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Page 6 Saturday 10th June 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter
APPEAL From Page 5

harm" had been done to themri and this had
result ted in a mistrial.

Defence Counsel Mr Clarence Hughes,
Senior Counsel, who appears for Huisson
Austin, addressed the coxirt. on May 31st arnd
said e.vide'e g%-An by Gabriel meA in
ari way imaplic.ate 4 .is c"ie .

fn this cocrrLct.on., M rt H ughi s referred, to a
statement attributed by Gabriel to Austin
that, "Maurce brought it non himself, they
shfr4Ad have dead k0n&.'

That state-
ment, Mr " --
nzffnt, ."
Hughessaid, Siy snowV
4:^ ;
murder but it-does not s c <

The DNfs i:siaw.ver told. t. C,_urt that two
contrarictory staterrn.s r o-. y Cahriel
should have been subrrtte. d the jury.
Reminded by FTeside.t Smith that those
statement have aile ga0 ois to
other accused, which e-vi dcee could not be
used ag-irst them M r Huges said the trial
Judge could have directed the juryproperly
in that. connection
Mission Accomplished
Another Defence Con.sel Mr Howard6
Hanih--, Q.C., r efer re. to evi'-sr e ve
by Pr ei.n winessi CivAs .t P-aLA Xthat,
on tle. dayf the mura d.-rs. rT:en be. (St.
Paill was at. Fort Frederilk, bald. Drisomaer
by th-e accused, he saw a flare sent. p from.
Fort Ruspert (ser' the mud ers t-ook piace,
ard heard Hudson Austin hrut., "Mission
accompliscej p ".

The flare and the shout. Mr 1 am iltdon said,
can not be connected with the killings and
could well have been relate o t he capture
of Fort Rupert b.y tie tifre" e arTLnoured ca rs
Wch 1ha beerni dispatched fromi Fort
Fr_.erick for that propose.

Cortitrg his su- rissior- s on ThursdAyi
rJune ist, Mr Hmliton told the Cour2t that
the evidence brought fbrvardi b'y the
Prosecution at the Trial indicated veral
versions of the events on Octotber 19th
1983, the day Prime Minmster -Maiurice
Bishop vas murdered.

"What- was evident is that there vas an
investigative fTrce g'ropij in the dark to
establish a theory", e said, but, at the end
of the day, they came forth with ,five o.r six
different versions".

Tfie Detence baristeY sai5 Where is sincTher
'eJstonlbihihs m4r3 f rolbabe.
Waging ToThb Crovd
He referred to evidence vtdMc said. soldiers
of the Peoples Revolutionarv Armry 'were
riding on the outside of e three Armoured
FPerjdonel Carrners (APC- vaviawgg the
. cr d ca the dr i-e towvard:s- Fort
Rupert vhch ithey vhad been sent to

% Tjhe m re, -HamnItonpsad, vwas

'//'::///, : ... emsted
.-' hen t. n Arm-d For-
S:.. M ce~s of rte Allies enter-
ed Paris to relieve that city at the e Woer7 W.r 11.

There is evidence, he said, that the APC's
were fired on when they -got to Fort Rupert
and he 5udritted ifrt e killimTigs "4ich
Yresutei -Uene .e to em "sua:'ge rd-eaction"
oX tahe A4.sij.s rcsr than as a Zresk crf any
orders. grien to tham.

Mr flrlton said the's directions to
the jury ~"e-re idequate in i:ait i.e d. not
point o-ut ir insistercisr e if n eviden-ce given
bT,severl witnesses.
Judge Bad A Duty
In vjew oCf vhat hen .lt d w .r s-veral
versions of how Ma urice Bishop a- others
TnE. their de-atrim, Ae D.fTce brarMster said.
he M .ge a y insIM r LT he
XYTJ -as3 tho hitch result
trcnx ;51es2t!Z3 r &_iLst 7ir.i&es.

Because the Judge Mhd failed to do this, Mr
Hariiton said, a grave miscarriage of
justice IM -esuWLtd ?ard the co0.I.ic-ons
should be set aside.

