nt body is comprised off
32 M.idiery candidates- in their fi-st+
second a, irtd r ear


termined to sell teg
stity, because it wants
given the opporurity to evaluate it.

The Political Leader said the evaluation
coMnsidesd ,at v was ,the best f:, of privat-
isation in which Govem: ent, could achie
its objectives by privtisation, ihese object-
ves inlud ing revenue generation for
projects, e fiiiency i ,mpro-:vement
-.u. fllief of fiscal pressures on
Governlnjt. r- to te Price Water-
: house Re.p-t.,, Dr Mitc'ihll said,
fop method of printsisation best
able to reet these objectives is the
offering of public stock for sale and
pn-ot-the sale of the orrmpany to aj
Ofl re ign entit.

TCHELL If G RENLEC s sold to a foreign
company, he sid, it is estirmt d -ithat i
the prot m-argin th iat comp- ill de and,
over a 17 year period there vill be an
outflow of US-$85 -illion.

interest. If this loan is taken azd made
Pleae e ee 'NP Pan 7

The Director noted the icid.ence of appli-
cations for sick leave is on the increase, and
frequent absence from the programme has
contributed to students taking longer to
comr-piete irainrng.

In a brief address, Governor General Sir
Reginald Palmer offe:sd congratulatiins to
the Sraduates.


The Grenada Nesletter Saturaiy 7th August 1993 Page 7

IDo Lipfs Cu. LS Ls


I hMinister of Agriculture in
the Grenada Government.
said on August 1st that some
!Tade Union leaders are bent on ciatn.g
instability through reckless, selfish and
inesponsible beIhnviour.

"They must knov the struggle
today is not beten local labour
and local capital, not between local ^
black Peter and local black Paul",
L0- a.aa I t-A. I.. --- -___ -_ __

the vorid demand more self reliance for
small economies such as Grenada, and the
struggle for some years to comer is one of
pure economic survival.

One intemtio deveslopmentg highligated
by th Minister as having a favoum ble
impact on developing countries is
Trade liberisatiaon and the ie--
d.uip ducation of agricultural subsidies.
.. rWithl fever subsidies, Europeans
-ari Noiit Arneric as will rov

e si ,u I Ut ween locals anI ., 4 I
. !Uless, he said, so they will have less
Ipoertulagents inthe inJtarat- O. -
poo rfulagenm t sell cheaply on the world
I ional community.
M _r, Briz a s re-
"Thie w-orld price vill rise,"
-I cap.. .. : -fojf-. t VShe con Inue "and the]
.eli er 1.-. increase should en-
ide Piv . ,
-h f'u : - courage far ers in
e_ at.. :. .. developing countries,
|E cerm S2 who have been pushed out of
te on c-; ..r.. ...--. f Mof G-EORPE ERIZAN I b Lea f oc
a;'"al "R.Pmnbov ., Festiv:a`" a 'co- e mare. oi
t. come back in.
Imurity fair organ s d in t"-ol, the
capital of St Andr s P P h, by Me0
.. - - .-ciowe"r ora, T cher counLtries stand
Andrew s Parish Deveoppnsnt Or.anisation t .' ....... Of d

US$9U billion ill g to 1th USA, the
The Minister s;ai conditions now- redeftning -Pease See BRIZAN Page 8

INP From Page 6
available to local businesses to purcha-,se
GRENLEC, the ouflow over th. same
period- will be only US $29 million.

'The Political Leader said realisation of
proceeds from the privatization of GREN-
JLEC will come rnoe- slowly by the sale of
'public stock .thm if there C ompanlly is sold to,
ja foreign entity

Government is avare o-f this a-d ants cash
immediately, he said, and that. is why it is

killing tP saci ice considemble long term
gains for the short term advantage of
underta. ing, "pro ects" a pa of its
prepation for General Elections in 1995.

Dr, Mitchell said he w- ats to make it clear
to any foreign company tinrking of buvingr
GRENLEC that should NNP control the
next. Goverrmnt, there will be serious
considetion given-- to buying back the
-.-.~ .(

-- --

The Grenada Nevsetter Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 8

European Comrmunirty and Japan, leaving
just US$30 billion for the rest of the world.

