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The Grenada newsletter
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.
A. & C. Hughes
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
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twenty no. a year
completely irregular


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Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
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Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Nevsletter Friday 31st December 1992 Page 3
BUDGET From Page 2

LDe, b nr ; i 1h sp1eifi': i1r'? :;- n. -: m a.,. s, M r
Brathvaite :- id the 10% surcharge on irr
ports, li:'ich i,-. been pr-:.c.. et' b: tile busi-
ness. c 'mrrr..nit'., will be abolished d re-
placed. by a 2.5% C:.- trmsz Serrice -';

The Pr'imi Mfiister said le ri sz
Con'-nLr. Ertnual Tariff (C ET), s .; reed.

- l (Recurr.
_"-tif -.,:.r i
I~ ~ ~ 007 'T~-

by the CARICO.4.M H'mds of Government,
7ill c':;me int: t:ff?':t L- .-g the- fint h-lf of
1993. Cons'quent~y, he .. other -..'il be
a naxinmum rate of 35% on ,pecific itfmrs
instead of the 45% rAt as c urnii tly :.ttiins

"Tl-,7. no d:ubu, il 1r i- ult in a drop in
recuaient _ev6,iue from iump.It duty in the

)t Revenu-)I


Outstanding 3i.12.1992 i

:;..l. .t:.';lon Of East Ca ibbean
Sts Br. 1 e -' 1. 0 'si' -

S zte, Fiherie: Ui- t.
Inte ti.-i'.: .: b ., ur Ori"r.:: i-.i, -
U nit.-! N ;:,.ti .,-' D ' ',.,, er.-'
P .-:,-rt e
Ca:;ii'b in C' : i.i:.. ul. ty
U i. reitT: of th v7,? Indies
Pan Annie: ^^^Ui CArritiiit:-.i ,
F,:-,d & Ai.:iit.i. Organisation
Iin.te i.o I- Postal Ulion
Etc Etc Etc Etc F.' :

short rmI." he said, '"HceI i; e h'e a
l::.ver r:, of .it-' vil not ciy stinmuate,.?l -.,'; ,.. r ,ic : ,.i .~y but that it will
also eliia i'.~; S tax evasion pr:.ti:es
Pie s3 See BIUIXET Page 5



Founded 17th August 1973
469-h Issue
Siubcrip'on Rates
lPyable IB Adi a
Postage Paid By Secmn Class Airmail
(Inlad~n Pos Inr Gemaa)


l0 Iesm

40 I ~ses $390.00
About 20 Issues Published i

$ 43JDO

$ 77JO0


% Of
:ir,, j.tei^

------ ~a
--~----- --

L- ---~~ ~-... ...II


Ths Grenada Newsetter Friday 31st December 1992 Pae 4

(Rec ur rent Een d i tu r -)

Vote Estim:,t- Of Estimate Actual Prov.
._. Estim. 199I2 1092

Dir. Public
Pr :secution;.- $" 204.633 0.11 $ 255,5i $ 227,806
Public Serviicle I
:nmsin,______. 2 66,037 0.14 23.168 34,2 2 6
l : .r .liff., '290,391 .015 303. 732 2-248.028
j :.- 1-r .-r: : ,,.-:' 3 80097.
i.rsn-nl, &
lanag ent.. r.i : 406 42 0.22 40,91 4 114. 195,
Audit. 441i77 0.23 41 330 41,824
Pli ____ ___ 620 i2 ~ 690,441 58,2258
S' y_ 666,645 0.35 652, 0 0 6 12,253
Prn i- -Cn : :r .. ,' 0.42 1, 17, 117 853,96 1
Min. of L ^ical Atl:-rs
Local Govera'.n-t. 891.438 0.47 9.-66. 803,020
PO-.t Office 0.68 1,325 945 1 177 02
Dept. of Culture, Y.-__. |
Affairs & Spo rt 1 342,31 0.71 1,724,6221 L1,,7?9
Supreme Court 1,791,4i0 0.95 2,40,120 1 1..,1 82
I Salaries & Wages
Inr-.:. ..I 2,0 6,6 5 1 .1 5,000,000 4, -2 6,2 3
Priss 2,85,435 .5I 2573,0' 2,597,770
I ir. of Labour, Sodia I
Security & Co-
s 147,110 1 2,994,970 .S '47
.E:'rn -. ,2.':27 7 5 ,584,2 151 5,'0 1 j- '77
?Mi:ir of Tourism. Clriil
A.viiion & i
W'ns AI.:, s 6,094s,408 3.22 4,732,415 4,935,531
Min. of Agriculture & |
Fisher: __47,4 0 .8 e_.34 4.4478 02
Sni imI'e- cf Fin. e 3 1,453 4.87 10,722,250 9,721,46
C:.ontrib t:,t"._ro .. 1 0 ,293,411 5.43 '
Hinir:. of Works & Public
Utility e 1 i0.14,t3 571 12.200 124 2 7 ? I
Polic_ 15.4_._- '.. lI ':'_ _, :.-.:_,_.. 13 O.._
j ti.'r: ; .,:'r.t" i't -" ) '":'-' 1' -' -. "
i I.: ;: of Health HE.' irc .-
I the 1 -~ t 22,.: ..2 11 11.i 4 22. 7,4 2 1,5 9, 04
y -:.-,0,257 16.3L j 32,284,465 30,839,004
Public De!: t. 2: I -:l -. . .. .. 26,60.60^44_ 28,099 009

Total $I16400,572 Co l$177,300944 $169,65-"62

,, i i ,,-,

The Grenada Newsletter Friday 31st December 142 Page 5
BUDGET From Page 3

v.ii.:h currently c1 .' ii, a diain on
Goi ~ I rr~2 nj f hn- e ."

Other revenue measures are that the
Foreign Exchange Tax: is to be reduced
from 5% to 2_5% and, contrary to vhat
lobtaim at present, the 10% Debt Serice
I LU viii be applicable, not orly to e 'ared
|income., but to divdends on inwsmThe
|Prime Miister said eh existing tax
Ist~im has failed as an instrument of
Is iiad eqU tyv anid of eSc-ient resource
a l Oaioar For t" r.iU Goernment
will no-t introduce frgt-.r changes in the
ti .,system eept in the corSixt of a
IcomL -hensiw~ tax r"ev -tudy carried
.out in !9Q? for impi.mentation in 1991;

Mrr B:': 'h te di:.-d otjciev...: oft tae x
refomen ...i, he ti.-._able for iimple-
mentatj.:.n ac-cordinito a de6 alkd ve i. plan
ap pr:ov,. by Government, is two yea.

The amli ,.-,..' .. t is to enhance
credibility, efficiency ard faintest on the
.ali horiz,.: of Grnad. he -. and '
CET is ,he fr' part of the fi,-sci t.e51i
. ~;.ih will be Ipinierni1nd in the first half
of 1993.

"The second major plank in the to
reform vil be introductioi of a broad !
based !ta on personal aid corporate
income sith t et from 1st Januaryi
!994 rhe Mid

The PrimeI :iL ter Paid 192 I& a :zW ia :
-.. 1~.193 31 "no- ,-3 iffic'Ut.. He

....op into a of bi..p because the
policies -. d rre.s.u-i--. o '.tieii'. in tle Budge t
will put C'-_na, on the r-0-.. to iBCO-.-ry.

-... ,- ..... .... ..

Capital Budge


Administration (Fi .:ce)

Other C t:pi:-d ,r.

