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The Grenada newsletter
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.
A. & C. Hughes
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
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twenty no. a year
completely irregular


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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th March 1991 Page 9 i

ECCB From Pag 8
In an.:.Ther area of OECS agriculture, the
Repo:,,.rt -. 3 f .. i the S'-.,ir Ind.'L -I in St
Kitts, in addition to iav;i.- been hard hit by
,he LuL'i: continued to ri-ce, .:-f; -
dI ue to :'J-'r shor S ... :and de ,.... ar-_
...n. -.: As- a c r ,equ. s" ^-'
production during the qu, ", i,.'-r r. "
:" about 20% less ";1n the sm period n
19 .

The perfrmamce of m-st I'ter tre; ad-
^'os_/ croyp sw res., second (nuart--
er comparios sh En sharp de-
Sclsees iB production in .reass of

Usumal Seasonal Treads
Thie usual -. :.i' t-. --. visitor Y-1-1 :.
8 f i. n1. In the Toi: ::. Sector, 1." '
j iier of stay- v7 iitors arriin -
j _-, ing the second .-?rs- 6" -. :
l- t--.- ,f t- first q r. Scom ",'. -Z -
-',: in 1990 -. ere, ,: ----r, 17% :j .-
jTeur i, ,;-- : '-: the corrc-_-r,:'-
: min 1';^.

jAID Fwrm Page 8

| i ner;= G''Enral Sir Fau 2:.-on and vi
PrT e Ui;- ,,- i : -- ..... te and

SaI of ok
i "-... .

oration CDC) nth'. a le

i! M h-: said C1DC is 'l --

n!y O i..

t hd i: L ...
j F -..' 3rd andb 8-! C- .
ji o .- F- : :?da O F -' .e: e, ",i-r :

i : rF, ;,, .-;'$ : |' "

-Di .n in- I
-*n k:L.d I i -^ i H ^" -- ;. ,-I
..- '_- U-, r r." .:- j
j Iie De -Ic':^
i1 ,m .E.
4. . .. |

'ec-w~od quarer compari.~ts s&bo\1
thtat all ine ta wj J h e are

ovepr vrs~l,.r rivls; th& Report
ss,. "m.- t.i pri..-i.cari s5 \0.on
,royv& v"s' rTI4ter di m Ang4uwwIy
Domsi3 cs.and Greznda. -

Cruise ship i ;.-:.- -ri.':y : rose by 311...
during :e q,.ue: as .: :-: e. with the
: rrespondirt .....:: in 1 bu. IL .
_-r .'.e -.'- .---ot imiform throughout the i
re. i ..r Str::_.-; -th rr..crdedi in
,An -, I~. : .r... and St Vi-. t,-~r, A:1 i.T .
,.,-n' a marginal increase ,.i Ti-re -ere
S._:..: _- .-'-." inSt Kitts and St Lucia.- i

Accori.... i ECC3am ~H tde verp rn-
mew fifh iMe extcepiLK of C-frads
adSt Xis-:f) redL i larger str-

Men B k3 cosresp aefdig qBarter 'I

!Ae s.. n". ta-f.srsr cf 996 sand in St
A't&. *e d'p/eJ 'Vas smaller L irj
I 3**

'- w report s i.n- m eiono u e
activity cme mr.3 y thrc, -. e-,ms ansion mi
he soa i.._.. M ...J Tour- isn:. sectors an i
-t ^1. s&.^: : my 1n1 :-.i an &ftiiA d |
growth of 5'. during the firs. six -r:',r!: of
S1990,despit.e a i. : i. t decline in of s":-/ remained at .out
the same ..r. as,' e c.. rreSF of ""...
Q.iaretr of i,"; ECX, says v.l- f

.v de 2y 5/e s-d cjc s

a- .. .. *c .", Zi.A v&ue-
i-.i"e_-. the irnc.a irdsiectorj- t' -.
peunr Jaruary to Arne 19 \o
an h-a' l.'.V. ,. .,- ..._.,.i & ;e

*..r the ri.:.- April to '..,_ 1990. .-c :ivify
- ,I-.;-" 3
, -..e Construct- o ,.n .;. --
buoy- 1 th -t.i c of ,. .. ing n ials
... .b y .- ^ a n. l 9 3 p eri'y

1- 89. 7.

lease S-~ ECCB Pare JO

Page 10 Saturday 9th March 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter


Grerndians Encouiraed To

Visit Taipei

The Embassy of '- Re of China in
.re..: has a.ounced --.i of the
rgrow yin .. ..::
and t Republic. ,f .. : -- ..- ;::
Gvpr;nmi;i ia o rd T
I c'.u .re C-L2 to visit Th .;

W itih hi. -- a ,, -,;,-4 :'ri-; gnt

have L- -n -aived 11" f -or of Grena diap.

N'n y all v".. ... to Taz i are ,.- -:
to ob' i: adin an -:d ,' fr. vi-
j.h, -.1'y, are pnvfor oi
. c ,,? '. , in ", 'T '. ....

-r. i.

]'; :_ -st, h'^?rs of"G.) --: . norts
ay oT1:. free o ::I. eo-trt-
| -: :*irs .-; to enter -, ROC- :: -ai an.

