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twenty no. a year
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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Page 6 Saturday 6th April 1991 The Grenada Newsletter



mR*0 0M








f *,-,-.

of 5

, r.- "iJ
|i c^
. *.' ,i

j ta

. A

y&e 4wi fte'r is- owf 6 ff thAe siiA
fa maruatiow fds &qima w ny swk. waW

RELEASE FROM THE In I.-., re-:e in .:er tc sd
ri^ t D i' :*p n. :Ban- up .r..i.n.-r 1o of lh- pr'(..' et. the
1t _, ,1'th Feb building contract was pytut t to inferno ation-
t9. d noB: -.-,--, al -cmpehtiv~ bJ.5inrl m c,-r. nationn
S er -- : ofi Di- with the CDB stff, eSevn- prequalified
--",r --d 1 of E i firms ,re i- ;e~. to tender of which nine
inaerty apb Limird a to- C of $ i on
.Lbuertv .nt d T
lited ti con y 'rp-:ri in
oe-,^, Of h.i^-, m t-.dose nine, six Corn,.^i two each
Pi_- : a- e s t o ea[ c
fr:im T ,-irj.., Tobao .-- the UniteI
.: :. .to rele-se. the loan is to -:i- ,- :,- v one each from France and
L bin .. : 'uc:.. fu shir , L.d-.:. '- bids by M th
S q-..pi:f a ne 100-ro.r. al- : ls for
iL l:t. .:.~ocated on 6 h -- Expec To Begi
i-:.. t I Pningouin A -: i r P in
SGi -i v Paris es eva luated .,,apo~A e dder ,
.1iz-tyt Of Hotel Rrosc
.^ ......s ma4 t .t CoLP o h 3!e. neJ7an comprn
.:-; of nc.. y .-:reM/ Ffa cdrc -r.s expec,.d t
r .p im Afir 1991 &nd &e
rea Fe n er L9 Acti z of 2 .
S/- m "-m Gr a-W- co ,::C toJ :'. .ilS of the R~ 'r.v of
O. f'!-,-ied- Court of Gr'e-:a, Liberty
r says also h.., the :,- -ub. .i.mted r rnc.rp. 1raed on 5th
e. the varieTy of the tour mn pr..d cter as a p i d ability
.. i ,. ',f. ared .-:crtors to i a .:. e of
zinF.: --^^f. vill be pro"w, .-.i-i 4
it':idtfore InL :: zh: r..
r~ says t protect is also i. $1 shiare ealfh) th 1 allIe-
n Eaet e : a --r. j- '. n L: o f t h e u r 'a i s n o t r e ..r d i n
" -:.y
'. -n th" f"...ii is. stry eo s but one of th 1e
Sor ":.rces i:- te -h h-, Mr LeonO T.or, is under-
-t De l :..e. C.rp.:ration) to be hty eh r m
...rr uf JrI est"ent -esBak lE,)'d
rib i Finc.' ,-i:- P Seiices e orpe TE--*;-
Z-vr See OTEL Page


SThe Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 6th April 1991 Page 7

9ho-rt foundation.

iu merdiy th b& ,rntil) of
contributwnfs dhe
Spice IsUtlunt 'tn. wilL mu"

St ZGeor Ui -"-"i Schoolu

. :; ,00 toL Mr ,:... Kopycinski,. P':-
.i.-, of -_ Gre- . H iJrt Fo I ., '..i L

I ha" al". .... :r.. d myselfa ptrO:_t_- ,-
if and vh-rit the 0":.;.p.-.. could ^..:-?. it,.
ir H :.l sai" "I vould ... ..
" ngfuld ::r ""bthn se l.,i; i the -re'n. e

A Weak Area
I :: of he lack of f.ilities a -' ile to1
1 e f: : profession, Mr H r
in _re". 'a of heart M h. s
S-- u--f a -.: area. The doata.u: to,

j i .f~ibutions a ^ :I enn
. d .--:.'- i n thi- f:A,.5:',. "e "i
ii conmetio

iJ_ From page 0
*?hen his t:rce was conIi: d on 1l f:h
uth, fr Talor -T v; : for
:- j. Hrt .- b. -i ,:-:- "-, M s.
ya.,, -*1 ",rr' ;., -: r -. _- not ,t |
rteda t.he- site. I