.LEdi catito
Multi Sector (Cn-ria::-ou)
Water & S ";i-cr.~,
A grn' i..u Fores try
& Fi--hene,?
Ihr -.-3 ri. t.i.uE

i_:-i.:,. % Of
EC Budget

0. f:O



12.40 17.73 inters
28.40 40.61 T,
69.'^ 100.00 _i j _

$336,935,5 114


$ -4,912,883

. 9.93Q5, 114

Areas Principal & Intiest
@ 31.12-92


$34,8 6,816

II _________


II II I --_--I I - ---

- -- ~I II

: ..,, 935,114

The Grenada Nevsleiter Friday 31st December 1992 Page 6

use an o Wams AT? i I gam i *

iria JCI uLB~~aT^ ailAJi~ I~? L~^ilidW2
irD 50'o psg fPpjm (r BcL Lrl& M^pp =-,,

I t.a- -,te,. during 1992 a.: Gre-
nad.~a~ir face an uncertain r., '.e
in the 4I-ie? Y:-,r. T-:.'.m
ism kept the isLarid ecn:rni..1. l
afl:.,t, but the Ov 'lr ,' ** u is ,

This sit- .
funation 4'

iof tl' econ-' !' .-__- -

Shi foI year, 1986, was a better
The-re vas a pr-fi.ton trU.ding and trt. profit,
i dded to th advances, and v ith addition
L. \' of a slm'all dcraw.'inr from rnsesrves, gave
, I.t:n.- Grovers a total paym-nt of
SEC$14 million.

A Pi:jifint .i .
d. D'el Ernt. .i ..n...
198`7 vas sign-

0om1 fail- :, of a r-
ed to per- ', .; ing Co-o peation i I
form nt- aemet Ti n-
ifttr.ily. Thi traditici l mainpi: l of d,: nesi nutm eg ex- -
this a~ e:iofthe e,:o, .my are NutmYei, Cc,. :., portes. Thi h a ic. beefiial
arid Ba.A:, but. they all hav beei-n r:p't on the Nutmerg ,e'.r

The Nutmgi Sctor Tr.,:nies i. is tj~ onlyht r nu1i : p:r. d uc uig
':';.iry in th-e :vorid, :.oiplying app:r::-
The fbi.6-"I-t di.- ppoingt-t-er :g 1~ Nutmneg irately 75% of ,.ubt .qire:rnt

(GCI, A), Nutmegs have 1- ,,f r. ,r,:':..
0,a losses, n+ b,1-v N

In the tn'J ye.-. on reser'e-, ard va -.ices plus
"i Ju-ie 19--.; 1 i -,ind ,r p:.i ont i;nd ,- tlled EC 25.7
1 9-GCN.A she"E i.- t. '. '
ing losses, m. r it As -; .:.:i-. .mf ii
G __NA __" .. __ ...... ''..-
ati,:r.s ample rser1: j-in 1988 and !?-,' the f^ :.'.uatle
n -e r- I -
:'e:r then s9hi tha:o9t -the" trnd ,,nted. Advances plus
is!" "L's 6003 t7000N'Blt" -i^Gro P" pi. on tmdmin it, 'am 't to
rei-d, in a comt:inal--:" of .- mc-- EC$27.8 --i'iin and.. EC$17.5 n-illi-n
'i:::i- the iar plius dtwiy f':mI pre actively, and draViiigs werei nx.\de on
rei"r, EC $6.5 mu.,.n, EC$5.9 'Ail..n the le'erves so T-: Iiutng Gr.'"_er.S
and. EC $7.7 million r-esFec'ivel:;,; ftir t.Ie reivd totals of EC1.8 million ad
.,th e .'e ".,_ars o EEC:.. .:ill P3eoase ee RVIEW Pag I

a j.- ; k. ;K -.

+]PE b .-. .._ ._ .-:- ._..- .the --..t-
s .. e t
the I A
n r develop, nt - nr -

--14ister fl r .. v. ._. r :'-" i'
-Agr,- .:..-1..h "r: 1990, d-.--
n'h1f ia ciark-ed on a i:- n ^utment
pI .. ...l ". -', y . T.i. n_
' f.:c tay Funm y .N.

cor!J.;.4rs to opera in an exlrilystain ,d
f::i.:':.i :i j .1 '..: _"th B-r. d: C, .'.r !:ft:

ri .: ti;., J .8 ,. / l 7it.h a arge
Euio peanuy rit alko been anroi;e 1c
fh.: with a toe 1' t.-'.l 1i1;1 -g a i;ne
,Ia..1 i-:ti n Co-,:ii-ationA .revni. GCNA r

has' been in I.:uch with the t :.nly fcre nmd
T .at orpm..c-. .-i Li:r s~id, had N:trnwi E:--.m:t Ass.ciation cf Lrr :ns *i
is t-- a e -ii of the pnr,;- Grovers a, Been Warned
ngramme 1 bth t tt ^-gkee Neither of t-he :-:1.i;.'.rcr has -eJ
S. an3 r:-._ -: Bjave in 4-. rjE_ |,1

j-.I^ 2,r n .s&i.- -m a w situion the n f n vill
the '-n i;.z ?it igif ,r. to be red rc.e-i. -: further.
;d' ...ri. i.. :- r" 1i- r. C r ade,
S.. .. ....s. -" An Eolomic Reeview, publfhed in
I---bember by the Minist-Z of Finance
1 S r, .- w -t:,q m
.-..r . the collapse of a -.-. cam sta.e- that min 1991 3,1841.600 pounis of
ell the i, 0 ing f-r that ~ umegs vere exported ad earned
--, N. 14 ..le sti to EC ~~io81,50 InI 992, t wigft of
i .. mlio to - There a imt egs xporie creas by -o-
pr tm~te niug %-: itely 14^ to 3,15,800, but port
u -. :-- U !,0 v; 1-0- Z t
o r --^ t.:. vf =a n ripped by 39,A% to
EC 179 out. EC$5,744,60.
I -- ,- r_ ....i- _-- .l
f. ipc felt in Add itonally, the R-evie says, 549,9o0 lbs
9! J1. s ..: ..; of ofmarn (' he bh-roduct of the nutmeg)
:. : --. nop:.on- vale-i at EC $2727, 000, venre portd in
l ye i lar-- :. C.A ..: .. I99. n 1992 the re~lvit correspond
1992 nspad -s
a loss of M2ig :.,res dropped o 398,900 lbs and
EC $1,615 5%0.
I The p an v- . .. ,. i past .
yar. n to a -:. The Cocoa Sector
as r, 1 1T - 1.. -
'..'. at e e. ; the ru. time i three ..."".,. duing-
Sf a lss .. 1.. 11' .l991 pr..p yearl the Cocoa
.EC ... rri;.: -, :,,. r :showed a h.., m around in the

" f v -- -s a .:.. & : irs2.i _. .
byv s.':. .:o- l., :.- j .. .. .. --.,.-. '3,:. That year *;.," an incr of

.E .o. for J .u.. .... ,.,: ,. of T Cidus y .h.
-c ,o '* :" -** -: I- - f_. -- 11- 1 '. .- 1 " .-L- -
O.. ..... .... -. .... .. ...a o re- ije ca ^, r' c. 'd ; ',-,
ac I ::- 415 -illion ... : 5 h ; ilI : pounds per ar-num.
M 7.. 1 n L 7 d. and -
8- -i F,.--- GI0t for the 199 /1/992 r-. IA.c-in ae
-r^ ----.t--., _ease See PE1 ViaW R fe a




-rndidy 1; Da-:ember 19K;2

]he Grenaa Newvs tter Friday 31st December nY Page 8

I REVIEW Fom Page?
-.ut o-a aywa',M-l :,. at ... Cu "

C o co a B oa m -Mr R i : i R.... 1 : -._-. _

:years .7erhunicane i"v.. devst the

ri i.-.AL ,-I- -,i #' --
S -isS 1"5.

