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The Grenada newsletter
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.
A. & C. Hughes
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
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twenty no. a year
completely irregular


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Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Nevsletter

Saturday 23rd March 1- 9

' ..'.rr i ,- minref the.v orer,,t,,,-t. i a#nf r m ay/ t

!ftvLy s.f b si JX u- orifs, fc f
.8arel lift it .s/i/id fat lrcist tpfif-4 r i/ic moic-
rtn7crir nr ofVrIrrrs U (lC 7 X F ir.

iT-ST D-V-7


Av': n:- C, C) A RM '" E oin. o"

,from 4l European Eco: ..: ..: ,o-
-- . 7.: -

SThis i..rmatior. -as given to -. r....s b,
SCh-ir r-. of the Grea C ::-.; Associ
|tion, Mr Raymond Rush, in a t*- ^ast
,speech over Radio Grenada on \ -.-ch 2C -

Mr Ruh told the farmers that
production for the crop-year October
1939 to SeptembtEr 1990, to which the
bonus applies, vwas only 3.5.1 higher
than the previous year, and due to
Slov sintrnational marke.l price- the
ellingri price as down a.oul 6 cst-
S"Based on the above factors," he said,
"the ret profit from V-;r iions v'I;
EC$127,225 or 4 (EC) cent per
Lcss Of Export EO.-fE p
jHo^" .h. Az-:::i.:.n has re: ir-M a

STAB .. .":; ,- .-.. : :-. -ates as-.
-i A -i -, C -.-- .ai d Pa-ifi

Son -, cultural pr. -,:,-.

As sents & 104f/ of 44 41 -:
o/,tIi /of /-"ch -" 4" y to j
p/rd to te Ifarmers as a .s- ~fF ,-
... fff' ffeser e--

he said. -
7v TJjFa ~ .:irts


ithe O .' ut. r.-.
C-$3?00 vtook t
C$5 last ye-ar o keep th- b.i at 42.
e- (EC) pe-r .. inmmid tthe
possibility at e r-:.y -i- soon be losing

leas! rer-e t.e m :- taken ouit of

oe current p- has
bee i' .1 r enconil ': .. it is -:4-+, :

:. ;-~ ani:r. -, -of 12..5:. L~ yaro

Further, he s-., a n V premium has
be.. iegouda4d for thie 91/92 crop,
ali Vl h e f4r t Cctvbnr, the
preaaumi on :c.coa sol in Eurove
will mo-v.R :' to '-:- from the
c'_rr-nt 2-0

T .- o k :: : T.
..... -:':, -. Clain .. : but it

'-- -= ...
fai, t, t-le.r -om- ,
:ques -. -- a. -. ,? ': --P anm d t- put bt..:
., .*the land ... -of- w-hat -- -,-

-11, .. ,e ,

m:- firt : oa :a-4m 'i d l. I
U--- ; ". .- dI a
S .... -, :.. pr :.

^ 2-.""". v l g ee a,.. --,4d .? red.
brow^ ~ ~ ~ ~~o Sdh .-..r '-,..i/ if,-


Page 10 Saturday 23rd March 1991 The Grenada Nesletter


LSs Fn ;
I mgsa I

x J-1xal s a a b, nn


:.: ,.- ? D-"' evlop a"" lon"i i"ger-

r- <-". m construction i t 'rL :-iu :-- -.f St
tion of East Cari"tT St.; (OECS.f 650 i
Zaddiii,:n hotel rooms within the p x fi~ e t

-Iti ...? d also to gn e close to 2 0 011 Ur
fll time jobs .-id ovmr T:.-.
mflillio-n 11 .Ji .J U IUC. m

hIsa is r-po:,rted m thi now -,
pathn;ae1 Noer.-,. ,/Decem- tr ..
ber i--.0 i:ue of t. Nes
!letter of theDul -_:! .of. &
C.irdTi.jIon of .: ? ELT .-- 0--
... .. -r
ezni .ConmiuiTies i T:ri- '
t- .:.3 .
Was Signed 9
The relatfite A :- er: :
cC -'e:ri-- a .grant -f "/ "
|U allion. i:
in Do:.irda by E- ___
M. Doi .L ij >tl : OR YAUGHN LEWIS
1 .. CT ':- ; -'- -4
-V:, L ..i- D lT-i a's I..i:n f t.he
rio nJustry Tr.-a :. TI." ", ., Ch 1 i-j.ean
A._.- (who is ..: K;.rman of 1"
_ar /bb_.- Tourism Orl,,: -tiln} anid Mr Ac -- "
a the -it on :
| rm issi.n of -I Eur c. -. Coim in c:di.s ue t
.baUos bL Ea-d ,. suCaribbean. T,. T.

fI r, ,n:t from the re-iori all-:: Atn of te h-.

,. :-_ D -nr.pment Fund," the
":j ": ill .-,^ ss s. ific-- y

"""t.11 of l L; .' in
d tririi:. of 7..:.ic and i ri.' ,

amine aims to facilitate r e-:ional
tourism by plrA..-iing policy
i.-e o- n :.;- t.rl Tourism
Sdevel- --i-... ani akey e .me.
is ,tii:.r: :;. of a Touri.sL
Unit -it':: the E.:nmic
SA.. rs .e .retariat o4. the

An Im .riant Location
The '..tterqu... -z Dr
-e.s as .i., ""T,- see
t. e EL : -.IZ" c:ii i:ent at
this ;-- as an important
-'.,c:,_ for T:,'i.'rm in
"ice y...- to comoe .: we
S ', r-Tp'-, L...'i, in this
project rm,-. r to e.-h1bl.'h
ract. that will allow the

,pr. mc.t:. of Tcurisn bot:h

1"."I'- ;7 1 r 1 .--r *J
_ --, ..

to vir Stalin, ",s toi.::-cn pr.:-
e :t is 1-- l:-t :.e for thee OEa S
Lom..l III co rPi.:,n .ut the I
nit nm the O .E jill c.:. r".ie its

DF ____". ,.d u r.________.
t - : ; ; :- -- : ': ."