Sator, r .. Venezuelan firm of
... J tons A. is -:- t !:
She c..r'n tion I .. I
Svee. -f
_________, _' '7,: _.__;.t.. _. 4 ______ ._, _

T'he --!rT'r Ias teen asked to identify a
specific ., h in the G"eral H'...pit_-. in
L.. he .-. a I of eu nt Mr
Hpl:in said, to the ?:qu rij-g of .:Nch Spice
I-d dnn-i d.--,-- EC$5,000.
This Can Be Done
His B ... .~ 's it a civic reI.iporibihity
o .;t ' *- 8lare9 n.. 's i the

.- that tis can be :.- on an
bais. For he current 7e it hz been
-5.. ti. Spice,' -Ii Iiim donations will
, t _.- assisting in treatIint of
a: rt' t c--,

r Hopkin added that
f, :'llove the Vork of thfe
Heart. Foundali.-.:n and has

he has
found it

"This is one of the reasons vhy we
chose to --li our total donation of
EC$10,00O, "!e said, giving half of
it directly to the Foundiati-n."

Acc'--in,- oi ::I._uep, Mr Kop rir -i" (who
is !ic:e A,,. ; t.--; ..-. of theSt Georges
Fease3 ee HEART Page8 }

I "

Sage 8 Saturday 6th April 1991 The Gr-aada Nev.etr ;

HEART From Page 7
U: S -.;-1. of M.feicin-) :.L. Led :*
Ho fkin for hi unsolicited N: r.-Kibty
-r"." donation and said it vould
-'e yv assist thE -7.,-ri: of the F.-our.. '-..

-h. Her' FcL.tilon, he said,
A6 .1 d in I 'vrien sotmie ph icias
alnd p. "ple on ;e i-s'-. nd :.;..
: shipp of the St "- Uriv i'.'
.1 of 1Midjirn felt h : as ^-,
.,,:; in h ,r": of children b h
S- ir'-:. co2 rn; he-art

"Ail or .:ur e~rtise -errx to p i to --
t I ", of the Grenaian o

^- IS

Club of Gre:." Hotel A;.. yir
-4 0. y r. - i- 2.4 .:: -

Soeciai mention vas made of the
Lions Club of Grenada. vhich, Mr
Kopyvins 54i sid, gave the Foundation
a great de.l of help in its early years
and t-i!l continue; to assiFt

Mrs K::-,n--r_ a.:i *.i. through the press,
radio and byw :.'_"-" e-^ ,--,ra, public ald
the med Frcif-s;:onin Greijada arg uell
a orkof '* P -'(.t :
a nts Are Referred

nai ^' re r"^ to the
Miun Aia: r. :r.'I, 'mi-1
fiftan almir rr-;'ith1

Thie Fa:r.m.:4n surgery in the
rnmad c r.,-t vith Urni f Stt. -,.
c tain h-.-2t. in the United
- W.s of Arica, 1.t Pe:.... -

-en the Foundration vas 1E sad 7 ar to -Tl- to hef D'eborahT
S a a h .a..-t: -n .. h" r ;, 1.~n i e s a:l B en
,, '- "- -- -~-" o.--..._- sent _-. -_-- p--i -n i. t 1-will ri t 57 l-

from rn^-.y quarters and !; asked the r* -
Ihil.-V-r of the Fc*T i .rn, Mrs Rie: LAj (__ _
.- -A (his -if- to give- some "of the Lo
.. details.
.W'2 ',- hi., .: +',.fEn to g'"--' soe+ h .'~JL.. 4 .... : ,+ !. ~. l iJ+.:I+ ;,-zti
. + a [ e - . -_4 -r ltTl b r +z.+. [ i iG t :+ _l Z ,+- : '9 : O S l t J

Mrs Kopycinski said each operation
ct tjelvan US$3 0,r0 3od
US$5G,000, but these cuts have been
donated by the Deborah Heart &
Lung Centre in Brovt Mills. Newv
Jersey -aid bv the UajitEd Childr's
Hospital in N'vwark, New Jersay.