*, .. ... 4 a l .. .,ro t . _q), M

}i 1 ,r i i ^ i 14- v .. .t. ', .j j
.rI a ra nce t r- tc d- --.'- r- -

ceed, the.:J.._'" d SC ::-:i: t,:_.-:, :n..
Ino 1939,e 199 on *t- t ing in -------e :-.
Onto Thrch I -
'".e' .,- --" o -. ..- o C -- .
i : -:. sa -.4.6' r -

tw il be "1 -' ... ". .-..i.

. e B . ,.' "... . that
crot y:-i : .. ...the... ... .. ,, -. i- r
. -' t c - .- -; -.

Jrx:.vte tellto1 .e7'r L
S-The M.i.- try of Fi,a-. -.., ;cn-

;droppad by -.2? 'o Q1U.i1i IU in
S19t In bi e4por r-4rin 9 r
.R M Bh ol L.A 4mn .O ff t A ...: G ra-a4-

?i f f --'

MI T. N6 C/iTl Z t*l

|Aiet .... A t .L i. Ci -,t -. ..

drorpp,4 byl--; .44 :. o! .r.
| Po r 1 l s 4,1-s a f g- '' .$n
iby ^13^
I e o i i

I 7 Ll ,'- YT i '8 ,
i~~t7ru .ri ~~~g~ ~b
j5!7irT rL M Bo! Cig'ancf-^^'Gitad

r ,.:. Co-opn-tve S...-xy (GBCS) said,
' .u'" 199 nte BE:_ dustryc, ..i e
to sho a_. ir1 m :, -rt tonnage
lo'O l a' -'^-. "
. T.-,\a .. -

The Chai _.. -
4 sr -- -- .
c on.-. oS ._ : ... .-r
hi7 3: pf t : f |

. a- -- ; .- "" i

- 0 .: p:tf:^,.' of h._' s 7n -f of ar j

S :eS i
SM z

;7 :uic, .yta s t.... o. te
-. t ~ - .
"e -. .... 1v: t :' ;r -, Pa, ., .fi m. CS y d "r"r " -

e Hi
A-! U -.w rr .-...i.:.i
Ma -. -i.e-ss has .o.e a lo: o<.f hajru, toj
our -armer4'- M^r ria tolM NEWSc
L E r T_ R "'Sor_? hoaw become frustrated

icrounted for a lk. *-..f aout 5',0% of thej
islands p ction .".

R.cen.. Has Purchased I
I- sT. ffor to recover,. tis loss, thei C .;:im :!
-.- i. Go nme t e. .: y - Li 'u: L

-3e- ideI- .-. :M~, ..F.i 350 o.:i. ofini-
evelpd h lav is to bep iant dEi. i lotsI

srPl -for a l' ft vit'Ej% P.f tfr
R.mich J y &a jt hz BS

P1ea^ Se 2EVIEW Page 9

The Gnada Nevst- n--e- nay 3is- Deember 192 Page 9
ji ThGre Fbadaieyail-r 3n a l 3M December I _2 Page 9

REVIEW Fiom Page
At .h z, ,i time, GmC -As..i. b-
S. ":]:: ,, +r, g thet r : i e .. ::p.:.. ts from,
I .4 -' "-t -.-

|StVi::i:e ., St _- Dcn: .: -.T

Kingdom r. --.?t.

r ,h h-e -,.,,:--i. of. :-- ESM, how ver
Scheduled f.r Ja::1t.: Isl" : is"
that cheaper :-rc --' ._11 c _- 1:: from
Latin America Will D-ad I .. entry to Britain
:. ., 4. -,-...I", ;
and t: ... on.., -: t tion t-. --' .to C..-...:... -"

Nownqr 9r" -L .
Als, : : b '.-.,'.: of ;. ESM
-vill b :-n Aic Paific coun
hich: -ovei-joy p:- .. fbrthsir L- e..i,

jit_ certain E -1:-:---.- counl-es-

MrnsQi, ..,.z. S:-^yjKvAa
.fr e e a Y I05y .m AddA, w -we

J7 thitSe 1, Rome -IS3mnar n-
B,t .J& s;l,, "f- zaO.m'- i A.Mr 1.5'


i C O rge -" -; 1 :. stan& ff S' C',"- S

b7 ,e bem-f A'r.4 ,"" e. -j.&
j.1. w fhr h 7e a.e 7 r_ D e
i If .'js'iar -F y

IfdvZese Bs:-,r=s:,-. ide I L .v i ..

by arysBssk for tie fs:s-j; brt
|Je br d' .'*r-syfm f im~^e
i-.-i:" Eh'' 1.: :; IvilMm stefr s stteNB;a' 7 r: e.
not say h.-:~ 1 :* 0. in martn--anents
j"'ill be ii *-n: e, Dut the B:ses Comuttee
or the E 'peaji Co p:*;: :..r-::::2et (ECM)
has n;ii!? there ill be a ruinim 10 y.:
tr:eit..:.^ypenrod ta^'u-.:l : T-:e y; 1 93.

Charriman ::., is th-1it of f.ui'. quality, :n
he is of the *f p.on 'hIt x r.. y G-renadian
Bartj-,.: C ei u.'? diIo !"?e,' to.? 'hler
(. tt -.. t..
;:..i.: ar dijc.e, necessaiy to meet
tr.iar.T' stansdiants.

"Our fV-r -.Al : ,-n not t :. r i .ie 1:iro of
intre .t. -J is r.; -L t twumi out gcod f'ui,-
;u.: i he :.-,. "they are mgovmng .banr
,bu :*-- V ,? ; ,to prd .ice th._ best."

,To 2: .-:ce ,:e this: ,~- c: he a.d GBCS I
Sd te "cl

; u .U d a ._.. .' .. i'iT-i' ?1 'A' .,, a
- -t.-'u. ge p,-r.,aj t:- tofhi.i.,.-fr..iD q;*:-lity.

The has een a recent, p:.-,ent in e i
-: r'i.:-'.9 of top q ': y fruit t !
reported, l" Bho! sCaid, but the nei
f: '.- ,i_ .:. ha-v..-.e rnot ..... ....... .. .. j
e..''.'. ..- to penvilt 5 pol-:- a "" d'I emrnt ofI

Gravity Of The itui. j
Some 3' .: of te islafid's Banaa Gj : t .h'e |r
!ae r' b clus ter U"?k, e :'Yidf andil
0e! is ... ,..d i it.' of ,.^ situation!
i r ed and vd p. to

"T1. is u--. .. .. : ;-:, ,:the C i-?, r:

-tmes r .Cocoa ad we 1 ..-?7 reacF" 4 the
e. ..- :- :: h we must do something
0- U-i L

ab' :u or i-C up p n e :. n.."

