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Volume 7 Number 27
For the Week iBding let September 179-;
7th Year of PFblicatio a - 225th Xssue


President Kenneth David Kaunda of Zambia has pledged the support of
his country for Grenada's March 13th revolution. This pledge was
made at a mass rally held in his honout at Queens Park on Friday
(31st) during the President's official visit to Grenada.

"God Almighty made man to be free!", the Prrsident said. "When
God made man, God said, 'We make you after our own image'. God
is love, God is truth, and truth and love don't accept exploitation
of man by man whether the exploitation is done by Whites, by fellow
Blacks or by fellow Whites. Exploitation id indivisible."

President Kaunda said Africa had produced dictators like Idi Amin
of Uganda and the Zambian people had condemaed him. "We knew he
was as black as we are and with the same flat nose as ours", he said,
"but We Condemned him because oppression is oppression whether it is
by Amin, lan Smith, Vorster, Botha and the lot."

The people of Grenada, like the people of Zambia, have a god-given
right to get rid oI anyone who exploits them or oppresses thpp,
President Kaunda said.

The President said, however, that the Grenadian revolution of March
13th will come to nothing if Grehadiins do not follow one of the
placards he had seen at the rally. He referred to one placed
which read, "No one can be better than his on ostugl"

produced & Printed by Alister & Cynthia Wgep,.
p 0 Box 65, St.Georges, Grenada, Westindies

"What a message from free Grenada !" the Presidedt said. 'WIf you

are lazy, you'll d4e of hunger."

President Kaunda warned Grenadians, also, that they must defend their

revolt ion. "Dont forget", he said, "that the pebble you have

ousted from power are busy conspiring with your enemies to come back

to Grenada". And:he thought the job pf defending the revolution

is not a job to be left to the Governor General, the Prime Minister,

the Ministers of Government or "the patriots in the Party".

"It is the job of every true, free Grenadian to defend his revolution",

he said, "and, day and night, be on the look out for enemies. Some

of them are amongst you, smiling broadly."
No Thank You
President Kaunda said that if, before March 13th 1979 he had been

invited to come to Grenada, he would have had to say "No thank you".

And he would have made this refusal because he and his colleagues

live by certain principles which Prime Minister Bishop stands for.

"Comrade Maurice and I are comrades in a common struggle", he said.

"Comrades against imperialism, against colonialism, against neo-

colonialism, aganist facism, against racism, comrades against poverty

and the off-shoots of poverty, hunger, ignorance, disease and crime,

and, above all, comrades against exploitatib~ of man by man."

President Kaunda and his party arrived in Grenada on Thursday

afternoon (30th) by a chartered Guyana Airways plane. During

his stay, he was the guest of Governor General Sir Paul Scoon and

he left yesterday afternoon (31sf) for Barbados on his way to the

Non-Allfne4< Conference which opens in Havana, Oba on Monday (3rd).
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When the question of the legitimate' government of Kampochea (formerly

Cambodia) comes up at the Non-Aligned' Conference in Havana, Cuba,

next week, the Grenada delegation under Prime Minister Maurice

E shop will support the present Government of President Heng Samrin.



Page 2


Week Eading 1.9.79

Week Ending 1.9.79 THE GRBNADA NEWSLETTER Page 3

A spokesman for the People's Revolhtionary Government (PRG) told

NEWSLETTER today (1st) that "the ousted Pol Pot Government was

guilty of many atrocities against the people of Kampuchea, including

genicide, and the popularity of the present Heng Samarin Government

is a clear indication of the legitimacy of that Government."