These ia-titut-ons also take car.-- of
the medical afir-care and board and
dodgingg for both the chid's rmothr
and the Grenadian nurs who accom.-
j;,,ae them.

c+at g *-: :... -'to ^ Un -ed
States, Mrs K,+rC-. t? there h..--_ --- --
,-.-i ous 'i ;.:-unts -ii free 4 l: ,- ",".
--- -:. f.X e.. .jA .: .; ... .-' R- tar .
"- -' .. .. .. -; i ., ,. i 3 [ I "+o r e=-

:Ti !y :cr slavs in tfhe British West I
.n were -;:.1 p:L ., in 1. ., C" .:d in
',- ac:-: e a ,--:'- h :- "-. drain".,

- -- -:. v u d rp..:. ad .

Tlneda- planters .u:-:'ily ator% ce y e.- -.-.. by :e t. the

t. f a.. '.ree h- . and ,.e- of
;'4/- .. it hf- omcnd fish and a
.. .-of rum per task-of pc. s.:.:.."

Also. ? ad -.-. :e -.._ "Any. -r4on
-br-.- over f ep vill get
-i::e- e, _; 1..l e ij yn Int on :pli-
,_ation to any ',-^.-ber of the A_.ri.-"--"rl
_- 'ty. As added ,.~-- .... the
Tr...... Go.^:2 v ,:'ld pay tilhe
ab .. -ers' ..--. at $5. u per lhead.

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 6th April 1991 Page 9


Census Day Is May 12th

An .'"fflcial of the Census Office t,:ld' the
G'C.ernment Information Service (GIS) that
-lians are well under way for the hoidinig of
the Natio .l Population Cens-us.

The State of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite
Martinique has been divided into 265
en1.une'ratio.n district enlim.erati0.:n Vill
.e:.n on April 15th and. "Cerrus Day" is
Th.' 12th.l

The c e 1us que tior~-aire will cover housirng
idividuia charact ristics, disability, birt,
pl-ce, residence, educati.:,., t.r;:tining.,
:-:ital status, union -tat.;, fertility ard
, .:,:,: n :m .-,tiity


According to GIS, the census will cost.
EC$700,000, to which the United1 NatiLs-
Funid for Population Activitie: 'ill con-
tribut- EC$176,000.

CDB Approves Multi-Project
Loan For Grenada

A. r'-e,.e from the C-aiibbe'i- De-e!.:pnmernt
iB.ank (CDB) states that t.ha-.t institution has
conditionally approved a multi-project loan
of US$3.389,000 to tie Grend.- Gov-
m :renent

1-a: loan will .ssist in .the financing of 11
projects relating to r,',a, seao.efens, port
f-,il.ities and water supplyy and st-uted to
:ost U$:,765,00 .

A:, to the re!.ae, pr.,.jects fc. be
ir 'e f.en will :,re~'se < t': ri. i.n two
; marine ec.wter in Grehia,.-i's sister
island. of Car ria:-.:u. It is a ci. ition of the
Soan that the GCtied Government prepa-re
.: i-. vir,' e.-t''.-, i ii- a i.r. I p. to pro-
-tect the sy.t-mf- frov c.:,re,,.en-ial

Carriacou Free Port Plan

' o .c.err-nent has established a "Free Port
S:ormmittee" to ..tud uhe fpeibilitiof declar-

The Go ernment Irnformation Service
(GIS) reports ,hat, in the first quarter of
1991, s-ales and income of the Artisanal
Fisherie-; Project (AFP) are significantly
higher than sales ard i:nome in the corres-
p.rfnding quarter last year-

According to G IS, fish purchased by AFP in
the first quiiartr of 1991 amounted to
119,439 lbs atacostof EC$407,718. Inthe
first quarter of 1990, the relevant figures
are 74,220 lbs costing EC$228,465.

