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Volume 7 Number 24
For The Week Ending August llth 1979
7th Year of Publication - - 222nd Issue


Smer Eugene Zeek, alias John Clancy, wanted by the'United States
F deal Bureau of Investigation to answer a' charge of "fraud by wire',
s ipped quietly out of Grenada on Friday July 26th.

A popular and successful racehorse trainer in the United States
nnsylvania-New Jersey- Maryland curcuit until 1973, Zeek
rpetrated a fraud which netted him over US$1 million that year.
sing a series of bad cheques early in the Penn:
N tional, Liberty 'Bdl 'ahd Laurel racetracks, Zeek spnt -Chkistmas
quietly .then dropped ou of sight t6 turn up in Grenada just after
N w Year 1274. : ,.

Grenada was then torn by anti-Government demonstrations and his
presence was not noted immediately, but, as things quieted down, he
b came a familiar figure on the island. Among other things, he.
r n a night-club, operated a charter yacht service and exported
1 busters to the United States and, as a personal friend df ]rizke
Minister Gairy, he attended official functions and moved in top'
c rcles of society.,

Ezly in 1976, the US. press broke the news that Zeek was in Grenada,
a dthe island's Attorney General and Jirector of Public
Prosecutions, Desiondhbristian, took action t< have him dep#tetdi
Ia letter to Prime hlnistert4airy, Christian said he .wo 1W ay :'
SPtodedxi d q at' i yF4 Ali. r & it ynthia Hghti
P 0 Box St.Georges, CGOxh anD Weati*dKW '

Pagt 2 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11 .4.79

charges of fraud and forgery against Zeek, and the Prime Minister

was .being advised "as a courtesy to you so that you will not be taken

by surprise."

Gairy instructed Christian to drop the charges and, when he refused,

Christian was suspended. The Governor General, Sir Leo deGale,

then set up a Tribunal to investigate charges of irresponsibility

and untrustworthiness laid by Gairy against Christian. That

Tribunal cleaYed Christiaz completely, but iti Report was not

published and, in August 1976, Gairy had Christian illegally deported.

In recent years, Zeek's fortunes appear to have waned. He lost

some of his business holdings and lived in, less palatial circumstances.

But, he was still close to the Prime Minister and seemed reasonably

comfortable economically. After the March 13th revolution,

however, it was expected that he would be arrested and it is with

some surprise that he was seen to be still free.

NEWSLETTER is reliably informed that, early in July, a friend of

Zeek's purchased a yacht in a nearby island and brought it to Grenada.

Customs and Immigration were told the yacht would sail on ,July.26th

with another friend of Zeek's who had agreed to convey two ot Zeek's

dogs tWSt.Vincent. At the last moment, however, Zeek said he

would have to accompany the dogs because they are ill-tempered.

The clearance papers were changed to include Zeek as a passenger

and the yacht sailed with him.

Ilree persons .were arrested and charged in connection with this

incident. They are James Ross MqCprmish, a New Zealander.working

with the Ministry of Agriculture under the United Nations Development

Programme, Donald Ross, a member of the Peace Corps, and Paul John,

an Immigration Officer.

The three were charged under the Income Tax Regulations (Zeek left

without obtaining income tax clearance) and were given bail.

Unconfirmed reports say Ze.ek flew to Kennedy Aport, New York,

where he was arrested on arrival.
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____________________ :._____________

Week Ending 11.8.79 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 3


There will be no trial in the United States to establish the guilt

or innocence of Eric Gairy relative to the charge on which he is

wanted in Grenada.

This was said by Acting Attorney General Lloyd Noel as he prepared

to board a plane at Pearls airport on August 8th on his way to

Washington to make formal application to the US State Department for

Gairy's extradition.

"Once the State Department is satisfied that the law which I will be

taking to them, the charges and the statements I give them are

admissable in a normal court of law", he said,."it is not their

business to decide whether he is guilty or innocent."