Natial P-'ulatiiAon Ccuncil

.The .. r ,-^ -..... .n G :.;_ .--_ of G _---
,j --- ------ --.--- .^ --

-- .^ .. ?._ j
I. .. .. q artery f .- :'.- fueled

Sector All .:.. es of -,:-:. arriaTIs
i. i'-i tered s- i-c-- --- C-"-
over -:.tors up by 28.... and

-1ormaDIe of I-- Tusm I -
Srs durr the od uarte
.. .. .. 'y :- ",- 1 L.5 :7. i

the -' " -*~.i-," -. -- .

! 7tI

JIT :'-.-- - sr- -- "-. iK tsh .


ada .(NPCG) .'rr .y i:.u at a
: .. r"; ..n:.: y on March 4thi

C'-in-:i';. the feature address Mr Ce':'rge
Brizan, Minister of m..... Trade &
P:.:u o(: {uer whose Mirustry ?- NPCG
-. i a .: .. :,.J.:., :: are
a lo g the :_.--:;:. of -the Co. ..i.. c .i
for prjn: and .'-'. :print.

A pWolicat.uon of ,e C.e'.-:: ,esc,-bes it-
-." as a .i -,.,' body of senior
repr. _wn,,Governme t, the Pri-
vate S.: h? t_.e i T.. Union
IM o .- Youth C. :- ", i.:.:-., I.- -
*'-:*:. and Co m odity :r ."

Thle Coulci's pup:._. is to "enh- ., the
inp :!r'c> of *: v:.-. of h population in
7^ dev. el.:.p.... pr...:.- and ^2=:: 2'.:
,' -.ri' ... e:n,- reso mid popurla-
4,p _.r .!- -
tio-n problems

Mr B: -i. -.- i that a study of 31 of the
-..:1 unst^ 1^ countries ithi v:.ri: ish:.
-hat 3 :. -p'L3: 44,: th can lead

*- 0. '-eco ,i i problem s e : even
.-aten .- acy

NPCG said is aks to

2 r6 9::;-. vill r :.-fa irs re-
-. to of education, org.- ,ti.

an Geriatric Nng'in |

-4 3--4- 3--
,-,--. :. .:,: "-:'.;. on : :f E--- t Carib-
^:: :,'03: "---. of trC-, Youth

by Mimster of Heai ; e.-*>I
.... An rew on \..r': -- -.^ at ll

--' -r... eo dr A

P^'. ea t *^Home O. r a_:. e V iNur-i,

n tiatin -re On1
i-. I:'t L -|-
.An o. ,I ..:.,,g A S .- -

Please See NEWS H RT~, Page S11

The Grenada Newsletter Satu
NEWS SHORTS From Page 10

Grenada To Host OECS
Science Fair

SA release from the GC:',-,:ar-_n. f.: -i
%. IIAI Lgt
j.aiL-:.nS rv!c (GIS) :,t-e. that, "r.:m Augu.t
17th to 23rd ;-:?d Gr..e. a .i vill -r., the-
first A.OrL aiT-i;'-l of E .tin. Carit. i..
St.a(tes (O PC-e) g i o-l -.

This d..-_ ::.n taken at a two-v .- co-
|o ren,:e wvu,:h came to an en. in Grei.._ on
AM.i h 1st, .tn. the is-_ h.:. : for ..
Fira is "S:1ncie Te~-:uri.;:, & En im'' --
ment in :,..,n.:-,y for Car" e. C -:- .:-,

The cor .er' ce .as atd.,,ed hv b ..-:-ir-c:
ieduc. i As fro AF .r... t'he Bl.1.: irI n'

I V^ir H ail ls:i.?:d and to anddIdI on
._f..--ch 1st.

Mr E.r- e Hill, Chairman of the Steeri; n
.Con .':-' for e i::na.. .l Scr.-. Fairs :.,n
jGIS c se hae ae._.y7 been tree -re - :
Scene Fairs, to Atia 987
aid 1939 anid the .other in ,- .:... 1990

i How'"e', he said. the OE: MI,.-ters
EdJua.:n- feel there ;:.dud be an OECS,
Sregional Trade Fair held t.iei y.

IMr Hill said i addition to it:
j .:her- at least IC ---i 1.7t from r'rI ;I .
'.u ,:or se .---,-;J.. y, ?*' '-'.:" d.:", and tertiary
schools '-L expected to ,o. t, o i- "- .
attend f.f ""

Tne F-r is ::; '. to ,.:*EC$150,000
=ii its obj '- .;-:. 4 op ari
,,,. and .t.-lha,.:g. a3id at the OECS -
level, 7-r" : id ;.. sut e t;r: with a f.... for
S-'iber:tir-g aind for a cuLj..U, and :,':
| :., .R .

USAID Aids Agricultural

A. ...... ple':_, US$.8 million in
-. ..r f^,-r the U i' ; U':.-- e, A .-.
for na' atio3al De. .p ment (USAfI" "
were -.i -:d in B. ..ados o0 March : .- to
L -___ _

rday 9th March 1991

Pag 11

Ac,.;rding to a reli:":. fr.'m-: the United
St... i "nf;i "on S-er ice (USIS), the first
Agreement suip.-.rts the W-t Indian Tropi-
cal F; ..- S-port Pr"o). (TROPRO),
:'.u-.,r j head US$1 ~,ri-n vill go to
the r:-'n- ti.: of E:- Caribean pii t5

Also, I.: ..ll go to .ie Caribbean
Agricultural F.e:--ch & Dev-lo imernt
E. (CARD) to support : ,Aicltur-
hal ,'cch>:- ::r.ion.r :t (AREP).