The Minister said, according t the United
Nations Conference on Trade &. Develop-
ment (UNCTAD), the Caribbean is one of
the fev regions which vill benefit from
global trade liberalisation, and he said there
is pressure o-n the domestic producers to
achieve competitiveness in both- pr c and

As trade barriers fall and tariffs are lowered,
he said, international corn ition becomes
more widespread and. local rrantufiturems
will have to "shape up orC slap out".

V^-t itu-lrT~'^'s^+T'wnJ-ni-ur ^-ii!?*^^:.1

Faced with this situation, there must be
development of fiscal discipline which will
create a macro-economic environment con-1
ducive to investment both by Grenadians and
foriegriei, Mr Brizan said.

The low level of savings in Grenada vill
not promote investment and job creation, he
said, and achievement of Governent
budgetary saving is crucial to solve unem-
ployment and. further inves tment. and lgroth. V

The Ministeroutlined the steps his Govern-
ment is taking tuder the three-year self-
imposed Structual Adjustrment Proganmem
which is designed to achieve a budgetary

^u^ i;-:.!.*- .:.!' :.:" i~~~Ji~'' .'L .!:.!^ l.i~. f :.. !....

.. ..... . .. .

::i:ii~ i;ii, 1 : i:!;J:I :i-i i iii:) ;i~ ]:l:iii-ii ~iil~ iiiI : : '!! '!' !! it::W !iiM !~ !ji-:: !i:i:i!!-iii iii;i
:i~s:iriMY -:P;,irf
i: AM K:
i~ii i~iiii~li~ i~iij~iilii:'-"-;

Another condition rcdef-nig the orld, Mr.
Brizan said, is 1the -div ..- on f dollars to
Russia. This -,ults _n less aid f.r the
developing orPd the Caribbean and
Grenrada andj developing countries must
create domestic conditions ich y will attract
foreign investment

"The harsh reality is our markets have to be
opened up, protectionism is on the w-anfe,
we aie forced to compete with those whose
productive capacity and resource endow-
ments far outstrip oursA ourx ealrAings from
raw materials exports have been slashed,
recession in North America is having its toil
on our econon-es on capital construction
and migrant transi.tb," he said, "and, vorse
of all, in the -ake of thT- ejnd of the cold
b _r, Uthe C a -ibbe-n is no longer as important
to North America as it 7-as uefor'."

saving f 5% of the Gross Do mes tic Product.

He ri-ded SADO for development of the
R.ambow Citv Fest.tival whih vas launched
eight y ea.i ago. To many, he said, the
Festival conjts up images of street
festivities, dancing, drinking and general
merry making, but the festive aspect is less

The Festival should be seen as a vivid
reminder ,f the cmativity of the Grenadian
people in the areas of handicraft, manu-
facturing and agriculture, he said, and is a
reflection of leadership at the community
level in building community spirit. But,
most of all, he continued, it underlines
collective self-reliance as a development
-- Vgm -r -m-I-T

57, yyj~I~i~j;;;~~~~~i~~I~

Hit 11'" Wu iliijlIsiji i F!~iiiPI~~l;
i ~S.1 R
i~i~~i~Lil~ir~Z~t~it~Iii~ ~~ii~~Y.. T.i~

-w Pi.:
Lx A ~ iiil$ iniiiii iiiiiiiriiii
I ;ALA- .......r~~? ~ ~ l~r~i1~
E Wt
AS. _i_. '2'

- --- -- ----'

be Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 9

MD Ti or


Autgst 6th, Gemnadians braced
themselves for the onslaught of
tropical storm "B rt"

At 07.00 houn that day, the Met Office at
Point Salines Initemrtioa airport reported
"Bret was 4i85 miles east of te Windward
Islands located at 0.1 i eg es north latitude
and 53.6 degrees west longitude.