Another Deferne Counasel, Mr Earla Witter,
addressed the Court on Friday2nd Jimn and
attacked the sum-mnr g up of Trial Judge, Mr
DeTis BEyron, ias brg " i6.ade-

Please See APPEAL Page ?

--------- -

The Granada Nevs letter Saturday 10th Jur 1989 Page 7

APPEAL From Page 6
Mr Witter ad-Tressed the Court. on Vwat.l h
said iere. ittmsiste.rcies i the eviderte oft
two key witnesses for the Prosecu.i.on,
Cletus St Paul and Joseph St Bernard,
chlamgig that the .Judge should have
indicated precisely to the jury hat the
aIegaed ircorsistencies are.
No Help At A11
"The reading back t to the jury of the ev-
dence of St Paul and St Bernard was irade-
j quate and no heli p atll", he said, the earn-
ed. tv ia 3-5Age shi l have been spec.ifi-as to
the YvAioVs i-orxAstercies"

Mr Witter said in rsisterc.ies. iludeti tkhe
fact that while St Paul gaw evidence that he
heard one of the accused, Leon Cor nwal
- then a Major in the 'PRA say itat certain
"elerrents must be liquidated",. St Bernard,
Sw as 7 ithian earshot, said nOtM-hing f thiis
in -is evidence.
s... "2". ^ ^-':. .-.: '; I.


Ml. rJlsUCE I'E McAY w X

The Defene barrister said S Puao is the
onty persn who saw CornwaK- aA Ar
rme.aters of th CeNtral Coraraittee- of t.e
New .feel tMovereCLrt. in a tcosptratol
huddle", alleged planning the assassi-
ation of Friine Minister Maurice Eishop
Motive Of Revenge
Because of treatment he received at the
hands of the PRA, Ar Witter said, St Paul
was a Aitness with a purpose to prosecute
the mrnotive of revenge and his evidence
was a" wanton piece of fabrication".

Wen the GCowt st- again after the see d,
on Mo&A-yQe. S.U Wx, De-feroe-_ C IAset, M-rs
iacqutlinr Saraists-Brova, tol. the Courtb
the record of the trial shows that, in 1,78

pages of ti-e -iga's directions to the- jury,
aczaluatinrg to 5S,640 lies., only nine lies
are davoteid. to the credhititty of witnesses.

"Ini arn event", se said, "those directions
were curls'rr, gr3ssly inadequate, n the
abstract, tal rylrateda to fhe evidence
and could ha been cf1 nroreal assistance to
the jury".

Anot.Ker Defence ~ar wer., Mr Deltano Harri-
son-, s'ui.i*e thA. on l PRA offiiters tcAdf
girs rers to -i PPRA ?A whe Central
Co-ties tod not i-a Aid r K-at any time-
easrcise t.ha authority.
Orders To The Army
judgee Rex McKay said that, in a Marxst
State, the Centr-a Conunittee does give
orders to the army.

"Look at what is happenw-Ang now with
student demonstrations in Cinana, he said,
"the army is operating there under orders
JA,. iTe CeitraA wcrrMmitee".
"-- I.1 ..-
A c.inig to to iYeenrxd .72" bte trial, jU.t
before a d.etacx.' at f soldiers vas sent to
recapture Fort Fupvert v bwhclhail been taken
over by a crowd ld by Bishop, those
soldiers shouted "Central Coimmittee
Oiler' ".

TheF Prosecutikn's case wv.a that this
indicates that the Coentral Ccommi ttee, led by
Bernard Coard, crdereo the assassination n of

Conurittee Orders", the soldiers had shout-
ed .:als, "Long Lire ine Revlud tion".
Praise The Lord
Ik th co.ntexr e?-P Rhe sitd:ati. i- Grenada, he
Coud, the shout f- "Cs-talu Com ittaee
CArders vwoic tave beeir the same as
"Praise tie Lord" in a reltious society.

Oral T'say tJune (hi., 1e CAt TeserYBed its
Yring on a Defe Iz %applitwfio toy an
O'Oer anie ta Asectns ato w4Odu3e astate-
rei al. e.gied to lha re bhee- rcae. by Prose-
cution witness etfus St Paul.

