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P obox 65 qVk I 44


Por the week ending December 18th 1976
At a ceremony at Government House on Wednesday 15th, Grenada' ai$*
Cabinet waasworn in by Governor General Sir Leo de Gale.

According to a newscast ipnitered-.fdom Radio Grenada, the Cabinet'
comprises :-
The Prime Minister, Mr Eric Gairy.
The Minister of Health & housing, Mr Herbert Preudhomme, with Mr .
Chrysler Thomas as Minister of tate in that Ministry.
The Minister of Finrnee. Trade & Industry, Mr George Hosten
The Minister of Agriculture. Forestry & Pisheriea, Mr David .
11yegter, with Mr Albert 0 Forsythe as Ministe of State in that
The Minister of Education, Mr Oliver A J Raeburn, with Mr Geo3qN*B
Donovan as Minister of State in that Ministry.
The Moiat of environmental Develop ment Work rt, Mr RoS E'
SJohn, th Mr Norman P DeSousa as Ministero Bae in that. lis4tty
The Ministur of. Labour. Youth Development and Canital Investment
uIning, Mr Franklin O'Brien Dolland.
The Miniter of Social Affairs. Community Development & 0oo6ptlya.
Mra Cynthia Barnadette Gairy.
The Minister without Portfolio, Mr John Derek Knight.

Mr Innocen, Belnar was sworn in as a Minister of State, ir'Iarles'
Cayenne as a Parliamentary Secretary and Mr Paul Slinger as a Ministei'

The following have been recommended to serve in the Senate. meNaf'
Ro4 St John, Paul Slinger, Neman DesQusa, Franklin Dolland, David
Sylvester, Derek Knight,Aharles Cayenne, Greaven James, David Brewatar
and George Donovan.
(231 words)

At .a press conference on December 14th, The People's. Alliance
announced that the Governor General Sir Leo de Gale has been dviadd
that*lr Maurice Bishop, Stocesaful candidate in the oomat'ituency of
St.George South-East, is to be appointed Leader of the Oppositiogtln
the House of Representatives.

The People's Allinpe i0 the political grouping of the Greamna. MtW
Party, the United opa'W ae party and thb New Jewel Movement, tw.'dh-

together tqj ro'.r1Aea oomon e front' n the recent ,-Gene to
0 .ttl,.

Alister Hughes
page 2
The Governor General was also advised that the three Senators to be

aflointed by the Alliance are Mr Kenrick Radix, the unsuccessful

lnce candidate for the constituency of St David, Mr Ben Jones,
the Deputy Political Leader of the Grenada National Party and
Mr Magadon "Demo" Grant, the platform chairman of the New Jewel
Movement in their election campaign.

In an exclusive interView witht'EBWSI2TTERftter the press Oonferenoe,
Mr Bishop said he saw no basic problems in having his socialist New

Jjwel Movement work together in Parliament with the right-wing

ad middle-of-the-road elements in the other two parties in the

"Pirst of all", said Mr Bishop, "there is a very strong objective
basis for the Alliance. The fact of the matter is that Grenada
is in a state of neo-fascism, extreme repression and a growing


This, in Mr Bishop's opinion, was enough to have brought about an
Alliance, but in addition, he said, the three parties had been able

to agree to a common minimum programme to which they have committed
themselves publicly.

"Of course", he continued, "we have ideological differences with
the other two Parties. In 1973, we printed our own manifesto
and that can be termed our maximum programme. In termagof
'operating a minimum programme, even in Opposition, however, we
1ee no difficulties at all, at this point, in working with the

other Parties in the Alliance." # 7
(313 words)


At a press conference of the People'a Alliance held on December
15th, Mr Unison VWhitemen, Alliance Member of parliament for the
.constituency of St.George North-East, and Joint CoordinatingABeoretary
.c? the New Jewel Movement (NJM), said his constituents had expressed
grave concern over the safety of Members of Parliament in parliament.

*'There is a Member of Parliament", he said, "Innocent Belmar, elected

at the recent General*Elections on the Grenada United Labour party

Alister Hughes

ticket, who has a record of violence and an inc liation to violence,"
"If we have reason to believe that he is entering parliament armed",
Mr Vhiteman continued, "we shall have to call on the Speaker to-
disarm him."

According to the Duffus Report on Police Brutality in Grenada,
Mr Belaar, then an Inepector of Police, commanded the squad of
"Police Aids", comprised of criminals, who, on November 18th 1973,
severely beat three members of NJM, Messrs Unison Whitemean, aurice
Bishop and Selwin Strachan.
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At the request of defence council Mr Danny Williama, Cnses against,
eight members. f the New Jewel Movement (NJM) for using public
address systems without Poltee permission, were adjourned by
Magistrate Windom Robertson to PFebruary 4th 1977.

The NJM members charged are Mesers Maurice Bishop, Bernard COrd,
Unison whiteman, Keith Haaking, Ben Andrews, Hudson Austin, John
Rullow and Victor Husbanda. The first three named were successful
candidates in the recent General.Election.

NJM has accused Commissioner of Police Osbert James. of discriminating
against the Movement in the gUhnting of permission for the use of
public address systems during the campaign for the General Election.
4 (104 words)

The Commission appointed by Government to review the salaries and
other working conditions of all monthly paid employees and to make
recommendations with a view to promoting a better service, began its
sittings at parliament Building on December llth.

