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SThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 1 Ith August 1990 Page 7

TROUBLE Prom Page 6
According to Mr Shaw, since Monday July
30th, it had become apparent to the
authorities that the rebels were "caving in"
Wanted To Settle The Matter
SThey began to back down," he said. "They
began to indicate that they wanted to settle
he matter. It would appear that their
nerve was cracking, they vere getting

They surrendered their weapons, were
searched and were driven off under heavy
guard to join those already at Chaguaramas.
Had Left Explosives
Following a thorough search of the Red
.House and vicinity, Trinidad & Tobago
Defence Force Chief of Staff,.Colonel Joe
Theodore, said in a radio broadcast that, in
and around the building, the Muslimeen had
left explosives capable of levelling four city

Mr Shaw said the rebels suggested- that if blocks.
They were allowed to keep their arms, they
would take the hostages with them to Pr
their compound at Mucurapo
-here they would all knee
and pray before releasing
the hostages.

On Wednesday August 1st- "
just before 1300 hours, the 6
hostages in the TTT building
walked out to freedom. -One -
hour later, Imam Bakr emerg-
ed from the building, laid
idovn his gun and watched as 71
Cf his men left the building one
by one, adding their guns to the b
growing pile.

W Mr Janes P Madeira )
As they were searched and .P. M n
loaded on to buses before being driven and has no in
a7v ay, several of the Muslimeen, questioned reply to qu
., journalists, said they had not surrend- statement by
,ered. Imam Abu Bakr was in control of Robinson ha
the situation, they said, and they had.been
promised amnesty. 'There had bf
Oved It To The People Dookeran sa
Bakr himself gave no response to questions where becau
until' a reporter from the "Trinidad through vari
-uardian" newspaper said to him that he cess, there h1
U S'kr) oved it to the people of Trinidad & many incons:
Tobago to tell them something. Was Ske
jT . ... -,-

"We owe the people nothing', Bakr
replied, wve gave them their free-

-ter that day (1st), at 1700 hours, the
i:maining 17 hostages in the Red House,
includingg the Parlianentarians, left the
tuiding, protecting their nostrils against
t-10 stench of the rotting corpses of persons,
.e .e of whom had been killed five days

After them came the Muslimeen gpmren.

ihl. Ltepj Lty
about the o
Robirson v
according tc
nnutes of
answers, the
night' arhid2


ess reports say 200 guns and
;ver a million rounds of ammu-
nition were recovered from
k the Red House and TTT
S building.

On Thursday August
2nd, the day after the last
of the hostages were re-
leased and the rebel
Muslimeen were takenI
under arrest, Deputy Prime
Minister Winston Dook-
Seran gave a press con-

"Prime Minister Robin-.
son is Prime Minister today
tention of resigning," he said in
ries relative to the broadcast:
journalist Tony Fraser that Mr
t told hian that he had resigned.

een negotiations vith Bakr, ME.^
id, but they had not got any-
se messages had to be relayed
ous persons, and, in the pro-
d been "misinterpretations, too
istencies and inaccuracies."
optical About The Origin
Prime Minister was skeptical
rigin of interviews with Mr
while he was a hostage, and,
Press reports, "After a few
questioning, and pressed for
Minister said a firm 'good-
st protests from the foreign

's failure to say specifically

whether or not a "deal" was made vith Abu
Bakr has led to very much speculation and,
in a statement issued on August 6th, Leader
Pleaee See TROUBLE on Page a

L- --




Page 8 Saturday 11th August 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

TROUBLE From Page 7
of the Opposition, Mr Patrick Manning
called on Prime Minister Robinson to be
more forthright and truthful about the
events which led to the release of the

"Was there an agreement or not ?"
the statement asked.

The statement said that, from the Red
House, the Prime Minister told the
world an agreement had been signed
with the Jamaat al Muslimeen, but
various Government officials, includ-
ing Mr Robinson himself, have sub-
sequently stated just the opposite.

The statement noted that it was when
Mr Robinson contacted journalist
Tony Fraser that the population of
Trinidad & Tobago happened to learn
of the situation.

Also, the powerful All Trinidad Sugar &
General Workers Trade Union, in a
published statement by its General
secretary, Mr Sam Maharaj, called on
Prime Minister Robinson to say whether an
agreement was reached with the rebels.