The Non-Aligned Conference starts in Havana, Cuba, next Monday (3rd)

and, in addition to Prime Minister Bishop, Grenada will be

represented by a delegation of eight. These are Mr Kendrick

Radix, Attorney General and Ambassador to the United Nations and to

the United States of America, Mr George Louison, Minister for

Education, Mr Selwin Strachan, Minister for Communications & Works,

Mr Vernon Simon and Miss Florence Rapier, Assistant Secretary and

Permanent Secretary respectively of the External Division of the

Prime Minister's office, Messrs Liam Jamas and Leon Cornwall,

members of the PRG and Mr Ray Donald, Government Information Offi:.r

It is expected that the independence of Belize will be discussed -

the Conference and the Government spokesman said Prime Minister

Bishop will condemn the threat posed to Belize by Guatemala and wili

support the call for full independence and self determination for


Prime Minister Bishop will also restate Grenada's support for the

Patriotic Front in Africa and for "the struggle of the African

peoples for liberation". Concerning the M&ddle East, Mr Bishop

will record Grenada's backing for United Nations Resolution 242, aidv

the right of the Palistanians to a homeland.

Most members of tht Grenada delegation to the Conference left

earlier this week for Havana. Prime Minister Bishop and

Mr James left Grenada today (1st) and will stop in Jamaica before

proceeding to Cuba.
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When nutmeg producers get their statements of account from the

Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA) later this year, they

age 4 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 1.9.79

will see that the industry has suffered a drop of some 20% in foreign

exchange earnings as compared with last year.

GCNA closes its books on June 30th and, at that date, gross earnings

of the Association were EC$12.9 million. At 30th.June 197, gross

n utmegs and 52.3% in
----- ------.------ -- 41 . d
I 4 mace were recorded.
S3 In the second half of the

S 2 Nutmeg Year, there was an
Sce .... 1 improvement in the

'O situation, but the
1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 overall poor performance


earnings were EC$16.1 Foreign Exchange Earnings BC$

million, comparison of these Ye Nutmegs Mace Total
1975 7,001,648 1,168,440 8,170,088
figures indicating a drop in 1976 12,338,947 2,431,666 14,770,613

earnings of 19.48% 1977 13,071,564 2,233,196 15,304,760
1978 14,452,944 1,675,833 16,128,777
Sources close to GCNA say 1979 11,268,422 1,718,469 12,986,891*
this fall-off is due to a Provisional

drop in production resulting in too small a stock on hand to meet

Market demand. In the 1976-1977 Nutmeg Year, there was what has

been described as a
Foreign Exchange Earnings ,een s as a
(Millions EC Dollars) "dramatic" increase in
S---- 17 production, and GCNA

--- ~s--1 sources said that "in

S..15. keeping with the annual
SI cyclical pattern of

Recent years", a
S 131 production drop was

S- -- 12 expected

SH1 I However, the drop was

i greater than anticipated

o I -i i and, in the Report of th
-.! --...........-1 81 Nutmeg Board for the hal

ut year Unding 31st Decembe
i ; Nutmegs
I | Ii 1977, "alarming"

Shortfalls of 41.8% in




Week Ending 1.9.79 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 3

---- -- -- ----------------- - ------ -
of the crop resulted in the fall in foreign currency earnings.

The drop in this year's gross earnings is the first fall in the five

year period. 1975 to 1979. From a figure of EC$8.1 million in

the year ending 30th June 1975,

annual gross earnings rose to

EC$14.7 million and EC$15.3

million in 1976 and 1977

respectively. The peak of

EC$16.lmillion was reached in

1978, and the 1979 figure fell

to EC$12.9 million.

Production & Sales (Ibs)
Production Sales
1975 Nutmegs 5,339,720 2,644,720
Mace 769,173 221,960

1976 Nutmegs 4,103,968 6,528,719
Mace 534,660 763,750
1977 Nutmegs 6,719,400 5,819,417
Mace 923,497 740,790
1978 Nutmegs 4,454,405 6,145,249
Mace 568,139 549,500
1979 Nutmegs Not 4,552,549*
Mace Available 575,060*

Sources close to GCNA point _

out that, because of much higher production than sales in 1975,

the Association held very high stocks in the following year. In

an effort to reduce these stocks,,sales were made at lower prices,

Production & s
Production & Sales this resulting in lower average prir.e6
millionn }ba.' for both nutmegs and mace in 1976.