Chairman of the Commission is Mr Eldon Maturin, Tax Administration
Advisor attached to the CARICOM Secretariat, and, in his opening
remarks, Mr maturin said it would be unwise to promise that the
Report of the Commission would be ready in time for implemenattion
on April let 1977. With the volume of work which had to be done,
vr Mathurin thought July let 1977 a more realistic date.

Alister Hughes

Leading a delegation representative of the Civil Servie Ama*statioan,
Grenada Union of Teachers and Technical & Allied Workers Union,

Mr Curtis Stewart said his delegation was concerned that implementation,
of the Commission's Report would be put back as far as July of next
year. He pointed out to the Chairman that the salaries revision
had been requested over two years ago and he urged that the matter
be treated with urgency.

There was some discussion which suggested there was a difference of

opinion as to who was authorised to represent Government monthly
paid employees, and it was noted that, in addition to the delegation
led by Mr Stewart, also present were members of the Police Service,
Prison Officers Service and Nursing Service.

There also seemed to be a difference of opinion as to whether the
salaries revision was to be tied to a reorganisation of the Civil
Service, but, neither this nor the matter of representation was
resolved during the period when the Press was allowed to be present.

After holding the sitting on the 11th, the Commission adjourned to
a date w which could not be ascertained but which is understood to
be sometime in January. In the mean time, the Secretary to the
Commission, Mr Curtis Strachan, has been instructed to collect
certain memoranda on the matters before the Commission.

Serving with Mr Mathurin on the Commission are Senator James
Manswell, Executive Secretary of the Trinidad & Tobago Public
Services Aeassiation and Mr Edwy Talma, the former Deputy Prime

Minister of Barbados.
(345 words)
The Supervisor of ilecti2ns, Mr Albert Abraham, has not yet published
official figures relative to the outcome of the General Election held
on December 7th. Howev r, Mr Abraham has supplied NEW8LLTTER with
figures relative to the Election, and these figures show a swilg of
approximately 7% of the popular vote away from the ruling Grenada *
United Labour Party as compared with the figures for the 1972 Bleetian-

The following table shows these statistics together with other
relevant information :-

Town oS

Zt. Andrew



votes Total

2,457 1,234 50.22
3,001 1,316 4385

3,662 2,400 65.53
4,279 2,271 530

1,697 1,101 64.87
2,055 1,270 61.80

2,887 1,564 54.17
3,287 1,516 46.12

2,038 1,468 72.03
2,385 1,410 59.12

1,683 1,175 69.81
2,151 1,330 61.83

1,727 966 55.93
1,944 1,002 W.-

16,151 9,908
19,102 10,115

Opposition % of
Votes Total




F 61.14
+ 12.46

596 35.12
785 J8.19
+ 3.07

1,323 45*82
1,771 53.87
+ K5u5

570 27.96
975 402.88
+ 12.91

508 30.18
821 388
+ 7.98

761 44.06
942 48.45
+ 4.39

Win by

GULP win by
$ of total
votes caat

11 *4477

1,138 31.07
263 6.1463

505 29.7583
485 23.6009

241 8.3478

898 44.0628
435 18.2389

667 39.6316
509 23.6634

205 11.8702
60 .6

VWin by



Opposition win a
By % of total
Votes Cast.


77CM j



Forward :-

St. Mark

St. John

' Carriaoou




GULP % of
Votes- Total


2,371 1,181 49.81
2,812 1,264 .95

1,652 1,037 62.77
1,940 1,079 55.61

2,941 1,770 60.18
3,746 2,096 5595


542 24.76
469 2

2,796 1,504 53.79
3,321 1,463 44.05

Opposition % of
Votes Total


1,190 50.18
1,548 +

615 37.22
861 44.

1,171 39.81
1,650 4404

1,647 75.23
1,542 76.6

1,292 46.20
1,858 55.94

Win by

GULP win by
% of total
Votes Cast

Wia by

Opposition win
By % of Total
Votes cast.,

+ 9.72


- 8.46




* 2.88


1972 28,100
1976 32,932


tIo m








GUL % of
Votes Total

28,100 15,942
32,932 16,486

1,926 1,358 70.50
2,202 1,399 6.53

2,096 1,320 62.97
2,530 1,211 47.86

Opposition % ef
votes. Total

Win By

GULP Win aBy
6 Of Total
Votes Cast

Opposition Opposition win
Win by By Sb of Total
votes, Votes cast,


568 29.49
803 36.466
+ 6.97

776 37.02
1,319 +.
+ 15.11

1972 2,177 1,544 70.92 633 29.07
1976 3,092 1,089 64.32 1,103 35.6
r.59 + 6.59

S 4i .0'6
790 41.0176
596 27.0663



- 13.19

1972 34,299
1976 4.756
+ 6,457

20,164 58.7888 14,135
+ 921085 51.054 19,67
+ 921 7.0541 + 5,536

V- O3Q-


+ 7.0541

Alister Hughes
Pege 8

In a press release issued on December 6th, the Grenade civil service

Association (CSA) stated that, during the previous week, two

employees of Radio Grenade were sent home on leave.

The release said also that another officer from Radio Grenada had

had similar treatment that day (6th) and that when, on the advice

of the Executive Secretary of CSA, this officer returned to the

Station to get the instructions to go on leave confirmed in writing,

he was put. off the premises by Policemen.