"If, in fact, agreement was reached
voluntarily and without duress," the state-
ment says, "then Government must have the
courage and dignity to honour the said

The point has been raised also by Dr Selwyn
Ryan, well known political scientist and
columnist of Trinidad & Tobago.

In an article published in the Trinidad &

Tobago "Sunday Express" newspaper of
August 5th, Dr- Ryan says there is urgent
need for an answer as to just why the
heavily armed, well trained and highly
disciplined Jamaat al Muslimeen boved in
abject surrender.

Indicating an answer, Dr Ryan says,

'Conversations with three of the
persons who were held in the Red
House provide, convincing evidence
that a deal ias, in fact, struck be-
tveen the Jamaat aid that part of the
Government vhich was in captivity."

The deal va.`ianmnereqd out, he says, by
Bilal Abdullah, who acted as chief negotiat-
or for the Muslimeen, and Messrs Joseph
Toney ( Minister in the Prime Minister's
Office), Winston Dookeran ( Deputy Prime
Minister), Selwyn Richardson ( Minister
for Justice &. National Security) and Prime
Minister Robinson.

Dr Ryan says Opposition Member of
Parliament, Mr John Humphrey, "vas also
the architect of many of the proposals which
found their way into the agreement."

The Imam Yasin Abu Bakr and 113 of his
followers are to be charged with illegal
possession of firearms, treason and murder.

Some vill be charged further with
wounding with intent to do grievous bodily
harm. Both treason and murder carry the
death penalty in Trinidad & Tobago. It is
expected that the Preliminary Inquiry into
these charges will begin shortly.
Please See TROUBLE Page 9

If, L 9fd Ct, afreeeat d~o
rechdvv'ufany f dwifou df-es

~-----~-'~ I~---- `-I

i' ,

Saturday 11th August I
o mE2 % ma anmm a a
all .1 alIs INmiim

on N m WM N

'5 $
^ S

I .
* -

aqa S
m'ain NO


. ru .1
- 1.
I- JA1

the Imamn (leader) of
the Jamaat al
Muslimeen, a Black
.Muslim group in Trinidad, is a
controversial figure.

To some Trinidadians, he is an g
angel with a loving consideration
for the poor.To others, he is a
ruthless devil vho, on July 27th,

TROUBLE From Page 8
The official death toll has been given as
124 and it is reported that over 150
People vere injured, many of themr
looters shot by the Police and Army.


nmixt-ure of both
is seen as an "i
employ undemo

99C Page 9

-.n some others, h. is a
eali- ho is killing to.


..U" .

cr.. msetods to further
S S B Page 10


izI" th a ven

o a Miswli at

cr:.t tzhods to further

t M a aI

e er- KR PeeBL 10

___ ___ 1



c i

Page 10 Saturday 1 Ith August 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

BAKR From Page 9
otherwise admirable ends.

A Trinidadian fruit vendor, commenting on
the attempted coup, told one reporter, "He
(Bakr) has done many fine things for the
poor, but I don't think this (the attempted
coup) vill help anyone."
Jekyll & Hyde
The answer may be in a "Jekyll &
Hyde" personality created by
religious fanaticsm. In an interview,
his sister Irma told a reporter that, as
a child, Bakr had been "loving and

"Before he embraced Islam," she said, ""he
was a quiet young man, very calm and

In assessing the man, other factors must be
considered. In some quarters, he has been
described as a "street-wise eccentric,
closely linked with drug trafficking, gun-
running and abductions.

One of a family of 11 children, Bakr grew
up as Lennox Phillip, in Diego Mart-in, a
suburb of Port-of-Spain. His sister says he
was a good student, and. anted to, be a
lawyer. But he could not afford a
university education. So, he joined the
Trinidad & Tobago Police Force and served
for 9 years as a constable.

Early in the 1980s, Bakr vent to
Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in
Toronto, Canada, to study civil engin-
eering It was a fateful move, for,
at Ryersons, he met a group of
Muslims. Bakr vas converted to
Islam and that marked a turning point
in his life.
A Gift Of Medical Supplies
l'hen he returned to Trinidad., he assumed a
I Muslim name, established the Jamaat al
Muslimeen ( Muslim Society) and began a
campaign to attract converts. That
campaign, believed to have been financed
by the Libyan Government, included food
for the poor and, more recently, an offer of
a gift of medical supplies to the Govern-

His problems began in 1985 when, in
L disputed ownership, he and the Muslimeen
occupied 8 acres of lands in Mucurapo, a

district on the western edge of Port of
Spain. The Mayor took court action to
eject him and the case made headlines.
There was more publicity when Bakr failed
to comply with a Court Order and vas
sentenced to 21 days in jail for contempt of
Laid The Foundation
After serving his sentence, he continued to
occupy the controversial lards. Offices
were constructed together with a super-
market, business places and a primary
school. He also laid the foundation for
erection of a mosque.