Acco.. di:.. t'-o rit? Econ.,:.uiu,: Re.iew of !hel-
MiD aSty of Fimnane, 15. 334,300 lbs of{
.-.:-,- wdre d"^-'rted I I'-I1 and e :d

and e--n,,'* f by2 to EC $ .

i-l W* r.;
Non-traYlitional Ariijul tune

F .' ....r i.i;-, G.. .. rt ien. .:" operated a
cr'p d;"- ..r- ... pr: "i.. "?, a a i
Pleaae See RVIEW Pare 10 i

- ----- I-

The Grenada Nn v.vter Fna]

"a.a.cultu e ,is ...... -, -. .-.' r.t-
j e:1.:.'pv1 7o ra ich o '-i

expand in 'C.

uis. c b'e:e. sv o f an I- ..o S. 5miili o

pounds v.:uI-w Sn. Ew'6 .8 'O" n. tishe
Revie sar. "... 1992 r:.. ditional
1:: l W.IE -;-:' tedPforM47 of.c*j t. T -'. a
:ed 32% ofa 4 '-Lue ofi cr'; pr:'diction iT
jGranKv.:. The n;:.:1ty tc this productio
177% r .i:-I es.ticall

i'. 4.. ...
i ,i 2 + -. + ,

eports t re' in v.--' : -,
int al m tIo 2 ll on Ibri' n. t
i I ..f-'., -

SEC $5 : onm <9$2

i 0 ii

ZI 7
I L nft -n v 1ia c, L
|,de.l.;,,. .... -. . : -t.c ,r ,

ided by e eni- :. -

rilh caidr e:. .yrbr ;n: b-i
|+ ,have r s ;id, iF r I s :. S--: .. .. .r-,;'
,i+n, .... in G m +,. -: -
:. -*-+3 fi-h-^- ^^iis T- 7 V'-T+
i- 4 --..
j !s ~is. *.+ T c
i ... .._ 7

- ports tha, ia "i fis- 9r.ditl ,. d
i.reased by 5-3, i, -I:- s 3 5%

ya au- to -i6 vilu ian c- ".: .a-'ed :t
TE^ T hixrrm _S9

processed or e:j-r&.aT9-. ri. --y
and et'fra r-gio't' ? to fe URA v-mi
.Canad." i Riev .-- 1 >'

Stly-o r isitos, "-or t-e : l 9

months of 1992,3to-t.t-d 79425an ,i 2-- --
~The C~f Totu' e:;S,;'r~~4

% -'v,, O%- r .. .,,-,- ,:r .-, : .. -= .. .
+. t .a. + :'it+-,._.+.*+ + ++++2 t7 /-.,

y 32st Decemner 1992 Page 1!

cof 2. o.' ."A,. fig.r forthei: A';
1991 r .;-KI

This rmpint. ac :.r i' i- fall inte ra-mte
U-f i1ic: .+:;- e::i n Z". 1991, ;t :1
A. --C j
i, ia ets of :,nin
Hl: W?'.Fe r *0 Pil: to Mr

vas noi&t ^-C d!'y factor

7 e 4 e a' e-
C ut

S.. of e at-
: m i;:.4 "but
U :' +" -. ., 1 ,' *_ '. :" ".
our r' so by 50% to tr vcd ith

Vire is- a ,prr faemrabe ni Gwd-'s s l
.: anally, he up t199 preias to be

'over L visit 1 in 41:3 A i li-lyII to be
t 5, Mr Beid said.

h tels.- -

1ha 7 0- ra -4 ." h s t aid.

.h-e Di rectr : also --., sa -il b.til
l:i m r-, i a etcer- r: nt :-- ii' vi
*bili.ty.t Te ? n Trri.n is
4.r:...'r tratiirig ;ort+ .: .. and otter1
avreniss, L.-:!c aie bei t:takentXo s, them.

With referei-e to i Ship visitors
174,014 arrked 1in the 1Ty2 January to
November period. This repsnts an
im-crase of 1.4% o-ver the 19 corres-
Please s e EVIEW Pari 11


Th&e G nadaNa1eraker Fiday 31st. December i2 Page I
*------- ____ ...

EVISEW PXrom Pa&e 1B
*- L*iij pen-:^.. bu-L ': .: of c:-'-::p.-.ud.
Jheiy^ in Dec ^":-er, 1. Beraria
: f i, i, .. ... . ... -

---- ------..-- a

'f. mug.ier In a -ct, Carriacou as the
pwrme snapping -entre in December for

i V i i.=..c at
a+; I

ECS 12.. ,....:. .. C, ., 132,000,
in 1992.
M re Than 20%
--,_ on .: .9 : .... -t.. s, st;r..., !,- ,
,.:? '.ut 60 of e.. pot. .... ... and .i m into.
',: c'uti Tourism's .- .- on t, con-
*.' : r, ",w' the R-evie'v estr.:.- :iur-

Gr.q Do-:: 1: P" ..... (GDP)


-n .- i .
PC _,h l e t*- 't _-lectort
i y L .... -.-. Ie u .L 5-

r.i ,. i -
1|a .,T f r r - ,'. ".. ..?
-' e- .v. 1 2 y''

ln m e--.:- :" '. r ".'. .. .
_ _-. - -,. .

u-so sales -and pMtr:.

aOne fiti.- te t

i to: i- -

. ra of :- .os ru f -r ,hich i':
bought to :rnade r- c7 St y j

jpe:b. mre, tail.

z'Smugglingfrom C rriaca to Grenada
.has becca:? ewry brdawbased", other
trader said. "Itusd tobeJLjt alcohol aid

Suties upvrds of 8% isgc d busing fo
-' n. -wt +01 "S isn G, f -"."S for

Sduiesuvxd f8%i :r -uie- o

.' .Ld *.:---:e *

T .:. .. : -t il ofI I:*:
ind merchandise ,-.i.pd l:.:."-ne by Cr?-
r::: i.'n North -.:a._i., .-. coveIed by
'. -' i d i -'".'?i a .e r.i hI.e
i:-' into tLhe : --e: of trie C6::? by
le, ilU: f i i-...rteis-
OEfer Unfair Cemipetition
In t.d 't. ; Iu rade", :" of oods a
ssi~- '
'J,: I=i l.d to 17 it-_w 'me,.:are fr sal i
Gr:-. ,t a nd, ar.ri:.g less import ,-vutv
bect 'iC i : -:,Y ." id"d in'.- ic s, I-,,f r .Ui ir
c ..:'i. _T:i.'_nto :.:." i p'-:-,"d 1 tin-"c7

c -.y ? to the

.- nes r -. .
S.sion as a rsly -.h'ti23ng -ti:
nut rr_.. i ,:. an, so lo al 'd e.

The I W2 Natmonal Budge'.
rY 9+ es i tI R -"

a' --:-:. n: Bt13h.

e 5

EC $1:. a 2 trillion P. nc

3 lit D i .a: ;:' 1991, ;t..' at
.EC$3 .,935I1 .
tS 2

Sale of ,.:A' ..: .- Oti r -"ed .. etL was
':,-'d to r.--e EC$11.6 ion. Gove-
zen ..ft.d t v EC $14.0

and EHC$26- i "~,e i -'a" ex," ....In g^ I

FUll details cf the :.;t..~.1 outiun of the
B;lge t are not .yet -,r:il1- but, .r c.':re'ir,
PleamB See REVIEW Pase 12

--- --- I




The Grenada N vsletter Friday
to, tI- Eco,, :r: R: ie of >.. i ..;'- of
"Fin e """ .: .dAtafc . : .: :: :'. :'.; ...
to OctcA.. R-.nt R..- r 19o.r
.-fd at EC $11.? .inli.n, mill be
1EC$l.,., -. n.

Ea??,d on ti -'_ .: ., :..d. Retmn i nt Ex-
p--iz- fo.r f2,, e .: .at .1. $1425.
Vil be Ec:$69.. !. ::L

"Government spenditures icr zased by
2.9% vhile Go'vrn.m.t rnaas de-
creasld by 1,2% ewen 19931 and 1 2
with deficit-s both 'years," th Review
say-s "EC$6_6 mduon ina 1091 and
EC $131 mrii-hor in ?i actouning for
3% of the G)P in Ki.42

The 19Y3 Thro::-e Sph budget

Governor C, -. Sir P '-i Palmer imad
the "Thrlone Speeh" on Dac. :- r to
a joint sitting of the S.-.-- aid House of

-That SpA-': ".lJ '- uI ,.-, Na.olj: i r-: :-
jcr~tic G :-" 'E:..: '"'"" :" I -93pl s -a. p. lic.-i -

31st DLecemnber 1992

Page 12

tl2 IT- .J7 l Movement revolution -of|
1979, th~ Co:ti;.:. ..*^ s.p..1 aril
Lit Pel Ree'atioria.iy Gove iGment
(PRG;: established its own Supreme- Courw.