21 miles per hour on a course which
would take it through the 10 mile /
channel sepanting GCrenadIa from
Trinidad. Highest winis vwere' "
then 60 miles per hour e-tenrrAing 70
miles from the centre, but wind /
velocity was expected soon to -
increase to himicane intensity.. "
Did Brisk Trade
The expectation was that" /
Bret's "eye" would pass &
through the islands easily on r -
Saturday (7th) morning rg
Grenada se smad crtai to be .-
exposed to destmcJtive vind, rain and heavy
seas, and, in preparation, windows ver,
being shuttered, .rhoues trade as secure ast
possible and suTermarkets did brisk tade in
canned food. candles and other emergency

ISeveral huicansc: have side-s7iped Grenada
iin the last few decades, but the island has
escaped a direct hit since "Janet's" devas-
tation on September 22nd 1955.

Mountainous seas then destroyed the pier
and Customs House in usually rmiror-calmr
St Georrge's harbour. Nutmeg, cocoa
and banana plantations 7wre laid zaste.
The buildings in St G-eores, by law
e e1


bun ed

the st

loss w

At pre

cted of brick, stone or concrete,
d serious damage, but wreckage of
and business places in the country
s and sister island Carm~acou was

200 lives were lost, persons being
I5ay by swollen nvers, entire families
alive in their homes by mud. slides
dividuals killed by flying debris.

el Because "Janet" happened
S. early 40 years

S./ ulation then un-
S"/ bornL as not ex-
7/ .- perenced the violence
Sof a hurricane, and this
l large pryporion as largely
/ unaffected by the apprehension
about "Bret" felt by the older
( heads.

But "Bret" failed to
vl younger Gre-
s a lesson in the destruction na ngry
r Nature can inflict. The eye of
orn skirted the northern shore of
ad and while Grenada experienced
rain arnd some vind-danaged roofs,
as minimal.

ss tie, "BDet" was continuing on a

vestward course and varying in intensity. i
One unusual cintumztance is that United
States weather forecasters have predicted
-M"Br"* cncMss Central America from the
L C-aibbean ,eo the Pacific where, in that
weather sector, it will cany a new narie.

Official reports say "Bret" was responsible
for one death in Grenada: a four-year old
Please i e BRET Pare 10


i __ __ I


The Grenada Nesletter

Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 10


New Peace Corps sector

With effect from June 3tih, Mrs Allison
Lange is the new Peace Corps Associated
Director in Grenada. She replaces Mrs
Gwendolyn Pelletier who has eld the post
since December 1990.

Mrs Lange holds a Bachelor of Arts degee
in Political Science and Spanish. She
recently completed a fellowship in the Inter-
American Region at Peac_-e Corps Head-
quarters in Washi ngtn D.C. nd has worked
for the Phelps Stokes F-d, coordinating
visits for the UniAted. Stats? Irormation
Agency Intema-ionl- Visitor Progranmirel

Currently, 13 Peace Corps ..Volunteers are
seeing in Grenada. They cover a -ide
variety of fields including Lar,-.Wage Arts,
Community and Museum deveeoprnent and
National Parks

Fouiteen new Volunteers are expected to
amve in August

Swiss Ambasador Presents

It has been announced That Ambassador .of
Sritzerland to Gaenada, Mr Ernst Iten,
presented his crMdetials to Goernor
.eneral Sir Reginald Paler on 27th May

BRET From Pae 9
child electrocuted by a fallen power line.

Sone 5% of the islands bana;a culti-
vations was esti-m-ated to have been
Sdestioyed and there were several downed
Streets and utility poles.
r ,-4

Ambassador Iten is resident in Caracas,

Trade Centre For Grenada

A contract has been signed for construction
of an EC $2.59 milon Trade Centre to house
the Organisation of East Caribbean States
(OECS) 1994 Manufacturers Exposition.

According to the G"ov-mmnent -nf:--rmation
Service (G:S) the Re.public of China (ROC)
on Taiwan a ill give a pgst of EC $1.075
million while the Gove en of Grenada
will provide the remainder of the funds.

The Centre will be constructed on 13,500
square feet of space in the hotel area south
of St George's and is expected to be
completed by April 1994.

A GIS release says the building will be
desiIned by Tonmlin Voss Associates and
constructed by Louis Be.ger international.