According to CSA, this officer reported that he was told by the

Manager of Radio Grenada, Mr Jerry Remain, that, in sending the
officer home, he (Mr Remain) was acting on a directive from the

cabinet Secretary, Mr Godwin Brathwaite. NLWSLETTER contacted

Mr Brathwaite by telephone on the afternoon of the 6th, but the

Cabinet Secretary w would neither confirm nor deny that he had

given this directive.

According to Section 84 (1) of the Grenada Constitution, as far

as Civil Servants are concerned, "....the power to exercise
disciplinary control ..." and " grant leave shall vest in

the Public Service Commission." In the light of this, provision,
NEWSLETTER contacted the Chairman of the Public Services Commission,

Mr W E Douglas, on the same day (6th) and asked for a clarification
of the situation.

Mr Douglas said the matter of sending Public Servants on enforced
leave had been before the Public Service Commission since the

Duffus Commissioners were in Grenada, but, in his position as

Chairman of the Commission, he could say nothing to the Press.
Asked whether he was aware that Public Officers had been sent home

on leave from Radio Grenada, Mr Douglas said he could not discuss

this with the Press.

Efforts to reach Mr Jerry Remain, Manager of Radio Grenada,
have proved fruitless.
(292 words)

Alister Hughea

The Government Gazette of December 3rd states that, "with reference

to Mr Desmond Christian's letter of resignation of 28th August 1976,
the post of Attorney General of Grenade is hereby vacant."
(31 words)


United States Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Theodore Britton,
stationed in Barbados and accredited to Grenada, is now on a visit to
the island.

In an exclusive interview with NLWSLBTTER, Mr Britton said his visit
was related to the current visit of the Lieutenent-Governor of
California to Grenada, and also, now that the General Elections in
Grenada are over and things seem to have "settled down", he could come
over, visit old friends "and wish everybody the beat of the Holiday

The Imbasaador was high in his praise of Grenada as a holiday resort.
"Grenada has so much to offer", he said, "and tourists should find
this a very exceptional place to visit, and I try to encourage as
many people as I can to come here. It's a fascinating place".
(132 words)

During the three-day period 2nd to 4th December, a high-level West-
German Mission led by Mr lterhard Koelsoh, 2nd Secretary in the
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Trintdad, paid a fact-
finding visit to Grenada.

Other members of the Mission were Mr Fritz Stangen who, stationed in

Bonn, has responsibility for the Central American and Caribbean Desk
of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation, and Mr Herman Heise,
Senior Advisor to the Federal Ainiatry of Economic Cooperation.
Mr Heise hase his headquarters in Guatemala.

In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER, the Misaion said West
Germany was anxious to import more goods from the Caribbean and to
promote a greater flow of German tourists to the region. "Germany
is an industralised country anxious to assist the so-called countries

Alist et Hughes

of the Third World", Mr Heise said, "and our purpose in to Ind out

how beat we can help Caribbean countries in their development."

The Mission did not think that assistance should be given "by 3ust

handing out money." It was. felt that economic cooperation should

be the goal and that this could be achieved by promoting a greater

market for Caribbean goods in Germany and by developing the tourist

trade for German visitors;.

The Mission felt that the Lome Convention provided good opportunities

to intensify economic cooperation between Germany and countries of

the region, and they were optimistic over the success of theif visit.

In addition to Grenada, the Mission covered Surinam, Trinidad,

Barbados, St.Lucia, Antigua and Dominica.

(250 words)


Trinidad born Mr Mervin Dymally, Lieutenant Governor of the State

of California in the USA, arrived in Grenada yesterday (17th) on

a short official visit.

In an exclusive interview with N1WSLhTTMR, Mr Dymally disclosed that

this was his first visit to the island and that his primary purpose

is to faster the increase of trade relations between California and

Grenada. As Chairman of California's Commission for Economic *

Development, Mr Dymally felt there could be, not only a development

in commercial trade, but also in tourism.

"It seems to me", he said, "that Grenada has so many natural assets

here to attract the California business person and the tourist that

we need to begin to develop a better trade relationship, so I am

proposing a trade mission from Grenada to California."

In Grenada, Mr Dymally is the guest of Governor General Sir Leo

deGale and Lady deGale, and will leave Grenada on Sunday 19th

for Trinidad where he will be joined by his wife and children to

spend Christmad with his mother who lives in Trinidad.
(178 words)

Alister Hughee
THE GRENaDA NEWBLoTTER Week Ending 18.12.76
page 11
At a press conference today (18th) Grenada-born Dr Wellington Friday
gave details of the launching of the "University of the Eastern -
Caribbean" (UEO) which, Dr Friday said, was intended to provide an
educational service to"people who need a second chance".

Dr Friday said UEC would not be in competition with the University of
the West Indies but would cater to people who, when they were younger,
did not have the opportunity to get a university education.

Tutors for UEC will be drawn from resident persons in the commercial
and professional fields a nd courses will operate on a programme of
independent study. Dr Friday expected that UEC would be launched it
January 1977, by which time the Government of Grenada would have issued
the Charter which has been applied for, and he said that approaches
have already been made to introduce the UEC programme into the other
countries of the Eastern Caribbean.

Mr Mervin Dymally, Lieutenant Governor of California, was present at
the press conference and stated that his presence was "to give support
tA Dr Friday for this innovative concept". Mr Dymally said the
concept of this type of university had originated in the United
Kingdom, was catching on in the United states, and he was optimistic
of its success in the Eastern Caribbean.
(214 words)

A reliable source has confirmed that local businessmen are now
receiving some relief relative to terms of trade with British exporters,
Until recently, all Grenadian importers were required to .establish
Irrevocable Letters of Credit or arrange for payment through a

Confirming House, but this has now been relaxed.