Foir. ". ove o'rv .f -he P?.G in f983,
the Constitution as re-stn.. but the OErCS
SYr.;rrl'? Court ;.cod i not be ej oined byj
f be1 ain .,ppli.::..,:. was made on 17th July
19< bui, by letter of 2dr Maich .,,, he
then .OECS. Chainnan. Prm e Minijter Joi-t
C.p.n or St Lua, advised the-n PrirSe
Minister Herbert Blaize of aernda th0at it
had not been approved.

"While the AutLrity -mlateome sh a
decision on the part of Grenada," Mri
Compton said, "tlhy consider fe time fori
r admision of Grenada inappropriate
i nail appeals regarding the murder of
Prime Minister Bishop and his ceagues i
hav t b-en dip~- d of by the A-vpealh
C.--.Iral of- Gr.-enad~. i a

an t nse 'ere v 9-.:iorl D:9 ;:-: th
.hen Prim ..r d '. of i. ly 199 1, -.. Appeals Court ""f -Sr'!Ia

der *:d of the 3 :,:.e:ed to lorg prison
T t -" I'" -Ti*

That ... gi.t .rovies f>r.9.:i a. ,-'r., _'._ r :";,,.i),.-- tg_" ;"r ir i.:ite- to .the san5
of EC$247.QO0 .: .'r-, c-:end6u of i:;.: .
EC $259.3 million d a D r'of EC $1 Was Presided Over
io i cleared i. vay br Grena-Wa's -re-entry
the OECS Supri-, Cou1. and. th, e.r,
jOECS Appeal C,!rft L-es :i'0i:_. in F*r' y 1.992, of the OE':.
Sa Cort 'was .ed over by Mr
A rn s::. : of 13 years. .: :ni. Fl:. ..,,C. 7, Ef. Justice of thE OECS
aAppn Cour of -; Orga- S-p:me Court._

St (OECS). sai T-, Mau-ic "o Murder Aeal
Greiiada on et -, /
1it :....- -: T. i r~a ter appeared to be eise_ min
11- he -
IThe -" r ee C,: .:r .c-,xnvicted ,:f wrder, ,.h .er
of e EC iE, :: .tutionaly, Ape tr:Asd dorn, L.a tieir -.te
Suplir- Coul t ,of I ': i :' .- in RgEVIEW Pae 13

SThe Grenada Nevsleier Friday 31st December 192 Page 13
REVIEW Fr~w Paie 12

Icc n,1,n'r.Ud to life ri r .ilnt .

|Ho-ewpr n Jan--ary. 30th
Cl..rence Hughes, S.-m C -
:i l, .'_Si a Motion in the

~- Z
.'-.e:; States PECS" A'--
oi, r, of;.;a t Cat.C -
ire ,v the Apphe: ?;eted J
Elby .eI GraLiL A!pp:. Cout t
b'ore Gm-ad.a rsaA. ,,;d to the
, ' ,& ,+4,k&,.li <'.,.- ..-_ . ..--_

1992, Mr

Ti ~~he n::"*rfitre --
iOEC- S 2Ap0- CAr H Z'.- .O .. .
jl) 22 as ad jomed to uly 12,
adj-.: ,e ..,,_ to .:.... 1 2 .

!A sure r-: to v. Court 4'old :-E -
LETTER he ECS Cort thhs E. b: L
,,idcjto mio in ei inigargmrio relative
1to sertil elt'.mnvz of the Mot-n.ii Mr
H '" r -r cn- -d r as One
h, cA oum e f:. n bu i~ :: :. o..

G *nnberito of Gte ` -* 1 VI an tc St

h0^':! in Glenada in J .- 1992.

The RCA -net final C -., St Lu.. .
ioni Mc- 27mh and ad,- p4. % R^Lp:tt vLi;- h
G .nu r- .

in a .-nt C- -\. O.--, T' Williams,

jamember of te- G--nl.: f : 0i::" t, te
IRCA, 5 h -,: 'ei atter of .. ... vard
I -slaids polii ...ty is "y ".:n hold .

"S o r ] .n:T. ..," : .- ... h G.._- . id2

j o.-.-: jin.- t..i .:- i:.f.ji : a Y lte
iapr, te

h r - -,
The CA ;netfii l- in:'._ .. --.-.S t,,..-
+ z'
or, !,i.:a -.h ?....

------ --- ~.. .~

ensued, it was il. v there was rino en,: c
to h ry d,.-;vFl'L.- :, ,ient" in this conrr: tio-:,-"

Wh-t erergpPd, Mr Wirianr said, is tha.
.!e was "agreen.sat in principle but ther
is t.h- fe,-lin- ,:t a lot more work needs to
be do8:; and cl.1:.i:-:.:s :nad b-ef:-:-
anyti:; fil can be decided.
M&It Be Cou.scltation
I reply to a qupt.ior in the House
Repip[,sentatj ._:, on Dl'e,-ente.r 3h, Dr

of he G-mnada .elei.' ti.;n t.: t -. RCA, :aid,
E.j.c;. a p!- :1 + _,jn .n",l on W ir j .- "' --.i
I.-...'r. : ;.-i'' l ur- :.n be held, them.
t..'. be c : .Jit ..',,- .:--,r-n- th Heads of
G' cni_' nI other Heads of :-ica p rtie
+.p:--_.;?ntdj m and ,,hei.

"Su~c coisultaaon on the !irmJ;L, of the
efenidurn is iot. ye, at this stage,
.,ficient., -.- --ce'j t+ eraitle one to say
',,_ in !993 or .. .f'_r, a n-ferei'u-nIL
on -I-. ec- vil! -,e held in he


Th; W.-:'rian Coni: L .1 app: Irt'd 1'
the Heads of St-ae of i Caribbean Conm-
m ity (CARIC 1) to consdt -:

'- :. r I h, ." bef t to I
bing about r--4 better--,

lif ._... aid to rove .heirf
ra Z. :. 's p 1n .E c n-m .dity of tioir ",

Te Weak iPoint
Tl.l' core of t. Report is 3 rppr'irtmenr., of a
_" 'R 1C.OM C., -r f sit .n ai.nd at. p4.: i
-nildanet.y: to fiti Ui.- implementation ,^'
' the ni;if ion sys. is the
"Ac.1ils. iAe. I S- S -.r*MI,- poi- of t e I
-:-- ,r. nt t...-is p .liti-:1.. and eco.n:..ric
int_-,rtIion of Brtain's fc.n-rer C anr ar:
Col-: :.. '. age e REVIEW Page 14

The Grenada Nevetler Friday 3 Is December 1992 Pag 14

RMVIFW From Page L?