New Venezuelan Ambassador

Veniezuela's -ne A-bassador ti Grenada,
Mr Teofilo Labmrdor, paid a two day visit to I
Grenada early in August to present his
crredentials to Governor- Gene lal SirRemginald

While in Grenada, Ambassador Labrador
paid- a courtesy call on Prime Minister
Nichilas Brathwaite and ret. with the Dean
of the Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador Lin
Tusin-Hsien of the Republic of China on
Grenada's Consul General In

Mr Giorilo Ghiion has been appointed Gre-
Please See NEWS SHOIT3 Pare i'

P1w. See HEWS SilO Pfl Pare ii

Saturday 7th August 1993

NEWS SHORTS From Page 10
nada's first-ever Honorary Consul in Italy.

A release fiom the Govemrent Iinfrmation
Service says Mr a lawyer, he is
50 yeais old and his rare appears in the
1990-1991 edition of WHO's WHO.

UNESCO Donates Wood
Working Equipment

Secondary Schools in GC-hiid hwa been
given vood working equipment valued at

This gift is from the Urited Nations' Educat-
ional, Scientific & Cultural Organisation
(UNESCO) and, according to the Govern-
menpt lnfQ n=icdn Ser to. this is part- cf a
EC$33,000 UNESCO grant geared to bring
all secondary schools up to Caribbean
Examination Council (CXC) standanrs.

The equipmeintIcludles planerithicknessers,
lathes, portable hand t.ols and accessoies.

Prison mates Treated

Commissioner of. Prisons, Mr Winsfto
Courtney, Iha denied claims being made in
certain quarters that inmates of R ichmond
Hill Prison are treated inhumanely.

And, speaking to t-e Govenment Infonn.-
ation Service (GIS), h described letters
received ftom _-.tair- international hirann
rights organizations as rubbishh".:

Those letters, he said, referred to Phyllis
Coad., one of the persons serving a life
sentence for the mrader of Maurice Bishop,
and asked for her release on grounds that
her health has deteriorated because of prison

The Commissioner said Mrs Coard had
thanked him for "humane policies"- he had
.introduced. She had also thanked him for
his permission to hold a church service to
mark the 25th anniversary of her marine to
Bernard Coart, also in Richmond Hill
serving a life sentence for Bishop's death.

Mr-Courtney said most of MrsCoanrds
requests had been fulfilled, inclidhig-6br
that she e given more time to associate
with her husband.

BCD'i B* Needs Trust Fund

The C aribbean Developrmemnt Bank (C DB)
recently signed an ar-eenent vth t h
Government of Grnada to finance several
projects -under the Basic Needs Trust FundL

These projects include repairs to Govern-
ment Schools and Health C entrees road and
retaiinig vail construction and vater supply.

It is expected these projects vill be com-
pleted in the -!993/94 period.

Point Salines International Being

Point Salines International Airport is now
being resurfaced for the first time since its
official opening on 28th October 1984.

A release fiom the Government information
SeP-rce (GISJ says th.i project is elected
to cost EC ,$ million and. it is being carried
out by the Swiss firm, Wign.

GIS quotes Mr Leopold Cromwell as saying
these repairs am absolutely necessary as
pilots have complained about the de-
tenorating state of the runvay.
Please See NEWS SHORTS Pare 12

The Grenada Newsletter

Page 11

The Grenada Newsletter SattSday 7th August 1993 Page 12
NEWS SORTS 3From Page .1

Operations of the airport wili not be affected.
as work will be carried out at mght. The
project is expected to be completed by the
end. of October.

Main Line Churches On Decline

Details of a report from the Department of
Statistics, published by the Government
Information Service, show the Roman
Catholic and Anglican Churches, while still

ROC Grant For Carriacou

The Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan
has pmrvided a grant of US$400,000 vhich
vill be used to upgrade eleven roads in
Grenada's sister island, Cariacou.

French Grant For AIDSH IV

on the decline. the Grenada Government with a grant of
EC$240,000 to support the AIDSMiIV

The twoCnurches represent about two thirds
of the pupulatonvith 53% and 14% respect-
ively, but this represents a decline of 6:3%
and 3.1% respectively since 1981.

According to the report. the smaller
denominations, especially the Seventh Day
Adventists and the Penecostal sects, are
growing in popularity.

The population, as at 31 st May 1993 stood
at 95,343, of which 25.3% were of ages 5
to 14. The elderly. ages 65 and over,
comprised 7.8% of the population.

progrramne of the Ministry of H health.