' t

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 23rd March 1991 Page 11

Annual Gener'alr Meeting of the
Grenada Nationtal Trust on March
21st, Mr And.rev Bierzynski,
President of the Trust, said the
merger of the TrtLuA. vith the Historical
Society has n:t been finalised
"It is with regret that the long-
discussed merger of the Historical
Society and the Trust has not
developed entirely along the lines ve
vould have preferred, he said

Five years agp,:, all members o:f nthe. ".: y
became :en-be rs of the Trust vihen, at a
joint me' of the Trust .-d m 'iit., it
Vas de-iid-ed that the t0o :r ~i-....itions, hav-
ing corrn,:.n obj: ti ves, shouvdd iner'e.
The Society, irnx.rporat'- in 1976 as a n.:.n-
profit lir:ntd lia.iilityComp-r vy, mn! .Oi~e.-
quTntly, and by res ":tion re.: -I'! to .
up the affairs of the or:-u-,i,:in ard h-d
its over to the Trust which ., e...-.
1 ihed in 1967 byan Act of P.r- ium.nt.
AMr Btr9yst 4i lid ithe mee&bia taw,
St dat, the fl Waces o0f Lte t vo
,rAn5&/atJior .moradf separ& e
na fes. ft is also riegrettahle t&at
emaploAyse of bolh orgaff-oioa sidi/
pexrm~ie tt .ber r rw tes weare
relaiad by separate e-nine; he said,
42avl t& proiiBiri had ot yet bees

The President rep'.rted also that the prob-
lem of '.mu:uthorised e:::avati.::.n of artifacts
at the valuable A.rerindian site at Pe.arls on
Grenada's aPr co.ast had not yet been
Dr Fri4ncis Al:.., Mir.I:r of Legal
Aff;jr:, haid d.i J. the site :1ther with
.iher "liarnt-:'.."~~ r ar: Gov-rijent
O"ffi;'i.., Mr :i i',, and, as a
result, ,dr.ft Ic i-: .tii., pr' .tectirng the site
haid been pr-ep-Pved. H.',,evr, this had not
yet been passed i.,- lay .?ndi he hoped early

a. iJ,,.n v '. .0 b--:Jn to pr.-,tr t the ci.It-.u'.t.4
hiritaq- of the Nation.
The Pre-,e iil e'rred ?:- to the Tru.t
project of rel-t:r:i ng 18th _er.'r.y Fort Mat-
theT, f jVific.ti '.r'with an '.u tL U'l design
coriimneiipd by t.G Fr.:..jt., completed
by..& le h

Thi:. project. vWa continued ,l,.u'ing the \.x:.t
ye- A-iL a grant of EC$20,000 from the
United .Nati.ons Ed u-c.aiia Scientific and
Cultural Crgm.-sati,'.n (UNESCO) but these
funds h.I:. b' n -..a d ,- h .'eid, and. the
Trnist i.:. ber: '- z i.... : nits ; .ites ip. to
get .d..iti.onal f f .. th.e Unrited.
, e. ,; In.. rn-iati r.. C. :1..--- *:. n ....... f. -
and Sites (USKIC", JS).
"An ti -npt for 'f.W~ir. ': r..m USICMOS,
vili be t a~aem," the Pr1._d-nt said, "as
hi is a ease avail ae to
Please See T7PUST Page 12

hta^* n Mtr sBBB


1o utx

"1 W k&

T o R 10 pm

Page 12 Saturday 23rd March 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

"'.:1 ....... ...... ......... .. ..:.

Martime~ Bundari~sg

Negotiating Team Appointed

The Grenada Go'.-.rr..E. las .p:in.- a
Maritime Boundaries "";'_! Team
. :-... fir'.. job h il! be to c -,--- .t-e .i,
Trirnidad & Tob:g: am ni Venezuela.

A r4-e.:is from t. Govnermnent Ir, rm-
ii:.n Service (; ., ...: ,t. 1 t~1. in-
clude senior pe:sr jiH from 'h De t-
rrents of Trid: : :':- L.:- .'
Ener ;-:,, and Fi-h:-ries in, from the I fri-
tri:- of External and Lal fr.

Also on the team is Gr.'.-..-.: b.-ri., r ('7r
A.,rIe:: Clou'_, in u- ; *:ip :i y of a
e1- u.:.-L and legal ad -:g -

Accord ins_ to GIS, a request Ias been made
to the lth Fund for T-r i:h-il
-Co-or- r iti:n for long term teci~- J -
aue in the formof a~ ul'*ln Geoloi--t

Greiada Wins Gold Medal

IA d _

TRUST From Page j_
r --nt..::^ .... : m i :r ..,. :.

zr:-r rT2 id there is .: hrp- e
.V.e..e Of fo' :r.':-r Fort ,.- -'
Project and that is a t- fr r
'," of oEC$2 million .. the -r, .
I :..'d, of Tourism .--.--': to ":':-.., f,.r-
the Eur-. Eco~.: Co. -ty.

Sortions of tha .., he ,I J 1il be ear--
ed for 4. -. .:.-.i.. : f. r:rt at Fort
,-,h ?. inort- ,..', th_ ad ,,-,-ri, Fort
7 7 -. -7 was .- ::- bv e
:Iut .: 0o7 the

TheI z .... a5 A. 2 .
S-e"re:.f:r. that the :.n .. -,.

n-- . ., .r. .: -, e -Y

j -.-.- h ad .. - : -.-- -
S99/19930 The find dor:.r'n i:'
[been ap; :.ved recenili he *To. and i- :.L-

* . -

fold v '. first prize and a o.,, medal in
the 76th Annual Fl.:-ver nho. -rgam'ised by
the Horticuitural S,.:,-ci- of Trinidad &

T1. i: as -Y.r .~in tle ce.::-y of
S'r, ..:. displays and G:' :'s e~i;'." as a
:: .;.niron or .:.h :"': iie, red and
pink ginger :lie:, -sius types of heli-
-n..r.-t as 'ell as black p ard .I ',-e krin:
"-, ""'c.r*.

