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The Grenada Newslettr Satuay 17th December 1992 Page 5


Minister of A- iult.uie in
bhe Girena'.:. Government
Sn, DE,-e r:iber 5th issued an
in:,id h...lni to fi-2ee ::rs of
ec:onomi'U .. at the U:'T I ity of tbPe West
Indies (UWMI)

CLOUDfEN From Page 4
Theie vill be no ..i.ilar.;' d ciaraon of
indeperner-ice he ;-id. but as soon as lhe
eiid-,:, f-year h.ri.lid.y s are over, drive wii
be made to get e~ry v,.re' in Carriacou
to si.n a pe titioi to Governor-General Sir
Pe .-ald Palmer.

.vse the, .ie I that the Pe.ple of Caria-
cou ;..ant a lfererdum to be held to
decide '=ihetrier or not iheiri. d. iS:-d.i ..ld.
rIrr .i a poLit [ vf the State of G'iren:ci
I He is cordi'-nttheiB vill be o '.~ 'i:-
ing support for the petition .:-id that
Cariacou has a b'iht future as an indre-
pendent ri a'n.:
Enjoy Economic Association
Mr C:, *den 's plan is that C ; u ill
offerr some cou -ti like Canada or
Australia a "a-trac ti e p--_ilkat in ic .h
the i:s:,:. vill r1~ji its political sov-
imreigrnfy t. would. ei'y ecoi. i I.
:CsA.:. c J-ti>,:n.

ICarnacou vill be a tax havmi" he
said, "an vill also be an off-shore
baenkin centre, duty free port, a pfa e
for the registry of ships ail a unique I
holiday resort. .

On the question of :r;in :li, Mr
Ct!:.': n 'L7d :lat is G3;e:t.Y.'s prii!tlrn I
TiTe p-.-ple of C c..ii. u c.iUri be
c:,oricelmed".it, it% hes.iii:d, and r x.. i.: .
will lha-.i-e to s::olve it .lh.-i e.,~ ..

"I am not satisfied," he said, "that our
best minds i the Umniersity hae
subjected the doctrine of free trade to as
rigourous an ieamination as should be."

The Minister s challenge care
as he delivered he feature
address at :- .:" riir, cere-
m..,iy ,of a a /eki +
sem ri,-ir on Struct-
u ,l Adjust- ..---"'

m ri`t ,:in .1. J
Agricultural Sector. M1 R GEORGE BRIZAN on this theriipe Mr Bri-zan -.iv :
t.:v=, examples of the enarm ing effect on
developing coitrs of '"re tr:de" as
defined by the Internat.i:ral Monetary Fund
Essential Exports
In 1986, he s.:id Grenada and Indonesia,
two de-'.k-ping counti'- entered into a
Mai-keng Co-.:,per-tion Agreement for ti~'
sale of nutr.a; one of n Grenc is es'ntjil

The Agieneient t'.:,rked well with both
coimines enjoyi.. incrr ing e2amii-gs, 'he
Minister said. It was an I::-ellent fori- of
Soui.'h;So:uth co--pelrati:n, he econpti ue but
ther were complaints rnrrm ifdusr-i.:diseil
countries ihi this Amnern wvas iiirn.ical
to 'h, irintpre:ss of free trin~i-e.

I fr Binzan_-:uiJ. Siat., in 1 -90, thie i.m'inrient
cr._hed bec.-iaie, in that Tar, Indo':dei.1
embarked on an IMF fimded stn': ur-J
I justrnent progrmanns. That.!? r.i rsrti- n
Pleae Sme BPEZAN Pae 6

t , fa ,,


The Grenada Nevsetter Saturday 17th December 1992 Page 6

0 15X21I4 i

,te.rnaf reasons shouldtMno
_litJficultjy ~getting toi
Executive Dine'-'i.r at the Cei4tr'
for M -nagemenr Def pT1,rent:-t at
the Cave Hill Campf:.. of the
Univerit.y of the West IUrJI!:', -lid in
Grenada on IHoeit'ber Ith that "pO1A'litil
auton:'my;i"' rm-ea. politicians cannot escape
Srespo)rs bib t. for doing whit. bas to be d1ore..
about Tourism.

" bw=mm& Iam&t corfhsae A7 msa?
amuses Abwut ahe /g j tAS A Armu to e

he sMM.

BRIZAN Frm Page 5
insisted, the Minister .-:. .Oi one :di-.ion
of the programme was that the nutmreg
market be fieed.