Mr Noel said he would give the State Department "all the necessary

statements, charges and verifications of the law" from which they

will decide on the request for extradition Gairy will have an

Opportunity to make a submission to the State Department, but there

will be no Court hearing.

SGairy is wanted in Grenada on a charge of conspiracy to murder.
(177 words)


The People's Revolutionary Government now holds 76 political

prisoners in detention.

Following the March 13th revolution, and by the end of that month,

56 people were taken into custody, most of them during the three di

after the revolution. In April, a further 12 were detained and

on 24th of that month, 24 were released, including the ex-Minister

Finance, Mr George Hosten.



On April 18th, a Preventive Detention Tribunal was appointed to

review the cases of detainees and, when its hearings were completed

on May 23rd, its recommendations were forwarded to the Prime Minister

SAs a result, three detainees were released on June 26th and a further

chree on July 31st. (con

The first three were lan LaCrette, former member of the Grenada Defence
Force who received military training in Chili, Anthony Cherman

and Justin Hallal. Those released on July 31st were Kenneth

Andrews, Bernard Andrews and Cosmos Richardson.

These releases would have reduced the number of detainees to 68 but,

between July 30th and 31st, 8 more people were picked up. The

number in detention, to date, is, therefore, 76. Of these, 3 are


A source close to Government said the Preventive Detention Tribunal

is expected to review all detainees' cases in September.

Detainees In Custody At 11.8.79

Name Detained
*Abraham, Albert 13.3.79
tAbraham, Fitz-
I Albert 13.3.79
4Alexander, Ann 31.7.79
*Alexander, Goslyn 13.3.79
SAlexis, Carlton 23.4.79
~ Alexis, Hubert 15.3.79
SAllridge, Aldon 233.379
tAndrews, Mary 31.3.79

SBaptiste, Daphney 4.7.79
Baptiste, K 14.3.79
Benjamin, CA.Tus 16.3.79
Benjamin, Godwin 17.3.79
Bishop, Moslyn 13.3.79
Bishop, Willie 13.3.79
. Brizan, PILVP 13.3.79
* Brizan, Rapheal 30.7.79

Campbell, Michael 19.3.79
SCharles, Claudius 4.4.79
Church, Ashley 13.3.79
SClarke, Albert 13.3.79
Clarke, Tannel 14.3.79
Coomansingh, D 13.3.79
iDeSousa, Lester 30.7.79
DeSousa, NLrman 13.3.79
iDeSousa, Raymond 13.3.79
SDonovan,.George 13.3.79
Felix, Everest 28.3.79
Fletcher, H B 15.3.79
SForsythe, Albert 13.3.79
| Francis, Adonis 13.3.79
SFrank, Joseph 13.3.79
Frank, Micha;l 30.7.79
i Fraser, Raymond 13,3,79
SFrederick,Augustine 7.4.79
S'Frederick, Lloyd 30.7.79

*Gilbert, Edmond 15.3.79

q*arry, John 23.4.79
.Hood, Alston 13.3.79



Name C
'James, Cletus
*James, Osbert
*John, PoliP
Jones, Francis
'Jones, Terrence
*Joseph, Abraham

SLewis, Osbert

*Madrid, Johnny
*Masanto, Winston
SMason, Godwin
MBain, Errol
McSween, Terrence
SMitchell, Thomas

Noel, Gordon
*Noel, Norton

;-Passee, Dudley
*Patrick, Donnelly
.Patrick, Steadman
*Paul, C
%Phillip, Noble
Ppope, Dolton
-Preudhomme, Herbert

-Raeburn, Oliver 7.
*Redhead, Clifford
*Rennie, Neville
-Romain, Neville
'Rullow, George
*Rush, Dennis

*Samuel, Clinty
'Simon, George
*Smith, Alston P-
.St.Bernard, Rupert
*St.Louis, Lloyd

*Tolesford, Oscar
*ThomaC, Chrysler
* Ventour, Aird
SWhyte, Charles

208 words)











