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Alister Hughes /
P O Box 65
THE k" .. q- .'LLTi.L'
For The Week Ending arch 19th 1977

The second sitting of Parliament since the General.Elections of

December 7th last has been fixed for Friday darch 25th. The

Order paper has not yet been circulated, but several questions and

Motions have been submitted by the Opposition.

One Motion standing in the name of Mr H A Blaize, Member for the

constituency comprised of the islands of Carriacou and Petit Martiniqua

refers to Local Government. Section 107 (1) of the Grenada

Constitution states "there shall be a Council for Carriacou and Petit

Martinique which shall be the principal organ of Local Government in

those islands", and Mr Blaize's Motion seeks to have Government honour

this constitutional requirement and "speedily introduce a system of

Local Government throughout the State." The Motion also seek the

introduction of "early legislation for setting up an office of

Parliamentary Commissioner or Ombudsman."

All .Local Government Bodies in the State were dissolved in 1969 by th!
Grenada United Labour Party Government when the then Minister for Local

Government, Mr Herbert Preudhomine, announced that Local Government
would be reorganised on the basis of United Nations studies and

recommendations commissioned by the Grenada National.Party Government
of Mr Herbert Blaize.

At that time, Mr ?reudhomme said, "I state categorically that the

present Government is committed to the support and maintenance of

Local Government", and the Motion tabled by Mr Blaize reflects public

concern that, after 7 years, Local Government Bodies have not been


Two other Motions tabled by the Opposition stand in the names of
Mr Bernard Coard, Member for the Town of St.George and Mr Maurice

Bishop, Leader of the Opposition. Mr Coard's Motion states that

Grenada Electricity Services Ltd "claims in their 1976 Report to

-eholders in Britain that they made a net profit of over one third

llion hC dollars and that in 1973 they did even better", and

e Grenada Telephone Co Ltd "has refused to open its books ...

Alister Hughes
Pase 2

be making ..." The Motion seeks to have Government obtain

substantial rate reductions by these Companies, a full annual

public disclosure of their accounts, and the setting up of a

Public Utilities Commission "to which the Companies would have

to apply for rate increases and to Justify them."

lr Bishop's Motion states that the Supervisor of Elections

(Mr Albert Abraham) "...has up to this date failed to act in

accordance with the Electorial Laws of Grenada ...", and seek

to have the Governor General "... revoke his appointment forthwith

and appoint someone with the necessary competence and integrity .."

Queried by NEWSLETTER, Mr Bishop said ir Abraham's failure

included the fact that there has been no up-dating of the

Electorial Lists between February 1st and March 31at as required

by law. Interviewed today (18th) by NEWSLETIER, Mr Abraham

said he had notified Government that the enumeration of voters

had to be done but he had been advised that there was no financial

appropriation to cover the cost.

"My understanding", said Mr Abraham, "is that the money that was

available was used up for the General Election in December, so

that it was necessary to have this year's Budget to set this.

straight. Money was not available for the enumeration in


Mr Bishop also has several questions to be answered in the House.

These include queries as to whether any nurses or police officers

have been "dismissed, suspended and/or transferred since 7th

December 1976", the names of the persons involved, and "the

reasons for such dismissals, suspensions and/or transfers."

Mr Bishop also wishes to know the names of all Commissioners and

Acting Commissioners of Police since 1967.

A question in the name of Mr Bernard Coard seeks information as

to whether there is "... an agreement between the Government of

Grenada and/or any private or public company or individual or

Government with respect to the granting of fishing rights in

C'.enadian waters." Mr Coard also wants to know whether there
-"1 fishermen from South 1iorea or any other country in Grenada n;.

Alister Hughes
Page 3
whether such fishermen are expected to arrive.

Mr Unison whiteman, Opposition Member for the constit-tenoy of

St.George North-East, has questions relative to the St.Georgea

University School of Medicine which opened in Grenada in January.
Mr Whiteman's questions cover the adequacy of the facilities for

medical training, and whether the Oinister of Health held talks with
his counterpart in Trinidad & Tobago and with the University of the

West Indies on the establishment of the School of Medicine in Grenada,

,i.r Whiteman has two other question, one asking "whether there were

gaps between estimated expenditures and actual expenditures between
the years 1970 and 1976", and the other seeking to know Grenada's

current debt to the University of the West Indies.
(788 words)
7r#l tf&trfrriff#htkfiffrfhk

After losing over EC$B million in 1974, Grenada Electricity Services

Ltd (GEC), a project of the Commonwealth Development Corporation, was
able to declare a dividend of 81% in 1975, but profits for 1976 are
expected to be less than the EC$343,080.00 netted in 1975.

These figures were disclosed by gir William R Lord, manager of GEC, at
a press conference called on Wednesday 16th March, which conference

was to enable Sir Rupert John, recently appointed special Advisor to

the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC), to meet representative-

of the media.