Al-,:, comprii:n? a part of the entry re.
v 1rious i.\f i1 :.U-i. '-- r a. ni .:'.

British Social Develooment

Consultant Visits

1'4r J. hahH.- rin.:.- Social Deve .c.met Con-
".il, top t te British High Com-
r'-i : FE-;ados, visited dGr. on
S l., 15th.

According to 11-1p GI'folmaation
.=-.-r1"._., lir hi. f-.- VI's by "Lth i L L"itFs

Please ee NEWS* SHORTS Page 13

be printed shortly.
For the Mr1Bier d a
number of -' :. much
st~fi ned; to be done. Gr-,.:.,,:,' fi,: r;'
;-' '-'" a e ;i -,. ,.: he :.j,_ a d. the
b.n g d i"_ ,. .. r- : are

He 1. that PS. trical btir-

.... ;'...... .... -. .... .'i ; n is I
r:.-,. Al hr is -" .'p. e-' ""-,- he c_. nt-iue-. _
S -:' .'gha ..: ,- :r. :.r. ....-d.
p i-.- :,:e failure o. -:- T.. t toj r ac

These c- ,_ :- b, e ret. Mr Fie:"
:. or-.uj:. in k a contribui.:.I towards
to b, t oh r goals of T rust.

TL--.-- E. .nu r ..
hilt f o
'eg a

Consultan ---s-ts


.4?/%, .m:.*r *Lo*%,* c.. ;y--R:y t

Th nnd eIetrStra 3dMrh19 ae1

NEWS SHORTS From Page 12
"GI. vprmien The Consultant also had
d,.,,-,u,-ions i~. ih Mr Ed. :, Th .:m. .in-,-
ister resp..-.sib n for Community Drelop-
ment, relative to d itional British aid.

Sod Turning For Clinic

Prime Minister i rh:.:.i Er..ath~ .tie on 2_:th,, hi.u.J the sod .r.-.img the
f ct iai coniancerent. of c'i_' ruzction of
the Fr 'Goiritly f. idirn-
ity and 1T21i Health Clinc at Be..- Viue in
the F :ih cf StDavids.
A Irle..e fr-:.-i the Go',rrmert Irnfrm-
.ti :n S..-i:-' (GIS ,ives the total ":-.., of
Sthe project as ECI.L .704.50, Tof-i .
French or- ill tributet e
EC$2` 95,455-00, i'- :i Government
metin_-- the .bed I of EC$.3,249. 50.

OAS Aid For National

T O-'r1 i: of AUr:c : SIates (OAS)
];.. ri;v a grant of EC$5t: 000 -o the
CGrenada Nati :i.: -..T'.. under .u OiAS
Mt.ltiadi,,r,:.-! Pre.'.t on Museum Develop-

Aci:r,.. to a release from the OAS Gre-
:.:1 *:ff.- .:., Mrs .,:u. Pitt, M air of th
1Mi '.-" is currently pu -i:. ip 1 1:':n in a -".-
..' .. F aIr ntt pr -r:.rme at both the
..r. v4 .. Museum ard Nel: .'s D- l--,":
(.it'.u- and .--.rical site) jinAntigua. a

Also i2.~ this project, .r i',:. jess-
;.y of the N.i,..-,. Museum, togr'hi- ""Th
Mra Srre' Ro-.b-.-,.,-n Ci2e:" C-"".ir-
,h'r r ..... ,t^.^h d to the }1..!ird:i: : of Et'. -
ionand Culture ur:d i Rido._! Gnfirfi: .-f
the GC'TI J Nat" ol T".. ticip
recni-t in a r-vweek Wc r::.-.p in
Trirudad on Museum .:.... r : .

ance will be given in solving the
ar'h;,e::1.l,:_i_ pri"'blemnis facing the island.

Ambassador Of Belgium

Pr sents Credential

M.r Guil Speltinc:. :r-ridnt Am-
._ _-3,-r, of th' Ki-l:om of Elvi 1r1, pre-
sented his Letters of Cred'-:c. to-o ,'r:':.: r-
.!-e_- Sir P--.-. Scoo. on 19th F-eru.t v

Amb... r S.. is ti:.ned at
C..i.c:e, V-nr:.1:2

Pensioners Make Donation.

,'-3 Grenada ( Perioriers
Association as a doi., .:n to the fund.
-r.-iThh:K- to :-r rehui didg:he Govern-
ment C:-rr'le: .ih was dLrtroyed by fire
last April.

A release from te. Goverr... Informati:.
Service (GIS), ...^ that, in this connection
on .M. cl 13th C... e -u, of .. A-:: .... nided, a
cheque of EC$2,787.00 to Mr George
Bri-:m, Minister for Fian.i: .

Purcell At Berlin F-ir

Mrs Joan Purcell, -- rL of Tourism, led
a G ... *:: -: : -. n to i:. terit ional
ITOL;I. Bolsa in P'..r Germn from
March 2thto 7?1 91.