ThBe :--n.:dil U" :.-:..:, wVill finance a
c.-n i -:-, .- : ,C jdfig Inter-
-i :-n vid.:1 will .:.... .. t ,th lotng-ferm
p:'i- :,..I..ts :. short-:.r- b-- L-A!c assist-

The TSIS Tr,. : dc:ri be: TROPRO as a
+-"-.. progrIne .i....h.. in -d Sueptem-
ber 1 98 4: promote ..*r..:- al dive.rsi-
ric.iin by targeting f,.. areas, viz.
tT: u t quality aT d ,r : -: .L' .. r- -,L .

infbrination ,--,:.---

Total funds vli:h will be alk..:ad .:..r the
five-:mr period to T? JF^O amount to

AREP, (1.v- h- irn},. 4 1989)alsoafivs-
year -'!r. rcr ::", is r-.... ":ible- for .all
research -:ii1 -:- -rl f.nir_ _-

-.ui d allocated to AREP over the five year
ei ....- ;.u:. tto US$5U 5 il, .

Need For A National
Populialioan Policy

With an aerae --.vl rate of 3.5
c, .i. per 1 ...., G. acd's birth rate
S- ::;. to St Luc-'s in the
,-jr.'.: ... c: ibhean.

statistic c d... "-- --= Mr Dsmrd
JO n" N... .i -;".' ;,u.,-.K Lo-,.:.rdinal. as I

Please See NEWS SHORTS-Page 12;

Page 11

AY1 CE A R )

Page 12 Saturday 9th March 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

NEWS SHORTS From Page 11
jhe an .d the N .1:: P-p fetion
C L-Uc-l on March 'o, Mand he r:.Cre. Jt
nree- for family phlui roe- rr. -

O:uoting- <:."er statsttiics, Mr jl,"h said G r'-
nada has ,an A.-nn i- crease of 24.7 ~p-er..
for every 12'"3 i in p ..pu..n, .--
2.8 :7 of births in cl;: are f .axe
ren ,r- that 35..^ of Gr-n..r. are
umder 15 years .:1 while 4-1 % -':-- ,.1,j..,

Mr Johrn said the aim of the iN'i ..
Pouli :>n Coul ;i: of Greada :- to red.e .
by rh.e 3'C'r ..'. JU, the :-e\; fertility .Ye
from .5 to 2.1 cidr--.: f e..'." chi-,
be i' WomaIn i the State.

"Carib Spirit" Relamunched

.The re... 36-foot e::'i-rnl'.. cata-
j ?;':. "Carib Spir" ', built m Gre.da for
the DEp...r of ;Fish with fu-i, .

'-..orthiy but -' a bas'c :-r-.blmti ,,
thre -. .-.f : p u- i the ; nl i
oengi withi. s-a o
Somth .id Am, Cari pintb .-j

has tw~o c:.-ioard engies i can be fitted
-, as -, '- ~. hoe d o n in 1 Fm
ordig to I..: .-. Information.

:. be .c '

F ^hb' 1dL- i l J a .:". .i:-r, ...

i .,. r-~,j f .. ..

t be-
S ]~T

Grenada Exports Fish

The Ar ti uin.- Fi.her:es PT-'jFrt. has sold out
its entire 19', 3t: ,l: of f -.h

-ral Manager of the r.jMct, Mr Ray-
Lo-I '- a~ :-.1 he Goverrmlent Iftrmia-
tion S.erice (GIS) t at, following a period
o over-:ly .:.:. regional m.rn:kei
had reen :_-iu:. for ..-.:- 70,000 po".ds of

In ,: i-:.,e an, ._:',, he ai.. 20, 0;0i
p. .- ; .. of do. ._ -r. sold to Do miica
:..: i 2,[. pounds of 1 1:, ''-rt to the ::-,me
...::;..4 in February .

Mr e sl' that, n FhbruTr; Antigua
had taken a mn of h dol-
plun, wolrjiapprorima^.- EC$9,00L.

Employment Division
Finds Jobs

1,90 vith the Emplnaic .. Division of the
MintiJ' of Labour. 74 ;-T, pl.Fed in jobs
ina-'^ e -of f.-

T-.- t' G - .,-t2- p
meant r-.- :;.-1..- : i :..e b" ^L, L bt
Efi:,!C C-f: fr Re-n. Lord,
-. '. ._ that of-s. -- ;
'-. ... -. ...I..-- .-4
e Di n 6 -e males and- 350


r ,-'.' to ?1. t i4...,- C .ensus v.en
I Ln_ -...
ina "-d to b-- ;oi: D{:;ex.
... .. . .z a ,T r .. -

a-/ -

9th Manch 1991
Printed & Published By The Proprietor
J Alister Hughes, Joiniaiist
Of Sctn StreeE, St Geoxges.Grea.ia, Westi.Mies
(P-O.XBox 6: Pho~e 18091 440 2SE3:- Cables HUON, Grenada)
NO. -- --
FROM i '