"What that meant," he said, "vas the
collapse of the market, vith significant
declines in export earnings for Grenada
some EC $26 million os every year"

The Ite.:tir example cited by Mr Brizan was
the case of the IntI~:i.:nal Cocoa Organ-
isation Agreerment vhich the I .ry Ccra-t,
the vwrld's Ilirgepst cocoa prduc er, had with
the Urited S'ate- of America.
One Of The C on.@ itions
The Ivryc ., C.ras., he said emb-ai ed on an
IMF st~uLtu'al adjustmenipro 'aimiie eariier
kthis- year, and one of the cod.tipictr imposed
by the IMP v.: tha the t Ivory Coast throwv
its stock pile of cocoa on to the interri fi.onal
imarnr!et .

As soon as that vas done, the Minister
said, the price of cocoa fell to its lowest
point in the last 20 years.

Mr Bnzan said 85% of the co,-oa i- 1:t is

bt be brinif wFwn there is
urists to tFi islr i,.
The Ecxcutive Direeor' s Is mnail:s w- r made
as he delivered the featire ;jjddrt : at an
awards cer'm :ny rr,.:z-:ig the cl,-ing of
"T-:ui:isn Awareness Week" in Grpnada.

Thait *ad:r-ss wa.s ent.iled "Plarri: g for
sustainable t-.uirism development in srfall
..tat lessors to :. iearneed f',m ci th.
E:arbad..:,- e'pe~ &eiic'", aid he said that, year
rMter .:-; theie were -bt ado~ Gove rnrnents
v~h: refused to take te hai. dec b i':U.-S, whc
"rf uej to govern"
One Of The Lessons
Arising flrr:c the EarLt..--d experience, tie
Prfe:.-:r said, one of th 1m ie:-:: to bet
!e:;'Iied is that e':iern~i re:' r should :io
be blamed vhen ti~hre is difficulty getting
ti.T-usts to -e island.

Itis quite clear, he said, that, 'Yvhile the blame
vas placed on all sorts of r-sons like
i-ceJ:sion and the economy, he decline in
the t,:urism fortunes of Barbados is due to
Please See REID Page 7
.i nt rolled by nine nTiltinational compfiip es
and the inmplic a-ti.:n of the IM F action is that
the loss of earnings to the c,:,rc.,a prxdtcing
country is the rain to the naji:,r c,:mpar-,s
wldiclh buy the mrn. nuterial for processing.

"And that is referrd to as Tree trade',
he said

The si":iirLt in. Grenada was ft-ed by the
Government of Italy and vas part of the
Fco d &. A culture Oit.ais-a-..'n (FAO)
Plan Of Action, For the A.ricu.ti.Lr Sect,:r
In the Can'ribenr Community (PROCA-

In the context of the seminar, "structulz
Pleas Se eBRrxA Page 7

The GrenadaNevsletter Saturday 17th Derem br 1992 Page 7

M UT 1 F J 1Ai B 7 33

h time hs come for ( E in to forgi-ve t .-
Ad inii&strati.uons of the past foz the wrongs thew4 Faul
ouri UriittEW

Polhtical Leader of the
New N.-ti ,rimal PBty Dr
(NNP), said in CGnr^enal 3a
on Dh-cprmber .th t1-at his party a
sh-ei s th? yeav-ir-- ,: Gi p. di.ini htel
in Ca.h f.::r a spirit of unity, To:
f.-igi r .veess- and c'i-:pe rti.n mon

"Any attempt to hiut :..:--l ther. date tr
an,, .atifnpt at the plit;- of DR KEITH M"HE
div sion -J hatred," he s.a.d,
"1vill not, wvo for the 'tr.'efit' of the
i A- ~ ~ ~ ~ rop a-1 1 9c)-fI:

REI From Pwa 6
poor iai linerln.t by C' G.i: vrintsn', the
Bait .a'-s Tourist Boa.d and the h-.0t lie is.

Where the blarm should be placed, he said,
is on the failure to imnpleme nit i u.isir. poli-
cies .m.,i. f:ihafu of the Lridi.ust7i to acfi.ely
respond. to prbleni: which vere beirn,

They Should Resember
PrT:fe!.so: r F id ajdvised is ai.die:,-,_F! th'.t
in fomniljatin.E their rln1.:in.iltg strategy,
they should i en-eber th>., have a m-sn-'
isl.ud, and -ho.dJJ keep hlifs. in per_,pect-

Earbt:4 got "very cmani :.-", he S. "
arnd 'iei was talklof gcirgd tfire; the Uuite- i
States M.. ,_- C... 11-. :..' i.
UK nrarl:et and the ScPirnavi rnmar:et

"If oniy 2% of anylarge city in anyone
of these countries cams to Barbados as
visitors, he said, Barbados could not
supply the accommodation."
Plemae Se REID Pa g 8

Miitchell1's .tateirlent .was im:d- at
ress c!, fire~nce :,;: his return from
rip to Canada whe. i he .isite.d and
d meetings with GreInidi al in
ront:,-, Ctta.a, .o.nre.i, Wi--pe"
d : ;'.:;.it,: n.
e of the vjsi he 7aid, 'X to up-
re:' di.i:;- in Canada on devel:p-
:ients. in the i.lid It was also,
hL J-d, to -:sa'blihs NNP party
rd to have'-,:si.ns with the

Pri vae S~ect.,r, eslpeci ly people inrldt d
in i:La.~-fAt.riu, and in spice p~:,,esmg.