These funds are to be matched by the Gre-J
nada Governmentwith EC $95,000, this sumj
together with the French funds, to be used
to provide additional laboratory equipnen
and. strengthen the Ministry of Health's
epidim-iological activities.

Accoid.rfig to the Government Information
Service, in addition to aid in the field of
epidemioloy, France has assisted with con-
struction of medical centres.

Alistr Huhes
7th August 1993

Printed & Pab~lihed By The Proprietor,
Alstr~ Hughs, Jounalt,
Of Scott Street, St-Gerge's Grenada, Westindies
(P.O Bor 65: Phone [809] 440 2538: Cables HUSD N, Grenada

-J----~~ I

Volumn 21 Saturday 7th August 1993 Number 11


52 of eveer 1IoB can't or won't say whifc Party
they thifn wiUt win.
RENADA'S UNCERTAIN over), sex, education, economic activity,
political situation is reflected by household size, socio-economic classifi-
Sthe fact tat 59 of every 100 cation (upper, middle, lover) and marital
Grenadians are undecided or vit status.
not say which political Party they vill vote Said The Would Vote For
for at the Geneiel Elections in 1995. In addition to tonning the list as the most

And 52 of every 100 can't or von't
say which Party they
tbink vil vin Dr
Keith Mitcheli,
8 '4Bi Poliical Leader of
the New National
Party (NWPI has
been chosen as the
-. most suitable leader
for the country at this
..timiw, btut only 1s of
Seery 100 have made
that choice. Forty-five
DR KEHITH MITCHELL of every 100 viii not
or casnDt pick that

These are findirgs of an opinion poll
conducted in AprilMay last by Barados
based Systems Ca-ibbean Limited, and
results are based on 500 personal interviews

ts ucwura on classinicauions or age 1 -a nd

suitable leader, Dr Mitchell scored also as
his NNP vas the party most people said
they would vote for

NNP vas chosen by 17.4% of the sample,
Sir Eri Gairy's Grenada Umted Labour
Party was next with 10.2%, the Maurice
Please See POLL Pag 2



" Poll Reflects Grenada's
Political Uncertainty 1.. ....
Grenada's Economy
Sluggisi---....-...--...-...--...-. 3
* Grenadians To Pay More
For Health Services-----... -4
* NNP Concered Over Sale.
Of GRENLEC................. 6
* More Self-Reliance Needed:
* Bret's Threat To Grenada.... 9
* News Shorts..........--...-- 10


swctro on clslcui ae, n


The Grenada Nesletter Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 2

POLL From PAe 1
Bishop Patiotic. Mve3ez4-(M7A FPM) 4ied.
The Natzonal- atv (1M)4 ere c1o0e
togefthe1iith 4.8% and 4 m4 rspecti AV
and Pn.r Miister Niihols Bmt.hvaite's
National Demolmatic Congess (NDC)
brought up .th rear with 2%.
"."'**~~ ~ ~ r- -- ^ ^ ----

,7 *
That party captured 202% ofthe sample,
GTILP was nerxtwith 13 .%; ,iP came thid
with ?%h MBPM got 32% and NDC vav
again at the bottom of the table vith 2.8%.

Forecasting results of the 1995 Elet-ioitin
the basis ff these figui;s i-s dangefous,



! ~.rii g[".'-..:-'. :

: It

*~S .. 1:1~
~" :p
-1 c;

- .......-., . .


'I =






I -.

-a ,- -
s z ,- 't '- -,j

"-~I a? !=c^ ^'
I. I I

6 l'0_ 5:~i8 4.8.t "5.- 7.5%

But, all these pementages add up to only
38. 8% of the .sample. Ints viee found r
that, making a total of 5 % 31 .5% of the
sample was undScided C as to riu-ich, parthey
would vote for and 27.3% did not -rpl to
the question.

NNP was ahead a-ainn m the choice of the
party most -kely to win the nxt. election.

however, as 51.7% of the sample ga"e no
answer to the qutesti.o.