Page 4


Wepk' BnOL11ZI'~LZ1;8.79

Week Ending 11.3.79


Detainees Released
Name Released
Andrews, Bernard 31.7.79
Andrews, Kenneth 31.7.79

Calliste, Josephus 24.4.79
Calliste, Norbert 24.4.79
Charles, E 24.4.79
Cherman, Anthony 26.6.79

Ettienne, J 24.4.79

Frame, Ashton 24.4.79

George, Vitan 0 24.4.79

Hallal, Justin 26.6.79
Hercules, C 24.4.79
Hosten, George 24.4.79

LaCrette, lan 26.6.79

Marshall, L 24.4.79

Neckles, Leroy 24.4.79

Pivotte, A 24.4.79

Rapier, Clarence 24.4.79
SRichardson, Cosmos 31.7.79
SRomain, Jerry 24.4.79
Williams, M 24.4.79


The Conference of Churches in Grenada (CCC) held discussions with

Prime Minister Bishop on July 24th with reference to the well-

being of the political prisoners now being held in custody.

A release issued by CCC sAid the interview witn Mr Bishop was sought

at the request of a repdik native of the detainees. It said also

that the discussions weO'6 'frank and cordial". Among matters

discussed were those of medical attention for the detainees and the

possibility of financial:assistance to families in need '

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to express GoVernment's

concern for the welfare of both the political prisoners and their

families, and stressed the humanity with which detainees are being

treated in terms of their access to medical services and the type

of food they receive.

Mr Bishop said, however, that there could be no question of

releasing most of the present,.ctaiees at this time as Government
If/ (continued)_

Page 6 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11.8.79

has evidence of a continuing internal threat to national security.

There is also a continuing external threat as a result of deposed

Prime Minister Gairy's persisting efforts to recruit mercenaries,

he said. Prime Minister told CCC also that Gairy is still in

touch with persons in Grenada, and two o- the recently released

detainees immediately became engaged in activities against the

People's Revolutionary Government.

A source close to CCC told NEBSLETTER today (llth) that representatives

of CCC visit the detainees regularly and are satisfied with the

physical conditions under which they are kept.
(240 words)


The Superintendent of Prisons has been authorised to punish detainees

who commit any of the offences set out in a schedule published on

August 2nd.

These offences include mutiny or incitement to mutiny, attacking a

member of the prison staff, misconduct or insubordination, and

disobeying any order of the Superintendent.

Punishments include the withdrawal of all visits, letters and

telephone calls for a period not exceeding 14 days. Also, for

the same period, the detainee could be deprived of the privilege

of having meals sent in. The Superintendent may order

separate confinement for periods up to 21 days, or the detainee

may have any privileges suspended or postponed for a period not

exceeding 60 days.

According to the regulations covering this matter, the detainee

must be given an opportunity to defend himself Should he

commit an offence not included in the schedule, or if the

Superintendent feels the offence is of too serious a nature to be

tried by him, the detainee may be charged in& a Court of summary

(172 words)

Week Ending. 11,8.79 THE GRENADA DEWSLETTER Page 7.


Ten political prisoners: have sent out a circular letter asking that.

an appeal be made to' the People's Revolutionary Government on their


The letter reported to have been sent to over 100 individuals and

organizations, is dated August 10th and is signed by Oliver Raeburn,

Albert Forsythe, Goslyn Alexander, Hubert Alexis, Chrysler Thomas,

H B Fletcher, Rupert St.Bernard, Lloyd St.Louis5 Raymond DeSousa,

and Norton Noel.

Forsythe and Raeburn were Ministers in the Gairy Government, Th9mas

and Fletcher were Ministers of State. St.Louis was at one time a

Magistrate but resigned to contest the 1976 General Elections

unsuccessfully for Gairy's Grenada United Labour Party. DeSousa

was an Assistant Superintendent of Police and Alexis was the Deputy

Speaker of the House of Representatives. Alexander was at one

time a Minister of State but, more recently, was attached to Prime

Minister Gairy's office, and Noel was attached to Gairy's Grenada

Manual Maritime and Intellectual Workers Union.

