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The Grenada newsletter
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.
A. & C. Hughes
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
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twenty no. a year
completely irregular


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Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
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Economic conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Newslkttfer




S"OIE From Page 2.

|0 . i e
i ..2.. i f i.. t f o so ;-_,. .,'

: Ac y: to _e S.
tile z :er in i,- is ed -

j The decorum of the Hoeuse can be
| ected only by wvhait is done in tbi
i-House Mr Pierre said "Ve -o e
i[ a right to refer to the apeaer m
the terms used im the Fit--rial t,--:-e-
S s .hi opinion of th3e :v -
j butIn D novaycould tihat ai-ri, e a
the decornm of Ihe HowE..

t is c the Editor Ii ..that the
i's ot--'on to l-h.- .Voice' it-
oral has : l to do with the d: :-.
;! ft_-house but is an ff :- to put :i;itf
! i .

Th proBAure- -to b-
called beg-|ore th u

RS WINIFRE1 St- cha,

tT J ..V hr2'2 l o, p-;._.
.ti o .. ....^ h : .p-."'3-ppOsifr:m t ,e:-rii i
t-ihb'r e us: P r( i O t P-

ith :.a,. r L .tD r"'. .-(GU s n" < E

In anyv case the L'-ader of the Opp.oition
aid, the ;..-pension has not been done in
acciane -h the G ULP Cois,ifu.i-:n

Acc, i,:;g to that Constitut-ion, she -.i, the
Pleap e N STRAC HAN Page -4

SFouaeid 17th August 1973
S'452nd Issue
j1UJA JIMRaE3Y j i
t 1.bs1p't.ion Ratesj
Payable In Advaej
l! P L-ty Paid By Seomd Class Aixmail
J I J Mdai Post In G rena4a)

$ 43-00

... e Oe. as to -I. -on
iK-' take- .

2] ie $207D00 $ 77.JO

o3 i &e 3 S 0.oo $1400.oo
i ios 20 Issues Published Annually

Page 3



---- ----- -- --- ---



i^ILoa? that shg bI
-* tive- a the P"rty to
ag-nes haive b69n luid

Tiat suisenion v,: :.,V..t,,a to her in a
Fe,.,.t.Ar 17thvrittenbySirEric
-ai, (ULP Political L.aer, but Mrs
--..- '. Sir Eric's action is based up..'n
'741, 4 j.,-7 J

TCSir Eric's letter says the decision to sus-
pE:ad za- v as taken on February 14th by
an~ -m.oua vote of the GULP Executive
.and Genr Coun cid," she said, butte
Fi A_ 1' i4th issue of the party news-
paper, vhich vas prin-ted in Trinidad on
the ba before, February 13th, carried
aievws of the so-called suspersionm"


Grwi~Aa N~~LAt~r

C -r^AiiAN From Page 3
:, .'i.Id to be f lro ed is t'h..- .: cIal-
-er -'h..dre E: h:.- 3 ha. ve been laid
'L : -i,' : O. Fo, ,. i,.:t -. :. -. the.
1- 1he ti.A Ave o'f be n

F::.,cutivee may take j:h action, II-.....
;;-spension, n it f er fit.

L. IEric's four-page letter to Mrs
*5 achan sets out, anwug otber allegd.
.,-.-s, her filure to represult GULP
S-iew in Parliament, failure to report to
A;iJLP headquarters vhen s1,-mmofn?
,nd h-!idig discussions with amnida t
ioi:ottar political parties olloygthe la..-
General EleJtios. ,.,

| ..-.1:h "T it h di-h r s1. and 1 -
finud, failure to *. .d

ii.e .i--; r A! f:il.u? to f
'pat on her activi:e? m
Sin. ,ld:uLh friends to .
1 *:- her ie :.,r ing' Sir
"experience and political ..*.
11do and -.iin pa-
imentary ?p :-c e1..e In the Houf :t :o .
j:-,,. ;ives. haS M! LLCEN
i Have Done Much LEss
SEric's letter concludes, "Re-ember,
|Mr Strachan, you yoursif have vwuald
i'r the suspension of other AieliT-.e,. -
-s ivs, wo have doe mut!L-b !_ Lhan_
is the same manner thai E- _kci
iembei r and CGenera C ounCai men-er_
-- '- W wi.ted for yo r suispei ~o .m
.a. ._renada United LAbour Party.

