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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th May 1989 Page 3



GreTnadC dwsouC be export tn musc more frs fruit
to the -nitedc XingCEn-

leader of a London Chanmber of
1Cc In _ts Trade. Mi.ssio to .Gre-
niada, d.eie e at a crass rifereirs in
Grernada on. -L.ay 16th tha, his ri.ssion's
attempt to promote joint ventures is an
effort to pressure business ritain, i b
losing" through operation of the Cribbea
Basin Iitiative (CBi).,
i'r'l i0 &I&tr&fUGrt

S harles a
iMt Charles HammersonE

plastic pipes anA fitngs, paiAts aid metal
st'zicAodig Vt omsat, _sP Yit dary pro-
dw~ts, -also i fisd pe4.iga'esa 1_stock.

After sreoding jy l th a-d. l,.6th in
SGrenada,the "Geestport" .d Mission mov-
ed s.uccessixv! to St Vrincent ad St Lucia

Have Mae Inivestmrnts
E a.n.m.g on te possi bhles of joint
venrt.ies, Miaion Manager -Weatherhead
said three naor British firms .ave made
invesTment -- joi-t ventures vwi th local
Pu-n. U _ican coua.nie.s in the pjarrna-

" Tasy SApilyJ
p9rod-uce and.
facture the
po--cn t i Pa
to R'c." he s-
"and then it
shipped, tio S
~~~i~F IR~


i "The intention of point venture projects is to
ge t into the America s the cheap Pp ayW ad v 't
rrm re business", he sdd, "not rejly for the
British t circmvYent the normiW w. yof get-
T, A=
ting-into Northi Americ'"

What the London Ch-rr cier ishes to o.-
mrot, -e sa, is pT-odu.ion in the Eastern
Caribbeai s.o snat tkYe vill be i: -a 7
ade. betwQ-n EBrttainx aia the isanis
Hiadr Eleven Members
l The Mission, which, mnadidiiori to Mr HEam.-
Imerson, had eleven m embers, was mna ed
by Mr fI n e Weathedie:a, Head of the North
Arerincan arnd Ca ribean Section of the Lon-
don Chami e of Co- n rce.

Flying out f-rom ritailn on May 9th. the
Mission first visited Antigua where they
vere joined b te Geest. Line banain sti o.

pro"-.':s the ss Of whiC-h tlhe Hkisskti w-

The -Irange of products, whch ran from

Cen.', the No.t..
Ar a I -4

Mr r ian WearSheread
Pkase See CHAMBER Page 5

Foasded 17th August 1973
39 h Issue
Wo-&mAD C- S6VrI1D 1S94
SubsTription kans

Psage PaAid By SecaU& Class A&i Mail
fnaamd Post in Grenada)

lb I1s3far
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40 Issues $390.01

I About 20 11sres Pubaishe AnnualBy

Page 4 Saturday 27th May 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

APPEAL From Page 2
should not have given a conditional pardon
to the accused, Fabian Gabriel, who was
original r charged litdi thie murders.

On condition he -woud give evidence for
the Pro-secution against the 17 other persons
charged with him, Gabriel's pardon was
granted by -ud,.g Dennis Byron on applica-
tion of tIe DPP, 'Mrs HyAtion.
Evimence Prtoved Critical
Gabriel's ezdaerfie pn oeA Nritcal min estab-
shitng dTe&Loprceta at; ti tire ue. of tUiR
shootings, buit Ur Fa-rnitlton arg~ued. that. it.
had been dangerous to accept that evidence.

'It is wholly undesirable that the
evidence of an accomplice should be
accepted here there is any possib-
ility that he was under any induce-
ment whatever to give evidence', he
said, "the result of which would be
that that accomplice be not charged
with involvement in the crima" -

Mr Hamwitor rftereid to the fwat that,
before he appeared. in Court as a Prose-
cution witness, Gabr el a, given three
different statements to ite Police.

In his first statement gin' on 23d
November 1983, the Defez e Counasel said ,
SGabriel indicated he had not been present at.
the time of the shootings but when he got to
Sthe place of execution, he "sa imen on the
ground" vh hte idertifiei s Bishop Zaid.

His secornd statement. givren six: day r ter,
says he was present at the time of the
shootings and he identified two of the
accused, Andy Mtithell and Vincerit ..o-
seph, as "the two machine gunners" .wh1
were given the order to shot by father
accused, Cahstus Bernard.
He identified Four
On 21st April 1936, Gabriel gave his third
slaterent-. This tiri, he identified four of
the -actuE., C-aisixs Berrd., Vinc-ent 3.o-
seph, CosmXs Rithardsoi, &a AriyT MiAt-
chelt as the persons doing the killings.

Mr Hamilton pointed out several other
discrepancies between the three statfeents.
Judge Byr)on had had the-se docrmurents
before him, Mar Hatmd ton said, ad should
have considered these Isdicrefpaies in
asseasi n thet her Gabrie J was likey to give
full and true evidence for the Prosecution.