Government's threat to tear down the
mosque vwas a rallying point for the entire
Muslim community in Trinidad & Tobago,
and Bakr made it clear that the building of
this place of worship was all important to

"Nobody living in Trinidad can break
that mosque," he said, "or rivers vill
run and not with clear vater."

The mosque as completed but, in the mean
time, suspicion grew that Bakr was stock-
piling guns and. ranmunition. The Police
beganto regard him as a security risk. And
several unsuccessful searches were carried
out while Bakr made light of the
"absurdity" of the suspicions.

In 1986, returning from Libya, Bakr
condemned the United States actions
in that country and declared his
support for Libyan leader Colonel
Muammar Gadaffi_ He continued his
efforts to vin support for the
Muslimeen and, in the next year, was
arrested twice for holding illegal
marches against the rising cost of
Brushed That Aside
Some time after, the Police alleged that
arms h- been four on the Mucurapo
premises, but Bakr brushed that aside. He
had been a policemen for 9 years, he said,
and was familiar vith the Police method of
"finding" things which were not there.

Then the Muslireen leader adopted new
tactics. He launched an anti-drug
campaign and claimed to have cleared Port
Please See BAKR Page 11

- I-~I-

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 1 Ith August 1990 Page 11



7 h progr-amnr wif provide for creation of a Tourism
Unit wthitn the OECS Economic Affairs Secretariat

T HE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC This was announced in Grenada on August
Community (EEC) will finance 10th by Mr Yannis Caloghirou, local
an EC$ 10 million Tourist Devel- representative of the EEC, and, in an inter-
opment Programme tor the Organisation of viev vith NEWSLETTER, he said the pro-
East Caribbean States (OECS). ject vill cover a three-year period.
"The programme will provide for creation
BAKRFrom Page 10 of a Tourism Unit within the OECS
of Spain of drugs and drug pushers. Economic Affairs Secretariat," he said,
"and it will focus on to main areas."
He claimed also to have taken nearly -
1000 youths off the streets. In the Those areas, he said, are development of the
light of recent developments, some of Tourism Product in the OECS and Market
those youths may have been the basis of Development and Promotion in Europe.
his private army and Bakr's anti-drug
campaign may have been a cloak to Under the programme, three OECS
camouflage his intentions. representatives vill be stationed in
Europe to vork with the travel trade
Last year, the authorities moved in and and the travel press in the different
demolished some of the Muslimeen sections of the European market.
property at Mucurapo. A Constitu- Intended To Develop
tional Motion brought by Bakr failed in According to Mr Caloghirou, this is
the High Court and his Counsel, well intended to develop tour operator
known Human Rights lawyer, Mr programmes and special interest
Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, filed a plea promotion which could be presented
for a Judicial Reviev of the judge's to the EEC for further financing.
Plea Was Granted Mr Caloghirou said the programme
S- That plea vas granted and the final vill have strong economic impact and
decision, given against Bakr, was is expected to produce a significant
handed down on July 24th, just three increase in tourist arrivals. It vill
days before tha attempted coup. also provide a marked increase in
opportunities for Tourism related
Coming so soon after the decision was employment, he said.
delivered, Bakr s resort to violence may
inicate that the final defeat in Court According to Mr Caloghirou, Human
triggered his "Hyde" personality. Resources Development is an important
component of the Programme which will
He took the lav into his own hands in an identify immediate and !ong term needs.
effort to reverse the Court decision, but
the coup failed. Now, for the crimes of It vill also co-ordinate training pro-
his "Hyde" personality, the "Dr Jekyll" gr m mes at existing institutions and assist
Abu Bakr must return to Court to face ,participants in acquiring training finance
charges of murder and treason. for both the public and private sectors.
,j__ I tin'-t': . . '- ,

Fage 12 Saturday 1 Ith A

Officials For Crisis Codirse

Attorney General Dr Francis Alexis and
Superintendent of Police Mr Maurice
i Darius left Grenada on July 27th to attend, a
one-week course in Crisis Management.