S:.Je in the first qu:Arter of 1991 vere
119,334 lbs for EC,$469,79 ) as cornmpired
with the 19910 figures of 40,471 lbs for
EC$16 1, 559

Cer.ter;il I'.fanagr .of the Project, Mr
PRayn:.:nd Steepp!,, told GIS that these
increiaes were due mainly to exports to the
United States aird Canada.

GRENTEL Pleads With


Trena:d:a Telec i :atoais Linited
(GR El ITEL), :,operitrs of Grenada's
tlkph:'ne stem has issu'id a release
pleading with .'ild game hunters not to
shoot at "manicou" (opossswi.u) when the
animal is on the telephone cable
PIsee MeWI HWg SHOirT -.qe 10


ing C-ri.cou., Grenada's? Mister island, a
freepp prt

This was announced on M:Irch 24th by
.,4irisier of Firnaire, Mr George Briz~i, as
he delivered the fi.iture' address at the
f<.,rr1al openingrt of new premise in
C.rrac,'u of the GCov ernment owned
Na.:itionrl Cormrmercial Bank. :

Ac'-.:'.rdirin' to the G. -ver-?. .et irformnation
Service, the iMi.uter said th, mno.e to make
C;ri.:,,u a free p -rt is -iumed at maxi-
rmiing the .'ier'r,:ial potential of the
Ailster isi h ad

AFP Fish Sales Up

-I~-- -----~

UW.l. C ,MRTNR L-brIA i*

SagLe 10 Saturday 6th April
__ S iG ? rjom Page 9
"Danmage :...--e 'by this is co.ting the Com-
S:--n aTd X- cou.vry thousar:s of d:.llars in
-epir- Zm-ually", the release says. ,

FebhrvaryJ Becoming Wetter

. .r ,-:. raci., Chief Lmjv Use
I "ffi .... .?a.dvied the Government
If; .n '"-er' that, on the Ib.i of
jrairall -.'ret from 10 of th1e island's 35
ar.:'.r -. .i p, y'.ra.ife- rainfall for
|Fru th .e r l-'29 to 1991 is about
21% -e.Ii tthn tihe average for the ye,:

For. the -'-:&: 1 ':- to lk;,F the Febru.ary
Sa-ra is 25.03 ichs vhile the average
Sfor tix ,--s 198 to 1991 is 31.67 inches.

I Enoc rAging Tourism
Sta ticis For February

S----r: r t.,e Grenada Bzard of
o"'' .ay- ,?.65 sty-o'.er visitor ,came-
to :; ..iring February 1991, an
re. :f s 2 % :ver the figure for m Fr:7 1991, 18,533 passengers
i,.. ..,renaa in 42 cruise liners. The
-.rr- *i, f-'es for 1990 are 17,123
p, -.'-- i n- 353 cruise liners.

Public Se'van~s Get

- -

Over 100f Pubihc Servants were pre.enuted
.-it Cer.f..-': of Prlt'icipatio' in a R.:-,.1
Institute of Public Admini.tration (RIPA)-
1-GoverrmfrnL of Gr"nrda "Traming of
iTranm-> .. -'.-.gemint Dev el.pment


The Grenada Newsletter

March .2th.

The programme vas conducted by Msr-:1r
Peter O'Reilly .uid Brian LIuid of RIPA and
Mr O'Reilly t..ld the participants he had
never worked with a group of Public
Ser i.-t.- vii.o had' been more enthusiastic.,
energised and determined to take advantage
of a training programme.

The programmed was funded by the British

NCB Aids Carriacou School

On March 24th, the :.,'::-in of the formal
:,ptEuing of the new premises in Carriacou
of tlhe Goermrent-o..ed National Corn-
rmern-i.:d Bank, the Br.anch Manager of the, Ms. Margaret RP.'bertson, presented a
cheque for EC$4,000 to the Principal of the
L'Esterre Roman Catholic School, Mr
Starling Samson.

Mr Sam pson said the money would be used
for general school repairs and to replace
broken furniture.


At a ceremony on March 21st, General
Manager of Grenada Telecommurniatkions
Ltd (rPE ENTEL), Mr Tprry, Stone, present-
ed Mr Walter St ,ol., President of the
Gr~nad.. Cricket A-sociati.-n (GCA) with a
cheque for EC.$5, 000.