Having granted the conditional par-
don, Judge Byron should have varn-
ed the jury to be cautious in accept-
ing Gabriel's evidence, but did just
the opposite, the Defence Consel

In his summinr, up, he said, the IJude had
Vold he jury that, in judging oatriel's
trr ibi~Yrt, they shird not attach -any
aignificamn toa9 the fatA tA bhe ha1d been.
grarted4 aosjUeitiornatrdhon.
Resulted In Miscarriage
This was a serious misdirection, Mr
Hanmiton said, aid .e submitted that this,
together with other errors he alleged the
Trial Judge had made, resulted in a
miscmarnage of justice. -

The Defence -Counsel made the point also
tlat, in spite of complaints made on 12 diff-
erent occasioLis, tj accused .had hbfd Tepat
di*^ffiitt in obtaiing tsranripts of the
evpidex. tak.& at the Preliminary in_ iry,
transcripts. to rhic.hth y ver entitled.

When the Court sat on Wednesday May
21th, the President, Sir Frederick Smith,
referred & t he disadvantate tie accused had
placed themselves in during the trial when
they had dismissed the lawyers the Court
had assigned to defend theim.

Sir Frederick s referPere.was to evidence of
Pr oeCuatiron fitness F-abian Cabriel who
had given tkree Aiffe&ig statemts to vie,
PcIke. Sir Frederick torAd Defer-e havyer
Mr EarLittn t.hat. if eha (E-arilton. had. had
Gabriel in th witness box, Gabriief would
have been "dead meat".
Witness Of Truth
"I Gabriel had been properly cross-
examined", the President said. "this
ase may never have got here to the
Appeal Court But be was not asked
a single question_ He vent to the jury
as a witness of iruth If he had been
qlestioinid the jury may have arq-itt-
ed everybody.

M/r EiAmilto~ n conr.firmed., orn ttis day (24th),
iis arguments that Gabriel, should not have
been granted a pardon on condition that he
give eviderce for the P' secutin. The
fct tht Gabriel's state ents to< the Police
differed, he said, should have indicated to
the .JudgE that Gabril was ;not li-kely to
Please See APPEAL Page 5

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th May 1989 Page 5


M R5 BEN ONES, DEPUTY movefeInt as a pre-condition for
Prnire Minirstsr a... Mrstter for r- dissemrr0iating public education.
eign Affairs, Agricuiture ard Tourisrd said .
on May 1 9th that regaoiJ inte.gratano the The Minister said thei- gained
Caribbeanris as old as the regions ijsf. ': Please Saee SEMIA Pge 7

"It is old", be saidbecause of our unique sit-.
uation in which our common features lend
thermsers. to tc-c'ination, t-c-per-aticn
andjoint pursuit fs bp#tPes ith aie to
akehwevig sustained develope-int"

Mr Jones expressed these views as he
delivered the feature address and off.icialty
opened a two-day seminar oirniiised to in-
crease media warenress of tihe integratWi

APPEAL From Page 4
speak Te t truth

Having granted the pardon, the Defeat ce
lawyer said., it was the duty of the Judge
to 'uarn the iury to be careft about
accetirre cAf (OYdrieV s e-inrt e.

The. J;Age, in his sunmrinng uvp, Ar
Hamiltn said., had selectedtd bits of
evidence given by other witnesses which
support Gabriel's testimony, but he did
not point out those bits w-hicih cointraict

Made Several Sgbmissions
MFolavind. Hamiltoa" Defince barris-
ter Mr Canton -; iamis made several
submissions including one that the iury
shoiad have been asked to deATrrifrT
Whether FTPr scutjion it-iess H'eTrt,
Ari C=awrles v -an az coplihie te *

In an interview after the ad ;ournrnentf
Mr Williams told NE.4WSLET TER
Charles may have been an eao:xmpaice
because she had bee. arrmed at the time of
I he srhoJotng Wd. she had helped to dis-
pose of the bodies.

Thursday Mlay 25th was a religious
holiday f(Coruos C(rismtii) inm ren da arz d,
before the CC-our rose on Wedesay
24th. the President -anc-e4. that. 2th
next sit ting outi be on Monday 29th
May. __
fE nd unwagmojmj




CUAmEsE I na Pgt. 3
artnteicaX vs3e. in me UXinied SIates, Mr
Weztetetad .s&a4 I% nas afatw-.
ed ir pe~rto Ricst.

There are opportunities, he said, for ventures inm rernaa and other is-
I.s of te East Caribbe an mrd, both in
Anrtigua anr Grmenada, members of the
Missi_- had -_a, promfsirgOdiscussions in
this coi2ectioI .