0o- (> o

The Grenada

Yolumie 19 Saturday 9th Marich 1991 Number 4





Prirw minister c eptL recon"unsiftionr of
birectov that olive rrm-h art hv

1ha r-p.:re to Prime Y MiJ :r
SNicholas BratL' te -- -_
S+AB:B i.n it- f
C, |lusion .., a rie i'.:""- was used to
|o.n f to pay for equipment ich
Va no ..-,-- ,_ for_"
i Tj. A, i in:t Son i ^ f,.;_ ;a-
of: r r of gross irr ~t rarities in thai Mi-istry
j'-,in Mr Kernn L ini- L. vas r" bli
SNr ;hat portf.-o:~.
The .'- -,ritin' - .... alle -_, in -'+- .- .-.,
. .....col.u i of Mr L ,...: Noel, pron,","her,.
:bauide,- and "rs-.iper co.1:.,.i u and
j refer to irp: rotation of a truck, spare :,-
Sgarage tool-s a-nd electronic e .a :-,,
jaddr.-.d to Mr L;'_j -1 care n of .
Told The Press
Foloing put._:.:::.n of Mv r .:oe.
w cohaun, the Prime *'ni::'e:. ..Dorted a
: | om, roi,.- -as ,-.:...:-:,.ised of i<. A- < ey

SMichae And:,, ...' A- Kr. -j
on Febrtmary I.-. E -.---. ,: .
i -ss fhe had received an "mnteim report.

A.: ......Ji t. t.tIhe PrhinP fi..,i:a r, the report
.: .s of he Co ittee
"fi dit *.. c r: .
An Idisti-.- Serial Number
T u:-, f Y : -" -- : .to .2, f 'h .
:-.:-. of -!:t.:.-romc ;q 'I !. d,:hAi a
ipfir at 200 c i a
.e "r': F 7'o.. ,n
^ l ....:" 1- +* Q H h 'v' I-n
to the 1" as beir ;" o" "h
,,as ..o. .. a rati2 of 90 vatts ard

or 51562
Sz.'e 1e" INVOICE Page 2
, i' s THIS iSSU
0 Director Of AudiI Finds
False I-oce. ..........------ 1
0 Why B-..- Appe,
i _udem-not Not Peady ....... 3
| A GG.An,." a ToReturnTo
OECS Supreme Cou-rt 5
0 Grenad-a Has Tourism Plan
For the ijC4 s .............. 6
0 British Aid Will Not Be
Divert,.-i Fron Ca-ibbean.. 7
0 ECCB -.eprts On OECS... .- 8
- -------.... .. ..--. 10 i





,agttiwo as

Page 2 Saturday 9th March 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

INVOICE From Page 1
The Committee's Report goes on to
say,:-"We recommend that the matter
of the inconsistency detailed in the
previous paragraph should be refer-
red to the Royal Grenada Police
Force for a full criminal investigat-
ion and that appropr-iate legal pro-
ceedings, if any, co-sequential upon
'such Police investigation, should be
I anstitu td and proceeded vith."

The Prime .Hirzt--' s.- i he w -s h'
the public had -::-r-ssd ,.:nn:n-r m '. :
jf1.1trer and he h.*. .'s:d. C.1th the Com-.
.T"zio,-icr of Police and ri. r o f Audit to
':.ry out full : ::

"I have made it clear, from the eery
zbegiring," he said, "that there will
be no coIvr-up. I vant to repeat.
I that and to say ve have takenn the kind
of steps which vill ensure there villa
be no cover-up-"
False Invoice Was U-edc
A release f:-'; :. the cri,-. Mir .-'s office.
issued on February 5th, .d the Dir .r cr'o
A it .. r orted t his i.-. .:n
J "F O, to e- ::-oi -:-.-i -. f th:- a f.. -. ..-.v ;.-T :

i q .upr ... vas ." t ": i:"' a."
I "A L ti

.ir,.r ..- he ~ ^pted the
r tv.. ame^nd of "O D r.' r that pi
0 t- -"& -I -- ,V-tC hr.
P le,:: u[, : +.--+ f .,- lr it' :4 .j

j 'sk MI.r eir B srte aAp

jA -s r tr* .c- ..' pme" vi--t
arri td vtih IeA ifrut

fr B-ptile f s 1eo, o
M. -thsa Jamspor fted r ught ast &e a
tppr;v-'-y of.e.-. f l- p- p -...,-
oter --. IAuse i,. h .v .,. t'Iere

This r c, iu:t-:,:. ';by o F. -ti.- ... ,S to.
4wJ from the fhl that, whe! questioned by
the p Mr L:-J said ttas equji-:'-c'
... .. f r a.. ...o to be '-.lic- i
fh1 V~i:'ry of He.-eth for prePi- i:n of
pr -.r,-.-e; for bre j."1 c-.r R?'io Gre-

The t-,-- h: pointed :. o, h -o -, that.
":.r, :n the i:-:,- appZer.-. to bei ,-Me rn
suit'ab- for a radio bro--.
It Is Pullic Knoviedge
Cin.:. entaly, delivery of. tPe 6. .--i 41
from tlh- i, '-en;-b M- r

n-,,- Md-
r,1. 1ion off i.::-. Mr C -- :- at. i
tia,:m a ,_'.,y-paid worker ia':e'p to ,r
Laisingh Miistry. but t is :
ki noie w he- I va x- at one time afdj may
,l 08e. +-.- ; o .: r adio

r eto thisi ..:.....