'ThAt L". ...." ioi h i" R r r" *-Zirnds,
".she.:d. be c-rr~. '-pi-d ofaF':identand 1o .
other 5.: LmrCit i.*ii- h'E :- f-:. r ing "a
*: .:.:? auth.-. uty, freed -," nati-:-n ?, domestic
'p'rs pibihtic ; ..4r 4le i. :..; ,aTd..ppo 3-
r.fItey empoveed to implement C.ARI-
CO 's dec,-r:i.. ni

Iied the fp ead.l. .- af tthe YCA4Ri-

19ith trI b t ~k C-' aRICO % o S

Zj- 7 r'i el :f tL "r" "
GwsPau ataml COOn i.. l e a-

I..d^ tre Heads \'.~ cleated the "CARI-

vwth the task of eApmdi. CARICO'

i,-:. iro, .
ChjiTuTaTi of the Caribbean C>.::.T: ...Uu;

Sir Reginal Pamer succeeds Sir

Go'--'rrr.T -General i. Paul S ccon ,-*; .,: on.
iist n 1i o serving m I n :..i!. -
since Ot::_ber -r"h 1978..

W ith eff:-t -., m A- ., -t : i ~:..
3..;:..eedpd by Mr" R- ^^n _r -er .." on
Oc "e ..2nd, b.:.."'- Sir _-gii :- e
iQueenav arded im 'he G.f C-. St .
S.1i.: ael ': St Geoige (GC MG)

G.;:," -:, i aerfl :4 i ,loyees i_.. r _twenrit.-. i:::
Ofw adi unions, 'hr ?uhC 'Wr.r-
i ai i, n Tie ,- r.:n.:,: : Unonof Te..,.:h-l :, Tha

E'eciien & Wateirjtv aWorkers Union, and

ia 1e v .,- :, A. r -, ent. to : :verthe. -i:-..
U1990, 199t1 ad 1992
R c;,,,, ,, . __ ,. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^

The Urni1' ,ir.11 vas I-r
average ie.:.a of 12.5%, 2 .:, 2r 2 1%
i'.p-eivetiwly for `e tuiw -War., increases
wVhich tl-,taied about E :' 40 million. Go4v-
enmient countered 7.:iah 0), 2.5'4S Arnd

"If Govr~aneit pays monr than EC $5
million in increased salaries 1992",
Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite said
athis aismd will face a bleak economiic
future v-h ch vill bfriig misery t the vast
maj-rity of its peo.ple."

NeJ:tiatio, Lor: vwe -. rdos :i1t a Ic -
day strike called on Aprl S^, a two-day
stake on .--. 7. h a.- id. l.. "an -'hv of a
-..ra s.t2i. k l i2.L-, TIh -. i were v'-
r'. .-.....-- '1: v-' axnd counter .3el- )--.
-"..- h
take :n Lthe U'ni offered to 1.'T
Govermnent to "ove"1 wcrikers ;;.Lr m:;nefiy|
"L': i.1. l .: not to f:. ,.A to pay L.:Iay in-i

Would Be Prepared
T-' Unioss d : 7 :A ..1.'.d be p':p -ined to
accept G,:-.:r:-, .nt b.-:nd-: for the "'jteb

AB zwEz Itslys s e f ieur eak
fime L9? It s.L* ut pueges
S.n.f. safo rys ls. ar t ie
jurs .i st&p skM rSt he r 41
,; *' 4- 3

Of this ar-unmt the AIrfmet ECt.5
.n".i .::. is allocated for a'.*:,-, -:'8 rlliond
"p, Mil "1
for t1991 v i5..5 r: "'-- fr T- :.' and
!.f' -l:, he yypmeth.d of ,t of there?
._ *:- se. out.

The back-pay ftr N90i. EC$1 5 Million,
must ,e paid no later :.h.a 28tli February,
13and. EC $.5 i. n i-,- bor. (6%
rdeemable on ist Jauary 1995), equiva-1
lent t tfe bacik-p:. for 1992, e to ,be
issued by .i July 1992.
Pease See REVIEW Page 15

The GrenadaNe letter Friday 31st December 1992 Page 5 1

REVIEW Fini, Page 14

Wi r$[ rfe:reic t tt-e -,.u- of EC $5.5 ,dilion
a for 1992, c. Z t.:tie pay for the
peInod J-.i t-:- June .as to be p. .re on
31st June 1992 and salary ilr_-.'e:' ,._-re. to
comn]i:iO..e on st. July 1992.

This Agreemnt expires on 31st December
1992 and it is expected negotiations for a
nev Agreement vi begin in the Nev

1Cabinet Re-sh ffle

s;' .: itl his .tr.-i -t wi -th: ffi f:r.r 27th

I Tbs.TThe Prime MJi :t)-Ei' took
*El. .rnsiblilJ' : for
Fin11an'c and i' -i.r;
S. lle"ing Mr Brizan of
S ee p~o1foli osi but.
ft, him with Ti-':-,

r Mr T;ni Th".:.m.- vas
I removd as Minister of
Works, Conwnunmcations
--4and a Publi- Utilii .F d o
*.pp'llnted "Mmnster in the Ministry of
TFina ce".

The Ministry .'.--.-d.I by Mr Thomas s
gi '.T -: to Mir F -P .y St Loius 'v pr edi
o'ur:.e Minstry of Agiculte, L
Forestry -and Fishsie to Mr Bnzrai.

.U"iivrsity of hl e l. :_n i s,-' i diciez_. :. ,
ihn en eltior Li ioh then Ne Natvion

Pof Tips -N-P io W Km

A cr, .'. .c. eardy n ,.. r by 5p7ell--

1k7, G' i ;, bo -m T- D r P a
Uidnivsity of te W 7. lndies, i'-,iiabd t't,
fin a election hed then, then, Nev Natioral
IF i' (NNPj of Dr-- Kea-;,. L :ikllw v.-,ij

in 9 of tie 15 seats in the Ho,.:." of

Into other, on st-'.- :ris, NNP woidd hm" j
tied Isp-'.tively ith -e N. -~:r n Demo-
cr.:t.i" Congress (NDC) of
P:Ene Minister Nich.:.'s
B..:sli, arnd The
Natluni.L Party I(TNP)
of Mr Ben Jones.

In I!!e other it-
erincieS, Sir Eric Ganiy's
(3rernada Uriited LZb:.b.Lr
,~e).! ( T ""T.r :'.5

Results of the pd are riot
concllix,, 3 jh.y do not inc.iLlep
S of Ca-cou. Al :
9H% of tl-he sanmpe did not indiLc; a party

The Next Prime M miste
Ho, '.'"er 29% of the ; pIe chose Dr
1..i'chicll as tfHe nel Prime :.,Iiriser vi. Mr |
J.T:n his cel:C t rival with d18%. In.; t
category, Sir Eric mei'-ed 10% of i:% e f "'

Otber Matters

Sale. of the Naioial Con;- :i..:. E,.ed
Under an Ag~ nwle l. signed on 23rJ
July, Gon~.-er.: sold 51F% of the
iTSu-.d sharSs in the Ati .:.I- Com-
mercial Bank (NCB) to Rep.Ai
Barnk :cf Tn: :,, & T'ot-,^.

The ;c:pe-d price .a: EC $16.50 per|
s12a a".- this ov.*-t :e-':~:pe to !e.:i
ise E.Ci.,3,1250. Of the

,in' sh.."r, G ,.:,'.q,'en ed re-
tdiei 1-'-,- :"'"j': vere toc be
ofi,.-; to Crr.: :.:,:r at EC $15 per

Tndei 9- Pr:-f s"i--al elicenp Act
This Act P ias p;'sO .i February 14th
.i:u irrmpced an annual licence fee
0.5% of gross sj..: on a 'iue Nirge
lease See IEPIEW Page 16

The Grenada Newsleter Friday 31st Dec aber 1992 Page 16
---------------------------------_ ---

REVIEW From Page 15
of "T'a t" r...s. i: . ".