Mr 'WeaTheri v ad was as for his re-
action to 1e sui-ggetioi th i the interest
in promoting tw ay ~C9 tse vith the
Eas-er .aribbe.-a iA. ge0rate cargo
wti.&.rtt kV.tte. Getst'asiiipsc w-k-
U1g .aftmAr t'.l "tottom.L fail- out -of the
Windwarod isaids banana inarket in

Wll ave To Campete

The Mission Manger said he did not
thrk the aaana market io.uld suffer
that hfat e-ve) though, when the Euro-
pean Co:mon Market rotves trade
barriersin I W indwari~m aiana-A
Iros riYtve to teimtpeie in "iaini vithh
"Aier" taacis -fom LaTi A vei ca.

"I doan t hink- tharse ll be any
problem vith selling your bananas
after 1992', he said. EThere is the
long term relationship between the
Caribbean and the United Kingdom
and, in any case, 'dollar' bananas
are more expensive than bananas
from the Windward Islands".

Mr e iher rfad said SrenaTAa shoTAd be
epor~nrg T-h more rmMh f-t to lthe
kte k iSn gd&om th an. b& present. The
U.K. imortz 3i-;7 qa-ttiAe-s of fruit
from the Urited. States, he said., arni be
believes Grenaia could develop a worth-
while trase in this line, not only with
Br iain, but h nth other Er.ropean coin-





Page 6 Saturday 27th May 1989 The Grenada Newsletter



THE 146-100
"....the airnJaft to JiC tfwos requirements is
the jet we hers bruCIht here todne"

SPaul. Scoon. as among a cross
4, section of Grenadians taken on
May 24th for a demonstration flight in an
Aerospace 146-1 I O aircraft,

I Grenrada vas the last stop o'er a three day
period for a series of demornstratiios of the
aircraft in the Eastern Caribbean for the
Spurpos of con'ncingT LIAT hat t.e tairae
should. purch-ase this aircraft.

At a press conference at Point Salines In-
ternationra Airport, Mr Tom Saunders,
Senior Vice-
of the

tish Aerospace Comparn said the traffic
growth in the Eastern Caribbean is greater
than any other tourism traffic growth in
most other part of the world.

It is now difficult to get a seat on LA T at
the time it is required said, and what the
airline needs is to invest in high capacity air-
craft to serve the present routes in the
Eastern Caribbewn anid extend activities i .o
rei markets on longer rcAutes irniumg

"That is the rnessage
LIAT", ie said, "arnd
those requirements is
brought here todayr.

.e are taking to
the aircraft to fill
the Jet ve have

Aerospace Region a Advisor, Mr Steven
Hopson, told the press conference that
purchase of this aircraft by LIAT Vill save

St Vincent and Dominica considerable sums
of money.

These countries, he said, are considering
leongTahe g .and strezgtbenngg their run-
ways to accommodate jet aircraft.
"We have demonstraTed to those Govern-
ernAs,", he said, "hak. they 6ont need to
inyest in itt. very heavy capital pro-
grmmaf. Thyrayn cias int sarvir-esof inter-
rati&raal direct coraections

The Aero-
to.-p San 111-9m wd. Mfamrj sithojf havtqg to

-~rengi Tat lith a
seating capacity of 86. It has a cruising
speed of about 506 miiles per hour and can
use all thl mraor airports in the Eastern
Caribbean vwith the e xeption of Blwrkburn
Airport in Montserrat.

Mr Saunders said. the cash cost of this air-
craft is S$2 1 million but if LIAT decides
to thr?, a Ieasefpnrc seiEE arranger-A rvill
be wched. c'at n-Aer vfttIh-ie isrin-e vill
nt asweR. to fYrd. thais sCsm Aof u AneylV before it
takes ys'session.

The present LIA fleet consists of five
"D's/ 7-seaters, sevn n "8" 44-
eaters, six "Tin Otter'" 19-seaters and two
"Islander"' 1 -seaters.


I _

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th May 1989 Page 7


Increcasect esti-rst
of T-revnue JFro
CusturuEs andi xcisi
baseVA on
icurrert- Mauwnrmri

estimates that., in managig the
affairs of te country In it. wi V
spend. EC$2 7 -S. for ea-d, mra, ntan
and thiA in te Sftakte tainb t1 pc1ai
to be. !JIQ0QQ.

This statistic is based on the Budget of
EC$24. 5 nuilion pni-sented by Primie Mim-
ister Herert B0laire the Hosse of Re-
resentatives on 21st April last.

According to the approved estimates
of revenue and expenditure.
SEC$159.1 million of the Budget is
recurrentl expenditure covering
suihiteIms as salaries, rents aA eser -
bhads ThE sum sAf ECU%4 maillia
viL be devoted to "capital vorks,
that is, construction of roads, brid-
ges, buildings ete_

To rfinxrce -tis Bfdpft, it is estirfted that
EC$161.9 mziiioa of recurrentt" rev. ?nP,
will be co.cted. The suma ,f EC$3. 4

mainly fror EC5 D m million in loans and
EC $27.3 million in grants.