EDefere Cousel, Mr Hughes,

told the

Please See APPEAL Pare 8


Page 8 Saturday 10th June 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
APPEAL From Page 7

Court the Defence knows the Prosecution
has this statenenit whichh ras not prod.rECed
at the trial and which contradicts evidence
St Paul gave at t trial

The source of his infrrniation, the Defence
Counsel said, is the late Justice 10O.P.
H.aynes vho, as PresidentrA of the Grenada
Appeal Court!, vw. h~rTri the Bishhop
rappea util .e (Hayes) i a Decem-


"Mr Hiayrnes told me, and other members of
the Defence Team", Mr Hughes said, "that
the evidence given by St Paul at the trial had
sounded troo "'r 6 5
sounded too 'pat', and he had been suspic-
ious," .

AccObrdigi to Mr ighuges, Mr Hways h tl
cated. for tle state.re2t had. read it. ardi
fomnd it contained serious contradictions of
St Paul's evidence at the trial.
Take It Into Accounmt
Mr Hughes seid Mr Haynes' intention, as
President of the Court, had been to cal St
Paul to the %witness stand and, if he (St Paul)
confirmed that. the statement was made byr
him, to ake it into account in the appeal.

nheinter eest f jut. te, Mr Haghes ZtiT 6.d,
the Prese ion had. a dX.y tN prYAxrc He
statermnt. Based. on the -ateged
comntradictions, he said., the Court could.
I qash the convictions, if this information
had been before th L ury the Defence
Cou.-Ne argued, St Paul's evidence '0r1dd
nlot have been accepted a#id the accused
persons woulRd not have beea found Jguty.

The Court sat again on Wednesday 7th June

and., at that time, the three Judges shoved
their unmistakable disapproval of the
application made for an order on the
Prosecution to prod.ire the statement.
Injudicious & Unjudjciai
Giving a ruling on the application,
President of the Court. Sir Frederick Smith,
said he and hiAs brother judges think that, if
Mr Hayrms 6di, in6eed., m jake the staierneiTs
-Ateged by 6-Fm H*ug*s, "the nstaerfmeni were
iix$ud.^.on, kmfljki&Th& adr must have been
rmade inL cir curstar.ces of uttcostr corfid.ent-

Disallowing the application, President
Srmrith said the Court has been assured by the
Prosecution that there are no material
incosIisteincas or contr.adictirons in the
statement vhich voutd justify the heading
over of the the Defence.

"T'n CoA-w o'at mmtagn xp-,es.s egr-a.that
the tor&sientixahity &" Mtatea&ntsa marne by
th2e late Preident. shoiud- be so bre-aclhed",
Preside.rt miLth sa.d, "and cannot too
strongly condemn this breach of confident-

Failed To Call
On the following day, Thursday 8th June,
Defense Counsel, Mr A.. Nicholson, told
the Court the triaJ Judgs Mr Justice Dennis
Byron, as wrong when he failed to call a
certain Prosecution vitness to give evden-

by ErrQ1 ,te .g. "
at the Preh-ti ary --T
inquiry did not fit
the PFsecution 's ca "se
Mr ,bcholson said. "if
fthe Mry had heard

ent verd.ic t".
../..r Nicholson
retained the
Court that Er-
gave e evidence
at the Preliim-THE LATE MI JUSTICE
imarvy Inqurvy W. II.RS
f,,r~ --Ma g.ta-e Mr Lyle St Paul aA hadm
been lista. by tIe PrYsevtioan tt. g Te
e-vide-c at the. Trial.
Please See APPEA&. Pae 9

- -- ----- --

The Grenada Newsletter saturday 10th June 1989 Page 9


Education Ministry Gets have been able to utilise its potential,, hut
Computer computer literacy has developed consider-

The Organisation of American State-s (OAS) M 4 4ised that this is t fth com-
Ihas presented a computer to tie Ministry of pt t ins ta~i~ad the Ministry of
Education. Etation.