'ith rife~s-ace to spice prok:siug Dr
Pleae See MITCHI LL Pace 9
BRIZAN omm PMg 6

adjusrtent" was defined as an approi:rh
to economic : .an-gemrnen. .Thich i is engag-
ing the at tentkion of countries :nd institut-
ions within the intemati:onal conmiuilnity,
and it was org rnsed in two parts.

The f'irt dealt with. p,:licy issues while
the .ec':''.1, Pg.1red to Direc!or.n of Plan-
n;,i co:,rncli'ti-ed on '-ehiual .aspects.

r:"-i-v p.: r, : ,* ..:.r ad..-i sta .ir
anj p,1licy makers dj ..r f' the 12
ember c,.u',ries of the
Conril.ji i; i reosenltti%:,? from
Su.rinam were eo .prent.

RPesouce personnel came from the World
B.:ird: UWI, FAO, the EC.onornic
C:rnmmiittee For Latin America and from
the C a;ribbe mn.
tcCia^'cM "^^."^]^

- -- - --- -- -- --


The Grenada Nevwsetter Saturday 17th December 192 Page 8


u-E th,.:.e 2:ed in GCn.nd.a on
November 30th :_t. his Govern-
Snment i cc inrrit.ted to -,:rking
t,:.'and. stronger re]-ic.i,:!1:4. ec.:.nomic inte-
gration th':.u gh a s jrile mr..l-et.

"We are ar actively pursuing this under the
auspices of both the Organisation of East
Caribbean States (OECS) and the
Caribbean C community (C AR ',C OM, )i e

The Pfi e i.t1u ;ster disclosed this objective
as he d .'lijp:.d the f.-- '..u d- s at the
opening;7 of the Vi< meetingg of
CARICC .: 's C..i.:. :, it.' r: t
H ss Bee n Accpted
:.. thlit the P-.. ;i, C :.mni r E:-...
Tariff (C ET) h- beer, ac cep., he said, and
Sv^iih 'irc:nisati .: n of between OECS
Member ti.te, the only obs 'aize in the way
to an OECS .irn le market is removal of

restrictions ".r?. t r_'r':v.er_ n,. of ~la'our.

At a recent :.eering of OECS Prime
Mlist,- the "O ECS Authority", Mr
B: thlw:aite -.a,, Ir-.eme.t vas ie.-Ace on
- 1 veAl:e : top t be taken lead ei- to eve ntual
rern: 'val of work permit iTEstrictions on
OECS rnatir:nial.
Interact More Favourably
These efforts in the OEC S will faciitate
CARICOM's eff:its to es.itbli.L 1 a single
CARICOM market in 1994, the Primem
Minister said, ard tis will enable CARI-
COM Member States to interact more
r. w I'
favy: ;.ahbily and inte-rate ..erively
.ithl the world's largest bl.>s;

The Custorrs Co,:.,- miftteE bd a full agerd.,
an4 Mr Br.-ih.,aite s-a its i1!h :".-tirgi
cae at a vat rshed period for tfhe
CAR C OM region

"Ve are about to tuun a comer vwhih vill
Pla w S CfTTRTOw SN Pare 10

BREID Prom Page 7
The Caribbean has made a ti',,i,: in
trsIanc Toimurii as a hobby r.:" thi as
an iind.iustry deserving every right to all of
the type of supportvbich is ie,:es.::i7, Pro-
fessor PFeil said. .

As an industry, he said, it must be
supported byelectricityto keep the service
going, Lh trajasport ififas= ructure must
be in pace, the telephone system muit be
goodr a 'l vater and several services
must be efficietRt.

it is :m indi: iti.:.'- r of c...r ir : I in. ai n
of the p.: '.y makers, th- .:ec'tiv. Dir::-.r
said, "'h. ii t., uiliti .:, as.! tte rifaSt.ruc ure.
which is supposed to support Tourism, arl

,-',Ih Touris.:. m carnmot suteed, without, is
4-.. i.t sl ._
not tiing :he suppt, it shoud have.