_ i- a .,
One :r trly 10. 0 t : i
girl, as ak b: her c-_:rr to ;'-lrd an
a :::o., for her.

7- Da If; : family i --- at St. Fiarre, a
pr-t towni .. the ii. -'.r. r... : .of
... .. :... and --ir -as asked to t..-:e
so .ei to ..... auit :. 'i d-. on the
w r s- : -- of M e P. re, -..- .:a i
+just f7 "-- i. ;- ofSt . .

The r 8th 1902:^, as Har ire
..'. -"- to eT :-.:, she [ : o:.S=r -i tor
.:... -- ofb ,. smoke -oming f.: n the.
directiw n ; f an old crater on -,e side of t

men and a woman, -str i,;
S :: liz;i 'ere :- Y:_ a : in.
rising- f: : te craier.-

T__ -; fi: -a -. --- .. ran ...: : ;, U,.:l +o

looked b:- :d .,:i! io
Or the crater and 5:. v he
": + +.: ..... ;-+-.r+ :_ anin ?':- : i-

H--' ..1. to the u..: i ..nto a
s_-ll ,c -O .. .e able to r," 1-. rto a
caVe t. re "the -. : :.-t
side ... boiled d'-'n" on St F<, r 1. i- lr
"- " . C,.e n'd
C ... . .; n c




no further

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th March 1991 Page 3


A ecirson w1as .m"iAd to abardort
thefw intettiir to diive-r a pr[fiminairij
vverbta judgeme3t

reasniied; written judgement in
the l-..j .i.- ,Ei: iL.p .u'. -
t r Appeal B". tat :-- is not
Iyet ready for delii.i" -.

This Vas .i.ik-.:'ed in the Court of Appeal
orn Mr':h 4th by Fr ,i de- of h. Court, Sir
Fr.d _,rik- Smith and he said l. .'
.-re.,y is r-,1r:cied in he prep.i .m*.,n of1 .
,i gi n, r.:. ... .

"If ve have it typ'd in :'
GrenW.:1," he said, -
he W :le Gre-
"-.1 j ilt w -n ,.. its
enire contents before
the first page has been '

"ien the c.ur,. d 4
ber, Sir Frederick l
expressed the iht, in late 'No......
or early D r, a r'*~ ju' :e -
,-,l.dd be .iv- n flloio by a 7rif.-
j i.-'1-e :. at a ..._:-p date. S;r ., then, ,- e-'
- ut been 1.'-i-uh specd1i,:,rai:n in the pre.s s to
4he ... r v .. . ~id n e .
ji.l eL::-: li has as t.-ei d-eei, ,-e vered.
Marv "Stuaid innuenoes"

F Iereri-- to that p Sir F'-. ec-
1: 'e:-e had been .:mr- "'r-..:pi m-
nuernoes" in the pr-s .u --t trt- the
J.,;des of the App.-i Coi.t '-,. holding
|the Gc-" .r.'.; .. -*' . et iri. ng bl.r1-

mail and d-.. i'' delivery f he jud --gement.
until certain p-- i-ntS were .'tIe.

Sir Frederick said there is absolutely
no validity in these charges and he
emphasized the magnitude of the task
vhich had to be done by the Judges.
There vere 37 Grounds of Appeal, he
said, 567 cases cited by the Defence
had to be and L transcript
of the hearings in the trial ran to
over 9000 pages.
A Verbal Judgement
There had been an ori :-Z,- i-_ J ti._ -.. to
- liv.?i a verbal iou gc.zne. followed by a
Please See JUDGEMIENT Page 4

The Crenadas

Founded 17th Aaguzs 1973
431st Issue-
Co| 7O0LsA mNUVE29IT
|il.Lk1A Mo002 CAROT A-vAD 1984
jubs!-ription Ra*es
Pa' able la Advaai.-
Po;-ag POr&d y Second Class Air Mail
(nBaLi- Pot In GIrenada)
I i^ us _

20 Issues $207-00 $ 77.00

40 issues S90.oo $146.00
Aboul 20 z es Putlusedl Annuall



Saturday 9th March 1991

The Grenada Nevsletter


written one, Sir Frede:i,'l said, buu when
the matter was given irt.hri thou-h t ._
p.! i 1h-:1 been _:' -aged and a decii:-.:c n I-.A'
to ., a-dn the intention to deliver a
prehmiainary verbal j ;- ~:-... -,

The 'miqueness of this case and its
vital importance, not only to Grenada
and the Caribbean, but to the entire
CommoaveaIth, he said, dictated that
the judgement, vhen given, should
take the form of a single, reasoned
document vith full details.

Sir Freericl: did

| ,a be dei'r.' 4 JS
_, ..