SWh-n the "re renti" at "-apiA" e-
nues -e added, e aitA Rin'
total of EC$251.3 ril-ioi,, vhich-s EC$-2.8
million more than what Government
expects to spend t-is year.

The three principgr heas-s of "recurrent'"
reve-ne earners are Custorns and Ei-icise,
TTaxes, zan Earnires of Gcverrnentn Depart-
ments, and the provisonal outturn for 1 97
shows these Heads respectively
EC$5~.5 iioniT EC$3-.0 ,liVT i aif.
EC$f.7 Imliman.

In 19fl, te. earnings from tlmese Htead

Prime Minsiter
P x1 -t A Bi Wsi. ie
were expected to move up, respectively, to
EC$A5.Z mi:ior, EC$46.4 million a id
EC11.0 fii. XHe eef y pr deI-
__ Please See BUDGET Page 8

SEINMHA" FMia Page 5
greater currency today, a- is being
discrus'se th greater u-geiay, because
there is acute avwreness that, ir rde there
is urniy ac hi& ev'e cozT3n -' objectives,
rag22en2tatic e -III serve or' to retard
d evP omteLnt..

The smald islands of the Caribbean
Ct--mnaty CAR.i.O ), w ih -T-ir
abfua*rre of rentfi oter -u-tities*
zre tea.y fQ < tar . s&a, but teard
to gteate, n th peop~i of CARI-
COOM a complacesncry whhicfh tends to hide
the urgency, az even the merits, of inte-
We Adopt Postures
"Beclause of that" Mr Jon .s said, very
often, ad opt pc-tu res which tend to
isuggesi-t that % n.ot se rious
The CARICOM AHeds A Governmenl
Zare Ae t- n m GOr-a4n l m ih MYE and
t e tliarste s-1. it t is ie thit the
rcidia, vrting wit4 thaj COanfereige
will co-opera to -riuicate that the 1ite-
gr nation movement is being taken serious-

The se&a-,rr. Which was jointly organ-
Ssed by the R j7AJCM S-r retar-iat the
,-Gormant f Grenada and the Extra-
ural Centre of the University of th
iest Indies, as co-ordinated by Mr
" Ror...ick a-rnata, Chief of the CARI-
SC:O CoiT&at-.xs U-it d Mr.
Serr anxRklr f ihrtfkwCARiKcOM Secre-' DepartriLtof irdi~ :ry & Tech-
j rl gy.. .
,- i.


Page 8 Saturday 27th May 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
BUDGET From Page 7

ed, respectively, ony EC$52.2 million,
EC$42.4 million and EC$9.8 million.

The. AS Bwidage.t estimates that e.arn&ngs
from th-se Heats i.M it nrease, respect-
ively, t.o EC$6-.7 million EC$56.2 miUti'nr
and EC$27. S million and. in his Budget
speech, the Primne Minister gave reasons f:br
these estimates.

"The bulk of the increases are mars. ni
expected to arise frorm the Business Levy;
the Value Added TaA and Earrings of
GovermneritA Departmertr ", he said, "as a
re~lt of 14 imipiEY pe ~fYT roxant.e of their
ecoTnm? sand better tas-adsiissarasatioln".

The Prime Minister. sad
the increased estirr-
of reve.rm.e from. Custs ard
Excise is b ed. ot "urrent
economic trends" and the major increase in
estimates of r Ermirng of Gaoermrrmert DFe-
partments is relative to anticipated proceeds
from Grenada TeJecomnmi-t-cations Ltd, -the
Company vbich is the merger of the
Grenada Telephone Compa-ny with Cable &.
Wireless t(W) Ltd.
Variety Of Soarces
Capital reverieA, urder te Head of Lomas,
vilt corne fromrL a rarie-ty of soUrc o'f
which the principal -re- t -e saof Deben-
tures with EC$24.S million, the Caribbean
Development Bark 'vith EC$l0.7 million,
loans from tp R Nationval IT.suhes Scheme
with EC$8.7 million, the British C vern-
ment wioh EC$7.7 m-llion and the Inter-
national Bank for Teconsltructorn & Devel-
opment -,ith EC$4., mrfihon.

Grma0ts also "ai ome f-rom a rAiet o(c
sourtem s headlel by the Ubi ite Sta4es Aglc
For tar.teiora i iDaklp-.ert vwith
EC$ I5.0 mittion.. Among ott-er donors a:re
the Eturopean Demvelopment Faid, E'C$5.4
million, and the Organi.saion of Armericran
States, EC$ .3 million.

The 1989 estimates shor Grearadas Public
Debt to be EC$28.. 9 rmii3on. Over 17% of
the Budget will go toward, repayment of this
Amount, but. imn is speech, Mr
Blaize indicated that be ix pecs some relief
frtam this.

In the light of the. cturreAn .m od. rd.