Profescr Reid ccn:cluJ'd his add.s:S by
making a re:ri' rendat ionS which, he ;.;id,
T'-., no: been o'.. h.n up by any Caribbo:inr
c,..u:t.v.That reconru-iend:, *ior., he said, is
that Giena4.- is small erinuigh to proi-:-nte is
Touri:m-Im h.iwsty by di._:t markeing-.,

".:iththe number of I.I.un: ts ad
and witht-.hs i :'"",-, c.:- : t of pr.: ."-*.i.g- to
1the nr:iket, h said, d-i : st.:rr'.g c'?estion is
that every "i ':.:r should, be put into a !.rm--
piute data. se wrhii-'h, at ty ..,
be 1.ped fr 'i:ect marketing.

------ --- --- ------- ~- -
---- --~- -~- i I I --- I


IE Ai IRM 16
Th.r Grenada -Ne.letter Saturd. 17th December 19l2 Pae 9

"ftlu es and ur clations of r bairdWcrCwii shIuldr never
be c da ette cnt. to ctmmon- sn-se"

.Ijg Carzer, P i.-_ ,'.f ii T inid ,.
& To-ba,.: Serate, said in Trni-
dad. on December 12th t1Lta the
judicial system i intended to serve Ahe
needs of nan i,.: to ,-,ive cfrect to huWril'l
rights in a T'rie~t'-

The Pt1spident.'s rem. I-r -e made as he
delivered the feature address at a one-day
Regional C'.,ri, re hih, with the :ei -.
"The Law, Htuman Rights ard Judicial

Reform", was sponsored by the Caibbean
Iri.ut ir Huiln t hRihts (CARIBCARE).

This C,'.hrE~erice was ,rgnii.,edii,'xnj, ii.,f-
ion with the CTOice of the Triridad & TToba.
Attorney General and the Law Asslci.-ti:o
of Trnidad & 'T:,b;. (LATT) m ri was
fluiAd by the J.rmai-ac;:- ed : E.::tamint
Institute For Public & Intematiomal Aff:Iurs.

"The State develops law, inst:ttii,.ir-. and
Pleae Se CARIBARE Pae 10

MITCHELL Fron Page 7
Mitchell said the oir arisations he ad dis-
cussions with are now p,.uC:hasirng their
nutmegs from Id' -.,;esia, the orjy other
supplier in the w, rli of this cormrodity.

'hir actiwrty aYt 45M62i1i !&at 4gL 1

He was given stlaiti:s;.:, and an ,j.;lysis of
tle m f.,. nr'-. -.sts., h- said, &a iJ, with
these d...:,ci-i r;i he *?ill seek di.':.1csi-:; L
with the Gnrnada C:-.?pera'i.'e Nut.meg
Asscri .ti;ri with a :iew to prF:mi.til g a:i.
SThe Time Has Come
Dr 1.-fitihell said t-e time has conie for
Grpenadiais to forgive tihe Adr-nsnti-sfri
,'f the pastfr f.: wrongs they had cor:mmitt-

He trf'eiTed especially, he s: id t)o whaf heI
.:.ieid "the p.:. lt is of hiatre'' practised by
the Grenada United Labour Party Govern-

mnent of Sir Eric (iy an by the People's
Re .:voiuri.: ry Government of M..(uri:e

Is Practicd Also
The politics ofliae.. Dr Mitchel_ said, is
pnr'.i also by the -;iin Na
Dem' i r ::tic C~ i' re.; Go-veirn, ert of Prirr
I.f i;icter Nichl:?. f Er.ath" 'nit'

Dr Mlitijhe.ll said his party ill crontin;u to
p':.i't. out that Go..:elirnint should take the
lad ii. pr"" ,-lird an cpp:.rtui ity for political
parties to sit diJr,:n t:geth. r and discuss a
::-;i.: us natic il development programmed.

Thiem- is Iee.J also, be saidi,fr the political
p.~a":; to di.ciuss, work out ;ian set down a
,.ode of ethics vhich vill govem tih
behaviour of politic i.uU

-- -, -~ ------------- -,---- I

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 17th December 1992 Page 10

per.e'-:-atues to san.-i.-d th? ri1ht.s of its
cit.ize-r," heP _aid.f, "F.ule atnd rieg.iic ions of
a buir'aucra~c should ne'er be a deteirenr to
c.::)rnm rI; sense."

lbeiir i ^w rubnramnatsaS $ft3amt
TA vare t ia mmr ofs fv but My f t
pnysy Me PrariisIt s.fd AMd h&e
am nWikdef I hS, #r &w&a nj@& A5 AP
aff"ti'Jpl yieaaeAek it. f r.fsry A)

fi sryy 461c" IYA&ess MU7 jCcvd gsa^frjtf
b &f &W ? t fthe s W 4

If that is done, hp CEad,1 when the "legal

CTJfSOMS Fm1 Page 8
lead to a clear path for thisd region," he

The Prime Mimniter said creation of vorld
tradinr bl.,c. is causing C pe. ple
to evaluate here the Caribbeai as a
region vill fit in.nt t'he scthie o of ftings.
Des pii tr ditironl ir-'l-ity ari feiiars ihe
r:ntiinued, it is become ing apparent that the
Canbtbean c-.n-.:..t participate me ng-
fully wi 'ih orvi changes '.Ujless it crt'e.?a
its o, n market bloc.