M ST--h. i.-'V to Sirrr ,ric F-.: --
Sexpressing ::"-'. and dsma
Uy unff:: a-n- ... .. t *.*

..Ty s;per of F i.u.-, i4th .

1,;" r_ ot in t..he Partvy's ir '. fr *...

e saidr. - "rbut I c r:- and
:-' u, either pe sonally or !-2 ,,. the
.. f .v:..ur .-....p to continue def-::.

":..- -- -r- COppp-:oition ol Sir Eric
that n-c:. cv :'-;-y he great contributi':-.;
he has :LLj- il .....:h-?"" the P. .:'s role

ili ht s '. n o; di:-u by him .ic::e

'. '. ... ..,"".. ....T_ great a ,nd rn, !
n t h-nm .-'* :rid, a d she Z;::p.Js-,i
.'.. ,p'::n '.. it _-. Sir Eric %he n he
resorts tc ".-:er arnd distortions of the
.... fb. r his .onal L .randiQent.
'T1ere is A Limit
.r.ich.'s letter said she has re-
T::i -o-- taking Court action
S -ae this vill harm the Party,
A there is a limit to vhat she
J, tloleraX. If there is a
Srepetition of the allegations Sir
SEr t has made or if there are
-Ather allegations, she said, she
vds take the steps necessary,
t vimdicate her reputation.

Or ? the interview vith NEWS-I
S L.7- TTER, the Laader of the Oppo-
*.-1 ;,,, -i -11.e -till represents GULP in
qT ^.C.'. HoviS. Feedback
rcihizig her from her Con-
*.72t:*t-A' au-d state-vide, she said, is that
GUJL .pp.)r rs vant her to stayon and
put pcre ',ir ;n Sir Eric to hold the Party]
Cnwr.t.- vaich, she said, is now three

A.::keJ t,-i-e. she wouId be prepar~1 to|
2-'..,:- ,,i; ,.aJership of the Party if the
,C-w kJccatd on her to do so, Mrs
rS =i; seiw had not givn that any

"That *i n t at matter for me to decide,"
h d. it is for the people to decide"

________ ___________ __________________________________________ I

'1 ~

Page 4

The Grenada Nevsltter sturay -' Mr-h 1992 Pa-">


nHow ;ons can a fovernminta continue to igners
tiwe trewswndous Less of reveifme tiftOh
.; srnuq9Urm, undeir-in.vwicigrnt misuss o.


D ire,: : s < T:: . . I
& H .b nai Ltd on cf 3! -
1 La'ss large t.:,.T :.3i-: sar a i? --.
That, unless th o- an
-.i -a e its budget -i, improve :-:. :,.-, -
Vof its finanince, the econ.. i' fut-ii me :f
ui:tn,_ is bleak.

"Equally as dear, he says, "i the fact
ihat it can be done without imposition of
-additionai takes vhik, in a time of
remssion, can hzve only neTative effect
lanm !ead to furithr hardship."

pMr Toppin's cornments ere !rade i r.'
Review sent to shajrenholnp c':i-;mp g
h 0e CompaPny's A nmin I Report and .-
|Statements of Account for i'.- year e: ., r.
.tOth September 1991.
Wipe Out Tie D~Icit
iThe Chaimran said he is co : ... --
e rpient coAllects only 50% of a.-L.
YP eniei and the "..: .:.._o ., u
1more than vipe out the deficit on .i -
in.:il budget lea.virin a r.-. :na,- . pi:- ..r
e--enfial public vc.rks and for I-".':-, th:*.:nal d1te

JHo- long, Mr Toppin asked, c.., a -ov-
r-in ent., c-'ntii.. e to i ,~g ,-. the re:T-.e:."
l-':. off revenue thr-ouh st;u...,:.lin, uer-
.', icin a.nd mir .e of :..:e:.e i(, i :a,. tax
2i-11ation 1hih Prikez fte: tif tax coll-
iection impossible ?

"it sm this situation that I fl; it difficult

?aidn. n 1992 tfh-ie will be a deepening of
'he rK_ .' :-,ve C:.jc t. ': ieut sc: rated in 1991,
a i ect ... --Ife to be true of 1993.