This Act -:.a se -'-eriv criii:Led and
obje-ted to by the Grenada As *:"c-
.,:tti: Of Lavyers (GAOL) Vhich
po-.nt'? out that the Act r ,.ie iaw-
yers and other prI'fes io-l: ubj
to the C.:-npt.-l :'of. I: d Revenue
who had the ripht. to grant li.erA::-
as he saw fit, 7with or vitsiu.. restict-

F.epeelj. on?>:. Qc i:,pr thii: Act w-a
reprced b- the A, u.j St::ar. Tax
Act w1w h pro'.,e ihat, fi m ist
..JrTanir 1992, "every peIon who is
egged in b..-:"-,: shall pay to thi:
Comptroller an annual t-p tax in
:tr.:.: v,"t'h oi:i-~-s of This

In his 1993 I. .t .:.- Pnir
i. -ir-; tr and. -.d '.-r ofFinance, Mr
Nih-...l.:, Br- 4 _-7 :r 2..:. i'7e -ve u.te '
had beencolrer-r :-.nthis tacin 1992
and it now ,o-,e effect in 1993., F *li :,- vi.: C'rn .nit. e .
At a cerer:-.,.-y n Jur _.:.d, the
4 1-
Gorni.'ri tj.iE~.l:- t Pl z;ig &-
Policy Review Com a-aitt ee h.:ire
with re .,ieing r,~ir policy meas-
s crris4alt.i t i! by Governmenit

Headed by the Prnme Minister this
Committee is composed of rep-
resentati'-,-: Pr'.m "Fri Piat Se:t.--r
| Or;-tri-.v nsr, -i TLadeUnionCoun-
cil. Th Bar :-..::i tion, thi Press
A. s.:.e :.ct .u'-- .-- ,q-- .. Orc-nis.:t-

':- e OrgIi^'.s. the B-
nij .-in;'r e -:* :*: -.. d The C-r4L d

H '.-. I ez t': 7 F.:. -ri;j
Over tih period "t; to 8th Niovei -,
Gn ,... hosted. an Investors F..-i.uTr
for Hotel Z Res.ot Development in

the Eastemr Caritbblar

United. Nati.:is Spi.-d Q'ci rn'"i" ee On
Decr-l:.i-, n
C-;-: ,, period 17th to 19th Jmue,
1he Uniti. IT.tic(.n S .7 ia! C.:r-:nitee
..-i D.;: loiLati(U nmet in G nada
..ier fIi'e Coimmittee's Chainnan, Mr
Ren,:i Peni;agi L:.ia.

Cable-T.' C rres To Gre-teda
It .: announced. on .:th August that.
.,_i e:- in Gp1ie,,.: 1 -t voutd have
:-b! -TV by t'he end of th.t month.

The an:n.i:neeneriit was made by Mr
Hugh Dolland, M. nagi Dg Dioct,: r of
Cren:iida.- Cable-Visi .>., ad he .Sj his
S.mpaniy had been isi'.-d a licence
on 10th De.:embier 1.99

Tenns of that irene r i:ch-ire a bai
on local .mi.--'ri.: c camed by
Cable- i*i'n id ..,'_r of one
harnnel' to icarny -Government-< :ed
Grenada-TV. T -y in-:cl-.- also pro-
-i i.:.:; of a "Co:-.-unity ChaImnl"
dedicated to .;.;:h '.:aI pror;urmi in.
as :tr,. and. entertainment.

Cholera In rhe Caribb-eanr Community
E-' in y, the Pan Am-
erican Health O:-. r-por -
ed the firt jiienrifiPd case of ci'l-
era in tihe Caribbean Cormunmity

The case, a 27 y;"r .1old .-rar, 7
rep .ied from :r-li.

The cGlr-.:i~d- Police scored a win in
fig,:t .ainsat '- le. drlgs vb.n,
on ine 6I, he': -r l-: thiir biggest
d r., 1,::.l -v r~:J.... of :-rij, ia and
.:..cine estimated, at EC$50 million.

Please See REVIEW Pane 17


The Granada Nevsletter Friday 31st December 1992 Page 17
REVIEW From. Page 16
IP.oalty ,GriMndca va, acc-.npanied by her husband, Sir
Her Higlnme:, Frincess Alex- iAngi OgiMie.
,-cidr- of iti Uriid L K.rin d0 r and
Northem Ireland, firstcousinto Queen Carib Chief Visits
Elizabeth 1, viite;d Grerid.a on Nov- Mr rvice Auguiste, Chief of Dom-
ember 5th and 6:.h. inica's Caib Reseribdti:n, vite.
Her visit was part of a tour of St Cmraja in Novemrber.
Vincent, BEI'b~-dos aiij. St Lucia. She a ...-

S **ii. 9 *m^ ^y' .1'''"*; : 34 a^ ai

British Donate Televion SSet

Unde: thB Heads of l,.sion Gift
SchEme, the c:ffie of the ErMich iho
CommirJior in Grenada has d ratie'. two
tel?'.ion s-ets and 2 VCR mrr:.chines to
the )..mistl of A hcl.e

Accodinrdg to a release from the High
Co'.irnMisi:n, a video unit recent has
been set up in the,: and this
equipment is to be used for teaching..
good prc. -ies.

The of audio visual eqi.'p-
meit vill er'ble e:rt-'iorn .:-ficer- to
plan a systematic of.:'.Ligmr of training
sepfin-am in tlhe priority ;-ea of hb-Ii as-,
cc- and jrpice the nI.r-. e says.

In .. :djit:in, this eq~uipe':-:. will be of
assistance in pr:.",. -..; :t:' m
.r-ntal husband.y *i in ed u::..:._
.sch:o!c'l.irin i the Tc -P of *'rifrl .m d
pr:od'.ic'tio of food.

PAHO Aids Heahh Centres

The Pan Arnien-i_ He.:tllh Orgamsaion
(PAHO) had d.,aei ECi-r,0,o to-
v.-rds extension of the I M.te:-ail & Child.
Care HeaIh Cline at Bede Vue in the
Parish of St.D..vis.

A release from the Goverri-imnt Infcr-
mati:,n Servica (GIS) says h full M c.t

of the ": "'?ion is E, $161,750, and the
difference between this fi.gire ard the
PAHO donation vill be funded by the
Grenada Gow.nmnent

The GES relea. says PAHO has agreed
to provide a further ECi3[,-il rhiCh
,ill be ised to equip the St. David's and
Go;y.ave Health Centes

Renovation of Princess Royl

Hospital Now Complete

Renoati,:.n of the P:iire;s Royal Hos-
pit.J in Grenada's sister island of
i.;<:.u has been completed and. a Ie-
lease ,r.-.r, the G. '' "rnm Irf::nnati:.,n
Srvic:e (G). sayS the iritutEi.jn .:s
:pected to be f.lljy open~ti:~i by
Dec-emi er 15th

The Pan American He--lt.h Orinisatioi-,
the Rotary Club aij the Ca.riac:.,u &
Petit Martinique Suppo:rt Groups le
beT-n a.ppri.acir-ed by the Ministry of
Health for financial aIsitn-cs in -quip-
ing and funisi;,g the H,;p.tal, GIS

Wiih erefernce to woif on the D"t:r-: s
ad Nurses Ou-Qters, this is in its final
stzags and should be Completed e-nrly

Renovation of the H,-s.ial and re-
Please see NEWS SHORTS Pase 18


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The Grenada Nesletter Friday 31s December 1992 Page 18

News Shorts From Pae. 17
building of the D ,ct~jrE ind Nurses
Quarters vere funded by the Ehitish
Developrent. Di'iisi.n and the Urited
States Agency for hIternational Develop-
ment through the Basic Needs Trust.