SHeld in Virginia, U. S. A., and sponsored by
Sthe United States Department of State, the
Course ranged from prevention and
!response to environmental crisis through
terrorism and hostage-taking.

Other participants were drawn from
member states of the Organisation of East
Caribbean States and from Barbados.

New Site For Government
F Complex

Foiloving the fire, on 27th April last
i which destroyed the Government Complex
|on the Carenage, Government has decided
i to build a new Complex near to what is now
the Prime Minister's office at the Botalical

This was disclosed on July 26th to the
Government Information Service by
Minister of Finance Mr George i rizan, and
She said the new Complex will house the
iMinistries of Finance, Health and Edu-

The burnt-out complex, the Minister said,
will be converted into a duty-free shopping
area catering to the expanding Tourism
Mr Brizan estimated that the new Complex
.ill cost about EC$36 million and he looked

l- tI

ugust 1990 The Greiada Newsir


forward to voluntary contributions in the
form of labour and otherwise vhen con-
struction starts.
Seamoon Sod Turning

Sir Paul Scoon "turned the sod", on August
9th, for construction of the proposed
industrial site at Seamcorn, St Andrev's.

The Caribbean Development Bank is pro-
vidirg a loan of EC$1.4 million for this
project and the United States Developirnt
Agency will make a grant of US$200, 000.

BIPIA Charged To Establish
Institute Of Journalism

The Jamaica based Bustarmante Institute of
Public & International Affairs (BIPIA) has
been called upon to establish a Caribbean
Institute of Journalism.

The call came from particpiants of a
recently held six-day training workshop
held in St Vincent for Caribbean junior

According to the Grenada Government In-
formation Service, the Institute vill pro-
mote the interests of the Press and provide
training for media people. It will also
make the public rmore aware of the role of
the journalist and wil seek opportunities
for journl-ists through scholarships and

The St. Vincent workshop was organized by
BIPIA in collaboration -ith the University
of the West Indies School of Continuing
e . .

r Hughes

11th August 1990

Printed & Published. By The Proprietor
Alister Hughes, Journalist
j Of Scott Street, St George.'s,Grenada, Westindies
S(P.O.Box 65: Phone (809] 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)

The Grenad

IA IA,0 .W f/
--^-^~r ^ALCl~la,

Volume 18 Saturday I Ith August 1990 Number I I





bers of the Jamaat al Muslirreen
%Muslem Society), shot their way into
Parliament Chambers in tei "Red House",
Port-of-Spain, on Friday 27th July, cap-
turing several persons including Prime
Minister A.N.R. Robin-
sn, 63;-. NEWSLETTER
Sflev in to Tri
Newspaper reports say / co Airpon at
this drama began shortly o F~day 27f
.." when the atet
before 1800 hours at take over of
Mucurapo on the outskirts meant -as lau
of Port-of-Spainr, where vas on his
the Jamaat, a Imilitant moter'3 94
Black Muslem group, there "T
ias its headquarters. TINIDAD" i
Became Suspicious satin of his
IA soldier of the Trinidad th ais ... .
& Tobago Regiment, on 0 ports-
duty at the Jamaat head- r,.r.arrrr.
quarters, beame. suspicious when members
of the Jamaat began to pile into a mini-bus,
station wagon and car which had arrived onr
the premises. Walking over to investigate,
he vas greeted with automatic rifle fire
from the car, which forced him to dive to
safety as t three vehicles sped off.
The alarm was given but nothing was seen
of the convoy of vehicles until they were
approaching Police Headquarters, across
the street from the Red House in. the heart of
Por-of-Spain. As they got to the entrance
of the Headquarters building, a shot rang
out and the sentry on duty stumnped to the

ground mortally wounded.
,* ....,
The car v:A then driven into Headquarters
ard stopped, the occupants jumping out,
raising automatic rifle fie fire into the build-
ing. As they raced to the street, a shot was
rnnnrn h fired into the car. and it
s' Editor exploded, setting a raging
aidad's Pier- fire which destroyed the
6.00 pm on b b'lding completely.
Ap il t Attackers Stormed
mpted armed
the Govern- % Reinforceid by other miem-
ched. He b-ers of the Jamat, the
Way to his attackers then stored the
-' ne t Red House where Pirlia-
OLBL I mnt as in session. One
Sa conde-~ eye witness., who was in
imen-ted i y y .
a ire-s re- press that the first smin of
/ the attack w-s a soid "as
r r.e.v.r/ though someone
thIrovwing stones at the Parliamrent roof".
"This .as ign-red," he said, "but we
became concerned when tlhe barrage of
shots as we recogrjised it to be became
Please See TROUnBLE Page 2
STrouble In Trinidad..----.-----. 1
SYasin Abu Bakr The Man -.... 11
EEC Tourism Programma
For OECS -....-----..------- 11i
SNevs Shorts-.......------------... 12