Con pany's accounts, .cl:-:-..J at 30th
s -....' .: 1 s:.. a-"Z-tr profit of
I $4 l-< '275 : .mp:0 Ii".-it

" .- *-. it

in i'
EC $,27,.5.t compared "

kdi o, t sf t ,c- e n .

" .. - effect-
_ "us. ed tf. r:i..

... .': -ble fo- r hr-

'., hight of the


" C h.: ..i .;.,1 a it ,.5;i.i,.
Company to pay share-
of 12,5 ... .*..j 11..u-.

'.. ...'r -,'. -_ ,? ,'ono

climate, k -.Jiy cad 'v. dr vide, he iid, a
.L*.i. io2i:i-\tiVe p'!ry is ;:j ':.?..-t and
thie DaU."..s n-:: :! a 1MP divideenU.0

Paease JH BRsARDa6





* C Ti? *M


l[ ^ j ly l l^ l^ .' ; d'' l', ii, ,., '. t. ,, |

L j..e .... ......

1 Trro T? :i~:-*. N '^


| -^T^v -^ss yM -tb Pr ';.; ihaimian of the. C1^E-\ Co-

| -

2. -r-_ v-_. o f :_

;j Uv as -
^ --- - e- ,. 0: '-- -

" H^- the"em w dare in.. the ,: : -7 ,

.:tin (CNA

Sba--t he ..'ed ='c':.'erywill be-c,.: ziand

f"t a' c i nc a e to "make a go' of the
.. said, "but, because of the
Veal-- it wil take a while to get
out.Iip, and there Val be, at
7 '.-p of years of much lover

.ble To Pay

For ta c :*; t ::;j; GCNA -.':*.- estab-J
^ in 1 giv ;n :xn..:oly
r i.-.tgs the A..-r .c.n :.:
S-. i.juna-ble to pay divi-
,ar `) .Dp-OI L D :,:,A .: or
.ra o- --: .s for disti-i.utio,: 1

"' .- .t d I a decline

| : inp in- as T2 nre i. Tt.- v ,t i-zn two yeas
Sto a profits fwhen a -al 7 etifi I
:a5 the C..... ..- CPn _rennt bet-een GC.NA
.------ ta rf aud f. AssoTiation

Sid :- Topp :.- . w The ak tn

I .i d Cf-. l e* u 1' s f i /ssf& ,ly pF.) 'e .:'- toln

at. --...... -vels but down:|
--- ....."'"---it -----_ __ P__se NiTMEGS PaLe 7

-, i

The Grenada New-sktier

:~~ri~Fr.Z i Pagp 6 ~~

Ac.:ir to Mr Rnv. ick, the breakdon,
C:,.,_ .u.d b0e:- 'e the quota it ..:' i t
APIN as 7 1.r"? enough to cover 'th
Indonesian coi

"The Indonesian quota was insuffici.i. t
u 0.ise the ful; prCducti.on," he sail, "so
ita. Indonesian ep.orters were buying
from te farmers but oouli n-ot d u:s- of
teir stoks throu e AbNPGCA
-'J'PI i~
i .

C" ,'. : ,' this action V ...;ini wVhen it
became clear ASPIN could not c.ntr.i its

Thiat effectively dissolved the GCNA
A. .-,-ment, Mr Pe.n-ick S.:id, and.
t- .use GCNA rr: nt.xie:d: a:-:et prices
ai. high I,.:-I, even fimr the c:.11'apse of 1.
Grenada's share of the market
S .d A.:i-..i.:-t .i has been e
.. .*: .;4 -y .
.LAV ri;'r~ x' ~i

iTe :i... as that yporr a .i he, an extrempiely-
.-... to -.n.le :::; into- serious situation e:-its ,ith the
'. -.,:', he h:.., v-.h n ,N ,NA cash flow atnd the Ass-
'::.A 7T.... 7., rp-, _
,eca s.-':^lnutmegs a: "ar'-ift, ^*^i.^ed .iih its