The presentation vraas made 2on .Jme 6th by We have reached the computer age", he
Dr Frank Leukaran, Director of the OAS sai
Grenada Office, and was received by Mr
Carl ye Jo n, PErmIri-zm;. Secretar i m The
fMiit y of auaEtea .n. NDAC Members at Univer-

Dr Le.ukaran sai- that, rover tbh yeas, the sity Of Virin Islands.
OAS bEs vorted. sucizessfilty -ith Goveru-
ment in developing local capabilities, both Three numbers oftie Natio~a DrugAvoid-
instituional and hmran. are C,-ommittee (NDAC) are attending the
Fourteenth JIrstite COn Alcoholism and
Had the computer been presented three Other Drug Probaems at the University of
years ag-, he sad, the Ministry may 2no the Virgin ] hands in St. Thomas, United
Please See REWS SHORTS Page 10
APPEAL From Page 8

IHO wever, the Prosecution closed its case
Vithoitca.iig -arl ho tin -' e steai, irfrm-
ing the CFwrt tAs witesas Vwas ewAkabsl to
Athe Defernc if the Deferce' viAed. to call

The accused persons were not represented
by legal Counsel, having fired the lawyer
Govermnent had provided them r with, but
they called on the Judige himself to summIon
George tio the stand and question him.

The Judge did not do so and President
Srmuh, quaestio ed whei ther rthis would fri ve
been a vise hming for the him to do.
Unfair and Cortr-olled
Against thpe hackgrouri of the. ctar g&s the
accused, were making. that. the Court was
unfair and controlled by the United States
Gover:mnnt, Judge Smith said, the Trial
Judge may have been opening himself to
further actcusatiors.

"If the Judge had called George to the stand
and George had given evidence unfavour-
able to the accused", he said. "there was
tertain to be the rge tha.t bhe CCoti. Va.
being more 'airm by b r bringing oVt-. As
evir Nceh n sa d, hoexr, tt, esenh ifd"
Mr Nicholson said, however, that, even if

George had given evidence adverse to the
accused, the Ruige could have countered this
kty iTi jructig the tA to disregard it.

Friday 9th kJare, tas 53rd day of hearing
sirc the Bishp Mubrdar Ap.eal carse be-
fore the Court for the first time on May
SGth 196SS, waa the last day of this period of
sittifgs, and, aft a fate start, the Court
ad purneid -vi tt hearing any argurrents.
Must Be Attended To
"Something i MpoJta it has corm up which
oust be at-te1pjd t.o innediately, Sir
Frederick said. "ard all ve will do today is
ir e Em si.ttaS of the Coirt ". -

kfter ZA'nuiSation wffiti h 9 the Defence
and Pr}S nex-d from. W'Vedmisday t6th. August to Fri-
day Ist September. Following that sitting,
there will be another from Monday 25th
Septerier to Friday6th October.

After the Coiurt rose, in reply to a question
frcm NEWSLETTER, Sir Frederick
dedJneed to eJaborate on his statement that"
something important has come up which
IrusAte aitei6.ed to iruneadiatEly".



'------ --

- -- -- --

r 1

The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday 10th June 1989

States Virgin Islands.

They are Mrs M~ya Levis aA Mrs Jean
Brizan who are being spoinored by the
Organisation of AnaLerMan States arul. Mrs
Gloria Keens-Douglas vho is being spon-
sored by the Secretaiiat of the Caribbean

The Institute sponsors an an u=2 summer
course at the Univrsity of the Virgin
Islands to which health-care and health-
related personnel fromall parts of the Carit-
ben me invited.

The course provides training i the,
coUttction aA dissemination of information
on alcohol-related problems relative to the
region. It also stimulates research and.
promotes deveiopmnentof cultura-ly approp-
riate programmes of prevention and treat-

The course started on June 5th and vill end
June 16th.

EEC Funds Tomrist

The European Economic Commnunity
(EEC) has approved funding for a Tourism
Promotion Project aimed at assisting the
Grenada Government in its drive to develop
the island's tourist potential.