mentality of the developed countries and the
International Financial Comrmunit.y towards
Third WorTld debt., said. "it is a-tici-
pated. tfat our efftrtA to secure reiif trom
the existing debt burden Vd uld (sic)- be re-
The Largest Liability
Of this debt, EC$122. 8 liaon is ove in
the -domestic market, the arrest liability
beijg EC$98.7 rrflicn de for Treasury
Biltsi Debhentures an.d Internlational Ai report
Bonds, varying from short term debt
(EC'' ._. m t ion) to bords whichh ia4ture
it5 hyear 2000.

Inl tie exsternal markett, s total Liabuity is
E4 ECj1158. I mLUn-or tia

--- ng y f' -
S largestt Critur

i _gli.bility, ECv-~,.-6 trillion.

The namouz t owed CDB covers a tota& of 20
Jloas eJ at.i, tio a T;ari :y c-of projects incd ud-
in'g road vorks, vater supplies aid hous-

There is -as ti sa f EC$ .1 ramillio
4cs...-s c ing oz esa-^t r..t.ior f ( nArA. S-al-.
ina liaterrIatiornal Acir'rrt, repaple byIv
1990, and a loani of EC--'7 "llion by Cab
& Wireless, of rvhi .ch .1 mii.. on'is tobe
repaid tis year.

Money -2 (-e to he G.verr&314s of
ELiba (C$I13.6 mjii 0 A\Teria (C$1.6
nJtii n) ald the Gea:C' Dumle ratc ceub-
lic (EC17.0nuion fhe latter sunm being
for ,t--,ecoranPmnca.iE-. piphed t.o re
People R-.o4utcary iz Govrr.n 9P ERG).
Prchass Of 0An Aircraft
There i sls- tie s.--a.-f abhutaqua rtzr of a
rcittiorf dollars due thi Gover ni. of
Brazil, being the balance on purchase of an
aircraft by the PR G.

The Ministry f Wr?, t CWrmnmtTOMo;s,
Public UStiites, Corm-unity 'eveo snt,
Women's Affir, Civl AviatJo. Co-
operatives has been elcated EC$47.4
rmiliion or i9. % of Gover;neri t total
ePeperamre o Dr -his yease

Ts P ta tla gest ALk-cation to -azy Minis-
Please See BUDGET Page 9

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th May 1989 Page 9

BUDGET from Page 8
try. In addition to EC$2.6 million
recurrent cost of Administration, EC$1.6
million has been budgeted for capital costs
of Administration, of which EC$1.4 million
is earnmaked to purchase generators for the

Com nmif-ty De.velopment programnme.

Other relatively smafi sxmnn- vill be speiA on
the retxrrent oGtAs of Cormmanitr Dewrp-
nmet (EC$3g ,597), Cl~il AvMaotion
(EC$5QI,000) aJr Co--operacares
(EC$I17,564], 'th rec-urent cost of the
Emulsion Plant is EC$8.4 million, While the
bal;are of recur int and capital expenditure
will be absorbed mrailry in txad. orks,
water supply developmrent and building.
So Large A Slice
The 3frjistry of Finance, vhiclh does not
usually receive so large a slice of the B-ud-
geJ, rar tns Siint t an ac n o
EC$40.5 ri-nion, if.4% .oft~hettepei,_i-
t re.

mThis allocation. reflects pavrmit to he madi

* of $21.2 million in sundry compensation
claims recommended by the Claims
Colrnuission .appointed tQo consider claims
by persons 6.eprived of property y b the
S te Nwihot compe-sat'i,, deprived of

wges .ue by the State, and regardirg
financial or economic loss as a result of
czio.n by the State.

Of tia sa-n, C$17 7.2 miiln iS to W be paid
in .% G, Xmi EC$4 mill-
ion in cash.
Next Hi.ghest Alloca.tion
The Ministry ofr Education, lCuire, Fisher-
ies, Social Servicets ;ad Labour, vith
EC$32. 4 million, 13. 1 Z of the Btget, is
the Mni-stry wi-t the nret gh qest aLocat-

Of This sum. EC.25. mi ion is for Ed ucat-
ion, ECB$6 ,223 is for Fiserjies, EC$2.3
T-io,,n is fc : Sd- er vt- es, and Labou
and &I byakmu is debuted to Potizy &
Please gee BUDGET Page 1i

The Grenada Nevsletter

Page 10 Saturday 27th May 1989

Grenada Rrpreene d At

CPA Conference

Grernda is represented at the Cormmon-
vealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)
19th Conference of the Caribbean, the
Americas & the Atlantic Region vhichopen-
ed in Guyana onMay27fh.

The foxW--man Aelegation is cmn prise4 of
Mr Ga~rge McGuir', Mi.sstr of Eduaat-
ion, Senator LaVare-ne kIosph of tIr New
National Party, Mr Phbislay St Louis,
Member of the House of Representatives
atid a member of the Opposition National
Democratic Corgress, uad Mr Curt
Stracfan, Clerk of Parliament.