Adi. -' : -e ...eirduced drast-
"-.NA ....:i. vthat AS cally and a vigorous marketing
-, unde-cu --ng -- .- .- thrust has b_.n instituted to,
pTDnes c -_, "fe Ass- correct the cash flovw -1,
tn. ... -- -,ug h th e

t .... 4 -.- :.. : ..e.... 7., ur. nt y-::e: : h r ove.,. i draft

| t iths the 2ih. --n ASPN ns st tae place. d

he sol- e.^:p.Ai of o:.r,

P10ase See NUTMEGg Page M
Ng-=.I Pllo -Il. .
-- : "t ::, ... ---.--- -,"-- -- -',-, -, -

;': <: l~] *:" ,-i i7. 'U
I. -t .- Zhi.r..*
19- 10
^ir p.*/*, Fr'G"m Reserves
$ '42'.. 1 954',744 $
-15252 152452

-24". 24 ,'; ':- .:i

1-000.000 4
1" -.000,C:000
7, 2,- 47, 5717
4 i5177
-6 52-6- .- A.

Tear AdvancAs
1982 $ 4324 07
i 193 5,16b3,567 -
v1:. 2 .394
S -9,0 12.424

| 1907 o 0. 7, .
1986. 11,627,237.

S1990u 12,34 -
-1991 : 905,181
132 ....._ 4


14.0 12,424
i4.,', 2

2 -,7''",402
.3 27 S37
1 ,93 01 1
5. 1.p2


9~ ---- ---~L~dl



i~ ~Th~nada s1~At.e~

1 ri.TUi MEGS ntr Page 7
lhen A held. i-ts s...tuy Ai"ul Gen--
.. in May last year, Mr R.en.,ick
Sitas clear that nutmeg pr-Lodu .':-. .
iI' "1 rV .' l .- V-;:h the t.hen
iP CHA E'.:.ivt of Management vas :,d.-,: --;
.he affaiM of the A7z:':::r

777 :,as an anernojous, controismial nre'-
9ig, he said. and Government did not .:.: rT
T ,i'o-tv of the Bo.1' of "-.'Al1enlLn
i L;. ". .,:ted then. 0-n .

; -:- -r last, an E-traordinai iry -ed
i-, -ng held at. which a n- B,: .. of
j'' h*Eaed by hi. vas elected.-

'uL-ng sales are highest every y ar in

e the ?oat last yar because the
1tern Boani maintained the n
.i-stic high price and, by the tine eI
S-ok- or in December, buyer rs ver wvll
::ked vith cheaper JIdonesian nut-

h. Chairman said that, ..',i tht 'ed pri,- l:,
stocks t :--*- *;g- :,- to .-. but he is not

Nutmeg Producers' Eami gs
__ .___ _____ __ __ i __b ___ ----__ ""e__ _""n-- ____ll a r____
r~g aiba oaj

.4............ ..... ......-- ----


............... ......... ......................

.. ; :j: i j .. .........

,* i I : IF *i
: : : -----------


I... ... 7i

1 m 1i._ 18.3M
3 Adranrces


1' 19 t et

SFrom Reserves

I 98 1987 1
.-1 M s/ _s


' I!


i ii

i li


.~. JaAK~$M.

W: ~

----~-~~~ ~~~~

N~~tmeg ~- Prd t -r ;

: ,, #

.i ..

--- ---------

- I` --- --~-

S .y ?'-; .:= ....---2"

satisfi-ed. ith the level of sales and r.',.eay ye
2is e: ynV t2 be a sloL process.

As : the p. r..::p ,s- '.-. of future co-opTrti.:-n
:. Indo::-.,:: Mr PRenick said ASPIN is
now defu-ct, -.1. GCNA is in touch with
the E'P""U-. rnup which is a state-owned
ex,,por',i" omp':;rn:,y v,:.rf:ving with tMo ni.t-

This grup has not been given a mn':'ply
of _.''". _..:. he -said, but hopes to
- '.:- 1 i"._ .: of Ind.:r iiar e:i rs by

"I am .-i, that this villa gij them
'o .ro; rtt", the Chirraai said
"and', n I nonesian Gowrnment
gves m a Tmonopoly, it vouM be point-
less to tic up Grenada's crop in a Mark et-
ing Agrmaa nt vith them-"