The project vill tozt EC%5S53,00'0 A iFi&
provide for the sercess of a pblicrs rtatios
consultarcy firm in Europe. It ilt als
provide for prodnjtion of puhbliity mat-
erial and the supply of computers and other
office equipment to the Department of Tour-

'Grenada will benefit also from
funding of the Caribbean Reional
Training Programme.

M~ttx Huzbt


The UFrite States Ageka, For Inter etSoal
Dewelopnent. (USMD) has presented the
Mount Pse Seventki Day Adventist Prim-
ry Shhoot with. kitcher, equiiptrnt. valued
at US$5s2. 00.

The equiprrentinrcl ues a gs cooker, refrig-
erator aid freezer, aid is provided to the
Ministry of Education for implementing a
scYool feedjri progranmme.

The presentation vas made on June 7th by
Charge d'Affiirs rf the United States
ErnmaNsf, AM Ford Cooper, zaar Miss Hlaria-
derna kJtnz US'AID representatPie in

USAID has also granted, under the High
zIpact Agricftural Markiedng & Prodtct-
ion Pro ect (HIAMP%, the sum of
EC$26,882.D to the Productive Farmers
Urnon for impJlementatin of pilot plots for
conmrnexca] production and marketing of

~~~~~~yt Hwtt xl~-~-- ~- -'------ --

June 10th 1989
Printed. & Pblished. By The Pmtriatoes
Aister &. Cynthia Hauhe -, Journaxlits
Of Scott Street, St GeoxeasGanLx 4, Westimaias
(P -0-BOx 65: Phon Ij829I 44B 2538: Oabcls HU SOH, Grtnema)

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Page 10

This project will cost EC$12 million and
involves extension of buildings of the
Bahamas based Hotel Training College.

The i-Afus #il acQ be applied toe finance
tsranig at tihp Coage. hotel emptloyBes
fromalt C&ribeanU nun.tries.

Korean Ambassador Presents

Mton-residerA. ATrnbszaor to Grerrada of the
Reptuit of r KOTrea, MYA Boo Y'h Park, pre-
seitAed ls Lters 4f Cfresderme to GoveYrnor
Ge-rvt, Sir Paul Sczoon, on 7th JAe.

Ambassador Park is resident in Trinidad-

School & Farmers Receive
USAID Assistance

The Crenada

Volume 17 Salurday 18lth uime 19 g Number 10



T find it dtifi fcut, tnaty, itnpossieiCc to come to terms
with some rracti-ons to tih propEr exCrcise of
femcr-uatic ritthts t ITCHELLU ,'

ant persons who stayed away from a
.Nev National Party (N.N) ral,,
called ,n ..Juie 4t by NNP Political Leader,
Dr Keith Mitch-ell, were mr-re significant
than thJe overp two thousand supporters and
the curious wto attended.

S -: "

Dr Keitm Mitchell
Since last January, when, at an NNP Con-
Sntion, Dr Mitchedii ousted Prime Minister
lHerbert Blate in a straight figh for the
post of Poitical Leader, the two men have
been at cFggrheads. Mr Bl r did not
accept his defeat .gra cefully, and a split de-

va oped. it. Mr Blaize's Ca'inet.
in addition to dia Prime Mii-tier, conspic-
uous tbry hiS absence a Deputy Prime
Minister and eputy .Political Leader, Mr
Ben Jones, i -n h l~e co-tS uey the rally
wa held.
Failing T o Make An Appearance
A s failing o r an appearance were Mr
Geo-ge -1tu--, Mi a-te.r Tor EdMation
,rs Poa.iva- Adrew, Miist4 ? of State for
TouriAs -r 'tla as s ker, Minister of
State in the Ainistry of Works and r Mr Fel.i
Alexarer, Minister of State assigned to the
PrTine Mirnster 's office.
Among those supporting Dr Mitchell. and
..ith him on the platform at t-ie rally, 'were
1q2.- D -nn- -""
r Day Williams, Att4 Geral and
XMhnster for H11ith, Miss niace Duncan,
Minister o)f State r CoiammUity Develop-
ment and en's Affrs, Ar Ben
Andrews, Mirster of Stte mn the Ministry
S-k ee RALLY Page 2
NNP Top Brass Boycott
hMitc-ell Rally. -------...... ...
@ Blaize And Mitchell
Reach Understanding..... 3
@ The Bishop M.rder
Appeal Drags On---....---. 4
@ News Shorts...---------......... 9