According to the Govexrnment informationn
Service (GIS), Grenada is expected to lead
discussion on "How should our region (rthe

CariOe-an C -'.w5tgJ tewrit'ritres) z..esep-
tualise. ad imletentnt anaisseaty of Coarib-
bean parliamentarians without a political fed-

Other items on the agenda for the Confer-
re ae r The control of drug abuse an
trafficking", "The European Economic
Comrrmirty -1-992 proposals", "The debt
problem and economic development" and
"k.DS consequfrrces, prvention aid
te' Nr cA

UNESCO Sub-RtgionaI

Advisor in Grenada

The ignited Nations Education, Scientific &
C iltutal Oranisation [N ESCO) is attempt-
ing to sensitize the Grenada Government
and t6ihe DepizrtriEt of Ciuture to the Gener-
Please ee HEWfS SHOT3S Page 11

BUDGET FHmh Ptte 9

Planning and Administration.


:The estimates allocate EC$22.6 million.
9.1% of the Budget, to the Ministry of
Health, Hoising and Legal Affairs. Tb&
Physical Planrng Unit is ir this Ministry
and has been given a vote of EC$267, 177.
Legal Affairs has a vote of EC$2.W. 17o
vhile Housing has been allocated EC$2. I
million, of which EC$1.9 million is for the
House Repair Programme. The balance of
the vote allocated to this oortfolioc covers
Administration and Health.
Two Portfolios
The sum of EC$22 million. 3.9% of the
Budget, is allocated to thYe Minisitry of Agri-
tltxoe a_. T ow.ism, these tWo porYf oliQc
being assigned, respectXel, EC$19.3 nill-
ionand EC$2.7 rAiliion.

Of the sum allocated to Tourism,
EC$7' 1,970 vill be spent on Administrat-
ion, EC$945,694 on Tourist Offices ab-
road, EC$17, 00on Tourism Prormotion &
Development an .3d the ae obaa n develop-
mert of tourist attractions in Grenada. Of
these attractions, the principal is Camner-
hogne Park in the Morne Rouge hotel
developmenr area. The smn of EC$t1.
rrilion is to be spent on that, project ths

ar Elas s'aAd the "presri t coL+ yevrate '
estatee" of grovth of the Gross Domwestic
Produitiwn tQ9 is 5.5%, an iic.atiro s are
tiatl. irdtotri. itl t an t e:med. 5%. Prospects
for iob creation appear to be "pleasing", he
said, and the Balarce of P.ayi.en~ts i pro-
jected to reflect a deficit of appr:dnmately
EC$74 rrllion.

That detfcit, he 5sav, ,i l be financed
largely b4 foreign in stment flows, givin
rise to a positive overall balance of approx-
imnsely EC$ \ mii\on.
Victory Over Fiscal Difficalties
Tba. PriW9 binrister told t.he House of
RiprepsenMltaws that. his 1989 SBi.get
represents Government's victory over fiscal
difficulties inherited when it care to power
in 1984

"At the same tim"', e said, "it (the Bidget)
prepares the coautry for entry into the
decade of the "'W9, -ijth a spirit of fiscal
independence and sovereignty over its eco-
notrac Fdestiy on the vy to the 21st


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th May 1989 Page 11
NEWS SHORTS From Page 10

al Conference to be held in Geneva in Octo-
ber net,

This was disclosed to Ihe Oo-verrnme In-
formation SenrT e (GIS) by Mr Alvin
BAuly, UNESCO Sub-Reggnal Adisor for
Culture in the Cartibean, whTan Mr Bully
visited. Grenada on. Mbas 17th arid 1 ath.

Mr Bully told GIS the Conference will.
apprxwe the 1990-1991 prvgraamme .nd e
hoped to have a strong case for cautura
projects in the Caribbea at tjhe Conference.

In an effort to have a stronger focus on
cultural development, the Advisor said, the
United Nations has declared 19~8 to 1997 to:
be the WorTd Dec. .de For Cnlturia De-A -p-

While in Grenada, Mr Bully ntrt with. Mr
George McGuire, Minister for Culture,
other Government Ofjficials and A.r
Aridrexv Bierzmyski President of the Nation-
al Trust.

Before coming to Granada, Mr Bflly
vistyed Barbados on a similar mission and
was scheduled to go to St Vincent and St
LDuia before retArnigx to t-s base in Dom-

NALCO Coacerned Over
Bishop Murd^er APea

A visiting deJegatjon of ive representatives
from the British National & Local Govern-
Trrin Officers Associatiron INAL-GO) ias
expressed toneria cover tlh Mapwite Bishcp
Murieirr Appe-al -now being Ihe-ar in Gre-

The delegation arrived in Grenada on May
20th and disclosed in a press release tmha, in
1988, NA L GO adopted a policy of oncernr
over thecircumstances of the trial of thfe 17
persons cnvicted of murder ad ri anmslaugh-
ter with reference to the kijlirn of Prime
Minister Maurice Bishop and others.