S 7 Although the-:peak average price for

S1 nutmegs in 1975 has not been attained
in the following years, nutmegs have
4 ---- shown a steady increase in average

3 ----- -. prices since 1977. With mace,

2 i however, the picture is different.
'75 '76 '77 '78 '79
Production - This item was commanding an average
Sales ................
- a price of well over BC$5 per pound in

1975, but, because of heavy stocks in 1976, the average price fell

by nearly 40%.

In the succeeding years, mace did not follow the pattern of nutmegs

with rising average prices. Instead, there has been a steady

fall and, for the year ending 30th June 1979, the average price for

mace is EC$2.99 per pound, a 43% drop from the 1975 peak.

"We are very concerned over the mace market", a GCNA Source told

NEWSLETTER today (1st). "Not only is the average price falling,

but the demand is very much reduced."
( continued)


Page 6 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 1.9.79

The source said mace is used, principally, by the Food Industry, and

investigations have been instituted to ascertain the reasons for the

Production & Sales drop in demand. First reports say that
Mace competition with Indonesia is not the problem.
(100 thousand lbs)
10 ----._ That country is suffering also the same drop

g in demand and the causes of the fall-off

1mI ust be looked for in some other condition

of the market.

Si GCNA staff is now working on the accounts for

S44 the Nutmeg Year ending 30th June and, as is

| -4 I customary, these are expected to be sent to
1 j nutmeg producers late in November or early

December. At that time, the declared
2 --- surplus funds on the year's trading will
'75 '76 '77 '78 '79
Production- -.- - be distributed and, on the basis of gross
Sales .. .......
income earnings, these funds are expected

to be considerably lower than the EC$4 million declared last year.

A source close to GCNA said, however, that the Association has

EC$10.4 million in reserve funds, and a drawing on this may be made

to ensure a distribution to producers of no less than they received

last year.

Average Pricas.
Nutmeg Nutmeg & Mace M
Nutmegs (per 1b EC$) ; Mace
(per lb) (per lb)
S1975 EC$2.647 1975 EC$5.264
1976 1.890 --- 1976 3.184
11977 2.246 1977 3.015
11978 2.352 1978 3.050
11979 2.475 3 1979 2.988

I --
'75 '76 '76 '77 '78
Nutmegs ---
Mace.... ......

(657 words)

Week Ending 1.9.79 THE CRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 7


Mr Kendrick Radix, Grenada's Ambassador to the United States,

presented his credentials to President Jimmy Carter at the White

House on Monday 13th August.

It is reported that Mr Radix took the opportunity to discuss with

President Carter the case of two Grenadians now facing charges in

the United States. They are Chester Humphrey and James Wardally

and they face charges involving arms and ammunition.

President Carter is sa.d to have instructed hisad~ s to provide him

with a full report on the case.

Mr Radix, who is also Grenada's Ambassador to the United Nations,

holds the post of Attorney General in the People's Revolutionary


(106 words)


Mr Li Jun Ok has been appointed Ambassador Extraordinary &

Plenipotentary to Grenada by the People's Democratic Republic of

Korea. The Ambassador is resident in Guyana.

The People's Revolutionary Government has announced that the

People's Democratic Republic of Korea is sending an economic and

technical team to Grenada shortly.
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Mr James Clarkson, 35, was appointed Acting Commissioner of Police

on Tuesday August 21st. Mr Clarkson replaced Mr Raphael

Stanislaus who was appointed Acting Commissioner on 25th April 1979

with effect from 14th March 1979.

Mr Clarkson waBBs the record of being the youngest person ever to be

a member of the Grenada Police Band. He joined the.Band at the

age of 11.


Page 8 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 1.9.79

He joined the Police Force in 1970, serving as a-drill and small

arms instructor, rising through the ranks to create history at the

age of 26 as the youngest Inspector the Force has ever had.