These funds cover sponsorship of the Cable
& Wireless Windward I-lands Youth
Crik:e!i Tclunamwent. which started in
Gre nl a on April 4th

Ali iughes
6th April 1991
Printed & PubliAhed By The Proprietor
Alister Hughes, Journalist
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Grenada, Westindies
(P.O.Box 65: Phone (809] 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)

-- ,^kk

-- ~--~---- i


vi/ich wa:s comirplEfted on



The G.renda

N E9 Saturday th AriLEl 991 Number 6
Volume 19 Saturday 6th April 1991 Number 6



"Up to the F-Il of 1990 tfe economy flas f irl- buoyant, but
the- first J few Mowths of 1991 !fus.i ^ a ecidcd
aowrA&&rn i-n acti&vit9.": X4^W

*'.T ii:S :.;..- Director of
I. 1, .... % 3
;;':'= r? & Hu :--,4 E TM
T.r_ in an ir.. i. NE -
,ETTER on April 4th. 4htr are u,,is-

ii .


S ip to of -1990- econom'- P was] '
? riy buc.- said the f::; few
i;:.. .:of 1n1 rv y .-w adecid do-.T
Strin n activity."
--- NO T

Mr i,:.[.in agreed vith a recant statement
of Mr ic: Minors, P 'Pirenp. of the
.r -._; :.-." of i uiC.'Ury & Com-
S:.._ that :--- current year vill be a very
-a if ,": + c -::. The r -_ :.;i ; will be deep,
Mr Topping i .:_- recovery vill depend.,
.to a : : te tiin s.
TOa ,Ar' f ,"he :"ti 2e s.ate of
reco~wry .vof ISe vorld anawmy h .
mar?- Aj <-'sss I skiity &t s-irsfe
ma~re tour^ s&and the M6r1d Y 4se
sAndf's ^wcea is va^ aBvestors
mto ser e d" .tr6 -- pariicdarly r
Pi?-aE See ECONOMY Page 2

0I Grenada's Economy in
R ce o 7 ....................---.... I
SCB. Loa3 For Feeder
oad-----------------------------........................... 3
SGG Urger Teachers to
Bul Brdges.----------..............--- 4
@ Ne lO-:-Room Hiotel
For -rnaiada--------------- .................--- 6
Spice si-d Inn Aids
Heart For- ndatio.......... 7
News Sh-rts... 9

-I P-


'- --

%M.jXJL^^.-wr^S 1^ c AD( A 'S

Saudy6hAri 91TeGIraaNvlte

ECONOMY From Page 1
.Mr Toppin said the first niri mrnti of
I "ill be p. t icul.-vly hard be-:iiu it
-fill take that i-r~.h of time for several
:0 };.:d pr.:jects now on the dr'.awii board,
Sto- : on stream., d
"I.:: r. Sra iM
A Flov Of Money
I projects "re almost all in the To2 'i1i:
...., Mr T.:.- i m- and if hey
|,-:.rJi.7, The'. v,!] pr.o^ .i^ af ,r amount.
i of : .:'met aTd generate a flow of.
|:A:m"Vney '1 Lch _.ll gi' the r-,c my a
i .o stI.

e n n ,g :D ad a u ,

7ubdT .y, (renada ree!. the Aari-.
tur:l industry and every ,lfortl
ufl be made to provee and
:iverfy this sector of the economy.-

vth is Thurismi and he id nct at all
iGerehensive over the sA-gri-d
ia e : atu i of th s ect'r :.

All ExtremelycGeood Livin'
n . . .. t -1 y *i
. ...; -- -1'- '-: ? ...' -, t : re5 ^ ,."ip :i .