Lxport credit insurance is now available again to British exporters
dealing with Grenda, and terms of sight draft and short term credit
are offered. It is understood, however, that this relaxation in
trade terms is beiag confined to recognizedd business establishments."
(88 words)
*---icK 6 f feirF*Vffff

Alister Hughes
Page 12

A spokesman for the Cunard Steamship Company confirmed today (18th)

that, after its call here on January 25th, the cruise liner "Cunerd

Countess" will be diverted to St.Vincent on its weekly tour through

the island.

For some time, there have been complaints from Cunard of harassment

of cruise passengers by taxi drivers and vendors and, while the

spokesman for the Agents would not say that the canceling of the

Grenada stop is due to this cause specifically, he did say that the

Steamship Company is not satisfied that the cause for complaint has
been removed.

The spokesman said that, in addition to the Cunard Company, there have
been complaints in this connection from other cruise liner operators

including The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Chandris Incorporated,

but neither of these Lines have indicated that Grenada is to be taken

off their schedules.
(147 words)


The Directors of the Grenada Cooperative Bank Ltd will present to the

shareholders at the Annual General Meeting on December 20th, a Report

and Statement of Accounts which shows a net profit of EC$87,905.00

for the year after providing for income tax.

To this sum has.been added EC0033,26.00 brought forward from last year.
and the Directors have recommended that Preference Shares be paid 10b

and Ordinary Shares 14ho.

The total sum for distribution is EC#121,151.00 of which, after

EC$50,838.00 has been paid in dividends, EC$22,877.00 goes to income
tax at L45, EC#50,000.00 is taken to General Reserve and EC043,190.00

is to be carried forward.

The Balance Sheet of the Bank shows net assets of EC$1,039,890.00 made

ap of an excess of current assets over current liabilities of

EC$842,906.00, fixed assets of EC$96,984.00 and an investment in
Government debentures of EC$100,000.00. These net assets are
represented by share capital issued to the sum of ECO37,770.00,

Alister. Hughes
THE GRhJADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 18.12.76
Page 13
Genarel Reserve of 0$.625,000.00 and retained earnings of EC$43,190.0 ,
The net assets for 1976 show an increase of EC060,244.00 over the
figure fdr 1975*
(173 words)


The Grenadian Company, the organisation which has been given a 99-year
franchise to operate a lottery based in Grenada is satisfied with the
initial response to ticket sales which commenced on November let.

This was disclosed today (18th) in an exclusive interview with
Mr Francis Kett, the Acting General Manager who is substituting for
the General Manager, Mr Robert Hunt, who is away on a business trip.

"In general terms", said Mr Kett, "things are going very well. were
organised in Cenhtal-and South America, Asia and Europe, and we have
also made sales in Africa."

Mr Kett said he had arrived in the island only a few days ago and,
,without more careful study of the affairs of the Company, he
preferred to be no more specific at present.
(129 words)


On December 14th, the S S "Geaststar" sailed with 24,522 boxes of
bananas weighing 1,033,618 lba and valued at EC0103,361.00. There
were 242 bdxes or rejected fruit.
(25 words)


During the week ending December 11th, there were three cruise liner
calls at Grenada. These were the "VistafJord" on Sunday 5th with

379 passengers, the "cunard Countess" on Tuesday 7th with 721
passengers, and the "Amerikania" on Wednesday 8th with 605 passengers.
(42 word)

A~ a ready reference, and as an index to issues of NEWSLETTER where
fuller information may be had, the following catalogue of the more
important events in Grenada during 1976 is published :-

Alister Hughes
Page 14
6th (NLWSLLTTER 15.1.76) Police Training College opens.

8th (NLWSLBTTER 10.1.76) Government authorises increase in price of
11th (HEWSLETTER 17.1.76) Trinidad & Tobago wine thp annual Round Grenada
yacht race.
19th (NEWSLETTER 24.1.76) Hearing in the Suit filed in the High Court by
members of the dissolved Nutmeg Board resumed and adjourned. '
20th (NEWSLETTER 24.1.76) Government employees hold meeting and express
dissatisfaction over Government's reaction to request for salaries
21-st (NEWSLETER 31.1.76) Government employees give Minister of Finance
deadline to reply to their letter relative to a salaries revision.
21st (NEWSLETTER 24.1.76) "Bloody Monday" commemorated by the New Jewel
22nd (NEWSLETTER 24.1.76) Mr Kenrick Radix disclosed he had filed a writ
in the High Court relative to an alleged beating he was given by
members of the Defence Force.
22nd (NEWSLETTER 31.1.76) Chamber of Commerce protests to Government over
Stamp Duty Tax.
27th (NEWSLETTER 31.1.76) Gasoline crisis as Distributing Companies stop
deliveries to service stations pending Government's decision to
increase price of gasoline further.

28th (NEWSLETTER 31.1.76) Gasoline price again increased.
4th (NEWSLErTER 14.2.76) Civil Service Association protest to Government
over non-payment of salaries for January.