Pleae see M GS Page 9

Pae g



Thwre- is Eack of [uruke sfr i-yi mnu tho
tiutaaru Est bMishm int in Haiti of the rneirgl
*nd imp rt.i7 rol of js eLP d Cross
R PAR S TE BACK, 50, --nate Pf Cross e .e: in Haiti as 5I0 i

Fi nish-b, rn Se.- :.e:.-- a-s the ''-It:ing conJi&:r-rl of the H.:iti.ain
's'"ne::. of the Inter- :.,-'

Cross Pi Red Cr.? Societies, : at "My-1 anser is the following." he said, I
Sn r F.:isa lac of undestanding among
: that, in .ini to a n.: .n s t e M-i.ary Establishment in Haiti of the
-4- r.:i-: H-.: are bei'_ ill ',e.i-tr l 5 impartial role of the Red
d by the Hai- : A.. ities, e. Cross in -assisting anybody, including
mr the "' .. ,-ki-g ::.-: ticr. -Onh e .- ,. ha- been repatriated, in a'
- huani tarian vay so they can start
._- EG S F_ Yom ,F --

I Meantime, i e .:- th .
irnmg closely its :,er

| : . de in tthe p
bI tt:r be ':

'i '

i l task, the '.7..n....
:te difficult times ahear
I growers irn-?te E. m '-
1: vTill have so:.
| .'=: through ST.'.EX,

.n,. :.:': and it
.uce _."n' m some

ast, .he .'.- .u' ,
.1 he i se i1us

a serious si;..5-.i -:n.

'he [ud C.i: i: blar e itself for this state
of Mr S : in that it has
not been -.ic: e:ful in di, t--irnttin. its
...- -".' and its role in '." an a :-rt .. .
C i i ts in Ham ti

said, is, -,....
o, 3.ep ....t
S,',inr the crop.

I, pre Lpri f-_. -
,pean Econo--;,:a -
ome C:o-=-nton.

S..TAB EX .~i. some EC 11 illi".
f} r a price ^:r-:it!-e vehir: i ad for -e"
q --7
'GCNA project to establish a numeg o
disf l i;/" .. m
S : a ..... --ill -:i'- ;,-" ,- r- -r o" the
ind''..--' ', -,.i R en i : U'1.- :, -- .
Sb an aid a.:r. the aim of GC NA
j mst be to Xr '-r ts r s. o t
_:..-_, sales on t- world .r..-,i
- -. ,_

Shp S .-tay (-.ere declined nto say i
- .. ..og iTher on .- subject except to say
t a . ..t ..: . Cross is n .n c .. vi... with
.. ., "
U '.vy ^Oibif inH-uli, trying to
S ... the Red Cross p '-.S -. However,
, : .l : h -? t:?r d:ftw.:Mies.

T i. fe. : ,: :: e dle._..:tes in Haiti
| ho :-_.-..". uo,,ng a A f'.;pervi:ng he I
:' ,'. t ,: and..the H i.:tn t LRed Cross
". 2 r P s h:... re.... o. f volunteer
.rk. Plea=e see RED CRO Sw PAGE 10



-" i.

aiay ,.-, M .ir, 1992 Page 9
; ." 7 I, E-7 7 AI1 Y




i [


1.-A .


mf&^y'"- I v*" IK'"'."'". ( '"'T .'" ^" T

School Bags In Fight
Against Drugs

The Uim Stite DepAitrnt of -rt:" .,
i ;.-d,. to Grenada 1,150 .sch..:- b __
-ued. at US$9,000.

i" .;ribed "ih le -1.:,-, 'F r A Bter htI,-r
utufm Put Drgs A" t' e e
anded by Uni f j St ..-- -

on -
Mni:fry on Fve.nijiv 27th

Sof of its <: ?: h ..-.i:Ut .nr:?
'- ifrmfe, the bags .- t, be diti.L:Y'.
the National Dri, A,:-idAtie C :-rm-.-e
SAC) to students at 74 public and pniate
n ana . h:ol. .

| i-ii; '-he- pa anti.:., Miss V--r said"
;..- Uni, States h:e ,-y d ie, some

US$5,3 0 -.- of eq i.rien. to NDAC to
lei,:D i its fi.'i .r thie drug menace.