Ar?1lee fre -. Cren:>:.:..:.d of Tour-
ism says is the -.*,-t and in-
-:P', .':.a.,:. : eve. for travel-trade
.pr:.-r.2" t!7 all .- a:e. to rld.e

. Purcell :." e::pe.:te.:' to th the

C. por*i t; y E D C" : ..-, i-'- '.ISOr it.. i
r" C I ,r. -
The OAS: reire -r the proec,: will be rlfi: :f L' ^ s:, G:-r!::c--y's fn.liml|
inirplrE-,1,,-.j .:-',' a two-ye- r. iod and its he
object is to strip pr:- onal
of n.seor,-,... er-:. . The -.. ter as : -..: to have in r.'iew
with ".r -..i of i re; vih .PeCi. |
T .l h

I under the project, by pr:-id ~i trairniin rdre;..' inthe ..7. trade.e
ch. to aC. adre o inO ., assist- Please See HEWS SHORTS Page 14

Saturday 23rd March 1991

Page 13

P+ereeni~ C~ede~9


SThe Grenada Nevsletter

LU.WJ. CEN.I RE 1. ;,-,R .

Page 14 Saturday 23rd March 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

NEWS SHORTS From Page 13

Grenada Joins Fight Against

Grenada has joined fhe res4 of the E.,li L-
| pe;..:g Caribbean in a fight to elimirrnate
the mer-ies. liee from ih: s'ub-region by,
the year 1995

S..rding, to the G.:.vrran; rt Inforr ...-t.i,,r
Se.iice (GIS), --.ui has been arrtared:
for .'hE '.:c ali: a of all children between
the .-.e of 1 .-re !5, and ..- 1991 has been
"e'i -, "Craribbean Mie..sls_ Eli ,i-ati: .

Tl' Carbbeaii Exaination Couicil (CXC),

examinations will be vaceinat-.ed in April.

Pupils in prir:.ry and pre-rimary sc.hool-
.i".; b.e :cied in ,_ Thlle children
not yet s,: :,:--'-:!i be v':,i aed, at clinui7
throughout Grresad.a, C.tri- -.- and Martin-
ique during April .i Hn'I"

V 'iin.-: be -:i- n f of c.., and.
vacctrna,.r will be dr, rarA,--' of the
chilId's prse:t '',r;"t *:*,.n status or
pre i:us rnmeals hi- .-',r

The National Debt Service


Ac-:. rdg to Act:T. 35 of 10, -
ing tUi National D6' Ser:-i: L'.7, -...the

jati.:..i-3 DLAt of the v a l. r tr, ;-.e'." -"
ls, groar,,,r .substantially am:: j norw -? ,:,
.oproCair6aiely Two HuL-dre. anifd TI'h.,
..ilionDollev "(EC5.

A,-'c_ : i.;" to ;;-, ":'"' e: C ":'..'i..-_ to that
ACt, Ino levy is chargeable "on the fir.
$12. ; of air-v earned cer annunr'.

On a salary ,:, $12,-c per a:Inrm.L'., the
1,'. is "1t-'7 of salary over :e- fir-'.
$12,i', "

The Act sas h:.t k-.ry' "n:..ude

perq.u.ite.. dire.tior.s- -. ..:Ld. generally,
Sia bI..:-'.u.e.-. :e;,' reranration f':.:n;i any
e Tpl,.:vment."

Sizable Market For Eastern

Cariblbean Crogs -

A sizeable export market exists for Eastern
Caribbean crops.

This opi., n, was. e.pre;.e. in B.-b-ri.
recn-ly -.r A ,..nS Willianr Diect.r
of he Re.:fo- Deel ni.en'., Crfi ce
(C, ribb:m) of rle t1-: ,.tate A'en-..
For TIerf.-rtit ::a .De-,. p Lret (UiA.IeD).

IvMr Will;it-. vas, at t:e time present (on
- '.. .h 7th) at a si .: :-e. :' cy of
Agrer.ien':t :ied, at promoting agricuit-
*wur. .. i'rTif:c.:~i -n in the rei.-i.n d. he
n.eted r... crops, b-re:if.i -it ..M and
tro .ial fruits pr:es as g:fir good
potential for export.

Aister Hugh9es

23rd March 1991

I 4 Prnted & Published By The Proprietor
Alistei Hglhes, -Jounalist
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Greaadia, Westinidies
(P-O.Box 65: Phone (8091 440 2538: Cables HUSON, G(reiada)

J (4.


~ '4


.jr -- -

in n n n n nn n n ,... ......., .. n, lin n nn n n ~lllll .,,. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,, -,, ,,,,,,,,,, -, ; ,

~ ---


-r- O ( 0; cr\c v '1 1\( n .r i i'r

The Urenada


Saturday 23rd March 1991




ThAre is daner thmtr Labour, G
thw Private Svetor co oe vnm
iM parties begi5 n to f ee tfg a

) 'reA_,a Chamber of Ir -.-is!--
jiMarch 16th, states 1Y' at the
|.'Mr .;c-n.,
r 1 I & MAinors -. -.-. .
S President for the :.. -. i .-.. .

a r-.._ .-:he tol d ,
t -o d be forl s
.iL'--. h, .-. er ed, a c.or. but serious
L;-rli r-- i. __ iththe G C -r:,.:
"Our consultations iw1h our invris3ter
Have not been as regular as ve had
hoped, notwithstanding our freuent
Sreque-st., he said. "In fac t, we h ve
eer to meet asn organ-
s.tiozn wvith thie Minister for the past
lsix mon0itbs.
eedl to S:tr i.-.h at all o e
iT in this r- rd t n -he

( h^ }^i^n..t ;9..0.; c :- t o
-'partment of --tc:rh & -+ ort
SAuth- a4ri -t f

Number 5

overnmznt and
into conflict as I
on3mic pinch j

Referring to --: s .......1 ...
.:- took i. -. .. -, fn overr..ent or
-- -i
*. th +*.: . t 1 ch .-in I

A faeatse Of Sa iafaceion
,-.b2 --.y+ ;'._ } -^ .:.: :.^ ; constant
: l-e,. ot at th C L __il
,+" .... .... --_*.'. s i'-_.-:: t t, -evert.
a:- of. -- - -:,fit.
v 1-' "'. .