- -8 an i North Atheric so aend

.oeaies mae to travel and, once
-- ,,ersfs tt. 4oo.

r asi the 1verh socall
rie Masr ofint this Aeic th.and-

SVTe money, tey Vill travel
i,;' ....... ;,41 A-_" r,'(;, t :-
: e .. . ..4
._ .~ n ., ,7 3

capped by many Pti . factors, lhief of
,..hi.h is the "hi.r '-rndous" rost of
energy in GE-IS.I : .:. ..pared vith swch
eo '.v.irie" as Trimidad & Toba,:c.. E-R'bad..,s
and StLuci

.Additi,: ni. ly, li- 1 to t.'".-rfai'tjr
s.-.:. i th,_ m:-nist be af irly big local
..-Ark for thljf r. i:.. Mr T-ppin
e-:.pre--e the opirmin ihat, With a
pop.. tin of 7,000 a maz.fac. in
kG-.'-t L-. littl. cVlciic- of finding a local

1 1 !1h| i . . .iiiL L .. .. :... .. r t fi.. .

.I U. ;i .g tr-', th e

., ,, ...... I

or the i 7i Tors of th. :f of he economy,
What. is even re 'i .:.: e d i

q- '" ri ''s .1ility" to n'-a?- the
.1ni.u:es of the cointry :.: Jerly. Tbre Is
ni-- Mr T-:ri-j foraGl.ert to
Sthe f-j dicit and epnditure i
.:, andd ,-t- e, =. t e .c' tris
..i. I .. 4 1 -- _

..: oi i, ._ . : ,". T,

Ce n Newer Be Healthy
T he Civil Service is overstaffed by
some 4% 0 the s.shorre&d-
seed, area ,he am ti e.-' .ja is

ous amount GoverwGjrvt must spend
on ages ean "-oncv health- y for the
economy." hoe t o the

Even if the GiNt gre- by the high
rate of 10%, the tanaging Director

happening :, Government's 1
cheques are -bounicing% there can be
no confidence for in"vestor-s to put
their "ofney into the cointry to ex-
pand the product-'-;- t se.

S.... ....... ...I i _,10 tre in to
sliole th4 i: ... ;I -ori is a rujor
Prtieathe a s a nDiOM e 3c

1 ~Pqge Z


Saturday 6th April 1991

The Granada Newsletter

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 6th April 1991 Page 3




HE GOVERNMENT OF GRE- This pro ject, CB is "in keepingyrith
S:-,. is to -:.-:mi:ct 10 the. a-rti.'- thve -Go~ r uI t de .- -- pro gr, tur e
rural feeder r.:::to t-tJing 19. 2 kilo- CDF's :.b of promoting the
*iieef -fficie- gr ..:'i of Ithe .i' .uttural sector
-id h dle -i,.i.-n of poverty in rural
J7.ui.; ,s .i. l:-: d in a rIe'.e fr..-m the areas_."
Caritie.C D': i,.pment Bank (CDB') atj.
6th December last n," now circulated. P' -u-'emrne r of materials for this project,
to be p..-_:h:,. out of the CDB 1,a, is
,rin:,to the ;-el-L] CDB i to .1'.ithe limited to CDB's ,embor States arir Terri-
Gi.rna ,. of Gre ...- EC$5 154,000 for tries .;i;. the :-:ilom of The Netheriands.
'"; project whlch will ime '. t .- O ;_'u
f jr'. li?; : within a c :..:_.,hni _nt. r _. of 3,370 - -^^---.- n sm
:':J-aAe he,_i.'e:..

: ECONOMY From Page 2
contributor to 1h. present dj lining .--i: of
-- c-.....m Mr Toppin said, asid, a,.--;
r?.er', is x.e i. : . .. r .' the co.,,utrv
will cr.n'inue to .:.. ; r.
-f.t'errii, to a specific ar- of ,com .,r .
the Maning Direc tor saiL he was -ple
I haT on the Wer:,-! Auth.;ribes h.N :--d, "at ..s-
1.;st-", a trerJ& a *O: 7.- m:e :
....,_ o u ti m i :,r': the : of

Vast quantities Of Good s
C. .krrj.cC'd aw c:)A";. I.uea- v of Prinme

L~2ilgg4?d zizto s'?eds t nJ tAv- re
*ae ,ee CORDBridss comp/'an&
a's? kile Prj v&ek Sermor 5 ikl iCs _th
I- a veryadvese Seffect- on trLde.