Page 2 Saturday 0th June 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter
RALLY Prom Pare 1

of Education, Dr John Watts, President of
the Senate, Mr Larence Joseph, NNP
iChairran, and Mr iJot M-inro, 1-NP
General Setretary.!

In his address to ths rally, Dr -Mitcdkll
praised Mr Blaizr for tbh conrrihutiotin bh
(Blaize) has made to Grenada's develop-
mnent since he first V-on a seat to Parliaenteit
Imre thma 30 years ao.

hlr n'an W~ieaBL

what happened at the rally".

According to the Co-tition, uness
there is a vote of "n m confidence ,
tha decision to dissoAve Parliament
and call GeOnral Elections rests vith
the Primme Minister, and a source
close to Dr Mitchell told NEWS-
LETTER that this is a matter which
viil be discussed at the Executive

At the, Dr MjiA-teh- spet s~me time
outlimng NNP's position,: under his
ship, on a number of issues. These inue,
llicit_ riugs, sprt,, Te.-rism, hea-th a-. the

Most Imaortant Issue
Dr birtiali said "raiztral unity" is the- most
important issue for Grenada in the way
ahead. No Grenadiarn must do anything to
hurt the inIIge of the coi itry as being able
to work together, he said.

COvr the last for n ad a half years, he said,
he has seen, in GoveriiMent, that somne of
the best workers hv-e been people
associated with Sir Eric Gairv's GTre-ada

"Nore of us s -houd push Mr Blaize" he said,
"but i find it difficult, my, impossible to
ccome e to terms with s;ome react n,; to t he
proper exercise of democratic rights to
brinn change within the P-art.

There is no king in NHiP, he said,
there is no king of Grenada

Dr iMAttonell sai. rcust. sth-
gratitude to those who hai served the
fn aton am
adion andr, for this reas-on he support tjhe
proposed Bill to provie a peBCitn to
"people like BiaWze and (Sir Eric) Gairy
ho have served ?.ith honour anrd dis-
tinction and w3ho have reached the end of th
Live With Digity
"This pension, we z'e s'-e, will e n- be
them, ith a little mroy -in eir pocket,
ie with dig: ty," 3h said, "vill m~jat
tii-amtct retire frora public ite".W

Mr sa ons
1 conspicruous bu
I his akbs-ence
United Latcir. Party, socrne of iUhe best
vwkers tre been pecrrAe e.f the CN Izeel
M-eart-. ar mid me be e peo;le of
tk~ pMMP

In reply to a question from Dr Mitchel., the
cr,'wd.. gav ~imn a "mandiae" .fr GA'rerad What is needed, he said, is that,
Election (due by 2Jth March 1990) to be regardless of their ideology, all
t-.1 "s.n4' .an the c..iu.l Leader workers join NNP in building Gre-
he would ra a meeting of the NNiP nada.
Executive for the -next day 5th) to "disss m-,--,a,..

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 10th June 1989 Page 3


Things rmTust be purt in plawc to denM with imt future
bei~haviw of this fianT
r 1

June 5th, t Ainthe pcAisitzi ixAiia'ninI
the ring Nei National Party (NPP)
vas detarioratifg.

Dr Keith Mitchell, NNP Political Leader,
indicated at a press conirernc.e on that day
that he had moved ore step closer bo a show-
down with Prime Mini ster Herbert Blwise.
At Loggerheads
Dr MitJ1ell a2d. Mr Blaise have been at
loggerheads since January when an' MNNP
Comention ousted Mr Blaize as Political
Leader and ins-taled Dr Milchell in is
place. Mr Baize lM S nc. a.teptedi his.
efeagr.t-ceflly iard the N.IP Ese.utiwe i.s
Idivide4. _.behirsA t-e tw in-r.

The division became glaring on JIne 4th
when key members of the Eecutive failed
to turn up to a raify called byDr Mitchell.

I "

That rally gave the Political Leader a
mandate to urgo th Prime Minister to call
Ger ral Elections "soon" and, at the press
conference, Dr Mitchell said a decision had
been reached.
"The c--r-tive decided that a committee of