And it should go bey' rd t!is, Mr Bath--
vait .-:_. The C'.ribbe.- already has
strong links with N:th Ani : aird
Eurnpe, he said, but theyp rmust now be
,_ider .ass:.ciat.kivs with Ce- ri:el and S..i Ith

The Cius.tor- Comrmttee ree'.ing was
amended by Curtris rf':i; f'-r all
CARIC OM :-~e s It ran for one w.ek
arid the agenda inc'.lui. dis cusin on the
rnechalnics of h.r.Trdsir-, "r.i to.i pr:.,-
ced.ures. r iThe vws also, among
ot-her subjects, d ... ion on inr-plern-rit-
atl.,n of the mvi;e! : CARICOM CET,
introdirtion of the Rules of Origin
c .mpli..rce ith GATT provisions, train-
ing of personnel and statistics.

fiate.rity" pass legislation, it will reflect
the views of the people.

Sen'tr C carter '.id there are neces say legal
ref :.mIs whiuh should be iund.erta fen by the
legal prfel ssion ard, in performing this taEk,
thi onus is on that profession to secLUr the
**ie's3 of dhe p l:.p;.Iatin.;
Is Grc.sslyUnder-Lilised
He cha.~ged, however tht whvile the facility
to secureS th:-, vievs is available to the
R*itizerny i the p rliiar-nitay i deiLiocracy of & To'.:go, it is a facility vhich is
:r :-ly v under-utilised.

The President Tefe,' bto t he Lay Comr
rnissiion of Trinriad & Tobago which, he
said, is mna:-i:ed to keep under review all
the l- of a v the State witl a vie to their
sys triati de wvloprnent. and reform

The Commission is required t tro e'ei:' and
'o:-iider suggestions from judges, public
,ffiucial, -r~".:yers and the general public for
the reform of law, he ai, but Se at.r Carter
questl-rined vhtther the Commission is
ade-q!uaely staff-d. and structured to carry
out its rn tiu-te.

And he posed a rhetorical qvietion relative
to an incident in Trinidad some two years
ago, when he was acting Go::vernor General
and v :hen he p:l.yed a r-ijor role in violent
dev~l'-pmre:t: involving the Muslimee:
ieadeie Abu Bakr, 'and his folfloves..

"Hov adequate are our laws to deal vith
ew nts such as the attempted cow in July
of 1990 ?" be asked
Measures To Proect Children
The Pre-sijdeiit. iref~ied to the Uni;rpied NaTris
L:,eclaira~n n the Rights of the C hid arnd
said all Me.rr S rates a re required to zlake
apprropri.:.,te rm 'isUs to protect childrenn
from illicit' r.rdrIi,'-n, use and trafficking
of nari:otcs-i

The reports of children involved in the drunk
Ple See CARIBCARE Pae 11

The Grenada Nevsietter Saturday 17th Decemlter 1992 Page 11


Dutch Ambassador Presents Community Development.
Credential Gets British Aid of the Kingdom of the B,:dsti Re:i-r:et Re3p:tim, Mr Alan
Nehri.Jru: Js, J-.' peer W Th. Six, pVPrdyLn DEry, pi-E~rntp. i n December 4th, to Mm-
lus .-emdentiai- to Gowvem,--er-i ral Sir isier f o.'r onUmmuity Dev~. M : t. Mr E zel
Reginald P.rmer on 20th Lte r St. T1riv, for0 bythe Coimmy ty D.el.p-
.ient Di.v~is a five-ton Leylitin ...ik and
two c,' r&te rnizers
CARICOMheinzuela Sign
One-Wav Areemaeit. Mr LDnl Usaid CommumityAid funds for the
1992/93 y-r to some EC $600,000,
and this is made ,iabt'le through the Umited
The Nc vc;r.te. iS: of "Caicom N s Kin:on a loan of 1985.
i .no, ,ni d .._i.i loan of 1985.
the official pu ibticit.:tfi,. of the Caribbean
C:nrru.Aty(CARICOM)Sec tc.rit.cI. CAR EC Helps Guana In
the ewsS item ,.h.,-, -,,-: th an O 10 0 C ARI COM C) --
products wil! be entile.:. duty-free entry in Cholera Outbreak
,H Venezueian rmaarket followir-j ..? s :-n,"
of a orne-w-.-y duty7-fe.e a r -._nt bef..een e h. ind.d tas.P Caribbe Epideei .7
Venezuela arn C ARICTOM. Ptase N WS SHOe~TS e 12