-.. C .r
0e .. . f . 1 .. __."... {

Sir Fa- quiches LWI Fund.
|. son Spo-ors Sign.
; Proje-.. --.. ..........
SDJ ireau Of S Xada 'rd
| --mcks s ad y----..

L EEC Boot Cocca ons
| nDF--,:innes OECS
| Touris. Prer-am -.. .
jo a rcTy ..---- - - -- e
Nat TrutNo Merged-.- 1
ji - -- -- -- -- -- --

ssaissis -sB s i

4 i


[ I


Volume 19



--1----I"" i-iu~iiMinemte

Page 2 Saturday 23rd March 1991 The Grenada Newsletter
CHAMBER From Page 1

Mr Minors si, th.e lesson from this is that,
once The is stfiE- 'i..T an i....
need- tni':.i- ih,-tul! be r7- ntl'e-s
lobb;ini .-u,.j .:-:.,cy ;and h- e urged this
Appr.:,a:h in ccrii.cti.:-ion with two out-

._Lnr is, .ver :. 1. 18 n :.o; rt the.
C ht'.me' has rpfaJe?.:ly cT i' on
CGovernment to reduce the 74% cumulative
duties and taze on '..:-riputers ansd r .!- tj
Has Obvious Benefits
Go'vt _r.nnt. has a1:l-:.,.-_.ged 'h Ch ,:-
ber's argitr . t e::;J,1:.,: : f i '
of such eq'ipr:-e:'. has ohr. ..,: .- e:e'f i:- to
'.h, ,:.;t., he said, but "Reven.i Con-
id rations" app.e.:' to have I:~..,ied.

Hoeveer, tvhe
Fresient said,
retance to
some form of rel -ief
','.dd 0 -,h y ret:
in -lover 'rnu, yields, as he ..-.: ur of
the officiall :iJ po, t i,,n : r is t Fpe of
i pro .'i,- con ri i to be *- : n -i.N

Also with reference to evasion of
Customs Duties, the President refer-
red to "illicit importation of all types
of goods into this zou tr either
through direct physical smuggling or
through false declaration and under-

It is true to say that the scale of this
activity has apparently shorn some
dovE)vard fluctuation over the last
several months, he said, "but we
believe that this is precisely vhat has
taken place a temporary
I curtailment rather than a meanmiuu
reduction -'
SMain Avenue For Smjgrggled ,o_.-
, M inors "--, -.::,ed to f1t "^*--,',-.,
. .e .t. o- "h on - ^'-c.r-.., -_ ,.

| t h*' BMic .:. BmI .s

t 1-0ode, ;' hL Y. L, - -
......~I. A, z" : ; '

To mbt th Government has proposed
il-h Carri: u e. -:n'e a Free Port a-d Mr
Min,'::: r: --. ." to the c v~e in '::e.:u rin-

Early Action
It is the Chbaiber's hlp, ie said, that early
.-actio-n v2il be t::-:r Eo :i.tivate this plan "or
alter-i i' if the O:polii:.:. C' 7li3 ation
outwe:" -'-'".i. -'20 "--r
7. 4 sa.o and 4-^on- io -

Mr I iirs ,- critical of Goverrnment's
n',."rodu :.. f Per;-:nal .:,;-. Tax I n
-. 1991 ': 1 T:-, action he- ;: i-il
... '- .:'-.ip_- for wa:g a ..::,, mi ^ :;
f-'d-. ..- r ,:l:-. d Vii ::7 ribu'i to
Slo down..f ..' i: fi i s. s

n"e sa.. n e
bet i en j -.~' iO th
S1i!n, fiscal ad r 7.
There Is Dafger
The President said the greatest
challenge offered by the year ahead
is "the likeibood o: perhaps even
certainty" ,f s -v -conomic activity,
and he a&raed ther- is danger that
Labour, Government and the Private
Sector could come into conflict as all
parties begin to f-et the economic

e ai to a. to such times
-nd be baiance d and .biect..iv in
dialinr 'vith the situation, he said,
vil! be the. ky to s-,rviv'al.

-_ .______ _,--_., .

i~~~_ __i

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 2 r March i991 Page 3




S1. 1.
-_ at tis tim e to "g-o a1,- ... .-*.1.
e'ect:..ral system of Go--r it
C-rnu-,- but if "more -- .
ftorm of- acr-r 1 -. -.'r be. -, -

is opinion as e:::ess- ,
ed in -u, interie-, .-i:-h '
13th by Dr Terre>:
'rvsiv..v,. MBPM P.-' n- 8,
icai La..r, and he ,ri, |-
.,_. .a^ periods in fi .e
vi3 71 - -ine L,- A-
strugg es f-it one LI: 1
'>'.K' O9e W< _
Conditions Tha4 gxist .
"W e can ot r .:,, .- .
form of stru' eJ
on .:. il : r -- r
n thie -'o:,.,iry at any v D,,U1 ,r T "
...t. N"he s:iid. -
Th'e : ^ i ... iith Dr :, ^'. -;,, t o

trugen(N led byf _c. ice. -.

in the M-oveneant. NJM reaoh to p -7
. as a poulical entity in i,9; -:z Ta
struggle betvec- facto- trfw
Bishoc and hic Dopui., DLriard
Coardi resuid n the death of BsTh-
-p and several others.
t r e also n f? tary .:. --- on

by the United .P k r f_'.:.-e andI the
... for : r of _Coard .-an: several
. memos 5of his facTi.: ,.
I -; a regrouping of the E i-h-p
ti under a ne, .:-iei Dr
A i r.. m ;=z MBIfPN see
...... -S -- gi ': the

ei footsteps of Maurice
i .. .... --A to c.r .le in
pr working p pe of

-: :.ii D- ,. ,B Drec ided

'--- :'- '-. g -, -'-.1 reject the |
ot" i r -ao of the
, -h !