Neaiy half the swampe 46.5%) identiied
.umemploi-ment as the most important
pmblem failing Grenad today and. a sirmlar
percentage (45 7%) said the NDC Goveni-
nernt is doing a v:r poor job of dealing
'with i. a. Tr.T n -





'i z
ac 4)





Its:it~ lalz~P~

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 3

Slowly last year. Production of
crops, cocoa, nutregs and bananas
slightly, but performance of export e;
sluggish and oJnly tourism recorded nmoadem i
feign exchange. earnings.

These indicators, are set out in the now-
published Repior of the Eastern Caibbean
Central Bank (ECCB) for the last quarter of
1992. Fiurs fom th-e Statstical.

qu noted and. show the B0anana stry
{coLintinues to be plagued by m-o disease
and a generra_ -r:vment of fnamers away

POLL FimPae 2

sample while "Poor Managem:ent",
S"Infat1ion" d Inft-structure" taed

life for the family in Grenada is vorse
Today than it as 5 year ag nd slightly
less ftnhanlfO (47.3%) thinks 3if is worse
no.. than it was in the 1979-19 3 e-- of
the Peoples RePvoutionry Gowmment.

iAs to conditions ,in Genada in general i
C ii gee. 4r 1
today, an even bigger pen-enta 68.3%

I The Systems Caribean Lrmitad opinion
1 -- -

| poll vas undek._en pnmanily on the.
S ... --- ..... .: ...... . 'r?_.. .
icoinssion ofa br ,ess o station
|i w-ch rnequiied info ntion on brand
m I
rnane preference based on demog aptrcli
I features. The political questions
Itsed were added iin an effort to "ill t-o
bird with ne str. rie.
_ _ _
i] fe~-I~E*1

, increased
earnings 'was
Sgrowt.l in

from banana production.

f s th199m1 rt er "ECCB says,

Twhe; other rraditior crops showed better

t -39 .. ....... :.a
i^-- .nitfE 1U5. I

p.... J rr rose i _.., t 2 es
EC $1.7 r milon a ervl of 35 7% from the

he1991 fedgu.
to 539 tomes -hil_ ni-tmeg and its by-

product mace rose by 19.7% to 420 tonnes|

___ II

Founded 17th Augmat 1973 i

Subscription Rates I
i Pftayaie fI AAace I
IP f'ostage Paid By Swaind Class Airmail

ol su st ssuet Pups5 sAoe -.
t AKdu t 2maIeig 'By ^F :is ie--a_ __ :,. ...
H, ,.:, .. f:--:,r*h e~l" -.-, ;rm ''" ...- -b,- 5 -,th S ptei -
I k~tleeit a ECONOMY Pm~als.

- ---'-- -1111 1


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 4

l re r, simding i&t 4iff uitt to cope with tis
rising cost of hoLth- cars

t a paD more for the siand's
'F alth s- r-es.

This 7as disclosed onr August 5th by
Mi-nster of Health, Mr Phinrley St Louis
as he delive:ud its featui address at. the .
gduati n cere:motny of students f.r rm
the Grenada S.chool of Ni0.ursin ...

earrifr wd Me Z ii h asf th? wudd r

1 -A
A? cojar i &e nrMtg trst of health

A source close to the Health Serice told
NEWSLETTER that health cami a oCrmnm

ment iHopitals ard District e dical Visiting
Stations is almost entirely free. At the
Genert r ospital, for instance., of a total of
over 2i0 beds, there ale onvy for o hich
any charge is made.

..s 7o- hsi-.shis1 Mod i-s arise of
aZx P. jC I If-

the LakhwirAT, X-RAy asnd f w
ts4 a& f .Lkywrt-sai& bw to ad rho!

cetha- &armpnom'- for afteuiwati

Mr t Louis sad hs M r aim is to
provide good health care for all Grenad.ans,
Please See HEALTH Pmae 5!