GEC Was incorporated on 27th September 1960 with an authorised share

capital of EC$2 million divided into 400,000 shares of ECB5 each. Of
these, the Government of Grenada holds 40.7/o and CDC holds 59.37-.

Since 1961, GEC has spent EC#5,891.952.00 on capital expenditure and,

to assist in this, CDC, in addition to subscribing EC4960,000.00 for

share capital, had debenture loans totalling E001,559,991.00
outstanding at 31st December 1975.

The cumulative net profit, after meeting all expenses including

interest, earned by the Company since its incorporation .and until

1975 is EC$1,048,232.00. Of this sum EC$987,300 has been declared
as dividends.

Alister Hughes
THE GREkADA NEWSLI.' 'EB Week 1 ndin.s 19.3.77

"Our Auditors are now completing the figures for 76,," mai Mr Lurd,

"and these will be made public in due course, but we do not expect

that our profit for 1976 vill be as high as that for 1975 which was

a record for the lost 5 yers,: :Mr Lord gav4: no- indication as to

when the 1976 figures will be available, but It :i understood that

Lhey will be ready before the end ofApril, and that the dividend

will not be less than the rate paid in 1975.

Other figures given by Er Lord are that, in 1975, 56Yo of the

Co.panpy's gross earnings were expended on fuel costs and 22%

went to salaries, wages and benefits to employees. Depreciation

of plant and machinery accounted for 9%, administration expenses

absorbed 12%, interest on loans accounted for another 6%, while

If was spent on maintenance materials and services. Of the

remaining 11% of the gross earnings, 4o was paid to shareholders

as dividend, while 7>t was reinvested in the Coupany to cover the

1974 loss of EC4226,459.00 and for future needs.

It was disclosed by Sr Lord that, in spite of a reduction in

consumers from 8,390 in 1974 tO 7,965 in 1975, energy sales rose

in 1975 to 14.9 million kilowatt-hours from the 1974 figure of 11.8
million kilowatt-hours. Energy sales between 1971 and 1975

grossed respectively in C1 millions of dollars, 1.5, 1.7, 2.1, 1.5

and 2.3, the drop in 1974 being as a result of the political unrest

in the island. In addition, GEC collected from consumers a

fuel serchhrge of E04574,577.00 and EC$785,771.00 in 1974 and 1975,

calculated on the incre-6e in fuel costs over the base price in

effect in 1973. Mr Lord emphasised that the fuel surcharge

is paid directly by GEC to the fuel suppliers and does not form

a part of the Company's revenue.

Commenting on his appointment as Special Advisor to CDC, which

appointment took effect on January 1st last, Sir Rupert John said

that one of the things an organisation like CDC needs is to explain

to the public the reason for ito existence and the service it

performs. "For instance", said Sir Rupert, "many times when

electricity rate are increased, there is a lack of public

urnerstanding and even resentment."

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NIEiWLLTTh L ck Endirns 9.3.77

Sir Rupert said his assignment is to be a "go-between" between the

impersonal Company and the public, and his activities will cover all

CDC operations from Belize to Guyana. "What is particularly

interesting and gratifying to me", said Sir Rupert, "is that this

appointment gives me the opportunity to be part of this Westindian-

isation process which must eventually take place in the Caribbean.,
(615 words)


Orenada Television is soon to have programming originating in Grenada,

This was disclosed today (18th) by Mr Joseph Pitt, Manager of Grenada

Television Co Ltd in on exclusive interview with iddSLSTTE "'The

relay we have been carrying from Trinidad is only a temporary thing",

he said, "and within tro weeks there will be local programming every


Granada Television Co Ltd was incorporated as a private company on Mae

27th 1974 with an authorised capital of EC#250,000.00 divided into

1,000 shares of EC$250.00 of which, according to the records of the

Registrar's Offtce, 420 have been issued. Mr Pitt, his wife end

children hold 268 of these shares, 80 are held by Mr Ralph Alves of

St.Vincent and 72 by Mr Glenn Ivans of Grenada.

Until now, Grenada Television broadcasts have had little Grenadian

imput either in the form of local or foreign programmes, almost all oJ

its broadcasts being a relay from Trinidad & Tobago Television. Whil,

the station will continue to act as a relay during the day, Mr Pitt

said it is now equipped to act. as a television broadcast station in

its own right, and what is being done now is to get local personnel

trained by experts from abroad.

In this connection, 32 students are taking part in a week long

television workshop which opened on Mondayy 14th at the studios of

Grenada Television, and conducting the workshop are Messrs Buddy

Allison of Station KOTV in Tulsa, Oklahama, U S A, and David Daniel of
the Media Department of tha Baptist Foreign Mission Loard of Richmond,

Virginia, U S A.

The workshop is being conducted under the auspices of the Baptist

Foreign Iission Bonrd and, in an exclusive interview with NEWXiETT'R,

Allster Hughes
THE UR.ENADA Nm4ULETTER e week 'nldjng 1, *.77

Mr Daniel said that he and -ir Allison had been invited to Grenada

as a result of contact made witji urenada Television by the Grenada


"The irenada Baptists have been in contact with Grenada Television

for some time seeking a way to get their television programmes on

the air", Ar Daniel said, "and they both saw the need for additional

assistance from consultants to help to get the station on the air."