OAS Do-at-es Com uters To

T G, c:T.;.:,! owned Grerna Boys'
...-.a. S...; ': (BSS) has opened its
:": rip'. .t.? room --:',h to ': rimputeIr donated
by 'he Zi -i-y.ion of Amriie:ican Stat.-

The p:- r.. was rade on Febr ,ual
::, t. P- :-p.-. of t1 School, Mr Victor
h.'y, by m.:ari.1y appointed OAS Director
in G
Mr McB:a .it-. :.:d the OAS has already
d:.: r .i''.o r-:';.r to -n e ofher sec':ndi-ar;:
scho ols 1in A S ORT: P I
Plesex See NEWS SHORTS Pare 11 I

R -D CAOSS From Page 9
Th e ;. General's .isit to -.An 13 "
part a familainration tour .hi.h hd
4- ":...i taken hirn to St IKir,. Ar":..u.
.. St u. at L Vi;.ce-Lt. d. thi
ended in B:ibt.-ad after Iep c..- % i
---.1 on F'ebimaly 24th.

r-, S-::.::,:: said .t.he Red Cross, of -.,
Shas been Se,:,etoai-: General for the last
f-' .' was establishd 12.8 '- a ..
e8 Red Ciescent has existed in slarmc
--..,i.- i countries for h-e last 110 -A u
iow an int.'r? -* of h -- -ri-vide4
-.-7Th..n whiih : .hp ,-.... ,.al
v;i, onof Red C:w: .cd p- Crese:,

K Fe, is nowv reesrnted in 150
-.untnes, hIe said, and he expekt that th
te i. ll soon e-:-pi-,d with nm eB: ip
-" the former, now independ,-,-, co.,'.-
i-j' he Si. "igt empre'j'? .

The, u : ,:-i.,-- .,r a l er-p-.Sed ihq-f:.tion
: L'e of the f":n :t:.'n in the
Eastem CIar :-I, but: i--4. the eSr-.piep. in
1the isl' s a.e .-: uffi.i- ry self-

or ex,.- i
" '*r_ st il too rnlLL~h depenitd&;i! on ex-
ternal ,I ppot," he faid. "We feel that every!
S::ie'ty sh:.-ud have its own basis and not
be depe nd *-- on he Itier-, 1dti-. ndl Fe d.eif ion
a -d : .. :.-?- S.;....iJf..- like the Arn-nc.:m
'Red Cross -L :hs s.i.n' mn--y f these

I. Red, C".- Soie -needs
n-o M r S'-.-,..LI sai is f... si.oi
leadership n the form of a flill time
Die.t.r G :-hral, this in addition to vol-
,e-:-r leadelshup. .

Q: Grenada Nevsletter

Page 10


..~.. .- I.

Saturday 7- March i.2

The Grenada Nevsletter

NEWS SHORTS From Pare 10

Minister Opens Environment

|On Februaiy 26th, operring a three-day
.,.,kshop on the enviroimnent, Miriistier of
He-adh, Mr Michael Andmre, said P: taii'Ih-
ment of a severage treatment plant has top
priority with Gove, rnment.

Stich a plant, he said, would s. :v a rmjor
p blemn as it would avoid the dis'.h.a-i-g of
- ,rtx Se~.erage into the sea.

The Minister said untreated -e:er:age de-
'i-es coastal reefs and contributes to beach
i n, o factors which have
efforts on the Tourist Indiustry.

A major item dsacused at the workshop vas
Ithe Environrnmental aand Ccastal Resources
Project (ENCORE) funded by the United
St.tes Agen:y for Intermnti.:inlm Develop-

ECORE ,is geatered to ierdiiMci II- h-e uap-
t;li'ies of the Or.ari.'.ftion of -East
C bbeanStates (OECS)to effec ti .ly r, :-
tu-e the use of the natural re.-oure-7 of he
.".: i, for the benefit of the present and
future generation.

I The orkshop listed prnorit prc,-T.nmml
-I.: for ar i envir-nmental plh- and
identified projects for feuding umder the
EIN CORE Agreement

United States Still Major

Tourism Market

IA re D-rt from the Grenada B,. '.d of Tourism
'says +hia despite the e.-onomi: ruc the
JU.-it.d States of AmericA' contin- to be
IGCrenada's major rmrket.