These detainees say they are "reconciled to events since 13th March",

and have promised full cooperation to the Government. They say

they know it is not the intention of Government to destroy family

life, but "our families are under severe mental strain and it is

inevitable that some families will be destroyed as a result of our

protracted detention."

"Because of our detention", they say, "we have not been able to

meet our commitments to our families, such as providing them with

maintenance, school books and uniforms for our children among other

things, some of us have commitments to the bank and our payments are

now long overdue."

The letter requests assistance in securing the release of the

detainees "as we endeavour to eliminate old ways and old sorrows

with new thoughts by love and peace as we continue as one people

and one nation."
(298 words)

______________________^__ ___ ___ __ __ ___

Page 8 :TUE OBBG4AA NEWSLEtTER Wee Endinq 11,. 79
j---- -- - -r----* !-~- -- ~-- "-."='~----,

The industrial dispute between Geest Industries Ltd and: the Seamen

& Waterfront Workers Union (SWWU.) has been resolved, and a 3-year

Agreement is expected to be signed shortly.

Negotiations for a new Industrial Agreement have been going on for

some time but, after eight meetings failed to bring agreement, it

was deeded, on June 22nd, to refer the matter to the Labour.

Commissioner, Mr Robert Robinson. The meeting with. Mr'Robinson,

however, did not resolve the dispute and the matter went before

Mr Selwin Strachan, the Minister of Labour.

In the discussions with the Minister, SWWU dropped the demands they

had made. These were for a 30% increase in the first year of the

Agreement for workers earning between EC$3.46'and EC$4.44 per hour.

For workers earning over EC$4.44, the union's demand was for a 25%


These demands were modified to an across the board increase of 25%

in the first year, 10% in the second and 7j% in the third. The

Company agreed to consider these demands and, at a meeting with

SWWU on July 26th, agreed to them.

The Industrial Agreement is now being drafted and is expected to

be signed shortly.
(198 words)


A source close to the Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union

(TAWU) told NBWSLETTER today (11th) that negotiations are to be

resumed between the Union and Grenada Electricity Services Ltd


As a result of an industrial dispute between the union and the

Company, an Arbitration Tribunal was appointed by Government late

last year to inquire into and report on

1. The failure of GES to meet with the union to sign

the new Industrial Agreement which had been agreed
upon and

Week Ending 11 8.79 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 9

2. The Company's refusal to re-amploy laid-off

workers now that Government has approved an

increase in the tariff of electricity rates

The second matter refers to 21 employees retrenched by GES on June

15th 1978. At that time, GES said the Company's financial
position had worsened and the position had been reached "where the

very survival of the Company is threatened".

According to law, the rates charged to consumers by GBS must be

approved by Government and, in February 1978, new increased rates

were submitted for approval. These rates were not approved unti.

August, and NEWSLETTER understands that this delay resulted in the

worsening situation in the Company and, therefore, the retrenchment

of the workers in June.

The Tribunal met early in January 1979 and NEWSLETTER is reliably

informed that its Report was in the hands of Government before the

end of that month. The findings, however, were not released and

it was not until after the revolution of March 13th that TAWU ana

GES knew the outcome.-

NEWSLETTER is advised that the Tribunal has recommended that the

two parties resume discussions and TAWU has requested the Labour

Commissioner to convene a meeting. A date for this is now


GES is jointly owned by the Government of Grenada and the

Commonwealth Development Corporation.
(283 words)


Daily Paid workers at the Central Water Commission (CWC)

are to receive an increase of 20% on their basic wage with

effect from 1st March 1973. A further increase of 15%

took place on 1st March 1979, and there will be another

increase of 10% on 1st March 1980.

This is part of the award of the Tribunal appointed by

Page 10 THE GRENADA.NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11.8.79

Government last December to inquire into and maybe recommendations

on the industrial dispute between CWC and the Technical & Allied

Workers Union (TAWU). Sittings of the Tribunal began on 26th

January and, after six hearings, concluded on March 5th. The

Report is dated March 22nd.