.'- t ourt
Wi E.. that I ov- 4

Ampe a tard otfer p l .- ,

rejoin the e..e p.. t It
|C"- 't. othe Orga-ai-
IrS,3 o rnr .o Car-

I 4ttlats pani .

a sins ers crrecth Lhe- v L --5
\ impress n given by T hre. as A.
Gq u-saion the Seatyef /-vuGmein

SrTherss, ad _. on l a oft. D .
w"h ohe Ori "
SThere Had Been No Pep y v

I "hat Jo-' s hat z any t. i-a t o
S "7- ,: t, b he"b l- +I.
e rani, question n the S a d P e : .- to

'"aa^.Jr .^-:i t a o y -. a l ik n -
i to7amrkii Al r"
I n o .1.1 ,... -"

| ....' . ,T :' and ... m ,

c'.c er -.

Th-= haiB T ini found .... ty 1Uil of, ani|
hw.e..n coIT; .t o h.I for I_
S4- ..1r of .,ee cth r e-1..: *ld related
incl:--e t n the t e pi:. -

A-,.' ber :re 1 Court are -po-.ui of h -ee'-

-.d : -. lon -- ,_ r, 3 ,

Suffered Their Fate
B h.:.p th: e died him

-.ffe:e h, fate
as a r- of a

'- :CF.y Prrme

th"al-. re ui,-.i'

;Et.her '"i.hHl,.-
Son .-.....Gener-

J: J, I i .
'--- ., ... ....... -
4h-i4 t-- ': l'r.- : v s ~AO ,- -

% P..a LJ. .-.
L of thC1e si(., T Trades U i7,:1.

r -.

The -f-:- of :-: b: oni the Grenadian
:. .y is si he-rd today such id:-w
as ay-fay u' Malo-m"ano

"Cay fay"-, .. _ken d- of a per-
sot v j& htrn2seif better Th7j any.:-rj
else, come.- from ,h- S:-h t"

-" to be -..u..-. "Mai.o-m.ano That i
: ,r..on copies trom the Sc uch wfi:: I
,.-.[,i6l^ ."iz ^- ^ c^ '',,-- I .. ,, ",

rage 4

' 1

J rmrb I

at i

1C i -


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th March i99 Page 5.

"Wlhateer sgntinwmatL
point o rnijight raise
aboe-t coi-q bcdk or not
&10Citt9 1J25 tZO O OWE
1if^ touw to the
Privq Counscii, the
J'wft is tut3 in the
Privtv Cousnczi. iL'Ot havet
judges ikAo arUE
wcasters | tseP
ComintWo'z- lAti'

,F -x r ~ i ,

4 .. .- .



OECS rr a
A-"-4^_3 -

,i-I nsr for LeDil A: f-s. Dr,

S!": -t-,.:.; that the Court s
em nov m er.1r m Grenada viil uer
rl-n CIGre_.:,. . to the S b:e:iA`
Court of the Orga nisation of East Car iht-.-
1States (OC_.

111 an i; .ervi- on ..l..h 5th he said "I
-jzct that out of h co:-;:... 's as
-,i- u. il ':- ,ti.i. 1 r-.:,i e:,:-.. "
- I,;- i ,Cwg_ cc. r

The Court System now in Grenada is
the Grenada Supreme Co urt establish-
ed by the Peoples Revolutionary
Government (PRG) after the armed
take over of the island on i3th March
1979. In establishing that Court,
the PRG suspended the Constitution
and divorced Grenad! from the
OECS Supreme Court to vhich Gre-
nada is tied by the Co- iuti
Eatit1' Tc A Tri.
Within he e:i'-ption of .'ion relating to
-the Court Sy*r; ''- C.ieti,..tion T:.'
re-'t.T-.-. -t:'- th- rrilitary int 3ier i :fion in
Ct'+:.ber 1983. The >r-rz Su-re
C -o.wt was V-... -i the 'y of this
rvv cltl:ir:c ': .the HDe r: An the
.:'i. ,e E.:'..p -.' l.". Trial h !n c- .,.
that 'h? Gron-.- Sup-.-r Comt :.
" ".'"'in:'- r Their T':' ,. .-,*:
entitled to a trvi in the OECS t : .
Court, the Dfenc said, as this s the ourt Lr
to which Q:,-. is tied by the C'.:.-

t^ ^? ~~~ ,A ... ;d i l ^*-. 1

fa ~- J!. 1_qy -.i._- Z&-1. Cib
AppezlI C~i3-.rt igSt te ec" 11O 4 CI
&reszQ Scprass Cor tburt ja oron-
^/iiu;ia Aat i iss not the CurtI
to VMcw Gresss rf i d y the \
Cbas-t tu Is I'egal" Ydfurder the I
'Dcrine. of/ &te Nei-essfty Vof the

It would i. so:' time for Grenada to
return to .EC-S -'-'e: Court,. the
ruling &^ .P.* in 'he mnrimee:r, to 1 --
cZ::, it is essential that h bea Court in
operation in m, island.
Has e-n Approved
re,-d.s .........- r :r,.,:. the O ECS
S-"upremii Court e"-. -':." .d but will I
? : ito ^.,"a "-? t4ere h'as b- a-
judgement of t. App-e Court in Iie
Mauric ic ... 'der Appeal.
L)r A: sd u long ..;.. r:_ ''n-.- .:- .n ,i *. ai for
.... . .... ....... '-. .-... 'is .:,Id to
." the -ari bben the ~ : 1 and, as
an o.r-shoot orr retr r to the OECS
Court, T .renada -1 : be able t make
agPi 10 . ....-....... m London.