the Political Leadsr, vith the Chairman ard.
Deputy ChrainXrL of the Partr, should. nest
with the Prime Minister within two days to

discuss setting .th date for rational eec--
tiojns1, Dr Mitcetre said.

1i. ine~etiig, Aer.e wc.,d be, "mnc'st like-
ly'", *a&n"Aher-P ry. .At hat rally, he
said, there wilt b-e w ar-ctuncemeit, either
of the dait for elections or, if the Prime
Minister does not cooperate, what steps the
Party vill take.

The wdnada

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The Grenada Newsletter

Page 4 Saturday 10th June 1989


Defence soys Stroude hadr no "line of authority"
ani could not hfve given orders to shoot. inijboeCy
29th May to hear the Maurice Bishop Mur-der Appea2, Def er#ce Coui-se., Mr
Ca'iton Wilriam9s, told the Court t2at one of the -onviJctsd 2men, Ciristopher
Strotde, had no "line of authority" and could nothave iven orders to shoot anybody.


With referee to persons in the Party
Sho fail to involve themselves in party
meetings, rallies and high level activities
Sof the party, the Executive decided that
I things mustbe put in place" to deal with
ranyt fu'fare be raviMor of fhis kinid.

Dr MitkAeU VcUad not. 9taKrate on lwhat.
"things" must e put in plac hbut said. h
is satisfied the decision of the Executive
is the proper one in terms of "letting
people k.no1 they cannot continue like
Reached An Understanding
Dn arn ntervjiev NE-WSLETTER on
June 8th, Dr Mitchell said the meetip
i mandated by the INN Central Executive
-,with thie PrTn-e Mimster had taken place
on Iuna 7th and he (Mitlhei) had. readh-
Id- an Ur erstafnlmg 'with Pririmr MIniAs-
ter Blaits o the. Gear Eltctiors tssuL

According to the Grenada
Constitution, the decision to ad-
vise the Governor General to diss-
olve Parliament (following which
General Elections must be held
within three months) rests with
the Prime Minister

Apirt from sanryi lhat. -n
S"taerJ s~tadig" hd been reach-ied, Dr
MiAtelshLU cdiUed to c..omment orn the
details of tis meeatirg with Mr B .aize or
on. t-h possible d4atf for elections, w itich
are constitutionally due before March
28th 1990.

The Politiced Leader said he planned to
stage another raily sometime late i Jul y,
but he was noncownmittai as to whether
the election date vould be announced

"Stroid hsA 9 the r-ak of -tMaior aWd. vas the
senior officr at Fort R.uert vben i the
afflegd shooting took place", he sid, "but.
his position was similar to hat of a medical
doc tor holding- the ranxic of Major".

Accordi.&ng to- Mr Williamsu, Stroude vas
responsible ornly fr the political education
of the Peopls Resvoi]utionaryArmy (PRG ),
housing and welfare of the soldiers, and
coxid6 not gvie orders oOtside of t-hese

Befrse theb Court. re 14 persors wrho ha1ve
been. seIiRt:2Ped. to hang for the rcrder of
Prime Mirinister Maurice Bishop and others,
and tivree other person whoe are serving
tong prison snentRnces for mansiaugghter
arising from the same incident rch'icel took
place on 19th October 1983 at the PRA
head uartars in St Geor,-,s
In Death Rov
Among those in death rov are former
DeYp-ity PrimTe Minist r BernTard Coard, his
Gera atitns-texr W Bishsp's Cahi2at, offers of the
FPA anil rcumters of the Cearda i Crom-
rmttee of Bishop's New J.eel Mo-.ment.

Hudsvn Artn vWs lsl HeadR of the Rew-
luti;on ry Militfiary C.ourJi v'-hi2ch took over
-after JBshop's death ndI wvhch orgEc2sed.
resaictanc to the rmijitary intervention by
United States and Caribbean Forces on 25th
October 1983.

IAr Milianm t. the Cort As1 that the
y a y shoM14 ve bean asked to decide
MrbethBr ProsecujtiU,.Mritress, Beve-rley Ami