enada, f2 a li
Foa-fd th. A gu. t 1973

Postage ?C y sor Class Air 7
(I M P ..__ eist In Grada)

$ 43.00

-0 Issues $207.,, $ 77.00
40 Tssnes, %:390.00 $146.00
j^t^' 20 Issues Pub,-ef Ana, i1yJ

$ 115.00

Saturday 23rd March 1991

The Grenada

Whatever sums are collected in Grenada to.
be used to undertake specific proecd

wards the
ts in C ena

^^^^^^^-"^^^~h MM- L^- - .4 M --

9L^\ i~fr1 io^
1 F1 '*ip -*g3m aM-'fB IISSfi NE ~k^
ALaL^ ~^ ~f

Radio r..on March l17th, G-."-
nor-Gene_ .d Sir FP S! .:.,:.r.1_t..j.l.d
in .Crei d i. the University of the West
indies (UWI) Dev-lo-''e & Endoivment
Fnih. 1 b rd.

.. ,r ,_in '. ,br 1988 by, inren.. -

.-..n I.fI A : ': .":'re UW I Vic
.C,.:,::or, the F-i.- a target of 150
million Ji .i (U'7 m:iltlionr) dollars,
i&- first priority of the Fund b. i -
rs: rL auction of the Mona canplUs fol4o1-
ing the ,diti n of.. ;i:.:e eU "Gilbert".
Piaee See FIUND Page 5

1 PMBPM From Page 3
'Thatis a eq,::b.n hiih the Gr--da
j pe_1..ill _e, he said.

I As, to the. qu,, for a tEr life for 4'e
rei-n p-.eople, :r' Marrysho said thdis
.,,. :, Governmejnt, but, m the
bet dnie, uCr". 1983, MBPM -f y
2 _. ,!.: .t1.:, "for tAhe ,.: .,
... of' p'-r people" to study in Cutba.
Are The Same
The .. M Poi h.:.-- L"- -', -.. o.i, fi.
,-,i.'d Doctor at h, Ui"rsity of
r..and wh. n v pr .:f .. n : ,.l..:
jim the 9m'l.:'..-,y f r 3 ?
l 'the n ohe C".zrenrt said :*"
j -' tf;.:-., of .-.,. scl.. .. ..: .p are. ..

T"These scholarships cover free tui-
tion, free books, free lodging, free
Sfod, and, in fact, everything free
until you have completed your
studies," he said.

j Addition Dr ..._y :-- ; d- 7. 1-. ;-

. .. ",d" h --'" - .-,7 y;1-1 . ". h
- "-.oks an3d u,.iorms some 20 ;,:,..-., from
-1. he ain t

rtte more uider-riil,.d ,,n-- in -.--
. .... . .,i it rr AL
the rnr,:... -i-1,- i cr1Yi,' C. pf1 i'j l

MBM mari-re .:' poor sho1i_1 in the
nxi E isofr 14 and 1990. ca Ptur-
i, repetely only 4.93% and 2.37 of
.e vote. Put to Dr -ry. ho......-- ha -
f "ig.'r ; h -.- no n-.r.--. ....:.v... ", -.
elected to "Go-En; : he a'd the E _sa
of tie::m and :-e Ion r :-q "don't .ht

"'We believe that ti-ae is one of the
greatest healers for what Grenadian
pe.p;e have gone through after the
*olapse of the revolution in L83 "
he said. "We beiev that the
psycholog-iai trauma in the minds of
people is still very evident and we
k in, it vill teak soai time "
A Credible Altar-ative
.. :- represents the at

k,:- :, :.- ic C1, :j 7- :

S '- ,- s popular and F n::_-
t are : ..- for a crediA--
alternative ae added.

The :.-: of p.- :..-Jt .-- u -- from ,
for-- that NDC -. not b-r i. ,to. fulfill
pe -uses 1., at "- - t.ions, he _
: ~ ; ,-:::,,-d outri- c pti n the
Please Zte MBPM age5

- --


Page 4

-- ; -----


Fund will

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 23rd March 1991 Page 5

On Ma-tza

Dire:- '. r of Tourism, :d on
March 15th a:-.. vhie _-i-
S.iv-, are. -me h.,, elpfl in
l, .:"-'- dir. .::., to visitor s, the 'i. .
j) "-.?r the Grenada : :t Tc -i
must start a c:. rp.:- erect dir i- :-
siTln th2'Oi.h.-:.ut t.. a" .
Meet The Full Co(s
Mvr Be7.::i :Ty -oqof- at a cr.:.;
i -In-. Mr Cecil B'enini .,-.r of
s:rs Paints (Grenada) Ltd. hinded o-er a

Board to meet, the full c- nt of the j ri- a ph-
oa m.,ige" p:-.t for Gr"eral -

We are very poor in this regard "
Mr Bernard said, "e lack direction
al signs in Grenada and, even here
ye have vhat may be called "sigr' '
they are not up to internati onal

SMB PM From Pageg4
Sile-.r f :rintrodun i:,..n--- -:

i the election ._:' i-,, Dr -. ... v ,:* "
| 'k..M ": he :. "-' .:- i" : |
t. .ed tlat, if given the '., ,r' it
S-. reinr:.uce i:o:r:ne : w. hd
Sn .i 1986 All the o .~
' ',ie., r said, inclu" NDC .r.- a' t
I commutitmenft not to do this but "? a
il-- -- NDC (Gova:r" t Odi ntro- j
,a.c the "D.'et enric I-- on r
'tri-. w vhich is ,iv,_ '.;.. in v:.-: :" i
2!i - 4 .

btre t- i Ar r. i of the
i L.i., attr. ced srn- 200 pe, main '-
i en- gqers iffd ou people
IF -.