.. .. un. le s- ad .the f t. is t t- I
in ia.c w E Councii uT"de h
41r. mn..ers t e., ,,. o whc,

T e,__-- no n-.." min (r-:,da can lose
Please See ALEXIS Page 6

Page 6 Saturday 9th March 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

Tourism wil 6e tfw "emgie-" whiB wiL a rin

f-M sectOirs lof tfw economsilJ t tw

:''fi' for I TouLir. iZt in

that -1iig r lo<:I1ing up for
tourism in the IM1 of Spice".

nv, shea is go a tec o -le d is&

'sme/tiiL nrque to ,:,fe'r amnfpeople

pefe. a pice where ther can retreat

Formal Handing Over
The .iti" ier's -r -':s .r ide at the
forrrmal o er of a -h for e' 7-me.' of To- rnm i
Gire-nai over the period 1991 to 1993.

ALEXIS From Page 5
by going back to the OECS
C.-,it., the Attorney General sa-d, l .,: le
is "dying" for th.:.t to come n :.;u5

As to ,e tirn ng for 1-.1.', he said, it. ;ll
eperuds on ;,.-hn judger--. is hajei-
down in the M.,i.rice Bi.hrp'l M, ,'.e
Appe:-.d -A Sir FP-d.'ick Smith, Presi-
dent of the AppI: Court, o -.:. it will
be K',ed down "as e ::eJiti.-; as-

2Dr Alexis -A-.: he alr- d -- had I
.-.j ions n Lon '.n ai,! ._ the ,.v
f' (7renada's r:t.: n :i' t tohe Pr- i
| Our iA n the OECS Supree Cour
Sis oon i' fr to Gr -^
.j ..... .. .-........

That plan was dr-i- up following a
sen-nrar held in iK:r. ... .er-, at ,;hi'h
selmnar was rcrI'-Er'ee a wide cr".'s
- i,.:. of *- 'r I i .i interests.

Mrs',l- said other? are 'nricer'- in some
q.u-:te-s th- too much emphasis is now
1l.a,. ,-n Tourism andi w ir r" hav.
looked suspi ciously at the fact thAt the
Tourism i,.et aS- 1:.e. increased in 1991
to EC$5 ni .:.f:::-:Dt-e l990 figure of

7 ~,- :..e the fi r h- : .'eU:,1 that Agri-
c,,uture is h...--i ei 'g .le.:-1 Agriculture
,ill -.'ay be the r-:1:,-.:. of Grenada's
economy, -he said, w-ile Tourisrrm 7'ill be
the "enin?" '.hich vill bring all ~e:trs of

Was Done
The f:r'n.:i Lmadi-r of the Pl:u- to Mrs
Purceil and to !.-fini Jt: of Fir~u-e., Mr
Ge'.r,e E-rz.i. v dC::- by Mr :icha-l
Minors, cj.irm.,- of last Augusts plA;.-
fornig sein.- and Fr-id.nt of the Gre-
_ r. :t Ch.j:1nber of Indu- .-'- an-d Commerce.

He pointed out thai several aspects of
the Plan have already tee imp!mzent-
ed. These include eza !ish ment of
the Grenada Board of Tourism as an
autonomous body, enhancement of
the Tourism budget, strengthening of
the overseas To'ris. offices numeric-
ally and ith q ifid p rsonrel and
the undertaking of awvsrtising camp-
Pa.s. --e PLAI Page 7

SThe Grenada Nevsletter

Sat rda 9th March 1991

T RU IA L L 4"


r 1...Ii-; -, of British aid to Gre-
.-1,_ an d .-,- Caribbean as a

East :r_ the 'ee to find. f':" tF o .1- in
}rebuilding K t.

-is m .-Jd Grenad'a t: i Febr..- 5th
by Mrs Li, C...r, Minister of ,. I M
for Fcri- and C,:- -. .:th, Affairs
.and Mir--L%:- r : 0-'Oer ^ D- -- .-r. m-
Sthte British Cabinet.
.Separ ate Money.-
"Up to i ": she h.-4 "- .- plce of
jm:ney hich- :. ". :. to Jordon, Fp. .-_
| Turfeyas a e: L. of th Ie Gilfk -a .
A-.1 atem ey.

SPI.A- ?Ucm Pe 61
It is too e to ", about Mr .
::~--... bute ;n tooIe f ':"r"-:
*I.ant #.Wi' _., l 1:' _0! li.. h e
| ..... *-.:. r visitors i: .- .- at a yearyt

,-: LL.. the I r


iAssined Ocupany Rt,-_

S- 2500 by .-
E .... "- assL. / j : ne ". -v .L \^ is,

II_ F ,- -1 of-To .::_ is ver. ." '

cTourism, p :'..1= ;-' and -'.. G 7--

S.. 4-- -I'- su i ad .
jth e to in f.:.i'., roads.