5th (NEWSLETTER 21.2.76) Dr Barakat Ahmad, Indian High Commiseioner,
present credentials to Governor General.
6th (NEWSLETTER 77.2.76) Appeal Court gives decision in favour of Mr John
McDonald Moore in his claim that hia constitutional rights were -
infringed because the Supervisor of Elections failed to carry out th6
annual revision of the Voters List.
6th (NEWSLETTER 14.2.76) President of Chamber of Commerce presents paper
on "The Movementvof Skilled Labour within the Caribbean" at 44th
meeting of Directors of the Caribbean Association of Industry &
Commerce held in Trinidad.
7th (NEWSLETTER 7.2.76) Grenada celebrates second anniversary of the
attainment of independence.
9th (NEWSLETTER 14.2.76) Public servants paid January salaries.

15th (NEWSLETTER 21.2.76) Government employees give deadline and threaten
strike action if Government does not begin wage negotiations.
16th (NEWSLETTER 21.2.76) Minister of Finance advised Government employeeL
that a negotiating team on wages has been appointed.
16th (NEWSLETTER 21.2.76) Cocoa producers demand meeting of The Grenada
Cocoa Association.
(NEWSLETTER 28.2.76) United People's Party announced this. week that
it had reached a "working accomodation" with the Grenada National

Alister Hughesa
Page 15
FEBRUARY (Continued)
(NEWSLETTER 28.2.76) The Woodlands. Sugar Pactory announced this
week that it will commence grinding operations on March 8th.
(NEWSLETTER 28.2.76) This week, the "Torchlight" newspaper
published statistics indicating Grenadat a adverse visible balance
of trade.
25th (%EWSLETTER 26.2.76) Government begins wage negotiations with
Government employees.

1st (NEWSLETTER 66.2.76) Carnival celebrated.
(NEW8LETTER 6.2.76) Consumers Association held talks with the
Grenada Telephone Company in connection with increased phone rents.
5th (NEWSLETTER 6.3.76) Cabinet considers breakdown of wage
negotiations with Government employees.
8th (NEWSLETTER 13.2.76) NEWSLETTER receives threatening phone call
after voiceonating newastory of "1'he Clancy Affair".
11th (NEWSLETTER 13.3.76) The 1th Meeting of the Council of Ministers
of the West Indies Associated States opened in Grenada.
12th (NEWSLETTER 13.3.76) Government resumes wage negotiations with
Government employees.
(NEWSLETTER 13.3.76) Attorney General Desmond Christian ends,
memorandum to Prime Minister Gairy reoommending investigation into
affairs of U 8 citizen Eugene Zeek alias John Clancy. Two
Alsricams arrive in Grenada on a "debt collecting mission" to John
k8th (NEWSLETTER 20.3.76) Negotiations between the Seamen & Waterfront
Workers Union and Geest Industries Ltd deadlocked.
20th (NEWSLETTER 27.3.76) Meeting of Government employees told that
Government has agreed to appoint a Salaries Revision Commission.
This proposal accepted by employees subject to Government paying
a 25y6 interim increase.
24th (NEWSLETTER 27.3.76) In connection with John Clancy alias Eugene
Zeek, Prime Minister Gairy said if USA issued ah Extradition Order,
renada will bow to its international obligations."

24th (NEWSLETTER 27.3.76) Government passes the Gambling, Lotteries &
Betting (Amendment) Act.
24th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Government passes the Banking. (Speoial
Deposits) Act.
25th (NEWSLETTER 3.4.76) Government grants licence to The Grenadian
Company to ran an international lottery.
(NEWSLETTER 20.3.76) attorney General DeaOond Christian lays
charges against Eugene zeek alias John Clanoy, Karl Korte and
Nancy Mueller for issuing a forged document.
26th (NEWSLETTER 27.3.76) prosecuting saggeant of Police granted
postponement of cases filed against John Clancy, Karl Kortee and
and Nancy Mueller.
26th (NEWSLETTER 3.4.76) Ministry of Agriculture building destroyed
by fire.
96th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Commercial Banka. reduce interest rates en
fixed deposit.
28th NIEWSLETTER 27.3-76) Grenada Trade Union Council holds its 22nd
I-l'Annual Convention.

Alister Hughes
THE GRfEADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 18.12.76
Page 16
MARCH (Continued)

29th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Commercial Banks further reduce interest
rates on fixed deposits.

31st (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) CommercLal Banks further reduce interest rates
on fixed deposits.

2nd (NEWSLETTER 10.4.76) Accounts of the Cocoa Industry Board
published in Government Gazette.
5th (NEWSLETTER 3.4.76) Technical & Allied Workers Union and the
Central Water Commission sign industrial agreement.
(NEWSLETTER 3.4.76) Government employees accept compromise
in interim wage increase.
(NEWSLETTER 3.4.76) Civil Service Association protests
"unconstitutional" a appointments made by the Governor
General to the Public Service Commission.
(NEWSLETTER 3.4.76) Commercial Bank Managers express concern
over Banking (Special Deposits) Act.
7th (NEWSLETTER 10.4. 76) Following protests made by the Civil
Service Association, Governor General makes new appointments
to the Public Service Commission.
(NEWSLETTER 10.4.76) Chamber of Commerce proposes to Government
that a National Economic Committee be established.
9th (NWiWSLETTER 19.4.76) Legal representatives of Grenada
Financial Consultants deny knowledge of "tax haven" in
Grenada advertised in the German press.
9th (NEWSLETTER 17.4.76) Grenada wins two big-game fishing records.