,According to the report, 7,319 stay-.. ver
Ivigitoirs cam to Crenada in January. an. of

r.^ 1,,6 or 26% wre from the USA.

Fr: m ienn.iny, Denmark, France, Italy and
S,-dt "th-reV weie 1,464 stay-over visitors,
31 c.,ri.e fiom the United Kingdrim, 924
from Caribbean Community countries and
9 04 A .-, resident abroad, vis cited their
ni.ei -1d tt -at month.

Sw. 'r-:-.e length of stay during January
p: :P r -A.ver Iviisit;r was 7.04 days and the
Bc-aid es tr ma te s ex'pendit.tue by tihtes e visitors
at. EC$9,515,60. the rme. nmnth, there were 49 cruise
inearc',ai s bringing 20,582 passengers to the
I Al Esiimated expenditure by these
p.s.-, is EC$1,018,809.

Disaster PreparednessChairman

Attends Course

Mr Al.ihr is Redhead, Ctairman of G3re- Di..aster Preparedness Conmmittee
is n' w in he United Kingdom attending a
u-1.iy course on Natural Disaster Man-
i es.^ .e*r.c it 'l

The .u''e i s be ing h'ld at Oxf:-nrd Poly-
'ne, : iar *i-rd together with Disaster Pre-
,, ness experts fm, B ar-bados, Dominica,
Ant'i .-.i, St Kitts andSt Lucia, Mr Redhead's is zp1.-nored by the Barbados
L:aei British High Commission.

Rainhfil Increas In January

Te .,:, inient. Irnm,,ation Service
(JS'j reports that, nir e to fVatitics
suDplied by the Land Use D-'isi:.n, five
p..~ .e- in Grenada show a sharp rise in
Ji,.:x-'i: i.dall in the period 1990-1992
as -oi,:nr--red with 1987-1989.

Pleae &e E .WS__ SQRTS Page 12

Page 11

--' -~

-- --

Saturday 7th March 1992


' Wii Grenada Nevsletter

Saturday tbh Marrh 1992

i'-ta ffom 16 of the Division's 44 meter-
logical ;tatins, h,.-,s that a t ,tal of
73.22 inches of ain re the
!.tm.7 m rn,., is of 1987-1989 and this
Uir-. jumped to 236.50 inches in the
;-. r a:p,.:,>ndintg mon.:rt- i 1990--19 .

,Oeneral Hospital Elevator

AiA new elevK or at the General H::pit#:.!
fiu-: by The Canadian Internati onali
.Develp.1 r mernt Agency, at a cost of
iEC$175.000, was offi,:ial, y cIrd I,:.;ied a :.exra:ion1 on Febr.iry 21st.

Don't write "West
That space divides,
Let's write "Westin
Proud symbol of ou

.-:.. commissioned at the same time 'was a
|.o!r;mun'.uiitir,f system donated to the
fI' pjital by the St Ge''s UnivErit'.
hool *:.f Medicine.

S*i- :yem, whichh cost EC$9,1:000, vill
ipr .'1d s coin nfatj iC t ateIi ; I t.wet n all h,.--
Iptals in the State and wvh the :.ui.,.u r,:-.

Labour Ministry Lists Disputes
Nineteen di p t .Ps for conciliation/mediation
:'; li-v d by the Ministry of Labour to be
dealt vith d:.uin.g February.

According to the Government Informaton.
Sevice (CGIS), these disputes range from
-:le.'i;ve .jeeniments and nev agreements
tlu'.,uth ag.,ine increases and profit slhaing
to dismtisal arnd severman pay.

GIS says the disputes relative to collective
agpe-int wage i~cireiases and profit shar-
iL. 7-' t. :- m-:,t outstanding issues to be
-.eld ac d the unions filing the most
c., rp.iin t he Co.mnmercial & Industrial
W..:..'.-. Uii-1n and the Te':hnical & Allied

Public Warned Against Raw
Sea Foods

Bes:V i- t incidence of cholera in
Pe eyin, the Mvinist-y of HeIlth has
-.w -ip pu pilic against the eating of lav
sea : -r.