"Havig visited the Court of Appe.l", tie
release says, "we tontinje to haV e great
coner-n about tke legitixaay of the. Iegal
Sprocesses involMve4 arid. t treatment of the

According to the release, NALGO received
an appeal 'to intervene" from one of the
condemned Trna Ji 'VetAoWr, ffonmIer
Cetfeia Seetary of the OUada2 TradIes
Uron Covt1il.

The release says also that NMALGO is greatly
concerned to ensure a fair trial, not least
because another of the persons in death row,
Phyllis CoaxIr, is a iembeer of NAL GO.

The delegation, comprised of Mr Ivan
Beavis, Ar RJupert Tcyson, Ms. Monika
Dixaon, Ms. Jo Stanley and Mr Jean Tate vill
retm'n to Britain on .une 3rd.

U.S.Hotel investment

Mission Visits

A 12-member Hotel InTwstment Mission
from the Jnitetd States of America visited
Granada on 23rd and24th May, holding
discussions with property owners on the
possibility of purchasing sites and on estab-
lishlig joint V'eixaes.

PAcorAing to a reatieas from tth Grenandai
.kustr ial De.tlotoeat CorporationL (DC),
the Mission included representatives of the
Hilton:, MaIdisodrvColony and Divi chains of

There were also, representatives of Glitter
Bay Rescrts, Vara Developmnent Corpora-
tion, M.ariott DIevs-eloper and Kessler Finan-
cial Services.

The ssion ion .ml6ed repT~eentatives of the
Uited Saes C4tr-et Departernt ar4
according to EDC, Vhilt it is. too early to
state brw a many pro ects .itt result from the
visit, there is ground for optimism.

It is u iikely that no direct investa nt will
result from the Mission's visit, the IDC
says, but even if tWis is so, the information
collected, the lessons lear-ned and the ex-
periences gained should eniance prospects
for attracting future investment

fltease See MWS flSiOIs Page 12

I - -- --

Page 12 Saturday 27th May 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
NEWS SHORTS From Page 11

Ministry Of Health Gets
Medical EqWipment

The Grenada Cultural & Civic Association
(GCCA) of South Florida, U S A, has do-
nated Tmoref th&t haWf a mi-iomn EC 0 crs
vorth of r4 eital equpriPmA- an supplies to
the Ministry of He-Ath.

According to the Government Information
Service, this material was handed over to
Minister of Heaaith, Mr Danny Williais, on
May 26th by Dr Kester Nedd of GCCA.

The donation was made in association ith
the Childreans' Health Organisation R eJef &
IEduational Services of the United States,
SIS said, and Dr Nedd disclosed that z OCC
iad beein able to setnue p sppis. fIT cm
the Jwamaica Rehabilitation APsociation ad
other or ga-isatio n in the USA.k

Dr Nedd said also that shipping arrange-
ment to Grenada had been made by
Grenada born Mr Roland Malins-Smith,
Vice President of Tech-Marine of Florida.

The package donated included bed-springs,
head-boards, plate-warmers mattresses,
emergency units tables, blankets. burn-
uniits and delivery tables.

Regional AIDS Conference
In Grenada..

A two ay tc& ferenev on AIDS Vs opened
O-n May %Mt at the Ramaz& Reassae
Hotel kby Deputy Pvrimrne Minister ara! Min-
ister for EAdernal Affairs, Mr Ben o.breos.

Organised by the AIDS Task Force in the
Ministr-y of Health, the French Mission to
the Orgarisation of East Ciribbean States
(OECS) .~r Project Hope, the Conference
attracted ovr 1DD invited guests and health
care workers participants from
all OECS countries.

Project Proposal Acteptd
In Principle By OAS

Several project proposals for Grenada were
accepted for fundir g in principle, at the
Organisation of American States (OAS) 5th
Policy Programme and Co-ordination
Meeting for the Caribbean and Suriname
telX in .3anaitea rtmity.

Acrading tk ts rS Gwrnm nt Infgcrnation
Service, some of the projects presentadr by
Grenada for approval are museum develop-
ment, special education for the disabled, and
preservation of the environment and nat-
urai resources.

Aister Hughes

Cynala lnugHes

27th May 19S9

Prinfed & PubIisJed sy fle Proprietors
Aister & Cynthia ffugbes, Jon 1aists
Of Scott Street. St Georges Grenada, Westindies
(P .0 65- Phone (8091 440 2538 Cables EHU3SO, Gnuada)

-- =



The COivernno

TlM. ^- .


Volume 17 Saturday 27t+h May 198% Number 9



Witness who crdC (wws qivotr vi&yncev
fJaourable to the defence was not caltsd by
tw Prosecution.

turwbutent times, -six years ago,
surfaced on Monday May 22nd as
the Granada Court of Appeal resmied hear-
ings of the Maurice Bishop Mrder Appeal.

!__ .