14th (NEWSLETTER 17.4.76) LIAT workers return to jobs after two-day
"aick-ott" in support of demands made in industrial
(NEWSLETTER 17.4.76) Grenadian students denied entry to the
University of The West Indies because Government "has not
yet made suitable arrangements for the financing of its students"
17th(NEWSLETTER 24.4.76) Governor General opens Easter Water Parade.
20th (NEWSLETTER 24.4.76) Prime Minister Gairy disclosed there
were "ongoing discussions with top levels of the United
States Government" with reference to fugitive from justice
Eugene Zeek alias John Clancy.

20th (NEWSLETTER 24.4.76) Prime Minister Gairy announced that he
will visit South Korea.
20th (NEWSLETTER 24.4.76) Prime Minister Gairy disclosed that
Grenada is to have a Medical University.
22nd (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Grenada Union of Teachers holds 15th
Annual Convention.
23rd (NEWSLETTER 24.4.76) The 8th Meeting of the CARICOM Council
of Ministers opens in Grenada.
23rd (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Mr Wilber Barker, Executive Manager of
the Trinidad Manufacturers Association, addresses the
Urenada Chamber of Commerce on "The Process List".
24th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Delegation from the Libyan Embassy
in Caracas pays official visit to Grenada.

blister HughEs
THE GRENADA NERSLJ'TTJtR Wex 'I1Snd'lg e 8.12.76.
page 17
P (continued)
25th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Representatives of Central
Latinoamericana de Trabajedores CLAT Laetin American
,Centre for Workers) visit Grenada
26th (NEwSLETTER 1.5.76) Commercial Banks further reduce interest
rates on fixed deposits.
30th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) The Manager of the Babk of Nova Scotia,
Mr J J Scott-Cowper, left the island suddenly. It could
not be established whether he was deported.
30th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Police cases against Eugene Zeek, Karl Korte
and Nancy Mueller postponed.
30th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) Government employees receive interim salary
30th (NEWSLETTER 1.5.76) LIAT workers protest unexplained deductions
from pay-packets.
4th (NEWA.LTTER 1.5.76) Mr Michael Dibben, Second Secretary in the
British High Commission in Trinidad, holds discussions with the
Grenada Chamber of Commerce relative to a computer centre
established in London for the convenience of businessmen.
7th (NEWSLETER 10D7.76) Attorney Genexal Desmond Christian
suspended from his duties.
NOTE There were no publications of NEWSLETTER between the weeks
ending 1.5.76 and 10.7.76. During this period, the
following event should be recorded :-
May 21st Members of the House of Representatives, Mesdames Wsple
Nedd and Nadia Benjamin, "cross the floor" from the
Government side to the Opposition.

16th (NEWSLETTER 10.7.76) Tribunal begins hearings into charges 1-aid
against Attorney General Desmond Christian.
21st (NEWSLETTER 10.7.76) Tribunal concludes hearings into charges
laid against Attorney General Desmond Christian.
21st (NEWSLETTER 10.7.76) Attorney General Desmond Christian files
Writ in High Court to restrain Tribunal from reporting on one or
more charges laid against him.
25th (NEWSLETTER 10.7.76) Court of Appeal gives judgement against
Mr F J Archibald in his appeal against the decision of the High
Court not to grant an interim injunction to restrain publication
of the Report of the Commissioner appointed to investigate the
affairs of the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association.
6th (NEWSLETTER 10.7.76) East Caribbean dollar fixed at $2.70 to the
United States dollar.
(NEWSLETTER 17.7.76) Mr Adonis Francis made Acting Commissioner
of Police.
9th (NEWSLETTER 24.7.76) Notice of appointment of Constituency
Boundaries Commission published in Government Gazette.
10th (NEWSLETER 10.7.76) Nigerian Police Officers seconded to
Grenada leave.

Alist er&-Hughea
THE GREfhDA NEWSLETTER Week Eneing 18.12.76
page 18
JULY (continued)
llth (NEWSLETTER 17.7.76) Convention of fishermen protest alleged
agreement entered into by Government with South Korean and
United States Companies,.
16th (NEWSLETTER 17.7.76) Sir Dennis Henry, President of the
Commonwealth Banana Exporters Association left for London for
talks in connection with the Banana Industry.
18th (NEWSLETTER 24.7.76) The "Torchlight" newspaper publishes
editorial protesting Government's "absolute ban" on the paper.
19th (NEWSLETTER 24.7.76) The Grenada Chamber of Commerce holds
Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the new value of the
East Caribbean dollar.
24th (NEWSLETTER 24.7.76) Earrister-at-Law Kenrick Radix protests
reinstatement of suspended policemen who were convicted of
beating a prisoner,
27th (NEWSLETTER 31.7.76) Government passes Act to enable establishment
of the St Georges University School of Medicine.
27th (NEWSLETTER,31.7.76) Government passes the Grenada Military
Force Act.
28th (NEWSLETTER 7.8.76) Senator Paul Slinger, Minister for
Tourism, announced that Government is working on plans for
a jet airfield for Grenada.