iCarfes, a member of the PRA, vas an
accomplice to the murders.

In support of this, the Defence Cotsil said
Charles had been present ad armed at the
Please See APPEAL Pare 5



Page 4

Saturday 1Oth June 1989

Thi Grenada Nevsletter Sa turday 10th lime 1989 Page 5

APPEAL From Page 4
time of the executions, she had remained
i oln to the PRA throughout the incident
aWd had ebAped to remy-e tahe bodiFs

But. be diA. nft have the agreement. of the
iPresident of the Court, Sir Frederick Smith.

"You have made a fine academic presentat-
ion which is a credit to your research", Sir
Frederick said "You may convwJre rmy
brother Judges, (Mr Justice Rex McKay and
Mr Justice Time Kendall) but you cannot
convince me".
Remvned The Attack
Anothe- r Defenie Coumsre, xMr MaUriie
Franks-n, reas ed tVh attack which tth
Defe-ice has been making on the credibility
of Prosecution witness, Fabian. Gabriel,
vho, originally charged ith the murders,
vas given a pardon on condition that le give
e.eidence for thFe Prosecution.

The Trial Judge, AMr Frankson said, had
erred in that, in his summing up to the jury,
ihe did not make a detailed analysis of
Discrepancies fiich, Mr Frankson said,
IeAist between Gariel's teistinmny mi thAt
of otIer Prse5cutiora iteisses.

SMr Frar :son said the .udge erred. aso in
that, vfhile the weight of the Prosecution's
evidence vas that Bishop and others vere
lexecuted at approximately 2.00 pm, the
Jud ge did not point out to the jury the
"fiuwdaen 1 contradiction" that Gabriel
said the killings took place at 1. 00 pm.

On the following day, Tuesday 3mfh May.
thei CCout -wa told thati ti Trial JuTe in a
trirmrne tAe, before grzantig a tomntiticrm
pardIo to anyore, is in duty bo t take
into oua-sideration all relevant matters andA
must ensure he b alanes the scales of 1ust.-
Should Have Been Invited
This opinion vas expressed by Deferce
barrister, Mrs Jacquelisne Samuels-Brown.
In this regard, she said, the accused, who
were imreprePsented at the trial after they
bad dismissed their legal Counsel, should
have been invited to express their views.

"The unrepreserktR plrsoim sihor&d hwre
been advised of their rights" se said, "Wax
totd h v they could assist the Judg in the
exercise of his discretion as to whether or

not to grant a conditional pardon to Fabian

The Defence lawyer said. t.h Trial Ad.g had
a right to withdraw the pardon if it was
proved that Gabriel had not given full and
truthful evidence, but the accused were
never given an opportunity to bring that

"The record predominates vith instances
here the accused were unable to cross ex-
airime vitresses", sie said, "here they
tonmp&neA that there 'as wn light in the
cetU, vbwre they had been beat a, tbare
they were not getting the right diet and


where they had not been given the
depositions relative to the case".

Sir Frederick said he had noted from the
record, however, that, whenever the
accused had teen iited% to cross exairmnv
tiF5ess3e, on mrt stetsi&~z they did not
comptaim that. they d4id w, have the
deposition, but stated they did n~t recog-
nise the Court.
What Is Required
The President said also that, vith reference
to Wte grant of a condittonal pardon, the lav
makes no stipulation that the Defence be
Irolved. What is required, he said, is that
the .fudge actin this matter "ith the consent
of the Prosecution".

lAMs S rmes-BE~rTn submitted, Teverthe-
1%es, ftat, in tha& t e at~re a were not
onaslted relati ts the grantTig of a
pardon to Gabrial, great ard. irreparable
Please See APPEAL Page 6

Page 5

The Grenada Nevsletter Sa

Iturday 10th June 1989

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