The Hospital pi ject mrnoi.nted to
EC$706,821 n, and, hen cin:pleed, the
Doctors and Nurses vill cost
EC $542, 844.

me as such...."

The GULP, he said, "has never been
really defeated at the polls", andi e
claimed that "after my party's victoniy at
the polls in 1976, not a single one of
those adrministrati:,-ins that fillv1ed can
really claim fair and honest vic'-or ower
me and my party's candidates".

Sir Eric Gives Guidance

In a published Cliistnws rri-~sage, Sir
Eric Gairy, Political L?.-er of the
Grenada UInitJed Labour F-t.: (GULP),
said, "as Sttsltrrr a, fDrmer Priirn
Minister and si; tiir-; e.l~Eted Head of
Gover-rmnent", he felt "an inresisutible
spirit of cormpiplsion to give guidance
and direction to my people".

Sir Eric claimed the night to s-a "'my
people" because ie ',: u:i:ers himself
"the indi-putable father and Head of this
nation, sirmne rhe pe'ple vill look upon

Sir Eic feels "a iebell,. us conflict" in
his heart, "being fully aware of the sad
plight and conditions e:istirng in Grenada

He refe ed to beautifull experiences we
enjoyed during the p.-:t Christmas
seaw',ns when the Nation was under the
governance of the renada Unit-?d
Labo:ur Party unwde my leadeI hip....",
ifa1 sai., "the core of my mrie.sage ;T to
ask all our citizens to in.'dulg themselves
in fer-.:nt payer and to wait for the
i:e&vitatIe Naional Evnt'."


<'' Alister Hughes
31st December 1992

Primtel & Pablished By The Proprietr,
Alster Hughes, Journamlst,
-, Of Scot Street, StLGeage's Grenaa, Westiaies
(P.O L( r 45: Ph: bwe (8091 440 2538: Cables HUDN, Grenada

3P -, 1-1#
1 6-1

The Genasda&

Volume 20 Friday 31st December 1992 Number 21

pE B ^tfATEV 'fEp Por rBEUiT~s

I~~iTjd ^ il~Sl1j

."- Erahva.ih?, a Grenada's.
S l.fiis of Fi'ince n cem-

r printed his 1993
Nati,,n. _'. ; .. i providing for estimated
m.rU w0 of ECK '~I-. '0 nillon and exoend-
iti.uE of ECo 259.3 mrllon, le.i ;-a deficit
of EC $12.. .,r mtin

"The ,::n _, y7ear j'it be a w:er .-
:.hedi for the Go-,*-,-r- ;.
people of Grenal.a", he '.id.
in his -iddr~s to tY-
House ofRepie.r- _.."
tatives i-
rill be a w
", iy e'"<
.-,- v in -U "' -' L '

torrens rd

".re t f .: l .

Pr.tvio in in te t fr
i:irr! tatnd e the Nation Debt
<:.>......"..i i '-nl needed toj ) .,, -
UI I i _.
,:.:.nv f i:L,.:d. ^,:es in our rr /
11 (1 _Ip
ri ot ;.; x i ty.."

P1I'Oin is Made .n .'.t -for
R-c .lelrn.t o'f EC$18 nilion
and. R.c !- :, ent uere of EC $177.1

Of thep E-perlidtur, ECC.$.;.7 million or
19.3% -11 go t p:, of ...
intt ,?er- d i- .- .>f" tLIhe Nationa---l Debt

.-*V .- I .-. "

.id, is estirmt"d at
EC .324.9 million at hn-e -A.. '
erd of c2. -'

5.4% has b en set t:
,:-'P.'_-it NBRATHWATr'- < .c-
' nt.ritnT.ut:c' 'id -

.arr,.:t uof con-
@ tributions to
,.--1, ,_. _-- inter-
v --,-' ri
-. I. mtional
7 Y- ca!i:a'ni1at-

t ':ai,:,rl to Min-
53ist-ies. Ed-
Suation get
the lionster gave s.nith
or _1 ..

EC$30.9 million or 16% of Pec rint.
Ep- rditure. H.:-h- & Hosing gets
EC:i'4 million, 11%, and Agri.Gth;.ir ,Z:t7
Please Se BUiXaT PfaBe 2 j
0Brathwaite Preseats Budst....... 1
SThe Year In Review.......-----.... 6
ONevs Shorts..... 17
IaMafllMal8 f8lB^

The Grenada Nevsletier Friday 31st December 1992 Page 2

BUDGET From Page 1
EC$8.4 rm!il'ai 4.5%.

The principal sources of Pe: '.ent. Revenue
are C:.utrs & E::ci~ EC$7.' million
44. 1%, and Taxes EC$75.6 mili:,n, 4, 7':$.

"Out of the t.tia Capital Budget of EC $ .9
rnillionf, the Prime Minister said, "approx-
imately EC$57.8 n-,illi- will be fini:Lced
from external sounres -f ,.ch l..-:..i
.account for E$32.1 r(:J e ,-i
EC$Z'$.7 mi.iPn

The C ..pitiL E.ud.ygei. is also 'hrli.:,n:el by
EC$12.1 million rro:-m the Capital Deelop-
ment Fund created from the sale of "t-et .

Capital E:pendit.ure includes EC $28.4
million, (40.7% ) allocated to the Infra-
st.1t.:e. 4, EC$12.4 million, (17.8%), to
A,--iiilii4,! Foresfry & Fisheries, EC$4.1
nili..r (5... ., to To.uism., EC$5.3 m lin:
(7.6%), to Edur.ion and EC$5.3 mi,:.r
(7.6%), to a Multi-Sector De.--I:,,pment
-.rgranm :, f: Gre, -s --'er iT ian.,
C -trria.:,. PUePae See BUDGET PaRe 3

--- --7 -------------- :I


Recma en
Local Re venue

Rec uxLebtt
Pubi- Debt


P1 T yj
*FrTm Local `,-r1.-:e e $ 12,111 551
**Loais 32 )58 925
-1 2E,77 7J2 69.947,518
$2477~._ -.36
Deficit 12,315554


$152 689 jJ68
$189 AC1 572

$259348 .0:0

Frc',a Loc r1 .'r :-.:,- I
e C a Bre ery r ................ ............................... $3,000p 00
Sele of G.-rn, ent .Lei. ............. ......... ............ .......... ... 100000
e -i nd .. c ...... ....................... ........... ..... 8 011 0551

Bri ish CkGoven r:ir t .......... ... ....... .......... ........................... 2 3J-,. 5
Fli: .ch Go.-i~ nun:i t ..................... ............. .. .............. 6 ,652;3
Ku.wait F~ rc For A.rab E ornomlic De vepment ....................... . 00 00


E C...... 5-.' I' e ,L -. t FuIn ............... ................. ................. $112 15 89
C .-i? .:.- i .ntra,',i, l D['.ei:- p.ner.- Agency............................. 2208,000
Uritei tates Aa e: s A : For Ec nomi&c Lev'i :pmten~ T ........................ 770,000
Goverime nt of Japan .................. ............................. ........... 100 .00
W :.-rlid Foc d P r.. ........... ............. ... .. ............. ................ 1 ,874{316
B esic a Trst ............... ..... ................. .... .......... .....706 9
3Gonuere nt oF ri iIe ...........................................5
E ev L D:,pe v, iDevel E!i, nt FuNr .d .......................... ..... .. .. .. 11 15,289
Stabex ('.icpe i:- Economic C'inurnmw~y) .................................6,95Q2,918
United ltions Intie national C:ildi en:' E ri e Y nc y Thdi ...................6 300
t ....................... ........ ..... ... ............... ........................... ..83 .2

$251 j777 ,42

$177P 85j 18

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