TAWU's demand for monthly paid employees was for increases as received

by Civil Servants following the recommendations of the Salaries

Revision Commission in 1977. In January 1978, Civil Servants

accepted a compromise of 55% increase on salaries less than EC$4884

per annum, 30% on salaries between HC$4884 and EC$8628 per annum,

and 20% on salaries over the latter figure.

In its award, referring to CWC monthly paid employees, the Tribunal

said, "it is understood that the revised salaries of Public Servants

have dealt with this category of worker".

Other matters dealt with in the Tribunal's award are vacation and

sick leave, and allowances. Concerning health and safety, the

Tribunal left this "for discussions in regards its proper

implementation", and it said the union must submit proposals for the:

health and pension schemes.
Commenting on the operation of CWC, the Tribunal said it is

"constrained to say that the proverbial 'all is well' cannot now be

Applied to the modus operandi of the Commission." Accprding to

the Tribunal, the Board of Commissioners did not "meet with the

frequency that is statutorily necessary", and "the Acting Secretary-

Manager seems to be somewhat too subservient to get the Board of

Commissioners to take action."

The Tribunal also criticized Central Government for turning a deaf

ear to the cries of CWC for funds to carry out surveys and to buy

vehicles. '"The Tribunal is of the opinion", says the Report,

"that this deaf ear attitude cannot now be turned on the Union whose

cries elsewhere for their members have been heard in glowing terms."

The award states that the Industrial Agreement between TAWU and CWC

s all come into effect from 1st March 1978 and shall continue for

Week Ending 11..7

three years.



At the 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Commercial & Industrial

Workers Union (CIWU), held on June 30th, Mr Eric Pierre was replaced

as President. The new President is Mr Vince Noel who, until this

election, held the post of Vice-President of the Union.

Mr Noel is a member of the People's Revolutionary Government and is

Secretary for -Home Affairs.

Mr Pierre has held the post of President of the Union since CIWU was


(75 words)


The last statistics for cruise liner calls were given in NEWSLETTER

for the week ending July 6th and covered calls up to the week ending

June 23rd.

following figures are now available

June 27th "Carla C" 814 Passengers.

July 2nd "Fair Wind" 1023 do
4th "Carla C" 782 do.
1805 Passengers

July 10th "Cunard Countess" 751 do.
llth "Carla C'1 764 do
13th "Fair Wind" 1069 do
12584 Passengers

July 17th "Cunard Countess" 771 do
18th "Carla C" 775
4 1546 Passengers


w/Bnding 7.7.79

W/Ending 14 7.79

W/Ending 21.7.79

For the half year ending June 30th 1978, the total number of cruise

liner visitors is 85,539. This figure is 39.88% higher that

the relative figure for 1978 which is 61,151. In 1977, the

half-year figure for cruise liner visitors was 63,109.

For the three years, 1977, 1978 and 1979, the total numbers of

cruise liner calls for the first half year were, respectively,

116, 101 and 122. (continued)



~II I--- --"' ~ '-- -~~-~- -- --'I
Cruise Liner Calls & Passengers
January To June

1977 1979

1977 1978
January 28 14,901.' 32 16,719
February 26 13,905 23 13,352
March 31 16,976 20 11,503
'April 18 10,447 10 7,244
May 9 4,270 9 7,213
June 4 2.610 7 5.119
116 63,109 101 61,151
CLC = Cruise Liner Calls
CLP = Cruise Liner Passengers


Cruise Liner PassengerS
January To June
1977 1979

22 -...------I-- .-- ,

* 2 l-..... , -.-K-... --
21 .. 1 -- )

2 -- -----
18 -

16 ^------ -- .--- ---- ---I


3 IL T I.._-i-- :.-..
"^o+--- --

I 3. -. Alister. ughes

S1----- lith gust 1979
S, Jan Feb Mar Apr M',y Jne

__ ~I_ ___1~~1_

Week Endino 1j.S79

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