I -L B

- O---
,~ 70 pr ''N'



Page 2 Saturday 1 th August 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter

heavier. The group then stormed the
Chamber from all directions and. told every-
one to stay down. WVe were not allowed to
look up."

In addition to Prime Minister Robinson,
among those captured in the Red House
vere Mrs Jennifer Johnson, 44, Minister
for Youth, Sport, Culture & Creative Arts,
Mrs Gloria Henry, Minister for Community
Development & Family Planning, Mr Selby
ilson, Finance Min-
ister, Minister in the 1
Prime Minister's
Office, Mr Joseph
Toney, Mr Anslem ij
St. George, Deputy !
Speaker of the House
of Representatives,
Dr Emmanuel Ho-
sein, Ministr for
Health, Parliamentary i ..
Representatives i
Messrs Raymond. I "
Palleckdharrysingh I
and John Humphrey, i
Parliamentary Secret- J
ary in the Prime r
Minister's office, Mr i
Leo Des Vignes, Mr i
Winston Dookeran,
47, Deputy- Prime *. ..
Minister, and Mr'
Selvyn Richards.on, IMAM YASI
46, Minister for Just- Ii
ice & National Security.
Launched Attacks
Simultaneous with the storming of the Red
House, the Muslimeen launched attacks at
two other locations in Port-of-Spain.

One was at the studios of Trinidad &?
Tobago Television (TTT) and the other at
the studios of the National Broadcasting
Service, 610 Radio. TTT is located about
two miles from the Red House, 610 Radio is
one block from the Red House, and both of
these media operations are owned by the
Govern-ment of Trinidad & Tobago.

The attack on TTT was successful. Forty
armed Muslimeen, under the command of
Yasin Abu Bakr, the "InTa" or Leader of
the Jamraat, stormed thle building in M:aaraval
road and took captive the staff and members
of a choir who hlad been making a record-

The attack on 610 Radio failed. in a
telephone conversation vith NEWAS-
LETTER, about 20.00 hours on Friday
27th- (some two hours after the attack
began). Mr Dennis McCromie. senior 610
Radio armouncer, said he had been in
Abercrombie Street, outside of the 610
-buildlng, vhen the attack on the Red House
and Police Headquarters began.
Heard A Loud Explosion
He ran back into the 610 building, he said,
when e e heard a loud explosion and the
=- sound of gunfire corn-
: ; i inrg from the direction
S.j of the Red House.


"Four armed men
forced their way into
the building and set a
fire in the Engineer-
ing Department. be-
fore leaving he told
have put out the fire
and barricaded our-
selves but we are
under siege as there
are armed men in the
street sniping at us."

SJ Eyvewitnesses later
SI *said the .gunmen had
Ordered everyone at
ABU BAKE th Radio Station to lie
I! on the ground while
they (the gunmen)
rushed to the -ecrnd flc:or ,dropped "fire
explosives" ar nd then ran out of the building.
An Instrument Of God

About two hc1ours after the attacks began,
Imam Yasin Abu Bakr appeared on
television an declared that he had acted as
an instrument of God. Bakr said the Armn
was backing him and and he called on the
Police and Arrny to lay down their arms.

The Government of Trinidad &
Tobago had been overthrown, he
said. He confirmed that Prime Min-
ister Robinson and his Cabinet were
"under arrest"' and said they would
be "put on trial". Revolutionary
forces were in command, he said,
there would be no looting and he
assured the nation that everyone
would be safe.
Please See TROUBLE On PaZe 3

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th August 1990 Page 3
TROUBLE From Pame 2

However, extensive looting, began almost
immediately after the Muslimeen attacks,
ard by Saturday morning, all business estab-
lishments in the do.n-to'wn Queen and
Henry Streets shopping area had been strip-
ped of merchandise.