Alister H uges

7th March 19Q


Printed & Publizhed By The PToiprietr
Alister Hiughes, Journajlist,
Scott Street, St Georges,Grenadsi, Westindies
65: Phone [8091 440 2538 tabless HUgSON, Grenada)

i=OM L1RAr'

Page 12

i"O& Oe CONCNiu i.n-ii

The Grenada

Volume 20 Satbmlay 7th March 1992 Number 4


tD1 J ids
-. . . . . . . ..

|Box HineHou Rep:- r he nMw hs H rpoy irdicat-

< Fbr 7I.6h7add-1.P to th r:e BEitolr
T| ..E "V M r M-een, said n an interview .ith NEWS-

,,,,-r v.- e'a -, Newspaper Bann-ed.
1'K :+. FJLI IHouse Press Box
i--n- V f Ter h ESt- achan Says Suspension
P. o ti --.. .,.- ..i..- .. ....-. ------------ to the Speaker, Mr (
i Box te Hoseof- e. :-.'-.. .........-- '::-. -,. -:. ..t. r, h no has a re. ply indicat- 6

S' .- ro ecrestay

L/ .f ith Februa, i. the "Vo ice

-jin .he of inAc o *g : St :-4,:in, ar 1pted at that mieeinz I
f pro13 c--ings of thbe 7im. _' r ,-oi, n calling for a postp.rn-
Ho ", ofp Tav. on M mn to m Seoat. 1,ests ofr Ft........ r 1

( br. ..i n- I 8 ch. he. .. p. ..-e.It .-he 192.

%, .O,.A UP!RARY.

* **4-. ~ ~ ~ -4.,

- -~ 44- .5

j? I : r,7 7 Page I
:i:- 4 -- .i .. _' T V E1 31, iE,-t, .' ,- . ; ., -1'
4e--- -, .she inte-..- to. ;4 "7 7 .: ".4

S .... -. -, -T

-'*" ;**n whr as no dis- .

T1 S ea er :l; ;r 44d4 f 4.
c4 -.-:.!. -appear A t
: h Voice. 7 a -"S : :-
;ba-ers is a .11.r'to der:-:" s -

4 . -
--.4 .-..-.

". alj.y with v~idh Mh' Peters *ori. t
H. I

e .,:,.- of .h,- House.- .

- 4 r.44 :*..j4 he said it is|

... ',i rpeakerf to be,'e in the H.'.,'.??e
h_ does. h :en e G"?!? bers of Gov:::-j
...... "; '-4 s a lotof -.i.'" about

freedom h p1- enjoys

.4. :' 4 ;- .'.*- A"" i- --_ 4 ' :--. -...-.. "

01. 1i. L:
S : -i "-i r- _ .. -s 4 4-
r ..- .

| ... P ;'--:- A "-" :*_..- 4.. 't.. f 4. t-h
4 4 .. 4. .... .

.n-'* 1:.-* .f the ^ i. f

S- '

-t Op a.d Z'

f *"^: ^TT r 4ie5- .- d *

. 7: -.
e.- ..V .. 4.4. 4- ca4
*7 4 V .4 - J 4 -,. .

T -- .- :...


Page 2

,,;.-: -, _.. ,..,r, ...:. .-L.,-.

*-.. ~ - ,4 '. ".-- ^-'kS.' i :

444- 4.i.444.- i' -.,.,.- ... .... U44 4, : _;u. u." : ._.
- - 4.4444 4 :,': ,-1-. ;-*

.---: -. --

Step to ale is not. ust t

- . . -- t" -F

SoD r Ubfair Or MisleadM m

^*a ^ "ouse "The ^p pr i :
e T .-L to mp r-
4-4 . 4.. : _.
t .LA ....... Such p r-
Qg ,b- by the S :, : e!
-7 Lur pb" -a rep 7.
ofh House t
0- 41o2 4ile -f- 44: 4if
... *- ? c ' "- .- :r :\,:- .4 .^t I

SentirTe . SpVISr 77.:1i e ar
h f.e s it is that a 4-, 4;. i::. ";.' o i

O Houe alw fr c, Mr Pierr
-.4. f .f sc ..::ir.. is- r n;
h ".gp -. ,4. h6. i' lb6 : ..... i toi


S w hat the Sp.e be
S*: iS ' u, .the 0e..:.:1 .;::-: of i-
Please see VOICE_ q gge

-- B'--;

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