';:.e workshop involves directing, announcing, news gathering,

lighting, sound, management and all aspects of running a television

station, and ;Mr Daniel said there had been a warm response from the


While no public announcement was made, it has been known for some

timo that the Greada Uovernment has given Urenada Television the

ionolopy on the importction of television sets. Mr pitt confirmed

to NLVSLhjTTER that this nonolopy has been granted, and he said that,

in the first instance, it was for a five year period from the date

of the incorporation of the Company. Because there is little

revenue from advertising at present, Mr Pitt said, this monolopy

is to assist in offsetting the cost of the service.

Mr Pitt disclosed also that work has already begun on a relay

station to be located at "John Sandy" on Grenada s east coat

near to the airport. "As our antenna is located at present",

said Mr Pitt, "we cover only a limited area near to St.Georges, but

when our relay at John Sandy comes into operation, it will cover

most of the east coast and may even put a signal into Carriacou".

Mr Pitt said the "John Sandy" relay should be in operation

before June.

According to Mr Pitt, the rrenada Government has undertaken to

purchase 30% of the shareholding, and this purchase is now being

negotiated. (637 words)
irif~tir fWiifffifftV^^'ir

Vr John Bertrand, the world champion in the "Laser!' class of

sailing boats, is expected to come to Grenada to compete in this

:,oss of sailing race scheduled, to take place during Grenada's

Alister Hughes
Pasge 7
"Easter Water Parade".

This was disclosed at a press conforcncae today (19th) by Mr Ron Smith,

Chairman of the Government appointed committee which is organising

the parade. Mr Smith said that Mr Bertrand, who lives in

California, will be competing in his own right and not as a

representative of the United States.

This press conference, which was attended by all members of the Easter

Water parade Executive Committee, gave information on the provisional

programme which will last one week, the opening ceremony taking place

on Saturday April 9th. Mr Smith said that entries for the vaious

events are expected from several Caribbean countries and from

Venezuela, and that the Government of Grenada has extended invitations

to some 150 Governments (including all members of the United Nations)

to send representatives.
(161 words)


Last Sunday afternoon (13th), before a crowd of hundreds of Grenadians,

Governor General Sir Leo deGale "turned-the-sod" and afficially set in

notion the construction of a new building to house the St.Andrews

Anglican Secondary School.

Located on a 5 acre lot at Telescope on Grenada's east coast not far

from the town of Grenville, this three-storied school building is

expected to cost over EC$Z million and will accommodate 1000 students

in 27 class rooms.

Sir Leo is intimately connected with this project in that he sold to

the Anglican authorities, at a 'pepper-corn' price, the lot on which

the school is to stand, and, in an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTe1,

His Excellency had special congratulations to offer.

"I would like to offer my personal congratulations to the Anglican

Community in Grenada in this very pleasant and important occasion",

said Sir Leo. "The building of a new secondary school in Grenada it

certainly a step forward, and I am most pleased to be associated with


In Grenada for the occasion,and performing the ceremony of blessing
the site, was the Right Reverend Cuthbert Woodroffe, Anglican Bishop of

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTEa Week Ending 19.3.77
page 8
the Windward Islands. Bishop Woodroffe told NEWSLETTER that he
considered this 'sod-turning' ceremony a tremendous occasion for his

diocese. "The diocese of the Windward Islands has always been
interested in education", he said. "Within the last three years,

we have built a new school at Carriacou, a new one at Beguia, and

have rebuilt the Anglican High School in St.Georges which was destroyed
by fire. Now, we see the turning-of-the-sod for this new secondary
school in St.Andrews, Grenada, and I am very pleased to be here to
bless the beginning of another of our school projects."

It is expected that this school building will be completed by the
end of this year.
(310 words)


A team from the Directorate of Overseas Surveys, a specialist unit

of Britain's Ministry of Overseas Development, is now conducting an
real survey of Grenada for the purpose of revising out-of-date maps
of the island.

This survey is part of a regional project which includes Belize,
St.Lucia and St.Vincent and, in addition to map revision, will
support land registration, agricultural development and planning
schemes. (67 words)


On March 1.5th, the S S "Goestland" sailed with 22,554 boxes of
bananas weighing 665,581 Ibs and valued at E0C63,230.00. There
*ere 704 boxes of rejected fruit.
(24 words)


During the week ending March 12th, the following cruise liners
called at Grenada :-
March 6th Vistajford 635 passengers
Atlas 381 do.
7th Stella acris 181 do,-
8th Cunard Countess 705 do.
Argonaut 74 do.
9th Amerikanis \ 621 do.
Mermoz 360 do. q \
10th Leonardo da Vinci 844 do.
11th Angelina Laure 411 do.
12th Sun Viking 714 do

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