According to a Government release, Mr Clarkson, "through frustration

and victimisation, was forced to leave the Police Force" in 1973,

then under the Gairy regime. His appointment as Acting

Commissioner at age 35 creates yet another piece of history as he

is the youngest person to hold this post.
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Nine alleged members of deposed Prime Minister Gairy's criminal

"mongoose gang" are likely to face charges of attempted murder at

the October sitting of the High Court.

Willie Bishop, Moslyn Bishop, Dudley Passee, Albert Clarke, Alston

Hood, Phillip Brizan, Augmstine Frederick, Gordon Noel and Raphael

Brizan have been charged with the attempted murder of Bric Campbell,

Joseph Grainger and Eslyn Christopher on November 18th 1973.

The preliminary trial began before Magistrate Lyle St.Paul on

August 10th and, to date, five persons have given evidence. Two

more people have to take the witness stand and a source close to the

Attorney General's office said .it is expected that the preliminary

hearing will be completed by the middle of the month. Mr St Paul

is then expected to commit the case for trial at the October Sessions.

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The Cadet Corps of the St.Georges Anglican High School for Girls

underwent a period of training in combat weapons and foot drill

from 27th to 31st August.

The Corps, which has a strength of 42 privates, 11 Non-Commissioned

-"ficers and 1 Lieutenant, was founded on 13th May 1977. It is

a volunteer Corps and, on establishment, was designated the "Training

Week Ending _1 9.79 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 9

Wing Of The GrenadA C.det Corps". Training was glven by the
Grenada Defence Force under the command ofLieutenant Commander

Winston Masanto, and is now the People's Revolutionary,


The first public appearance of the Corps was bn Independence Day

1978, 7th February, and the first Passing Out Parade was held on 5th

July 1978. The list of Cadets passing out on that occasion was.


It is reported that, following the period of training just completed

promotions will be made.
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Bain Attends Antigua Health Meeting.

Minister of Health Norris Bain attended a three-day meeting of

Caribbean'Conmunity (CARICOM) Health Ministers which took place in
Antigua between 10th and 13th July. Minister Bain was

accompanied by Chief Medical Officer Dr L M Commissiong.
A, (38 words)

AARIG Holds First Annual General Meeting

The Association of Americans Residing in Grenada (AARIG) held its

firsttAnnual General Meeting on Monday 18th June.

Officers of the Association elected at that time are Johan Anderson,

President, and four Vice-Presidents, Joseph Gaylord, Malcolm

Baptiste, Dr Geoffrey Bourne and Alice Robertson. Secretary/

Treasurer and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer are, respectively,

Janet Haack and Ulric Cole.

Mr Anderson said at the meeting that AARIG will keep a list of

American citizens residing in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit

Martinique, and the skills these people are willing to share to

help Grenadians.
(88 words)

Torchlight't Camera Returned

The Grenada "Torchlight" newspaper has had its camera returned.

Page 10 THE GRENAO A aNEWLBS1TTER Wek Endin 41.9.,79

i camera was confiscated by the Police on Mty lMthaK en a reporter
From the paper went to investigate an alleged dispute between the

SPrincipal of a private school and the builders of a Commuhity Centre.

NEWSLETTER is advised that, shortly after, the camera was returned

but the film was kept by the Police.

This is the second time "Torchlight" has been subjected to this

%treatment. On 19th June 1977, another "Torchlight" reporter,

George Pilgrim, had his camera confiscated as he was photographing
members of the Grenada Defence Force shooting at a young man4 Alister

Strachan, in the sea.

e Defence Force was at that time breaking up a New Jewel Movement '
demonstration led by Mr Maurice Bishop. Strachan's body was

recovered the following day. He died by drowning.

Pilgrim's camera was returned but not his film.
(145 words)


The "flykee", Grenada's version of the troublesome gremlin, was at

work again in last week's issue of NEWSLETTER.

In a story on page 8, "Background On Bishop", Prime Minister Maurice
Bishop is recorded as having been born on 29th May 1974, this making

Mr Bishop to be less than six years old.

That date should read 29th May 1944.

NEWSLETTER apologizes.

The "flykee" notwithe

Ali er Hughes
1st eptember 1979