3rd (NEWSLATTER 7.8.76) Attorney General. Des;ond Christian,:
deported freu Grenada,
6th (NEWSLETTER 21.8.76) Government Gazette publishes list of
1,969 "dormant and unclaimed" accounts relative, to the
Banking (Spepial Deposits) Act.
6th (NEWSLETTER 28.8.76) The Grenadian Company increases its
share capital.
10th (NEWSLETTER 14.8.76) The First National City Bank & Trust
Co Ltd which opened on 28th may 1976J closed.
(NEWSLETTER 14.8.76) Mr Leslie aeon, President of the
UrenadaPress Association, expressed concern over the
attitude of the Police towards news photographers.
12th (NEWSLETTER 14.8.76) The Grenada Law Society protests
deportation of Attorney General Desmond Christian.
13th (NEWSLETTER 14.8.76) Prime Minister Gairy accuses the
British Government of "fooling Grenadians" relative to
their roads and bridges programme.
13th (NEWSLETTER 14.8.76) Radio Grenada announces that Attorney
General Desmond Christian has been cleared of all charges
laid against him.
(NEWSLETTER 21.8,76) England Young CrickOjers Team won its
match played in Grenada against the Windward Islands Youth
19th (NEWSLETTER 28.8.76) Mr Frederich Jaeger, ex-Manager of the
First National City Bank & Trust Co Ltd leaves Grenada in
unexplained circumstances.
20th (NEWSLETTER 20.8.76) Mr Unison Whiteman, Joint Coordinating
Secretary of the New Jewel Movement, arrested for
"distributing illegal newspapers".

Alister Hughes
Page 19.
AUGUST (Continued)
20th (NEWSLETTER 21.8.76) Life Insurance seminar held in Grenaaa.

21st (NEWSLETTER 21.8.76) Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean
Area Council of Soroptimist International meets in Grenada.
lst (NEWSLETTER 11.9.76) Mr Roy St.John replaces Mr Basil Matthews
in the Senate.
(NEWSLETTER 4.9.76) Opposition Members of Parliament file Motion
for introduction of Representation of the People Act.
(NEWSLETTER 4.9.76) German Engineer makes preliminary survey for
possible sites for an international airport.
(NEWSLETTER L49076) Holiday: Inn announced it will be closed for
September because it has "absolutely no reservations" for that
8th (NEWSLETTER 11.9.76) The "Torchlight" Newspaper reports that
"credit insurers have withdrawn their general cover to United
Kingdom manufacturers and traders doing business with any
Company in Grenada".
11th (NEWSLETTER 18.9.76) prime Minister Eric Gairy made a "Knight
of the Order of Toledo".
13th (NEWSLETTER 11.9.76) Family Life Workshop commences in Grenada.
15th (NEWSLETTER 18.9.76) The "Torchlight" newspaper reported the
undertaking of a new development project on Grenada's south
(NEWSLETTER 11.9.76) Government announces countries with which it
has established diplomatic relations. These relations said to
be "not formal".
17th (NEWSLETTER 4.9.76) Chase Manhattan Bank closed.
(NEWSLETTER 18.9.76) The 150th anniversary of the ceuaeosation
of the St.Georges Anglican Church celebrated.
(NLWSLETTER 18.9.76) The Secretary of the Caribbean Conference of
Churches, Dr Roy Nehall, disclosed that Grenada was discussed at
the meeting on Human Rights held in Trinidad on September 15th
20th (NEWSLETTER 25.9.76) Mr Christopher Diggins, British High
Commissioner in Trinidad, turned over the keys to a new
electricity generating plant in Carriacou.
23rd (NEWSLETTER 2.10.76) Government puts Development Bonds on sale.
24th (NEWSLETTER 25.9.76) Mr Jones Madeira of the CARICOM Secretariat
addresses meeting on the Caribbean Food Plan.
24th (NEWSLETTER 2.10.76) Five Policemen found guilty of besting
prisoner in civil High Court.
(NEWSLETTER 2.10.76) Mr Robert Hunt, Manager of The Grenadian
Company, gives details of the organisation of his Company.
28th (NEWSLETTER 9.10.76) High Court declared acquisition of Bocage
estate illegal.
let (NEWSLETTER 16.10.76) In a national broadcast over Radio Grenada,
Prime Minister Eric Galry announced that he had been "solemnly and
impressively bestowed the accolade of Knighthood" of the Order
of St.Dennis of Zante.

Alister Hughes
The Grenada Newsletter Week Ending 18.12.76
Page 20
OCTOBER (Continued)
5th (NEWSLETTER 9.10.76) actingg Attorney General Enaest John's
appointment questioned in High Court.
6th (NEWSLETTER 9.10.76) Mr Justice Archibald Nedd 'rules that
Mr Ernest John was constitutionally and legally appointed
Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions.
8th (NLWSLETTER 16.10.76) Mr William Edwards, Executive Secretary
of the Bible Society of the West Indies paid official visit.
8th (NEWSLETTER 16.10.76) Mr Michael Caesar, Grenada's Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentary Deputy Permanent Representative
to the United Nations resigned.
14th (NEWSLETTER 23.10.76) Mr Lyle St Paul, Grenada's Crown Council,
advises Magistrate that he appears "under protest" as Defence
Council for policemen charged with causing harm to prisoner.

19th (NEWSLITTER 23.10.76) The Civil Service Association protests
to the Public Service Commission about Public Servants being
sent on "enforced leave",
21st (NEWSLETTER 23.10.76) Mrs Gertrude Protain, Executive Secretary
of the Grenada Tourist Board, said there would be a significant
increase in the island's Winter Cruise Season this year.
(NLEWSLETTEA 23.10.76) The Technical & Allied Workers Union
and the Grenada Telephone Company begin negotiations for a
wage agreement.
22nd (NEWSLETTER 30.10.76) Dominican political activist Mr Rosie
Douglas prohibiting from entering Grenada.
26th (NEWSLETTER 30.10.76) Mr Adonia Francis replaced as Acting
Commissioner of Police by Mr Osbert James.
26th (NEWSLETTER 30.10.76) The Government Gazette publishes, the
termination of the appointment of Mr Ernest John as Supervisor
of Elections and the appointment of Mr Albert Abraham to this
26th (NEWSLETTER 30.10.76) The Government Gazette proclaims the
coming into force of the List of Electors compiled in 1975.
(NEWSLETTER 30.10.76) Spokesman for the Grenada Cooperative
Nutmeg Association says nutmeg producers will received record
ECt35 million "bonus" this year.