The si. '7 now eid st., the D,-ecor
-; are not -',"' b'-'u even to
ir -srad are ::.. t i,.. to visitors
w *ho f- ty trael are .-: storied to

The ..- i- : he -. not to
dew--n only .:.Ol : th hynitu:^ of
; -q -.^ to assist the visitor, but to do
so.:'g po.siti-e to! help p:.-,ple to find
-'- -:- ... d more easily.
Listened -To A Programme
Lazt December, -z z MIr F e m.w,-vrd
'". -;-- to a f :--: ramne on iiP ?d :., Or --
put on by the Youth Tevelop rment Con'-
mittee ,of Geor-'s. That progranane
. .:-.&:u the -natter of :. nee-d for
d-re tril g, a- ,-i21ut bIrej
op :"._..:, r, :, -. - ,got ,"tou -h -,-:
Soared of T--.i. -.-. -. on -.4f
: :*-:'r ,,ir --Y to :r" p ?- :t.
Pease set SI7TONS Page 6

FUIND _rom _4e
i A-r." riding to --- Mc' i-. the se:.ndi
call on the FuMd is for priority devel-
: -,;it r,.fH at t -o C vsHill, artr -".-:,
S.--., ie St A .; e. Trini dad.
:11-u1 ;. iV the ".--e:..p C.-i, :

whi.J c rt UWI.7

In -i, addre
the M ri!

UI 1-A *' 14 rk
the Caribbe-

"T1,: Will !


ss. on : 17th, _r PdU said
! : ro "-.the a., iliti- of the
o ?w:aie a-r r s3ci'-i; 'to

. i.... .- -- ,..---. ... nt of the
physical r.r:'" i: .: or
.- ... as E:: m;on of "he

Pl. 7nam$res.- D sa"e

Please See F D Page 6

r '-

Page 6 Saturday 23rd March 1991 The Grenada Newsletter
SISSONS From Page 5

Mr Bern-.-d ,i .. 'rhrc for *::,::e time, the
B:.ard' has had. a "dre-n" that thee
dire':ti.r-_,ai sis,. bt. erected and !-!: been
lo,::kik-i a r,.t.:-,5. for 3..:me ,:r ..i. :. n to
fin..ic: t-e pr..-.:.t. Ti-.-y h:. not re.:i. d-
that fhwre as a .. .-.C :.. t y 'inV.:-!I "
re.-j, : help.

FUND From Page s
IaWhatever : are coll.-'t..J in Grerni.a
I :to their F!i1 will be ..sed to under-
take specific pr.:, ea:t in Grenada :h i
Go-ernor-G - .. said. 7'4 -;.
ii"'ie.^ the b.:,- of at 1. two
--,- ;-t --J 'T-i-.^ m
.ait: '..':,; I '' :r"-rr -+ U ir

I rge's a, d impr:n- of
M^f~rr7-'T:.-vFolk The-f e.

,.- I
14 1 .. .X -*

I in 1 --
In a ,.I .p ort for ,i. e . ir Paul
j 4., for o..e:- 40 y".-", UW. has bt1
the ..:,ard as a ..- force in the
|EnlI.ih-Fpei Cari1:

He 1 .- also that, .-; h r :r~ie
I ".u. i of 'nh Ih '- ship in
-A 'M, uWI has .- a t: v,_ ,iou,
r -.: -- for _good a2d 4 .: I? a to 1ro-
Vide n^,:-t asdd .:.ver r ::.' es

-gram es th r- .T. tthe i"."n.

"| 'T" U. -er ityno needs our i:,:a.s:
S..pp-. rt .in oI .r to er a>ce its ..-. -

Sbe-er Gover f -or-G'. said .i

4 4
|}^ F.u^! Es 1.ur-:: durig *1
umder the patrona-e ofE-i.-" s PriF :. j r4 :
iRo;- .Her Royal ^ p i,'
L .i

In Janua-ry, he said, a o. of the island 7-r
Made --cn, -Q.! the h4,1 of the Ministry of
Wo ..-: the Poli Dep. .t. .n, the ,ai -
al the Civ'" A.. v.i-, .e. s A:.-r'i. -n
d the To'.ri-, D;p..- ...., a number of
;l : :,: ? re idt, ifi d .- _:, _h -,.j.i be

Arising from this, a three phase pro-
gramme vas dravn up, the first
phase of vhich, sponsored by Siss-
ons, vill be erectio- of 30 signs
island video. Tvewiy of these signs
vill be general directi.ona signs in-
dicating Paris:h boundaries and the
remaining i9 signs will shove dis-
tances between tovs.
Other To.iist Attractionis
FL -:u- II of the -,- --*: ... tret
signs and i -t.7iu be direct i-:.:.. xt 7:
+to .-ic'rs L,- ric r i dm[-'_,'_2 a. other
tourist atrctions. .

"We have set ourselves the target of
completing Phase I in the first half of
this year," the Director said. "and I
am happy to say that we are nor very
much on schedule aiad should com-
plete the pr. jecl t,y the dU Uof

I.t April, the Board of Directors of ..:.s
Sa daton of E 25,000 to the Fire
.' At' A the 3.:- time, ., ,:... -
....Board, r-.- a :--.. for it, ~:i to
'"!:.,^.:T a ^".'^ct to erect d:;r^'': 1 sins
.--" . ut. th. . .

.e- -. t n, ::-_:. ho ever because
Directors - :r-. ^ ...... ap-

n. ... Board of oi r-ism f- m h"12 1
1 a;o program^ un :;; s .t <- Dece'-'t-er byN
he Y.---.o D-, -- !..;: ,; Coni& of St

Ir -to" .... :, hs s tri '.-s to be a
-od corporI ci_ ..: ad .. -,,' its
u;rt to sports -V 1 '.s:-c- n th

.-p. .. ^ of the ..:.u .; D --, i e ..-._d, as
-'1 I. Wt uI)

The Grenada Nevsletter

Saturday 23rd March 1991 Page 7

Persronsel of the Bureau coutesd the &number
f sheets i raills os/sral kr s of tvoilet iFsses put
on the market by a local manfffaclrer
The laseliaff of these r/lls ststed that tfef sack
cotalirsed 34f sheets t mwang ere ffl f d t ffe almost
910 sheets short.