As a soilti:- to this, Pi :;Le b [in-per
| B '; .-...te ^ :.;i .?u De-r_ ,?r ~ 0 : "-ress
: ed in its election ---oE,+':--.: that
: .. be ,"ai:, d a nr p: r In his
I.-ch to th> recent A. .. ti ra
meeting of the C"-4-Aer : Indust.y &
1 -o ."', MivIr 1 i.h -Pl i. rs, F, :.

of the Ch,.--nt'- o-edJ that. he free port
prop,.-d had rnot`:. put into effect.

He sugjes.ij to Gover:nmret thut "if tlhe
p:.i.i:- c ro iI-rer.. tio:n ,ut ei the, TGoDrnment s-'uAd say so and
abandon-16 id.e "
Please See ECONOMY Pafe 4

IThe Grefada_
Founded 17th August 1973
433rd Issue
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Postage Paid Dy Second Class Air Mail
(Irdand Potl In alenada)

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Page 4 Saturday 6th April 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

-T A Froi

7h Xac besr's Mwrk ad fionduct n e empry
iwot oFlyf its w fisy of bsi pupils, bat akro iff dir eyes if adf

ure addJires: on Mar'h 26th at the
S .IGth-i Aninuml Confer.s'. of the
!Gren._:,xa Uonof TePc--;., G:.-
t ei"Cr G nre. Sir P ..:. S'::.':,n he dis-
cerns a negative and confrr.rntati.:-ni atit.ude
creeping into Gren dia~i cityt. ..
"This u.g. i iren ikes .it: at the ..
vary root of ur self worth and
dignity I"ne i "I call upon the
| rhiing p,':fesi.'m and, imd.eed.,
,on ~vr-; sector of the Grenad-
i3n cr:,nl:-'.u."i'. to make co-
operation r_ than con- :..'
Irfrntai:n, la m-ir.prin. of all
your action s..."
Would Not SugggtP
SSir Paul, himself a teacher in
his earlier .m.s, said he did not. pretend tok
'be kn!'-,wledeable about " -id
i method" in t.:..'s .:l-sr-om and. vould n:-..
.mi':est to the teachers how to do their iJ:b.
He Cw:.uld, however, take a "glacce" at the
S:h'ol was he is "not as far rern..ved from the
j.e:Troom as some mav hn: "

SHe is advised, he said, that teaching is
more demanding than before, if only
because of the numerous problems
i students bring to the classroom. In
,many instances these very students
are otherwise normal, loving people,
he continued, but he has been told
they have an apathetic, sometimes
hostile attitude towards school,
teachers and assignments.

A fair number of th.:e students pl.y..,
fail to t.:&:e a interest in s;.ho,:,.l:'.'rT ..ud
m to ':. m.:_-2 time and -,r,= to
v liviti i.t-Ies"o .i th ohool, vich acti vitie-

are, for the m.:--.. part, injurious to mind and
.:.dy, h1 Governor-CGen-ral said.

"I in t.-.'d That, for many, teaching
is no longer :-.ti-:f.irg and learning is a lost
art he said. "The obedience,
S;.: p' 1.m i.Jity and courtesy
.. of earlier age are no longer
n.! D:n-en id tai?.hers abandon the
' cl assroom for more satisfying
i l j ,:- i-aeri-s _Isewhere.
Tahken Into Consideration
i If it is ..-reed that what goes on in
b he classroom is the key to
Sucti : i avt3:vCerment at the
'. -ch:.:l 1,--, Sir Paul said, then the
FL 3SCO0I' ^E-.i2E of teachers and
". resoi.i.-. : of their students
must be -'...:' i: c:.nsi deration when a
currci' :'. :-4 i vs plnd and teachers

Piease See TEACHERS Page 5

ECONOMY T-B:m Page 3
"We ha- L:."'_.: no more of the free port
pr, -.: 5... ad "i'- Carri-?A ou situation is a
-er-" ::-:.u3 rone," Mr Toppin told
NEWS-_S PTR. "This season, we have
no .': to the hotels a single bottle of the
imp' :.u qurs -e& usually sell them.
All is cr'- L in from Carri co.u."