It was not until late on Saturday morning~
that the Police and Army were able to
attempt to control the plunmdering, and in
spite of vigilance, the looting continued, for
several days-
Even A Fork Lift
Supermarket trolleys, cars, trucks
and even a fork lift vere used to take
away foodstuff, refrigerators, tele-
vision sets, bolts of cloth, washing
machines, items of clothing, furniture
and whatever else the looters were
able to find.

Ar the 1oot"ing spread to locations outside
of Port-of-Spain, ct. Laventill, Mor.ant,
Cascade, Champs Flewu St. Augustine,
Carenage and Ariima. Losses are estimated
to be in the billions of dollars.

Also, fires of unk.non origin destroyed
several business places which 1had been
looted, and this increased the overall losses

Meanwhile, in the Red House, th
Parliamentarians had been bound, h-anid and
Foot, and forced to lie face dojn n othe
floor. Prime Minister Robinsn tnid
SSelP7yn Richardson, Minister orfr Justice
INational Security. Wr mde to drop their
i pants and, 'ith the muzle of -a 0a
vas pushed down Mr Robinso's th
causing min to vomrut.
Stop Them From Attacking
Recounting the details later, in a national
broadcast, after -e h been released, the
Prime -rmster said the l had called on
him to talk to the Police and Army in order
to stop them from attacking the buildg.

'I thought I should show total de-
I fiance in such circumstancess" he
said. I shouted 'murderers,
torturers', and called upon the
forces outside to attack with full
i force."

The Prime Minister said he fet justified in

taking that attitude and it was at that time he
was shot in th leg1- by one of the Muslim-
een. About this time, too, Mr Richard-
son was shot in the leg rad pistol whipped
about the head.
Contacted To Negotiate
A few hourIs after taking o, r the Red
House, the -Mutliren requestd that Angli-
can priest, rCaon K'rlly Clarke, be
contacted to negotiate with the Authorities
on their behlhf. The result of that request
was recounted later to the press by Mr
Mervyi Telter, former TTT newscaster.

Because of the am-nount of gunfire around
the Red House, the Army would not permit
Canon Cliarkse to gothe to talk with the
rebels, and, instead, he -as taken to Army
Camp Ogden in Port-of-Spain here 2-way
radio countat had been established with the
rebels at the Red H'oue.

Mr Telfer Ias present at Camp
Ogden and listened yhile ground
rules for "discussions", not 'negotiat-
ions' vere worked out vith those at
the Red House and, at 0250 hours,
Prime Minister Robinson came on
the radio to say, "Negotiations are
proceeding. I appeal to the Police
and ali forces to exercise restraint.

At 045 hou rs, the Mlime operator at
the Red House c-aled to alert --Cann Clarke
that, documents were being prepared.
Plase See TROUBLE Page 4

ii Th1e
Founded 17th August 1973
419th Issue
Subscription Rates
Payable in Adsvance
|Postage Paid By Second Class Air Mail
(Inland Post in Grenada)
I10 isses $115.o00 430 .00
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Page 4 Saturday 11th August 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

Twenty-two minutes later he confirmed that
agreement had been reached on the main
points, and civilians caught in the Red House
together with Deputy Prime Minister
Dookeran would be released at daybreak.

Also, injured Parliamentarian Mr Leo des
Vignes would be allowed to leave the Red
House to seek medical attention.
Sigifying His Agreement .
It was stipulated by the rebels
that only Canon Clarke was
to come to the Red House '
to receive the released
persons, and Mr Dook-
eran's voice was heard
signifying his agreement. -

Since no military vehicle
or personnel was permit-
ted to approach the Red
House, Mr Telpher volun--
teered to drive Canon
Clarke to the appointed
location and his offer
was accepted.

This was done, CanonRIME M
Clarke gong into the Red
House and, some time later. A ...
emerged in the company of Mr Dookeran
who had the task of cormmunicating the
rebels' deman.sds to the Authorities.