________________________________________________ I

a ..
:. ,, Chalker said it is intention to keep
it1.. became it i- not Grenada and th-

in Afrir'ca, 29 million ;pe f.e famine and

; ~....: -ly -need British ^-i:.:. -. e.

be done in t .ulf .. -.I bu
Ple3e see AID Page

.ung the Mr Minors, Mr

2--.- a-. .4 .. ,,' V r.. -and, statne-

-o. 7T t
": for fo-

-- L" ---"; ...... .... a "..l ....- t" %21r9 B.a d .

-Li- rFudirng S,::urces
. ': i:- aB .... ":... . --, . R
Ori__: Caribl.ean", sets out"in "....1il an

aCrion .-: azri a_ :-_ 7
~-. i1ocated time ..i... 1.. et "g., -

.. : .o .

-.:: rec .- -.-: ::: -* ions co ir .-rl.eei j
*:4 Prom motionn iS -:'.: *' :-'':: of-.h

Pro: .t.- .. p . ..ent.. Ai ,. ta- i-', i- : .
.*Serv .:. I.1. o. Crise& Indus- .
-, c- -.- ,; r
..; .- -, -.. ..:. -
:. an Econ-: '; es
= -t -; ,- --- -.. . f j





6~ ~ P"a~ ~~~~i~ $81. ~




Page 8 Saturday 9th March 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter
~ ~ ~ ir~ --- lllninininiiilll l, - - -- 1 1, .l l~l l~l l~l ,., l., ,^ .ii~,,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiin i iin ,., . .,. .,. . ,. ., ,, ,, ,, ,, _ ___ _____________________________

,q.r ': of 1990, thep- p"f:'-n. ,-:.
of the:.:e o'nri of the C-t_
isatio: of E;ast C:kibbean .
(OECS) w : ; 0:-i: j", by zi-n:fi'..i in-
cri:-.s min output in j e vital secto- of
A .i ,.r,. Tourism.A.O

This i ,s d!s, lo dc in h- --: i. p.'..i.h. -
-or.- t of 41" E rn Tarib.-,-" Cr-r: r
,Ba f ...F: ,..) 7 reports t- rec .-'
fr:.rm the de-ta :h n of hurr-icane "iug
v'as faster than anticipated r.d ""in
. -r i pr.- d i-- i :.
.. r a relatively "- ' / start

in TEe aT'i,.']t.. .-1 sector, the. Report sa7s,

AID From Page?
Ku.- t ill "r-n fuds" pr.- -'1d
Jthe 'fires ;.. .. 1-. r set in -il-
fields can be ea: t.- --.

SKuvait vill nied rmapover and
planning but vill have enough money
to do her ovwn rebuilding, the Miris-
ter sid. As far as Ira 7 is concerned,
she said, vhat is to be done there is
vet to be decided but there vill be
so me humanitarian aid vhicth, she
hope,. vill -ome from separate bud-
gets and not affect the Caribbean.
A Considerable Invcstment
Mrs ... ... '. in -r',-rt to "':' ect
pro:,-". undertaken 'h sBri e aid she
a ; ~ned sp-ci.aaly th-1-i. -.ion to the-
-. ourt :: ]!s::-, --: -, i-~4- ws

na-- t of .r' r- 1male sure there is
I a proper Couirt s"-"?:--

Sis ,,th ,- w a- ..,-. .m -,' j,- j 0
ja ,.."t. t ,.h ""- A-.... and oth "
...i.ds in the C .'a: 14.. s he
'is by our Leg. Advisor .., i-rd
Hain-ett. ho has b:-..;t. .-t I' of
the 0-?y -c"' of inf ron to.
Se:-0i, At e n :;, CI.W-!r to do their "..,

h=. region prod.,;.' 73,.- toi:o-
inaL. inl i > f ... .....t.r. of 1990. a
,,_. L e::,e ,.ed i. first q :w r
figure .ii:_, ..r th. t yq-.i r
production by 2:3.8 and that for r. same
.-r.:, in 1989 by 15.6%.

"The increase on first quarter pro-
duction vas largely due to a sharp re-
covery of production in Dominica
here output had plummeted in the
aftermath of the hurricane," the Re-
port says.

in 2L" :'i: quarter v.-:e vere einra-.s
in bai. ro c:.... in Stn L.i..
f20. M) and St Vincent (f33.9:) but
Grr."- ,so',ed ad'i -::. of 2 .8%.|
3ePike -ee ECCE Page_9

RJfr;'f'i. to o r Br aid the t

c -:.'-iruc-. on Grlrad:-'s south cr. -. the
Cout in St David's, the ti ra
..-pply m Grnd Roy, r-f .~ria-d :, 1 of the
t 'it a
,'.c-r- Colle i and --.w c -.ut
*-; fo-r the N._ioal C ,uf-
Was Destroyed By Fire
Tihere is alo a C.t :..ftv Dae.cnen
p_.a.: : -w rth 90, UL00 aiuatIv anld a.
*.A of :!..n made -t t
-o wrnu^: to rw'. itself ifr the
Fi.r c,.., Cor.;: as destr d -- fire
lst. April.

.:,:::.-r said, but this "'.-"c -.,;., ... 1.-
th- li'1-iprtr, interest ot Greirui .-u alnid
*-,re is ".i;., 1h 1 vb- sh, SeWoM .e4t
h ,- _fromulia ei at-O'.Fre.
Please See AID Page _9

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