Sir Frederick Smith

Before the Court. are 14 persons convicted
iof TrmrderiTg Prims Minister Ms4?arice Bis-
hop cf the Pecplers RevoltioYry o-veirn-
nmeant (RG)%, tmrkbers of lis Catine&t *Aii
others, On 19th On tober I83. Arisiwg
from. the same i ciLdritt, three others are
serving long prison sentences for man-
Could Have Given Evidence
The three iudges of the Court were told on
this day (2t2nd, br Defentce tarister Mr
Glen Cruickshank, h&at the accTIued had not
had a fair trial. One of the. Prosecution's
listed witnesses, Errol George, vho -could
have given evidence favourable to the

daiferze, h-e sai., had. rnot been called- by the
Mr Cru.icks.h: argued thait, especially as
the ed ee ac ed e not legally represented in
Court at the Trial, it was the duty of the
Trinal JudgE, r Justice Dennis Byron, to
have protected the interests of the accused
and to have caled Errol George t t the
Fired Their Legal Counsel
Prei-e'ntof t Court, Sir Frederick Smith,
reracirnid Ar Cruickshakr tkhattthe accused
n irLha bFheer. unrepresentad. in. Court be-
cause they themselves had fired their legal


@ Bishop Murder Appeal
Resuaes Sittings ..-...--......
@ London Chamber MisJson
V isits ......................... 3
@I Media Se-rinar On
RegioAol integration-.......-- 5
* British Aerospate
Des strates The 146-1Og. 6
S&A Look At The Budget-..----- 7
( News Shorts...--...----........... 10

"They isiass.. their Wa~wrs who had
been giuen ta m ba y Ihs State" Sir Frederick
said., "ard, it raust be pr-tesaxed ttat, when
they diy. t.ha., t._y kriev vbt. they were
Please See APPEAL Page 2

~IC - -

- - 1


Page 2 Saturday 27th May 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter
APPEAL Frm Page 1

Sir Frederick said further that, at the Trial.
the accused had charged tat 'dge Byron
wts presiding oer a Kangaroo Court"z
dominated by the Uimted States Gowvers

Had Judge Byron cated George to the
fitness stand, the President said, he volrd
hal taken the risk of giving the accused
further cause for complaint if George had
givn evidence which dam agd their case.
Irial Lasted Nine Months
Together with Sir Frederick, Justices Rex
McKay of Guyana and Time Kendall of
Antigu oa c tiut the Ccurt no hearing
appe-as gairnt the sentences haied.e do rn
on 4th December I196 after a jury had
brought in guitty verdicts against 17 of the
18 accused, following a trial which lasted
nine months.

The appeal hearings began a year ago, on
30th May 1988, with the Court presided
over then by Mr Justice J 0 F Haynes vith
Justices Sir Frederick Smith and Rex

SThe death of Mr Ha&yra, on December 29th
last, after tke Court had bad 27 days of
hearings, has created delays, not only until
the Court could be reconstituted under Sir
Frederick, but because much of the work
done under Mr Haynes has to be repeated.

The com~ cted persons, which include for-
mer PR G Deputy Prime Minister Bernard
iCoard and his Jamaican vife Phylis. are
being defended tr a terry of Tirteien law-
yers, nine of whom are bein, prad by the

That team is led by Jamaican barrister, Mr
lan Ramrsay while at ite head of the
Pryoection team is Trisiadizan Barrister,
Mr Kart HudinxrPhiiTs, Q C. Also fi
the Pro-scFnti temarwe Mrs Vetwmiaytton
Q.C., Director of Public Prosecuiions
(DPP), Guyanese Mr Doodnauth Singh,
Senior Counsef, Miss Margaret Wilkinson
of the DPP's office and Mr Gerald Stewart,
assistant to Mr Hudson-Phillips.

Daeence Coiucil Mr Clarence ngbhes,
Senior Counsel Mrs Jacqueline Samuels-
Brovn ?-and Mr Maurice Franksoni, all sup-
porte a wgrrcntis xmar by Mr CT~rirsank
relative to tAe vitres Errcl George

Additionally, Defence Counset Mr Delano
Harrison told the Court the Trial Judge had
erred when he excluded the jury at certain
Wrrs during the trial. A Judge has no
discretion, under any circumstances, to
exclude e h jury from a criminal trial
vi thout the consent of the accused he said.
Court Could Not Agree
Sir Frederick said the Court could not agree
vitA ta1 subrmssion because, in order to
emue a fir trial, it is tie dxuty of tie Trial
uAgp to utdsuai the jury if snratting pre-
iudicial to the accused is to be said ir Court.

VWen the adjournment was taken on this
day (22n' d, the 41 st day of hearings since
the appeal hearings begtn last May, Defence
Course Mr Howard Hamilton was pointing
out alleged discrepancies in statements and
evidence giveaP by witnesses to the killings.

Continuing on Tuesday May 23rd, Mr
HaiAiton, Aod the C(st% the TriA a
Please See APPEAL Page 4

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