jtade are h:.n:ind:i., he said, .:In he is Sernator Carter congratulated CARIB-
irJ.:;,ed of a ch i 1 to 12 -.:I Id. ,h,:: CARE on vbat he called "an impressive
receives sonx $2,0010 per p-e L for, s of 35 Regional Conferences, Panel
drugs in a school. Discussions, Workshops and Lectures" all
spanning the Caribbean and related to
"Can this country afford to lose a issues of education, democracy, human
generation of our young people~", the rights, drug abuse, drug trafficking the
President asked. "How manyi of our lav and national security.
children are brain--ead as a result of this
menace ? How many families have Pipepr vere delivi'.d by Mr Keith. S :ion,
broken up and are in turmoil as a result Attorre- General of Triiridd & T.t.bag. Mr
of the unconscionable activities Theodor Gue pr:-.n--e Triridad &
mercenaries vho are camouflag- in TTcb;,:. t.r;i';i r ac Mr De-nni Ta;-:.r
Masks of respectability ?" A sizta. Cr. iri arof Po:.e.
Role Is To Develop
The Pri-:ide" t .: ori. human rights -:. inot Ther were' 50 participants maily
mere asVirj ir. orassert.,.is of .:.dde-.. fi': the ,eai pr-fe-.sion. They rin i ed
n a 3.c(ie'y :e':c.:ilF"e a peiscr; has a -es All.i Ai'P~-: ide and
right,he c:o*rinue, itmust: .'im, lfieirat. Armorr, Presidet .:nd. !Secret.ay ..pect-
and juif that it.iler; The Se is ively of LATT, Justice Gaya Peiud,
t!he h.:'r ccrL:cier;c of thH ciCtzerLy, he TCh:irmciri of t- Lh PCf:n:i C-:rm :i 4Tn
said, .17! its r: is to devel:.p insti.Pu::~i: and Ju:.tic~ Ge.c.:ge Edoo, Onitludi:ri-
arni pi.:,ceiuLee, to plan ri rd nmobilise its B
Ye eto meet ih..:se t:ljairr-

Saturday 17th December 1992

NEWS SHORTS flam Page 11
Centre (CAREC) is h-epinr Guyana to fight
the oultbEia of cholera in that country,.
Acc.idfring to the December issue of
"Caricom New-s" the official publcalion of
the Caribbean Comrrirtinfiy Secretariat, two
deaths have ailre ry iulted from the

Grenada At Immunisation

Grenada vas represented at a meeting of
the E: panded Pmrrri a-mrne of lTnmn-ri
isation (EPI) which 1 ~ held in
vMa:tirnique fr,,rm 9th to 13th No:,vembtr:

According to the Govenu.ment JrI..:;rmti..n
Service (GE), one of the objectives of
the meetrg was to analyse tle situti~t:-n
of the Programme in each c: .:imtry with
special zeferi':ce to elirninaTion of

The m-eeting alco idenftiti,, problems el_:h
country has in reaching tair,'., set in the
1992 Plan ofActionr

Seminar On Small Busi

A tlhre-d.ay s-rnminar on Small Business
Devekpmenrit oiganised by the Cor:-
mrunity Develpnint Division, was opened
on December 1st by Minister for Corm-
rrinity Development, Mr Edzel Thoma i

Topics dealt with include ?J how to start a
small busiest, acc-lrunting arnd control
procedures, marketing and maiageiient

Re 1.:ai:1 !

persons included Dr Asif Chida,
Co-,ori .:r for the Unite
D .w pnt Prcgrarme.Ilnter-

national Oganisation Project,
Small Enterprise Development Uni
(S EDU).

Dr C~i, a. who is attached to 1f-the inl:
1Dsi.oprient Banki, spole on the r!- I

Deel ,pment. i

.... --. .. --- ------------------ i

i Hu

17th eceber 1992

PrintUd & ~Pulised By The Proprietir,
Aliste[ Hughes, Journalst,
Of Sott Street, St.George's Grenada, Wesindies
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The Grenada Nevsletter

---- -

Page 12

The LEnad T
W- -r- '^




w- N



0[~Ftr~ i~tnr

SSir Reginald Reads Throne
Sp ech... ............-.............- ..-..... 2
SCiouden Seeks Independence
For Carriacou ......... ......- 4
SBrzan Wants "Free Trade"
Eraii i ...i-..----------- 5
@ Don't Follov Barbados
Reid ..- .........-....-- 6
( MitcheI Calls For Forgiveness.- 7
Committee Meets in Gda ....... 8
CARIBCARE Conference
In Trinidad-- .. ...-.... ....-,.......- 9
News Stornts ....-.. ............