ECONOMY From Pge 3
her 1992 cocoa sales declined by over 10
frm the 1 figure. The net toperatirng
inome of the Grenada Ci oc c Assocjation
(GCA) as ory EC $165,000 arn- there .as
an overall loss of EC$725,66 .6

Nutmegs and Mace did nrt do any better.
Accounts of e Grenada Co-operave
Nutmeg Association (GCNA) for the year
ending 30th June 1992 show a coTSide.rble
decline i sales ais compared with the
previous year

The v.lune of nutmegs sold fell by nearly
19% from 2.7 mi.ion por.ds t 2.2 milli. on
pounds, h the rwvolumze of c r e fell by
ovsr 21% f-om 244,000 po ds to 191, 000

Refecrting this decline and the depressed
state of the void market the v.alrue of gross
sales p'lumr.ted by 29% from the 19911
fige of EC$2.S million to EC $9J
million and them was an overall loss of
EC $.9 million.

Acco i E E, CB T ism remove r
during tie fourth quarter of 1992 when theie
were 83,795 touist arrivals, an irncrase of
r.rly ~2-% over the sane penicd in 1991.
The satlists show a decline in one-day
excursionists in this quarter, but cruise ship
visitors r up by 11.5% and stay-over
,sitor by 15.2% as compared with 1991.

During the fourt quarter, Gove snent
Pleas See ECONOMY Pae 5

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The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th August 1993 Page 5
HEALTH From Page 5

but, with rising costs, the present system who desire
cannot be maintained and. a new sys tem vith the Director
adequate charges will have to be introduced. of the fact t
problems c
Mrs GSendoline Noel, Directorof Grenada's ganmme vI
Nursing School, presenting a report on the
School for the 19912 termi expressed Some 40 su
concem over the motitivation of persons and Mrs No
entering the nursg pfession. cemoy i
A Meang Of Getting A Salary conduct
"Many pesons coning into the si
nursing p ssio appear t to be and
interested innun:ing' as arofessi on,"
she said, "but rather a as meansf t
getting a salar."Nurs

i Mrs Noel said the task of "
teachiig' people "with only mon-- -
h r .,= TL -i --
etar motivati-ton is "44ibelev- "
fable" ?ad she had another'- corn-MR- PHINSLEY ST. LOUIS
'Some students, s said, come into the employed mi
progmamm without the bkast academic from Corm
requiremernts. A numer hve paticipated Noel explain
.in e :xtesion classes to correct this, she trini the
continued, and have btaine-d passes im the provide r
iCamnbrid Genera Cert'ficate of Education.
There wsr
U"The School ties to facilitate all the students

ECONOMY From Page 4
opePmti:ons resulted n a EC $4.2 million
! surplus, a figure significantly -erthan the
EC $ 12. million r-orided in the same pei od
in 1991.

Re.urrennt Mrvenuw e was doni, ta Yes on
incomes wver about the same, taxes on
telec mnunications .and tickets pushed taxes
on domestic goods and. services .up by 3. 3%
but receipts from the value added taxfell by
nearly 13%.

Corresponding to a decline in imports-
import duties fal- by 13.78% and therm was a
decline inreZeipts from the foreign change
tax. Non-tA re venues fell by approximately
5 0 % . -

to improve their education level,
Said, "but we a.c also conscious
hat, at times, some students have
hoping with the Nursing Pro-
ile doing additional subjects '

dents graduated at the ceremony, I
el said, since the last graduation
n Auiust 1991, the school has
ted profirannes In Nursing
tant Trmning, General Nu-I ig
Post-tic Midwifery
AnOn-The-Job Experience
teen students graduate a
.ng Assistants and, in May last,
nore signed on for the one-year
course. The Director said this
course does not involve formal
preparation fbr nursing but is an
on-the-job experience.

w-ere dra-n from attendants
the Mental Health Services and
unity Service Heai- Aids, Mrs

nied, and sle hopes the level of
y receiVred will enable them to
roved nursing

29 graduates in the General
Pteas~ gee HEALTH Page 6

DIring the last quarter of 1991, the
unfavorable merm handise trade imbalance
was EC $61.9 million, some 16.5% than
the corres pondinr quarter n 1991.

This improvement reflects the contraction
in economic activity which resulted in a
-13.2% p in imports to EC $76.4 million.
At the satme time, the situation was assisted
by e pot earnings which amounted to

last Quarter in 1991.

Tine moderate ncm-asr in total exports was
attributable, not ;t domestic- : exo ea-tings
whic-ih stagnated, but to higher r-e-iport.
swwwamwmmw*- y ^ dia^ w iw


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