27th (NEWSLETTER 6.11.76) Prime Minister Gairy announced that
the 7th Annual General Meeting of the Organisation of
American States will be held in Gremada.
28th (NEWSLETTER 6.11.76) Government passes the Nutmeg Industry
(Amendment) Act.

29th (NEWSLETTER 26.11.76) The Government Gazette publishes
Government's intention to acquire four estates totalling
some 600 acres.
29th (NEWSLETTER 13.11.76) Government Employees give Government
ultimatum over commencement of sittings of Salaries Revision
29th (NEWSLETTER 6.10.76) House of Representatives (Registration
of Electors) Act assented to by Governor General.

let (NEWSLETTER 25.9 76) The Grenadian Company puts International
lottery tickets on sale.

Alister Hughess
Page 21,
NOVEMBER (Continued)
5th (NBWSLETTER 6.11.76) Parliament dissolved .
6th (NEWSLETTER 6.11.76) Registration of electors begins.
,7th (NEWSLETTER 13.11.76) Father Gilbert Coxheon, Roman
Catholic Vioar Privinolol of Grenada, conJeuns "terrible
and devious tricks" of the Government of Grenada "to
prevent an honest and free Election."
7th (NKbSLETTER 13.11.76) The People's Alliance (The Grenada
National Party, United People's Party and New Jewel
Movement) announce united front to fight General Elections
and New Jewel Movement presents candidates.
1lth (NEWSLTTER 20*11.76) The Grenada Chamber of Commerce
asks Governmen$ for an investigation into the price
of sugar and reminds Government of the Chamber's suggestion
that import duty on baby food be removed.
12th (NEWSLETTER 13.11.76) The Grenada National Movement and
The Uiited People's party announce candidates for
General Elections.
(NEWSLETTER 20.11.76) The Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo
advises NAISLETTER that he did not make an award to Prime
Minister Eric Gairy.
17th (NEWSLETTER 20.11.76) Revised List of Voters proclaimed.
18th (NESELETETR 6.11.76) Nomination Day for General Elections.
(NEWSLETTER 27.11.76) Cunard Company complains of harassment
of e uise liner paseagers.
21st (NMSB~L'ER 27.11.76) Both The Peoples Alliance and the
Grenada United Labour Party hold political rallies.
22nd (NEWSLETTER 27.11.76) The People's Alliance complains to
Prime Minister Gairy about programme on Radio Grenada,
"Political Retort", alleged to carry untruthful,
scurrilous and libellous remarks regarding The People's
23rd (NEWSLETTER 27,11.76) The People's Alliance candidate,
Mr Eric Pierre, withdraws.
(NEWSLETTER 27.11.76) Interim Nutmeg Board publishes
Reporttand Financial Statement.
23rd (NEVaLETTER 27.11.76) The Supervisor of Elections,
Mr Albert Abraham, admit .that some claims for inclusion
on the List of Voters were iot processed.
30th (NEWSLETTER 4.12.76) T1~e Trade Union Council declares
its neutrality in respect of the General Elections.
30th (iaIJSLETTER 11.12.76) The Governmaent Gazetto cancels
the Government issue of Novodber 19th and gives new
figures for the List of voters.
e1st (NLaSLETTIR 2.12.76) The staff at Cable & Wireless (W 1)
Ltd stage sick-out in support of negotiations in progress
with the Technical & Allied Workers Union.
2nd (NEWSLETTER 18,.12.76) West German Mission visits.
3rd (NEWSLETTER 18.12 .76) Attorney General DeAmond Christian's
poat declaredd vacant. t

Alister Hughes
THE GREI~ADA NEWSLETTF Week Ending 18.12.76
Page 22
DEC4BER (Continued)
6th (NEWSLETTER 11.12.76) Barbadian broadcaster and ,
Mr Tony Cozier, denied entry into Grenada.
7th (NEWSLETTER 11.12.76) The Gremada United Labqur party wins
the General Election by 9 seats to the People's Alliance six.

11th (NEWSLETTER 18.12.76) Commission appointed by Government to
revise salaries of Government employees commences sittings.
14th (NEWSLETTER 18.12.76) Mr Maurice Bishop announced as The
people's Alliance choice as Leader of The Opposition.

15th (NEWSLETTER 18.12.76) The new Grenada United Labour party
Cabinet sworn in.
17th (NEWSLETTER 18.12.76) Lieutenant-GovernorA California,
Mr Mervin Dymally, visits Grenada W
(NEWSLETTER 18.12.76) public Officers employed at Radio Grenada
on enforced leave.
18th (NEWSLETTER 18.12.76) United States Ambassador Theodore
Britton visits Grenada.

This issue of Ni.VSLETTER will be the last for 1976, and the first

for 1977 will be for the week ending January 15th.

NEWSLETTEIR takes this opportunity to extend to his subscribers
best wishes for Chriatmas and a happy New Year.


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