*^ **a


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 17th Decemtbr '12 Page 2

There twrilt [b sligqhtl rEduc d ttt.mpioiywIt,
uontainitcnn oJ inflation &Ma cit tnued
improve-temnts int th balance of p-ayments.

e, y : il. grov-, in 1993, t:y
appr:.--a:..tpy 2% of c il. Gross
Dor~ec i: Product
This fc~c.:tt v.:t made on DeerT.nbr 1i5th
by Govemrc--,eniei, Sir Re:li g-id PTnlmir,
as he read the " Spe-eT!" to a-
joint ;, of the Sen-ite and

1993 That Centre, he s:id, v'ill foster the
y,;chIn r~ e:.- kr and afford a better welcorm
to ., .ise line p.-i:se n tis..

The Governor-General efeired also to the
A _ivi:l.1i.a.u:i S actor which, at present, is
<.. e:.:erien':igi difficult times.

House of R e:LiAnta,:tiv. A major banana expansion and re-
habilitation programme vill be
Sir -eginal,. ftrecast also ht in pur~ he sa, and pruction
1993, th-r-e ,ii be sligi:hty should be doubled by the end of
reduced .umen-pl'iymnent; co-n ir,- c- 1993. The Gowvrnmentvill work
ment of in-Atiion an c.:.inti? d closely with the Grenada Cocoal
impi:verrieUnt- in the b:ice f Assoiatio to ensure that some
pdvrients. 1,000 acres of coca lands are
'-- restored and, concerning
Following ;-:itic. l'the -"nutmegs, a long term
Thi'ane Speech ..:tline-d -- Marketing Agreement
the 1993 plans and poli- is beigegotiated vith
cies of the GcnLmer;. of Prime SIR REGINALD PALMER a EUopea firm
Minister Nich.i::1 E:.At.lite Formed Into One Body
Details of '-hee plans and po!.K:: will be Fcr i.:- the i h1-: tie: disci.':.n as to
given hen.esti f ... r n-.ind expen- .. ,,' ._ te' Banmaa~ Co-operative S.:ciet5r,
diti~se ai? present~ to F --:> it. on1 30th CocoaAssoci.tiol and Nutmeg Association
December r..F: 1h'Iu:iij be formed into :.-e B:,jyv vliuch

Will Be Boosed
With reference to Tourism, Sir RegiCaid
said the industryill be boos~i nextyear
by the opening of tvo nev hotels vith a
total capacity of 330 rooms.

i"Our comprelhe!'rie t-c.,.r.r: ijl-ei
;drive overseas will be '.itt.rered. he said,
"vith Grenada c :~ninuJii g to p.c~.-ipate in
major intenrr:: i'ral tourism tuade fairs."

He disc:.s ed alo that the C m.-di..c-; fuvied
EC$1.2 million "W:eir Ce-ri n" on the
pier at St Geoire's will be c.:,mpled in

Wyoi.d rnmad:i. the ifxe The Govemor-
CGerri ii.fetred to .,hiis

"Tl e of ,-ii.dgarntingjg the thiee c,;nm-
ni:,:.i'y PB.rimr will be pursued in 1993," he
said. "U:iification of the rjgriciural) ex-
tensiorn sei-ces too sho:l. d beEin i1993."

To enhance ldevelopmeniT on the fishing
industry, the Greri.d. C )nflrrij. alFisherie.s
Company has been formed as a joint vrenttup
bet.eU n Governrefnt and private Grenadian
fishing interests, he said.
ee See SPEECH Pae 3

------- --- ------- ------

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 17th December 1992 Page 3
SPEECH From Page 2

Matkhting is there i~:l-' most critical factor
C.'rntrain t ing girmt.h of the filihn; industry,
Sir Reginald sai, anj.d Govennment will
assist in finding both Pgi..nal and inter-
natiW:n edded To The P i
Wedded To The Philosoobyh

policy of private secti:r led ec?'n.omic
development, the Q ,:ve. m,:rn- Gene ~a said, the
re-aligning of jobs from the public to the
pnF.rit sec:to:r must be pLisuPu He'weerI
he said, mirencxhmnt is being impleine ri.ted
vith fullest r iegl to the h;l~m;ir f.-ict:,r.

The Govemor-General said Government is
:edded to the phils.:,phy that the private The .Gove-nor-General's Tihrne Speech
sector can perform '.-":in dealt also with ply-r for ed rt.ion, a Lalboctur
.itivities mr:. effi, ierey ~1an tihe pI.- Code, health, "::m in, va.e; comuntml-
s 1c'.r i,-titor,-, th'e -Ig pMiblemni electricity an

L L::r F;i" L ad R koler-
_* .* .7 .
The ref:-;, he -. .^ ^ :: -
:aIid Gover-. -- : :; .
meri vill step .4 .1
,'j "' ? i i: i - . 'u / % f-'I". "' .. . . [up its poli y of Trv. A;T ...l. ..,.
owned .entrp.i:e.p -an op. '.. .. .
which has the additional .. : "....: .. ::.