IOper.... s .. .. ,:" Brovne & Hubbard
Ltd. cover supti. -nrr1: _, shipping, insur-
ance, l i._', :', appliances, fur-
rit.1u-,. auto,, :. :i sa and service,
com.:nru_1.i.,n r-:'. b'uiness equipment
and stIi.i ;'.1

" -- ------- --

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 6i.h .- pril 491 Page 5
iTEACHIERS From Paee 4

he G.- rinr--General smbe hmas -e ,
:faith in lie yourg people of Grenada a.,
S"-.-el .. i the vast .:.-i.ty are -4 1un

learn, crav:; for proper dirction .s
*Aj Pto. CEP TchEnfulinlife.

| ,But .- ,~-I people .eed r.- .-:'.: h
-., rey need n ci.:.;'.ily to see -h
i :..trj ds set ," I h J irIju ',- r- : ,_
ondu. of s.. to whim hey nw i IOOk
i -for g .' ": at -!"ol and the --i--r

Cer tain Ques ti o .

1 G .,,:. that ,f J .

..- .. ... r - .

11- | _
"4 1

r s cool, ,o
tos ove sue ofI
s f -t- s prob- ,-

b) Is it that our

Students too litU:a for tl31r iL

Sc ) Do our teachers continue to EK---
. tC tnemseives by vkee-ping abr-t :-l f
:*-'7 k.;-i ledge and mak.4e efforUs to
-Ierstan the c-hidrpen uih- ,ach

;{d) Are our scho.A r- c.i. g out
_ficently to the hme nI. fEo Com-s-
iy in order to crEt a_.ariner-.

Ste ans. to h que
S: vt :. appr ,:. to wards

He Sid N<-th1 -
C n -V t L m oL *..

or the and i .. ,-

ers' -r"' .

This -- delit_ :-V., he di, b c,',:i-e he is
,;: .:.:n-,i, : .:;, d I." p.i: i.ti b'iilinr s --d
more i lratir e condit,.. of service 7.'iuti
necess.-i! -" improve either ti'-,hr rorMle
or stuclent -:i- -.

Kf.:: is a coxept Ac'rcerhI" vlth r man's
-.lity to .-. -opt and adapt even in adverse
*.irc'.u.-c. r Pa"l : i giving
rise to, ft ieier-ptrvrn- rel.Vtior..ip
Effective And Efficient Teaching
T I -0-. .
la : .. ..- .: r "he ;:_c .:-,:, hfe a e thin
," -'. -, -.. ... r. eff-'. re,'Uve and |

and to improment
of ".ii ent _' wIfare






i?[n V ^ $:t > :j nmiust be retrair-
p-. r t'&d the ....r-
2.,., '._ r'_ r ; l sa id ,
S t that 'L whole corn-
~~r mmity educates the
-id-., and the o:Rr.,md
-. i t C'E- must buil

: ^ -,^:h.. the family
-- .

S ,r1-: of bridge-
--- : ;:- : i,*. y,_' ._ he said,
Sthe a.:-ier's work
ii i' must > ::empl- not orly il
e his ..:- s, b'ut ... .. mi thei r.t e -5 .f
-. --. "- -.__ z ,.

Sir f-y uged his "-ner: to "go forth ith
-. au.g. an. :t::iXcd c.. ... '. nlf...., to
.... _".. of [lithe -'-: ii

.- . ... ..-T .
I- r-i .. -- > ... r

...Grenada n. to put down a i
reHio:n of 'F- re-i-,- vho, irpird~,
by t-e F: 0 ,- .i--"":-n of 1789, 'were
.em -r -'e L ,1 from the
-- -i' 'i : -3 -t^'^ -! .. .. 4.
* 1 7 :_
Abercroh ., ^ .-?.f but his 1' es
--a tre n:s ellov fv--r killing four
11sp-i men* as die4 by the ti il- and
fl-r or.- 21 -
~t. ctjAL

,21 wt


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