^^p^ lI

rectkr of ih. :n.-
Bureau ofi Sta ..ds, said manE
interview v with NEWS-
on 1.,. _-:1 23rd the. te .e.

. il s,. :., be in a p., iti..h to, iu, its first

"The Bureau wa- established in July
1989," he said, "and it akes some
time to establish a standard but it
von't be long now before we vii be
in a position to declare some s5and-

-1 D:^tor said the Bureauias gi Aits
T lon, firstof a to three t.:. s, s i".
f11 1ing a rn standard of basic
2i rIl -_ Tne -e nd is i:. Lce
ji17-1. j.s n o. .re-.
^.:-,ead -:.d v ie ,he th! th- d with.
- :-- p, -
Documents Are Submitte d
... .. .l. -- p,. .4 -4,.,
: ^,S.r. is t'i ,- at, Dr "-.-, d ,
rcmitt ee is f,:'m to studv L -' .
s^ rd a O ..prz.: ..:.. n

. :pro,.a to !e B s. COU i- I
1 per.-,- serve.

.The :.: ".: ion of irlt i : : p i, -

-a -,-- .: -:,i.,:n of interests and
e::p f;Il he and includes represent-
..-. .of he hy of :'Is thi Prod-
ule Ci i. L ar.-raorY Tr"-e1 Unions,
the S~.'-..: Council. Mi:.-- of A..rii...
"'.. and fi: .h': ,;.f'i t-.

, Tpn T.:d Dr Radix said, two
t.i-, follow. Fi;r' the t'.a d is
i-'- fo ';"-'. if74 t1 br; .. tihe
ubic is to ,-.,..-c a time. limit of
.-30 I.,7- -in_- fixed for 'ubii-L of
merni. a- n '-i `r ies
'e Cari. Com4 .-. (CARICO..4)
are advised of -:^ 'diQi -y ma
S.1 .i ..t con ...ent 1 -U90 ..
The Origina1 Com Mttee
Co-.,i.-.----,, from the eGren.'.v-i public and
rom i- CARICOM c,: i3 are t.,en
.st..-.. by the ori ..n _...: ... 1 ^ ..,:r -

a-d tL n --- --' r 3- .:- h
' 7 .. ... 1y t,--

.......T r"" -!:'^ -- a
once .i rr, before h i Co.

Having been approved by the Coun-
cil, the matter then goes to the Mimas-
ter respo-ii. for [ Bureau andi
the Director 4-phasised that, at this
stage, a difference must be noted
between vo'unmary standards and
"cipulsorvy" standard.

Please See BU-_LEAU Page 8


I ~ ~_ ___ __



Page 8 Saturday 23rd March 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

B UREAU From Page 7

In the ,:cie of the former, the Minister may
de.:l-.,i'r the smlard.d artd puLi,. it for
,-ener.l information. ..i'h c:mpiS:1.-r
st.-:_d4;Ms, h-.,, er, the Mimster .:r i... i :
ie matter to Cabinet, and, if approved, an
.t-,er is prepared -_ecl:.,ng the. standard
and gi .i it the .re:,,th of lav.
One is Voluntary
Of the 'r.-ee standards rI: tlhe Bureau
has : ir.'i-u and which almost r
'e.:dy focr declaration, ouie is -.:-.lmtary and.
t _o -are coi. *....: y. The voluntary
standard ,.haic '. TrziOs to
my* i1 tI- ur!;s as to hT ; .'ii of tl V r
pr.:uctS 3 *hi: Ti ..mpulsory.. -d.'f
both dr-. t4th th- ,':o of labellin. .-l ,
m.,' be ia _

strength of *.-> .cretJ? b.crk pl -iiin',
S.ctni:7- ,iinO, vid footwear.

In conn.ecac yiN ct fe /yase I

Br-eau vifl jAsue is a Codaie of'
Prrac;.e vbi v wil give g eides ar5
0to he pta'upmr a- ar to he v to bLy anrd
tate car&- of Jm. it vii. si.
ah ito de- reYiv-r hosf to def.ri
vi-h _o~mpl~w &

Dr Radix said there .z-r.-. facilities I
Grv -.ji-: for- the testing Iof m .ij ci
(e.g bk ) is
in .h :lr is aaneed.

Dr'm. TNeone o o't
.. ., .. ,. . . . . .. l .^T_-.. ._

'some -" te on he J: a '. -hich i -.lves
cited an hich tinned foods -Lrj-ig.
np.r ted f"1rom V arrived .Are Quite ble
-la.witten.S; V, h ti hands
. _- . ,, o f .. b .t th, .e- ,, .... .
1 e t h iI ? "^' s3

E 1ff yt C L.t in s sBM f/ it e im p rt- s- scales -p-- n vd aa a o a&:
m "-an g ea' ti!A&a e s ; p: 'e r "

In hr instance, e e n, the area ofof
js2e .-. the nun a. of ,he The Dir-.. u. -ain r c .O- t ies
.th..e : .- -., in w ch tmarieed "a--" ,. .

.to be n rom ,. 'ied C : Are Q r---m ncapat e
-',,. Ritip m .. r .. .. *- cois :rv t? :aas

ot h- ...I- hhe ..e .- .. .... ..
M c.- r, - Tel h A -: ..t
-", ... .i -_, .._. f'he
7 1..

eId y m e Ct. toa. T u tnau .- sae ._.. ,-......_ o
er,.at ...... r rmr L?. -i

-'S- . '. __t
alit ""> af o.thefi-" tr oj : CA :.:xM.-,---.-,

BTe. _eT_7i :

-.7.-~, o.,-.e

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