"cc^---a70 i-u a .qeat i ial
needed to arre.:: e:un1ntiv Lis
f-^ for IifngIct. r t a g
:.'"' ...p. 't P ein G a.
D ent. : : :- :
"Gor-ni,-a-i. apilaIl..s. the Chur:.hef., he said,
Government emba:i: on ann -.c for Ia~':.iiu a lead- role in pr:.i.~)ting what.
st .... adju .t; r T:.. i 1 -. he c :led : -r historic :..a.i n oral
SSir: : Re nfor d "-ld no Uni .".-,, 'v-"

Nati,.'r Defelpmer P9 r -Onne 1
prt:vid.ed a c.-.?;t wh.:. hi. su.a ie-
recommendations for a '"- ye- rref.: -.n 'p:-

Following th destruction by f i. in 19i9 of
Governraents Firn:n,:i.-; Cor'iipl;i: a Task
Force was appoiined to rc17 iruct Gov-
ernmief's a:- potnlults
Paints A Grim Picture
"The reconstruction by that Task Forre
...p.amis a grim picture, Sir Regina
said "Shorly to be presented to
Parliament, it ill be the most accurate
and comprehensive statement of our
country's finanWa affairs for many a

C.-.nrsistit with Gove nnent's d c.a.

|ihe Grenada_ _
Founded 17th Auguat 1973
468th Issue
Subacription Ra-tes
tPyaMe In Aivawce
Postage Paid By Sec Class Airmil
(Ilalan Post In Grenada)

10 lOIsns $115DO $ 43.00

20 lsues $207.00

$ 77.a0

40 Isdu~s $390J $146.00
About 20 issues Pablished Annually


The Grenada Nevletter Saturday 17th December 1992 Page 4

"lpheri soAruet.r.T FIus been adopted ancd AeI r. oi- a
period of time..... ind-EcE it has the force of Law."

ion ard a way of life ror the five
thousand inh1bitanrt of 13-
square-mrilie Caniwacu, Grena-
da's sister island

This opinion vA:- e:.:p!Pse3p. by Mr Anselm
Clouden, 43, prominent Grenad i.m bairister,
in an interview with NEWSLETTER on
December 3rd, ari he said the people of
Cari acou. have established a right to the
pra,' icr

SIa caa onr aeen hasdra pfa:i f r Mas
beAw m t IistUki nga it A & s

has &tb k dei" ofkv
Trade Was Confined
Smnuggintg itc the 7renad i ria4:et through
Caniacou has been a pr:'blem for 'he
C usfto-A Auth,,riUi for deca.ess
Originally, t e trade vas confined alnostt
ec'jli .ively to liquor and cigare t.tes, but over
the last four vyear, the range of gc':d,.s has
been exp.mided vastly.

TeleviEi,:n sets, radios, refrierators, corn-
putenr, clo'tinrg, jewely and a host of other
iteii; ate regularly imprted without pay-
rnenr. of duty. Thee is no report yet of
auttonbic ilt'i being brouugl1t in, but i liabl
sources say rm l.tor cycles are now in the
smugglers invrient iy.

A yearago the Custior,. stayed
a raid on premises in Cai> c'.ou and found
some EC $3 million in alle 2ej.1v uncustormd

goods. to this, Mr C':,..ud
himself a native of C amricou, publicly d-
Prime Minister Nic hol,.is Brathwaitp (also a
native of C arria:cou) that, unless Govenrren
met ceIrji c,,ndlti.s, he vould lead al
m.T:vement. for the independence of
A Way Of Life
"C.ath'siad An Ms sC y f& a M

ki kMr BIstFfVsd "I&? f Is

coat Inwy hich pyrnri e- rrco: a
.a/ r f Me I ar n t f i &e .I

large quantities of
allegedly uncusL- I
eetly goods there
been iane.ther Cl .-

to1s raid in Carrin-
cou in which prnmises

Ciouerin said he in a reached to t

"shock, abho-rtrence and iepuiricea..
Sale qu Au tys tiona s f
allegedly uncus-
tomed goods vere

sco.Piz utrl" and iai henno put
intrvieffe his dependence Foravithou
N E r SA

Ciouden said ihe ha1 rac' rted tlo this it
"shock, abho'rence and repugnanie&.

He labeled the Auh.:thorit~ys aton
"uncon.stit.utioral" and sd ha e vill no put1
into Ef ect his "Independence For Canriacou
?eas e! L I o Pa _

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