Those denfands were that, first of all. Pri-me
Minister Robionsonshould resign inrmediate-
ly. Mr Dookeran was to take his place as
head of an Interim National Govermnent
comprised of the major political p-arties.
and General Elections were to he held
within 90 days. The rebels demanded also
that they should all be granted Presidenrial
pardons and immunity from :av pro-
secution which might arise as a result of
their actions.
Treated For A Shotgun Wound
In accordance with the arrangement made
with the rebels, Mr des Vignes, 58, Parlia-
mentary Secretary in the Prime Minister's
Office, was also released, taken from the
Red House on a stretcher and driven to the
Port-of-Spain General Hospital vibre he
was treated for a shotgun found which in-
volved the major part of his right heel. He
died on Wednesday August 1st of a heart


At the time of this crisis, President of
Trinidad & Tobago, Mr Noor Hassanali,
was out of the State. Acting for him vas-
Mr Emmanuel Carter ard, on Saturday
(28th) he proclaimed a State of Ernergency
with a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

Sporadic .un battles took place between
rebels in the Red House and the Police and
Army deployed around the build-
ing. And there were similar
battles involving g the rebels in
thel TTT building and the
Police and Army at that
_location. These battles
were, at times, fierce, and
consciousness of the serious-
ness o the situation was
heightegned on Saturday (28th)
by. a request from the Minstry
of Health broadcast over Radio
1. U.
That request was for
assistance from the Red
Cross as the Health Services
vere unable to cope with
M, ;the number of wounded,
NISTER "' and there was an urgent appeal
[NSON J t t~ fh public for blood donors.
Shortly after midday on Saturday (28th), in
anr interview on 610 Radio, Roman Catholic
Archbishop "of Trimdad & Tobago said he
had. ust ha. a 25 minute telephone con-
versato:n with ErBakr who was located in the
TTT buildiunt.
Wired Up. With Explosives
"He has informed me that the Prime
Minister and other Parliamentarians
in the Red House are vired up with
explosives', the Archbishop said. (It
vas never confirmed that the host-
ages vere "vired up vith ex-
plosives )

Bakr told the Archbishop further that the
staff at TTT had been treated with great
courtesy but he 1Bakr') was concerned that
the building ~.a surrounded by "people
with Agun". If there was another attack on
the building, he said, the TTT staff would
be wired up with explosives mand everyone in
the building inrcldiAg himself, would be
blown up.

Please See TROUBLE Page 5

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday I th August 1990 Page 5
TROUBLE From Page 4

At 0100 hours on Sunday morning, 610
Radio broadcast a telephone interview vith
Bilal Abdullah, the leader of the Muslimeen
at the Red House
Negotiations Were Going Well
Abdullah, who gave. hise s ge 37. said the
negotiations were going well and the terms
of the requested amnesty had. been decided
upon. Those terms, he said, included the
Clause that members of the Jamaat al
SMuslirmen would be able to "go freely
about their business in Trinidad. & Tobago".

approaching the area surrounding the TTT
building. Shortly after, automatic rifle
fire and heavy explosions were heard and
heavy black smoke vas seen rising from
that area. Ardious calls were broadcast
from 610 Radio that Mr Madeira get in
touch by phone, but there was no response.
A Terse Explanation
Later that. day, an officer of the Trinidad &
Tobago Regiment, attending a meeting at
the Hilton Hotel to brief Government Min-
isters, gave the media a terse explanation.

n onttO flSfbig _l.-t """Some::::::::: of his (Bakr's) men tried
he amnesty docu- J 1t() come ou3t of Television
era L 's lwirig d, raft- House he

institutional ould be asked to::

le Muslimeen said Mr Robinson cou, no not lettlng them
me to the telephone- but the Prime Min.- ....

-ime Minister" :: il elections re hld- te- he orall sit ation as concerned, "every-
-. ,-D.en sidiaio ids .

within 0 days ting is under co:trc," vith reference to
Ti 90 ds the success of the negotiations wvith the
r-.tITu,.-._, with be

SSunday morning (29th in an effort to thing is .ossble if you .talk,

terview Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, NEWS_ h s.a.
ETTER phoned TTT but failed to -mke e,
ntact with the Inia. However Mr Jonss latr disclose that tte fire ~tt not
Madeira, TTT News Direetr, then a been in the man TTT b ulding but in an
isoner of the Muslimeen ir je TTT .nne., ,a smaller building n t.he com pomud,
ilding, was interviewed a-, d1 he td and at. a press cornererie when the crisis
EWSLETTER it was his runderstmanding e over Army avm m er Colonl Joe
at negotiations er then still under Toore.av more detai
.th the rebels in the Red H-ouse.
There Had Been No Shootin ome o the Musimeen rebels, he sd, had
r Madeira said about 30 popl we tred sak ut of the TTT building to
ing held captive at TTT aid h estimated surrender, but Army opened fire, set-
ere were a 1i persons under the tig fire t fite am-nx and driving the.
Mns of the Muslimeen at nearby Rdio gm.-, back.
'inidad There had been no shooting As A Psychological Move
se rth e evening befl-re-. Mr- Madeira l heodore theu n ontated Bakr,
d the captives we bein l ell tread r -dvised him to keep his men in one room
e M limae n tives thenw ass a ps chologica move, ordered
Ils men to deliver "a trerndocus amount of
disclosed that, in the fighting, tvo irep:er"' to the eent tht buildings in the
vilians had been wounded in the shook and the explo sons were
reet outside of the building and two h-ard over a mi away.
wounded Muslimeen had been taken
hospital. At 2100 hours on Monday (-30t.h), well
kno wn Trinidad iournalist, Mr Tony
ortyi after 1000 hours on Svtmdar v (2tai Fraser, received a telephone call from the.


I 10




I ci'

o truckloads of PoFic-emern vrere seen

Please see TaOUBLE Peafe 6

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Page 6 Saturday 11th August 1990 The Grenada Newsletter
TROUBLE from Page 5

Red House and spoke with both Prime
Minister Robinson and Mr Selvyn Richard-
A Six-Point Agreement
In a broadcast report of this contact to 610
Radio, Mr Fraser said Mr Robinson bhad
told. him a six-point agreement had been
signed with therebels as follows :-

1. Prime Minister Robinson would
resign immediately.

2. The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr
Winston Dookeran would become
Interim Prime Minister .

3. Acting President Mr Emmanuel
Carter would agree to the two con-
ditions above.

4. There would be a "Government of
National Unity" comprising the
major political parties.

5. General Elections would be held
within 90 days.

6. All Muslimeen involved in the
coup vould be granted a Presi-
dential pardon with immunity
from prosecution.

Confirmation of the siging of the
agreement was given by Opposition Mem-
ber of Parliament, Mr John Hi npbhry;, who
Sas one of the hostages in the R-ed House.
Mr Hiumphrayt tld the "Tririad Gurdian"
newspaper, on August 7th, after the crisis
was over, that he had been drafted in as one
of the negotiators.

Following negotiations throughout the nigh t
of Friday July 27th, Mr Hum-phrey said, the
agreement was concluded at. sunrise on the
morning of Saturday July 28th. With one
e-ception, the terms recounted by Mr
i Humphrey are identical ith those recorded
Iby Mr Fraser, and Mr Humphrey said
I Acting President Emmanurel Carter had- put.
his signature to the terms of the amnesty.
An Additional Demand
The difference between the ter s stated by
SMr Humphrey and those by Mr Fraser is -an
Additional demand of the rebels set out by
Mr Humphrey and not mentioned by Mr

That demand is that. there be a deed of
conveyance giving legal status to the
Muslimeen's disputed occupation of lands at

On Tuesday (31st), in a telephone
hook up from the TTT Building to a
press conference at Holiday Inn,
Bakr, too, confirmed that an agree-
ment had been reached and was being
worked out by Attorney General
Anthony Smart.
Had Been Stalling
The Muslimeen Leader said the agreement
had. been signed by all the parties involved
but that a section of Prime Minister Robin-
son's National Alliance fr Reconstruction
(NAR) party had been stalling its implement-

Later that d.ay (31st), at 1315 hours, Prime
Minister PRobinson, assisted by two
Muslimecn gmannen, left. the Red House. A
light rain vas falling ... Mr Robinson's feet
dragged and dark shades covered his eyes.
A wheel chair was waiting for him in the
middle of the street and, having seated him
in the chair and placed his brief case in his
lap, the rebels ran back into the Red House.

As the Prime Minister sat sagging, two
military medics pushed him over to a
waitg amrbul.ance an-d he. was vhisked
avway to near-by Camp Ogden where
doctors gave him a quick check. He re-
appeared on a stretcher a short time later
and :as rushed by ambulance to a private
nursing home in the city.
Had A Large Bruise
Mr Robirnon had a large bruise on his right
ceek.- and could hardly see. He suffers
from glaucoma, an ailment vhich, if
untreated, can cause total blindness.

In an interview with the media on
Thursday August 2nd, Government
information Officer, Mr Gregory
Shaw, said that, initially, the Prime
Minister had chosen to die rather
than give in to the rebels' demand
that he resign. Later on, however,
after being shot in the leg, he signed
an agreement, "under duress",
offering to resign, Mr Shav said.

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